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The Hawaiian Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals.

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Hawaiian Humane Society is committed to being the open-admission shelter O‘ahu’s animals need and deserve by embracing an animal sheltering model called Socially Conscious Sheltering. With the eight tenets of Socially Conscious Sheltering as a compass, Hawaiian Humane is dedicated to fostering a culture of transparency, ethical decision making, mutual respect, continual learning and collaboration.



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The Hawaiian Humane Society is a non-profit education and advocacy organization that shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. Established in 1883, it is O‘ahu's largest animal welfare organization that is a resource for all animals. Hawaiian Humane Society is not a chapter of any group as there is no national humane society. Visit HawaiianHumane.org for more information.

We are honored to partner with Hawa‘ii Cat Cafe, Pounce Hawaii and select O‘ahu Petco locations who feature adoptable pets from Hawaiian Humane Society.

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Published quarterly by Hawaiian Humane Society.

PAW PRINTS TEAM JESSICA TRONOSKI Communications Manager Editor DANIEL ROSELLE Director of Community Relations Writer

THOMAS HANNS Communications Coordinator Writer KRISTIN HERRICK Graphic Designer

A MESSAGE FROM ANNA Animal welfare truly begins with human welfare and our mission at Hawaiian Humane requires us to think creatively and compassionately, finding ways to support people before their pets come to us ill, injured or abandoned. Our success in helping to preserve the human-animal bond will continue to grow as we address the underlying reasons why people feel compelled to surrender their pets. These reasons include the inability to find pet-friendly housing, lack of awareness of pet needs, pet behavior issues, petreproduction, high cost of basic veterinary care and even the struggle to feed pets during times of economic stress. There is so much benefit to the community from having a professional shelter organization, but the real goal, the ideal, is for us to invest even more of our resources directly into the community, keeping pets happy, healthy and with their families. This is where our energetic focus on outreach comes into play. In this edition of Paw Prints we share about the work we have been doing to deliver tens of thousands of pounds of pet food to the community – including opening up a new outpost in Waipahu. Our Outreach, Field, and Veterinary Services, have ramped up work with our island’s unsheltered population, providing basic preventative medicine, microchips, leashes and

collars and waived-fee spay/neuter. We are working with the amazing people who run social service, and humane welfare organizations, partnering with them to identify those most in need and to help make shelters and transitional housing more pet-friendly. Our Education team is in the mix, helping to answer and give classes on responsible pet ownership. Also, thanks to a generous donation, we just launched a new mobile adoptions and spay/neuter transportation van. Ultimately, a community that is good for animals is one where no animals are left behind. It’s the community that, together, makes strong animal welfare laws, provides for needy animals, returns lost pets home quickly, helps keep animals healthy, and sees our unsheltered neighbors and their pets and supports them. There is so much progress to celebrate in these areas! With our friends and partners in government, animal welfare, social welfare, corporate, non-profit, and our dedicated board, staff, volunteers, and donors, we are truly making O’ahu a better place for animals. Thank you for being part of this effort. I hope you enjoy this issue of Paw Prints.


Anna Neubauer | President & CEO

Visit our new website Did you know that Hawaiian Humane's website has a new look? All of the same services are available to you, just with an easier and more intuitive design. All curious cats can check out the fresh new feel now at HawaiianHumane.org!

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Our Pet Food Bank grows to meet community need We believe that the best place for a pet is with their family. When times are tough, we want to help provide solutions long before a pet owner considers surrender or a pet suffers. Hawaiian Humane has run a pet food bank on our Mō‘ili‘ili campus for the last decade. We have focused on providing support to community members facing financial difficulty. In late 2019, as part of our organization-wide effort to examine and improve all of our programs and services, our newly formed Pet Kōkua Outreach team led by Suzy Tam, decided to reimagine our Pet Food Bank program. We wanted to remove barriers to the service as well as collect usable data in order to better understand and anticipate overall needs. We also thought we could use a reimagined Pet Food Bank as a platform to provide additional services such as subsidized or fee-waived spay/ neuter, free leashes and collars, subsidized microchipping and other pet wellness services. With the pandemic looming in early March 2020, we accelerated our efforts. We moved the location of our Pet Food Bank next to our Admissions Center to provide easy and safe access. Our teams worked to get the word out through traditional media, social media, and O‘ahu’s network of social service providers. Our

amazing community of animal lovers stepped up to provide the pet food and financial donations we rely on to keep this service going. Supporters brought purchased food by the trunk-full. Donors sent checks specifically supporting the program. Local and national organizations gave through grants and sent full shipping pallets of food. Between March 2020 and February 2021 we distributed 50,000 pounds of pet food. That’s 160% more than the same timeframe the previous year! Pet owners who utilize our food bank service receive up to a month’s worth of pet food as well as referral for other pet wellness services we provide. Our Admissions team has also been able to refer owners who are contemplating per surrender because they can’t afford the food that month. All of this together helps to keep pets out of the shelter and with their humans where they belong. We know that for many members of our island community, the distance to our Mō‘ili‘ili campus is

4 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

a large obstacle to accessing this service. Travel times can take up to three hours round-trip on public transportation. That’s why we are very happy to share that in early February 2021, we have improved access to our services with the opening of our first satellite location. Our Pet Kōkua Waipahu Outreach Center at the Filipino Community Center is open five days a week and provides pet food and other support to pet owners in need. For more information please stop by and visit us or read about it on our new website under Services > Pet Kōkua Program. The success of the Pet Food Bank is the result of many people coming together to help the neediest animals in our community– volunteers who package pet food, donors, community organizations and government agencies who help distribute the food directly to homes and communities and our staff who believe in the ability of this program to make lives better for O‘ahu’s animals. We are excited for what this next year will bring for our entire Pet Kōkua Program.

Pet Kokua ¯¯ in the community – outreach at Sand Island The yearly Point In Time Count – Homeless Initiative shows that in 2019, at least 29% of our unsheltered community members on O‘ahu have a pet. The challenges of not having adequate shelter can be compounded when caring for a companion animal. Pet owners will often turn down the opportunity to shelter when it means their pets can’t join them. An absence of affordable resources means that owners lack access to wellness care that can help prevent parasites such as fleas/ticks; are unable to afford spay/neuter services; often choose to go without food to provide meals for their pet and face lower-than-average return rates for lost pets due to a lack of microchips. Pets of unsheltered owners can often be the one stable factor in their life, and the bond between them can be among the strongest. Many pet owners forego

personal essentials so their pets don’t suffer. Our Pet Kōkua program was created in part to address these challenges by working with our partners in human welfare to be a part of a holistic solution. We want to be where the need is in the community. One example of this work is our recent Pet Kōkua Wellness Clinic at Sand Island. With our friends and partners from the Dale Mobile Veterinary Clinic, Windward Community College Veterinary Technician Program and Partners in Care, we were able to bring much needed services to our unsheltered neighbors and their pets. On a very busy day, 19 dogs were vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and given flea and tick treatment. We also distributed 400 pounds of pet food and handed out 30 collars/leashes as well as 10 coupons for future spay/neuter surgery. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to help our community and for everyone who was there with us and helped make it possible. Future Pet Kōkua wellness clinics are in the works throughout this coming year. Stay tuned for more!

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A voice for the voiceless Animal abuse often takes place behind closed doors. Hawaiian Humane is advocating for two bills this legislative session that would help to bring cruelty out of the shadows and save animals from further harm. Hawai‘i is one of just four states that do not prohibit animal sexual abuse. HB1085/SB343 would close this gaping hole in our animal cruelty statute. While it is tempting to assume such horrible acts must be rare, in fact animal sexual abuse is more prevalent than most people realize. In one jurisdiction after another, as laws similar to that proposed in this bill have been passed, cases have come to light that revealed cruelty toward both animals and people. Louisiana, which passed its ban on animal sexual abuse in 2018, saw two arrests in just the first six weeks of this year. Both arrests also led to the filing of child pornography charges based on evidence found on seized electronic devices. As laws have changed over the past 20 years to recognize animal sexual abuse as a crime, related arrests have risen by 800%. Passing this bill is vital to protect the most vulnerable in our community. While most animal sexual abuse comes to the attention of authorities long after the fact and is usually prosecuted based on photographic or video evidence, veterinarians with training in forensics also can identify and collect evidence of this kind of abuse.

Hawaiian Humane’s priority bills for 2021 SB343 – Sexual Assault of an Animal HB1086 – Veterinary Good Samaritan/ Mandatory Reporting HB416 – Dog Tethering

Other measures we support HB1021/SB1175 – Enforcement of Wildlife Laws SB346 – Humane Housing for Egg-Laying Hens HB1088/SB345 – Cruelty-Free Cosmetics HB508 and HB1246 – Fireworks Restrictions

6 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

Another measure being supported by Hawaiian Humane would require veterinarians to report suspected abuse and protect them from civil liability for making such reports. HB1086/SB609, which is being championed by the Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association, also would protect both animals and people. Studies have found that veterinary care for animals from abusive households is similar to the level of veterinary care provided to the general population, putting veterinarians in a unique position to spot such abuse. Raising the alarm on these cases has enormous potential to protect vulnerable human beings. In a study of families under investigation for child abuse, co-incidence of animal abuse ranged from 60–88%. Early in Hawaiian Humane’s history, we cared for orphaned children and unwed mothers in addition to protecting animals. We have always advocated for creating a more compassionate community for both people and animals. These bills continue that legacy. The state legislative session concludes on April 29 and we hope to have good news to share with you in the next issue of Paw Prints.

How to Help

Sign up for our advocacy email list at HawaiianHumane. org/Advocacy or email your contact information to Advocacy@HawaiianHumane.org.

Hawaiian Humane goes mobile! Hawaiian Humane kicked off the new year by unveiling a project that has been in the works for many years–a mobile adoptions and spay/neuter transportation van! On January 14, we held a socially-distant traditional Hawaiian Blessing for the van at our Mō‘ili‘ili campus to honor and celebrate the unveiling of the vehicle and the expanded capacity it provides us to further serve O‘ahu's pets and people. This van will allow our team to bring pet adoption services directly to communities across the island and transport animals to and from our Community Spay/Neuter Center. “We are excited to use this van to bring our services out into the community, especially communities where the need is greatest and where transportation and distance can sometimes be an obstacle,” says Anna Neubauer, President & CEO of Hawaiian Humane. “This van also enables us to host mobile microchipping events, vaccination clinics and so much more. It opens so many doors for us and the community we serve. We’re so excited to hit the road!” We are grateful to donor David Sandler, whose generosity enabled this vehicle's purchase, and Matson, Inc., who donated their shipment services to transport the van across the Pacific.

President & CEO Anna Neubauer, Kahu Kordell Kekoa, Chief Veterinarian Dr. Kasey Carter and Board Chair Ginny Tiu untie the maile lei during the blessing of the new van.

The addition of the mobile adoption and spay/neuter transportation vehicle is the first in a series of launches we have planned for 2021, all of which expand our capacity for greater community engagement and support. Stay tuned at HawaiianHumane.org and upcoming issues of Paw Prints for updates throughout the year.

Paw Prints | 7

HAPPY TAILS Daphne defies all odds This past October, Daphne’s owner didn’t properly secure her in the bed of their pickup truck before hitting the road. While driving in Wahiawa, the 4-year-old Terrier-mix ended up falling out of the truck bed while still tethered to the vehicle. Based on evidence from the scene, our investigators estimate that she was dragged behind the truck for at least 40-60 feet. A witness stated that the tether then broke and Daphne was then tragically struck by the vehicle following behind. Both vehicles fled from the scene and Daphne was left alone in the road, scared and severely injured.

Fortunately, the witness was able to rush Daphne to Hawaiian Humane just in time. She was immediately examined by our veterinary services team where it was confirmed that she had sustained several severe injuries including road rash and wounds to all four of her paws and lower jaw. Although she was in great pain and could barely walk, Daphne wagged her tail several times, almost to let our team know that she knew she was in good hands. Our Veterinary Services team and partners at Veterinarian Emergency + Referral Center of Hawaii found that friction with the road had completely burned away the skin on two of Daphne’s toes. The injuries were so severe, it was found medically necessary to remove them both. It took several surgeries and long hours to help Daphne get through the immense physical trauma she endured. Every day for a month and a half, our Veterinary Services team changed her bandages and hand-fed her food until she was completely healed and could stand on her own. Despite her traumatic experience, Daphne always kept her tail wagging throughout her recovery. She always seemed excited to see her caretakers and formed a special bond with many of them. Her spirits were always high, and her strength and will to get better were unwavering. Daphne was fortunate to make it out of the accident alive. According to the Humane Society of the United 8 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

HOLOHOLO 2022 Pets in Paradise Calendar Contest

Calling all pets in paradise! The Hawaiian Humane Society is seeking entrants for our calendar contest which launches in June. By entering, not only do you get to show off your pin-up pet, you also help support our life-changing programs and services. Submit your pet's photo for just $25 and ask your friends and family to vote for him or her for a $1 pervote donation ($5 minimum).

Tuxes & Tails Virtual Benefit – May 22, 23, 24

The one-hour virtual benefit event will celebrate the joy animals bring to our lives while also fundraising to ensure we can continue to meet the growing needs of our community during these trying times. See page 14 for details.

Every photo submission that meets the contest’s requirements will be featured in the printed calendar that will be available for sale. Entrants are also eligible for an array of other prizes, such as professional pet photo shoots. Stay tuned at HawaiianHumane.org for more details on the contest as we get closer to June! For sponsorship inquiries, contact Events@ HawaiianHumane.org.

States, an estimated 100,000 dogs are killed each year in accidents involving riding in truck beds. Taking the time to properly secure your dog in vehicles ensures your pet's safety on the road. Accidents like Daphne's are avoidable if the right precautions are taken. After almost two months of recovery, Daphne healed completely from her accident. However, no owner came forth to claim her. Almost immediately after she was medically cleared for adoption, Daphne went home with a wonderful family who promised to love and care for her. Daphne's new family says she is acclimating very well and continues to wag her tail, happily and fervently as ever.

