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Hawaiian Humane Society Annual Report July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012

People for animals. Animals for people. For nearly 130 years, the Hawaiian Humane Society has served as a focal point of Oahu’s community. In its early days, the Society helped working animals, unwed mothers, adopted out children, and cared for those with mental illness. Our mission of creating a “humane society” has always been about people as much as animals.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 Francie E. Boland – Chair Shelley B. Thompson – Vice Chair Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr. – Treasurer Joyce Tomonari – Secretary

Eric Ako, DVM Robert R. Bean Sharon Shiroma Brown Pamela Burns Gerri Cadiz Bruce Coppa Nicholas C. Dreher Pamela S. Jones Lynn Y. Lally Naomi Loewe


Stephen B. Metter Norman M. Noguchi Pauline M. Osborne Mark Polivka Lawrence Rodriguez Ginny Tiu Virginia S. Weinman Mary H. Weyand Rick Zwern

For the love of animals, This year history was made. Together, with your help, we achieved 8,021 adoptions. That’s about 22 adoptions a day – every day of the week for the past 12 months. This was a determined and thoughtful undertaking: to embark on our most creative and collaborative work of finding families for orphaned animals. Our year-long campaign empowered the community to choose adoption. Nearly 40% of our island families acquired their most recent pet from a business or breeder. Even more got them from friends and family. So those that choose adoption are a special breed of animal lovers whose compassion for the homeless is inspiring. We are so grateful to so many who support our cause. As the Humane Society moves towards devoting more resources to spay/neuter, lost and found, adoptions, education, prevention and outreach, we welcome partnerships to help animals that come to us in need. We see a great need for expanded capacity, upgraded facilities and a stronger presence in west Oahu. The board of directors is pursuing gifts for capital improvements towards that goal. Our work is the collective success of your contributions. Everyone can do something, large or small, to help make Hawaii a better place for the animals and people we serve. As we head into the new year with great joy and anticipation, we will continue to provide solutions to the fullest extent of our resources, as we have since 1883. With Aloha,

Francie Boland Chair of the Board

Pamela Burns President & CEO


Record-breaking adoptions The Hawaiian Humane Society guarantees a home for 100 percent of the healthy, adoptable dogs and cats we receive. Animals remain with us to receive love and care as long as it takes to find a new family. Adoptions partnerships grew this year to include more than 100 island-wide events a year from west Oahu to the windward side. Marketing, promotions, discounts, and community mobilization efforts resulted in 1,300 more adoptions than the year prior. One of those partnerships is with Mike McKenna’s Windward Ford. More than 100 animals have been adopted through their sponsored events. The Society’s adoptable animals are also available weekly at PETCO Hawaii Kai, Kaneohe and Kapolei. Our $65 adoption fee for cats and dogs does not even begin to cover the costs of more than $250 in services and care provided for each animal.







Small Animals


Kane is enjoying his new home in Haleiwa with the Richards family and his new job as a bed bug detector.


Creating Families

24% increase in adoptions

Fewer paws, same amount of love Perhaps it’s true that a perfect pet is just as hard to find as a perfect pet owner. Yet the unconditional love of animals for people is one of the greatest gifts of all. Take Jonny for example. What some dogs lack in legs, they make up for in spirit – and shelter dogs are no different. Jonny arrived suffering in terrible pain due to a fractured limb but otherwise healthy and with a charming personality. We surgically removed his leg and he was rehabilitated in foster care – learning how to adjust to life with three paws and preparing him for his adoption debut. Because of his story, Jonny was selected to be featured in the media. He stepped into the newsroom with a heart full of hope. Darlene Lee, a programming coordinator at Hawaii News Now, fell in love and adopted him. The person who brought Jonny in as a stray to the Humane Society left no contact information. It is our greatest hope that he knows that his act of compassion has helped Jonny find the best family a dog could dream of. With limited housing in our adoptions center, we foster for space and there is no limit on how long we’ll keep an animal available for adoption.

Foster care Our commitment includes significant medical and behavioral health services, as well as quality-of-life care so that as many as possible can get their best start. Our goal is to continue to help an ever-increasing number of animals with treatable medical and behavioral issues. About 20 percent of animals available for adoption have benefited from foster care with more than 100 animals in residence with volunteers at any given time.

Animals Fostered



Rescuing and protecting Oahu’s animals More than 115 years ago, on February 26, 1897, 26-yearold Helen Kinau Wilder was deputized as a special constable of the Marshal of the Republic of Hawaii, giving her animal cruelty enforcement authority. In 1900, there were 849 cases of animal mistreatment, which included 285 overworked horses and mules. The Humane Society walks a fine line between education and enforcement, exercising both based on what is best for the animals. Even with tougher laws in place, our influence as partners with pet owners often yields far better results for the animals than a citation. Our goal is to keep pets and people together and encourage the highest standards of animal care and compassion. Our humane investigators are helping animals island-wide – traveling 163,896 miles in response to 12,276 calls for service. Whenever you see our rescue trucks in your neighborhood, we’re saving a life and teaching owners how to be the best caregiver they can be.

At the turn of the century, Helen Kinau Wilder and her friends pooled their resources to hire a paniolo named Chang Apana as the Society’s officer to investigate animal crimes. Officer Apana was the real-life crime fighter who inspired author Earl der Biggers’ popular Charlie Chan series of detective novels.

Calls for Service Rescues & Emergencies


Cruelty Investigations


Loose & Aggressive Dogs


Honolulu Police Department Calls for Assistance




Waimanalo cat rescue In January 2012, 13 cats were rescued from a Waimanalo home after it was determined care was not improving, and in some cases getting worse. In March, the cats’ owner surrendered all 13 felines to the Humane Society. Thanks to the care provided, the cats went from being fearful to inquisitive and playful. All were adopted to loving homes. He also agreed not to take in any more animals, allow regular and ongoing inspections and have all of his remaining cats sterilized. More than 45 cats were sterilized by the Humane Society.

After receiving loving care from veterinarians and volunteers, all rescued cats were adopted.

Courts treat animal

cruelty more seriously Last June, nine dogs were found barely alive on a Waianae property. The dogs were rescued, rehabilitated and adopted to loving families. The owner pled no contest to six counts of cruelty. She is prohibited from owning pets for a year and completing community service at the Humane Society.


Humane Society fights for dogs Long after the February 2011 rescue of 230 dogs that were part of a commercial breeding business, the court drama continued. It defined much of our year as we hoped for justice in 2012. Bradley International pled no contest to 153 counts of animal cruelty and was ordered to pay fines. The corporation claimed they had no assets and had gone out of business. Yet a January 2012 news report found that some of the same company’s officers had started a new breeding operation on the Big Island. Another company officer, who oversaw daily care of the dogs, had fled Hawaii in 2011 before he could be charged. In June 2012, he was arrested in Las Vegas, and returned to Hawaii to face 153 misdemeanor counts of seconddegree animal cruelty. The case is pending trial at the time of this publication.

Puppy mills in paradise Dogs are living beings that rely completely on people to meet their many needs. They are not a product or commodity and should not be indiscriminately or irresponsibly mass produced. We are not against puppy sales and responsible breeders. Caring breeders would never sell through a pet shop as they want to create a direct relationship with buyers and invite inspections of housing and care of the dogs they breed. Puppy mills are large-scale breeding operations that sell through stores and swap meets. However, our research shows that the majority of sales has migrated to the internet out of plain view – puppies are peddled through venues such as e-Bay and Craigslist. A recent survey found that puppy sales are incredibly lucrative. During the first six months of 2012, nearly 2,500 puppies were available for sale, totaling $2.3 million. Sellers charge a lot of money for puppies – as high as $3,500 for a purebred. Yet the highest price is the cost of suffering endured by the puppy’s parents, who may be overbred and imprisoned in poor living conditions.



Forfeiture law helps the animals In the case of the Waimanalo breeding operation, the court awarded all of the animals to the Humane Society under the existing forfeiture law. All were adopted to caring families – many of whom had fostered the dogs for nearly a year. This represents Hawaii’s first victory in which the courts awarded cruelty-case animals to the Society prior to the outcome of a criminal trial. Since the law did not address the unborn of so many pregnant dogs at the time of rescue, there was uncertainty about the future of 79 puppies. In January 2012, the Humane Society pursued and was successful in strengthening the state’s forfeiture law to include the offspring of cruelty case animals and equine animals. Special thanks to Senator Clayton Hee, the State Legislature, Governor Neil Abercrombie and advocates for strengthening this law.

More work ahead at the legislature The Humane Society proposed a legislative initiative to enhance minimum standards of care for high volume-breeders in which there are more than 10 unsterilized dogs over the age of 6 months. Caring for this many dogs requires tremendous resources and the proposal aimed to require exercise, veterinary care and access for inspectors to check on the animals for these types of businesses. It aimed to set a maximum of 30 dogs for breeding. Unfortunately, this bill did not pass due to community opposition. Hawaii’s current animal cruelty law limits enforcement and wasn’t created with larger breeding operations in mind. Protected by privacy and property access laws, these facilities also remain hidden from public view – often on agriculture-designated lands that are exempt from a law that limits dog ownership to a maximum of 10. National estimates indicate that as many as 4 million puppies are born each year for commercial purposes. Hawaii must find ways to unite the community around this important welfare issue.


Journey to freedom for Waimanalo dogs

March 2011

A search warrant enab and computers.

February 2011 153 dogs are rescued from a breeding operation operated by Bradley International whose officers include a father and son – Vernon and Shannon Luke – and David Becker. The property is owned by daughter Sheryl Luke-Kalani who also owns Aloha Pet Shop in Aiea. Emergency medical treatment and diagnostic work begins with the worst cases of sickness and suffering treated first. Cost for medical services beyond the Humane Society’s clinic capabilities will escalate to nearly $100,000. Meticulous case documentation begins encompassing more than 4,000 photos and video files of the crime scene.

Massive community m recruitment of hundre care is taken to ensure care to cruelty case an contact and are poorl issues are a concern a living evidence in a ca duration. Monthly exa for ongoing health m documentation.

Prosecutors determin against the corporatio oversaw daily care of crime. Puppy mill man before being served w

Examination of the fo puppies might not be Society’s custody.

June 2012

February 2012

Humane Society locates David Becker in Las Vegas. Under the leadership of Honolulu City Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro, Becker is extradited. He is brought back to Honolulu where he is served with the complaint, alleging 153 counts of animal cruelty. While awaiting trial, he remains incarcerated on $200,000 bail.

The Prosecutor and the Humane Society urges the court to hold officers liable for Bradley International’s crimes and to prohibit them from owning dogs. Courts sentence Bradley International to pay fines and restitution, which the company does not pay due to claims it has no assets.

April 2011

bles seizure of corporate records

mobilization is underway for eds of foster care volunteers. Great e that volunteers can provide nimals that have had little human ly socialized. Security and safety as the animals are considered ase of an undetermined ams for 233 animals are required management and for case

ne that charges can only be filed on and operations manager who the animals on the day of the nager David Becker flees Hawaii with 153 counts of cruelty.

orfeiture law reveals that unborn e protected by the Humane

All puppies from rescued pregnant canines are born and in need of constant care. Total puppy count reaches 79. The defense attorney asserts that Bradley International wants all dogs returned.

September 2011 Humane Society recruits expert witness to testify how unborn puppies in utero are also subject to cruelty when conditions of the pregnant mothers suffer at the hands of caregivers. Court rules in favor of the Humane Society agreeing that there was probable cause for the cruelty charges. The Society wins ownership of all dogs and puppies prior to a criminal conviction. All dogs are sterilized with the veterinary community assisting with nearly 100 of the 233 surgeries.

January 2012

December 2011

October 2011

Hawaii News Now reports that Luke family members have purchased a Big Island property in March 2011 for a breeding operation.

Criminal case against Bradley International begins and the corporate defendant pleads no contest to charges of cruelty and claims the business has been dissolved and there are no assets.

All dogs are adopted with most being kept by their foster families. Nearly $2,000 in care and treatments were provided to each animal involved in this rescue for a total of more than $400,000 invested in this case.

Oahu’s only open-admissions shelter welcomes all

The Hawaiian Humane Society accepts all animals brought to us for help regardless of health, age, behavior, and species. This includes cats, dogs, rabbits and turtles, as well as exotic animals and wildlife. It also includes the happy and healthy, the sick and suffering. We are Oahu’s only open-admissions shelter, compassionately welcoming all. We won’t turn any animal away for any reason. We ensure that thousands of homeless animals are kept from roaming the streets, struggling to survive. We ensure that pets do not become neglected when people have no time or no way to care for them. We are committed to finding every healthy, adoptable animal a home.

Admissions Pigs rarely arrive at our admissions center so it certainly catches our attention when a little pig is seen racing down our hallways and into our lives. We value every life that arrives here and our love for Pukalani was no different. She was found wandering through a hotel lobby in March 2012 and made national news. Pukalani has since been adopted by a family that loves her dearly.

Given Shelter & Care Cats




Small Animals




Lost pets never lose hope Identification programs have expanded to offer microchipping daily as a new service. Microchip Madness month in August provided new ID to more than 3,400 animals this year. We maintain our own microchip database for Oahu’s animals and are one of the only shelters in the nation to do so. Nearly 25,000 new records were added to our database this year.

Helping the lost

An astounding 20,109 dogs and cats arrived as strays in 2012 and that represents about 76 percent of dog and cat admissions. Many of those are potentially lost animals. When we spearheaded the 1995 cat law, which required outdoor cats to have identification, it increased the number of cats we were able to reunite with their owners. In a 2009 study, the nationwide returnto-owner rate was 1.8 percent for cats. On Oahu in 2012, the rate of return for cats was 6 percent.

Find their way home

Pets Reunited with Owners


Missing Pet & Found Pet Reports


Microchip Records Added Dog Licenses Issued

24,843 5,886

Nani was recently reunited with her owner, Casey Pelkey from Hawaii Kai, after being lost for nearly two years.

Special thanks to Microchip Madness veterinary partners Aina Haina Pet Hospital Animal Clinic of Honolulu Animal Hospital of Hawaii Animal House Veterinary Center Blue Cross Animal Hospital Feather and Fur Animal Hospital Haiku Veterinary Clinic Hawaii Kai Veterinary Clinic

Island Veterinary Care Kailua Animal Clinic Kalihi Pet Clinic Kapalama Pet Hospital King St. Pet Hospital Kokua Pet Clinic Makai Animal Clinic Newtown Veterinary Clinic

Ohana Veterinary Hospital The Cat Clinic The Pet Doctor VCA University Animal Hospital Wahiawa Animal Hospital Waianae Veterinary Clinic Waipahu-Leeward Veterinary Clinic


Spay and neuter saves lives Pet overpopulation is driven by too many litters and lack of affordable and accessible spay and neuter options. A 2012 Ward Research survey noted a near 10 percent decline in pet owners who sterilized their dogs since our last survey in 2008.

Volunteer Veterinar ians

The Hum be poss ane Society ’s s ible wit uccess w hout th eir gene ould not rous sup Dr. Warr port. en Saka m Dr. Nao o to , D VM mi M Dr. Caro cPherson, DVM lyn Nau n, Dr. Wen dy Asato DVM , Dr. Jill Y oshiced DVM o, DVM Dr. Suli Chong, DVM

While 8,060 animals were sterilized at the Humane Society, thousands more were sterilized outside of our program through the concerted efforts of many animal welfare groups, veterinary clinics, pet owners and cat colony caregivers islandwide, who share the conviction that spay and neuter helps save lives.

Spay before you play

To educate the community about the importance and value of spayneuter, the Humane Society launched its first online fun quiz, sponsored by Aqua Hotels and Resorts. More than 1,100 people took the test and most were surprised to learn that the law requires outdoor cats to be sterilized. Aleisha Swartz, DVM, joined the Humane Society as chief veterinarian in July 2011. Her goals have been to increase adoptions and rehabilitate more treatable animals.

