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December 2018 - February 2019

New clinic launches a new era The grand opening of Hawaiian Humane’s Community Spay/Neuter Center in October marked the addition of an incredible resource for Oahu’s animals and launched a new chapter in the Society’s history of service to the community. Kahu Kordell With the capacity to provide Kekoa, Board Member up to 8,000 spay/neuter Susan Kosasa, President & CEO Lisa Fowler, Board surgeries annually, Oahu’s Chair Bob Armstrong and first high-quality, highBoard Member Ginny volume spay/neuter clinic is Tiu untie the maile lei to signify the opening of the “Having the a powerful force for change. Community Spay/ opportunity It allows the owners of pet cats Neuter Center. to spend a week and dogs and the caregivers of with the Spay/ Free-Roaming cats to access highNeuter Alliance was quality, low-fee sterilization services incredible. It was an invaluable that benefit their animals while experience to have the chance to learn reducing animal overpopulation. the specialized techniques of a highDr. Kasey Carter, Hawaiian Humane’s quality, high-volume sterilization clinic. Our team was excited to bring chief veterinarian, led a group of six this much needed resource to our staff members who traveled to North community,” said Carter. Carolina in October for a week-long training in the operation of this type The opening of the center builds of specialized spay/neuter clinic. on the Society’s long-standing Experts at the Spay/Neuter Alliance, commitment to reduce the suffering who pioneered the practice of highcaused by pet overpopulation. Every quality, high-volume spay/neuter, shared their knowledge and strategies dog, cat, and rabbit rehomed through Hawaiian Humane for the past 25 with the Hawaiian Humane team. years has been spayed or neutered before being made available for adoption. Yet too many pets on Oahu The Community Spay/ remain unsterilized and the Society Neuter Center is open sees the effects of overpopulation Tuesday through Saturday. every day.

To schedule an appointment, visit HawaiianHumane.org.

“The Community Spay/Neuter Center was inspired by the vision of Hawaiian Humane’s board and executive team to reduce the

number of homeless animals,” said Board Chairman Bob Armstrong. By offering low-fee spay/neuter surgeries to pet cats and dogs for the first time, the Society is helping to further reduce the barriers that some pet owners face in securing these services. The center is also a vital component in the Society’s effort to humanely reduce Oahu’s population of FreeRoaming cats. The clinic sterilizes Free-Roaming cats as part of the trap, neuter, return, manage (TNRM) strategy. With this approach, the colony population stabilizes and then decreases as cats live out their natural lives without reproducing. “We are thankful for the generous support we received to build this new clinic,” said Lisa Fowler, Hawaiian Humane president and CEO. “We have the resources, knowledge, and commitment to make a real difference in the community and we encourage the public to use our spay/neuter services.”

President’s Message

Focusing on overpopulation The opening of the Hawaiian Humane Society’s new Community Spay/Neuter Center on October 16, 2018 marked the start of a new era for Oahu’s people and animals. For 25 years, the Society has sterilized every cat and dog available for adoption, as well as offered low-fee spay/neuter services to FreeRoaming cats. In fiscal year 2018 more than 8,000 animals, including 3,000 Free-Roaming cats, were sterilized on our campus. With the opening of the center, that commitment to reducing pet overpopulation in our community is set to double. As the first high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter clinic on Oahu, the center can perform up to 8,000 surgeries annually. That capacity allows the Society to offer sterilization services for owned cats and dogs for the first time. To maximize the effectiveness of this resource, we are building partnerships with those who share our commitment to preventing animal homelessness and suffering. We are raising awareness of the clinic with pet owners and working

closely with Free-Roaming cat caregivers to encourage use of our sterilization services. On behalf of Hawaiian Humane, I extend my Lisa deepest thanks to our Fowler donors and supporters serves as President for helping us take these & CEO. important steps toward reducing the suffering caused by pet overpopulation. As we look to the new year, I am inspired by our board of directors, staff, community members and supporters who fuel the Society’s mission to create a more humane culture for people and animals. With the addition of our Community Spay/Neuter Center, I’m excited about the impact we will make in 2019. Thank you for helping to advance our mission. I look forward to continuing our work together. With Aloha,

Lisa Fowler President & CEO


Lisa Fowler President & CEO Allison Gammel Community Relations Director Editor Jeff Chung Amanda Kowalski Liz Valleriani Photographers Published quarterly by the Hawaiian Humane Society. 2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826 Phone (808) 356-2200 Fax (808) 955-6034 HawaiianHumane.org Animal Rescues & Investigations 356-2250 Dog Licensing 356-2200 Donations & Gifts 356-2213 Education 356-2206 Events 356-2225 Hike Club 356-2222 Lost & Found 356-2228 Neuter Now 356-2200 Pet Adoptions 356-2218 Pet Loss Support Group 356-2222 Volunteer Programs 356-2222 Community Spay/Neuter Center 356-2255 The Hawaiian Humane Society is an education and advocacy organization that also shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. It is Oahu’s only open-admission shelter that welcomes all animals. Visit HawaiianHumane.org to learn more.

In Our Backyard

Society pet visitation program spreads joy Sammy Long has a lot of stories to share from the more than two years she has volunteered with the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Pet Visitation program. A particular visit to Kuakini Geriatric Care stands out. Long was talking with a woman who had been afraid of dogs for her entire life and had never touched one. The woman’s children had begged for dogs when they were young but she insisted they be kept outside.

Sammy Long and her parrot Rio are a pet visitation team with the Hawaiian Humane Society. Long’s daughter Logan (8) recently joined her as an official volunteer.

“When she was telling me all this, I was holding my dog Dee-Dee,” said Long. “She had seen us there on prior visits. She asked me if she could try to hold her.” Long said yes and after thinking a while longer, the woman took Dee-Dee on her lap and started petting her.

“She started to cry. We both were crying. She was so happy and kept saying ‘I can’t believe I held a dog!’”

“Interacting with animals can draw people out in unique ways,” said Long. “It’s moments like continued on page 4

Ensuring the Society’s future Making a planned gift to the Hawaiian Humane Society is an excellent way to ensure that love and compassion for animals continues to benefit homeless pets for many years to come. With your gift, the Society is able to care for animals, educate the community, advocate for animal welfare and curb pet overpopulation. Here are a few ways to make a planned gift: • Will or Estate Plan Contribution – A bequest through a will or estate plan leaves a legacy of caring for animals. • IRA & Retirement Plan Contribution – Designate the Hawaiian Humane Society to receive all or a portion of the account. This allows supporters to give more than they ever thought possible, while leaving heirs other assets that may be taxed at lower rates. • Life Insurance Policy – Gifts of a life insurance policy or proceeds of a policy that are no longer needed can also be an excellent way to give. You may be able to use life insurance to “replace” assets you donate to charity, allowing you to provide for loved ones and their charitable interests. • Donations Honoring a Loved One – For the person who has everything, a donation in honor of a loved one can be a fitting gift this holiday season. For information, call 356-2213 or email giving@hawaiianhumane.org. 3

Pets in Paradise winners Every year the competition gets better and better for the annual Pets in Paradise calendar contest. This year was no different with pet owners submitting a variety of especially adorable photos of their loved ones, making the contest our toughest yet. In July, three pets received the most public votes of this year’s contest.


