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JULY 1, 2017 - JUNE 30, 2018

At a meeting last July, I began my tenure as board chair. It would be the last meeting that our then-President and CEO Pamela Burns would attend. Though we talked many times on the phone over the next two months, little did I know that our meeting would be the last time I would see her face-to-face. Having been an innovator in animal welfare while at the helm of the Hawaiian Humane Society for 27 years, Pam was deeply respected and served as an inspiration for myself and so many others. When she passed in September 2017 there was a tremendous sense of loss but the Board of Directors came together with a strong commitment to continue the Society’s significant work. One of our most important tasks was the search for the person who would assume leadership of the organization and uphold the mission of the Society: to promote the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals. Although the search was thorough, the board found that we didn’t need to look very far. For most of last year, prior to being appointed president and CEO of the Hawaiian Humane Society, Lisa Fowler was acting in that position. With her 13 years of experience in animal welfare as executive director at Hawaii Island Humane Society, along with her years as the Hawaiian Humane Society’s director of development and operations director, we found the best qualified person already on the job. It has been a real pleasure for me as chair to work with Lisa and the outstanding staff and volunteers she has assembled around her. The mission continues to move forward with new developments on the horizon. Toward the end of 2017, construction began on the high-volume, high-quality spay/neuter center. This important facility was established to help reduce the number of Free-Roaming cats living on Oahu and will be one component of a strategy to remedy the serious pet overpopulation issue on the island. We are also eagerly anticipating breaking ground on the Hawaiian Humane Society’s West Oahu campus in the next year. This organization and the community are fortunate to see in Lisa the continuation of such dedicated and inspiring leadership. Whether it is the rescue of more than 300 neglected dogs, the focus on the needs of the animal community, or the commitment to preparing and assisting in a natural disaster, we can be confident that Lisa’s vision and commitment will continue to advance the Society’s 135-year-old mission. Mahalo for all your support this past year, I look forward to seeing what the future brings.

Bob Armstrong Board Chair

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

Robert H. Armstrong CHAIR


Mike Ching


Rebecca “Becki” Ward SECRETARY

Lisa Fowler


Robert R. Bean Francie Boland Tim Brauer John C. Dean Nick Dreher Brandt Farias Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr. Elizabeth Rice Grossman Pamela S. Jones Mi Kosasa Susan Kosasa Kent T. Lucien Stephen B. Metter Lawrence D. Rodriguez Ginny Tiu Virginia S. Weinman Rick Zwern

Partnerships. Community. Ohana. No matter what you call it, there’s no denying the power of committed individuals united in a common goal. This report is more than a collection of statistics; it offers inspiring evidence of the passion and compassion in our community and our collective determination to improve the lives of animals in Hawaii. Our collaboration with others who share common goals plays a vital role in creating a more humane community. During the past year, cooperation between Humane Investigators, the Honolulu Police Department and the Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office resulted in jail time for two animal abusers. Our efforts with the Institute for Human Services provided opportunities for homeless individuals and their pets to find safe, permanent housing. Our long-standing relationship with the City & County of Honolulu ensures that the Hawaiian Humane Society continues to be the safety net for every animal in need and that no animal is ever turned away. We truly are fortunate to live in a community that places a high priority on animal welfare and is committed to supporting humane values. The shared vision of donors, staff and volunteers is a powerful force at our Moiliili campus and beyond. Mahalo to our donors and supporters who enable us to carry out our mission to create a more compassionate community for all. Mahalo,

Lisa Fowler President & CEO

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To promote the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals.


One phone call

changed tulip ’ s path forever Tiny Tulip, a 7-pound terrier, was back at a private veterinary clinic for the fourth time with another serious injury. Clinic staff had grown increasingly concerned about the pattern of physical trauma suffered by the 3-year-old dog. This time, a call was made to the Hawaiian Humane Society and an investigation was opened. The Society learned that the harm Tulip suffered over the course of several months included broken ribs, a fractured pelvis and head trauma. Lack of care from her owners following her pelvic injuries resulted in a right rear leg amputation despite the veterinary staff doing all they could to help. The most recent incident, and the catalyst for the call, was severe head and internal organ trauma.

“We are thankful that our court system and our community recognize animal cruelty as a serious crime,” said Lisa Fowler, president and CEO of the Hawaiian Humane Society. “While we would like to see harsher penalties imposed on people who abuse defenseless animals, jail time remains rare in animal cruelty sentences and a conviction and jail time for Mr. Boos sends a strong message.” Tulip will require life-long specialized care as a result of the trauma she suffered. However, she is thriving in her new home and her joyful spirit continues to be an inspiration.

