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Could you be a dementia friend? It is estimated that there are 19,000 people living with dementia in Northern Ireland, with approximately 2, 700 people living in the Western Trust’s area. 25 million people in the UK are closely connected with someone with dementia – that’s 40% of us. The Alzheimer Society predicts that there may be over 1 million people in the UK with Al zheimer’s by 2021. However, the Society says that talk of a dementia “tidal wave” is alarmist and inappropriate as many people can learn to live full dignified lives even with the condition. Scare mongering may also stigmatise those diagnosed with dementia as hopeless cases. The focus should rather be on creating a tolerant and supportive community that has made a choice to include and engage with people with dementia. The Society prefers to look forward through its £2 million annual research programme to a day when Altzheimers will be mastered and managed more in achieving this, the Alzheime r’s Society is supporting a campaign to create 1 million “dementia friends” by 2021. The scheme has already commenced in England but progress in Northern Ireland and Scotland will depend upon the availability of funding.

What is a dementia friend? Anyone can be a dementia friend. New friends are trained initially for over one hour where they are put through exercises that put them in the shoes of a person with dementia. This helps to understand the emotional impact which confusion, physical disorientation and making mistakes in

public can have on someone. Friends begin to appreciate that access to public services and provision of everyday necessities such as retail goods and services have not been thought through by providers from the perEnlightened by the experience, friends are encouraged to wear a “dementia friend” badge indicating a willingness to help when required. A million advocates for a dementia friendly approach are bound to reach and change most work places and organisations throughout the UK, challenging those organisations to draft and implement a desist those with dementia.

What would a dementia friendly charter contain? Dementia policies usually begin with a mission statement to give those diagnosed with dementia the same access to goods and services as everyone else and to safeguard the dignity of the customer in the process. The to organise home safety visits to help families and dementia candidates plan for fire situations. The aim is to facilitate the aging population to live independently in dignity at home for as long as possible. Other organisations may assess buildings to ensure that they are accessible with clear signs, easily remembered lay outs, and safe flat floors. Excess noise and television monitors can be very frightening so if such an environment is unavoidable it may be worthwhile to think about a quiet safe place of retreat where a

person can be brought to induce calmness. Where someone is bored or distracted it may be necessary to provide a stimulating environment with photographs and music that relate to a person’s past. Security practices need to be reviewed so that everyone is ready to deal with an emergency situation where a person becomes lost through confusion or panic. Retail outlets and public buildings in the Belgian city of Bruges display a ribbon badge in the window to let inside are willing and able to look after them and understand their circumstances. All of these measures reduce the isolation of people with dementia and their carers and make it easier for them to stay engaged with their local communities.

A start has been made in the North West Here in the North West the Alzheimer’s Society has started to create this type of environment by organising Dementia Cafes on alternate Tuesday afternoons. One week it is held in the Verbal Arts Centre, Bishop Street Derry and the next in LCDI, Limavady. They are open to people with dementia and their carers. The cafe runs from 12.30-3.30pm with lunch being provided at 12.30pm. In Strabane the Café is held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 11.00am - 1pm in Room 2 in The Library. This can provide carers with a welcome respite as they can share the responsibility to fes. Often the carers are forgot-

ten but it should be remembered that they too have needs. In recognition of this the them in challenging any adverse decisions that may be made about them or the people they care for. They can also get advice on the financial impact upon their incomes and discuss diagnoses issues if they are worried. Local people can access this service at the The Society also runs Carer Support Groups and peer support for the family and friends of people with dementia and their carers. These meet monthly on the first Wednesday of every month 7-9.30pm in Seven Oaks Daycentre, Seven Oaks FOLD, Crescent Link, Waterside BT47 6DN. On the second Wednesday of every month they meet from 7-9pm in Limavady - Cornfields Care Home Seacoast Road Limavady. On the fourth Wednesday of every month they meet in Strabane – 7.30-8.30pm in Mulvey House, Bridge Street, McGirr Park.

See more about dementia friends generally


How to become a dementia friend Although the dementia friend project is not fully rolled out in Northern Ireland yet you may still wish to be involved by contacting the Alzheimer’s society locally in the Foyle or perhaps make people in your school or workplace aware of the issues surrounding Altzheimers. You may also like to fundraise or volunteer. The society relies on voluntary donations so if you want to donate

contact them on 0845 306 0898 or visit Angela Rippon encourages dementia friends << Zapit!

New Website Coming Soon!! How to make a dementia friendly environment Zapit! to find out more.