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Supporter Spotlight The Suzuki family finds the love of their lives Back in September 2007, a tiny puppy, who was later named Daniel, was found abandoned in Mānoa with one of his hind feet missing. He was brought into Hawaiian Humane and soon placed in a foster home, which is how Daniel became a part of the Suzuki family’s story. “I wasn’t involved with Hawaiian Humane in the beginning,” Glenn Suzuki shared, “it was my daughter. She volunteered with the foster program.” Cherise Suzuki, Glenn’s daughter, became Daniel’s foster mom and Daniel was her first ever foster animal. Cherise said, “it was love at first sight. I had never seen anything as cute as

Daniel!” Glenn on the other hand confessed, “I wasn’t really into dogs, but this dog kept jumping on my lap and licking my face. He really grows on you.” During his first few weeks, Cherise noticed Daniel kept trying to use his stump to walk. The Suzuki Family was so thankful for our board chair Ginny Tiu who volunteered to take Daniel to Dr. Leadbeater, an Advanced Veterinary Surgery specialist, to see what could be done for Daniel’s leg. Dr. Leadbeater advised that Daniel would learn to lift his leg, and it didn’t need to be amputated. Although Daniel’s history is unknown, the type of injury he sustained to his leg indicated to veterinary staff that Daniel may

Glenn and Cherise Suzuki with Daniel.

10 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

have come from a puppy mill. “He would wake up crying and car noises terrified him in the beginning” Cherise said, “I could tell something traumatic happened to him.” On the same day Ginny brought Daniel back from his veterinary appointment, Cherise and Glenn decided to adopt him. The special connection they felt with Daniel was simply undeniable. Glenn explained that, “he is the most vivacious, energetic dog who despite his injury, never felt sorry for himself.” Just two months after being rescued, Daniel found a new loving home and ultimately, the job he was born to do! Getting a dog certified to be a therapy dog is no walk in the park, but something Cherise felt compelled to do following a stay in the hospital. The certification was a “long and hard process, but Daniel enjoys it so much!” Since receiving his certification from the American Red Cross in 2009, Daniel and Glenn have made trips every other week to Tripler Army Medical Center and nursing homes across the island to visit with patients (up until the COVID-19 pandemic began). After only six years working with the American Red Cross, Daniel’s intelligence and lively spirit was honored with the Hero Dog Award! Cherise shared, “he inspires me. Daniel overcame a lot.”

Contribute to Hawaiian Humane's Community Cat Fund! Longtime friends and animal foster family, Carol and Larry Jones have always had a special place in their hearts for cats in our community. They are kept busy as foster parents, helping cats socialize with humans and other cats. Carol always finds the energy to keep up with the most playful kittens around! Recently, Carol and Larry decided to create a fund to help make a difference in managed cat communities, with a fund that provides for spay/ neuter services, microchipping and vaccinations. Carol shared the inspiration for the new fund, “it is widely acknowledged that the Free-Roaming cat population on the island needs our immediate attention. The City & County of Honolulu funds spay/neuter services to help control the

population, but the demand for surgeries exceeds the available funding.” Larry expressed that one of the ways to succeed is by getting animal lovers involved. "We need the involvement of local individuals and groups to build on this commitment by our elected officials. Raising private funding in support of Trap, Neuter, Release, Manage [TNRM] will allow us to expand our efforts and protect them from current or future City budget limitations." Join this important effort by contributing to our special fund. Please write "Community Cat Fund" in the memo section of your donation check or visit HawaiianHumane.org/Special-Funds, where you can also choose to give "In Honor of" or "In Memory of" a beloved pet or person as a tribute towards this effort.

Glenn and now 13-year-old Daniel spend a lot of their time at the dog park, but it’s safe to say that when visitation is permitted to resume, Daniel and Glenn will continue their incredible therapy work! Cherise now lives in San Francisco and misses Daniel terribly, but she has continued to volunteer through other local foster programs. The relationship Daniel and the Suzuki family share is a true testimony to how fulfilling and life-changing the human-animal bond can be. Cherise hopes that, “people consider fostering or adopting animals even if they look a little different! Daniel is no different from other dogs.” Paw Prints | 11

Tuxes & Tails Virtual Benefit May 22, 23 and 24

We’re thrilled to announce that this year, in response to COVID-19, we are bringing the glitz and glam of our Tuxes & Tails fundraiser directly to you! We’ve redesigned our in-person celebration into a virtual experience that everyone can enjoy from home.


During this special, one-hour virtual benefit event, we will celebrate the joy animals bring to our lives while also fundraising to ensure we can continue to meet the growing needs of our community during these trying times. Join our hosts, Hawaii News Now's Grace Lee and two furry Hawaiian Humane alumni, and tune in to the Tuxes & Tails Virtual Benefit on any of the below dates: • Premiere: Saturday, May 22 at 6 pm on KGMB • Sunday, May 23 at 6 pm on KHNL • Monday, May 24 at 8 pm on KFVE An online auction will be open from May 22 - May 25, featuring a wide variety of items such as a five-night escape in Bali, gift certificates to restaurants like Basalt, plus an assortment of wine and spirits. It will also feature special opportunities like having your pet on our newest rescue van! For questions or more information, contact Events@ HawaiianHumane.org or (808) 356-2247.

12 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

d be l u o c t Your pe tar of our the s e van! u c s e r next

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Dwight Damon Dennis & Dolores Dyer Elite Pacific Properties, LLC Gary & Jennifer Herald Tim Johnsson Patsy K. N. Kalawaia Walter K.H. Kam Lisa Lani Kamalani Maria Da Silveira Trust Thomas G. Mendonca Susan H. Shishido The Central National Gottesman Foundation Xtermco, Inc.

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Anonymous (1) Charlene Abe & Keith Kaneshiro John Adams AECOM Technical Services, Inc. Kimberly A. Aguon-Zehner Akira Yamamoto Painting, Inc. Dr. Eric & Lori Ako American Carpet One Gene & Susan Armacost Cheryl & John Bethe Rodney B. Boychuk Linda Chow & Julie Padron City Mill Company, Ltd./ Chung Kun Ai Foundation CKW Financial Group William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Scott M. Dahlem Christine DeTommaso Concetta M. DiLeo Doreen & Alexander Dold Robert & Praneet Donle Gary Edwards & Lisa Brewer Elite Pacific Construction Norman & Deborah Day Emerson John P. Emery Thomas & Sarah Fargo James & Vickie Farmer Richard Flagg & Alberta Freidus-Flagg Lyn Flanigan Darleen Fontanilla Peter Forman Mary Lou Foy Toni Fujita Brian K. Fujiwara Lynn & Bruce Gibson Grace and Richard Okita Foundation James & Priscilla Growney John & Pam Haddock Marvin & Rae Alice Hall Jacob Hanohano Ronald Heim Gary Hickling & Dennis Moore Ryan & Pamela Higashi Alexander & Anukriti Hittle Glenn T. Honda & George Huffman Elizabeth J. Honzik Christina Iwaida Gladys & Melvin Iwaki Sara Jehn Michael & Pamela Jones Helen A. Josie Josypenko Daniel & Grace Kagehiro Marilyn & Steve Katzman Kenneth and Myrtle Hamura Family Foundation Stephanie H. Kim Robert & Adelaide Kistner Jacqueline V. Kubo Crystal Kwak Carolyn C. Lalakea Jim & Lynn Lally David & Cecilia Lee Didi P. Leong Sandra A. Loo Joseph & Mariko Lyons Michael A.T. Maeda Anthony Makuakane Potter Melba Manuel Barbara & Timothy Mathews Maui Ku'ia Estate Chocolate, Inc. Jaime A. McCarthy James McPeak Portland & E.J. Mendivil

Lehua Ii-Michaelson & Geoffrey Michaelson Bruce & Cyndee Mirante Dr. Randy T. Mita Regina A. Moreno Laura Nakasone Gary & Barbara North Edwin & Marion Oka David & Kellyn Okabe William & Hope Oliver Elizabeth H. O'Malley Pacific Cost Engineering, LLC Deborah L. Park PetSmart Charities April M. Putnam The Quinlan Family Sonya M. Quintal Martin A Rabbett Alan Richards Carl & Lu Seyfer Arthur & June Shida Theodore & Judith Simon Serena Stefanic-Phillip & Solomon Phillip Takushi Family Foundation Mitsuyo & Nobuo Tsuchiya Tyler & Sharlene Tsuda Alfredo & Belen Udani Johnny & Bubba Walker Peter & Sue Ann Wargo Mark K. Webb Glenn & Debra Weinberg Paul White & Jennifer Taylor Jay & Lei Wilmoth Julia C. Wo Lauren R. Wright Ronald & Judy Yamamoto Nathan & Donna Yoshimoto Keith & Amy Young

Devoted Companions $500 +

Aloha Beer Company Anonymous (1) Joanna K. Akau Claudia M. Akroyd Teodoro & Arcelia Andam Mamiko Ando Sandra H. Arashiro Albert & Dolores Bediones Gae Bergquist Trommald Rick Blangiardi Emmalisa H. Bledsoe John & Sally Brady Bright Funds Foundation Bruce & Lynne Burns John & Megumi Burzynski Cydonie Cabael & Roman Apana Snobby Cats Central Building Company Rowena Cerretti & John Kerr Warren & Tiffany Chaiko Christine Chan Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Neil & Liz Char Molly F. Cherry Burt & Carolyn Chinen Terena Chinn-Fujii Herbert & Leona Chock Beverly M. Chow Brandon R. Chun Cynthia & Richard Chun Jo & Margarita Chung Erin Claggett Gretchen & Duane Cobeen

Eloise & Jerry Coiner Jeffrey & Karen Deer Irene Dopkowski Dr. Tung's Inc Diane K. Eddy Kyung Hae Eichler Denise & Bruce Ellinwood James & Chikako Epure Kaori Fiack Marvin & Sandra Fong Richard Fucik George Furtado Janice Futa Maimona Ghows Marsha & Jon Graham Jay Grekin & Judy Stubbs Aaron & Tammy Hamada Gail M. Hamada Peter Hamill Hawaii Energy Cody Higaki Fay A. Hill Ken Ito & Elizabeth Hokada Jamie Hong George M. Hudes David & Ellen Huntley Hygeia Cleaning Services Linda & Peter Ingram Michiyo & Yukio Inoue Insynergy Engineering, Inc. Lars Isaacson Yolisa Ishibashi Sean Ishii Janell A. Israel Janie H. Iwai Tad & Carol Iwanuma Gordon Jeynes Louise A. Johnson Randy Moore & Lynne Johnson Terry R. Joiner Bette Kalohi Darcie Kaneshiro Clyde & Judith Kanetake Ralph & Jan Kanetoku Christopher Kasperowicz Rev. Nobuharu Kato Laurie A. Kawasaki Denise & Joseph Keala Patrick Kenny Saundra E. Keyes Launice S. Kim Robert Kim Derek & Evelyn Kiyota Kellyann Kobayashi Sarinthip Koerner Stephen Kohn Dr. Steven & Estrellita Komura Ricky & Ethel Kubota Cathy & Darrell Lee Sharon Llewellyn Leighton & Valerie Lum Giza Makana Nancy Makowski Diane & Ayano Masuo Sharon Matsusaka-Brewer & Virgil Brewer Dennis K. Matsuura Sharlene Luke Mau David P. McCauley Ann H. Michaud Ronald & Elizabeth Miller Richard Mitchell & Ann Scholing Mitchell Scott Miyake Michael & Mona Miyamura Sandra S. Miyashiro

Paw Prints | 15

Stanley & Gail Muranaka Anne & Cat Murphy Elna Nagasako Loui M. W. Nakama Joanne M. Nakamura Wayne Nakashima & Kay Tokunaga Warren Nishimoto & Michiko Kodama-Nishimoto Daikichi & Joyce Nishita Shirley S. Nishizawa John & Suzanne Noland James & Karin Nutter Steven & Dagmar Oato Lily Ochoco Robert T. Ogawa Ruby Okumura Angela O'Malley Reed & Shawn Reed Terri Ann R. Otani Lori Pacarro Laeton & Lena Pang Benjamin & Mealani Parish Robert & Dawn Pascua Melissa T. Pavlicek Dr. Cassandra Pinnick Steve Prieto & Richard Kennedy Noriko Reed Elizabeth & Richard Riegels Katherine Rinchetti Abigail Rose Pam Roth Linda J. Rowan Saba S. Russell Rachelle Russo Shirley Schick Frances K. Schneider Sharon Schoonmaker Andrew & Kristin Schumacher Nancy Sculerati-Sanes Glenn H. Seo Trilby Sheeser Lauren R Shigekane John & Stephanie Sims Andrew M. Singer Susan Smith John & Linda Spadaro David L. Spargo Elizabeth M. Stack James & Linda Stragand Robert & Sharmaine Swisher Alison N. Taira Dr. Masao & Tomiko Takai Ruby Takushi Ellen & Jason Tamura Rod & Fumiyo Tanaka Helen A. Taniguchi Bert & Helen Tanonaka Alexandra H. Tateyama Kyle A. Thompson Mary & James Thrash Ella K. Tokunaga Michael & Marlene Tom Claire Tong Bob & Lynne Toyofuku Charlene van der Pyl-Chee Richard H.K. Vierra Allan R. Vosburgh John S. Washburn Leinee & Paul Watase Alan & Jennifer Whinery Robert Whitton Craig Williams & Jessica Chau Joan H. Worthen Carol Jean Yakuma Ayako Yamada Roy & Sandra Yamada Rodney & Evelyn Yamamoto Donna & Glenn Yamashita Randal & Joyce Yanagisawa Mari Yonesaki Anne Yoshizawa & Jaryd Yee Thomas K. Yue Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