It was apparent to the Society’s humane investigators that Tulip’s injuries were intentional. The Society's team gathered enough evidence to substantiate animal cruelty and Tulip was taken into protective care. Humane investigators found additional evidence to prove that the young pup was a victim of abuse and neglect. Soon investigators learned that the abuse Tulip suffered was at the hands of her owner’s boyfriend, Steven Boos. Realizing the severity of the situation, Tulip’s owner relinquished custody to Hawaiian Humane where Tulip was able to begin her path to a new life. On June 22, 2018, Boos was charged with animal cruelty in the second degree and sentenced to 30 days in jail for the abuse Tulip endured. In addition, he was assessed a fine, ordered to do 50 hours of community service and required to serve a year’s probation, during which time he is prohibited from owning animals.

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While Tulip is thriving in her new home, she will require life-long specialized care as a result of the injuries she sustained.

Working toward

a safer community for animals A resource to the community, Society humane investigators respond to reports of animal abuse, barking and dangerous dog complaints, chicken and fowl nuisance issues and more. Although they are deputized by the Honolulu Police Department and are trained in law enforcement and mediation; education is at the heart of the Hawaiian Humane Society’s field services team’s everyday work. Keeping animals safe and with their families is a priority for humane investigators who educate pet owners regarding proper animal care and animal-related laws to ensure the best outcomes for people and their pets. On any given day community members can spot the Society’s rescue vehicles traveling the island of Oahu. Ten Hawaiian Humane Society humane investigators traveled more than 138,000 miles to provide services islandwide seven days a week, responding to thousands of animal related cases last year.

7,385 total calls for help


calls for rescue


cruelty, neglect & abandonment reports


Creating families

through adoption Thousands of families are created every year at the Hawaiian Humane Society. Some animals find new homes within hours of being made available for adoption. Others watch guests come and go for weeks before finding their new families. Milk Shake, a confident two-year-old feline, was a resident of the Hawaiian Humane Society for months. With his quirky antics and ginger good looks, he soon became a legendary guest of the cat house. Visitors were greeted by Milk Shake each day as he called out from his favorite perch requesting treats and attention. Despite his larger-than-life personality, it took time to find his person. Milk Shake’s unique persona made him famous on the Society’s Facebook page. Community members followed his story closely waiting in anticipation to hear that he’d been adopted. After five months of stealing the hearts of the Society’s staff, volunteers and online community, Milk Shake found his new home with the Karika-Anae family. Animals like Milk Shake stay at the Hawaiian Humane Society for as long as it takes to find a home. Because of the community’s support pets like Milk Shake have no time limit and come with a multitude of benefits, including spay/neuter surgery, microchips, vaccinations and a complimentary visit to a veterinarian.


total pets adopted

3,658 dogs

2,885 cats


animals benefited from foster care


community adoption events held islandwide 8


small animals

Inspiring tomorrow's leaders trough education

Education has been at the foundation of the Hawaiian Humane Society’s mission since humane officers ventured out on horseback in the 19th century. Today, 135 years later, we continue to place a high priority on humane education in the community. The Society’s educational efforts reach students across the island to help create compassionate and confident community leaders. Hawaiian Humane educators make presentations and share curriculum with Oahu schools and community-based youth programs. Their work engages students through events, contests and teen programs and introduces students to animal welfare through lessons of empathy and compassion.

34,184 students educated


students conducted service projects



school assemblies and educational presentations

Finding strength in

the power of volunteers Daily tasks, events, rescues and more are all made possible by volunteers whose commitment to the human-animal bond ensures the Hawaiian Humane Society reaches and helps every animal in need. Whether it’s staffing off-site adoption and community events; opening their homes to foster animals in need; or pitching in with daily laundry, dog washing or assistance in the veterinary clinic, volunteers are the unsung heroes moving the mission of the Society forward. Without the gifts of their time and talent, the Society would not be able to do its life changing work.


total volunteer hours

6,884 total volunteers



co m m unity spay / neuter center

he l pin g reduce pet overpopu l ation Recognizing a need within the community the Society embarked on a journey to increase the availability of affordable spay/neuter services on Oahu. After extensive research and enlisting advice from experts from around the United States, Hawaiian Humane made a commitment to provide the critical services the community needs. On September 8, 2017, friends and supporters of Hawaiian Humane gathered as the Society broke ground on its high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter clinic. “Our specialized clinic reaffirms our long-standing commitment to reduce the number of homeless animals – particularly Free-Roaming cats,” said Lisa Fowler, president and CEO of the Hawaiian Humane Society. “This specialized clinic is the first of its kind in Hawaii and will serve as a community resource for reduced-fee cat and dog sterilization services.” The availability of affordable sterilization services is nationally recognized as a critical component in a multi-pronged approach to humanely reduce the number of cats on the landscape. Free-Roaming cats will be sterilized at reduced rates to community caregivers and the clinic will be a vital resource in helping to reduce the population of homeless cats on Oahu The Spay/Neuter Center will focus exclusively on sterilization services and will not provide any other veterinary care. “Our clinic will not replace the important relationship between pet owners and their private veterinarians," said Fowler. The Society’s clinic will have the capacity to perform approximately 8,000 spay/neuter surgeries annually.


