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People for animals. Animals for people.


The Hawaiian Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals.


The Hawaiian Humane Society is committed to being the animal welfare organization O‘ahu’s animals need and deserve by embracing an animal sheltering model called Socially Conscious Sheltering. With the eight tenets of Socially Conscious Sheltering as a compass, Hawaiian Humane is dedicated to fostering a culture of transparency, ethical decision making, mutual respect, continual learning and collaboration.


The Hawaiian Humane Society is a non-profi t education and advocacy organization that shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. Established in 1883, it is O‘ahu's largest animal welfare organization helping local pets and people in need. Visit for more information.



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2 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
FACILITIES PARTNER ADOPTION LOCATIONS CONTACT US 6 10 18 11 Paw Prints is published quarterly by Hawaiian Humane Society, 2700 Waialae Ave. Honolulu, HI 96826. Issued 4/3/2023 (FY23-4).
We are honored to partner with Hawai‘i Cat Cafe, Pounce Hawaii and select O‘ahu Petco locations who feature adoptable pets from Hawaiian Humane Society.


One of the things I enjoy in my role as president and CEO is hearing the stories of how people have been touched by our mission. Often it is by adopting a beloved family member, or by having had a visit from our education team while still in school, or by simply visiting our campus to delight in the company of the animals in our care. Whatever it is that led you to support the Hawaiian Humane Society, know that we are grateful for it. We could not do our work without you.

The Hawaiian Humane Society’s slogan, “People for Animals. Animals for People,” reflects our deep commitment to the humananimal bond. This commitment manifests in our policies, which strive to keep people and pets together; our priorities, such as expanding to two campuses to better serve our community; our advocacy, which protects animals against abuse and promotes a more pet-friendly community; and our educational programs, which teach that the compassionate and responsible care of animals develops caring humans.

Our commitment to the Socially Conscious Animal Community framework also enhances the human-animal bond through safe placements and post adoption support; and aligning shelter policies with the needs of the community.

In this issue, we feature some of the steps we are taking to promote the human-animal bond and we highlight some of the ways that bond enriches our lives.

In these pages you will find the details of the Grand Opening of the Hawaiian Humane Society Kosasa Family Campus at Ho‘opili. Please join us!

You will find stories that demonstrate a lifelong commitment to pet care, like Matt Castro and the turtle he adopted in college 20 years ago.

work being done with your support.

You will meet Zoey and see the

You will meet Zoey and see the transformational effect she had on her new family.

You will learn about the bonds our team formed with one special cat who recently spent 160 days in our care.

And you will learn about Hawaiian Humane’s behavior program and the effort our team invests in setting our animals up for success in their new homes.

Paw Prints | 3
We hope you enjoy this celebration of the human-animal bond and the good
President & CEO Anna Neubauer films an interview with the FHB team. Anna Neubauer | President & CEO

The Power of the Human-Animal Bond

The power of the human-animal bond can have a transformative effect on families. No two stories epitomize this better than Zoey the dog's impact on her adoptive family and Matt and his turtles.

Zoey was brought into the Hawaiian Humane Society’s care at just two months old, suffering from a left tibial fracture and in dire need of surgery. Zoey underwent an emergency procedure with Dr. Courtney Watkins, DVM, MS, DIPLOMATE ACVS (Surgery), a referral specialist with one of our partner clinics, Ali‘i Animal Hospital, which was deemed successful. She would need several weeks in a foster home to recuperate.

Hawaiian Humane’s own Veterinary Services Manager, Mindy Buhl, answered the call to foster. Zoey would need exceptionally attentive care to complete her post-op healing, which Mindy was glad to provide. Zoey left a positive impression on Mindy and her colleagues, especially Kailyn Todd, a new addition to the Veterinary Services team. When Zoey was cleared for adoption, Kailyn facilitated Zoey’s adoption to her cousin, Shyla Pia, who had been looking for the right furry addition to the Pia family.

“When they met Zoey, they absolutely fell in love and adopted her that day,” said Kailyn. Since joining the Pia family, Zoey has found her place in their pack. Shyla

also has three children and a Pomeranian, who all bonded immediately with Zoey.

Zoey has made a significant impact on Shyla’s daughter, Sadie, who has Rett syndrome, a rare genetic neurological and developmental disorder that can cause a progressive loss of motor skills and speech.

“My family goes above and beyond to make Sadie as comfortable and happy as she can be,” said Kailyn. “When Zoey first met Sadie, [Zoey] jumped in her lap and started kissing [Sadie]. Sadie had the biggest smile on her face. She loves it when Zoey’s around and just seeing how happy she is with Zoey is truly a blessing for our family. Zoey couldn’t have been a more perfect dog, so loving and gentle. Zoey had a tough upbringing based on her initial physical trauma when she first came to the Hawaiian Humane Society, but to see her happy in such a loving home is the greatest gift.”

Some pets can enrich our lives for an extraordinarily long time. Take Matt Castro and his pet turtles.

Matt, project manager for Hawaiian Humane’s ongoing HVAC construction project, is a turtle enthusiast. He and his family care for 20 turtles, one of which is a Mississippi map turtle who he has had since his college days in 2001. In addition to his 22-yearrelationship with the Mississippi map turtle, Matt has two Olde English bulldogges, another Mississippi map turtle, eight redeared sliders, three red-footed tortoises and fi ve Chinese softshell turtles.

Many of his turtles were adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society. “Acquired throughout the years, when we moved to a property with more space, we got more turtles … gradually over time,” said Matt. “We adopted some from HHS and others we adopted [elsewhere]; all are rescues. Many of them are very friendly. I am able to hand feed them crickets, earth and mealworms, and shrimp. They also really enjoy interactions with my dogs, coming up out of the water when my dogs are nearby to greet them.”

Matt developed an affinity for turtles in college that was eventually passed down to his daughters. “Each has their own personality and once a bond is formed, hand feeding is possible and quite entertaining. It is always fascinating feeding them different foods as their diets require. I enjoy that each has their own needs and personalities.”

When asked to elaborate on the impact his turtles have had on him and his family, Matt said, “My

4 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
It was love at first sight for the Pia keiki and Zoey. Zoey thrived in foster care.

Picture Perfect Pets in Paradise

Calling all pets in paradise! Hawaiian Humane is seeking entrants for our annual calendar contest running from June 1 - 30, 2023. By entering, not only do you get the chance to have your pet featured in our calendar, but you also support more than 30 lifechanging programs and services.

Submit your pet’s photo for just $25 and ask your family and friends to vote for them for a $1 per vote-donation.

There will be three categories this year: Dog, Cat and Other Animals (which includes bunnies, reptiles, horses, guinea pigs, etc).

The “Top 5 Dog” entrants, “Top 5 Cat” entrants and “Top 3 Other

Check in online at for more

information. For sponsorship inquiries, please email the Special Events Department at events@ or call 808-356-2247.

daughters find it funny that we have so many turtles, but they also love it. They take responsibility to feed and care for the turtles. When they were younger, they would love to create paper structure homes and obstacle courses for them. We have had turtles for their entire lives, so that requires responsibility on their behalf and having lifelong bonds with pets.”

Fun Fact:

The collective noun for a group of turtles is a “bale.”

Paw Prints | 5
Turtle enthusiast Matt Castro has 20 turtles, including red-eared sliders (left) and a 22-year-old Mississippi map turtle (right). Many of his turtles were adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society. Animal” entrants will be featured as a Pet of the Month in our 13-month calendar.

Gerald the cat first came into Hawaiian Humane’s care four years ago as a kitten when his original owner could no longer provide for his care. He was adopted less than a month later, but ultimately returned to Hawaiian Humane in August 2022 due to his new owner moving. To say that he was thrown into upheaval would be an understatement.

Upon behavioral evaluation by Hawaiian Humane’s admissions coordinator, Kara Leong, it was observed that Gerald had high levels of Fear, Anxiety and Stress (FAS), manifesting itself in defensive behavior like swatting and avoidance. Employing one of Hawaiian Humane’s pathway options to accommodate animals with specific needs, Kara felt Gerald would benefi t from a foster stint in an administrative office to decompress and gain socialization in a more mellow, secure setting than in Cat House Green or Blue. She tapped Director of Community Engagement (CE), Steph Kendrick, who rose to the occasion, offering up her shared Manager-onDuty (MOD) office with Manager of Communications, Brandy


How a quirky off ice foster cat stole hearts and went viral

Shimabukuro. Thus began Gerald’s three-month office foster stay.

Gerald spent the first week disengaged from others and his surrounding environment, clinging to his cat cottage like a security blanket. The CE team gave him lots of space and patience and watched as this shy, anxious cat slowly began to open up.

Outreach Coordinator Sky Geasey alternated with Steph and Brandy to check in on Gerald over the weekend, ensuring he was getting the daily care and enrichment he needed to thrive. “When I first met Gerald, he was a literal ‘scaredy cat,’” recalled Sky. “I’ll never forget eagerly peering into his rolling kennel on his first day in the office and seeing nothing but those big, green eyes. He was obviously nervous.” Over the course of the following weeks, he went from pancaking himself in fear to openly seeking affection from the CE team. With each passing day, Gerald unfurled a new layer of his quirky personality, gaining more confidence in his new life and learning to trust his foster ‘ohana.

“One of my favorite Gerald-isms is how he would gently tap his paw on me when he wanted attention, “ said Brandy. “I called it his ‘toebean tap.’ He started lounging on the office desk with me as I would work, often staying there for hours until he would give me a polite toebean tap or quietly chirp at me when he wanted pets. He did it so frequently that I have about 200 videos of him doing it over the course of three months.”

6 | Hawaiian Humane Society • IN OUR BACKYARD
Manager of Communications, Brandy Shimabukuro loves Gerald's quirkiness.

“My initial, then frequent, interactions with Gerald simply involved talking to him,” chimed in Sky. “So I was shocked by how vocal he became over time. He started demanding attention!”

As Gerald became more social, word began to spread within Hawaiian Humane staff about CE’s office foster cat with his distinctive lightning bolt tail and funny personality. Team members from other departments began to pay him visits, allowing him to socialize even more and helping him to blossom. Kara also regularly checked in on Gerald, noting his gradual progress and offering tips on how to set him up for success in preparation of adoption.

As the weeks went by, Brandy and Sky grew to love Gerald, but realized after several bumpy meetand-greets with their respective resident pets - one of which was a large dog with high prey drive in Brandy’s home - that Gerald would do best in a quiet home without other animals. With guidance from Kara and the Customer Experience

team, Gerald became part of Hawaiian Humane’s piloted process for adoption with modification, which involved prospective adopters being escorted to meet Gerald in the comfort of the administrative office. This allowed him to engage with them in his comfort zone and gave him the opportunity to put his best paw forward. It was here, 160 days after returning to Hawaiian Humane, that Gerald found a loving home with his new owner, Elizabeth.

“Gerald went from a quirky, frightened, anxious cat to a loving, affectionate, but still quirky house panther,” recalled Brandy. “Each day, even up to the day he was adopted, Gerald opened up a little more and showed us the depths of his unique little soul. I don’t know what it is about animals, but they have an uncanny way of showing us that love is infinite.

"Until I met Gerald, I identified as a ‘dog person.’ When my first dog, Harley, came into my life, I thought, ‘I cannot possibly love anyone as much as I love Harley.’ Then my second dog, Rey Skywalker, came along and proved me wrong. I thought, ‘Two is enough. I love them with all my heart. I’m good.’ But along came Gerald. He whittled away at my heart with every toebean tap and proved the limit doesn’t exist. I am beyond

Going Viral!

thrilled for him and his new mom, Elizabeth.”

Sky agreed, stating, “I’m just so happy that Gerald found the home he deserves. We wanted him to find a family who appreciated him for the quirky cat that he is and he has!”

Elizabeth shared a happy update on Gerald, noting that while he is still a bit skittish, he is adjusting well to her home and that he also gently paws her for affection. “He does that a lot and it’s so adorable,” said Elizabeth. “He’s so sweet and gentle. Having him has given me so much joy.”

This is the power of fostering. Any shelter environment can be stressful - fostering allows pets the opportunity to thrive in a secure, calm setting and affords Hawaiian Humane’s team the opportunity to learn more about each individual animal’s needs. Gerald is a shining example.

If you would like to make a tremendous impact on a pet like Gerald in need of socialization, decompression, recuperative care or enrichment outside of the shelter environment, inquire about fostering with our Volunteer Services team at volunteer@ or visit

When our team shared Gerald’s story with The Dodo, one of the largest channels with a reach of tens of millions of followers across all major social media platforms, The Dodo felt compelled to broadcast his happy tale with their audience. The Dodo shares visually compelling, uplifting animal-related stories to “help make caring about animals a visual cause.” At press time, Gerald’s debut date on The Dodo had not yet been set, but follow us on social media at @HawaiianHumane for the latest update!

Paw Prints | 7
Slowly but surely Gerald became more social with Hawaiian Humane's Community Engagement team.

Advocacy Update

It has been a busy legislative session for Hawaiian Humane and our community advocates. While deliberations are still ongoing as of press time, issues we weighed in on this year included:

• Spay/neuter funding

• Housing access for pet owners

• Harvesting of local reef fish for the pet trade

• Fireworks abatement

• Pet sanctuaries

To be kept informed of opportunities to testify regarding these bills and all of our other public policy initiatives, visit

From the shelter to the limelight to a loving home

Sweetie the poi dog came to Hawaiian Humane after her last family could no longer provide for her care. She quickly endeared herself to staff and volunteers by living up to her namesake, often meeting others with a paw tapping, full body wiggle and patiently waiting for treats. When Hawaiian Humane was invited to send human and animal representatives to Gov. Josh Green’s news conference in December to announce the release of $50 million in grants-in-aid, Sweetie was called on to be Hawaiian Humane’s ambassador.

Sweetie greeted the governor with perfect manners and calmly endured the hour-long news conference, where Hawaiian Humane was honored to be one of the nonprofits that represented the 180 grant recipients. When called upon to be a part of a group photo, Sweetie obliged by planting her paws on the Governor’s desk and kisses on her handler, which resulted in a front page photo feature in the following day’s Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

It was there that Sweetie piqued the interest of the Tokumoto family who were looking to add another furry family member after adopting a Hawaiian Humane alum several months before. It was love at first sight. Congratulations to Sweetie and the Tokumoto family!

8 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
Hawaiian Humane advocated for more spay/neuter funding. Photo by Kat Wade, Special to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Found Kittens?

If you've found kittens, here's what to do.

S T A R T H E R E : Are the kittens injured or critically ill?

A kitten's best chance of survival is with mom. Leave the kittens where they are.

If you want to help, make sure mom has access to shelter, food, and water and contact a TNRM group to have mom and kittens spayed/neutered when ready

A kitten's best chance of survival is with mom. Leave the kittens where they are. If you want to help, make sure mom has access to shelter, food, and water and contact a TNRM group to have mom and kittens spayed/neutered when ready.

Mom may be off hunting or not want to come around if people are present. Watch for her to come back for a few hours.

Mom may be off hunting or not want to come around if people are present. Watch for her to come back for a few hours.

PRO TIP: Leave a ring of flour around the kittens. Check in a few hours if you see mom's foot prints in the flour! MOM CAME BACK

PRO TIP: Leave a ring of flour around the kittens. Check in a few hours if you see mom's foot prints in the flour!

