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Department of Michigan Members First I would like to thank all that attended our 75th Department Convention in Lansing and my own detachment for being the host, I hope all that attended had a great time with the League and Friday night with the Military Order of the Devil Dogs at the GRAND GROWL of the PACK (Woof Woof) I would also like to thank all that have the confidence in me to be your Department Commandant, I will work hard as your Commandant to take the Department to new levels of the Marine Corps League. I would also like to thank the detachments that attended the 75th convention, this was the first time in years that we had 25+ detachments attend and would hope that in the future we can get close to 100% of our 37 detachments attending these important meetings of the Department, if your detachment hasn’t attended a Convention or Mid-Winter Rally then please plan on attending one soon, I guarantee that you will have a great time. Detachments please feel free to contact me if there are problems that I can help with but first see if your Zone Commandant has the answer first and if I don’t have the answer then I will call on the vast experience that Michigan has in our Department, our Past Commandants, on the front cover of this issue I had the privilege of taking my picture with seven of our Past Commandants and will keep up the great work that they did for our Department. A month ago I attended the National Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, a great place to visit but while we were there we found out what HOT is 117 degrees the last few days of the convention. While we were there our Michigan delegation was able to get some answers to questions to why National lost its website and why the National Executive Director Mike Blum and his sons Jason and Richard were fired, if I were to go over everything then it would take up numerous pages of answers for the firings so at the Department Fall Staff and the Mid-Winter we will have answers to most of your questions. One thing we did find out is that the long awaited database that we have all heard about for the past few years will finally go active sometime in the next 3-5 months, just as long as the new company hosting the database doesn’t run into any difficulties. This database we were told that in the future the detachments will be able to submit your officer installation, print membership cards, change members information and you will see in real time your members status to where they are standing and just about everything you do now that gets sent to National. Let’s all hope that everything works right the first time. I also would like to inform you of our new leadership at the National level. Commandant – Richard Gore (South Carolina) Sr. Vice – Wendell Webb (Missouri) Jr. Vice – Dennis Tobin (New York) Judge Advocate – Johnny Baker (Alabama)

   

Our Division Vice Ray Dailey of Ohio and Assistant Division Vice Phil Zamora remain for one more year. (Continued on next page)



Edition 6

Commandant continued If you want more answers on the firings then please have some patience because with the firings some things are going through the courts at this time, we should have more answers at the Department Fall Staff October 10th in Charlotte the Mid-Winter in Mt Pleasant or watch for an explanation from our acting National Executive Director Tom Hazelett in the Semper Fi Magazine. Lastly, on October 10th the Department of Michigan Marine Corps League Foundation will host the 2nd Annual Little Rollers Raffle at the Eaton Area Senior Center 804 S. Cochran in Charlotte Michigan, Grand Prize will be $1000 if 75 tickets are sold, lets come out and support our foundation which supports our Scholarship and our Veterans Service Office. Hope to see all of you soon Semper Fi Wendy Zamora Commandant, halfpint16@ameritech.net

Wendy Zamora is also the MODD Kennel Quartermaster

or (517) 541-1501


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Edition 6


The Editors Comments First congratulations to all the new officers of the Department of Michigan Marine Corps League and our new Commandant (my wife) Wendy Zamora your first female Commandant, The Capital Detachment did a great job hosting our 75th Convention and as Commandant of the Detachment I want to Thank all that purchased an ad in our convention booklet and that attended the convention, this convention was well attended and it was great seeing all the detachments that were in attendance at the convention. August I drove (yes I drove) to Arizona with Sr. Vice Dave Masunas and Western Zone Vice Commandant Al Pearson, On the way out there we seen a lot of the country and even drove through Tulsa, Oklahoma the site of the 2016 National Convention. The first night we stopped in Amarillo, Texas after driving for 19 hours and listening to Dave saying “are we there yet…..are we there yet”, Al and I almost dropped him off in the middle of Oklahoma, we got a good night of sleep and some breakfast and got back on the road, made our way through the Texas panhandle and New Mexico which was amazing country, just after we crossed into Arizona we ran into some bad weather and it was some of the heaviest rain that could have fallen, we took the shortest route possible in Arizona and if you are friends with Dave and I on Facebook you had a good laugh while AL was driving, one of the routes took us down a two lane highway and Dave thought we were going to bury him out in the middle of the desert, it was a good ride even though coming out of the mountains in to Phoenix / Scottsdale, Al almost ran us off the edge of the mountain because she didn’t want to use the brakes...LOL. Now on a serious note, for those that were at the Department Convention in Lansing you heard what was going on at National from Past National Commandants Jim and John Tuohy and that National was falling apart, etc...etc.. This even made it so that our Department Board of Trustees voted to send to the National Board of Trustees (B.O.T) a vote of non-confidence towards them, After hearing from our New Acting Executive Director Tom Hazlett why Mike, Jason & Richard Blum were fired, it helped ease our minds and our confidence towards the National B.O.T, from what we heard out in Scottsdale the firings were justified and I’m sure in the coming months if you read your “Semper Fi” magazine then you may get an explanation from Tom Hazlett, there are still things that Tom and our National Leadership can’t talk about right now because of legal issues but as soon as they are taken care of then we may hear about them as long as National isn’t held to a gag order. So stay tuned Lastly we did find out that the long awaited database will be coming out very soon so get ready for that. See all of you soon