Guardian Angels $100 +

Anonymous (6) A.P. Baker, Inc. Brigitte Abbot Roy & Amy Abe Ryan Abella Shunji Adachi Davie Adonis Donna Agas William & Sim Agbayani Mary K. Agor Suellen Agostinelli Jay Y. Agustin Audrey W. Ahana Russell Ahana Elissa Ahankoob Phyllis & Sheldon Ahn Linda & Keith Ahue Marilynn Aihara Dale & Katherine Aina Greta Aipia Camille Aiu David D. Aiu, Jr. Robyn L. Akahoshi Arleen T. Y. Akamine David N. Akamine Howard H. Akamine Paula M. Akamine William & Naomi Akamine Linda & Noel Akamu Ron & Arlene Akana Ann M. Akasaki Raymond & Constance Akase Gwen A. Akimoto Leroy & Carol Akimoto Lorinda & Clyde Akita Roy & Stephanie Akita Wendell & Naomi Akita Linda K.L. Akiyama Suzanne Akui Ada Alamani Julia Alamani Catherine Alana Richard Albertelli Alena Albertson Benjamin & Clemencia Alcaraz Deborah Aldrich Charles A. Alexander Hays Alexander Reynold & Laverne Alexander Prince Vittorio & Princess Dialta Alliata di Montereale Tina Alonso Michelle L. Alves Brad Miller & Jacqueline Amai Nicole Amano Warren C. Amaral Hiroko & James Amsbary Elizabeth & Thomas Amuro Ryan C. Amuro Michael & Hwa Ja Anahori Carole & Cynthia Anamizu Richard & Ethel Anbe Joanne S. Ancheta Della Anderson & Kurt Kunimune Frank M. Anderson Jondi Anderson Marcia Anderson Stacey Anderson Roy & Arlene Ando Kenneth & Emile Andrade Kimi & David Andrew Jeffrey Andrews Lissa Andrews Shelly A. Andrews Gina W. Anonuevo John Adolph & Linda Aono Jennifer Aquino Edwin & Dianne Aragaki Victor Y. Aragaki May Arakaki & Richard Rita

16 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

Scot & Gail Arakaki Taylor Arakaki Aileen Arakawa Robert & Edith Araki Dolores Aranaydo Sandra Arashiro Stephen & Susan Arbuthnot Janet M. Archy Scott D. Arellano-Zane Shachar & Heidi Argov Mark H. Arinaga Bob & Kelly Armstrong Maurice & Francoise Arrisgado Mary A. Artese Artwears Michael Asari Bruce & Brenda Asato Karl & Linda Asato Toshio & Ellen Asato Michelle Ashley Mary Aspegren Associated Rental Services, Ltd. Deborah & Bob Atkinson Lawrence H. Au Warren H. T. Au Jane Austgen Bambara Aven Michael & June Awai Marvin & Audrey Awaya Laurie Aweau-Nii Sidney & Gloria Ayabe Ann & David Ayling James & Edna Ayling Jay & Stephanie Azama Sandra Baade Maxine & Lloyd Baba Michael & Lillian Babcock Antonio & Joanne Bacani Jerome & Mary Bacon Keiko T. Baek Ursula Baensch Miles & Joann Baidack Elizabeth & Cordell Bailey Richard D. Bailey Kimberly L. Balisacan Angela Ballard Maureen & Robert Ballard Susan M. Ballard Ray D. Ballungay Bruce E. Barben Kenneth J. Barclay Patti Ann Barney Paula J. Barrett Joanna L. Barroga Jennifer Barry Gabriele M. Barthlen Elsie C. Batangan Andrew & Mineko Beaman Mona W. Beard Maryanne Beatty Bill & Janet Beaulieu John Beck Brenda L. Becker Donald O. Beckwith Karsten Behlen Shannon Bell Jan C. Bellinger Roger & Masako Bellinger Cullen H. Benanua Dana L. Bennett Lisamarie M. Bensman Catherine Ben-Yossef Eric & Chiho Bercovici Gershon Bergeisen Oren Bernstein & Helen Lau Ronald S. Biho Jacob & Pongsuwan Bilmes Danielle Bird Jason Birdsall Karin M. Bjorkman Sandra Blackburn Roger Blankfein & Ingrid Carlson Daniel Blue

Jerry Blue Jeffrey Boeckman & Joanne Hogle Hannah Borges Gillian Boss Michelle Bowerman & Richard Tashima Rita L. Bradbury James Bragaw William F. Brandt Ansel Brassette Michael & Debra Bressem Jacquelyn & Ernest Brezeale Jyo Teshima Bridgewater William & Faith Bright Michael & Debra Bringman Bonnie Bristol Rodrigo Bristol & Zita Cruz-Bristol James A. Brock, D.V.M. Richard & Julie Brock Alvin Bronstein Harrison & Pamela Brooks Bettina Brown Donald & Misao Brown Mark & Martha Brown Sylvia & Blake Brown James & Dawne Browne Sharon Brown-Henry Tevet & Marsha Bruhn Kristen Brummel Fred E. Brummer Jocelyn & Seth Buckman Peter & Pamela Bunn Barton & Diana-Lee Bunney Sheila T. Buonerba Mark & Mary Anne Burak Donna & James Burkeen Beatrice & Dennis Burns Ronald & Willette Bush John & Nancy Butler Charleen A. Butts Karin & Bari Buzzard Oliver Byrd Michael C. Chad & Kristi E.L. Cabana Sandra & James Cabbab Jeffrey & Lynn Cabebe Manuel Cabral Connie Calantoc Michael & Faye Cadonetti Anastacia & Baltazar Calixterio Janis A. Calton Priscilla Caluya Christopher & Denise Camara Lowell & Charlotte Cambra Mimi & Pat Campanella Barbara Campbell Phoebe & James Campbell Nadyne V. Cano Priscilla M. Cappis Career Development Center of Hawaii Helen D. Carey Ginger G. Carey Ignacio M. Cariaga Judy S. Carlisle Aileen Carlos & Robert Nichols Violet Carlsberg Sherry L. Carpenter Thomas R. Carpenter Danette & Lawrence Carroll Don & Eunice Carroll Paula S. Carroll Cassie Carter Casablanca Property Management, Inc. Jeff & Kimberly Case Alaine G. Castro Linda Castro Katherine Castro-Remata Sonya Y. Catiggay Catherine Caudle Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Bernadette Chan Bonnie Chang

Acknowledgment of gifts from October 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021. Carolyn Chang & William Jacques Chunmay Chang Elizabeth & Myron Chang Franklin Y.C. Chang Karen M. Chang Lorraine & Carlton Chang Natalie Chang Rodney Chang Warren Chang & Ruth Foster-Chang Yung Yu & Chih Chieh Chang Reginald & Kim Chapman Cheryl Chappell-Long Linda Char Mimi A. Charette Lydia R. Chase Clinton K.S. Chee Kimberly K. S. Chee Wieland C. W. Chee Wilbert & Queenie Chee Claire Cheeley Jung & Shun-Lin Chen Nancy & Shun-Lin Chen Clyde & Lisa Chena Po Shu & Doris Cheng Earl & Vera Cherry Natalie Chien Sandy P. Chikasuye Freeman & Winona Chin Melanie Chin Judy Chin-Eko & Darren Chin-Eko Carol A. Chinen Robert Ellefson & Joyce Chinen Valerie & Takao Chinen Carolyn & Clarence Ching Carolyn & Sanford Ching Donna Ching & Skip Bittenbender Freddie & Annie Ching Gloria & Elmer Ching Jack A. Ching June & Shannon Ching Noel Ching Robin R. Ching Shari Ching Theodora & Chauncey Ching Wayne & Teresa Ching Wesley Ching Willis & Beverlyn Ching Ramona Ching Yanai & Laine Ching Yanai Jo Ann & Alan Chinn Faye Chiogioji Bruce Chirieleison Sierra Chisholm Rose Chismar Jintana Chiu Laurie Chivers Jennifer Chiwa Robert & Yun Cho

Ginger T. Chock Chong Soo Chong Elisa L. Chong Luther H.W. Chong Judy & Peter Choo Calvin & Janet Chow Catherine Chow Cheryl & Jerry Chow Christy L. Chow Keith & Stella Chow Heidi Choy Jeffrey & Carol Choy Raymond & Sandra Choy Steven Choy Michelle L. Christensen Dr. Benjamin Chu Linda Chu & Michael Tsuji Jean Chua Clark & Laureen Chun Cyndee & Calvin Chun Mark C. Chun Matthew & Charlene Chun Michael & Evelyn Chun Sandra H.S. Chun Alexander & Janice Chung Pauline & Lillian Chung Sharon H.J. Chung Rebecca Chun-Ming Carena Church Chiyo & Charles Churchill James Cigan Clanne Corporation Randy Fujimori & Janet Clark Barby Clarke Jonathan Coates Michael S. Coffman Ana Colbridge Catherine & Edward Collum Edna Colon Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad Lyle J. Combs Patricia Conner Catherine L. Cooke Stuart Copp & Raenell Bergantz John & Elizabeth Corbin Kizzy & Catherine Corbin Amy Corbisier Mary Jo & John Corboy Clifford Cordeiro Glenn & Inge Cordeiro Raynold J. Correia Edna & Dean Cost Armand A. Cote Christine & James Cote' Rebecca L. Covert Sachiko Cox Earle M. Crabe Shelley & Michael Cramer

Lee & Joyce Cranmer Domingo & Sharon Cravalho Elena Crecelius Douglas A. Crosier Katherine J. Croze Luain & Luain Cruz Susan L. Cuizon Charles & Deborah Cullison Jane B. Culp Brickwood & Barbara Cummins Daniel & Suzette Cunningham Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham Daniel A. Curran Kristin Cushman Marilynn & Nick Cutter Lloyd & Olivia Dabaluz Kevin & Kathryn Daisey Chester L. Dal Santo Dorothy & Paul Dale Donald & Yoko Dandurand Judy Dang Russell & Gwen Dang Marie Daniels Jennifer Darrah-Okike Vijay Das Barbara & Dennis Davis Charles Davis Tara Davis John & Sue Dean Donald DeBear Collin & Nikki DeCosta Maureen & Harold DeCosta Georgette T. Deemer Tod & Jessica Deery Michael & Kelly Deese Karen Degner Gina M. Dekneef Frederick Del Rosario Lisa DeLong Tamiko Delos Santos Donald & Brenda Deryke Richard DeSa & Lisa Holt-DeSa Jo desMarets Amber & Travis DesRoches J. Nicholas & Leslie Detor Leanna Dezzani Ernie & Katherine Diado Liana M. Dietz Johnny Harris, Jr. & Deborah Dietz-Harris Andrea Dillard Julie Dinnage Diane Dizon George Y.H. Do Linda Doherty Audrey N. Doi Gail F. Doi Elizabeth Dolan

Dave & Amelia Dolim Katherine M.K. Dombrigues Kathleen D. Domen Patricia M. Domingo David Stampe & Patricia J. Donegan Terry Donohue Ben Dookchitra Dallas & Sharon Dornan Matt Dotseth Joanne Dougherty Richard Dove Jerry & Minja Draves Thomas Drazin Nick & Koren Dreher Charlotte J. Duarte Kortney Duarte Wayne & Bonnie Duarte Sharon Ducosin Marilee E. Duffy Hugh & Jennifer Duncan Phillip Dunkelberger Nicholas Dunkel-Jones Alaina Dunker Mark Dunn & Marcia Muraoka-Dunn Samuel & Kathy Dunn Claire D. Duvauchelle Jon & Mary Lou Earll Jo-Anne H. Ebba Marie M. Ebesu Michael Ebinger Glenn & Lynne Ebisui Diane Edwards Cole Eisenberg Richard & Lois Ekimoto Byron & Pamela Eliashof William K. Ellwin James & Kristin Elsea Johannah Eltink-Schaake & William Schaake Carrolyn H. T. Emoto Dawna L. Emoto Shirley K. Endo Henry Eng Lester & Patricia Enomoto Thomas Enomoto Rachelle J. Enos Richard & Lin Enright Patricia Ernce & Cindy Namahoe Stacey Esmeralda Donnie Esposito Kathy Esposito-Mason & William Mason Jeff Esser Brian & Louella Estabillo Renato & Maria Etrata Michael A. Fagundes Eleanor Fahrenwald Michele & Dennis Faller

WAGGIN’ TALES In February, Bank of Hawaii employees held a donation drive to collect supplies for our Pet Food Bank. Thanks to their efforts, 550 pounds of food plus other supplies like treats, collars, cat litter and more were donated! Here they pose with Honey Girl who was available for adoption at the time of the supply drive.

Paw Prints | 17

Korleen Farley Richard & Gail Farley Douglas Farrell Sophie Faust Diana Faustin Lisa Favreaux Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet Rachael L. Fawcett Willie Feagaimaalii Diane H. Fedor Michael & Hie Feighny Nalia Felipe Pierre Felipe Patricia M. Fernandez Lynette L. Fernandez-Pao Christopher J. Ferry Noosha Fesharaki Jane S. Festerling David & Anne Figueira Maria & Robert Finan Daniel J. Fischberg Joy Y. Fischer Anne & Robert Fisher Michellei Fisher Nona Fisher Paula Fitzell Erin M. Fitzgerald-Case Jacqueline Fitzpatrick Joseph & Linda Flanagan Judith Flanders John R. Fleckles Eric & Keiko Fleischer Elisia Flores Megan Flores Mary Flynn & James Saari Estelito & Terri Ann Follante Cindy S. Fomenko Brandie Fong Garrett & Lori Fong Laura Fontanilla May Fujii Foo Robert J. Foo Doris & Bruce Forbes Ray A. Ford Forest River Designs Tom & Linda Foye Charles M. Fraley Joseph Francher Ken Myers & Vickie Francis-Myers Stephen & Paulette Franklin Carolyn Fraser Genevieve Freeman John & Elizabeth French John & Teri Fritz Valerie & James Frohardt James & Yoshie Fromm Douglas & Lee Froning Roland J. Fuchs Harold & Lorenne Fujii Keith Fujii Liane F. Fujii Muriel M. Fujii Samuel T. Fujikawa Julie Fujiki Benjamin & Laura Fujimoto Gail K. Fujimoto Gary & Sandra Fujimoto Karen S. Fujimoto Reed Fujimoto

