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The Magazine of the Department of Michigan Marine Corps League and Marine Corps League Auxiliary

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Edition 2


NORMAN PFAFF MESSAGE FROM THE DEPARTMENT COMMANDANT MARINES: I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and as I write this report, it's still colder than the diggins outside. That's upper talk. The Mid-Winter Conference came off without a hitch and a lot of good comments. Thanks to Gerri, Peggy, Joan and a host of workers, too many to mention, but I do want to say thank you very much. The hospitality and food at the Double Tree was great. We haven't given up on Sault Sainte Marie Detachment. Mike King, Upper peninsula Zone Vice Commandant, and I are still working with the Sault Sainte Marie detachment. If any detachment is in need of a helping hand or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I want to remind everyone of the appointment of Kevin Jones as the Marine for Life representative for the Department of Michigan. Kevin e-mail address kevin.i.jones@gm.com. Congratulations to the Flint and Macomb Detachments for their participation in the National Postal Shoot. Macomb Detachment was 2nd place in team expert division and a individua13rd Place for shooters in this division. I think the Flint Detachment just about won everything else. We are proposing to have Department shoot possibly in late July or August and would to love to have as many detachments as possible join us for day of fun and shooting. Don't forget the Devil Dogs Birthday party and our upcoming summer convention in Battle Creek, hosted by MODD Pound #138 The Red Knights. See you there Semper Fi Norm Pfaff Commandant, norjo2@yahoo.com or 586-263-3448


Edition 2


The Editors Comments WOW, what a winter we have had, just before Christmas we had the ice storm that knocked power out in the middle of the state, then all the snow that has fallen since January 1st and of course the Michigan State Football victory in the ROSE BOWL. All that and it didn’t stop us from having the Mid-Winter Rally in Bay City, it was a great time had by all. This issue of the Michigan Marine News will have quite a few time sensitive forms that need to be in by their due dates so make sure you pay attention to those dates. Department Scholarships 2013– 2014, Department Marine of the Year and Department Jr. Vice award. The Host for this years 2014 Department of Michigan Convention is Military Order of the Devil Dogs, Pound #138 “THE RED KNIGHTS” which has Dogs from numerous Detachments (Capital, Cascades, Harold R. Cooley, Kalamazoo, Branch Area, Oceana-Brett Witteveen, Corporal Jack A Davenport and Yagle Brothers) throughout the state. The convention will be at the McCamly Plaza Hotel in Battle Creek. All detachments, units and pounds are asked to purchase an ad in their booklet and come out and support the convention on June 5-7. Packets should be sent to all detachments, pounds and units soon. Lastly I want to thank all for sending in articles, pictures and comments. I do ask that if you send in pictures and want them in the magazine that there be NO uniform violations in them; both League and USMC. We should all know the Marine Corps League policies on uniforms and if not then go to the Professional Development Program (PDP) and study the uniform section, there is tons of information in the PDP and each detachment should have a member or committee reading this important program. Also, the Dress Blue pictures that have been sent to me are great but know the regulations before you put them back on; they are the same as when you were in the Corps regarding height and weight standards and hair regulations. Below are links that will help answer your questions. http://usmilitary.about.com/od/theorderlyroom/a/uniformwearmc.htm http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/showthread.php?76735-Discharged-Retired-Marines-Wearing-theUniform

Semper Fi Phil Zamora - PDC Editor - michmarinenews@gmail.com To submit a story to the Michigan Marine News, send your detachments photo’s or send your fundraising forms, Send to michmarinenews@gmail.com




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Submit ARTICLES by July 25, 2014 to be included in the summer / fall edition

VETERANS SERVICE OFFICE Billy Traylor - Director



(313) 964-6830

SR VICE COMMANDANT WENDY L. ZAMORA Greetings Marines, Associates, Corpsmen & Auxilliary Like most of you, I belong to several organizations and one of the common themes that I hear when attending the meetings and find in the newsletters or magazines is a lack of communication. This was discussed at the National Mid-Winter in Falls Church, Virginia during the Commandants Council in February. A lot of great ideas were raised during the 2013 National Convention in Grand Rapids, but that is where it ended. As an organization it is vital that we communicate with each other if we are to continue to grow and prosper. There are several detachments throughout the state that are able to grow, have successful fundraisers, retain members and have members willing to step forward into leadership roles. I would dare to say that this is because they communicate with one another, mentoring new members and are continuing to “think outside of the box” to do different things. This is where the Commandant’s Council can help. Detachment Commandant’s should be attending the Department Mid-Winter and Department Convention where each Detachment Commandant can stand up and state what they are doing to retain their members, gain new members and how they are fundraising. Others may choose to stand up and ask for help. There is a lot of information passed that is not getting taken back to the individual detachments and their members; the same as what happened in Grand Rapids. Information gained is only as good as the one that receives it and shares it. As we are gearing up for the Department Convention in June in Battle Creek, I urge each one of you to take your concerns or “At-a-Boys” to your Commandant so he or she can share that with others so that another detachment can benefit from the information. We currently have 38 Detachments in the state of Michigan and I would like to see 38 Detachments represented this June. If your Commandant cannot attend, then a representative of the detachment should step up and attend in the commandants place. On a final note, don’t forget to bring your money to purchase tickets to have the opportunity to put a pie in the face of your Commandant, Norm Pfaff; Sr. Vice, Wendy Zamora; or Jr. Vice, Dave Masunas. Tickets will be on sale for one for $1 or 6 for $5. Drawing will take place at the close of business Saturday, June 7 th with the pie toss immediately after. Semper Fidelis, Wendy Zamora Sr Vice Commandant


JR VICE COMMANDANT DAVID MASUNAS I was able to attend my first Pound Growl on February 1 st, the Red Knight’s pound #138. Our Pound Keeper is Darryl Payne; Darryl is a great Marine, Marine Corps League Member, Devil Dog and an all around great person. If you do not know Darryl, I encourage you to get to know him. While Darryl served in the Marine Corps, he was a Marine recruiter. I was able to sit down with Darryl and he talked to me about some of the finer points of recruiting, Darryl was a successful Recruiter while serving in the Marine Corps. I would like to share some of our conversation with the membership and ideas that Darryl shared with me.

1. Know your product. Having an understanding of what the Marine Corps League is all about when you are talking to a potential member helps them know that we are not just any Veterans group. Explain to them all the different programs the Marine Corps League takes part in. A)- Marines Helping Marines (Wounded and Injured Marines Programs) B)- U.S. Marines Youth Physical Fitness Program C)- Young Marines Program D)- Scholarship Program E)- Legislative Program F)- Veterans Service Officer Programs G)- Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service Program (VAVS) H)- Marine Corps League Auxiliary I)- Annual Conventions

2. Understand the History of the Marine Corps League. The Marine Corps League perpetuates the traditions and spirit of All Marine, Navy FMF Corpsmen and FMF Chaplains who proudly wear or who have worn the Eagle, Globe and Anchor of the Corps. The Marine Corps League was founded by WW I hero Major General Commandant John A. Lejeune in 1923 and Congressional Chartered , approved by an Act of the Seventy-Fifth Congress and approved by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 4, 1937. The Marine Corps League is the only Congressionally Chartered Marine Corps related veterans organization in the country. 3. Once you talk to a potential member be personal in contacting them on your follow up with them. Do not just send them a letter give them a call and ask how they are and let them know the Marine Corps League is there for them. Assign a mentor to them once they join. Have that member give them a call and remind them of when your Detachment meeting is or any fund raising activities going on. Make sure your making them feel welcome and part of your detachment not just a member paying dues. 4. Explain to them how the Marine Corps League will benefit them with the different programs available to them and our programs make us one of the top Veterans groups out there.