Welcoming all

with open arms As Oahu’s only open-admission shelter, the Hawaiian Humane Society believes there must be a place where all animals are welcome. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Society’s open admission policy represents a vital commitment to the prevention of animal abandonment, cruelty and suffering. As Oahu’s only shelter that welcomes all animals, Hawaiian Humane is truly the safety net for all animals in need without discrimination based on breed, age, health or temperament.

23,757 total animals






days open


3,313 small animals

hours of operation



families When a 7-year-old shih tzu named Elly escaped through the front door, her owner Lindsey was frantic to find her. She filed a lost report with the Hawaiian Humane Society and enlisted family and friends to search for her beloved family member. But Lindsey’s confidence began to fade as the months passed with no sign of Elly. Lindsey was shocked when she was told a good Samaritan found the dog and brought her to the Hawaiian Humane Society to scan for a microchip. Thanks to the power of a microchip, the nine-month search ended. Lindsey cried tears of joy when Elly was placed back into her arms. As Oahu’s official lost and found, Society staff works to reunite lost pets like Elly with their families. It also educates the public about the critical role played by microchips and visible identification in helping lost pets find their way home.


reunited families



pets microchipped through Society promotions and partnerships with local veterinarians

Hawaiian Humane Society spay / neuter programs

The new spay/neuter clinic builds on the Society’s long-term commitment to reducing pet overpopulation, which is the result of too many animals and not enough homes. Sterilization is a means to curb pet overpopulation and prevent abandonment and suffering. The Hawaiian Humane Society has provided spay/neuter services to community members who manage Free-Roaming cat colonies for 25 years. In addition, animals made available for adoption are sterilized before heading to their new homes. The Society sterilized 8,414 animals at its campus last year – 23 animals per day. Mahalo to these veterinarians who volunteered their time to help the Society’s chief veterinarian Dr. Kasey Carter and staff veterinarian Dr. Carlene Takushi with spay/neuter surgeries: Wendy Asato, Joe Herzog, Jason Gray and Rajdeep Turna.


total sterilizations

2,760 dogs

2,317 cats


rabbits & guinea pigs


free-roaming cats

Community Spay/Neuter programs

The Hawaiian Humane Society and City and County of Honolulu pioneered Neuter Now, a low-fee pet sterilization program, in 1986 to provide the community with affordable spay/neuter services. In addition to the Neuter Now program, which assists with sterilization services for pet animals, the City and County of Honolulu created the Feline Fix pilot program in September 2017, specifically to provide low-fee sterilizations for Free-Roaming cats.

The two city programs serve as options for the community to access affordable spay/neuter services. The Hawaiian Humane Society administers both programs as part of its City animal services contract. Certificates are sold seven days a week at the Society’s campus, through its website and on weekdays at Satellite City Hall locations.

Neuter Now program


total sterilizations

2,453 dogs

1,021 cats

24 clinics

A successful community sterilization program requires community involvement. Mahalo to these participating clinics islandwide:

Aina Haina Pet Hospital Animal Clinic of Honolulu Animal House Veterinary Center Blue Cross Animal Hospital Cat-Bird Veterinary Mobile Hospital Kailua Animal Clinic Kakaako Pet Hospital Kalihi Pet Clinic Kamaaina Pet Hospital Kapalama Pet Hospital Kapolei Pet Hospital Makai Animal Clinic


Mililani Mauka Veterinary Clinic Mililani Town Center Pet Clinic Ohana Veterinary Hospital Oahu SPCA Petvet Animal Hospital Poi Dogs & Popoki The Cat Clinic The Pet Clinic The Pet Doctor Wahiawa Pet Hospital Waianae Veterinary Clinic Waipahu-Waikele Pet Hospital

Feline Fix

pilot program The first certificate under the new pilot program was issued on September 4, 2017.


free-roaming cats sterilized



Mahalo to these participating clinics islandwide:

Cat-Bird Veterinary Mobile Hospital Hawaiian Humane Society

Ohana Veterinary Hospital The Pet Doctor


Reaching out

to the community The definition of a truly humane community is compassion that extends to both people and animals. The Society’s outreach programs provide services to support the human-animal bond by helping those in need.

