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Tips on layering up in time for Winter and more


NOV 2021

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Photographer: Sam Nash @samnashshots

Editor notes

As Halloween was just around the corner I started feeling this crazy level of excitement, thinking of all the festivities that were to come in the near future. As you know that would never happen without a sufficient amount of anxiety driven by all the gifts and all the expectations that Christmas carried. This month, we are here to help elevate some of that weight by providing you with direct answers and ideas on what you buy your most loved ones before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so you get to save up some money while being prepared and shopping earlier, while looking cute in your cosy Winter layered-up outfit. I looked around, took a sip of my hot chocolate and realised the irony - I have a cinnamon candle lit next to me, and I am blasting Christmas songs on the Google Home speaker, but what can I say, I am a die-hard Christmas fan. On the cover we have featured a make-up editorial shoot by Stefan Sokolovski with the model Tamara Galevska. In Issue 13 we interview Sam Nash - a London-based photographer, and the artist of the month with Drawing Cabaret Couture - Yannosse Mallard. I am even more excited to invite all diamond tier supporters of Drawing Cabaret Couture to participate in our Christmas competition. Over the past few days we have received an incredible number of fashion illustrations circled around life drawing classes the illustrators have previously attended with DCC, and the winner will have the opportunity to have their illustration as a Christmas card printed and distributed. Hoping you enjoy reading this month’s issue as much as we loved putting it together. Deyvid Dimitrov Editor-in-chief






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SAM NASH - Photographer Interview How To Layer-Up Your Outfits STEFAN SOKOLOVSKI DIOR CRUISE 2022 Gift Ideas In Preparation for Christmas DRAWING CABARET COUTURE

Yannosse Mallard - Interview Christmas Competition




Photographer: Sam Nash @samnashshots Assistant: Gianvi La Rosa @gianvi_photographer Models: Lauren Rose McGee @laurenuk Jasmine Sumner @jasminelsumner_ Maggie @wildsagebloom Alba Sanchez @alba.sanchezx @motheroftheskies Tessa Stannard @tessastannard Make-up: Maxi Lee Beauty @maxileebeauty_




Photographer Interview Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. How are you today? Thank you. I am grateful to Goldfoil Magazine for having me here. I am doing just great! Amazing things are happening!

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? Where are you from? My name is Sam Nash. I was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales. I currently reside in London. I specialise in portrait, fashion, and lifestyle images. Between Wales and London, my professional career began in commercial and advertising, before arriving at fashion and lifestyle portraiture. Capturing portraits offered me the utmost artistic and creative freedom, as well as allowed me to have a competitive edge. I have been in the photography business for 20 years shooting ad campaigns for high clients such as Vogue, London Fashion Week, IGH Hotels, Audi, NHS, and more. I am often sought after by big clients for my continuous work ethic, technical skills in a wide array of professional cameras, lighting gear, and lenses, as well as for my adventurous and outgoing personality that compliments my creative outlet.

Could you please tell us more about your recent photoshoot with Roto? Working with rotolight has been a dream come true, as I’ve actually been using their lights for nearly a decade. When I was approached by Rotolight to showcase my work using their new Aeos 2 and Neo 3, which are yet to be to market, I was has completely blown away by the opportunity! These lights are a game changer to any photographer. I was able to achieve new styles and really push my vision to its limit, in ways I’ve never imagined. The project for Rotolight was massive! We had 6 models and a huge crew on site shooting all over London. The fact these lights were lightweight and powerful allowed me to be able to capture my shots in so many different styles. My photography is completely changed thanks to Rotolight!




What inspires you and what are your What do you think makes a successful favourite subjects to shoot? photographer? What inspires me is constantly creating new artwork. I live, breathe, and dream photography. I have used art as self-expression since the age of 9. And art, as you can imagine, was my favourite subject in school. I grew up seeing the world from a different lens until I finally got my hands on my first camera, which in a way, was just a different lens of me expressing myself - in an artistic way. I love the freedom I get when I shoot, and the pressure that comes with challenging and pushing myself forward every day. I never shoot anything that doesn’t talk back to me! I love working with people, and they are the only subjects I shoot. There’s something creative and magical when you’re working with people; seeing their expression and capturing that on camera is the icing on the cake!

