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The Magazine of the Department of Michigan Marine Corps League and Marine Corps League Auxiliary

2014-2015 A YEAR IN THE DEPARTMENT www.michiganmarines.org

Edition 5



Marines : We had a great Mid-Winter Rally and attendance was probably at an all-time high. Everything went off fine and the Hospitality room and food was great. We are finally having some good weather in lower Michigan but I talked to Art Menard and Mike King (U.P.), they are still using their snow shoes to get to the head. All elections and installation should be complete and I would like all the Zone Commandants to visit or contact their Detachments and be sure all the paperwork is properly filled out including the 990N form. This is very important. This information needs to be forwarded to the Department Adjutant to keep all the records up to date. Do not contact the Department Adjutant and ask him who is delinquent this is your responsibility. This is a repeat request. Several Detachments need to update their websites and get the proper information on them. This is very important because if a new member wants to join the League, he has to have the right information. This is also important at the National Level. The following Detachments need to update their info. The following is a list of Detachments and last date they changed their status at the National level: 763 Branch 2006,149 Cascades 2012, 684 Davenport 2006, 163 G.P. Porta 2006, 550 Geo St. Martin 2009,841 H. R. Cooley 2007, 1182 Irish Hills 2011,879 Kalamazoo 2006, 1016 Keweenaw 2013, 764 Lake Superior 2006,677 Lenawee 2006, 157 Monroe 2006, 158 Montford Point 2010,570 N. Oakland 2009, 690 N. Michigan 2006, 162 Northwest 2006, 1027 Shoreline 2006, 444 Upper Peninsula 2010, 414 Washtenaw 2012, 165 Yagle Bros 2012. Let's get this information brought up to date as soon as possible. See you in June. Semper Fi Norm Pfaff Commandant, norjo2@yahoo.com or 586-263-3448



Edition 5

The Editors Comments Hello everyone, Welcome to the Spring quarterly edition of the Michigan Marine News. The next few months will be very busy for all of us as we have the Central Division Conference in Madison. Wisconsin and then in June our own 75th Department of Michigan convention in Lansing hosted by the Capital Detachment #148. I know everyone always asks themselves “Why do I need to attend these meetings of the Department, Division and National?” Well you will never answer that question by staying home and not attending. These meetings are to inform your detachments all the new policies that may affect your detachments and to have a little fun at the same time and to meet some incredible Marine Corps League members; you meet these members and you start talking to them and hear some great ideas to take back to your detachments. If you have never been to a convention or if it’s been a while since your detachment has been represented at a convention, then this convention, “The 75th Department Convention”, is the one you need to attend in Lansing. This issue will have the forms to register for the June 2015 convention. While I’m at it, this issue will also have the Department Marine of the Year criteria (Sell that member to us with at least a page of accomplishments and not just a paragraph), Jr Vice award, scholarship info and the potential bylaw changes for the Department of Michigan. (Continued at bottom of next page) INDEX 

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To submit a story to the Michigan Marine News, send your detachments photo’s or send your fundraising forms, Send to: michmarinenews@gmail.com Submit ARTICLES by June 1, 2015 to be included in the SUMMER 2015 edition


Marines, Corpsman and Associates: First, It was great seeing all the members that showed up to the Department Mid-Winter in Frankenmuth. I cannot remember the last time that we had such a huge turnout and I met a lot of first timers to a Department function, Thank You all that showed up. This summer will be our Department’s annual convention and this year it will be at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Lansing. We would love to see a huge turnout for this convention, which will be our 75th Department convention. I know the Capital Detachment is hard at work getting ready for this convention so please support their efforts by purchasing an ad in their convention booklet. They will have a ship store, items for purchase for the 75th convention and other items for raffle. The next few months please pay attention to the scholarship deadline and make sure all forms are signed by the appropriate people and make sure the address (both home and email) is correct. If we cannot contact you after the convention, then you will not be able to receive the scholarship, so make sure all info is correct. Lastly, I will be running for the position of Department Commandant at this convention and would like to ask for your support in this new endeavor. Hope to see all of you soon in June. Semper Fi Wendy Zamora Sr. Vice Commandant

Wendy Zamora is also the Department Scholarship chair and Kennel Quartermaster for the MODD

(Continued from page 3) Last thing, keep the pictures, articles and comments coming, we will add the Michigan Marine News to the National newsletter competition so watch where we place after the National convention.

