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April – May 2019

A bright future for Little Richard Little Richard’s journey to a better life began when he wandered into a front yard in Aiea covered in matted, dirty fur and with a mouth full of rotten teeth. A Hawaiian Humane field officer collected the stray Lhasa Apso, who, despite suffering from severe neglect, was friendly and approachable.

To give him a little extra time to recuperate, Little Richard went into foster care. During this time, he became fully house trained, got to play with other dogs and transitioned to eating solid food.

Upon his return, the Hawaiian Humane Society featured Little Richard in a “Pet of the Month” social media partnership With treatment with local apparel from Hawaiian company Crazy Humane’s veterinary team and time in foster Shirts. Crazy Shirts care, Little Richard got Little Richard was vaccinated, groomed, sponsored his the TLC he needed before finding adoption fee as well neutered, had a hernia repaired and all a new family. as a $25 gift card of his rotten teeth were removed. for merchandise from the Society’s Adoption After just one week at Hawaiian Center. Little Richard made Humane, Little Richard was practically his debut on Facebook and unrecognizable. While toothless, he was healthy, free of pain, clean and was adopted by his new Like Little Richard, many of the animals family in just a few days. groomed and his sweet nature was who come to Hawaiian Humane are in shining through. need of extensive dental care. Dental While Little Richard is a Upon unique individual, his story disease can be expensive to treat at a intake, Little veterinary clinic, so taking care of these it is not unusual. Helping Richard was in dire need issues before animals are adopted saves animals recover from of care. severe neglect and find new their future families from incurring an immediate and significant expense. homes is an important part of what Hawaiian Humane Hawaiian Humane recently acquired does every day. a new dental machine that allows our veterinary staff to perform tooth Animals made available extractions and other procedures. for adoption at the Society “It is in use every day,” said Chief receive a multitude of Veterinarian Dr. Kasey Carter. services, including veterinary exams, spay/neuter surgery, continued on page 3 microchips and vaccinations. The veterinary team at Hawaiian Humane examined Little Richard and quickly realized he was in desperate need of help. With more than a little intensive care, the veterinary team believed Little Richard could have a bright future.

President’s Message

Committed to compassion The Hawaiian Humane Society’s commitment to prevent and relieve animal suffering is as strong today as it has been at any time in its 136-year history. Our commitment is reflected in the Society’s investment in affordable spay/ neuter services. Last year, we opened our high volume spay/neuter center. Spaying and neutering addresses the root of animal suffering in our community, pet overpopulation. Looking to the future, the board recently voted to add a full-service veterinary clinic to the plans for the Society’s new West Oahu campus, increasing the availability of spay/ neuter services across the island. You may have seen recent news reports that have raised concerns about the Hawaiian Humane Society’s euthanasia policies. Our commitment to prevent animal suffering sometimes requires our staff to make hard decisions. As Oahu’s only open-admission shelter, we welcome all animals 24/7. We don’t turn away sick or injured animals, or animals that pose a safety risk. Euthanasia is never an easy choice, but sometimes it is necessary. When an animal is suffering due to injury or illness, euthanasia is the most humane option. When an animal poses a safety threat, euthanasia is the most responsible option. None of these decisions are made lightly.

improve. The board has engaged outside experts in animal welfare to conduct an independent review of the Society’s euthanasia policies and practices. If there are things we can do better, we will. The board is also committed to our staff. As many of you know, we have recently undergone a leadership transition following the resignation of former President and CEO Lisa Fowler for personal reasons. Lisa will remain employed until April 30th, 2019, to aid in the transition. We appreciate Lisa’s commitment to animal welfare as well as her many contributions to the organization over the past eight years, including the instrumental role she played in completing the Society’s $18M capital campaign. Lisa has expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of the Society’s amazing team of animal welfare professionals. We have launched a search for a new CEO and I will serve as interim CEO until we name a successor. The Hawaiian Humane Society protects the safety and welfare of animals in need on Oahu. I am proud to be part of an organization whose employees dedicate themselves to shelter and rescue animals, find families for pets who need homes and advocate for the humane treatment of animals everywhere. Mahalo for your continued support,

Our efforts to reduce euthanasia are reflected in the numbers. The Society’s use of euthanasia is at historic lows. And while the Hawaiian Humane Society’s processes are carried out according to strict standards and we have seen no evidence of wrongdoing, we are committed to finding ways to

Bob Armstrong Board Chair & Interim President & CEO


Allison Gammel Community Relations Director Editor Jeff Chung Amanda Kowalski Liz Valleriani Photographers Published quarterly by the Hawaiian Humane Society. 2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826 Phone (808) 356-2200 Fax (808) 955-6034 HawaiianHumane.org Animal Rescues & Investigations 356-2250 Dog Licensing 356-2200 Donations & Gifts 356-2213 Education 356-2206 Events 356-2225 Hike Club 356-2222 Lost & Found 356-2228 Neuter Now 356-2200 Pet Adoptions 356-2218 Pet Loss Support Group 356-2222 Volunteer Programs 356-2222 Community Spay/Neuter Center 356-2255 The Hawaiian Humane Society is an education and advocacy organization that also shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. It is Oahu’s only open-admission shelter that welcomes all animals. Visit HawaiianHumane.org to learn more.

Collette’s spunk charms one and all Collette charmed the Society’s staff and news media before finding a new home.

George Huffman and Glenn Honda of Honolulu welcomed Collette (now Ella) into their family after learning about her special needs.

Unfortunate circumstances don’t always dictate the future. Collette was originally transferred to the Hawaiian Humane Society in early January 2019 after being brought to a private veterinary clinic by an owner who could no longer provide for her care. Despite being paralyzed in her hind legs, Collette showed she could get around on her front legs, sometimes assisted by a special wheelchair. She quickly won people over with her happy-go-lucky personality.

team and an individual treatment plan was developed based on her needs. After receiving medical care, she was made available for adoption under a special screening process to ensure that interested families would understand her condition and her need for ongoing care.

Like all animals that come through Hawaiian Humane’s doors, Collette was evaluated by the Society’s veterinary

With the help of the news media, Collette’s story was shared in hopes that an Oahu family would be able to welcome her into their ohana. George Huffman and Glenn Honda of Honolulu did just that. They visited the Society’s Moiliili campus and met the lively pup Society staff added during a special adoption event. They returned just features like rear a few days later, after checking that they could fully foot stirrups to accommodate her needs, to bring Collette home. Collette's wheelchair.

At just 3 years old, Collette, now Ella, has a new family and a long life ahead of her.

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Other interventions include hernia repairs, removal of masses, eye repair or removal, limb amputations when necessary and heartworm treatment. After completing treatment, and sometimes spending time recovering in foster care, animals available for

adoption stay at Hawaiian Humane for as long as it takes them to find a home. Adoption fees cover a small portion of the cost of the care provided to animals by the Society. Most expenses are underwritten by donors, corporate and community partners, special

for An Autos

imals. Turn your

trusts and funds and volunteers who donate their time and labor. Thanks to the generous support of the community, Hawaiian Humane is able to help thousands of animals in need find loving homes and brighter, happier futures.

old wheels into their meals.

Donate your car and help care for animals. Call 356-2213 or visit HawaiianHumane.org.


Crisis leads to new homes Theresa Moss was in a panic. The homeless encampment where she had been living was swept while she was away and her three dogs were gone along with a new litter of eight puppies. Happily, she found all of her pups safe at the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Lexy and her three puppies were fostered by the Hawaiian Humane Society until the puppies were weaned.

In the turmoil of that October day, Moss was grateful to have some help. She agreed to have all three dogs sterilized, but the momma dog still had puppies to feed.

With Moss unsure of where she would be living, the Society found a foster family that was willing to take the nursing mother, Lexy, and her puppies.

The Hawaiian Humane Society is a member of Partners in Care (PIC), an umbrella organization composed of homeless service providers and other stakeholders that share a commitment to advocating for programs and services to address the needs of Oahu’s homeless residents.

Lexy spent four weeks in foster care before being spayed and returned to Moss. “The day she came to pick up the mom after she was spayed she was so happy,” said Field Services Manager Rusty Radona, who kept Moss up to date on Lexy and the puppies while they were in foster care. The puppies were all sterilized and adopted into new homes a couple of weeks later.

Belonging to PIC allows the Society to network with frontline outreach personnel and assist them with the needs of their pet-owning clients. PIC membership also allows Hawaiian Humane to better advocate for pet-friendly policies in transitional and permanent housing.

Best of all, Moss and her three adult dogs now have a new home through a program that helps veterans in need. The Society believes anyone can be a responsible pet owner, regardless of income. Hawaiian Humane offers services, programs, supplies and outreach to assist pet owners in need.

Got a picture perfect pet? Have a pet who the camera loves? Beginning in June, the 2020 search is on for great shots of pets in paradise.

model. Winners will receive a professional photography session for the cover.

All pets are welcome in the Hawaiian Humane Society’s calendar contest for a $25 donation per photo entry. The winners will be selected by popular vote in the “People’s Choice” category and by a panel in the “Judge’s Choice” category.

Photos can be submitted beginning June 1 and votes can be cast until June 30. Visit HawaiianHumane.org to enter. Photos must be horizontal, in crisp focus and available at least 1 megabyte in size and 300 dpi for calendar consideration.

A panel of judges will choose from all entrants and select the 2020 cover


356-2247 or visit HawaiianHumane.org for more information.


Loyal Friend: Michelle Alves “It might sound corny, but the Hawaiian Humane Society saved my life,” said Michelle Alves, who started volunteering at the Moiliili campus in 2006. “I was in a really bad place 12 years ago and volunteering, giving back to somebody – I call the dogs somebody even though they’re not people – it gave me something to focus on beyond myself.”

For more than a decade, Hawaiian Humane volunteer Michelle Alves has given back to animals in need. She encourages others to do the same.

In more than a decade as a dog walker, Alves has seen Hawaiian Humane expand its facilities and services. She remembers the Waianae rescue in 2016 when the Society cared for more than 300 dogs. “I’ve seen with my own eyes how Hawaiian Humane takes animals in and treats them and saves them, and that can’t be done without funding,” she said. “I see the dogs, I see the staff members, I see the good work. I see it firsthand and that experience makes me want to give."

“Simply, I have everything in my life and don’t need anything more. I want to help the animals here out. I keep thinking even $50 or $100 will do some good.”

Alves, who came to Hawaii 30 years ago and taught high school mathematics in Manoa, donates to Hawaiian Humane and also asks her friends and family to donate in lieu of Christmas and birthday gifts.

Alves encourages people to visit the Moiliili campus to learn more about the Hawaiian Humane Society. “People don’t understand until they come here. I say, come see what we do. We have to help the animals anyway we can.”

Did you know? Humane education has been a top priority since the Hawaiian Humane Society was established in 1883. By instilling values of compassion, empathy and responsibility, the Society’s education team encourages youth to use their voices and choices to make a difference for the animals in their communities. Education programs include school and community presentations, mentorship for student learning projects, free humane education curriculum for teachers and training for teen advocates. Last year, more than 34,000 students were educated through these programs.