Tulip Three-year-old Tulip was adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society after spending time in foster care recovering from injuries she suffered in a case that led to an animal cruelty conviction. Tulip may have had a hard start to life but she is thriving in her new home and shows gratitude for the love and care she’s getting. With her larger than life personality, she warms the hearts of everyone she meets. Although she only has three legs, she keeps up with all of the other dogs in her new family’s adopted pack. And don’t let her petite figure deceive you, she loves to eat!

London is a spunky six-year-old who loves ice cubes after a long walk. She also loves watching other animals on television and talks to them from her favorite armchair. Named after her one of her owner’s favorite cities, London jumps for joy and rolls over waiting for her “hello” belly rub.

Named for her reddish fur that resembles aka miso soup (red miso soup), Miso is the third winner of the Pets in Paradise contest. She is otherwise known as “Miss Aina Haina” as she’s eager to greet all of her friends, both human and dog, during her walks around the neighborhood. Miso loves basking under the sun in her backyard and watching tennis and the Kentucky Derby on TV. But her favorite activities are playdates with her best friends: Wailau, Buddy, Hele and Ollie.


continued from page 3

these that make me absolutely love being a part of the Pet Visitation program.”

“I have always had pets and I know how much joy they bring to me, especially when I’m sick or feeling blue,” said Long. “It’s an awesome feeling to brighten someone’s day and see huge smiles on their faces. When my visit comes to an end, I’m already looking forward to going back for the next visit.”

The Society’s Pet Visitation teams bring the joy of the human-animal bond to hospitals, hospices, schools, senior centers and health care partners islandwide. In addition to Dee-Dee, Long’s other dog Sophia joins her on trips to Kuakini Geriatric Care. She visits Hale Ku‘ike in Nuuanu with her parrots Rio and Skye.

For more information on the Pet Visitation program visit HawaiianHumane.org. 4


Q&A: Ask our Chief Veterinarian

Q: A:

Hawaiian Humane’s chief veterinarian, Kasey Carter, DVM, leads the Society’s veterinary team in caring for the diverse needs of more than 25,000 animals each year. With an extensive background in shelter medicine, Dr. Carter provides expert information for pet owners regarding the health, well-being and behavior of their animal companions. What’s the best way to introduce a new pet to the pack?

There are many things to think about when bringing a new pet into your home. Whether it’s your first pet or you are adding to your pack, make sure you consider your lifestyle and living situation and whether it is the right time to introduce a new pet into your family. Getting a pet should be a thoughtful decision and giving them as gifts to people who are unprepared may not be the best option. If you decide to add another pet to your pack consider these tips: Separate everyone initially, let them get used to each other’s smells. When the animals are together, keep a close eye on them to make sure they are getting along and slowly increase the amount of time they spend together. Before they spend extended time together, make sure they are comfortable with one another and not just tolerating each other. Be mindful of each pet’s toys, food/water bowls and beds; make sure each pet has his or her own set of necessities so sharing

isn’t an issue. No matter if it’s your first pet or a new member of the pack, all animals should have a space to call their own where they feel safe. For dogs this could be a crate, bed or enclosed yard. For cats it could be a cat tower or other “dog free” space in the home.

Q: A:

How can I minimize my pet’s stress during the New Year’s Eve celebration?

There are a few ways to help your pets stay safe and comfortable while we humans ring in the new year. First, keep your pets indoors. They will be calmest in a quiet enclosed area or room in your house where they will be unaware of the commotion outside. Second, resist taking your pet to any fireworks displays. The loud booms of fireworks combined with crowded public areas could terrify any animal. Lastly, make sure to update your pet’s identification. Check that your pet is microchipped and has ID tags and a license – all with up-to-date information. If you need assistance, stop by the Hawaiian Humane Society to update your contact information or to purchase an ID tag, microchip or City and County license.

Q: A:

We’ve heard a lot about raw food diets. Is this a good option for my pet?

The American Veterinary Medical Association does not recommend a raw food diet for cats or dogs. Raw food diets can carry bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses in your pets. These illnesses can harm your animal directly and also harm other people in the household. Secondary transmission of these pathogens to humans has been reported mostly in people who have compromised immune systems like children and seniors. Keep in mind animals have different nutritional requirements than humans and providing them with a well-balanced diet is important. Research commercially available pet food for the best fit for your animal.

If you find a stray animal, bring him to the Hawaiian Humane Society’s 24-hour Admissions Center where pets can be reunited with their owners. If you have lost your pet call 356-2228 or visit HawaiianHumane.org immediately to file a lost report. Last year the Society reunited 2,667 lost pets with their families.

Please consult your veterinarian for specific questions about your pet’s health, diet and behavior.


Help bring pet-friendly dining to Hawaii Many local businesses have implemented pet-friendly policies in recognition of the role of pets as family members. Restaurant owners, however, are prevented from adopting such policies, even in outdoor dining areas, by state Health Department rules. Restaurants are the setting for many of life’s special moments; Sunday brunch, pau hana with friends, and celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries, among other milestones. Unfortunately, our furry family members are usually excluded from these special occasions and Hawaiian Humane would like to see that change. The Society has long advocated for the integration of pets into our daily lives. The pets-in-restaurants campaign is its latest effort to create a more pet-friendly community. Hawaiian Humane is working to build support ahead of the next legislative session in January 2019 for a bill that would give Hawaii restaurant owners the option to adopt pet-friendly policies. Nine other states and many municipalities nationwide have passed pets-in-restaurants laws without jeopardizing public health. Passing a similar law in Hawaii will require strong community support. A show of enthusiasm from pet owners, animal lovers and business leaders If you would like to join Hawaiian Humane’s community advocates list to get updates on this campaign as well as other advocacy initiatives, please email advocacy@ hawaiianhumane.org.

within the food service industry and beyond will be vital to the success of this campaign. Lisa Kim, director of marketing for BREW’d and REAL a Gastropub, is an early and enthusiastic supporter of the pets-in-restaurants campaign. “I personally love dogs,” said Kim. “Especially today, people love their animals like family. If an establishment says it’s okay and customers want to bring their companions, they should be able to do that.” Kim explained that there are already rules restaurants have to follow when cleaning up human-caused messes and she thinks they are adequate to address any health or hygiene concerns when animals are welcomed in an establishment. Chambers & Chambers Wine Merchants also supports the campaign. “One of the things that I love most about this company is that I am allowed to bring my dog, Ted, to work,” said Hawaii Operations Manager Casey Lovern. 6

Lovern expects many of Chambers’ clients in the Hawaii food and beverage industry will see the opportunity to adopt a pet-friendly policy as an important way to serve an evolving community. Lovern and Kim both think that a pets-in-restaurants law would be a strong incentive for pet owners to work on their furry family members’ manners, as well. “If taking Ted out to eat is something that is open to us, we would do everything we could to make sure we were preparing him to be wellbehaved and comfortable in that setting. We would make sure we were abiding by the comfort level of the patrons around us,” said Lovern. “You want this to be a good experience for everyone.” Kim agreed. “I would expect owners to be responsible for their pets and respectful of staff and other customers,” she said. To support the pets-in-restaurants campaign, please sign the petition at HawaiianHumane.org and spread the word.