pet visitation Bringing the joy of animals to the community

Providing pet food to families in need





patients benefited

visits to health care centers & schools


people-pet teams


pet food bank

pets fed

people served


to compassion

We are inspired by our dedicated community who has supported our mission for the past 135 years. Our vision of a more humane and compassionate society is possible because of the generous individuals, families, foundations and corporations who believe that it is our collective responsibility to make Hawaii a better place for both people and animals. As an independent, local nonprofit organization, we are not affiliated with any mainland group. Every gift made to the Society goes directly toward helping animals and people in Hawaii. Mahalo to the donors and supporters who make our work possible. You are the heart and soul of the Hawaiian Humane Society.

capital gifts

Eric & Lori Ako Atherton Family Foundation Bank of Hawaii Foundation Bob & Frances Bean Tim & Jeanne Brauer Emmett R. Quady Foundation Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr.

Tim & Devon Guard James & Abigail Campbell Family Foundation James Campbell Company & Executives Carol Jones & Larry Jones/ The Larson Jones Family Trust Michael & Pamela Jones

Susan Kosasa Kent & Sharon Lucien McInerny Foundation Stephen & Susan Metter Petco Foundation Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

helen kinau wilder legacy gifts Margaret Anderson Maria Da Silveira Elizabeth Flora Deinert Philip & Monique Gevas Thomas & Katherine Keller

Jack & Marie Lord Susan Mahn Gary Prettyman Madelyn Ross Keith Takao Furuichi

Elma Taylor Margaret Van Poole Mary & Paul Wagner Frank & Katharine Woodford

Society President & CEO Lisa Fowler, Kahu Irene Willis and Board Chair Bob Armstrong untie a maile lei to officially kick off construction of the Society’s Community Spay/Neuter Center.


fat cats & top dogs – $10,000+ ABC Stores ALTRES & Simplicity HR Eric & Lori Ako Bob & Kelly Armstrong ASPCA Bank of Hawaii Bob & Frances Bean Joan Bellinger Antoinette Brown Cades Foundation Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano City Mill Company, Ltd./ Chung Kun Ai Foundation Crazy Shirts Crum & Forster John & Sue Dean Leslie Disney First Hawaiian Bank Laurie Foster

Guests enjoy an enchanting evening at Tuxes & Tails 2018: Diamonds in the Ruff and Purrls.


Elizabeth Rice Grossman Hawaii Employers' Mutual Insurance Company Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union Foundation Howard Hughes Corporation Arlene & Robert Iwamoto John R. Halligan Charitable Fund Carol Jones & Larry Jones/ The Larson Jones Family Trust Michael & Pamela Jones Joyce Family Clayton Kirio & Renee Honda Susan Kosasa Thomas & Mi Kosasa Creighton & Linda Lee Ann Matsunami & Edward Morris Stephen & Susan Metter Mary Philpotts McGrath

Petco Foundation PetSmart Charities Jennie Phillips Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation/ Jack & May Tyrrell Alice Robinson Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Schuler Family Foundation Servco Foundation Carol Ann & Mark Solien Stanford Carr Development Sue Sylvester-Palumbo/The Cat Clinic James Tanaka Ginny Tiu Tori Richard Barry & Virginia Weinman G.N. Wilcox Trust Cy Yamamoto Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

animal champions

best friends

7-Eleven Hawaii Stephen Ahlers Daniel Arita Baciu Cultural Fund James Boyle & Stefanie Peskosky Tim & Jeanne Brauer Graham Burns & Erika Sox Cades Schutte, LLP Central Pacific Bank Cosco Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Christopher & Marcia Croft Fiona Druckenmiller Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ernst & Young First Insurance Company of Hawaii, Ltd. Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr Stephen & Gloria Gainsley Kenneth Griffin Charitable Fund Tim & Devon Guard Hawaii Community Foundation Healy Plastic Surgery Charlyn Honda Masini Insurance Associates Island Insurance Foundation Kaiser Foundation Hospitals/ Kaiser Permanente Rev. Nobuharu Kato Kenneth & Myrtle Hamura Family Foundation Anton, Julie & Kyle Krucky Larson Charitable Foundation Kent & Sharon Lucien Walter & Helga Mizushima Joe & Teresa Moore Riki & Karen S. Morimoto Mary Jo Newton Eddie Onouye & Carole Kai Onouye Darlene Richardson Glenda Rother James & Bettye Schuler Steven & Pamela Sofos Morrie Stoebner Subaru Hawaii United Laundry Services Arthur & Ruth Ushijima Rebecca Ward Wilson Okamoto Corporation