Q&A: Ask our Chief Veterinarian

Q: A:

Hawaiian Humane’s chief veterinarian, Kasey Carter, DVM, leads the Society’s veterinary team. With an extensive background in shelter medicine, Dr. Carter provides expert information for pet Enzo (formerly Sabir) was adopted owners regarding the from the Hawaiian Humane health, wellbeing Society in January 2019. Prior to adoption, Enzo was and behavior heartworm positive so he started of their animal heartworm treatment provided companions. by the Society before going to How much of a threat is heartworm to my pet?

a new home. After completing successful treatment, Enzo went home with a Honolulu family.

Heartworm is a preventable, but potentially fatal mosquito-borne parasite that primarily infects dogs and cats. Because of the seriousness of the disease and the prevalence of mosquitoes in Hawaii, heartworm prevention is highly recommended. See your veterinarian for a heartworm test and monthly preventative medication. If your pet tests positive for heartworm, your veterinarian can advise on a treatment plan. Dogs at Hawaiian Humane who test positive for heartworm are made available for adoption and provided with a course of antibiotics to prepare them for further treatment. Once they find their new families they are treated for the infection at no cost to the owner. My dog Kevin was heartworm positive when I adopted him and was treated in the same way that the Society treats heartworm disease in dogs. Kevin remains heartworm free to this day!

Q: A:

How important is brushing my dog’s teeth? Can I just give him bones to chew?

Brushing your pet’s teeth is a good way to prevent dental disease. Just like in people, neglect can lead to pain, infection and tooth loss. Pets need special toothpaste, so consult with your veterinarian for the correct formula and tips on brushing. Some bones can be harmful to pets’ teeth, so check with your veterinarian before giving your pet any bones.


The Hawaiian Humane Society spays/neuters all animals available for adoption, even puppies and kittens. Is pediatric spay/neuter safe?


Yes, pediatric spay/neuter is safe! The puppies and kittens sterilized at the Society prior to adoption are at least 2 months old and 2 pounds in weight, in accordance with standards set by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The Hawaiian Humane Society’s new Community Spay/Neuter Center is a specialized high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter clinic that aims to increase the availability of affordable cat and dog sterilization services for the community. The first of its kind on Oahu, it has the capacity to perform approximately 8,000 spay/neuter surgeries annually. Sterilization services are available for pet dogs and cats and for FreeRoaming cats.

The commonly accepted health benefits associated with spay/neuter apply equally to pediatric sterilization and the surgical procedures are easier and faster than they are in adult animals. That translates to shorter recovery periods and faster

To schedule an appointment, call 356-2255.


Hitting the trails of Oahu On the last Saturday of every month, Danmerle Capati and her Chihuahua mix Auree take to some of the most beautiful trails on Oahu with the Hawaiian Humane Society's Paws on the Path hiking group.

encouraging people to venture outdoors with their pets. She said, “Hiking makes exercise fun and the fun doubles when we can share any adventure with our pets!” The group’s hikes are scattered across the island, including Manoa Falls in Honolulu, Maunawili Demonstration Trail in Waimanalo and the ‘Ehukai Pillbox Hike in Haleiwa. Trails vary in difficulty, but everyone is welcome to join, no matter their skill level.

Capati has been volunteering as a hike lead for the Hawaiian Humane Society for three years and loves

Sharon Sagayadoro, volunteer and outreach coordinator at Hawaiian Humane, oversees the program and participates each month. “It’s a fantastic group of hikers and dog owners and a fun way to get out with our pets, get much needed exercise, and see some of the most beautiful spots on the island,” she said. To learn more about upcoming hikes, visit HawaiianHumane.org.

Waggin’ Tales


Sit, stay and save for adoptions Mahalo to American Carpet One for sponsoring adoption fees at their Sit, Stay & Save adoption event on December 8. Nine dogs and two cats found their new families that day.

Be Kind to Animals Week Roadside Rally

A little Kokua goes a long way A warm mahalo to Bank of Hawaii for selecting the Hawaiian Humane Society as one of its 2018 Live Kokua Giving Campaign beneficiaries. A very Doggie Christmas Congratulations and thanks to Hawaii Doggie Bakery, which celebrated its 20th anniversary by raising $1,300 for the Society’s pet visitation program.

May 5 – 11 • Islandwide

The first week of May is National Be Kind to Animals Week. Join the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Sign Waving Challenge to promote the humane treatment of all animals and your group could win a pizza party. This event is open to Oahu students and youth groups. Email education@hawaiianhumane.org for more information.

$20 Microchips Every Day Get your cat or dog microchipped at Hawaiian Humane for $20, which includes registration in Oahu’s microchip database. No appointment is required. Walk-ins are welcome any day of week between noon and 4 pm at the Adoptions or Admissions Center.


Gifts of Love

We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more from November 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019

Fat Cats & Top Dogs $10,000 + ALTRES & Simplicity HR Bank of Hawaii Foundation Bob & Frances Bean Cades Foundation James & Abigail Campbell Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Emmett R. Quady Foundation First Hawaiian Bank Richard Flagg & Alberta Freidus-Flagg Laurie Foster Stephen & Gloria Gainsley Elizabeth Rice Grossman H.T. Hayashi Foundation Mike & Sandra Irish John R. Halligan Charitable Fund Thomas & Mi Kosasa Susan Kosasa Jennie Phillips Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Annie Stamps & Dustin Ridgeway Ginny Tiu University Health Alliance Barry & Virginia Weinman

Animal Champions $5,000 +

Stephen Ahlers Tim & Jeanne Brauer Central Pacific Bank John & Sue Dean Leslie Disney Donald Hardy & Francesca Passalacqua Island Insurance Foundation Diane M. Kimura & William J. Nagle, III David & Catherine Nadeau Subaru Hawaii Mune Tanaka/ Ka'u Makana Foundation

Best Friends $1,000 +

Carol Ai May & Michael May Charlene Abe & Keith Kaneshiro Satoru Abe AECOM Technical Services Akira Yamamoto Painting Alexander & Baldwin Shachar & Heidi Argov Australian American Chamber of Commerce Jeffrey Bartlett Sue Beitia Dennis Bernard Rodney Boychuk Castiglione A Casauria Foundation Daniel Chiang Burt & Carolyn Chinen Han & Meredith Ching

Mike & Joyce Ching City Mill Company/Chung Kun Ai Foundation William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Sharon Crofts & Brian Stewart Marilyn CupChoy Dwight Damon Jeffrey Deer Phyllis & William Dendle Tim Denson Christine DeTommaso DFS Group - Hawaii Division Dimitri & Suzanne Diamond Haniotis Donegan-Burns Foundation Diane Eddy Gary Edwards & Lisa Brewer Elite Pacific Construction Norman & Deborah Emerson John Emery James & Vickie Farmer Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet Fellowship Ministries Mary Ann Fernandes Darleen Fontanilla Foodland Super Market Mary Lou Foy John Fritz Herbert & Barbara Fujikawa Gail Fukuki James & Lydia Gibson Tim & Devon Guard Jean Hess Clyde Higa Ryan & Pamela Higashi Alexander & Anukriti Hittle Island Insurance Company Gladys & Melvin Iwaki David & Marlene Johnson Tim Johnsson Chuck & Skipper Jones Patsy Kalawaia Walter Kam Edward Kaneshige & Marcia Taylor-Kaneshige Denise Keala Robert Kim Robert & Adelaide Kistner Wayne & Patsy Kobatake Jacqueline Kubo Geraldyne Lacno Carolyn Lalakea Janey Lindbo Leighton & Valerie Lum Michael Maeda Barbara Mathews David McCauley Margot McFedries Paul & Ann Misura Audrey Mueh Thomas & Verna Muraoka Marjorie Norstrom Grace & Richard Okita Rebecca Ozaki Lori Pacarro Deborah Park Richard & Jill Pentecost Louis & Flori Petri

PetSmart Charities Raymond & Suk Yon Porter April Putnam Eileen Rawitz Alan Richards William & Emi Robillard RYP Designs James & Bettye Schuler Servco Foundation Carl & Lu Seyfer Luella Spadaro Tita Stack Keith & Polly Steiner James Striker Beverly & Reynold Suenaga Bee Tan Bob & Lynne Toyofuku Harry & Violet Tsuchidana Tyler & Sharlene Tsuda Alfredo & Belen Udani Justin Valdez

Natasha Dalumpinis Sheldon David Dr. Tung's Kyung Eichler Jennifer Engels Richard Fucik George & Lei Fukuhara Julieann Getman Jay Grekin & Judy Stubbs Robert Hackman Marvin & Rae Alice Hall Jacob Hanohano Hannah & Willard Haraguchi Emi Hata Hawaiian Pentecostal Full Gospel Assembly Letitia Hickson Yoko & Frank Houser Lars Isaacson Tad & Carol Iwanuma Gordon Jeynes

Helen Kinau Wilder Legacy Gifts November 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019

Kleona Corsini Frances McClurkin

Ralph Vaughn Johnny & Bubba Walker Peter & Sue Ann Wargo Welakahao Catamaran Paul White & Jennifer Taylor Jay & Lei Wilmoth Blake & Sandra Yoshida Frederick Yuen

Devoted Companions $500 +

Charles Alexander Janet Archy Rona Bennett Paul Blickman Jeffrey Boeckman & Joanne Hogle William Borthwick Jill Box Deborah Buchanan California Pizza Kitchen Melinda & James Cavanah Norman Chang Molly Cherry Herbert & Leona Chock Joan Phyllis Chock Elizabeth Christensen Brandon Chun Erin Claggett Debra & Robert Creps Dorothy & Paul Dale


Bette Kalohi Marjorie Kashiwada Christopher Kasperowicz Brian Kelly Saundra Keyes Kellyann Kobayashi John & Kalowena Komeiji Brett Kraft Ricky & Ethel Kubota Shannon Lau Jeff & Karin LeBlanc Judith Leon Sandra Leong Sharon Llewellyn Georgianna Lum Steven Lum Lance & Nancy Machamer Nancy Makowski Melba Manuel Reiko & Milton Matsuda Jaime McCarthy Portland Mendivil Ann Michaud Susan & Richard Miller Min Plastics & Supply Randy Mita Richard Mitchell & Ann Scholing Mitchell Sandra Miyashiro Ronald & Kathleen Morton Stanley & Gail Muranaka Randolph Murayama

Alice Nagano Laura & Stanley Nakasone Fred & Alison Nelson Paul Nelting Mary & Darryl Ng Glenn & Joy Nishino Daikichi & Joyce Nishita Gary & Barbara North Robert Ogawa Omidyar Group Paul Osugi Robert Pascua Petco Foundation Jerry & Lily Prentiss Redfield Proctor James & Cindy Ralar Darlene Richardson Daniel Robertson Victoria Sakai Frances Schneider Niklas & Sharon Schneider Sharon Schoonmaker Glenn Seo Arthur & June Shida Janet Shiga Susan & Alvin Shishido Emilie Smith Mike & Linda Smith Susan Smith Vicky Stewart Taren Taguchi Ellen & Jason Tamura Tammy, Stanley & Diane Tamura Helen Taniguchi Charles & Arleen Tarnay Alexandra Tateyama Ronald Todd Sue Umeda Jordan Van Duyne William & Sandra Van Keulen Allan Vosburgh Leinee & Paul Watase Alan & Jennifer Whinery Terry Wilson Erik Wong Joan Worthen Carol Jean Yakuma Ayako Yamada Randal & Joyce Yanagisawa Beverly Yap Mari Yonesaki Don & Judi Young Mihae Yu

