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People for animals. Animals for people.


The Hawaiian Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals.


Hawaiian Humane Society is committed to being the animal welfare organization O‘ahu’s animals need and deserve by embracing an animal sheltering model called Socially Conscious Sheltering. With the eight tenets of Socially Conscious Sheltering as a compass, Hawaiian Humane is dedicated to fostering a culture of transparency, ethical decision making, mutual respect, continual learning and collaboration.


The Hawaiian Humane Society is a non-profit education and advocacy organization that shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. Established in 1883, it is O‘ahu’s largest animal welfare organization helping local pets and people in need. Visit for more information.



Mike Ching


Melissa Teves Pavlicek


David Okabe


Rebecca “Becki” Ward


Eric Ako, DVM

Gina Woo Anonuevo

Robert H. Armstrong

Tim Brauer

Leslie Campaniano

Shelley Cramer

John C. Dean



Anna Neubauer


Natalie Spencer


Marcia Caldirola

Nick Dreher

Elisia Flores

Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr.

Elizabeth Rice Grossman

Dede Guss

Mi Kosasa

Susan Kosasa

Nathaniel Lam, DVM, DACVS

Whitney Limm, M.D. FACS

Stephen B. Metter

Mike Regan

Lawrence D. Rodriguez

Ginny Tiu

Rick Zwern


Robert R. Bean


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Rick Hanna


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7 pm to 7 am, admissions is open for emergencies only

Visit for the most up-to-date hours and processes.


Wednesday - Saturday

Wednesday: Pet and FreeRoaming cat appointments

Thursday: Pet and FreeRoaming cat appointments

Friday: No pet or FreeRoaming cat appointments (mass trapping day)

Saturday: Pet appointments only, No Free-Roaming cats

Check for drop-off and pick-up times as well as holiday hours.


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2 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
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We are honored to partner with Hawai‘i Cat Cafe, Pounce Hawaii and select O‘ahu Petco locations who feature adoptable pets from Hawaiian Humane Society.


Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!

We are looking forward to an eventful 2023 at the Hawaiian Humane Society! Those of you who have been following the progress toward our second campus in ‘Ewa Beach know that this project has been many years in the making.

More than a decade ago, Hawaiian Humane commissioned a study by urban planners HHF Planners that concluded that a second facility in West O‘ahu would attract nearly half of the people and animals who are currently helped at the Mō‘ili‘ili campus. Shortly thereafter, staff and board leadership began assessing the feasibility of building and operating a second permanent location.

The vision gained substance in 2015, when real estate developer D.R. Horton donated a five-acre parcel in its master-planned Ho‘opili development to establish an animal shelter.

Even with the generous donation of property, the price tag to build a state-of-the-art facility to care for animals in need was significant. Undaunted, our board, staff and staunch supporters raised $30 million for this project, mostly from individual donors and foundations.

All of that research, planning, fundraising and construction will bear fruit this year when our second campus opens in the spring.

As we embrace the future of animal welfare in 2023, we will also acknowledge the past.

The Hawaiian Humane Society celebrates its 140th anniversary in July.

The Hawaiian Humane Society’s role has evolved along with our community, from a focus on protecting working animals from cruelty and caring for abused children and animals, to fostering deeper connections with companion animals as members of the family. Along the way, we established laws preventing and punishing animal cruelty, work that continues today.

Since my arrival at Hawaiian Humane in 2019, our board, staff, volunteers and community have continued to embrace change in order to better support the needs of our animals and the people who care for them.

We have adopted the tenets of a Socially Conscious Animal Shelter.

We have redoubled our commitment to humanely reducing the population of Free-Roaming cats through no-fee spay/neuter, vaccination and microchipping.

We have added an outreach team to serve pet owners in need and keep families together.

We have expanded our transfer program, working with rescues and shelters to get more animals into homes.

We have grown our foster program to include Couch Crashers, highlighted in this issue, and to train the public in the care of newborn kittens.

Hawaiian Humane has continued to innovate over the last 140 years, but its commitment to promoting the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals has never wavered.

It is a new year and we will create new memories, but the mission remains the same. Mahalo for your steadfast support of that mission and your love for our animals.

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Anna Neubauer | President & CEO President & CEO Anna Neubauer speaks with the media at the West O ‘ahu Campus.

Highlights and milestones

As we embark on 2023, it’s important to look back on the milestones that the Hawaiian Humane Society has accomplished this past year with the aim of projecting how we will continue to grow.

2022 also brought the return of in-person events with PetWalk, back for the first time since 2018. New memories and traditions were made at the event in October at Kapi‘olani Regional Park, which raised more than $300,000 toward supporting our mission to promote the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals. Find out more about the event on page 16-17.

Staying ahead of industry trends and implementing innovative programs is a top priority for our team. Launched in October 2022, our new short-term foster initiative for adult dogs, Couch Crashers, has been a resounding success. Couch Crashers engages the public as our partners to provide dogs with the best possible outcome while alleviating space constraints at our Mō‘ili‘ili campus. Through the program, members of the public

may foster any dog older than six months for at least 72 hours and as long as two weeks.

The benefits of Couch Crashers are many:

• With the shelter population at a record high, moving dogs off of our campus and into temporary homes helps our team provide optimal care for the additional animals who arrive each day.

• Studies on dog behavior and health have shown that shortterm foster programs like Couch Crashers are especially beneficial for dogs, helping to reduce the stress common in a shelter environment. While Hawaiian Humane’s dedicated animal care specialists and volunteers provide shelter dogs with care and attention, moving these dogs into a loving home environment, even temporarily, profoundly impacts their well-being.

• The program also enables potential adopters to learn more about dogs they may be interested in before making a lifelong commitment.

To date, more than 90 dogs have participated in the program and 40 dogs have found loving permanent homes, including our own cover model, Brock (formerly Pawny). Brock was one of our early Couch Crashers who found his way to Keola Yap, Hawaiian Humane‘s own Special Events Coordinator.

“I had been keeping my eye on Brock for a while when Couch Crashers first started. I knew I had to foster him,” said Keola when asked about her experience with Couch Crashers. “In a couple of days, he made himself at home, snuggling and all. After a week of debating whether to adopt him or not, just thinking about bringing him back to campus made me sad. That’s when I knew that he was going to crash on the couch forever.

"The Couch Crashers program gives people like me, who are on the fence about adopting, the opportunity to get a feel for what it’s like having a specific dog in our home and to see if our personality and lifestyle are compatible. Now I can’t imagine my life without Brock.”

4 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
Cover pet Brock was fostered through our Couch Crashers program. Lacy was one of 90 dogs who received foster care through Couch Crashers. Couch crasher Latte recovered from surgery at a volunteer's home. Photo by Keola Yap

While Couch Crashers has been popular with people who are looking to adopt, compassionate animal lovers who have no intention of adopting are still urgently needed to help our dogs during this time of record-high numbers of dogs requiring our care. Learn more about fostering through Couch Crashers at couch-crashers.

In late November 2022, Hawaiian Humane celebrated another tremendous milestone – 25,000 spay/neuter surgeries performed at the organization’s Ginny Tiu Community Spay/Neuter Center.

“The Ginny Tiu Community Spay/ Neuter Center performing its 25,000th spay/neuter surgery is a monumental achievement,” said Dr. Kasey Carter, Veterinary Surgeon at Hawaiian Humane. “Waived or low-fee spay/neuter services are critically important to combating pet overpopulation, reducing shelter intakes and mitigating pet homelessness. Our team is proud to provide these accessible and affordable resources to our community and we look forward to celebrating more milestones in the years ahead.”

Opened in October 2018, the Ginny Tiu Community Spay/Neuter Center at Hawaiian Humane’s Mō‘ili‘ili campus was the first facility of its kind on O‘ahu, offering high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter services at significant cost savings to pet owners and Free-Roaming cat caregivers.

“I am more than happy to support this critical community resource,” said Ginny Tiu, esteemed Hawaiian Humane board member and lifelong animal welfare advocate for whom the Community Spay/ Neuter Center is named. “Homeless animals are incredibly vulnerable. We have a responsibility to reduce pet overpopulation in a humane and effective way. I am grateful to our amazing team at the Hawaiian Humane Society and thrilled that O‘ahu’s pet lovers are taking advantage of this resource to do what is right by our animals and to support our community.”

The Ginny Tiu Community Spay/Neuter Center is making a significant impact in curbing unwanted dog and cat populations. An average of 50 spay/neuter surgeries are performed by the Ginny Tiu Community Spay/Neuter

Center‘s skilled veterinary staff each day, with services offered for pet owners every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday by appointment. Friday appointments are available for community members who trap

Free-Roaming cats for spay/neuter. Procedures range in cost from $40 to $150 for pet cats and dogs, which includes pre-operative examination, anesthesia and surgery,, in addition to post-operative medication for dogs.

In the months ahead, our focus remains centered on the opening of our second campus in ‘Ewa Beach and expanding accessibility to our 30 programs and services. While we have always provided these resources island-wide, having a second campus will enable us to better serve West O‘ahu residents and animals in need of care.

We cannot wait to share the details on our grand opening in our next issue, but until then, we look forward to sharing the latest construction update with you on page 10-11.