If the kittens are healthy, friendly & social, utilize social media and your personal network to try and place them in homes or email to discuss admission to Hawaiian Humane

If the kittens are healthy, friendly & social, utilize social media and your personal network to try and place them in homes or email Admissions@ to discuss admission to Hawaiian Humane. Low cost spay/neuter services are available to the public at the Ginny

Low cost spay/neuter services are available to the public at the Ginny Tiu Community Spay & Neuter Center! Make an appointment at

Without mom to care for them, kittens will require human intervention and will require round-the-clock care, including bottle-feeding. Hawaiian Humane can help to get you started by offering Kitten Kits at no cost. Visit for where to pick up your kit!

Without mom to care for them, kittens will require human intervention and will require round-the-clock care, including bottle-feeding. Hawaiian Humane can help to get you started by offering Kitten Kits at no cost. Visit to find out where to pick up your kit!

Paw Prints | 9
the kittens injured or critically ill? CALL our Field Services team at (808) 356-2250 START HERE:
Found Kittens? Here's What To Do
Tiu Community Spay/Neuter Center! Make an appointment at Spay-Neuter-FRC.
Can you see the
DON'T KIT-NAP! Visit for more kitten care resources. YES MOM CAME BACK STILL NO MOM YES NO NO ARE YOU SURE?
mom cat?
C A L L o u r H u m a n e O f f i c e r s a t ( 8 0 8 ) 3 5 6 - 2 2 5 0
E s t i m a t e t h e a g e o f t h e k i t t e n s . . .
for more kitten care resources.
STILL NO MOM YES NO 0-2 WEEKS OLD 2-4 WEEKS OLD 4-6 WEEKS OLD 6-8 WEEKS OLD 8+ WEEKS OLD Eyes closed or barely open Eyes open and alert; becoming mobile Very mobile and often talkative; can eat food Very active and playful; around 1-2 pounds Very active and playful; 2 pounds or more S T O P ! Can you see the mom cat OR a nest? YES NO DON'T KIT-NAP! ARE YOU SURE?

Save the Date for the Grand Opening of Hawaiian Humane’s Kosasa Family Campus at Ho opili

Join us in celebrating the grand opening of the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Kosasa Family Campus in ‘Ewa Beach on Saturday, May 20, 2023, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at 91-1945 Fort Weaver Road.

This event is the culmination of more than a decade of research, planning, fundraising and construction, which produced this $30 million community resource. The five-acre property, generously donated by D.R. Horton Hawai‘i, features a 21,000-square-foot “new generation” shelter designed to optimize the behavioral, medical and socialization needs of more

Saturday, May 20, 2023

than 10,000 animals each year and the people who visit them.

The family-friendly event will include a traditional Hawaiian blessing, community tables to learn more about our partners and pet-friendly resources, a keiki interactive area, food trucks, music and more.

Save the date and visit for the most up-to-date information on this exciting event!

MEWSWORTHY 10 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Fine Tuning Our Tools for Success in Animal Behavior with Marissa Martino

In late February/early March, the Operations and Veterinary Services departments participated in a series of in-depth training sessions with Hawaiian Humane’s behavior consultant, Marissa Martino.

Marissa is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), the owner of Paws & Reward, a private consultation company that works with animal shelters across the country, and a part of the Shelter Playgroup Alliance.

The two weeks of on-site work was facilitated by Hawaiian Humane’s Director of Operations Natalie Spencer and the Associate Director of West O‘ahu Campus Michelle Garcia. It provided a deep-dive review into Hawaiian Humane's current policies and tools, training and demonstrations on body language and documentation, intake to outcome stages, risk assessment and behavior modification, information gathering, decision making processes, and communications as they relate to animal behavior.

The skills and tools enhanced during these training sessions are a critical investment in ensuring optimal care for our animals, as well as setting them up for success on the adoption floor and in their new homes.

In addition, Marissa took part in Hawaiian Humane’s first Talk for the Animals event of 2023 for our volunteers, where she described how we support the animals who come into our care and how we treat each animal’s case with care and attention to their individual needs.

SATURDAY, MAY 27, 2023



Enjoy a private reception with refreshments, Broadway music and a surprise gift. A portion of the proceeds from the VIP Reception will benefit the Hawaiian Humane Society TO

Paw Prints | 11
Mahalo to Marissa, Natalie, Michelle and all who participated in this training series!
HAWAIITHEATRE.COM Click the "BUY CONCESSIONS" button in your cart to add VIP Receptions

Supporter Spotlight

D.R. Horton Hawai‘i’s Land Gift Propels a New Era for Hawaiian Humane

We are embarking on the grand opening of our new ‘Ewa campus this spring, which will mark the single largest expansion in Hawaiian Humane’s history and will vastly increase accessibility to our 30+ programs and services for West O‘ahu residents. This second campus would not have been possible without the generous gift made by D.R. Horton Hawai‘i of the fi veacre parcel on which Hawaiian Humane’s new Kosasa Family Campus resides.

Announced in March 2015, D.R. Horton Hawai‘i’s donation was earmarked as part of its Ho‘opili development. Hawaiian Humane’s late President and CEO, Pamela Burns, stated at the time, “To our knowledge, this is the first community in the nation in which a center for animals and people is an integral part of the master plan.”

We spoke with D.R. Horton Hawai‘i’s Division President, Tracy Tonaki, to learn more about the impetus for the land gift and the impact Hawaiian Humane’s new campus is expected to have in the greater West O‘ahu community. Our conversation was edited for length.

Paw Prints: What is D.R. Horton Hawai‘i’s vision for the greater Ho‘opili development?

Tracy Tonaki: Ho‘opili means “Coming Together.” This has been the foundational vision of the conceptual planning, thoughtful design and mindful development of the Ho‘opili master-planned community. At full build out, Ho‘opili’s over 1,550 acres are planned to bring together nearly 11,750 families in a live-workplay, mixed use lifestyle designed to integrate a wide variety of residential opportunities, neighborhood and regional commercial uses, industrial businesses, transit-oriented development, schools, community parks and recreation amenities. D.R. Horton Hawai‘i’s mission is to build homes for Hawai‘i’s families.

Paw Prints: When is the Ho‘opili development scheduled for completion?

Tracy: The first families began moving into Ho‘opili in July 2017. To date, nearly 2,400 families call Ho‘opili home. We remain committed to fulfilling the vision of Ho‘opili, upholding our stewardship of the lands and continuing the build out of much needed housing for Hawai‘i’s families. It will take us some time to fully complete Ho‘opili, and our entire D.R. Horton team works tremendously hard each and every day to honor these commitments.

Paw Prints: D.R. Horton gifted the fi ve-acre parcel of land from the Ho‘opili development to Hawaiian

12 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

First Hawaiian Bank Gifts $100,000 Toward West O‘ahu Campus

In January, First Hawaiian Bank (FHB) announced it was making a donation of $100,000 to Hawaiian Humane’s West O‘ahu capital campaign. The funds sponsored a dog gazebo in the community dog park, an interior cat room in a cat adoption pavilion and an examination room in the cat admission space. The gazebo will offer a comfortable, relaxing place to enjoy recreational fun for dogs and their people in the small dog community park, while the interior cat room will house cats who are available for adoption and a welcoming space for interested adopters to interact with them. The cat examination room will play a crucial role in providing a secure space for experienced veterinary and admissions staff to examine felines in need of medical attention and administer life-saving vaccinations and medications, while minimizing stress and anxiety with innovative design solutions.

In addition to the $100,000 donation, FHB Foundation donated $30,000 to support Hawaiian Humane’s annual fundraising efforts in 2022. Mahalo to the FHB ‘ohana for their continued support!

Humane for our West O‘ahu campus, which will be opening later this spring. How meaningful was it to D.R. Horton Hawai‘i to support this effort in tandem with developing the 11,750-home Ho‘opili development?

Tracy: From our very early beginnings in the islands, the D.R. Horton Hawai‘i ‘ohana has been and continues to be animal lovers. We wholeheartedly agree with the Hawaiian Humane Society’s mission and truly believe that our pets are indeed our family members. With the growing need for animal care on the west side, our relationship with the Hawaiian Humane Society to open a West O‘ahu campus within Ho‘opili was a perfect fit with our “Coming Together” vision for the community. To further support our love for animals, we opened Ho‘opili’s first dog park in 2020 to encourage the same for

Ho‘opili families. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Hawaiian Humane Society to bring together loving animals with loving families.

Paw Prints: Can you share the value of the parcel of land that was gifted to Hawaiian Humane in 2015?

Tracy: The value is priceless compared to what the Hawaiian Humane Society's facility brings to the west side of O‘ahu.

Paw Prints: On a personal note, do you have any pets yourself? If so, can you tell us about them?

Tracy: I grew up in a dog loving family - my parents are dog lovers, my sister’s family are dog lovers and now, our family is as well. We have a seven year old yellow Labrador Retriever named Harley who is the absolute most favorite member of

our ‘ohana! So much so that our son and daughter, who are away at college, ask my husband and me to send photos of Harley - no photos of us – just Harley! She is incredibly loving and brings a ton of joy to our immediate family as well as our extended dog loving family. Harley loves to take me on walks around our neighborhood, which are treasured moments we share.

Mahalo to Tracy and the D.R. Horton Hawai‘i ‘ohana for their support and dedication to cultivating more affordable, pet-friendly communities here on O‘ahu!

Paw Prints | 13
Pictured (from left) Baylie Caires, FHB digital marketing officer; Tracie Hunter, FHB assistant vice president and digital media director; Gina Anonuevo, FHB executive vice president, chief compliance officer and Hawaiian Humane board member; Anna Neubauer, Hawaiian Humane president and CEO; Audriana Esperat, Hawaiian Humane social media coordinator; and Brandy Shimabukuro, Hawaiian Humane manager of communications. Photo courtesy of First Hawaiian Bank

Big Hearts Help Big!

Our Volunteer of the Month program recognizes outstanding volunteers that go above and beyond for the animals in our care. They are nominated monthly by fellow volunteers and staff members alike for their dedication, passion and commitment to our mission.

We asked Reina what her favorite part of her role is and she said, “I help to keep the grounds tidy. I like to think that my efforts for a day may help the staff and visitors feel a little bit better while walking around our beautiful campus.”

In January, Reina officially joined the Hawaiian Humane staff as an Adoptions Representative. We’re so happy to have her on our team!

“I worked and volunteered in several shelters and rescues on the mainland with special needs and chronically-ill cats so I really enjoy working with anxious cats to help them get used to their new environment, or shy cats so they feel confident to come out of hiding and show off their true nature. It helps them find their human and their home,” said Steve when asked what he loves about his role.

We asked Jenna what advice she would give to someone considering joining the volunteer team and she said, “JUST DO IT! There is a healing property in helping others. There may be a lot of reasons why not to, but what a way to give back to the community, the animals, Hawaiian Humane Society, and hey … you even get a little healing blessing for yourself.”

14 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
December 2022 - Reina F. Facilities Assistant Volunteer Volunteer for 6 months January 2023 - Steve O. Off site Cat Adoptions Volunteer Volunteer for 1.5 years February 2023 - Jenna C. Admissions Greeter Volunteer Volunteer for 3 years
you Reina, Steve and Jenna for all the love and care you continuously show to our community and the animals in our care!

Volunteer “Classifieds”

We may be biased, but we think our volunteers are the best. We simply could not accomplish our mission without the support of our volunteers. Want to join our team? We are currently searching for additional volunteers for the positions below.

Foster Care

The Foster Care team helps animals in need of tender, loving care. They provide temporary homes to shelter animals that may be too young, or are in need of recuperative care or socialization before adoption. As we head into kitten season, we are in urgent need of neonate kitten foster volunteers.

Pet Food Bank Volunteers

The Pet Kōkua by Hawaiian Humane’s Pet Food Bank provides temporary assistance to pet owners struggling to feed their animals. We are seeking Pet Food Bank volunteers to fill our Tuesday and Friday shifts at our Mō‘ili‘ili campus and Sunday and Monday shifts at our recentlylaunched ‘Ewa Beach temporary location at Child and Family Service.

Offsite Cat Adoptions

These volunteers care for and provide enrichment to the cats housed at PETCOs around the island, while they wait to be adopted. Responsibilities include cleaning and preparing cat lounge rooms each morning before potential adopters arrive.

Pet Visitation Volunteers

Pet Visitation teams – made up of human and pet pairs – visit schools, Hawaiian Humane events, hospitals and senior/healthcare facility partners island-wide to bring joy to community members and promote the human-animal bond.

For more information on volunteering at Hawaiian Humane, visit /volunteer-with-us. Interested in volunteer opportunities at our West O‘ahu campus? Reach out to our Volunteer Services team at volunteer@

Paw Prints | 15

Tuxes and Tails 2023: Jurassic Bark

April 22, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our annual fundraising gala, Tuxes and Tails, will be held at The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort, Waikiki on Saturday, April 22, 2023, featuring this year's theme, Jurassic Bark! We are excited to have longtime Hawaiian Humane Society supporters Vicky Cayetano and Ginny Tiu as co-chairs for this year’s event. This not-tobe missed gala fundraiser will feature exciting silent and live auctions, showcasing one-of-a-kind items and experiences, exquisite dining, dancing and entertainment.

Mahalo for our ‘ohana of sponsors for their continued support!

Presenting Sponsor

Jim & Lynn Lally

The Velocirapurrs

ALTRES | Dr. Thomas & Mi Kosasa | Bob & Frances Bean | Charlie Bean

Ginny Tiu – In Loving Memory of William & Patricia Tiu

Lynn & Bruce Family Foundation | Governor Ben & Vicky Cayetano

Bob & Kelly Armstrong | Fifth Avenue Club | Imagine If, LLC

The Triceracats

First Hawaiian Bank | Central Pacific Bank Foundation

Melissa Pavlicek & Stephen Teves + Ginny Tiu | Alan & Sylvia Ho

Susan Kosasa + Mark & Carol Ann Solien | Mark Webb & Martin Rabbett

The Irene Dopkowski Trust | Graham Burns & Erika Sox | Jan Bellinger | Gary Oda

Stanford & Kathy Carr | Veterinary Solutions, Inc.

The Barkiosaurus

Honda Windward | Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital | Pet Hospitals of Hawaii

Hawaii Pacific Health | Hartung Brothers Hawaii + L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

Ginny’s Angels | EY + Larry & Patricia Rodriguez | Bank of Hawaii

Nick & Koren Dreher + Rick Zwern & Karen Huff man | Dr. Whitney & Mrs. Harvalee Limm

Dr. Nate Lam & Dr. Carrie White | Recovery Law Center | Lifeline Fire & Security

Hunt Development Group & Bernard Bays | Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.

Jeff & Karen Deer + John & Christina Doty | The Wilhelm Group + Pacific Asia Design

Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation + Jack & May Tyrrell

Laurie Foster – In Memory of Mary Foster Weyand | City Mill Company, LTD

Margery Bronster & Kenneth Robbins | Steve & Marilyn Katzman | Rikki & Rachel Hartley

Marvin & Sandy Fong + Ivan & Becky Tamanaha | Einstein’s Angels | Atlas Insurance Agency, Inc.