Adoption Animals Sterilized Owned Pets Sterilized

5,651 355

Feral and stray cats need our compassion Seventeen percent of Oahu residents feed neighborhood cats that they don’t consider their own. Seventy percent of these feline caregivers don’t know if the cats they feed are sterilized. The Humane Society’s reduced-rate sterilization service for feral cats is offered year-round. Our community needs more people who are willing to be caregivers and support a strategy of trap, neuter, return and manage so that feral cats can be sterilized, cared for, and live out their natural lives. This strategy works to humanely reduce the population and requires tremendous resources to accomplish. We have sterilized more than 10,000 feral cats since 2005, which has prevented hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals in our community. Our feral cat sterilization service included four mass spay and neuter events – with one in Nanakuli.


Feral Cat Sterilizations Calls to Help Community Cats

2,054 138


performed 2,715 Neuter Now sterilizations Since 1986, our partnership with the City & County of Honolulu for the Neuter Now program has provided reduced-rate spay and neuter services for owned animals. This year, the program sold out within the first six months.

Mahalo to participating veterinarian clinics Animal House Veterinary Center Blue Cross Animal Hospital Cat-Bird Vet Mobile Hospital Kailua Animal Clinic Kakaako Pet Hospital Kalihi Pet Clinic

Kapalama Pet Hospital, Inc. Makai Animal Clinic Mililani Mauka Veterinary Clinic Mililani Town Center Pet Clinic Ohana Veterinary Hospital The Cat Clinic

The Pet Clinic The Pet Doctor VCA Kaneohe Animal Hospital Waipahu-Waikele Pet Hospital Waianae Veterinary Clinic

All shelters and rescue groups save lives High-volume, open-admission shelters, such as the Hawaiian Humane Society, are designed to save as many healthy, adoptable animals as possible. That’s where we believe our resources are best channeled due to the large influx of animals that arrive – sometimes more than 100 a day. For us, this is in addition to running 30 programs and services targeted at prevention, education, intervention, outreach and advocacy. In many communities, limitedadmission shelters or rescue groups prefer to specialize in helping unadoptable animals or those that need intensive care and rehabilitation support. They can provide the resources, time and care to work on the cases that are more challenging so that open-door shelters can continue to work at maximum efficiency in adoptions and lost and found on a large-scale basis.


Disaster readiness We are the official partner with state and county civil defense, HPD and firefighters to assist in all animalrelated needs should a disaster strike. Part of this involves community readiness to have a plan in place for their animals. This year our islandwide outreach to educate pet owners included: Navy and Army neighborhoods, Kailua, Mililani and the downtown district to ensure pet owners know where their pet-friendly shelter is and what to do if disaster strikes. We continue to build a volunteer work force to manage pet-friendly shelters should the need arise.

Volunteers drive our mission Our volunteers outnumber staff 10 to 1. They are not only an extension of our 75-member workforce, but they are also our coworkers, our advocates and our ambassadors. This year they worked more than 142,418 hours, a 14 percent increase from the previous year.

About Volunteering More than 400 of the Hu mane Society ’s volunteers are rare ly at the shelter. Instead, their gift of time and service is spent in the com munity at events, hospitals and sen ior care centers, and at home providing foster care.

Some volunteers fight for the passage of stronger laws, while others prefer to lead pet-friendly hikes or comfort the grieving who have recently lost a pet. Some assist our veterinarian team while we perform hundreds of sterilization surgeries a week, while others prefer to walk dogs, train cats to sit or wash dogs. We also have volunteers assisting the office staff with clerical work. Our volunteers are the life force of our organization.

Pet Visitation Patient Visits Pet Food Bank Helped

11,141 524 People and 1,756 Pets

Pet Loss Support Program Helped 14


About education In 1900, we launched our first edition of Humane Educator, our newsletter dedicated to humane values. With no shelter to house animals that were abandoned, neglected or suffering, our mission was to help people find better ways to improve the condition of animals amongst those responsible for them. It is this spirit of empowering others that drives our community work today. Our outreach programs have expanded to target underserved communities where families are most at-risk of not being able to care for animals adequately. This year we offered a vibrant collection of youth education initiatives – from innovative service learning and programs for teachers, to shelter education experiences, contests and more.

Waimanalo welcomes teen activism

A new generation of animal welfare leaders took Waimanalo by storm. Businesses and community leaders welcomed our teens and their message of compassion for animals with arms wide open. Neighborhood stores stuffed fliers in shopping bags. Restaurants and retailers put up posters in their store fronts. Waimanalo Elementary school opened its doors for a play starring Humane Society’s teens. A local church hosted an event that offered veterinary experts, microchipping and spay-neuter appointments. Students also held roadside rallies - showcasing messages of love for animals along the main roadways. Homeless pet owners living in beach areas warmly welcomed teens who provided pet food and educational materials. When it comes to changing community values, teens are the most powerful voice for the animals.

Community Presentations


Service Learning Projects


Society Campus Tours & Talks


School Assemblies


Schools Adopted Humane Curriculum



Donors – voices for animals As an independent nonprofit organization, our donors strengthen the human-animal bond and protect our animal ohana. Our donors make miracles happen every day – without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Fat Cats & Top Dogs Club $10,000+ Mahalo to the members of the Fat Cat & Top Dogs Club (individuals, businesses, trusts and foundations) who gave more than $10,000 between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. ABC Stores Bob & Kelly Armstrong Bank of Hawaii Bank of Hawaii Employee Giving Campaign Robert & Frances Bean Joan Bellinger Catherine Conrad John & Sue Dean Joyce Doheny Rev. Larry Gardner Richard & Elizabeth Rice Grossman John R. Halligan Charitable Fund HMSA Princess Abigail Kawananakoa

Thomas & Mi Kosasa Jim & Lynn Lally Tom Markson & Jan Gardner Mike McKenna’s Windward Ford PETCO Foundation Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation Larry & Patricia Rodriguez Sophie Russell Testamentary Trust Schuler Family Foundation Sue Sylvester-Palumbo, The Cat Clinic Ginny Tiu Barry & Virginia Weinman Mary Weyand

We celebrate the contributions of friends who made financial contributions of $100 or more between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. Animal Champion $5,000+ Alexander & Baldwin Cades Schutte Governor Ben & Vicky Cayetano Central Pacific Bank Elanor Chinen Charles & Bobby Crockett Christopher Croft & Marcia Cross DTRIC Insurance Ernst & Young First Hawaiian Bank Foodland Super Market Gilford Sato & Associates GumBone Donald Hardy & Francesca Passalacqua Mike & Sandra Hartley Hawaii Inaugural Committee 2010 Insurance Associates Mike & Sandra Irish Michael & Pamela Jones Ellen Koenig Memorial Fund


Neiman Marcus Pacific Asia Design Group Wayne Pitluck & Judith Pyle Mark Polivka & Karen Tiller Alvin & Susan Shishido Steve & Pam Sofos Starwood Hotels & Resorts United Laundry Services Arthur & Ruth Ushijima Zephyr Insurance

Best Friend $1,000+ Eileen Adachi Leonard Adams Taehui Ahakuelo Stephen & Linda Ahlers Air Cargo Association of Hawaii Eric & Lori Ann Ako Aloha Mustang & Shelby Car Club of Hawaii American Carpet One Aqua Hotels & Resorts Leona Auerbach Jean Ayresman-Horie Letitia Bailey

Thomas & Sabra Bingaman BKA Builders Francie Boland Bonterra Solar Services Gillian Boss Dorothy Brown Pamela Burns David & Gerri Cadiz CARPRO Catherine Caudle Mike & Joyce Ching Glenn & Annette Choi Kleona Corsini Richard Crabbe William Darrah Bill & Phyllis Dendle Amy Derrick-Frost Jeanne Dixon Nicholas & Koren Dreher Charles & Amy Dunbar William DuPont Sally Edwards Buddy Ellis & Kimberly Carson Norman & Deborah Day Emerson John Emery Expedia Paul Fetherland & Lois Hashimoto Russell Figueiroa

W.S. & Sarah Fincke First Insurance Company of Hawaii Ralph Fisher Peter Fong Cynthia Foster Vincent & Pamela Fragomene John Fritz Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr. Gary Furutani Evelyn Gallagher Hilton Gardner Philip & Monique Gevas James & Lydia Gibson Camille Gillette Robert Hackman Patrick & Joyce Hada Kasumi Hara Clarice Hashimoto Emi Hata Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Hawaii Dental Services Hawaii Mega-Cor Hawaii Pet Nanny Ronald Heim Carl Hennrich & Alice Kuo-Hennrich Stanley & Charlaine Higashi Alan Wai Mun Hu

Hunt Development Group Mark & Shawn Hurt Richard & Susan Ing Martin & Maria Inocelda Ken Inouye Iolani School Raymond & Constance Itagaki JN Automotive Group Gary & Melanie Johnson Louise Johnson Ronald & Carol Johnston John Joseph & Marsha Burns Just So Charitable Foundation Patsy Kalawaia Walter Kam Wendell Kam Kapolei High School Student Government Brian & Shannon Kelly Peter & Nancy Kessinger Robert & Hope Kihune Kiki’s After Hours Jeffrey & Catherine Kissel Wendell Kitsu KMH Koaniani Fund Kobayashi Group Steven & Estrellita Komura Susan Kosasa Robert Kuntz Edward & Yoshiko Kurosu Christine Lanning Brandon Lee Ki Lee Nannette Lee Sharrie Lee Terrence Lee Worldster & Patricia Lee Lisa Lewis Locations Foundation Paul & Naomi Loewe Sara Lowther Kent & Sharon Lucien Jerry & Jeri Lynch Marcus & Associates Paul Marietti Ken Mashiyama Henry & Judyann Matsuoka Douglas McClaflin & Cindy Mackey Mary Flanders McGrath Jane McNamara James & Ann Mee Stephen & Susan Metter Mililani Middle School Lance, Jennifer & Sarah Mills Catherine Moore Riki & Karen Morimoto Movie Museum George & Bonnie Murphy Joan Musgrave Mutual Publishing MW Group Nakamura Educational Institute Allan Nakanishi Dana Nakasato Newport Creative Communications John Newton Glenn & Joy Nishino John & Suzanne Noland Marjorie Norstrom

Diane Noyes Ohana Doggie Day Care & Spa Ruth Okubo Patrick & Elizabeth O’Malley Pamela K. Omidyar Trust Alan Ong Dwight & Theresa Otani Terry & Kaylene Oyama Pacific Cares Pacific Telecard & Wireless Sharon Park Richard & Jill Pentecost Louis & Flori Petri Foundation Regina Plarison John Plews Lynn Porto Steven Prieto & Richard Kennedy Reginald Puana John Pulichino & Joy Tong Richard Matsunaga & Associates Iain & Linda Ross Linda Rowan Gilford & Shareen Sato Eileen Schatten Allan Schildknecht Karen Schneider Mark Schuler Leilani Schuman Joann Segawa Carl & Lu Seyfer Maggie Takako Shindo James Shingle Wanda Shipp Mark & Carol Ann Solien Stanley Ito Florist Jonathan Staub & Jefferson Finney James & Linda Stragand Lisa Sue Peter Taber Rodney Tanaka Janis Tanimoto John Taylor Edward & Marcia Taylor-Kaneshige Barbara Tilley John & Stella Tippin Hans Tobler Michael & Marlene Tom Al & Joyce Tomonari Kory Toyozaki Tropical Roofing & Raingutters Jack Tyrrell Alfredo & Belen Udani Linda Uezu David Umeda Jenai & Roger Wall David & Daralee Wang Peter & Sue Ann Wargo Washington Dental Service Foundation Paul & Leinee Watase John White Paul White & Jennifer Taylor James & Juanita Wo Foundation Michael & Joanne Wood Darin Wright Jane Wylie Carol Jean Yakuma Ayako Yamada Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Ronald & Judy Yamamoto

Helen Kinau Wilder Legacy Gifts People who have made a bequest through their estate plan to the Hawaiian Humane Society. Finetta Anderson Maria Da Silveira Trust Elizabeth Flora Deinert Trust Val Gates Bettye Johns Thomas J. Keller Trust Fund Jack & Marie Lord Fund Susan Mahn Fund Eloise Monsarrat Barbara Morgan Martin & Eleanor Pence Madelyn Ross Fund Lucille Shreve Trust Jean Taketa Elma Taylor Fund Maria Tirry Margaret Van Poole Foundation Mary & Paul Wagner Charitable Fund Frank & Katharine Woodford Trust

Steven Yamane & Alli Kim-Yamane Jeffrey & Catherine Amy Yamashita Mark & Kimberly Yamauchi Blake & Sandra Yoshida Peter & Adrienne Yoshihara Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga Mihae Yu Thomas Yue Patricia Zane Richard Zwern & Karen Huffman

Devoted Companion $500+ Dale & Katherine Aina Charles Alexander Chanelle Alcain ALTRES Eve Anderson Donald & Barbara Anglin Carol Asai-Sato Frank Baensch Ursula Baensch John & Roxanne Baranski Brian & Wendy Barbata Kenneth Barclay Gabrielle Batzer Beard Family Gertrude Berger Dennis Bernard

Christopher & Kelly Blanchard The Breakers Hotel Kenneth & Joan Brown Pick & Catherine Bye Stanley Cadwallader & Jim Nabors California Pizza Kitchen Anne Calkins Career Development Center of Hawaii June Chambers Ronald James Chandler Edith Chave Wieland Chee Chee Markham & Feldman Chloe Dang’s Birthday Party City Mill Company/Chung Kun Ai Foundation Erin Claggett Selwyn Collins June Marlene Cristea Karen Curry Cutter Chevrolet Kathleen DeCaires Lisa DeLong Christopher & Kimberly Dey Dian Althea Dooley Virginia Druz D. Thomas & Kay Dunton Gary Edwards & Lisa Brewer Suzanne Engel Daniel Ens


Karen Essene Eleanor Fahrenwald Sarah Falzarano C. P. & Stephanie Farmer A. Sonia Faust Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet Michael & Janice Fergus Paul Ferguson Scott Ferguson Joy Fischer Linda Flinn Yolande Fong Tom & Linda Foye Christopher & Tertia Freas Garrett & Terri Fujii Tiare Fullerton Karen Futa Marilyn Gagen Stephen & Gloria Gainsley Robert & Devon Guard Morena Gullett Derick Hada Marvin & Rae Alice Hall

Melvyn & Carol Kohama Thomas & Drucilla Koide Doris Ann Kollars Vladimir “Volodya” Korolev & Diego Mata Sanchez Suzanne Kruppa Ricky & Ethel Kubota Terii Lamphier Johnson Lau Jacque LeBlanc Charlotte Lee Ann Leighton Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Lee Lewis Lex Brodie’s Tire Company Michael Maeda Eddie Ao-Shan Mak Alexander & Clarita Malinao Kaori Matsumoto David McCauley Frances McClurkin Janis McEldowney Meng Dynasty

Capital Gifts Robert & Frances Bean Joyce Doheny Hawaiian Electric Company Mark & Shawn Hurt Larry & Patricia Rodriguez Schuler Family Foundation Sue Sylvester-Palumbo, The Cat Clinic

Aaron Hamada Keith Hasama Victor & Candace Hemmy Jeffrey Hendrix Linda Higa Hildgund Jewelry Toby & Judy Hirashima Marjorie Hiura Lorraine Honda Eric & Mandy Horst Elizabeth Hue-Dirusso & Family June Ikezawa Eric & Ann Inouye Island Nursing Home Chad Itokazu Tad & Carol Iwanuma Catherine Jenkins Harold Jensen Angela Johnson Klebert Jones Preston & Cynthia Kamikawa Marvin & Joyce Kang Marjorie Kashiwada Theresa & Melissa Kelly Saundra Keyes Kenneth & Joan Kina Dan & Kathryn Kirley Christen Kobayashi Clifford Kodama


Wendell Mew Mid-Pacific Institute Gregory Miki Paul & Ann Misura Dennis, Mimi, Lois & Bert Mitsunaga Alan & Lori Miyashita Norma Moon Joe & Teresa Moore Michael Moreno Alison Mosher Dorothy Muranaka Maurice & Elizabeth Myers Wayne Nakashima & Kay Tokunaga Thomas & Laverne Nance Jemal & Atsuko Ned Peggy Newton Nichiyo Air Service David & Hallah Nilsen Deborah Noji-Huebler Doris Okazaki Grace & Richard Okita Foundation Omidyar Network Fund Carole Kai Onouye Arlene Orsino Joan Osborne Scott & Denise Page Margaret Pang Jack Parker & Christine Kawada Pasha Group