There are many different ways to recruiting new members; I ask that if your Detachment has a way that works great for them they share this at our Summer Convention in Battle Creek in June in there report. Something that might work for your Detachment might work for another that they are not using. Working together, I know that we will be able to over come what ever we put our minds to. I would like to thank Darryl Payne for sharing his ideas and thoughts with me and to the League.

On a numbers note the membership report I received in January 2014 shows that the Department has 2086 paid members and 360 unpaid members totaling 2446 possible members. The report from September 2013 shows the Department had 2037 paid members and 382 unpaid members totaling 2419 possible members that is an increase of 27 members. We need to make sure we are working on getting our unpaid members paid. Semper Fi and I look forward to seeing everyone at the summer convention in June, it sounds like it is going to be a great time.

Dave Masunas Department of Michigan MCL Junior Vice Commandant



Woof Woof The Devil Dog birthday party is just around the comer and I would like to extend the invitation to all the Flea's and wives of the devil dogs. You are invited provided you go thru the Devil Dog ritual for admittance and bring a dish. This will be good. The uniform of the day will be the 2013 Devil Dog Convention tee shirt. If you don't have one, you can buy one at the door. If your size is not available, you still have to buy one. Proceeds will go to the Michigan Pack. Bring a lot of bones and let's have an good time. The ceremonial will begin at 1400 hours. Pound Keepers don't forget to get in your nominations for Pack Dog of the Year. These are to be sent to the Worthy Pack Leader in a sealed envelope and marked as Nomination for Pack Dog ofthe year. My address is: Sir Worthy Pack Leader 17892 Pointe Court Clinton Twp, MI 48038 The dateline for submittals for Pack Dog of the year is May 1, 2014 I am looking forward to seeing you at the Birthday party. Woof Woof Norm Pfaff Sir Worthy Pack Leader norj02@yahoo.comor 586-263-3448




From: David Masunas, Department Junior Vice Commandant Subject: Membership Recruitment Program Enclosure: (1) Department of Michigan Membership Recruitment Program Form The Department will give recognition to the top three Marine Corps Leaguers that recruit the most new members. These awards will be presented at the Department Convention in June. The awards that will be presented are: 1. First place Department Recruitment medal – Silver 2. Second place meritorious individual commendation - ribbon 3. Third place distinguished service award - certificate 4. Five new members (minimum) certificate of appreciation

The Department’s eligible dates are from the period of 1 June 2013 through 30 April 2014. Please feel free to submit all members that have recruited at least five (5) new members. If you do, please submit a separate form for each recruiter. I am requesting you send me the membership recruitment department form so I will have it no later than 20 May 2014. List the registration date of the new members to the right of there name. Awards will be issued at the department convention. Please make sure that the signatures of the Detachment Commandant and the Detachment Adjutant are affixed on the recruitment forms before forwarding it. Please insure that the Marine in your Detachment that work hard at recruitment are rewarded for their efforts. Your Detachment should award the detachment recruiter medal-bronze. Please contact me if you have any questions. Cell phone (231)301-0950 Email: masunasfam@gtlakes.com

Semper Fidelis! Dave Masunas Jr. Vice Commandant Department of Michigan MCL




This is to certify that the following Marine Corps League member has met the criteria for awards by recruiting the minimum of five (5) new members between 1 June 2013 through 30 April 2014. Detachment Name:


Recruited by:____________________________________________

Membership Card #___________

Names of New Members (1)















(16) (List additional names on the back of this form)

Certified True and Correct:____________________________________________________________ Detachment Commandant _________________________________________________________ Detachment Adjutant / Paymaster

All forms must be in by 20 May 2014 Mail to

Dave Masunas Department Jr. Vice Commandant 214 West Jackson Rd. Hart, Michigan 49420

Please print legibly to ensure name on certificate is correct


Department Convention Information HOST: MODD Pound #138 “THE RED KNIGHTS”

June 5 – 8, 2014 MCL Service Board Meeting - Thursday, June 5th TBD ___________________________ Place: McCamly Plaza Hotel 50 Capital Ave SW Battle Creek, MI 49017 Phone number (888) 622-2659 (269) 963-7050 Rate: Room rate: $85.00 +11% tax Mention 'Marine Corps League' when making reservations. Reservation cancellation policy: reservations must be cancelled by 12:00 PM (Noon) on the day prior to your arrival date to avoid a Cancellation fee of one night's room rate plus tax. Check in time 3:00PM. Check out time is noon. Cut off date for reservations is May 15, 2014. after this date you will still be able to make a reservation but our block may be gone, so make your reservations EARLY.

For questions, information or concerns please contact event chair people: PDC Phil Zamora

AL Pearson

412 W Harris St

5431 W. Branch Rd.

Charlotte, MI 48813

Pentwater, MI 49449

Tel. (517) 541-1501

Tel. (231) 233-2237




Department Convention Information HOST: MODD Pound #138 “THE RED KNIGHTS”

Department of Michigan Summer Convention June 5 – 8, 2014 Please use this form to pre-register for the 2014 Department Convention. Name: __________________________________Title: _______________________ Detachment: _____________________________Tel # _______________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________ Name: __________________________________Title: _______________________ Detachment: _____________________________Tel # _______________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________ Strip Ticket: $55.00 Registration: $5.00 # attending ___________

$ _____________

Hospitality: $10.00 # attending ___________

$ ____________

Buffet Banquet: $40.00 # attending _____________$ ____________ Total: $____________ Please return this form with payment to: MODD Pound #138 PDD Phil Zamora


412 W Harris St Charlotte, MI 48813 Make checks payable to: MODD Pound #138 Deadline for reservations postmarked - May 31, 2014

Will take Registration & Hospitality at Convention Banquet must be in by Monday June 2nd PAGE 11

Department Convention Information HOST: MODD Pound #138 “THE RED KNIGHTS”

June 5 –8, 2014 BANQUET MENU IS A BUFFET MENU The following will be in the buffet 

Sautéed chicken with mushroom Marsala sauce

Herb seared salmon with pommery mustard sauce

Grilled Sirloin with sauce bordelaise Soup of the day, House salad with sourdough croutons (Dressings - Ranch, Italian, French), Pesto and Balsamic marinated vegetable display, Penne pasta salad with shrimp and creamy dressing. Chefs seasonal vegetable and starch accompaniments. Rolls with Butter Pastry Chef’s selection of assorted desserts Fresh roasted coffee, decaffeinated coffee, herbal tea & Iced tea

Cash Bar will be open during meal


Department Convention Information HOST: MODD Pound #138 “THE RED KNIGHTS”

Program Advertising Rates 74th Annual State Convention June 5-8 2014 * Battle Creek, Michigan McCamly Plaza Hotel Size of Ad Full Page - 8 ½” x 11” Half Page - 8 ½” x 5 ½” Quarter Page – 4 ¼” x 5 ½” Business Card – 2” x 3 ½” Patron – (1 Line) ¾” x 8 ½” Back cover - 8 ½” x 11” Inside Front & Back -8 ½” x 11”

Customer Supplied Art Work $100.00 $65.00 $30.00 $20.00 $10.00 $150.00 $125.00


Name___________________________________________Phone_____________________ Detachment or Business______________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________________________ Make checks payable to: MODD POUND #138 “Red Knights” Mail to:

MODD Pound #138

(517) 204-4883

Phil Zamora – Pound Dog Robber


412 W. Harris St


Charlotte, Michigan 48813

DEADLINE FOR COPY ~ MAY 26, 2014 The “Red Knights” Pound #138 are selling ads to our 2014 Convention Program Book, to help defray some of the expenses incurred with hosting the 2014 State Convention. All Detachments, Units and Pounds are invited to purchase an ad, as are all Department and Auxiliary Officers. Candidates seeking advancement in the Department line are also encouraged to purchase an ad.