Charlene Abe & Keith Kaneshiro Irene Abe ABF Tax Advisors AECOM Technical Services Kimberly Aguon-Zehner Carol Ai May & Michael May Akira Yamamoto Painting Prince Vittorio & Princess Dialta Alliata di Montereale American Carpet One Animal Arts Anne Namba Designs Glen Aoki Gemie & Ken Arakawa Art Bridge Dawn Aull Frank Baensch Ray & Rosaline Ballungay Carma Bamber Kenneth Barclay Bargreen Ellingson Jeffrey Bartlett Albert & Dolores Bediones Elias Beniga Rona Bennett Dennis Bernard Paul Blickman Gillian Boss Rodney Boychuk Michael Brittain Steven Brody Lauran Bromley Kenneth & Joan Brown Virginia Brown Bob & Melissa Bruhl Caleb & Jane Burns Peter Burns & Paula Trask Burt's Union Service John & Megumi Burzynski Annaliza Cadiente Stan Cadwallader Janis Calton Barbara Campbell Castiglione A Casauria Foundation Momi Cazimero & Lester Nakasone Tim & Debra Cejka Family Foundation Gayle Chang Daniel Chiang Mike & Joyce Ching Patricia & Cedric Choi Linda Chow & Julie Padron Erin Claggett



Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Scott Coors & David Hurt Sharon Crofts & Brian Stewart Marilyn CupChoy Dwight Damon Daniel Delbrel Phyllis & William Dendle Craig DePole Concetta DiLeo Scott Dodd John & Jane Dodson Ben Dookchitra John & Jenny Dooling Nick & Koren Dreher Peter Drewliner Dennis & Dolores Dyer Jason & Mary Dylik Diane Eddy Gary Edwards & Lisa Brewer Norman & Deborah Emerson John Emery James & Vickie Farmer Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet Mary Ann Fernandes Ken & Linda Fong Lisa Fowler & Barry Ching Mary Lou Foy Jo Frasier John Fritz Brian Fujiwara George & Lei Fukuhara Jerrold & Harlene Fuller Barbara Garringer Gregory Gibbons & Peter Fujieki James & Lydia Gibson Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel Grace & Richard Okita Foundation Jeffrey & Rhonda Griswold James & Priscilla Growney Joseph Haagen Robert Hackman John & Pam Haddock Dimitri & Suzanne Haniotis Hannah & Willard Haraguchi Stephen & Pamela Harrison Mike & Sandra Hartley Azlina Harun Michael & Lotus Heltz Jean Hess HI Trend Charlaine Higashi Ryan & Pamela Higashi Leighton & Lynn Hiromoto Lynne Ellen Hollinger Honolulu Federal Credit Union


Elizabeth Honzik Hunet Global Creations Indianapolis Motor Speedway Iolani School Island Insurance Company Deborah Isler Leslie Ito Gladys & Melvin Iwaki Kim Iwamoto Gary James Harold Jensen David & Marlene Johnson Louise Johnson Chuck & Skipper Jones Jason Jong Lila Jong Kathleen Kagawa Kahuku Community Fund Patsy Kalawaia Walter Kam Edward Kaneshige & Marcia Taylor-Kaneshige Marjorie Kashiwada Dennis & Elaine Kato Denise Keala

Thousands of supporters and their pets celebrate the human-animal bond at PetWalk, the Society’s annual charity walk.

Keith & Polly Steiner Family Foundation Dale & Sue Keliiliki Brian & Shannon Kelly Saundra Keyes Heather Kihara Juli Kimura Walters Robert & Adelaide Kistner Lloyd & Faye Kitaoka Koaniani Fund Kobayashi Group Laraine & Chester Koga Steven & Estrellita Komura Patty & Roger Kort Terri Kruger Roy Kuboyama Harry Kupihea Carolyn Lalakea Jim & Lynn Lally Jodi Lam & Timothy Takaezu Charles & Betty Lau Girard & Miyuki Lau Matt & Cheryl Levi Lisa Lewis Cheryl Lippman Frederick Livingston

Sharon Llewellyn Paul & Naomi Loewe Diane Lord Steven & Jill Loui Louis & Flori Petri Foundation Leighton & Valerie Lum John & Allison Lyles Owen & Marylyn Macy Michael Maeda Melba Manuel Perry & Leann Martin Barbara Mathews Paula Mattoon David McCauley Steve McGerity Andrew Meade Bettina Mehnert Thomas Mendonca Meng Dynasty Michael B. Wood Foundation David Michelinie Paul & Ann Misura Lori & Alan Miyashita Judy Miyazaki Barbara Montpas