SR VICE COMMANDANT DAVID MASUNAS I would like to thank the members for the support you have given me the past 2 years as your Department Jr. Vice Commandant. I will continue to work hard for the members in the next two years as your Department Sr. Vice Commandant. I am Looking forward to working with our newly elected Department Commandant Wendy Zamora and your newly elected Jr. Vice Commandant Jon VanTol. Congratulations to the both of you on your new positions with the Department. Things to look for from the Department 2nd Annual Little Roller$ Raffle- Saturday October 10, 2015 Location- Eaton Area Senior Center 804 S. Cochran Charlotte Michigan Time- Doors open at 6pm for cocktails and 7pm for dinner (Italian crusted herb chicken or a 7oz sirloin steak) Ticket price- $60.00 price includes dinner and raffle. When you purchase your ticket you will need to choose at that time what you would like for dinner chicken or steak. Only 130 tickets will be sold. There will be a silent auction and other games being played during the raffle. Prize Draw 1- $1000.00 Draw 25,50,75,100,125- $20 Draw 10- $100 Draw 127, 128- $125 Draw 129- $150 Draw 130- $200 If 75 tickets are not sold the prizes will revert to a 40% of ticket sales If you have any questions or would like to purchase tickets please contact Wendy Zamora at 517-541-1501 or Dave Masunas at 231-301-0950 January 2016 the Department will be holding a raffle and the prize will be MONEY. 1st place $500 2nd place $300 3rd place $200 There will be 3000 tickets printed the price of the tickets will be $3.00 each. Every ticket a Detachment sells they will keep $1.00 per ticket. This is a Department fundraiser but at the same time a chance for your detachment to raise money also. Dave Masunas is also the For the Little Roller$ raffle I'm asking for your help in finding items for the Eagle Scout coordinator for silent auction. The items do not have to be related to the Marine Corps. I the Department and is a attended this event last year and had a great time. We ask that you ask your relatives, friends, co-workers if they would be interested in attend this event. I member of the National Boy Scout committee member would like to hear from the Detachments any ideas they have on fundraising and would to see done, as I said at the Department convention last weekend if and MODD Kennel Deputy you think me coming to your Detachment and dancing around a pole would be Quartermaster‌...Editor a good idea for a fundraiser I will be there. Continued on page 6


SR VICE COMMANDANT - CONTINUED DAVID MASUNAS (Continued from Page 5) We need to be thinking out side of the box on any ideas that will help the Department and the Detachments. We as Department officers are here for the members but we need to hear from you to know what is on your mind and things you would like to see being done. Have a great summer and Semper Fi! Starting in september running threw December the telemarketing company Great Lakes Marketing Inc. will be running a campaign to raise money on behalf of the Department of Michigan Marine Corps League. Please keep in mind the money raised during this campaign will help pay for our Department scholarships, Christmas parties held at the Veterans homes in Michigan and the Department VSO (veterans service officers). When ever the Department holds a fundraising event its imperative that we all chip in to help whether its donating your time, donating an item for an auction or a small donation of money, every penny counts. If we want to continue being able to support the programs we fund we need to continue making sure our Department fundraising efforts are a success. Thank you for your time and Semper Fi.

