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Hawaiian Humane Society Annual Report July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013

Board of Directors July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 Francie E. Boland – Chair Rick Zwern – Vice Chair Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr. – Treasurer Ginny Tiu – Secretary Pamela Burns – President & CEO Eric Ako, DVM Robert H. Armstrong Robert R. Bean Gerri Cadiz Stan Cadwallader Nicholas C. Dreher Brandt Farias Elizabeth Rice Grossman Pamela S. Jones Mi Kosasa

Lynn Y. Lally Naomi Loewe Kent T. Lucien Stephen B. Metter Norman M. Noguchi Pauline M. Osborne Mark Polivka Lawrence D. Rodriguez Virginia S. Weinman Mary H. Weyand

In the footsteps of our founders When the Hawaiian Humane Society was founded in 1883, animal lovers came together as a small group of committed citizens determined to make Oahu a better place for animals. These early pioneers included King Kalakaua, Helen Kinau Wilder and other great leaders of our cause. They believed that they could spark a movement that would transform people’s relationship with animals. When you visit our busy campus in Moiliili, that spirit of compassion, care and charity has endured. A spirit that has been handed down from generation to generation by exceptional leaders. It can be found in the vibrant day-to-day life of our work. These values are what define us. They differentiate us. They inspire us. It is up to all of us to carry this vision forward. Our founders have given us ambition for our future which is our responsibility to realize. This is the foundation from which we plan to serve the next generation of animals and people to come. As we look ahead, we see a great need for expanded capacity, upgraded facilities and a stronger presence in west Oahu. While our board of directors pursues gifts for capital improvements towards those goals, we are so grateful for all the victories – both large and small – that you made possible.

Francie Boland Chair of the Board of Directors


Pamela Burns President & CEO

What would you do if 85

animals arrived on your doorstep every day of the year? Every day 75 employees rise to this challenge united by a common goal.

Two out of three homes have a pet. Nearly 1 million people live on Oahu. There is just one open-admission shelter. In times of uncertainty, we offer hope. For nearly 130 years, the Hawaiian Humane Society has served as a focal point of Oahu’s community. In its early days, the Society not only helped animals, but supported unwed mothers and provided adoption services for children as well as cared for those with mental illness. Our mission of creating a humane society is a love story about people for animals and animals for people.


Homeless, never hopeless “A child and her parents came in with their beloved cat and all her toys that they could no longer keep. The little girl looked up into my eyes and asked that we find her cat a family who could love her as much as they do.� Tina Kimmons, Humane Society Animal Care Manager

The Hawaiian Humane Society accepts all animals brought to us for help regardless of health, age, behavior or species. This includes cats, dogs, rabbits and turtles, as well as exotic animals. It also includes the happy and healthy, the sick and suffering. We ensure that thousands of homeless animals are kept from roaming the streets, struggling to survive. We ensure that pets do not become neglected when people do not have the time or means to care for them. More than 300 animals are in residence at the Humane Society on any given day.

27,994 Given Shelter & Care Cats 14,431 Dogs 10,180 Small Animals



Tonight she will sleep inside “Once orphaned, these animals are now new members of a family and I thank these people for opening their hearts and homes to adoption. There’s nothing like the warmth and tenderness that animals and people can share.” Dr. Eric Ako, DVM The Pet Doctor

Animals remain with the Society to receive love and care as long as it takes to find a new family. This is no easy feat. Saving more lives requires creativity and the conviction to find these animals homes. That work includes shelter adoptions nearly every day of the year and six adoption events weekly through pet supply stores that are committed to ending homelessness. PetSmart Mililani and PETCO Ewa Beach came aboard this year as new partners in adoption. In total, efforts grew to include nine partners and more than 250 island-wide events from west Oahu to the windward side. Mike McKenna’s Windward Ford has helped us find new families for nearly 250 animals. Our $65 adoption fee for cats and dogs does not even begin to cover the costs of more than $250 in services and care provided for each animal. Donations enabled the Society to find families for 8,124 orphaned animals.

8,124 Adoptions Cats 2,842 Dogs 4,569 Small Animals



True love was worth the wait It’s a fact. Small, fluffy dogs that run to the front of their kennel to paw at potential adopters are by far the fastest to find new families. Nestle was not blessed with such charisma. Yet, adoptions advisors knew she was the most charming pup of the pack. Her sweet demeanor and gentle, affectionate ways were best appreciated by those who really knew her. Nestle arrived at the Society shy and suffering. She had been chained for so long in a collar so tight that it embedded into her neck.

Nestle was ane with the Hum arly Society for ne a year.

Living in a shelter is no substitute for family life so the adoptions team tried to showcase her in many creative ways. Months passed and Nestle still remained either at the shelter or in foster care. In September 2012, the adoptions team found the perfect match for Nestle – a warm-hearted family in Pearl City where she now enjoys leisurely hikes and getting her nose into just about anything.

Foster a new beginning Honolulu Veterinary Society selected the Hawaiian Humane Society for its 2012 Best Friends Award in recognition of its foster care program in which about 125 animals are nurtured in volunteers’ homes on any given day.

1,880 Animals Fostered Dogs & Puppies


The Society’s goal is to continue to help an ever-increasing Cats & Kittens 927 number of animals with treatable medical and behavioral issues so that as many as possible can get their best start. 154 Small Animals There is such limited space and resources at the shelter for extended rehabilitation and intensive care for the young and fragile, as well as the injured or sick. A massive mobilization is underway on a daily basis and requires expert ability to pair an animal’s needs with a volunteer who can meet them. Quick and thoughtful decisions must be made to accommodate 85 animals arriving daily to the shelter. Foster care helps orphaned animals, as well as animals with families. The Humane Society also offers temporary emergency fostering to those hospitalized, victims of domestic violence and deployed military. Mana was treated for severe mange.


Lost pets never lose hope Microchip Madness month in July provided new ID to more than 3,400 animals this year. We maintain our own microchip database for Oahu’s animals. More than 22,000 new records were added to our database this year. An astounding 18,269 dogs and cats arrived as strays this year, which represents about 75 percent of dog and cat admissions. Many of those may have been lost.