Floral Sponsor: Jodi Lam & Tim Takaezu |

Entertainment Sponsor: ProService Hawaii

Hosted Bar Sponsor: UHA Health Insurance

16 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Photo Safari Package

Enjoy the trip of a lifetime while celebrating the human-animal bond with a photo safari for two in South Africa!

The Hawaiian Humane Society has partnered with the Zulu Nyala Group to offer several six-day/ six-night photo safari packages as part of our annual Tuxes and Tails fundraiser. What could be more fitting with this year’s theme, Jurassic Bark, than the opportunity to see some of the most compelling animals alive today in their natural habitat? Zulu Nyala’s daily guided excursions offer the chance to observe the plains’ abundant wildlife, including elephants, rhinos, leopards, giraffes, hippos, zebras, nyalas, cheetahs, and buffalo.

The package price of $4,000 includes:

• Six nights at four-star accommodations with a standard two-person room

• Twice daily open Land Rover trips with experienced guides

• All meals

• Internet access

Packages will only be available for purchase between April 1 and May 31 by all Hawaiian

Humane supporters, so take advantage of this incredible opportunity while you have the chance. Packages are good for two years from the date of purchase and attendance at Tuxes and Tails is not required.

Airfare is not included. All sales are final and nonrefundable. For more information, visit

Paw Prints | 17
A portion of the proceeds will go toward the Hawaiian Humane Society. To purchase a photo safari package, email or call 808-356-2247.

Pet Kokua in the Community -

The Pet Kōkua by Hawaiian Humane team hit the ground running in 2023, hosting three free pet vaccination and microchipping clinics in January and February at James Campbell High School and Kapolei High School, serving 123 pet owners and 161 pets by administering more than 160 vaccines and more than 100 microchips, as well as flea, tick and heartworm prevention.

Mahalo to:

James Campbell High School (including Sarah KimuraTung, teacher at JCHS, Traci Palmer, their team and student volunteers) and Dr. Lauren Hackbarth, DVM with VCA Kapolei Animal Hospital for hosting our Pet Kōkua by Hawaiian Humane Free Pet Vaccine and Microchip Clinic on Saturday, January 7, 2023.

Kapolei High School (including Haley Herrera, student, and Justine Manabat, teacher for Kapolei High School's Health Careers Academy), Dr. Loren Schmidt, DVM with VCA Family and O‘ahu Veterinary Speciality Center; Stacie Kissel and Windward Community College’s Vet Tech program students; and Hawaiian Humane’s Teens4Animals Council for hosting our clinic event on Saturday, February 4, 2023.

James Campbell High School (including Sarah Kimura-Tung, teacher at JCHS, Traci Palmer, their team and student volunteers); Dr. Loren Schmidt, DVM and Dr. Christine Miyasaki, DVM of VCA Family and O‘ahu Veterinary Speciality Center; Stacie Kissel and Windward Community College's Vet Tech program students; Teens4Animals Council; and organizers of the Pause for Paws event on Saturday, February 25, 2023.

Pet Kōkua also facilitated a Furry Valentine’s Pet Visitation Event on the USS Michael Murphy at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam on Tuesday, February 14, where Joy Ambassadors helped to relieve stress and anxiety for more than 40 service members. Mahalo to the U.S. Navy service members who attended; LTJG Bethany Hartney, Training Officer for the USS Michael Murphy; and our Joy Ambassador volunteer team, Wilma Namumnart and Milo!

In addition, Pet Kōkua partnered with Aloha Animal Outreach and Hawaiian Humane’s Ginny Tiu Community Spay/Neuter Center to provide spay/neuter services to three cats and 24 dogs, in addition to administering 24 vaccinations and 21 microchips.

18 | Hawaiian Humane Society •


We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more fr om November 1, 2022 – January 31, 2023.

Helen Kina‘u Wilder

Legacy Society

The Bernard Heong Kin Lum Trust

Christine T. Nozawa Trust

Margaret S. Van Poole Foundation

Maria Da Silveira Trust


G.N. Wilcox Trust

Pack Leaders

$10,000 +

Anonymous 1)

Carol Ai May & Michael May

Jane E. Austgen

Steven & Nan Hwang

Graham Burns & Erika Sox

Suzanne Diamond Haniotis & Dimitri Haniotis

Elisia & Megan Flores

Ellice Flores

Marvin & Sandra Fong

Dr. Darin & Ann Hisanaga

Helen A. Josie Josypenko

Estelle Kelley

Jim & Lynn Lally

Riki & Karen S. Morimoto

Michael & Linka Mullikin

Martin Rabbett & Mark Webb

Stan Schab

Arthur & June Shida

Ginny Tiu

Ralph Vaughn

David & Daralee Wang

Amano McGann Inc

Lynn & Bruce Gibson Foundation

National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii

Pet Hospitals of Hawaii

VCA Animal Hospitals

Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital

Animal Champions

$5,000 +

Anonymous (1)

H. Dwight Damon

H. Mitchell & Barbara D'Olier

Denise & Ace Ellinwood

Thyrza P. Eyre

Garrett & Terri Fujii

Stephen & Gloria Gainsley

J. Stephen & Barbara Goodman

Devon A. Guard

Gary & Jennifer Herald

Kathryn Hu

Millie Inamine

Tim Johnsson

Jeffrey & Catherine Kissel

Cathy O. Lee

Steven & Jill Loui

Audrey L. Mueh

Mike Regan

Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez

John & Linda Spadaro

Crazy Shirts

Diamond Head Seafood

Wholesale, Inc.

Hawaii Symphony Orchestra

The Ben & Miriam Lau Foundation

The Cades Foundation

Animal Heroes

$2,500 +

Gina W. Anonuevo

Dennis & Dolores Dyer

Mark Fukunaga & Margery Bronster

Steve & Deb Knight

Violet A. Lui-Frank

John & Allison Lyles

Ann Matsunami & Edward Morris

Thomas G. Mendonca

Anna Meng & Mike Hogan

Anna Neubauer & Eldred Bristol

John & Suzanne Noland

Jane B. Shuller

Tyler & Sharlene Tsuda

Rebecca Ward

AmazonSmile Foundation

Church of the Holy Nativity

Deloitte & Touche

Ernst & Young LLP

Grace & Richard Okita Foundation

Servco Foundation

The Swinerton Foundation

Best Friends

$1,000 +

Randall & Brenda Abe

Kimberly A. Aguon-Zehner

Daniel Arita

Evelyn J. Black

Francie E. Boland

Rodney B. Boychuk

G. Richard & Michiko Bruno

Warren & Tiffany Chaiko

Anne Chan

Julie A. Cherry

Jade L. Ching

William Coleman & Chris Frendreis

Noboko Cushing

Phyllis & William Dendle

Christine M. DeTommaso

Doreen & Alexander Dold

John P. Emery

James & Vickie Farmer

Rosemary Fazio & Dr. David J. Randell, M.D.

Lyn Flanigan

Laurie S. Foster

Mary Lou Foy

Richard Fucik

Herbert & Barbara Fujikawa

Brian Fujiwara & Keith Pedro

Marion & G. K. Fukuhara

Barry & Cheryl Fukunaga

John & Pam Haddock

Lynda & Paul Heran

Letitia Hickson

Ryan & Pamela Higashi

Elizabeth J. Honzik

Catharine Incaprera

Christina Iwaida

Margery Kanahele & Geoffrey Horvath

Dennis & Elaine Kato

Rev. Nobuharu Kato

Marilyn & Steve Katzman

Ivan & Patricia Ketterman

Janice Kimura

Robert & Adelaide Kistner

Kenneth J. Kobatake

Thomas & Mi Kosasa

Jacqueline V. Kubo

Carolyn C. Lalakea

Alexander Lau

Geraldine Lee

Judith Gordon Leon

Marcia H. Little

Deborah C. Love

Robert & Deborah Marshall

Diane & Ayano Masuo

Barbara & Timothy Mathews

Dennis K. Matsuura

Dr. George O. McPheeters & Diane McPheeters

Paul & Ann Misura

Dr. Randy T. Mita

Scott & Cindy Miyake

Regina A. Moreno

Thomas & Verna Muraoka

Anne & Cat Murphy

Carla & Robert Myers

William & Hope Oliver

Elizabeth H. O'Malley

Rick Ornellas

David & Patricia Osaki

Lori Pacarro

Shaunagh G. Robbins

Timothy & Meng Roe

Michele & Richard Rosenblum

Loretta A. Sheehan

Susan H. Shishido

Jon Kawena Simmons

Malia Siu

Dennis Streveler

Alan & Lorna Takahashi

Arnold Tanaka

Alfredo & Belen Udani

Allan R. Vosburgh

Pamela Wakukawa

Peter & Sue Ann Wargo

John S. Washburn

Jennifer Taylor & Paul White

Jay & Lei Wilmoth

Chris Wirsing

Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga

Evelyn Young

Akira Yamamoto Painting, Inc.

Castiglione A Casauria Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. L.Q. Pang Foundation

International Market Place

PetSmart Charities

Devoted Companions

$500 +

Anonymous (4)

Valerie K. Ako

Claudia Akroyd & Robin Cababa

Eve G. Anderson

Jeffrey Andrews

Gene & Susan Armacost

Jay & Karen Asato

Ray D. Ballungay

Kenneth J. Barclay

Gabriele M. Barthlen

Jeffrey Boeckman & Joanne Hogle

Vicki Borges

Bruce & Lynne Burns

Cydonie Cabael & Roman Apana

Geraldine C. Choy

Erin Claggett

Wayne C. Clatte

Eloise & Jerry Coiner

Shelley & Michael Cramer

Edward Diehl

Jasmina Dobinchick

Joanne Dougherty & Steven Chang

Kyung Hae Eichler

Jason Eisenberg

Nola R. Epp

Karen A. Essene

Lisa Favreaux

Susan Jean Freitas

John & Teri Fritz

George & Lei Fukuhara

Robert & Cynthia Geiling

Lydia M. Gibson

Gregory & Monette Gilding

Jay Grekin & Judy Stubbs

Marvin & Rae Alice Hall

Aaron & Tammy Hamada

Jacob Hanohano

Hannah & Willard Haraguchi

Ronald Heim

Katharine Hermann

Tomie T. Hirano

Alexander & Anukriti Hittle

Stephanie Hong

George M. Hudes

David & Ellen Huntley

Aaron Ihori

Charlene K. Ikeda

Kristy Ing

Linda & Peter Ingram

Lars Isaacson

Janell A. Israel

Dana K. Izumi

Randy Moore & Lynne Johnson

Patsy K. Kalawaia

Clyde & Judith Kanetake

Ralph & Jan Kanetoku

Christopher Kasperowicz

John & Lori Katahira

Henry & Pearl Katsuda

Lorraine Katsumoto

Laurie A. Kawasaki

David Keliikuli

Kay Kelly

Annalea Kim

Robert Kim

Paw Prints | 19

Tracy Kirkham

Bruce Minsky & Connie Kissinger

Mary Kondo

Ricky & Ethel Kubota

Marlene T. Kurihara

Mona R. Kushimaejo

Geoffrey & May Lau

John & Kumi Lederer

Oren & Joann Leong

Sharon S. Llewellyn

Douglas W. Lorentz

Leighton & Valerie Lum

Steven M.C. Lum, M.D.

Mary & Michael Macmillan

Nancy Makowski

Dr. Jacqueline R. Maly

Alan Matsui

Sharon N. Matsusaka-Brewer

Ann K. Mee

Klaus Manderscheid & Amy Meng

Ann H. Michaud

Cindy Mikami

Sandra S. Miyashiro

Sharyn L. Miyashiro

Bruce & Joy Morimoto

Majel A. Morimoto

Ken & Noreen Mumaw

Stanley & Gail Muranaka

Darryl Y. Nagano

Carolyn H. Nakagawa

Grant Nakashima

Paul E. Nelting

David R. Nichols

Gordon & Anita Nihei

Daikichi & Joyce Nishita

Shirley S. Nishizawa

Marjorie S. Norstrom

Gary & Barbara North

Harriet Naomi Nortman

Steven & Dagmar Oato

Susan E. Ota

Melissa Pavlicek & Stephen Teves

Robert M. Pedigo

Alan Poepoe

Jon & Ellen Polokoff

Jeffrey & Sandi Portnoy

Katherine Rinchetti

Pamela J. Roth

Victoria K. Sakai

John Salvino

Frances K. Schneider

Arthur Shak

Glenna & Don Shaw

John & Stephanie Sims

Andrew M. Singer

Natalie Suiter

Taren Taguchi

Tod A. Takahashi

Beatrix Takenaka-Meyer

Rod & Fumiyo Tanaka

Suzanne & Matthew Tanori

Steven & Faye Tom

Michael & Marlene Tom

Lucy C. Toma

Russell Tote

Leslie & Annie Usui

Shane & R. Lyann Vagay

Brittany Wake

Juli M. Walters

Karin Washington

Leinee & Paul Watase

Dorrel Whinery

Joan H. Worthen

Carol Jean Yakuma & Clifford Hong

Roy Yamaguchi

Dorene K. Yamamoto

Lambert J. Yamashita

Yvonne & Jerry Yogi

Carol Young & John Prest

Shirley Yuen

Dr. Tung's Inc.

Foodland Super Market, Limited

Hawaii Keepsake Collectors Club

PetCareNow, Inc.

The Quinlan Foundation

Toma Enterprises

Guardian Angels

$100 +

Anonymous (9)

Ryan Abella

Michelle & Edmund Aczon

Thomas T. Adachi

Donna L. M. Agas

Stephanie A. Agena

Jay Y. Agustin

Audrey W. Ahana

Elissa Ahankoob

Marilynn Aihara

Dale & Katherine Aina

Arleen T. Y. Akamine

Paula M. Akamine

Linda & Noel Akamu

Sokichi & Sharon Akana

Raymond & Constance Akase

Zeoma T. Akau

Roy & Stephanie Akita

Wendell & Naomi Akita

Linda K.L. Akiyama

Suzanne Akui

Ada Alamani

Reynold & Laverne Alexander

Tara Allgood

Tammy Alves-Weidknecht

Nicole D. Amano

Hiroko & James Amsbary

Elizabeth Y. Amuro

Ryan C. Amuro

Richard & Ethel Anbe

Jerry Ancheta

Frank M. Anderson

Judith Anderson

Marcia Anderson

Roy & Arlene Ando

Earl & April Andrade

Shelly A. Andrews

Mark & Lori Andreyka

Beth Ann

Janel G. Antoine-Jones

John Adolph & Linda Aono

Carolyn & Nathan Aoyagi

Georgia Ann Apana

Iverne K. Apao

May Arakaki & Richard Rita

Cosmo & Ann Arakawa

Karen R. Arakawa

Sandra H. Arashiro

Sandra M. Arashiro

Christopher Ark

Theresa K. Armbruster

Chu Cha Asam

Janis Asano

Lena Asato

Toshio & Ellen Asato

Kris Ashdown

Mary Aspegren

David & Jong Astin

Cynthia K. Au

Gary, Iris, & Judy Au

Hiram & Jane Au

Warren H. T. Au

Deanne August

Frederick & Julienne Aulwes

Marvin & Audrey Awaya

Margene A. Ayers

Jay & Stephanie Azama

Maxine & Lloyd Baba

Jerome K. Bacon

Toni U. Bactad

Keiko T. Baek

Miles & Joann Baidack

Elizabeth & Cordell Bailey

Florence R. Bailey

Richard D. Bailey

Yoshiko Bailey

Allan & Frances Bailon

Margaret & Richard Baker

Angela Ballard

Maureen & Robert Ballard

Susan M. Ballard

Shirley E. Ballesteros

Sandra & Jose Ballina

Ballard & Myong Bannister

Francisco R. Barajas

Monica & David Barden

Earlene Barnes-Anderson & David Anderson

Patti Ann Barney

Paula J. Barrett

Victoria O. Bartolome

Kevin & Leilani Batey

Jennifer Bauer

Frederick & Amelia Bautista

Tammy & Christopher Bayer

Bert & Stacie Beaman

Andrew & Mineko Beaman

Marilyn S. Beardsley

Harry & Sarah Beasor

Brenda L. Becker

Shannon Bell

Brenda K. Bender

George & Theresa Berean

Gershon Bergeisen

Marian Bernal

Moonlit Mengxueli Beshimov

Ronald S. Biho

Jacob & Pongsuwan Bilmes

Jason Birdsall

Izumi & Eric Bjorken

Henry Blakstad

Winona Blanchard

Kari & Terence Block

Alan & Karen Bluemke

Skip & Marilyn Boock

Steven & Debra Bookatz

Jerome & Catherine Bookin

Dale K. Bordner

Richard Bordner

Anthony & Elizabeth Borge

Hope Bosque

Gillian Boss

Karen L. Bow

Daniel Boyer

Ruth A. Boyette

James Bragaw

Michael & Debra Bringman

Rodrigo Bristol & Zita Cruz-Bristol

James A. Brock, D.V.M.