Donor Spotlight: A duty to Oahu’s pets Louise A. Johnson knows firsthand the challenges facing military families who have pets. She and her husband of 46 years traveled to duty stations across the country and overseas. Both are animal lovers and they have never had fewer than two dogs. “We always moved with our animals, even from South Korea, anywhere, you name it,” she said.

A lazy Sunday morning at the Johnson’s finds, left to right, Sassy, Jane, Milo and Jill sharing the sofa.

Johnson became a monthly donor to the Hawaiian Humane Society not long after settling in Honolulu in 1998. “I’m devoted to animals, I love them,” she said.

While she supports other animal nonprofits as well, her support for Hawaiian Humane is rooted in its work caring for the animals on Oahu. Johnson realizes that it can be challenging for military families

to bear the expense of taking pets with them when they leave. Also many move in the summer, when it can be difficult to find an airline that will take pets, said Johnson. “We need to support Hawaiian Humane so that we can rehome these animals,” she said. Her monthly donations help support the Society’s work combating animal cruelty and finding families for homeless animals. Johnson said she is touched by the capacity animals have

to love and trust people, even when they have suffered. Johnson, who retired from Tripler Army Medical Center after a 27-year career in nursing, now has four dogs. Her son, who is stationed on Oahu, has three rescue pups. The whole family shares a devotion to animals. “It’s the community’s responsibility to make sure animals are cared for properly,” said Johnson.

Did you know? Did you know that the Hawaiian Humane Society is an independent local nonprofit that is not affiliated with any other organization? Founded in 1883 by a group of concerned citizens, including King David Kalakaua, Hawaiian Humane is celebrating 135 years of serving the people and animals of Oahu. While the Society collaborates with other animal welfare organizations to advocate for change, it is not a chapter of any mainland group. All funds raised by the Society stay on Oahu to help local people and animals.


Dogs and owners enjoyed a beautiful evening walk in Ward Village.

Thousands step out for PetWalk More than 3,000 people and pets gathered at Kolowalu Park for the 28th Hawaiian Humane Society PetWalk – the annual charity event that supports the organization’s mission. Participants circled Ward Village, enjoyed the new festival area and raised vital funds for animals in need.

and Summit Media teamed up to donate air time and publicity to help raise awareness of the charity walk and the Society’s work. “We were very excited to update PetWalk this year and it was thrilling to see so many people join us to support and celebrate our mission,” said Allison Gammel, community relations director for the Hawaiian Humane Society. “The community’s support allows us to continue our work to stop animal abuse, reduce pet overpopulation and educate people about responsible pet ownership.”

Fourteen sponsors stepped up to support PetWalk Paina, including our Grand Champion sponsor, Petco Foundation, which has been PetWalk’s presenting sponsor for the past six years. Media sponsors Hawaii News Now

Board Chairman Bob Armstrong and his dog Angel.

Several cats and rabbits joined in the fun.


Volunteers, Board Members, and Hawaiian Humane’s president kick off the 28th annual PetWalk.

Mahalo to our Sponsors Presenting Sponsor

Petco Foundation Ginny Tiu’s Team • Charlie Bean’s Team Crazy Shirts • Crum & Forster Hill’s Pet Nutrition • American Carpet One Veterinary Emergency + Referral Center of Hawaii Cosco Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Jack Tyrrell / Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation Ruth Ushijima • 7-11 Hawaii Subaru Hawaii • United Laundry Services

Registration booth volunteers welcome walkers with warm smiles.

Mahalo nui to these businesses and friends who donated or discounted their services. Accel Rentals Bank of Hawaii Christian Yrizarry Golden Brewing Hagadone Printing Hawaii Balloon Company Hawaiian Ice Company Matt Levi Corporation

Hawaii News Now • Hawaiian 105 KINE

Menehune Water Ness Turf Equipment Party Pix Phoenix Security Poi Pounder Hawaii Visionize Watanabe Floral Ward Village

PetWalk’s new festival area offered food, music and vendors. More than 3,000 people and pets came out for the annual event this year.


Persistence pays off in circus animal ban On September 25, 2018, the state Board of Agriculture voted to ban the importation of dangerous wild animals into Hawaii for circuses and fairs.

For more than two decades, the Hawaiian Humane Society and its supporters worked with other advocacy groups to secure this incredible victory for people and animals. While nothing can erase the horror of the 1994 death of Tyke the elephant and her trainer in Honolulu, we can be proud of taking this step to prevent anything similar happening again in Hawaii. When Governor David Ige signs this measure, Hawaii will be the first state to pass such a ban. Mahalo to the community advocates for supporting this issue over many years despite repeated setbacks. Their determination to prevent animal suffering and keep our community safe made this victory possible.

Waggin’ Tales


Kaimuki Loves K9s Kaimuki small businesses celebrated National Dog Day and donated a portion of their Kaimuki Loves K9s event proceeds to the Hawaiian Humane Society. Thanks to: Keri Nakahashi Photography • Live. Love. Pet • Notted Nest • Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery • Ten Tomorrow • The Public Pet • Via Gelato The BoxJelly is big on helping animals A big mahalo nui loa to The BoxJelly for generously donating the space for the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Wine for Wags. The use of its event room helped to raise much needed funds for the Society’s programs and services. Foodies love our furry friends Tails are wagging for Panda Express, California Pizza Kitchen and Papa Johns for supporting the Society this summer! These restaurants generously fundraised to help Hawaii’s animals and people.

Estate Planning Seminar Thursday, January 17 • 6 - 7:30 pm Hawaiian Humane Society

Learn about creating an estate plan that includes your pet and leaves a legacy of love. Call 356-2247 to RSVP or email giving@hawaiianhumane.org for more info.

Doggie Speed Dating Saturday, February 9 • 10 am - Noon Hawaiian Humane Society

Love is in the air! Find the love of your life with a people-pet speed dating event. Call 356-2222 or email events@hawaiianhumane.org for more info. 10

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Gifts of Love

We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more from August 1, 2018 – October 31, 2018

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Genevieve Freeman Pam French John Fritz Helen & Dennis Fujii Lindsey Fujimoto Bert & Sharon Fujinaga Jill Fujino Harold & Jan Fujise Carol Fujitani Beverly & Thomas Fujiwara Lynette Fujiyoshi Michie Fukuda Jon & Susan Fukuda Marion Fukuhara Dennis & Annette Fukunaga Stephanie Fukuoka Brett Fuller Jerrold & Harlene Fuller Wendie Funakoshi Anthony Furuta Glenn & Janice Furuta Jana Gaison-Terukina Troy Gallegos Kent & Carolyn Gammel Harish Ganesathasan Barbara Garringer Florence Gaygay Francis & Jayne George Jane George Patrick & Catherine Geraghty Kili Gerell Manfred & Carol Gerstl Gregory & Monette Gilding Sherry Gilliand Lillian Goda Sheila Gold Elizabeth Goldsmith Leela Goldstein Mary Gomes Maria & Elvis Gonzalez Vincent Goo & Lesley Chong-Goo J. Stephen & Barbara Goodman Carrie Gosiaco Eden Goto William Goya Pamela Grant Harvey & Rae Green Bridget Greiner Richard Smith & David Griggs Elizabeth Rice Grossman Delphina Guerrero Caroline Guira Barron & Dede Guss Diana Guss William Guss Lisa & Stephen Haley Phillip Halpin Roger Hamada & Lisa Okino Keith & Janice Hamamoto Reid Hamamoto Wesley Hamasaki Allen & Susan Hamson Harold Han Mitsue Hanabusa Shelby Hankee Jean Hankin-Jones Steven & Sherry Hansel Joan & Peter Hansen May Aiko Haramoto Harbor Shores Apartments Donna & Glann Hashimoto

