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December 2016 - February 2017

Dogs rescued from Kahaluu find new homes It was the late evening of May 21. Hawaiian Humane Society’s Humane Investigators and officers from the Honolulu Police Department were waiting on judge’s orders for a search warrant of James Montgomery’s Kahaluu home after a dog was found dead in a nearby trash bin and another in critical condition. Finally, at 7:30 pm, they received the warrant to enter the home. The overwhelming stench of animal waste met them first. As they reached the area the dogs were held, they entered a horrific scene where dogs were found living in squalid conditions. Upstairs, at least a dozen of them were living in small cages covered with feces, with no solid floors, their paws on bare wire. Many were emaciated with matted fur. Others were housed in a pitch-black bunker with no ventilation, food or water.

the dogs at puppy swap meets, along the roadside and out of his trunk. Ten years later, he was indicted in early July on two counts of felony animal cruelty. In August, Montgomery surrendered ownership of the dogs to Hawaiian Humane Society, which had been safe in foster care for months. Seventeen rescued dogs were made available for adoption to the public in late August. Many of the others had been adopted by their foster families. Approximately 300 people gathered at Ala Moana Center to have an opportunity to meet the dogs and the chance to adopt them. With a wide variety to choose from, many were hoping to find that special canine to call their own. One of those people was Athena Michaels.

The dogs were brought back to More than the Hawaiian Humane Society 300 people waited for health assessments and at Ala Moana Center for their chance to medical treatments they adopt a dog from needed. Some had litters the Kahaluu of newborn puppies. Most rescue. were unsocialized, frightened and underweight. Once foster volunteers were organized, the dogs went into temporary homes to rest, recuperate and begin living their new lives. In 2006, James Montgomery had been cited for 55 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty for keeping his “breeding” dogs in unfit living conditions. Montgomery sold

“Our dog had passed away and the family was heartbroken,” said Michaels. We saw the news about the adoption event and thought it was a great idea to bring another dog home. My husband saw Benson and was adamant that he was the one. Benson has really brought this family joy and happiness. He has been so lovable, so great with the kids and we’ve been spoiling him. He always makes us laugh.” All of the rescued dogs, along with a dozen others, were adopted at the special event. The case against Montgomery is still pending trial. As a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), the Hawaiian Humane Society’s field continued on page 3

President’s Letter

A community comes together for the animals In my 26 years with the Hawaiian Humane Society, I never will forget the last three months. We have expanded, celebrated, rescued and experienced the undeniable support from our community. It’s in times like this that I am reminded of the foundation of our mission: supporting and promoting the humananimal bond, educating young and old and finding solutions to the challenges of a diverse and fast-growing community of people and animals. Our dream to expand our campus became a reality on October 1, when we gathered with 100 of our friends, family and neighbors to celebrate and bless our additional Cat and Dog Houses, new Admission & Veterinary Center and two new field service rescue vans that were added to our fleet. Our expanded campus is the result of the ever-evolving and improving

practices of animal shelter management and is the culmination of input from animal shelter experts from across the nation. The project design was guided by what Pamela Burns has animals see, smell served as and feel in order President & CEO since to encourage more 1990. natural behaviors while staying with us. We have always provided excellent animal care and now have a variety of housing options to address the individual needs of each animal in a safe, healthy and clean environment, which minimizes their stress and promotes positive behavior. The new expansion came at an important time. In mid-October, the Hawaiian Humane Society rescued more than 300 dogs from a property in Waianae. They were living in make-shift dog houses, covered in feces and urine and many had severe skin conditions continued on page 3

Pamela Burns President & CEO Allison Gammel Community Relations Director Editor Brandon Bosworth Tori Hiroaka Kevin Kawamoto Tim Ruel Contributors Jeff Chung Dave Greer Kristen Koss Elise Wilcox Photographers Published quarterly by the Hawaiian Humane Society. 2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826 Phone (808) 356-2200 Fax (808) 955-6034 HawaiianHumane.org Animal Rescues & Investigations 356-2250 Dog Licensing 356-2227 Donations & Gifts 356-2213 Education 356-2206 Events 356-2225 Hike Club 356-2222 Lost & Found 356-2228 Pet Adoptions 356-2218 Pet Loss Support Group 356-2216 Volunteer Programs 356-2216 The Hawaiian Humane Society is an education and advocacy organization that also shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. It is Oahu’s only open-admission shelter that welcomes all animals. Visit HawaiianHumane.org to learn more.

Volunteers socialize with dogs at the new indoor/outdoor Dog House.


In Our Backyard

Hundreds come to adopt rescued Kahaluu dogs continued from page 1

services team not only rescues and protects animals, but also investigates cruelty and neglect and helps to educate the community about responsible pet acquisition and ownership. If you decide to purchase a puppy, be sure to do your homework, especially when shopping on the internet, pet store or at a puppy swap meet. Ask a lot of questions. Require a visit to where the dogs are born and raised. Every responsible breeder allows you to meet a puppy’s mother and father and see them in their home environment.

Benson is enjoying his new life at the Michaels’ home.

unthinkable and inhumane. If you suspect any type of cruelty or neglect of an animal in your neighborhood, call 356-2250 to report it.

Puppies you see at the swap meet or pet store may look healthy, but looks can be deceiving. The conditions the puppies’ mother and father are living in may be

continued from page 2

and sores from the deplorable conditions where they lived. When news broke in the media, the community was quick to respond. Many gathered at the Hawaiian Humane Society to volunteer their time to help care for the rescued animals. Others rallied together and held supply drives, dropped off towels, crates, dog food, monetary

donations and water for volunteers to drink.

continue to teach future generations to have empathy for all animals.

Our support from the community was further showcased when thousands stepped out for PetWalk, our annual charity walk. Together, we raised over $295,000, which will allow us to help more animals in need, such as the ones from the recent rescue in Waianae. PetWalk donations also go toward education, so we can

The overwhelming support of our island’s community has been both humbling and inspiring. On behalf of the Hawaiian Humane Society, I would like to sincerely thank all of our committed staff, gracious donors, dedicated volunteers and supportive community members who have helped make our work possible. Mahalo to those who have generously volunteered their time, Volunteers donated much need supplies and bathe some opened their homes to foster the of the Waianae rescue dogs. dogs in our care. The success of the Hawaiian Humane Society is a true community effort and it is with heartfelt gratitude that I extend my thanks to each of you.

Pamela Burns President & CEO 3

Amnesty program encourages voluntary surrender In September, you may recall seeing news about a hedgehog that was turned in to the Hawaiian Humane Society. Many people find this short-legged, spiny-coated mammal to be adorable. It can fit into the palm of a person’s hand and will curl up into a ball if frightened. While cute, hedgehogs are one of a number of animals that the state of Hawaii classifies as illegal for private individuals to keep. Penalties for the import and possession of illegal animals in Hawaii can include stiff fines, jail time or both. The Hawaiian Humane Society participates in the state’s Amnesty Program, which means that if a person voluntarily surrenders an illegal animal before an investigation is initiated, there are no penalties. This is to encourage the public to turn in illegal animals rather than release them into the wild, where they can cause significant damage to native habitat and species. Once an illegal animal is surrendered to the Humane Society, the animal is turned over to the State Department of Agriculture’s Plant Quarantine

Branch, which oversees the Amnesty Program.

monitor lizard – all considered illegal reptiles in Hawaii.

Because the state realizes that people may be reluctant to turn in an illegal animal that has been cared for as a pet, the Amnesty Program attempts to find a suitable home for the animal – at a local zoo, for example, or on the mainland – rather than euthanize the animal.

The State Department of Agriculture specifies that anyone convicted of possessing an illegal animal, plant or microorganism may be fined up to $200,000 and imprisoned for up to three years. This includes non-native mammals like the hedgehog that was surrendered to the Humane in September.

“Animals may be dropped off at all island humane societies, municipal zoos, or any Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Plant Quarantine Office,” according to the Department of Agriculture’s website. The department has plant quarantine This hedgehog was offices on Oahu, turned in to the the Big Island, Hawaiian Humane Maui and Society as a part of the state’s Kauai. Other animals surrendered through the state’s Amnesty Program have included ball pythons, boa constrictors, bluetongued skinks, and a

The Hawaiian Humane Society’s Admissions Department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and accepts all animals, legal or illegal. Call the State’s Toll-Free Pest Hotline at 643-7378 for more information.