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The Ginny Tiu Community Spay/Neuter Center at Hawaiian Humane performed its 25,000th spay/neuter surgery last year.


Colony cat becomes man's best friend

Beth and her husband, Dan, noticed a friendly young cat hanging around their apartment complex. She would come around often, seeking attention and begging for food. The cat seemingly adapted to their schedule and would visit when they came home from work. It didn't take long for them to fall in love with her friendly personality.

Beth and Dan were worried about this curious cat; they didn’t want her to get hurt or injured. Beth wanted to give this very friendly cat a home, but they already had six cats of their own. Beth’s stepson, Michael, always took an interest in cats. She called him to see if he would be interested in a new family member and best friend. Since this wandering cat came around daily, they figured she was abandoned or a stray.

Michael was so excited about the cat. Beth described him as a cat whisper. He got along with all six of Beth and Dan’s cats. Finally, he had a cat of his own. He took her home that day, and he showered her

with treats. He named her Willow. Like any responsible pet owner, Michael made an appointment with his local veterinarian to get Willow her first checkup and a microchip implant.

When Michael got to the vet’s office, he learned Willow was a boy. Michael then changed the name from Willow to Oliver because he felt that would suit him better, but that’s not the twist. Oliver, formerly Willow, had a microchip, and the veterinarian’s scanner couldn’t pick up the microchip ID number. The doctor recommended they take Oliver to the Hawaiian Humane Society to help find the owner. He called his parents, sad that he might not be able to keep the cat. They all decided to meet at Hawaiian Humane to see what they could do to help Oliver find his home.

Upon arriving at Hawaiian Humane, the cat was scanned and found to belong to a community volunteer who cared for a number of Free-Roaming cats in Hawaii Kai. Hawaiian Humane’s Admissions Team contacted the caretaker and explained how Michael adored this cat.

In all her due diligence, the caretaker was very detailed with her questions to ascertain that Michael was sincere in adopting the cat. After answering several questions, Michael looked at his stepmom and said, "Yes!" Everyone involved cheered at the news. They even noticed the cat suddenly relaxed as if he knew he had found his new forever home. Continued

6 | Hawaiian Humane Society • IN OUR BACKYARD
on next

Pet Food Bank opens in ‘Ewa Beach

Hawaiian Humane opened our new Pet Kōkua ‘Ewa Beach Outreach Center in West O‘ahu, temporarily housed at Child and Family Service (91-1481 Fort Weaver Rd, ‘Ewa Beach, HI 96706) until the opening of our second campus. Services provided include informational resources for pets and their owners and a Pet Food Bank, a temporary assistance program for pet owners struggling to feed their dogs and cats. The Pet Kōkua ‘Ewa Beach Outreach Center will be open every Sunday and Monday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Our existing Pet Food Bank location at Hawaiian Humane‘s Mō‘ili‘ili campus is now housed within the Ginny Tiu Community Spay/Neuter Center and operates Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Both Pet Food Bank locations rely on generous donations from the community, pet stores and Hawai‘i Food Bank. Donations of new, sealed bags of dog or cat dry food and canned food are greatly appreciated. If you are interested in donating, visit .

Join our team of advocates Advocacy update:

The Hawaiian Humane Society has a proud history of advocating for stronger animal welfare laws. In recent years, we have worked with our community advocates to improve access to veterinary care, to prohibit animal sexual assault, to improve reporting of animal cruelty and to require microchipping for cats and dogs.

With the opening of the 2023 legislative session just around the corner, we would like to invite you

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to join our efforts to protect the animals in our community.

To get involved and to discuss city and state policy priorities for the coming year, visit and select “Become an Advocate” from the “Get Involved” tab to sign up for our community advocates email list.

The human-animal bond is strong, and Michael and Oliver’s story is no exception. Oliver is a lucky cat to have found a family who cared about him so much. Oliver returns the favor, of course, in his catlike way.

If you would like to share your Happy Tails, email your story to and include adorable photos of your Hawaiian Humane alumni.

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Managing pet mange DID

To the ordinary person who doesn’t regularly work with animals, mange is a medical condition that you don’t often hear about in daily conversations. Maybe you heard about mange on the television or a sad viral TikTok about a hairless dog. To animal shelters around the country, mange is a common occurrence that can cause complications for shelter operations, but Hawaiian Humane works tirelessly to combat it for the health and comfort of the animals in our care.

While it is more commonly seen in dogs, mange is a disease that can affect cats as well. Mange may cause fur loss, crusty skin lesions and sores. At best, mange can be uncomfortable for your pet, but left untreated, it can cause severe itching, infection and more. Dogs that come into Hawaiian Humane with mange are usually placed in a foster home, requiring special treatment to help them recuperate.

Mange is caused by one of two types of mites, which burrow into the upper layer of the skin and lay eggs along the way while feeding off of the blood of their host. This results in unsightly fur loss that makes pets look and feel miserable. The good news is that mange is a highly treatable and preventable disease with the assistance of a veterinarian.

Sarcoptic mites cause one type of mange and are closely related to the mites that cause scabies in humans. While the sarcoptic mite can transfer from a pet to their human owner, it cannot complete its life cycle on a human host, resulting in a few days of uncomfortable itching. Sarcoptic mange is rarely seen at Hawaiian Humane, but there have been cases on O‘ahu.

Demodectic mites cause the other type of mange commonly seen in young dogs that are stray or have been abandoned. Fortunately, this parasitic mite does not transfer to humans. Demodectic mites, widely referred to as Demodex, are naturally found in the roots of your dog’s fur. Almost all dogs have them, though in mature dogs, these usually don’t develop into demodectic mange. Young dogs make up most cases of Demodex as their immune system isn’t strong enough to fight the mites.

Demodex is often passed on from the puppy’s mother after birth through contact. If the puppy is neglected or separated from care, these mites can quickly progress into a severe case of Demodex. Although mange is rarely seen

in cats, they can also become infected.

Demodex and sarcoptic mange can often result in secondary infections. While mange is easily treatable, secondary skin infections and hair loss often result from the damage that mange has caused from irritation and scratching. Sadly, because mange presents itself as a jarring visible illness even after the pet has recuperated, potential adopters frequently overlook dogs recovering from mange in fear of them being sick. That’s why Hawaiian Humane works with many foster volunteers to treat the mange while giving pets the love and affection they need to help them heal faster.

After treatment, their fur gradually begins to grow back and their personality begins to shine. These animals will eventually be available for adoption so a loving family can help with the rest of their recovery

8 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
This dog named Tails came in with a severe case of Demodex.
Continued on next page
Tails made a remarkable recovery and now lives with his new family.

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and make them part of their ‘ohana. Families often come to Hawaiian Humane to give dogs a place to call home and understand they don't always look their best at first. Any case of mange, regardless of its severity, requires immediate medical attention with a veterinarian as there are no effective home remedies to rid your pet of mange completely. The only way a veterinarian will know if your dog has mange is if they test for it, so it is crucial to bring your pet to your veterinarian if they are experiencing significant hair loss. Treatment for your pet is best decided between you and your veterinarian.

Don’t overlook a diamond in the rough the next time you consider adoption. Mange is a temporary illness that can be treated effectively and safely with your veterinarian’s help. You can help us manage the effects of mange by volunteering as a foster. Hawaiian Humane always needs families who can foster pets while they are getting ready for their adoption journey. Fostering helps create space at Hawaiian Humane for more animals to get the individualized care they need. Learn more about adoption and fostering at

The 2023 Mission PAWsible Contest is open!

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2022 Digital Art Winner (6th-8th grade) Noelani Arnett-Cook

Growing our love

Hawaiian Humane is growing! Our island community is expanding and along with it is the need for pet and animal related services. After years of planning, fundraising and dreaming, we are finally about to open our new West O‘ahu campus this spring.

Established in 1883, when a group of concerned citizens, including King David Kalākaua, began advocating on behalf of companion and working animals, Hawaiian Humane Society has served O‘ahu’s people and animals with compassion. The vision of these early pioneers continues to guide our mission to promote the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals today.

Our existing Mō‘ili‘ili campus provides more than 30 programs and services to the community. These programs have resulted in more than 7,000 pet adoptions, 33,000 veterinary health exams performed, and 71,000 pounds of pet food distributed to the

community in the past year. With our new second campus, we are excited to make even more of an impact.

Our board, staff and supporters have worked diligently to raise the more than $30 million needed to build Hawaiian Humane’s second campus. As we prepare for the grand opening of this new community resource, there is still time to help.

If you have already made a gift to the “Growing our Love for Animals” West O‘ahu Capital Campaign, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you haven’t yet made a gift supporting the dream to help thousands more animals and people, please consider donating today by visiting our Capital Campaign page at or contacting Hayley Civian, our Capital Campaign Coordinator, at with any questions or concerns.

MEWSWORTHY 10 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
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Construction update photos as of November 2022.

Supporter Spotlight

Carol and Larry Jones support and care for O‘ahu’s felines

Longtime supporters and feline foster family Carol and Larry Jones didn’t always consider themselves cat lovers, but after their son adopted a Himalayan Persian Smokey, their hearts were forever changed. After losing Smokey three and a half years later, they were heartbroken but knew they wanted to continue caring for cats. Because their grief was so great, rather than adopt again, they decided that fostering would be the way to go.

