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DECEMBER 2020 – MARCH 2021

People for animals. Animals for people.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Shelley Cramer John C. Dean Nick Dreher Elisia Flores Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr. Elizabeth Rice Grossman Dede Guss Mi Kosasa Susan Kosasa Stephen B. Metter David Y. Okabe Melissa Teves Pavlicek Lawrence D. Rodriguez Virginia Weinman Rick Zwern



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The Hawaiian Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals.

8 pm to 7 am, admissions is open for emergencies only *Admissions are by appointment only. Walk-ins are available for emergencies. Visit HawaiianHumane.org for details and to schedule an appointment.



Hawaiian Humane Society is committed to being the open-admission shelter O‘ahu’s animals need and deserve by embracing an animal sheltering model called Socially Conscious Sheltering. With the eight tenets of Socially Conscious Sheltering as a compass, Hawaiian Humane is dedicated to fostering a culture of transparency, ethical decision making, mutual respect, continual learning and collaboration.


Wednesday - Saturday Wednesday: Pet appointments and Free-Roaming cat walk-ins Thursday: Pet appointments and Free-Roaming cat walk-ins Friday: No pet appointments or Free-Roaming cat walk-ins (mass trapping day ) Saturday: Pet appointments only, No Free-Roaming cat walk-ins Check HawaiianHumane.org for drop-off and pick-up times as well as holiday hours.

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The Hawaiian Humane Society is a non-profit education and advocacy organization that shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. Established in 1883, it is O‘ahu's largest animal welfare organization that is a resource for all animals. Hawaiian Humane Society is not a chapter of any group as there is no national humane society. Visit HawaiianHumane.org for more information.

We are honored to partner with Hawa‘ii Cat Cafe, Pounce Hawaii and select O‘ahu Petco locations who feature adoptable pets from Hawaiian Humane Society.

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Published tri-annually by the Hawaiian Humane Society.

PAW PRINTS TEAM JESSICA TRONOSKI Communications Manager Editor DANIEL ROSELLE Director of Community Relations Writer

THOMAS HANNS Communications Coordinator Writer KRISTIN HERRICK Graphic Designer

A MESSAGE FROM ANNA I’m writing this letter almost a year to the day that I began at Hawaiian Humane. My overwhelming sense is of gratitude. I’m grateful for this opportunity to be part of a transformation at this amazing organization. I’m grateful for the community that has welcomed me and my family and helped us feel at home. I’m grateful to our board of directors for their support and guidance. I’m grateful to our community of donors and volunteers who support us through gifts and with their precious time. And I’m especially grateful to our staff, who in a year no one could have imagined, have been steadfast and fiercely focused on saving animal lives, rebuilding our organization, and making this a better world for the animals we care so deeply about. It’s in this spirit of gratitude that I want to take a few moments to share with you about our team of over 100 people. Animal welfare can be an intense field. Our team brings professionalism, but also passion and emotion to their work. They are here because they care deeply about animals and their welfare and move heaven and earth to spare them from pain, from fear, from hunger, and loneliness. Our work covers so many different fields and such a variety of expertise. We have our veterinary staff who provide skilled and life-saving medical care for many animals every day. Our Animal Care team feeds, enriches, cleans, and monitors our pets, keeping a close eye out for any potential health issues. Our behavior team evaluates animals to determine their needs and what is the best type of home for them, while our foster team recruits foster volunteers and places young, recovering, and underweight pets in temporary loving homes to prepare them for adoption. Our Adoptions representatives learn about the individual animals, and work to make the best family matches possible. Field Service officers work in the community, responding to complaints, saving pets from cruelty, performing rescues, and educating the public. Our Finance team makes sure we are good stewards of the donations and grants we receive.

installing plexiglass shields to keep our staff healthy, our Facilities team literally keeps the lights on. Our outreach team works with O’ahu’s homeless service providers and population to find ways to keep pets healthy and with their humans. Communications and Community Relations keeps our community informed and engaged and helps to promote our pets for adoption. Development works with our donor community to ensure that we have the funding we need to continue this work. Our advocacy team pushes for new and better animal welfare laws, and helps inform the public on key animal welfare issues. Admissions welcomes stray or surrendered animals to our campus, and helps reunite lost pets with their families. Human Resource’s helps us recruit dedicated and passionate people to our team. Our volunteers are here with us every day, walking dogs, doing laundry, caring for cats and answering phones. There are so many amazing people who play a part in making our life-saving work possible, and a year into this job, there is no place I’d rather be than here working together. Sincerely,

Anna Neubauer | President & CEO

With jobs ranging from tree trimming to repairing kennels,

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Dr. Carter explains Hawaiian Humane's Dental Program There are many reasons animals find their way into a shelter’s care, including several that correlate with poor dental health. Many of the animals we care for are senior, have experienced neglect or come to us having received little to no dental care in their lives. Because of this, restoring their dental health is critical to improving their wellbeing. We spoke to our Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Carter, about dental health in pets and why Hawaiian Humane is so focused on providing quality dental care to our animals. Paw Prints: Why is it important to consider dental care for animals? Dr. Carter: Just as for humans, good dental health is critical to the wellbeing of our pets. Poor dental health leads to a host of negative impacts for animals that can include pain, behavior issues, and damage to other parts of the body such as the heart or liver. This is why veterinarians stress the importance of regular dental care such as brushing your pets’ teeth, providing treats and toys that help clean, as well as veterinary dental care when deeper cleaning or tooth extraction is called for. Paw Prints: You mentioned teeth cleaning and extraction. How expensive is it? Dr. Carter: If you’ve ever had dental work done on your pet, you know it can be costly and sometimes far outside a family’s budget. Preventing dental disease not only saves your pet discomfort, but can save money. Paw Prints: Why is it important for a shelter to have a good dental program? Dr. Carter: Our mission is to help heal pets and find them loving and lasting homes. By adopting out pets with good dental health, we are not only sending them to their new life healthy and feeling good, but we are saving the adopters potentially thousands of dollars in unexpected veterinary bills. Ultimately, it can help preserve the bond that a family has with their new pet. Paw Prints: How has Hawaiian Humane been improving its dental program lately? Dr. Carter: There are three key things you have to have in place to be able to deliver a good dental 4 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

program. First you have to have the will. You have to be committed to providing this service to the animals. And we certainly are focused on this. Secondly, you need the skill-set on the team. Our veterinarians are skilled, capable and continually growing their abilities. Finally you need to have the proper equipment. We are very fortunate to have state-of-the-art equipment that puts us at par with the best shelter hospitals in the nation. We recently received the generous gift of a veterinary X-ray machine from our Board Chair Ginny Tiu, and with it, increased our diagnostic capabilities. We also have a scaler, polisher and drill unit. Paw Prints: Do you have any final advice for pet owners on dental care? Dr. Carter: Yes. Make it a regular habit to clean your pet’s teeth. At least once daily will save you and them a lot of trouble in the long run. It’s also important to discuss a dental treatment/preventative plan with your private veterinarian. Every pet deserves access to quality medical care, and we are so grateful to our veterinarians who continue to improve the quality of our care. We are also very grateful to our community of donors who make these efforts possible. We asked our Board Chair Ginny Tiu about what motivated her to donate the X-ray machine. She told us, “I’m happy to contribute to the health and comfort of an animal, and to help new adopters not to have to incur a big medical bill right from the beginning. Nothing gives me greater joy than to help our precious and helpless animals be placed into the loving homes they deserve. They give us their everything- how can we not return their unconditional love? I’m so grateful to the Hawaiian Humane Society for making thousands of new beginnings and happy stories possible for our animals, and am honored to be able to be a part of it.”