Amnesty Program.

Our Admissions Center Serving as a drop-off point for the State Amnesty Program is just one of the many services our Admissions Department provides. Other services include:

• Oahu’s Official Pet Lost & Found Visit the Humane Society daily to look for your missing pet from 11 am to 7 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 4 pm on weekends and holidays.

• Humane Cat Trap Loans The Humane Society provides low-cost sterilizations for free-roaming cats and works with those who want to work towards a humane solution to reduce cat overpopulation. Traps are available for a 7-day loan with refundable deposit.

• Pet Microchipping Get your cat or dog microchipped at Hawaiian Humane for $20, which includes registration in Oahu’s microchip database. Walk-ins are welcome any day of week between noon and 4 pm at the Admissions Center.

• Owned-Animal Admissions Hawaiian Humane Society welcomes all animals and about 65 arrive daily.

• Stray Animal Admissions There are no fees to bring in stray animals to the Hawaiian Humane Society.


Large Waianae rescue prompts animal cruelty case In October, the Hawaiian Humane Society rescued more than 300 dogs from inhumane conditions in Waianae. Animals on the property were found covered in feces and urine and in overcrowded cages that restricted the dogs’ ability to stand up and turn around. Fecal matter was also found in water bowls and food dishes, with rats and

mice feeding off of open bags of rotting food throughout the location. Filthy dogs with festering skin conditions, rancid food, combined with animal waste created an overwhelming stench on the property.

During the medical evaluations, issues about the overall health of the dogs as a result of unchecked infestation of external parasites, including ticks, fleas and lice were identified. These factors could potentially Dogs rescued in lead to life-threatening conditions, for which all Waianae had of the dogs are being tested. Some dogs suffered a variety of medical debilitating skin disorders, had open wounds and conditions. pressure sores and others were malnourished and starving. Some were in critical condition and had to be taken to local veterinary clinics to receive emergency medical attention. The law requires, at a minimum, that animals be given sufficient care to preserve their health and well-being. This was not being done for those dogs we rescued. The dogs are currently in foster homes and at the Hawaiian Humane Society receiving much needed care. An animal cruelty case has been opened and is still pending investigation.

Leaving a legacy of caring for the less fortunate Making a planned gift to the Hawaiian Humane Society is an excellent way to ensure that love and compassion for animals continues to benefit homeless pets for many years to come. With your gift, the Humane Society is able to care for animals and support its 30 programs and services. Here are a few ways to make a planned gift: • Will or Estate Plan Contribution – A bequest through a will or estate plan leaves a legacy of caring for the animals. • IRA & Retirement Plan Contribution – Designate the Humane Society to receive all or a portion of the account. This allows supporters to give more than they ever thought possible, while leaving

heirs other assets that may be taxed at lower rates. • Life Insurance Policy – Gifts of a life insurance policy or proceeds of a policy that are no longer needed can also be an excellent way to give. You may be able to use life insurance to “replace” assets you donate to charity, allowing you to provide for loved ones and their charitable interests. • Donations Honoring a Loved One – For the person who has everything, a donation in honor of a loved one can be a fitting gift this holiday season. Send an eCard to notify an honoree of the contribution. For information, call 356-2213 or email development@ hawaiianhumane.org. 5

Community gathers to celebrate Moiliili campus expansion communal areas for the dogs to socialize, as well as private spaces for rest. Cats now enjoy a second Cat House with three-story lodging and vertical spaces allowing them more places to climb and explore. Currently, the Society performs 7,000 sterilizations a year and the new veterinary clinic will help optimize operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Hundreds of community members gathered at the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Moiliili campus in October to celebrate and bless the new Admissions & Veterinary Center, as well as its new Dog and Cat Adoption Houses. “Originally built in the 1940s, our campus has served as a community resource providing programs and services focused on strengthening the human-animal bond and caring for more than 25,000 animals a year,” said Pamela Burns, President and CEO of the Hawaiian Humane Society. “This project represents the latest innovation in shelter design that lends itself to maximum efficiency for staff and optimal compassionate care for animals.”

Pacific Asia Design Group was the primary architect for the campus expansion with consulting provided by Animal Arts Design of Boulder, Colorado. Kiewit Building Group began construction on the new building in September 2015. Special thanks to the Eagle Scouts’ Troop 101, volunteers from FEMA and Hawaii Pacific University Women’s Volleyball team in assisting with the move-in to the new areas.

Highlights of the project include increased dog and cat housing capacity. Updated living quarters allow for efficient cleaning and care, helping to reduce stress while enhancing the health and happiness of the animals. The new Dog Houses have an indoor-outdoor design with

Dog Adoption House during and after construction.

Admissions & Veterinary Center during and after construction.


Dr. John and Kumi Lederer stand with their dogs in front of a new field service van.

City & County of Honolulu Council Chair Ernie Martin enjoys spending time with furry friends.

Board Chair Ginny Tiu, President & CEO Pamela Burns and Kahu Kekapa Lee untie the maile lei to signify the opening of the expanded campus for animals.

Capital Campaign Gifts Eric & Lori Ako Alexander & Baldwin ALTRES & Simplicity HR Bob & Kelly Armstrong Atherton Family Foundation Bank of Hawaii Foundation Bob & Frances Bean Joan Bellinger Francie Boland Pamela Burns Cades Foundation Stan Cadwallader & Jim Nabors Governor & Mrs. Ben Cayetano Charles B. Wang International Foundation Joyce Doheny* John & Christina Doty Nicholas & Koren Dreher Emmett R. Quady Foundation Thyrza Eyre Brandt Farias Fergus & Company First Hawaiian Bank Foundation Ken & Linda Fong Marvin & Sandra Fong

Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr. Jerrold & Harlene Fuller Stephen & Gloria Gainsley Dr. Richard* & Elizabeth Grossman Devon, Tim, Hoku, Mele & Maluhia Guard Alan Ho & Sylvia Liang-Ho James Campbell Company & Executives Carol Jones & Larry Jones / The Larson Jones Family Trust Michael & Pamela Jones Diane M. Kimura & William J. Nagle, III Jim & Lynn Lally Kent & Sharon Lucien Gracie, George, Sherman & Bella Lynch McInerny Foundation Stephen & Susan Metter Riki & Karen S. Morimoto Nakamura Educational Institute Norman & Ann Noguchi / Marcus & Associates

Elahe Omidyar Mir-Djalali Ray Okada Jamie & Pauline Osborne Kathleen & David Pellegrin Petco Foundation Mary Philpotts McGrath Mark & Karen Polivka Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation / Jack & May Tyrrell Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Schuler Family Foundation Estate of Frank & Marna Slocum Barbara Smith Bill & Ellen Stiles Sue Sylvester Palumbo / Billy Palumbo Ginny Tiu Paul & Leslie Turnbull Dr. Norman & Kazue Ueda & Peppy Barry & Virginia Weinman Mary Weyand* William G. Irwin Charity Foundation Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman *deceased



Catios keep cats safe, happy and healthy The Hawaiian Humane Society encourages cat owners to keep their feline companions safely indoors where they can avoid fast-moving cars, fights, and diseases they may contract from interaction with other animals; however, cats need exercise and many of them enjoy playing outdoors. Some cat owners think the solution is to let their cats freely roam outside, exposing them to the many risks they could encounter outdoors. But experts say that cats are fine living out their lives indoors, as long as they are provided with enough physical and mental stimulation to keep their bodies and minds fit. Some cat owners have gone a step farther, constructing a hybrid indoor-outdoor environment called “catios.” Catios are an enclosed outdoor patio for cats, which gets cats closer to the outdoors while remaining safely in an enclosed area. Although there are many varieties of catios in existence, they often share some common features. One common feature is large windows, screens, or other seethrough barriers that give cats a wide-angle view

of the outdoors. This allows them to observe trees, plants, birds, and other wildlife. Another feature is different levels for cats to climb, walk, and perch on. These can include ladders, steps, elevated walkways, lookout posts, and platforms of assorted shapes and sizes. And of course cat toys and objects that can keep a cat occupied when they are in the mood for play and exploration.

Catios are enclosed outdoor spaces for cats.