Pets Reunited with Owners


Missing Pet & Found Pet Reports


Microchip Records Added Dog Licenses Issued

22,153 6,326

July 2012 Microchip Madness animal clinic partners Aina Haina Pet Hospital Animal Clinic of Honolulu Animal Hospital of Hawaii Animal House Veterinary Center Blue Cross Animal Hospital Feather and Fur Animal Hospital Haiku Veterinary Clinic Hawaii Kai Veterinary Clinic

Island Veterinary Care Kailua Animal Clinic Kalihi Pet Clinic Kapalama Pet Hospital King Street Pet Hospital Kokua Pet Clinic Makai Animal Clinic Newtown Veterinary Clinic

Ohana Veterinary Hospital The Cat Clinic The Pet Doctor VCA University Animal Hospital Wahiawa Animal Hospital Waianae Veterinary Clinic Waipahu-Leeward Veterinary Clinic

A family reunion All it took was a single microchip and eight years of separation finally came to an end. That’s what happened to the Mahi family, who were reunited with their dog Snoopy after he was found in the streets of Waianae by a Humane Society investigator. Eight years ago, Snoopy went missing after the Mahis moved into their new home in Waikele. The family searched for him and put up flyers to no avail. His muzzle had grayed during those long years apart but his memories of his family never faded. As soon as he got home, he rolled on his back for a belly rub from his long lost parents.


“Often it takes great efforts that happen under just the right circumstances: a call from a concerned citizen, swift and meticulous case work, partnership with the police, a determined prosecution and a judge who is willing to ensure justice.” Keoni Vaughn, Humane Society Director of Operations

A phone call changed an animal’s life Sometimes the Humane Society’s rescue work makes headlines. For every case that is featured in the news, there are thousands of stories that are never told. This year, our humane investigators responded to 11,847 calls for service. Waimanalo puppy mill case concludes Long after the February 2011 rescue of 230 dogs who were part of a commercial breeding business, the court drama continued. In December 2012, the Courts sentenced David Lee Becker to a total of six months jail time, which began when he was extradited from Las Vegas to Honolulu. The court credited Becker with time already served. In truth, corporate structures are designed to protect company officials and their staff from being personally accountable for crimes. In this case, we do not believe justice prevailed for the animals as the officers of Bradley International are free to continue breeding, selling and owning dogs. Hawaii Kai Park & Ride cat shooting In December 2012, reports of cats being shot at the Park & Ride resulted in an extensive investigation and an offer of more than $4,000 in rewards. Despite canvassing, policing the area and interviewing witnesses, the case went cold. The growing cat population at the Park & Ride continues to be a concern for animals, residents and businesses in this area.


Teen tipster ends a Mililani dog’s suffering In January 2013, a Mililani teenager reported his concern about a friend’s family dog in which the pet’s owners claim to have “forgotten” about him in their back yard for months. The owner was treating his dog with a concoction of over-the-counter medication for humans while the animal suffered. The owner was sentenced with fines, court fees, community service and prohibited from owning animals for a year. Pursuit of justice for a Haleiwa dog slain by owner In June 2013, a Haleiwa woman claimed she was “disciplining her dog.” The dog died from repeated stab wounds and mutilation. The owner was arrested for felony animal cruelty and her case is proceeding through the justice system. Pomeranians rescued in Halawa In May 2013, the Society investigated a tip about breeding dogs living in deplorable conditions in Halawa. As a result, 43 Pomeranians, mostly aged with varying health issues, were surrendered. During a two-day adoption event more than 750 prospective adopters sought to adopt these animals. A few people even spent the night to be first at the door.

11,847 Calls for Service Rescues & Emergencies


Cruelty Investigations


HPD Calls for Assistance



Outdoor cat issues continue to escalate Seventeen percent of Oahu residents feed neighborhood cats that they don’t consider their own. Seventy percent of these feline caregivers don’t know if the cats they feed are sterilized. The Humane Society’s reduced-rate sterilization service for feral cats is offered year-round and is made possible through the generosity of donors. Our community needs more people who are willing to be caregivers and support a strategy of trap, neuter, return and manage so that feral cats can be sterilized, cared for and live out their natural lives. This strategy works to humanely reduce the population, but requires tremendous resources to accomplish. Free-roaming outdoor cats continue to become a growing concern amongst Oahu residents. Colonies are typically found in urban areas close to feeding sources. Sadly, large groups in highly visible areas can lead well-intentioned but misguided people to abandon more cats in these areas. Large concentrated populations can lead people to devalue the animals and perceive them as pests who become targets of cruelty. Successfully reducing populations over time can happen. Feeding establishes a bond of trust so that cats can be trapped for sterilization with kittens removed to allow for natural attrition of the population. These caregivers operate independently and utilize the low-cost sterilization and humane traps of nonprofit organizations such as the Humane Society. The majority of female cats in a colony must be sterilized to be effective. Collectively on Oahu it is estimated that about 6,000 community cat sterilizations are performed annually at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have sterilized more than 10,000 feral cats since 2005, which has prevented hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals in our community.


Spay and neuter saves lives Pet overpopulation is a result of too many litters and a lack of affordable and accessible spay and neuter options. The Humane Society sees far too many homeless animals in need. It is a wellestablished fact that unneutered cats and dogs and their offspring can proliferate at an alarming rate in a lifetime. That is why 8,290 animals were sterilized at the Humane Society last year. We are so grateful for our volunteer veterinarians who assist us with spay and neuter surgeries: Dr. Wendy Asato, Dr. Carolyn Naun, Dr. Jill Yoshicedo and Dr. Aaron Raney.

8,290 Sterilizations Adoption Animals


Feral Cats


Owned Pets


Veterinarians rally for “Neuter Now� Since 1986, our partnership with the City & County of Honolulu for the Neuter Now program has provided reduced-rate spay and neuter services for owned animals. This year 4,125 cats and dogs benefited from this program. This 70 percent increase from the year prior was made possible due to increased funding allocated by the county to support a year-round program. The Humane Society runs this program for the county for free as a public service.