David & Kathleen Pellegrin E. Alan Phillips & Audrey Buyrn Jennie Phillips Gilbert Ponce Prudential Foundation Punahou School Stan Pusieski & Ann Ludeman Radiance Rewards Scott Ramsey Red Lion Camille Rellinger Residential Choices Steven Rinesmith Kenneth & Shaunagh Robbins Dianne Robinson James & Erica Rogers Dawn Ross Timothy Ruel Melanie Salvador Thomas Sakoda Mary Sanford Alexis Schafer Glenn & Cynthia Scheib John Schmitz & the Staff of Hilton Head Health Winton & Sandra Schoneman Andrew, Kristin & Oliver Schumacher Eric Schumacher Securitas Security Services USA Justin & Faith Seguirant Helen Shigemura Calvin Shiroma Clifford Shishido & Laurelle Lee Sidney Stern Memorial Trust Earl & Nancy Simao Theodore & Judith Simon Susan Smith John & Barbara Stephan John Stephens P.D. Stocky Amy Stratton Edward & Betty Lou Stroup Miles & Reverie Suzuki Craig & Joanne Tachibana Taren Taguchi Stephen Takamiyashiro Roy & Juanita Takara Naoko Tamai Burt Tasaka Alexandra H. Tateyama Jeff Thompson Shelley Thompson James & Mary Thrash Sergei & Emily Tikhonenkov Howard Todo Tim & Dana Tokioka Lynn Tolentino Herman Takeshi Toma Bob & Lynne Toyofuku Valerie Trotter Sharlene Tsuda Dennis Tsuhako Kazue Tsukikawa Charles & Lisa Uchimura Leslie & Annie Usui Keoni Vaughn Keith & Jo Anne Vieira Janice Vincent Grace Visaya Marie Wang James & Patricia Wayman Wayne Wehr

Wilma Westin Henry & Amy Wharton Karen White David Wilson & MaryJane Butler Valerie Wilson Judith Wolfe Abbielyn Wong Darryl Wong & Kelly Pierce Vernon Woo Joan Worthen Todd & Cynthia Wyrick Charlotte Yamada Roy & Sandra Yamada Amy Yamakawa Mitsuru & Lorraine Yamamoto Jason del Mundo & Jamie-Lyn Y. Yoshida Amy Young Irene Zane

Guardian Angel $100+ Piia Aarma Claudia Abbott Kylie Abe Masao & Alice Abe Roy & Amy Abe Raymond Abelsen Governor Neil Abercrombie & Dr. Nancie Caraway Brian & Patricia Aburano Accuity Chase Acedilla Catherine Acena Kevin Achong Milton Ackerman Marvin Acklin Tamara & Carolyn Acoba Paul Acquavella Jan Adam Helene Adams Robert Adams Lily Adcock & Ashley Kunihiro Rose Adkins John Adolph & Linda Aono Mary Afuso Doi Jane Shizuko Agena Deborah Agles Mary Agor Jay Agustin Cherylynn Ah Loo Yolanda Ahana James Ahloy Cathleen Ahn Henry Ahn Laura Ahn Linda Ahue Kent & Keiko Ahuna Gailyn Ahuna-Lum Aina Haina Eye Center David Aiu, Jr. Tracy Aiwohi Haruo & Katherine Akagi Robyn Akahoshi Raymond Akaka William & Ellen Akaka Allan & Arleen Akamine Leroy Akamine & Leina’ala Naipo-Akamine Paula Akamine Florence Akana Marguerite Akana

Moses & Susan Akana Terry Akana Ellise Akazawa Jon Paul Akeo Kathleen Akey Charles & Laurel Aki Jessie Lee Aki Gwen Akimoto Leroy & Carol Akimoto Sarah Akinaka Rene Akiyama Valerie Ako Ada Alamani Earlene Albano Laura Albano Reed & Kinau Alber Steven & Lea Albert Alana Albertson Marc Albertson Benjamin & Clemencia Alcaraz Deborah Aldrich John Aldrich Hays Alexander Rena Alexander Reynold & Laverne Alexander Barbara Allen Diane Allevato Christina Alfred Judy Allen Herman & Eva Allerstorfer Roxanne Altona Richard Ama Warren Amaral David Amberger Wayne & Shaldyn Amedy Moira Amjadi Charles & Carol Among Pamela Amuro Carole Anamizu Richard & Ethel Anbe Pedro & Joanne Ancheta Denise Anderson Frank Anderson Jeanne Anderson Judith Anderson June Anderson Tam Anderson Earl & April Andrade John & Roxanne Andreoni Linda Anegawa Jonathan Aniya Jane Aoki Judy Aono Michie Aono & Marsha Lee Lionel Apana Darcy Apao Aqua Waikiki Pearl Aqua Waikiki Wave Doris Aragaki Victor Aragaki Russell & Dana Arakaki Toshuke & Muriel Arakaki Cosmo & Ann Arakawa Rena Arakawa Charles & Ellen Araki Randall & Katherine Araki Robert & Edith Araki Judy Aranda Sandra Arashiro Steven Arashiro Stephen & Susan Arbuthnot Sabin & Debra Archuleta Janet Archy

Mike McKenna’s Windward Ford underwrites an adoption fee for one lucky dog every week, donates $50 to the Humane Society for every vehicle sold, and provides every new car owner with a $50 gift certificate to use at the Humane Society. McKenna’s has raised more than $50,000 for the animals and 100 animals have been adopted through events.

Brendan & Linda Arcuri Shachar & Heidi Argov Angela Arii Anna Arii Howard & Lynn Arimoto Rachel Ariola Anna Arita Governor George & Jean Ariyoshi Michael Ark Michael Armenoff Susan Lynn Arnett Edmond Arquero Francis & Bridget Arrastia Art’s Obedience Bert & Patsy Asada Milton & Aletta Asano Leslie & Millicent Asari Jennifer Asarias Bob & June Asato Jay & Karen Asato Wendy Asato Elizabeth Aschenbrenner Associated Steel Workers Cynthia Au

Hiram & Jane Au Nathan & Cheryl Au Automatic Data Processing Christine Auwae JoAnn Auyong Bertram & Maxie Awa Deanna Awa Cheryl Ann Awaa Michael & June Awai Marvin Awaya Carrie Ayabe Sidney & Gloria Ayabe Arlene Ayakawa James & Edna Ayling Jennifer Ayotte Marsha Azuma Mark & Janice Babin Peter & Kimberly Backus Daniel & Sophia Badiang Patricia & Faustino Bagasol Angela Bailey Catherine Bailey George & Ipolani Bailey James & Gwendolyn Bailey

Janet Bailey-Yoshino Allan & Frances Bailon Diane Baker Joyce Baker Laurie Baker Lloyd & Kae Baker Steve & Nan Baker Ann Baldwin John Baleix Ray & Rosaline Ballungay Carma Bamber Bonifacio & Elizabeth Banuilos Gail Baptist Carol Baptista Adele Baptiste Helena Barahal Andrew Barbour G. Bruce & Judith Bargfrede Belinda Barnes Lawrence Barone Patricia Barr Samuel & Auelia Barrett Kim Barretto Joanna Barroga Gabriele Barthlen Suzie Bass Alexander Bassett Towar Bates John Baumer Steven & Tokiko Bazzell Michael Beaton & Leilani Smith Bill & Janet Beaulieu Michael Beaumont Susan Beazley Donald Beckwith James & Barbara Bedient Albert & Dolores Bediones Dari Beeman Beatrice Beeson Rodney & Kelli Behrend Sue Beitia James & Sandra Bell Roger & Masako Bellinger Kurt Belluomini Rosalyn Belluomini Debra Belmonte Ricardo Benavides Jessica Benazente Edward & Helen Bendet Dana Bennett Raymond & Kirsten Bennett Lisamarie Bensman Jerry Bentley & Carol Lee Oliver Bentley Edwin & Maureen Benz Eric & Chiho Bercovici Steve & Kathy Berg Stan Bergstrom & Suzanne Varady Edward Berliner Ed & Jeanne Bernauer Natalie Bessonoff Bernadette Beuker Leonardo & Francine Bidal Matthew & Jennifer Bielik Ian & Carleen Biernie Jasmine Bigornia Ronald Biho Devon Bijansky Lesly Billiam-Walker Jacob & Pongsuwan Bilmes James & Kay Birchfield Judy Bishop Susan Bishop


Giselle Bittick & Anna Nichols Karin Bjorkman Florence Black Matthew Black Glen & Janell Blackmon Charles Blake Christopher Blanchard Joyce Blanchard Roger Blankfein & Ingrid Carlson Robert & Jean Blitz

Peter Breeze Kelly Brehm Naile Brennan Sarah Brennan Michael & Debra Bressem Michael Bridge William P. Bridges Paul & Gayle Brighter Leona Bringman-Wilson Jo-Anne Briseno

The Humane Society’s 2011-2012 campaign on radio and television, as well as in movie theaters and malls, aimed to promote its programs and services. It also helped to increase awareness of the organization as an independent, local nonprofit. More than 40% of Oahu’s people mistakenly think that Hawaiian Humane Society is a chapter and receives funding from a national organization. Michele Blum Carol Blumlein Ute Boegel Lolle Boettcher Stephen & Michele Bokolas Henry Boland Don Bondarenko & Joan Nakamura William & May Borthwick Luiz & Ieda Boscardin Jason & Nici Bothwell Kimberly Botterbusch Truman & Avonne Boudinot Rachel Boulay Karen L. Bow-Villanueva The Boxer Club Joseph Boyce John & Sally Brady


Alfred Brito Robert Britts Jessica Broadfoot James Brock Harriso & Pamela Brooks Josephine Brooks Alice Brown Christopher & Tami Brown David Brown Padmani Brown Robert & Mieko Brown Sharon Brown-Henry Vincent Patricia Brown Virginia Brown James & Dawne Browne Barbara Bruce John Bruce

Richard Bruce & Janet Joseph Robert Bruhl Tevet & Marsha Bruhn Brandy Burke G. Richard & Michiko Bruno Phillip & Paula Bruno Joanne Brykczynski Sheryl Bubier Ralston Buenaventura Don & Carol Buenconsejo Rahn & Eadean Buffington Edward Bugarin Lance & Virginia Bull Ronald Bunn Barton & Diana-Lee Bunney Fay & Norman Burger Mark & Margaret Burgessporter Marie Burghardt Neil Burkart Michael & Cheri Burke Robert Burke Donna Burnett Doris Burnette Bruce & Lynne Burns Caleb & Jane Burns James Burns Peter Burns & Paula Trask Vivian Busch W. H. & Janet Busche Reinold & Anne Butac Felicia Butala Claire Butler John & Nancy Butler Charleen Butts Bari & Karin Buzzard Robin Cababa & Claudia Akroyd F. L. & Kathryn Cabacungan Randal Cabalse Nicomedes & Bernadette Cabe Sandra Cabe Jeffrey & Lynn Cabebe Jonathan Cachola & Stephanie Keolanui-Cachola Madeline Cahoon Thomas & Suzanne Cajski Eugene & Teresa Calabrese Michael & Faye Cadonetti David & Laurie Callies Raynee R. Callihan Keith Camacho Carl Camanga & Lynn Fukumitsu Lowell & Charlotte Cambra James & Phoebe Campbell John & Susan Campbell Karin Campbell Sonja Camplin Stephen & Ruth Canham David Cannon Michael Cannon Victoria Cannon Wayne & Arlene Capasso Randy Carbonel Lynn Cardella Beverly Cardinal Barbara Cargill Judy Carlisle Adam & Jodi Carlson Richard & Wanda Carlson Leonard Carman Anita Carmona Luke & Christine Caron Gerald & Sherry Carpenter Julio Carrillo

Don Carroll Jason Carroll Monica Carroll Paula Carroll John & Lois Carter Jennifer Cartwright Stephen Case Alfred & Sharlene Castillo Alaine Castro Marc Castillo Susan Castro Tricia Ann Castro Thyra Caswell Cathedral Catholic Academy Kenneth Cayetano & Ron Chandler Central Building Company Century Computers Linda Cezar Lloyd & Vicky Chaffin Paris Chai Aaron & Amilia Chan Kanani Chan Paul Chan, Jana Morisada & Family Rosalia Chan Adam Chang Brenda Sue Chang Carolyn Chang Cedric Chang Chunmay Chang Edel Traut Chang Franklin Chang Gordon & Louise Chang Helen Chang Jennifer Chang Karen Chang Kathryn Chang Lucille Chang Norman Chang & Ednie Hirata Rodney Chang Sanford & Patricia Chang Sarah-Ann Chang-Canoy Hiromi Chapman Matthew & Nicole Chapman Michael Chapman & Clifford Silverstein Kim Chapman Robert & Cara Chapman Cheryl Chappell-Long Clara Char Rahul Chattergy CHEA Association Inland District Audrieune Chee Nelson & Kimberly Chee Emmet & Claire Cheeley Chelsea Enterprise Chinug Hwang Chen Maria Chen Clyde & Lisa Chena Yvonne Cheng Mei Cheo Adam Cheong & Tammy Nakamatsu James & Julia Ann Cherry Molly Cherry Colin Cherrywell & Belinda Miranda Beatrice Cheyney David & Kay Chezem Sandy P. Chikasuye Grant & Julie China Carol A. Chinen Joanne Chinen Rene Chinen Vickie Chinen Christina Ching Christine Ching

Christopher & Kaori Ching Evan Ching & Cathy Kawano-Ching Glenn & Melinda Ching Han & Meredith Ching June & Shannon Ching Krystal Ching Linda Ching Malia Ching Peter & Janis Ching Ronald & Lita Ching Sanford & Carolyn Ching Stanley Ching & Jocelyn Nakashima Peter & Gerlinde Chisteckoff Abraham & Karlin Cho Jonathan & Cora Cho Samuel & Eileen Cho Cathy Chock Elsie Chock Ghislaine Chock Ginger Chock Henry & Sylvia Chock Herbert & Leona Chock Verna Chock Un Yong Choe Dennis Choi Harry & Evangeline Choi Adele Chong Beatrice Chong Clarence Chong Gloria Chong Kira Chong Luther Chong Stefanie M. Chong-Kuma Rebecca Choquette & Michael Harioka Glenn Choriki Alan Chow How Calvin & Janet Chow Chiquita Chow Donald & Ethel Chow Judy Chow Keith & Stella Chow Linda Chow Mel & Beverly Chow Wendell & Patricia Ann Chow Darryl Choy Reynold Choy Timothy Choy Irene Choy-Au Alexander Christensen Lester Chu Richard Chu Bee Leng Chua Jean Chua Alexander & Cecilia Chun Angelika Chun Bernard K. Chun Cal & Cyndee Chun Carol T.Y. Chun Deane Chun Evelyn Chun Harold & Janet Chun Howard W. C. Chun Jennifer Chun & Valerie Kono Stephen & Elsie Chun Roslyn & Daven Chun Ashlee Chung Chieko Satonaka Chung Lillian & Pauline Chung Sharon Chung Nancy Day Cicero Walter & Gayle Cimdins-Ozawa Dana & Timothy Cislo Dana Cisto

Lee Ann Clark Sylvia Clasen Frank & Wilma Clayton Glenna Clegg Michael & Katharine Clifford Connie Lee Clinton Dawn Coburn Dan & Naomi Coda Kenneth & Rhonda Cody Peter Colarusso Schuyler Cole Christl Coleman & Nicole Baily Aloha Coleman Melinda Coleman Lisel Coles Warren Coley Elaine Collins Leroy & Lola Colombe Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad Communications-Pacific Sheila Conant John & Joni Conklin Renee Conner Alex & Karen Connolly Clinton Conrad Victoria Conrad Harold & Edna Conroy Construction Associates Lucy Conway Carol Cook Charles Cook Clara Cook Harry Cook John & Cathy Cook Justin Cook Linda Cook M.D. & Leslie Cook Marion & Dorothy Cook Byron & Grisela Cooper Christopher & Patricia Cooper Dorothy Cooper Lauren Cooper Louisa Cooper Steve Coppel Glenn & Inge Cordeiro Benjamin & Matilda Cordero Dorothy Cornell Jean Cornuelle Chantelle Corpuz Raynold & Elaine Correia James & Hannah Corstorphine Amy Cosner Armand Cote Kris & Catherine Courtney Glenna Couts Rebecca Covert Jack & Janet Covington Janice Covington Karen Cox Richard & Hester Cox Sachiko Cox Earle Crabe Phoebe Craig Timothy Craig Ida Cramer Joyce Cranmer Janet Crotteau Doris & Merle Crow Robyn Crowder Moira Crowley Judie Crummel Cub Scouts Pack # 33 George & Marilyn Cullen