Guardian Angels $100 +

808 Hawaii Properties Dan Abrahamsson Milton Ackerman Jean Adair-Leland Jan Adam Sophie Adversalo Donna Agas Kammie Aguada-Nakaue & Dwayne Nakaue Jay Agustin Audrey Ahana Dawn Aihara George Aikau Dale & Katherine Aina David Aiu Herman Aiwohi Ellen & William Akaka Allan & Arleen Akamine David Akamine

Russel & Myung Akamu Clayton Aki Sandria Akima Gwen Akimoto Leroy & Carol Akimoto Rene Akiyama Claudia Akroyd & Robin Cababa Suzanne Akui Ada Alamani Steven & Lea Albert Robin & Dana Alberts Hays Alexander Reynold & Laverne Alexander Herman & Eva Allerstorfer Michelle Alves Nicole Amano Warren Amaral Ryan Amuro Michael & Hwa Ja Anahori Carole Anamizu Richard & Ethel Anbe Joanne Ancheta Diane Anderson Della Anderson & Kurt Kunimune Jeanne & Robert Anderson Judith Anderson Lillie Andrews Shelly Andrews David & Sharon Ansai George & Alice Aoki Raymond & Roberta Aono Teruo & Chizuko Aonuma Marc & Florence Aoyama Georgia Apana A.P. Baker, Inc Jennifer Aquino Victor Aragaki Leona Aragon May Arakaki & Richard Rita Aileen Arakawa Cosmo & Ann Arakawa Sandra Arashiro Steven Arashiro Susan & Terrance Arashiro Renee Archer Nakashima Mark Arinaga Anna Arita Gene & Susan Armacost Emmy Armstrong Mary Artese Lisa & David Asakura Jay & Karen Asato Karl & Linda Asato Remedios Aspril & Conrad Catenacci Associated Rental Services Alexandra Au Lawrence Au Sharon Au Toni Au Warren Au Catherine Au Hoy Richert & Maria Au Hoy Sidney & Gloria Ayabe Ann & David Ayling James & Edna Ayling Michael & Lillian Babcock Frank Baensch Ursula Baensch Marc Bagby Miles & Joann Baidack Nicole Bailey Allan & Frances Bailon Margaret Baker Kiana Balbirona Damian Balinowski

Grants November 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019

Ellen M. Koenig Memorial Fund G.N. Wilcox Trust Susan Ballard Ray & Rosaline Ballungay Bonifacio & Elizabeth Banuilos Kenneth Barclay Monica & David Barden Vivian Barlos Joanna Barroga Gabriele Barthlen Earl Batten Ruth Baunatz Ann & Martin Beach Thomas & Jill Beaupre George Beavin John Beck Donald Beckwith Risa Beer Ann Beeson Roger & Masako Bellinger Christine Bender Lisamarie Bensman Edwin & Maureen Benz Eric & Chiho Bercovici Steve & Kathy Berg Gershon Bergeisen Lani & James Bergstrom Stan Bergstrom & Suzanne Varady Annie Sung Bernstein Ronald Biho Ralph Bishop Karin Bjorkman Harry & Jean Bjornson Henry Blakstad Winona Blanchard Joan Bogner-Lyons Dale Bordner Gillian Boss Donald & Grace Botelho Karen Bow-Villanueva Gregory & Jann Boxold Joseph Boyce James Bragaw William Brandt Michael & Debra Bressem Jyo Teshima Bridgewater Rodrigo Bristol & Zita Cruz-Bristol James Brock Richard & Julie Brock Harrison & Pamela Brooks Burnette Brown Donald & Misao Brown Martha Brown Tevet & Marsha Bruhn Erika Brunnschweiler Linda Buck Edward Bugarin & Carol Jaxon Peter & Pamela Bunn Barton & Diana-Lee Bunney John Burback & Norma Pang Donna Burkeen Bruce & Lynne Burns Ronald & Willette Bush Peter & Claudia Butler Mateo Caballero Sandra Cabbab Jeffrey & Lynn Cabebe


Destin Cadelinia Leland Cadoy Michael & Faye Cadonetti Anastacia & Baltazar Calixterio Janis Calton Lowell & Charlotte Cambra Karin Campbell Mary Campbell Career Development Center of Hawaii Gary & Sharon Cargo Ignacio Cariaga Laurine & Melvyn Carino Judy Carlisle Aileen Carlos & Robert Nichols Jeffrey & Susan Carlson Jessica Carpenter Thomas Carpenter Don & Eunice Carroll Paula Carroll Kimberly Case Suzanne Case & Gigi Abel David Cassidy Sonya Catiggay Catherine Caudle Central Building Company Linda Cezar Warren & Tiffany Chaiko Chunmay Chang Eric Chang Franklin Chang Howard Chang Joyce Chang Kathryn Chang Karen Chang Lorraine & Carlton Chang Steve Chang Mimi Charette Michael Cheang Clinton Chee Kimberly Chee Warren Chee Wieland Chee Claire Cheeley Cynthia Cheever Hui Chen Clyde & Lisa Chena Po Shu & Doris Cheng Earl & Vera Cherry Lily Cheung Sandy Chikasuye Melanie Chin Michael & Trudie China Brenda Ching Carolyn Ching Dennis & Eunice Ching Noel Ching Randall Ching Reney Ann Ching Shari Ching Stanley Ching & Jocelyn Nakashima Wesley Ching William Ching Rose Chismar

Jennifer Chiwa Eileen Cho Ginger Chock Karen Chock Keith & Peggy Chock Stephen Chock Verna Chock Edward & Margaret Chong John & Rosalind Chong Kenneth & Lishan Chong Luther Chong Jan Chouljian Keith & Stella Chow Darryl Choy Frank & Patricia Choy Geraldine Choy Heidi Choy Raymond & Sandra Choy Steven Choy Chuckie Bernard Chun Bradley Chun Cedric & Vreni Chun Cynthia & Richard Chun Deane & Kristen Chun Howard Chun Michael & Evelyn Chun Summer Chun Sylvia Chun Alexander & Janice Chung Catherine Chung Eugene Chung Gwendolyn Chung Jo Chung Sharon Chung Stanley Chung Joan Ciano James Cigan Clanne Corporation Harley Clark & Sue Jennings Barby Clarke Connie Clinton Jennifer Coates Gretchen & Duane Cobeen Eloise & Jerry Coiner Peter Colarusso Dorothy Colby Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad Warren Cone John & Cathy Cook Ron & Myrna Cooper Stuart Copp & Raenell Bergantz Catherine Corbin John & Elizabeth Corbin Clifford Cordeiro Rance Cordeiro Edna & Dean Cost Earle Crabe Timothy Craig Lee & Joyce Cranmer Domingo & Sharon Cravalho Terry Craven Creations by June Susan Cross Albert & Luain Cruz Susan Cuizon Jane Culp Ann Cuseo Andrea Cyriacks Chester Dal Santo Ather & Marivic Dar Harold & Floralei Darcey Colton Dasse Gina Davidson Charles Davis Tara Davis

Toni Davis David Dawley Peter & Shirley Dawson Zan Dawson & Nani Lindsey Christopher Day Collin De Costa David De Witt Miyo Deal Georgette Deemer Cecelia Deen Michael & Kelly Deese Rita Degnan Karen Degner Daniel & Victoria DeHaas Frederick Del Rosario Minerva Dela Cruz Lisa DeLong Tamiko Delos Santos JoAnne Delvillano Joseph & Betty Demarke Deborah Deshais Jo desMarets Nicholas & Leslie Detor Catherine Devaney LeAnna Dezzani Bernard Dier Concetta DiLeo Lauren Diresta Franklin & Annette Distiso Diane Dizon George Do John & Jane Dodson Dean & Marjorie Doi Gail Doi Elizabeth Dolan Dave & Amelia Dolim Katherine Dombrigues Kathleen Domen Samuel & Lily Domingo Wanda & Roger Dominguesharmon Robert & Praneet Donle Terry Donohue Ben Dookchitra Joanne Dougherty Fran Draut Paul Drouin Linh Du Quach Marilee Duffy Gloria Dugay Sandra Duldulao Georgette Dun Phillip Dunkelberger Harriet & Bassil Dunn Mark Dunn & Marcia Muraoka-Dunn Samuel & Kathy Dunn David & Mary Dunnavant Amanda Duttlinger Paul & Anna Duvauchelle Claire Duvauchelle Jon & Mary Lou Earll Kathleen Ebey Mike Ebinger Glenn & Lynne Ebisui Alan & Elinore Eckel Barbara Jo Elkington Robert Ellefson & Joyce Chinen Denise & Bruce Ellinwood James & Jennifer Ellis Rosemarie Emery Melvin Endo Shirley Endo Vernon & Marina Endo Henry Eng Mark Enomoto

Rachelle Enos Richard Enright Nola Epp Richard & Nancy Erickson Charles & Cynthia Erlinger Patricia Ernce & Cindy Namahoe Lee Ann Errett Edsel Eshima Antonio Espiritu Donnie Esposito Karen Essene Renato & Maria Etrata James & Renee Evans Stacy & Carl Evensen Michele Faller Richard & Gail Farley Korleen Farley Frank Farm Lisa Favreaux Kathy Fay Rosemary Fazio & David Randell Maria Felix-Neal Pamela Fern Everett Fernandez Lynette Fernandez Christopher Ferry Dana Fieda Patricia Field Eric Firing Daniel Fischberg Joy Fischer Anne Fisher Paula Fitzell Judith Flanders John Fleckles Donal Fleming Joan Fleming Dora Fong Robert Foo Michael Formby Lisa Fowler & Barry Ching Joseph Francher Piilani Fraser Bill & Marti Frensley Harold & Lorenne Fujii Muriel Fujii Regan Fujii Samuel Fujikawa Julie Fujiki Randy Fujimori & Janet Clark Gail Fujimoto Gary & Sandra Fujimoto Karen Fujimoto Miles Fujimoto Paul Fujimoto Wayne Fujimoto Craig Fujino Ione Fujio Arlene Fujishige Joseph & Helen Fujita Jessie Fujitani Blane Fujiwara & Elizabeth Ishii Raymond & Teresa Fujiwara Peter & Gretchen Fujiyoshi Jon & Susan Fukuda Christine Fukumoto Keith Fukumoto Alice Fukunaga Barry & Cheryl Fukunaga Niki Fukuoda Mary Fukuya Jill Funasaki Juanita Funn Dennis Furuike Glenn & Janice Furuta Gary Furutani


Reid Furutani Cheryle & Charles Furuya Denise Furuya Howard Furuya Lincoln & Helene Furuya John & Hsiu Mei Furuyama Susan Gabaree Hana Gabrielson Venus Gabuyo Alejandria Galariada Orlando & Robelyn Galeon Richard Galino Troy Gallegos Benjamin Gampon Harish Ganesathasan Anthony Garcia Howard Gardiner Gloria Jean & Charles Garner Amy Garon Barbara Garringer Natalie & Philip Gartland Walter & Elisabeth Gau Nalani Gauen Sharon Geary Linda Gee Beil Jo Carol Gelfo Jocelyn Geltmacher Francis & Jayne George Patrick & Catherine Geraghty William Gerlach Manfred & Carol Gerstl Christine Giannoni Gregory Gibbons & Peter Fujieki Patrick Gilbert Gregory & Monette Gilding Suzanne & Chris Gilleres Cindy Lee Gillis Bernard & Lyra Giorgio Hazel Go Chris & Debra Godwin Leela Goldstein Golf Concepts Brian & Dawna Gomes Carole Gomes Jordan Gomes Shelli Gomes Barbara Gonsalves Sandra Gonsalves Lenny & Jenny Gonzales Maria & Elvis Gonzalez Stephen & Barbara Goodman Ryan Goodwin Thomas Gorak & Teresa Bay Marjorie Gordon Mayuree Gorman Carrie Gosiaco Jasmine Goto May Goto Sandy Gottesman Blythe Goya David Goya Taro & Helen Goya Linoma Gragson Robert & Carol Ann Graham Richard Granson Pamela Grant Shirley Grant Barry & Dianna Graves Harvey & Rae Green Ted & Christine Grisell Claire Groom Michael Gross Andrew Grossman Sylvia Guernsey Delphina Guerrero Ercira Guisadio