Mahalo to participating animal clinics Animal Clinic of Honolulu Animal House Veterinary Center Blue Cross Animal Hospital Cat-Bird Vet Mobile Hospital Kailua Animal Clinic Kakaako Pet Hospital

Kalihi Pet Clinic Kapalama Pet Hospital Makai Animal Clinic Mililani Mauka Veterinary Clinic Mililani Town Center Pet Clinic Ohana Veterinary Hospital

The Cat Clinic The Pet Clinic The Pet Doctor Waipahu-Waikele Pet Hospital Waianae Veterinary Clinic


“The Hawaiian Humane Society is a place for transformation. It’s where animals and people come together to find their full potential.” Natalie Lukashevsky, Humane Society Volunteer Outreach Coordinator

Just a little time makes a big difference Our volunteers outnumber staff 10 to 1. They are an extension of our 75-member workforce and are our coworkers, our advocates and our ambassadors. Together they worked 132,922 hours. Some volunteers fight for the passage of stronger laws, while others prefer to lead pet-friendly hikes or comfort the grieving who have recently lost a pet. Some assist our veterinary team who perform hundreds of sterilization surgeries a week, while others prefer to walk dogs. Our volunteers are the life force of our organization. The Humane Society is also honored to be of service to volunteers who are rebuilding their personal lives. We work closely with those who are completing courtmandated service, parolees and “first to work” clients who are becoming productive contributors of society. This year these volunteers have given more than 1,000 hours collectively.

We believe in karma The staff of Fairmont Specialty took a break from their business routine to spend two days of service at the Humane Society. They helped erect new fencing, cleaned the shelter and learned about the many Society programs and services. Fairmont Specialty’s Executive Vice President Lloyd Chaffin believes that giving back is the greatest reward. Other companies that have devoted a day of service include: American Savings, Bank of Hawaii, Bonterra Solar, Neiman Marcus, Pono Pharmacuetical and Pac Rim Marketing.


Some of our most heroic work

happens away from the shelter

Education and advocacy are the cornerstone of all that we do. It is those two unwavering values that drive our ambitions for the next generation of people and animals to come. Our greatest potential for success lies in empowering people to do more for animals in their own care and more for animals within their reach. Our youth education programs continue to grow exponentially. Our partnerships have expanded to include the YMCA and Kamaaina Kids – allowing us to reach more youth more effectively.

Education Programs Student Programs


Community Presentations


Service Projects


Society Campus Tours & Talks 59 School Assemblies


Schools Adopted Humane Curriculum 17 Dog Bite Prevention Trainings


Our outreach programs offer a helping hand when people need others who care. That is the spirit that defines our outreach services, whether it’s bringing animals to hospice centers, providing pet food for the owner who just lost his job or grief counseling to help people through the loss of their pet.

Outreach Programs 15,352 Patients Visited by Humane Society volunteers 735 People & 2,026 Pets Helped by Pet Food Bank 53 Helped by Pet Loss Support Program 13

Animals find justice at the 2013 legislature The Humane Society rallied advocates during several months of the 2013 legislative session. Governor Neil Abercrombie signed several animal protection bills into law during a ceremony at the Society. For crimes of cruelty, three new laws strengthened protection. One prohibits those convicted of first-degree cruelty from owning a pet. Another makes animal cruelty a felony crime when 10 or more pets are involved. A victim restitution law allows organizations such as the Humane Society to be compensated for expenses in caring for the abused involved in cruelty cases. Snares, conibears, steel-jawed traps, and foot- and leghold traps are now illegal in residential areas. Animals trapped in these bone-crushing traps have arrived at the Humane Society. In addition, cats and dogs captured in a snare or trap must now be reported to the Society. The County Prosecutor’s Office led a valiant attempt to pass a dog breeding bill that would regulate commercial operations. This and previous legislative bills proposed in the last three consecutive years did not succeed. Hundreds of puppies are sold through the Internet and pet shops every day in Hawaii. All of these activities are unregulated. It is up to those who seek purebred puppies to find responsible breeders and ensure that they are not supporting sellers who put profit above the welfare of breeding animals.


Conference unites animal lovers Animal lovers, rescue groups, pet owners, policy makers and more attended the November 2012 animal summit. More than 100 people from across the state gathered to learn more about pet ownership and animal issues in Hawaii. Speaker Ken White, president and CEO of Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA in San Mateo, California, shared his experiences in working for and with a variety of animal welfare organizations. His presentation addressed the importance of collaboration in finding unique solutions to each community. Honolulu Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Janice Futa also gave a presentation on Hawaii’s history of animal crimes, as well as the evolution of animal-related laws, high-profile cases and changing attitudes toward animal offenses.

Prepared for the worst, hope for the best We are the official partner with state and county civil defense, HPD and firefighters to assist in all animal-related needs should a disaster strike. A major component is educating pet owners to have a plan in place for their animals. Our islandwide outreach to educate pet owners included: Navy and Army neighborhoods, Kailua, Ewa, Aiea and Kalihi to ensure pet owners know where their pet-friendly shelter is and what to do if disaster strikes. We continue to build a volunteer work force to manage pet-friendly shelters should the need arise. Along with 30 volunteers, the Humane Society participated in two state-led mock exercises.


Friends with a nose for news Our news partners help to elevate awareness about community issues and the needs of animals. Our long-standing friendship with KITV’s “Pets on Set” features animals seeking homes every other Thursday on the morning show. Honolulu Star-Advertiser features a pet for adoption every Tuesday. Clear Channel and Hawaii News Now sponsored the Society’s annual charity walk to drive awareness about our mission.

Donations drive the mission As an independent, nonprofit organization, our donors make miracles happen daily for the animals and people we serve. It costs $18,000 a day to run the Society’s 30 programs and services. Mahalo nui to our 20,000 donors and all our supporters who strengthened our ability to promote the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of animals this fiscal year.