Greetings Marines, since this is my first article in the New, electronic MI Marine News, I would like to start this piece by recognizing our Department of Michigan VAVS Representatives and Deputy Representatives. The Department of Michigan has VAVS Representatives and Deputies that sit on seven VA Hospitals “VAVS Committees” There are a total of nine VA Facilities that participate in the Michigan VAVS program. Besides sitting on these Committees, MCL Representatives and Deputies also….. Assist with improving the VAVS program, Provide input/feedback to the VA staff and the VAVS Committee, Recruit volunteers, Promote donations of financial & material goods, They advise & inform all MCL Volunteers and (Detachments within a reasonable radius of the Facility), of the VAVS and VA issues and concerns, Attend and participate in VAVS meetings, Serve on subcommittees and task groups, Maintain MCL records (hours, donations) , Coordinate facility activities and projects, and Conduct Annual Joint Reviews. The Facilities with their MCL VAVS Representatives are as follows:  Ann Arbor VAHCS, Norman Jewell Rep, Robert Stewart Deputy / 24 regular MCL Volunteers.  Detroit John Dingell VAMC, Norm Pfaff Rep, Cleveland Price Deputy, Stephen Fletcher Deputy/ 19 regular MCL Volunteers.  Battle Creek VAMC, Jerry Vandenberg Rep, Steven Franklin Deputy. / 15 regular MCL Volunteers.  Iron Mountain VAMC, Raymond Hamm Rep, Frank Bilsky Deputy. / 7 regular MCL Volunteers.  Saginaw Aleda E. Lutz VAMC, Fred Gibas Rep, Steven Kelley, Billy Traylor and Emil “Dutch” Franz are Deputies / 12 regular MCL Volunteers.  Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, Adrian Cervini Rep, MCL Volunteers report hours to the Battle Creek VAMC  Jacobetti Home for Veterans, Rod Aho Rep, Mike Stoll Deputy, MCL Volunteers report their hours to Iron Mountain VAMC.  Grand Rapids VAOPC has no MCL Representative / 3 regular MCL Volunteers. Gaylord VAMC has no MCL Representative or Volunteers. New Representatives and Deputies; Welcome aboard Billy Traylor, Aleda E Lutz VAMC Deputy Representative (Det. 155), Norm Pfaff, Detroit John Dingell VAMC Representative (Det. 154), Stephen Fletcher, Detroit John Dingell VAMC Deputy Representative (Det. 152).

Representatives and Deputies; February is the month designated for the MCL to have their AJR. Representatives, with Deputies present should complete their reviews with the Chief of Voluntary Service for your Center. These reviews are important to us because they are good indicators as to what we are, or are not doing. It also gives the Representatives and Deputies a chance to rate the Facility they service, giving the staff good constructive criticism. The AJR is a good tool for everyone in the VAVS arena, let’s take advantage of it. I would like to ask our Detachment officers to please include a reminder, to get the AJR’s completed and sent to me, in any of your communications with the Detachments, over the next month. It would be a big help. I know that lots of us don’t have the time to volunteer and believe me volunteering takes some of your time. But Marines also believe me when I say there is no way to explain the self-satisfaction you feel when helping a fellow Veteran. If you would like to become a VAVS Volunteer please contact me. For more information on VAVS please see my Article in our Semper Fi Magazine or contact me. I would like to close by thanking all of the MCL volunteers either regular or occasional, thanks for showing the WORLD we Marines truly are a “Band of Brothers” Thank you for caring about our Veterans.

Semper Fidelis Emil "Dutch" Franz Marine Corps League National VAVS Representative Department of MI VAVS Director 10508 East Rd. Burt, MI 48417 Ph# 989-770-4325/989-245-9423 dutchmaster@charter.net


On December 14, 2013, the Dearborn Allied War Veterans Council braved the snow storm to visit the John D Dingell VA Medical Center. The DAWVC is made up of delegates from various Dearborn veterans groups including the Marine Corps League – Dearborn Detachment # 152. We arrived at 1000 am and divided into two groups to as they say divide and conquer, armed with puzzle and word search books, paperbacks, socks, lap robes, blankets, various toiletries and other items needed by our veterans. Each team of delegates visited various floors of the VAMC. We visited the various units and gave the veterans blankets, books and socks. All the articles were greatly appreciated. We visited surgical areas, ICU, and step down units as well. Additionally, canteen books were distributed in addition to the other items. The veterans were very happy. Being a former dialysis patient myself, I talked with the veterans on the floor that day, and told them I have walked in their shoes, and was blessed that my kidneys came back to life, and I no longer needed dialysis. I knew from experience of having the treatments, that the blankets would be well received. This young Marine had them talking and reminiscing and was quickly informed or rather schooled that I was indeed a boot or rookie as one patient described (referring to my time in service years 81-86, Beirut/Grenada) as compared to their era’s (Korea & Vietnam). I was humbled and thanked them for their service and the freedom for me to serve as well. A very rewarding day. I took a photo of the group as they embarked on their deliveries, but due to privacy refrained from photos in the various units. Stephen Fletcher, MCL VAVS Deputy Rep. (John D Dingell VA Medical Center) ~ Semper Fidelis ~

Heather Bauman of Great Lakes Marketing and Emil “Dutch” Franz at the Saginaw VA for our Annual Christmas Party

Marines and Volunteers lining up to hand out presents to the Veterans attending the party

Heather Bauman and others getting ready to hand out presents.


Clockwise top left L-R 

Department Commandant Norm Pfaff, Santa (Jr Vice Dave Masunas) and National Commandant Jim Tuohy at Saginaw VA Christmas Party

Marine Corps League members at Saginaw VA Christmas Party

Heather Bauman and National Commandant Jim Tuohy reading off numbers for Christmas presents

Band entertains VA patients during the Christmas Party

Western Zone Vice Commandant Al Pearson, Santa (Jr Vice Dave Masunas) Heather Bauman of Great Lakes Marketing and Department Commandant Norm Pfaff at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans Christmas Party







Department of Michigan Marine Corps League & Auxiliary Scholarship - 2014

Dear Applicant: Welcome to the 2014, Department of Michigan, Marine Corps League Scholarship information letter. Please be sure to read the Scholarship Purpose, Eligibility and Requirements for 2014. It is your responsibility to make sure that all phases of the application are completed and signed and that the Sponsorship Section is completed and signed with the proper Detachment / Unit Identification and address enclosed. All scholarship applications are due by May 10, 2014. Any postmarked after this date will not be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered and will not be returned. If you are granted a scholarship, you will be notified by mail before June 30th. At this time, you will be required to send proof of enrollment for 2013 - 2014 to the Scholarship Chairman by September 30th. If all of your paperwork is in order, your name will be submitted to the Department Paymaster to issue a check in your favor. The disbursement of awards will be issued by the Department shortly afterward. Be sure to use the address on your application that you want your check mailed to if awarded a scholarship.