Hawaiian Humane steps up for FIV+ cats Felix, an adorable and affectionate gray and white tabby had been with the Hawaiian Humane Society for 215 days before getting adopted. Every day our loving staff and volunteers played, fed and looked after him. He loved to cuddle and enjoyed playing with all sorts of toys, just like many of the other cats available for adoption. So why did it take Felix so long to find a new home? Felix is FIV+, meaning he tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus during his routine health exam at Hawaiian Humane. FIV is an untreatable viral disease that only affects cats. The most common means of infection is a deep bite wound from an FIV+ cat to another cat. FIV suppresses the immune system of felines, which sometimes makes it harder for FIV+ cats to fight off infections such as upper respiratory infections, dental disease or ringworm. Although many cats with FIV lead perfectly long and healthy lives as indoor pets, there is a lot of misunderstanding and stigma around the disease. In reality, an FIV+ cat is just like any other cat. Although their immune system may be compromised by the virus, they are still fully capable of leading healthy lives with proper care, love and attention. Hawaiian Humane and the greater veterinary community recommends that FIV+ cats be spayed/neutered and kept strictly indoors. This is to reduce the risk of fighting between FIV+ and FIV- felines. They will also require annual wellness visits with a veterinarian, just like any other pet. Cats with FIV tend to stay in our care longer than most other pets. However, over the past year, Hawaiian Humane has made great strides in helping cats with FIV find loving homes. First, all cats admitted to Hawaiian Humane are

tested for FIV and are spayed/neutered (if not already sterilized). Then, all FIV+ cats are housed in a dedicated room with other FIV+ cats to prevent the spread of FIV among the other cats in the shelter. Keeping FIV+ cats in a designated area on our adoptions floor also helps us educate visitors to campus about FIV and let them see just how wonderful and loving these cats are. Some things to remember about FIV+ cats: • FIV is not contagious to humans, dogs or other animals; FIV only affects cats. • FIV+ cats can lead long and healthy lives, just like other cats. • FIV+ cats should be spayed/neutered and kept as indoor pets only. • If your cat is FIV+, be sure they don’t miss their annual wellness checks with a veterinarian. • FIV+ cats can even live with FIV- cats. There is low risk of transmission, but seeking the advice of your veterinarian is recommended. Paw Prints | 5


Paws Across the Pacific On the evening of October 28, Hawaiian Humane joined animal shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries from across the state to make history by flying over 600 pets from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland in Paws Across the Pacific – the largest pet transfer flight on record! Thanks to a partnership with Greater Good Charities and Wings of Rescue, Hawaiian Humane was able to send 97 cats and six dogs to loving homes in Washington state, Idaho, Montana, and Canada. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, Hawaiian Humane has worked with the animal-loving community on O'ahu and nationally to continue our vital work of caring

for animals and finding them new homes,” says Anna Neubauer, President & CEO at Hawaiian Humane Society. “The reduction of flights to the continental US put a temporary hold on our adoptions transfer program, so we are very grateful for this partnership with Greater Good Charities and Wings of Rescue. This historic flight allowed us to transfer many needy pets to loving homes in the Pacific Northwest and to devote even more resources to other animals on O'ahu.” Months of tireless work by Hawaiian Humane admissions, veterinary services, foster care, and animal care staff culminated

on the tarmac at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport where the team conducted final wellness checks on all our animals before placing them on the chartered Hercules C-130 plane along with pets from Kauai Humane Society, Lanai Cat Sanctuary, Hawaii Island Humane Society, Maui Humane Society, Aloha ‘Ilio Rescue, and Kauai SPCA. The flight carrying over 2,500 furry paws arrived at Seattle’s Boeing Field late on the morning of October 29, where mainland pet shelters and rescue groups met them with food and performed wellness checks before taking them on the last few steps of their journeys. Many of the pets were already spoken for before they even departed the Aloha State, and have now settled into their new homes!

6 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

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HAPPY TAILS A stroke of serendipity brings Kaya and Kona together! After months of checking the Hawaiian Humane website daily, Kelsey had high hopes of finding the next addition to her family. One fateful spring day a couple of years back, she saw a remarkably familiar looking dog on the adoptions page. She knew this was the dog she was waiting for because it had a striking resemblance to her previously adopted dog Kona. It is not uncommon for dog owners to keep the same breed of dog or even get somewhat similar-looking dogs; however, this particular dog was a little too familiar. This mystery dog and Kona were almost identical, from the same markings down to body shape and size.

Curiosity struck Kelsey, and immediately after work, she drove to Hawaiian Humane Society's Mō‘ili‘ili campus to meet Rosie, now known as Kaya. When they met in person, Kelsey was surprised by how good Kaya was with her. Within moments of meeting, Kelsey felt an instant and instinctive connection. Kaya was charming and loving. She jumped into Kelsey's lap and it was "game over;" she needed to adopt Kaya – something about her was all too familiar for her to decide otherwise! Kelsey asked Hawaiian Humane's adoption team to set up an appointment to allow Kona and Kaya to meet. To her relief, the two pups got along incredibly well, and before she knew it, she was signing Kaya’s adoption paperwork! Upon further interaction with each other, Kelsey noticed their similarities went beyond markings and physique. They walked almost identically. Their stretches were synchronized. Even their behaviors and personality quirks echoed each other's – it was like looking at twins!

Kelsey always had a sneaking suspicion that they were more than just kindred spirits. About two and a half years later, she needed to get to the bottom of it. Kelsey had discovered that you could get a DNA test for your dog, like DNA tests for humans such as Ancestry and 23andMe. She ordered a testing kit and sent in the samples. She excitedly awaited the results, hoping to understand better why these two dogs were so similar. After a short correspondence with her DNA test administrators, the results were in – Kelsey’s hunch was on point! Kaya and Kona were not only related, but they had the same mother and father! They shared about 67.5% genetic similarity. Although they were not identical twins (only one pair of identical twins have been discovered in

8 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

canines) they were most definitely siblings, just from different litters! Today, Kaya is the biggest sweetheart. She enjoys outdoor activities like swimming at the beach and hiking the pet-friendly trails, all with her dear brother Kona. She chews on all the balls she can get her paws on and relaxes with the family after her tiring adventures.

HOLOHOLO families who drive in from Waialua, Makakilo and Hauula to help animals get the care they need to be made available for adoption into new homes? The impact of Hawaiian Humane is both broad and deep and we have created new advocacy materials to help our lawmakers see the way this organization and its supporters, all of you, are making a difference in our community.

Deck the Paws - December 7-13

Help us deck our halls and bring holiday cheer to the animals at the Hawaiian Humane Society! Sponsor an animal's stocking for a gift of $35 and we will hang it on the housing of an animal waiting to find a home for the holidays. Santa Paws will also fill the stockings with a toy to go home with adopted pets. For a $60 donation, we’ll mail you a kit so you can decorate your own stocking! Drop off your completed masterpiece to the Hawaiian Humane Society through December and we will hang it in the shelter or you can make your pet his own stocking to keep. There is a limited supply of stocking kits so don’t wait! Go to HawaiianHumane.org to order yours and to sponsor a pet’s stocking. For questions, contact Events@HawaiianHumane.org or 356-2247.

Advocacy Open House - January 7

Did you know that in Fiscal Year 2020 Hawaiian Humane created new families in every zip code on O‘ahu? That our education team taught students from Waianae to Waimanalo? That we have volunteer foster

The Hawaiian Humane Society will kick off its 2021 policy priorities with an event for our community advocates on Thursday, Jan. 7, at 6 p.m. We hope to host the event on our Mō‘ili‘ili campus, but will switch to a virtual format if public health concerns require. Join us for a preview of our advocacy priorities for the coming year, an update on the progress toward our second campus and an introduction to the ways that you can help. Advocacy is at the core of Hawaiian Humane’s mission to promote the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals. Progress takes time and relentless determination. The difference we have made over generations is remarkable, but we cannot ever pause in our commitment to create a more compassionate community for Hawaii’s people and animals. Given all of the challenges facing our city and state, we will have to be more dedicated than ever to lending our voices to the creatures who cannot speak for themselves. To join us, email Advocacy@HawaiianHumane.org and ask to be added to our list of community advocates, all of whom receive an invitation to this event.

Animals can amaze us in some of the most unexpected ways, and we are so happy Kelsey and her brother/sister duo found one another and are now the best of friends. While most animals won't be actual brothers and sisters, many animals find connections in homes with adopters at Hawaiian Humane Society. Animals create bonds between each other just as humans do. Watching these bonds strengthen within families is something we never take for granted. We are so grateful to have such a fantastic community that opens their families to the animals of O‘ahu. Paw Prints | 9

Hawaiian Humane helps Johnny Cash make a break for it! Back in March 2020, Hawaiian Humane received a call about a cat in distress at Oahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC). The caller heard meows coming from the fence line on the perimeter of the prison’s property. Upon further investigation, the good Samaritan discovered that a cat was trapped with his tail caught and fully coiled around the barbed wire running along the ground. Knowing that time was of the essence, our humane investigators were immediately dispatched to the scene. The long-haired black and white cat was notably despondent, frightened and exhausted when the team arrived. Hawaiian Humane’s lead investigator, Vernon Ling, quickly determined that the situation warranted an immediate call to our veterinary staff for their input and expertise on how to safely rescue the cat.

10 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

The veterinary services team jumped into high-gear and quickly made their way to OCCC. “It was raining that day so that didn’t make the situation any easier,” said Tatiana Reyna-Gomez, Hawaiian Humane’s Veterinary Services Manager. Despite the inclement weather, not knowing the cat’s nature or history, and a chain link fence separating them from the prison property where the cat was trapped, they were able to successfully sedate the cat on-site and extract him safely from the barbed wire. “One of us was keeping an eye on the vitals ... while the other one of us was literally reaching in with two poles that we had to MacGyver, trying to balance the cat from falling farther down and deeper into the razors. So it was really a team effort and it took all three of us to safely get [the cat] out of the situation without causing more harm,” recalled Tatiana.