Paula Gum Barron and Dede Guss David Gustafson Madelyn Guzman Iris Ha Kevin Hadley Julie Haggeblom Timothy Hagino William & Diane Hahn Kimberley Haines Miles & Joy Hakoda Diane & James Hall Gail Hamada Martha & Duane Hamada Marvin Hamai Keith & Janice Hamamoto Tomeo & Jane Hamanaka Wesley Hamasaki Caroline Hamatake Josh Hamilton Liz Hamilton Allen Hamson Landseer & Dale Hamura Michelle Han Masao & Patsy Hanaoka Shelby Hankee Gregory & Wendy Hanna Steven & Sherry Hansel Kristeen Hanselman Jeffrey & Lorena Hanyu Sharon Hara Cerina Harada Dean Harada Keith Harada Maile Harada Ryan & Susan Harada Ann Harada-Goodell Harbor Shores Apartments Rosemae Harrington Donald & Mae Harris Kenneth Harris Daniel Hartline Robert Hartsfield

Denise Haruki Richard & Amy Hashimoto Ronald & Joycelyn Hashimoto Harold & Yvonne Hashizume Constance Hastert Leslie & Betsy Hata Rose Hata Mark Hatori & Cindy Amimoto-Hatori Melvyn Hayamoto Clifford Hayashi Howard Hayashi Norman & Edlyn Hayashida Michele & Dale Hays Deborah Hazama Darlene Heck Calvin Hee Charlotte Hee Vincent & Sandy Hee Sheila Hegwood John & Lea Heide Virginia Henderson William Henne Susan & Arthur Henry Melvin & Lucinda Herolaga James & Fabienne Herold Mary Herrera Eileen Herring Petra Herzog Robert & Suzanne Hew-Len Kristi Hiapo Gary Hickling & Dennis Moore Alden & Audrey Higa Anne & Michael Higa Geraldine Higa Joyce Higa Kathleen Higa Linda Higa & Bitsy Roy & Doreen Higa Charlaine Higashi Donna Higashi Jay & Esther Higashi Larry & Anne Higashi

Shirley Higashi Cheryl Higashida Dean Higuchi Stephen & Terrie Higuchi Keith & Jill Hijirida Fay Hill Mary Hill George & Kay Hino Sandra Hino Mark Hirae Matthew Hiraga Joanne Hiramatsu Lynn Hirano Tomie Hirano Nancy Hiraoka Sherri Hiraoka Dalton & Joanne Hirata Glenn & Sonia Hirata Robert & Hazel Hirayama Ingrid Hirazumi Diane Hirohata Ian Hirokawa & Minette Ferrer Abraham Hiromasa Jacqueline Hironaka Kay Hironaka Valerie Hironaka Chizuno & Evelyn Hiroshige Linda Hirsch Natalie Hiu Greg & Lynn Hiyakumoto Elyne Hiyane Harriet Ho Marina Ho Peggy & Myron Hoefer Bonnie & Bruno Hofmann Kimo Hollinger Lt. Col. & Mrs. Miner Holloway, II Cari Ann Honda Diane Honda Valerie Hong Pegge Hopper Mary Ann Horii Brian & Carole Horiuchi

Consider donating your HawaiianMiles to Hawaii’s animals. At the end of the year, Hawaiian Airlines will match up to 500,000 miles to help the Hawaiian Humane Society raise funds through auctions and fundraising prizes. Your donation of miles supports the more than 30 programs and services the Society offers. Mahalo for your support! Visit HawaiianHumane.org for more information.


Roy & Leslie Hosaka Grace Hoskins Timothy & Mary Houghton Andrew Houlding Marie-Sol Howard Dean Hu John Huffington Francis & Serena Humay Zenaida Hunt Colin Hunter Corey Hurd Mari Ichiki Roy & Susan Idemoto Lon Ierley Arleene Ige Dianne Ige Rey Ignacio Charlene Ikeda Donna Ikeda-Simmons JoAnn Ikehara Hector Ildefonso Joanne & Thomas Imada Yoshinori Imagawa Toshio & Doris Inafuku Jan Inao Laurence & Joanne Ing Sandra Ing Theodore & Liane Ing Linda & Peter Ingram Shane Inoue Dora Inouye Eric & Ann Inouye Hester Inouye Juliane & Wesley Inouye Hoichiro Inui Sherilyn Iona Craig Iriye & Julie Shioshita Lenora Ishihara Lois Ishihara Gary & Kim Ishii Island Realtors LeeAnn Isobe Margaret Isonaga Lloyd & Amy Itagaki Alfred Itamoto June Ito Kenneth Iwai Eric Iwamoto Jeanne Iwashita Elsie Iwatani Iris Izuka Kara Izumi Melvyn Izumi Noboru Izumigawa Patsy Izumo Thomas Jackson Raymond & Deborah Jahaaski Jean Jakahi Judith Jakobovits David Jameson Kaala Jay Olivia Jeffs J. Jennings Thomas & Sarah Jenny Jerome Johemko & Chiye Wenkam Cynthia Johiro Blake Johnson Gary & Melanie Johnson Gregory Johnson Lilia Johnson Louise Johnson David & Chiyono Jones Doris Jones Royce Jones Sean & Michelle Jones

Kim Jorgensen Richard Joseph & Janet Joseph Stephen Joseph Lloyd Josey Dennis & Joyce Josiah Edwin & Arlene Jouxson Colette Jungles-Galarsa Robert Justice Patricia Kaalele Daniel & Grace Kagehiro Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto Karl & Kathy Kageno Jolene Kageyama Henry Kai Loretta Kaitoku Wanda & Alden Kajioka Clifford & Aileen Kajiwara Sonia & Michael Kajiwara Rose Kakazu Rosalynne Kakogawa-Wong Terri Kakugawa & Colin Tamashiro Luana & Elliot Kalauawa Priscilla Kalbrener Brian Kalopodes & Harriet Thornley Keith Kalway Eileen Kam Elaine Kam Jeffrey & Sue Kam Lissa Kam Shannon & Roy Kam Alfred & Sally Ann Kamae Keith Kamana Cesley Ann Kamanu-Mahaulu Haruyuki & Ethel Kamemoto Jon & Esther Kamemoto Kenneth & Elaine Kamemoto Judy Kameoka Calvin & Diane Kameya Gail Kaminaga Kumiko Kaminaka Diana Kamiyama Margery Kanahele & Geoffrey Horvath Warren & Cheryl Kanai Janet & Maurice Kanda Paula Kaneaiakala Lee Kaneakua Gary & Jo Kanehiro Pamela & Michael Kaneko Camille Kanemori William & Kathleen Kaneshige Donna & Eric Kaneshiro Dwight & Suzanne Kaneshiro Gerry Kaneshiro Joan Kaneshiro Martin & Marie Kaneshiro Renee Kaneshiro Troy Kaneshiro Wayne Kaneshiro Clyde & Judith Kanetake Felix Kang Howlorn Kapaka Carolyn Kargol Cheryl Karimoto Gladys Kasai Brian & Jean Kashiwaeda Eric & Teri Kashiwamura Linda Katagiri John & Lori Katahira Hanna Kath Alan & Lori Kato Dennis & Elaine Kato Glenn Kato Janet Kato Jefferry & Sandra Kato

Leatrice Kato Russell Kato & Charleen Aina Yuko Kato Christine Katsura Robert & Marcy Katz Dagmar Kau Britton Kaur Toshiko Kawai Bonnie Kawamoto Clifford Kawamoto Eric & Leslie Ann Kawamoto Jane Kawamoto Lori Kawamoto Richard & Elaine Kawamoto Andy & Jill Kawano Lance & Aoi Kawano Patricia Kawano Stacey Kawano Wilfred & Jewel Kawano Laurie & Galen Kawasaki Susan Kaya Arlene Kaya-Tamon Michael Kaye Kristin & Greg Keast Dawn & Philip Keat Howard & Elizabeth Keller Christopher & Pamela Kelley Sharon & Larry Kelley Johnny Raymond Kelly Alex & Stephanie Kendrick Curtis & Cynthia Kenmotsu Bob & Victoria Kenneally Thomas & Virginia Kenney Elspeth Kerr Diane Kiefer Michael & Susan Kihara Rhonda Kihara Robert & Hope Kihune Paul & Judith Kikuta Bernard & Nancy Kilonsky Alison & Newton Kim Chi Kim Craig & Lisa Kim Florence Kim Lynn & Howard Kim Mavis Kim Melanie Kim Sandra Kim Jennifer Kimble Duke & Deanne Kimhan Mark & Terry Kimura John & Marilyn Kiner Elizabeth Kinsler Robert Kinzie

Daniel & Kathryn Kirley Aileen & Steven Kisaba Arnold Kishi Theodore & Alice Kishimori Tadayuki & Susan Kitamura Sharlynn Kiyabu Kathleen & Thomas Kiyuna David Kleeman Sandra & Douglas Klein Carol Kleinert Don & Blanche Klim Kloeckner Metals Corporation Steve & Deb Knight Laurie Knych L Koba James Kobashigawa Rona Kobashigawa Carolyn Kobayashi Koichi & Joyce Kobayashi Clifford Kodama Gordon & Joanne Kodama Marie & Paul Kodama Diane Kodis Frederick & Jaynee Koga Glenn Koga Inez Koga Stanley & Esther Koga Lisa Kogachi Karen Kogami Claire Kogasaka Dennis & Barbara Kohara Katherine Kohashi Christopher & Rika Kohiyama Kent & Nancy Koike Linda Koishigawa Cheryl Kojima Lyn Kokubun & Reginald Kokubun Eric Kollai John Koller Calvin Komata Gayle Komata Jaymark & Floria Komer Nadine Kometani-Oura Steven & Estrellita Komura Yuka & George Kon Hideo Kondo Shirley & Ronald Kondo Jensen Kono Deborah Koochi Barbara Kooker Kop Distributors Dawn Kopp Ronelle Kopp Blanche Kort