Take care and hope to see all of you in June. Semper Fi Phil Zamora - PDC


JR VICE COMMANDANT DAVID MASUNAS The Department and National Mid Winter conference has come and gone, they are calling for the temperature to be in the 40’s all week. I think it’s time to pop the cork and toast to the end of winter! I had a great time at the Department Mid Winter conference held in Frankenmuth this year and I would like to thank the Ladies Auxiliary for putting on a great conference. It was also great to see so many new faces at the conference. I hope that everyone enjoyed the weekend and were able to learn something in the meetings we had. If you have not attended a convention I would encourage you to do so it’s a great opportunity for you to meet new Marines and learn new ideas or share your ideas. We are all here to help Veterans and at the same time help each other and over come the issues that might arise in your Detachment. At the Department Mid Winter I gave my report on the membership count. As of December 2014 the Department of Michigan had 2064 paid members and 340 unpaid members. We need to take a hard look at our unpaid members and try to figure out a way to get that 340 number down. At the Department Mid Winter I gave a class on recruitment and retention and I would like to again share with you some of the ideas I had on retention. I know that when we receive our membership reports from National they are not always current but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need to work on retention. The best thing that helps is personal contact with the members that need to pay their dues. Give them a phone call and see what is going on. We don’t know the answer to why they are not renewing their dues unless we take the time to reach out to them and find out the answer. Take the time to give recognition to the members in your Detachment for all there hard work, mail out reminder post cards, make a Detachment news letter and have a section for reminder of dues for members, if there is tension with in the Detachment try to resolve the issue and move on, start a sponsorship program and a member can help out another member that is having hardships in there life by paying there dues. All I ask from our members is to make some kind of attempt and reach out to your unpaid members and find out how your Detachment can help them. I would like to take the time to recognize the Detachments that had 5 or less unpaid member’s Greater Michigan, Monroe County, Cpl Stanley Moore, G.P. Porta, Yagle Brothers, Geo Toggs St. Martin, Cpl. Jack A. Davenport, Muskegon, Wolverine, Branch Area, Harold R. Cooley, Iron Mountain, Alpena, Edson Kline Vanslyke. This June at the Department Summer convention I will be running for the position of Department Senior Vice Commandant. I would like to ask the Detachments to support Dave Masunas is the me by voting for me at the summer convention. If elected I will continue to Eagle Scout coordinator do my best in making our Detachments and our Department successful in for the Department, a all that we try to accomplish. Thank you and we will see you in Lansing at the Summer Convention. member of the National Boy Scout committee David Masunas and the Deputy Kennel Junior Vice Commandant Quartermaster for the Cell (231) 301-0950 MODD E-mail (masunasfam@gtlakes.com)


MILITARY ORDER OF THE DEVILDOGS WORTHY PACK LEADER The Fun and Honor Society of the Marine Corps League

Woof! Woof! Devil dogs,

Mid – Winter in Frankenmuth, MI. we all had a howling good time at the Growl. I would like to congratulate all the Dogs that Advanced to Pup and to Devil Dog. If you missed the Growl you missed a great time. In no time June will be here and with that our Department Convention and our Grand Growl of the Pack. Don’t forget your Nominations with a write up for the Pack of MI Dog of the Year. Because I was your 2014 Dog of the year, please send all nominations to me. Some dogs have already been nominated; the deadline for nominations is May 1, 2015. I’d also like to remind you, we have a few Pack of MI “Challenge Coins” left, that I’m sure you are going to want to have in your paws for the Grand Growl. Our 56th Chief Devil Dog mentioned at the National Mid - Winter Growl she would like to see us all using our DEVIL DOG’S CREED at the end of our Growls. (not meant to be a mandate) DEVIL DOG’S CREED By PDD George E. Williams, August 1989 (Modified, August 2008) I am an American, I was born in France. I hold the title of United States Marine, and understand the commitment of holding the title, Devil Dog. It is a tradition born at Belleau Wood in the year 1918, of a force in readiness and the “First to Fight.” As a Devil Dog, I ask no quarter and give no quarter. I will do everything in my power to uphold the objectives of the Military Order of Devil Dogs and to carry out my duties to a swift and satisfactory completion. Our Chief Devil Dog also said for the fiscal year 2014 – 2015 we are working strong on our mission using the phrase “TEAM” to guide, inspire and drive us: Together Everyone Achieves More! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at our Grand Growl. Remember to keep all our fellow Marines with medical issues, our Troops in Harm’s Way and the United States of America in your prayers. Woof, Woof PDD Emil "Dutch" Franz Worthy Pack Leader - MODD Michigan Pack


75th Department Convention info HOST: CAPITAL DETACHMENT #148

JUNE 11 - 14, 2015 MCL Service Board Meeting - Thursday, JUNE 11th at 7PM in the Board Room. ___________________________ Place: Radisson Hotel Lansing 111 North Grand Avenue Lansing, Michigan 48933 Tel. # 1-517-482-0188 Reservation toll free number is: 1-800-333-3333 Please use promotional code: MCLA15 to receive your discounted group rate. Rate: $91.00 per standard double room $91.00 per king room (all rooms are subject to 13% tax) Hotel is located at Michigan Avenue and Grand Avenue 2 blocks East of the State Capital Check in time 4:00PM. Check out time is 12:00PM Cut off date for reservations is May 29, 2015 No pets permitted.

For questions, information or concerns please contact event chairperson: PDC Phil Zamora 412 W Harris St Charlotte, MI 48813 Tel. (517) 541-1501 gunnyz@ameritech.net PAGE 7

75th Department Convention Info HOST: Capital Detachment #148

Department of Michigan 75th Department Convention June 11-14, 2015 Please use this form to pre-register for the 2015 Department Convention Name: __________________________________ Title: ______________________ Det/Unit: ________________________________Tel # _______________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________ Name: __________________________________ Title: ______________________ Det/Unit: ________________________________Tel # _______________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________ Strip Ticket: $55.00 Registration: $5.00 # attending ___________$ _____________ Hospitality: $15.00 # attending ___________$ _____________ Buffet Banquet: $35.00 # attending _____________$ ____________ Total: $____________ Beef _______ Chicken ________ Vegetarian _______ Please return this form with payment to: CAPITAL DETACHMENT #148 412 W Harris St Charlotte, MI 48813 Make checks payable to:


Deadline for reservations - June 2, 2015

You can still register at convention but may NOT be able to purchase Banquet meal PAGE 8

75th Department Convention Info HOST: Capital Detachment #148

Menu Selections

If attending Banquet please make your menu selections and send form Along with check for strip ticket to: Capital Detachment #148 Phil Zamora – Commandant 412 W. Harris St. Charlotte, MI 48813

All entrees include a Fresh garden salad, selection of fresh vegetables, chef’s selection of Starch, rolls and butter, Chefs choice of Dessert and choice of beverage. 1. New York Strip Steak-with cognac sauce. 2. Grilled Chicken Breast-with wild mushroom sauce. 3. Dijon Pesto Ravioli - Cheese ravioli with Dijon Pesto Cream Sauce

Number attending _________ Menu Selections: 1. _______ 2.________ 3. ________ Selections must be received by June 2, 2015 in order to insure your meal selection.