Once free, the cat was rushed to Hawaiian Humane for further treatment with our veterinary services team. He was stable, but has sustained a severe tail injury that required surgery. The team was able to get in contact with the registered microchip owner who relinquished custody to our team so that a tail amputation surgery could be performed and his suffering relieved.

word home to me means ‘a safe place’ and to be able to provide that safe place to Tom means a great deal to me, and to Claire. We’re going to continue to provide that safe place, that home, to him for as long as we’re able,” continued Yoohyun.

Upon completion of the surgery, chief veterinarian, Dr. Carter, tried to think of a name fitting for a cat “freed from prison”. He thought of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison concert and decided to go with Johnny Cash for his name! Johnny Cash’s recovery went smoothly and he was ready for adoption quickly! However, fate had a different path set for him. Mid-March, the initial impacts of COVID-19 caused Hawaiian Humane to seek emergency foster volunteers for the animals in our care. Johnny Cash was one of the more than 380 animals temporarily placed in loving homes during this time, which was how he met Claire and Yoohyun. “When the pandemic really hit the fan and we had to quarantine together, we just really wanted an animal companion, said Yoohyun said of the roommate’s decision to become emergency foster volunteers. “We wanted to care for a pet that needed lovin’.” Claire and Yoohun quickly fell in love with Johnny Cash (who they later renamed Tom Waits) and decided to make their temporary foster pet a permanent third roommate. “It’s just such a transformation. It feels like that little scared, skinny cat that came home with us in April is just an entirely new cat. It’s so fun to see his personality come out and to see his little quirks.” says Claire. “The

A good Samaritan discovered that a cat was trapped with his tail caught and fully coiled around the barbed wire outside of Oahu Community Correctional Center.

Johnny Cash (now named Tom Waits) now lives a life of safety and comfort after being adopted by his foster volunteers.

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Together, we went the distance for O‘ahu’s animals!


For this year’s PetWalk, the Hawaiian Humane Society annual charity walk, we pivoted and took the event virtual in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This didn’t stop our community from rallying together and raising critical funds for O‘ahu’s animals. Together, we raised more than $200,000! Instead of gathering and walking side by side, we brought together supporters with an online PetWalk program that featured our emcee Ben Gutierrez from Hawai‘i News Now, entertainment from duo Simple Souls, giveaways, a virtual pet costume contest and much more. Following the virtual kickoff, pets and people stepped out in support of the Hawaiian Humane Society in a variety of ways! Some took a walk in their neighborhood, some took a stroll along the beach and others enjoyed a hike in our open parks across O‘ahu! PetWalk was also supported by more than a dozen sponsors, including our presenting sponsors Servco Pacific, Inc. and Servco Foundation. “Servco and the Servco Foundation were so excited to step up as the Grand Champion Sponsor for this year's Hawaiian Humane Society Virtual PetWalk. During these times, it's even more important to join together and support our furry friends,” said Michael Regan, the Executive Vice President & CFO of Servco Pacific. “With many of us spending more time at home, we encourage families to consider adoption to provide all of our animals with a loving home. We have been long-

12 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

time partners of the Hawaiian Humane Society and were very proud to support their mission of serving O‘ahu's animals in need of help.” The continued support for this year’s PetWalk despite not being able to gather in person speaks volumes about our community and their commitment to helping animals. Events like these help us continue our life-changing work to stop animal abuse, reduce pet overpopulation, advocate for stronger animal-cruelty laws and find thousands of homes for animals. Anna Neubauer, Hawaiian Humane Society president & CEO, and her own dog Douglas also stepped out and explored our Mō‘ili‘ili neighborhood. “This year marked 30 years of celebrating the human-animal bond with PetWalk and we're looking forward to many more to come,” said Anna. Mahalo again to all of our amazing sponsors for their support, as well as our partner Visionize Media who made our live-stream vision come to life!

Mahalo to our PetWalk sponsors Grand Champion

Best in Show

Ginny Tiu’s Team

Barry and Virginia Weinman The Weinman Foundation

Top Dogs

PetWalk 2020 apparel and pet bandanas are still available at HawaiianHumane.org!


Pack Leaders ’S TE EAN AM

Fat Cats Enterprise Holdings Foundation ProService Hawaii The Rodriguez Pack Paw Prints | 13

Donor s potlight Donor gives $84,000 from IRA Elaine Plotkin-Char loved her Maltese dogs. She also had a fulfilling career as an emergency room nurse at Kaiser Permanente, which illustrated her life-long dedication to helping others, serving her community and her natural caring spirit. The Hawaiian Humane Society was blessed to be named as a beneficiary of Elaine’s Individual Retirement Account. Upon her passing, the residual funds were distributed to help Hawaiian Humane continue the important work it does to help O‘ahu’s animals and community. Elaine and her Maltese dogs. She loved dogs and loved the Hawaiian Humane Society!

Doreen Lung goes the extra mile Doreen Lung grew up in England where she met her future husband, Howard Lung, while he was stationed there with the US Air Force. Howard, who grew up in Waimānalo, brought his new bride home in 1963 to the place he loved. During her time in Waimānalo, Doreen witnessed instances of animal neglect and mistreatment. A particular instance was Duffy, a dachshund mix who lived nearby. Duffy’s owners did not treat him well and one day Duffy came to Doreen’s home with an injury. Doreen implored the neighbors to take him to a vet. Instead, the neighbors had the Humane Society take Duffy into their custody. With his injuries Doreen was afraid that no one would want to care for Duffy and his special needs. When she found out what her neighbors had done, she was heartbroken because she had become quite fond of Duffy.

Doreen Lung with Duffy.

The next day, Doreen hopped on a bus from Waimānalo to Hawaiian Humane Society’s Mō‘ili‘ili campus to bring Duffy to her home for good. She did not have a car and had to plead with numerous bus drivers to let her on with a dog in a cardboard box!

Through sheer determination, Doreen managed to get Duffy on a bus and to a veterinarian in Kailua, and back to her home in Waimānalo. His injuries were quite severe but she nursed Duffy back to health like no one continued on next page else could.

14 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

Advoca-sea! Speaking up for O‘ahu’s aquatic life On October 22, the Honolulu City Council’s Committee on Public Safety and Welfare heard a bill that would prohibit the harvesting of saltwater species for aquarium purposes when done in an inhumane manner. Advocates from Hawaiian Humane joined the hearing and urged the City to pass Bill 66, Proposed CD1, to prevent the mistreatment of animals captured to be sold as pets.

against any measure that would impede their supply of O‘ahu’s beautiful marine animals.

We are happy to report that despite robust opposition from the commercial aquarium trade, Bill 66 got a good reception from Committee members. Most who opposed the bill were out-of-state collectors and sellers who are

• Bringing fish too quickly from the reef to the ocean surface

If passed, Bill 66, Proposed CD1, Relating to Aquatic Life will prohibit knowingly causing injury and would eliminate common aquarium collecting practices that do nothing to benefit the fish and are employed to save time and maximize profits, such as:

• Piercing or deflating the swim bladder to mask the signs of injury caused by rapid decompression

• Cutting the fin or spine to save money on shipping materials • Transporting in insufficient water and oxygen to maintain good health While reception was positive, action on the measure was postponed by the committee so it can consider some amendments from Chair Tommy Waters. A new hearing is expected to be scheduled soon. To learn more, or join Hawaiian Humane's advocacy efforts, please visit our HawaiianHumane.org/ becomeanadvocate or contact Advocacy@HawaiianHumane.org.

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This was in 1977 and Duffy lived with the Lung family his entire life until his passing in 1990. Doreen gave him the best life he could have imagined. But she also knew there were so many other dogs in the community that weren't as fortunate. When she could afford to, she made sure to support the Hawaiian Humane Society in hopes of eradicating the neglect and abuse of all animals and providing for their welfare. Doreen continued to live in Waimānalo upon the passing of Howard until she moved to Kailua in 1992

and ultimately to California in 2001 to be closer to her two daughters. Doreen supported the Hawaiian Humane Society for 33 years. She never missed a year to donate and help Hawaiian Humane continue their life-changing work. Doreen passed away earlier this year and her two daughters have honored her with a plaque on a bench in her memory, and a stepping stone for Duffy, in the memory garden at Hawaiian Humane’s Mō‘ili‘ili campus.

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GIFTS OF LOVE We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more from June 1 – September 30, 2020.

All PetWalk, Pets in Paradise and Tuxes and Tails gifts given June 1 through September 30, 2020 will be listed in the next issue of Paw Prints.