Leo Cullen Jane Culp Duane & Bonita Cunningham Gail Cunningham Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham John, Rolayne, Quinne, Jason & Kenau Custino Marilynn Cutter Anne Cutting Roy & Nancy Dacuycuy Noelle Dagil Paul & Dorothy Dale John D’Amoto Dana Edmunds Photography Marivic Dar Harold & Floralei Darcey Roxanne Darling Richela Das Claire Dauer Billie Davidson Ann Davis Carolann Davis Jinyi Davis Patricia Davis Takako Davis Winona Davis Zan Dawson & Nani Lindsey Terry Day Annie Elizabeth Dayton Dayton Power & Light DC Auto Detail Kanthi De Alwis & Buz Tennent Miyo Deal Robert & Mary Decker Rosemary Decosta Michael & Kelly Deese Marshalena Delaney Stephanie Delano Daniel Delbrel Alice Adele Dem Chong Albert Denis Peggy Deramos James DeRego Ruth Marie Derigo Cary de Rosa Donald & Brenda Deryke Richard DeSa & Lisa Holt-DeSa James & Jeanne Detor J. Nicholas & Leslie Detor Jan Dettweiler Andrea Deutsch James & Fumiyo DeVoe Heather Diamond Darryl Diaz & Gina Matsuzawa-Diaz Dory Diaz Timothy Dick Malia Dickheus Anthony DiBrogrozcio & Margaret Robideau Liana Dietz Vicente Dijos, Jr. & Kathleen Dijos Concetta DiLeo Nick Dinsmoor Annette & Franklin Distiso John Dixon & Frances Smithwaite George Do Sara Lehua Dobashi Sofia Dober Jasmina Dobinchick James Doherty Gavin Doi Clyde & Winifred Doi Dean & Marjorie Doi

Katherine Dombrigues Kathleen Domen Jermy-Leigh Domingo Patricia Domingo Samuel & Lily Domingo Robert & Praneet Donle Kevin & Miyoko Donnelly Theresa Donnelly Dove Auto Jeremy Dowling & M. Murakami-Dowling Patrick & Cathryn Downes Dowsett Avenue Dog Parade Sandra Drake Jerry & Minja Draves Thomas Drazin Pat & Grace Duarte Laretta Dubin Louella Duenas Madeline Duffey Debra Duggan-Takagi Arlene Duncan Archie & Diana Dung Billie Dunham Doreen Dung Marilyn Dunlap Harriet Dunn Liz Dunn Melanie Dunn Samuel & Kathy Dunn Shawn Dunn & Melissa Mansfield Louise DuPont G. M. Durant Margie Durant Marsha Durbin Robert & Shirley Dusendschon Charles & Page Dwight Kendrick & Shizuko Dwyer John & Mary Lou Earll Shiela Echevary Alan & Elinore Eckel Cheryl Edelson John Edwards Brigitte Egbert Molly Egged Andrew & Barbara Egseth Kyung Hae Eichler Beryl Yumie Ekimoto Judy Eko Robert & Eileen Elfsten Byron & Pamela Eliashof Jana Eligado Jose Elizaga Barbara Jo Elkington Elks East Central District Denise Ellinwood Barbara Ellis Heather Ellis Shauna Ellis William Ellwin Erika Elona William & Johannah Eltink-Schaake Nora Emerson Richard & Rosemarie Emery Denise Emsley Steven & Laura Emura Les Enderton Vernon & Marina Endo Henry Eng Lana Eng-Hyett Nelly Englund Ernestine Enomoto Isami Enomoto


Jessica Enos Manako Epling James & Chikako Epure Equipment Team Hawaii David & Tamae Erdman Tami Erickson William & Mary Erler Charles & Cynthia Erlinger Lee Ann Errett Stacey Esmeralda Sigrid Espejo Christopher Espinoza Sophia Espinoza Antonio Espiritu Kathy Esposito-Mason Joseph Esser Jon Eto Dale Evans Dorothy Evans Roger Evans Pauline Ewart Alan & Candace Ewell Executive Chef Thyrza Eyre Sharon Fairbanks Thomas Fairfull & Claire Mitani Lula Faleto Valerie Falle Michele Faller Carl & Armelle Farden Thomas & Sarah Fargo Marcella Farias Kathy Farley & Ann Moriyasu Vickie Farmer Thomas & Barbara Farrell Leslie Fautsch Kathy, Jessica & Amanda Fay David & Ann Fazedin Diane Fedor The Feed Trough Kaaumoana Fergerstorm Travis & Ida Bell Ferguson Dena Fernandez Doris Fernandez Kristin Fernandez Paul & Pat Fernandez Rosendo Fernandez Soo Myung Ferrante John Ferreira Agneta Fesharaki Jane Festerling Chris Fiack Joslyn Fiddler Harry & Jane Field Sherry Fieser Nancy Finn Tiare Finney Eric Firing Elizabeth Fischer Pat Fischer Gerald Fisher, Jr. Vasanti Fithian Erin Fitzgerald-Case John Flacco Richard Flagg & Alberta Freidus-Flagg Judith Flanders Reiko Flannagan Adam Fleming Jim & Joan Fleming Elpidio & Wilfreda Flores Eric & Clara Flower Patty Folcy Michael Foley


Daniel Fong Eric & Raynette Fong Mary Forde Michael Formby Jennifer Fort Regina Foster Sherri Foster Lisa Fowler & Barry Ching Mary Lou Foy Charles Fraley Paul Franke Jo Frasier Thomas Frazier-Dewees Ana Frederick Sheri Renee Freeman John & Elizabeth French Bill & Martha Frensley Mary Jo Freshley James Frey James & Yoshie Fromm Douglas & Lee Froning Jack Frost Ronald Frystak Rose Marie Fu Thomas & Diane Fudge Carol Fujie Alice Fujieda Maura Fujihira Al & Sandra Fujii Bradley Fujii Gene & Marie Fujii Liane Fujii Herbert & Barbara Fujikawa Blenn & Ruth Fujimoto Benjamin & Laura Fujimoto Carol Fujimoto Karen Fujimoto Robert & Daisy Fujimoto Lynn Fujimoto-Ertel Andrea Fujinaga Bert & Sharon Fujinaga Stephen-Myles & Amy Fujino Ione Fujio Gary Fujisawa Harold & Janet Fujise Alexa Fujise Joseph & Helen Fujita Melinda Fujita Rodney Fujita Russell & Jo Ann Fujita Wesley & Jean Fujita Carol Fujitani Blane Fujiwara & Elizabeth Ishii Karin Fujiwara Monica Fujiwara Mylos Fujiwara Joyce Fukata Leimomi Fukuda George & Lei Fukuhara Kent & Kayleen Fukuhara Richard & Shirley Fukuhara Tokuji Fukuhara Guy & Betty Fukumoto Alice Fukunaga Arlene Fukunaga Barry & Cheryl Fukunaga Brian Fukunaga Dennis & Annette Fukunaga Mark Fukunaga & Margery Bronster Randall Fukunaga Wanda Fukunaga Ann Fukushima Kyung Mi Fukushima

Linda Fukuya Nazly Fuller Catherine Fuller Jerrold & Harlene Fuller Lloyd Funada Brent Funakoshi Tracie Furgison Alfred & Leilehua Furtado Louis & Mary Furtado Dennis Furuike Ed Furuike Edward & Grace Furukawa Judy Furukawa Jeff & Stephanie Furuta Gayle Furuta-Okayama Reid Furutani Denise Furuya Lincoln & Helene Furuya

Jeff & Amy Gehlke Lynette Gehring Robert & Cynthia Geiling Cieran & Judy George Francis & Jayne George Robert & Jolyn George William George Patrick & Catherine Geraghty Jolene Gerell Manfred Gerstl Moheb & Nancy Ghali Maimona Ghows Gregory Gibbons & Peter Fujieki James & Patricia Giblin Christopher & Amy Gibo Joan Gilbert Gregory & Monette Gilding Kent & Barbara Giles

Photo by Sharon Higa, Hawaiian Electric Company

Last year, more than 60 Hawaiian Electric Company employees and family members gave the Humane Society‘s Dog Park an extreme makeover. Workers took up brushes and rollers to paint the newly renovated fence, pruned overgrown shrubbery and did an overall sprucing up. John & Hsiu Mei Furuyama Hana Gabrielson Roy & Kathy Gadaingan John & Karen Gafney Barbara Gandre Glenn & Charleen Ganeku Michelle Ganiko James Garber Michael & Shirley Garcia Charles & Gloria Jean Garner Genie Garner John & Joanne Gasher Laurel Gates Donna Gatewood Harriet Gee

Annie Gills Nancy Gills Girl Scout Troop #257 Girl Scout Troop #276 Girl Scout Troop #279 Girl Scout Troop #293 Girl Scout Troop #479 Girl Scout Troop #510 Kimberly Gleason Stan Godin & John Aihara R. Chris & Debra Godwin Layne & Michele Goeas Nancy Goering Margaret Goettelmann Charlene Gohier

Jerry & Cathy Gold Dorothy Goldsborough William & Wendy Golz Dennis & Renee Gomes William & Ella Gomes Lenny & Jenny Gonzales Chun Hui Goo Dan Goo Wende Goo Steve Goodenow Troy & Ingrid Pamela Goodman Gary Goodrich Google Matching Gifts Program Bobby Ray Gordon Marjorie Gordon Bernard & Kara Gorgonio Kev Gorton Norma Gose Emiko Goto Janice Goto Kevin Goto Kylee Goto Wayne & Galyn Goto Yoshio Goto Yurie Goto Sandy Gottesman Kristian & Susan Gourlay Angela Goya Casey Goya Glen & Linell Goya Taro & Helen Goya Tracy Goya Winifred Grady Amy Graeber Lin & Gary Gragson Marsha Graham Brook Gramann Stephen & Mary Graner Michelle Granson Pamela Grant William & Janet Grant Stella, Kika & Ipo Grantham Adrienne Graudons J. S. Gray Great Dane Club of Hawaii Julia Gregory Mark & Dawn Gregory Jay Grekin & Judy Stubbs Lynne Grieco Paul Griem John & Susan Griffin Maureen Griffin David Griggs Richard & Milagros Griggs Hilda Grilho Michael Groholski Claire Groom Michael Gross Thomas & Dorothy Gross Connie Grove Lisa Grove Jerrold & Paula Guben Patrick & Lori Guerin Andrew Guidotti Roland Guieb Je Guillou Family Mary Linda Gulosh Ernest & Norma Gunther Brian Gustafson Rommel & Sheri Guzman Joseph & Debra Ha Stacy Hadano Michael & Katherine Hadano

John Hagan Maria Elena Davila Hagedorn Carol Hagino Thomas & Shigeko Hahn William & Diane Hahn Christine Hannah Beverly Haid & Sue Hillmann Marilyn Haine James & Sharone Hall Michael Hall Thomas & Ernell Hallaman Lyle & Sandra Halverson Aaron & Tammy Hamada Linda Hamada Roger Hamada & Lisa Okino Sybil Hamada Jared Hamamoto Molly Hamanaka Caroline Hamatake Pat Hammers Rosaline Hammond Lynn Hammonds Haesun Toni Han Merrie Han David & Gay Hanawahine Ray Handy & Makoto Schoening Lisa Haneda Roger & Karen Haney Paul & Susan Hangai Nancy Hanks Gregory & Wendy Hanna Laurel Hannell Steven & Sherry Hansel Kenneth Hansen Patricia Hansen Susan Hansen Edward Hanson Carol Hansucker Jeffrey & Lorena Hanyu George & Evelyn Hao & Naty Aczon Eric & Lavonne Hara Faye Hara Kenneth & Marion Harada Margaret Harada Susan Harada Gail Haraguchi Scott & Sue Haraguchi Rodney Harano Myrna Hardin Sharlyn Hardin Gladys Harding Lynn Haring Paul & Peggy Haring Cynthia Harlowe Jack & Myrtle Harmon Richard Harp Albert Harris Donald & Mae Harris Jeffrey Harris & Sandrea Chun Ruth Hartman Susan Hartzler Marian Harvey Terri Harvey George & Magdalena Hasegawa Henry & Alice Hasegawa Leighton Hasegawa & Diane Muranaka Robert & Ethel Hasegawa Donald & Shirley Hasenyager Charlotte Hashimoto Eric Hashimoto Mike & Mitsuko Hashimoto Edwin & Gladys Hashisaka Harold & Yvonne Hashizume

Mark & Diane Hastert Irene Hatakenaka Clark Hatch Hawaii Association of Broadcasters Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods Andrea Hawkins Curtis Hawkins Shelley Hawkins Sidney & Marsha Hayakawa Yuki Hayama Beverly Hayashi Clifford Hayashi Clyde & Ann Hayashi Howard Hayashi & Renee Okada Junie Hayashi Lanette Hayashi Linda Hayashi Masae Hayashi Roy & Dora Hayashi Etsuko Hayashida Joan Hayward Robert & Norene Hazzard Noel & William Head Healthcare Realty Services John & Frances Heatherman Jerome & Darlene Heck Audrey Hedani Clyde & Charlotte Hedani Nancy Hedlund Lester Hee Maelynn Hee Robert & Chris Hee W. Joy Hee H. John & Lea Heide Ralph Heidenreich Mary Heilbron Lynn Shizuko Heirakuji Walter & Janet Helm Barrett Henderson Janet Henderson Virginia Henderson William Henne Jamie Henry Robert & Nancy Hensler Sophia Hensz Gary & Jennifer Herald Charles & Jacquelyne Hernandez Melvin & Lucinda Herolaga Eileen Herring James & Kehau Hershey Donna Hertzberg Lynn Heslin Patrick Hess Margarete Hester James & Carole Hickerson Letitia Hickson Alden & Audrey Higa Darcie Lynn Higa David Higa David & Patsy Higa David & Stefanie Higa George & Jane Higa Karen Higa Kazuko Higa Leonore Higa Linda Higa & Bitsy Lynne Higa Sharon Higa Cody Higaki Harold Higaki Ross Higaki & Ann Nakahara-Higaki

Charlotte Higashi Larry & Anne Higashi Mitsuji Higashi Cheryl Higashida Conrad & Lindee Higashionna William Higdon, Jr. Garrick Higuchi Leona Higuchi Stephen & Terrie Higuchi Warren & Sharon Higuchi Fay Ann Hill Margaret Hill Mary Hillman Manuel Himenes Glenn & Edith Hiltbrand Colin Himori Jay Hinazumi Robert Hines & Agnes Ngo George & Kay Hino David & Yong Cha Hino Anthony & Yoko Hintz Edwin & Gayle Hirai Rebecca Hirakami Roy & Asaye Hirakawa Sharon Hirako Joy Hiramoto Stephen & Cathy Hiramoto Eric Hirano Melissa Hirano Patricia Hirano Mitsuyoshi & Dorothy Hiraoka Y. Bart & Iris Hirashima Kerry Hirata Robert & Kay Hirata Robert & Vanelle Hirayasu Lei Hirokane Valerie Hironaka Roy & Emi Hirono Kathryn & Dennis Hirota Linda Hirsch Elyne Hiyane Alvin & Claire Ho Brenda Ho Gerry Ho Harriet Ho Lawrence Ho Linda Ho Susan Ho Timothy Ho Yolanda Ho George & Cynthia Hoag John & Jeanette Hoag Liana Hodges Sharon Hodson Patricia Hoe Patricia Ann Hoefer Peggy & Myron Hoefer Dawn Hoffmann Kurt Hoffman & Trudy Powers Hoffman Fumiko Hokada Renee Hokama Bill & Sharon Holaday Michael & Kimie Holden Harold Holdreith Holistic Education of Hawaii Michael Holland Lynne Ellen Hollinger Edwin Hollmann Miner & Faith Holloway William & Pamela Holloway Michelle Hollum Karin Holma Bruce & Kim Holmbeck