The Teehans have two cats and two dogs that are either strays that they took in or adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society. While their pets are all sterilized and vaccinated, the Teehans decided they needed to go one step further to keep their cats happy and healthy. They began planning for a catio at their Salt Lake home. “My wife, Pam, wanted the catio so the cats could enjoy being outside safely,” Michael Teehan said. “We hired a contractor and worked closely with him to make sure the catio was built alongside our home safely and according to our design. There are places the cats can play, eat, sleep and even hide away by themselves when they feel like being alone.” Despite some of the fancier examples you might find on the Internet, catios do not necessarily have 8

to be expensive extensions to the home. Some simpler models consist of a secured wire cage with a solid platform extending out of a lower window of the home. This gives the cat the sense of going outside without being able to wander. Depending on a cat owner’s preferences and resources, catios can get fancy and elaborate. Some catios are so complex and spacious that they can – and often do – accommodate multiple occupants, both feline and human. Not everyone has the space or resources to add a catio to their home. For those who are able to do so and want to, think about the size and design that’s right for you and your feline family members. Doing your research, as the Teehans did, will make sure your catio is both safe and enjoyable for all the occupants of your home.

Ring in the New Year with these safety tips On New Year’s Eve, fireworks will be crackling in neighborhoods across Oahu. Most pets do not take kindly to fireworks. Some may even get scared and run away. Here are a couple of tips you can follow to help calm your dog, cat, or other pet this New Year’s Eve. Keep your pets indoors. Your pet is unlikely to run away if he is kept inside in a nice, warm and cozy area that makes them feel safe. Many pets become anxious and scared when they hear fireworks popping outside. Try playing some nice music or turn on the television for them to

listen to in the background instead of fireworks. If your pet cannot be kept in the home, consider keeping him in an enclosed area, such as a garage. Do not leave your pet unattended.

identification has your most current contact information. If he needs identification, stop by the Hawaiian Humane Society to purchase ID tags, dog licenses and a microchip.

Resist taking your pet to fireworks displays. Most animals don’t enjoy the holiday’s noisy spectacles. Consider boarding options for the evening if you’re not able to stay home with him.

If you find a stray animal, take him to Hawaiian Humane’s 24-hour Admissions Center, where pets can be reunited with their owners. Call Hawaiian Humane Society at 3562228 immediately if your pet is lost and file a lost report. The law requires that all dogs wear a valid license as proof of ownership.

Update your pet identification. Frightened pets often try to escape the loud noises and bright flashes of fireworks. To be reunited quickly, ensure his

Consult with a Veterinarian. Some animals have extreme cases of anxiety when it comes to fireworks. Many people prepare for New Year’s Eve by asking their vet to prescribe something to help calm their pet.

Holoholo Check out all of these upcoming events and more at HawaiianHumane.org.

Mission PAWsible Contest

Estate Planning Seminar

December 1 – March 31

January 24 • Hawaiian Humane Society

Attention teens! Your next mission, should you choose to accept, is to be an animal hero! Students in grades 6-12 can enter the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Mission PAWsible Contest by showing how to be a hero for Oahu’s animals. Categories include Traditional Art, Digital Art, and Written Word. Enter for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Beats by Dre and other great prizes! Deadline is March 31, 2017. Visit HawaiianHumane.org/ education for more information.

Leave a legacy of love for your pets by creating an estate plan that provides for their care. This seminar will be led by estate planning expert Rhonda Griswold from the law firm of Cades Schutte. Contact Dawn Kim at dkim@hawaiianhumane.org or 356-2213 to attend.

Neko Café January 28 • Mori Hawaii

The Hawaiian Humane Society is partnering up with Art + Flea to host a second pop-up cat café event in their store Mori, at South Shore Marketplace complete with Humane Society cats and kittens available for adoption. Email ckam@hawaiianhumane.org for more information.

Animal Hero January 14 & February 18 1:30 – 4:30 pm • Hawaiian Humane Society

Students grades 6-12 who want to help animals for a school or project or community service are encouraged to attend this class. A $25 fee per student is requested and will cover mentorship throughout the project. Scholarships are available. Learn more at HawaiianHumane.org.

Doggie Speed Dating February 11 10 am – Noon • Hawaiian Humane Society

Find the love of your life with a people-pet speed dating event. All adoption fees for all animals are waived from 10 am - Noon only. More than 100 animals await. Call 356-2225 for more info. 9

More than 2,700 people and pets step out for PetWalk More than 2,700 people and pets gathered at Magic Island Beach Park for the 26th anniversary of Hawaiian Humane Society’s PetWalk – its annual charity walk. Supporters and their pets walked around the park in celebration of raising more than $295,000 for the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell joins thousands of animal lovers at the PetWalk starting line.

More than a dozen sponsors stepped up to support the Society’s event, including Petco Foundation, which has been PetWalk’s presenting sponsor for the past five years. Media sponsors Hawaii News Now and Summit Media teamed up to donate nearly $100,000 in air time and publicity to help raise awareness for the charity walk and the Society’s cause. “PetWalk is such an important event to the Hawaiian Humane Society,” said Pamela Burns, President & CEO, “These greatly-needed funds will help the Society rescue abused pets, reunite lost pets with their families, find loving families for homeless animals, educate the public, advocate for better laws and provide care and shelter to more than 25,000 animals this year.

Mahalo to our Sponsors


Petco Foundation Ginny Tiu’s Team Servco Foundation

Charlie Bean’s Team Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Crum & Forster Subaru Hawaii

Veterinary Emergency + Referral Center of Hawaii Crazy Shirts Cosco Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Jack Tyrrell / Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation Hawaii News Now

Matson Foundation Ruth Ushijima United Laundry Services Ward Village

KRATER 96.3 10

Mahalo nui to these businesses and friends that donated or discounted their services. Accel Rentals Ala Moana Center Aloha Pops Aloha Rent-all Animal Communicators Hawaii Hawaii Balloon Company Hawaiian Ice Company Hawthorne Pacific Hawaii Doggie Bakery Kakaako Pet Hospital Keri Nakahashi Pet Photography Maika’i Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming Menehune Water Musukawas Party Pix Hawaii Partysource Paul’s Poppers Poi Pounder Hawaii Starbucks Tucker & Bevvy Visionize Media Waikiki Yacht Club Watanabe Floral Christian Yrizarry

Waggin’ Tales Sharing the love for the holidays A big ho-ho-ho to Subaru for partnering with us for Pictures with Santa Paws as a part of their Share the Love program.

Gotta catch ‘em all A big pawhalo to the organizers of the Pokemon Bar Crawl event. They raised $3,000 for Oahu’s animals while catching ‘em all!

Paws for a cause Paws up to Pipedreams Surf Co. for hosting an adoption event at their Pearlridge Center location.

Yappy hour A toast to Anna O’Brien’s and Chiko’s Tavern for hosting PetWalk fundraisers for the animals.

Big waves of aloha Three cheers to Oceanic Time Warner for their day of service. They helped at an adoption event, washed dog bowls and stuffed kongs.

In celebration of animals Pawhalo to Lenny and Jenny Gonzales, Susan Phillips, Sarah Shannahan and Marlene Tom who celebrated their birthdays in honor of the animals. Ginger Edmunds, Cindy Chess and Ann Dewey all celebrated their 60th birthday in honor of Oahu’s animals.

Pet Worthy Products Pop-up Retail Shop

Shop for a Cause! Our pop-up retail shop, Whiskers & Wags, is the perfect place to purchase exclusive Hawaiian Humane Society gear for the pet or pet-lover in your life this holiday season. Visit our website to view more items available and the location and hours of Whiskers & Wags. All proceeds support the Hawaiian Humane Society’s programs and services that help local animals and people.

Hello Kitty Tote Bag $28.00

Live, Love, Meow Sign $10.00 Aloha Raglan Tee $15.00

I like Big Mutts T-shirt $20.00

Aloha Hoodie $29.00


Gifts of Love

We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more from July 16 – October 15, 2016.