Helen Kinau Wilder Legacy

Estate of Elaine Plotkin-Char Estate of Marian Arnott Frank F. Woodford & Katharine L Woodford Trust Margaret S. Van Poole Foundation


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WAGGIN’ TALES Aloha Beer Co. Back in July, we hosted a virtual “Yappy Hour” with the community, Olena Heu and our President & CEO, Anna Neubauer. It wouldn’t have been a proper “Yappy Hour” without our friends at Aloha Beer Co. who kindly donated a percentage of beer and pizza sales from that weekend to Hawaiian Humane Society! 16 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

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Demir Abdurrasid Aloha Beer Company Anthology Marketing Group Satomi Arbeit Mona Arizala Leslie Asuka Gae Bergquist-Trommald Francie Boland Cydonie Cabael Norman & Ednie Chang Geraldine Choy Ying Chui Stewart Chun Erin Claggett Heather Conahan Stanley & Janet Dalbec Kathleen & Leroy DeCaires Dr. & Mrs. L.Q. Pang Foundation Karen Essene Lydia Faletoi Becky & John Faunce Bryn & Sheryl Fosburgh George & Lei Fukuhara Girl Scout Troop #384 J. Stephen & Barbara Goodman

Greater Horizons Elizabeth & Alan Gromko Dede & Barron Guss Hannah & Willard Haraguchi Junie Hayashi Ronald Heim Letitia Hickson Charles & Mildred Ikehara Grant Ito & JoAnn Yosemori Marjorie Kashiwada Christopher Kasperowicz Rev. Nobuharu Kato Lorraine Katsumoto Estelle Kelley Brian Kirsch Laraine & Chester Koga Jayaram Krishnaswamy Mona Kushimaejo Leu Okuda & Doi, Attorneys at Law Sean Majer Stephen & Susan Metter Lance, Jennifer & Sarah Mills Mitsunaga & Associates, Inc. Majel Morimoto Dr. Naomi Morita Netflix Matching Gifts Mark & Frances Oka Marisol Ortiz Rockygirl Osaki Chong Lori Pacarro Jerry & Lily Prentiss Linda Rowan Randolph & Stephanie Sakauye Wanda Shipp Gary & Akemi Simon Mary Stegmann Vicky Stewart Viengkham Sundara Rod & Fumiyo Tanaka Rylan & Sandra Tanaka The Omidyar Group Dr. Lothar & Cheryl Varady Richard Vierra Linda Warrick Stanley Yamaoka Kitty Yannone Cindy Yoshida

Acknowledgment of gifts from June 1 – September 30, 2020.

Guardian Angels $100 +

Antonio Abad Randall & Brenda Abe Roy & Amy Abe Lucienne Abe Ryan Abella John Abenoja Timothy & Gloria Abrams Aya Achiu Davie Adonis Leslie Afuso Mary Agor Kammie Aguada-Nakaue & Dwayne Nakaue Dale & Katherine Aina David Aiu, Jr. Kathleen Aiwohi Robyn Akahoshi Allan & Arleen Akamine Linda & Noel Akamu Charles & Laurel Aki Clement & Daya Akina Lorinda & Clyde Akita Rene Akiyama Ada Alamani Lourdes Alconis Deborah Aldrich Reynold & Laverne Alexander Hays Alexander Alexander & Baldwin Lody Allen Herman & Eva Allerstorfer Nicole Amano Ameriprise Financial Vera Ami Elizabeth & Thomas Amuro Nathan Anderson Della Anderson & Kurt Kunimune Frank Anderson Dana Anderson Earl & April Andrade Lissa Andrews Janet Andres David & Sharon Ansai Colette Aoki George & Alice Aoki John & Deanna Aoki Jason, Erin, Penny & Ruby Aono Marc & Florence Aoyama Roman Apana Georgia Ann Apana Gemie & Ken Arakawa Harlan & Collette Arakawa Wenda Araki Steven Arashiro Sandra Arashiro Renee Archer Nakashima Mansour Arekat Shachar & Heidi Argov Julie Arigo Governor George & Jean Ariyoshi Maurice & Francoise Arrisgado Jay & Karen Asato Michelle Ashley Atlas Insurance Agency, Ltd. Gary, Iris, & Judy Au Warren Au Marian & Wilben Auyong Laurie Aweau-Nii Doreen Ayakawa Arlene Ayakawa Mary Jane Bachmann Virginia Bail George & Ipolani Bailey Elizabeth & Cordell Bailey Allan & Frances Bailon

Margaret & Richard Baker Angela Ballard Susan Ballard Sherry Ballou Ray Ballungay Michelle Banasch Martin Banks Toni Baran Gale Barbe Kenneth Barclay Earlene Barnes-Anderson & David Anderson Gabriele Barthlen Michael & Diko Bates Frederick & Amelia Bautista Sarah Beamer Karsten Behlen Mark Behrang Roger & Masako Bellinger Lisamarie Bensman Ronald Biho Wendy & Ernie Bisol Maria Black Tracie Black Sandra Blackburn Daniel Blue Alan & Karen Bluemke Skip & Marilyn Boock Hannah Borges Heidi Borja Gillian Boss Michelle Bowerman Paula Boyce Joseph Boyce Russell Boyer William & Hiroko Bridges Michael & Debra Bringman Rick & Jerilyn Broadfoot James & Kathleen Brown Mark & Martha Brown Martha Brown Frances Brown, & Philip White Marilou & Richard Brownlie Erika & Christian Brunnschweiler Jocelyn & Seth Buckman Stanley & Janet Bukes Robert & Frances Bunn Barton & Diana-Lee Bunney Sheila Buonerba John Burback & Norma Pang Mark & Margaret Burgessporter John & Carol Burke Mary Burlison Justin Buxton Ashley Cabanit Manuel Cabral Anastacia & Baltazar Calixterio Janis Calton Priscilla Caluya Vann Camacho Lowell & Charlotte Cambra Elizabeth Cambridge Karin Campbell Danelo & Ann Canete Priscilla Cappis Beverly Cardinal Career Development Center of Hawaii Ignacio Cariaga Robert & Gloria Jean Cariaga Carolyn Carley Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Thomas Carpenter Jeffrey & Jo Anne Carpenter Frederick Carroll Patricia Carroll Paula Carroll Patrick Carvalho

Kimberly Case Marc Castillo Alfred & Sharlene Castillo Sonya Catiggay Catherine Caudle Rowena Cerretti & John Kerr Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Franklin Chang Yung-Yu Chang Carolyn Chang & William Jacques Sarah-Ann Chang-Canoy Sheldon Char Marvin & Frances Char Mimi Charette Phillip & Faye Chase Wieland Chee Claire Cheeley Jing & Hua Chen Jung & Shun-Lin Chen Clyde & Lisa Chena Chevron Corporation Freeman & Winona Chin Judy Chin-Eko & Darren Chin-Eko Michael & Trudie China Frederick Ching Jack Ching Dennis & Eunice Ching Willis & Beverlyn Ching Faye Chiogioji Sierra Chisholm Jintana Chiu Janet Chong John & Rosalind Chong Adele Chong Darryl Choy Jean Chua Constance & Winston Chun Sylvia Chun Brendon Chun Jean Chun Pamela Lynn Chun Sandra Chun Ronald Chung Stanley Chung Alison Chung Wayne Clatte Elizabeth Clemens Richard & Teresa Clifton Robert Clifton Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad Edna Colon Coral Pacific Construction, LLC Kizzy Corbin Rance Cordeiro Glenn & Inge Cordeiro Costco Wholesale Christine & James Cote' Melissa Cowles Earle Crabe Douglas Crosier Drew Cruz-Santos Susan Cuizon Ruth Cullen Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham Stacie Cunningham Daniel Curran Ather & Marivic Dar Donna Dedrick Michael & Kelly Deese Karen Degner Donald & Brenda Deryke Richard DeSa & Lisa Holt-DeSa Jo desMarets Catherine Devaney Bernard Dier Disney Worldwide Outreach George Do Patrick & Cathryn Downes