Wayne T. Fujimoto Wesley & Jennifer Fujimoto Ione T. Fujio Joanne Fujioka Arlene Fujishige Dean & Donna Fujita Rodney & Carolyn Fujita Blane Fujiwara & Elizabeth Ishii Peter & Gretchen Fujiyoshi Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr. David H. Fukuda Marion Fukuhara Christine T. Fukumoto Jennie & Dean Fukumoto Jodi Fukumoto Barry & Cheryl Fukunaga Eric & Loretta Fukunaga Ann Fukushima Jeffrey & Shirley Fukushima Linda N. Funai Juanita E. Funn Louis & Mary Furtado Sandra M. Furumori Anthony Furuta Reid K. Furutani Denise Furuya Howard J. Furuya Lincoln & Helene Furuya John & Hsiu Mei Furuyama Melissa April O. Fuse Mary Gabriel Marilyn J. Gagen Bob Gahol Jana Gaison-Terukina Vinson Galam Alejandria Galariada Richard J. Galino Karen & Les Galon Hugh & Marilyn Galt Menaka Ganesathasan Moses Garcia Samantha Garcia Bill Garnett & Audrey Newman Mara & Alexander Gaspar Beau & Marjorie Gaza Sharon E. Geary Linda A. Gee Beil James & Gayle Geiger Robert & Cynthia Geiling Jocelyn Geltmacher Laurie Genishi Dennis Gentry Francis & Jayne George Patrick & Catherine Geraghty Charlene Gerard William Gerlach Carmen Geshell Gregory Gibbons & Peter Fujieki Dr. Patrick J. Gilbert Gregory & Monette Gilding Cindy Lee Gillis Thomas & Maureen Ginella Katsuko M. Ginoza Patrice M. Gionson Bernard & Lyra Giorgio Girl Scouts of Hawaii Viola B. Gjelsteen Hazel Go R. Chris & Debra Godwin

18 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

Donna & Joe Goldcamp Linda & Kenneth Goldstein Brian & Dawna Gomes Carole A. Gomes Sandra Y. Gonsalves Louise F. Goodspeed Cheryl & John Goody Thomas Gorak & Teresa Bay Marjorie M. Gordon Peggy & Bob Gordon Bernard & Kara Gorgonio Carrie D. Gosiaco Eleanor Y. Goto May & Kenneth Goto Sandy & Herman Gottesman Richard & Rona Gowans Blythe Goya Taro & Helen Goya William T. Goya Wendy Grady Robert & Carol Ann Graham Michelle M. Grannis Nicholas Granson Pamela J. Grant Dr. Werner & Katherine Grebe Harvey & Rae Green Lei A. Green Leihulu Greene Sue Greene Chris Greineisen Bridget Greiner Lynda Gretz Danielle Grieco Alan & Elizabeth Gromko Claire R. Groom Joni Gross Michael C. Gross Andrew Grossman Leslie Gruszie & Ahn Tuan Pham Delphina E. Guerrero Charlotte S. Gusler Aaron Guss Dede & Barron Guss Jim Guss Genaro & Myrna Gustilo Sherie & James Gusukuma Iris & Randall Ha Colby Haines Ruth B. Haitsuka Raina Hakkei Lisa & Stephen Haley Diane & James Hall James Hall & Sharone Souza-Hall Renada Halliday Martha & Duane Hamada Roger Hamada & Lisa Okino Steven W. Hamada Marvin K. Hamai Keith & Janice Hamamoto Patricia Hamamoto David & Helen Hamasaki Wesley & Jill Hamasaki Josh Hamilton Loren & Bonnie Hamilton Pat M. Hammers Ormond Hammond David & Gay Hanawahine Shelby Hankee Jean Hankin-Jones

Jean Hankin-Jones Steven & Sherry Hansel Kanoe Hansen Patricia & Jorgen Hansen Cynthia Hara Sharon H. Hara Dean A. Harada Irene & James Harada Keith Harada Hannah & Willard Haraguchi Paul Y. Haraguchi John Zabriskie & Leslie Harakawa Harbor Shores Apartment Hotel, Ltd. Patricia K. Harrell-Lakatos Charles & Nalei Harris Donald & Mae Harris Marilyn Harris Daniel K. Hartline Frances & Duane Hartmann Robert Hartsfield Tomoko & Mason Hasegawa Ronald & Joycelyn Hashimoto Beverly Hashimoto-Lee & J. Lee Harold & Yvonne Hashizume Irene & Jesse Hatakenaka Joy S. Hatakeyama Adele & Nelson Hatanaka Mark Hatori & Cindy Amimoto-Hatori Hawaii Kai Barber & Styling Hawaiian Pentecostal Full Gospel Assembly Hawaiian Pie Company, LLC Shelley & Charles Hawkins Linda Hayakawa Sidney & Marsha Hayakawa Ayako & Harrison Hayashi Howard T. Hayashi Alan & Laurie Hayashida Mari Hayashida Deborah J. Hazama Henry & Merle Hedani Diane & William Heddaeus Charlotte S. Hee Robert & Christina Hee Vincent & Sandy Hee Suzette & Sean Heely Sheila A. Hegwood H. John & Lea Heide Mary Jane Heilbron Kathleen J. Heller Steve & Jenny Helms Julie & Robert Henderson Virginia G. Henderson William T. Henne Susan & Arthur Henry Fay Henson Stacey Herbert Eileen C. Herring Lori Heu Vernon & Atsuko Heu Alden & Karen Higa Alden Higa Anne & Michael Higa David M. Higa Geraldine Higa Linda S. Higa & Sophie H. Kenji Higaki Charlaine T. Higashi Donna A. Higashi

Acknowledgment of gifts from October 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021. Jay & Esther Higashi Kimberly A. Higashi Dean Higuchi Stephen & Terrie Higuchi Sybil Higuchi Keith & Jill Hijirida Frank, Sandi & Alex Hino Mark & Marsha Hirae Michael & June Hirano Tomie T. Hirano Iris & Y. Bart Hirashima Glenn & Sonia Hirata Jo Anne Hirata Robert & Vanelle Hirayasu Ingrid Hirazumi Cheryl E. Hirokane Ian Hirokawa & Minette Ferrer Abraham J. Hiromasa Kay & Kelly Hironaka Chizuno & Evelyn Hiroshige Dennis & Kathryn Hirota Linda Hirsch Greg & Lynn Hiyakumoto Elyne & Wesley Hiyane HMSA Amona K. Ho Cathy Ho Deanne W. Ho Harriet & Brenda Ho Fumiko & Frederick Hokada Michael & Colleen Hokutan Jana Holden Thomas & Layla Holden Gail Holm-Kennedy Carol J. Holverson Francine W. Honda Judith H. Honda Lynn C. Honda Charlyn Honda Masini Chelsea Hong Karen Ho Hong Valerie Joyce Hong Sherry Hong-Grogan Diane V. Hooper Walter K. Horie Mary Ann Horii Brian & Carole Horiuchi Doris & Kenneth Hoshino Grace G. Hoskins-Nishigaya Timothy & Mary Houghton Marie-Sol Howard Esther Hsu Alan W. M. Hu Dean Hu Lorna J.G. Hu Margaret Hu Kimberly K. Hubbard Vanessa & Jeffrey Huff Alena V. Hughes Francis & Serena Humay Cheryl & Randall Humiston Colin Hunter Lisa M.L. Hutchinson An Huynh Todd Iacovelli Mari Ichiki Eugene M. Ichiyama Cheryl Idemoto Susan L. Idemoto Eric Igeta & Karen Lee-Igeta Sheri K. Iha Michelle Iha-Yu Wayne Iida Clete H. Ikeda Donna M. Y. Ikeda-Simmons Susan & Robert Ikehara Fuki Ikeuchi Don & Karen Ikoma Joanne & Thomas Imada Amy Imaguchi Lynn M. Inafuku Toshio & Doris Inafuku Millie Inamine

Jan N. Inao Helen T. Inazaki William & Susan Indich Laurence & Joanne Ing Sandra & Melvin Ing Dora S.Y. Inouye Frances Inouye Juliane & Wesley Inouye Lisa M. S. Inouye Maryanne S. Inouye Intuit Foundation IQUIM, Inc. Craig Iriye Kenneth & Marcia Ishida Clifford & Lorraine Ishii Conrad & Cheryl Ishii Gary & Kim Ishii Carol Ishinose Island Realtors Ellice Isle LeeAnn M. Isobe Margaret M. Isonaga Denis & Ella Isono Alfred S. Itamoto Aaron Ito Eri Ito Gary & Karen Ito Lisa & Daryl Ito Mark Ito Stephany & Ronald Ito Terrence W. Ito Judy T. Iwai Lester Iwamasa Brenda H. Iwami Andrea Iwamoto Brian M. Iwasaki Lorraine M. Iwasaki Sharon Iwashita & Takeno Kubo Elsie K. Iwatani Jacquelyn & Darrell Izumi Kara Izumi May R. Izumi Neal & Reiko Izumi Amy K. Izumihara Barbara & James Jackson Thomas Jackson Kyle Jacobi Carl & JoAnn Jacobs Jean & Douglas Jakahi Mary C. James Arthur Javier Jennie Javonillo David & Virginia Jellings Barbara R. Jennings Thomas & Sarah Jenny Janet Jin Richard & Judi Jinnai Cynthia & Nancy Johiro Dr. Gary & Melanie Johnson Gregory J. Johnson Jacquelline L. Johnson Lilia Johnson Shereen Johnson Annakaarina Jolkkonen Bob Jones & Denby Fawcett David & Chiyono Jones Sean & Michelle Jones Kim Jorgensen & Denise Boisvert Stephen E. Joseph Brian Joy & Bonnie Cooper Judith Anderson, Realtor Jonathan M. Julian Colette M. Jungles-Galarsa Barbara S. Jurkens Robert Justice Barbara & Walter Kaaihili Patricia Kaalele Christine Kaapu Noel Kabasawa Kendis Kado Gail & James Kaeka Jun & Mami Kagami Joanne & Bruce Kagawa

Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto Karl & Kathy Kageno Jolene Kageyama Kahealani Kaiama Jon S.I. Kaitoku Gregg & Blanche Kaiura Christine Kaizawa Randall & Jo-Ann Kajikawa Arnold & Dianne Kajioka Dennis & Joyce Kajioka Wanda & Alden Kajioka Clifford & Aileen Kajiwara Lloyd & Caroline Kajiwara Sonia & Michael Kajiwara Milton & Florence Kakaio Rosalynne Kakogawa-Wong Sherry Kaku Dr. Terri Kakugawa & Colin Tamashiro Elaine K. Kam Jeffrey & Sue Kam Lawrence & Clara Kam Stella & Glen Kam Douglas & Phyllis Kam Young Alfred & Sally Ann Kamae Heather Kaman Cesley Ann M. Kamanu-Mahaulu Jon & Esther Kamemoto Calvin & Diane Kameya Judy & Robert Kamihara Gail N. Kaminaga Guy & Gail Kamitaki Margery Kanahele & Geoffrey Horvath Warren & Cheryl Kanai Yoneko Z. Kanaoka Janet & Maurice Kanda Norlynn Kandler Paula K. Kaneaiakala Janis Kanegawa Camille Kanemori William & Kathleen Kaneshige Gary T. Kaneshiro Jo Anne A. Kaneshiro Kelvin & Kumiko Kaneshiro Kenneth & Amy Kaneshiro Lisa M. Kaneshiro Sean & Felicia Kaneshiro Sydney Kaneshiro Troy Kaneshiro Felix A. Kang Susan & Clement Kanhai Liza Kaniho Wayne & Patty Kano Cheryl & Wayne Karimoto Clifford S. Karimoto Gladys Nakamura Kasai Linda & Gerald Kashinoki Linelle Kashiwada Blaine A. Kashiwaeda Eric & Teri Kashiwamura Kalika Kastein Linda J. Katagiri John & Lori Katahira Denise Katano-Buto Hannelore Kath Alan & Lori Kato Dennis & Elaine Kato Eileen & Lance Kato Jefferry & Sandra Kato Karen & William Kato Leatrice Y. Kato Henry & Pearl Katsuda Karl T. Katsumoto Christine Katsura Dagmar L. Kau Jay & Jill Kauka Toshiko Kawai Allison & Wesley Kawakami Joel & Nancy Kawakami Joanne S. Kawamata Lauralee M. Kawamata Bonnie Kawamoto Clifford K. Kawamoto

Eric & Leslie Ann Kawamoto Jane T. Kawamoto Lori Kawamoto Richard & Elaine Kawamoto Sheila & Paul Kawamoto Andy & Jill Kawano Lance & Aoi Kawano Michael Kawano Susan K. Kaya Barry Kayano Michael D. Kaye Leslie & Michael Kayser Sue Kazimirski Tracy Y. Kazunaga Al & Carol Keahi Dawn & Philip Keat June M. Keaton Dr. Linde Keil Donald Y. Keliinoi Dr. Howard & Elizabeth Keller Sharon & Larry Kelley David S. Kellogg Joleen & Edward Kemper Alex & Stephanie Kendrick Curtis & Cynthia Kenmotsu Bob & Victoria Kenneally Elspeth J.C. Kerr Sandra & Richard Kersten Jenny Khov & Khoi Ung Mandy Kiaha Gerald H. Kibe Derrick & Lynn Kida Patricia F. Kido Diane D. Kiefer Joseph & Gail Kiefer Bernice & David Kihara Jennifer Kihara Michael & Susan Kihara Rhonda & Gaylord Kihara Robert & Hope Kihune Paul & Judith Kikuta Annalea Kim Craig & Lisa Kim Florence H. Kim Heekum Kim Seila Kim Song Shik Kim Vernon & Jane Kim Lawrence & Charleen Kimata Duke & Deanne Kimhan Meredith & Richard Kimitsuka Ann T. Kimura Mark & Terry Kimura John & Marilyn Kiner Roy & Gloria King Janis Kinmore Kyong & Jason Kino Alexander & Noreen Kinzler Daniel & Kathryn Kirley Brian Kirsch Aileen & Steven Kisaba Gloria S. Kishi Jennifer & Scott Kishimori Theodore & Alice Kishimori Eryn Kishimoto Ronald & Linda Kishimoto Susan S. Kitamura Faye Kitaoka Gordon Kitaura & Nancy Jeakins Jane T. Kitazaki Sharlynn K. Kiyabu David Kleeman Sandra & Douglas Klein Richard Klemm Don & Blanche Klim Marcia & Lenny Klompus Laurie C. Knych Alex Ko Dean & Sheri Kobashigawa James & May Kobashigawa Jane K. Kobashigawa Carolyn K. Kobayashi Clifford M. Kodama