Valerie Holmes Ann Holt Glenn & Janis Honda Eric & Gayle Honda Charlyn Honda-Masini Diane Honda

Lorna Hu Boris Huang George Hudes David Hudson & Dana Kokubun Kenneth Hudson Sam Hughes

Irvin Ing Theodore & Liane Ing Marshall & Ardine Ingraham Dwight & Masako Inokuma Greg, Lea, Pierce, Paige & Sonic Inoue Bernadette Inouye

Honolulu Magazine / Photographer: Ross Hamamura

Participants raised more than $240,000 for October 2011’s PetWalk. Thousands of people and pets came out to celebrate the record-breaking event. PetWalk was one of more than 150 events that the Humane Society was a part of that celebrates the human-animal bond. Gail Ann Honda Iku Honda Lynn Honda Alyce Hong Duane & Mae Hong Gregory & Stephanie Hong Karen Ho Hong Stacie Hong Carrie Honma Charles & Nancy Honma John Honold, Jr. & Victoria Honold John Hoogsteden Michelle Ann Hoomana George Hopkins Mary Ann Horii Melvin & Sheryl Horikami Michael & Linda Horikawa Kirk Horita Brian & Carole Horiuchi Ryan Horiuchi Les & Donna Hoshide Gayle Hostetter Erin Hotchkiss Marion Hotchkiss Eric & Susan House Michele Houser Kimi-Anne Houston-Sur Elizabeth Howard Kiana Hoy-Blank Ko Moe Htun & Susan Malterre-Htun Mari-Jo Dantsuka Hu


Hui Ilio Hawaii Francis & Serena Humay Richard & Mina Humphreys Zoe Humphreys Bill Hunt Priscilla Hussey Mith Hyett Calvin & Mildred Ichinose Michael & Kimiyo Ide Carol Ide Julie Ann Iguchi Darin & Tracie Iha Jo Ann Iha Sheri Iha Dean & Gail Ihara Joy Ihori Jonathan & Mia Iida Craig & Yatsue Iinuma Fusae Ikari Charlene Ikeda Dennis & Charleen Ikeda Roy & Cassy Ikeda Francis & Jacquelyn Imada Rodney & Cherie Imai Wesley & Iris Imamura Toshio & Doris Inafuku Wayne Inagaki Jan Inao Helen Inazaki Information Management Group Henry & Valerie Ing

Dora Inouye Hester Inouye Wesley & Juliane Inouye Inu Inu Hawaii Marcia Iraha Irene’s Hair Styling David Isaacson Neil & Brenda Iseri Joy Ishibashi Walter & Frances Ishida Roy & Lois Ishihara Lance Ishihiro Brian & Lynn Ishii Clifford & Lorraine Ishii Lorie Ishii Shari Ishii Sean Ishii Carolyn Ishikawa Sibyl Ishikawa Ronald & Lorene Ishimaru Samuel & Amy Ishimura Renee Ishisaka Kenneth & Carol Ishizaki Jennifer Isobe LeeAnn Isobe Denis & Ella Isono Gary & June Isono Janell Israel Carol Ito James & Pamela Ito June Ito

Marsha Ito Sheila Ito Dannielle Iuta Robert Ivey & Marissa Steinfeld Wilfred & Judy Iwai Gertrude Iwaida Melvin & Gladys Iwaki Steve & Nancy Iwamoto Tiffany Iwamoto Glenn & Kay Iwane Shirley Iwane Cynthia Iwata Dennis & Lois Iwata Jerry Iwata David Izat Kirk Izawa Roger Izuka Allan & Dana Izumi Maizie Izumi Neal & Reiko Izumi Noboru Izumigawa Patsy Izumo Bruce Jackson & Noreen Yamamoto Elaine Jackson Jane Jackson Thomas Jackson Kyle Jacobi Judy Jakobovits Kurt Jacobson Gary James Leon James & Dianne Nahl Susan Jannuzzi Cynthia Jenkins Irving Jenkins Jens Jensen Richard & Judi Jinnai Larry & Gayle Jitchaku Gary & Lorene Jo Joan Bennet & Associates Art & Betty Joao Cynthia & Nancy Johiro Jerome Johemko & Chiye Wenkam Aileen Y. Johnson Arthur Johnson Cheryl Ann Johnson David & Marlene Johnson Dora Johnson Jacquelline Johnson Jacquelyn Johnson R. Gary Johnson Donald Johnston Jessie Johnston Terry Joiner Annakaarina Jolkkonen David & Chiyono Jones Griffith Jones John & Andrea Jones Judith Jones Kevin Jones Margaret-Helen Jones Ronald & Patricia Jones Skipper Jones Marge Jordan Jorgenson-Torvie Family Helen Josypenko Edwin Jouxson Carlson Joy Gay Joyo Cully, Mele & Julie Judd Barbara Jurkens Lydia Kaaialii-Ramos Nancy Kaanehe Nanette Kaaumoana

Leanne Kaawa Steven & April Kachilla Bobby Kado-Moto Royce Kadooka James & Gail Kaeka Tammy Kaetsu Joan Kagawa Kathleen Kagawa Mary Kagawa Daniel & Grace Kagehiro Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto Lydia Bernie Kahale Kathleen Kahaleuahi Robert & Paulette Kahana Ronald & Barbara Kahapea Dennis Kaibara Kaimana Realty Randall & Jo-Ann Kajikawa Dennis & Joyce Kajioka Stanley Kajioka Clifford & Aileen Kajiwara Judith Kakazu Rosalynne Kakogawa-Wong Wanda Kakugawa Gail Kalekini Kelly Kalinowsky Denis & Sylvia Kam Eugene & Elaine Kam Lawrence & Clara Kam Jeryl Kam Lissa Kam Kamaaina Kids Summer Camp William & Rae Kamaka Herbert Kamakeeaina Heather Kaman Cynthia Kama-Smith Kamehameha Schools Dogwaggers Edward Kamei Lori Kamei Haruyuki & Ethel Kamemoto Jon & Esther Kamemoto Kenneth & Elaine Kamemoto Hideo & Mae Kameoka Haruo & Esther Kameoka Aiko Kameya Derek Kamikawa Evelyn Kamikawa Ray & Virginia Kamikawa Thomas Kamikawa Eugene & Florence Kamimura Gail Kaminaga Kumiko Kaminaka Gayle Kamisato Warren & Cheryl Kanai Noriyoshi & Jean Kanaizumi Paula Kaneaiakala Clifford & Betty Kanehira Gary & Jo Kanehiro Holly Kaneko Walter & May Kaneko Dean & Christine Kanemaru Jared & Terri Kanemaru Calvin Kanemoto Keith & Velma Kaneshige Anne Kaneshiro Dwight & Suzanne Kaneshiro Francis & Marion Kaneshiro Joan Kaneshiro Jonah Kaneshiro Karl Kaneshiro & Jamy Nakama-Kaneshiro Karla Kaneshiro Kenneth & Amy Kaneshiro

Kenneth & Betty Kaneshiro Lynne Kaneshiro Ralph & Jan Kanetoku Tobi & Karen Kanetoku John & Betty Kaniaupio Everett Kaneshige Russell & Mary Kanno Kathy Kano Lynn Kano Cynthia Kapahu Kapolei Family Dental Corporation Crystal Kapua Clifford Karimoto David Karl Vicki Kasal Clyde & Kwi Kashimoto Herbert & Deborah Kasnetz John Katahira Sherrilea Katasako Amy Katayama Alan & Lori Kato Elane Kato Janet Kato Jefferry & Sandra Kato Lori Kato Nobuharu Kato Pauline Kato Robert & Atsuko Kato William & Karen Kato James & Jeanette Katsuda Karl Katsumoto Yoshio & Lorraine Katsumoto Dawn Kattengell Elsie Kau Carlene Kaumeheiwa-Rego Ana Kauwe Earl & Patricia Kawaa Evelyn Rieko Kawahara Eric & Leslie Ann Kawamoto Jane Kawamoto Walter & Dorothy Kawamoto Mark & Audrey Kawamura Andy & Jill Kawano Lance & Aoi Kawano Iris Kawasaki-Luat David & Brenda Kawashima Norman & Lette Kawashima Alison Kawata Galbraith & Janet Kawelo Jennie Kawelo-Polani Arlene Kaya Susan Kaya Tracy Kazunaga Barbara Keahi Robert & Carol Keane Joey Keanu Edward Keating Marilyn Keau John & Margaret Keawe Jayna Chong Kee Linde Keil Hiram & Christi Keliipio Howard & Elizabeth Keller David Kellogg James Kelly Johnny Kelly Kevin & Irene Kelly Robert & Sumiko Kelly Sue Kelly Perry Kemplin Sally Kendig Bob & Victoria Kenneally Mary Kennedy

Paul & Paula Kennedy Lee Ann Kenolio Joseph Kenwolf Robert & Barbara Keola Benedict & Melinda Kerkvliet Kevin Sumida Debbie Key Aaron Kia Gari-Ann Kia Valerie Kidani Violet Kidder Patricia Kido Valerie Kido Michael & Susan Kihara Chad Kikuta Paul & Judith Kikuta Gail Kikuyama Robert & Velmar Kila Audrey Ching Kim Craig & Lisa Kim Kendall Kim Lisa Kim Sandra Kim Stephanie Kim Thomas & Alice Kim Young Kim Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Kimata Bob & Karen Kimura Cheryl Kimura Diane Kimura Geri Kimura Lyanne Kimura Mark & Terry Kimura Phoebe Kimura Sandra Kimura Sasha Kimura Stanley Kimura Yoko Kimura Donna Kimura-Long R. Mildred King Joan King James & Ellyn Kingsmill Roberta Kinoshita Kipapa Elementary School Brian Kirsch Caroline Kishida Theodore & Alice Kishimori Cynthia Kishimoto Robert & Adelaide Kistner David & Frances Kitabayashi Allan & Hilda Kitagawa Roy & Therese Kitagawa Tae Kitakata Hisao Kitamoto Chris & Win Kitaoka Lloyd & Faye Kitaoka Herbert & Karen Kitazaki Gordon & Linda Kitsuwa Charlene Kiyabu Thomas & Karen Kiyabu Estelle Kiyama William & Rosebell Kiyan Patricia Kiyoguchi Payton Kiuchi Kathleen Kiyuna Douglas & Sandra Klein Jimmy Klein Peter Klein Don & Blanche Klim Arthur Kluvo Steven & Deborah Knight Marcia Klompus Laurie Knych

James Ko Kenton Ko Koa Pancake House Wahiawa Jane Kobashigawa Walter & Sumie Kobashigawa Marilyn Kobata Kenneth & Sue-Ann Kobatake Ann Kobayashi Arthur Kobayashi Bert & Nicole Kobayashi Bert & Susan Kobayashi Carolyn Kobayashi Patrick & Kris Kobayashi Dustin & Karina Koda Kevin Kodama Laraine Koga Ruth Kamuri Koga Stanley & Esther Koga Lisa Kogachi Karen Kogami Kenneth & Suzanne Kohagura Helen Kohashi Christopher & Rika Kohiyama Douglas Koide L. Koishigawa Renee Koizumi Karen Y. Kojima Nancy Kokuba Dana Kokubun Pauline K. Kokubun Doris Kollars John Koller Laurence Kolonel Ginger Kolonick Norinobu & Karen Komatsu Taeko Komatsu Kalowena Komeiji Kazumi Komiyama Roy, Marian & Robin Komoto Stephen & Renee Kona David & Karen Kondo Mary Kondo Mitchell & Ellen Kong Eleanor Konishi Aiko Kono Jensen Kono Valerie Kono John Koo Deborah Koochi Dorothy Marianne Korsey Roger & Patricia Kort Minnie Kosasa Jane Koseki Leslie Koshi John & Karen Kotake Richard & Susan Kowen Suzette Koyanagi Aileen Kozai Claire Kozaki Linda Krainer Donald Krug Ann-Marie Krulak Leonard & Rosalie Kryston Benjamin & Diane Kuahine Lily Kuba Edward & Tammy Kubo Heidi Kubo Jacqueline Kubo Irene Kubojiri Christine Kubota Geoffrey & Nadia Kucera Patrick Kudlich E. Takeo & Barbara Kudo


Emiko Kudo Gary Kukac Elmyra Kum Calvin & Leslie Kunihisa Raymonde Albertine Kunisaki Clayton Kunitake Gayle Kuoha James Kuoha Melvin & Karen Kuraoka Craig & Emily Kuraoka Richard & Paula Kurashige Stanley & Helen Kurashige Shannon Kurata & Helen Kurata Kerry & Adeline Kuraya Linda Kuribayashi Ronald & Lorraine Kurihara Alvin & Kay Kurio Kelvin & Phyllis Kurio Florence Kuroda Evelyn Kurogi & Sandra Taga Eldena Kuroiwa Robert & Catherine Kurosu Mona Kushimaejo Lawrence Kusumoto Quin & Darlene Kutara B.J. Kuula Linda Kuula Michele Kuwaye Richard Kuwaye Yvonne Kuwaye Lyn Kux Emily Weng Si Kwan Alfred & Patricia Kwiecinski Sandra Kwock-Silve Neuman Kwong & Leimomi Fukuda Robert & Kristin La Flamme La Pietra - Hawaii School for Girls Geraldyne Lacno Doris Ladd Robert & Kristin La Flamme Ernest Lai George & Harriet Lai Jacob & Vivian Lai Vivian Lai Thomas & Carolyn Lalakea Helen Lam Marianne Lam Thelma Lam David Landry & Kimberly Chai John Landrysmith David & Lynn Lane Jeffrey and Dew-Anne Langcaon Patrick & Lillian Langeslay Lawrence & Linda Jo Langley Len & Terri Lantych Suzanne Lapointe Joyce Laporte Robert Larm Peter LaRocca Berit V. Larsen Gilbert & Marion Larson Jerry & Stephanie Larson Walt & Shirley Laskey Guia Lasquete Peggy Latare David & Ann Latham Benita Lau Bonnie Van Leng Lau Cindy Lau Donald & Phyllis Lau Earl Lau Frederick Lau Girard & Miyuki Lau


Licia Lau Malcom Lau Merilee Lau Monique Lau Harry & Myrna Laubach Edward & Faith Lebb Norman Lawson, Jr. & Jill Lawson Kathy Lawton Kellie Learmont Carole Learnard Susan Leary Terese Leber Clarence & Elsa Lee Craig & Penni Lee Creighton & Linda Lee Deanna Lee Denny & Alice Lee George Lee Janette Lee Jin Sook Lee Leslie Lee Mary Ann Lee Mary Jane Lee Nathan & Jonel Lee Patricia Lee Rep. Marilyn Lee Richard & Cynthia Lee Robert & Theresia Lee Robert E. Y. Lee Robert M. Lee Ronald & Deanna Lee Tommy & Lori Lee Tong Chun & Grace Lee Waymond & Verna Lee Jannet Lee Jayaram Kristi Lefforge Iva Lehmann Paul Lemcke & Kumiko Naiki Alexander Leong Bonnie Leong Deena Leong Denis & Diantha Leong Didi Leong Don & Elaine Leong Paul & Melvia Leong Sandra Leong Wendell & Paulette Leong Norman Levey Monique Levitt-Riccio Mary Lee Lew Torie Leway Richard & Rosann Lewis Peter & Mary Lewis Laura Liana Steve Licari Matthew LiewAlice Lim Christine Lima Chia Hsing Lin Ian Lind & Meda Chesney-Lind Barbara Lindblom Beth Lindstrom Stephen Lindstrom William & Helen Lindemann Ruth Lindley Priscilla Lindsay Clifford & Gail Lindsey Karen Lindsey Juliette Ling La Verne Ling Marvin, Susan & Toodles Ling Vernon Ling Charles & Laura Linkee Shirley Lipman