Michael Doyle Jerry & Minja Draves Sharon Ducosin Tatiana Duffie Marilee Duffy Phillip Dunkelberger Alaina Dunker Marilyn Dunlap Richard & Brandyn Dunn Harriet & Bassil Dunn Paddy Dunn Gaye & John Dunphy Claire Duvauchelle Erica Dzikowski EA Inc. Jane Earle-Dabrowski Jo-Anne Ebba Michael Ebinger Diane Edwards Wally Ellingson Phyllis Emerson-Salyers Carrolyn Emoto Norma English Ernestine Enomoto Lester & Patricia Enomoto Nola Epp Marilyn Ericson James & Renee Evans Renata Fan Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet Willie Feagaimaalii Diane Fedor Matthew Feldman Hualani Fernandes P.K. Fernandez Lynette Fernandez-Pao Christopher Ferry Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund David & Anne Figueira Paula Fitzell John Fleckles Annette & Robert Floyd Mary Flynn & James Saari Cindy Fomenko Lisa Forbes Doris & Bruce Forbes Daniel & Wendy Ford Tom & Linda Foye Joseph Francher John & Teri Fritz Valerie & James Frohardt Douglas & Lee Froning Alton & Sandra Fujii Jordan Fujimoto Wanda Fujimoto Jill & Ellen Fujino Alexa Fujise Harold & Jan Fujise Carol Fujitani Jon & Susan Fukuda David Fukuda Brian & Jane Fukunaga Susan Fukunaga Dennis & Annette Fukunaga Louis & Mary Furtado Monica Furuhashi Denise Furuya Kathy Gadaingan Marilyn Gagen Karen & Les Galon Juanita Galvizo Harish Ganesathasan Katherine Gatti Florence Gaygay Jocelyn Geltmacher Dennis Gentry Francis & Jayne George Gregory Gibbons & Peter Fujieki

Paw Prints | 17

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James & Patricia Giblin Joyce & David Gilbert Gregory & Monette Gilding Elizabeth Gilliland Orin & Sandra Gima Patrice Gionson Darrell Gishi Linda & Kenneth Goldstein Renee & Dennis Gomes Carole Gomes Lenny & Jenny Gonzales Ralph & Sharon Gonzales Sharon Gonzalez Louise Goodspeed Google Matching Gifts Program Peggy & Bob Gordon Bobby Gordon Bernard & Kara Gorgonio Gloria Gorter Carrie Gosiaco Michael Goto Sandy Gottesman Joan Gouveia Genevieve Goya David & Angela Goya Glen & Linell Goya Wendy Grady Pamela Grant Harvey & Rae Green Leihulu Greene Rose Greenwell Patricia & Kenneth Greiff Richard Smith & David Griggs Richard & Milagros Griggs Ted & Christine Grisell Thomas & Cindy Grogan Lana Gronwald Claire Groom Laura Groves Francine Grudzias Leslie Gruszie Pamela Guard Jerrold & Paula Guben Delphina Guerrero Michael Guilbeaux Sherie & James Gusukuma Stacy Hadano Ronald & Pauline Hagino Deborah & Douglas Halcro Diane & James Hall Guy & Joyce Hamada

Caroline Hamilton Josh Hamilton Masao & Patsy Hanaoka David & Gay Hanawahine Shelby Hankee Jean Hankin-Jones Steven & Sherry Hansel Harbor Shores Apartment Hotel, Ltd. Donald & Mae Harris Frances & Duane Hartmann Tomoko & Mason Hasegawa Harold & Yvonne Hashizume Leslie & Betsy Hata Joy Hatakeyama Marjorie L Hatfield Mark Hatori & Cindy Amimoto-Hatori Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union Foundation Hawaii-Western Management Group, Inc. Ayako & Harrison Hayashi Howard Hayashi Michele & Dale Hays Devin Hazama Dean Hazama Suzette & Sean Heely Virginia Henderson William Henne Susan & Arthur Henry Melvin & Lucinda Herolaga Mary & Yoshiko Herrera Petra & Kevin Herzog Marisa Heung Robert & Suzanne Hew-Len Alden & Audrey Higa David Higa Cynthia Higa Shirley & Warren Higashi Jay & Esther Higashi Charlaine Higashi Conrad & Lindee Higashionna Steven Adair Hill Teri Hirano Sherri & Nanette Hiraoka Sandra & Michael Hiraoka Glenn & Sonia Hirata Dalton & Joanne Hirata Ingrid Hirazumi Kristine Hironaka Kay & Kelly Hironaka Amona Ho

18 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

Fumiko & Frederick Hokada Michael & Colleen Hokutan Thomas & Layla Holden Gail Holm-Kennedy Joseph Holtz Charlyn Honda Masini Arlene Horiuchi Brian & Carole Horiuchi Vanessa Huff Lisa Hutchinson Roy & Sandra Ichinose Eugene Ichiyama Roy & Susan Idemoto Erin Ignacio Sheri Iha Susan & Robert Ikehara Jesse & Lois Ikei Hector Ildefonso Amy Imaguchi Lynn Inafuku Katheren Inamura Helen Inazaki Sandra & Melvin Ing Frances Inouye Russell & Cindy Inouye Intellectual Ventures c/o Public Affairs Support Services Lynn Ishii Conrad & Cheryl Ishii Lynn Ishii Michael & Julie Ishioka Kenneth & Carol Ishizaki Marsha Ito Eri Ito Itron, Inc. Judy Iwai Steve & Nancy Iwamoto May Izumi Neal & Reiko Izumi Noboru Izumigawa Patsy Izumo Leonard Jacobs & Rebecca Horne Jacobs Carl & JoAnn Jacobs Raymond & Deborah Jahaaski Jean Jakahi Richard Chris Jansen Benjamin Jarvis Jennie Javonillo Barbara Jennings Evan Jiang

Richard & Judi Jinnai Gregory Johnson Susan Johnson Patricia Johnson Shereen Johnson Juanita Johnson David & Marlene Johnson Jacquelyn Johnson Louise Johnson Gary & Melanie Johnson Norman Johnson Donald & Carol Johnston Annakaarina Jolkkonen Patricia Jones Doris Jones Sally Jones Helen Josie Josypenko Janet Judwin Jonathan Julian Allyson Kaai Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto Kaiser Foundation Community Giving Campaign Kaiser Permanente Dermatology Wanda & Alden Kajioka Wanda Kakugawa Jayne Kam Wendell Kam Alfred & Sally Ann Kamae Andrea Kamahele Shigeru & Kumiko Kaminaka Diana Kamiyama Margery Kanahele & Geoffrey Horvath Yoneko Kanaoka Norlynn Kandler Earl & Erin Kanehira Pamela & Michael Kaneko Sydney Kaneshiro Beverly Kaneshiro Troy Kaneshiro Liza Kaniho Mary Kanno Clifford Karimoto Linda Kashinoki Linelle Kashiwada Brian & Jean Kashiwaeda Lauralie Katekaru Joann Kato Leatrice Kato Karen Kato Jefferry & Sandra Kato

Acknowledgment of gifts from June 1 – September 30, 2020. Henry & Pearl Katsuda Karl Katsumoto Robert & Marcy Katz Diane Kawada Toshiko Kawai Randy Kawakami Arne Kawamata Richard & Elaine Kawamoto Clifford Kawamoto Michael Kawano Laurie Kawasaki Galbraith & Janet Kawelo Arlene & Curtis Kaya-Tamon Barry Kayano Umit Kaynak Al & Carol Keahi Richard Keawe Howard & Elizabeth Keller Faye Kelley David Kellogg Alex & Stephanie Kendrick Martha Khlopin Jenny Khov & Khoi Ung Rhonda & Gaylord Kihara Robert & Hope Kihune Lynn Kim Anna Kim Launice Kim Duke & Deanne Kimhan Ann Kimura Irvin King Roy & Gloria King George King & Jennifer Higa-King Janis Kinmore Stephanie & John Kirimitsu Daniel & Kathryn Kirley Gloria Kishi Allan & Hilda Kitagawa Faye Kitaoka James & Sharon Kitazaki Herbert & Karen Kitazaki Lisa Ann & Brian Kiuchi Glenn & Doreen Kiyabu Derek & Evelyn Kiyota Kirk Klein Sandra & Douglas Klein Laurie Knych Alex Ko James & May Kobashigawa Gwenlyn Kobashigawa Marilyn Kobata Kei Kobayashi Carolyn Kobayashi Karyn Kodama Lori Koennecke Ted Koga Lisa Kogachi Cindi & Alan Koizumi Pauline Kokubun Laurence Kolonel Jo Ann & Ronald Komata Roy, Marian & Robin Komoto Shirley & Ronald Kondo Hideko Kondo Shosuke Konno Dawn & Paul Kopp