28 Carlisle Road, Derry, BT48 6JW Tel: 028 7136 8965 boudoirboutiqueni



S N i A L L I V R E D N O W Jon Paul’s Hair Salon

Hey! ry. ns, a Pop band from Der We are Wonder Villaifro we met Jude Law (he e ere wh y’ Da e ‘Peace On You might know us m front of the whole of Derry! (you wer was very nice) and got to play in all very nice too) songs for our and recording a lot of an g tin wri e tim at gre a ing hav ’re We are already on iTunes d everyfirst album! Three singles of ours thing! out the Zoolander pose, footballer) ‘Ferrari’ (ab There’s ‘Zola’ (about’ the 42 Carlisle Road ch we LOVE TV!) not the car) and ‘TV (about how mu utube. 268488 on Yo02871 Tel: which you can watch music video for ‘TV’,isi e! olin We got to make a funcoc mp tra ktails and an inv ble It contains dancing, Tel: 02871 261064 e of our Podsom out ck che ld cou you be, utu Yo g around of what we get up to While you’re hanginto. se fun videos we make n the re ey’ Th ! d nte wa you if ts cas es eve other countriesile s, the studio and sometim we wh ys gg bu f gol d an when we’re let loose at gig s van ving cars, dri of lot a me re’s pri the , the ent rap rec ers st mb mo In our last summer. Plus two me were hanging around at festivals numbers! for the next any planned for Derry e hav ’t don We s! ow ksh roc pages, so y ok pla ebo We also love to shows on our twitter and fac our ut abo ut sho s ay alw we t bu while, keep an eye out! coming out on BRAND NEW singleabl that we have a shinyabo e to guess by be t gh Our biggest news is led mi u ut (yo it’s d an e’ ond ‘Bl lead cal It’s ! air nd April 22 naturally fair-h ed,erour Although none of us eare ran Kie mm dru our d now!) being blonde. dy blonde’ an rem ‘ext r hai her ed now has our ear col singer Eim k to his original black hair was even blonde for a bit! He’s bac though. Hi- Fives! From, an, Kieran Cheylene, Eimear, Ry INS! LA VIL ER ND aka WO

er. Kieran is the oldestry are in age and height ord FUN BAND FACT: We allest. We get a photo eve the youngest and sm and the tallest, EimearEim ve it. pro ear’s birthday to year the night before

Wonder Villains are brother and sister Kieran and Eimear Coyle, Cheylene Murphy and Ryan McGroarty. From Derry - the UK Capital of Culture 2013 - they make blistering anti-pop, not entirely dissimilar in spirit from that legendary Derry band...the Undertones The band have played America, Morocco, toured the UK and supported the likes of New Young Pony Club, Castiotone For The Painfully Alone and The Undertones amongst others, as well as playing on the Introducing stage at Radio 1’s One Big Weekend They smash through two minute pop songs while cranking the distortion on their homemade keyboard sounds and their first three singles Zola, Ferrari and TV received plays nationally on BBC Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music, XFM, Q, Absolute Radio. Radio 1 support also came in the form of a Maida Vale Huw Stephens session and a BBC Radio 1 Introducing playlist. The band’s debut album ‘Rocky’ will be out in early summer.

Wonder Vil

lains are br other and s ister Kieran Cheylene M and Eimear urphy and R Coyle, yan McGroa rty.

Wonder Vil ains TV watch us - Zapit!


Out and About ? check us out Transport Villains

ne xt Ju mp to th e mo re ! pag e... . th er es

ie ov m w ne d an gle sin w ne r ou r fo t ou W at ch Kieran Coyle has a great treat for all the old punks knocking around town. On March 29th the Belfast shot movie “Good Vibrations” hits the screens with legally – but temporarily- blonde Wonder Villain Kieran Coyle in the role of Billy Doherty of the Undertones. The feel good film will nostalgically transport all the aging punks (now doctors, politicians and civil servants!) back to those cutting edge days when they got their “teenage kicks” from beating the system and just playing the music they liked. It’s a bit like Belfast’s answer to “The Commitments”. The story about Belfast record producer and music shop owner Terri Hooley features encounters with the Undertones who Terri supported and promoted in his legendary efforts to foster alternative music. Enter the present day budding Derry Indie Rock band Wonder Villains who played extras and gave the producers the loan of their beloved Kieran who had to sport a magnificent blonde head of hair for six months to play the part. In celebration, the band have brought out a new single “Blonde” – zap it and check the single out here.

You ve see n the Mo vie Now get the T Shir t!

Ch eck out the mo vie tra iler her e


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Events Listing Events On Nearly Every Day

Friday 29th March 2013

Event Type

Event Name


Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Exhibition Photo Exhibition Dance Exhibition Art/Hist Exhibition Cookery Demo Exhibition Cultural Study Market Theatre Exhibition Street Art Outdoor Event Dance Class Exhibition Dance Exhibition Music Music Exhibition history Exhibition computer tuition 1 to 1

Invisible Lives Open the Shutters The CAAKE Project Tea Dances Local People Thornhill unearthed Square Meals Blackshaw at 80 Derrys/Londonderrys w’wide Vintage Sundays Orange & Blue Flute Band The Shirt Factory Artists Gardens Community Garden Proj Academy Irish Dance Your [Peace]Process - Mine Feile Dhamhsa Dhoire Orange celebrations Irish Trad Music Nightly Rock Music nightly Columba to conflict Story of prisons 1-1 computer tutition

Citywide Nerve Centre The Craft Village Various (1) UU Magee Tower Museum The Craft Village Gordon Gallery The Playhouse The Craft Village Citywide City Factory Various Various note (2) Various Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin Various Peadar O’Donnell’s Bar Gweedore Bar Gasyard Heritage Centre Gasyard heritage centre Waterside Library

Exhibition / Art Comedy Festival Sport Football Music Children stories Exhibition Art

L Morrison & M Zabala G’yard Wall Feile” E Lge D. City v S’bourne Long Good Friday note (23) Rhythm and Rhym Blackshaw at 80