Cheryl Lippman Robert Lipske Erinn Liu Sonny Liu Norma Livingston Ronald & Aya Loando Ruth Lockett Marlene Lomas Betty Long Karen & T.J. Long Dorothy Lonnon Claire Loo Hoy Cynthia Loo Douglas & Donna Loo Jacqueline Loo Kirby & Laura Loo Sakae Loo Violet Loo Harold & Robin Loomis Lynne Loopeskoo Jerry Lopes, Jr. & Debora Lopes Natalia Lopez Diane Lord Maury Lorey Christy Lovell Cameron Lowry Gayle Lovinger & Helen Esselstyn Robert Loy Carol S. Lucero John Luciano Harry & Phyllis Ludwig Marjorie Lui Theresa Luke Galliardo & Jo-Anne Lukzen Allison Lum Calvin Lum Dallas & Marlene Lum Daryle Lum Duncan Lum Grace Lum Janice Lum Kara Lum Kerri Lum Kevin Lum & Kristina Poulos-Lum Leighton & Valerie Lum Raymond Lum Steven Lum Steven Lum Wendell Lum Petra Lumauag Fred & Alice Lunt Timothy & April Luria John & Violet Luuwai Margaret Lyman Charles & Sally Lynn Jessica Lynn Barbara Lyon Jim Lyon Joseph & Mariko Lyons Donna Lyons-Rhoades M Street Investments Debbie Macaranas Anthony Macawile & Pamela Nakamura Gilbert MacDonald Dale & Victoria Machado Roberts & Elizabeth Machado Lance Machamer Elaine Mackowski Maureen Amber MacLeod Mary Macmillan Helen MacNeil Owen & Marylyn Macy Collette Madden

Susan Madey Benedict & Gail Madriaga Diane Maeda Gerald & Helen Maeda Moira Maeda-Nakamine Thomas & Ellen Maeda Joseph Magaldi, Jr. Colin & Brenda Maglasang Eugene & Mary Ann Magnier Samuel & Shari Magno Leilani Adams Maguire Cesley-Ann M. Mahaulu Samson & Isobel Mahimer Michael Maii Kevin Makizuru Randy Makizuru Ronald Makua & Mary Jane Kekela Kate Malheiro Casey & Sylvia Malilay Diane Malinovich Rochie Mamias Stacey Mamiya Keo & Minnie Mana Leland & Deborah Manandic Cheryl Mann Marie Manning Laura Manno Matthew Mano & Angeline Apo Melissa Mano Downey Manoukian Vince Mansho Wendy Manuel Beverly Mar Roland & Julie Marcello Beatrice Marcus Grant Marcus Jeanne Marn Michael Marques Gerry, Julie & Cosmo Marsell Marian Marsh Chuck & Diane Marshall Sharon Marshall Roald Marth Paul Martin & Lorren Loo Watters Martin, Jr. & Christina Hassell Dolores Furtado Martin Foundation Linda Martin Ron & Masae Martin Suzanne Martin Gladys Masagatani Nancy Masaki Francis & Elaine Masatani Douglas Massey & Gisele Fournier-Massey Makamae Masuda Marion Masuda Masayuki Masuda Melvyn Masuda Pamela Masuda Henry Mata, Jr. & Coreen Mata Margaret Matayoshi Ralph Matheny & Cyntha Thompson Bruce & Mary Jo Matheson Marvin Mathews Timothy Mathews John & Jennifer Matias Matthew & Ellen Matoi Carol Matsu Kylie Matsuda Michael Matsuda Alan Matsui Joanne Matsui Donald Matsumori

Annette Matsumoto Brian Matsumoto Colbert & Gail Matsumoto Curtis & Ann Matsumoto Glen & June Matsumoto Glenn & Jo-Ann Matsumoto Leeann Matsumoto Takeo & Winifred Matsumoto April M. Matsumura Herbert & Violet Matsumura Iris M. Matsumura Ranloau Matsuno Janine Matsuno-Park Colin & Barbara Matsuo Raymond & Jane Matsuo Roy & Joyce Matsuo Alan Matsuoka Caressa Matsuoka Darene Matsuoka Megan Matsuoka Ruriko Matsuoka Cate Matsushima Tadao & Clara Matsushima Lori Matsushita Todd Matsushita Dennis Matsuura Shirley Matsuura Gail Matthews Harold Mau Sharlene Luke Mau Mauka Lani Elementary School Ohana Council Bettie May Kenneth & Melanie May Robert & Cornelia May Ronald & Clare Mayehara D.E. Maynard Gina McAnuity Lola Mae McAvoy James McBee Kristin McCallister Dani McCarthy Tamarin McCartin Robert McConnell Floyd & Ann McCoy John & Elizabeth McCreary Stephen McCreary Elizabeth McCutcheon James & Susan McDonald Judy McDonald Brenda McDonough James & Linda McDonough Richard McDowell & Darlene Loo-McDowell James & Rosemarie McElhaney Michael M. McElroy Shane & Merideth McEntire Michael & Virginia McGaraghan McGinnis Family John McGovern Chiara McGowan Kenneth & Kathleen McKee Hugh McKenzie, Jr. McKinley High School Freshman Class of 2015 Andrew McKinney Rebecca McKinney Robert McLean Bonnie McMullen & Rabbi Mel Libman Keith McNamara Henry McPhillips Helen McQueen James McVeigh

Leonard & Tokiko Meek Janice Meguro Richard & Kimie Meguro Debbie Mehan Richard Scott Mejia Robin Melchor Martin & Donna Melone Joni Mendoza Manuel & Bettina Menendez Freidalane Menezes Andy & Kathy Mensalvas Gerald & Connie Meredith Oleta Merseberg Scott & Nancy Metcalf Pamela Mew Michael Doi Construction Helen Michie & Barb Tingey Paul & Patti Mickelsen Ross Mickey Robert Midkiff Robin Midkiff Midkiff Family Melanie Miers Michael Migita Tea Migita Kelsey Mihara Kevin Mihara Robert Mihara Audrey Mijo Yoshiko Mikami & Donna Lee Kono Alice Miles Allen & Hope Miller Alyssa Miller Antya Miller Bill Miller Clyde Miller Cynthia Miller Karen Miller Larry Miller Michael Miller & Sharon Shimono Richard Miller, Jr. & Susan Miller William Miller Wilmer & Martha Miller Richard & Hanae Mills Faith Milnes Joanna Milo Milo Nursery & Landscape Maintenance Betty Min Marvis Minami Harvey & Christine Minatoya Sharon Minichiello Priscilla Minn Max Minor J. Mishima Sally Mist Randy Mita Sylvia Mitchell Edwin Mito Robert & Joann Mito Cheryl Mitsuka Kara Mitsunaga Kathryn Mitsunaga Mitsunaga & Associates Sharon Mitsuyama Jiro & Mabel Mitsuyasu Galen Miura Glenn & Elaine Miura Iris Miura May Miura Miyabara Associates Harry & Ethel Miyachi Mary Ann Miyagi Melvyn & Nadine Miyagi

Allen & Sue Miyahara Ann Miyahira Mary Anne Miyaji Lisa Miyakado Mary Miyake Howard & Patricia Miyake Collin Miyamoto David Miyamoto Gary Miyamoto Harold & Amy Miyamoto Howard & Mildred Miyamoto Richard & Phyllis Miyamoto Takeshi & Fay Miyamoto Wendy Miyamoto

Esther Moniz M. Patricia Moniz John & Melinda Montgomery Darlene Montgomery Julie Moon Yung Yong Moon Kathy Moor Fred Moore Johanna Moore Kate Moore Monica Moore Randy Moore & Lynne Johnson Patrick Moran & Joyce Gaza Moran Marcia Morgado

Ailene Miyasato Sandra Miyashiro Sharyn Lea Miyashiro Wayne Miyashiro Wayne & Ingrid Miyashiro Yoshiye Miyashita Melvin & Jeannette Miyata Lance Mizumoto Benjamin & Kazuko Mizushima Walter & Helga Mizushima Florence Mizuta Moanalua Elementary School David & Cheryl Moats Willi & Janet Moelzer Christopher & Suk Cha Mohr Marie-Line Moisan Florence Hayashi-Mojzisik Violet Molina Manuel & Marilyn Mollinedo Michael Molloy Yolanda Mondo

Richard & Lucy Morgan Patricia Morgan Susie Morgan Morris Moribe Randal Morifuji Roy & Aileen Moriguchi Marc & Dawn Morikami Bruce & Joy Morimoto Hiroshi & Amy Morimoto Karen Morimoto Lynette Morimoto Michael Morioka Jackson, Allergra & Mele Morisawa Aiko Morita Darlene Morita Dean & Janis Morita Naomi Morita Rebecca Morita Robert Morita Scott Morita Robert & Karen Morneau


Alfred & Nancy Morris Chrissy Morris Julie Morris Sally Morris Kurt & Michelle Morrison Brooke Morrow D. Stephen Morrow Ronald & Kathleen Morton Mary Moscovic Albert Motooka Milton & Doreen Motooka Miki Motoyama David Mowat Regina Mow-Galletti Martha S. Mueller Sherman & Theodora Mugford Douglas & Betty Mukai Lawrence & Barbara Mukai Shayna Mukai Melinda Mulhorn Marie Mull Deborah Mullen Jami Mullen Yoshiko Mullins Colleen Mung Lim Seshagiri & Kristine Munipalli Gloria Munson Coralia Muntal Stanley & Judith Murai Dennis & Darlene Murakami Jon Murakami Kimiko Murakami Leslene Murakami Lynne Murakami Melvyn & Sadie Murakami Myles Murakami Scott Murakami Shawn Murakawa Adele Kimura Muranaga Diane Muranaka Stanley & Gail Muranaka Heather Muraoka Marian Muraoka Conrad & Eloise Murashige Sandy Muroda Mark Murray Amber Musser My Investment Gail Myers Gail S. Myers Ken Myers & Vickie Francis-Myers Robert Myers Mystic Lodge #2 Knights of Pythias N. Harada Properties Herbert & Ethel Nada Lorraine Nagafuchi Lois Nagamine Alice Nagano Clara Nagano Peggy Naganuma Eric Nagao & Lauren Yee Dean & Gayle Nagasaki Richard & Euphemia Nagashima Eleanor Nagata Michael Naito Ralph Naito Roy & Shirley Naito Jerry & Carol Nakagami Ann Nakagawa Karen Nakagawa Lynn Nakagawa Leonard & Charlene Nakahashi Harry & Hisae Nakahodo


Guy Nakahodo Raymond & Janet Nakai Dennis & Susan Nakaishi Margaret Nakakuni David & Lynette Nakama Kelli Nakama Dean Nakamaru Sam & Jolene Nakamatsu William Nakamori Edward Nakamoto Elsa Nakamoto Sharyn Omori Nakamoto Cheri Nakamura Denice Nakamura Derek Nakamura Eileen Nakamura Erin Nakamura Herbert & Betty Nakamura James Nakamura Kenneth & Karen Nakamura Kyle & Carol Nakamura Melvin & Nancy Nakamura Otis & Judith Nakamura Thomas & Beatrice Nakamura Wayne & Sandra Nakamura William & Aecha Nakamura Darrelyn Nakano Suzanne Nakano Thomas Nakano Ronald Nakano G. Renee Archer Nakashima Jo Ann Nakashima Dean & Holly Nakasone Hiroko Nakasone Walter & Gail Nakata Patti Nakatani Mark Nakatsukasa Gail Nakayama James Nakayama Nalowinds Kennels Mary Naman Nancy Namiki Thomas & Cheryl Namiki Clyde & Pauline Namu`o Milton & Nancy Napuunoa Al & Sharon Narimatsu Steven Narrance Charles Narusawa Joel Narusawa Nicole Nashiro Sharon Nashiro Dr. & Mrs. Darrell T. Natori Gwen Natto Natural Effects Hairstyling Christina Naughton Gerald & June Naughton Valerie Navaja Jonathon & Tracie Navarra Eric Nedzweckas Richard & Beverly Neese Dianah Neff Michael & Daryle Nekoba Carole Nelson Fredric Nelson Neo-Hawaii Faye Neves Mike Nevin The New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel Marina Newby James & Shirley Newman Jeffrey Newman & Patrice Ashfield Audrey Ng Carolyn Ng

Debra Ng Ho Leung Ng Janet Ng Traci Ng Mary Ngai Davis Tan Nguyen Haunani Niau Bruce & Sandra Nicholl Sarah Lee Nichols Susan Nicol Yuriko Nicolas Norm Nicolson Diane Nielsen Anita Nihei Stanley & Carol Nihei Norman Nii Dennis Niimi Joyce Niksich Patrick Nimmo Sandy Nip Alice Nishi Derek Nishida Amy Nishihara George & Yukie Nishihara Kim Nishihara Randy Nishii

Mel & Theone Nishimura Robert & Naomi Nishimura Ruth Nishimura Shirley Nishimura Stacy Nishina Daikichi & Joyce Nishita Mitsuo Nishiyama Marvin & Susan Nitta Wallace & Jana Nitta Louise Nobriga Chiko Noda Robert Nogami Hideo & Eleanor Noguchi Judy Noh Glenn Nohara Janet Nohara Greg & Julie Noji Patricia Nolin Bryce Nomura Cathy Nonaka Maximo & Loretta Nonies Lanny & Mary Ann North Anne Marie Norton Linda Nosaka Nancy Nott Peter & Lois Nottage

Theodore Nishijo Eileen Nishikawa Ethel Nishikawa Jaci Nishimiya Charles & Maud Nishimoto Warren Nishimoto & Michiko Kodama-Nishimoto Chieko Nishimura Kareen Nishimura

Marcie Nowell Jared Noyama Janeen Nozaki Christine Nozawa Shelly Nuner Carl Nunnari Joseph & Alice Nunogawa James & Karin Nutter Barbara Nylund

Thinzar Nyun Gary Oba Kathleen Obara Obedience Training Club of Hawaii OCF Partners Sean O’Connell William & Margaret O’Connell Brian O’Connor Patricia O’Connor Alice Oda Cynthia Oda Seiko Oda Todd & Joy Oda Wendell Oda Eileen Ogasawara-Chun Judy Ogata Nadine Ogata Mark Ogino & Paul Czubryt Margaret Ogoshi Gayle Ohashi Ann Ohata Frances Ohira Sumiye Ohta Ronald & Martha Ohtani Myron Oie Selma Oishi Edwin & Marion Oka Mark & Frances Oka David & Kellyn Okabe Annabelle Okada Francis & Thelma Okada Raymond & Trudy Okada Satomi Okada Ernest Okado Ian Okamoto Karen Okamoto Karl Okamoto Nancy Okamoto Neal & Amy Okamoto Robert Okamoto Sidney & Fay Okamoto Howard Okamura George & Ann Okano Gerald & Ruby Okano Jenny Okano Joseph & Edna Okano Joyce Okano Jean Okazaki Osmond & Elaine Okazaki Richard & Melva Okazaki Eva Oki May Okihiro Judy Okimoto Harold & Betty Okimura Mia Okinaga Aaron & Mary Okinaka Kelvin & Patsy Okino Denise Okuhara George & Janice Okuhara Stephen & Marjorie Okuhara Jean Okumura Jennifer Okumura Kyle Okumura Ruby Okumura Yoko Okumura Laurie Okunami William & Hope Oliver Linda Kaaihue Olivera Walter & Charlotte Olmos Jutta Olson Peter & Leonora Olson Patrick & Elizabeth O’Malley Shawn & Angela O’Malley-Reed

