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International Tutoring Welcome to International Tutoring! We offer tutoring services for international students in Building 11, Room 246 & 247 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-4:30 and on Wednesdays and Fridays from 12-4:30. Tutoring is a great way to improve your English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in addition to getting help with study skills and time management. Our tutors are eager to support you in reaching your academic goals! If you would like to schedule an appointment, please drop by the office in 11/235 to check our availability. Content Design: Jen Hare | Graphic Design: Ina Song

MEET YOUR TUTORS… What do you help international students with when you tutor them? What are your tutoring goals? What do you like most about tutoring? Why do you do it? What do you do when you're not tutoring?

Barbara Sklar My goals are determined by the students. I help them on a variety of topics, but a lot of people ask for help in writing so that tends to be the main focus along with grammar. There are also individuals who just want to converse with a native speaker and those sessions tend to be more informal and focus on real life issues. My greatest aim is to support students in being successful. I love the intercultural contact, which is endlessly interesting and rewarding to me. I really enjoy teaching and being able to figure out how to effectively help someone when they don’t understand something. I like getting to know people and supporting them in their needs on every level. I also enjoy watching students change and become more comfortable with using the English language outside of their classroom experience. I am an avid gardener and I love listening to great literature through books on tape. I also love hiking and camping in Oregon.

Hillary Elms I mostly help them with their English homework. The majority of students need help with grammar, writing and speaking. Sometimes they also need help with study skills, like how to prioritize things as well as stay organized. My tutoring goals are to help students improve their English and for them to feel more confident using it too. I like it when I can really help a student and it shows. I am fascinated by language, I like meeting people from other countries, and I like to help others. I am also a student, but when I’m not working or studying, I stay very busy with my 2-yearold son.

Casey Murphy I primarily help with writing, grammar, study skills and time management. My goals vary based on the student I’m working with, but my overall goal is to help students learn to learn better. Tutoring allows me to have fun but without having to manage a whole classroom of students at once. I like being able to give each student individualized attention because I think the best learning happens in that context. I’m in grad school at George Fox University and earning my Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy so that takes up most of my time. I also dance ballet for fun!

STUDENT PERSPECTIVES… How has tutoring helped you to achieve your goals at Lane? What tips would you recommend for other international students for them to succeed in their classes?

Saad Althawadi Saudi Arabia Going to international tutoring changed my understanding of what tutoring was. Casey didn’t just help me with my essays; she helped me to develop time management skills, provided me with academic support and with conversational practice to develop my English speaking and listening ability. It’s way more than just completing your assignments! Trust your ability. Lane has a saying that “Student Success Starts Here!” Trust that and trust yourself and you can do it. Unless you believe it for yourself, it won’t work. And then, once you believe it, there are plenty of people here who will help you to achieve your goals.

Lorenzo Gessner Voltolina Italy The tutors helped me to improve my writing skills and to develop my study skills and time management. They were very friendly and open to working with me in a way that made me feel more comfortable with the learning process. I got an A in WR 115 and I would attribute a lot of my success in that class to the tutoring help I received. They will go above and beyond to help you! Every person is unique, but the important thing is to do your best. It’s important to show up to class and to participate (even if you are shy). Having an open dialogue with the teacher is very helpful – they are there to support you!

Hsin-Yun Peng (Austin) Taiwan Tutoring has helped me to understand more about English grammar and reading comprehension. If I read by myself, it’s hard for me to understand the meaning. But with the tutor’s help, I learned about phrases and idioms that I didn’t know about before. Also, tutoring helps motivate me to do the homework I need to complete to get a good grade in the class. Most students, including me, find it difficult to focus on their homework and would rather stay at home. The international tutors are here to help you focus and understand on a deeper level.

Zhebin Zhou China It has helped me a lot with my grammar, writing, essays and reading skills. These are skills that I need for all of my classes, not just writing classes. Make a regular schedule to work on homework and find people who can help you reach your goals, whether it’s tutors or other classmates.