Fat Cats & Top Dogs - $10,000+ Mahalo to our Fat Cat & Top Dogs (individuals, businesses, trusts and foundations) who gave more than $10,000 between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. ABC Stores / The Kosasa Foundation Bob & Kelly Armstrong Atherton Family Foundation Bank of Hawaii Robert & Frances Bean Joan Bellinger Catherine Conrad Sally Edwards Ernst & Young Fairmont Specialty Insurance Dolores Furtado Martin Foundation Richard & Elizabeth Rice Grossman Hawaiian Electric Company HMSA Alan Ho & Sylvia Liang-Ho Kalaeloa Partners Susan Kosasa Thomas & Mi Kosasa


Tom Markson & Jan Gardner Mike McKenna’s Windward Ford Monarch Insurance Services / Mark & Karen Polivka Elinor Patterson Baker Trust David & Kathleen Pellegrin PETCO Foundation PetSmart Charities Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation / Jack Tyrrell Alice Robinson Larry & Patricia Rodriguez Sophie Russell Testamentary Trust Schuler Family Foundation James & Bettye Schuler Ginny Tiu Barry & Virginia Weinman

Animal Champions $5,000+ Eric & Lori Ann Ako Avid Identification Systems Bank of Hawaii Employee Giving Campaign Cades Schutte, LLP Stanley Cadwallader & Jim Nabors Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Central Pacific Bank Chanel Davey & Bobby Crockett Christopher Croft & Marcia Cross Christopher & Kimberly Dey DTRIC Insurance Family Health Hawaii First American Title First Hawaiian Bank Rev. Dr. Larry A. Gardner Gilford Sato & Associates Donald Hardy & Francesca Passalacqua Hill’s Pet Nutrition Marjorie Hiura Honolulu Homeloans Insurance Associates Michael & Pamela Jones Dean & Carlyn Kagawa Kaiser Permanente Kenneth & Myrtle Hamura Family Foundation Diane Kimura & Bill Nagle Jim & Lynn Lally Matson Navigation Company Mary Philpotts McGrath Kimiko Murakami Wayne Pitluck & Judith Pyle Alvin & Susan Shishido Sofos Realty Corporation Mark & Carol Solien Sue Sylvester-Palumbo, The Cat Clinic Frederick Tucher Paul & Leinee Watase Zephyr Insurance

Best Friends $1,000+ 808 Sports League Eileen Adachi Andre Allouchery American Carpet One Animal Arts Aqua Hospitality Stacy Armstrong Carol Asai-Sato & Dennis Tsuhako Association of Apartment Owners Cliffs at Princeville Jeannie Ayresman-Horie Frank Baensch Tanya Baker Robert & Sydna Becker Gertrude Berger

Barry & Anna Binning BKA Builders Sharlene Bliss Francie Boland Truman & Avonne Boudinot George Bruno Pamela Burns John & Nancy Butler CARPRO Catherine Caudle Lloyd & Vicky Chaffin Marc Chapman Burt & Carolyn Chinen Timothy Choy City Auto Supply Erin Claggett Cliffs Club Interval Owners Association Cliffs Resort Vacation Owners Association Scott Clough William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Herbert & Nancy Conley Kleona Corsini William Darrah Jeffrey Deer Bill & Phyllis Dendle Therese Dickerson John & Christina Doty Nick & Koren Dreher William duPont Dolores Marie Dyer Jason Dylik Buddy Ellis & Kimberly Carson Norman & Deborah Day Emerson Enterprise Rent-A-Car Donnie Esposito Brandt Farias Sonia Faust Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet Mary Ann Fernandes First Insurance Company of Hawaii Ralph Fisher Linda Flinn Peter Fong Laurie Foster Vincent & Pamela Fragomene Christopher & Tertia Freas John Fritz Tiare Fullerton Stephen & Gloria Gainsley Gary Galiher & Diane Ono Hilton & Summer Gardner Maimona Ghows Camille Gillette Gloria Bridal Services James & Priscilla Growney Tim & Devon Guard Patrick & Joyce Hada Aaron & Tammy Hamada James & Barbara Hamlin Dimitri & Suzanne Hani Mike & Sandra Hartley Hawaii Hotel Industry Foundation Hawaii Pet Nanny Charlaine Higashi

HMAA Lynne Ellen Hollinger Hunt Development Group Mark & Shawn Hurt Denis & Ella Isono Gary & Melanie Johnson Louise Johnson Tim Johnson Donald Johnston Drudi Johnston Patsy Kalawaia Walter Kam Preston & Cynthia Kamikawa Denise Keala Brian & Shannon Kelly Johnny Kelly Peter & Nancy Kessinger Robert & Hope Kihune Kris Kim Jeffrey & Catherine Kissel KMH LLP Koaniani Fund Ellen M. Koenig Memorial Fund Steven & Estrellita Komura Edward & Yoshiko Kurosu Jodi Lam Sumi Larrabee Lee Financial Group Ki Lee Kiane Lee Worldster & Patricia Lee Ann Leighton Richard Leon Lisa Lewis LGA Family Foundation Paul & Naomi Loewe Amy Mandershied Jean Marchant Aaron Masuoka & Gayle Tasaka Robert McConnell Jane McNamara Yuriko McPhail Stephen & Susan Metter Chi Ming Lee Paul & Ann Misura Norma Moon Catherine Moore Michael Moreno Riki & Karen S. Morimoto Ann Matsunami & Edward Morris Movie Museum George & Bonnie Murphy MW Group Nakamura Educational Institute John & Wendy Nakamura Suzanne Nakano Newport Creative Communications David & Hallah Nilsen Glenn & Joy Nishino David & Kellyn Okabe Ruth Okubo Gerrit & Gayle Osborne Terry & Kaylene Oyama The Pacarro Group at Morgan Stanley Pacific Telecard & Wireless

Dr. & Mrs. L.Q. Pang Foundation Margaret Pang Ben & Mealani Parish Deborah Park Jack Parker & Christine Kawada Charles Parks Richard & Jill Pentecost Louis & Flori Petri Foundation John Plews Mark & Karen Polivka Lynn Porto Punahou School Mark Recktenwald & Gailynn Williamson Mia Riley Steven Rinesmith Linda Rowan Servco Pacific Carl & Lu Seyfer Clifford Shishido & Laurelle Lee Side Street Inn Steve & Pam Sofos Solution Engineering Hawaii Luella Spadaro Stanley Ito Florist Chuck & Vivien Sted James & Linda Stragand Edward & Betty Lou Stroup Peter Taber Jayne Takahama Cecilia Tam Richard Tanaka Rodney Tanaka Edward & Marcia Taylor-Kaneshige Hans & Debra Tobler Herman Toma JoAnna Tomuro Valerie Trotter Lawrence Tseu Thurston & Sharon Twigg-Smith Alfredo & Belen Udani Juli Walters Peter & Sue Ann Wargo Joanne Weldon Faith Wenzl Paul White & Jennifer Taylor Whole Foods Market Mason & Trudy Williams Julia Wo Michael & Joanne Wood Todd & Cynthia Wyrick Carol Jean Yakuma Ayako Yamada Kim Yamada Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Ronald & Judy Yamamoto Mark & Kimberly Yamauchi Blake & Sandra Yoshida Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga Wilhelmina Young Thomas Yue Janice Yuen Irene Zane Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman


Devoted Companions $500+ 808 Race Leonard Adams Charles Alexander ALTRES Dean Arakawa Leona Auerbach Letitia Bailey Ray & Rosaline Ballungay Carma Bamber Kenneth Barclay Mary Ann Barngrover Dennis Bernard Jennifer Bordine Gillian Boss Mark & Mary Ann Burak Neil Burkart Peter Burns & Paula Trask Michael Cannon Roland Casamina Cedric Chang Gayle Chang Claire & Christine Ching Darryl Choy Wesley Chun Cinnamon’s Family Restaurant City Mill Company / Chung Kun Ai Foundation Barby Clarke

Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad John & Joni Conklin Dennis Conway Leslie Cook Jack & Janet Covington Dennis Crawford June Marlene Cristea Karen Curry John & Sue Dean Ruth Marie Derigo Amy Derrick-Frost Anthony Desanctis Walter & Diane Dods Samuel & Lily Domingo Dian Dooley Jon & Mary Lou Earll Gary Edwards & Lisa Brewer Karen Essene Charles & Stephanie Farmer Michael & Janice Fergus Sarah Fincke Foodland Super Market Hugh Foster Mary Lou Foy Jo Frasier Benjamin & Laura Fujimoto Joseph & Helen Fujita Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr. Louis & Mary Furtado Gary Furutani Philip & Monique Gevas

Helen Kinau Wilder Legacy Gifts People who have made a bequest through their estate plan to the Hawaiian Humane Society. Kiyoshi & Margot Afuso Maria Da Silveira Elizabeth Flora Deinert John Halligan Trust Thomas J. Keller Wilma & Remy Latour Jack & Marie Lord Susan Mahn Henry Otto Mahn James Carl Radtke Madelyn Ross Donald Salter Stephen Mitchell Shaw Elma Taylor Margaret Van Poole Mary & Paul Wagner Frank & Katharine Woodford


James & Lydia Gibson Girl Scout Troop #591 Kevin Gorton Jay Grekin & Judy Stubbs Robert Hackman John & Pam Haddock Phillip & Sandra Hagstrom Leslie Hall David & Gay Hanawahine Gregory & Wendy Hanna Sharon Hara Ryan & Susan Harada Scott & Sue Haraguchi Junie Hayashi Rachel Hester Kathryn Heydon Hilton Waikiki Beach Toby & Judy Hirashima Cynthia Ho James & Nancy Hodges Joanne Hogle Jana Holden Stephanie Hong Charles & Mildred Ikehara June Ikezawa Kyle Inamine Martin & Maria Inocelda Vance Ishibashi Leslie Ito Linda Iwamoto Gary James JN Automotive Group Timothy Johns Angela Johnson Kevin Jones Helen Josypenko Kathleen Kagawa Gail Kaleikini Sherilyn Kam Aiko Kameya Kapolei High School Marjorie Kashiwada Clayton & Jaimie Kau Becky Kawamura Kevin Kelly Saundra Keyes Elliot Kimelman James & Joan Kinney Dan & Kathryn Kirley Robert & Adelaide Kistner Thomas & Karen Kiyabu Aiko Kono Alvin & Blanche Kort Paul & Lisa Kosasa Suzanne Kruppa Ricky & Ethel Kubota Alton Kuioka Clayton Kunitake Ernest Lai Vivian Lai Terii Lamphier Guia Lasquete Faith Lebb Jean Leduc & Kathleen Rielly Denny & Alice Lee Mahealani & Mapuana Lew

Cheryl Lippman Sheree & Levani Lipton Long Island Vitreoretinal Consultants Diane Lord Bernard & Pamela Lum M Street Investments Gail Madriaga Nancy Makowski Irwin Malzman Paul Martin & Lorren Loo Sean & Leigh Martin Stephen & Dani McCarthy David McCauley Frances McClurkin Janis McEldowney Michael McElroy Margaret Meagher The Meng Dynasty Roy Miller Lance, Jennifer & Sarah Mills Bruce & Cyndee Mirante Harold & Amy Miyamoto Blake & Stephanie Mizuno Mike Mohr & CFM Manuel & Marilyn Mollinedo Regina Moreno Aiko Morita Pamela Moy Audrey Mueh Don & Wynne Mullinax Stanley & Gail Muranaka Gail S. Myers Jean & Maury Myers Family Foundation Linda Nakagawa Naka’s Marble Company Jemal & Atsuko Ned Paul & Loc Nelting John & Suzanne Noland Cathy Nonaka Jared Noyama Wendell & Bonnie Oda Janis Okamoto Mia Okinaga Grace & Richard Okita Foundation William & Hope Oliver Patrick & Elizabeth O’Malley Kimberly O’Quinn Jamie & Pauline Osborne Mike & Sheryl Oschin-Goodman Roy & Darlene Oshiro Terri Ann Otani Beverly Page John Pampalone & Connie Yu-Pampalone Laeton & Lena Pang Stephanie Pauling Pearl City Highlands Elementary School Pearl Harbor Submarine Spouses Charity Association Alan Phillips & Audrey Buyrn Pikake Foundation Stanley Pusieski & Ann Ludeman