Patricia Moore Karen Morrissette Lois Mullins Thomas & Verna Muraoka MW Group NAN Inc. Paul Nelting Mike Nevin & Robyn Wong James & Shirley Newman Newport Creative Communications Gail Niimi Shirley Nishizawa Marjorie Norstrom Gary & Barbara North Douglas O'Brien Teresa O'Connell Edwin & Marion Oka David & Kellyn Okabe Gloria & Vernon Okada Gary & Lori Okamoto William & Hope Oliver Elizabeth O'Malley Paul Onishi John & Libby Otte Terry & Kaylene Oyama Rebecca Ozaki Deborah Park Robert Pascua Pedigree Foundation PetVet Animal Hospital James & Cherye Pierce Wayne Pitluck & Judith Pyle Raymond & Suk Yon Porter Steven Prieto & Richard Kennedy Punahou School James Pursell April Putnam John & Diane Radcliffe Mark Recktenwald & Gailynn Williamson Michael Regan Shaunagh Robbins Daniel Robertson William & Emi Robillard Pam Roth R. M. Towill Corporation Lynne Ruess Kevin & Sherri Sakamoto Thomas Sakoda Charles Salmon Kanrad Sasaki Frances Schneider Susan Scott & Craig Thomas Carl & Lu Seyfer Robert & Ane Shields Earl & Sue Shimabukuro

Alice Shingle Susan & Alvin Shishido Theodore & Judith Simon Richard Smith & David Griggs Terri Smith Spectrum Charter Chuck & Vivien Sted James & Linda Stragand Stephanie Strickland Beverly & Reynold Suenaga Phyllis & Rowen Tabusa Russell Takemoto Brian Tamashiro Ellen & Jason Tamura Bee Tan Rod & Fumiyo Tanaka Bert & Helen Tanonaka Jennifer Taylor & Paul White Mary & James Thrash Times Supermarket Ruedi & Debra Tobler Takeshi Toma Joyce Tomonari Jane Toya Bob & Lynne Toyofuku Victor & Iris Tsuha Scott Turn Alfredo & Belen Udani Linda & Darryl Uezu Leslie & Annie Usui Stanley Uyehara Richard Vaughn Janice Vincent Waialae Elementary School Walk the Talk Fund Johnny & Bubba Walker Allison Wallace Peter & Sue Ann Wargo Leinee & Paul Watase Charles Whitten Wendell Wo Judith Wolfe Xtermco Carol Jean Yakuma June Yamachi Ayako Yamada Alan Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Ronald & Judy Yamamoto Blake & Sandra Yoshida Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga Paula Yoshioka Thomas Yue

devoted companions $500+ Leonard Adams David Aiu Tracy Aiwohi Ada Alamani Alison Aleinikoff Charles Alexander Richard & Ethel Anbe Dean Arakawa Renee Archer Nakashima Kelsey Arellano Mona Arizala Michael Armenoff Henry & Etta Au Hoy Hiram & Jane Au Tony & Emi Au Leona Auerbach Brian & Wendy Barbata Joanna Barroga Carolyn Bauer Mark Behrang Sue Beitia George Benskin Jerry Bentley & Carol Lee Emmalisa Bledsoe William Borthwick Margo Bourland Paula Boyce Ralph Brescia Richard Brownlie Richard & Michiko Bruno Mark & Mary Anne Burak Pamela Burns* Robin Cababa & Claudia Akroyd Pam Cabrera California Pizza Kitchen Beverly Cardinal Ignacio Cariaga Paula Carroll Catherine Caudle June Chambers Chaminade University of Honolulu Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Cedric Chang Gordon & Louise Chang Myron Chang Kathleen Chapman Neil Char Wieland Chee Clyde & Lisa Chena Molly Cherry Burt & Carolyn Chinen Jennifer Chiwa Jonathan & Cora Cho



Herbert & Leona Chock Timothy Choy Brandon Chun Stewart Chun Summer Chun Catherine Chung Jo & Margarita Chung Richard & Teresa Clifton Lee Cody Kelly Coleman Leroy & Lola Colombe Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad Stuart Copp & Raenell Bergantz Raynold Correia Debra & Robert Creps Charles & Deborah Cullison Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham Ather & Marivic Dar Nancy Dawson Karen Degner Henry Dela Cruz & Ursula Olds-Dela Cruz Michael & Anne DeLuca Ruth Derigo Priscilla & Rudolph Dislajo Jordan Doi John & Christina Doty Webb Dowdy Patrick & Cathryn Downes Dr. Tung's Wayne & Bonnie Duarte Elite Pacific Construction Denise & Bruce Ellinwood Vernon & Marina Endo James & Chikako Epure Jonathan & Terilyn Esperanza Karen Essene Brandt Farias Christopher Ferry Dale Fey Sarah Fincke Joan Fleming Dan & Jean Fong Darleen Fontanilla Stephen & Paulette Franklin Helen & Dennis Fujii Herbert & Barbara Fujikawa Carolyn Fujioka Dean Fujita Toni Fujita Glenn & Janice Furuta Gary Furutani Sharon Geary Patricia Gee Robert & Cynthia Geiling Francis & Jayne George Leslie Gershoff