“It hurt so much to lose Smokey,” remembers Carol. “Although the cats we foster will return to the shelter, it helps knowing there will be others needing a good foster home and that we can provide them with one.” Carol and Larry have enjoyed caring for cats of all breeds and ages. They once fostered nine kittens at one time and have currently chosen to focus on senior cats and cats that are sick and in need of healing.

Understanding the expense that goes into owning a cat, Carol and Larry noticed an increase in local Free-Roaming cat communities as well as the number of cats admitted to Humane Society. "People don't realize the investment in after-adoption care, particularly the cost of spay/

neuter services, microchipping and vaccinations," states Carol. "The costs can overwhelm a family to the point where they drop off their cat at a Free-Roaming cat colony or return them to Hawaiian Humane. That's why we wanted to start this fund - to help curb O‘ahu's FreeRoaming cat population."

With the increased need in managing Free-Roaming cat populations to promote healthy communities, the Joneses responded by shifting their focus and founded Hawaiian Humane’s Community Cat Fund in December 2020. The fund assists in providing much-needed spay/ neuter services, microchipping,

and vaccination to cats living in Free-Roaming cat communities to help reduce reproduction, maintain colony health, and control the population. Although the City & County of Honolulu’s Feline Fix program enables Hawaiian Humane to offer 100% subsidized spay/neuter services to freeroaming community cats, there is still a growing need for private funding to grow this program and continue to provide these services for our Free-Roaming cats. Carol and Larry appreciate the value of all felines and are happy to help fulfill this need through the Community Cat Fund.

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12 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Donate your vehicle!

Everyone who has moved to or from Hawai‘i from the mainland with their vehicle knows the struggle of shipping a car. It takes a significant amount of coordination, preparation and paperwork. It’s no surprise that many people who have a car here will choose to sell it rather than ship it to the mainland.

However, one person recently chose a different path. Meet Mr. Paul Smoyer. Mr. Smoyer and his parents, Elizabeth and Walter Jenkins Smoyer, are philanthropists who love Hawai‘i and have supported charitable efforts in both San Diego and O‘ahu.

Mr. Smoyer recently decided to let go of his vehicles here on Hawai‘i. Having a classic SUV and a luxury sedan, it would have been easy for him to find an interested buyer. Instead, Mr. Smoyer kindly and generously chose to donate them. With help from his friend, Anna Meng, and our staff, the SUV was quickly and easily auctioned, with the $5,000 proceeds benefiting the Hawaiian Humane Society. While giving a vehicle might sound like an unorthodox way to donate, this donation is

Discovering the personalities and unique traits of the cats they foster is a joy, and one they believe all people can experience if given the opportunity. “There are beautiful cats of all breeds,” Larry stresses. Whether through fostering, adoption, or support for healthy communities of Free-Roaming cats, O‘ahu’s felines need your help.

This March, you can support Hawaiian Humane’s Community Cat Fund during our matching challenge. Help us double our funding to this important community need online at You can also send a check to Hawaiian Humane Society and write “Community Cat Fund” in the memo section. For additional information or questions, please call (808) 356-2213 or email

substantial and will provide enough funds to provide spay/neuter surgeries for more than 100 animals. Big mahalo to Mr. Smoyer for supporting animals in need!

If you have a vehicle that you would like to donate, please consider giving it to Hawaiian Humane. The process is quick and easy to navigate while providing critical funds for O‘ahu’s animals in need. Check out our website at donate-a-vehicle to learn more about the requirements and process to start your car donation today.

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Big Hearts Help Big!

Our Volunteer of the Month program recognizes outstanding volunteers that go above and beyond for the animals in our care. They are nominated monthly by fellow volunteers and staff members alike for their dedication, passion and commitment to our mission.

We asked Beth what favorite part of her role is as Dog Walker and she said, "I love spending time with the dogs, walking them, and helping them get comfortable while they wait for their forever homes.”

"I look forward to each shift working with the phone bank professionals in the Dispatch office. The field officers are in and out of the office all day, and share some amazing stories. Their dedication to stopping animal cruelty is inspirational. It takes skill and a cool head to enforce the law, but they also educate and encourage pet owners to do what’s right,” Mike said when we asked what he looks forward to with each shift.

“As part of my administrative work, I review new volunteer applications,” Jennifer said. “My favorite part of my volunteer shift is reading about why people want to volunteer for the Hawaiian Humane Society. So many people share stories about their own pets or write about how much they love animals and want to support and protect the pets in our community. It's incredibly uplifting and inspiring to see how many people feel passionate about taking care of our fur community!”

Volunteer recognition

November 2022 marked our inaugural Volunteer of the Month Appreciation Luncheon, where we recognized the incredible efforts of this past year’s awardees who exemplify our mission. We are so grateful for our volunteers and the tremendous role they play in our mission to help O‘ahu’s animals in need.

14 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
September 2022 - Beth T. Dog Walker Volunteer Volunteer for 1 year October 2022 - Mike S. Dispatch Volunteer Volunteer for 1 year November 2022 - Jennifer K. Administrative Volunteer Volunteer for 1 year and 6 months Thank you Beth, Mike and Jennifer for all the love and care you continuously show to our community and the animals in our shelter!

Volunteer “Classifieds”

We may be biased, but we think our volunteers are the best. We simply could not accomplish our mission without the support of our volunteers. Want to join our team? We are currently searching for additional volunteers for the positions below.

Pet Food Bank Volunteers

The Pet Kōkua by Hawaiian Humane’s Pet Food Bank is a critical program that provides temporary assistance to pet owners struggling to feed their animals. We are seeking Pet Food Bank volunteers to fill our Tuesday shifts at our Mōi‘ili‘ili campus and Sunday shifts at the newly launched ‘Ewa Beach location at Child and Family Service.

Admissions Greeter

The Admissions Greeter is responsible for assisting admissions staff by providing a highlevel of customer service for patrons seeking our services. Admissions Greeter Volunteers must be 18 years or older.

Pounce Hawai‘i Lounge Crew – New Role!

This brand new role is an opportunity for you to work with our offsite partner, Pounce Hawai‘i, located in Kaka‘ako. Responsibilities include cleaning and preparing cat lounge rooms each morning before potential adopters arrive.

For more information on volunteering at Hawaiian Humane, visit volunteer-with-us.

Adoption Event Volunteers

Every third Saturday of the month, we host popup adoption events at the Navy Exchange Mall in Pearl Harbor that are open to all members of the community. Thanks to our adoption event volunteers, we can continue to make a difference and adopt out more animals into loving homes.

Foster Care Support

Our Foster Care team is seeking volunteers to provide additional support to their team. Responsibilities include answering general program inquiries, assisting foster volunteers with pet pick-ups, database management and more.

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Some causes just need to be celebrated in person …

Mahalo for stepping out for O’ahu’s animals! After two years of going virtual, we were so excited to finally be back in person in October 2022. We had a great time walking tail-by-tail with you – together we raised over $300,000. These crucial funds will provide animals with safe shelter, life-saving veterinary care, emergency rescues and much more. We couldn’t have done it without our sponsors, vendors, volunteers and, of course, YOU.

Grand Champion

Ginny Tiu ‘Ohana

Best in Show

Subaru Hawai‘i

Top Dogs

Honda Windward • Josie Josypenko ‘Ohana

Lynn & Bruce Gibson Family Foundation

Pack Leaders

Crazy Shirts • First Hawaiian Bank

Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc

L&L Hawaii • Recovery Law Center Rodriguez

Pack • Robert & Frances Bean Veterinary Emergency + Referral Center

Fat Cats

Allied Builders System Hawaii Cades Schutte LLP

Deloitte • Ernst & Young LLC • G70

Kure Kompany • Mutual Underwriters & Zephyr Insurance Hawaii

Round of Aw-Paws

AHL • Architects Pacific Inc

Case Lombardi & Petitt • City Mill

Ernest H. Fukeda Jr

Feather & Fur Animal Hospital

Mercedes Benz Honolulu

Nick & Koren Dreher • Ruth Ushijima

16 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
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Save the Date for Tuxes and Tails 2023

We are excited to announce that the Hawaiian Humane Society’s signature gala, Tuxes and Tails, will be held on April 22, 2023, at The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort, Waikiki. Themed “Jurassic Bark,” the 2023 gala is being co-chaired by Ginny Tiu and Vicky Cayetano. Ginny and Vicky are both longtime supporters of Hawaiian Humane and we are excited to have them on board to create a roaring good time!

Tuxes and Tails is an annual event that raises critical funds and celebrates the year-round life-changing work of our organization. For sponsorship information or to learn more about how to get involved, please reach out to the Special Events Department at or call (808) 356-2247.

Pet Kōkua by Hawaiian Humane Free Pet Vaccine & Microchip Clinic

Treat your furry Valentine this February with free microchipping, vaccination services and more. Pet owners must register in advance at or email Outreach@ for registration assistance.