Stephen & Cheryl Omatsu Joseph & Anderson O’Mealy Walter & Sherme Omori Carlos Omphroy Darrell Omura Malcolm & Avis Onaga One Source Realty Thomas & Shizuko O’Neal Ernest & Eufimia Ongoy Powell & Jeanette Onishi Alfred & Ruth Ono Charlene Ono Linda Mae Onomoto Doreen Ono-Suenishi Amy Onoue Ichiro & Sanaye Onoye Chihana Onozeki Stanley & Judith Ooka Kimberly O’Quinn Monica Ormeno Bonnie Osaki David & Patricia Osaki Masao Osaki Jamie & Pauline Osborne Sandra Osborne Mike & Sheryl Oschin-Goodman Alan & Jo Ann Oshima Cheryl Oshiro Clement & Beatrice Oshiro Gary K. Oshiro Gary R. Oshiro Glenn & Kiki Oshiro Milton & Madelline Oshiro Ralph & Janice Oshiro Roy & Darlene Oshiro Stephen Oshiro Steven & Jan Oshiro Vicky Oshiro Lyle Oshita Sheila Oshita Tom & Yvonne Osredkar Betty Osserman Sanford Ota Susan Ota Thomas & Karen Otaguro Yoshihide & Irene Otake Terri Ann Otani Floyd Otani Helen Otoshi John & Libby Otte Gerald Ouchi & Barbara Sano Rebecca Ouchi Delbert Ouye John & Marie-Therese Overton Akiko Owada Katharine Owen Barbara Oyama Stanley Oyama Yumi Ozaki P. J. Hawaii Pacific Asia Travel Association Pacific Gallery & Frames Beverly Sin Len Page Rae Pagel Pagoda Hotel & Restaurant Louise Pagotto Gail Painter-Cunningham Treena Paisley Diane Paiva George Paiva Anne Palagyi Palani Hale Warren Palmer

Palmer & Dee Norling Peggy Palmyra John Pampalone & Connie Yu-Pampalone Pan Pacific Realty Panda Travel Bonnie Pang Carolyn Pang Gerald & Selma Pang Kenzie Pang Laeton & Lena Pang Vincent & Catherine Pang Edward Pang Chew Michael & Renee Pangilinan Virginia Paresa Mealani Parish Donna Park Ethan & Janice Park Iris Park Lawrence & Gale Park Lily Park Lorna Park Judy Park June Park Shay Park Wesley & Daphne Park Carol Parker Faye Parker Michael & Joanne Parker Noah & Ellen Parker Roxann Parran Robert Pascua Lyn Pate David Patrick Donald Patten Sharon Pattison Pau Hana Parrot Heads Paul & Mary Tholl John & Catherine Payne Katharine Payne Daniel & Kimberly Paz John & Misako Pearson Janice Pechauer Michael Pecsok Pediatric Dentistry Associates Robert Pedigo Edward & Gayle Pei Pella Rolscreen Foundation Armand & Peggy Pelletier Daniel Pence Melissa Pendergraft Donald Paul Pendleton Lyn Pendragon R. Lee & Betty Peppell Robert & Mi Ae Pepper Pepsico Foundation Cheryl Peralta Ina Percival Eric Perkins Frank Perkins Russell & Virginia Perkins Sam Perri Dan & Kristina Perry Norali Perry Peter Vincent Architects Susan Peterman Robert & Patricia Peters Mollie Peters Benny Petersen Alan & Martha Peterson Linda Peterson Sheila Peterson Helen Petrovitch

Pets Are Inn Lisa Phillips Ross Phillips Stephen & Gaylene Phillips Tammie Phillips James Philson James & Cherye Pierce Robert Pierce David Pietsch Sandra Pili Martha Pilliard & Suzanne Nelson Maria Pine Jonathan Ping Gayle Pingree Punaliele Pires Bruce & Ginger Plasch Vaughn & Melinda Plemer Diane Plotts T. J. Pochinski Dave & Pat Poe Tim & Laura Poell Joel Poentis Aness Pogni Pamela Pomerance Frances Ponce John & Lori Popovich Scot Porter & Delta Lightner David Porteus Poseiden Properties Alexis Pospischil Alvin Potts Hiroko Powers Margaret Pratt William Pratt Robert Preddy & Martha Armstrong Carol Pregill Althea Price Jerry & Diane Prior Redfield Proctor James & Margaret Proffitt Gary Pruder Irene Puaoi Lealani Puana Chuck Pucevich William & Carol Puette Doris Pulley Joyce Purdy Terry Puuohau Sandra Pyun Prudence Quebatay Edward Quinlan William & Rita Chang-Quinlan Rachelle Quiocho Ted, Leilani, Jack & Jill Quong Chris & Judie Racine Monica Ramirez Alejandra Ramos Kathleen Ramos Curtis Ramsey David Randell & Rosemary Fazio Heidi Randolph Martha Randolph Rob Raucci & Joanne Burns Jerry & Cheri Rauckhorst Anne Rauh Emi Raymond Manny & Patricia Realin Tiare Malia Rebuldela Red Brick Pizza Todd & Nancy Reed Mark Reese John & Be Regan Linda Rego


Makakaualii Rego Gary Renard Karen Rehbock Carleton Rehr Heidi Reiher Iain Reilly Janis Reischmann Reit Management & Research Dawn Reneau Kenneth Renzoni Rita Reyes Clemente Reyes William & Marie Reyes Brandy Ribeiro Bettylou Ricarte Wayne Rice Susan & Putt Richards James Richardson Lance & Brooke Richert Ryon Rickard Alison Rieser Miki Braig Riker Marie Riley Martin & Jeanette Rinehart Gail Ritch Mark Ritchie Lisa Rivera RNO Hawaii Corwith Roache Don & Michiyo Robbs Athena Robello Thomas Roberts Darren & Brianna Roberts Patrick & Lavern Roberts Thomas & Elaine Roberts Karen Robertshaw William & Emi Robillard Atsuko Robinson Jay Rockstead Conrad Rodenbeck George & Yukie Rodenhust Catherine Rodgers Liberty Roets Eddy Rogers Jed Rogers Sheila Rogers Ted Rogers Fred & Harriet Rokero Scott & Ingrid Rolles Jim Romig Bonnie Roney-Lowe William Roome David Root Sandra Diane Rosa Susan Rosaldo Michelle Rosenblum Lillian Rosengrant Roses Systems Solutions Louis & Josette Rosof Sharon Ross David Reid & Linda Ross George & Betty Ross Peter Ross Mike Rossell Glenda & P.L. Rother Andrew Rothstein Jeffery & Jillynn Rotolo Marc & Kelly Rousseau Douglas & Carol Anne Rowles Mary Rupard Georgia Rush Ann Russell Harry Russell


Kathryn Russell Robert & Theresa Russio Margaret Ryan Joanne Ryckman Monet Sadural Jiro Saegusa Leila Saib Mel Saiki Edwin & Carol Saito Glen & Christine Saito Gloria & Sterling Saito Irene Saito Kevin Saito Josh Sakai Kathy Sakai Michael Sakai Helen Sakamoto Jan Sakamoto Kenneth & Elsie Sakamoto Leighton & Sharynne Sakamoto Milton & Lani Sakamoto Neil Sakamoto Robert & Jan Sakamoto Keith Sakanashi Sheila Sakashita Scott Sakata Ray & Dorothy Sakata Wendy Sakata-Inafuku Patricia Lynn Sakihara Christina Sakomoto Bert Sakuda

Lani Santos Patrick Santos Francine Joy Sapla Keith & Dorothy Sasada Colleen Sasaki Fred & Charlotte Sasaki Kim Sasaki Margaret Sasaki Melvin, Allison & Gavin Sasaki Patricia Sasaki Richard & Marvela Satake Alan & Annette Sato Lorraine Sato Norman & Karen Sato Tadashi & Shigeko Sato Vernon & Melaney Sato Wallace Sato Tracy Saturno George & Joy Saunter Robert Savala Mariko Sawada Mona Sawai Susan Sawyer John & Laurie Sawyer Ernest & Mary Saxton Norman Say James & Tatsuko Schaefer Sandy Schafer Leona Schaller Carole Scharfenberger Alan & Sandra Scharff

Steve Czerniak of wag and snap photography donates his time and images to the Humane Society. He took many of the photos in this annual report.

Michael Sakuda Walter Sakuda Melvin Sakurai Namie Tanaka Salz Philip Sammer Todd Sammons Edward & Sadako Sample Sherrie Samuels Daryl & Leona Sanborn Janice Sanders & the History Club of Honolulu Vivienne Sandilands Laura Sandrock Jane Sanidad Gerald Ouchi & Barbara Sano Rocco Sansone Kevin & Jennifer Santo Shelle Santoki Alyssa Santos Francis & Patricia Santos

Karen Scharff Laurel Schatz Virginia Schergen Yolanda Schlechte Corey & Diana Schmidt Jeffrey Schmidt Frances Schneider Niklas & Sharon Schneider Cynthia Scheinert Jane Schoonmaker Cindy Schoonover Darrell & Janet Schuetz Paul Schultz Robert & Susan Schultz Steven & Lisa Schulz Robert & Ester Schumacher Robbin Schweitzer James & Monika Scola Merrill Scoppetto Alvin & Karen Scott

Jacqueline Scott June O’Keeffe Sebring Karen Seddon Anthony & Mabel Sedeno Michael Segal & Kathleen Brown Beryl Segawa Dennis & Joann Segawa Karen Segawa Jason & Trisha Seidman Kiyoharu & Teruko Sekimizu Becky Sekioka Betsy Sekiya Jackie Sekiya Stanley Seo Al & Connie Serafin Marleen Serrao Fabiana Servantes Diane Sether Mavis Seto Ben & Chris Severson Joe & Carolyn Shacter Reena Shah Timothy Shank Camara Sharp John Shaw Dorothy Shepard Grace Sherwin Lincoln & Mary Shibao Stanley & Theresa Shibata Harry & Doris Shibuya Arthur & June Shida Janet Shiga Joanne Shigekane Cynthia Shigemasa Kimberly Shigematsu-Mull Carolyn Shigemura Donna Shigemura & Lisa Shigemura Ty Shigeta-Koch John & Helen Shih Tomoko Shiiba Pamela Shim David & Christine Shima Julie Shima Dan & Donna Shimabuku David & Dawn Shimabukuro Lily Shimabukuro Masayoshi & Juliet Shimabukuro Seiji & Betty Shimabukuro Vinnie Shimabukuro Ruth Shimada Lynn Shimasaki Elsie Shimazu Akira & Seiko Shimizu Audrey Shimizu Harry Shimizu Karen Shimizu Lauren Shimizu Reid Shimizu & Joy Kamae-Shimizu Craig & Jane Shimoda Julie Shimokihara Stacey Shimomura Teresa Shinder Patricia Shine Rodney & Sandy Shinkawa Dawne Shinno Melvin & Mary Jane Shinohara Kathryn Shioi Chris & Linda Shirai Cynthia Shiraishi David & Sylvia Shiraishi John & Cathy Shiraishi Tamae Shiraishi Takashi & Kyle Shirakata

Charlene Shiroma Kelly Shiroma Mark Shiroma Shirley Shiroma Takao & June Shiroma Vickie Shiroma Geraldine Shishido John Shishido & Romona Chun-Shishido Kristine Shitanaka Daniel Shiu & Sandra Moriki-Shiu Terrence Shive Faye Shively George & Cheryl Shon Derrick Shono Steven & Laura Jeanne Short Laura Shun Mr. & Mrs. Snuggz Shuptrine Kevin, Nancy & Clare Shute Harry & Anne Siegmund Alma Silva Clayton & Aiko Silva Joe Silvestre Kimberly Simao Glen Simmons Joseph & Alison Simmons Phil & Linda Simmons Ralph & Stephanie Simmons Waynard & Paulette Simmons Ken Simon John & Stephanie Sims Joan Sindiong Andrew Singer & Melanie Winters Daniel & Raccine Singer Leighton & Cathy Siu Pei Hui Siu Carnation Siverly Peter Skeen Arleene Skillman Taeko Skinner Helen Skov Marcia Slaven Judith Slawsky Gail Slawson & Michelle Eich Paige Slocum Victoria Slovak Richard Smerz David & Sherry Smith Dexter & Dawn Smith Donna Smith Douglas & Kelly Smith Gene & Betty Smith Hilbert Smith Kimberly Smith Michael Smith Richard & Paulette Smith William & Marjorie Smith Bruce Sneddon Stanley Snodgrass Debra Lee So Arthur & Beverly Soares Stephany Sofos Thomas Sofos Hae-Suk Son Diane Sonoda Michael Savala & Reni Soon David & Valerie Sorensen Edwin & Cynthia Sorenson Jaime Souza Lynne Souza Manly Souza John & Linda Spadaro John & Iris Spade David Spargo

Lisa Spencer Laila Spina Gary Sprinkle & Pamela Young-Sprinkle Ethel Spurlin St. Anthony Parish School St. Augustine Church St. John Vianney School Tita Stack Anne Stahel Karl & Carole Stahlkopf Sally Staley John Stallman Stanford & Sandra Staunton Ashley Stearns David & Nancy Stefansson Martin & Marlene Stein Keith & Polly Steiner Stephen Steiner Steinke Bros. Agnes Stelzer William Schneider & Karen Stemp Sandra Stenen Walter & Cookie Stephan John & Ruth Stepulis Lien Stevens Marsha Stevenson Lee & Dianne Stewart Vicky Stewart Lynette Carol Stobie David & Mary Stock Shannon Stoddard Diane Stonebrink Gerald & Almarie Stothers Richard Stover Allen Strasberger & Victoria Trowbridge Tyler Stratton Roberta Straughn Virginia Strausburg George & Stephanie Strickland Kenneth & Margaret Stromgren Lois Strong Christina Strunk Nicole Stucki Audrey Sue Monica Suematsu Alan & Fay Sugahara Wesley Sugai Kathleen Sugawa Paul & Ann Sugibayashi Jared & Valerie Sugihara Alice Sugimoto Florence Sugimoto Gregory & Peggy Sugimoto Herbert & Kimie Sugitaya Roy & Patricia Sugiyama John & Heidi Sulecki Steve Sullivan Clyde Sumida Eugene Sumida Kevin Sumida Naomi Sumida Gail Sumimoto Alan & Tsai Sumitomo Francine Sunada Lori Ann Sunakoda Kimberly Sung Sunset Beach Elementary Gloria Supnet Phenpapar Suratbibith Suzanne Surratt Charles & Amy Surridge Georgette Sussman Brian & Cristine Sutton

Richard & Anne Sutton Howard & Florence Suzui Brian & Carolyn Suzuki Erin Suzuki Garrett & Lila Ann Suzuki Glenn Suzuki Max & Harriet Suzuki Michiko Suzuki Ralph Suzuki Randal & Joyce Suzuki Gwen Suzuki-Oishi Robert Swan Kathleen A. Swedberg-Richardson Anne Swenson Edward & Karen Swofford Anna Swope Aileen Sylva Jeremy Sylva Kathleen Szymanski Barbara Tabanera Janice Tabata Phyllis Tabusa Noble Tacras Wayne & Rae Tadaki Howard & Jeanne Tahara Tails of Hawaii June Taima Faye Taira Nancy Taira Roy Taira & Sarah Roback Janet Takahara Glenn Takahashi James Takahashi Lornna Takahashi Merline Takahashi Michael & Carolyn Takahashi Susan K. Takahashi Susan T. Takahashi Teney & Mae Takahashi Terilyn Takahashi Masao & Tomiko Takai Lillian Takaki Matthew Takamine Craig Takamiya Kathy Takamoto Natsue & Cathy Takano Tadashi & Natsue Takano Sherman Takao Lauren Takaoka Roy & Donna Lee Takara Andy Takata & Sandra Shomura June Takata Clare Takayama Thomas Takayama Ann Takayesu Darrell Takebayashi Chili Takeda Glenn & Gail Takeda Gerald Takei Jason Takemoto Jennifer Takemoto Jeanette Takenaka Dennis Takeshita Jared Takeshita Jerald & Elizabeth Takesono Carey Taketa Thomas Taketa Sachiko Taketa Tye & Jeanne Taketa Gerald Takeuchi Takiguchi Family Glen Takishita Jane Takushi