Patty & Roger Kort Isaac Kosasa Susan Kosasa Amanda Koval Wilma & Howard Kubo Patricia & George Kuheana Jan & Henry Kuhns, III Calvin & Leslie Kunihisa Calvin & Chisora Kuniyuki Stephen Kunz Melvin & Karen Kuraoka Joy Kuraoka Kerry & Adeline Kuraya Luella Kurkjian Evelyn Kurogi Kevin Kurosu Ann Kutaka Darlene & Quin Kutara Gregory & Marcella Kuwazaki Emily Kwan Kit Tak Kwok Jim & Lynn Lally Dennis Lambert Lynn Lane Adriene Langdon Rachel Lange Janice Langlas Pamela Lanias Len & Terri Lantych David & Ann Latham Carol Lau Bonnie Van Ieng Lau Monique & Michael Lau Allan Lau Geoffrey & May Lau Robert & Maxine Lau Law Offices of Richard E. Wilson, LLC Ellen & Jeffrey Layaoen Loic Le Marchand Dong Jin Lee Katherine Lee Michele Lee Jack & Charlis Lee Romy Lee & Marvin Chang Stephen & Karen Lee Tommy & Lori Lee Edward Lee, Jr. Kenneth Lee Kyle Lee Summer Chun Lee Mika Lee Juliet & Michael Lee Jae Hang Lee Jan Lee Baccigaluppi Patti Lee-Hoffman Prayoon Leetrakul Paul Lemahieu Wendell & Paulette Leong Jane Leong Agnes Leong Sharon Leonida Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Daniel Libutti & Mariana Gerschenson Timothy Lien Barry Lightner Unhee Lim

Gabriel Lim Regina Lin Della Lin Linda & Daniel Ling Juliette Ling Charles Livermore Andrew & Shoko Livingston Gary Loo Jacqueline Loo Violet Loo Willa Mae Loo Melissa Louis Roberta Lovely Jean Lucas David McCaffrey & Deborah Luckett Daniel Luis & Becky Kawamura Dallas & Marlene Lum Cynthia Lum Madeline Lum Sharon Lumsden Claudette Lundin Charles Lunson Beck Lydow Kurtis & Susan Mabe Tracie & David Mackenzie Benedict & Gail Madriaga Joan & Dwight Maeda Janice Maeda Frances Maekawa Michael Maii Donna Makishima Lawrence & Annie Maldonado Sylvia Malilay Carissa Manangan Steve & Jane Mann Faye Mar Stephen Marcuccilli Laureen & Bryan Marino Thomas Mark John & Stephanie Marrack Chuck & Diane Marshall Robert & Deborah Marshall Eileen Martinez Boyd Marumoto Ken Mashiyama Diane & Gary Masuda Carol Masuda Sharon Masuda Melvyn & Nora Masuda Liane Matsuda Norma Matsukawa Myra Matsumoto Barbara Matsumoto Winifred Matsumoto Skye Matsumoto Vera & Bryan Matsumoto Anne Matsunaga Claude & Alyson Matsuo Caressa Matsuoka Henry & Judyann Matsuoka Shirley Matsuura Dennis Matsuura David & Rhonda Matthews Gay Mattson Domingo & Mila Matute Jade Mau

Floyd & Ann McCoy Megan McDonald Tim & Jill McDonald Mary McGowan Anne McKay Pamela McKiddie-Stearns Marion McLaren Rachael McMahon Michael Meagher Vera Medina Keith & Sandra Menchavez Freidalane Menezes George Mercado & Melvin Spencer Jean Merlet Caralyn Merrill Michael Miller & Sharon Shimono Charles Miller & Stephanie Marshall Brook & Diana Miller Wilmer & Martha Miller Erin Miller Michael & Katherine Mills Joanna & Esau Milo Kathryn & Morris Mitsunaga Glenn & Elaine Miura Miyabara Associates Harry & Ethel Miyachi Ann Miyahira Lisa Miyakado Scott Miyake Dori Miyamoto George Miyamoto & Jacqueline Ferguson-Miyamoto Wendy Takako Miyamoto Jan & Ken Miyashiro Chelsie Miyashiro Yoshiye Miyashita Rose Mizokawa Walter Mizushima Charles Mizuta Paula & Joel Mochida Christopher & Suk Cha Mohr Richard Monkman Barbara Montpas Nancy Moore Patricia Moore Howard Morinaga Roy Morioka Megan Morisada Stephen Morishige & Maxine Tanaka-Morishige Darlene Morita Dean & Janis Morita Nicholas Moriyama Robert & Karen Morneau Alfred & Nancy Morris Harry & Michelle Morris Sally Morris Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey Veronica & Robert Morse Susan & Kevin Mulkern Samuel Mullins Ken & Noreen Mumaw William & Cheryl Muneno Roy & Lynn Murakami Dennis & Darlene Murakami Michael & Laurie Murphy

Paw Prints | 19

Jean Myers Cary Nagano Stephanie Nagata Kenneth & Doris Nagatani Jeanne Nagatani Beverly Nagel Lisa Naimer Gail Nakada Jerry & Carol Nakagami Vance & Sarah Nakagawa Margaret Nakakuni Ryan & Claire Nakamoto Lisa Nakamoto William & Aecha Nakamura Radford Nakamura Audree & Guy Nakanishi Michael Nakano Bruce & Vanina Nakaoka Grant Nakashima Denise Nakata Kayla Nakayama Thomas & Laverne Nance Naturally Pet Gerald & June Naughton Joseph & Theresa Nawahine Amy Naylor Jemal & Atsuko Ned Daryle & Michael Nekoba Patricia & Travis Nekota Anna Neubauer Julie Neuser Mary Newell James & Shirley Newman Nori Nguyen James Carlton Nichol Sheryl Nicholson Claudia Nihei Edward & Mary Ann Nishida Ralph & Bette Nishida Eileen Nishikawa Dennis & Amy Nishino Wallace & Jana Nitta Doris & Ernest Noda Deena Nogaki Greg & Julie Noji John & Suzanne Noland Brenda Nomura Michael Nonaka Edwin Nose Kathleen & Dennis Nullet Natasha Nuval Barbara Nylund Patricia O'Kane Kimberly O'Quinn James & Cion O'Sullivan Steven & Dagmar Oato Charlotte Oats Wesley Ochiai Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann

Alvin & Lynn Ogi Scott Ogilvie Portia Okamoto Neal & Amy Okamoto Robert Okamoto Edlin & Donna Okamura George & Ann Okano Joyce Okano Darren Okihara Judy Okimoto Gary & Sun Hyang Okimoto Leigh & Joy Ann Okimoto Reyn & Ross Okinaga Sherri-Ann & Aaron Okinaga Shannon Okinaka Ruth Okubo Michael & Donna Okumura Jean Okumura Stephen & Cheryl Omatsu Velma Omura Denise Onggoco Alberta Ongies-Vincent Susan Onishi Andrade Carole & Edward Onouye Alvin & Doreen Orita Timothy Oshima Raymond & Amy Oshiro Roy & Frances Oshiro Roy & Darlene Oshiro Ashlee Otsuka Lara Owczarski Janis Owen Ellen Pabillano Louise Pagotto Steven & June Pang Carolyn Pang Michael & Renee Pangilinan Janelle Paredes Lorna Park Noah & Ellen Parker Lynn & Gayle Parlette Mary & Thomas Parpana Wayne & Lanette Pascua Robert Pascua Linda Payes Michael & Nicole Pedersen Elizabeth Pereira Allen & Tammy Perry Steve Perry Sheila Petersen Kirtland Peterson Alan & Martha Peterson Helen Petrovitch Sandra Pfund Margaret & Richard Philpott Lorie Pias Anthony & Marilyn Picard Robert Pick James & Cherye Pierce

20 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

Lynette Pimenta Cassandra Pinnick Randy Pisani Anna Podgorski Gilbert Ponce George & Suzi Powell Anthony Prater John & Linda Puu Larry & Jocelyn Racoma Jacqueline & David Reber Linda L. Reis Linda E. Reis Wolf & Diane Reitsperger Marla Rellin Cary Reynolds Irene Rioca William Rogers Elaina Rombach Maria Romero Stacie Rosa Lillian M Rosengrant Rebecca Ross George & Betty Ross Ned & Iris Rowley Judith Rubano Jeanne Rust Donna & Robert Ryan A. Denise Sagerholm Lianne Saiki Shirleen Saiki Melvin & Jandi Saito Amy & Ichiro Saito Reynold & Nora Saito Gail Saito Glenn & Susan Saito Robert & Julie Sakai Catherine Sakai Ryan Sakai Feling & Paul Sakaino Daniel Sakamoto & Karen Watanabe-Sakamoto Byron & Joy Sakamoto Neil Sakamoto Brooke & Greg Sakamoto Lani Sakata Latonia Sakata Walter Sakuda Ross & Karen Sakuda Philip Sammer Sharon Samson Patrick Santos Lance Sasaki Richard & Marvela Satake Renee Sato Wallace Sato Tracy Sato Eugene Savio Mariko & Koyo Sawada Sharon Sawamoto Calvin & Cora Say Roschelle Scherer Bebe & Michael Schmidt Lisa Schmidt Carol & Zeke Schmus Laura Schneider Robert & Susan Schultz Gail Myers Terry & Dawn Seelig Justin & Faith Seguirant Gino Sellitto Charles & Valerie Seminara Al & Connie Serafin Frances Serikaku Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Serocca Tara Severns Rick Shankles Naomi Shen Stanley & Theresa Shibata