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Animals. Turn your

Thomas & Sarah Jenny Richard & Judi Jinnai Cynthia Johiro Gary & Melanie Johnson Lawrence & Claire Johnson Louise Johnson Shereen Johnson Annakaarina Jolkkonen Bob Jones & Denby Fawcett David & Chiyono Jones Dennis & Joyce Josiah Colette Jungles-Galarsa Barbara Jurkens Barbara Kaaihili Ann Kabasawa Kathleen Kagawa Ada Kahalewai Dennis & Joyce Kajioka Edna Kajiwara Wanda Kakugawa Lois Kakuni Luana & Elliot Kalauawa Priscilla Kalbrener Eileen Kam Jeffrey & Sue Kam Jeryl Kam Preston & Cynthia Kamikawa Kumiko Kaminaka Janice Kam-Makiya Phyllis Kam-Young & Kim Soon Kam Margery Kanahele & Geoffrey Horvath Primrose Kanana Christine & Dean Kanemaru Donna & Eric Kaneshiro Gary Kaneshiro Joan Kaneshiro Johnny Kaneshiro Kenneth & Amy Kaneshiro Troy Kaneshiro Nolan Karioka Alan & Lori Kato Yuko Kato Allison Kawakami Kawamata Farms Ryan Kawamoto Sheila & Paul Kawamoto Andy Kawano Richard Keawe Patricia Keaweamahi Howard & Elizabeth Keller Sharon & Larry Kelley Michael Kelly Joleen Kemper Alex & Stephanie Kendrick Kenneth Keough Sandy & Richard Kersten Mandy Kiaha Valerie Kidani Robert & Hope Kihune Audrey Kim Charlene Kim Janice Kim Launice Kim Diane M. Kimura & William J. Nagle, III John & Marilyn Kiner Joann Kinmoto Daniel & Kathryn Kirley Herbert & Karen Kitazaki

old wheels into their meals.

Donate your car and help care for animals. Call 356-2213 or visit HawaiianHumane.org.


James & Sharon Kitazaki Keiso Kiwada Kathleen & Thomas Kiyuna Sandra & Douglas Klein Marcia Klompus Nora Knock & Stanley Benito Laurie Knych Kenneth & Sue-Ann Kobatake Carolyn Kobayashi Douglas Koide Janice Koki Roy, Marian & Robin Komoto Steven & Estrellita Komura Eleanor Konishi Kerry Kopp Blanche Kort Patty & Roger Kort Masao Kosaka Ronald Kreigsman Donald Krug Lily Kuba James Kubo Barry & Wanda Kugiya James Kumagai Harry Kupihea, Jr. Lloyd Kurashima Marvin & Patricia Kurisu Christel Kutzen Lisa Kuwasaki-Kim Gerald Kwock Laura Lackey Rachel Lange Berit Larsen David & Sandra Larsen Michael Lastor Ellen & Jeffrey Layaoen Cathy Lee Jamie Lee Stephen & Karen Lee Linda Lee Romy Lee & Marvin Chang Sojin Lee Tommy & Lori Lee Worldster & Patricia Lee Catherine Leong Jon Leong Randy Leong Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Peter & Mary Lewis Richard & Rosann Lewis Librarios Creations Steven & Danel Licari Barry Lightner Chia Hsing Lin Betsy & John Linabury Kathleen Lin-Hurtubise Leighton Liu Noriko & Bryan Liu Live. Love. Pet! Andrew & Shoko Livingston Sammy Long Jacqueline Loo Tina Loo Marilyn Louie Roberta Lovely Gordon & Junko Lowry Carol & Lawrence Lucero Carmel Lui-Kwan Alisa Lum Daniel Lum Irwin Lum Madeline Lum Michelle Lum Milton Lum Sharon Lutao Paul & Kaoru Lyddon Stacey Lynn I. Macilwraith Benedict & Gail Madriaga Kentaro Maeda Gary Maeshiro

Gail Murakami Traci Murakami Carl Muraoka May Muromoto-Gander Winston Myers Kanani Naauao Herbert & Ethel Nada Lawrence & Stephanie Naea Allison Nagamine Damon Nagamine Trevor & Ginger Nagamine Dean & Gayle Nagasaki Stephanie Nagata Megan Nagel Lisa Naimer Gail Nakada Ann Nakagawa Carolyn Nakagawa Harry & Hisae Nakahodo Conklin & Lisha Nakamura Alan & Gwynne Nakamura Don Bondarenko & Joan Nakamura Audree & Guy Nakanishi Ronald Nakano Grant Nakashima Scott & Kathleen Nakasone Raymond & Winnie Nakatsu Nancy Namiki Nicole Nashiro Sharon Nashiro Lani Nelson James & Shirley Newman Mary & Darryl Ng Bob & Roberta Nickel Claudia Nihei Renee & Renton Nip Ralph & Bette Nishida Sandra Nishimi Diane Nitta George & Ruby Nitta Sharon Niven Gary Noda Norman & Ann Noguchi John & Suzanne Noland H. Naomi Nortman Janeen Nozaki Naomi Numazu Lily Ochoco Cynthia Oda Frances Ohira Edward & Susan Ohlson Gloria & Vernon Okada Raymond & Trudy Okada Edlin & Donna Okamura Gary & Sun Hyang Okimoto Jean Okumura Mark Olds, III Walter & Charlotte Olmos Ronald & Marilyn Onishi Anna Ono Charlene Ono Kimberly O’Quinn Mark & Ok Sun Ortogero Jamie & Pauline Osborne Tish Oshima Wayde Oshiro Mia Ostrowski Sanford Ota Terri Ann Otani Sheila Ouchi Ron Oudiz Yukio Ozaki Solomon & Leonora Pa Pace Art Conservation Pacific Gallery & Frames Pacific Nature Debra Padello Sisar Paderes & Dolores Baluran-Paderes Debra & Ricardo Pagatpatan