William Quinlan & Rita Chang-Quinlan Quincy, Gloria & Rachelle Quiocho Monica Ramirez Reit Management & Research Sheree Revilla Conrad Rodenbeck Jean Rolles Jim & Puchi Romig Linda Ross & David Reid Sacred Hearts Academy Bert Sakuda Francis & Patricia Santos Francine Joy Sapla Winton & Sandra Schoneman Leilani Schuman Glenn Seo Stanley & Theresa Shibata Helen Shigemura Earl & Sue Shimabukuro Earl & Nancy Simao Sharon Simms Frank Slocum Richard Smerz Kimberly Smith Laura Smith Thomas Sofos David Spargo John Stephens Vicky Stewart Bill Stiles Amy Stratton Lisa Sue Beverly Suenaga Miles & Reverie Suzuki Ralph Suzuki Tae’s Teppanyaki Lunchwagon Tadashi & May Tamagawa Clifford & Elaine Tamanaha Stephen & Kimii Taniguchi Janis Tanimoto Jay Tanonaka Alexandra Tateyama John Taylor Christopher Terry Darwin Thompson James & Mary Thrash Barbara Tilley Tualua Tolua Juanita Tom Michael & Marlene Tom Corrine Trendle Sharlene Tsuda Leslie & Annie Usui Keith & Jo Anne Vieira Janice Vincent Grace Visaya Roberta Wakisaka-Fellezs Myra Wakuzawa Marie Wang Rebecca Ward Roy & Paulette Watanabe Wayne Wehr Mary Weyand Brad & Lindsey Whitcomb Rianna Williams

Judith Wolfe Darryl Wong & Kelly Pierce Erica Wong Laurena Wong Philip Woo Vernon Woo Workplace Solutions Joan Worthen Darin Wright Sueo & June Yamachi Bert Yamaguchi Lois Yamaguchi Amy Yamakawa Mitsuru & Lorraine Yamamoto Rodney & Evelyn Yamamoto Mihae Yu Patricia Zane

Guardian Angels $250+ Rose Adkins John Adolph & Linda Aono Mary Agor Henry Ahn Gailyn Ahuna-Lum Dale & Katherine Aina Aina Haina Eye Center David Aiu Terry Akana Gwen Akimoto Rene Akiyama Valerie Ako Ada Alamani Mark Albers Deborah Aldrich Hays Alexander Leslie Allen & Milton Ebesu Hiroko Amsbary Richard & Ethel Anbe Eve Anderson Jeanne Anderson Shelly Andrews Teruo Aonuma Toshuke & Muriel Arakaki Renee Archer-Nakashima Shachar & Heidi Argov Edmond Arquero Art’s Obedience Aston SMR Team David Atkin & Mary Steiner Hiram & Jane Au Marvin Awaya Sidney & Gloria Ayabe Carol Baptista Gabriele Barthlen Suzie Bass Gaye Beamer Renee Becht Roger & Masako Bellinger Jane Bellomy Randall & Heather Bennett George Benskin Lisamarie Bensman

Natalie Bessonoff David & Sharon Best Matthew & Jennifer Bielik Ronald Biho Bikram Yoga Honolulu Glen & Janell Blackmon Roger Blankfein & Ingrid Carlson Emmalisa Bledsoe Stephen & Michele Bokolas Michael Bridge Padmani Brown Robert & Mieko Brown Virginia Brown Barton & Diana-Lee Bunney Mark & Margaret Burgessporter Mary Burlison Claire Butler Teresa Calabrese Lowell & Charlotte Cambra Karin Campbell Vernita Cannon Career Development Center of Hawaii Ignacio Cariaga Adam & Jodi Carlson Julio Carrillo Lani Carson Central Building Company Linda Cezar Ronald Chandler Brenda Chang Gordon & Louise Chang Norman Chang & Ednie Hirata Sarah-Ann Chang-Canoy Neill Char Rahul Chattergy Wieland Chee Clyde & Lisa Chena Molly Cherry Colin Cherrywell & Belinda Miranda Elanor Chinen Robin Ching Ronald & Lita Ching Jennifer Chiwa Herbert Chock Russell & Viola Choriki Ka Lee Chow Keith & Stella Chow Bernard Chun Summer Chun Clinton & Suzanne Churchill Robert & Edwina Clarke Jerry Coble Selwyn Collins Corepower Yoga Chantelle Corpuz Armand Cote Earle Crabe Cub Scouts #1 & Sunflower Girls Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham Christine Curatilo Mike Curtis Marivic Dar Joy Davidson John & Courtney Davis

Peter & Shirley Dawson Zan Dawson & Nani Lindsey Keith Debusca Tod & Jessica Deery Jason del Mundo & Jamie-Lyn Yoshida Heather Diamond Concetta DiLeo Ray & Marchen Dingle Disney Worldwide Outreach Mitchell & Barbara D’Olier Kevin & Miyoko Donnelly Davis & Linda Douglas Peter Drewliner Eden in Love John Edwards Max & Michele Youngblood Kyung Eichler Denise Ellinwood Steven & Laura Emura Ernestine Enomoto James & Chikako Epure Malia Espinda Eleanor Fahrenwald Michele Faller Mark & Sarah Falzarano Thomas & Barbara Farrell Diane Fedor Ida Ferguson Paul & Patricia Fernandez Karen Field Joy Fischer Reiko Flannagan Jim & Joan Fleming Lisa Fowler & Barry Ching Paul Franke Harry & Carol Friedman James & Yoshie Fromm Douglas & Lee Froning Donald Fujimoto Andrea Fujinaga Harold & Janet Fujise Brian Fujiwara George & Lei Fukuhara Dennis & Annette Fukunaga Dawn Furumoto Denise Furuya Margaret Gaspar Lynette Gehring Girl Scout Troop #220 Girl Scout Troop #669 Michael Gold Carole Gomes Sheila Gomes Marco Gomez Emiko Goto Stella, Kika & Ipo Grantham Great Harvest Kahala Claire Groom Elisabeth Grove Morena Gullett Malvina Hagan Tjalling Halbertsma Lyle & Sandra Halverson Guy & Joyce Hamada Roger & Karen Haney