It is your responsibility to notify the scholarship chairman of any change of address. On behalf of the Department of Michigan, Marine Corps League, Marine Corps League Ladies Auxiliary and the Scholarship Committee, we wish you all the best of luck in your educational pursuits. Semper Fidelis,

Wendy Zamora Scholarship Committee Chair

Gil Dysarczyk Scholarship Committee

Peggy Tuohy Scholarship Committee Member Auxiliary

Department of Michigan Marine Corps League & Auxiliary Scholarship - 2014



PURPOSE: To grant Scholarships to qualified applicants who are pursuing full time undergraduate (twelve hours or more) or technical training at a full time recognized institution. These may be awarded for four (4) years maximum (does not have to be consecutive years). ELIGIBILITY: (1) Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren and Step Children of a Marine Corps League or Auxiliary member in good standing. Honorary members or their families do not qualify. (2) Children of Marines who have lost their lives in the line of duty. (3) Members of the Marine Corps League, or Auxiliary in good standing or honorably discharged Marines in need of rehabilitation training not provided by government programs. Honorary members do not qualify. DEFINITION: New Applicant – The applicant has never been awarded a Marine Corps League Scholarship on the Department level. DEFINITION: Renewal Applicant – The applicant is a prior recipient of a Marine Corps League Scholarship on the Department level. ALL APPLICANTS MUST SATISFY THE BELOW LIST REQUIREMENTS: (1) Complete and sign the application and ensure the application is totally completed. (2) Ensure that the Sponsor has completely filled out their section of the application and have affixed the required signatures. The application will not be processed without this compliance. (3) The application must be postmarked by May 10, 2014. ALL SPONSORS MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS: (1) Ensure they are a member in good standing in the Marine Corps League or Auxiliary. Honorary members or their families do not qualify. (2) Must provide all of the sponsor’s data on the application as required and noted. (3) If the Commandant/President of the Detachment/Unit is the sponsor, the Detachment Senior Vice Commandant or the Unit Senior Vice President must approve and sign the eligibility requirement. (4) The Detachment Commandant and Paymaster or the Unit President and Treasurer must ensure that the sponsors are eligible. Signatures of the Detachment Commandant and Paymaster or the Unit President and Treasurer are mandatory on the proper line. (5) Provide the Detachment or Unit name and address. ADMINISTRATION OF SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS (1) If you are selected, you will be required to show proof of enrollment for 2014. (2) Incomplete applications will not be considered nor will they be returned for completion. (3) Letters of recommendation are not required nor will they be considered. (4) Eligibility and compliance will be strictly observed by the Scholarship Committee. (5) Decisions by the Scholarship Committee are final. (6) Applicants will be notified of Award or Non-Award by the Committee Chairman by June 30, 2014. MAIL THE APPLICATION TO:

Scholarship Committee Department of Michigan, Marine Corps League 412 W. Harris Street Charlotte, MI 48813


Marine Corps League & Auxiliary Department of Michigan Scholarship Application – 2014

Must Be Typed or Legibly Printed 1. Please Check One “New” ________ “Renewal” ________ 2. Application Date _______________________________________ 3. Name: Last ____________________________________________First_____________________________________________MI________________ 4. Date of Birth: _______________________________ 5. Address: Number & Street _______________________________________________________________________________Apt #_________ USE ADDRESS YOU WANT CHECK MAILED TO. IF THERE IS AN ADDRESS CHANGE, IT IS YOUR RESPONISIBILITY TO NOTIFY SCHOLARSHIP CHAIRMAN OF NEW ADDRESS.

6. City: ________________________________________________________ State: _________________ Zip + 4: ________________________________ 7. Telephone: ________________________________________________ Alternate Phone: ___________________________________________________ 8. Email address of applicant: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Name of Accredited College, Technical School or University:_________________________________________________________________________ 10. Year Starting Fall Semester: Circle One 1 2 3 4 11. Applicant’s Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Applicant is Member of MCL ________________MCLA___________________

Sponsor Eligibility: 12. Sponsors relationship to Applicant – Please Check One, if applicable: Father ____________ Mother _____________ Grandparent ___________________ Member __________________ 13. Sponsor’s Name: Last_____________________________________________First__________________________________________MI__________ 14. Sponsor’s Membership Number: _________________________________________________ 15. Paid Life Member Number: _____________________________________________________ 16. Sponsor’s Dues Expiration Date: _________________________________________________

Detachment / Auxiliary Certification: Detachment or Auxiliary Unit Certification (Must be signed by both officers) This part is to be completed, verified and signed by the indicated Detachment or Unit Officer. In the event that the applicant is related to the Commandant or President, then the Senior Vice Commandant or Senior Vice President will sign in their place. The Paymaster or Treasurer listed below certifies the applicant member or sponsor member is a member in good standing and that their dues are up to date. 17. Detachment Paymaster/Unit Treasurer Name (print):__________________________________________________________________________ 18. Signature: ________________________________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________ 19. I, the Commandant or President (or Designee) of the Detachment or Unit, certify that the applicant member of sponsor is qualified to sponsor the applicant named above for a Marine Corps League Department Scholarship. 20. Print Name of Commandant, Unit President or Designee:___________________________________________________________________________ 21. Signature of Commandant, Unit President or Designee: ____________________________________________________________________________ 22. Date: _________________________________________________________________ 23. Name of Detachment or Unit: _______________________________________________________________________________________ 24. Mailing Address of Detachment Commandant or Unit President: _________________________________________________________________________

Application due by May 10, 2014


Fellow Marines: Every year at the Department Convention in June one League member is honored as the Department Marine of the Year. Please consider nominating one of your fellow Marines for this high honor. The winner receives a Department of Michigan Marine of the Year Medallion, a beautiful wall plaque and his/her name will be added to the large and impressive trophy shown. (It’s over three feet tall.) It’s our version of the Stanley Cup and the winner gets to keep it for one year. The winner also becomes a member of the Department of Michigan Marine of the Year Society with the right to participate in choosing the Marine of the Year every year thereafter. 

You can submit by email (in fact, that is the preferred method) as well as through the mail. The addresses are: for email: Put “Department of Michigan MOTY” in the subject line. By email: Douglas Williams willi183@msu.edu

By mail: Douglas Williams 1111 East Columbia St, Mason, MI 48854-1313

Nominations are good for three years. If your nominee is not the winner in 2014 we will consider it again in each of the next two years, subject to confirming with you that you still want to make the nomination.

The award is presented at the Department Convention and the winner is not notified in advance. It is hoped and expected (but not mandatory) that he or she will be present and surprised. THE ABSOLUTE DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS APRIL 28, 2014. THE NOMINATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY THAT DATE.


From Top left clockwise:  Jr Vice Dave Masunas and Western Zone Commandant Al Pearson before banquet  Division Vice Commandant Nik Makaroff and Sr Vice Wendy Zamora at banquet  Marine Corps Concert band at National MidWinter banquet  29th Commandant of the Marine Corps General Alfred Gray letting the league know how our Marine Corps is doing.  Michigan Marines before banquet (L - R) Al Pearson, Wendy Zamora, Dutch Franz (way in back) Dave Masunas, Don Lumsden in a selfie.


Department Jr Vice David Masunas with new Eagle Scout, Abraham William John Broughton at his Court of Honor ceremony on December 22, 2013

Dave presented Abraham with the Marine Corps League Good Citizenship Award.

For more information on with Eagle Scout Award go to www.michiganmarines.org and click on the EAGLE SCOUT AWARD link to download the award application and see the power point, you must have “Microsoft Power Point� to view the power point.



Here are some methods that you can use

1. Bring a Guest to your meeting

12. Guest information packet

2. Advertise in the paper

13. Detachment business cards

3. Advertise on public access TV 4. Letter or personal contact with local business 5. Contact with Chamber of Commerce 6.

Bookmark inserts in library books


Public meetings malls, out doors ect.