Alexander & Clarita Malinao Laurie Manandic Jon & Selina Mann Nedra Manson Donna Manuel Robin & Daniel Marcom Stephen Marcuccilli Boyd Marumoto Nancy & Walter Masaki Lindsey Masuda Carol & Robert Masutani Ikaika Mata Margaret Matayoshi George & Lynn Matsuda Leeann Matsuda Kylie Matsuda-Lum Donald Matsumori Takeo & Winifred Matsumoto Ann Matsunami & Edward Morris Raymond & Jane Matsuo Ronald Matsuo Stacie & Reed Matsuo Mack Matsuura Darryl Diaz & Gina Matsuzawa-Diaz Douglas Mau & Maude Nakasone Julia Mayne Sharon McAlum Maggie McClellan Floyd & Ann McCoy James & Susan McDonald Janet McElheny Mavis McGurn Sharon McHale Danny & Yong Melton Meng Dynasty Socorro Mercado Barry & Linda Meyers Lori Militar Brook & Diana Miller Richard & Hanae Mills Joanna Milo Bruce & Cyndee Mirante Bert & Joni Mishima Gale Mitchell Jerrie Mitchell Mark & Carol Mitsutyasu Warren Weber & Jennifer Miyahira Sarah Miyahira Lisa Miyakado Doreen Miyamoto Dori Miyamoto Michael & Mona Miyamura Linda Miyashiro Yoshiye Miyashita Cheryl Mizusawa Walter & Helga Mizushima Charles Mizuta Kenny Mochizuki Max Molina Yolanda Mondo Montessori Community School Kathy Moor Nancy Moore Willson Moore, Jr. & Sally Moore Debbie Mori Pearl Mori Morris & Ann Moribe Melvin & Carolyn Morikami Jane & George Morioka Michael Morioka Roy Morioka Dean & Janis Morita Harry & Michelle Morris Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey Pamela Moy Michelle Moy Ritchie & Sunny Mudd Barbara & Lawrence Mukai James Mun Stanley & Judith Murai


Beverly Page Margaret Pahinui Panda Express Shirley Ann Pasco David & Joyce Patrick Stephanie Pauling PayPal Giving Fund Mitsuru Pazienza Timothy Peris Dan & Paula Perry Cindy Petersen Judy Peterson Helen Petrovitch Pets Are Inn E. Alan Phillips & Audrey Buyrn Robert Phillips Mae Piimauna Lynette Pimenta Lynette Pina Tim & Laura Poell Poi Dog Treats John & Lori Popovich Teri Proctor The Public Pet Puppy Love Hawaii John & Linda Puu Chris & Chuck Quackenbush Rustico Radona James & Cindy Ralar Jacqueline & Thomas Ralya George Ramos Zsuzsa Rastegar Anne Rauh Rachel Ray Lorrianne Redlew Allyson Reed Lisa Reid Jasmine Reighard Michael Reilly Linda Reis Paul & Jessel Riccardini Mark Richards Moroni Riordan Daniel Robertson Conrad Rodenbeck Timothy & Meng Roe Valerie Roibal Paul Romano Linda Rowan Sam Ruan Donna & Robert Ryan Edward Sagucio Itsuo & Ross Saito Reiko Saito Latonia Sakata Marjan Salazar Darcie Santilla Holly Santoki Drew Santos Elijah Sarault Bryan Sasaki Cecilia Sasaki Fred & Charlotte Sasaki Richard & Marvela Satake Ken & Jean Sato Kristine Sato Renee & Tracy Sato Wallace Sato Rudy Savio Mariko & Koyo Sawada Joyce & Norman Say Bebe & Michael Schmidt Dee Dee Schneider Catherine Schultz Sally Schultz Andrew & Kristin Schumacher Robert & Ester Schumacher Jason Seal Daniel & Diane Segawa Justin & Faith Seguirant Betsy Sekiya

Tiffany Sentani Al & Connie Serafin Frances Serikaku Ben & Chris Severson Amanda Seymore Elizabeth Shelley Dorothy Shigaki Michael Shigeta Harriet & Stanley Shima Wallace & Jane Shimabuku Kelly Shimabukuro Masayoshi & Juliet Shimabukuro Melvin & Mary Jane Shinohara Jill Shirafuji Tamae Shiraishi Reynold & Reyne Shiroma Raymond Shito Kim Sielbeck Frederic Sigler Frank & Penny Sioda Evelyn & Benjamin Siu Bill Smith Sean Smith Charlene Smoyer Jack Smyth Jr. Beverly Soares Calvin Sondker Vernon & Marlene Souki Lisa Spencer Karl & Carole Stahlkopf Ulrich & Carol Stams Ronald Stebbins Chuck Sted Peter Steiner Mayumi Stiteler Marianne Stone Kristin Stuthard Chanel Su’e Scott Suhterland Barbara Sullivan Ken & Rene Sumida Amanda Pearson Suyat Irene Taguchi Leroy & Marcia Taira Bert Takahara Lornna & Chris Takahashi

Juanita Tom Lisa Tom May Tome Helen Tomita & Kau’l Tomita Sandra Torrecillas Brigida Torres Leslie Tracy Jennifer Trevino Mitsuyo Tsuchiya Takashi Tsuhako Thomas Tsuhako Vivian Tsutsumi Habibur Tulu LeeAnn Tuttle Dennis Tyau Robert & Therese Tyler Janice Uemori Miyoko Ueyama Arthur & Julie Ugalde Roy Umeda Linda Umetsu Tim Unten Henry & Lee Urstadt Donna Usagawa Kristen Uyeda Lloyd Uyehara Machiko & Kenneth Uyehara Katherine Uyeno Paul Uyeshiro Reynaldo Valderas Philip & Patricia Valenti Marion Valle Trisha Vandevender Charles Vause Michele Velasco Mark Verrey Sean & Sheri Viernes Mayumi Villiatora Toni Wade Dan Wagoner Betty & Ronald Wakatsuki Doris Wakida Wes & Geri Wakuzawa Thelma Walenrod Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Denise Walterhoefer

Susan Takahashi Susan Takahashi Ted Takahashi George Takakawa Carol Takaki Roy & Juanita Takara Greg & Itsumi Takase James Takeyama Eric Takushi Ruby Takushi Ruth Takushi Todd Takushi Townsend Takushi Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera James Tam Linda Tam Clifford & Elaine Tamanaha Jerrod & Vanessa Tamashiro Bonnie Tam-Hoy Bee Tan Alan & Joni Tanaka Benjamin & Dawn Tanaka Catherine & Richard Tanaka Marie Tanaka Sandra Tanaka Wayne & Claire Tanaka Angela Tanioka Lynn Tanioka Suzanne & Matthew Tanori Patricia Tanouye Danielle Tarumoto Joanne Taylor Ten Tomorrow Michelle Teng Sadako Tengan Ken Tenyon Alan & Valerie Terada Karyn Elizabeth Tercy Kevin Terry Zachary Thacker Mary & James Thrash Francine & Quang Tiet Rene Tillich Times Supermarket Laverne Tokunaga-Tarumoto Diane Tom

Consider donating your HawaiianMiles to Hawaii’s animals. At the end of the year, Hawaiian Airlines will match up to 500,000 miles to help the Hawaiian Humane Society raise funds through auctions and fundraising prizes. Your donation of miles supports the more than 30 programs and services the Society offers. Mahalo for your support! Visit HawaiianHumane.org for more information.