Maimona Ghows Girl Scout Troop #170 Giza Makana Fund Daniel Gladding Gerald & Joanne Glennon Carole Gomes Stephen & Barbara Goodman Bobby Gordon Pamela Grant Helen Gredd Harry Greene Jay Grekin & Judy Stubbs Barron & Dede Guss Joyce Hada Gayle Hamasaki Doug Hamasaki Liz Hamilton Greg Hammond Shelby Hankee Nancy Hanks

Ryan & Susan Harada Harbor Shores Apartments Robert Harrison Stephanie Harrison Frances & Duane Hartmann Emi Hata Irene Hatakenaka Linda Hayashi Sherman & Stephanie Hee David & Nery Heenan Lynn Heirakuji Hickam Officers' Spouses' Club Leonore Higa Cody Higaki Garrick Higuchi Fay Hill George & Kay Hino Eric Hirano Gregg Hirano Iris Hirashima

Vernon & Gaye Hirata Alexander & Anukriti Hittle Brian & Jennifer Ho Karen Honma Marilyn Horne Cheryl House Timothy Howell George Hudes Deborah Huebler Richard Humes Charlene Ikeda Roy & Cassy Ikeda Charles & Mildred Ikehara Lynn Inafuku Eric & Ann Inouye Kevin & Maria Inouye Lars Isaacson Sean Ishii Jason & Lisa Ito Judith Jakobovits Gordon Jeynes Lisa & Glenn Jicha Jerome Johemko & Chiye Wenkam Gary & Melanie Johnson Lawrence & Claire Johnson Shereen Johnson Terry Joiner Jordan Park Mission 1st Fund Noel Kabasawa Kahala Hotel & Resort Craig Kaleikini Bette Kalohi Daryl Kami Preston & Cynthia Kamikawa Kane Fund Sydney Kaneshiro Christopher Kasperowicz Yuko Kato Dagmar Kau Toshiko Kawai James Kealoha Howard & Elizabeth Keller Jim & Nora Keller Johnny Kelly Alex & Stephanie Kendrick Robert & Hope Kihune Robert Kim Daniel & Kathryn Kirley Keiso Kiwada James Klein KMH LLP Steve & Deb Knight Laurie Knych Carolyn Kobayashi Kellyann Kobayashi Marvin Kohatsu & Tennye Cabrera Linda Koishigawa

Pauline Kokubun Laurence Kolonel William & Elaine Kono Adam Kornblau Ricky & Ethel Kubota Kelvin & Joni Kurisu Terii Lamphier Rachel Lange Asia Lanoway John Larson Michael Lastor Monique & Michael Lau Shannon Lau David & Cecilia Lee Deanna Lee Laurie & Leland Lee Patricia & Gregory Lee Richard & Cynthia Lee Catherine Leong Didi Leong Angele Leonge Gail Lerch Michael & Joyce Lighthill Chelsea Liu Dennis Lombardi & Reneau Kennedy Georgianna Lum Steven Lum Raymond Lyau Helen MacNeil Benedict & Gail Madriaga Nancy Makowski Carissa Manangan Jean Manly Gerald & Julie Mansell Robin & Daniel Marcom Zane Marek Liam & Amber Martin Margaret Matayoshi Reiko & Milton Matsuda Allan Matusevich Richard & Malia May Dani & Stephen McCarthy Jaime McCarthy Mavis McGurn Margaret Meagher Martin & Donna Melone Carol Melvin Michele Meyer Ann Michaud Mid Pacific Pest Control Mililani Middle School Susan & Richard Miller Lance, Jennifer & Sarah Mills Olan Mills Min Plastics & Supply Richard Mitchell & Ann Scholing Mitchell