Booths at malls, fairs, festivals


Pamphlets at Doctors offices

to help grow your detachments

14. Advertise at local colleges 15. Have a Detachment Web Page 16. Have a Detachment Facebook page 17. Word of mouth 18. Network with coworkers, family 19. Follow up on guest 20. Lead by example

10. Host an open house

21. Write letters to other groups

11. Contact past members

22. Invite the media


Old Life Membership Dues

New Life Membership Dues



















61-over $150.00



SPRING EDITION 2014 Marine Sergeant's response to Soldier's claim of Marine arrogance A Marine Sergeant wrote this in response to an army guy who posted a comment on the Marine Corps site that he was sick and tired of "Marine arrogance". The Sergeant responds, "I think that's what makes Marines special, if only in our own minds, is that elusive Quality of Esprit D'Corps. It's the fact that we, as individual Marines, don't feel that we are individual Marines. When we wear our uniform, when we hear our Hymn, when we go into battle, we are going with every other Marine who ever wore the uniform. Standing behind us are the Marines who fought during the birth of our nation. We're standing with the Marines who fought in WWI and gave birth to the legend of the "Teufel Hunden", or "Devil Dogs". We are standing with the Marines who took Iwo and Tarawa and countless other blood soaked islands throughout the Pacific. We are standing with the "Frozen Chosin" and our beloved Chesty Puller. We are standing with the Marines who battled at Hue City and Khe Sanh and the muddy rice paddies of South East Asia. We are standing with the Marines who fought in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom and now, are fighting in Afghanistan. Like real brothers, their blood courses through our veins, and when we go into battle, we would rather lay down our lives than be a disappointment to them. We carry on our backs, their legacy, their deaths and their honor. We carry that for the rest of our lives. The Marines Corps uniform doesn't come off when our active duty is over. We wear it daily in our attitude, and our love of Corps and country. We wear it on our tattoos and our bumper stickers. We wear it in our hearts. It's why, no matter where we are in the world, on November 10th, every Marine celebrates the Marine Corps birthday. It's why we'll never be an army of 1. It's why we never stop being Marines. It's why, for most of us, being a Marine isn't something we were. It's something we are. It's the most important part of who and what we are. Some say we're arrogant. We say we're proud. We have a right to be proud. We are the United States Marines The most feared and ferocious group of warriors to walk the face of this earth. When Americas' enemies formulate their battle plans, they plan on going around Marine units, because they know Damn well that they can't go through them. We are what other branches wish they were. We are the modern day Spartans. This isn't bragging. It's written in the battle history of our country. When there's a parade and the Marines march by, everyone pays a little more attention. Some say "arrogance". We call it "pride". It's why, in a crowd of service men, you can always spot the Marine. Why are Marines special? I don't know. We just are. Source: Military.com article


From Top left clockwise: 

Central Division Vice Commandant Nik Makaroff deep in thought during classes at the Mid-Winter Rally

The U.P. contingent listening to classes at the Mid-Winter

PDD Dave Masunas collecting bones during the GROWL

FLEAS invading the Dogs Growl

Legislative Director Doug Williams informing the department on all our legislative issues facing Veterans.


From Top Left Clockwise: 

Flint Detachment members showing their National Postal Rifle & Pistol match awards, PDC Tracey wondering how he got one (looking down)

Commandant Porn issues Pistols match award to National Commandant Jim Tuohy

Commandant Porn issuing Pistol award to Joseph White

Commandant Porn issuing a Rifle award to PNC John Tuohy


From Top Left Clockwise:  Detachment members Laurie Reveve and Kathy Powers, selling tickets and 50/50 raffle tickets.  We held our annual spring landing party breakfast on Feb 22, 2014. We had a great turnout, steak, eggs and the best SOS in Monroe County. It was open to the public and also had a 50/50 raffle.  Detachment Adjutant and Head cook Bill Gallan, making sure that there is enough for everyone. PAGE 29

From Top Left Clockwise: 

Cpl. Stanley L. Moore Detachment #159, Marine Corps League, Commandant Tim McGee and his wife, Julie, distribute over 2,000 paperback books to the John A Dingell VA Hospital. Over 500 paperback books are obtained from the Friends of the Troy Public Library each quarter and are distributed in racks like above throughout the hospital for the veterans reading enjoyment.

Cpl. Stanley L. Moore Detachment #159, Marine Corps League hosted its 3rd Annual Pancake Breakfast with Sgt. Santa, USMC (Ret).

Over 1,000 new unwrapped toys were collected for this year’s campaign that was distributed to children in the Southern Oakland County district.

Commandant Tim McGee is accompanied by Col. Thomas Doman, USMC and two enlisted Marine Reservists as the Detachment collects new toys for the Annual Toys For Tots campaign.


From Top Left Clockwise: 

Muskegon Detachment Marines presenting a plaque to Flate Staples a Montford Point Marine.

Commandant Steve Hackney presenting Montford Pointe plaque to Marine Staples for his WWII service.

Commandant Steve Hackney presenting Montford Pointe plaque to Marine Robert Spencer for his WWII service.

Muskegon Detachment Marines with Marine Robert Spencer a Montford Point Marine.


From Top Left Clockwise:  Young Marine color-guard attending Marine Corps Ball  Doc watching detachment members selling goods during fundraiser  League members cutting the cake during the ball  Entertainment for the Ball



From Top Left Clockwise: 

L-R Southern Zone Commandant Ray Rowley, PNC John Tuohy, National Commandant Jim Tuohy getting ready to install Capital Detachment officers

L-R Wendy Zamora, Tim Scott, PDC Phil Zamora, Forrest “Butch” Secord and Dale Erion ready to be installed by National Commandant Jim Tuohy

Detachment members standing during installation

National Commandant Jim Tuohy and Detachment Commandant Phil Zamora having a moment after installation

National Commandant Jim Tuohy installing detachment officers


 Top: Montford Point Commandant Eugene Owens introducing Guest of Honor Michigan State Senator Vincent Gregory of the 14th District, U.S Marine and Vietnam Veteran.  Montford Point detachment #154 with the Guest of Honor and other guests at the annual “Montford Point Marines” Black History Month Banquet.

Iron Mountain Detachment 1239 elected it’s new officers for the year 2014 pictured is outgoing Commandant (R) Skip Bilsky handing over the Gavel to the new Detachment Commandant (L) Mike Miller. Skip was instrumental in starting the Detachment in 2006, through the years helping to organize the Detachments Scholarship program; Flag Day Flag give away a yearly fund raising cookout through a local grocery store and the Detachments chocolate candy fund raiser, along with been the Local area Toys of Tots Coordinator throughout these years, He is also a Past Department U.P. Zone Vice Commandant, Skip has an Unselfish Dedicated and Tireless Commitment to the success of both the Iron Mountain Detachment and the Marine Corps League.


This picture was taken Feb 12, 2014, at the Calumet Burger King. We have this “coffee-meeting” every week Wednesday morning in Calumet, and another one in Baraga on most Thursday mornings, where some of our L’Anse-Baraga members gather. We had a bigger than normal group this day in Calumet, so a picture was taken. Veterans in the picture, are from Left to right: In red-blue jacket seated, is Reverend Ken Toth (Army Vet.), who we see a lot of because of the Veteran funerals we participate in. The remaining are detachment members, standing behind him and slightly right is Rodney Loonsfoot, seated next to Rev. Toth is Paymaster-Paul Smigowski, far back in gray jacket is Chaplain/Ceremonial Officer-Ken McKay, next to McKay in back is one of our Associate members Gary Moyle (Army), kneeling behind table is our Sgt at Arms-Cody Campioni, in back next to Gary with brown coat is our Judge Advocate-Jim Mattson, upfront with gray hooded sweatshirt is Howard Mattson, in back by the window, with his new baby girl in the car seat is Sr. Vice-Roy Thomas, kneeling in front of Roy is Eliseo (Lee) DeLeon. Also notice the MCL-Detachment coffee mug in front of the Paymaster.

The Livingston County MCL Color Guard had the Honor of Presenting the Colors at the 3rd Annual Retired Redwings vs Brighton All Stars Charity Hockey Game. The Redwings won 10 to 9, with the All-stars scoring the first two goals on the Wings. A first time event. Following the game, a dinner was available, for those who bought tickets to it, at the Brighton Spirit Center. The Ticket included the Dinner and an several chances to bid for items on different silent auction tables, set up around the hall. There was one live auction available, with the more expensive items on display. The “Well”, a church in the Brighton area, puts on this event and supports three different charities in the area. Last year they were able to give $5000.00 to each Charity. This year, they announced that the total cost of the event had been covered by sponsors and expected to have an increase in the gifts. Other News from the Munignham Detachment 161: 

The Detachment has voted to hold the 239th Marine Corps Ball at the Crystal Gardens Center. The 238th Ball brought 94 Marines and guest to the American Legion Hall in Howell, Michigan, making the room feel over crowded. We are looking for close to 300 Marines and guests, this coming November.