Marie Wang Rebecca Ward James & Anita Watanabe Roy & Paulette Watanabe Marilyn Waterhouse Raquel Weed Miyo Wenkam William & Gretchen Wesley Laura Westphal Robert Wicks Gary Wild Cynthia Williams Jennifer Williams Marisa Wilson Michael Wilson Wine & Design Honolulu John Wisniewski Judith Wolfe Adam Wong & Arlene Tanaka Candice Wong Danny & Lorrie Wong Linda Wright Wong Lloyd & Geraldine Wong Lorraine Wong Priscilla & Paul Wong Stella & Alvin Wong Don Woodson Artesha Woodworth K’Olmos Joshua Wooldridge Vera Wright George & Mary Ann Wyman Todd & Cynthia Wyrick Alvin & Iris Yafuso Carol Jean Yakuma Ayako Yamada Linda Yamada-Okamura David Yamagata Janis Yamaguchi Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Thomas & Jane Yamane Harvey & Carolyn Yamasaki Joyce Yamashita Jerry & Caryn Yamauchi John & Jane Yanagida Stephanie Yanagida Wei Wei Yang Donald Yap Alvin Yasuda Tim & Janet Yee Martha Yent Drake Yim Mary Ann & Wing-Cheung Yip Katherine Yokoyama Cyrilla Yonehara Theodore York Peter & Adrienne Yoshihara Roy Yoshikane Layne Yoshimora James & Harriett Yoshimori Keith & Marian Yoshimura Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga Sally Yoshinaga Jon & Donna Yoshino Jean Yoshioka Lanette Yoshioka Glenn & Kim Yoshiyama Miki Young Lily Yu Joyce Yuen Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

In Honor of People Bob Bean Kevin Alfaro

Helen Bendet Diane Sherman Tokio Fujimori Randy Fujimori & Janet Clark Dede Guss Beth Saul Madeline Scherman Melody Hamilton Tamara Kong Maxine Lee Laurelle Lee Leianne Lee Loy Anne Murphy John & Emily Linabury Amy Flattery Feighner Holly Lindsay Joni Kohama Mi Kosasa Kristi & Riley Ivey Ginny Tiu Dr. Thomas Kosasa Ginny Tiu Linda Kuribayashi Carrie Mukaida Sharon Minichiello Richard Villiotte Beverly Page Raymond Lyau Michel & Colette Pentecost Richard & Jill Pentecost Larry Rodriguez Martin & Donna Melone Deborah Roylance Beverly Page Jim Schuler Nick & Koren Dreher Roderick Nystul & Karen Francis Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Lori Takara John & Kathleen Topliss

Sherrill L. Williams Bob & Victoria Kenneally

Mary Ellen Beck Diane & Roy Pyles

Stacey Woodruff Iulian Burtea

Pamela Burns Jane Bellomy Caleb & Jane Burns Peter Burns & Paula Trask Edward Kamei Paul & Naomi Loewe Eunice Watanabe

In Honor of Pets

Daisy Mae Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann Demi Steve & Deb Knight

Rick Conroy Barbara & Han Ching Marian Conroy Stacey Hee Sherman & Stephanie Hee Anita Hodges Paul & Naomi Loewe Sharon Rahe

Ginger Bobby Gordon Harley & Momo Stephanie & John Kirimitsu Koko Derick Hada

Kleona B. Corsini Barbara Long Roberta Rigney Pam Routson Leigh Ann Townsend

Lady & Smoky Gilbert Ponce Molly Keiko Aono Erin Aono Murasaki Jo desMarets

Ruby-Chan Annabelle Okada Sadie Tami Orozco

Inga Dougherty Josephine Brooks Albert Chun Nancy Engelhardt Edward & Joan Gencarelli Russell Harris Barbara & Stanley Krasniewski Kathie Wells

Sarah & Streisand Ernestine Enomoto

Beverly Cochran Durham Kimberly Smith

Ollie Sandra Loo

Chuck Ferrera Sharon Au Momi Cazimero & Lester Nakasone Julia Chan Collin Fritz Gordon & Janice Fukumoto Jay & Jodie Gyotoku D. Hamai Sue Hansen Agnes Hayashi Lynn Honda Howard Luke Leanne Lum Peggy Mau Ronald Michioka Jody Nako Sheryl Nicholson Laura Ozak Judith Pavey Tom Roesser Mae Rosen

In Memory of People Vovo Akiona Anona Gabriel

Robert, Janet, Cliff & Maya Abe Joanne Abe Mary Gladding Bacon Donna Ede Mary Fielder Ronny & Douglas Kilpatrick Jerold Ogami-Van Camp

Katherine Shirley Schuman Kathy Erickson

Brad Bailon Allan & Frances Bailon

Sadie Shiraishi Akila Sreedharan

Sylvia Baldwin Patricia Banning Rosemary Fazio & David Randell

Ginny Tiu Gemie & Ken Arakawa Bob & Frances Bean Marissa Cayetano Ross William & Erica Cayetano Diane Chang Daniel Delbrel Dustin Ebesu Lisa Fowler & Barry Ching Mary Kondo Thomas & Mi Kosasa Susan Kosasa Paul & Naomi Loewe Paul Brown Salon & Day Spa Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation/Jack & May Tyrrell Mark Recktenwald & Gailynn Williamson Samuel Tiu & Nicholas Winchester Jennifer Trevino Linda Velayo-Fong Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga

Rahul Chattergy Virgie Chattergy Greg & Lynn Hiyakumoto

Samantha Williams Norm Williams


Esther Shimazu Jack & Regina Suyderhoud Michael Van Dyke Harriet Weissman Sandra Whang John Yamane Calvin Young Lisa Young Lynette Young Bessie Fowler Frank & Kathryn Cabacungan Lisa Fowler & Barry Ching Thomas & Mi Kosasa Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Ginny Tiu Haruko Futa Leon Sewell Michael Gallagher Erin, Pat, Vicky, Kathy & Connie Lee Marc Greenwell Jennifer & Alex Eged Rose Greenwell Doreen & Robert Molina Michele Rosenblum Winnifred Wilson Mary & Tony Wong Tomi Haehnlen The Czeck Family Jane Hidgon William Higdon, Jr. Patricia King Gloria Oswald Lance, Jennifer & Sarah Mills Lynn T. Koga Lynn Koga Ted Koga Allan Kosaka James Rolison Minnie Kosasa Carol Ann & Mark Solien Val Hata Kowal Susan Kosasa Reid Krucky James Cramer & Patricia O’Malley Roberta C. Lau Thomas Lau Dr. Timothy Lau Mary Kondo Thomas Lau Cheryl Tamanaha Sharane Wong

Wish List

for the animals Support the Hawaiian Humane Society this holiday season by donating supplies. Visit HawaiianHumane.org to view our wish list.

Mitzi Weindl Camille Weindl Mocha Latte Jesse & Lois Ikei Momo Nathan Sult & Beth Tarter Momoyuki Gyotoku Jay & Jodie Gyotoku Nibbles Tokuda Steven & Gail Tokuda Nike Glen & Linell Goya Nikki, Petey & Kasey Allan & Hilda Kitagawa Patches Chang Kenneth & Carol Kalani Peachy & Mimi Alice & Florence Sugimoto

Jean C. Lee Thomas Lau

Al Tomonari Paul & Naomi Loewe

Cleo Darlene Brodkin

Raynette Leon Carol Ann & Mark Solien

Hastue Tsukamoto Barbara Fujimoto

Daisy & Nana Christopher & Patricia Cooper

Deb Matsukawa Robert Cullen

Paula Marie Urban Stanley & Theresa Shibata

Dobie Richard & Marvela Satake

Ross T. McClafferty Colleen LaClair

Lee Vuillemot Eleanor Fahrenwald

Eunji Dong Jin Lee

John McLaren Cynthia Farias

Gaylene Wong Bennett Hymer Jon Portis & Heather Kurano-Portis

Fred Janet Voss

Mark Mekaru, Jr. Cynthia Heberlein Virginia Willoughby Sharon Minichiello Elizabeth Lublin Gay Satsuma