Fat Cats & Top Dogs $10,000 + ALTRES & Simplicity HR Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Allan DiCastro Laurie Foster Barron & Dede Guss Mike & Sandra Hartley Barry & Virginia Weinman

Animal Champions $5,000 +

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Matson Elizabeth Rice Grossman Arthur & Ruth Ushijima

Best Friends $1,000 +

Dawn Aull Lauran Bromley Bob & Audrey Byers Chaminade University of Honolulu William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Stanley & Janet Dalbec Daniel Delbrel Gary Edwards & Lisa Brewer Enterprise Rent-A-Car Lucile Greco & Frank Greco, Jr. Tim & Devon Guard Dimitri & Suzanne Haniotis Janet Henderson Charlaine Higashi Brent Hirata Kim Iwamoto Aiko Kameya Rev. Nobuharu Kato Denise Keala Nancy & Peter Kessinger Steven & Estrellita Komura Jim & Lynn Lally Creighton & Linda Lee Julia & Marshall Leonardy Mid-Pacific Institute Elementary School Mililani Middle School Catherine Moore Noreen Muscat David Nichols Pacific Cost Engineering PetSmart Charities Pipe Dreams Surf Co. Thomas Sakoda Carl & Lu Seyfer Susan & Alvin Shishido Steven & Pamela Sofos Traci & Mark Taylor Times Supermarket Michael & Marlene Tom Roberta Wakisaka-Fellezs

Devoted Companions $500 + AC Positive Electric Warren Amaral Jane Aoki Mona Arizala Kouros Azar Brian & Wendy Barbata Kenneth Barclay Emmalisa Bledsoe Peter & Antoinette Brown Pamela Burns Momi Cazimero & Lester Nakasone Molly Cherry Michael DeLuca Eric & Kim Dettloff John & Jane Dodson Nick & Koren Dreher Fiona Druckenmiller Gregory Dunn James & Vickie Farmer Sarah Fincke Ralph Fisher Richard Fucik Louis & Mary Furtado Robert Hackman John & Pam Haddock Greg Hammond Hawaii Kai Veterinary Clinic Robert Henricks Jean Imamoto Eric & Ann Inouye Patsy Kalawaia Edward Kaneshige & Marcia Taylor-Kaneshige Francis & Marion Kaneshiro Marjorie Kashiwada Aaron Masuoka & Gayle Tasaka Jane & Jerry Mount Jean & Maury Myers John & Suzanne Noland Todd, Joy, Lexy, Sophie & Coco Oda William & Hope Oliver Pacific Architects Kerry Paulson Petco Foundation John & Diane Radcliffe Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Jim & Puchi Romig Gil & Shareen Sato Servco Foundation Steven & Laura Jeanne Short Missy & Billy Stabile Joyce Stupski Beverly Suenaga Brenda Tanaka Ginny Tiu Ruedi & Debra Tobler LeeAnn Tuttle Laurena Wong Mitsuru & Lorraine Yamamoto Stanley & Janet Zisk

Guardian Angels $100 +

James Abbott Gilbert Abero & Alanna Jay Albero Pandula Abhinetri Matthew Abreu Ali Abubekr Bliss Acoba Annie Adams Nancy Ahern Gail Aila Dale & Katherine Aina Shawn Aiona Robyn Akahoshi Wendy Akai William Akina Dino Akioka Reed & Kinau Alber Steven & Lea Albert Deborah Aldrich Alex & Ani Hays Alexander Joseph Alexander Nicole Amano Elizabeth & Thomas Amuro Enrico Angkawijaya Ashley Antonio George & Alice Aoki Sam & Jamie Apuna Toshuke & Muriel Arakaki

Xackari Baldwin Ray & Rosaline Ballungay Bangor Millwork & Supply Martin Banks Diana & Abe Barcena Kleer Barreno Ludmila Bautista Gaye Beamer Cyndi Beitz & Teresa Holden Jane Bellomy Mayra Bendezu Paul Berardo Katie Bercaw David & Sharon Best Robert & Heidi Better Ronnie Betts Ronald Biho Ralph Bishop Norman Black Jamie Blake William Blankenfeld John Blaylock & Teresa Todd Gregory Bletz Blue Sky Realty & Management Minnie Boggs Andrew Bohn Gloria & Romeo Bonilla Gillian Boss Nicole Bourgette Victoria Breeden

Helen Kinau Wilder Legacy Gifts July 16 – October 15, 2016

Della De Moss Colleen Kitamoto Mary Vaughan Sachi Watanabe Aileen Arakawa Eleazar Aramburo Renee Archer Nakashima Shachar & Heidi Argov Michael Armenoff Philip Arnone & Michelle Honda Jennifer Arun Bruce & Brenda Asato Jay Atkins Hiram & Jane Au Mei-Jeane Auyong Arlene Ayakawa Melvin Badua Frank Baensch Valerie Bager Randi-Lei Bailey Allan & Frances Bailon Julius Baja Jeffrey Baker


Amanda Bright Tyrone Britt James Brock Michelle & Ryan Brogan Darrius Brooks Kenneth & Joan Brown Sylvia Brown Stephanie Buck Robert & Frances Bunn Ronald Bunn Jeffery Buono Hugh Burdick Doris Burnette Beatrice Burns Peter Burns & Paula Trask Ronald & Willette Bush Michelle Buserkus Peter & Claudia Butler

James & Julie Byrer Alma Cabatan Janis Calton Clara Cambra Michelle & Dave Campbell Danelo & Ann Canete Gary & Sharon Cargo Ignacio Cariaga Cyle Carlson Jeffery & Susan Carlson Thomas Carpenter James & Lenora Carras Marley Carter Kimberly Case James Castillo Chelsey Castro-Witt Jody Chandler Danny Chang Elliot Chang Franklin Chang Jeanette Chang Kyle Chang Melanie Chang Norman Chang Warren & Ruth Chang Hayley Chantavong Edith Chave Wieland Chee The Cheesecake Factory Jung & Shun-Lin Chen Clyde & Lisa Chena Evelyn Chun Robert Chinaka Dianne Chinen Peter & Janis Ching Gerlinde Chisteckoff Herbert & Leona Chock Michael Chock Verna Chock Chong Soo Chong Grace & Randy Chow Randolph Chow Dora Choy Timothy Choy Joycelynn Chun Kelsi Chun Michael & Evelyn Chun Stewart Chun Summer Chun Jo Chung Erin Claggett Harley Clark & Sue Jennings Meghan Clifford Michael Coffman Dorothy Colby Anthony Cole-Rodriguez David Cole Marjorie Coleman Vielyn Comesario Carla Connell Robert Coppinger Stephanie Coria Edna & Dean Cost Armand Cote Earle Crabe Heidi Creighton Paul Crow Judie Crummel Sarah Cubangbang Casey Cummings & Liza Liew Alan & Pulani Cumpston Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham Christine Curatilo

Nancy & Roy Dacuycuy Jamie Davidson Barbara Davis Mark & Janie Davis Peter & Shirley Dawson Kanthi De Alwis Henry Dela Cruz & Ursula Olds-Dela Cruz Ricardo Del Campo Lisa DeLong Bobbi Devoto Cheryl Dillon Jared Dimson Charlie Dingley Judith Ditzler Glenn Doi Dr. Tung’s John Drouilhet & Sada Okumura Sasha Duncan Tomoko & Gerald Dung Marilyn Dunlap Jon & Mary Lou Earll Rita Edwards Brigitte Egbert Nancy Enderes Vernon & Marina Endo Ernestine Enomoto Richard & Nancy Erickson Janina Espiritu Sally Espiritu Romulo & Demetria Espresion Johannah Eltink-Schaake & William Schaake Gary & Sally Evans Michele Faller Kayla Farmer Deanne Farrell Rachel Fasone Doris Fernandez Christopher Ferry Richard Field Erin Fitzgerald-Case Jim & Joan Fleming Damon Fletcher Annette Floyd James & Reiko Fobel Allexa Fontanilla Judy Foster Tom & Linda Foye Christopher & Tertia Freas Matthew Frederick James & Yoshie Fromm Charlotte Fujieki Ione Fujio Roy Fujisue Joseph & Helen Fujita Wendell & Joy Fujita Brian Fujiwara Michael Fukuda Michie Fukuda Kendall Fukumoto Brian & Jane Fukunaga Dennis & Annette Fukunaga Ann Fukushima Ted & Bea Fukushima Glenn & Janice Furuta Gary Furutani Kiyoko Furuyama Raymond Galicia Sarah Garber Mario Garcia Jolyn Garidan Prieto Barbara Garringer