Dave Masunas Department of Michigan MCL Sr. Vice Commandant




Marines I would like to thank everyone for electing me as YOUR Department Jr Vice Commandant. I stand ready to assist any Detachment on recruiting and retention of members. Together we can grow and build the Department. The current Department recruiter, Scott Neff, signed up 28 new members this year. He did this by starting a bag pipers unit. He found an activity they all enjoy that brought them to the League. They’ll work at the Detachment and showcase the League by marching in parades and attending functions when requested and available. When recruiting as the Past Commandant Norm Pfaff would say, “I joined to help a Vet and have fun”. Our main focus is HELPING VETS, but we can HAVE A GOOD TIME DOING IT. The best Veterans organization for a Marine, FMF Corpsman or FMF Chaplain to join is THE MARINE CORPS LEAGUE, we understand each other. Additionally some information from the National Convention. CONGRATULATIONS to Scott Neff for being recognized at the National Convention for coming in third as National Recruiter of the Year! The Department membership is down a little over 2%. Some of them went to report to the Supreme Commandant and they will be missed. But we need to reach out to our members whose dues have lapsed and find out WHY they have not renewed. Is it because they just forgot or they did not feel welcomed. Try to call and just see how they are doing and ask if they need any assistance with anything and getting to a meeting. There is a new website for the Marine Corps League and it is www.mclnational.org. It is a big improvement! It is more interactive for the Adjutant/Paymasters and some forms can be filled out online. The transmittal and payment option is being worked on. Death notices and change of address are a couple examples that can be completed online. Marines I also serve as the National Americanism Chairman and I would like to announce that three of our Detachments entered their Americanism books to be judged. There is a lot of competition and they did very well. In the 15-50 Platoon size, Cascades Detachment came in third and Edson Kline VanSlyke Detachment received an Honorable Mention. In the 51-100 Company size, John C Rock came in second.

Jonathan S VanTol Jr Vice Commandant Department of Michigan jvantol@svsu.edu 989-225-5047



Woof! Woof! Devil Dogs. At the Grand Growl of the Pack that was held during the 75th Annual Department of MI Convention, it was a real honor being elected for my second term as Pack Leader of the Wolverine Pack of Michigan. I’m looking forward to another howling, productive and fun filled term of office as your Pack Leader. For those Dogs who missed the Grand Growl I would like to introduce your 2015-2016 Worthy Pack officers. They are as follows: Worthy Pack Leader PDD Emil “Dutch” Franz Worthy Pack Sr. Vice PDD Scot Neff Worthy Pack Jr. Vice PDD Jon VanTol Worthy Pack Smart Dog PDD Stephen Fletcher Worthy Pack Dog Trainer PDD Felipe Zamora Worthy Pack Mad Dog - PDD Gilbert Dysarczyk Worthy Pack Police Dog - PDD Dave Masunas Worthy Pack Dog Robber - PDD Phil Smith Worthy Pack Watch Dog = PDD Fred Gibas Worthy Pack Barking Dog = PDD Christine Tonegatto-Salo Worthy Pack Historian = PDD Dale Erion Worthy Past Pack Leader PDD Norm Pfaff

picture L-R Worthy Pack Police Dog - PDD Dave Masunas Worthy Pack Dog Trainer - PDD Felipe Zamora Worthy Pack Sr. Vice - PDD Scott Neff Worthy Pack Leader - PDD Emil Franz Worthy Pack Jr. Vice – PDD Jon Van Tol Worthy Pack Smart Dog - PDD Steve Fletcher Worthy Pack Mad Dog - PDD Gilbert Dysarczyk


MILITARY ORDER OF THE DEVILDOGS WORTHY PACK LEADER As BARKED about at previous Growls and Scratching’s, at the Grand Growl we chose a 2015 “Pack Dog of the Year “. The recipient of this year’s prestigious Pack Dog of the Year award went to Past Pack Leader Norm Pfaff. Congratulations Norm I’m sorry to report that we had two Pounds turn in their Charters this Year. Pounds 314 Washtenaw County and 345 Macomb County. I would like to remind all the Dogs from these two Pounds to take the appropriate steps necessary, so you can be transferred to one of the other Pounds in Michigan. This way you won’t become a “Stray” I was up in the UP sniffing around with our Worthy Pack Jr. Vice Jon VanTol and our Worthy Pack Watch Dog PDD Fred Gibas and ended up at one of the Northern Wolves Pound #174 Growls. This was May 9th and I was real happy to see that most all of the snow was gone. I had the Honor to present “Life Membership Certificates” to several of Dogs and was even able to witness Mongrel Cody Campioni being initiated and receive the Rite of Obligation to the Degree of “PUP”.PDD Jerry Haussmann, PDD Mike King, Pound Keeper PDD Art Menard, PDD Paul Smigowski signing the paperwork and Center Pup Cody Campioni