Ginger Agnes Kamana Neolani Paet Joseph & Phyllis Tachibana

David Woo Carol Ai May & Michael May Rick & Jerilyn Broadfoot Jeffrey Chang Barry & Cheryl Fukunaga Grace & Richard Okita Foundation Sharlene Mau Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Edwin & Denise Yee

Pebbles Huey Ellen & William Akaka Pepin Burkeen James & Donna Burkeen Pili Terry & Kaylene Oyama Pol, Jack & Jill Maurice Tamura & Nita Williams Ranger Carma Bamber Reddy William Higdon, Jr. Reno Ronaldo & Donna Rumbaoa

Gucci Smith Dexter & Dawn Smith

Sabu & Smoky Gilbert Ponce

Iniki William Lipes

Sachi Richard Moromisato

Jack Caswell James Caswell

Sachi Maeshiro Shirley & Curtis Maeshiro

Blane Yokota Pamela Niesz

Jiro Melvyn & Shirley Minami

Sadie Clyde & Lisa Chena

In Memory of Pets

Junior & Jackson Letitia Bailey

Sammy Conrad & Lindee Higashionna

Kekona Michael & Joanne Mikami

Shaggy & Tashi Doris Ladd

Abby & Molly Osaki David & Patricia Osaki

Kiko Miriam Whittle

Shannon Nohara June Kuramoto

Lyle K. Oshita Michael Bridge

Abby Pendragon William & Lyn Pendragon

Kipu George Van Orden

Sherlock William Higdon, Jr.

Seiko Oshita Erin Shimomi

Ally James & Dorene Oshiro

Kit Kit William Higdon, Jr.

Spot Grace Ueunten

Lily Y. Park Deborah Park

April William Higdon, Jr.

Kobi Duane & Darlene Kawamura

Squeeky Thomas Mendonca

Patra Puapong Ratana Puapong

Babe Chang Daniel & Roberta Chang

Laki & Dobie Richard & Marvela Satake

Star Vivian Tsutsumi

Thomas Robinson Tamara Addison

Bear Wood Lorna & Philip Wood

Lani & Sandy Diane Maeda

Sweetie William Higdon, Jr.

Charles Brian Schmalz Wes Nakamura

Benny, Max, Sasha & Ikaika Leona Auerbach

Leah Carvalho Francis Dela Pina & Doreen Tavares

Tessie Ginny Tiu

Irene Shigenaga Edwin & Elaine Aoki Harry Kim Nicole Rompasky

Biscuits, Pogo, Latte & Kirby Mary Ann Fernandes

Lolly Ginny Tiu

Buddy William Higdon, Jr.

Majesty Steve & Deb Knight

Toby Kris Hara Paul & Laverne Nakatani

William E. Spencer, Jr. Caroline Spencer

Charlie Helen Morita

Helen Ladd Thompson John & Debra Balfour Hal Lynch Raymond & Florence Miyahira

Chuppy & Nina Steven & Tokiko Bazzell

Mango Leatrice & Richard Arakaki Terry Lee Mazie Diane Inouye

May M. Miura Iris Miura Ronald Morioka Michael & Joan Dang Julie Fujiki Riley Hakoda Herbert & Jean Nakasone Paul Sakamoto James & Brenda Sugita Dennis Nagatani Jeanne Nagatani John Noland Paddy Dunn

Cindy & Jack Ginny Tiu

Mele Hoy Claire Loo-Hoy


Tsuki Patrick & Cathryn Downes Tux Lynette Stobie Zeke & Macavity Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham

Monthly donors Our monthly donors help save the day, every day for animals. They are a special, dedicated group who provide steady, reliable support so that we can provide help where the need is greatest. For information about becoming a monthly donor, please call 356-2213. James Abbott Tamara Addison Mary Agor Gailyn Ahuna-Lum Dale & Katherine Aina Karen & Vincent Akamine Russel & Myung Akamu Carol Aki Dino Akioka Ada Alamani Deborah Aldrich Pamela Alo Teresa Alvaro Nicole Amano Mary Jane Amundson Michelline Anjo Renee Archer Nakashima Scott Arellano-Zane Carrie-Lynn Asing Laurie Aweau-Nii Potenciana Badan Frank Baensch Letitia Bailey Susan Ballard Janet Bamford Andrea Barnes Gabriele Barthlen Sarah Bauer & Nick Yee Jack Baynes Taryn Bazzano Karsten Behlen Catharine Bello Lisamarie Bensman Steve Berkoff Ed & Jeanne Bernauer Ronald Biho Gillian Boss Craig & Joanne Bottomley Elizabeth Boulton Michelle Bowerman Dan Breault

Richard Bruce & Janet Joseph Calvin Bui Sheila Buonerba Keiko Buquet Patricia Bush Eileen Byrnes Wayne & Dianne Cabral Tennye Cabrera & Ray Cabrera Janis Calton Lowell & Charlotte Cambra Maureen Caracciolo Ignacio Cariaga Anita Carmona Jessica Carpenter Rin Carter Chris Cartmell Alaine Castro Karyn Castro Catherine Caudle Cortney Chambers Laurie Chang Kinman Cheng Jintana Chiu Jennifer Chiwa Songfee Choa June Chong Jean Chua Summer Chun Catherine Chung Shanell Chung Erin Claggett Eileen Clarke William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad Donnielen & Efren Cordero Beth Cox Karen Cox Douglas Crosier Susan Cuizon Daniel Curran Brian Custer

Emelyn Damo Brenda Deakins Christy Decker Karen Degner Jo desMarets Dominique Desroches Jan Dettweiler LeAnna Dezzani Angela Doan John & Jane Dodson Sharon Ducosin Marsha Durbin Ralph Dykes Diane Edwards Kathy Ann Edwards Jose Elizaga Keetje Ell Linda & Adam Enos Shauna Enriquez Shaina Epstein Roberta Esperanza Ann Farrell Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet Diane Fedor Christopher Ferry Sandra Finney Doris Fitchett Reiko Flannagan Amy Flattery Feighner Anastasia Fontenot Ray Ford Anne Forshey Lisa Fowler & Barry Ching Thomas Francis III Ana Frederick John Fritz Douglas & Lee Froning Stephanie Frye Donald Fuata Jill Funasaki Donald & Phyllis Gage Marilyn Gagen Karen & Les Galon Gail & Stanley Garcia Barbara Garringer Amanda Gatioan Megan Gelman Jane German Christopher Gettman Annie Gills Gerald & Kazuko Gipaya Michael Goodman Bernard & Kara Gorgonio Sandy Gottesman Wendy Grady Pamela Grant Harvey & Rae Green Rosemary Griffith Claire Groom Delphina Guerrero Gretchen Hahn Raelene Hanashiro-Revilla Shelby Hankee