Paw Prints | 19

Gordon & Joanne Kodama Karyn A. Kodama Diane Kodis Sarah Koenig Lori J. Koennecke Inez Koga Nannette & Norman Koga Stanley & Esther Koga Lisa Kogachi Karen & Gerald Kogami Claire M. Kogasaka Dennis & Barbara Kohara Mari Kohara Christopher & Rika Kohiyama Noelani M. Kohner Lisa Koishigawa Cindi & Alan Koizumi Janice & Glenn Koki Pauline K. Kokubun John Koller Ginger A. Kolonick Gayle A. Komata Jon Komatsu David & Karen Kondo Shirley & Ronald Kondo Myra F.S. Kong Sheena Kong Candace A. Konjevic Jennifer Koos Dawn & Paul Kopp Kerry Kopp Ronelle K. Kopp Blanche L. Kort Patty & Roger Kort J Scott Kortvelesy Susan M. Kosasa Thomas & Mi Kosasa Susie Koshiyama & Evan Wilde Nanci Kosten & Terrance Mulberg John & Karen Kotake Cindy & Anthony Krantz George J. Krasnick Kerry & Darlene Krenzke Claudette & George Kruse Diane Kuahine Lily Y. Kuba Wilma & Howard Kubo Christine A. Kubota Beth Kuch Barry & Wanda Kugiya Patricia & George Kuheana S. Mark & Linda Kuklinsky Sirena Kumabe James S. Kumagai Shane Kumashiro Calvin & Leslie Kunihisa

Carol A. Kunishi Jerry & Stephanie Kunishima Calvin & Chisora Kuniyuki Andrea Kunukau-Ishikawa Joy Kuraoka Christine Kurashige Lloyd Kurashima Clifford & Kay Kurata Linda & Warren Kurata Shannon & Helen Kurata Richard & Margaret Kuihara Ronald & Lorraine Kurihara Kelvin & Phyllis Kurio Evelyn Kurogi Akihiro & Masami Kurokawa Mona R. Kushimaejo Ann & Steven Kutaka Weng Si Kwan Amy T. Kwock Christopher Kyea Monica Labriola Ashley Lacomette George & Harriet Lai Vivian M. Lai Jordan Lam Douglas K. Lamerson Larry & Melissa Lamerson William E. Landers Lynn V. Lane Bonnie D. Lang Rachel A. Lange Pamela Lanias Len & Terri Lantych Joseph J. Larnerd Berit V. Larsen Karin Larson Shirley Larson Peggy A. Latare Bonnie S. Lau Bonnie Van Leng Lau Gayle & Lorinda Lau Geoffrey & May Lau Shari L. Laubach Kathy E. Lawton Ellen & Jeffrey Layaoen Carole K. Learnard Terese A. Leber Alan Y. Lee Barbara Lee & Paul Hughes Daryl & Darlene Lee David Lee Deanna Lee Dong Jin Lee Jacqueline Lee Jacqueline Rush Lee Jerry Bentley & Carol Lee

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Joan-Anne P. Lee Juliet & Michael Lee Kenneth A. Lee Kyle Lee Maxine Lee Michele Lee Mika Lee Patricia & Gregory Lee Robert H. Lee Summer K. Chun Lee Tommy & Lori Lee Waymond & Verna Lee William & Marcia Lee Lisa T. Lefebvre Johanna & Melvyn Leiato Harvey & Agatha Leighnor Darryll Leiman Paul LeMahieu Marlene C. Lemke Spencer Leonard Alan Leong Bonnie R. Leong Denis & Diantha Leong Jane Leong Margie Leong Oren & Joann Leong Sharon Leonida Kelsey Lew Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Mary Lee Lew Cecilia Lewis Peter & Mary Lewis Richard & Rosann Lewis Daniel Libutti & Mariana Gerschenson Steven & Danel Licari Barry E. Lightner Stephen R. Lilly Gabriel Lim Darcy & Scott Lindamood Gail S. Lindsey Harold Lindsey Dale B. Lipton Eric Liu Leighton K. Liu Charles Livermore Jodito L. Llagas Everett Y. Lo Richard Lock & Jane Uyehara-Lock Randall Locke Betty B. Long Douglas & Donna Loo Gary & Francine Loo Jeffrey Loo Katherine M. Loo Lisa Ann L. Loo Walter & Joyce Loo

Willa Mae Loo Warren Loos & Claudette Ozoa Thomas A. Loudat Deborah C. Love John Love Raymond D. Lowman Jean D. Lucas David McCaffrey & Deborah Luckett Justin P. Lui Marjorie Y. Lui Theresa & Layne Luke Alisa Lum Brett Hazama Lum Dallas & Marlene Lum Derek Lum Harriet S.L. Lum Kerri & Alan Lum Lynnette Lum Madeline C. Lum Rhoda Lum Steven M. C. Lum, M.D. JoAnn & George Lumsden Sharon E. Lumsden Charles Lunson Ginger Lunt Dr. Douglas & Mary Luther Varanya & Robert Luxton Tan & Tina Ly Paul & Kaoru Lyddon Sidney Lynch Stacey Lynn Bin Ma George Ma Alyssa MacDonald Diane & John MacDonald Dale & Victoria Machado Tracie & David Mackenzie Mary & Michael Macmillan Elizabeth M. MacNeill Maria Macneill Benedict & Gail Madriaga Joan & Dwight Maeda Kentaro Maeda Ronald H. Maeda Sheila N. Maedo Amanda Maguire Daniel M. Mahoney John Mahoney & Nancy Hulbirt Sean Majer Danielle Makainai Patricia & Patrick Malala Katherine Malheiro Alexander & Clarita Malinao Dr. Jacqueline R. Maly Peter & Mary Jane Manabe Laurie K. Manandic

Acknowledgment of gifts from October 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021. Cheryl Mann Jon & Selina Mann Nedra Manson Benito & Norma Manuel Beverly J. Mar Susan Y. Marcotte Grant E. Marcus John & Carla Margenau Jenny H.L. Marion Jeanne Y. Marn Chuck & Diane Marshall Robert & Deborah Marshall Milly K. Martin Suzanne Martin James Martinez Landen S. Maruishi Evelyn N. Maruyama Roy M. Masaki Carol M. Masuda Diane & Gary Masuda Kevin M. Masuda Richard & Lynnette Masuda Jere Masumoto Andrew T. Matayoshi Margaret F. Matayoshi Nilton & Cheryl Matayoshi Marvin & Barbara Mathews George & Lynn Matsuda Naomi & Steven Matsuda Patti R. Matsuda Kylie T. Matsuda-Lum Joanne Matsui Kathryn & Robert Matsui Norma L. Matsukawa Annette N. Matsumoto Curtis & Ann Matsumoto Glen & June Matsumoto Glenn A. Matsumoto Jeremy Matsumoto Kaori Matsumoto Vera & Bryan Matsumoto Winifred M. Matsumoto Claude & Alyson Matsuo Raymond & Jane Matsuo Ronald K. Matsuo Roy & Joyce Matsuo Henry & Judyann Matsuoka Mimiyo & Ruriko Matsuoka Tanner Matsushita Grace Matsuura Shirley C. Matsuura Naomi & William Matsuzaki Darryl Diaz & Gina Matsuzawa-Diaz David & Rhonda Matthews Gay Ann K. Mattson Domingo & Mila Matute Cynthia & Roger Mau Nicole Mau Ronald & Penny Mau Shayne Mau Kenneth & Melanie May Robert & Cornelia May Julia & William Mayne Kelsey McCormick Karin D. McCorriston Elizabeth K. McCreary Mark & Christina McCully Lucy & Michael McCurdy Elizabeth McCutcheon Megan A. McDonald Tracy McDowell James & Lorena McGovern Lurline McGregor James & Michelle McGuinness Michael & Ramona McGuire Mavis L. McGurn Patricia J. McHenry Peggy McInnis Mark McKeague Kenneth & Kathleen McKee Pamela McKiddie Marion J. McLaren Monica & Chris McLaren

Rachael S. McMahon Sophia A. McMillen Billie McNabb Vera E. Medina James & Ann Mee Jennifer Meehan Leonard & Tokiko Meek Nikki D. Meloche Danny & Yong Melton Keith & Sandra Menchavez Klaus Manderscheid & Amy Meng Richard A. Mengato George Mercado & Melvin Spencer Socorro Mercado Julie Mercer Eddie & Selene Mersereau Pamela S. Mew Patricia Ann Middlesworth Glenn & Gayle Mifune Alice A. Miles Andrew & Lee Miller Brook & Diana Miller Charles Miller & Stephanie Marshall Dr. Susan K. Miller & Dr. Richard R. Miller, Jr. Wilmer & Martha Miller Lance, Jennifer & Sarah Mills Richard & Hanae Mills Joanna & Esau Milo Dean C. Minakami Melvyn & Shirley Minami Harvey & Christine Minatoya Timothy & Carrie Mingle Nancy Minuth Colin Cherrywell & Belinda Miranda James Miskella Edwin & Ellen Mito Jeffrey T. Mitsuda Evonne K. Mitsuka Kara L. Mitsunaga Mitsunaga & Associates, Inc. Dyan Mitsuyama Glenn & Elaine Miura Kanani Miura Miyabara Associates Harry & Ethel Miyachi Ann T. Miyahira Gordon M. Miyahira Sarah D. Miyahira Lisa T. Miyakado Howard & Patricia Miyake Amy Miyamoto Dennis & Naomi Miyamoto Dori & Clayton Miyamoto Melvin & Arlene Miyamoto Takeshi & Fay Miyamoto Wendy Takako Miyamoto William Miyasato Chelsie Miyashiro Jan & Ken Miyashiro Roy & Sharon Miyashiro Melvin & Jeannette Miyata Sharon Miyata Stanley & Iris Miyata Steven & Gail Mizokawa Hatsue Mizota Walter M. Mizushima Charles T. Mizuta Jody & Joseph Mocarski Paula & Joel Mochida Charles Gavin Moffat, II Christopher & Suk Cha Mohr Eltheara Mokuau Yolanda M. Mondo Sandra Moneymaker Ernest L.L. Moo Cathy A. Moon Yolanda Moon-Welden & John Welden Patricia A.L. Moore Colleen Mora John F. Morgan, III Art & Val Mori Debbie S. Mori

Gwen Moriinaga-Kama Holly Morikami Marc & Dawn Morikami Melvin & Carolyn Morikami Majel A. Morimoto Linh & Richard Morinaga Michael Morioka Roy & Carmen Morioka Christina K. Morisato Staesi Morisawa Dean & Janis Morita Dr. Naomi F. Morita Randall & Merle Morita Chrissy & Ralph Morris Harry & Michelle Morris Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey Karen L. Morrissette Veronica & Robert Morse George M. Motoyama John W Mount Peter & Lois Mow Samuel & Jan Moyer Evelyn S. Mueller Victor & Wanda Mukai Meghan Mulholland Samuel Mullins James K.W. Mun Dorothy K. Muncy Richard & Duk Hee Murabayashi Stanley & Judith Murai Donald M. Murakami Gail M. Murakami Hideo & Teruko Murakami Leslene L. Murakami Melvyn & Sadie Murakami Glenn M. Muramoto Brian Muranaka Claire & Michael Muranaka Carl Muraoka Ivan & Jane Muraoka Lawrence & Charlotte Muraoka Eloise & Conrad Murashige Blaine T. Murayama Carl & Helen Muroda Michael & Laurie Murphy William & Connie Muse Linda Musto Claire Muzzatti Jean K. Myers Cary Nagano Jason Nagata Stephanie E. Nagata Jeanne & Dennis Nagatani Lisa Naimer Rocchina A. Naipo Michael & Amelia Najim Lynne Y. Najita Carolyn H. Nakagawa Joy K. Nakagawa Andre'e M. Nakahara Edwin & June Nakahara Ronald Nakai Dennis & Susan Nakaishi Margaret H. Nakakuni David & Lynette Nakama Karl Kaneshiro & Jamy Nakama-Kaneshiro Dean & Dora Nakamaru Jolene R. Nakamatsu William & Yumi Nakamatsu Wayne & Sharon Nakamoto Bob & Eileen Nakamura Dean & Denice Nakamura Dell M. Nakamura Donald & Myungsun Nakamura Evelyn Nakamura Keiji & Doris Nakamura Ken & Sheryl Ann Nakamura Michael & Carol Nakamura Nao Nakamura & Koki Nishitani Shelly Nakamura William & Aecha Nakamura Michael M. Nakano

Ronald & Stephen Nakano Dennis & Maureen Nakashima Jo Ann E. Nakashima Rico Nakashima Daniel Nakasone Stanley & Setsuko Nakasone George Nakasono Pamela N. Nakata Tasha Nakata-Nagao Mona Nakayama Nancy K.Y. Namiki Thomas & Cheryl Namiki Thomas & Laverne Nance Kay Lani Naquin Gregory & Kyoko Narum David & Marlan Nashiwa Charles Neal & Maria Felix-Neal Jemal & Atsuko Ned Beverly E. Neese Allen Neiman & Carmen Stanko Joy Nekomoto Patricia & Travis Nekota Bradley Nelson & David Lammay Loretta & David Nelson Marita L. Nelson Paul E. Nelting Anna Neubauer Mary Newell David Newman James & Shirley Newman Debra F. Ng Wing C. Ng Christine Nguyen Mylinh T. Nguyen Claire S. Nicely Carol Nichols Wanda D. Nichols Sheryl L. Nicholson Michelle Nicotre Pamela S.M. Niesz Claudia L. Nihei Stanley & Carol Nihei Melvyn & Marion Niibu Betty K. Nishida Allan M. Nishihara Janet & Clifford Nishihara Theodore M. Nishijo Charles & Maud Nishimoto Jon & Cynthia Nishimura Reid Nishimura Elvin Nishioka Evan Nishioka Tanner Nishioka Glen & Nancy Nishiyama Mitsuo & Emiko Nishiyama Michael & Diane Nishizawa Carol K. Nitta Judy S. Nitta Susan & Marvin Nitta Andy & Eleanor Nobu Puakea & Marvin Nogelmeier Andrew & Nora Nomura Joleen T. Nomura Karen Nordine H. Naomi Nortman Marcella & Juliet Norwood Edwin H. Nose Dennis & Norma Nouchi Shahrzad Nouraini Craig H. Noyama Doreen & Jesse Nozawa Joyce Nunokawa Ratna Nuti Charlotte M. Oates Teri Obata Wesley Ochiai Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann Brian T. O'Connor Cherie O'Connor Cyrus & Janace Oda Francis & Caroline Oda Kenneth Oda Wendell & Bonnie Oda