Scott Kortvelesy Corinne Kosaki Edward Koshi Albert Kosuga John & Karen Kotake George Krasnick Donald Krug Lily Kuba Christine Kubota Teresa Kubota Beth Kuch Sharon Kuchenbecker Mark & Linda Kuklinsky James Kumagai Mary Beth Kunihiro Calvin & Leslie Kunihisa Carol Kunishi Jerry & Stephanie Kunishima Clayton Kunitake Harry Kupihea Christine Kurashige Richard & Paula Kurashige Clifford Kurata Linda & Warren Kurata Atsuko Kuratani Richard & Margaret Kuihara Alvin & Kay Kurio Kelvin & Phyllis Kurio Stanley Kuriyama Robert & Hatsue Kusano Mona Kushimaejo Lawrence Kusumoto Amy Kwock Kit Tak Kwok Neuman Kwong & Leimomi Fukuda Franco Labella Michael & Carol Lagus George & Harriet Lai Jacob & Vivian Lai Valerie Lam & Peter Wagner William Landers Jean Lang Rachel Lange Len & Terri Lantych Joseph Larnerd Berit Larsen Pamela Larsen Michael Lastor Ernest & Dorene Lau Gayle Lau Johnson Lau Maylene & Earl Lau Merilee Lau

Melissa-Iris Lau Wesley Lau Harry Laubach Ellen & Jeffrey Layaoen Carole Learnard Jan Lee Baccigaluppi Charlotte Lee & Ann Hanson Deanna Lee Dong Jin Lee Edward Lee Edgar & Amy Lee Kenneth Lee Linda Lee Marina Lee Patricia & Gregory Lee Tommy & Lori Lee Waymond & Verna Lee Johanna & Melvyn Leiato Gerald Lelesch & Toni Baran Amy Leong Bonnie Leong Denis & Diantha Leong James & Jeri Leong Margie Leong Oren Leong Peter Leong Wendell & Paulette Leong Celia & Thomas Lepere Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Yvonne Lewis Ellen Libby Steven & Danel Licari Barry Lightner Darrell & Alice Lim Chia Lin William & Helen Lindemann Marvin, Susan & Toodles Ling Leighton Liu Charles Livermore Andrew & Shoko Livingston Everett Lo Sharon Lock Elizabeth Lockard Randall Locke Gary Loo Katherine Loo Lisa Ann Loo Walter & Joyce Loo William & Carol Loose Eric Lopez Kuulei Lord Charlene Lorenzo Maury Lorey Thomas Loudat Iris Loui Deborah Love John Love Susan Lovinger Jean Lucas Carol & Lawrence Lucero Maria Lucey Vaughn Ludwig Danae Lui Justin Lui Daniel Luis & Becky Kawamura Theresa Luke Brett Lum Frances Lum Janice Lum Rhoda Lum Douglas & Mary Luther Varanya Luxton Raymond Lyau Paul & Kaoru Lyddon John & Allison Lyles Dale & Victoria Machado

Euphe Machida Tracie Mackenzie Mary Macmillan Kenneth & Melissa MacPherson Valerie & Edwin Madamba David Madison Benedict & Gail Madriaga Janice Maeda Joan & Dwight Maeda Frances Maekawa Shirley & Curtis Maeshiro Mary Ann & Eugene Magnier Jeny Mahon Andrew & Andrea Mahuka Bonnie & Herbert Makinano Sylvia Malilay Diane Malinovich Russell Malone Duane & Myong Suk Maltsberger Jacqueline Maly Bryan Man Peter & Mary Jane Manabe Klaus Manderscheid & Amy Meng Robert Manin & Liana Carreira Cheryl Mann Ingrid Manzione-Solano David & Kristen Marcelewski Robin & Daniel Marcom Kelly Marcoux Kanoe Margol Thomas Mark Jeanne Marn Chuck & Diane Marshall Erma Marshman Kelly Martens Landen Maruishi Barbara Marvel Ken Mashiyama Diane & Gary Masuda Kevin Masuda Melvyn & Nora Masuda Walter & Ruth Masuno Flordelie Matas Margaret Matayoshi Marvin & Barbara Mathews Danton Matsuda George & Lynn Matsuda Michael Matsuda Patti Matsuda Kylie Matsuda-Lum Annette Matsumoto Andrea Matsumoto Barbara Matsumoto Glenn & Jo-Ann Matsumoto Glen & June Matsumoto Kaori Matsumoto Vera Matsumoto Wayne Matsumoto Winifred Matsumoto Iris Matsumura Carol Matsunaga Kenneth Matsunaga Leighton Matsuoka Sharon Matsusaka-Brewer Reid Matsushige Dennis Matsuura Mack Matsuura Pamela Matsuura Carol Matsuzaki Naomi & William Matsuzaki Darryl Diaz & Gina Matsuzawa-Diaz Edith Mattice Gay Mattson Douglas Mau & Maude Nakasone Ronald & Penny Mau

Sharlene Mau Kenneth & Melanie May Robert & Cornelia May Heather McCafferty David McCaffrey & Deborah Luckett Dani & Stephen McCarthy Floyd & Ann McCoy Elizabeth McCutcheon Gwen McDonald Patti McElaney James & Michelle McGuinness Mavis McGurn Patricia McHenry Kandis McIntosh Anne McKay Mark McKeague Michael Robert McKenna Steven McMullen Henry & Patricia McPhillips Kathlyn McRae Leonard & Tokiko Meek Thomas & Melvine Mendes Mark Mendonca Thomas Mendonca Richard Mengato Pamela Mew Sharon & Ray Michimoto Glenn & Gayle Mifune Michael Migita Andrew & Lee Miller Laurie Miller Thaddeus & Megan Mills Joanna Milo Eileen Min Glenn & Kathlene Minami Melvyn & Shirley Minami Timothy & Carrie Mingle Max Minor Bruce & Cyndee Mirante Greg & Iris Mishima Ananda Mishra Sally Mist Flora Mitchell Edwin & Ellen Mito Jeffrey Mitsuda Miyabara Associates Harry & Ethel Miyachi Ann Miyahira Sarah Miyahira Al Miyamoto Dori Miyamoto David Miyamoto Gary Miyamoto Lois Miyamoto Richard & Phyllis Miyamoto Susan Miyamoto Wendy Miyamoto Kenneth & Janet Miyasaki Wilbert Miyasato Corinne & Jeffrey Miyashiro Jan Miyashiro Linda A. Miyashiro Linda F. Miyashiro Sharyn Miyashiro Verna Miyashiro Sharon Miyashita Melvin & Jeannette Miyata Stanley & Iris Miyata Rose Mizokawa Anthony Mizuno Douglas Mizuno Cheryl Mizusawa Roy & Audrey Mizushima Walter Mizushima Charles Mizuta


Jody Mocarski Kenny Mochizuki Charles Moffat Michael Molloy Sandra Moneymaker Esther Moniz Jean Monma Frank & Chris Montoya Ernest Moo Jessica Moore Nancy & Andrew Morgan Marc & Dawn Morikami Majel Morimoto Roy Morimoto Linh Morinaga Darlene Morita Randall & Merle Morita Nicholas Moriyama Alfred & Nancy Morris Harry & Michelle Morris Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey Willow & John Morton Leilani Moss George Motoyama Peter Mow Pamela Moy Evelyn Mueller Barbara & Lawrence Mukai Shayna Mukai Jolene Muneno Patricia Muneno Stanley & Judith Murai Dennis & Darlene Murakami Lynne Murakami Melvyn & Sadie Murakami Roy & Lynn Murakami Wende & Scott Murakami Alvin Muranaka Claire & Michael Muranaka Ivan & Jane Muraoka Eloise & Conrad Murashige Taryn Murata Blaine Murayama Wayne Muromoto James Musgrave Gail Myers Glenn & Jane Nagaishi Carol Nagano Cary Nagano Dean & Gayle Nagasaki Richard & Euphemia Nagashima Eleanor Nagata Stephanie Nagata Gay Nagata & Frederick Tsuda Jeanne Nagatani Lyn Nagoshi Rocchina Naipo Ralph Naito Roy & Shirley Naito Lynne Najita Gail Nakada Jerry & Carol Nakagami Joy Nakagawa Andree Nakahara Edwin & June Nakahara Raymond & Janet Nakai Ronald Nakai Dennis & Susan Nakaishi Margaret Nakakuni David & Lynette Nakama Karl Kaneshiro & Jamy Nakama-Kaneshiro Samuel & Jolene Nakamatsu Ryan & Claire Nakamoto Alan & Gwynne Nakamura Bob & Eileen Nakamura

Conklin & Lisha Nakamura David & Cindy Nakamura Dell Nakamura Gail & Roy Nakamura Joanne Nakamura Ken & Sheryl Ann Nakamura Lois Nakamura Lorene Nakamura William & Aecha Nakamura Kay Nakano Debbie Nakashima & Garrett Tamura Grant Nakashima Jo Ann Nakashima Sharon Nakashima Wayne Nakashima & Kay Tokunaga Pamela Nakata Mona Nakayama Thomas & Cheryl Namiki Jayne Nantkes George Nardin Sharon Nashiro David & Marlan Nashiwa Darrell & Tina Natori Gerald & June Naughton Beverly Neese Allen Neiman & Carmen Stanko Patricia Nekota Bradley Nelson & David Lammay Steph & Chris Nelson Erica Neves James & Shirley Newman Debra Ng Wing Ng Christine Nguyen Nichiyo Air Service James Carlton Nichol Bruce & Sandra Nicholl Pamela Niesz Claudia Nihei Evelyn Nihei Gordon & Anita Nihei Glenn Ninko Alice Nishi Shin Nishibori Derek Nishida Janet Nishihara Janis Nishikawa & Richard Hanson Charles & Maud Nishimoto Warren Nishimoto & Michiko Kodama-Nishimoto Dennis Nishimura Jon & Cynthia Nishimura Kareen & Patrick Nishimura Elvin Nishioka Mitsuo Nishiyama Diane Nitta George & Ruby Nitta Hope Nitta Susan & Marvin Nitta Andy & Eleanor Nobu Doris & Ernest Noda Puakea & Marvin Nogelmeier Greg & Julie Noji John & Suzanne Noland Brenda Nomura Cathy Nonaka Lanny & Mary Ann North Edwin Nose Peter & Julia Notarianni Dennis & Norma Nouchi Craig Noyama Jared Noyama Christine Nozawa Kathleen & Dennis Nullet

Joyce Nunokawa James & Karin Nutter Gina Oah Oahu Charms Bryan Oato Brian O'Connor Richard O'Connor Cynthia Oda Herbert & Nancy Oda Kenneth Oda Seiko Oda Diane Odo Eileen & Geary Ogasawara-Chun Albert Ogata Sun Ye Ogata Gordon Ogawa Geraldine Ohara Charlotte & Milton Ohira Frances Ohira Martha Ohtani Edwin & Marion Oka Mark & Frances Oka Dora Okada Gloria & Vernon Okada Judy Okada Victoria Okada Yoshiko Okahiro Darrell & Linda Okamoto Richard & Linda Okamura George & Ann Okano Joel Okazaki Osmond & Elaine Okazaki Richard & Melva Okazaki Alan & Audrey Okemura Gary & Sun Hyang Okimoto James & Laverne Okimoto Glenn Okino Kelvin & Patsy Okino Pauline Okino Russell & Rachel Okoji Stephen & Marjorie Okuhara Ruby Okumura James & Ann Olson Nancy Olson Terry Omine Malcolm & Avis Onaga Marsha Onaga One Source Realty Michael O'Neill Myong & Elton Onigama Nora & Roy Onishi Ann Ono Myra Ono Warren & Karen Ono David Onoye Judith Ooka Kimberly O'Quinn Alvin & Doreen Orita Mark & Ok Sun Ortogero Clement & Beatrice Oshiro Debra & Edward Oshiro Patricia Oshiro Raymond & Amy Oshiro Roy & Frances Oshiro Un Sun Oshiro James O'Sullivan Diane Ota Floyd Otani Helen Otoshi Gerald Ouchi & Barbara Sano John & Marie-Therese Overton Melissa Owens David & Heather Oyadomori Henry Oyama Yumi Ozaki Walter & Gayle Ozawa