I was also standing tall in Scottsdale, AZ at this year’s Supreme Grow, I’m proud to say that along with me our Michigan Pack was well represented at the Supreme Growl. Left is a picture of just three right before the Growl started. The Growl was lots of fun and we also settled down enough to even elect our 2015-2015 Kennel Officers: 57th Chief Devil Dog PDD C. O. Smith Senior Vice Chief Devil Dog PDD 03-406 Leonard C. Spicer Junior Vice Chief Devil Dog PDD 08-229 Thomas W. Hazlett Sr Kennel Smart Dog PDD 09-019 Jeff Jones Now Past 56th Chief Devil Dog Leanna Dietrich reported, as in years past, your Passport Fees made it possible for our Kennel to donate $31,000 Bones to the Mesa, AZ Children’s Hospitals. Until our Department Mid-Winter & the Pack Growl, remember not to bite the tires while they are turning. Woof, Woof………..PDD Emil "Dutch" Franz, Worthy Pack Leader - MODD Michigan Pack



Toys for Tots (T4T) will be off and running in most Detachments and Marine Corps Reserve Centers, If you would like to be more involved with the T4T program then visit the website at www.toysfortots.org for your local coordinators. This initiative began in 1947 when then Major Bill Hendricks and a group of Marine reservists in Los Angeles, California., collected and distributed 5,000 toys to needy children, an effort that resulted in a nationwide campaign a year later. Since its inception, the Toys for Tots national campaign distributed 465 million toys to 216 million underprivileged children, according to the 2012 Annual report. In 2014, Marine reservists and volunteers distributed more than 17 million toys to more that 7.5 million less fortunate children. Those wishing to contribute can donate a toy valued at $15 or less in a Toys for Tots bin from now through the middle of December. All Detachments that are involved with T4T’s please submit a report to National MCL on your involvement and total toys that have been collected.


This program was created to expose new members to the scope of the League; to make them knowledgeable and productive members.

For the old Salts to bring them up to date on changes in the League, and remind them of the details of the league to help them to be better prepared to advance to Leadership in the Detachment, Departments and above.


go to the National website at www.mclnational.org or find link on Department of Michigan website www.michiganmarines.org



From Top left clockwise: 

Buffalo Soldiers raising the Colors before opening ceremony

Devil Dogs and League members at the raising of the colors.

Entering Arizona on I-40

Commandant Wendy Zamora during a break checking her Kennel Quartermaster sales.

PNC Helen Hicks with PDD Randy Ott aka “Otter” looking cute with his ponytails.


From Top left clockwise: 

Scottsdale Plaza outdoor rooms, highest temp that week was 117 degrees

Department officers (L-R) Jr Vice Jon VanTol, Sgt at Arms Dan Ashcraft, Commandant Wendy Zamora, VAVS Director Emil “Dutch” Franz

Commandant Wendy Zamora with outgoing National Executive Director / CEO of the Young Marines Mike Kessler (L) and his replacement retired Colonel William Davis

New National Commandant Richard Gore

Michigan Department President Mary Brief


From Top left clockwise: 

New National Commandant Richard Gore with Jr Past Commandant John Kovalcik

Navaho Code talker sung Marines Hymn before banquet so our waitress from the week Jennifer sung Happy Birthday along with the rest of our Marines

13th SgtMajor of the Marine Corps Gene Overstreet (center) with two other MCL members

Look its Billy Traylor in the middle of all those people

Michigan Department Commandant Wendy Zamora and Past Commandant Phil Zamora sharing a moment before the banquet.


From Top left clockwise: 

Seven Past Department Commandants from left to right, PNC John Tuohy, PDC Norm Pfaff, PNC Jim Tuohy, Commandant Wendy Zamora, PDC Phil Zamora, PDC Byron Haase, PDC Barrie Harrison, PDC Glen Bressette

Joint opening with our guests from state and local government.

Marine Calvin Moore a original Montford Pointe Marine

Charlie Company 1/24 I&I staff color guard for joint opening.