75th Department Convention Info HOST: Capital Detachment #148

June 11-14, 2015 Ad details for Department of Michigan Convention January 29 - February 1, 2015 We ask that you support our Summer Convention Program Book. Please use this form and mail to the proper address listed below. Book size: 8 1/2" X 11" 

Full page - $100.00

Half page - $65.00

Quarter page - $30.00

Business Card - $20.00

Patron name only - $10.00

Outside Back Cover - $150.00

Inside Front Cover - $125.00

Inside Back Cover - 125.00

Please return this form with Ad and payment to: Capital Detachment #148 412 W Harris St

Deadline for entry:

Charlotte, MI 48813 Tel. # (517) 541-1501 email: gunnyz@ameritech.net Make checks payable to: Capital Detachment #148 Please submit Camera Ready Art


June 1, 2015


From: David Masunas, Department Junior Vice Commandant Subject: Membership Recruitment Program Enclosure: (1) Department of Michigan Membership Recruitment Program Form The Department will give recognition to the top three Marine Corps Leaguers that recruit the most new members. These awards will be presented at the Department Convention in June. The awards that will be presented are: 1. First place Department Recruitment medal – Silver 2. Second place meritorious individual commendation - ribbon 3. Third place distinguished service award - certificate 4. Five new members (minimum) certificate of appreciation

The Department’s eligible dates are from the period of 1 June 2014 through 30 April 2015. Please feel free to submit all members that have recruited at least five (5) new members. If you do, please submit a separate form for each recruiter. I am requesting you send me the membership recruitment department form so I will have it no later than 20 May 2015. List the registration date of the new members to the right of there name. Awards will be issued at the department convention. Please make sure that the signatures of the Detachment Commandant and the Detachment Adjutant are affixed on the recruitment forms before forwarding it. Please insure that the Marine in your Detachment that work hard at recruitment are rewarded for their efforts. Your Detachment should award the detachment recruiter medal-bronze. Please contact me if you have any questions. Cell phone (231)301-0950 Email: masunasfam@gtlakes.com

Semper Fidelis! Dave Masunas Jr. Vice Commandant Department of Michigan MCL



MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT PROGRAM - DEPARTMENT OF MICHIGAN This is to certify that the following Marine Corps League member has met the criteria for awards by recruiting the minimum of five (5) new members between 1 June 2014 through 30 April 2015 Detachment Name:


Recruited by:____________________________________________

Membership Card #___________

Names of New Members (1)















(16) (List additional names on the back of this form)

Certified True and Correct:____________________________________________________________ Detachment Commandant _________________________________________________________ Detachment Paymaster

All forms must be in by 20 May 2015 Mail to

Dave Masunas Department Jr. Vice Commandant 214 West Jackson Rd. Hart, Michigan 49420

Please print legibly to ensure name on certificate is correct


Fellow Marines:

Every year at the Department Convention in June one League member is honored as the Department Marine of the Year. Please consider nominating one of your fellow Marines for this high honor. The winner receives a Department of Michigan Marine of the Year Medallion, a beautiful wall plaque and his/her name will be added to the large and impressive trophy shown. (It’s over three feet tall.) It’s our version of the Stanley Cup and the winner gets to keep it for one year. The winner also becomes a member of the Department of Michigan Marine of the Year Society with the right to participate in choosing the Marine of the Year every year thereafter.

You can submit by email (in fact, that is the preferred method) as well as through the mail. The addresses are: for email: Put “Department of Michigan MOTY” in the subject line. By email: By mail: PHIL SMITH Phil Smith marret94@aol.com 7774 Patton Street, Detroit, MI 48228-4625

Nominations are good for two years. If your nominee is not the winner in 2015 we will consider it again in each of the next two years, subject to confirming with you that you still want to make the nomination.

The award is presented at the Department Convention and the winner is not notified in advance. It is hoped and expected (but not mandatory) that he or she will be present and surprised. THE ABSOLUTE DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS MAY 1, 2015. THE NOMINATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY THAT DATE.


Dear Applicant: Welcome to the 2015, Department of Michigan, Marine Corps League Scholarship information letter. Please be sure to read the Scholarship Purpose, Eligibility and Requirements for 2015. It is your responsibility to make sure that all phases of the application are completed and signed and that the Sponsorship Section is completed and signed with the proper Detachment / Unit Identification and address enclosed. All scholarship applications are due by May 10, 2015. Any postmarked after this date will not be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered and will not be returned. If you are granted a scholarship, you will be notified by mail before June 30th. At this time, you will be required to send proof of enrollment for 2014 - 2015 to the Scholarship Chairman by September 30th. If all of your paperwork is in order, your name will be submitted to the Department Paymaster to issue a check in your favor. The disbursement of awards will be issued by the Department shortly afterward. Be sure to use the address on your application that you want your check mailed to if awarded a scholarship. It is your responsibility to notify the scholarship chairman of any change of address. On behalf of the Department of Michigan, Marine Corps League, Marine Corps League Ladies Auxiliary and the Scholarship Committee, we wish you all the best of luck in your educational pursuits. Semper Fidelis, Wendy Zamora

Gil Dysarczyk

Scholarship Committee

Scholarship Committee


Peggy Tuohy Scholarship Committee


Once a Marine, Always a Marine!