Where: Kapolei High School

When: Saturday, February 4, 2023, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

NEX Adoption Events

Hawaiian Humane will be popping up at the Navy Exchange to bring adoptable pets to loving families!


Virtual Pet Loss Support Group

Find comfort and compassion after the loss of a pet in Hawaiian Humane’s Virtual Pet Loss Support Group, facilitated by counselor Rosemarie Grigg on the first Tuesday of every month via video conference. To RSVP and receive the link to join the private virtual meeting, please email Outreach@

Where: Virtually, from the comfort of your own home!

When: Every first Tuesday of the month, 6:30 – 7:30 pm

Where: Navy Exchange Mall at Pearl Harbor

When: Every third Saturday of the month, 10 am - 2 pm

18 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Teens4Animals Council: Empowering the Next Generation of Animal Welfare Champions

The Teens4Animals Council is an annual opportunity hosted by Hawaiian Humane Society's education program where 16 high school students are selected after a rigorous application process to spend a year learning different aspects of animal welfare.

“This program is especially important to me because it allows further animal welfare education to students regardless of a student's academic or financial standing,” says Anne Mukai, Hawaiian Humane’s Humane Educator. “This program is open to anyone who has a strong interest and love for animals. Not only do the students learn throughout the year, but they also spread their knowledge to their peers.”

The students who are appointed to serve on the Teens4Animals Council accomplish this by volunteering at events throughout the year including Hawaiian Humane’s educational events, outreach clinics and even PetWalk. This past year, the Teens4Animals Council were the top fundraising team, having raised

more than $14,000. Whether answering questions at Hawaiian Humane’s education booth, creating customized pet ID tags, assisting with clinics and more, our Teens4Animals are always willing to help out.

Being engaged with our community is one of the vital roles of the Teens4Animals Council. One of the Council's favorite events is Readers of the Pack. Formerly called Deck the Howls and held once a year during the winter, this event is now held three times a year and allows keiki from all around the island to signup, read books to the animals and complete fun service projects. This not only helps the keiki enhance their reading skills but also helps to soothe the animals. When asked about their experiences with volunteering and participating in different events with Hawaiian Humane, our council members had much to say!

"As a Teens4Animals council member, I’m given many opportunities. One of those is the opportunity to attend events the Hawaiian Humane Society has been invited to or is hosting. My first year on the council I attended "Deck the Howls" which is an event hosted by the HHS (Hawaiian Humane) where children are given the opportunity to read to our wonderful animals. This by far was my favorite event. Although I love being able to educate people on animal welfare, how could I pass up little kids reading to animals? I loved being on the council last year so coming back as a senior council member was really exciting! I’m even more hands-on now and I get to mentor the new council members. The T4A Council has truly given me so many experiences I would’ve never had. I love this program so much that after high school I plan on studying to become a veterinarian and hopefully, I'll be able to continue to be part of the Hawaiian Humane Society team."

Cameron, 2022 Teens4Animals Council

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Members of Teens4Animals volunteer at PetWalk 2022.

"As a member of the Teens4Animals Council and a current student of James Campbell High School, I have assisted with pet clinics held there. Since the Hawaiian Humane Society’s current campus is a far drive from ‘Ewa Beach, I enjoy seeing members of my community have easy transportation access to pet resources such as microchips and vaccinations, thanks to the pet clinics at Campbell. Being a part of Teens4Animals and participating in these events allows me to see pet owners taking advantage of opportunities to care for their animals responsibly, and it also allows me to work with my awesome council members and Hawaiian Humane staff.

"Being a part of the Teens4Animals Council for two years has allowed me to serve the community and help others that need assistance in supporting their pets. This program also hits home for me especially since I’ve found my best friend, Brutus, through this program. While volunteering at one the educational events "Deck the Howls" (now known as "Readers of the Pack"), I saw Brutus in one of the cat houses while overseeing the keiki reading. Brutus, an FIV+ cat, instantly caught my eye and I knew I had to take him home. The very next day, my mom and I returned to the Hawaiian Humane Society to adopt Brutus. Being given the opportunity to volunteer at events led me to find my best friend, which I think is one of the best parts of my experience on the council."

"Being given the opportunity to be in the Teens4Animals program for two years has allowed me to expand my horizons in animal welfare. Not only have I been able to learn about the different troubles animals face but I also have been able to be an active member in educating the public on all that the Hawaiian Humane Society stands for. Volunteering at our events has always been a treat for me since I have been able to see so many community members coming out and supporting their animals and getting the help they need. Teens4Animals has exposed me to so many opportunities that have influenced my future goals to help the environment and animals in any way I can. I’ve created so many memories through my two years here that have impacted my life in so many ways. I know future council members will enjoy the program as much as I do!"

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Members of Teens4Animals volunteer at a Santa Paws in 2022.


We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more from August 1, 2022 – October 31, 2022.

Helen Kina‘u Wilder

Legacy Society

Frank F. & Katharine L. Woodford Trust


Bissell Pet Foundation

Pack Leaders

$10,000 +

Anonymous (2)

Bob & Kelly Armstrong

Mary Ann H. Fernandes

Elizabeth Rice Grossman

Helen A. Josie Josypenko

Thomas & Mi Kosasa

Susan M. Kosasa

Frances M. McClurkin

Larry & Patricia Rodriguez

Ginny Tiu

Ruth & Art Ushijima

Atherton Family Foundation

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA, Inc.

Lord-Struthers Family Trust

Lynn & Bruce Gibson Foundation

Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation/ Jack & May Tyrrell

Servco Foundation

Animal Champions

$5,000 +

Bob & Frances Bean

Tim & Jeanne' Brauer

Mike & Joyce Ching

Jim & Lynn Lally

Melissa Pavlicek & Stephen Teves

Jessie Varble

Andrea Woods

Ronald & Judy Yamamoto

Alexander & Baldwin

First Hawaiian Bank

Hawaiian Electric Industries

Charitable Foundation

L&L Hawaiian BBQ

Recovery Law Center

Veterinary Emergency & Referral Center by Ethos

Animal Heroes

$2,500 +

Kara Borges

Graham Burns & Erika Sox

Jo & Margarita Chung

Christine & James Coté

Rita Y. Degnan

Jonathan & Terilyn Esperanza

Andrea Fleig & Reinhold Penner

Karen S. Fujimoto

Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr.

Jean C. Hess

Walter K.H. Kam

Stephanie L. Kendrick

Anton, Julie, & Kyle Krucky

Jodi Lam & Timothy Takaezu

Ian Lind & Meda Chesney-Lind

Grant E. Marcus

Bruce & Cyndee Mirante

Mike Regan

Stan Schab

Susan H. Shishido

Colleen Tanaka

Karlo Tanjuakio

Stanley Uyehara

Allied Builders System

AmazonSmile Foundation

Cades Schutte, LLP


Jhamandas Watumull Fund

Surf Line Hawaii

Best Friends

$1,000 +

Anonymous (1)

Carol Ai May & Michael May

Daniel Arita

Emmalisa H. Bledsoe

Governor Ben & Vicky Cayetano

William Coleman & Chris Frendreis

Daniel Delbrel

Nick & Koren Dreher

John & Tiare Finney

Mary Flynn & James Saari

Brian Fujiwara & Keith Pedro

Gary & Jennifer Herald

Lehua Ii-Michaelson & Geoffrey Michaelson

Jason & Lisa Ito

Patsy K. N. Kalawaia

Yue Sai Kan

Laurie A. Kawasaki

Brian & Shannon Kelly

Martha & Roger Khlopin

Tamar Manoukian

Thomas & Verna Muraoka

Carole & Edward Onouye

Theresa Otani

Jaysen Piche

Pakinee & Ralph Portmore

Abigail Rose

Dr. Thomas H. Sakoda

Carl & Lu Seyfer

Ella & Edward Tokunaga

Victor & Iris Tsuha

Li-Hua Youngblood

Alii Animal Hospital & Resort

Architects Hawaii, Ltd.

Architects Pacific, Inc.

Bank of Hawaii

Employee Giving Campaign

Case, Lombardi & Pettit

City Mill Company, Ltd. /

Chung Kun Ai Foundation

Clay, Chapman, Iwamura, Pulice & Nervell

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Feather & Fur Animal Hospital

Hawaii Baptist Academy

Honda Windward

Mercedes Benz of Honolulu

Michael B. Wood Foundation

Mutual Underwriters

MW Group, Ltd.

Zephyr Insurance, Inc.