Void Gallery B’side B’well Creggan Brandywell Stadium Sandinos Downstairs Central Library Gordon Gallery

Saturday 30th March 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition / Art Comedy Festival Dance Music Exhibition Art

L Morrison & M Zabala G’yard Wall Feile Royal Ballet Disco Blackshaw at 80

Void Gallery B’side B’well Creggan Millennium Forum Gweedore Bar Upstairs Gordon Gallery

Sunday 31st March 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition / Art Comedy Festival Dance

L Morrison & M Zabala G’yard Wall Feile Royal Ballet

Void Gallery B’side B’well Creggan Millennium Forum

Friday 22nd March 2013

Monday 1st April 2013

Event Type

Event Name


Event Type

Event Name


Sport Dance Theatre Music Music Children stories Exhibition Art

World GAA Congress Rhythm of the Dance Dolly West’s Kitchen The Elvis Experience The Outcasts note (22) Rhythm and Rhym Blackshaw at 80

The Venue 2013 Millennium Forum The Playhouse Waterside Theatre Sandinos Club Central Library Gordon Gallery

Exhibition / Art Comedy Festival Children / Young Sport Football Book Club

L Morrison & M Zabala G’yard Wall Feile”Feile Funnies” Feis Dhoire Cholmcille E Lge D. City v Bray Wand Teenage Book Club

Void Gallery B’side B’well Creggan The Playhouse Theatre Brandywell Stadium Waterside library

Saturday 23rd March 2013

Tuesday 2nd April 2013 Event Type

Event Type

Event Name


Sport Exhibition / Art Theatre Theatre Comedy Music Music Open Mike Exhibition Art

World GAA Congress L Morrison & M Zabala Young Farmers ...Gala Someone.. Watch over Me Comedy Night Disco “Mic it Happen” talent contest Blackshaw at 80

The Venue 2013 Void Gallery Millennium Forum The Playhouse Sandinos Back Bar Gweedore Bar Upstairs Central Library Gordon Gallery

Sunday 24th March 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Sport Exhibition / Art Music Theatre Dance class Wedding Fayre

World GAA Congress L Morrison & M Zabala Dominic Kirwan Class Act School …. Acad Irish dance Wedding Fayre

The Venue 2013 Void Gallery Millennium Forum The Playhouse Millenium Forum Everglades Hotel

Monday 25th March 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition / Art Book Club

L Morrison & M Zabala Teenage Book Club

Void Gallery Waterside library

Tuesday 26th March 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition / Art Dance Jive B’room Theatre Music Exhibition Art Dance Classes

L Morrison & M Zabala Class Gnd Vintage Ball .. Bottle .. Story to Tell Elizabeth LaPrelle Blackshaw at 80 Solas Flamenco W’kly

Void Gallery note (7) The Playhouse Sandinos Back Bar Gordon Gallery Danske Bank Studio

Exhibition / Art Children / Young Conference Book club for adults

L Morrison & M Zabala Feis Dhoire Cholmcille Ir America Peace Process Shantallow Book Club


Void Gallery The Playhouse Theatre To Be Advised Shantallow library

Wednesday 3rd April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition / Art Children / Young Children stories Computer class Writing Class

L Morrison & M Zabala Feis Dhoire Cholmcille Rhythm and Rhym Computer club Creative Writing

Void Gallery The Playhouse Theatre Central Library Central Library Central Library

Thursday 4th April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Children / Young

Feis Dhoire Cholmcille

The Playhouse Theatre

Friday 5 April 2013 th

Event Type

Event Name


Children / Young Dance Music Comedy Music / Food Children stories

Feis Dhoire Cholmcille H’land Dance Festival Goitse (Irish Trad) Allo ‘Allo Lionel Richie Tribute Rhythm and Rhym

The Playhouse Theatre Everglades Hotel An Culturlann Waterside Theatre Waterfoot Hotel Central Library

Saturday 6th April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Children / Young Dance Music Music

Feis Dhoire Cholmcille H’land Dance Festival Jack L - The 27 Club Disco

The Playhouse Theatre Everglades Hotel Millennium Forum Gweedore Bar Upstairs

Sunday 7th April 2013

Wednesday 27th March 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition / Art Dance Jive B’room Comedy Children stories Computer class Writing Class Exhibition Art

L Morrison & M Zabala Class G’nd Vintage Ball Jack Dee Rhythm and Rhym Computer club Creative Writing Blackshaw at 80

Void Gallery note (8) Millennium Forum Central Library Central Library Central Library Gordon Gallery

Thursday 28th March 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition / Art Fashion hats Comedy Exhibition Art Fashion Show

L Morrison & M Zabala Catwalk Show Jack Dee Blackshaw at 80 Hatwalk - 2013

Void Gallery Everglades Hotel Millennium Forum Gordon Gallery Everglades Hotel


Event Name

Event Type

Event Name


Music Film

Feis Dhoire Cholmcille Bollywood Movie Club

Millennium Forum Waterside Theatre

Monday 8th April 2013 Event Type

Theatre Book club for adults Book Club

Event Name

For love . L Sexton Adult Book Club Teenage Book Club


The Playhouse Central Library Waterside library

Tuesday 9th April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Theatre Dance Jive B’room Comedy / Food

For love . L Sexton Class G’nd Vintage Ball Hairy Bikers

The Playhouse note (7) Millennium Forum

Whilst Zapit! Interactive Magazine takes care to compile the above information accurately we cannot guarantee that it is completely accurate or that information has not been accurately supplied, changed or updated. Always check with the event organisers to confirm details. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for errors, omissions, changes or cancellations. We do not accept responsibility for anything on websites of organisers or other information providers. We are not event organisers. This is a free service to the public.