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Eileen & Geary Ogasawara-Chun Albert K. Ogata Sun Ye Ogata Gordon T. Ogawa Alvin & Lynn Ogi June Y. Ohama Geraldine A. Ohara Patricia K. O'Hara Sharon & Roland Ohata Frances A. Ohira Lois F. Ohta Martha H. Ohtani Scot & Val Oishi Scott & Krisella Oka Gloria & Vernon Okada Joyce K. Okahashi Yoshiko Okahiro Darrell & Linda Okamoto Nancy Okamoto Neal & Amy Okamoto Robert S. Okamoto Sidney & Fay Okamoto Edlin & Donna Okamura Richard & Linda Okamura Gerald & Ruby Okano Reid Okasaki James & Laverne Okimoto Judy M. Okimoto Leigh & Joy Ann Okimoto Agnes R. Okino Kelvin & Patsy Okino Pauline & Byron Okino Roy Y. Okino Russell & Rachel Okoji Sandy Oku John Drouilhet & Sada Okumura Yoko Okumura Jillienne Oldfield Mark N. Olds, III Dale & Gary Oliva Walter & Charlotte Olmos Victoria Olsen Tracey Olson William Olson Yuko Omorai Gary M. Omori Tatsuo Omoto Carlos A. Omphroy Chong Suk Omura Velma H. Omura Malcolm & Avis Onaga Denise Onggoco

Alberta Ongies-Vincent Ernest & Eufimia Ongoy Myong & Elton Onigama Susan Onishi Andrade Ann K. Ono Jeffrey & Lory Ono Myra & Noel Ono Scott Ono & Laurie Fukumitsu Yaeko Ono & Marlene McKenzie Janet & Robert Onopa David Y. Onoye Judith S. Ooka Kimberly A. O'Quinn Alvin & Doreen Orita Rick Ornellas Tami & Raymond Orozco Mark & Ok Sun Ortogero Gail L. Osakoda Toshie Osborn Gerrit & Gayle Osborne Timothy J. Oshima Kirsten Oshiro Raymond & Amy Oshiro Rodney Oshiro Roy & Darlene Oshiro Gary Osterman & Leonette Stewart James & Cion O'Sullivan Dawna M. Ota Suzanne & Fred Ota Floyd M. Otani John & Libby Otte Gerald Ouchi & Barbara Sano Christine & Henry Oviedo Janis Owen Byron & Kathy Oyadomari David & Heather Oyadomori Terry & Kaylene Oyama Bonnie Ozaki & Van James Yumi Ozaki Walter & Gayle Ozawa Solomon & Leonora Pa Ellen Pabillano Sisar Paderes & Dolores Baluran-Paderes Francis & Florida Padron Donna Page Louise Pagotto Pualani Paiaina Diane & David Paiva Hazel K. Palakiko John Pampalone & Connie Yu-Pampalone

Min Pan Eric Pang Rodney & Marvelyn Pang Susan K.S. Pang Penn Pantumsinchai Norma T. Parado Janelle N. Paredes Iris Park Lorna Park Michael & Joanne Parker Joan S. Parker-Dias Pres Pascua Christy Anne J. Passion Stephanie S. Pauling Nancy L. Pearce Robert M. Pedigo Edward & Gayle Pei Elizabeth Pereira Eric A. Perez Timothy Peris Roxanne Perreira Danny & Paula Perry Norali V. Perry Steve Perry Alan & Martha Peterson Kirtland Peterson Linda J. Peterson Helen Petrovitch Pets Are Inn Ting Petty-Akamine & Sukanda Petty-Akamine Chatlaoong Nancy D. Pflueger Sandra S. Pfund E. Alan Phillips & Audrey Buyrn Kristina Phillips Robert S. Phillips Ross Allen Phillips Jessica Phromsiri Siew Chye Phua Lorie A. Pias Kristina Piasecki Daniel Pichon Robert Pierce Maria C. Pine Teri Pinney Randy K. Pisani Sylvia N. Plemer Vaughn & Melinda Plemer Carolyn T. Plunkett Dave & Pat Poe Jon & Ellen Polokoff Gilbert Ponce

Holiday matching challenge update A huge MAHALO to all of our supporters who participated in our holiday match challenge! You rose to the challenge and not only matched the John R. Halligan Charitable Fund’s gift of $75,000 but blew past our goal, raising nearly $340,000 for our animals! Didn’t get to take advantage of the Fall challenge? No worries! There’s another coming your way this Spring!

22 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

F. Poon Pakinee & Ralph Portmore Dana Potter-Amundson & Richard Amundson Brian & Denise Poziembo Harold Prados Anthony Prater Margaret A. Pratt Redfield D. Proctor Teri & George Proctor Gary & Barbara Pruder Robert & Cheryl Purdie John & Linda Puu Nelda K. Quensell Edgar Quinabo & Frankie Ruggles-Quinabo John Quinn Cynthia L. Quintal Janet & Scott Ragsdale Patricia Rama Monica Ramirez A. Jonathan & Suzanne Ramos Camila D. Ramos Lynne & Chris Ramsey Glen R. Rapoza Ligaya & Erik Rasmussen Jerry & Cheri Rauckhorst Laura L. Ray Kawamata Raymond Mark Recktenwald & Gailynn Williamson Allyson Reed Robert T. Reeves Peggy S. Regentine Carleton B. Reid Katrina Reinecke James M. Reis Phillip Rellinger Millynette Remmers-Matsumoto & Roy Matsumoto Jason Reyes Cary Reynolds Stephanie Reynolds Violet Richardson Ryon H. Rickard Amanda Rico Billie Jean Ries Ken & Linda Rietfors Tricia J. Rigney Jordan Rijke Marie E. Riley Robert Ristelhueber Mark J. Ritchie Marie Rivet John Roberts William & Emi Robillard Priscilla K. Robins John & Linda Rodrigues Timothy & Meng Roe Carla Rogers William Rogers Charles & Wanda Rokero Fred & Harriet Rokero Scott & Ingrid Rolles Douglas Rollick Maile & John Romanowski Kailani Romero Isabella Romualdo David & Carol Root Alli Rose Cynthia J. Rosebrough Caryn E. Rosen Kelly Rosnick Kayoko Ross Rebecca Ross Phillip & Julia Rother Ned & Iris Rowley June M. Rubie Nora & Arcenio Rumbaoa Ronaldo & Donna Rumbaoa Kathryn & Douglas Russell Jeanne Rust Patricia Rustanius

Acknowledgment of gifts from October 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021. Donna & Robert Ryan Lisa Ryan & Chris Ryser Margaret A. Ryan Elbert Sadoyama Mark & Dara Sage Carol R. Sahara Mel H. Saiki George & Pauline Saito Gerald & Mae Saito Glen & Christine Saito Itsuo & Ross Saito Paul & Sybil Saito Jennifer Sakaba Kyle Sakado Diane M. Sakai Brooke & Greg Sakamoto Byron & Joy Sakamoto Daniel Sakamoto & Karen Watanabe-Sakamoto Dr. Warren Sakamoto & Raynette Takizawa Leighton & Sharynne Sakamoto Milton & Lani Sakamoto Robert & Jan Sakamoto Blythe S. Sakashita Dora & Eugene Sakata Gerald & Wendy Sakata Randolph & Stephanie Sakauye Sandra Sakihara Kathleen T. Sako Walter T. Sakuda Colleen Sakuma Roy & Kathy Sakuma Salon Mei Benjamin & Marilyn Salvador Sharon L. Samson Juergen & Hildegard Sang Francis & Patricia Santos Lydia Santos Patrick A. Santos Jed & Lynda Sasaki Matthew Sasaki Melvin, Allison & Gavin Sasaki Patricia F. Sasaki Richard & Marvela Satake Adrianne & Dale Sato Andrew K. Sato Gilford & Shareen Sato Hidemi Sato Michelle Sato Momoe & Vernon Sato Renee & Tracy Sato Eugene Savio Mariko & Koyo Sawada John & Laurie Sawyer Ernest & Vicky Saxton Carole Q. Scharfenberger Laurel Schatz Yolanda & Mathew Schlechte George J. Schmelzer Lisa H. Schmidt Linda & Catherine Schmitt Karen Schmoll Niklas & Sharon Schneider Makoto & Ray Schoening Winton & Sandra Schoneman Robert & Susan Schultz Gail S. Myers George & Bridget Scott Karen S. Seddon David & Sheila Seeholzer Daniel T. Segawa Justin & Faith Seguirant Sei Giving Fund Mary & Ronald Seiple Karen Selph Tiffany K. Sentani Al & Connie Serafin Frances A. Serikaku Joseph Serna Fabiana P. Servantes Service Air Conditioning & Plumbing, Inc.

Diane M. Sether Noreen & Richard Seubert Arthur Shak Douglas & Jayna Shanefield Sam & Pat Shapiro Glenna Shaw Lonna & John Sherwin Jamie Sheu Sylvia Sheu Keith & Gayle Shida Janet K. Shiga Fred & Sharon Shigekane Michael K. Shigeta Michael & May Shim Lorna S. Shima Lily Shimabukuro Jason Shimada Marc Shimamoto Dennis & Patsy Shimane Toshiko Shimata Masayuki & Frances Shimazu Blaine & Alpha Shimizu Cynthia H. Shimizu Karen & David Shimizu Reid Shimizu & Joy Kamae-Shimizu Davis & Olinda Shindo Rodney & Sandy Shinkawa Alan & Ember Shinn Stacey S. Shinsato Beverly & Jay Shintaku Tamae Shiraishi Beverly M. Shiroma Mark K. Shiroma Daniel & Esther Shishido Mark & Cheryl Shklov Mitsunori & Kakuko Shoji Shirley & Thomas Shojinaga Jennifer & Leighton Shoma George & Cheryl Shon Yuka Shoop Susan Sie Tiffany & Tucker Siegfried Frederic & Lori Sigler Darnell Silva Johnelle S. Silva Mary L. Silva Sylvia K. Silva Kimberly A. Simao Stella & Hoover Sin Troy Siruno Malia Siu Paul Skarpness Robert & Gail Skillman Joan F. Skinner John A. Skinner Geoffrey S. Slater Victoria & Timothy Slovak Lauren Sly Anthony Smith Beverly P. Smith Douglas & Kelly Smith Emilie Smith Lori A. Smith Michael & Linda Smith Michael R. Smith Martha Smith-Blackmore, D.V.M. Piilani Smith-Kozibroda Beverly & Arthur Soares Talin Sokugawa Christina Sonnier Diane Sonoda Jane S. Soon Catherine A. Sorensen William & Louise South Robert & Isobel Spangler Caroline P. Spencer Lisa K. Spencer Roberta A. Sprague Michael Springhetti Gary Sprinkle & Pamela Young-Sprinkle Miki Sprout Dr. Ulrich & Carol Stams

Harrison Stanley Ronald Stebbins Lisa Steiner Mary Steiner & David Atkin Patricia & William Steinhoff Yuko & George Stender Jadwiga M. Sterling Roberta & Sheldrake Stibbard Mayumi Stiteler Lynette C. Stobie David & Mary Stock Roxy Stockberger George & Maria Sally Stone Marianne Stone Robert Stouffer & Virginia Van Cleave Roberta A. Straughn Stephanie A. Strickland Milton & Georgia Stroud David & Tammy Stumbaugh Curtis Daehler & Angela Su Stephanie Suda Lisa & Robert Sue Scott & Wendy Suetsugu Alan & Fay Sugahara Susan Sugai Wesley H. Sugai Paul & Ann Sugibayashi Gregory & Peggy Sugimoto Jane Sugimura Sukil Suh Maxine R. Sung Carol Sutherland Samantha & Scott Sutherland Ross Suyemura Allan M. Suzuki George & Sharon Suzuki Randal & Joyce Suzuki Thomas & Mabel Suzuki William & Mary Lou Swope Ed Sylva, Jr. Richard R. Szuster Gregory Taba Yukiyo Tachikawa Ryan & Erin Tadaki Tanya Tagami & David Karl Irene & Loren Taguchi Nancy Taira Uncha Tak Yoshiko & Osamu Takagi Lornna & Chris Takahashi Steve & Laura Takahashi Susan K. Takahashi Terilyn K. Takahashi The Takahashi Family Tod & Annette Takahashi Tootie Takakawa Carl & Racheal Takaki Jill M. Takamatsu Erin R. Takamine Sandra Takamine Craig Takamiya Janet F. Takamoto Susan Takamune Wendy Takanishi Tracy Takano Lori Takara Roy & Donna Lee Takara Roy & Juanita Takara Carol Takashita Brian & Wendy Takatsuka Darrell Takebayashi Wayne & Kathleen Takemoto Beatrix Takenaka-Meyer Dennis K. Takeshita Carey Taketa Jeanne & Tye Taketa Wing Taketa Linnelle L. Takeuchi James M. Takeyama The Takiguchi Family Susan H. Takumi Carlene T. Takushi, D.V.M. Ruth Takushi

Karla & Gilbert Talavera Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera Sally Tamai Jerry & Gail Tamanaha Nelson & Gail Tamashiro Erica Tamblyn & Marilyn Coffman Kong Tan Carolyn S. Tanabe Alan & Joni Tanaka Annie M. Tanaka Brenda Tanaka Francis Y. Tanaka Sandra S. Tanaka Wayne & Claire Tanaka Wayne Tanaka Lisa & Derek Tanga Stacey & Tracy Tangonan Emogene & Roy Taniguchi George C. Taniguchi Stephen & Kimii Taniguchi Ray Tanimoto Russell & Joyce Tanji Doss K. Tannehill Suzanne & Matthew Tanori Ross Tanoue & Joyce Nakamura-Tanoue Patricia & Gary Tanouye Bert & Karen Taoka Raymond & Florence Tarasawa Arleen & Charles Tarnay Duke Tarnay Keani Tarnay Karen P. Taroc Burt & Patti Tasaka Robert & Karen Tasaka Gary & Annette Tashiro Candace K. Tasoe Jean A. Tateishi Ronald & Angie Tateishi Steven Tavares Roel & Susan Tavita Christine S. Taylor Lani Telfer Brianne Tengan David & Thelma Tengan Valerie Terada June A. Teragawa Setsuko Teramoto Eric Terashima Karyn Elizabeth Tercy Sonia & Fron Terlep Sheri Teruya TFT Giving Fund The Queens Medical Center Transfer Call Center & Bed Control Crystal Theel Catherine Thielen Katrina Thies J'Nell Thomas William Thomas Nhu P. Thomason Carol Thompson Ellen L. Thorson William & Patti Tildsley Laverne Tirrell Samuel Tiu & Nicholas Winchester Karl T. Tobias Melisa K. Tobias Roshal & Michael Todaro Ronald Todd Valo Rose & Vaimanino Tofa Curtis & Lorraine Togami Clarence & Yosi Toguchi Laurie & Bradley Tokeshi Bonnie Tokita Therese & K. Tokumi Charlotte & Cary Tokunaga Lynn & Danny Tolentino David Tom Jeffrey J. Tom Juanita Y.M. Tom Lisa A. Tom Pat Tom