Devoted Companions

$500 +

Anonymous (1)

Marianne Adkins

Gina W. Anonuevo

Ray D. Ballungay

Darcy & Scott Barnhardt Lindamood

Gae Bergquist-Trommald

Steven Brody

Chad & Stephanie Buck

Cydonie Cabael & Roman Apana

William Cayetano

Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano

Erin Claggett

Jasmina Dobinchick

Dennis & Dolores Dyer

James & Chikako Epure

Sarah E. Fincke

John & Teri Fritz

Stephen & Gloria Gainsley

Dede & Barron Guss

Allison Hart

John Henning

Amy Hiura

Yolisa Ishibashi

Michael & Julie Ishioka

Eric & Leslie Ann Kawamoto

Gloria S. Kishi

Carolyn K. Kobayashi

Linda & James Koishigawa

Dr. Steven & Estrellita Komura

Ronelle K. Kopp

Calvin & Tammy Lee

Creighton & Linda Lee

Vernon & Sherrie Ling

Christopher Loftis

Roberta M. Lovely

Nedra Manson

Andrew T. Matayoshi

Sharlene Luke Mau

Mi Meechan

Klaus Manderscheid & Amy Meng

Stephen & Susan Metter

Lillian A. Nagatori

Margaret O. Nakashima

Anna Neubauer & Eldred Bristol

Catherine Ngo

Shirley S. Nishizawa

John & Suzanne Noland

Steven & Dagmar Oato

David & Kellyn Okabe

Raymond & Trudy Okada

Osmond & Elaine Okazaki

Danae Orellana

Rockygirl Osaki Chong

James & Cion O'Sullivan

Laeton & Lena Pang

Jerry & Lily Prentiss

Steven Prieto & Richard Kennedy

John & Linda Puu

Martin Rabbett & Mark Webb

Mark Recktenwald & Gailynn Williamson

Elizabeth & Richard Riegels

Linda J. Rowan

Marian K. Shimizu

James & Linda Stragand

Rod & Fumiyo Tanaka

Samuel Tiu & Nicholas Winchester

Arden Turnbull

Terry & Cheryl Tyler

Dorothy T. Urada

Rebecca Ward

Alan & Jennifer Whinery

Beth Whitehead

Shelley Wilson

Jennifer Wood

Stanley S. Yamaoka

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Hawaii Realty

Concannon Lumber, Co.

Merrill Lynch

Olive Tree Cafe

Pounce Hawaii, LLC

The Tinybell Charitable Fund

The Wilhelm Group

Guardian Angels

$100 +

Anonymous (5)

Arthur Aarona

Davian & Irene Abe

Peggy Ann Abella

Ryan Abella

Shunji Adachi

Bret Adkins

Thaddeus Adkins

Ashley Adkins-Painter

Russell Ahana

Dale & Katherine Aina

David D. Aiu, Jr.

Herman & Darcell Aiwohi

Naomi & William Akamine

Steven K. Akamine

Jesse M. Akasaki

Bruce K. Akau

Zeoma T. Akau

Collin Akemoto

Charles & Laurel Aki

Gwen A. Akimoto

Roy & Stephanie Akita

Ada Alamani

Meshal Albaiz

Benjamin & Clemencia Alcaraz

Blaine Alexander

Reynold & Laverne Alexander

Nicole D. Amano

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Vera Ami

Elizabeth Y. Amuro

Michael & Hwa Ja Anahori

Janet Andres

Edwin & Dianne Aragaki

May Arakaki & Richard Rita

Grant Y. Arakawa

Carol N. Aramaki

Sandra H. Arashiro

Stephen & Susan Arbuthnot

Mark Linscott & Diane Arima-Linscott

Mona K. Arizala

Ira & Karen Armstrong

Sandra & Donald Armstrong

Kenneth W. Aronowitz

Kylie Arrell

Jayne Asakura & Glenn Muramoto

Bruce & Brenda Asato

Frederick & Julienne Aulwes

Jane Austgen

Marvin & Audrey Awaya

Gary Aycock

Jay & Stephanie Azama

Michael & Lillian Babcock

Jerome K. Bacon

Catherine Bagnara

Florence R. Bailey

Allan & Frances Bailon

Frances L. Baker

Angela Ballard

Maureen & Robert Ballard

Susan M. Ballard

Shirley E. Ballesteros

Josefina Baptiste

James & Margaret Barbazon

Kenneth J. Barclay

John Barkai & Linda Martell

Kimberly A. Barker

Doretha Barriger

Joanna L. Barroga

Jean M. Bart

Victoria O. Bartolome

Frederick & Amelia Bautista

Tammy & Christopher Bayer

Cynthia B. Bayless

Brenda L. Becker

Albert & Dolores Bediones

Orpha K. Beirne

Shannon Bell

Paul & Elizabeth Berardo

Emily Berry

Ronald S. Biho

Jason Birdsall

Natalie A. Borrello

Gillian Boss

Dawn L. Bouchard

James Bragaw

Eldred Bristol

James A. Brock, D.V.M.

Richard & Julie Brock

Harrison & Pamela Brooks

Donald & Misao Brown

John Brown

Mark & Martha Brown

James & Dawne Browne

Jolene Bueno

Stanley & Janet Bukes

Robert & Frances Bunn

Barton & Diana-Lee Bunney

John & Carol Burke

Charleen A. Butts

Karin & Bari Buzzard

Jeffrey & Lynn Cabebe

Janis A. Calton

Charlotte Cambra

Barbara A. Campbell

John & Susan Campbell

Priscilla M. Cappis

Kathryn Carey

Ignacio M. Cariaga

Bryan Carley

Thomas R. Carpenter

Paula S. Carroll

Todd Carter

Stephen & Mary Carvalho

Santos Carvalho & Carla Dutro

Sonya Y. Catiggay

Catherine Caudle

Marissa Cayetano Ross & John Ross

Rowena Cerretti & John Kerr

Charlie Chang

Joshua Chang

Karen Chang

Malcom & Lisa Chang

Natalie S. Chang

Steven Chang

Yung-Yu L. Chang

Reginald & Kim Chapman

Julie Chappell Jones & Hank Jones

Linda Char

Mimi A. Charette

Philip Y.Y. Chee

Wieland C. Chee

Nancy & Shun-Lin Chen

Luly Cheng

Sandy P. Chikasuye

Freeman & Winona Chin

Robert Ellefson & Joyce Chinen

Clarice K. Ching

Cyrus & Masumi Ching

Evan Ching & Cathy Kawano-Ching

Stephanie Ching

Stephen & Carol Ching

Willis & Beverlyn Ching

Robert & Yun Cho

Mona K.O. Chock

Adele Chong

Howard & Audrey Chong

Judy Choo

Colleen Choy & Michael Motoda

Dora Choy

Ying Wai Chui & Lin Du Quach

Cynthia Chun & Elliot Dela Cruz

Michael & Evelyn Chun

Sandra H.S. Chun

Alexander & Janice Chung

Eugene Chung

David Ciano

James Cigan

Richard & Teresa Clifton

Shawn Collins

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Colon

Juliette Cooke

Stuart Copp & Raenell Bergantz

Mark & Cynthia Coronel

Kristen G. Costales

Shelley & Michael Cramer

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Janis & Renato Cruce

Susan L. Cuizon

Alan & Pulani Cumpston

Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham

Lisa Curran

Chester L. Dal Santo

Dorothy & Paul Dale

Judy Dang

Ather & Marivic Dar

Diana Davids

Brandon Davidson

Elaine Davidson

Ricky Davis

Wendell Davis

Gail Y. Dean

Taryn Dean & Harry Antipala

Karen Degner

Lisa DeLong

Ronald & Michele DeMello

David & Lily Dinh

Diane Dizon

Theresa C. Dizon

Jean R. Doyle

Marilee E. Duffy

Marilyn F. Dunlap

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Morena & Chester Gullett

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Megan Hackett

Ronald & Pauline Hagino

Beverly Haid & Sue Hillmann

Lisa & Stephen Haley

Diane & James Hall

Linda M. Hamada

Sybil & David Hamada

Gary F. Hamakawa

Wesley & Jill Hamasaki

Harold K. Han

John Han

David & Gay Hanawahine

Shelby M. Hankee

Dean A. Harada

Diane & Andy Harada

Ann Y. Harada-Goodell

Hannah & Willard Haraguchi

Fred & Joan Harris

Tomoko & Mason Hasegawa

Beverly Hashimoto-Lee & James Lee

Harold & Yvonne Hashizume

Derek & Ann Hataoka

Laurie Hatfield

Eriko Hayakawa

Howard T. Hayashi

Chevron & Denny Heather

Wendy Hedani

Leona Hee

Suzette & Sean Heely

Ronald Heim

Steve & Jenny Helms

Senator Frederick M. Hemmings

Lori Ann Hendry

William T. Henne

Susan & Arthur Henry

Charles & Helen Higa

David M. Higa

Charlaine T. Higashi

Stephen & Terrie Higuchi

Jordan Hino

Eric T. Hirano

Michael & June Hirano

Iris & Y. Bart Hirashima

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Ian Hirokawa & Minette Ferrer