LANE POLICIES & DEADLINES Advising for New College-Level Students Week 3 If this is your first term at Lane, please make an appointment to see Jen or Dao this week to talk about your academic plan at Lane and beyond! Advising for Continuing College-Level Students Week 4-5 If you are a continuing student at Lane, please make an appointment to see Jen or Dao during Week 4 or 5 to discuss your degree and transfer plan and get help choosing classes for Summer and Fall 2013. Come to the International Programs office in 11/235 and make an appointment with the receptionist. Registration for College-Level Classes: Summer + Fall 2013 Remember – the class schedule for Summer 2013 will be posted online Week 5 and registration begins Week 6 (May 6-9). The class schedule for Fall 2013 will be posted online Week 7 and registration begins Week 8 (May 20-23). You can check the following link to view the registration calendar by term and see the staged registration dates: You can also log onto MyLane and go to the Enrollment tab and click on “When Can I Register?” in the Student Status box to get the exact date when you can begin registering at 7 am for Summer and Fall 2013. Tuition Payment Remember - if you don’t pay your tuition for Spring 2013 by April 15th, you may be charged 2% interest! You can pay in one of the following ways: -log in online to MyLane and click the My Finances tab and then “Make an Online Payment” on the left -write a check to Lane Community College and turn it in to Enrollment Services in Building 1 -pay in cash to an Enrollment Services advisor in Building 1

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IMMIGRATION UPDATES I-20 Pick Up for Transfer Students Transfer student I-20’s are ready for pick-up! Please come to the International Programs office in Building 11, Room 235 and ask the receptionist for your new I-20.

Have You Moved Recently or Changed Your Phone Number or Email? Remember, if you move or change your phone number or email, you are required by immigration to report these changes within 10 days. Once your update this information in MyLane, we will automatically have the correct information to update your SEVIS record.

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DID YOU KNOW? Honors Program Fall 2013 Application Deadline for Continuing Students – Thursday, May 9 at 5 pm Do you want to belong to a community of honors students at Lane and take your learning to the next level? Are you interested in getting honors recognition on your transcript and a competitive edge when applying for scholarships and to four-year universities? If you have tested into or completed WR 121 and if you have completed 15 credits at Lane with a GPA of 3.25 or higher, now’s your chance to apply! The deadline for Fall 2013 applicants is Thursday, May 9 with notifications sent on Friday, May 10. Visit the website at to apply online or contact with questions. Lane Peace Symposium – April 19 in Building 19 This year’s theme for the Lane Peace Symposium is “Rise to End Gender Violence!” In this free event you can listen to keynote speakers Jean Kilbourne (10-12:30) and Jensine Larsen (6:30-9:15 pm) talk about thought-provoking topics in addition to participating in workshops and presentations from 1:30-4:15 pm that focus on issues like Gender & Media, Sexual Wellness Advocacy, Anti-Oppression and the Trauma Healing Project. Lane Preview – April 18 in Building 5 gym, 5-8 pm Learn more about what Lane offers you! Connect with faculty, staff and students from more than 75 academic programs and learn about student clubs and activities. Plenty of candy and prizes and Ty the Titan is sure to make an appearance! PSU Transfer Student Open House – April 17 from 3-6 pm Are you thinking about transferring to PSU? Now’s your chance to go there and get your questions answered! Take a campus tour, meet instructors and advisors, and learn about the admissions process, scholarship opportunities and degree requirements. RSVP online here: Job Fair Come to the lobby of Building 19 on April 17 from 10-2 to participate in a Job Fair! This is where companies from Eugene and Springfield host tables to recruit new employees and YOU show up with your resume and look for a job. In order to work off-campus, you will have to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) through the International Programs office and work for the company as part of a cooperative education class.

BE A STAR!!! Sign up to perform at LCC International Day before 4/30/2013! Share music, dance, poetry, and culture from your home country with other Lane students! Contact: Beth Schenderlein

“IT’S OUR DAY! IT’S YOUR DAY!!” Planning Session: Apr. 15, 12pm, 11/240 or 541.463.4152

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Tadeus Lienjaya

Coffee Talk Tuesday 11:30 –1:30 1/206

Apr 14 — Apr 27, 2013 Sun 14












Intl Day Planning Session 12 noon 11/240

Coffee Talk

Ghada Ma’a Alasdiqa (Lunch With Friends) 12-1:30 Longhouse (Building 31)

Lane Preview 5-8pm

TGIF 12-1pm 11/208

Saturday Market



11:30am1:30pm 1/206

PSU Transfer Student Open House 3-6pm

ISC Meeting 4-5pm 11/240

Job Fair Building 19 10-2





ISC Meeting 4-5pm 11/240

Coffee Talk 11:30am1:30pm 1/206


10am-5pm 8th and Oak St.

Lane Peace Symposium Building 19 10-12:30 keynote speaker 1:30-4:15 workshops 6:30-9:15 keynote speaker

TGIF 12-1pm 11/208

27 Saturday Market 10am-5pm 8th and Oak St.

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