Amanda Gentry Timothy Gernert Maimona Ghows Jonathan Gillentine Colin Ginoza Girl Scout Troop 783 Girl Scout Troop 985 Sophia Glamuzina Mark Glen Laura Goemans Clint Gomes

Stephen Hinton Scott Hirai Melissa Hirano Joann Hirayasu Ingrid Hirazumi David & Yoshiko Hirokane Jalene Hitzeman Winfred Ho Nicole Hokama Sadao & Jean Honda Valerie Hong

Grants July 16 – October 15, 2016

ABC Stores Sophie Russell Testamentary Trust

Mary Gomes Renee & Dennis Gomes Stephen & Barbara Goodman Ryan Goodwin Eleanor Goto Robert Graham Pamela Grant Stella & Kika Grantham Briana Graves Jennifer Gray Aulani Green Diana Guss Zachary Guss Hannah Guthrie Monica Hackett Guy & Joyce Hamada Reid Hamamoto Ashley Han Shelby Hankee Gregory & Wendy Hanna Ann Harada-Goodell Ryan & Susan Harada Harbor Shores Apartments Donald & Mae Harris Susan Harris Lauren Hashian Ronald & Joycelyn Hashimoto Susan Hashimoto Harold & Yvonne Hashizume Irene Hatakenaka Joy Hatakeyama Harriet Hatch Samuel Havko Junie Hayashi Steve & Jenny Helms Michael & Lotus Heltz Willliam Henne Anela Henry Melvin & Lucinda Herolaga Eileen Herring Katharina Heyer Regina Hicks Mary Higa Travis Higa Amelene Higashionna Natasha Higgins Stephen & Terrie Higuchi Frank, Sandi & Alex Hino


Doris Hoshino Chuck Howard Sean Howard Marjorie Hubert Robin Hudson Milo Huempfner Shannon Ibarra Amy Ige Phyllis & Glenn Ihori Charlene Ikeda Donna May Ikeda-Simmons Roy & Cassy Ikeda Kristy Im Francis & Jacquelyn Imada Wayne & Janet Inagaki Amy Irle Ronald & Lorene Ishimaru Michael & Julie Ishioka Caprice Itagaki Lisa & Daryl Ito Marsha Ito Lester Iwamasa Elisabeth Iwata Dana Izumi Patsy Izumo Jane Jackson Alec Jacobs Alessandro Janitschek Kaala Jay Tiffany Jensen Michael Jespen Cameron Johnson Claire & Koa Johnson Gary & Melanie Johnson Jacquelyn Johnson Lawrence & Claire Johnson Lilia Johnson Louise Johnson Stephanie & Michael Johnson Dennis & Joyce Josiah Brian Joy & Bonnie Cooper Joan Joyce Linda Joyo Barbara Jurkens Patricia Kaalele Bao Kaanoi Kathleen Kagawa Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto

Tania Kahale Kanoe-Okuuio Kahikina Marcel Kahue Harry Kaihana Shirley Kaiura Edna Kajiwara Kakimoto Family Fund Alan & Shirley Kakuda Milli Kama Alfred & Sally Ann Kamae Ernell Kamalu Gail Kaminaga Kumiko Kaminaka Shirley Kamins Pamela Kaneko Camille Kanemori William & Kathleen Kaneshige Donna & Eric Kaneshiro Madeline & Gary Kaneshiro Sydney Kaneshiro Clifford Karimoto Brian & Jean Kashiwaeda Erika Kataoka Yuko Kato Lawrence & Harumi Kaupiko Kawamata Farms Leslie Kayser Susan Kazimirski Judith Kele James & Susan Kelly Jungsun Kessler Robert & Hope Kihune Alison & Newton Kim Florence Kim Joo & Johnna Kim Lisa Kim Woo Ri Kim Diane M. Kimura & William J. Nagle, III John & Yvonne King Wayne King Linda Kinjo Janis Kinmore Dan & Kathryn Kirley Connie Kissinger Allan & Hilda Kitagawa Herbert & Karen Kitazaki James & Sharon Kitazaki Gordon & Linda Kitsuwa Keiso Kiwada Charlene Kiyabu Kahua Klippert Vanessa Klotz KMH Jasmine Knox Cheryl Knutson Bert & Harriet Kobayashi Dr. Arthur & Valerie Kobayashi Carolyn Kobayashi Glen & Alys-Jo Kobayashi Douglas Koide Doris Ann Kollars Artesha K’Olmos Deborah Koochi Blanche Kort Kosasa Academy Linda Koishigawa Aaron Kostick Barbara & Stanley Krasniewski Kerry & Darlene Krenzke Michael Krichner Kenneth & Evelina Krout Nadia Kucera

JoAnne Kumamoto Tiana Kuni Jared Kuroiwa Marche Kuroiwa Robert & Hatsue Kusano Eric Kvick & Nancy Sidun Gerald Kwock Avis Lam Bill Lam Terii Lamphier Suzanne Lanoue Peggy Latare Mark Laudenslayer Tracie Le Alan Lee Dong Jin Lee Jin Sook Lee Marvin & Romy Lee Rae & Wendell Lee Rodney Lee Gary Leff Laura Leigh Dennis Lendt Taylor Lenox Tanya Leo Alan Leong Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Betty Lewis Brandon Lewis Jason Lewis Mollye & James Lewis Nancy Lewis Richard & Rosann Lewis Chia Lin Andrew & Shoko Livingston Adam & Kristina Lockwood Kirby & Laura Loo Heather Lopez David Louie Kem Lowry Estrella Lozano Leona Lui Bernard & Pamela Lum Duncan Lum Karen Mackovjak David Madison Benedict & Gail Madriaga Janice Maeda Sheila Maedo Shadi Majd Michelle Majersky Janice Makiya Alexander & Clarita Malinao Diane Malinovich Marcivan Manalac Laurie Manandic Melissa Mancuso Steve & Jane Mann Andrew March Mary Maria Kathleen Martinez John & Stephanie Marrack Angelica Marrero Steven Martens Susan Martin Kim Maruyama Angela Masagatani Ken Mashiyama Carol & Robert Masutani Margaret Matayoshi John & Jennifer Matias Leeann Matsuda Donald Matsumori

Hiroko Matsumoto Nancy Matsumoto Adam Matsumura Roy & Joyce Matsuo Mack Matsuura Carol Matsuyama Douglas Mau & Maude Nakasone Karen Mau Mary Ann Mayer Julia Mayne David McCaffrey & Deborah Luckett Scott McCoy McElheny Surf Design Mae & Milton McKnight Christina & Takako McLemore Arlene McMurtray Michael Meagher Peter Meagher Portland Mendivil Sally Mejia Maranda Mellor Nikki Meloche Beth Melville Rachel Mendes Amy Mendonca Indalecio Mendoza Jean Merlet Anthony Micale Ellen Michino Joan Miller Lucy Miller William Miller Tanner Millikin Richard & Hanae Mills Mini Therapy Horses Bert Mitsunaga Kathryn Mitsunaga Michelle Miyahana Sarah Miyahira Willard & Dixie Miyahira Dori Miyamoto Linda Miyamoto Mindy Miyamoto Kenzo & Florence Miyasaki Duane Miyashiro Yoshiye Miyashita Paula Mochida Kenny Mochizuki

Midori Mochizuki Glay-Ann Molina Kelly Molnar Yolanda Mondo Chase Moore Michael Moreno Danette Morimoto Roy Morioka Marie Morningstar Yvonne Morris Karen Morrissette Lorraine Mow Ritchie & Sunny Mudd Leia Muenster Paul Muenster Charles Muller Dennis Mullinax Gloria Munson Donald Murakami Ronald & Nancy Murakami Wende & Scott Murakami Jon Muranaka Lydia Murashige Randall Murashige Darlene Myers Dorothy Myrdal Peggy & Eric Naganuma Dean & Gayle Nagasaki Richard & Euphemia Nagashima Lisa Naimer Edwin & June Nakahara Jeanine Nakakura Loui Nakama Kathleen Nakamoto Cathy Nakamura Ted & Catherine Nakamura Terence & Patsy Nakamura Wendy Nakano Joji Nakasone Charlotte Nakayama Derek Nam Nadine Nanbu Patsy Nanbu Charles Narusawa Gail Beckley Jemal & Atsuko Ned Michael & Daryle Nekoba Charlotte Newcomb James & Shirley Newman

License to love Give your car a new look with the Humane Society license plate decal. Fee is $30.50 and raises funds for the animals. Visit HawaiianHumane.org or call 356-2213 to learn more.


for An Autos

imals. Turn your

old wheels into their meals.

