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- Age: 18 - Home Country: Armenia - Favorite Food: Khajapuri (Georgian cheese and bread dish) and sushi - Favorite Quote: “What’s essential is invisible to the eye” –The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery - Hobbies & interests: Writing (you can visit my blog at, jewelry making, reading (I especially like Dostoyevsky’s Crime & Punishment and The Catcher In the Rye by J.D. Salinger), listening to music and sitting in the sun - Dream Vacation: I would love to go to the island of Ibiza in Spain - Academic and Career goals: I want to become a diplomat so I can play a role in the world of international relations and be an ambassador to spread world peace. I plan to get my Associate’s degree from Lane and then transfer to a four-year university and continue to study and travel in different countries. - What do you hope to share about your home country and culture in International Day? I’m going to share some traditional Armenian dancing (something I’ve done for 10 years) and I’ll be rapping in Russian for the first time. - What do you like most about Eugene? I like the Saturday Market and all the unique places there are to explore. I also love the U of O campus. - What you like most about Lane? I like working out at the gym and being in the library and the sushi in Building 30 - Any other interesting facts about yourself or ideas that you'd like to share? I tend to live my life spontaneously. In fact, I got my visa to come to the U.S. on September 3 rd and my plane ticket to fly here was on September 6th. I think you have to trust that it will unfold ahead of you in the right way. The unplanned moments are the best –

live in the present!

Nail it To do something really well or to finish Example: “How did you do on the test?” “I nailed it! My instructor gave me an A+!”

LANE POLICIES & DEADLINES Registration for College-Level Classes: Summer & Fall 2013 Remember – the class schedule for Summer 2013 will be posted online Week 5 and registration begins Week 6 (May 6-9). The class schedule for Fall 2013 will be posted online Week 7 and registration begins Week 8 (May 20-23). You can click here to view the registration calendar by term and see the staged registration dates: You can also log onto MyLane and go to the Enrollment tab and click on “When Can I Register?” in the Student Status box to get the exact date when you can begin registering at 7 am for Summer and Fall 2013. If there are any messages in red about holds on your account or other issues, you need to resolve them before you can register.

ESL to Credit Transitioning Students If you’re currently in Oral Skills and Reading/Writing Level 7, remember to take the reading, writing and math placement tests. See Dao Tran if you have questions in 11/235.





IMMIGRATION UPDATES I-20 Pick Up Reminder If you transferred to Lane this term from another U.S. school, your I-20 is ready for pick up! Come and get it in Building 11, Room 235.

I-20 Etiquette -Always keep your I-20 in a safe place. If you need your passport or I-20 for ID or other purposes, make a copy of the original to carry with you and leave the original at home. -Don’t let your I-20 expire! Check the expiration date on your I-20. -Keep a record of all of your I-20’s, even ones that have expired from previous schools you have attended. The reason for this is so that USCIS (immigration) can see a record of your F-1 status.

OPT Advising Graduating from Lane at the end of Spring 2013 or sometime this year? If so, you have the opportunity to apply for a year-long paid internship through Optional Practical Training (OPT). Students must apply for OPT authorization between 90 days before graduation and 60 days after graduation. If you’re interested or have questions, please make an appointment to see Colby Sheldon in the International Programs office.

Summer Vacation Reminder Do you have summer term plans yet? Be sure to check with an international student advisor to see if you’re eligible for summer vacation term. If you would like to return home and take an out-of-country vacation term, come get your I-20 signed by Colby or Jane in the IP office. If you would like to take a vacation term in the U.S. (meaning you wouldn’t be taking any classes or would be enrolled in less than 12 credits), you need to have been enrolled for 3 continuous terms as a full-time student (Fall 2012, Winter 2013 and Spring 2013).

AND THE WINNER IS... The following student received a gift card for being the first to answer the LIT pop quiz. YOU could be next!

Hanh Nguyen Q: What’s your favorite food? A: Pho

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Ghada Ma’a Alsdiqa (Lunch With Friends) Woodburn Tulip Festival

Coffee Talk Tuesday 11:30 –1:30 1/206

Apr 28 — May 11, 2013 Sun 28





ISC Meeting

Coffee Talk




Wed 1

Thu 2





Int’l Day Rehearsal 9am- 1pm

Saturday Market

Titan Court



8th and Oak St.

College Closed: No School!





ISC Meeting

Coffee Talk

5 pm



Prince Puckler






McMinnville Water Park

12-1pm 11/208

Leaving at noon from Titan Court

Saturday Market 10am-5pm 8th and Oak St.

Spring 2013_Week 5 LIT  

your international student newsletter!

Spring 2013_Week 5 LIT  

your international student newsletter!