Several of the officers attended the Mid-Winter Event and we came away with some very interesting information. One, in the area of Fund Raising, caught our eye. The UP MCL Units are using 2 oz. Chocolate disc with the Marine Corps Emblem molded on it. We have found the item well received, by several of our Howell Business, and have sold 100 of them without much effort.


The Waterford Sam’s Club gave a luncheon celebration to honor Marine of the Year George Irwin, Veterans’ Day and the Marine Corps 238th birthday for members of North Oakland Marine Corps League Detachment 570 of Waterford. Thirty-one members of the Detachment attended the event that included Sam’s Club special cakes for Veteran’s Day with all the Armed Forces insignias on them and for the Marine Corps 238th birthday. The Marine Corps birthday was Nov. 10, the day before Veterans’ Day Nov. 11. Korean War veteran Irwin, 81, a resident of Waterford Township, said he was honored and surprised by the celebration. “It’s a great honor for me to be Marine of the Year for my Detachment, and I’m so happy with what Sam’s Club has done,” Irwin said. “It was a fabulous thing for them to do for the Marines and for the veterans.” “George is awesome,” Sam’s Club Assistant Manager Joe Atchoo said. “When we played the national anthem and the Marine Corps Hymn, every single Marine vet was in tears and so were we, because it was so emotional. As we were celebrating, some of our members came by and said hello to all of us. It was very nice.” The yearly event at Sam’s Club started two years ago when the Detachment ordered a cake and it was given to them and last year the club gave them a Cake Party with cake to eat and to go. “Sam’s Club and the VFW and Marine Corps League in Waterford have a great relationship,” Atchoo said. “We participate in a lot of their events as far as anything that they have going at the post by giving them things for their events. We let them sell roses up in front of the club, so we’ve built a great rapport with the post and anytime, whether it’s Memorial Day or Veterans Day and we ask if they want to participate, if they want to stop by; they agree right away. Atchoo said that they have employees who are twins and have walked in the Memorial Day Parade with the veterans representing Sam’s Club, and they have employees who are veterans. Atchoo said that Club Manager Mike Stetson is the one that initiates this every year and that it’s a very special event for the club — having the veterans there and having club members get involved as it makes them aware of the veterans and gives them the opportunity to stop by and thank them. “We’ve built a tradition and we’re out here and we want to build community relationships,” Atchoo said.” We build a lot of relationships with the township and Pontiac. That’s what we’re here for, and we’ll continue to do so. Absolutely with no hesitation, we’ll do it again next year.” The Marine Corps League is an organization of former Marines and Navy Corpsmen who have served. Irwin was presented with The Marine of the Year Award and National Commandant Ribbon for 2013 by National Marine Corps League Commandant Jim Tuohy. The award was for exemplary service, overall enthusiasm and all the things he’s done for his Detachment including supporting all their activities and fundraisers and recruiting others to join.



CONTINUED from North Oakland #570 Irwin has always done his best to recruit. He was one of the “59’ers,” who drove to Alaska in 1959 to check out the homesteads offered by the government. He drove a truck in the caravan that said “Marine Corps League” on the side and recruited along the way. Friend and Detachment Junior Vice-Cmdr. Don Roach said that Irwin has been very active in the unit and that he and his wife Louise help with all the rose sales and fundraisings. Irwin served six years and three months from 1949 to 1956 in the Marine Corps. Roach said that Irwin had more Military Occupational Specialties than anyone he has ever known. One of those was as the Radar Operator in a Grumman Tigercat Fighter. He sat in the rear of the plane on a 55-gallon fuel drum. Irwin’s name has been sent to the national organization for National Marine of the Year and will be on file for three years for national consideration. Louise said, “He’s very much into the veterans’ scene. He’s always there. He’s been a member since 1953 and is their oldest member.”

Past Department Commandant Glen Bressette, Sr. of the Lake Superior Detachment #764 in his regalia made from white Deer skin, Bead work, ribbon shirt with “Clan” designs, Eagle feather fan, Eagle feather roach worn on head and necklaces of the Marine Corps. Glen belongs to the Lake Superior Chippewa tribe and is a member of the Keweenaw Bay band of the Chippewa Indians, he dances as “Head Veteran Dancer” at many Pow-Wows in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Wisconsin and Canada. Glen resides in Harvey, MI


From Top Left Clockwise: 

National Commandant Jim Tuohy, Executive Director Mike Blum, PNC John Tuohy with Series 2129 Officers and Enlisted Drill instructors, MCRD San Diego.

Series 2129 Drill Instructors and Officers, MCRD San Diego

National Commandant Jim Tuohy Graduation parade reviewing officer January 31, 2014 MCRD San Diego, California.

National Commandant Jim Tuohy with Series 2129 Drill Instructors and Officers.


 Top: Northern Wolves pups being initiated  Bottom Left: New PDD, Mike King getting his collar from Central Division Vice Chief Dale Munson of the Illinois Pack  Bottom Right: New pups getting ready to be initiated by Michigan Worthy Pack Leader PDD Norm Pfaff


The Red Knights came upon some pictures from Andy Rivas an original member of the “RED KNIGHTS” in the 1960’s, the next few editions of the MMN will have the Red Knight history pictures for you to enjoy…...WOOF WOOF




Van Kirk Strieter Jr.

Keweenaw #1016


Thomas T. Smith

Downriver #153


Gerald Patrick McCarty Sr.

Flint #155


Chauney Grimes

David Murnighan #161


Earl H. Junttonen

Keweenaw #1016


Joseph H. Albright

Keweenaw #1016


Ronald D. Phillips

Downriver #153


Paul T. Funsch

Flint #155


Guadalupe Reyes

Capital #148

If your Detachments members have passed away and are not on this list then you should fill out a death notice and send it to the Department Chaplain Jack Porn, send it to the address below. John Porn, 5305 Baines Dr., Saginaw, MI 48638-5713

SO WHERE DO I SEND IT??? Installation Reports & Bank Report - Department Adjutant (Scott Neff) Paymaster Transmittals - (Accurite Accounting & Jack Sir) Death Notices - Department Chaplain (John Porn) Intent to hold Convention / Mid-Winter - Time & Place Chairman (Phil Zamora) Awards & Citations - Chairman (Phil Smith) Eagle Scout Award - Chairman (Dave Masunas) Resolutions & Bylaws - Chairman (Roger Field) Scholarship - Chairman (Wendy Zamora) Get the addresses off of the Department Website and click on S-1 section for the Department Roster www.michiganmarines.org