Donate your car and help care for animals. Call 356-2213 or visit HawaiianHumane.org.

Mylinh Nguyen Matthew Nickel Paul & Claudia Nihei Theodore Nishijo George & Ruby Nitta Hope Nitta Tiffany Noelani Stacey Nomura Chris Nonaka Nancy Nott John Novick Allan Nuibe Gary & Kelly Oba Michelle O’Brien Cynthia Oda Guy Ogasawara Scot Oishi Edwin & Marion Oka Gloria & Vernon Okada Raymond & Trudy Okada Neal & Amy Okamoto Lane Okamoto George & Ann Okano Harold & Betty Okimura Vanetta Okinaka Patricia Olson Angela O’Malley Reed & Shawn Reed Carlos Omphroy Malcolm & Avis Onaga Levi O’Neill Leilani Ongory Stanley & Judith- Ooka Alexis Orbin James Ormand Margaret Ortiz Iuliana Ortquist Gerrit & Gayle Osborne Mike & Sheryl Oschin-Goodman Craig Oshima Tish Oshima Jean Osumi John & Marie-Therese Overton Christine & Henry Oviedo Solomon & Leonora Pa Lori Pacarro Pace Art Conservation Phyllis Paik Valerie & Frank Palumbo Vincent & Catherine Pang Tiffany Park Jennifer Parker Ethan Parks Nalani Parry Ronaldo & Joy Pascua David & Joyce Patrick Ruby Patrocinio Joshua Pearson-Santos Tamara Pedersen Dan & Kristina Perry Matthew Perry Cindy Petersen Vladmir & Helen Petrovitch Joshua Philby


Alan Phillips & Audrey Buyrn Thomas Pickard Robert Pierce Sudarat Pindavanija Alexis Pospischil Kristen Postil ProService Hawaii Jennifer Puckett Madalyn Purcell John & Linda Puu Michael Quon Rustico Radona Augustine Razo Allyson Reed Dianne & John Regan Lisa Reid Wolf & Diane Reitsperger Edean Reyes Ribbon Productions Eric Richter Clay Rider Billie Jean Ries Jacqueline Rinn Sahlee Rinonos John Rivera Lisa Rives-Mauracher Daniel Robertson Trent Robertson William & Emi Robillard Alice Robinson Elizabeth Rodenbeck Llewella Rogers Robert Rohde John & Maile Romanowski Daniel Rose Sharon Ross Linda Rowan Liezl Roxas Betty & George Royce Cui Jun Ruan Bridget Rubino Jacqueline Rush Lee Oscar Ruvalcaba Dave Ryan Kathy Saiki Glenn & Susan Saito Michelle Sajona Eugene & M.H. Sakae Catherine Sakai Latonia Sakata Kathleen Sako Drew Santos Estrella Sandoval Harry Sarae Gordon & Joanne Sasaki Jessie Saunders Eugene Savio Sandy Schafer Harold & Joyce Schatz Kristy Scherman Carissa & Shaun Schuster Merrill & Jay Scoppetto Dr. Nancy Sculerati Rodolfo Sebastian

Wendell Seguerre Justin & Faith Seguirant Marnela Sekalova Arthur Senning Steven Serrano Scott Serratore & Kathy Tateishi Tara Severns Josette & Tom Shaughnessy Lorraine Shaughnessy Billie Joe Shavers John Shen Bert & Sharon Shiira Harriet Shima Wayne & Karen Shimabuku Keith Shimabukuro Jane Shintani Kathryn Shioi Michael Shiroma & Gail Kaito George & Cheryl Shon Barton Siegfried Tiffany & Tucker Siegfried Davelyn Silva Lori Silva Douglas Simmons Thomas & Lynn Simpson Paige Slocum & Gregory Pang Douglas Smith Kila Smith Laura Smith Charlene Smoyer Arthur & Beverly Soares Diane Sonoda Kim Soon & Phyllis Kam Jesse Sotelo Chris Souza Luella Spadaro Lisa Spencer William & Caroline Spencer David Spinazza Kathryn Spradling Amanda Stankiewicz Sarah Stanley Ronald & Joan* Stebbins Bridgit & David Stegenga Mary Steiner & David Atkin Sal St. Germain Lester Stiefel Richard Stockton & Maureen Coogan Angela Stoianovitch Vera Stolpiec Andrew Strand Roberta Straughn Alan Strawbridge Sheila Streltzer Mavis Suda Wanpen Suragairin Anne Sutton An Ta Annabelle Tabayoyong Mary Jane Tadena Hart Leroy & Marcia Taira Keith Tajiri Roger Takabayashi


Rodney & Grace Takahashi Susan Takahashi Lee Takara Steven Takekoshi Kelvin & Janice Taketa Wendy Takeuchi James Takeyama Ruby Takushi Ruth Takushi Miriam Tal Linda Tam Cheryl Tamanaha Rebecca Tamanaha Leony Tamura Thora Tan Tyler Tanabe Alvin & Angeline Tanaka Clyde Tanaka Sandra Tanaka Wayne Tanaka Shiori Tang Lisa Tanga Suzanne & Matthew Tanori Dani Tarumoto Joyce Tatemichi Jyo Teshima Bridgewater Sally Texeira Melissa Theriaque Trevor Thompson Mary & James Thrash Constance Tice William & Patti Tildsley Rene Tillich Theodore Tokunaga Dwight Tolentino Juanita Tom Lisa Tom Lisa A. Tom Paul & Libby Tomar Christine Tomasvahai Lew Tomimatsu Tony Group Kimberly & Chris Tooman Jocelyn Torres Joe & Carol Torres Obed Torres Diana Tran Katherine Traynor Pamela Troy Colleen Tsuda Dick & Cassy Tsuda Thomas & Sharl Tsukano Takashi Tsuhako Thomas Tsuhako Vivian Tsutsumi Patrick Tucker Andrea Turner Frank Tynan Laura Uber Barbato Patricia Ubias Stephanie Uchiyama Alfredo & Belen Udani Lori Uradomo Donna Usagawa

In Honor of People

Shop at smile.amazon.com so Hawaiian Humane Society gets a donation.

Bette & Alexander Uyeda Franklin & Harriet Uyeda Kristen Uyeda Machiko & Kenneth Uyehara Kin Vahovich Chantel Valaau Philip & Patricia Valenti Bonnie Van Ieng Lau Lothar & Cheryl Varady Salomon Vasquez Jared Vaughn Charles Vause Felicianna Vazquez Michele Velasco Jill Verburg Mark Verrey Joseph Vierra Eri Virden Grace Visaya Kristine Wada May Wada Dan Wagoner Wahiawa Pet Hospital Lehua Wainee Myra Wakuzawa Melinda Walker Robert & Geraldine Walker Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Thomas Wallace Marie Wang Rebecca Ward John Washburn Roy & Paulette Watanabe Wendell & Judith Weatherwax Raquel Weed Linda Weeks Debbi Weinberg Sharon Weiner Jeff Weinstein Marie Weite Wen Yen Kyra Wendling Miyo Wenkam Faith Wenzl Savannah Westover Helen Weber Amy Wharton Helga Wheeler Irene Wheeler Samuel & Glenda White Allison Williams Lauren Williams Deborah Wilson Wendell Wo Peter Wohlberg

Mary Ann Belke Wayne Pitluck & Judith Pyle Cindi Chess Viviane Abcarian Tom & Bryde Cestare Edward & Ann Dewey Dana & Ginger Edmunds Gwynn Ellicott Kiri & Derek Esibill Dick & Francine Hagstrom Celeste & Eric Smith C.J. Terry Tekla Weber Ann Dewey Viviane Abcarian Tom & Bryde Cestare Dana & Ginger Edmunds Gwynn Ellicott Kiri & Derek Esibill Dick & Francine Hagstrom Celeste & Eric Smith C.J. Terry Tekla Weber