Daniel Pacheco Sisar Paderes & Dolores Baluran-Paderes Beverly Page Louise Pagotto John Pampalone & Connie YuPampalone Pan Pacific Realty Carolyn Pang Laeton & Lena Pang Susan Pang Arlene Pangelinan Allen Pantaleon Benjamin & Mealani Parish Lorna Park Moon Soo & Marilyn Park Joanne & Frank Parker Thomas & Mary Parpana Barbara Parrish Alfredo Pascua Capt. & Mrs. Joe Patterson Autie Patton Susan Pcola-Davis Nancy Pearce Jack & Sylvia Pearson Robert Pedigo Edward & Gayle Pei Suzanne Pender Donald & Melanie Pendleton William & Lyn Pendragon Elizabeth Pereira Thomas & Gordynne Perkins Gloria Perry Jonathan Peters Joel & Sheila Peterson Linda Peterson Helen Petrovitch Pets Are Inn Ting Petty-Akamine Nancy Pflueger Ross Phillips Siew Chye Phua Lorie Pias Robert Pierce Randy Pisani Revelyn Plaza Dave & Pat Poe Edwin Polendey Jon & Ellen Polokoff Ralph Polynice Lauren Porricelli Daniel Ports Alexis Pospischil Alvin Potts Brian & Denise Poziembo Margaret Pratt Jane Prendergast Walter Preza Michael Price Robert & Cheryl Purdie John & Linda Puu John Quinn Ted & Leilani Quong Karin & Niro Rajdev Jacqueline & Thomas Ralya Monica Ramirez George Ramos Kekoa Ramos Chaitanya & Maile Reddy Noriko Reed Robert Reeves Linda Reis Camille Rellinger Karen Renard Lois Resler Kalera Richards


Robert & Margaret Rider Billie Jean Ries Ken & Linda Rietfors Marie Riley Jacqueline Rinn Robert Ristelhueber Mark Ritchie Rodney Rivera RNO Hawaii Esther Roberts Patrick & Lavern Roberts Thomas & Elaine Roberts Dianne Robinson Fred & Harriet Rokero Scott & Ingrid Rolles Nestor Rosario Jack & Lily Rosenzweig Kelly Rosnick Sharon Ross Linda Rowan Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center June Rubie Saba Russell Jeanne Rust Patricia Rustanius Donna & Robert Ryan Patti Ryan Karlyne & Kevin Sadanaga Rhonda Sagisi Elaine Saigusa Debra Saiki Linda Saiki Mel Saiki Gail Saito George & Pauline Saito Gerald & Mae Saito Glen & Christine Saito Melvin & Jandi Saito Paul Saito Reynold & Nora Saito Jennifer Sakaba Eugene & M.H. Sakae Diane Sakai Charles & Marie Sakamoto Daniel Sakamoto & Karen Watanabe-Sakamoto Kenneth Sakamoto Leighton & Sharynne Sakamoto Milton & Lani Sakamoto Neil Sakamoto Thomas & Leatrice Sakamoto Warren Sakamoto & Raynette Takizawa Sheila Sakashita Gerald & Wendy Sakata Latonia Sakata Randolph & Stephanie Sakauye Bert Sakuda Walter Sakuda Jeannie Salmon Audrey Salvador Namie Salz Philip Sammer Sharon & Cheyne Samson Sherrie Samuels Daryl & Leona Sanborn Karen & Eric Sanders Fred & Charlotte Sasaki Gordon & Joanne Sasaki Jed & Lynda Sasaki Patricia Sasaki Stephen Sasaki Melvin, Allison & Gavin Sasaki Adrianne & Dale Sato Phyllis Sato Renee Sato

Wallace Sato Janet Satogata Renee Sato-Yuen James & La Rena Saul Ward & Valisa Saunders Eugene Savio Mariko & Koyo Sawada Rebecca Sawai Sharon Sawamoto John & Laurie Sawyer Erwin Say Siti & Ronald Scaggs Robin Scanlon Maureen Schaeffer Sandy & Alexis Schafer Tanya Schaffer Karen Scharff Gail Schmidt Jan Schmidt Linda Schmitt Carol Schmus Sara & Mark Schnabel John & Sylvia Schneck Makoto Schoening Susan Schotters Juli Schwartz-Smith Daniel & Evelyn Schwarz Nanette Sciulli Jason Seal Karen Seddon David & Sheila Seeholzer Daniel & Diane Segawa Mary Segawa Justin & Faith Seguirant Mary Seiple Becky Sekioka Dale Senaga Al & Connie Serafin Frances Serikaku Noreen & Richard Seubert Arthur Shak Maureen Shannon Jon Shear Celia Shen Lonna & John Sherwin Jamie Sheu Frances Shigemasa Donna Shigemura & Lisa Shigemura Michael Shigeta Michael & May Shim Lorna Shima Wallace & Jane Shimabuku Lily Shimabukuro Masayoshi & Juliet Shimabukuro Dennis & Patsy Shimane Toshiko Shimata Dorinda & Lloyd Shimazu Masayuki & Frances Shimazu Blaine & Alpha Shimizu Cynthia Shimizu Marian Shimizu Reid Shimizu & Joy Kamae-Shimizu Craig Shimoda David & Elsie Shimokawa Stacey Shimomura Kevin Shin Davis & Olinda Shindo Rodney & Sandy Shinkawa Alan & Ember Shinn Beverly & Jay Shintaku Gail Shintani Wanda Shipp Cynthia Shiraishi Freda Shiraki

Rocky Shiraki Miles Shiratori & Leonard Jaffe Alice Shiroma Beverly Shiroma Mark Shiroma Todd Shishido Derrick Shono Yuka Shoop Laura Shun Frederic Sigler Kimberly Simao Theodore & Judith Simon Thomas & Lynn Simpson Andrew Singer Paul Skarpness Robert & Gail Skillman Joan Skinner Jeffrey Skydell Paige Slocum & Gregory Pang Boyd Slomoff Victoria Slovak Beverly Smith Dorothy Smith Douglas & Kelly Smith Kimberly Smith Lori Smith Charlene Smoyer Patrick & Marion Snyder Beverly Soares Steven & Pamela Sofos Thomas Sofos Lois Somers Hae-Suk Son Sheldon Sonido Diane Sonoda Catherine Sorensen Source It Kathleen Souza Roseta Spainhower Robert Spangler Sandra Spangler Alan Spector Lisa Spencer Gary Sprinkle & Pamela Young-Sprinkle I Ching Chen Stanley Linda Starr Ronald Stebbins Rick Steere Ann Stegmaier Martin & Marlene Stein Mary Steiner & David Atkin Lawrence & Lucinda Stenek Walter & Cookie Stephan John Stephens Craig Stevaux Roberta Stibbard Mayumi Stiteler Mark Stitham & Shelly Brown Lynette Stobie David & Mary Stock Robert Stouffer & Virginia Van Cleave James Stowell Andrew Strand Roberta Straughn Nicole Stucki Margaret Stuhlreyer Stumbaugh Family Lisa Sue Alan & Fay Sugahara Susan Sugai Paul & Ann Sugibayashi Gregory & Peggy Sugimoto Jane Sugimura Gail Sugita

James & Brenda Sugita Edward & Sandra Sulliban Evan Suzui Allan & Yueh-Hsiu Suzuki Garrett & Lila Ann Suzuki George & Sharon Suzuki Jonathan Suzuki Makoto & Keiko Suzuki Randal & Joyce Suzuki Thomas & Mabel Suzuki Gwen Suzuki-Oishi Theresa Swan Vida Swanson William & Mary Lou Swope Ed Sylva Richard Szuster Jed & Eva Taba Craig & Joanne Tachibana Yukiyo Tachikawa Carina Tagupa Alison Taira Faye Taira Nancy Taira Roger Takabayashi Tod & Annette Takahashi Theodore & Sarah Takai Matthew & Erin Takamine Craig Takamiya Kathy Takamoto Cathy Takano Kyung Ja Takara Roy & Donna Lee Takara Richard Takata Brian & Wendy Takatsuka Iris Takayama Darrell Takebayashi Roy Takekawa Jennifer Takemoto Wayne & Kathleen Takemoto

Mari Taketa Chantelle Takita Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera Sally Tamai Tammy Tamai Emily Tamanaha Brian Tamashiro Patsy Tamura Kong Tan Sean & Carolyn Tanabe Alan & Joni Tanaka Alma Tanaka Annie Tanaka Carolyn Tanaka Delbert & Ann Tanaka Francis Tanaka Herbert & Midori Tanaka Sandra Tanaka Wayne & Claire Tanaka Lisa Tanga Sharon Tanigawa Blaine & Iris Taniguchi Emogene & Roy Taniguchi Ray Tanimoto Lynn Tanioka Mark Tanji Stephen Tannebaum & Marcelo Arauji Yuko Taroski Burt & Patti Tasaka Jean Tateishi Ronald & Angie Tateishi Tessy Tateishi Meleane Taufa Steven Tavares Roel & Susan Tavita Lloyd & Constance Teixeira Lisa Terada & Aileen Mitsumori Karyn Tercy

Community Spay/ Neuter Center is open The Hawaiian Humane Society is now taking appointments for its Community Spay/Neuter Center. Sterilization services are available for pet dogs and cats and for Free-Roaming cats. To schedule an appointment call 356-2255 or visit HawaiianHumane.org


Michael Tereschuck Susan & Paul Teruya Nhu Thomason Dixie Thompson Karen Thompson Anthony Tica Ivan Tilgenkamp Sachin Timbadia Ivy & Ronald Timpe Laverne Tirrell Alexander Tiu Curtis & Lorraine Togami Michael & Christine Toibin Bonnie Tokita Charlotte & Cary Tokunaga Beverly Toledo Lynn & Danny Tolentino Aileen & Richard Tom Henry Tom Jeffrey Tom Kevin, Faith & Joshua Tom Linda Ann Tom Steven & Faye Tom Donna Toma Ronald & Sharon Tomasa Barbara Tome Irene Toma Barbara & Rodney Tomishima Russell Tomishima Daniel & Kay Tompkins Carl Tonaki Ernest Tong Robert & Geraldine Tong Velma Topas Shirl & Eric Torngren Allan Totoki Karen Toyama Leslie Tracy Michel & Catherine Trapasso Matt Trinacty Celeste Tripp Bruce & Suzuko Tsuchida Mitsuyo Tsuchiya Colleen Tsuda Mitsuo & Mitsuko Tsuha Thomas Tsuhako Lori Tsukamoto Stephanie & Reed Tsumoto Richard & Atsuko Tsuruda Vivian Tsutsumi Donna Tsutsumi-Ota Lance & Cheryl Tsutsuse Frederick Tucher Richard Tuggle Esther Tugurian Arthur & Angela Tulak Terry & Cheryl Tyler Paul Udell Trudy Uechi Keiko Ueda Claude Uehara Dorothy & Eugene Uemura Jane Uemura Kenneth Uemura Grace Ueunten Arthur & Julie Ugalde Roy Umeda Paul Unkrur Gary Upton Henry & Lee Urstadt Donna Usagawa Kyle & Kimery Ushijima R.C. Ushijima Glenn & Bernice Uto Gloria Sun Eng Uy Bette & Alexander Uyeda