Paul & Susan Hangai Jeffrey & Lorena Hanyu Harbor Shores Apartments Wendy Harman Albert Harris Sandra Harvey Leighton Hasegawa & Diane Muranaka Ronald & Joycelyn Hashimoto Irene Hatakenaka Clark Hatch Ralph Heidenreich Ronald Heim Henderik & Anne Heins Virginia Henderson Miharu Herbic Eileen Herring Hickam Officers’ Spouses’ Club Nancy Hickman Aileen Higa Cheryl Higashida Ron & Sanne Higgins Stephen & Terrie Higuchi Frank, Sandi & Alex Hino George & Kay Hino Roy & Emi Hirono Greg & Lynn Hiyakumoto Michael & Colleen Hokutan Glenn & Janis Honda David Hudson Deborah Huebler Hui Ilio Hawaii Francis & Serena Humay Charlene Ikeda Roy & Cassy Ikeda Imagine Nation Wayne Inagaki Jan Inao Bree Ingersoll Marshall & Ardine Ingraham Eric & Ann Inouye Joy Ishibashi Julie Ishibashi Shari Ishii Chad Itokazu Gertrude Iwaida Linda Iwasaki Kirk Izawa Kyle Jacobi Catherine Jenkins Art & Betty Joao Jerome Johemko & Chiye Wenkam David & Marlene Johnson Terry Joiner Klebert Jones Patricia Jordan Walter Kagawa Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto Denise Kahakui Rosalynne Kakogawa-Wong Heather Kaman Evelyn Kamikawa Kumiko Kaminaka Wilma Kanda Dale Kanehisa-Lam William & Kathleen Kaneshige


Francis & Marion Kaneshiro Joan Kaneshiro Keith Kaneshiro & Charlene Abe Kenneth & Amy Kaneshiro Robin Kaneshiro Marvin & Joyce Kang Cynthia Kapahu Crystal Kapua Brian & Jean Kashiwaeda Hanna Kath Nobuharu Kato Yuko Kato Evelyn R. Kawahara Kawamata Farms Jennie Kawelo-Polani Barry Kayano David Keliikuli David Kellogg Paul Kennedy Bob & Susan Kern Lawrence & Charleen Kimata Sandra Kimura Mildred King Roberta Kinoshita Lloyd & Faye Kitaoka Gordon & Linda Kitsuwa Charlene Kiyabu Derek & Evelyn Kiyota Douglas & Sandra Klein Peter Klein Andrew Kluger Kenneth & Sue-Ann Kobatake Matthew & Jennifer Koenig Karen Koizumi Doris Kollars John Koller Dean Konia Christine Koo Roger & Patricia Kort Donald Krug Diana Kucmeroski Joanne Kumamoto Stanley & Helen Kurashige Florence Kuroda Evelyn Kurogi & Sandra Taga Doris Ladd Carolyn Lalakea Benita Lau Carole Lau Johnson Lau Merilee Lau Law Offices of Edward R. Lebb Jin Sook Lee Kenny & Karelyn Lee Patricia Lee Angela Lehane Richard & Rosann Lewis Darrell & Alice Lim Alejandra Linneer Melissa Lopez Maury Lorey Dallas & Marlene Lum Steven Lum Petra Lumauag Candace Luscomb Gilbert & Leslie MacDonald

Capital Gifts Eric & Lori Ann Ako Bob & Kelly Armstrong Joan Bellinger Pamela Burns Brandt Farias Marvin & Sandra Fong Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr. Richard & Elizabeth Rice Grossman Michael & Pamela Jones Thomas & Mi Kosasa Norman & Ann Noguchi / Marcus & Associates Jamie & Pauline Osborne Jennie Phillips Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation / Jack Tyrrell Schuler Family Foundation Barbara Smith Mary Weyand Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

Dale & Victoria Machado Roberts & Elizabeth Machado Mary Macmillan Edward & Mimi MacNaughton McKenna Maduli Michael Maeda Moira Maeda-Nakamine Eddie Mak Kaimi Maka Randy Makizuru Ronald & Mary Jane Makua Alexander & Clarita Malinao Janet Malone Downey Manoukian Julie Mansell Les & Joni Masutani Reiko Matsuda Glen & June Matsumoto Kaori Matsumoto April Matsumura Raymond & Jane Matsuo Henry & Judyann Matsuoka Carol Matsuyama Douglas & Maude Mau Bettie May Carol May James & Susan McDonald Rosemarie McElhaney Mavis McGurn Jean McIntosh Anne McKay Janice Meguro

Maile Mendivil Joni Mendoza Amy Meng Gerald & Connie Meredith William Miller Wilmer & Martha Miller Richard & Hanae Mills Faith Milnes Steven Milter & Nadine Macnish Edwin & Ellen Mito Harry & Ethel Miyachi Howard & Patricia Miyake Howard & Mildred Miyamoto Walter & Helga Mizushima MK Equipmment Yolanda Mondo Kathy Moor Debbie Mori Robert & Karen Morneau Kimberly Morse David Mowat Gloria Munson Stanley & Judith Murai Dennis & Darlene Murakami Jon Murakami Ann Murata Joan Musgrave Winston Myers Emily Naanos Lance & Zoe Nabarrete Laura-Ann Nagata Howard Najita

Jerry & Carol Nakagami Edwin & June Nakahara Steven Nakahara Margaret Nakakuni Bob & Eileen Nakamura Dean & Denice Nakamura Gail Renee Archer Nakashima Steven Narrance Nicole Nashiro Sharon Nashiro Gerald & June Naughton Don Nelder & Vikki Graham Annemarie Newman James & Shirley Newman Peggy Newton Elizabeth Nguyen-Wu Nichiyo Air Service Gordon & Anita Nihei Joy Nishino Daikichi & Joyce Nishita Shirley Nishizawa Bert Nobriga Janet Nohara Janeen Nozaki Thinzar Nyun Keith Ogasawara & Jan Kobayashi Edwin & Marion Oka David & Kellyn Okabe Richard & Melva Okazaki Gary & Sun Hyang Okimoto Harold & Betty Okimura Kyle Okumura Ruby Okumura Jutta Olson Carole Onouye Stanley & Judith Ooka Clement & Beatrice Oshiro Gerald Ouchi & Barbara Sano David & Heather Oyadomori Robert & Mollie Paasch Pacific Architects The David & Lucile Packard Foundation Donna Pagdilao Pan Pacific Realty Carolyn Pang Candice Parker Robert Pascua Ronaldo & Joy Pascua Robert Pedigo Lee & Betty Peppell Helen Petrovich James Pflueger James & Cherye Pierce Paul & Laura Pladson Raymond & Suk Yon Porter Scot Porter & Delta Lightner Alexis Pospischil Brian & Denise Poziembo Harold Prados Pamela Princenthal Queens Medical Center Bill Quinlan & Rita Chang John & Diane Radcliffe Makakaualii Rego Iain Reilly