Few people have come to embody the Marine Corps ethos in popular culture more than retired Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Ermey, who rocketed to fame after a star turn in “Full Metal Jacket,” Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1987 film. Many more movie and television roles, commercial appearances and spokesman gigs and even book deals followed. Civilians love him. Marines love him, more. Following the release of his newest book “Gunny’s Rules: How to Get Squared Away Like a Marine,” Marine Corps Times had an opportunity to interview the no-nonsense gunny and get his take on the challenges Marines face, including many of today’s hot-button issues. We talked to the star about women in combat, sexual assault and alcohol abuse, the old Corps versus the new Corps, and new efforts to strengthen standards and discipline across the service. Here is a sampling of his unique perspective on what the Corps is getting right and where Marines need to “tighten up.” Q. What do you think of the shift toward mentoring junior Marines rather than relying on traditional hard-nosed discipline? A. First of all, let me point out the greatest learning tools in the world are, number one, pain and fear. We have trained these young men and women to kill other people — to win wars. They locate, close with and destroy the enemy. I don’t think the Marine Corps needs to be a kinder, gentler place. I think, if anything, the Marine Corps needs to tighten its young butt back up to where it was 40, 50 years ago. I see young Marines walking down the street with their cover cocked all to one side looking like dirtbags. They are a mess. They are sloppy. I cannot believe we have allowed this to happen. Our NCOs — the backbone of the Marine Corps — corporals and sergeants and staff NCOs need to get back to discipline. Quit trying to make these people your friends. These people are people you go into combat with. You tell them to charge up that hill, get this job done, they have got to do that without questions. They have got to obey your commands. And you cannot expect them to do that if they are your best buddy — if you go on liberty with them. Q. What is your take on women in combat. Three just passed Infantry Training Battalion? A. I honestly believe that if a female can rise to the occasion — can pass the qualification to go into a combat situation — I would be hard-pressed to tell her “no, you can’t do that because you are female.” I don’t think that is fair. I don’t think it is diplomatic. I don’t believe it is the way that America operates. Generally, what the biggest problem is, is we have a tendency to relax standards with the female Marines. I don’t think the female Marines want that. I don’t think they expect that. I think they want to go into combat. I keep hearing that. I’ve been with the Marine Corps for 52 years now, and I have heard that for 52 years. But, I don’t think it is for every woman Marine. If you stood 10 of them up against a wall, nine out of that 10 probably couldn’t make it through [School of Infantry]. But there is always that one. And why should that one be deprived? If she wants to fight for her country, I think that is an honorable thing. I think we should respect that. I’m not worried about whether female Marines can hold their own in a combat situation, because I have dealt with a few that I would not want to push my luck with, to tell you the truth. I’m concerned about unit cohesion. There is going to have to be some zero-tolerance sexual harassment rules before we go into this. Because if not, it is going to cause a lot of grief when we put these women in combat. Q. As Afghanistan winds down, the commandant said he wants to refocus on standards, even in the barracks. What do you think of that?

(Continued on page 44)


SPRING EDITION 2014 From Page 43 A. I’m all for it 100 percent. The worst thing that can happen to the Marine Corps is that it gets loose and sloppy, and I have seen us go there. After Vietnam it got really loose and sloppy. It was sloppy for 10, 15 years. [Commandant] Gen. Al Gray came along, and I think he saved the Marine Corps. When we start downsizing, something happens to the Marine Corps. We lose a good portion of our leadership, and when the leadership is gone there is no discipline. I think the tighter the Marine Corps is, the more effective it is, the better it is. The more control that staff NCOs, senior staff NCOs and officers have, the better off the Marine Corps is. I have always felt that way. If you are going to ask a young man to charge up a hill at a machine gun nest, goddamn it, he’s got to be unwavering, and he’s got to follow those orders without hesitation. The biggest problem we have had in the past with our Marine Corps is, we graduate that recruit, he goes to SOI and when he leaves SOI to go into the fleet Marine force he is one tight, squared away individual. He or she gets out into the fleet and some of the younger NCOs and staff NCOs seem to want to befriend instead of lead these people. They want to win them over for their friendship. That is not the damn way, and so they become loose. I mean when an NCO or a staff NCO gives an order to a PFC, I’ve seen the PFC say, “aw come on, man, sarge, I emptied the s--- can last time. Why don’t you find somebody else to empty the trash?” Or, “I swabbed that deck yesterday. How about getting somebody else? How about sharing the workload around here, sarge?” When we become their friends we cannot expect them any longer to work for us. I’m a firm believer that rifle and personnel inspections are in order. Disciplinary action is to be taken. Damn it, we are the Marine Corps. Now is no time to start slouching just because we are going into a possible peacetime situation here. I speak at a lot of birthday balls every year and that is pretty much my topic this year – the difference between the old Corps and the new Corps. The old Corps was tighter. Q. Where do you draw the line between teasing that builds camaraderie and hazing? A. I still pound a lance corporal’s stripes on, but I do it in a civilized manner. There is no malice when I do it. I double my fist up and it’s a little pat on each shoulder. The problem is it gets out of hand. The pinning on of the air wings — that’s another thing that just got totally out of control. That is our staff NCO leadership’s fault. Q. So the traditions are OK, but not when they go overboard? A. Yeah, when it gets out of control. We have to have that staff NCO who will step up to the plate and say “enough of that” and quell the disturbance. I’ve seen staff NCOs walk up and take a gigantic swipe at this kid’s shoulder. I mean come on. Even the staff NCO is out of control here. It seems to me like it gets to the point where somebody wants to hurt the individual. Well, that’s not what it is about. It is a welcome aboard thing. It’s a baptismal type situation. When you baptize somebody you don’t try to f-----n drown them Q. What do you think of subjecting Marines to surprise breathalyzers twice a year? A. I do not drink. The reason I do not drink is because I have never been any good at it. If I am not good at something, I don’t like to do it. I am no good at tennis either, so I don’t play that. I used to go out with the boys, have a couple of beers. But I don’t think our Marines should be overindulging in alcohol. Number one, almost every incident that I was ever involved with in the Marine Corps that caused drama and stress in my life was brought on by f------ alcohol. It is OK to relax in the evening and enjoy a cocktail, but when it becomes more than two or three you have a problem and you need to look into that problem. We are well-disciplined fighting machines. Discipline means we know how to control ourselves. Like at the birthday balls. It is a time to relax and have fun. No question. But the way I know when to leave is when I start hearing “I love you man.” A young Marine hanging on me saying, “I love you man.” Yeah, OK partner. I love you, too. Adios. I’m going to bed. Good night. It is a nasty terrible drug. It is a waste of life. It is a waste of money. I go to the birthday balls, out of the thousand people there I can pick that drunk out in a minute. I know his superiors know who the f--- he is, too. If I can spot that guy at the birthday ball, damn it why hasn’t that staff NCO, his supervisor, spotted that. They need to spot it and handle the problem. Boom. Get that problem solved. Q. Benghazi happened not long ago, so a hot topic is how embassy guards operate. Are things in order? A. Well, our embassy situation has always been a political situation that had some political drawbacks. It got to the point for a number of years where if you went on embassy duty, you were that picture-perfect postcard Marine and everybody was more concerned about how pretty you were rather than your effectiveness in combat. In this day and age, if you’re in the Middle East and you are at the embassy, man you better be educated and you better have a loaded rifle because at the snap of a finger you find yourself in a Benghazi situation.



SPRING EDITION 2014 From Page 44 I remember back when I was a young Marine, the embassy Marines didn’t even carry live ammo. It has gotten to the point where in the Middle East you better damn sure have some ammo and that rifle better be functional. You better have your battle sights on that baby because that s--- could happen, it could boil over at any time. Benghazi is a prime example of that. If they would have had an embassy detachment, I don’t think things would have gone down the way they did. As a matter of fact, I don’t think we would have been attacked because they fear us. But, there were no embassy Marines there. The embassy was left unguarded. Where were the embassy Marines? Where was the reactionary force? Where was anything? It was left totally unprotected. I can’t understand where this administration has its head.

Q.The Marine Corps is getting back to being the nation’s 911 force, lightening up and shifting to the Pacific. Are you excited? A. As far as moving our forces into the Far East, I think it would be a godsend. I think there are Marines praying right now that we would get the hell out of Afghanistan and Kuwait and get the heck off that humungous sand pile and get back somewhere that is civilized. The Pacific, that is where I spent most of my Marine career. Vietnam, Okinawa, the Philippines, Guam. I just don’t know who is going to attack us out there and it is kind of nice to be close to your enemies. I guess we have North Korea. There is China that we should keep an eye on because they are a little bit shady.