Franklin & Harriet Uyeda Elisa Uyehara Jon Uyehara Keith & Cynthia Uyehara Seisuke Uyehara Wayne & Sharon Uyehara Katherine Uyeno Lisa Uyesato Gregg & Janet Uyetake Marion Valle Mark & Vanessa Van Doorne Lawrence Van Hoey Jerry Van Meter Summer Van Pelt & Ian Martinez Constance Van Winkle Mardell VanderBrink Lindsey Lothar & Cheryl Varady Val Vares Michele Velasco Pamela Verrey Agnes & Eric Vetter Carl & Paula Vetter Patches & Martha Vetter Trudi Vetter Nelson & Sue Ellen Viernes Richard Vierra Riza & April Villa Rafael & Jody Villareal Reynaldo & Irene Villarreal Mayumi Villiatora Douglas & Linda Vincent Warren & Lydia Von Arnswaldt Theone Vredenburg John & Shelley Wadahara David Wagner Betty & Ronald Wakatsuki Jo Wakayama Jane Wakukawa Myra Wakuzawa Wade & Susan Wakuzawa Wynn Wakuzawa Robert Walker Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Tom Wallace Bernard & Joleen Walthall Jacqueline Waltjen Marie Wang Yung Wang Wesley Waniya & Karin Fujitani Linda Warrick John Washburn Margaret Wasielewski Alan & Elaine Watanabe Gerald Watanabe Grace Watanabe June & Jeffrey Watanabe Roy & Paulette Watanabe Wendy & Reuben Watanabe Corinne Waterhouse Wendell & Judith Weatherwax Debbie & Wesley Wee James Welch & Momi Mollet Beverly Wellman Austin West Dory West Ward & Lynne Westlake Amy Wharton Annette Wheeler Arthur Wheeler Holly Wheeles Mariah White Philip White Samuel & Glenda White Carol Whitesell Brian Whiteside Charles Whitten

Robert & Seiko Whittier Charles & Jeanne Wichman Robert & Stephanie Wight Michael & Barbara Wilcox Gary Wild Evam Wilde Carmen Williams Jennifer Williams Myra & Frederick Williams Rianna Williams Clayton & Ginger Winger John Wingert Judith Wolfe Adam Wong & Arlene Tanaka Chadwick & Gayle Wong Chrystal Wong Laurena Wong Lorraine & Derek Wong Lynette & Eric Wong Prisalla Wong Wendy Wong Lisa Wong-Yamamoto & Lee Yamamoto Sheryl Woo Winston Woo Lawrence & Nadine Woode Dusty Woodstock Artesha Woodworth K'Olmos Herbert & Jia Woolley Linda Wright Wong Philip & Arsenia Wright Christopher Wyckoff Jane Wylie Gareth Wynn-Williams & Christine Oliver Martin & Jean Wyss Miles & Miko Yamabe Charlotte Yamada David Yamada Fawn Yamada Joan Yamada Roy & Sandra Yamada Stuart & Sue Yamada Stephen & Lois Yamada David Yamagata Amy Yamaguchi Kimo & Susan Yamaguchi Lois Yamaguchi Ray & Elaine Yamaguchi Carol Yamamoto Chris & Dale Yamamoto Denise Yamamoto Gary Yamamoto Matthew & Winifred Yamamoto Mitsuru & Lorraine Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Stephanie Yamamoto Sueko Yamamoto Terry Yamamoto Bettie Yamane Thomas & Jane Yamane Lorna Yamasaki Roxanne Yamashiro Donna & Glenn Yamashita Melvin & Eileen Yamashita Robert & Charlotte Yamauchi Vanessa Yanagawa Lily Yanagi Gerald & Susan Yanagida John & Jane Yanagida Arick Yanagihara Richard & Angel Yanagihara Minyi Yang Wei Wei Yang Daniel & David Yasuda Allan Yasue


Ellen Yasumoto Peter Yasutake Christie Yee Martha Yent Mary Ann Mei-Wan Yip & Wing-Cheung Yip Hiromu Yogi Margaret Yogi Neal Yuda & Kathleen Yogi Greg & Janet Yokotake Caron Yokoyama Amy & Terry Yonashiro Cyrilla Yonehara Gary & Christine Yonesawa Audrey Yoneshige Michael Yoneshige Tony & Jill Yoshicedo Cindy Yoshida Elden & Cheryl Lynn Yoshida Russell & Gail Yoshida Roy Yoshikane John Yoshimori Glenn & Carolyn Yoshimoto Lorraine Yoshimoto Keith & Marian Yoshimura Carolyn Yoshioka Glenn Yoshioka & Ann Whang-Yoshioka Kayoko Yoshioka Dennis & Jozet Yoshitake Howard & Linda Yoshiura Lynda Yoshiura Evelyn Young Hiram Young Joan Young Joni Young Merryl Young Patrick & Sirinuch Young Samuel Young Sharon Young Theodore Young Traci Young Vivian Young Eric & Janette Yuasa Ernest & Marion Yuasa Thomas Yue Donna Yuen Janice Yuen Robert Yuen William Yun Winnie Yung Ed Zane Frederick & Eva Zane

In Honor of People

Addison Ah Yat Tara Bagayas Lisa Kubota-Moffat Rhiana Lau Logan & Riley Noguchi Stephanie Shim Sydney Akase Diane Farias

Lucy Bates Susan Scott & Craig Thomas Alissa Bennett Barbara & Bob Bennett Frank & Gloria Borreca Richard & June Borreca

Brizdle Family Ian Brizdle

Millie & Charley Morikawa Evelyn Hein

Kaymi & J. Wallace Kimberly Gomes

Nishimoto-Muromoto Pups Jessica Mols

Stan Cadwallader Elizabeth Rice Grossman Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Ginny Tiu

Jessica Nakashima Dennis & Janice Nakashima

Wall Family Charles & Sally Lynn

Nori & Toby Paul & Sybil Saito

Jack Williams Ann Abarno

Pele Boy Faith Milnes

Chaiko Family Warren & Tiffany Chaiko

Margaret Nakashima Maia Nakashima Wayne Nakashima Dennis & Janice Nakashima

Keira Williams 7-Eleven Hawaii

Pitch Patricia Shine

Cathy & Reed Nelson Marieanne Burley

Livingston & Linda Wong Al & Trudy Wong

Roxie Derrick & Lisa Tanabe

Greg, Kristen, Caitlin & Po Chun John Chun Chun Kerr LLP Peter & Adrienne Yoshihara Bob Donigan Margaret Donigan Kevin Dwyer Lance & Katharina Mehle Richard Fujie Kerry & Darlene Krenzke Anthony Gairnese Judith Jones Crissy Gayagas & Doug Tostrud Jamie Lee Sandra & Jerry Gibson Mary Lou Hinkle Dede Guss Al & Trudy Wong Guss Family ALTRES & Simplicity HR Chris & Hanna Hanson Edward Hanson Hawaiian Humane Society Staff Harvey Takaki

Lyle Oshita Michael Bridge

In Honor of Pets Atlas, Bear & Ella

Beverly Page Raymond Lyau

Shadow, Tiger & Z Tania Kahale

Lawrence Rodriguez Manu Kaiama

Be-Back & Shorty Terry Joiner

Spot Derick Hada

Lydia Romeo Sean Romeo

BJ & Tippy Oda Keith Oda

Sylvester Roshal & Michael Yatchmenoff

Debbie Rubin Rebecca Eldredge

Black Jack & Caddy David & Cheryl Soong

Tasha Lonnie & Leslie Briggs

Karen Scharff Kevin & Allison Gregg Erin Newman

Boomer, Casey & Nicky Hada Joyce Hada

Tatiana Luz Marina Quiroga

Carbon & Flux Joleen & Edward Kemper

Tiguan Bruce & Diana Sneddon

Cody Fred & Sharon Shigekane

Tony Alma Mae Ho Cynthia Ho

Pamela Jones James & Bettye Schuler Alvin & Karen Scott Danielle Grieco

Cream, Fuzzy, Pua & Puffy Carol Walther

Les & Laura Sherrill Jordan Park Mission 1st Fund

Demi Steve & Deb Knight

Russell Shoji Clifford & Stephany Hong Sharon Venegas

Jamie, Jon & Leslie Jeffryes Rebecca McCarthy

Ronald Stebbins Terri Stebbins

Frankie Jeanne & Robert Anderson

Launice Kim Rae Hanashiro

Surf Paws Animal Hospital Staff Joseph Herzog & Brenda Machosky

Freckles Steven & Laura Emura

Karen Lee Allyn Lee

Sue Sylvester-Palumbo/ The Cat Clinic James & Linda Fulton

John & Emily Linabury Amy Flattery Feighner

Rose & Richard Takasaki Lynne Moon

Michael Martin Robert Martin

Donn Takebayashi & Family Jon Takebayashi

AJ & Maureen Matsuura Sandra Ishikawa

Wyatt Tanigawa Brett Tanigawa

Margaret Meng Mamiko Ando Bob & Frances Bean Nick & Koren Dreher Siriporn Hogan Susan Kosasa Peggy Miyashiro MJM Productions Diane Oh Young Vivien & H.C. Stackpole

Ginny Tiu Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Hugh Galt Robert & Ester Schumacher Andrew & Kristin Schumacher Denise Smith Jennifer Trevino Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga

Meng Dynasty Charles Aung Sharon Minichiello Belinda Aquino Irene Monte-Griffo Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann

Rusty & Teri Andrew Rothstein

Roslyn & Daven Chun

Lisa Quintal & Mary Maier Susan Kosasa

Sandra Ishikawa AJ & Maureen Matsuura

Melanie Kim Ashley Ono

Roxie Farrell Douglas Farrell

Eddie, Healani, Nalu & Tevai Pualani Paiaina

Fredrico & Kiwi Mark & Margaret Burgessporter Fuzzball, Muffi & Toby Gloria & Vernon Okada Jingles John & Jeanette Hoag Jiro & Tadoe David & Lala Kameda Kitty Bennett Rona Bennett Koa Seisuke Uyehara

Wilson Cassie Carter Y-Lee Chaitanya & Maile Reddy

In Memory of People

James Laval Abbott Brett Chambers Lou Ach Susan Bergman

Wendi Akita Wendell & Naomi Akita Lilinoe Applebaum Katherine Lee Alice Armando Stanley & Theresa Shibata Sylvia Ashcroft Jeanette Magoon

Koko Henry Dela Cruz & Ursula OldsDela Cruz

Sylvia Ashlock Pauline Brooks Audrey Fowler Arlis Legler

Krazy Kat Roses Systems Solutions

Sylvia Baldwin Mary Heilbron

Kay Tokunaga Dennis & Janice Nakashima

Lava & Luna Bryant Wilson

Judy Trimlet Candy Akune Raye Arthurs Alicia Cazimero Carmelita Dayao-Phillips Barbara Dove Joyce Sims Elaine Suzuki

Lucy Elisabeth Grove

Pamela Burns John Koon & Donna Revard Dan & Gerri Watanabe

Moolan Michael Morioka Murasaki Jo desMarets


Daisy Chang Myron Chang Errol Chang Lawrence & Charleen Kimata George Chinen Rush Moore LLP