Judith Wolfe Keith Wolter Kristina Wong Linda Wong Priscilla & Paul Wong Sharon Wong Jessica Woods James Wright Linda Wright Wong Jane Wylie Renee Yafuso Carol Jean Yakuma Ayako Yamada Charlotte Yamada Renee Yamada Linda Yamada-Okamura David Yamagata Dean Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Erle & Sandra Yamane Paul & Alma Yamashita Richard & Angel Yanagihara Beverly Yap Miri Yi Liu Yilin Henry Yonamine Cyrilla Yonehara Tony & Jill Yoshicedo Cheryl Yoshida Roy Yoshikane Don & Judi Young Jason Young Vivian Young Lily Yu Joyce Yuen Janice Yuen Kent Yukumoto Ed Zane Caroline Zarata Dee Anne Zobel

Ginger Edmunds Viviane Abcarian Tom & Bryde Cestare Edward & Ann Dewey Gwynn Ellicott Kiri & Derek Esibill Dick & Francine Hagstrom Celeste & Eric Smith C.J. Terry Caroline Viola Tekla Weber Lenny & Jenny Gonzales Joel & Mary Ann Cavasso Johna Craft Debra & Robert Creps Katherine Croze Edward & Barbara Smith Lyndell & Mary Wood Michelle Huey Mildred Zilinsky Mi Kosasa Ginny Tiu Mi Kosasa, Mr. Bubbles & Angel Keystone Kosasa Kristi Ivey Jim & Lynn Lally Judi Hanley Carita Miller Edward & Joann Holland Beverly Page Raymond Lyau Herman Page Susan Phillips Joel & Mary Ann Cavasso Johna Craft Gwynn Ellicott Edward & Barbara Smith Larry & Patricia Rodriguez Martin & Donna Melone


Dan Severson & VCA Kaneohe Staff Michael & Joyce Lighthill Sarah Shannahan Joel & Mary Ann Cavasso Johna Craft Edward & Barbara Smith Aleisha Swartz Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Carl & Katherine Takushi Russell & Charlotte Mukai Ginny Tiu Gemie & Ken Arakawa Bob & Frances Bean Pamela Burns Stanley Cadwallader & Jim Nabors Marissa Cayetano Ross William & Erica Cayetano Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Scott Coors & David Hurt Ather & Marivic Dar Charlyn Honda Masini Dr. Thomas & Mi Kosasa Anna Meng & Mike Hogan Helen Michie Jack & May Tyrrell / Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation/ Mark Recktenwald & Gailynn Williamson Andrew & Kristin Schumacher Eric & Sue Anne Schumacher Robert & Ester Schumacher Richard Smith & David Griggs Mary Tholl Samuel Tiu & Nicholas Winchester Jennifer Trevino Michael Wilson Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman Marlene Tom Joel & Mary Ann Cavasso Johna Craft Edward & Barbara Smith Willie Williams Victoria & Bob Kenneally David & Katherine Williams Rianna & Toby Williams Kerry Yoon Glen & June Matsumoto

In Honor of Pets Ahi & Ono Joseph & Betty Demarke Bowser Boy Eddie & Selene Mersereau Kealani Michele Rosenblum Max, Marv, Meow & Ollie Linda Flinn Mia Howard Hayashi

Pogo Wo Julia Wo Sammy Lauren Hopper-Pojar & David Pojar Tina Tsujimoto Arthur Kluvo Tristan Kimberly Kawamura Valentine Maria Hagood Waianae Rescue Dogs Barbara & Stanley Krasniewski Yumi Goya Beverly Page

In Memory of People Georgiana Alvaro Kamehameha Schools Class of 1963

Ann Hisamoto Dwayne & Nancy Yap Gail Kaleikini Arlene Fujikawa

Dzidra Damerel Beverly Neese Jack DeWeese Helen DeWeese & Yvonne Waller Robert Duffy Marilee Duffy

Miyako Tsubota Leighton Tsubota Marsha Watanabe Henry Watanabe Daniel Watkins John Ruscetta

Jody McKillop McAfee Edith Harada Lynne Morishige & Kenlie Ward Ann McLaren Paula Ho

Cedric Ono Amy & Stanley Kashiwai Ralph & Margaret Kiessling

Jean & Harry Cook Carol Van Der Geest

Barbara Tilley Frank Atherton

Tom Leland Linda Ahue Minnie Boggs Michael Bridge Donna Curry Rene Garvin Amy Iritani Jay Krafsur

May Lan Chan Doris Wu

Carol Compton Robert Lee & Erin O’Donnell Lee

Donald Tanita Mary & Scott Stewart

Lynn Koga Kenneth & Inez Koga Robert & Charlene Suzuki Jean Uyetake

Mimi Milo Christina McCabe

Mel Chow Beverly Chow

Kristi Takanishi Walter & Susan Biffl

Karen Kanow Karen Yabui

Cindy Black Evelyn Black

Evelyn Chang Raymond Chinn

Sarah Seal Andrew Barton Matthew Barton William & Lilly Barton Kimi Spamer Lil Spamer

Janet Helm Kathy Poyer

Nicholas & Timmy Palumbo Carola Wilson

Josh Giannelli Verla Rammelsberg Vasco Gonsalves Stanley & Theresa Shibata Grandpa Buffy Frank Haramoto May Aiko Haramoto Ursula Heinz Hawaii Permanente Retirees Association


Chuppy & Nina Steven & Tokiko Bazzell Coco, Duke, Marco, Shiloh & Tora Eileen Cho

Daphne Craig & Wendy Oyadomori

Buddy Leslie Hidaka

Hiroshi Furutomo Mark Furutomo

Charlie Beth Cox

Rodney Yee Marvin Hamai

Blue Donna Berg

Winifred Foley Denis & Ella Isono Catherine Ngo Elizabeth & Gary Sommerfeld JoAnn Takasaki

Cassie Yamada Patrick & Janice Yamada

Daisy Elizabeth Chang

BJ Cayetano Worldster & Patricia Lee

David Rinell Raymond & Sandra Choy Kenneth & Nancy Kaneshiro Peter & Carol Russell

Callie Mark Yoshida

Allen Wehr Shari Ching

Babe Donald Fujimoto

Maryann Rhein Yamamoto Gary Nihipali

Bully & Sophie Morimoto Kent & Majel Morimoto

Cookie & Fearo Gilding Gregory & Monette Gilding

Angie, Baby Sam, Samuel & Sherman Joan & Edwin Uyehara

Joe Porto Lynn Porto

Buddy Hirai Creighton & Linda Lee

Ann Weers Beverley Grimmer Ralph & Margaret Kiessling Barbara Miller Beverly Perry

In Memory of Pets

Helene Pagotto Patrick & Janice Yamada

Buddy Epure James & Chikako Epure Margaret Ryan

Coral Lisa Baxa & Dan Schmidt

Ding A Ling, Grayo, & Snowball Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Ditto Hofmann Michael Hofmann Friskie & Friends Stephanie & John Kirimitsu Gus Virginia & Michael MacBride Harley Robert Ristelhueber Hiro Paul Franke Hokukea Charles & Mildred Ikehara

Honey, Keiki, Sam & Trini Jan Bailey-Yoshino

Kiko Whittle Miriam Whittle

Max Kato Gail Mikasa

Pekoe & Sasha Jessie Faige

Humphrey Susie Koshiyama & Evan Wilde

Kuau Henry Dela Cruz & Ursula Olds-Dela Cruz

Mele Andrew Castleberry

Princess Farias John Farias

Mindy & Mitsie Kurtis & Susan Mabe

Rio Farias Brandt Farias

Mokihanalani Chun Mark & Vanessa Van Doorne

Rusty Fowler Ginny Tiu

Madra Randy Francis & Jessie Mitchell

Nala Valerie & Frank Palumbo Karen Scharff

Sammy Higashionna Conrad & Lindee Higashionna

Maka, Roddy & Pono Helen Shigemura

Nani Akana Terry Akana

Makana Doty John & Christina Doty

Nani Girl Lenny & Jenny Gonzales

Makana Augugliaro Steven & Angel Augugliaro

Nibbles Tokuda Steven & Gail Tokuda

Jabba Dar Ginny Tiu Kaipo Beverly Chow Kalei & Lucky Katherine Min Kea Alan & Shirley Kakuda Keanu Yabui Bryant Yabui Keiki Farias Ginny Tiu Keystone Kosasa Kristi Ivey