Bert & Sharon Shiira Ellen Shikuma Michael & May Shim Trisha Shimabuku-Fish Masayoshi & Juliet Shimabukuro Lore Shimamura Dennis & Patsy Shimane Toshiko Shimata Gary & Sharon Shinn Melvin & Mary Jane Shinohara Cynthia Shiraishi John & Cathy Shiraishi Douglas Shiraki Vernon Shiroma Cynthia Shiroma Frank Shiroma Mitsunori & Kakuko Shoji Shirley & Thomas Shojinaga Jennifer & Leighton Shoma Tiffany & Tucker Siegfried Mary Silva Kimberly Simao Ralph & Stephanie Simmons Thomas & Lynn Simpson Joan Skinner Shawn Slocum Daena & Blaise Smith Michael & Linda Smith Piilani Smith-Kozibroda Charlene Smoyer Jack Smyth, Jr. Beverly Soares Caroline Spencer Lisa Spencer Gary Sprinkle & Pamela Young-Sprinkle Paul Starzyk Ronald Stebbins Harper Steele Lisa Steiner Roberta & Sheldrake Stibbard Lynette Stobie Suzanne Stokes Paige Stonaker Robert Strand Lisa & Robert Sue Diane & Robert Suehisa Toby Suemoto Myron Sueyoshi Susan Sugai William Sugihara Gail Sugita Edward & Sandra Sullivan Beth Tarter & Nathan Sult Clyde & Charlene Sumida Donna Jean Sunada Maxine Sung Ross Suyemura Joy Suzuki Brian & Carolyn Suzuki Gwen Suzuki-Oishi Swinerton Builders T-Mobile USA, Inc. Matching Ryan & Erin Tadaki Jodi Tahara Faye Taira Uncha Tak Yoshiko & Osamu Takagi Susan Takahashi The Takahashi Family Alan Takahashi Ted Takahashi Tod & Annette Takahashi Lornna & Chris Takahashi George & Grace Takakawa Ward & Iris Takamiya Craig Takamiya Janet Takamoto

Acknowledgment of gifts from June 1 – September 30, 2020. Roy & Donna Lee Takara Hyo Sun & Brian Takata Brian & Pam Takeda Dennis Takeshita Linnelle Takeuchi Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera Karla & Gilbert Talavera Gregory & Lynn Tam Gary & Myra Tamanaha Ronald Tamashiro Erica Tamblyn & Marilyn Coffman Jan & Benjamin Tamura Sherolyn & Timothy Tanabe Arlene Tanabe Brenda Tanaka Benjamin & Dawn Tanaka Sandra Tanaka Wayne & Claire Tanaka Wayne Tanaka Lisa Tanga Katherine Taniguchi Kimii Taniguchi Russell & Joyce Tanji Doss Tannehill Karen Taroc Renee Tavares Mihoko & Kevin Taylor Lani Telfer Kyle Tengan Setsuko Teramoto Susan & Paul Teruya Monica & Carrielee Texeira Jill Thach Peter, Barbara, Mark & Grace Thacker Sue Thacker Catherine Thielen William Thomas William Thomas Kyle Thompson Mary & James Thrash Ivan Tilgenkamp Karl Tobias Valo Rose Tofa Clarence & Yosi Toguchi Laurie & Bradley Tokeshi Steven & Gail Tokuda Lisa Tom Myron & Carol Tom Noe Noe Tom Jeffrey Tom Steven & Faye Tom May & Harold Tome Linda & Steven Tomei

Lew Tomimatsu Ronald & Caryn Tomishima Walter Tomiyasu & Judith Chester-Tomiyasu Wallace & Carolyn Towata Leigh Ann Townsend Susan Toyama Jennifer Trevino Bruce & Suzuko Tsuchida Len Tsuhako Thomas Tsuhako Takashi Tsuhako Janis & Dennis Tsuhako Lori Tsukamoto Thomas & Sharl Tsukano Tania Tudor Arthur & Angela Tulak Brian & Kimberly Tyau Amy Uchida Linda & Clyde Uchima Ken & Claire Uechi Kenneth Uemura Jane Uemura Grace Ueunten UHG Kellie & Bart Ulansey Amanda Ulrich Ulu I Ka La'au, LLC Sheri Umakoshi Dorothy Urada Christine Urban Donna Usagawa Alison Uyeda Bette & Alexander Uyeda Ashley Uyehara Keith & Cynthia Uyehara Craig Uyehara Therese Uyehara Jennifer Uyeno Nancy Uyeno Lisa Uyesato Ryan & Geraldine Uyeunten Marion Valle Linda Vallejos Mardell VanderBrink Lindsey Ronnie Vaughn Richard Vaughn Charles Vause Michele Velasco Lisa Verkerke Wendy Viellenave Sean & Sheri Viernes Joseph Vierra

Reed Villanueva Theodora Villeza Mayumi Villiatora Gayle Volger Jo Wakayama Jane Wakukawa Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Marie Wang Tina & Edmund Wary Christie Wash John Washburn Wendy & Reuben Watanabe Alan & Elaine Watanabe June & Jeffrey Watanabe Ruth Watanabe Roy & Paulette Watanabe Mark Watanabe Seiko Watanabe Wendell & Judith Weatherwax Stacey Weber Beverly Wellman Annemarie Wendicke Rachelle & James West Andrea Weymouth-Fujie Dayle & Holly Wheeles Alan & Jennifer Whinery Harrison White Curtis & Lisa White Miriam Whittle Robert Wicks Robert Wiemer Richard & Genny Wilcox Gary Wild Mark Wilhelm Lynne Wilkens Coralie Willett Jennifer Williams Heather Wimberly Cindy Winegar David & Arporn Winsko Charles Wirta Robert & Paulette Wo Judith Wolfe Matthew Womack Brooke & Barrett Won Brittany Won Richard & Bridget Wong Ricky Wong & Emy Yamauchi-Wong Alfred & Laurie Wong Clayton Wong Corey & Yukie Wong Helen Wong Chadwick & Gayle Wong

Maynette Wong Erica Wong Adam Wong & Arlene Tanaka Linda Wright Wong Lynette & Eric Wong Eloise Wong Naomi Wong Lawrence & Nadine Woode Angel Wyatt Martin & Jean Wyss Bryant Yabui Carol Jean Yakuma Frances Yamada Lillian Yamada Charlotte Yamada Roy & Sandra Yamada Myra Yamada Stanley Yamagata, Jr. David Yamagata Amy Yamaguchi Mark Yamakawa Debra Yamaki K Yamamoto Dorene & Greg Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto George & Carlene Yamamoto Thomas & Jane Yamane Harvey & Carolyn Yamasaki Charlene Yamashiro Roxanne Yamashiro Robert & Charlotte Yamauchi Len Yamauchi Harvey Yamauchi Mi Seung Yamauchi Wei Wei Yang Hedy & Mario Yanos Richard & Naomi Yap Allan Yasue Frederick & Maryanne Yearian Sylvianne & Curtis Yee Edwin & Denise Yee Jeanne & Stephen Yeh Wen Yen Drake Yim Mary Ann Mei-Wan Yip & Wing-Cheung Yip Roy & Eleanor Yogi Amy & Terry Yonashiro Cyrilla Yonehara Cyndee Yonehara Darryl & Paula Yonezawa Carl & Patricia Yorita John Yoshimori

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Paw Prints | 21

Glenn & Carolyn Yoshimoto Patsy & Yoshiharu Yoshimura Keith & Marian Yoshimura Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga Blaine & Melissa Yoshioka Glenn Ann Whang-Yoshioka David & Lydia Yoshishige Dawn Young Ivan Young Carol Young & John Prest Dennis & Lee Young Michael & Jo Ann Young Max & Michele Youngblood Janice Yuen Joyce Yuen James Yuki Winnie & Lawrence Yung Ed Alan Zane Olive Zukeran Kathryn Zurcher Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

In Honor of People Charles Clements Jasmina Dobinchick Shelley Cramer Ginny Tiu Irene Donahue Lody Allen Annette Ebinger Michael Ebinger Dede Guss Gae Bergquist-Trommald Mi Kosasa Pamela Guard Ginny Tiu Ashley & Aaran Maldonado Lawrence & Annie Maldonado Adam Myers Stacie Rosa Nan, Inc. Law Wilson, LLC Anna Neubauer Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Joyce Terao Paula Boyce Ginny Tiu Bob & Frances Bean Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Richard Smith & David Griggs Dede & Barron Guss Charlyn Honda Masini Martha Khlopin Paul & Lisa Kosasa Raymond & Trudy Okada Jennifer Trevino Linda Velayo-Fong Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