DEPARTMENT OF MICHIGAN MARINE CORPS LEAGUE and Auxiliary SCHOLARSHIP PURPOSE, ELIGIBILITY AND REQUIREMENTS FOR 2015 PURPOSE: To grant Scholarships to qualified applicants who are pursuing full time undergraduate (twelve hours or more) or technical training at a full time recognized institution. These may be awarded for four (4) years maximum (does not have to be consecutive years). ELIGIBILITY: (1) Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren and Step Children of a Marine Corps League or Auxiliary member in good standing. Honorary members or their families do not qualify. (2) Children of Marines who have lost their lives in the line of duty. (3) Members of the Marine Corps League, or Auxiliary in good standing or honorably discharged Marines in need of rehabilitation training not provided by government programs. Honorary members do not qualify. DEFINITION: New Applicant – The applicant has never been awarded a Marine Corps League Scholarship on the Department level. DEFINITION: Renewal Applicant – The applicant is a prior recipient of a Marine Corps League Scholarship on the Department level. ALL APPLICANTS MUST SATISFY THE BELOW LIST REQUIREMENTS: (1) Complete and sign the application and ensure the application is totally completed. (2) Ensure that the Sponsor has completely filled out their section of the application and have affixed the required signatures. The application will not be processed without this compliance. (3) The application must be postmarked by May 10, 2015. ALL SPONSORS MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS: (1) Ensure they are a member in good standing in the Marine Corps League or Auxiliary. Honorary members or their families do not qualify. (2) Must provide all of the sponsor’s data on the application as required and noted. (3) If the Commandant/President of the Detachment/Unit is the sponsor, the Detachment Senior Vice Commandant or the Unit Senior Vice President must approve and sign the eligibility requirement. (4) The Detachment Commandant and Paymaster or the Unit President and Treasurer must ensure that the sponsors are eligible. Signatures of the Detachment Commandant and Paymaster or the Unit President and Treasurer are mandatory on the proper line. (5) Provide the Detachment or Unit name and address. ADMINISTRATION OF SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS (1) If you are selected, you will be required to show proof of enrollment for 2015. (2) Incomplete applications will not be considered nor will they be returned for completion. (3) Letters of recommendation are not required nor will they be considered. (4) Eligibility and compliance will be strictly observed by the Scholarship Committee. (5) Decisions by the Scholarship Committee are final. (6) Applicants will be notified of Award or Non-Award by the Committee Chairman by June 30, 2015.

MAIL THE APPLICATION TO: Scholarship Committee Department of Michigan Marine Corps League 412 W. Harris Street Charlotte, MI 48813


Marine Corps League & Auxiliary Department of Michigan Scholarship Application – 2015 Must Be Typed or Legibly Printed 1. Please Check One “New” ________ “Renewal” ________ 2. Application Date ________________________ 3. Name: Last ________________________________First___________________________MI___________ 4. Date of Birth: _________________ 5. Address: Number & Street ___________________________________________________Apt #_________ USE ADDRESS YOU WANT CHECK MAILED TO. IF THERE IS AN ADDRESS CHANGE, IT IS YOUR RESPONISIBILITY TO NOTIFY SCHOLARSHIP CHAIRMAN OF NEW ADDRESS. 6. City: ______________________________ State: _________________ Zip + 4: ______________________ 7. Telephone: ____________________________ Alternate Phone: __________________________________ 8. Email address of applicant: ________________________________________________________________ 9. Name of Accredited College, Technical School or University:_____________________________________ 10. Year Starting Fall Semester: Circle One 1 2 3 4 11. Applicant’s Signature: ____________________________________________________________________ Applicant is Member of MCL _____MCLA_____ Sponsor Eligibility: 12. Sponsors relationship to Applicant – Please Check One, if applicable: Father _____ Mother _____ Grandparent _____ Member _____ 13. Sponsor’s Name: Last____________________________First____________________________MI______ 14. Sponsor’s Membership Number: _____________________ 15. Paid Life Member Number: _________________________ 16. Sponsor’s Dues Expiration Date: _____________________ Detachment / Auxiliary Certification: Detachment or Auxiliary Unit Certification (Must be signed by both officers) This part is to be completed, verified and signed by the indicated Detachment or Unit Officer. In the event that the applicant is related to the Commandant or President, then the Senior Vice Commandant or Senior Vice President will sign in their place. The Paymaster or Treasurer listed below certifies the applicant member or sponsor member is a member in good standing and that their dues are up to date. 17. Detachment Paymaster/Unit Treasurer Name (print):_____________________________________________ 18. Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ______________________________ 19. I, the Commandant or President (or Designee) of the Detachment or Unit, certify that the applicant member of sponsor is qualified to sponsor the applicant named above for a Marine Corps League Department Scholarship. 20. Print Name of Commandant, Unit President or Designee:__________________________________________ 21. Signature of Commandant, Unit President or Designee: ___________________________________________ 22. Date: ____________________ 23. Name of Detachment or Unit: _______________________________________________________________ 24. Mailing Address of Detachment Commandant or Unit President:


PROPOSED BYLAW CHANGES #1 DEPARTMENT OF MICHIGAN PROPOSED BYLAW CHANGE #1 In accordance with Department Bylaws and Administration Procedures, Article Four Section 451, the following is submitted for consideration by the body assembled at the 2014 Department of Michigan June Convention. BYLAWS, ARTICLE THREE DEPARTMENT BOARD OF TRUSTEES-ELECTED OFFICERS SECTION 300, COMPOSITION CURRENT Administration and financial control of the Department of Michigan, Marine Corps League, shall be vested in a Department Board of Trustees, elected at a Department Convention, namely; The Department Commandant, Senior Vice Commandant, Junior Vice Commandant, seven (7) Zone Vice Commandants, Paymaster, Judge Advocate, Chaplin, and the Junior Past Commandant. PROPOSED Remove the Chaplin as an elected officer: Administration and financial control of the Department of Michigan, Marine Corps League, shall be vested in a Department Board of Trustees, elected at a Department Convention, namely; The Department Commandant, Senior Vice Commandant, Junior Vice Commandant, seven (7) Zone Vice Commandants, Paymaster, Judge Advocate, and the Junior Past Commandant. RATIONAL This is an appointed position at the National and Detachment levels. By being an appointed office an Associate member could be appointed. This would allow them an additional office to hold at the Department level. Respectfully submitted, Jonathan S. VanTol



Robert Hencken, Department of Michigan Judge Advocate


Jonathan S. VanTol

Subject: Proposed Bylaw Change In accordance with Department Bylaws and Administration Procedures, Article Four Section 451, the following is submitted for consideration by the body assembled at the 2014 Department of Michigan June Convention. BYLAWS, ARTICLE FOUR DEPARTMENT STAFF SECTION 405, APPOINTED STAFF CURRENT The Department Commandant, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, shall appoint the following Department Officers: Adjutant, Chief of Staff, Public Relations Officer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Legislative Officer, Liaison Officers, VAVS Director and such other Aides-de-camp and officers as he may deem necessary to the best transaction of the business of this Department. These Officers shall be known as the Appointed Staff. PROPOSED Insert the Chaplain as an appointed Officer: The Department Commandant, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, shall appoint the following Department Officers: Adjutant, Chaplain, Chief of Staff, Public Relations Officer, Sergeant -at-Arms, Legislative Officer, Liaison Officers, VAVS Director and such other Aides-de-Camp and officers as he may deem necessary to the best transaction of the business of this Department. These Officers shall be known as the Appointed Staff. RATIONAL If this is no longer an elected office, it would have to become an appointed office. Respectfully submitted,

Jonathan S. VanTol




Reference: Department of Michigan, Marine Corps League Bylaws and Administrative Procedures Amend Bylaw 325 as follows: 1.

Add the Saint Joseph Area Detachment #1401 to the Southern Zone;


Add the Sault Ste. Marie Detachment #1375 to the Upper Peninsula Zone;


Delete the Lapeer County #888 Detachment from the Central Zone.


Correct the name of Detachment # 1225 to be the Oceana/Brett Witteveen Detachment;


Correct the name of Detachment #1337 to be Staff Sergeant Bryan K. Burgess Detachment.


Add the Edson Kline VanSlyke #1423 to the Central Zone.

After the 2015 Department Convention this section shall be amended administratively by the Department Judge Advocate (i.e. without a vote to amend the Bylaws) to conform it to subsequent additions and deletions of detachments and changes in detachment names. Effective: Immediately upon adoption. RATIONAL FOR AMENDMENTS TO PROPOSAL: To update Bylaw Section 325 to fully reflect current zone assignments and detachment names and to remove the requirement of amending the bylaws to reflect changes in detachments..

Respectfully submitted, Robert L. Hencken Department Judge Advocate Kalamazoo Detachment 879





Reference: Department of Michigan, Marine Corps League Bylaws and Administrative Procedures Current Bylaw states: SECTION 640, Time and Reporting of Elections officers between 1 October and 15 May.

Each detachment shall hold an election of

Installation will be conducted no later than the last day of the subsequent month.

Amend Bylaw 640 to read as follows: SECTION 640, Time and Reporting of Elections officers between 1 September and 15 May.

Each detachment shall hold an election of

Installation will be conducted no later than the last day of the subsequent month.

Effective: Immediately upon adoption. RATIONAL FOR AMENDMENTS TO PROPOSAL: To conform to national MCL Bylaw 530.

Respectfully submitted, Robert L. Hencken Department Judge Advocate Kalamazoo Detachment 879


Hello Marines, As I mentioned in my last article, our Michigan Marine Corps League VAVS Volunteers shared the joys of CHRISTmas with our hospitalized Veterans. Detachments and their Volunteers either sponsored, volunteered or assisted in some sort of Holiday function showing our Veterans and the World we Marines truly are a� Band of Brothers�. Here are a few pictures I captured from a couple of the parties the Marine Corps League Dept. of MI sponsored:

The following Marines and Associates from the Fred Cochran Det. 151 (L-R) Dan Padilla, Sergeant-atArms Fred Bishop, Sandy Early, Ellie Bishop (partially hidden), Adjutant Phil Stebbins, Past Commandant Bill Peless, Pat Sanderson, John Rideout, Commandant Wayne Luznicky, Junior Vice Commandant Mike Schultz. Started working at 8 am on December 15, 2014 making sure everything was set up and ready for the Annual Christmas Party at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. They also served the Veterans and passed out presents at the party as well.