Jeffrey & Lorena Hanyu Melanie Hare Hanna Heintz William Henne Mari Hinazumi Robert & Vanelle Hirayasu Ingrid Hirazumi Donna Hodnefield Dennis & Bonnie Hokama Michael & Colleen Hokutan Michelle Holewa Valerie Holmes Gail Holm-Kennedy Eric & Gayle Honda Lynn Honda David Hull Colin Hunter Joan Husted Sheri Iha Aftin Ikeda Susan & Robert Ikehara Wesley & Iris Imamura Irvin Ing Sandra Ing Juliane & Wesley Inouye Lezlie Ito Ronald Iwamoto Gary & Melanie Johnson Louise Johnson Norman Johnson Logan Johnston Darlene Jones Donald Jones Helen Josypenko Cheyenne Joy Cheryl Juhasz Jonathan Julian Martha & John Kaimana Chantel Kanae Sydney Kaneshiro Liza Kaniho Jefferry & Sandra Kato Karen Kato Yuko Kato Earl & Patricia Kawaa Clifford Kawamoto Michael Kawano Hiromi Kawasaki Barry Kayano Alex & Stephanie Kendrick Michael Kiewicz Robert & Hope Kihune Kazuyoshi Kikuchi Steven & Lorene Kim Carolyn & John Kimball Ann Kimura Wayne King Tracy Kirkham Daniel & Kathryn Kirley Lloyd & Faye Kitaoka Karyn Kodama Myra Kong Renee Kroll

June Kuramoto Joy Kuraoka Lynn Lane Rachel Lange Pamela Lanias Michael Lastor Bonnie Lau Thomas Lau Deanna Lee Hye Seung Lee Jonathan & Donna Lee Juliet Lee Julian Leigh Barbara Lewis Natalya Leynes Olivia Leynes Ellen Libby Darcy Lindamood Charles Livermore Jason & Elisa Lo Willa Mae Loo Mary Lowe Antonia Lu Kerri & Alan Lum Charles Lunson Raymond Lyau Maureen MacLeod Owen & Marylyn Macy Benedict & Gail Madriaga Moira Maeda-Nakamine Kim Maruyama Lee Ann Matsumoto Claude & Alyson Matsuo Darene Matsuoka David & Rhonda Matthews Fran & Rockne Maunupau Kelsey McCormick Risa McDowell Tami McIlhenney Margaret McLeod Robin Melchor Keith & Sandra Menchavez Quince Mento George Mercado & Melvin Spencer Julie Mercer Cynthia Miller Joan Miller Wilmer & Martha Miller Bruce & Cyndee Mirante Kanani Miura Howard & Patricia Miyake Chelsie Miyashiro Walter & Helga Mizushima Jeffry Moeschler Lisha Moffat Christopher & Suk Cha Mohr John & Melinda Montgomery Annie Moriyasu Harry & Michelle Morris Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey Jennifer Mospens Michael & Laurie Murphy Kanani Naauao Cary Nagano Ken & Audrey Nakamoto Michael Nakano Margery Nakayama Basilio Nava Jemal & Atsuko Ned Mary Newell

James & Shirley Newman Mylinh Nguyen Sharon Nishi Jodi Nishida Thinzar Nyun Nina O’Donnell Edward & Susan Ohlson Robert Okamoto Leigh & Joy Ann Okimoto Patrick & Rae Olim Dave Kemble & Carolyn Oliver Denise Onggoco Susan Onishi Andrade Meagan & Joao Oppenheim Kimberly O’Quinn James Ormand Paulette Ortiz Janis Owen Terry & Kaylene Oyama Beverly Page Joshua Park Judy Park Joan Parker-Dias Kelly & Maureen Parks Rymn Parsons Lester & Lorien Pelletier Martha Penhall Joseph Perry & Maya Cook Patricia Perry Alan & Martha Peterson Nathan Petherbridge Sandra Pfund Tracy Pietsch Charlene & Jeremiah Punahele Allyson Reed Kenneth Renzoni Ramona Reyes-Akamine Cary Reynolds Kelly Rice Catherine Richards Grace & Christian Rivera Daniel Robertson Darin Robertson David & Shay Robison Robert Robnett William Rogers James Rolison Elaina Rombach Louis Rosof Mark & Lai Rugenstein Carol Ryden Guy & Ralphlynn Saffery Kalei Saffery Carol Sahara Brooke & Greg Sakamoto Latonia Sakata Peggy Sale M. Sato Eugene Savio Phil & Cheryl Scellato Sandy Schafer Glenn & Cynthia Scheib Lisa Schmidt Justin & Faith Seguirant Nick Semeniuk Seto Family Michael & May Shim Esther Shimazu Trina Shiroma Mitsunori & Kakuko Shoji

Beth Ann Shropshire Mary Silva Vanessa Sim Ruth Sinai Darci Singlehurst Shane Smith Chanpen Snell Lisa Spencer Paul Starzyk Stanford & Sandra Staunton Ronald Stebbins Jamie & Missy Steinhauer Jasmine Stevens Dayna Stoker Paul Stolpiec Marissa Stone Michelle Stone Diane Stonebrink Elizabeth Stoudt Julianna Strasser Sarah Sugimura Maxine Sung Delaine Sylvester Glenn & Lillian Taba Ryan & Erin Tadaki Edwin & June Tagawa Mikilani Taira Uncha Tak Lornna & Chris Takahashi Craig Takamiya Kevin Takazawa Linnelle Takeuchi Paige Takeya Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera Annette Tamanaha Cheryl Tamanaha Sandra Tanaka Lisa Tanga Karen Taniguchi Russell & Joyce Tanji Setsuko Teramoto Kyle Thompson Ellen Thorson Michele Tokuda Lori Tonai Lauri & Scott Topping Scott Topping Louis Torraca, Jr. Scott Torres Jane Toya Vivian Tsutsumi


Brian & Kimberly Tyau Marion Valle Linda Vallejos Michele Velasco Agnes & Eric Vetter Wendy Viellenave L. Villa Linda Virtudes Craig & Marilyn Vitale Roberta Vitelle Kim Voigt Zoe Vorsino Quyen Vu Wahine Builders & Electric Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Jennifer Walter Mark Watanabe Seiko Watanabe Mark Watanuki Curtis & Lisa White Jared & Constance Wickware Novie Widemann Richard & Genny Wilcox Gary Wild Jennifer Williams Mike & Jill Williams Norm Williams Janice & Wayne Williamson Andrea Wilson Cindy Winegar David & Arporn Winsko Malia & John Wisch Judith Wolfe Gabriel Won Abbielyn Wong Chelsie Wong Linda Wright Wong Margaret Woo David Yamagata Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Kenneth & Imi Yamashita Harvey Yamauchi Mi Seung Yamauchi Sheri Yamauchi Elsie Yanagihara Wei Wei Yang Richard & Naomi Yap Wen Yen Tammy Yue Natalia Zagorski

2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826


Monthly Giving Matters

Did you know monthly giving is a charitable and convenient way to help the animals of the Hawaiian Humane Society all year long?

Our monthly donors provide the consistent support that enables us to be there for homeless and abused animals each and every day. Sign up at HawaiianHumane.org or call 356-2213. You’ll receive an annual statement of all your gifts and you can cancel at any time.

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Honolulu, HI Permit No. 1004

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Hawaiian Humane Society Newsletter Dec18-Feb19  

Hawaiian Humane Society Newsletter Dec18-Feb19

Hawaiian Humane Society Newsletter Dec18-Feb19  

Hawaiian Humane Society Newsletter Dec18-Feb19