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What’s Your Dream Vacation?

A soccer match in Milan. –

Tadeus Lienjaya, Indonesia

10 days in Europe. Especially the Eiffel Tower. –Anqi Yan, China

Paris, France. –Haytham Abo-Adel , Yemen


Borneo Island, Indonesia, where a lot of orangutans live. –Irene Inesa, Indonesia This summer I’m doing my dream vacation – the whole US! I especially want to see natural wonders like the Grand Canyon. –Gang Ho Yoon, Korea


–Enrei (Yanling Li), China

Copenhagen, Denmark.

–Mohammed Alradhi, Yemen

Vancouver, Canada.

–Al-Hussain Alsayani, Yemen

Bora-Bora with my wife for our honeymoon.

–Haitham Alarfaj, Saudi Arabia

New Zealand to see the rainforests and be in nature.

–Haryeon Ha, Korea

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OPT Advising Graduating from Lane at the end of Spring or Summer 2013? If so, you have the opportunity to apply for a yearlong paid internship through Optional Practical Training (OPT). Students must apply for OPT authorization between 90 days before graduation and 60 days after graduation. If you’re interested or have questions, please make an appointment to see Colby Sheldon in the International Programs office.

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Saturday Market


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NOTE: Term Ends/Graduation: June 15 – Lane County Fairgrounds in Downtown Eugene



Spring 2013_Week 9 LIT  

Welcome to LIT, your international student newsletter!

Spring 2013_Week 9 LIT  

Welcome to LIT, your international student newsletter!