In Honor of Pets Apple Faye Mar

Dakota Yabui Bryant Yabui

Perdita Dobinchick Jasmina Dobinchick Alfred Fernandes, Jr. Hualani Fernandes Elizabeth Gamiao Katherine Taniguchi

Janet Joseph Joanie D. Jones Howard & Elizabeth Keller Beverly Nagel Paige Stonaker & MECx Engineering - Houston Gerry Kaneshiro Vance & Sarah Nakagawa

Joanne Morine Skudlarick Norma Matsukawa

Einstein & Mama Patsy Izumo Fartsicle #2 Steven Adair Hill

Emi Hata Gary & Akemi Simon

Harley & Friends Stephanie & John Kirimitsu

Stanley Higashi Charlaine Higashi

Kathy John & Deanna Aoki Malu Akai Clement & Daya Akina

James Dorene & Greg Yamamoto

Marti The Takahashi Family Mele Ellen Shikuma Military Working Dogs Juanita Johnson Miso Robert & Suzanne Hew-Len Molly Jason, Erin, Penny & Ruby Aono Molly Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann Muffin Robert & Paulette Wo Noel Luckett David McCaffrey & Deborah Luckett Queenie, Boy Boy, CJ & Freddy Boy Bonnie Van Ieng Lau Sachiko Jennifer Uyeno Teddy Boy & Sii Girl Gilbert Ponce The Jack Pack Della Lin

In Memory of People

Juanita Johnson Jeffrey & Jo Anne Carpenter

Alice Kamahele Geo Ariel Kawakami Randy Kawakami Lynn Koga Ted Koga Myrna Largosa Stacey Weber

George & Rita Strand Robert Strand Howard Tahara Jodi Tahara Sharman Torkildson Sue Thacker Peter, Barbara, Mark & Grace Thacker

Fred Leong Michael & Renee Pangilinan

Laura Thompson Bonnie Ozaki & Van James Ginny Tiu

Doreen Ann Lung Jacqueline Fitzpatrick

Paula Urban Stanley & Theresa Shibata

Jessica Massengale Aya Achiu

Shinji Watanabe Hawaii-Western Management Group, Inc.

Debra Matsukawa Robert Cullen Joyce Matsumoto Roger & Masako Bellinger Patricia Mills Lance, Jennifer & Sarah Mills

Colette Anders Kaiser Permanente Dermatology

Sharon Duane Olsen William Thomas

Doris Au Warren Au

Rochelle Oshiro Sharon Masuda Carol Masuda

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Bryant Yabui

Emmitt Rosengrant Lillian M Rosengrant Heather Shonka Antonio Abad Caryn Angelson Wenda Araki Atlas Insurance Agency, Ltd. Jing & Hua Chen Robert Harrison Kei Kobayashi Isaac Kosasa Stephen Kunz Kevin Kurosu Michael Nonaka Darren Okihara Marisol Ortiz Robert Pick Lance Sasaki Susan Rivera & Mike Schell Mary Stegmann Ginny Tiu TMNA Services, LLC Mark Wilhelm Mark Yamakawa Kitty Yannone Dawn Young

Eugene "Gene" Gelfo, Jr. Donald & Carol Johnston Janet Judwin Arlene & Curtis Kaya-Tamon Roy & Gloria King Robert & Karen Morneau

Demi Steve & Deb Knight

Shirleen Saiki Lynne Wilkens Jeanne & Stephen Yeh

Ryan Yogi Doreen Ayakawa

In Memory of Pets Aki Girl Alan Takahashi

Ally Dorene & Greg Yamamoto

Lisa Sachiko Pang Edwin & Denise Yee

Ashley & Fluffy Monica Furuhashi

Brad Bailon Allan & Frances Bailon

Susie Patrinos Paul Lemahieu

Astro Elizabeth & Alan Gromko

Pamela Burns Patsy Izumo

John Powers George & Suzi Powell

Bear Leslie & Betsy Hata

Mabel Chang Lydia Faletoi

Tom Purdy Danelo & Ann Canete

Blu & Princess Sandra & Michael Hiraoka

Paul & Mildred Chang Carolyn Chang & William Jacques

Clara Richards Mary Jane Bachmann Linelle Kashiwada Laurence Kolonel Loic Le Marchand Unhee Lim

Brandy Richard & Milagros Griggs

Florence Diamond Valerie & James Frohardt

22 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

Buddy Radford Nakamura

Acknowledgment of gifts from June 1 – September 30, 2020. Buddy, Sammi Jo & Riley Brian & Pam Takeda

Henri Amy Naylor

Koro & Shiro Frances Yamada

Pono Lawrence & Annie Maldonado

Callie "Princess" Rylan & Sandra Tanaka

Hoku & Makana Tim & Jill McDonald

Lance & Rocky Mark & Margaret Burgessporter

Chena Family Animals Clyde & Lisa Chena

Hoku Brownlie Marilou & Richard Brownlie

LB Ginny Tiu

Princess Freeman & Winona Chin Remington Suzuki Brian & Carolyn Suzuki

Chibi & Yuki Wallace & Carolyn Towata

Honi Hays Alexander / Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Li'iLi'i, Kona Girl & Uli Wayne & Lanette Pascua

Rocky Trisha Shimabuku-Fish

Lilly & Cosmo William Thomas

Roxy Tom & Linda Foye

Majesty Steve & Deb Knight

Sabu & Teddy Gilbert Ponce

Maka'ala Cynthia Shiroma

Sadie & PB Lynn & Gayle Parlette

Mandy Laurie & Bradley Tokeshi

Sammy Conrad & Lindee Higashionna

Misha & Patti Frances Maekawa

Sammy, Samson & Samson 2 Robert & Karen Morneau

Mizu Robert & Marcy Katz

Sara Gary & Myra Tamanaha

Molly Roy & Lynn Murakami

Shoeshine Guy & Joyce Hamada

Moose Kathy Gadaingan

Simbah Wong Helen Wong

Mr. B.J. (Brian Jones) & Mr. Honu Dennis Lambert

Sully Kathleen & Leroy DeCaires

Muffin Ruthann & Gregg Yamanaka

Taisho & Brandy Harold & Jan Fujise

Nala Young Michael & Jo Ann Young

Tiber Lisa Uyesato

Nibbles Tokuda Steven & Gail Tokuda

Wailea George & Ipolani Bailey

Coco & Max David & Anne Figueira Cocoa & Rusty Noah & Ellen Parker Cookie Cat Renata Fan Cowboy & Prince Bobby Gordon Daisy & Gracie Linda Warrick Dede James & Renee Evans Dixie & Obi Dana Anderson Duchess, Bandit & Bear James & May Kobashigawa Dusty Lynn Inafuku Ebi Shigeru & Kumiko Kaminaka Gabriel Allen & Tammy Perry Georgie May & Harold Tome Hamlett Michael Ebinger Hapa Iolani Banasch Michelle Banasch

Hookelakela Lynette & Eric Wong Igloo Richard Monkman Jack David & Marlene Johnson Kahu Kiuchi Lisa Ann & Brian Kiuchi Kai-Kea O Hauula Frederick & Maryanne Yearian Kaimana Stanley & Janet Bukes Kaimana Gwenlyn Kobashigawa Kaimana Susan Kosasa Kaipo Jahaaski Raymond & Deborah Jahaaski Kalo Danelo & Ann Canete Keanu Yabui Bryant Yabui Kippy Corey & Yukie Wong Kita Sheldon Char

Nike Glen & Linell Goya Nikki, Petey, Kasey & Kimmie Allan & Hilda Kitagawa

We make every effort to ensure that the above information is accurate. Please contact Giving@HawaiianHumane.org with any questions/concerns.

It’s an easy way to support us and it’s a tax savings for you when you rollover your IRA distribution directly to Hawaiian Humane Society. You’ll incur no taxes on the income and your IRA funds will go straight to the animals. Call us at 808-356-2213 or email us at Giving@HawaiianHumane.org and we’ll help you make it happen. Our animals in need thank you! Please check with your financial advisor about your distribution requirements. The IRS does not allow a tax deduction for IRA transfer gifts.

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Paw Prints by Hawaiian Humane (December 2020 - March 2021)  

Hawaiian Humane's December 2020 - March 2021 Community Newsletter. This issue of Paw Prints celebrates stories of growth, adaptation, learn...

Paw Prints by Hawaiian Humane (December 2020 - March 2021)  

Hawaiian Humane's December 2020 - March 2021 Community Newsletter. This issue of Paw Prints celebrates stories of growth, adaptation, learn...