L-R Western Zone Vice Commandant Al Pierson, Dept. Jr. Vice Dave Masunas, VAVS Director Dutch Franz and Dept. Commandant Norm Pfaff served Veterans and passed out presents.



Saginaw’s Aleda E. Lutz Christmas Party

Members of John C. Rock Det. #902, (L-R) Mike Mullally, Tom “Doc” Linabury, Commandant Bob Larson, VAVS Rep. Fred Gibas, Jon VanTol, VAVS Director Dutch Franz and Bob Gibas, Brought Veteran Patients from their rooms to the Party and Distributed Gifts. These are just a few of the parties that were held for our Veterans across Michigan, Many more of our MI Detachments had Parties and worked very hard to make sure our Veterans were happier at CHRISTmas. To all of you, Thank You! for caring about our Hospitalized Veterans. Our National Convention is right around the corner. I wanted to remind all of you to get your information in for the annual National Detachment VAVS Awards. The form used to submit your Detachment for judging is the MCL VAVS_Ql_Rev13. Judging and selection for the awards is completed prior to our arrival at each National Convention. That is why, as your National VAVS Representative, I must receive the form by 15 June of each year. Recipients of the Award will be recognized at the National Convention. MCL VAVS_Ql_Rev13 is available on the National MCL web site www.mcleague.org under MCL Programs- VAVS Program -VAVS Questionnaire (Also read VAVS Awards letter). Or send me an e-mail and I will send the form via an e-mail attachment.



Furthermore, on this same page of the site, you will find information and directions on how to nominate a MCL Volunteer for the PNC VAVS Service Award. The National VAVS Representative and Deputy Representatives will select, at the National Convention, the recipients of the Detachment VAVS awards, as prescribed below in the following categories: Categorized by membership strength of the detachment as reflected on the current 30 June strength report roster.

Category 1:

15 to 50 members. First, Second and Third Place Plaques.

Category 2:

51 to 100 members. First, Second and Third Place Plaques.

Category 3:

101 members and up. First, Second and Third Place Plaques.

I would also like to remind all of you the deadline to get your write up and Nominations in for the Department of MI VAVS award is May 1, 2015. I know we have some great MCL Volunteers that deserve this award from the Department. If you would like to get involved as a VAVS Volunteer, Contact your Facilities VAVS Representative. If you don’t know who he/she is e-mail me at dutchmaster@charter.net or call me at 989-245-9423. God Bless all of you and I’m looking forward to seeing you in Lansing. Please remember to pray for our Hospitalized Veterans and our Troops in harm’s way. Semper Fidelis

Emil “Dutch” Franz Department of Michigan VAVS Director dutchmaster@charter.net

WANT TO ORDER YOUR M.O.D.D GEAR CONTACT PDD WENDY ZAMORA AT kennelquartermaster@gmail.com Or call (517) 541-1501 go to www.moddkennel.org/quartermaster To order MODD items


From Top left clockwise: 

Bavarian Inn hostesses sharing a moment with the camera

PDC’s Tracey & Zamora with Heather Bauman of Great Lakes Marketing

Judy Zehnder Keller, President & Owner of the Bavarian Inn Welcoming the Marine Corps League to her Inn

Ray Dailey - Central Division Vice Commandant and Fiancee Linda LeMaster

Commandant Norm Pfaff and Jr Past President Joan Pfaff

Ray Rowley & Darryl Payne before the Banquet.


From Top left clockwise:  Washtenaw Detachment #414 Commandant Jolene Hardesty and Department Sr Vice Wendy Zamora. This was Jolene’s first Department function.  MODD Fire Hydrant  PDD Darryl Payne resting during the Growl  PDD Art Menard during the Growl  Pack Leader Emil “Dutch” Franz initiating new pups and advancing pups to DevilDogs


Marines I had the honor of working with Marines from Bay County to reestablish a Detachment. With hard work we were able to get permission from family members to honor their loved ones by naming the Detachment after them. WWII Major General Edson, Vietnam LCPL Kline and Iraqi Freedom LCPL VanSlyke. At National Mid Winter I was able to get the Charter signed by all the respective National officers and the Department of Michigan Commandant. On February 25, 2015 Commandant Norm Pfaff presented the Charter to the newest Detachment of Michigan, the Edson Kline VanSlyke Bay County Detachment #1423. Commandant Pfaff then gave the membership oath to new members of the league who are Charter members. Then the new officers took their oath of office. After this as the new Commandant I gave the membership oath to 5 Marines and 3 Associate members. We were HONORED to have in attendance the parents of LCPL VanSlyke, Cindy and William Fisher. There was an anonymous donation to pay Associate dues for Cindy and William Fisher. We are blessed to have them as members. In the pictures of the Charter signing you can see a wooden box holding down the Charter. Inside this box is a Bible DONATED by the members of the John C Rock #902 Detachment. This is to symbolize where this new Detachments "roots" are. These two Detachments are looking forward to continue a close relationship both socially and working together when needed. In attendance to show their support of this new Detachment were Commandant Bob Larson, Sr Vice Mike Mullally (dual member), Jr Vice Roger Walker, Adjutant Dan Ashcraft and Paymaster Dutch Franz of the John C Rock Detachment. On May 27 we will have a Charter presentation ceremony aboard the USS Edson in Bay City. At that time we will present a copy of the Charter to be displayed at the ship. Once the time is decided on it will be passed along to the Department.