Q.Given the manpower drawdown, what is your advice to Marines suddenly back in civilian life? A. Well, school is a good thought. Education is your ticket to a reasonably good life with a white picket fence — the American dream. But I would discourage them from getting out in this day and age if they can stay in. If it is not an option, my basic thought is go home and get the first damn job you can get your hands onto. You take the first job that you find and never stop looking for something better until you are satisfied — until you are where you want to be and you are the judge of that. I’m a believer in goal-setting. Never set the goal so high it is unattainable, so you get unmotivated. Set those attainable goals and achieve them as you go through life.

Source the Marine Corps Times, The Gunny’s Marching orders

Marine Corps League member Tim Davis of the Capital Detachment #148, Lansing with former Michigan State University running back TJ Duckett in Pasedena, California after Michigan States win in the 100th Rose Bowl, MSU beat Stanford 24-20 for the Spartans first Rose Bowl win and appearance in 26 years.


SPRING EDITION 2014 Lejeune Marines set Guinness world record for longest chain push-up Guinness World Records announced the fan favorites for records broken this year on Friday. Included was the longest chain push-up, which involved 138 Marines and sailors. They were linked together while they completing three push-ups, with their legs resting on the shoulders of the person behind them. The attempt to break the record took place in September aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C., according to a Marine Corps news release. The event was organized by Camp Lejeune’s Single Marine Program. Cpl. Andrew Zheng, a musician with the 2nd Marine Division Band, said he initially wanted to hold the attempt to break the record in his home town, but once he saw the interest from Marines, he decided to enlist the help of the Single Marine Program organizers, according to the release. They began researching the proposal to set the record. The planning took five months, the release states. “We hoped to instill high morale and build camaraderie within the Marines aboard base,” Zheng said “We wanted to create a memorable event the Marines could be proud of and bring light to their time stationed here.” After linking all 138 Marines together, Zheng gave the command to perform the three push-ups over a loud speaker. They submitted evidence to the Guinness World Records headquarters for evaluation. Other fan-favorites this year included the largest human water-skiing pyramid, the world’s tallest sunflower and the longest conga ever performed on ice.

Dakota Meyer, the only living Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, autographs a copy of his citation during a visit to Forward Operating Base Shukvani, Helmand province, Afghanistan, Dec. 25, 2013. U.S. Marine Corps Gen. James F. Amos, Commandant of the Marine Corps, his wife Bonnie, Sgt. Maj. Micheal P. Barrett, Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, and Meyer traveled around Regional Command (Southwest) to visit troops for the holiday season. (Official Marine Corps Photo by Sgt. Tammy K. Hineline/Released)



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WHAT IS A “LEAGUE”? (From 2007 Michigan Marine News) You are reading this essay because you are a member of the Marine Corps League. You’ll notice I emphasized “League”. I want to discuss what that means because most members do not appreciate, participate in, or take advantage of the league part of their membership. The definition of “LEAGUE” that applies here is: “An association of states, organizations, or individuals for common action.” The Marine Corps League is an association of organizations called detachments, and of individuals. The purpose is to engage in the “common actions” set out in the national, department, and detachment, bylaws. If you don’t know what they are read the bylaws or look it up at www.mcleague.org. It should be obvious that in order for people to engage in “common action” they have to meet, communicate, agree, and work together. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our members limit their involvement, if any at all, to the detachment level. If we were only a bunch of unconnected Marine veteran clubs there would be no need for a league. But, we are part of the Marine Corps League so there must be an assumption that the detachments can benefit by being part of a larger organization. Unfortunately, only a pitifully small portion of the detachments and the membership take the time or effort to be involved at the Department level (better yet the National level). At our Department conventions and Mid-Winter Rallies only about half the detachments are regularly represented. Some haven’t sent a delegate in years. That lack of participation is sometimes justified by the false claim that “the Department doesn’t do anything, it’s a waste of my time.” In fact, most of the people who are active at the Department level strive mightily to do good things for the Corps, the community and the detachments. The Department provides financial support to numerous worthy causes, from old vets in the state veterans’ homes to Young Marines and kids in high school NROTC. It employs the best Veterans Service Officers in Michigan. It sends volunteer lobbyists to Lansing and provides a forum (this magazine) where each Detachment can trumpet its successes and events, and much more. It is creating a number of new and improved programs (such as this very magazine) and fundraising programs that can help every detachment. But it does all those things with little or no help, financial or otherwise, from most members. If every detachment got involved at the Department level we as a league, and each detachment, could do so much more. I have a particular beef with detachment commandants (and other officers) who do not attend Department events. Not only are they shortchanging their own members by failing to participate and to benefit from the ideas and experiences of other detachments, they are violating the Department Bylaws. A number of years ago we created the Department Commandants’ Council specifically to help detachments in recruiting and programs, and to let their voices be better heard at the Department level. Department Bylaw Section 446 creates that Council and states: “It shall be

the obligation of every Detachment Commandant to attend the two regular meeting of the Council.” If a person isn’t willing to carry out the responsibilities of the job then he or she should not be a detachment commandant. I urge all members and detachment officers to get involved with the Department. The whole can be greater than the sum of its parts if everyone will carry his or her share of the load.

Semper Fi.

Bob Hencken



MCL GREAT LAKES NATIONAL CEMETERY MONUMENT FUNDRAISER APRIL 19 - 20,2014 OTISVILLE FIELDS, OTISVILLE Michigan $175.00 PER Team BATS AND BALLS BALLS 44/400 5 HOME RUNS + 1 UP PRIZES: 1ST PLACE - HOODIES 2ND PLACE - T-SHIRTS CONTACT: MATT ANDERSON 810-252-3782 OR "OTISVILLE FIELDS" ON FACEBOOK If any Marine would like to volunteer to help at the tournament PLEASE CALL Matt at 810-2523782. All help is greatly appreciated, especially more help is needed on the first day April 19th.

LOOKING FOR MEMBERS TO SELL ADS FOR THE MICHIGAN MARINE NEWS MAKE MONEY FOR YOURSELF OR YOUR DETACHMENT CONTACT EDITOR: PDC PHIL ZAMORA AT (517) 541-1501 OR michmarinenews@gmail.com (Will negotiate with you or your detachment on the split of profits)






MICHIGAN MARINE NEWS - SPRING EDITION 2014 Central Division Conference Registration 3-5 April 2014 Frankfort, Kentucky Please reserve Banquet Entrees as follows: _____chicken_____beef @ $55.00 each. Conference registration is $10.00 each. To have your name tag printed and packet prepared prior to arrival, you must be pre-registered, Please complete and mail this form. Please print/complete the following information as you want it to appear on your tag: Name_____________________________ Name_____________________________ Title______________________________ Title______________________________ Det/Unit___________________________ Det/Unit__________________________ Address___________________________ Address__________________________ City/State/Zip_______________________ City/State/Zip______________________ Phone_____________________________ Phone____________________________ A program book will be printed. Ads are $100 full page, $60.00 half page, $30.00 quarter page, and $25.00 business card size. Ads must be received at the Lt Presley O’Bannon Detachment, P.O. Box 4782 Frankfort, KY 40604 by no later than March 25th, 2014. MCLA and MODD are encouraged to support the program to offset the cost of the joint hospitality Room on Thursday and Friday evening. Total $ enclosed for pre-registration @ $10.00 each $________ Total $ enclosed for the banquet tickets @ $55.00 each $________ Total $ enclosed for program book ads $________ Grand Total $________________ Hotel Reservations, please call Capital Plaza Hotel, 502-227-5100; current rate $94.00 plus tax per night; retired and active military $83.00 plus tax per night.

Please mail to: Lt Presley O’Bannon Detachment #1342 PO Box 4782 Frankfort, KY 40604-4782 Please make checks payable to Lt Presley O’Bannon Detachment #1342.


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