Sunday 21st April 2013

Wednesday 10th April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Theatre Dance Jive B’room Comedy / Food Theatre Children stories Computer class Writing Class Photography course

For love . L Sexton Class G’nd Vintage Ball Hairy Bikers ..I’m no Billy he’s Tim Rhythm and Rhym Computer club Creative Writing N.W. W’life Photo

The Playhouse note (8) Millennium Forum Waterside Theatre Central Library Central Library Central Library Diamond Centre Claudy

Thursday 11th April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Theatre Theatre Wedding Fayre

For love . L Sexton ..I’m no Billy he’s Tim Beech Hill Hotel

The Playhouse Waterside Theatre Beech Hill Hotel

Friday 12th April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Theatre Theatre Theatre Theatre Children stories

For love . L Sexton Annie Guerilla Days in Derry ..I’m no Billy he’s Tim Rhythm and Rhym

The Playhouse The Venue 2013 Millennium Forum Waterside Theatre Central Library

Saturday 13 April 2013 th

Event Type

Event Name


Theatre Theatre Music choir Sport Theatre / Dance / Music Music Theatre Music / Food Music

For love . L Sexton Annie Festival Male Voice IRFU Referees’ Dinner Fairy Queen - Sestina Wolfe Tones ..I’m no Billy he’s Tim May McFettridge n (20) Disco

The Playhouse The Venue 2013 1st Presbyterian Church City Hotel Great Hall, Magee Millennium Forum Waterside Theatre Belfray Country Inn Gweedore Bar Upstairs

Sunday 14th April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Music Film

Dick Gaughan note (24) The Master (15)

Sandinos Club The Nerve Centre

Monday 15 April 2013 th

Event Type

Event Name


Book Club

Teenage Book Club

Waterside library

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art Outdoor Event Boys Bde Music

Creative Village Arts Londonderry Batt BB Ulster Orch Come Play

Print w’shop Pump St Ebrington Square Millennium Forum

Outdoor nature study & house tour c’ntry estate forage day

Monday 22nd April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art Comedy Book Club

Creative Village Arts Dirty Flirty Thirty Teenage Book Club

Print W’shop, Pump Street The Playhouse Waterside library

Tuesday 23rd April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art Dance Jive B’room Comedy

Creative Village Arts Class G’nd Vintage Ball Billy Connolly

Print w’shop Pump St note (7) Millennium Forum

Wednesday 24th April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art Theatre Dance Jive B’room Comedy Children stories Computer class Writing Class

Creative Village Arts Factory Girls Class G’nd Vintage Ball Billy Connolly Rhythm and Rhym Computer club Creative Writing

Print w’shop Pump St City Factory note (8) Millennium Forum Central Library Central Library Central Library

Thursday 25th April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art Theatre Theatre / Music Play/Book swap

Creative Village Arts Factory Girls Thornhill College 80th Desert Island Books

Print w’shop Pump St City Factory Millennium Forum Central Library

Friday 26th April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art Theatre Theatre Theatre Children stories

Creative Village Arts Factory Girls Cooley Women Allegiance Rhythm and Rhym

Print w’shop Pump St City Factory The Playhouse Waterside Theatre Central Library

Saturday 27th April 2013


Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art Dance Jive B’room

Creative Village Arts Class G’nd Vintage Ball

Print w’shop Pump St note (7)

Wednesday 17th April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art Exhibition Party Dance Jive B’room Children stories Computer class Writing Class History talk Outdoor nature study

Creative Village Arts Stories Sea Supernatural 1 City,.. Better Place Class G’nd Vintage Ball Rhythm and Rhym Computer club Creative Writing Emigration – Derry Tree Identification Course

Print w’shop Pump St TBA The Venue 2013 note (8) Central Library Central Library Central Library Waterside library Muff Glen Eglinton

Thursday 18 April 2013

Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art Theatre Outdoor Event Outdoor Event Sport rugby Music Music Music Music / Food Music

Creative Village Arts Factory Girls Brides Across Bridge Lark in the Park Derry v Ulst Past Plrs New Irish Choir & Orch New Irish Choir & Orch Sean Donnelly Red Hurley note (21) Disco

Print w’shop Pump St City Factory Peace Bridge St Columb’s Park Judges Road Millennium Forum Millennium Forum The Playhouse Belfray Country Inn Gweedore Bar Upstairs

Sunday 28th April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art

Creative Village Arts

Print w’shop Pump St

Monday 29th April 2013


Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art Theatre Conference

Creative Village Arts Tom Crean Explorer Dalai Lama of Tibet

Print w’shop Pump St The Playhouse Millennium Forum

Friday 19 April 2013

Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art History Exhibition Book Club

Creative Village Arts Amelia Earhart Teenage Book Club

Print w’shop Pump St Shantallow library Waterside library

Tuesday 30th April 2013


Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art Sport Football Comedy Theatre Children stories