Richard & Julie Brock

Bill & Mary Brooks

Thomas J. Brovarone

Bettina & John Brown

Mark & Martha Brown

James & Dawne Browne

Patricia M. Bruce

Tevet & Marsha Bruhn

Jocelyn & Seth Buckman

Miles Bungcayao

Peter & Pamela Bunn

Mark & Mary Anne Burak

Mark & Margaret Burgessporter

Naleiokalani Burrows

Kory Buto

Karin & Bari Buzzard

Mike Byam

Benjamin L. Bystrom

Sandra & James Cabbab

Jeffrey & Lynn Cabebe

Wayne & Dianne Cabral

Teresa M. Calabrese

Michael & Faye Cadonetti

Janis A. Calton

Charlotte Cambra

Jennifer & Donald Campbell

Shawnie Campbell

Michael & Suzanne Cannon

Priscilla M. Cappis

Virginia G. Carey

Gary & Sharon Cargo

Ignacio M. Cariaga

Judith S. Carlisle

Aileen Carlos & Robert Nichols

Thomas R. Carpenter

Patricia Carroll

Paula S. Carroll

Ralph R. Carvalho

Santos Carvalho & Carla Dutro

Faith A. Castaldi

Alfred & Sharlene Castillo

Alaine G. Castro

Linda Castro

Sonya Y. Catiggay

Heather B. Cattell, Ph.D.

Catherine Caudle

Rowena Cerretti & John Kerr

Tom & Byrde Cestare

Jacqueline Y. Chacon

Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano

Christy Chang

Karen M. Chang

Lorraine & Carlton Chang

Lynne Chang

May Chang

Yung-Yu L. Chang

Reginald & Kim Chapman

Cheryl Chappell-Long

Marvin & Frances Char

Mimi A. Charette

Phillip & Faye Chase

Kimberly K. S. Chee

Wieland C. Chee

Claire Cheeley

Nancy & Shun-Lin Chen

Po Shu & Doris Cheng

Molly F. Cherry

Lily Cheung

20 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Joyce & Keith Chikamori

Sandy P. Chikasuye

Freeman & Winona Chin

Burt & Carolyn Chinen

Malia Chinen

Valerie & Takao Chinen

Carolyn & Sanford Ching

Carolyn H. Ching

Jack A. Ching

Laura C. Ching

Michael Ching

Noel Ching

Randall Ching & Rosanne Oda-Ching

Robin R. Ching

Shari Ching

Theodora & Chauncey Ching

Wayne & Teresa Ching

Wesley Ching

Willis & Beverlyn Ching

Collette K. Y. Ching Lam

Rose Chismar

Robert & Yun Cho

Jon Chock

Keith & Peggy Chock

Verna C.Y. Chock

Adele Chong

Beatrice Chong

John & Rosalind Chong

Luther H.W. Chong

Sandie & Lloyd Chong

Walter Chong

Cheryl Y. Chow

Keith & Stella Chow

Colleen Choy & Michael Motoda

Frank & Patricia Choy

Jeffrey & Carol Choy

Raymond & Sandra Choy

Michelle L. Christensen

Grace Chu

Bradley A. Chun

Cyndee & Calvin Chun

Michael & Evelyn Chun

Pamela L. Chun

Kelley Chun Fat

Alexander & Janice Chung

Corinne & Christopher Chung

Carena Church

Chiyo & Charles Churchill

Donna & Glenn Cimino

Scott Clark

Vanessa Clark

Lynn & Sharon Clem

Atsuko Cline

Dorothy Colby

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Colon

Warren & Dawn Cone

Juliette Cooke

Christopher & Patricia Cooper

Dorothy C. Cooper

Elaine J. Copeland

Stuart Copp & Raenell Bergantz

John & Elizabeth Corbin

Rance J Cordeiro

Mark & Cynthia Coronel

Gene Cortez

Edna & Dean Cost

Melissa A. Cowles

Sachiko Cox

Earle M. Crabe

Domingo & Sharon Cravalho

Robert Creps & Debra Pfaltzgraff

Douglas A. Crosier

Susan L. Cuizon

Charles & Deborah Cullison

Jane B. Culp

Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham

Dan Curran

Ann Cuseo

Kevin & Kathryn Daisey

Chester L. Dal Santo

Russell & Gwen Dang

Harold & Floralei Darcey

Diana Davids

Barbara & Dennis Davis

Tara Davis

Thomas J. Davis

David I. Dawley

Donald De Bear

Laurie T. Dechant

Collin & Nikki DeCosta

Georgette T. Deemer

Rita Y. Degnan

Karen Degner

Sarah DeMasters

Ronald & Michele DeMello

Barbara C. Dendle

Denise Denise

Jo desMarets

J. Nicholas & Leslie Detor

Dr. Julie Dinnage

John Dixon & Frances Smithwaite

Ronald Dobashi

Dale L. Doi & R. H. Doi

Gail F. Doi

Vicky Doi

Elizabeth Dolan

Bernie & Yumiko Donathan

Terry Donohue

Ben Dookchitra

Dallas & Sharon Dornan

Michael P. Doyle

Marilee E. Duffy

Ricky Dung

"Round-Up" your spare change to help animals in need.

There’s now a wonderful, super-easy way to put that spare change to good use–helping O‘ahu’s animals in need!

To sign up, donors need to:

1. Go to Click the "Donate" button. Then click "Round-Ups." Or, scan the QR code below right.

2. Connect an eligible card

Create a donor account and then link an eligible credit card that you'd like to use for round-up donations. You can set a monthly cap on donations and can change that amount at any time. The minimum monthly donation amount is $9.99, or only $0.34/day.

After signing up:

1. Make purchases with that card Purchases made on that card will "Round-Up" to the next dollar as change which you can see in your donor account.

2. Change is donated monthly "Round-Up" change from your card purchases accumulates and then is donated on the last day of the month. You will receive a text each month the day before your change is donated, letting you know the total amount you'll be contributing!

Harriet & Bassil Dunn

Mark Dunn & Marcia Muraoka-Dunn

Pamela Dziedzic

Jon & Mary Lou Earll

Miho Eastman

Jo-Anne H. Ebba

Michael A. Ebinger

Glenn & Lynne Ebisui

Wendy Ebisui

Molly M. Egged

Richard & Lois Ekimoto

Evan Elder

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Carrolyn H. Emoto

Denise M. Emsley

Steven & Laura Emura

Herbert K. Endo

Henry Eng

Elaine E. Enokawa

Lester & Patricia Enomoto

Thomas Enomoto

Richard & Nancy Erickson

Pat Ernce

Todd & Wendy Erskine

Brandon Espedal

Donnie Esposito

Kathy Esposito-Mason & William Mason

Mary Etienne

Renato & Maria Etrata

Helen S. Ettlinger

Michele & Dennis Faller

Wei Fang

Frank P. Farm, Jr.

Kathrine M.S. Fast

James Favaloro

Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet

Paw Prints | 21
here to sign up today! Acknowledgment of gifts from November 1, 2022 – January 31, 2023.