Paw Prints | 23

Kyan Tomihama Llewellyn Tomimatsu Terry Tominaga Ronald & Caryn Tomishima Russell T. Tomishima Burton & Carol Tomita Carl & Sheila Tonaki Keith & Aimee Tonaki Robert & Geraldine Tong Velma & Bernard Topas Lauren Toribio Baptist & Jessica Torres Brigida Torres Allan S. Totoki Dwight & Marcia Toyama Shirlee & Andrew Trozzi Ruth D. Tschumy Stephanie Tseng Bruce Tsuchida Colleen K. Tsuda Kevin K. Tsuda Kris Tsuda Joyce & Blaine Tsugawa Aaron Tsuha Vector M. Tsuha Takashi Tsuhako Thomas H. Tsuhako Thomas & Sharl Tsukano Marilyn & Walter Tsukenjo Gene & Evelyn Tsuno Trina Tsutsui Vivian & Kent Tsutsumi Lance & Cheryl Tsutsuse Richard M. Tuggle Arthur & Angela Tulak Ethan J. Twer Griffin Twigg Brian & Kimberly Tyau Terry & Cheryl Tyler Cheryl & Rick Uchida Linda & Clyde Uchima Paul J. Udell Matthew Uechi Keiko & Hisako Ueda Jane C. Uemura Thomas & Hazel Uemura Grace M. Ueunten Kellie & Bart Ulansey Roy H. Umeda Dana M.K. Umiamaka Aaron & Nina Ungerleider Gary Upton Craig Uradomo Eleanor S. Urakawa Sarah & Maxwell Urata Christine R. Urban Donna Y. Usagawa Gloria Sun Eng C. Uy Bette & Alexander Uyeda Franklin & Harriet Uyeda Ashley Uyehara Craig S. Uyehara Elisa Uyehara Machiko & Kenneth Uyehara Nancy & D. Uyeno Philip & Patricia Valenti Barbara B. Valk Marion Valle Linda Vallejos Robin Van Eps Richard & Noreen Van Horn George Van Orden Mardell A. VanderBrink Lindsey Janice & Wayson Vannatta Dr. Lothar & Cheryl Varady Christine Vecchio Michele Velasco Pamela Verrey Wendy Viellenave Nelson & Sue Ellen Viernes Rayelanie & Nora Viernes Sean & Sheri Viernes Karana Vierra

Alicia Villanueva Reed Villanueva Reynaldo & Irene Villarreal Mayumi Villiatora Gayle E. Volger Robert & Kelli-Ann Voloch Warren & Lydia Von Arnswaldt Theone I. Vredenburg Quyen Vu John & Shelley Wadahara F. David Wagner & Georgette Canon Joshlyn K. Waikoloa Neal Wakabayashi Akiko & Daryl Wakatsuki Betty & Ronald Wakatsuki Jo Wakayama Jane T. Wakukawa Pamela Wakukawa Myra Wakuzawa & Ruth Ozaki Wes & Geri Wakuzawa Makoto Walker Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Tom Wallace Denise L. Walterhoefer Marie Wang Wesley Waniya & Karin Fujitani Rebecca Ward Marjorie Warren Alan & Elaine Watanabe James & Anita Watanabe Jane Y. Watanabe Jeffrey Watanabe Mark Watanabe Myron S. Watanabe Roy & Paulette Watanabe Ruth Y. Watanabe Seiko Watanabe Wendy & Reuben Watanabe Marilyn N. Waterhouse Connell J. Watkins J.D. & Julie Watumull Wendell & Judith Weatherwax Erik Webb Joe & Teresa Webber June Wehner Barry & Virginia Weinman Beverly A. Wellman Karl & Sheila Wensel Lloyd & Gayle Wentworth Dory M. West Rachelle & James West Michael Weston Courtney Whang Amy E. Wharton Jill Wheatman Doyle & Holly Wheeles Jaclyn & Andrew Whelen Nancy J. Whitcomb Curtis & Lisa White Edwin White Iwalani D. White Philip A. White Charles K. Whitten Debra L. Whitten Robert & Seiko Whittier Miriam M. Whittle Charles & Jeanne Wichman Rosalinda & Allen Wicklund Stephanie & Robert Wight Gaylord & Carol Wilcox Richard & Genny Wilcox Gary & L.S. Wild Coralie & W.L. Willett Carmen B. Williams Cynthia A. Williams Myra & Frederick Williams Rianna & Sherrill Williams Stephen Williams James S. Williston Terry C. Wilson Cindy Winegar David & Arporn Winsko Al & Joyce Winters

24 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

Judith Wolfe Brooke & Barrett Won Adam Wong & Arlene Tanaka Alice V. Wong Chrystal Wong Derek Wong Donald & Suzanne Wong Eunice & Wah Gai Wong Janice S. Wong Kathrine Wong Laurena K.F. Wong Linda Wright Wong Lloyd & Geraldine Wong Mike Nevin & Robyn Wong Naomi Wong Priscilla & Paul Wong Richard H. Wong Stella & Alvin Wong Travis Wong Winston S.W. Woo Lawrence & Nadine Woode Herbert & Jia Woolley C.A. Worley Elizabeth Wright Robert Wright Stephen Wurelfel Angel & Dale Wyatt Christopher Wyckoff Susan L. Wynne Gareth Wynn-Williams & Christine Oliver Martin & Jean Wyss Andres Yacap Alvin & Iris Yafuso Miles & Miko Yamabe Charlotte N. Yamada David M. Yamada Fawn Y. Yamada Lillian M. Yamada Stuart & Sue Yamada David M. Yamagata Amy M. Yamaguchi Lois H. Yamaguchi Ray & Elaine Yamaguchi Shirley Yamaguchi Alan & Daphne Yamamoto Alfred & Jocelyn Yamamoto Calvin K. Yamamoto Carol K. Yamamoto Chris & Dale Yamamoto Cy Yamamoto Denise Yamamoto Dennis & Margaret Yamamoto Dennis Yamamoto Felicia Yamamoto Gary T. Yamamoto Kendal Yamamoto Matthew & Winifred Yamamoto Robin T. Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Stephanie Y.S. Yamamoto Bettie & William Yamane Carolyn I. Yamane Corrine A. Yamane Thomas & Jane Yamane Jill & Marvin Yamasaki Charlene M. Yamashiro Roxanne Y. Yamashiro Allie Yamashita Naomi Yamashita Harvey Yamauchi Jerry & Caryn Yamauchi Mi Seung Yamauchi Paul S. Yamauchi Gerald & Susan Yanagida Stephanie Yanagida Arick B. Yanagihara Joan Yanagihara & Donald Mair Richard & Angel Yanagihara Ronald Yanagihara Renee Yanagisawa Jo Ann K. Yanazaki Wei Wei Yang

Jason Yano Albert & Helen Yap Richard & Naomi Yap Joan Yasuda Kari A. Yasuhara Peter Yasutake Madeline F. Yee Michelle Yee Wen Yen Martha E. Yent Theresa Yeung Eileen & Patrick Yim Patrick & Santa Yim Mary Ann Mei-Wan Yip & Wing-Cheung Yip Neal Yuda & Kathleen Yogi Roy & Grace Yokomura Caron Yokoyama Katherine Y. Yokoyama Amy & Terry Yonashiro Cyndee Yonehara Cyrilla S. Yonehara Tony & Jill Yoshicedo B. Nalani & Keith Yoshida Elden Yoshida Peter & Adrienne Yoshihara Linda Yoshikami Craig & Karen Yoshikawa John Yoshimori Denise Yoshimori-Yamamoto & Troy Yoshimori-Yamamoto Janel M.N. Yoshimoto Lorraine Yoshimoto Keith & Marian Yoshimura Patsy & Yoshiharu Yoshimura Carolyn A. Yoshioka Glenn Yoshioka & C. Ann Whang-Yoshioka Dennis & Jozet Yoshitake Beth Ann J. Young Carol Young & John Prest Dennis & Lee Young Hiram Young Ivan Young Merryl Young Miki & Stanley Young Patrick & Sirinuch Young Sharon Young Su Kyung & Glennon Young Theodore & Laurel Young Traci E. Young Jan H. Youth Helen H. Yu Mihae Yu Eric & Janette Yuasa Clayton & Elva Yuen Frederick & Eva Zane Terry & Tom Zelko Melanie M. Zellmer Stella & Annie Zoto Dahlia & George Zotos Kelley Zukeran-Sakaino Bridget E. Zuver

Acknowledgment of gifts from October 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021.

In Honor of People

Ginny Tiu Governor Ben & Vicky Cayetano Robert C. Clifton Thomas & Mi Kosasa Nathaniel K. Lam Bruce Minsky & Connie Kissinger Elizabeth T. Morisada Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation/Jack & May Tyrrell Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Robert & Ester Schumacher Jennifer Trevino Linda Velayo Fong Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

Molly Rowland The Rowland Family

Grace Duarte Jon Duarte

Russell M. Shoji Clifford & Stephany Hong

Greg, Kristen, Caitlin, & Po Chun John K. Chun

Scott McCaffrey & Deborah Luckett Charles & Claudia Johnson

Henry & Lucy Nihei Gordon & Anita Nihei

Shelley Cramer James and Cherye Pierce

HMSA Quality Management Team Kara Kitazaki-Chun

Steve Douglas Linda Douglas

Audrey Endo Al & Jackie Hayashibara

Jessica Nakashima & Bentley Chang Dennis & Janice Nakashima

Sue Nance Kimberley Haines

Ava Cramer Shelley Cramer

Jim & Dee Brock James & Allison Brock

Susan Nicol Virginia Nicol & Aaron Moriwake

Bill Mist John & Junie Sullivan

Karen Scharff Kevin & Allison Gregg

Charlyn Honda Massini Ginny Tiu

Karen Yabui Bryant K. Yabui

Temujin D. Thomson Virginia N. & Philip S. Robitaille Charitable Gift Fund

Chris & Hanna Hanson Edward W. Hanson

Katie Rudolf Joel Lipkin

Chun Kerr LLP Peter & Adrienne Yoshihara

Koa Pollock Alan & Ruby Pollock

Clyde Whitworth & Fudo Samuel & Lily Domingo

Kylah Kim Karey Kim

Craig Oyadomari Kuulei Miura Fahling

Layla Allen-Wei Diane Allen

Dede Guss C.H. Robinson The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore Glenn & Debra Weinberg

Layla Borreca & Samantha Borreca Cameron June & Richard Borreca

Diane Masuda Erin Toyoshima

Leslie Kawamoto Kevin Nishioka

Dr. & Mrs. Byron & Pam Eliashof Mark Eliashof

Lillian Higa Tina T. Loo

Dr. Elliott Kalaawa Arpine & Arthur Martirosian

Lupe Steffany Grace V. Anthony

Dr. Thomas & Mi Kosasa Ginny Tiu

Lyle K. Oshita Michael Bridge

Elaine Ebesu Herman & Eileen Ching

Makana, Kace, Kazlyn, Blaze, Eliana, & Jonas Ana & Alan Gamble

A.J. & Maureen Matsuura Sandra Ishikawa Anna Neubauer Dr. Eric & Lori Ako Gina W. Anonuevo Bob & Frances Bean Tim & Jeanne Brauer Shelley Cramer John & Sue Dean Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr. Dede & Barron Guss Thomas & Mi Kosasa Susan M. Kosasa Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Ginny Tiu Richard I. E. Vaughn Rebecca S. Ward Gaylord & Carol Wilcox Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

Elaine Uemura Kenneth T. Uemura Elizabeth Rice Grossman John & Yvonne King Fairview Investment Services & Filepoint clients Fairview Investment Services & Filepoint Gayle Pingree Elizabeth Young

Leila Allen-Wei Randa Hayes

Maria Davis Wendell Davis Mary E. Bacon Jerome K. Bacon Mary Scalone David Scalone Melanie Kim Steve Situ Michelle Aivei Cheryl Renfer Mike Wagner, Adele Sawada-Omori, & Walter Omori Deborah K. Key Missy Graff Jim & Bonnie McMahon

Nandini Bhattacharjee Indrani Bhattacharjee Rick Zwern Kristine Huffman Rochelle K. Oshiro Avin & Maryann Oshiro Rose Ann McLane William & Nancy Woodhams Rose Marie Sagolili Gregory & Sharon Wong

Teresa Favilla Jennifer T. Chow Tiva Villareal-McKeague Rae K. McKeague Tom Lamberton Kelly Hardy Tyler Kleinhesselink Michael McCabe & Michele Egan Wayne & Kay Nakashima Dennis & Janice Nakashima

In Honor of Pets Athena Deborah C. Love

Bear Leslie & Betsy Hata Bear, Atty, & Ella Roslyn & Daven Chun Bozu & Jax Marvis Minami & Tony Ganeko Brownie Ogata Marsha & Clifford Ogata Bud E. Chuck & Diane Marshall Clouseau William & Nancy Woodhams Daisy & Molly Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann Daisy Jim On Castillo Marc Castillo Dakota Yabui Bryant K. Yabui