Rita Reyes Thomas & Elaine Roberts William & Emi Robillard Erika Rodriguez Eddy & Malaya Rogers Roosevelt High School Interact Club David & Carol Root Michelle Rosenblum Richard Rosenblum Guy Rowland Joanne Ryckman Mel Saiki Robert & Jan Sakamoto Thomas Sakoda Philip Sammer Laura Sandrock Gilford & Shareen Sato Stephen & Alice Saul Norman Say Loretta Sayre William Schneider & Karen Stemp Marcia Schultz Sally Schultz Robert & Ester Schumacher Alvin & Karen Scott Jacqueline Scott Yvonne Segawa Justin & Faith Seguirant Kim Shelton Celia Shen Joanne Shigekane Donna & Lisa Shigemura Masayoshi & Juliet Shimabukuro Vinnie Shimabukuro Harry Shimizu David & Elsie Shimokawa Julie Shimokihara Derrick Shono Steven & Laura Short Carol Sidley Anthony Silva Arleene Skillman Kimlynne Slagel Marcia Slaven Douglas & Kelly Smith Richard Smith & David Griggs Debra So Arthur & Beverly Soares Eunja Song Leilani Sordillia David & Valerie Sorensen Lisa Spencer John Stallman Lee & Allyson Stebbins John & Barbara Stephan Randall & Misako Steverson Allen Strasberger & Victoria Trowbridge Roberta Straughn Kenneth & Margaret Stromgren Florence Sugimoto Gregory & Peggy Sugimoto Florencio & Gloria Supnet Suzanne Surratt Xenia Suworowa

Brian & Carolyn Suzuki Glenn & Beverly Suzuki Robert & Sharmaine Swisher David Swords Dale Tagami Taren Taguchi Faye Taira Tod & Annette Takahashi Masao & Tomiko Takai Craig Takamiya Clifford & Janice Takano Natsue Takano Lauren Takaoka Roy & Juanita Takara Ann Takayesu Taketa Family Fund Ruby Takushi Townsend Takushi & Joanne Brykczynski Randy, Elise & EJ Talavera Maurice Tamura & Nita Williams Sandra Tanaka Lynn Tanioka Doss Tannehill Christopher Taum & Gayle Matsuda Angeline Tavares Teckla Tavares Elaine Teramoto Robert & Setsuko Teramoto Steven Teraoka Travis Teruya Paul & Mary Tholl Archie & Josie Titus Mike Toibin Michele Tokuda Dwight Tolentino Lynn Tolentino James Tollefson Ronald & Caryn Tomishima Russell Tomishima Lynn Tomokiyo Jann Tompkins Sheri Tongg Ernest & Miriam Tottori Bob & Lynn Toyofuku Russell & Pamela Toyooka Mitsuyo Tsuchiya Thomas Tsuhako Umur & Norma Turkalp Terry & Diana Tusher Brian & Kimberly Tyau Misti Tyrin Kenneth Uemura Alexander & Bette Uyeda Franklin & Harriet Uyeda Machiko Uyehara Stanley Uyehara Lisa Uyesato

Lothar & Cheryl Varady VCA Kaneohe Animal Hospital Linda Velayo-Fong Alejandro Vidal Ivy Vinayaga Rose Vitug Aileen Wada, Sassy & Scooter Johnny & Bubba Walker Jason Walthall Gary & Pat Wassel Douglas & Geraldine Watanabe Jeffrey & Lynn Watanabe J.D. & Julie Watumull Heather Wawrzenski Linda Weeks Camille Weindl Miyo Wenkam Cori Weston Arthur Wheeler Robert Wheeler & Marcy Fleming John White Charles Whitten Miriam Whittle Jay & Lei Wilmoth William Wilson Cindy Winegar Ron Winkleman Abbielyn Wong Cheryl Wong Kevin & Cathy Wong Sharon Wong Chisa Woodley Millicent Wright Miles & Miko Yamabe Charlotte Yamada David Yamagata Fay Yamakawa Charlene Yamashiro Kathleen Yanagihara-Brooks JoAnn Yanazaki Akio & Frances Yano Beverly Yap Kari Yasuhara Selwyn Yee Robin & Sharon Yokoyama John Yoshimori Glenn Yoshioka & Ann Whang-Yoshioka Edward & Marina Young


Financial report July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013


City & County Animal Care Contract City & County Neuter Now Contract*

$2,608,000 484,000

27% 5%

Contributions, Including Fundraising Events Adoptions & Other Fees Net Gain on Investments

$5,079,000 813,000 670,000

53% 8% 7%


$9,654,000 100%


Animal Care Expenses Direct Neuter Now Program Expenses Administration Expenses Fundraising Expenses Education & Community Programs


$4,425,000 484,000 644,000 652,000 680,000

64% 7% 9% 10% 10%

$6,885,000 100%

*Hawaiian Humane Society administers the Neuter Now program for the City & County of Honolulu at no cost. This amount reimburses veterinarians for services provided.


A true story: The transformative power of animals Thank you for connecting me to the love of my life. My cat Safire saved my life. I was always a troubled teen. I have very bad depression. One day, I was over my head in issues. I was going to end it all. But Safire wouldn’t let me. She yowled and kept staring at me wide eyed. Like she knew I was about to take my life. In that moment, I realized how much she loved me. I put away the pills and laid down on my bed and she curled up on my stomach and wouldn’t move. When I woke she went crazy with affection, rubbing against me and purring louder. She refused to leave my side. My 14th birthday is next week. Without Safire, I would never have lived to see it. Thank you for leading me to my angel. I will always be grateful. – Letter received in June 2013


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Hawaiian Humane Society Annual Report 2012-2013  

Hawaiian Humane Society Annual Report 2012-2013