Semper Fidelis/Always Faithful Jonathan S. VanTol Department of Michigan Central Zone Vice Commandant Commandant Edson Kline VanSlyke #1423


From Top Left Clockwise:  National Vice Commandant, Central Division - Ray Dailey signs charter at National Mid-Winter  New Detachment Commandant, Jon VanTol signs charter  Jon VanTol with Department Commandant Norm Pfaff giving oath of membership to new members  Department Commandant Norm Pfaff installing the officers of the Edson-KlineVanslyke Detachment  Commandant Norm Pfaff presents the new Detachment with their charter for signing


From Top Left Clockwise:  Charter of the Edson-KlineVanSlyke #1423 Detachment  Parents of LCpl VanSlyke, Cindy and William Fisher  Member signing the charter  Jr Past President Joan Pfaff recruiting a potential auxiliary member


Downriver Detachment #153 Marine Corps Birthday Party PAGE 29

Life member Alfred Kimble contacted Marine Ray Rowley about getting a ramp put in at his home. Marine Kimble had just gotten out of the hospital and had to use a walker and wheel chair to get around. He did not have a way to get out of his home to go to appointments and such. He was basically confined to his home. Marine Rowley made some call and rounded up some able bodied marines from the detachment to get the ramp built. We also had a young man that also volunteered to help named Jeremy Crego. The detachment members on the project were Marines Jerry Havens, Mark Trayser, George Gibbs and Ray Rowley. We all got the ramp built and Marine Kimble is no longer confined to his Home. Note: The detachment worked in the freezing rain to put the ramp in for Marine Kimble


Veteran’s Day—2014 Grand Valley State University Pew Campus Unveiling Of Sculpture

Sculpture of PFC Dennis L Lobbezoo, U.S. Marine Corps Echo 2/26 3rd Mar Div KIA Quang Tri Province, RVN 6 June 1968 The sculpture is located outside of the Steelcase Library.

Dr Edward Byrd, Sculptor and veteran of the U.S. Navy Medical Corps, speaking of PFC Lobbezoo, who he met on the Hospital ship Repose when PFC Lobbezoo was being treated for wounds received in January 1968. They became friends and the Doctor was heartbroken upon reading of PFC Lobbezoo’s death in the Stars and Stripes. He became a sculptor after retiring from the medical profession and created “Homage To The Fallen” to honor PFC Lobbezoo’s memory.

Tim Lobbezoo, nephew of PFC Lobbezoo, giving an emotional speech about the loss of his uncle. The pain is still there after 46 years The shadow box in front of the dais was donated by the Marine Corps League. CONTINUED NEXT PAGE


Wayne Luznicky, Commandant, Fred Cochran Det 151, Grand Rapids, MI, presenting the shadow box honoring PFC Lobbezoo, to Grand Valley State University. The Shadow box was donated by the Grand Rapids Fred Cochran Det 151, Muskegon Det 703 and Oceana Brett Witteveen Det 1225. It is on display at the Allendale campus Veteran Center.

Left to right— Steve Hackney, Commandant, Muskegon Det 703; University President Tom Haas, Dr. Edward Byrd, Tim Lobbezoo; Wayne Luznicky, Commandant, Fred Cochran Det 151, holding the shadow box; Bill Peless, Past Commandant, Fred Cochran Det 151, holding an Honorary Marine Corps League membership for PFC Lobbezoo; Al Pearson, Western Zone Commandant; Dave Masunas, Junior Vice Commandant, Department of Michigan; State Representative Winnie Brinks.



Marines from 1st Battalion 24th Marines receiving toys from the Dearborn Figure Skating Club for the 2014 Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots campaign.


Dr. Byrd and the family of PFC Lobbezoo. These are the other casualties of war that we never read of.


MVAA reaches 79 percent of veterans through Veterans Community Action Team expansion The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) is committed to making Michigan the most veteran-friendly state in the nation, working with private, public and nonprofit groups to accomplish that goal. Across the state, veterans service organizations like the Michigan Marine Corps League, Red Cross and county veterans agencies are already helping Michigan veterans connect with health care services, education benefits and more. But imagine what could be done if an entire network of these resources came together to address the problems Michigan veterans face each day. Now, more than 500,000 veterans are able to see what that system of organizations would look like, thanks to the expansion of MVAA’s Veterans Community Action Team (VCAT) program. This year, the VCAT program will provide veterans in 24 counties in and around Lansing, Flint, Saginaw and Ann Arbor with easier access to comprehensive health, employment, education and quality-of-life opportunities through the expansion. The VCAT project was introduced in 2013 with pilots in Metro Detroit and West Michigan. VCATs in these regions focused on identifying solutions for gaps in veteran services, reducing duplication of efforts and simplifying connections with local resources. The program was so successful in these areas that MVAA is expanding the VCAT program to four more areas of the state this year, bringing new resources and cooperation to veterans in the Capitol area, Mid-Michigan and Southeast Michigan as well as the Great Lakes Bay Region and the Thumb. In total, the VCAT program now serves nearly 523,000 veterans in Michigan – 79 percent of the state’s veteran population. “Each region’s VCAT will operate differently, because each region’s veterans have their own unique needs,” MVAA Director Jeff Barnes said. “VCATs seek to answer the question, ‘What more can we do to help veterans succeed?’ This program is about finding those opportunities and discovering better solutions through collaboration.” VCATs also work in conjunction with 800MICH-VET (800-642-4838) – MVAA’s 24/7 hotline that is integrated with Michigan 2-1-1 services – to connect veterans with services at the federal, state and local levels. The VCAT program is designed to make it easier for veterans to find resources right where they live and work, so that no matter where a veteran starts looking for help, they are able to find the assistance they need and the respect they deserve.