Lynette L. Fernandez-Pao

Christopher J. Ferry

Jane S. Festerling

Geraldine K. Fey

Jay & Sharon Fidell

Patricia R. Field

Eric Firing

Daniel J. Fischberg

Paula Fitzell

Erin M. Fitzgerald-Case

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Alton & Sandra Fujii

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Gary & Sandra Fujimoto

Hazel K. Fujimoto

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Craig M. Fujino

Jill & Ellen Fujino

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Harold & Jan Fujise

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Debra & Russell Fujita

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Raymond & Teresa Fujiwara

Mari Fujiyoshi

Peter & Gretchen Fujiyoshi

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Gina M. Fukumitsu

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Dennis & Annette Fukunaga

Helene Fukusaki & Fay Takeuchi

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Rodney & Wendie Funakoshi

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Sandra M. Furumori

Glenn & Janice Furuta

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Lincoln & Helene Furuya

John & Hsiu Mei Furuyama

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Gary & Audrey Gibo

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Ronald & Sandra Goo

Cheryl & John Goody

Peggy H. Gordon

Peter Gordon

David & Gabriela Gosiaco

Blythe Goya

David & Angela Goya

Taro & Helen Goya

Jeffrey & Elizabeth Grad

Robert & Carol Ann Graham

Pamela J. Grant

James Graves

Harvey & Rae Green

Linda Green

David & Ann Greenlee

Rose L. Greenwell

Michael C. Gross

Sylvia T. Guernsey

Brianna M. Guro

Dede & Barron Guss

Iris & Randall Ha

Joyce A. Hada

Raina Hakkei

Aaron Halemano

Diane & James Hall

Aili Hallstone

Guy & Joyce Hamada

Martha & Duane Hamada

Sybil & David Hamada

Patricia Hamamoto

Laurie H. Hamano

Wesley & Jill Hamasaki

Josh Hamilton

Loren & Bonnie Hamilton

Pat M. Hammers

Ormond Hammond

David & Gay Hanawahine

Shelby M. Hankee

Steven & Sherry Hansel

Patricia & Jorgen Hansen

Sharon H. Hara

Dean A. Harada

Lynn H. Harada

Ronald & Eloise Harada

Ryan & Susan Harada

Ann Y. Harada-Goodell

Linda Harap

Jack B. Harmon

Robert Harrington

Rosemae Y. Harrington

Daniel K. Hartline

Denise T. Haruki

James & Patricia Harwood

Raylani Hasegawa

Sandra Hashida

Godwin & Barbara Hashimoto

James & Constance Hastings

Joy S. Hatakeyama

Adele & Nelson Hatanaka

Curtis J. Hawkins

Gail Hayashi

Howard T. Hayashi

Masae Hayashi

Nancy & Wayne Hayashi

Mari Hayashida

Norman & Edlyn Hayashida

Chevron & Denny Heather

Henry & Merle Hedani

Charlotte S. Hee

Robert & Chris Hee

Vincent & Sandy Hee

H. John & Lea Heide

Mary Jane Heilbron

David & Victoria Helms

Julie & Robert Henderson

Virginia G. Henderson

Susan & Arthur Henry

Charles & Jacquelyne Hernandez

Mary & Yoshiko Herrera

Vernon & Atsuko Heu

Cheryl Hewett

Alden Higa

Anne & Michael Higa

David M. Higa

Geraldine Higa

Max Higa

Charlaine T. Higashi

Jay & Esther Higashi

Dean K. Higuchi

Flora & Paula Higuchi

Stephen & Terrie Higuchi

Keith & Jill Hijirida

Manuel G. Himenes, Jr. DVM

Frank, Sandi & Alex Hino

Michael & June Hirano

Kallista Hiraoka

Nancy R. Hiraoka

Iris & Y. Bart Hirashima

Glenn & Sonia Hirata

Lian K. Hirata

Wayne & Marcy Hirayama

Ingrid Hirazumi

Connie H. Hiroe

Ululani & Milton Hirohata

Ian Hirokawa & Minette Ferrer

Kay & Kelly Hironaka

Kristine Hironaka

Valerie K. Hironaka

Linda Hirsch

Greg & Lynn Hiyakumoto

Elyne & Wesley Hiyane

Amona K. Ho

Lawrence Ho

Marina Ho

Dawn Hofmann & Michael Lampman

Fumiko & Frederick Hokada

Leona Holaday

James & Leigh Holaway

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Miner E. Holloway, II

Lynn C. Honda

Diane V. Hooper

Shawn Hooton

Elizabeth & Gary Hopkins

Paige Hopp

Janet & Joel Hori

Maryann Horii

Arlene Horiuchi

Brian & Carole Horiuchi

Yoshimi & Takumi Horiuchi

Timothy & Sarah Howell

Monique Hsia

Esther Hsu

Dean Hu

Lorna J. G. Hu

Alena V. Hughes

Joanne & David Hults

Colin Hunter

Grace L. Hutchinson

Lisa M.L. Hutchinson

Sharon W. Iao

Mari Ichiki

Jessica Ichinose

Eugene M. Ichiyama

Kyle M. Ida

Cheryl Idemoto

Lon Ierley

Delaine & Russell Ige

JoAnn C. Iha

Jonathan & Mia Iida

Lois S. Ikei

Don & Karen Ikoma

Shaun & Kari Imada

Yoshinori Imagawa

Amy Imaguchi

Tomomi Imura

Lynn M. Inafuku

Sandra & Melvin Ing

Joyce Ingram-Chinn & Harry Chin

Dennis Inouye

Ken Kunio Inouye

Kevin & Maria Inouye

Robyn & Curtis Inouye

Hoichiro Inui

Marcia Iraha

Donna K. Isara

Lois C. Ishihara

Clayton M. Ishii

Gary & Kim Ishii

Sean H. Ishii

Elaine Ishikawa

Kenneth & Salvacion Ishikawa

Shari Ishikawa

Miles Y. Ishima

Stanley & Maxine Ishiyama

LeeAnn M. Isobe

Gary & Sandra Isono

Alfred S. Itamoto

Candace & Roy Ito

Gary & Karen Ito

Kasumi M. Ito

Lisa & Daryl Ito

Stephany & Ronald Ito

Judy T. Iwai

Kenneth M. Iwai

Lester A. Iwamasa

Brenda H. Iwami

Andrea Iwamoto

Betsy & Harvey Iwamura

Brian M. Iwasaki

Kara Izumi

Neal & Reiko Izumi

Thomas Jackson

Leonard Jacobs & Rebecca Horne Jacobs

Juliet & Layne Jakahi

Judith S. Jakobovits

Barry Jarvis

Joyce Jay

Gordon Jeynes

Richard & Judi Jinnai

David & Marlene Johnson

Dr. Gary & Melanie Johnson

Gregory J. Johnson

22 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Norman Johnson

Reena Johnson

DarLene M. Jones

David & Chiyono Jones

Joanie D. Jones

Sean & Michelle Jones

Royce Jones

Kim Jorgensen & Denise Boisvert

Colette M. Jungles-Galarsa

Robert Justice

Steven Kaahanui

Patricia Kaalele

Krystalynn Kado

Daniel & Grace Kagehiro

Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto

George Kahanu

Ronald K. Kahapea

S. Kaiser-Botsai

Jon S.I. Kaitoku

Clifford & Aileen Kajiwara

Edna U. Kajiwara

Lloyd & Caroline Kajiwara

Sonia & Michael Kajiwara

Kurt & Keri Ann Kajiyama

Milton & Florence Kakaio

Jamie Kakehi

Dr. Terri Kakugawa & Colin Tamashiro

Kim Kalani

Jeffrey & Sue Kam

Sally Ann K. Kamae

Cesley Ann A. Kamanu-Mahaulu

Jon & Esther Kamemoto

Kenneth & Elaine Kamemoto

Esther T. Kameoka

Gail N. Kaminaga

Shigeru & Kumiko Kaminaka

Malia Kamisugi

Garret & Katherine Kanai

Yoneko Z. Kanaoka

Pamela & Michael Kaneko

Camille Kanemori

William & Kathleen Kaneshige

Gary T. Kaneshiro

Kenneth & Amy Kaneshiro

Madeline & Gary Kaneshiro

Renee & Kenneth Kaneshiro

Sean & Felicia Kaneshiro

Susan & Clement Kanhai

Alyssa & Andres Kaopio-Lopez

Cheryl & Wayne Karimoto

Joan M. Karimoto

Linda E. Kashinoki

Brian & Jean Kashiwaeda

Ted Kashiwamura

Kalika Kastein

Hannelore Kath

Janet H. Kato

Leatrice Y. Kato

Melanie M. Kato

Russell & Melanie Kato

Dagmar L. Kau

Jay & Jill Kauka

Toshiko Kawai

Grace Kawakami

Bonnie Kawamoto

Jane T. Kawamoto

Darlene & Duane Kawamura

Jean F. Kawamura

Lance & Aoi Kawano

Michael Kawano

Jennie K. Kawelo-Polani

Arlene A. Kaya-Tamon

Michael D. Kaye

Al & Carol Keahi

Janice Kealoha-Gier & Gregory Gier

Dawn & Philip Keat

Dean P. Kekoolani

Donald Y. Keliinoi

Larry D. Kelley

Alexander Kendrick

Stephanie L. Kendrick

Curtis & Cynthia Kenmotsu

Bob & Victoria Kenneally

Iolanada M.P. Kerfoot-Rowe

Curtis & Lucille Kern

Saundra E. Keyes

Diane D. Kiefer

Joseph & Gail Kiefer

Bernice & David Kihara

Jennifer Kihara

Michael & Susan Kihara

Rhonda & Gaylord Kihara

Ersel & Linda Kilburn

Craig & Lisa Kim

Sandra E. Kim

Song Shik Kim

Vernon & Jane Kim

Cheryl T. Kimura

Mark & Terry Kimura

John & Marilyn Kiner

Roy & Gloria King

George & Julie Ann Kino

Kyong & Jason Kino

Joyce & Charles Kinoshita

Aileen & Steven Kisaba

Gloria S. Kishi

Theodore & Alice Kishimori

Suzanne & Shon Kitashima

Lisa Ann & Brian Kiuchi

Glenn & Doreen Kiyabu

Derek & Evelyn Kiyota

Kathleen E. Kiyuna

David Kleeman

Sandra & Douglas Klein

Richard Klemm

Don & Blanche Klim

Stella Knight & Ryan Knight

Wendel & Elaine Ko

James & May Kobashigawa

Emily M. Kobashigawa-Kilauano

Mary Kobayashi

Gordon & Joanne Kodama

Nannette & Norman Koga

Lisa Kogachi

Claire M. Kogasaka

Jodi Kohagura

Noelani M. Kohner

Pauline K. Kokubun

John Koller

Jon D. Komatsu

Karen Y.W. Komatsu

Yuka & George Kon

Kevin S. Kono

Gail & Brandan Kop

Blanche L. Kort

Patty & Roger Kort

J. Scott Kortvelesy

Paul & Lisa Kosasa

Nanci Kosten & Terrance Mulberg

John & Karen Kotake

Ron Kotoshirodo

Suzette & Bruce Koyanagi

Aileen Kozai

Jason Kravitt

James & Jean Kubo

Kazunao Kubotera

Beth Kuch

Sharon Kugisaki

Alton & Susan Kuioka

Gail Kumakura

Donn & Wendy Kumasaki

Judith S. Kunitake

Robert K. Kupukaa

Melvin & Karen Kuraoka

Christine Kurashige

Linda & Warren Kurata

Harold I. & Joan M. Kurihara

Ronald & Lorraine Kurihara

Alvin & Kay Kurio

Rodney Kurita

Dora Kuroda

Rodney & So Hee Kuroiwa

Akihiro & Masami Kurokawa

Sheila Kurosu

Isabel & Tameichi Kusakabe

Gregory & Marcella Kuwazaki

Amy T. Kwock

Neuman Kwong & Leimomi Fukuda

Kealani B. Labrie

Jonathan Lai

William E. Landers

Lynn V. Lane

Rachel A. Lange

Janice L. Langlas

Len & Terri Lantych

Robert Larm

Gilbert & Marion Larson

David & Ann Latham

Bonnie Van Leng Lau

Maylene & Earl Lau

Melina Lau

Melinda Lau

Wesley T. Lau

Susan K. Laufer

David & Patrina Lavarias

Hiep Hoa Le

Arnest & Dwight Leandro

Carole K. Learnard

Ann E. Lee

Charlotte Lee & Ann Hanson

Edgar & Amy Lee

Jacqueline Lee

Julie A. Lee

Juliet & Michael Lee

Kenneth A. Lee

Kyle Lee

Marina & James Lee

Maxine Lee

Michele Lee

Summer K. Chun Lee

Waymond & Verna Lee

Marlene C. Lemke

Grace M. Lendo

Alan Leong

Denis & Diantha Leong

Don & Elaine Leong

Terryl Leong

Sharon & Bruce Leonida

Mahealani & Mapuana Lew

Mary Lee Lew

Cecilia Lewis

Peter & Mary Lewis

Liang Liang

Steven & Danel Licari

Barry E. Lightner

Robert & Maria Lillis

Chia Hsing Lin

Juliette S. Ling

Shirley Lipman

Dale B. Lipton

Andrew & Shoko Livingston

Everett Y. Lo

Randall Locke

Cindy Logan

Beatrice & Raymond Loo

Lisa Ann L. Loo

Naomi C. Losch

Thomas A. Loudat

Rosemarie & Stephen Love

Jamie & Pat Low

Raymond D. Lowman

David McCaffrey & Deborah Luckett

Justin P. Lui

Brant K. Lum

Dallas & Marlene Lum

Stanton & Nicolette Lum

Patsy & Thomas Lum

Warren & Laura Lum

Claudette S. Lundin

Charles Lunson

Ginger Lunt

Theresa Lushina-Lonergan

Dr. Douglas & Mary Luther

Violet R. Luuwai

Paul & Kaoru Lyddon

Lacy Lynn

Robert & Julie Lyons

Leslie E. MacDonald

Layne & Evelyn Machida

Teresa Madden

Benedict & Gail Madriaga

Janice K. Maeda

Joan & Dwight Maeda

Kentaro Maeda & Yoshiko Okahiro

Samuel & Shari Magno

William Maheras

John Mahoney & Nancy Hulbirt

Joan Mair & Donald Mair

Hiroko H. Makiya

Lawrence & Annie Maldonado

Cheryl Mann

John & Donna Manning

Claudia Manno

Ingrid & Royce Manzione

Beverly J. Mar

Robin & Daniel Marcom

Laureen & Bryan Marino

Jenny H.L. Marion

John & Stephanie Marrack

Diana Martin

Milly & Jason Martin

James Martinez

C. Masaki

Pamela Masaki

Carol M. Masuda

Kevin M. Masuda

Cynthia & Edward Masunaga

Patti R. Matsuda

Kylie T. Matsuda-Lum

Annette N. Matsumoto

Barbara R. Matsumoto

Curtis & Ann Matsumoto

Dick & Sonjnia Matsumoto

Glenn A. Matsumoto

Myra N. Matsumoto

Raymond & Shirley Matsumoto

Paw Prints | 23
of gifts from November 1, 2022 – January 31, 2023.

Iris M. Matsumura

Raymond & Jane Matsuo

Roy & Joyce Matsuo

Amy Matsuoka

Henry & Judyann Matsuoka

Ruriko Matsuoka

Carol Matsuyama

Darryl Diaz & Gina Matsuzawa-Diaz

Domingo Matute

Cynthia & Roger Mau

Harold J.L. Mau

Ronald & Penny Mau

Heidi L. Maxie

Kenneth & Melanie May

Robert & Cornelia May

Albert & Alberta Mayeshiro

Daniel McCorriston

Lucy & Michael McCurdy

Matt McDowell

Patti McElaney

Mary McGowan

Lurline McGregor

Michael & Ramona McGuire

Patricia J. McHenry

Peggy McInnis

Craig McIver

Mark McKellar

Pamela McKiddie-Stearns

Mae & Milton McKnight

Sophia A. McMillen

Billie L. McNabb

James McPeak

Linda & Dennis McPhee

Michele & Martin Meeks

Robin M. Melchor

Danny & Yong Melton

Richard A. Mengato

James M. Merrell

Eddie & Selene Mersereau

Helen S. Michie

Glenn & Gayle Mifune

Mark Mikasa

Andrew & Lee Miller

Charles Miller & Stephanie Marshall

Ellen & Robert Miller

Markham Miller & Sophie Saito

Robert & Corazon Miller

Stephen Miller & Mabel Trafford

Richard & Hanae Mills

Thaddeus & Megan Mills

Joanna & Esau Milo

Marvis Minami & Tony Ganeko

Melvyn & Shirley Minami

Sharon Minami

Erin Minaya

Greg & Iris Mishima

Barry S. Mitchell

Janyce Mitchell & Stuart Sugasawara

Jessie Mitchell

Edwin & Ellen Mito

Jeffrey T. Mitsuda

Kathryn & Morris Mitsunaga

Dyan Mitsuyama

Mark & Carol Mitsuyasu

Harry & Ethel Miyachi

Ann T. Miyahira

Gordon M. Miyahira

Sarah D. Miyahira

Ashley Miyakado

David T. Miyamoto

Dori M. Miyamoto

Richard & Phyllis Miyamoto

Ryan M. Miyamoto

Wendy Takako Miyamoto

William Miyasato

Jan & Ken Miyashiro

Stanley & Iris Miyata

Virginia F. Miyauchi

Shannon A. Miyazaki

Hatsue Mizota

Walter M. Mizushima

Charles T. Mizuta

Jody & Joseph Mocarski

Christopher & Suk Cha Mohr

Sandra Moneymaker

Ernest & Linda Moo

Yung Yong Moon & Patricia Matsuura

Patricia A.L. Moore

Joyce & Patrick Moran

Marcia A. Morgado

Charles & Karynne Morgan

Art & Val Mori

Melvin & Carolyn Morikami

Kiyoko & Maki Morimoto

Michael Morioka

Renee Morioka

Lauren Morisato

Stephen & Maxine Morishige

Darlene S. Morita

Randall & Merle Morita

Chrissy & Ralph Morris

Harry & Michelle Morris

Lewis Morris

Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey

Veronica & Robert Morse

George M. Motoyama

John W. Mount

Lorraine Y. Mow

Samuel & Jan Moyer

Evelyn S. Mueller

Carrie S. Mukaida

Dorothy K. Muncy

William & Cheryl Muneno

Patricia A.C. Muneno

Colleen M. Mung Lim

Stanley & Judith Murai

Brandy & Randy Murakami

Gail M. Murakami

Hideo & Teruko Murakami

Leslene L. Murakami

Melvyn & Sadie Murakami

Wende & Scott Murakami

Claire & Michael Muranaka

Brocha Muss

Joann & Ernie Nagai

Charles & Linda Nagamine

Charles & Karen Nagamine

Holly Nagamine

Leila & Craig Nagamine

Cary Nagano

Alyssa Nagata

Stephanie E. Nagata

Shirley Nagatoshi

Rocchina A. Naipo

Lynne Y. Najita

Arthur & Irene Nakagawa

Edwin & June Nakahara

Ronald Nakai

Margaret H. Nakakuni

David & Lynette Nakama

Dean & Dora Nakamaru

Dale & Gary Nakamatsu

Jolene R. Nakamatsu

William & Yumi Nakamatsu

Wayne & Sharon Nakamoto

Dell M. Nakamura

Dean & Denice Nakamura

Alan & Gwynne Nakamura

Don Bondarenko & Joan Nakamura

Ken & Sheryl Ann Nakamura

Travis I. Nakamura

Wayne & Sandra Nakamura

William & Aecha Nakamura

Bruce & Vanina Nakaoka

Dennis & Janice Nakashima

Jo Ann E. Nakashima

Denise K. Nakata

Paul & Laverne Nakatani

Raymond & Winnie Nakatsu

Mona Nakayama

Thomas & Cheryl Namiki

Jayne M. Nantkes

Kay Lani Naquin

David & Marlan Nashiwa

Amy & John Naylor

Jemal & Atsuko Ned

Allen Neiman & Carmen Stanko

James & Shirley Newman

Audrey E. J. Ng

Clarence Ng

Debra F. Ng

Jonathan Ng

Wing C. Ng

Christine Nguyen

Mylinh T. Nguyen

James Carlton Nichol, Jr.