Joanne C. Hoe

James & Leigh Holaway

Thomas & Layla Holden

Charles & Claire Hook

Carol Hoopii

Shawn Hooton

Yoshimi & Takumi Horiuchi

Michael Horton & Amy Ogawa

Stella & Yutaka Hotta

Karen & James Howell

Lorna J. G. Hu

Jeffrey & Vanessa Huff

Siana Hunt

Todd Iacovelli

Paul Ibarra

Roy & Sandra Ichinose

Eugene M. Ichiyama

Lon Ierley

Christen Ige

Eric Igeta & Karen Lee-Igeta

Caron N. Ikeda

Shaun & Kari Imada

Lynn M. Inafuku

Jan Inao & Cathy Tsuyuki

Michele Inouchi

Frances Inouye

Mike & Sandra Irish

Matt Iseri

Sean Ishii

Shari Ishikawa

Carol Ishinose

Kenneth & Carol Ishizaki

Alfred S. Itamoto

Gary & Karen Ito

Patricia & Grant Itsuno

Elsie K. Iwatani

Gary A. James

William & Kitty Jenner

Rebecca Jennings

Lynn Jensen

Richard & Judi Jinnai

Cisco Johnson

Dr. Gary & Melanie Johnson

Ligmah Johnson

Norman Johnson

Annakaarina Jolkkonen

Ryan Jones

Cynthia Jordan

Cathy E. Joseph

Linda L. Joyo

Janet Judwin

Joanne Kaauwai

Susan Kaeo

Kathleen Kagawa

Arnold & Dianne Kajioka

Dennis & Joyce Kajioka

Edwin F. Kajiwara

Brian Kalopodes & Harriet Thornley

Elaine K. Kam

Robert & Pilar Kam

Stella & Glen Kam

Douglas & Phyllis Kam Young

Sally Ann K. Kamae

Kenneth & Elaine Kamemoto

Preston & Cynthia Kamikawa

Guy & Gail Kamitaki

Garret & Katherine Kanai

Janis Kanegawa

Gary & Jo Kanehiro

Kelvin & Kumiko Kaneshiro

Felix A. Kang

Jennifer A. Kanhai

Alyssa & Andres Kaopio-Lopez

Clifford S. Karimoto

Michelle Karr-Ueoka

Gladys Nakamura Kasai

Kristen A. Kashima

Eric & Teri Kashiwamura

Kalika Kastein

Jefferry & Sandra Kato

Leatrice Y. Kato

Dagmar L. Kau

Robert Kaufman

Gail T. Kawaguchi

Hidemoto & Misa Kawai

Sheila & Paul Kawamoto

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Susan & Seymour Kazimirski

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Sandra & Richard Kersten

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Anna Kim

Laurie E. Kim

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John & Marilyn Kiner

Wesley Kitajima & Beverly Zane-Kitajima

Gordon T. Kitaura

Herbert & Karen Kitazaki

James & Sharon Kitazaki

Derek & Evelyn Kiyota

Sandra & Douglas Klein

Marcia & Leonard Klompus

Jane K. Kobashigawa

Glen & Alys-Jo Kobayashi

Koichi & Joyce Kobayashi

Diane Kodis

"Round-Up" your spare change to help animals in need.

There’s now a wonderful, super-easy way to put that spare change to good use–helping O‘ahu’s animals in need!

To sign up, donors need to:

1. Go to

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2. Connect an eligible card

Create a donor account and then link an eligible credit card that you'd like to use for round-up donations. You can set a monthly cap on donations and can change that amount at any time. The minimum monthly donation amount is $9.99, or only $0.34/day.

After signing up:

1. Make purchases with that card Purchases made on that card will "Round-Up" to the next dollar as change which you can see in your donor account.

2. Change is donated monthly "Round-Up" change from your card purchases accumulates and then is donated on the last day of the month. You will receive a text each month the day before your change is donated, letting you know the total amount you'll be contributing!

Claire M. Kogasaka

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Jacqueline Y. M. Kong

Jennifer & Caper Koos

Blanche L. Kort

Lindsay Kosasa

Natalie Kossuth

Evelyn & Glen Koyama

Pat Kraemer

George J. Krasnick

Wilma & Howard Kubo

Sharon Kugisaki

James S. Kumagai

Cenda-Michelle & Lee Kunimitsu

Emily Kuraoka

Clifford & Kay Kurata

Linda & Warren Kurata

Shannon & Helen Kurata

Amy & Roy Kurihara

Harold I. & Joan M. Kurihara

Joel Kusnierz

Darlene & Quin Kutara

Gregory & Marcella Kuwazaki

Joline L. Labbe

Jill LaBoy

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David & Patrina Lavarias

Ellen & Jeffrey Layaoen

Hiep Hoa Le

Jacqueline Lee

Juliet & Michael Lee

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June I. Lee

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Summer K. Chun Lee

Taylor Lee

Tommy & Lori Lee

Tricia Lee

Worldster & Patricia Lee

Sunny Lee-Oshiro

Prayoon Leetrakul

Chutima & Herbert Leider

Patricia M. Lew

Rheva Lewis

Richard & Rosann Lewis

Kaman Li

Steven & Danel Licari

Timothy J. Lien

Dr. Whitney & Mrs. Harvalee Limm

Chia Hsing Lin

Sven & Diana Lincke

Dale B. Lipton

David & Shirley Liu

Elvira Lo

Paul & Naomi Loewe

Cindy Logan

Lisa Ann L. Loo

Ryan Loo

Walter & Joyce Loo

Sandra & Kevin Loo-Chan

Janncovi Lopez

Carla Lorimor

Marilyn Louie

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Daniel Luis & Becky Kawamura

Karen Lum

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Pamela McKiddie-Stearns

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J. Steven & Darlene McMullen

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Pamela S. Mew

Patricia & Victor Meyers

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Joanna & Esau Milo

Marvis Minami & Tony Ganeko

Erin Minaya

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Christopher & Suk Cha Mohr

Jean Monma

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Lauren Morisato

Scott Morita

Harry & Michelle Morris

Ouida & James Morris

Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey

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Claire & Michael Muranaka

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Kaitlin Nakai

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Tisha Narimatsu & Andrew Lang

David & Marlan Nashiwa

Jemal & Atsuko Ned

Patricia & Travis Nekota

James & Shirley Newman

Liza Neyrand

Mylinh T. Nguyen

Tho Nguyen

James Carlton Nichol, Jr.

Sarah Nichols

Claudia L. Nihei

Renee & Renton Nip

Derek Nishida & Billy-Joe Smith

Allan M. Nishihara

Marleen Nishimiya

Kay F. Nishimoto

Amber Nishimura

Jon & Cynthia Nishimura

Michael & Diane Nishizawa

Wallace & Jana Nitta

Doris & Ernest Noda

Joleen T. Nomura

Nancy Nott

Tammy Nunes

Joseph & Alice Nunogawa

Ratna Nuti

Kalani & Sheryl Ann Nuuanu

Gary & Kelly Oba

Jarred Obata

Anthony Ochiltree

24 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
When you make a gift to Hawaiian Humane through your estate plans, you help ensure that we’ll be here – committed to the welfare of animals in Hawaii – for many years to come.
For more information about making the Hawaiian Humane Society a part of your legacy, call 808356-2252 or email

Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann

Brian T. O'Connor

Lisa Ohara

Dale H. Oishi

Herbert & Leatrice Ojiri

Neal & Amy Okamoto

Gerald & Ruby Okano

Kristi Okimoto

Harold & Sumie Okouchi

Cynthia Okuno

Dale & Gary Oliva

Carol Oliver

Nicholas Olivo

Tracey & Bill Olson

Gary M. Omori

Cora J. On

Ernest & Eufimia Ongoy

Ann K. Ono

Meagan & Joao Oppenheim

Gerrit & Gayle Osborne

Roy & Darlene Oshiro

Joanna Oshiro

Roy & Frances Oshiro

Gary Osterman & Leonette Stewart

Alvin & Mary Oyadomari

Liane Paakaula

Debra Padello

Pualani Paiaina

Aileen K. Panee

Devin Pang & Mina Casey-Pang

Eric Pang

Pierre Pang

Zachary Pang

Gale Pang-Miranda & Michael Miranda

Joanne & Frank Parker

Lance Parker

Lisa G. L. Parker

Kelly D. Parks & Maureen A. Kelley-Parks

Robert & Dawn Pascua

Wayne & Lanette Pascua

David & Joyce Patrick

Donald J. Patten

Elizabeth Pereira

Breona Perez

Ronald Perry

John Peters

Kirtland Peterson

Shannon Peterson

Bich D. Pham

E. Alan Phillips & Audrey Buyrn

Maria C. Pine

Cindy Pinick

Carolyn T. Plunkett

David & Pat Poe

Harold Prados

Angela M. Pratt, M.D.