Laakea & Hidey Denis & Elizabeth June Yap Lady & Pretty Girl Gilbert Ponce

Scruffy Stanley Benito Sophie Kagawa Kenneth & Carol Kalani Squirt Yanabu Garrick & Diane Yanabu Star Vivian Tsutsumi

Monthly donors Our monthly donors help save the day, every day for animals. They are a special, dedicated group who provide a steady stream of funding so that we can provide help where the need is greatest. For information about becoming a monthly donor, please call 356-2213. James Abbott Mary Agor Gailyn Ahuna-Lum Dale & Katherine Aina Dino Akioka Ada Alamani Deborah Aldrich Joan Allen Nicole Amano Mary Jane Amundson Renee Archer Nakashima Carrie-Lynn Asing Potenciana Badan Frank Baensch Jeffrey Baker Susan Ballard Martin Banks Todd & Andrea Barnes Gabriele Barthlen Jack Baynes Renee Becht Lisamarie Bensman Ed & Jeanne Bernauer Rochelle Renee Blaisdell Gillian Boss Craig & Joanne Bottomley Michelle Bowerman Jennifer Bunce Sheila Buonerba Pamela Burns Patricia Bush Wayne & Dianne Cabral Janis Calton Lowell & Charlotte Cambra

Ignacio Cariaga Adam & Jodi Carlson Anita Carmona Rin Carter Chris Cartmell Alaine Castro Karyn Castro Laurie Chang Kinman Cheng Fiona Chin Jintana Chiu Jennifer Chiwa Songfee Choa June Chong Jean Chua Summer Chun Erin Claggett Eileen Clarke William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad Donnielen & Efren Cordero Karen Cox Douglas Crosier Alan Cruz Susan Rosaldo Christine Curatilo Dawson & Sophia Davis Christy Decker LeAnna Dezzani Heather Diamond Maria Diez John & Jane Dodson Dennis Dupont Ralph Dykes

Kathy Ann Edwards Jose Elizaga Keetje Ell Alexis Fairly Kathy Farley & Ann Moriyasu Diane Fedor Sandra Finney Velma Fish Doris Fitchett Erin Fitzgerald-Case Reiko Flannagan Anastasia Fontenot Ray Ford Douglas & Lee Froning Nazly Fuller Jill Funasaki Karen & Les Galon Barbara Garringer Megan Gelman Jane German Annie Gills Christopher Golding Bernard & Kara Gorgonio Sandy Gottesman Wendy Grady Pamela Grant Harvey & Rae Green Rosemary Griffith Claire Groom Russell Grunch Gretchen Hahn Tomeo & Jane Hamanaka Raelene Hanashiro-Revilla Shelby Hankee


Jeffrey & Lorena Hanyu Trisha Hayes Alyssa Haygood Willliam Henne Robert & Vanelle Hirayasu Ingrid Hirazumi Michael & Colleen Hokutan Eric & Gayle Honda David Hull Elisha Hunter Hannah Hurvitz Joan Husted Lily Hutto Sheri Iha Dennis, Amy & Cade Inamine Irvin Ing Sandra Ing Jessica Iwamura Gary & Melanie Johnson Louise Johnson Donald Jones Helen Josypenko Jonathan Julian Martha & John Kaimana Sydney Kaneshiro Jefferry & Sandra Kato William & Karen Kato Yuko Kato Earl & Patricia Kawaa Clifford Kawamoto Hiromi Kawasaki Barry Kayano Gail Kennedy Robert & Hope Kihune

Taco Bell Anna Marie Ehia Taylor Lawrence & Charleen Kimata Tiger Mehnert Bettina Mehnert Tin Tin Hanson Remy Hanson Tippy Molly Egged Ulan & Lucy Tsuchiya Mitsuyo Tsuchiya

Laura Kim Steven & Lorene Kim Carolyn Kimball Ann Kimura Beatrice King Wayne King Dan & Kathryn Kirley Lloyd & Faye Kitaoka Karyn Kodama Myra Kong Joy Kuraoka Lynn Lane Suzanne Lanoue Peter LaRocca Bonnie Van Ieng Lau Juliet Lee Ki Lee Julian Leigh Jerrica LeRoy Charles Livermore Jason & Elisa Lo Charles Lunson Raymond Lyau Owen & Marylyn Macy Benedict & Gail Madriaga Moira Maeda-Nakamine Kim Maruyama Lee Ann Matsumoto Tami McIlhenney Margaret McLeod Robin Melchor Quince Mento George Mercado Laurabeth Merritt Cynthia Miller Joan Miller Wilmer & Martha Miller Bert Mitsunaga Kanani Miura PattiAnn Miyoshi Walter & Helga Mizushima Jeffry Moeschler

John & Melinda Montgomery Harry & Michelle Morris Karen Morrissette Michael & Mary Murphy Kanani Naauao Ken & Audrey Nakamoto Michael Nakano Ann Nakao Margery Nakayama Winnie Narusawa Jemal & Atsuko Ned Marion Newman James & Shirley Newman Mylinh Nguyen Jodi Nishida Thinzar Nyun Wendell & Bonnie Oda Nina O’Donnell Robert Okamoto Leigh & Joy Ann Okimoto Patrick & Rae Olim Denise Onggoco Susan Onishi Andrade Kimberly O’Quinn James Ormand Paulette Ortiz Mike & Sheryl Oschin-Goodman Beverly Page Judy Park Lester & Lorien Pelletier Antoinette Perez Sandra Pfund Pramuan Poe Nalani Punahele Samantha Puou Farren Real Kenneth Renzoni Kelly Rice Daniel Robertson David & Shay Robison Robert Robnett Carol Ryden

Carol Sahara Brooke Sakamoto Latonia Sakata Mary Sanford M. Sato Eugene Savio Sandy Schafer Lisa Schmidt *Dr. Nancy Sculerati Justin & Faith Seguirant Seto Family Esther Shimazu Herma Shinkawa Mitsunori & Kakuko Shoji Mary Silva Lisa Spencer David Spinazza Paul Starzyk Ronald Stebbins Jamie & Missy Steinhauer Dayna Stoker Paul Stolpiec Marissa Stone Diane Stonebrink Elizabeth Stoudt Sarah Sugimura Maxine Sung Glenn & Lillian Taba Ryan & Erin Tadaki Wayne & Rae Tadaki Edwin & June Tagawa Mikilani Taira Uncha Tak Craig Takamiya Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera Cheryl Tamanaha Sandra Tanaka Lisa Tanga Russell & Joyce Tanji Setsuko Teramoto Kyle Thompson Michele Tokuda


Lori Tonai Jane Toya Brian & Kimberly Tyau Marion Valle Michele Velasco Agnes & Eric Vetter Wendy Viellenave Linda Virtudes Craig & Marilyn Vitale Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Mark Watanabe Mark Watanuki Linda Weeks Kaopuuokaha Weir Faith Wenzl Lisa White Jared & Constance Wickware Gary Wild Vesta Will Mike & Jill Williams Cindy Winegar David & Arporn Winsko Malia & John Wisch Judith Wolfe Keith Wolter Chelsie Wong Linda Wright Wong Margaret Woo David Yamagata Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Kristopher Yamamoto Harvey Yamauchi Mi Seung Yamauchi Sheri Yamauchi Kathleen Yanagihara-Brooks Wei Wei Yang Richard & Naomi Yap Wen Yen Natalia Zagorski Guy & Valerie Zukeran Sandra Zukeran

2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Honolulu, HI Permit No. 1004


the Hawaiian Humane Society presents

of the proceeds support local animals in need

located at Ala Moana Center Mall Level 2 Mauka Wing (next to Tommy Bahama)


A Holiday Pop Up Shop at Ala Moana Center

Support the Hawaiian Humane Society while also doing your holiday shopping! Visit our retail store in Ala Moana Center to find gifts for you and all of the animal lovers in your life.

Visit us online at HawaiianHumane.org for more information.

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Hawaiian Humane Society December 2016 Newsletter  

News & Mews from the Hawaiian Humane Society

Hawaiian Humane Society December 2016 Newsletter  

News & Mews from the Hawaiian Humane Society