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What Did Our Performers Say? Why is International Day important to you and to Lane?

It’s a good opportunity to share national spirit through art and not just words. – Bella Harutyunyan, Armenia

Whatever can be shared between cultures is a great thing. –Gang-Ho Yoon, Korea

It’s a day to show everyone at Lane that we have a really awesome international student body. –Ina Song, China

No one knows about my country here, and I want people to know about it! International Day is a great way to learn about each other and build acceptance for everyone. –Thomas Batinan, Burkina Faso

So that people can see and be exposed to differences. –Abdullah Almulhim, Saudi Arabia

I can show American students that even though I’m here, I still care about my country and my culture. –Arianna Roat, Italy

It’s important to represent our countries and celebrate together. –Linh Tran, Vietnam

What Did Our Audience Say? What was your favorite part?

Gangnam style . And the MC’s. –Yamada Kana The Russian and Arabic dances. –Haitham Alarfaj The African dance and Gangnam style . –Luis Covarrubias

LANE POLICIES & DEADLINES Registration for College-Level Classes: Summer + Fall 2013 The class schedule for Summer 2013 was posted online and registration has already begun. The class schedule for Fall 2013 will be posted online on Monday, May 13 and registration begins Week 8 (May 20-23). You can click here to view the registration calendar by term and see the staged registration dates. You can also log onto MyLane and go to the Enrollment tab and click on “When Can I Register?” in the Student Status box to get the exact date when you can begin registering at 7 am for Fall 2013. If there are any messages in red about holds on your account or other issues, you need to resolve them before you can register.

What are my grading options for college-level classes? When you register for a college-level class, you can choose between two grading options: 1) Letter grade (A, B, C, D or F) or 2) Pass/No Pass (P/NP). The default option is automatically set for you to receive a letter grade for all of your classes. You can change your grading option in MyLane any time during the first 8 weeks of the term by clicking on the My Enrollment tab and then Change Class Options in the upper left. The deadline to change your grading option to P/NP is May 24 (Friday of Week 8) at 11:59 pm. The only reason you should change your grade to P/NP is if you are sure you won’t pass the class and you want to protect your GPA because an NP does not affect your GPA. Make sure to meet with an advisor before you change your grade to P/NP and verify that it can count towards your degree. Never drop a class if it means you would drop below 12 credits because then you will be out of status!

On-campus tutoring Did you know that you have access to free tutoring services on campus? If you want to succeed at Lane and get the help you need, consider visiting one of the following tutoring centers: -Tutor Central – CEN 210 across from the library -Writing Center – CEN 210 across from the library -Math Resource Center – 16/169 -Science Resource Center – 16/193 -Business Resource Room – 19/249

Common In-Class Abbreviations i.e. – “id est” Latin for “that is” or “in other words” e.g. – “exempli gratia” Latin for “for example”

PHOTOS OF THE WEEK If you have any creative, fun, or event photos that you would like to publish, please submit them to

Photos from international day

IMMIGRATION UPDATES Summer Vacation Reminder Do you have summer term plans yet? Be sure to check with an international student advisor to see if you’re eligible for summer vacation term. If you would like to return home and take an out-of-country vacation term, come get your I-20 signed by Colby or Jane in the IP office. If you would like to take a vacation term in the U.S. (meaning you wouldn’t be taking any classes or would be enrolled in less than 12 credits), you need to have been enrolled for 3 continuous terms as a full-time student (Fall 2012, Winter 2013 and Spring 2013). Please be aware that the process for re-entering the United States has changed. After the first immigration screening is completed, most students will go to a small room called secondary inspection where there will be additional questions about their I-20 and student status. This is normal, so just plan for extra time at the airport upon your return. Leave Request Form If you are leaving Lane at the end of the term because you are graduating, transferring schools or returning home, then please fill out the Leave Request Form and come see an International Advisor for a quick exit interview. We will help you with any paperwork you may have and need to know that you are not returning so we can report your I-20 status correctly. For further questions, come see Colby Sheldon in the IP office. Click here to download the form. OPT Advising Graduating from Lane at the end of Spring 2013? If so, you have the opportunity to apply for a year-long paid internship through Optional Practical Training (OPT). Students must apply for OPT authorization between 90 days before graduation and 60 days after graduation. If you’re interested or have questions, please make an appointment to see Colby Sheldon in the International Programs office.

Coffee Talk Tuesday 11:30 –1:30 1/206

May 12 — May 25, 2013 Sun 12





ISC Meeting 4-5pm 11/240

Wed 15

Thu 16





Coffee Talk



12-1 pm

Saturday Market



10am-5pm 8th and Oak St.

Fall 2013 online class schedule available




ISC Meeting 4-5pm 11/240

Fall 2013 registration begins





Coffee Talk




Silver Falls Hike



Last day for schedule changes and class drops / last day to change letter grade to P/NP

Leave at 9am from Titan Court

Saturday Market 10am-5pm 8th and Oak St.

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Spring 2013_Week 7 LIT  

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