Bonnie Quirouet

Klaus & Yoshiko Radtke

James & Cindy Ralar

Monica Ramirez

Kekoa Ramos

Liang Rasachack

Zsuzsa Rastegar

Pegge Rawlins

Rachel M. Ray

Bryan Reese

Emilia Reeves

Robert T. Reeves

Anne & Chuck Reid

Wolf & Diane Reitsperger

Cheryl Renfer

Gilberto Reyes

Cary Reynolds

Carole Rice

Jamie Richardson

Kim Le Richardson

Savannah Richardson

Samantha Rigby

William & Emi Robillard

John & Linda Rodrigues

Nicole Rodwell

Llewella Rogers

Gayle H. Rojas

Scott & Ingrid Rolles

Douglas Rollick

Gavino Greg Romuar

June M. Rubie

Nora & Arcenio Rumbaoa

Michael & Tracie Ryan

Martina M. Sagapolu

Glen & Christine Saito

Reynold & Nora Saito

Catherine H. Sakai

Daniel Sakamoto & Karen


Jenny L. Sakaue

Randolph & Stephanie Sakauye

Reisha Sakauye

Helen T. Sako

Jonathan Sakomoto

Bert S. Sakuda

Roy & Kathy Sakuma

Anthony & Tammy Samalino

Sharon L. Samson

Helen Santiago

Patrick A. Santos

Jed & Lynda Sasaki

Richard & Marvela Satake

Roy & Shirley Sato

Eugene Savio

Calvin & Cora Say

Siti & Ronald Scaggs

Davene & Gary Schaefer

Kristy Scherman

Winton & Sandra Schoneman

Robert & Susan Schultz

Sally M. Schultz

Andrew & Kristin Schumacher

Eric & Sue Anne Schumacher

Gail S. Myers

Carl W. Scott

Ryan Seabury

David & Sheila Seeholzer

Justin & Faith Seguirant

Mary & Ronald Seiple

Cheryl Seto

Noreen & Richard Seubert

Danielle & Geovani Sevilla

Jayna & Douglas Shanefield

Lauren Sharkey

Erica Shepard

Michael & May Shim

Lorna S. Shima

Kathy Shimata

Kendall K. Shimazu

Cynthia N. Shimizu

Karen Shimizu

Samantha Shimizu

Davis & Olinda Shindo

Stacey S. Shinsato

Stacie Shinsato

Beverly & Jay Shintaku

Cynthia Y. Shiraishi

David & Sylvia Shiraishi

Rochelle C. Shiraki

Sandra Shiroma

Todd J. Shishido

Terrence D. Shive

Shirley & Thomas Shojinaga

Kelly M. Shota

Carlo Shrivastava

Laura L. Shun

Tiffany & Tucker Siegfried

Frederic & Lori Sigler

Shar Sills

Sylvia K. Silva

Andrew M. Singer

Daniel & Raccine Singer

Antonio K. Tan, M.D. & Elisea N. Singson, M.D.

Bala Sivakumar

Arleene D. Skillman

R. Paige Slocum & Gregory Pang

Victoria & Timothy Slovak

Kimberly Smith

Patrick & Marion Snyder

Beverly J. Soares

Hae-Suk Son

Margaret B. Soon

Catherine A. Sorensen

Marlene M. Souki

Gary Sprinkle & Pamela Young-Sprinkle

Miki Sprout

Piilani E. Staszkow Fraser

Serena Stefanic-Phillip & Solomon Phillip

Randall Strahle

Stephanie A. Strickland

Nicole Stucki

Lisa & Robert Sue

Susan Sugai

Lorraine L. Sugimoto

Karen & Paul Sullivan

Lori Ann & Jay Sunakoda

Michael Sunouchi

Samantha & Scott Sutherland

Mahealani K. Sutton

Genevieve Suzuki

Sam Sweitzer

Dr. Mark & Brenda Szasz

Dale Tagami & Dirk Fukushima

Beatrice Takahashi

Christina Takahashi

Lornna & Chris Takahashi

Ted T. Takahashi

Tod A. Takahashi

Trey Takahashi

Carol Takaki

Sidney Takara

Steven T. Takekoshi

Curtis & Janice Takemoto-Gentile

Jane Takushi

Randy, Eliza, & EJ Talavera

James K. Tam

Linda Tam

Rebecca & Ivan Tamanaha

Nelson & Gail Tamashiro

Ellen & Jason Tamura

Stanley & Dianne Tamura

Arlene N. Tanabe

Jennifer L. Tanabe

Sherolyn & Timothy Tanabe

Alvin & Angeline Tanaka

Brenda Tanaka

Gennah Tanaka

Sandra S. Tanaka

Stephen & Kimii Taniguchi

Tanya Tano

Jennifer Taoka

Raymond & Florence Tarasawa

Arleen & Charles Tarnay

Danielle R. Tarumoto

Jean A. Tateishi

Ronald & Angie Tateishi

Linda & Glenn Tatsuno

Roel & Susan Tavita

Mihoko & Kevin Taylor

Lloyd & Constance Teixeira

Young Tepedino

Eric Terashima

Marielle Terbio

Sonia & Fron Terlep

Ernest & Teri Terukina

Jennifer Terukina

Charlie Teves

Allen & Michele Thach

Nhu P. Thomason

Cha Thompson

Ellen L. Thorson

Shawn Tobey

Laurie & Bradley Tokeshi

Benjy M. Tokioka

Charles & Susan Tokuhama

Diane Tom

Juanita Y.M. Tom

Michael & Marlene Tom

Michelle Tom

Noe Noe Tom

Lucy C. Toma

June Tomishima

Burton & Carol Tomita

Shana Tong

Catherine Toth Fox

Ernest & Miriam Tottori

Leigh Ann Townsend

Bob & Lynne Toyofuku

Ehukai Toyofuku-Aki

Jennifer Trevino

Pamela E. Troy

Isaiah Truong

Kris Tsuda

Thomas H. Tsuhako

Dorrie Tsukayama

Eileen Tsukayama

Gene & Evelyn Tsuno

Richard & Atsuko Tsuruda

Vivian & Kent Tsutsumi

Robert & Therese Tyler

Eileen Uchima

Keiko & Hisako Ueda

Kellie & Bart Ulansey

Roy H. Umeda

Glenn & Bernice Uto

Alison A. Uyeda

Franklin & Harriet Uyeda

Craig S. Uyehara

Machiko & Kenneth Uyehara

Nancy & D.Y. Uyeno

Shane & R. Lyann Vagay

Barbara B. Valk

Marion Valle

Paw Prints | 25
Acknowledgment of gifts from August 1, 2022 – October 31, 2022.

Dr. Lothar & Cheryl Varady

Michele Velasco

Linda Velayo

Mark Verrey

Dianne Verschuere

Wendy Viellenave

Caroline Viola

Joshlyn K. Waikoloa

Akiko & Daryl Wakatsuki

Jo Wakayama

Wes & Geri Wakuzawa

Jeffry & Claudia Wallace

Vanessa Wang

Wesley H. Waniya

John S. Washburn

Karin Washington

Deborah Washofsky

Roy H. Watanabe

Erik Webb

Tiana Westbrook

Jill & Herb Wheatman

Iwalani D. White

Kami White

Karen & Thomas White

Philip A. White

Robert J. Wicks

Stephanie & Robert Wight

Gary & L.S. Wild

Craig Williams & Jessica Chau

Rianna & Sherrill Williams

Patrick Williamson

James S. Williston

David & Arporn Winsko

Judith Wolfe

Benjamin Wong

Bridget A. Wong

Howie Wong

Janet & Mabel Wong

Kathy & Erik Wong

Linda Wright Wong

Lloyd & Geraldine Wong

Naomi Wong

Lisa Woodbury

Lawrence & Nadine Woode

Amanda Wright

Joe Wright-Mcgee

Carol Jean & Clifford Yakuma

Charlotte N. Yamada

Susan Yamada

David M. Yamagata

Carol K. Yamamoto

Rodney & Frances Yamamoto

Jean Yamamoto

Judith L. Yamamoto

Roger Yamamoto

Matthew & Winifred Yamamoto

Charlene M. Yamashiro

Jerry & Caryn Yamauchi

Len Yamauchi

Stephanie Yanagida

Gayle Yap

Martha E. Yent

Chelsea Yim

Drake K.C. Yim

Kevin Yim

Mary Ann Mei-Wan Yip & Wing-Cheung Yip

Roy & Eleanor Yogi

Margaret & Kevin Yogi

Ruby Yogi

Audrey Yokota

Glenn & Sharon Yokoyama

Russell & Gail Yoshida

Gaylen & Luann Yoshida

Eugene & Elaine Yoshimi

Keith & Marian Yoshimura

Patsy & Yoshiharu Yoshimura

Blaine & Melissa Yoshioka

Glenn Yoshioka & C. Ann Whang-Yoshioka

Harriet T. Yoshizaki

Ivan Young

Patrick J. Young

Vivian W. Young

Wayne & Darlene Young

Janet H. Youth

Irene Yu

Lily & Patrick Yu

Eric & Janette Yuasa

Clayton & Elva Yuen

Joyce K. Yuen

Gensho Yukawa

Kent Yukumoto

Lori Yukumoto

Steven Yun

Kevin Zane

Dahlia & George Zotos

Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

Archipelago Hawaii

Belly Rub Kitchen


Chop Chop Chews LLC

Coopmonsters Dog Treats LLC

Crazy Shirts

Cub Scout Pack 49

Eco Pet Hawaii

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

Harbor Shores Apartment Hotel, Ltd.

Honolulu Beerworks

Insynergy Engineering, Inc.

K9 Secret Service

Kama'aina K9 Adventures

KSF, Inc.

Nummy Nums Organic

Pet Treat Kapolei

Ono808, LLC

Pawcuterie Hawaii, LLC

PayPal Giving Fund

PetCareNow, Inc.

Snobby Cats

Tali's Bagels & Schmear

In Honor of People

Brandi-Leigh Adams

Jamie Spencer

Chiyoko Miyabara

Edward & Lorayne Treschuk

Cindy Schoonover

Michelle L. Alves

Curtis Yen, Esq.