From Top Left Clockwise: 

Flint Dawgs Christmas party, clowns making balloon toys for kids

Clowns taking a break before the kids invade the detachment hall

Santa bringing the kids some presents

PDP Peggy Tuohy at the Hot Dog table

PDP Peggy Tuohy with her new hat


Navy christens ship named for Marine legend Chesty Puller One of the most decorated Marines in the history of the Corps has received another honor. On Saturday, the Navy christened the mobile landing platform afloat forward staging base Lewis B. Puller.Lt. Gen. Puller, well known as "Chesty", had one of the most distinguished careers in the Corps. He served both as an enlisted Marine and officer and spent all but 10 years of his 37 years in the service overseas, according to his official biography. Puller had 14 personal decorations in combat, plus many campaign medals and unit commendations. He's the only Marine to earn the Navy Cross five times."This ceremony not only honors a true Marine hero and legend, but also the men and women who have worked so diligently to bring this first-of-its-kind ship from concept to reality," Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said in a statement.The ship is the Navy's third mobile landing platform, but the first afloat forward staging base variant. Compared to its predecessors, the Puller has a flight deck, berthing for 250 personnel, fuel and equipment storage, and maintenance spaces. It's designed for helicopter operations, but Marine Corps planning documents show that officials are determining whether the MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft can operate from the ship as well.The Navy Department plans to build one more afloat forward staging base. The amphibious transport dock ship Ponce was used as an interim AFSB before the Puller.Its crew includes both uniformed sailors as well as civilian mariners that work under the Navy's Military Sealift Command.Martha Puller Downs, Puller's daughter, is the ship's sponsor, according to the release. The vessel was built by the National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, a subsidiary of General Dynamics. The christening ceremony was held at NASSCO's San Diego shipyard. Ms. Martha Puller Downs, daughter of Lt. Gen. Lewis "Chesty" Puller, christens the Navy's new ship named for her father. The Puller was christened as the Corps plans to make greater use of its mobile landing platforms and maritime prepositioning force ships. The vessels are floating warehouses loaded with gear and fuel can be offloaded to support Marines ashore. The Puller and other AFSB variants are expected to support counter-piracy operations, maritime security operations, humanitarian and disaster relief missions, and crisis response missions, Navy officials have said. Facing a gap between the number of amphibious ships in the fleet and demands for Marines deployed on amphibious ships, the Corps is looking to other vessels, including MLPs like the Puller, as alternative ways to launch missions from the sea."Born from a long-standing request from U.S. Central Command, the AFSB is an effective option to deploy forces for low-intensity operations without reducing the availability of amphibious warships required for other missions," Marine Corps planning documents say.

Picture credits: US NAVY, NASSCO Left: USNS Lewis B. Puller Right: Ms. Martha Puller Downs, daughter of Lt. Gen. Lewis "Chesty" Puller, christens the Navy's new ship named for her father. Story By: Joshua Stewart


Jonathan S VanTol FOR

JR VICE COMMANDANT The focus of the Jr Vice is recruiting and member retention. They are a member of the fundraising committee. They also assist the Commandant whenever tasked with an assignment. This position requires time and dedication. I am RETIRING May 1, 2015. I will be able to assist Detachments and the Department Commandant. 

2014 Department Recruiter of the Year

Forming Commandant of the Edson-Kline-VanSlyke Bay County Detachment #1423, Charter presented on February 25, 2015

2014 acquired $1000 grant from Bay County for Department Mid-Winter

2014 received $300 grant for the Department from my employer for volunteering

2015 acquired $1000 grant from Saginaw County for Dept. Mid-Winter

Central Zone Vice Commandant

2013 Michigan Pack Dog of the Year

Commandant Edson-Kline-VanSlyke #1423

2014 Flint Dawgs Pound Dog of the Year

Pound Keeper Flint Dawgs Pound #288

2014 John C Rock #902 Marine of the Year

Jr Vice Pack Leader Michigan Pack

2014 awarded Pack Leader Commendation

Past Commandant John C Rock #902 National Americanism Committee Chairman


provided by the Committee to elect Jonathan S VanTol



XX JOIN US SUNDAY June 28th, 2015 FOR THE ANNUAL RUN TO THE NORTH WALL, IN HONOR OF THE CANADIANS THAT SERVED WITH THE U.S. MILITARY DURING THE VIETNAM WAR. STAGING TAKES PLACE 9:30 A.M. AT R.C.L. BR. 594 - 5030 Howard Ave. Tecumseh, Ont. There will be a breakfast served from 0900 hrs to 1100 hrs RUN LEAVES R.C.L. Br. 594 AT 11:30 A.M. SHARP! MEMORIAL SERVICE AT THE NORTH WALL FOR 12:00 P.M. OPEN HOUSE AT R.C.L. BR. 143 – 1570 Marentette Ave. FOR MORE INFO EMAIL: northwallriders@hotmail.com PHONE: (519) 256-6797



Get the Registration packet in this edition of the Michigan Marine News or go to the Department website at www.michiganmarines.org

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