Bob & Roberta Nickel

Stanley & Carol Nihei

Claudia L. Nihei

Carl K. Niimi

Gail Niimi

Jerrilyn Nirei

Derek Nishida & Billy-Joe Smith

Ralph & Bette Nishida

Janet & Clifford Nishihara

Janis Nishikawa & Richard Hanson

Charles & Maud Nishimoto

Warren Nishimoto & Michiko Kodama-Nishimoto

Robert & Naomi Nishimura

Elvin Nishioka

Mitsuo & Emiko Nishiyama

Michael & Diane Nishizawa

Erwin Roummel Nisperos

Judy S. Nitta

Lara Nitta

Susan & Marvin Nitta

Wallace & Jana Nitta

Heather K. Nix

Alan Nobunaga & Annette Sato

Deena Nogaki

George & Junedale Nojiri

Andrew & Nora Nomura

Karen Nordine

Amanda Norstrand

Edwin H. Nose

Dennis & Norma Nouchi

Janice Nuckols

Tammy Nunes

Ratna Nuti

Charlotte M. Oates

Jon & Kathleen Ochikubo

Lily Ochoco

Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann

Teresa O'Connell

Kenneth Oda

Seiko Oda

Eileen & Geary Ogasawara-Chun

Albert K. Ogata

Marsha & Clifford Ogata

Gordon T. Ogawa

Alvin & Lynn Ogi

Stanley & Lynne Ogi

Frances A. Ohira

Scot & Val Oishi

Mark & Frances Oka

Daniel Okada

Victoria Okada

Joyce K. Okahashi

Neal & Amy Okamoto

Allen & Claire Okamura

Richard & Linda Okamura

Alan & Audrey Okemura

Gary & Sun Hyang Okimoto

Kristi Okimoto

Pauline N. Okino

Stephen E. Okino

Sandy Oku

Susan & C.K. Okuhara

Kenneth & Janice Okumura

Yoko Okumura

Cynthia Okuno

Myra & Winston Olaso

Dale & Gary Oliva

McKenzie & Kate Oliver

Walter & Charlotte Olmos

Tracey & Bill Olson

William Olson

Stephen & Cheryl Omatsu

Velma H. Omura

Kathleen & Philip Ong

Ernest & Eufimia Ongoy

Nora & Roy Onishi

Powell & Jeanette Onishi

Ann K. Ono

Myra & Noel Ono

Beryl Ono Stapleton

Judith S. Ooka

Alfred & Linda Orion

Alvin & Doreen Orita

Gail L. Osakoda

Gerrit & Gayle Osborne

Shawn O'Shea

Timothy J. Oshima

Georgiana & Samuel Oshio

Elizabeth Oshiro

John Oshiro

Lynne Oshiro

Raymond & Amy Oshiro

Sharen & Satoru Oshiro

Wayde T. Oshiro

James & Cion O'Sullivan

Floyd M. Otani

Gerald Ouchi & Barbara Sano

Sheila B. Ouchi

Katharine & Robert Owen

Walter & Gayle Ozawa

Ellen Pabillano

Daniel J. Pacheco, Jr.

Francis & Florida Padron

Pualani Paiaina

Diane & David Paiva

John Pampalone & Connie Yu-Pampalone

Aileen K. Panee

24 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Dr. Carolyn S. Pang

Rodney & Marvelyn Pang

Susan K.S. Pang

Edward R. Pang Chew

William P. Pardie

Lorna Park

Joanne & Frank Parker

Kelly D. Parks & Maureen A. Kelley-Parks

Andrew & Rosanna Partika

Natalie N. Pascua

Presentacion Pascua

Robert & Dawn Pascua

Wayne & Lanette Pascua

Donald J. Patten

Beverly Patton

Theresa Paulette

Stephanie S. Pauling

Edward & Gayle Pei

Melmorina Perallon

Timothy Peris

Thomas & Gordynne Perkins

Diane Peterson

Kirtland Peterson

Chuck & Diana Petranek

Ting Petty-Akamine & Sukanda

Petty-Akamine Chatlaoong

Nancy D. Pflueger

Leslie Pham

Kristina & Michael Phillips

Robert S. Phillips

Ross Allen Phillips

Siewchye Phua

Marilyn Picard

Robert Pierce

Randy K. Pisani

Gilbert Ponce

John & Lori Popovich

Harold Prados

Margaret A. Pratt

Redfield D. Proctor

Charles S. Pucevich

Joseph Pugh

John & Linda Puu

Edgar Quinabo &

Frankie Ruggles-Quinabo

Renee Rabb

Grace Rabor & Linda Vehemente

Diane L. Radcliffe

James & Cindy Ralar

Monica Ramirez

Marlon & Rose Ramos

Laura L. Ray

Chaitanya & Maile Reddy

Allyson Reed

Leo Reed

Robert T. Reeves

Peggy S. Regentine

Carleton B. Reid

Richard W. Reid

James & Kathleen Reinhardt

Millynette Remmers-Matsumoto & Roy Matsumoto

William Remus & Pauline Sheldon

Karen L. Renard

Jason Reyes

Cary Reynolds

Tracy S. Reynolds

Bettylou Ricarte

Pixel Richardi

Lance & Brooke Richert

Deborah Riehl

Alison Rieser

Tricia J. Rigney

Marie E. Riley

Robert Ristelhueber

Marie Rivet

William & Emi Robillard

Fusako Hanai Robinson

Marion Robinson

Conrad Rodenbeck

Janice & Robin Rogers

Douglas Rollick

Abigail Rose

Cynthia J. Rosebrough

Caryn E. Rosen

Jack & Lily Rosenzweig

Andrew H. Rothstein

Linda J. Rowan

Mary Ann Rozal

Phillip & Karen Russell

Karlyne & Kevin Sadanaga

Jeanne K. Sadaoka

Mark & Dara Sage

A. D. Sagerholm

Lila & Arthur Sagon

Elaine H. Saigusa

Melvin H. Saiki

Itsuo & Ross Saito

Melvin & Merle Saito

Glenn & Susan Saito

Eugene & M.H. Sakae

Diane M. Sakai

Pamela Sakai

Tracy K. Sakai

Charles & Marie Sakamoto

Leighton & Sharynne Sakamoto

Milton & Lani Sakamoto

Dr. Warren Sakamoto & Raynette Takizawa

Randolph & Stephanie Sakauye

Kathleen T. Sako

Roy & Kathy Sakuma

Anthony & Tammy Samalino

Philip E. Sammer

Sharon L. Samson

Karen & Eric Sanders

Amelia H. Sang

Lauren Santiago

Guilherme Santos

Fred & Charlotte Sasaki

Jed & Lynda Sasaki

Matthew A. Sasaki

Melvin, Allison & Gavin Sasaki

Patricia F. Sasaki

Stephen T. Sasaki

Eugene & Colleen Sathre

Adrianne & Dale Sato

Gilford & Shareen Sato

Rodney J. Sato

Roy & Shirley Sato

Wallace K. Sato

Eugene Savio

Mariko & Koyo Sawada

John & Laurie Sawyer

Suzanne Say

Loretta & David Sayre

Siti & Ronald Scaggs

David Scalone

George Schmelzer & Judith Inazu

Lisa H. Schmidt

Linda K. Schmitt

Betty Ann Schoeppner

Charmagne & Herbert Schreiner

Robert & Susan Schultz

Jacqueline Scott

Helen & Robert Scully

Karen S. Seddon

David & Sheila Seeholzer

Daniel T. Segawa

Justin & Faith Seguirant

Mary & Ronald Seiple

Betsy & T.R. Sekiya

Gino Sellitto

Adrienne Sellona

Alan Serikawa

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Serocca

Diane M. Sether

Heather Shannon

Sam & Pat Shapiro

Joan M. Shaw

Elizabeth L. Shelley

Celia Shen

Laura D. Sherrill

Stanley & Theresa Shibata

Karen B. Shields

Janet K. Shiga

Fred & Sharon Shigekane

Lauren R. Shigekane

Eugene & Jackie Shigemoto

Helen A. Shigemura

Michael K. Shigeta

Michael & May Shim

Lorna S. Shima

Wallace & Jane Shimabuku

Lily Shimabukuro

Masayuki & Frances Shimazu

Lauren L. Shimizu

Reid Shimizu & Joy Kamae-Shimizu

Davis & Olinda Shindo

Gary & Sharon Shinn

Stacey S. Shinsato

Cynthia Y. Shiraishi

Elaine Y. Shiraki

Freda Shiraki

Mark K. Shiroma

Robert & Mimi Shiroma

Geraldine E. Shishido

Terrence D. Shive

Jennifer & Leighton Shoma

Tiffany & Tucker Siegfried

Frederic & Lori Sigler

Darnell Silva

Carla Simao

Daniel & Raccine Singer

Frank & Penny Sioda

Murielle R. Sipola

Troy Siruno & Pedro Haro

Ann Skinner

Jennifer A.A. Slaton

R. Paige Slocum & Gregory Pang

Victoria & Timothy Slovak

Douglas & Kelly Smith

Kimberly Smith

more information about making the Hawaiian Humane Society a part of your legacy, call 808-356-2252 or email

Paw Prints | 25
Acknowledgment of gifts from November 1, 2022 – January 31, 2023. Leave
a Legacy
you make a gift to Hawaiian Humane through your estate plans, you help ensure that we’ll be here – committed to the welfare of animals in Hawaii –for many years to come. For

Lorraine A. Smith

Monica Smith

Carol D. Smyth

Beverly J. Soares

William & Marie Sode

Hae-Suk Son

Diane Sonoda

Staci Sonoda

Catherine A. Sorensen

Gary Sprinkle & Pamela Young-Sprinkle

Miki Sprout

Piilani E. Staszkow Fraser

John M. Stephens

Roberta & Sheldrake Stibbard

Mayumi Stiteler

David & Mary Stock

Marianne Stone

Robert Stouffer & Virginia Van Cleave

Charles & Jane Stover

Darrell & Sheila Strahan

Roberta A. Straughn

Stephanie A. Strickland

Milton & Georgia Stroud

Paul Stuart & Rachanobol Prapatat

Lisa & Robert Sue

Toby Y. Suemoto

Susan Sugai

Paul & Ann Sugibayashi

Gregory & Peggy Sugimoto

Robin & Gail Sugimoto Leong

Gail R. Sugita

Barbara A. Sullivan

Nathan Sult & Beth Tarter

Ken & Rene Sumida

Lori Ann & Jay Sunakoda

George & Sharon Suzuki

Jonathan M. Suzuki

Garrett & Lila Ann Suzuki

Marion & Edwin Suzuki

Randal & Joyce Suzuki

Thomas & Mabel Suzuki

Lisa Swartzwelder

Robert & Sharmaine Swisher

William & Mary Lou Swope

Ed Sylva, Jr.

Dr. Mark & Brenda Szasz

Richard R. Szuster

Jed & Eva Taba

Craig & Joanne Tachibana

Yukiyo Tachikawa

Lottie & Carina Tagupa

Ronni Taisee

Malcolm & Cathy Tajiri

Yoshiko & Osamu Takagi

Carrie Takahama

Bert T. Takahara

Steve & Laura Takahashi

Lornna & Chris Takahashi

Ted T. Takahashi

Linda L. Takai

George & Grace Takakawa

Carl & Racheal Takaki

Carol Takaki

Sandra A. Takamine

Iris & Ward Takamiya

Janet F. Takamoto

Kathy S. Takamoto

Roy & Donna Lee Takara

Kyung Ja Takara

Lori M. Takara

Sharon S. Takasaki

Greg & Itsumi Takase

Iris & Mitsuo Takayama

Ricky & Karen Takemoto

Jeanne & Tye Taketa

Linnelle L. Takeuchi

Jane Takushi

Steven Takushi

Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera

David & Susan Tamanaha

Gary & Myra Tamanaha

Jill Tamaye

Ellen & Jason Tamura

Terry T. Tamura

Carolyn S. Tanabe

Merle & Lynn Tanabe

Sherolyn & Timothy Tanabe

Alan & Joni Tanaka

Annie M. Tanaka

Delbert & Ann Tanaka

Layne & Kuma Tanaka

Matthew Tanaka

Sandra S. Tanaka

Walter M. Tanaka

George C. Taniguchi

Kris Taniguchi

Doss K. Tannehill

Tanya Tano

Patricia & Gary Tanouye

Bert & Karen Taoka

Arleen & Charles Tarnay

Todd & Lori Tasaki

Jean A. Tateishi

Candace S. Taylor

John & Anne Taylor

Tonyalyn Taylor-Padeken

Alvin K.K. Tenn

Curtis N. Tenneson

Winifred & Kenneth Tenno

Eric Terashima

Karyn Elizabeth Tercy

Karen & Kent Teruya

Charlie Teves

William Thomas

Ellen L. Thorson

Ivy & Ronald Timpe

Barbara Tingey

Bonnie Tokita

Jeffrey J. Tom

Juanita Y.M. Tom

Sandra P. Tom

Lance Tomasu

Ronald & Caryn Tomishima

Burton & Carol Tomita

Lynn Tomokiyo

Derik Tomoyasu

Carl & Sheila Tonaki

Velma & Bernard Topas

Wallace & Carolyn Towata

Karen & George Toyama

Susan Toyama

Ken & Ayumi Treichler

Joann U. Tsark

Stephanie & Bubby Tseng

Colleen K. Tsuda

Kevin K. Tsuda

Thomas H. Tsuhako

Sharon & Gordon Tsuji

Stephanie & Reed Tsumoto

Richard & Atsuko Tsuruda

Lance & Cheryl Tsutsuse

Jan Inao & Cathy Tsuyuki

Richard M. Tuggle

Esther R. Tugurian

Robert & Therese Tyler

Susana Ucol-Camacho

Paul J. Udell

Matthew Uechi

Cary Uehara

Sheila F. Uehara

Susan Uehara

Jane C. Uemura

Kenneth T. Uemura

Arthur & Julie Ugalde

Joan E. Uhlfelder

Darlene & Alan Umeda

Roy H. Umeda

Gary Upton

Christine R. Urban

Gloria Sun Eng C. Uy

Bette & Alexander Uyeda

Craig S. Uyehara

Machiko & Kenneth Uyehara

Wayne & Sharon Uyehara

Patsy Uyema-Matsuda & Gary Matsuda

Lauren Uyesato

Lisa Valderueda

Benjamin & Lynette Valdez

Philip & Patricia Valenti

Marion Valle

Karen Vallefuoco

Lawrence M. Van Hoey

Michele Velasco

Carl & Paula Vetter

Martha C. Vetter

Trudi B. Vetter

Wendy Viellenave

Sean & Sheri Viernes

Nelson & Sue Ellen Viernes

Karana Vierra

Theone I. Vredenburg

John & Shelley Wadahara

Joshlyn K. Waikoloa

Neal Wakabayashi

Akiko & Daryl Wakatsuki

Jo Wakayama

Myra N. Wakuzawa

Johnny & Bubba Walker

Jeffry & Claudia Wallace

Tom Wallace

Eileen Wallenhorst

Judi S. Walsh

Marie & Valerie Wang

Vanessa Wang

Naomi Wasano

Alan & Elaine Watanabe

Alan Watanabe

Jane Y. Watanabe

Lyne Watanabe

Roy H. Watanabe

Wendy & Reuben Watanabe

Marilyn N. Waterhouse

Anne Waters

Scarlet Lam Watson

Wendell & Judith Weatherwax

Erik Webb

Robert & Jean Webster

Deborah & Wesley Wee

Christine & Michael Weis

James R. Weller

Beverly A. Wellman

Lloyd & Gayle Wentworth

Michael Weston

Amy E. Wharton

Dr. Andrew C. Whelen & Jaclyn K. Whelen

Alan & Jennifer Whinery

Curtis & Lisa White

Iwalani D. White

Philip A. White

Robert & Seiko Whittier

Charles & Jeanne Wichman

John & Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak

Rosalinda & Allen Wicklund

Robert D. Wiemer

Stephanie & Robert Wight

Gary & L.S. Wild

Cecily Williams

Craig Williams & Jessica Chau

Mabel M. Williams

Myra & Frederick Williams

Charletta & Alan Wilson

Grant Wilson

Terry C. Wilson

Ginger Winger

David & Arporn Winsko

Judith Wolfe

Jodi & David Wolken

Adam Wong & Arlene Tanaka

Brent Wong

Bridget A. Wong

Chrystal Wong

Donna Wong

Gregory & Sharon Wong

Howie Wong

Laurena K.F. Wong

Linda Wright Wong

Priscilla & Paul Wong

Travis Wong

Wendy T. Wong

Winston S.W. Woo

Diane H. Wood

Lawrence & Nadine Woode

Laura F. Woods

Herbert & Jia Woolley

Elizabeth Wright

Judith C. Wright

Robert Wright

Angel & Dale Wyatt

Christopher Wyckoff

Bryant K. Yabui

Mr. & Mrs. Daryn A. Yamada

David & Erin Yamada

Fawn Y. Yamada

Joan H. Yamada

Lillian M. Yamada

Roy & Sandra Yamada

Stuart & Sue Yamada

David M. Yamagata

Stanley S. Yamagata, Jr.