Isa Dodds Lance, Jennifer & Sarah Mills

Patricia Mills Lance, Jennifer & Sarah Mills

Patricia Fallon Jan Lee Baccigaluppi

Sharon Minichiello Gwendolyn Agina Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship Foundation

Joseph Fasone Linda Higa Robert Flating Vinnie Shimabukuro Bess Fowler Gloria Medeiros Russell & Wanda Moratin

Mary Gladding Bacon Balbi Brooks

Barbara Pratt Vaughan Joan Pratt

Wai Hin Gum Lorna Hu

Shirley Pruder Gary & Barbara Pruder

Patrick Hada Arnold Fujii

Raymond & Lois Rapoza Glen Rapoza

Lillian Higa Tina Loo

Shirley Rivers Katherine & Glen Rilveria

Wendell Ho Donna Ho

Dorcie Sakuma Allen & Anne Abaya Tressy Chan Lourdes Clark Michael & Kelly Deese Ann Egleston Marian Furukawa Jennifer Gonsalves Shirley Grossi Bonnie Haase Karen Horn Charlotte Keany Rosalie Masseria Kathy Myers Jan Okuhara Steve Prieto & Richard Kennedy Dean Shigetomi Barbara Weyl Sherry Woods

Mary Judd Bonnie Judd Gail Kaleikini Craig Kaleikini Kimiko Kitamura Warren & Laura Lum Papa Tad Kiyota Derek & Evelyn Kiyota Lynn Koga Michael & Joyce Rabanal Yoshiharu Kokubun Michael & Tracy Byrnes Minnie Kosasa Riki & Karen S. Morimoto Reid Krucky Clement & Terrie Kamo Cristine Kosnik Anton, Julie & Kyle Krucky Benjamin Kuahine Diane Kuahine Timothy Lau Mochi, Cuddles & Dang Family Gary & Sandra Isono Linda Knowles Roy Mariani Jon Portis & Heather KuranoPortis Richard Lawton Glenn Muramoto Eaton “Bob” Magoon Wendell & Elsie Kim Jeanette Magoon U.J. Rainalter Kris Michimoto Sharon & Ray Michimoto

Stanton Wong Deane & Lorrin Wong Shirley Yonemura Audrey & Bert Nishimura

Jim Nabors Louise & Buddy Preuss Walter Omori Deborah Key

Ralph Inouye Brandt Farias

Sophia Wharton Sandra & Glen Moribe Sharon Rahe

Connie Moribe Wharton Sandra & Glen Moribe Sharon Rahe

Harriet Gee Patricia Gee

Yvonne Hodgins Murray & Marjorie Grune Betty Long Mary Louise O’Brien Barbara Sherry

Keiko Wharton Sandra & Glen Moribe Sharon Rahe

Lynn Mari Yorita Tang Pamela Yorita Chris Yoshimura Paul & Violet Yoshimura Chase Zavakos Janice Choate-Zavakos Ray Zeason Chiharu Zeason

In Memory of Pets

Abby, Girlie, Hiapo & Precious Reynold & Laverne Alexander Ace, Jet Li, Killer & Maili Fujii Michael & Laurie Walsh Aggie, Bubbles & Max Elizabeth McCreary Ah Tong Jovencio & Varne Guerrero Alika, Angel, Kekoa, Nani & Yuki Paul & Krist Tanaka

Buddy Takano Clifford & Janice Takano Bugsey & Missy Patricia Domingo Bully, Makapai, Sophie & Sparkey Majel Morimoto Buster Bruce & Diana Sneddon Buster Cassandra Pinnick Buster, Cassius, Queenie & Snoops Cheryl Ito Captain Jack Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Cashoo & Miki Lum Dorinda Lum Casper Gwendolyn Agina Cassie Yamada Patrick & Janice Yamada Celes, Terra, & Mog Cody Higaki Chaco Kara Kansaku Chibi Wallace & Carolyn Towata Chico & Elmo Amy Guarin Chocolate Kenneth & Emile Andrade

Apple Faye Mar

Chocolate, Frankie Francis, & Scooter Wong Helen Wong

Baboot Anne Fukumitsu

Cicely Diane Lord

Baby Dog Margaret Trevor

Cocoa Nagai Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez

Baby Bunny & Tikikat Darci Ernce

Cocoa & Rusty Parker Noah & Ellen Parker

Bella Anne Murphy Bella Murphy-Peterson Jyo Teshima Bridgewater

Coco, Hank, Helen, Lily, Louie, Madeline & OrreyWilliam & Hope Oliver OrreyWilliam & Hope Oliver

Benji Gareth & Anna Yokochi

Cody, Keoki & Sami William & Marcia Lee

B.J. David Spargo

Dobie, Kani, & Laki Richard & Marvela Satake

Samuel Sprocket Wong Al & Trudy Wong

Bon Jovi Great Dane Club of Hawaii

Duke Armstrong Ginny Tiu

Jeanne Tahara Jodi Tahara

Boo Boo & Milia Barbara Sherry

Eunji Dong Jin Lee

Barbara Tilley Barbara Valk

Bottle Chrissy Morris

Fanny May Carol Schmus

Betty & Kasha Torigoe Karen Torigoe

Boulder & Polu Nadyne Cano

Flatso Neal & Reiko Izumi

Corrine Trendle Linda Hartle

Brendan & Fenway Diane MacDonald

Friskie Katherine & Glen Rilveria

Paula Urban Stanley & Theresa Shibata

Brindle Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Ginny Tiu

Halawa Gary Noda

Mae Sato Joseph & Susanne Bragg Adele Sawada-Omori Deborah Key Derek Seishi Nishimura Petco Foundation Elizabeth Soo Dung Arline McMurtray Clarence, Alfred & Manuel Souza James Hall & Sharone Souza-Hall

Mike Wagner Deborah Key

Buddy, Riley & Sammi Jo Brian & Pam Takeda


Happy Kelly & James Adams Hiro & Pasha Paul Franke

Hoku Castillo Alfred & Sharlene Castillo Hoku, Lea, Mana, Pierre, Pua, Sam & Tiffany Roy Yokomura Hoku, Marshmellow & Stush Saskia Ishii Honey Pijaca John Adolph & Linda Aono Honey, Keiki, Sam & Trini Jan Bailey-Yoshino Iba Abbot Brigitte Abbot Icee Cayetano Andrew & Kristin Schumacher Jennifer Trevino

Koa, Marley, Scooter, Tucker & Ziggy Angela O'Malley Reed & Shawn Reed

Mozart Jonathan & Cora Cho

Seven Blythe Sakashita

Koa & Tessie Richard & Teresa Clifton

Mrs. McFeral Harold & Eveline Tasaka

Shaggy & Tashi Doris Ladd

Ms. Matilda Matthew Saxton

Shrek & Taffy Madeline & Gary Kaneshiro

Murray Donna Makishima

Snoopie Goto Colleen Goto-Ono

Nani & Tia Tina Loo

Snoopy Walter Tanaka

Pazuzu Charlaine Higashi

Sonny Sean Romeo

Penny Jerry & Sue Bevacqua

Spike Kevin, Faith & Joshua Tom

Piggy & Suzy Melanie Chin

Squeeky Thomas Mendonca

Princess Freeman & Winona Chin

Stoli Valerie Yamamoto

Princess Farias Diane Farias

Stretch Suzanne & Chris Gilleres

Pumpkin & Brownie David & Elsie Shimokawa

Sunshine Sherilyn Iona

Pumpkin & Kekoa Rita Moniz

Taiyo Wong Norine Wong

Remington Suzuki Brian & Carolyn Suzuki

Tessie Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano

Roselli Wolf & Diane Reitsperger

Tinker Bell Leilani Schuman

Rusty & Sweety Nicholas Navarre

Trapper Curtis & Ann Matsumoto

Sachi Toma William & Marcia Lee

Tyke Lynne Ellen Hollinger

Saki Michael Armenoff

Wailea Bailey Marie Kumabe

Sammy Laurie Hamano

Waiola Kitty Gregory & Sharon Wong

Sam Wong Ginny Tiu

Whiter & Pretty Girl Gilbert Ponce

Scooter Rodriguez Mary Ann Fernandes Lisa Fowler & Barry Ching Holly Lee Martin & Donna Melone Jason & Raylene Nagai Roderick Nystul & Karen Francis David & Kellyn Okabe Jerry & Cheri Rauckhorst Ginny Tiu

Willy & Taylor Kathleen & Leroy DeCaires

Kona, Lii & Uli Wayne & Lanette Pascua Koro Hidemi Sato Kuuaka & Mamalu Duarte Charlotte Duarte Lady Atsuhime Kenard Sumida Lady Shikibu Kenard Sumida

Ilio & Kaimana Buhl Adrianne & Glenwood Buhl

Lani Girl Kau Stephanie & Paul Kau

Jackie & Jackson Judith & Jonathan Brown

Lani & Sandy Maeda Diane Maeda

Jerry, Maggie & Zorro Winton & Sandra Schoneman

Lola & Muffy Rodney & Lori Uyeoka

Jesse Girl & Maka Boy Reney Ann Ching

LucyBell William & Elaine Kono

Jiro Wesley & Jean Fujita

Lucy McLane Bill & Nancy Woodhams

Jumpy Darlene Chinen

Maddie John & Elizabeth French

Kai Kani, Miss Pua, Ossian Kolohe, Saja, Samurai & Waltzing Matilda Mary Kim

Maeby Don & Karen Ikoma

Keakalani Chinn Jo Ann & Alan Chinn

Majesty Steve & Deb Knight

Keanu Yabui Bryant Yabui

Malia Toni Fujita

Keiki Girl Lois Gordon

Malia Linda & Leonard Joyo

Kekai Wright Ginny Tiu

Malu Debra Ann Chan

Kekela & Tita Linda Ahue

Mariah Lum Ginny Tiu

Kili, Kuma & Nani Alan & Joslyn Fiddler

Maui Anonuevo Ginny Tiu

Kilo Kilousky Flora Higuchi

Meleana E Luella Kurkjian

Kimbo Ricarte Steffani Ricarte

MeMe Caroline & Kenneth Tano

Kimi, Mona, Nani, Nikki & Nori Ito Leslie Ito

Michael & Pedro Laura Ray

Kimo & Mochi Steven & Dagmar Oato Kini & Sweetie Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Kipa & Kona Naomi Yamashita Kippy Corey & Yukie Wong Kitty Kitty Katherine & Glen Rilveria Koa Inouye Juliane & Wesley Inouye

Maile Ayabe Sandra Ching

Miki Lawrence & Clara Kam

Zena Danny & Joanne Lopez

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Millie Wilson Philip Gartland Mindy Lum Lori Galera Misha Khim Mary Ann Barnard Mochi & Tofu Jared & Valerie Sugihara Mokey Katherine & Glen Rilveria Momo Keith & Michele Yamanaka


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Pets in Paradise 2019 PHOTO CALENDAR CONTEST Enter a photo of your pet for a chance to be featured in our annual Pets in Paradise calendar. Four winners will receive a photo shoot with a professional photographer and every entrant has the chance to be on the cover! Contest opens June 1, 2019. For more information, go to HawaiianHumane.org.

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Hawaiian Humane Society April 2019 Newsletter  

Hawaiian Humane Society April 2019 Newsletter