Creative Village Arts E Lge D City v Sh’rock Rvrs Open Mic Com Night Tillies Rhythm and Rhym

Print w’shop Pump St Brandywell Stadium Millennium Forum The Playhouse Central Library

Saturday 20th April 2013 Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art Music Theatre Music Comedy Music

Creative Village Arts Record Store Day Tillies Sarah McQuaid Owen O’Neill note (17) Disco

Print w’shop Pump St Cool Discs, Foyle Street The Playhouse The Playhouse Waterside Theatre Gweedore Bar Upstairs

Get full details on above listings AND this week’s cinema listings at

Ashbrook House Ardmore

Event Type

Event Name


Exhibition Art Dance Jive B’room History Exhibition Book Club

Creative Village Arts Class Grand Vintage Ball Amelia Earhart Teenage Book Club

Print w’shop Pump St note (7) Shantallow library Waterside library

Notes Legend 127815 17 20 21 22 23 24 -

Tea dance venues : March 15th Pilots Row/Apr 10 New Buildings Community Centre Waterside Theatre (Saturdays) & Millennium Forum (Sundays) University of the Third Age, (U3A), Pascal McDonald House, Gransha Park, BT47 6TG University 3rd age (U3A), St. Mary’s Community Centre, Fanad Drive (upstairs hall) I’M no Billy He’s a Tim £15.00/ £12.50 Conc. Opening night offer - all tickets £15, buy 1 get 1 free! Owen O’Neill - Struck by Lightning May McFettridge Spectacular Dinner & Cabaret Red Hurley Spectacular Dinner & Cabaret The Outcasts (legendary Punk Band + special guests Hooligan & Suspect Device The Long Good Friday (Live Bands & Chilli!) Dick Gaughan (Legendary Scottish singer/songwriter and Musician)


SUPERFOODS How to get smarter as you get older – the superfood connection

Your brain can improve with age! Scientists are revising the widely held belief that mental decline is inevitable as people grow older. Michael Merzenich, PhD, professor of neuroscience at the University of California at San Francisco says that although our brain cells continually die they are also renewed. With proper care the number of connections in your brain can actually increase with age. Although younger people can often memorise things quicker, older people have accumulated more memories. This means that they can make connections between things that younger people cannot because they have not seen enough of the world or experienced a lot. Older people can often see a bigger picture and can therefore be more – not less- creative than young people. We call it wisdom - a form of intelligence that should grow through life. Your diet is one of the factors that encourage brain growth throughout your life. Here are the top ten foods that can keep your brain improving and prevent mental decline.


Avocados are filled with monounsaturated fats that create a healthy blood circulation and reduce hypertension. This creates a beneficial blood flow to the brain preventing mental decline. Avocados can be high in calories though so don’t overdo it. A perfect brain boosting meal would be wholemeal brown bread with smoked salmon slices covered with avocado shavings and a sprinkle of olive oil dressing. Avocados reduce hypertension


Blue berries stop oxidative stress in the brain and reduce the effects of dementia and altzheimers. They are thought to stimulate healthy connections between brain cells. You should take a cupful of them every day according to Ann Kulze, MD, author of Dr Ann’s 10 step diet. Put them on cereal, in a desert or just eat them as a snack on their own.

Salmon & Hazelnuts

The ancient legend of Finn McCool tells how he became wise when he sucked the finger he burnt whilst cooking the salmon of knowledge for his master. The salmon was said to possess all the knowledge of the world because it had eaten nine hazel nuts that fell into a well. So for thousands of years it has been known that hazelnuts and salmon boost brain power! Hazelnuts contain flavonoids which some laboratory studies suggest can improve memory and counteract the changes in Altzheimer’s brain cells when extracted from green tea, grapes or citrus fruits. Hazelnuts are also one of the nuts that contain the highest amounts of brain protecting vitamin E. Salmon is full if Omega three fatty acids which are needed for brain function. Omega three also has anti -inflammatory qualities which helps in the prevention of many conditions including cancer and arthritis. A four ounce serving of salmon two or three times a week is recommended. Sardines, herring and mackerel have the same effect.

Blueberries may stimulate connections between brain cells


The active ingredient in Curry is curcumin which clears amyloid plaque proteins that are thought to play a part in causing Altzheimer’s disease. Research is not conclusive yet but Dr Susanne Sorensen of the Altzheimer’s society has noted that Indian communities that regularly eat curcumin have surprisingly low incidences of Altzheimer’s. Professor Murali Doraiswamy, of Duke University in North Carolina, says the evidence suggests that there is a lower risk of dementia among people who eat curry two to three times a week. Make the curry from scratch using raw curry powder though, as processed curries from jars often have lots of other ingredients and can have an excessive fat or sugar content – check the labels.. Read More at