Naoto Yamagishi

Amy M. Yamaguchi

Shirley Yamaguchi

Akira Yamakawa

Debra T. Yamaki

Karen Y. Yamaki

Chris & Dale Yamamoto

Dennis Y. Yamamoto

Douglas Yamamoto

Rodney & Frances Yamamoto

Jean Yamamoto

Keri M. Yamamoto

Ray K. Yamamoto

Robin T. Yamamoto

26 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Stephanie Y.S. Yamamoto

Kelsey Yamanaka

Jill & Marvin Yamasaki

Leicie Yamasaki

Gail T. Yamashita

Jerry & Caryn Yamauchi

Paul S. Yamauchi

Gerald & Susan Yanagida

Brigida Yanos-Torres

Helen C. Yap

Ellen E. Yasumoto

Peter Yasutake

Frederick & Maryanne Yearian

Roy & Andre Yee

Sanford Yee & Ona Lee

Joanna Yeh

Eileen & Patrick Yim

Mary Ann Mei-Wan Yip & Wing-Cheung Yip

Judith S. Yogi

Neal Yuda & Kathleen Yogi

Glenn & Sharon Yokoyama

Cyndee Yonehara

Audrey R. Yoneshige

Hanna Yoon

Dr. Carl & Patricia Yorita

Cheryl L. Yoshida

Craig & Karen Yoshikawa

Burt & Helen Yoshimi

John Yoshimori

Janel M.N. Yoshimoto

Keith & Marian Yoshimura

Patsy & Yoshiharu Yoshimura

Glenn Yoshioka & C. Ann Whang-Yoshioka

Lanette K. Yoshioka

Nathan Y. Yoshioka

Harriet T. Yoshizaki

Hiram Young

Ivan Young

Merryl Young

Sharon Young

Patrick & Sirinuch Young

Theodore & Laurel Young

Vivian W. Young

Helen H. Yu

Eric & Janette Yuasa

Clayton & Elva Yuen

Janice K. Yuen

Leona N. Yuen

Michael R. Yuen

James Yuki

Olivia G. Yule

Ed Alan Zane

Frederick & Eva Zane

Frank L. Zang

Elizabeth A. Zeone

Margery Ziffrin-Marlowe & John Marlowe

Dee Anne H. Zobel

Marya Zoller

Dahlia & George Zotos

A.P. Baker, Inc.

Central Building Company

Cisco Foundation


Fairview Investment Services & Filepoint

Harbor Shores

Apartment Hotel, Ltd.

Island Realtors


Pan Pacific Realty LLC

PayPal Giving Fund

Percent- Intelligent Foundation

Properties International Limited

Snobby Cats

SPP Food Inc

Tulsa Community Foundation

Ulu I Ka La'au, LLC

Wee Achievers Inc.

In Honor of People

Adah Hu

Margaret Hu

Adele Sawada-Omori, Walter Omori & Mike Wagner

Deborah & Charles Key

Adrian Oura

Andrea Kunukau-Ishikawa

Alexa Ito

Mark Ito

Ann Guild

Mihae Yu


Noopoth & Craig Stevaux


Virginia Johnson

Aubrey & Lacey

Lacey Lock & Sheryl Kincaid

Barbara Drobina

Karen Nordine

Barbara Hart

Darryll S. Leiman


Tatiana Faumuina


Lisa Hirano

Chris & Hanna Hanson

Edward W. Hanson

Christian S. Murphy

Mark Murphy

Chun Kerr LLP Staff & Attorneys

Peter & Adrienne Yoshihara


Joan Himmelstein

Colette Pentecost

Richard & Jill Pentecost

Collen & Shelby

Jerry & Stephanie Kunishima

Crisell Lacuata

HiClimb LLC

CWO4 Mason Dearing, U.S. Army

Katherine Malheiro

Dale Yanagihara

Arick B. Yanagihara

David Grey

Lon Ierley

Diane Masuda

Erin Toyoshima

Dorothy Wyse

Lenny Bugey

Dr. Arleene K. Skillman

Charlotte J. M. Tanaka

Dr. Margaret Meng

Bonnie-Lee S. Pang

Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez

Tammy L. Uy

Eddy Oumi

Charles Fairchild

Ellen Beals

Anthony & Tammy Samalino

Fred Rother

Phillip & Julia Rother

Ginny Tiu

Elizabeth Lum

Jennifer Trevino

Glen Boy, Ilio & Kaimana "SON"

Adrianne & Glenwood Buhl

Greg, Kristen & Caitlin Chun

John K. Chun


Daniel Ports

Haley Jung

Randall Mikuriya

Heather Cattell

James & Nancy Schoocraft

James & Diana Brock

James & Allison Brock


Joan King

Jeff Stockberger & Stephanie Vie

Roxy Stockberger

Jessica & Bentley Chang

Dennis & Janice Nakashima

Jill Grey

Lon Ierley

June Justice Eiland

Robert Justice

Karen & Alvin Scott

Danielle Grieco

Kay Ahearn

Alethea Rebman

Kenneth T. Inouye

Lynette Sunamoto

Kevin Nakagami

Lois Maeda

Kris Michimoto

Sharon & Ray Michimoto

Lana Giannella

Sarah Loewenstein

Larry Day & Sandra Loo

Alice Day

Lauren Havlick

LizabethAnn Eisen

Layla Allen-Wei

Diane Allen

Les & Laura Sherrill

Jordan Park Mission 1st Fund

Maelin Ibara

Kevin Hull

Marion Ewan

Dr. Randy T. Mita

Mark & Carol Solien

Bonnie D. Lang

Mary Dennis, Boots & Sparklite

Camilla J. Jensen

Matt Koenig & Jennifer Moran

Al & Joyce Winters


Johanna & Melvyn Leiato

Mi Kosasa

Tracey Dyer

Michael Schmicker

Jeff Reilly

Miko Sakamoto

Eryn Sakamoto

Mililani Backcourt Ohana Rec 3 Gang

Michael & June Awai

Moana McGlaughlin

Jane De Abreu

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Lutey

Steven & Lea Albert

Nandini Bhattacharjee

Indrani Bhattacharjee

Nani & Kuma

Alan & Joslyn Fiddler

Osmond Okazaki

Osmond & Elaine Okazaki

Our Friends

Mark & Eileen Towata

Patricia Eggleston

Victoria Olsen

Patsy Hanae Masuda Izumo

Carolyn Hamasaki


Louis & Flori Petri Foundation

Randy Benfield

Jason Birdsall

Renee Teraoka, Sarah McKay & Dario Salgado

Mark Eliashof

Robert F. Reifer

Dr. Mark & Brenda Szasz

Rose Ann McLane, Clouseau & Kitty Crew

Nancy A. Woodhams

Sandi Yoshimi

Jay Yoshimi

Scott McCaffrey & Deborah Luckett

Charles & Claudia Johnson

Stacey Kimura Shimomura

Glenn & Janice Fukuda

Leong Kunihiro Brooke & Kim AAL, ALC

Stan Schab

Carol J. Holverson

Steve Douglas


Susan Nicol

Virginia Nicol & Aaron Moriwake

Temujin D Thomson

Virginia N. Robitaille

Terry Leong

Richard A. Criley

The Guss Ohana

Pamela Verrey

Paw Prints | 27

The Recktenwalds

Ken Hipp

Tiffany Drummond

Kayla Lisitsa

Tyler Hopkins & Tabitha Absire

Christine Holliday


Lynn Via

Wayne & Kay Nakashima

Dennis & Janice Nakashima

Wendy Araki

Rebecca Marohl

Wes Wagner

Frank Floyd

Zale Hisashima

Norine Hisashima

In Honor of Pets


Susan Eade-Parson

Alice & Didi

Christel J. Collins

All the pets who need a home

Sarah & Talina Richardson


Michelle Voeller

Amanda & Andy

Charles Davis


Ned & Iris Rowley

August Kobayashi

Kellyann Kobayashi

Bear, Atty & Ella

Roslyn & Daven Chun


Aimee E. K. Barnes


Carole Q. Scharfenberger

Bob the Cat

Jacqueline & George Linnik

Bodhi MacField

John R. Field

Bodie & Miki

Alan & Ember Shinn


Jeri K. Caspelich

Brownie & Tama

Sandra M. Tsuha


Jeffrey & Sandi Portnoy


Kevin Hadley

Bud Man

Richard W. Reich

Buddy, Missy & Jayce

Diane & Andy Harada

Buster Jinx

Nancy L. Pearce


Paul Skarpness

Chanel, Buddy & Princeton

Manuel Cabral

Charles Henry Banana

Gordon & Anita Nihei

Charley & Scooter

Ronald & Kathleen Morton


Wallace & Carolyn Towata


KnightKristi Price

Chip & Sweetie Tsuji

Candace & Russell Tsuji


Jennifer L. Baker

CJ Kelley

Doreen & Larry Kelley

Coco & Sandy

Terry R. Tadaki


Lynn & Jeff Haring


Sarah Robertson


Ken Mashiyama

Eliza Minnelli

Catherine L. Cooke & Senator Les Ihara, Jr.

Endor Matsuoka

Darene K. Matsuoka


Kelsey Yamanaka


Jonathan & Cora Cho

Fiona the Kitty

William F. Brandt


Theresa Ratliff

Fur Butt

Linda J. Peterson


David & Mary Mbuthia


Bobby R. Gordon

Ginger & Chloe

George T. Withy

Ginger, Poko & Wally

Susan B. Schotters

Gracie & Thor

Denise & Ace Ellinwood

Gus Parket

Dr. Susan K. Miller & Dr. Richard R. Miller, Jr.


June Taima


Bruce & Diana Sneddon

Hero Sullivan

Amy Sullivan


Brigitte Abbot

Jack Pack

Lee Guertler, M.D. & Della

Guertler, M.D.


Alvin & Karen Scott

Joe Black

Jack & Jane Stevenson

Joey Woode

Donald & Victoria Woode

JonJon & Lia Fukunaga

Wanda Y. Fukunaga

Kamalani & Pua

John Lacy & Evie Black


Meg Ryan

Kika, Willy, Sumi, Lani, Maggie, Molly & Joey

Cynthia & Richard Chun


Katherine M. Loo


Keith Fujii


Lisa Wong-Yamamoto & Lee Yamamoto

Kirby, Laura & Patches Loo

William & Desiree Kalilikane

Kitty & Ninou

Jennifer Terukina


Iris & Y. Bart Hirashima


David Yasuda


Brian & Louella Estabillo


Lisa K. Kim


Lauren Pascale

Ku Bear

Linda Ornelles


Katherine Uyehara


Carley Miller

Liko & Zeus

Jean & David Lang


Kelsey Yamanaka


Kerry Lynn Lum


Julia Saito

Lucy Ekberg

Irene & John Ekberg

Lucy the wonder dog

Dona, Ethan & Wade



Jill Hamasaki

Makapolu & Hapa

Belinda Aiona

Marshmellow & Stush

Saskia & Clyde Ishii

Marty Holsomback

Michele Holsomback

Max Yamane

Lori Yamane

Mele, Ipo & Catfish

Richard & Amy Hashimoto


Alvin Bronstein

Mickey & Bella

Donna & Mickey Tomita


Diane & John MacDonald

Mimi & Sumo

Robert Yamauchi & Charlotte CarterYamauchi


Ivan Young


Elizabeth Iida


Yumi Ozaki

Mochi & Kiko

Derek Lum

Mochi, Mocha & Pepper

Yon H. Chung


Kelvin & Patsy Okino

Molly & Kona

Naomi Yamashita

Molly & Noelle

Pamela McKiddie


Michael Morioka

Mr. Bubbles

Ouida & James Morris


Jo desMarets


Janet Jin

Nico & Shadow

Alison & Jason Okumura


Portland & E.J. Mendivil


Grant Y. Arakawa


Anthony Makuakane Potter


Juanita & Mark Allen

Our dogs

Mary J. Manabe

Paki Rabbit

Theodore & Judith Simon


Karl T. Katsumoto


Sunde Bargas


Betty & George Royce

Pico & Hangsterfer Chong

Martha Chong


Dennis A. Bernard


Gordon M. Miyahira

Pugsley Famularcano

Sheryll Famularcano

Puni girl

Cynthia Hottendorf


Katheren Inamura


Cheryl Oyadomari


Sandy Williams


Derek Chow


Lanelle Nishikawa

Sake & Musubi

Jennifer A. Aquino

Scooby-Doo & Tazz

Diane E. Kodis

Scooter, Ziggy, Koa, Tucker & Marley

Angela Reed & Shawn Reed

Sean & Danny

John & Elizabeth French


John & Megumi Burzynski


Catherine Chow


John & Libby Otte


Kanani & Jarrett Makaimoku


Cheryl Uchihara

SweetPea Nutter

James & Karin Nutter


Erik Webb


Brian & Karen Tajiri

Taz, Babz & Bubblez

Sarah Nichols


Amy Conley


Kelley Purington & Randall



Deborah L. Park

Toby Kobashigawa

James & May Kobashigawa


Sandra Schachat


Cleighton Fong


Henry & Lily Shun


Deborah Riehl

Winston & Franklin

Nancy J. Whitcomb

Zac & Hookee

Kim L. Voigt


Dr. Patrick J. Gilbert

28 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

In Memory of People

Alice Marie Atkinson

Alan Atkinson

Ann Russell

Matthew Kuh

Anna Yokochi

Gareth C. Yokochi

Arnold Kameda

Wendy Kameda

Bernice Lee

Zan Dawson & Nani Lindsey

Betty White

Jillian Okamoto

R. Paige Slocum & Gregory Pang

Brad Bailon

Allan & Frances Bailon

Carol Yoshinaga

Lori Yoshinaga

Charlene Lock

Richard Lock & Jane Uyehara-Lock

Chase Evan Zavakos

Janice L. Choate-Zavakos

Clarence, Alfred & Manuel Souza

James Souza-Hall & Sharone Souza-Hall

Clayton Winger

Vernette L. Heare

Ginger Winger

Connie Black

Ken & Linda Rietfors

Corrine Trendle

Linda Hartle

Dad, Ma & Buttons

Iris Park

Daphne Kaneshiro

Troy K. Kaneshiro

David C. Larsen

Pamela Larsen

Diane Yamamoto

Sandra Omiya

Edward F. Jirik

Lonnie & Eleanor Briggs

Elaine Dobashi

Glenn & Gail Kakuda

Eloise Monsarrat

Henry & Patricia McPhillips

Ernest K. Tottori & Mele

Ann K. Kinoshita

Errol Chang

Lawrence & Charleen Kimata

Frances Plemer

Sylvia N. Plemer

Frank M. Searl

Caralyn & Michael Merrill

Gail & Michonne Kaleikini

Craig C.K. Kaleikini

Gladys Kadooka

Carolyn F. Tanaka

Glenn Shea

Bonnie Ozaki & Van James

Hanzo Chinen

Edwin & Denise Yee

Harriet Gee

Patricia A. Gee

Harry Berger

Tina & Dennis Berg

Harry P.Y. Chu, Jr.