Ginger Bobby R. Gordon Ginger & Freckles Steven & Laura Emura Hamlett I & II Michael Ebinger Hattori Family cats Judy C. Hattori Hoku, Coco, & B.B. Zale M. M. Hisashima Iris, Wally, & Serenity Dudley E. Maynard Jackson Dave & Sandy Scudder Jimbo Kenny & Karelyn Lee Kaia, Miki, Zoey, Mochi, Lili, Odie, & Lucky Laurie H. Hamano Kalbi & Kimchee Clyde & Lisa Chena Keiki John & Teri Fritz Koa Mindy K. Okahara Koi & Kimo Herbert & Kyung Hee Hinazumi Kuau, Kokoa, & Tabby Henry Dela Cruz & Ursula Olds-Dela Cruz Lucy Doris M. Ladd Okazaki & Olds Friends Mark N. Olds, III Ola & Riggs Victoria Olsen Oliver Clayton Kirio & Renee Honda Oliver Renee L.F. Honda Otto Kathleen S. Chu Penny & Harley Edward & Margaret Kagihara Polei & Koa Holly Nagamine Polu Iris N. Takayama Sweetie Patricia S. Jones Tasha Saito Melvin & Jandi Saito Toby & Scooter Helen A. Josie Josypenko Two Sox Justin Neidermeyer Waffles Panda Woo Shannon Sheu Zeus & Liko Jean & David Lang

Demi Steve & Deb Knight Duke Anne Murphy Einstein Izumo & Mame Chang Vierra Patsy M. Izumo

Paw Prints | 25

In Memory of People

Alexander & Frances Pickens Marcia H. Little Alfred B. Fernandes, Jr. Mary Ann H. Fernandes Alice & Hideo Arakaki Terry Omine Alice Armando Stanley & Theresa Shibata Andrea Motoyama Lorraine E. Sato Annette Ebinger Michael Ebinger Betty Torigoe Sandra S. Torigoe Karen C. Torigoe Billy Martin Mary J. Lewis Brad Bailon Allan & Frances Bailon Carmen Geshell Ann E. Horton Jane Malinoff-Kamide Charlotte Fujitani Melvyn & Lois Tojio Chase Evan Zavakos Janice L. Choate-Zavakos Ching Yu Chen Francine Y. Sunada Chris S. & Lisa N. Yoshimura Paul & Violet Yoshimura Christine Nadamoto Dayna Asuncion Dayna Miyashiro Louise Pagotto Lisa Radak Clara Richards Daniel & Hang Galanis Jessica C. Warmoth Corrine Trendle Linda Hartle Daniel B.T. Lau Girard & Miyuki Lau Dorothy Wyse Lenny Bugey Dr. David Y.S. Yee Eric F. Fujimoto Linda Yee-Sugaya

Guy Noir Laurel A. Johnston

Mary T. Andre Katherine E. Andre

H. & K. Okada Virginia F. Miyauchi

Maximillian Nakai Sato Michelle Sato

Harriet Gee Patricia A. Gee

Michael Kabasawa Noel Kabasawa

Haunani Werner Carol Ann & Mark Solien

Miles Okano D. J. Grice Beverly Kawasaki

Heather Shonka Caryn Angelson Barbara Fajota Christopher Fazzini Elizabeth Flanagan Glenn and Janice Fukuda Melissa Hirano David Horiuchi Mr. & Mrs. Bruce T. Matsuura Brenda Moss Joyce and Roger Nishimura Yusuke Oba Nina Ota Sandra H. Palakiko Wendell K. Pang Karen Pauciello Stephanie Tokuhama Allen Uyeda Kaela Wasnich Ian Mattoch Carleton B. Reid Irene Abalos Thomas Licia L. Lau Jane Tanji Janice & Richard Horylev Janet Padget Joseph Shirley Joseph Janet Yaeko Loo Sandra A. Loo Jay Tanonaka Bert & Helen Tanonaka Jeanette Noborikawa Dave & Ellen Huntley Paul & Naomi Loewe Jenny Wong Jersey Gibson Mary Lou & Allen Hinkle Jim Gibson Valerie & Edwin Madamba Jimbo Cadwallader Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez John & Karen Leigh Charles & Valerie Seminara John H. Radliffe Diane L. Radcliffe

Danny Lau Kathy & Erik Wong Pamela Burns Caleb & Jane Burns Mona M. Chang Vierra Jennifer Chiwa Patsy M. Izumo Juli M. Kimura Walters Winston Myers Patricia Zane Ed Alan Zane Paula Urban Stanley & Theresa Shibata Ralph & Beatrice Ishibahi Vance M. Ishibashi Randolph Young Rose Young Raymond F. Baker Joyce Baker Reid Krucky Edward Bugarin & Carol Jaxon Richard K. Nagashima Euphemia E. Nagashima Robert J. Hackman Grace N. Ginoza Audrey E. J. Ng Miki Okumura

In Memory of Pets

Ace Fujii, Jet Li, Killer, Muffin, & Milo Michael & Laurie Walsh Ah Tong Jovencio & Varne Guerrero Aichan Curtis & Ann Matsumoto Ally Dorene K. Yamamoto Angel Momo Tachibana Craig & Joanne Tachibana Appa Jean-Marc Rasor Ash Mukai Ginny Tiu Baboot Anne T. Fukumitsu Baldassare & Napoleon John Higgins Baron, Fritz, Sasha, & Champion Michael & Joyce Lighthill Barry Manilow Denise Sur Benji Gareth & Anna Yokochi Bert Dr. Douglas & Ms. Linda Vincent Biscuit Kathleen K. Miyake Blackie & Jayson Hiram & Jane Au

Robert, Janet, Cliff, & Maya Abe Joanne H. Abe

Bob, Bubbles, Flash, Stripey, Sylvie, Titan, T.J., & Wiz Lynn & Elton Kamiya

Robin O'Sullivan Bob & Vera Fahl

Brando & Keola Joan E. Keaulana

Sarah & Grant Onaga Maureen & Melvin Okada

Brian Warren A. Cone, Jr.

Sharon & Ben Steve Butala

Bridget & Kimo Ki‘ana J. Balbirona

Suzanna Hahn Liang-Hsien E. Hahn

Brillo Susan Gabaree & Richard Duggan

Thomas H. Kenney Virginia S. Kenney

Buddy, Sammi Jo, & Riley Brian & Pam Takeda

Thomas M. Ho Charlene K. Ikeda

Buster & Liso Margaret Soon Carly, Cobey, & Chelcy Mark & Cynthia Coronel

Eileen Abe Karen R. Arakawa

John, Lillian & Nancy Kabasawa Noel Kabasawa

Tom Purdy Brenda K. H. Ching Callia Pucevich

Elaine Dobashi David & Carol Shouldice

Jonathan Kajiwara Edna U. Kajiwara

Toshiko Shishido Mililani Presbyterian Church

Elizabeth Rodenbeck Conrad Rodenbeck

Joy Delucca Joan Bogner-Lyons

Travis Barfield Shane & Melissa Shimatsu

Eloise Monsarrat Henry & Patricia McPhillips

Karin Gassner James & Dawne Browne

Tyson Ichida The Ichida Family

Charlie Stacey Kawano Wilfred & Jewel Kawano

En Chau Chang Paula T.L. Ho

Kay Mikuriya Randall Mikuriya

Wesley Ginoza Janis Nishikawa & Richard Hanson

Chewie & Gerald Cynthia & Earl Asato

Eugene Robert Gelfo, Jr. Cyndie Massey

Keith K. Chong Howard & Audrey Chong

Wyatt T.K. Tanigawa Brett Tanigawa

Chibe & Micah Arlene & Curtis Kaya-Tamon

Florence Nakahara & Katy Ali Ross Higaki & Ann Nakahara-Higaki

Liliane Nicolds Miriam M. Whittle

Yasumi & Miyeko Omatsu Arlene & Curtis Kaya-Tamon

Chibi & Yuki Wallace & Carolyn Towata

Gail Kaleikini Craig C.K. Kaleikini

Mabel Chang Lydia A. Faletoi

Yukio & Yaeno Yokouchi Franklin & Annette Distiso

Chico Timothy J. Oshima

Gerald M. Meredith Connie G. W. Meredith

Margaret Herrlich Sagerholm A. Denise Sagerholm

Yvette LaFontaine Sandra A. Leong

Chuppy & Nina Steven & Tokiko Bazzell

26 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HawaiianHumane.org

Cashis Lisa Hirano Cassie Patrick & Janice Yamada

Acknowledgment of gifts from October 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021. Chynna Bleu Jesse & Lois Ikei

Krazy Kat Shirley Schick

Moxie Janis Nishikawa & Richard Hanson

Stush, Marshmellow, & Hoku Saskia Ishii

Coco Kathleen K. Ota

Kutie Pie Kiyokawa Karl S. & Jerrie Kiyokawa

Sula Pamela & Michael Kaneko

Coco Angel Susan B. Schotters

Lady Lawrence & Nadine Woode

Mr. Cookie, Kaikane, Matty, Ossian, & Saja Mary J.K. Kim

Cola Deborah C. Love

Lady Atsuhime Kenard A. Sumida

Daisy, Bella, Simba, Maile Candace S. Taylor

Lady Shikibu Kenard A. Sumida

Diamond & Dukie Davy & Karen Warner

Lani & Sandy Maeda Diane M. Maeda

Duchess, Bandit, & Bear James & May Kobashigawa

Leia Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

Ebi Shigeru & Kumiko Kaminaka

Lia & JonJon Fukunaga Wanda Y. Fukunaga

Emmitt Rosengrant Lillian M. Rosengrant

Lilikoi Jack B. Harmon

Gabriel Allen & Tammy Perry

Lily Clement & Daya Akina

Gideon Puffy Sasaki Holly R. Sasaki

Loki Faith Milnes

Ginger & Sammy Kenneth H. Keough

Lola & Muffy Rodney & Lori Uyeoka

Gucci Dawn S. Smith

Lucky David I. Dawley

Gumby, Chibi, & Momo Carol A. Takaki

Lucy Bates Susan Scott & Craig Thomas

Gus Jong & Cooper Jong Lila Jong

Luke Diane E. Lord

Havana Koerner Sarinthip Koerner

Mae Faith Milnes

Ho'apili & Arlea Ige Carol Ann & Mark Solien

Majesty Steve & Deb Knight

Hoku Castillo Alfred & Sharlene Castillo

Mak Emilia Reeves

Jack Quong Leilani J. Quong

Maka Boy Reney Ann Ching

Jaq Constance A. Hassell

Makai Dog, Pukiawe, & Mauka James C. Richardson

Java SA Eileen Wallenhorst

Malia Linda L. Joyo

Jigs & Kea Chris & Win Kitaoka

Meechi Michael Quinn

Joseph Family Cats Shirley Joseph

Mele Gary & Sandra Isono

Junior & Jackson Letitia P. Bailey

Mele Nagata Melvin & Nikki Nagata

Keanu Bryant K. Yabui

Meredith Family Dogs Connie G. W. Meredith

Keku'a & Pumkin Rita U. Moniz

Mi, Chako, Chi, & Taka Megumi Blanton

Kelani & Paris "Puku" Yatomi Patricia N. Hisamoto

Mica Lisa Wong-Yamamoto & Lee Yamamoto

Kiki Leinee & Paul Watase Kilo Flora & Paula Higuchi Kippy Corey & Yukie Wong Kitsu Nora & Arcenio Rumbaoa Koa & Cody Claudia M. Akroyd Kona Paul & Krist Tanaka

Muffin Laurie A.L. Adams Nala Ann Young Michael & Jo Ann Young Nalu & Ponani Joseph & Lovina Kerfoot Nissan Michael D. Armenoff Ollie Diane Peterson Peaches, Lucie, & Koa Sandra M. Yamane Pokey Sherrie M. Takushi-Isara Pol, Jack, & Jill Maurice Tamura & Nita Williams Ponce Family Dogs Gilbert Ponce Pono Randall Ching Pono Delaine & Russell Ige Porter Victoria Olsen Pudders & Kasha Karen C. Torigoe Rocky Trisha Shimabuku-Fish Roscoe Kay F. Nishimoto

Tiguan & Buster Bruce & Diana Sneddon Tiki Kat & Baby Bunny Darci & Charles Ernce Tisza Carol Nishiyama Toodles Ling Marvin & Susan Ling Trixie, Cassie, & Beemer Bert & Helen Tanonaka Trubl Lisa M. Lewis Uli, Li'i Li'i & Kona Girl Wayne & Lanette Pascua Wailea Bailey George & Ipolani Bailey Willie Howard & Dayle Matsumoto

We make every effort to ensure that our information is accurate. If you have any questions, please contact Giving@HawaiianHumane.org.

Sammy Laurie H. Hamano Sammy Mary Ann Rozal Senna, Mittens, & Cubby Nagata Laura A. Nagata Shadow Gay H. Joyo Shaggy, Tashi, & Lucy Doris M. Ladd Sherbert & Handsome Reynold & Laverne Alexander Sir Ramsey Hopsalong Lindo Paula R. Boyce

Snowy Cayetano Vicki Borges Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Robert & Ester Schumacher Ginny Tiu Jennifer Trevino

Missy Gilbert & Marion Larson

Teiti Betty M. Pedro

Saki Michael D. Armenoff

Mieko & Chewy Kenneth & Joanne Swearingen

Miss Kitty Janet E. Carpenter

Tashi & Shaggy Doris M. Ladd

Roxie Elton & Barbara Yoneda

Snoopy Walter M. Tanaka

Miki & Tenii Rita Nuci

Taisho & Brandi Harold & Jan Fujise

Rose Ward & Iris Takamiya

Michiko Okimoto Lynette M. Fujiyoshi

Miki & Cashoo Lum Dorinda Lum

Sunni Kimberly Smith

Sophie Elsa C. Lee Spunky Imada Kari Imada

Paw Prints | 27

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Air Dates Premiere: Saturday, May 22 at 6 pm on KGMB Sunday, May 23 at 6 pm on KHNL Monday, May 24 at 8 pm on KFVE For questions, contact Events@HawaiianHumane.org.

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Paw Prints by Hawaiian Humane (Spring 2021)  

Hawaiian Humane's Spring 2021 Community Newsletter. This issue of Paw Prints focuses on the human-animal bond and the huge role community ou...

Paw Prints by Hawaiian Humane (Spring 2021)  

Hawaiian Humane's Spring 2021 Community Newsletter. This issue of Paw Prints focuses on the human-animal bond and the huge role community ou...