Amy Miyamoto Karl Miyashiro & Terri Dux Sandra Miyashiro Charles Mizuta Midori Mochizuki Lydia Moffat Monsanto Jessica Moore Randy Moore & Lynne Johnson Bruce & Joy Morimoto Majel Morimoto Ronald & Kathleen Morton Audrey Mueh Evelyn Mueller Stanley & Gail Muranaka Wayne & Phyllis Muraoka Anne Murphy Don & Marion Murphy Carla & Robert Myers Gail Myers Winston Myers Richard & Euphemia Nagashima Michael Naito Edwin & June Nakahara Ted & Catherine Nakamura Dennis & Janice Nakashima George Nakasono Nancy Napuunoa Jemal & Atsuko Ned Annemarie Newman Viseth Ngauy Paul & Claudia Nihei Glenn & Joy Nishino Norman & Ann Noguchi John & Suzanne Noland Samantha Novick James & Karin Nutter Steven & Dagmar Oato Edward & Susan Ohlson Stacey Okouchi Sandy Oku Ruth Okubo Mark Olds Tracey Olson Kimberly O'Quinn David & Patricia Osaki Gerrit & Gayle Osborne Roy & Darlene Oshiro Lori Pacarro Pacific Architects Benjamin & Mealani Parish Craig & Jan Park Donald Patten Pearl City High School Pearl Harbor Submarine Spouses Charity Association Roy Pfund


Alan Phillips & Audrey Buyrn Gilbert Ponce Lisa Powell Redfield Proctor William Quinlan & Rita Chang-Quinlan James & Cindy Ralar Susan Read REAL a Gastropub/ BREW'd Craft Pub Chaitanya & Maile Reddy Retail Merchants of Hawaii Alan Richards Robert Ristelhueber Thomas & Elaine Roberts Tracy Rodenhurst Eddy Rogers & Susanna Nemes Jim & Puchi Romig Lynette Roster Linda Rowan Victoria Sakai Latonia Sakata Melanie Salvador Jed & Lynda Sasaki Gil & Shareen Sato Karen Scharff Tom & Jill Schriber Andrew & Kristin Schumacher Leilani Schuman Nancy Sculerati

William Seemann Justin & Faith Seguirant Glenn Seo Roxanna Sewell Faith Stanley & Theresa Shibata Janet Shiga David & Elsie Shimokawa Patricia Shine Kyle & Takashi Shirakata Mitsunori & Kakuko Shoji Tiffany & Tucker Siegfried Sylvia Silva Frances Simmons S & M Sakamoto Susan Smith Arthur & Beverly Soares David Spargo Lisa Spencer Tita Stack Linda Starr Ronald Stebbins Mary Steiner & David Atkin John & Barbara Stephan Vicky Stewart Susan Sugai Toko Sugaya Barbara Sullivan Brian & Carolyn Suzuki

Miles & Reverie Suzuki Moune & Bobbin Tabalno Ann Takahashi Masao & Tomiko Takai Frieda Takaki Greg & Itsumi Takase Ann Takayesu Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera Sandra Tanaka Helen Taniguchi Charles & Arleen Tarnay Alexandra Tateyama Edward Tavares Mike Taylor Telispire Ohana Samuel Tiu Ronald Todd Susan Tokuhara Juanita Tom Michael & Marlene Tom Lucy Toma Sharon Tomnitz Tracy Tonaki Jennifer Trevino Valerie Trotter Lorrie Truess Tyler & Sharlene Tsuda Robin Turner


the legacy of pamel a burns

As President & CEO of the Hawaiian Humane Society, Pamela Burns was the guiding force of the organization for nearly three decades. A great lover of all animals, her commitment to improving their lives was demonstrated daily during her 27 years leading the organization. Her commitment to create a more compassionate community for both people and animals was evident through her fierce determination and her incredible personal dedication.

Pamela Burns

Her vision and passion will live on in the legacy of her life’s work at the Hawaiian Humane Society. Every generation of people and animals that follow will benefit from her trail blazing spirit.

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FINANCIAL REPORT July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

Use of Funds

Funding Sources

Contributions 4,249,050

City & County Animal Services Contract 3,494,171

Animal Care 5,547,006

Net Gain on Investments 905,326 Adoptions & Other Fees 987,527

City & County Neuter Now Contract 449,099

Fundraising Expenses 709,186

Education & Community Programs 849,838

Support Services 1,015,605

City & County Neuter Now Contract 449,099

Restricted Capital Gifts and Pledges 1,172,500

These numbers were unaudited at the time of publication. A copy of the complete independent auditor’s report is available upon request.


2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826 (808) 356-2200 HawaiianHumane.org

Published by the Hawaiian Humane Society.

The Hawaiian Humane Society is an education and advocacy organization that also shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. It is Oahu’s only shelter that welcomes all animals. Established in 1883, this non-profit organization is not a chapter of any group as there is no national humane society. Gifts made directly to this independent, local organization help local animals and people. Visit HawaiianHumane.org to learn more.

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Humane Society 2017-2018 Annual Report  

Humane Society 2017-2018 Annual Report

Humane Society 2017-2018 Annual Report  

Humane Society 2017-2018 Annual Report