From Top left clockwise: 

2015 Marine of the Year PDC Glen Bressette of the Lake Superior Detachment

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow sharing comments with the Department members

New Commandant Wendy Zamora opening a gift from the Capital Detachment and assisted by her grandson Jackson

Department of Michigan Marine of the Year Society


From Top left clockwise: 

Tri-County Michigan Young Marines presenting their Unit Commander and newly installed Commandant Wendy Zamora with her new “Commandants cover”

Sr Vice Dave Masunas, Commandant Wendy Zamora and Jr Vice Jon VanTol getting ready to be installed by PDC Phil Zamora

Something you will probably never see again is two Commandants stealing a kiss after being installed

Department of Michigan officers being installed



Here are some methods that you can use

1. Bring a Guest to your meeting 2. Advertise in the paper 3. Advertise on public access TV 4. Letter or personal contact with local business 5. Contact with Chamber of Commerce 6.

Bookmark inserts in library books


Public meetings malls, out doors ect.


Booths at malls, fairs, festivals


Pamphlets at Doctors offices

10. Host an open house 11. Contact past members

to help grow your detachments

12. Guest information packet 13. Detachment business cards 14. Advertise at local colleges 15. Have a Detachment Web Page 16. Have a Detachment Facebook page 17. Word of mouth 18. Network with coworkers, family 19. Follow up on guest 20. Lead by example 21. Write letters to other groups 22. Invite the media

Life Membership Dues 0-35








65-over $200.00 PAYMASTERS Make sure you do your Life membership Audit and send it to the Department Paymaster, Phil Zamora-PDC to get your Life membership check next year. Send to: Paymaster Phil Zamora 412 W Harris St Charlotte, MI 48813


From Top clockwise: 

Great Lakes National Cemetery entrance

League and Auxiliary members getting ready for the League and Auxiliary monument dedication

PNC Jim Tuohy welcomes everyone to the monument dedication, next to Jim is Gil Dysarczyk, Commandant Wendy Zamora and President Mary Brief

President Brief and Commandant Zamora unveils the monument

Flint Honor Guard shoots a volley


From Top clockwise: 

Dept. President Brief and Auxiliary members

Southern Zone Vice Commandant Ray Rowley talking to Leatherneck MC members

Rear of monument

Gil Dysarczyk and PNC Jim Tuohy next to monument that both worked hard to bring to life.

Leatherneck motorcycle club members at the monument dedication


Associated Press | Oct 21, 2015 WASHINGTON DC -The U.S. Navy has announced it will name a ship after Hershel "Woody" Williams, a West Virginia World War II veteran, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient and Marine Corps League member. Multiple media outlets report that the Navy made the announcement Tuesday, months after Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W. Va., wrote a letter urging them to name a ship after Williams. Williams says that the ship in question will be an expeditionary sea base. U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus called Williams Tuesday morning to tell him the news. Williams was born near Fairmont, W.Va. He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and was assigned to the 3rd Marine Division. He earned the Medal of Honor in 1945 for his actions in the Battle of Iwo Jima, as well as a Purple Heart. PAGE 20

The Red Knights new LOGO was done by the Kennel Artist PDD Jack Severn‌.Looks great PAGE 21

Marines: I’m sending this out now to get you thinking about Marine of the Year for 2015-2016. In the past few years since I was awarded the Department Marine of the Year for 20122013 I’ve read some submissions that were very good, the person submitting sold us the person, told us everything we needed to know to make a decision on whether they deserved to be Marine of the Year (MOY), then I’ve seen the opposite on some submissions; one paragraph saying that this Marine is a great person and that they deserved to be MOY and they work hard…...What??? That doesn’t tell me anything. Sell your submission to us (The MOY Society) for the most part we don’t know these people unless they attend Department functions and then we don’t see them in action like you do, If I was doing a write up to sell someone to the MOY Society and I wanted it to win I would have at the least one and one-half pages of what this person does in my detachment, for the department and if they attend National functions, what they do in their communities and if they are involved in other veterans organizations and what do they do there too but mostly what they do for the League. Sell them….Sell them…..Sell them After the Mid-Winter there will be information where to send your submissions and when the deadline will be which will be around May 1 so we can meet as a MOY society and pick the 2015 - 2016 winner, If your submission isn’t picked then we will ask you to resubmit the following year updating their submission. Lastly congratulations to PDC Glenn Bressette of the Lake Superior Detachment on be chosen the 2014 - 2015 Marine of the Year. Semper Fi Phil Zamora - PDC, 2016 MOY Chairman