Stephen Pratt MD of Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California says that higher levels of vitamin E seem to prevent mental decline as we get older. Research at the Chicago Health and Aging Project, revealed that people with the highest intakes of vitamin E from food have a 67% lower risk of Alzheimer’s. Vitamin E is found in Kale, nuts and seeds. It is particularly concentrated in sunflower seeds and almonds. However to function within your body vitamin E needs the help of four other nutrients which should be eaten with it. Vitamin C is needed to keep vitamin E in its active form, so eat citrus fruits. Vitamin C needs glutathione to become active. Glutathione comes from asparagus, potatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, broccoli, avocados, squash, spinach, garlic, tomatoes, grapefruit, apples, oranges, peaches bananas and melon. Glutathione is activated by Selenium and Vitamin B3. Selenium is obtained from Brazil nuts, oats and eggs. Niacin (vitamin B3) comes from chicken, bacon, bran or peanuts. Combine vitamin E with these foods to get the maximum benefit. A word of warning though – avoid processed foods as between 50% to 90% of vitamin E can be taken out of wheat when it is processed. Eat as many of these foods as raw as possible as cooking can destroy vitamin E. Avoid salted or roasted nuts if you can and eat fruits fresh if you can as vitamins tend to deplete in older fruit and vegatables. As a further boon, adequate vitamin E intake can help avoid prostate cancer.


Black & Green Tea Green and black tea can give a great anti-oxidant boost when freshly brewed. This helps your brain by lowering cholesterol. Drinking freshly brewed tea has been shown to boost memory, concentration and mood. The University of Michigan Health System says that four to five cups of tea a day can prevent against brain cell death. Tea (without sugar) is better for you than fruit juices or soft drinks because the sudden sugar rush from sugary drinks is not healthy for your brain cells. Don’t try to cheat by leaving out sugar and then eating a biscuit with your morning tea! Caffeinated tea may also reduce the risk of brain tumours according to a study published in “Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.” by Crystal N. Holic, Scott G. Smith and associates.

Tea boosts concentration

Wholemeal Grains/Oats Whole grains make your heart and veins healthy so eating whole grains ensures that your brain gets plenty of nutrients through a healthy blood flow. Oats, whole meal bread and brown rice are excellent sources. The main fuel for your brain is glucose and oats are particularly good for delivering this to the brain because the carbohydrates in oats break down slowly over several hours providing a steady flow of energy keeping your brain alert. Eat porridge every morning or put raw oats over your cereal. Beans and lentils have the same slow release effect.

Oats power your brain

Curry may reduce harmful plaque in your brain

Eating Salmon gave Finn McCool all the knowledge in the world

Sunflower Seeds and Almonds

Vitamin E protects your brain from the effects of aging

Brown bread, smoked salmon and avocado shavings is an excellent brain boosting meal


The best nut for improving your brain health is the walnut because it contains high concentrations of omega 3 in the form of DHA. A study by the British Journal of Nutrition found that students increased their ability to reason and infer things by 11.2% when they ate half a cup of walnuts per day for eight weeks. The walnut is easy to remember because it looks like a little brain! Cut up walnuits and put them into salads, cakes or breakfast cereal.


The Journal of Neuroscience reports that the chemical sulphoraphane found in Broccoli may help to protect the blood brain membrane and so shield your brain from harmful chemicals in the blood. Cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts may also have the same effect. Although the effect was noted in laboratory animals, the benefits for humans are being studied. Do not over-cook broccoli though because researchers from Warwick university found that much of the nutritional benefit is lost if you boil broccoli for thirty minutes. It is better to hold the broccoli to the last minute and then steam it for about ten minutes so that it is bright green and still a little crunchy to bite. As a bonus, it has been suggested elsewhere that one or two helpings of broccoli per week may reduce the prospect of prostate cancer by up to 45%.

Jon Paul’s Hair Salon

Walnuts increase your reasoning power

42 Carlisle Road Tel: 02871 268488 Tel: 02871 261064 Eating right is not the only thing you need to do to improve your brainpower. Author Vernon Coleman outlines 30 things you should do to increase your brain function as you get older.

Broccoli may protect the brain from harmful chemicals

Caution: always refer to your doctor for dietary advice. Anyone below the age of 18 should take advice of a parent or guardian before exploring any matter mentioned in this publication. Information given by Zapit Publishing is for the purpose of stimulating public interest and discussion only and should not be taken as advice. Only your doctor is qualified to advise you on your personal diet and health. Particular caution should be taken by anyone who suffers from nut or other allergies, is pregnant, on medication or suffering from any medical condition. Zapit publishing does not take responsibility for information provided on any website or for claims made by anyone reported in this publication.

Portrait of a City

Read it at:

Call for old photographs of Derry held by families all over the world

Zapit! Magazine is fully behind the BT Portrait of a City project which aims to create one of the largest digital archives of photographs and film ever created for the people of Derry/Londonderry. We want everyone to make a point of contacting families of people from the North West who may have gone away from the town – even a few generations ago. In attics, basements and albums all over the world are pictures and stories about the people and times past in Derry. We want everyone to ask for photos that can be added to the Portrait of a City archive so that they can be shared with everyone for posterity. Just to show you what gems remain undiscovered out there we asked Charles Brewster to share his family album with you all. Charles is one of the Brewster Bakery family of Limavady. He left Derry in the late 50s and now lives in Wales. His mother who is still alive, was the last baby to be born in Boomhall to Caroline (Carline) Cooke and Alex Wyncoll. Their daughters Angela (Charles’s mother) and Rosemary, are featured in these photographs which were taken on a holiday to the North West in June and July 1930. You can see them holding hands at a party at McCorkell’s (the shipping people). Angela is the tall girl on the right. She was such a beautiful young lady that she became a Vogue model at the end of the 50’s when living in Culmore. She was featured in Vogue as photographed by the famous photographer Norman Parkinson who also photographed the Beatles, Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh, Audrey Hepburn and Margaret Thatcher. Angela’s sister Rosemary is now in America and still teaches as a professor of Neuroanatomy at a teaching hospital in Washington DC at age of about 85. People who live in Park will be particularly interested in the photograph of the car outside Learmount House (Now derelict). The Wyncolls visited there because Carline’s mother was a Beresford. Portrait of a city are helping community groups in Park to gather photos and Charles would like to add this one to their collection. People in the Culmore Road will be interested in the Photographs of the girls outside Troy Hall playing with their dog. Thank you to Charles. He has asked us to return the favour by putting out an appeal to anyone who may have a photograph of the Brewster Bakery shop front in Derry. If you do, please contact the Zapit! Magazine office (address on page 2). So if you know of a family who left Londonderry please contact them and ask them to share their photos with the BT Portrait of a City project which is located in the Digital Arts Studio in the Ráth Mór Complex in Creggan. Contact Kirsty Osborn at Telephone 02871 279919. Kirsty and the Portrait of a City team are also working with community groups across the city to collect and freely digitise old photographs and film for the digital archive. They can also offer free training including digital photography and Photoshop classes for interested groups. You can find out more about the Portrait of a City project at


Does Money make you happy? Yes & No

Why are the Irish amongst the happiest people in the world? It’s official! Ireland is the tenth happiest place in the world to live. Northern Ireland is the happiest part of the United Kingdom. People are happiest between the ages of 16 to 19 and from the age of 65 to 79. World happiness surveys have led to surprising conclusions as to what makes people happy. We uncover 9 action points to increase your personal happiness. Columbia University’s Earth Institute set out to find out who were the happiest people in the world and why. Denmark is the happiest place to live, followed by Finland, Norway and the Netherlands. Ireland ranks as the 10th happiest place in the world ahead of the United States (number 11). The Office of National Statistics ranked people in Northern Ireland as the happiest in the UK in 2011. Even more fascinating are the answers people gave to the Earth Institute about what made them happy.

Does marriage make you happy? According to a Michigan State University study, getting married does not make you happier. However, although a married person maintains their happiness into old age, the happiness of single people declines with age. So marriage maintains happiness rather than creates it; married people are happier in the long run. What about co-habiting couples? People living together are ultimately just as happy as married couples according to a study by Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology in the Journal of Marriage and Family. Even though married and co-habiting couples lost contact with other friends and family and single people maintained the link,


Obviously, not having enough money to live on makes people unhappy. The fact that the unhappiest countries Togo, Sierra Leone and Benin are located in a region where over half the population are below the poverty line speaks for itself. However, the report found that once basic needs are met, making more money does not necessarily make you happier. How much money covers basic needs? As your income increases up to an income of £50,000 you get happier according to a Princeton study, but beyond that figure there is little increase in life satisfaction from money alone. Even though personal wealth has tripled in the USA since the Second World War, happiness has declined. The Earth Institute says this is because people do not look at how much money they have when they have the basics covered – instead they think about how much they have compared to their neighbours. Societies where there is unequal pay are particularly unhappy. The happiest countries Sweden, Denmark and Norway have the least income inequality in the world. Northern Ireland has the greatest income equality of anywhere in the United Kingdom. We have relatively less really poor people and relatively less really rich people. Does this explain why Ulster people are the happiest in the UK? The Republic of Ireland has one of the lowest levels of income inequality in the world. The great surprise is that money makes peo ple happiest when they give it to others! Elizabeth Dunne of the University of Chicago found that spending money on yourself does not have a lasting effect upon happiness in the way that spending it on others does. As our wealth increases we get used to higher levels of spending to the point where it has no impact upon how we feel. However, knowing that we helped others boosts our self-esteem in a lasting way. It is also better to have secure income than to have lots of money. The happiest people in the world are the Danes and yet they are the most taxed! In return they get guarantees of free health care, support when disabled, free education and an almost full income if they become unemployed. It seems happiness has a lot to do with feeling secure that the risks in life are already taken care of.

What makes the Danes the happiest people in the world? Watch the video >> the social life of the single person was not enough to sustain their happiness. This suggests that the type of social interaction needed for lifelong happiness is the deeper intimate type. Another bonus is that people in committed personal relationships tend to live seven years longer than single people and they are also generally healthier.

Human contact – a key to happiness

Take control of your life don’t be passive Humans need a sense of meaning to survive according to Tal Ben-Shahar, the happiness professor at Harvard. Yes – there is such a thing as a happiness professor! This means having goals that are significant to us personally and enjoyable. The Danes are individually very confident that they can change their own lives if they want to. This is one of the primary reasons they show high happiness ratings according to Christian Bjørnskov from Aarhus Business School.

The National Geographic “true Happiness test” revealed that the happiest people were those who restricted their TV viewing to less than one hour per day. We get more satisfaction from engaging with friends and family. In 2008 Gallup poll found that the happiest Americans spent 8 or 9 hours per day interacting with friends and family whilst the unhappiest Americans had one hour or less of social time.