Gregory & Sharon Wong

Helen Bowlin

Lon Ierley

Helen Muroda

Stella Neuman

Jack & Helen Mayeda

Julie & Brian Ninomoto

Jane Higdon & Eloise Monsarrat

Lee Ann Errett

Janet Loo

Sandra A. Loo

Jean Caldwell Marchant

Kristen B. Caldwell

Jean J. Higa

Ryne Higa & Shari Motooka-Higa

Joan Duprey & her dogs Lucy & Ricky

April M. Putnam


Alice Morris

Kaoru Sato

Hidemi Sato

Karen A. Olanda

Wayne & Linda Takane

Kathleen Silva

Brandon Silva

Kea Chinn

Jo Ann & Alan Chinn


George & Alice Aoki

Kenneth T. Higashi

Kimberly A. Higashi

Kent Morimoto

Majel A. Morimoto

Laura & Tony Payne

Patricia Billington


Marc Zelnick


Phillip Dunkelberger

Linda Nakamoto

Stephen & Lois Yamada

Louis R. Silva, Jr.

Stanley C. Silva

Mabel Chang

Danny & Joanne Lopez

Maggie Nashiro

Michael Morioka

Marichu Scott & Anneliese Chun

Iris V. Stepanic

Mark C. Sagerholm

A. D. Sagerholm

Martin Jung

Randall Mikuriya

Merle Kahikina Akuna

Melisa Tobias

Antonius Bustamante

Maelin Ibara

Shigemi Pang

Noman Saito

Reed Tokairin

Frederic Tudor

Mitsuko Sato

Michael T. Sato

Monika Ho

Norman Ho

Neil Kahanawai Malmud

Shirley A. Malmud

Noriyuki Fukuda

Lydia M. Gibson

Pamela Burns

Caleb & Jane Burns

Jennifer Chiwa

Bob & Lynne Toyofuku

Dan & Gerri Watanabe

Patricia Janet Mills

Lance, Jennifer & Sarah Mills


Edwin & Mona Kini

Ralph & Beatrice Ishibashi

Vance M. Ishibashi

Ralph J. Murakami

Carol A. Takaki

Reid Krucky

Edward Bugarin & Carol Jaxon

Reta Maag

Pacarro Family Fund

Richard T. & Kazue Morisawa

Nicole Nakamoto

Robert Flating

Vinnie Shimabukuro

Robert Heath

Christine A. Valles

Robin Conley

Joseph & Linda Flanagan

Russell M. Shoji, DVM

Clifford & Stephany Hong

Ruth Shimabuku

Joni Gross

Sandy Ferris

Lorie A. Pias

Sandy S. Gottesman

A. Gillespie

Lorna Lai

Malia Schlesser

Scout Lindell

Joseph Sterbis

Sharon L. Dee

Colleen H. Dee

Timmy Wong

Evelyn J. Black

Tom McGlaughlin

Jane De Abreu

Tyson Ichida

The Ichida Family

Walter Hiranaka

Violet Hiranaka

Wanda Carlson

Richard A. Carlson

William Kakowski

Stacey Kakowski

of Pets

Abbi & Mokey

Judy Magin

Aike Oura

Kelvin & Phyllis Kurio


Andrea Fleig & Reinhold Penner

Anastasia Chu

Gregory & Sharon Wong


Ryan & Claire Nakamoto


Keith & Sandra Abe


Ruby Rasor

Ashley & Fluffy

Monica M. Furuhashi


Sally M. Belles

Bailey & Marnie

Dean K. Toyama


Michelle L. Alves

Barkley & AJ

Franklin & Annette Distiso

Baxter Saint Charles

Jaimie Chun

Beardsley, Streaker, Fred & Aka

Denise & Ace Ellinwood

Be-Back & Shorty

Terry R. Joiner

Bella, Mitzi & Bud E.

Chuck & Diane Marshall

Belle & Sasha

Pamela S.M. Niesz

Beloved Companions

Thomas G. Mendonca

Beni & Raul

Ricardo D. Benavides

Benjamin & Daisy

John Roberts


Herman Chang & Dora Young


Kyle A. Thompson

Benny, Max, Sasha & Ikaika

Leona G. Auerbach


Linda S. Higa & Sophie

Blazey Lindbo

Janey Lindbo

Bo & Anela

Lisa A. Tom

Bogey Shanerton

Peter C. Pinkerton

Boogie Altonn

Carla Peterson


Neal & Amy Okamoto

Bridget Napunahele o Napua

Miles Ibara

In Memory

Ki‘ana J. Balbirona

Paw Prints | 29


Janice & Richard Horylev


Gwen Y. Suzuki-Oishi


John & Brenda Tupaj

Buffy Sue

Lisa & Robert Sue


Patricia M. Domingo

Bully, Sophie, Makapai & Sparkey

Majel A. Morimoto


Deborah L. Stampfle

Buster & Tiguan

Bruce & Diana Sneddon


Patrick & Janice Yamada

Celes, Terra, Mog & Gau

Cody Higaki


Janice & Wayson Vannatta

Charlie Okazaki

Kathryn K. Okazaki


Mr. & Mrs. Steve Colon


Dennis & Maryann Kertell

Chelsey & Boomer

Doreen K. Tabe


Irene & Milton Nakamura

Chibi & Yukii

Wallace & Carolyn Towata

Chibi Nishimura Sorayama

Rupert K.S. Chang

Chico & Elmo

Amy Guarin

Chini & Wedgie

John & Megumi Burzynski

Chocolate, Scooter, Frankie & Simba Wong

Helen N. Wong

Clancy & Peppi

Joanne & Clyde Matsui

Cleo & Ebi Asakura

Lisa & David Asakura

Coco Bella Deutsch

Andrea Deutsch

Cocoa & Rusty Parker

Noah & Ellen Parker


Sharon Hamamoto


Scott Keopuhiwa


Alan Richards

Copper U.

Myrna S. Uytingco

Cory & MewMew

Jeffrey & Carol Choy


Michelle Yee

Daisy & Molly

Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann

Daisy, Nalu, Koa & Rocky Keala

Denise & Joseph Keala


Margaret & Duke Snyder


Patricia Stevens

DJ, Scooby, Max & Thunder Silva

Mary L. Silva


Floria O. Komer


Lauren R. Shigekane

Duchess, Bandit & Bear

James & May Kobashigawa


A. D. Sagerholm

Duke & Mo

Benjamin & Mealani Parish

Dusty & Kolohe

Dayle & Kevin Kuniyuki


Christine Munson


Charlene Abe & Keith Kaneshiro

Emi Oka

Edwin & Marion Oka


Ronald Yanagihara


Marjorie & John Turner

Ernie Carson

Mireya Norman

Feisty, Blazer & Cody

Michael A.T. Maeda

Fiona Leah

Beth-Ann Kozlovich

Fiosty, Tisha, & Charmer

Samuel & Kathy Dunn


Bob & Eileen Nakamura


Toni U. Bactad

Fudge D. Hodge

Lauren Hodge


E. Michael & Tracy Byrnes


Allen & Tammy Perry

George Kawaa

Yahna Kawaa


Sirena & M. Kumabe

Giovanni & Marco

Charles Miller & Stephanie Marshall


Crystal & Bradley Theel

Happy & Smokey Asato

Cynthia & Earl Asato

Happy Jones

Sylvia Cruz Jones


John & Carla Margenau


Jo Ann Ikehara


Roshal & Michael Todaro

Hoku Ching

Cyrus & Masumi Ching


Nancy Masuda

Ipo McKeon

Lauretta L. McKeon


Wilfred & Jewel Kawano


Dennis & Jozet Yoshitake


Lori Aguada


Raymond & Deborah Jahaaski


Jon Shear


Brenda K. H. Ching


Roxanne Y. Yamashiro


Serena Stefanic-Phillip & Solomon Phillip

Kanani Kalea & Noe

Stuart Shinn

Kaponoke Koanui

Sharon Mendoza


Paul & Krist Tanaka

K'den Nagata

Alyssa Nagata


Lauren R. Hong Wright

Kekala, Tita, Aka & Ele

Linda S. Ahue

Kena & Kihe

Bridget A. Wong


Dana L. Bennett


Corey & Yukie Wong


Sheldon Char

Kitsu Murayama & Russell Chin

Nora Rumbaoa


Juliane & Wesley Inouye

Koa, Cody & Cat

Claudia Akroyd & Robin Cababa

Koa, Kaleo & Harley

Eric Enjada


Janis Nakano-Endo

Kobi & Zara

Paul T. Shigenaga

Koko, Katy & Ali

Ross Higaki & Ann Nakahara-Higaki


Joanne S. Ancheta

Kuau, Koko & Tabby

Henry Dela Cruz & Ursula Olds-Dela Cruz

Kudos 2000

Judith S. Jakobovits


Kelley Zukeran-Sakaino


Susan M. Kosasa

Kuma, Bambino & Rocky

Norma F. English

La Maschera Bize Lalou

Janice Futa


Joanne M. Nakamura


Joseph J. Larnerd

Lani, Sandy & Maile Maeda

Diane M. Maeda

Lily & Oliver

Dale & Victoria Machado

Little Red

Cynthia A. Williams

Lola & Muffy

Rodney & Lori Uyeoka

Louie Fujimori Clark

Randy Fujimori & Janet Clark


Faith Milnes


Lonna & John Sherwin

Maggie Mae

Catherine Alana

Makai Dog, Mauka & Pukiaue

James C. Richardson


Janet Primiano


Dana M.K. Umiamaka


Donna & Eric Kaneshiro


Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham

Maximilian Ryoma Nakagawa

Joy K. Nakagawa


Johnny Raymond Kelly

30 | Hawaiian Humane Society •


Linda M. Hamada

Melvin & Sam

Carol Ai May & Michael May

MeMe & JoeJoe

Caroline & Kenneth Tano


Lisa Wong-Yamamoto & Lee Yamamoto

Miki & Cashoo Lum

Dorinda Lum

Miki, Koa, Mozzie, Tooney, BC & Kanoe

Margie Leong

Mimi 1, Mimi 2, Blackie Boy, Kitty Girl, Muning & Lucky

Judy C. Hattori


Lila Jong

Miss Kitty Grable

Janet E. Carpenter


David & Joanne Do


Michael & Christine Toibin

Misty, Audrey & Odin

Rodney & Cherie Ann Imai


Thomas Drazin


Marguerite Daysog


Allison & Wesley Kawakami


Dean Nishina

Mooshu & Foxy

Lauren Toribio

Mr. Dog

Lois H. Yamaguchi

Mr. Pickles

Juju Beadz


Rita Nuci

Nala Ann Young

Michael & Jo Ann Young


Darleen Fontanilla


Dora T. Cheng


Ruby Okumura


Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano

Nori, Socks & Keiko

Lori Ann & Jay Sunakoda

Norton & Oliver

Mary A. Artese


Stacey Esmeralda


Lilia Johnson


Paul & Peggy Haring


Donald & Mae Harris


Kayla Keehu-Alexander


Eloise & Conrad Murashige


Pat Kraemer

Pashmina Marie McCarthy

Jaime A. McCarthy


George & Harriet Lai


Donna E. Burnett


Ruth Pagell


Robin & Glenn Fujinaka

Pixie Yasuda

Neal & Marian Yasuda


Adam & Lounalyn Myers


Sherrie M. Takushi-Isara

Pol, Jack & Jill

Maurice Tamura & Nita Williams

Polani & Sagwa

Cashmere Monroe


Patricia Ernce & Cindy Namahoe


Marcus A. Bembenista


Jon G. Coito


Michael Formby & Peter Lee

Quintus Oda

Keith S. Oda

Rascal & Lucy

James Jones

Rascal, Kimo, Cody, Dusty, Lulu & Abbie

Terena Chinn-Fujii

Remington Suzuki

Brian & Carolyn Suzuki


Wyvetta Farfan


Trisha Shimabuku-Fish

Rocky Raccoon

Faye H. Haraguchi


Iris & Ward Takamiya


Karen L. Morrissette


Mark Mikasa


Katrina Perez

Sam, Mocha & Bandit

Serena Nakagawa

Sami & Shasta

Jack & Sylvia Pearson

Sammy Kalawaia

Patsy K. Kalawaia

Samurai Yong Ton, Miss Pua o'Kaaawa, Saja, Mr. Cookie, Waltzing Matilda, Ossian Kolehe & Kaikane

Mary J.K. Kim


Debbie S. Mori

Shere Khan Luke

Theresa & Layne Luke

Shiro & Koro Yamada

Frances A. Yamada

Shiro, Kuma, Kuro, Toby, Kiko, Haku, Mango, Paka, Noel & Skippy

Stanley & Sheri Ann Kajioka

Simba Santiano

Kristi Shiraishi Santiano

Sir Augie the Rascal

Marilyn Cup Choy


Rita Coyle


Melinda & James Cavanah

Smokey & Sachi

Candace A. Konjevic


Colleen F. Goto-Ono


Tomie T. Hirano


Merilyn N. Oda


Carol Nishiyama


Elsa C. Lee


Craig Williams & Jessica Chau


Mary Martin


Thomas G. Mendonca


Karl & Sheila Wensel

Sunrunner Mele

Ken Ito & Elizabeth Hokada

Sunshine Miyata

Sharon Miyata

Sushi & Mochi

Norine Bigelow

Sweetest Malia

Toni R. Fujita


Henry & Judyann Matsuoka


Paul & Judith Kikuta


Harriet & Ivan Matsumoto


Betty M. Pedro

The Kolumeister

Jaime Hanohano

The Lahilahi Pride

Deborah Riehl


William & Louise South

Tico & Maya

Darlene Ogoshi


Kathryn F. Russell


Alan C. Reid

Tippy & Bella

Roses Systems Solutions

Toffee, Topper, Buddy & Toto

Walter & Gayle Ozawa


Carl & JoAnn Jacobs


Lisa M. Lewis


Lynn Ibara


Heather M. Wimberly


Carl Caum


Linda & Eugene Kumasaki

Whipper & Yogi

Wesley Kitajima & Beverly Zane-Kitajima


Maimona Ghows


Cassie Carter


Anna Gunn


Evangeline Fujita

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Mahalo to our volunteers

alo to our volunteers!

Hawaiian Humane’s volunteers are the heart of our organization. From animal and foster care; enrichment; dog walking; administrative, outreach and events support; to laundry, facilities, adoptions and admissions assistance and so much more, we thank you for all that you do to help Oʻahu's animals in need.

Hawaiian Humane’s volunteers are the heart of our organization. From animal and foster care; enrichment; dog walking; administrative, outreach and events support; to laundry, facilities, adoptions and admissions assistance and so much more, we thank you for all that you do to help Oʻahu's animals in need.

Learn how you can get involved at our Mōʻiliʻili campus and Kosasa Family Campus at Hoʻopili on page 15 and on our website at

Learn how you can get involved at our Mōʻiliʻili campus and Kosasa Family Campus at Hoʻopili on page 15 and on our website at

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