East Lansing, Michigan Native General Robert Neller becomes 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Dunford set to become Joint Chiefs Chairman By Sgt. Melissa Karnath, Defense Media Activity, September / 24 / 2015 WASHINGTON -- General Robert Neller received the battle colors of the Marine Corps from Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr. during a passage of command ceremony at Marine Barracks Washington, Sept. 24, 2015, signifying his new position as the 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps. General Neller, an East Lansing, Michigan, native and 40-year Marine veteran, assumes responsibility as the senior ranking officer of the Corps. "I am honored, proud and humbled to be here," Neller said. "I appreciate your support. Now let's go do this." During the ceremony, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter spoke highly of Neller and his ability to lead the Marine Corps and spoke about his "greatest trait" — his love for the troops. "They light up when he's talking to them, and he lights up too," Carter said. Dunford, a Boston native, relinquished command of the Marine Corps after serving in the top post for less than a year. "In his short but significant tenure, Gen. Dunford guided the Marine Corps during the final drawdown in Afghanistan, and maintained the Corps as the most formidable expeditionary fighting force that has ever existed," said Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus. "He kept it ready to respond to any crisis throughout the globe in spite of budget constraints, threat of sequestration and the impact of continuing resolutions." During his time as the 36th Commandant of the Marine Corps, Dunford moved forward to meet challenges with his planning guidance stressing innovation, adaption and winning America’s battles. "I feel fortunate because a few minutes ago Gen. Neller became my commandant," said Dunford. "Just like all the other Marines and sailors, I have the good fortune to have a leader who's passionate, has extraordinary operational capability, and he has extraordinary energy and vision to take us into the future. We couldn't be in better hands." General Dunford will assume his new position as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Sept. 25, 2015.


DEPARTMENT PAYMASTER PHIL ZAMORA Department members: On November 1st your paymasters will be sending me your detachments transmittals to my home in Charlotte, MI. For the past 10-12 years they have been going to Accurite Accounting which was in Michigan near Traverse City but a few years ago the owner Jack Sir (a League member) moved to Florida and we continued to send Jack our transmittals, this past June I took over as paymaster and there were some Michigan League members that wanted to see our detachments send the transmittals to me here in Michigan. So effective NOV 1, 2015 all transmittals from the Detachments will come to me here in Michigan, I would like to thank Don Lumsden for the smooth transaction (and the 15 boxes I loaded in my car) and Jack Sir at Accurite Accounting for all he does with our accounting records. I would also like to address all the paymasters; we have already run into a problem in one detachment and I won’t give out their name but from what I’m seeing on the average each detachment is submitting on the small end 15 transmittals a year and on the high end 25, this detachment has only submitted on the average for the past three years 3 transmittals and they are full with 2-3 pages, Paymasters this is unsat that a member gives you money to pay their dues and are waiting for their membership cards and then they blame it on National when its your detachments fault for not submitting the transmittal right away, Paymasters if you have one renewal then send it in and don’t wait to have a full page, you could miss a payment that was given to you and then we have frustrated members because their dues aren’t paid in a timely manner and cards aren’t sent. Yes National is having problems converting to the new database and we all want to blame them for all the membership card problems but members if you don’t receive your card within 3-4 months then first see when the transmittal was sent and if its past 3-4 months since they sent it then have the paymaster call me and send me a copy of the transmittal and cancelled check by email to mimclpaymaster@gmail.com and I will get answers and results. Remember don’t hold dues more then a week and get them sent in ASAP. Semper Fi Phil Zamora - PAYMASTER




SO WHERE DO I SEND IT??? Installation Reports & Bank Report - Department Adjutant (Raymond Rayl) Transmittals & Life Member audit- (Phil Zamora) Death Notices - Department Chaplain (John (Jack) Porn) Intent to hold Convention / Mid-Winter - Time & Place Chairman (Phil Zamora) Awards & Citations - Chairman (Phil Smith) Eagle Scout Award - Chairman (Dave Masunas) Resolutions & Bylaws - Chairman (Tim McGee) Scholarship - Chairman (Tim McGee) Get the addresses off of the Department Website and click on S-1 section for the Department Roster www.michiganmarines.org