Top 10 Happiest Countries on the World

Does Money make you happy? Yes & No

Deliberately control your attitude

1 - Denmark 2 - Finland 3 - Norway 4 - Netherlands 5 - Canada 6 - Switzerland 7 - Sweden 8 - New Zealand 9 - Australia 10 - Ireland

9 things to do today to increase your happiness see online Zapit! Here

You can learn to be happy. Action for happiness is an organisation that aims to teach people to be happy. Take their free online video advice on how to make yourself, your school, your workplace and your family happier.

You get what you think about. If you choose to think about bad things you feel bad. If you select good things to ponder you feel good. It’s that simple! Psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky says we should deliberately pause every day to look out for the good things that are happening to us and savour them. People who make a point of doing this reduce feelings of depression significantly. Our mind can play cruel tricks on us by selecting only negative things to remember even though if we thought about it, many good things also happened to us in our past. Negative thoughts suggest further negative thoughts and they re-inforce each other like a nuclear reaction. The opposite is also true. When you remind yourself of all the happy things that happened to you in the past you can train your memory to attract other positive thoughts and enhance your feeling of

well-being. One of the main changes you can make to your thought process according to Lyubomirsky is to stop comparing yourself unfavourably to others as this breeds unhappiness. If you need to be convinced that this works try this exercise. Ask ten people to write down their biggest problem or worry on a piece of paper and ask each one to put their worry into a hat. Each person then randomly picks out a problem from the hat. You will soon be asking for your own problem back as you will quickly see that the “other man’s grass is not always greener”. The important thing is that you make a conscious choice to control what goes into your mind rather than let your thoughts and feelings be dictated by the media, negative people around you or your own bad habit of looking for the negative.

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Ruth Bigger explains why early eye tests can have a positive effect upon the career and education of children later on in life.

Children in the North West missing out on vital free eye tests and glasses

In the first years of life poor eyesight can damage a child’s educational development. Not being able to read, play some sports or take instruction from a blackboard can also adversely affect their social development as they fall behind other children making them feel different, inferior and excluded from social activities. Sometimes children are mistakenly put in special needs classes because teachers, in the absence of a diagnosis of eye problems, have wrongly concluded that the child has an intellectual difficulty. About 5% of 7-8 year olds and 10% of 12-13 year olds that should have glasses don’t have them. In the City Council area alone this means that roughly 250 children every year suffer visual disadvantage unnecessarily through missed diagnosis. This accumulates over time so that around almost 3,500 under 16 year olds in the area have suffered disadvantage that may affect their careers and educational advancement. The tragedy is that the tests and the basic glasses are free. So why do nearly 80% of people under 16 never avail of the free tests? It seems that people just don’t know how important it is to correct sight at an early age and also that it does not have to be a financial burden.

Why early eye tests for children are so vital

The eye is developing critical brain connections during the first seven years of life and failure to correct errors during that period can lead to irreversible damage to the sight of the child. Common problems are squinting, lazy eye (blurred image from one eye), short sightedness, long sightedness and defective binocular vision which can lead to problems in judging distance and depth. Children don’t know they have these problems because it feels normal to them, so parents should never wait for their child to report problems before they get their eyes tested. Nor should a parent wait until a child enters school as an uncorrected squint or astigmatism (blurred vision due to irregular shaped cornea) can lead to permanent sight loss. Your child does not have to be able to read or write to get an eye test as we use other methods of assessing them when they are infants. The earlier the correction is made during the critical first seven years, the greater is the permanent improvement in brain connections and lifelong visual clarity.

Tell-tale signs

Ruth Bigger Optician “Tests and basic glasses for Children up to 16 are free”

Early assessment is particularly urgent where a child has special needs, where there is a history of other family members wearing glasses in childhood, squinting, or being treated for lazy eye by wearing a patch. You should also suspect and investigate sight problems if your child screws up their face when reading a book or watching the TV. Another tell-tale sign is when they put books close to their face or sit too close to the TV. Watch to see if a child squints, rubs their eyes excessively when not tired or whether their eyes water. Don’t ignore any complaint from the child that they have blurred vision or an unexplained headache. Look at flash photographs of your child to see if “red eye” appears in one eye but not the other or whether there is a white, yellow or orange colour in their pupils as this may indicate a rare condition that should be tested immediately. Advice on children’s eye tests from the College of Optomotrists

The solution

Your child’s test may often be clear and you will not need glasses or treatment. Once a problem has been diagnosed however, correction is very simple. Glasses or a patch may be all that is required. Coloured overlays or tinted glasses may improve reading speeds. It is worth contributing more to get glasses that are personalised to your child’s face. Glasses need to fit at the nose without shifting. Lenses only work as prescribed when they are positioned where they were prescribed to be in front of the eye. Poorly fitted glasses could be worse than no glasses at all! Lindburg frames are particularly child proof because their patented Danish design eliminates all screws, rivets and welds and the titanium from which they are made is robust yet light to wear. As a bonus you can tell your child that Simon Cowell, Billy Connolly and Elton John all wear them so if they look after their eyes like they do – maybe one day they will be rich and famous too!

Personally fitted light weight Lindberg frames without rivets, welds or screws tough yet fashionable

See the Lindberg range here

Visit our site here

Advice on children’s eye tests from the College of Optomotrists


Zapit! Magazine March April 2013  

Zapit! Magazine March April 2013

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