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Fall 2013 – Week 5 LIT

Lane International Times SPOTLIGHT ON: INTERNATIONAL STUDENT TUTORING Who Your Tutors Are Caitlin Bradley, Melissa Marshall, Barbara Sklar, Nancy Wood What They Can Do -Help you with homework, essays, English grammar, pronunciation, and conversational practice -Offer you support to do well in your classes What They Cannot Do -Write your essay or do your homework for you -Guarantee that you will get straight A’s Tutoring Schedule + Location Center Building Room 210 (next to the Titan Bookstore and across from the library). Walk all the way to the back of Tutor Central to find the international tutors by the windows! Tutoring is available Monday-Thursday from 12-4:30 and on Fridays from 12-2. How To Make An Appointment Drop by the Center Building, Room 210 (aka Tutor Central) during normal tutoring hours and sign up for a 30 minute appointment. If there is more time available you can sign up for a longer tutoring session.

MEET YOUR TUTORS -What do you help international students with when you tutor them? What are your tutoring goals? -What do you like most about tutoring? Why do you do it? -What do you do when you’re not tutoring? ď Š

Nancy Wood I like to find out what it is that the student wants from tutoring. Sometimes they need help with grammar or writing (and I love working on both of those things) and sometimes they just want to practice speaking. My goal as a tutor is to help students use and understand the things they've been working on in their classes, and to help them feel comfortable using all aspects of English so that they can be successful in both daily interactions as well as academic situations. I like finding out what students want to accomplish and helping them find a way to do it. I love hearing about what motivates them, what they like and dislike, and how things in their home countries differ from the way we do things here in Eugene. I also love the thrill of seeing people improve their skills! I am a classical/jazz singer and manage a small arts organization, Cherry Blossom Musical Arts, with my husband who is a composer. I also teach yoga and fitness and have two children that are both very busy with their own goals - my 16-year-old daughter is a ballerina living in Holland and studying at the Dutch National Ballet Academy, and my 12 year old son is a soccer player here in Eugene. So when I'm not doing my own projects, I'm helping my children with theirs!

CAITLIN BRADLEY When students come to me for tutoring, we work on whatever they need help with: conversation, writing, reading, spelling, or even questions about cultural differences. My goal as a tutor is to help students improve their language and communication skills. One of my favorite things about tutoring is working with students from all over the world and learning about their different cultures and languages. I also love helping to answer students' questions and seeing them gain confidence in their language skills. When I'm not tutoring, I enjoy reading books in French and English, learning Spanish, cooking and baking, jogging with my two dogs, and being in nature.

MEET YOUR TUTORS -What do you help international students with when you tutor them? What are your tutoring goals? -What do you like most about tutoring? Why do you do it? -What do you do when you’re not tutoring? ď Š

MELISSA MARSHALL I help students with anything they ask me to help them with! Some students ask for help with their assignments or test preparation, and I am happy to help. I'm also happy to suggest fun things to do around town or other activities. I'm always willing to help suggest writing topics or act as a conversation partner! My favorite part of tutoring is when a student finally understands a concept that has been difficult. I like tutoring because it's fun to have one-on-one interaction with students and because every tutoring session can be completely different, based on what a particular student wants to study. When I'm not tutoring I spend my time cooking, traveling or reading, but you can also find me working in the ESL office.

BARBARA SKLAR Tutoring sessions are shaped by what the student needs. For example, a student is assigned an essay and would like some help with writing. We can edit the draft together and work on essay structure, grammar and vocabulary. Still others really want to focus on pronunciation and developing their oral skills. An oral presentation is coming up. Come practice with me and I can give you feedback. Many students want to practice having conversation with a native speaker. This is always great fun! I love meeting new people from different cultures. I learn a lot from this contact! I also enjoy teaching and trying to help people untangle confusion. I love watching students become more confident with English and American culture. I spend A LOT of time out in my garden! I enjoy taking hikes in Oregon with my husband and two dogs. We love listening to books on tape in the evening. This term I am rediscovering yoga and elliptical bicycles. Exercise, especially in the rainy weather, helps me stay happy.

LANE POLICIES & DEADLINES Registration for College-Level Classes: Winter 2014 The class schedule for Winter 2014 is already posted online and registration begins Week 6! If you want to find out the first day you can begin registering for classes, login to MyLane, click on the My Enrollment tab, find the Student Status box in the top middle section, and click “When Can I Register?” Select the correct term (Winter 2014), click submit and you will see the first day that you can begin registering for classes at 7 am during Week 6. If there are any messages in red about holds on your account or other issues, you need to resolve them before you can register. You can also check the following link to view the registration calendar by term and see the staged registration dates: AND THE WINNER IS… Congratulations to Giao Ta from Vietnam for being the first to answer the LIT Pop Quiz questions and win a $10 movie gift card!

Q: What’s your favorite food from your home country? A: Pho and My Quang (Vietnamese noodle)

IMMIGRATION UPDATES I-20 Pick Up Reminder If you transferred to Lane this term from another U.S. school, your I-20 is ready for pick up! Come and get it in Building 11, Room 235.  I-20 Etiquette -Always keep your I-20 in a safe place. If you need your passport or I-20 for ID or other purposes, make a copy of the original to carry with you and leave the original at home. -Don’t let your I-20 expire! Check the expiration date on your I-20. -Keep a record of all of your I-20’s, even ones that have expired from previous schools you have attended. The reason for this is so that USCIS (immigration) can see a record of your F-1 status. OPT Advising Graduating from Lane at the end of Fall 2013 or sometime this year? If so, you have the opportunity to apply for a year-long paid internship through Optional Practical Training (OPT). Students must apply for OPT authorization between 90 days before graduation and 60 days after graduation. If you’re interested or have questions, please make an appointment to see Colby Sheldon in the International Programs office. ESL to Credit Transitioning Students If you’re currently in Oral Skills and Reading/Writing Level 7, remember to take the reading, writing and math placement tests through the Testing Center before December 9 and make an appointment to talk about your classes next term with an academic advisor! If you have questions please contact Jen Hare at or 541.463.3438.

Oct 28-Nov 9, 2013



NBA Game Saturday, November 2 $35 for LCC international students and $45 for others. There are two options: 1) leave at 1 pm and shop at Woodburn before the game or 2) leave at 4 pm and go straight to the game. Pick up is at Titan Court and International Programs will drop you off at home after the game. You will need to sign up & pay in the office for this event. Tickets are limited so sign up soon!!!



Coffee Talk Building 1, Room 206 11:30-1:30 Pumpkin Carving Titan Court 975 Charnelton St, Eugene 7 pm




Intl Student Club Meeting Building 11, Room 250 4-5 pm

Coffee Talk Building 1, Room 206 11:30-1:30





HAPPY A L L O W E E N !!! ď Š

TGIF Building 11, Room 240 12-1 pm

NBA Game In Portland!


Intl Student Club Movie Night Titan Court 975 Charnelton St, Eugene 6 pm Iron Man 3

11/8 TGIF Building 11, Room 240 12-1 pm


Fall 2013 Week 5 LIT  
Fall 2013 Week 5 LIT  

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