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oct. 28, 2015 Contact: Lynn Sutfin, 517-284-5230

Veterans Community Action Team joins Northern Michigan Veterans Coalition Partnership-driven program strengthens collaboration in Northeast Michigan, kicks off with Nov. 3 meeting LANSING, Mich. – Nearly 25,000 veterans in Northeast Michigan will have easier access to comprehensive health, employment, education and quality-of-life opportunities thanks to a collaboration that brings together local, state and federal resources and services. Working in partnership with the Northern Michigan Veterans Coalition, the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency is expanding its Veterans Community Action Team program to veterans and their families living in Michigan’s Prosperity Region 3, which includes Alcona, Alpena, Cheboygan, Crawford, Iosco, Montmorency, Ogemaw, Oscoda, Otsego, Presque Isle and Roscommon counties. First introduced in Metro Detroit (Region 10) and West Michigan (Region 4) in 2013 as a part of Gov. Rick Snyder’s Regional Prosperity Initiative, VCATs focus on identifying solutions for gaps in veteran services, reducing duplication of efforts and simplifying connections with local resources. Local organizations who would like to participate in the VCAT program in Region 3 are encouraged to attend the initial planning meeting taking place on Tuesday, Nov. 3 from 11:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. The meeting will be hosted by the Northern Michigan Veterans Coalition and held at Gaylord Evangelical Free Church (1649 East M-32 in Gaylord). “Doug Robinson has already created a strong group of dedicated service providers in Northeast Michigan, and MVAA is excited to partner with the coalition to make the VCAT program a reality,” MVAA Director Jeff Barnes said. “By working hand-in-hand with Doug and the rest of the Northern Michigan Veterans Coalition, we can continue to strengthen partnerships between local service providers, community organizations, state agencies and even the federal VA to better meet the needs of local veterans and their families.




Nearly 25,000 veterans live in Region 3, accounting for more than 11 percent of the total population in the area. Fifty-one percent of veterans are aged 65-84, with the majority serving in the Vietnam War (38 percent) and Korean Conflict (16 percent). Women veterans account for 6 percent of the veteran population in Region 3. “Because Northeast Michigan is home to an older group of veterans and their families, we want to work with the Northern Michigan Veterans Coalition to make sure they are taken care of during each chapter of their lives,” Barnes said. “By working together, Veterans Community Action Teams can help to support the existing network of community collaboration and ensure that no veteran ever feels alone when so many local resources are available to them.” The VCAT program was created by Ann Arbor-based Altarum Institute, which works with MVAA and community partners to discern veteran needs and available resources. Northeast Regional Coordinator Steven Rollins then works with the coalition to connect service providers to one another and improve the delivery of services to veterans, working with a network of county veterans service officers, non-profit agencies, veteran service organizations and state government agencies to provide assistance to veterans in Region 3. VCATs also work in conjunction with 800-MICH-VET (800-642-4838) – MVAA’s 24/7 hotline that is integrated with Michigan 2-1-1 services – to connect veterans with services at the federal, state and local levels. For more information about the planning meeting, contact Rollins at rollins@micounties.org. ### About the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency: MVAA serves as the central coordinating point for Michigan veterans, connecting those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, and their families, to services and benefits throughout the state. Learn more at MichiganVeterans.com or call 800-MICH-VET (800-642-4838).

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(PER NATIONAL BYLAWS) EVERY DETACHMENT MUST HOLD AN ELECTION EVERY YEAR BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 1ST AND MAY 15TH. INSTALLATION MUST BE CONDUCTED NO LATER THAN THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH SUBSEQUENT TO THE ELECTION. Per Department Bylaws SECTION 615, Yearly Reports No later than ten (10) days following the installation of its officers each Detachment shall submit the following documents to the Department Adjutant who shall make appropriate copies and distribute them to other appropriate officers and Marine Corps League offices. 1. The name and address of the person in possession of its charter, charter, as required by Article Eleven, Section 6. 2. The report required by Article Three, Section 300 stating the name of the financial institution(s) and account number(s) where all detachment funds are deposited deposited.. The Adjutant shall distribute this report to the Paymaster. (See also Art 3, Section 330 ) “Each Detachment Paymaster shall report the name of the Bank or Banks, and account numbers, where the detachment funds are on deposit. This report shall be filed and verified each year by the “Department Paymaster.” 3. The Report of Officer Installation.


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