Hawaii Community Foundation

Dede Guss

Glenn & Debra Weinberg

Evi Perlitschke

Markus & Bettina Krebs

Feather & Fur Animal Hospital

Patsy K. N. Kalawaia

Ginny Tiu

Gemie & Ken Arakawa

Bob & Frances Bean

Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano

Diane E. Chang

Han & Meredith Ching

Cynthia I. Goss

Paul & Lisa Kosasa

Thomas & Mi Kosasa

Nathaniel K. Lam, D.V.M., D.A.C.V.S.

Charlyn H. Honda Masini

Anna Neubauer & Eldred Bristol

David & Kellyn Okabe

Gilford & Shareen Sato

Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga

Ginny Tiu & Vicky Cayetano

Ruth & Art Ushijima

Goodwin Wedding

Charli S. Goodwin

Lindsay Kipnis

Sophie Forman

Lorraine Nakata Rezents

Stephanie Rezents

Mandy & Matt Alcanter

Barbara De Lucca

Marcia Caldirola

Douglas Lorentz

Ms. Kitty

Brian & Dawna Gomes

Ning Ning Kang & Hang Ying

Felice Valmas, CPA & Company LLC

Noah & Sophia Jacobs

Laurel Grady

Phil Hubbard

Wayne & Janet Inagaki

Reta Maag

ALTRES & Simplicity HR

Zale Hisashima

Norine Hisashima

In Honor of Pets


Sharon J. Tesoro


Jo Ann & Ronald Komata


Peter C. Pinkerton

Chloe Corbisier

Amy K. Corbisier


Steve & Deb Knight


Colleen K. Tsuda


Alvin & Karen Scott

Jade De Bone

Donald & Carol Johnston


Marcus A. Bembenista


Ku'umeaaloha Gomes


Donald & Yoko Dandurand


Deborah & Bob Atkinson

Lilly, Buddylove, & Rosie

Bruce Vollert


Kevin & May-Lynn Matsumoto

Minky 2, Little Cat, Toffee, & Stoya

Lee Bentley Shinn Family Fund

My Forever Beloved Kitties

Sharon A. Matsunaga


Seizo Hayashi


Pamela McKiddie-Stearns

Ponce Family pets

Gilbert Ponce


Shayne L. Hirayama


Joyce A. Hada


Susan Curzon


The Master's Touch, LLC

In Memory of People

Andrew Enz

George & Bonnie Murphy

Anna W. Oda

Ruth & Art Ushijima

Barby Clarke

Christine, Gary, Darren, & Adam Relyea

Beatrice Santoki

Holly M. Santoki

Bert Shiira

Sharon M. Shiira

Cheryl Palesh

Alan & Lori Kato


Catherine Chow

Daphne Kaneshiro

Troy Kaneshiro

David Wang

Mary Ann H. Fernandes

Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez

Don Beckwith

Mary W. Ericsson

Dr. Marita Lee Nelson

Robert W. Nelson

Edward N. Meyer

Kim H. Chock

Esperanza White

Lovina White

Eloise Monsarrat

Henry & Patricia McPhillips

Emi Hata

Gary & Akemi Simon

Gay Wong

Ted Kashiwamura

26 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Geraldine Ohara

Ralph N. Ohara

Ginger Jellings

Nita Lohr

Gordon Yabui

Bryant K. Yabui

H. James Beecham, MD

Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann

Helen Muroda

Gail Rouleau Sherman

Jace Hearn

Eleanor & Lonnie Briggs

Janet Loo

Sandra A. Loo

Jean C. Marchant

David Marchant

Jean Kazuko Sato Shoji

Julie & Brian Ninomoto

Joanne Bowers

Mark B. Bowers

Kathleen Clinton

Stanley & Janet Zisk

Leslie Ann Takaki

Sonia Harada

Clyde Kinoshita

Terrance T. Takaki

Steve & June Takekawa

Reece & Janele Uyeno

Bruce & Kim Wahlberg

Susan & Alvin Yoshitomi

Lisa K. Uemura

Dorothy & Eugene Uemura

Marichu Scott & Anneliese Chun

Iris V. Stepanic

Martha "Lee" Zegar

Akamai Practice Management

Melvyn Iwaki

Michael Moore

Miles Shiratori

Louis & Kim Ickler


Vann C. Camacho

Mr. Andy Kay

Carolyn D. Nakagawa

Nancy Lee

Candace J. Lee


Donald & Carol Johnston

Pauline Yamamoto

Ray K. Yamamoto

Penny Carr

Melissa Rietfors

Richard M. Yano

Bryant K. Yabui

Ryan G. Yamamoto

Inez Koga

Sandra Ditschle

Eleanor & Lonnie Briggs

Terrilyn Lehua Chun

Denis & Aletha Coleman

Juliane & Wesley Inouye

April Leong & Robert Tanaka

Theodore E. Garduque & Teddie Bear

Mabel & Theodore Garduque

Tom Purdy

Samsil Y. Cannon

Lester & Janice Uyeda

W.P. Jacques

Carolyn M. L. Chang

Walter Kobashigawa

James & May Kobashigawa

In Memory of Pets

Ace, Buddy, Sparky, & Wobbles

The Takiguchi Family


Iris & Mitsuo Takayama


Sharon J. Tesoro

Bindi & Dutch Bro

Shane & R. Lyann Vagay

Bonkers, Princess, & Elvis

Mary J. Josol


Clayton & Kyong Suk Yoshida

Buddy Fukuji

Bryant K. Yabui

Butterscotch Baby

Diane L. Radcliffe


Lawrence & Charleen Kimata

Camille Bernstein

Dr. Gary & Melanie Johnson

Cato Kutaka-Alves

Ann A. Kutaka

Connor McLeod

Linda A. Miyamoto


Gregory & Monette Gilding

Cotton Ball

Susan S. Miyamoto


Douglas M. Brooks

Diamond & Dukie

Davy & Karen Warner

Duchess, Bandit, & Bear

James & May Kobashigawa

Ebi-chan, Hanako, & Jiro-kan

Shigeru & Kumiko Kaminaka

Edgy & Lani

June Kaetsu


Jill E. Thach


Sheila L. Y. Sakashita

Frosty, Tisha, & Charmer

Samuel & Kathy Dunn

Fudge D Hodge

Lauren Hodge


Allen & Tammy Perry

Handsome Haraguchi

Hannah & Willard Haraguchi

Hila Taguma

Lynn & Craig Taguma

Hoku & Smokey

Wayne & Shaldyn Amedy

Hoku Castillo

Alfred & Sharlene Castillo

Hoku, Le'a, Mara, & Pua

Roy & Grace Yokomura

Ingot, Lawrence, & Gabe

Marc Shimamoto

Ipo, Maile, Malia, & Tina

Isobel L. Ryan


Gary & Sandra Isono

Junior, Daisy, & Paly

Wendy & Ernie Bisol


Carlos A. Omphroy


Ann Y. Harada-Goodell

Kimble Ricarte

Richard & Steffani Ricarte

Koa & Layla

Melvin & Mary Jane Shinohara


George F. Nardin

Lily Bug

Janel G. Antoine-Jones


Faith Milnes

Lucky Ken Yonezawa

Darryl & Paula Yonezawa


Richard Granson

Maile Enos

Mary Ann H. Fernandes


Michelle Blomgren & Yuan Lu

Masa Ozaki

James & Iris Caswell

Max, Toby, & Brandi

Joanne & Clyde Matsui

Milo, Jet Li, Ace Fujii, Killer, & Muffin

Michael & Laurie Walsh


Dory M. West


Conrad Rodenbeck


Serena Stefanic-Phillip & Solomon Phillip


Steven & Gail Tokuda


Glen & Linell Goya

Nikki, Petey, Kasey, & Kimmie

Allan & Hilda Kitagawa

Parker Scharff from the

THPC Ohana

Trilby Sheeser

Peaches, Lucie, & Koa

Sandra M. Yamane


Marcus A. Bembenista

Pua, Noki, & Jewel

Kathleen D. Domen

Ralph & Plunk

Ned & Iris Rowley

Reffa Trozzi

Shirlee & Andrew Trozzi

Roxy Amano Lam

John & Sue Dean

Roxy Nishida

Theresa Nishida


John Brazelton


Susan M. Kosasa


Patsy K. N. Kalawaia

Scooby & Tazz

Diane Kodis

Sir Ramsey Hops-A-Lot

Paula R. Boyce

Smokey & Sachi

Candace A. Konjevic


Merilyn N. Oda


Patricia & Vincent Brown


Gwen Fujie

Sweetie Loo

Douglas & Donna Loo

Sydnee Yujin Ralar

James & Cindy Ralar

Taisho & Brandi

Harold & Jan Fujise

Teiti Pedro

Betty M. Pedro


Linda Weinsteger

Vinnie Bean, Acapito Bean, & Wylie


Bob & Frances Bean


Robin R. Ching

We make every effort to ensure that our information is accurate. If you have any questions, please contact

Paw Prints | 27
Acknowledgment of gifts from August 1, 2022 – October 31, 2022.
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