Randy & Deedee Takushi Ruby Takushi David & Patricia Talaba Randy & Eliza Talavera Kevin Talbot Cecilia Tam Gilbert Tam Kathleen Tam Raymond & Audrey Tam April Tamada Naoko Tamai Tammy Tamai Carl Tamanaha Emily Tamanaha Gary & Myra Tamanaha Jerry & Gail Tamanaha Monique Tamanaha Ginger Tamayose Leanne Tambalo Holly Tamura Iris Tamura Jason & Ellen Tamura Julie Tamura Maurice Tamura & Nita Williams Neal & Gail Tamura Arlene Tanabe Deborah Tanabe Susan Tanahara Sandra Tanaka Alan & Joni Tanaka Carolyn Tanaka Earl Tanaka Joan Tanaka Krist Tanaka Margaret Tanaka Sandra & Rylan Tanaka Walter Tanaka Wayne & Claire Tanaka Akiyo Tani Benson & Amy Taniguchi Blaine & Iris Taniguchi Erin Taniguchi Doss Tannehill Kenneth & Caroline Tano Jay Tanonaka Bert & Helen Tanonaka Mary Tanouye Bert & Karen Taoka Keri Taoka Sheila Taoka Charles & Arleen Tarnay Dani Tarumoto Howard & Emi Tasaka Raymond & Lorraine Tasaka Richard Tashima & Michelle Bowerman Takumi Tashima Ronald & Angie Tateishi Tessy Tateishi Jane Tateyama Rosalie Tatsuguchi Christopher Taum & Gayle Matsuda Angeline Tavares Teckla Tavares Linda Taylor Stephanie Teeter Lloyd & Constance Teixeira John Tell Carlton Tengan Sadako Tengan Lorraine Teniya Robert & Setsuko Teramoto Elaine Teramoto Bert Teraoka


Steven Teraoka Stephanie Terashita Sandra Terp Marvin Teruya Paul & Susan Teruya Travis Teruya Earl & Rochelle Teruya-Shupe Susan Tessmer Stack Tom & Kimberly Tetlow Elden & Barbara Thelen Gregory & Carolyn Thibault Pyong Thomas Daniel & Ellen Thompson Helen Ladd Thompson Karen Thompson Laura Thompson Laurie Ann Thompson Sandra Thompson Wilma Thompson Marjorie Thornton Linda Thurston Georgia Tien Ivan Tilgenkamp Rebecca Tillery Rene Tillich Sachin Timbadia Mark & Marianne Timmerman Tiffany Tithill Archie & Josie Titus Samuel Tiu Ron & Shirley Todd Howard & Vivian Todo Curtis & Lorraine Togami Trent & Kelly Togami Ross & Sharon Togashi Mike Toibin Melvyn & Lois Tojio Christopher Tokita Steven & Gail Tokuda Deborah Tokuhara Darlene Tokunaga Shirley Ann Tokunaga Dwight Tolentino Barazandeh Toler Audrey Tom David & Nancy Tom Emily Tom Francine Tom Gabriel Tom Juanita Tom Kevin Tom & Faith Kanno-Tom Lisa Tom Steven & Faye Tom Allison Toma Sabra Toma Amparo Tomas Randall Tome Lew Tomimatsu Carol Tomioka Rodney & Barbara Tomishima Ronald & Caryn Tomishima Russell Tomishima Donna Tomita Lynn Tomokiyo Daniel & Kay Tompkins Jann Tompkins Madeline Tompkins Willis Tomsen Lori Tonai Thomas & Gladys Tone Sheri Lee Tongg Velma Topas Lois Torikawa


Bruce Tornquist Roy & Jeanne Toshi Ernest & Miriam Tottori Mitsuo & Jane Tottori Mark Towata Jonathan & Rie Townsley Jane Toya Eric Toyama Sharilyn Toyama Beverly Yukie Toyama Russell & Pamela Toyooka Paul, Billy, Teddy Toyozaki & Margaret Yamashita Leslie & Barbara Tracy Diana Tran Travin Tran David Traversi Ken & Ayumi Treichler Frank & Margaret Trevor Mary Trinies Tropical Toy Dog Fanciers of Hawaii Mike Trout Pamela Troy Thomas & Kathleen Tschudin Ruth Tschumy Alice Tse Ching Hsin Tseng Bruce & Suzuko Tsuchida Nobuo & Mitsuyo Tsuchiya Jun Tsuchiya Kenneth Tsugawa Thomas Tsuhako Stanley & May Tsukamoto Takeshi & Haruko Tsukayama Gordon & Janice Tsumoto Richard & Atsuko Tsuruda Jay & Lorna Tsutsumi Vivian Tsutsumi Curtis & Maki Kelly Tsuzaki Richard Tuggle Cheryl Tung Umur & Norma Turkalp Murray & Phyllis Turnbull Marcus & Robin Turner Roland Turner Tiffnay Tuthill Brian & Kimberly Tyau Marlynn Tyler Misti Tyrin Katherine Tyson uBoost Aileen Uchida Vernon & Lynne Uchida Carla Uchima-Ing Ken & Claire Uechi Rieko Uechi Masaru & Mitsuko Uehara Goro & Carolyn Uehara Cottee Ron & Ali Uemura Thomas & Hazel Uemura Ryan Uesato Lynn Ueshiro Clyde & Vivian Umaki Greg Umamoto Glenn Umemoto Paul Unkrur Linda Unten Pomaikai Uphouse Martha Urann Henry & Lee Urstadt Lori Ushijima Tammy Uy Alexander & Bette Uyeda

Franklin & Harriet Uyeda Calvin & Lianne Uyehara Keith Uyehara Machiko Uyehara Stanley Uyehara Tad Uyenishi Rodney & Lori Uyeoka Geri Uyemura Gregg & Janet Uyetake Jean Uyetake Ryan & Geraldine Uyeunten Philip & Patricia Valenti Melanie Van Der Tuin Gerald Vanderbeck Eleanor “Andi” van der Voort Richard & Noreen Van Horn Richard Van Ness Herbert & Floraine Van Orden George Van Orden Nancy Van Sciver Lothar & Cheryl Varady Sheila Veikune Linda Velayo Glenn Verbeem Aaron & Rita Verdugo Stephan Verhulsdonk & Alexandra Schiller Maria Verzon Carl & Paula Chun Vetter Patches Vetter Trudi Vetter Sean & Sheri Viernes Joseph Vierra Douglas & Linda Vincent James & June Vinton Nanette Vinton Susan Viscovich Craig & Marilyn Vitale Bruce Vivas Peggy Vollmann Warren & Lydia Von Arnswaldt Kenneth & Sharon Von Deylen Eva Voronaeff C. Voss Dennis & Pauline Wachi Buddy & Arunee Wagoner Wahiawa Elementary School Robert Wahl, Jr. Waikele Elementary School Solomon Wainee, Jr. Don Waisman James Wakafuji Edith Wakai Wendy Ann Wakai Randy & Mariko Wakaki Thad & Yoko Wakasugi Wendy Wakefield Neil & Lisa Wakida Dean Wakuzawa Myra Wakuzawa Wade & Susan Wakuzawa Wes & Geri Wakuzawa Johnny & Bubba Walker Margaret Walker Robert & Geraldine Walker Judi Wall Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Eileen Wallenhorst Wally’s Auto Repair Denise Walterhoefer Juli Walters Jason Walthall Jaqueline Waltjen

Chelsey Wandasan Mark & Sondra Wang Sarah Wang Michael & Susan Ward Megan Ward Rebecca Ward Ward Jewett Au Linda Warrick Richard & Carole Wasnich Sean Watabayashi Alan & Stacie Wataguchi Alan Watanabe Dan & Gerri Watanabe Ed & Corrine Watanabe Gary Watanabe James & Irene Watanabe Kyle & Jean Watanabe Roy & Paulette Watanabe Wayne Watanabe Wayne & Janice Watanabe Watanabe Floral June Wataoka Mike & Cynthia Waters Terri Watts Anne Waugh Web One Warren Weber & Jennifer Miyahira Linda Weeks Robert Wehrman & Joan Kellner-Wehrman Camille Weindl Alex & Naomi Weinstein Michael Weinstein & Marsha Meckler James Welch & Momi Mollet Debbie Welker James Weller D. Christopher Wells Lynn Wells William Wells Edward Welsh Chuan Wen Miyo Wenkam Faith Wenzl George & Mary Wessberg Truman & Pamela West Sunny Wheat Annette Wheeler Helga Wheeler Robert Wheeler & Marcy Fleming Thomas Wheeler Frank & Ann White Glenda White Lisa White Brian Whiteside Charles Whitten Robert & Seiko Whittier Miriam Whittle Erica Witty Charles & Jeanne Wichman Wendy Jeanne Wichman Charie Wicklund Joseph Wikoff Damon Wilcox Donald & Yilan Wilcox Edward & Marlene Wilcox Gaylord & Carol Wilcox Gary Wild Lance & Marcy Wilhelm Greg Willems Harold Willenborg Carleton Williams & Gail Nakamura Catherine Williams Connie Williams

Greg Williams Rianna Williams Mason & Trudy Williams Woody & Nancy Williams Jay & Lei Wilmoth Miyoko Wilson R. William Wilson Seaneen Wilson Terry Wilson Cindy Winegar Clayton & Ginger Winger Ralph & Sheena Winnie David Winsko Jean Wittmaack Robert & Betty Wo Wendell Wo Peter Wohlberg William & Margaret Won Chrystal Wong Clayton Wong Danny & Lorrie Wong Erica Wong Erik Wong Howard Wong Joseph & Janet Wong Karen Wong Kevin & Cathy Wong Kwong Lui Wong Laurena Wong Lester Wong Linda Wright Wong Lorraine Wong Melvin & Gloria Wong Naomi Wong Ruddy & Gwendolyn Wong Ruth Wong Tessa Wong Vernon Wong Lawrence & Nadine Woode Andrea Woods Lani Woodward Vernon Woo Susan Woo-Schaffer World Navigate June Wright Lauren Wright Millicent Wright Richard Wurdeman Dale & Angel Wyatt Rich & Wendy Wycoff A. Michael & Joan Wylie George & Mary Ann Wyman Martin & Jean Wyss Lisa Xiao Lena Yafuso Peter & Ivy Yagi Miles & Miko Yamabe Sueo & June Yamachi Chad Yamada Daisy Yamada Diane Yamada Michael & Debra Yamada Patrick & Janice Yamada David Yamagata Faith Yamagishi Lois Yamaguchi Mark & Kimberly Yamaguchi Ray & Elaine Yamaguchi Fay Yamakawa Alan & Daphne Yamamoto Alfred & Jocelyn Yamamoto Carol Yamamoto Dennis & Margaret Yamamoto

Max’s Fund helped 28 dogs in 2012 that were suffering from conditions that were beyond our resources to treat. Established by Larry and Patricia Rodriguez in honor their beloved dog Max, this fund provides high-cost treatments that are outside our clinic service’s capabilities. Life-saving care included x-rays, orthopedic care for fractures and even treatments for heartworms. Heartworms are deadly to dogs and completely preventable if owners administer monthly preventative. Flip arrived to us with a congenital hernia and deformed back leg. The team at Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center stepped in and performed life-saving surgery. Flip has since recovered and is enjoying life with his new family. George & Carlene Yamamoto Harry & Mildred Yamamoto Laura Yamamoto May Yamamoto Rebecca Yamamoto Ricky Yamamoto Suphunnee Yamamoto Sheila Yamanaga George & Carol Yamanaka Cynthia Yamane Thomas & Jane Yamane Stanley Yamaoka Yuzuru & Alice Yamasaki Keiko & Amy Yamashige Charlene Yamashiro Lawrence Yamashiro Patricia Yamashiro Shari Yamashiro Joyce Yamashita Kenneth & Imi Yamashita Sueo Yamashita Thomas Yamashita George Yamauchi Jerry & Caryn Yamauchi Richard Yamauchi Sheri Yamauchi Nathan Yanagi Brianna Yanagida Kathleen Yanagihara-Broo ks Randal & Joyce Yanagisawa Andrew Yani

Akio & Frances Yano Lezli Yano Beverly Yap Linda Yara Dale Yashiki Alvin Yasuda Marian Yasuda Shoso & Keiko Yasui Donald & Annette Yasutake Francis & Grace Yasutake James Yatsushiro Larry Yatsushiro Frederick & Maryanne Yearian Alan Yee Nelwyn Yee Rodney & Frances Yee Selwyn Yee Trevor & Joy Yee Walter & Ursula Yee Elissa Yellin Martha Yent Felix Young Cece Young Theresa Yeung Patrick Yim Hiromu Yogi Gareth & Anna Yokochi Lance Yokochi Peter Yokogawa Calvin & Donna Yokote Allan & Cora Yokoyama

Caron Yokoyama Eric & Ashley Yokoyama Robin & Sharon Yokoyama Sue Yokoyama Gary Yonamine Terry & Amy Yonashiro Wayne Yonehara Sandra Yonemura Audrey Yoneshige Michael Yoneshige Sean & Meagan Yoneshige Darryl & Paula Yonezawa Mary Yoon Diane Yorita Theodore York Jill Yoshicedo Bryan & Jeannie Yoshida Denise Yoshida Karl & Elinor Yoshida Russell & Gail Yoshida Sandra Yoshida Roy Yoshikane Burt & Helen Yoshimi Jennifer Yoshino Leslie & Catherine Yoshino Glenn Yoshioka & C. Ann Whang-Yoshioka Dean & Barbara Yoshioka Jean Yoshioka Lanette Yoshioka Ted & Jean Yoshizaki Irene Yoshizaki Marvin & Deborah Yoshizumi Bryant Young Don & Judi Young Edward & Marina Young Jerry & Glenna Young Joan Young Kelvin & Betsy Young Patrick & Sirinuch Young Randolph & Rose Young Rocky & Darlene Young Rosemarie Young Sharon Young Michelle Efron Youngblood Neal Yuda & Kathleen Yogi Benjamin Yuen Clayton & Sandra Yuen Mellissa Yuen Peter Yuen & Wendy Kaneshiro-Yuen Ronald & Joni Yuen Shirley Yuen Steven & Deneane Yuhl Joseph Zaccagnino Demetrios Zahharis Michael Zamperini & Clay Burchell Ed Alan Zane Frederick & Eva Zane Marjorie Ziegler Tom Zimmerman Hanz Zinsman Stanley & Janet Zisk Elizabeth Zivanov Lizbeth Zivotsky George & Dahlia Zotos Olive Zukeran


Financial report Hawaiian Humane Society July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012

REVENUES City & County Animal Care Contract City & County Neuter Now Contract* Contributions, Including Fundraising Events Adoptions & Other Fees Net Gain on Investments TOTAL EXPENSES Animal Care Expenses Direct Neuter Now Program Expenses Administration Expenses Fundraising Expenses Education & Community Programs TOTAL

$2,358,000 310,000

35% 4%

$3,205,000 777,000 56,000

48% 12% 1%



$4,570,000 310,000 548,000 581,000 867,000

66% 5% 8% 8% 13%



*Hawaiian Humane Society administers the Neuter Now program for the City & County of Honolulu at no cost. This amount reimburses veterinarians for services provided.


Contact us 2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826-1899 Phone 946-2187 Fax 955-6034 Adoptions – 356-2218 Animal Admissions – 356-2284 Animal Care – 356-2203 Community Advocacy – 356-2217 Dog Licensing – 356-2227 Donations & Gifts – 356-2221 Education – 356-2206 Field Services – 356-2250 - Animal Pickups - Barking & Loose Dog Complaints - Cruelty & Dog Bite Investigations - Rescues & Emergencies Feral Cat Sterilization – 356-2254 Foster Care – 356-2229 Humane Traps – 946-2187 Investigations, Rescues & Emergencies – 356-2250 Neuter Now Reduced Rate Pet Sterilization – 356-2227 Paws on Path Hike Club – 356-2217

Pet Food Bank – 356-2217 Pet Loss Support Group – 356-2217 Pet Lost & Found – 946-2187 Pet Microchip Database – 946-2187 Puppy Mill Task Force – 356-2243 Special Events – 356-2225 Volunteer Opportunities – 356-2216 Humane Society Shelter & Dog Park Hours Monday through Friday 11 am – 7 pm Weekends & Most Holidays 10 am – 4 pm Emergencies & Animal Admissions 24 hours daily


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(808) 946-2187 Animal Rescues & Investigations 356-2250 Dog Licensing 356-2227 Donations & Gifts 356-2221 Education 356-2206 Hike Club 356-2217 Pet Adoptions & Lost & Found 356-2218 Pet Loss Support Group 356-2217 Volunteer Programs 356-2216

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Honolulu, HI Permit No. 1004

Hawaiian Humane Society Annual Report 2011-12  

Hawaiian Humane Society Annual Report 2011-12

Hawaiian Humane Society Annual Report 2011-12  

Hawaiian Humane Society Annual Report 2011-12