Did you go to university for photography or are you self-taught? I went to university to study multi-media, but photography is completely self-taught. I truly believe that photography is innate in me. Whatever I know, learn, and apply, comes from my true passion.

I think passion equals success. Being self-motivated and laser focused comes from that passion. I only think and talk about photography (just ask my wife)! I am awakened in the middle of the night by visions and ideas for my next shoots; I spend restless nights editing and preparing for my next big projects. I have gone days without sleep just to get my vision to fruition. This may not be the life for every photographer, but photography is my life.

Where can people find you online? The best place to find me is on Instagram at: @samnashshots as it is constantly updated with my new projects and shoots.

My website is:

Tell us about your first introduction to photography? I was first introduced to photography when I bought my first Sony camera at the age of 16. I was blown away by its features; so much so that I could not sleep that night. I started going out and shooting in the park. I walked around and spoke with strangers, asking if I could capture them on camera. I shot anyone that crossed my path, as usually photographers do when they start out.


Photographer: Sam Nash @samnashshots Assistant: Gianvi La Rosa @gianvi_photographer Models: Lauren Rose McGee @laurenuk Jasmine Sumner @jasminelsumner_ Maggie @wildsagebloom Alba Sanchez @alba.sanchezx @motheroftheskies Tessa Stannard @tessastannard Make-up: Maxi Lee Beauty @maxileebeauty_ 16




Photographer: Stefan Sokolovski @sokolovski_stefan Model: Tamara Galevska @tamaragalevska Designer: X.Mladenovski @xmladenovski Make-up: Anastasija Velickovik @_annacat.mua__ Hair: Lazarewski @lazarewski.l 19



Photographer: Stefan Sokolovski @sokolovski_stefan Model: Tamara Galevska @tamaragalevska Designer: X.Mladenovski @xmladenovski Make-up: Anastasija Velickovik @_annacat.mua__ Hair: Lazarewski @lazarewski.l 22




Dior unveils the campaign for the Dior 2022 Cruise Collection, captured in the heart of an emblematic monument, the Temple of Zeus on the Ancient Greek archeological site of Nemea, in homage to an iconic shoot that took place at the acropolis seventy years ago, featuring haute couture looks by Monsieur Dior. Maria Grazia Chiuri celebrates the eternal beauty of Greece, its landscapes, and its powerful inspirations through the personalities, artists and images that nourish her poetic language and singular references.


For photographer Julia Hetta, models embody the modern, sportswear spirit of the silhouettes, such as a reinvented peplum, shown at the Panathenaic stadium in Athens, while house icons like the Lady Dior as well as the essential Dior Bobby and Dior Vibe bags exalt an aesthetic dialogue imbued with surrealism in a play of light and dualities, a subtly abstract composition, this series magnifies Dior symbols revisited with dreaminess and movement, art history, and mythology. The chromatic purity of the Dior 2022 Cruise Line etches out a captivating contemporary Odyssey combining past and present, heritage and creativity.




Drawing Cabaret Couture


Illustration by:

Connie Lim @Connie Lim A3, Colour Pencils, Ink and Watercolours


Drawing Cabaret Couture Drawing Cabaret Couture was created by model and professional dancer Janet Mayer and artist & set designer Matthew Lawrence. Together they collaborate with some of the finest and up and coming designers and fashion creatives to bring their fabulous live drawing classes to your living room. Their concept has proven very successful especially during the pandemic and that is when it grew in popularity, as more and more creatives needed a sense of normality and a new inspiration. Recently they reopened their studio allowing a selected number of illustrators to attend an in-person live drawing session. Matthew designs and builds the most dynamic sets to accompany the designer featured that week, while Janet with her adrogynous poses and flexible movements brings the garments to life. All accompanied by a very carefully curated music playlist as well as a narrative promoting the designer and creatives involved. The classes have already gained a huge global following of professional artists and illustrators as well as those who simply just want to immerse themselves in this unique new drawing experience. When taking part in a two-hour art class online, you will immerse yourself into a fantasy world, letting go of preconceptions. You will have the opportunity to focus on colours, shapes and movement from the comfort of your home studio while taking inspiration from this incredible visual experience. By taking part in such a creative and so-


cial immersive event as Drawing Cabaret Couture, you will have the opportunity to meet many other creatives, as well as learn of designers and artists you might not have come across before, you will see your artistic skills improve and you will gain more clarity, and feel more relaxed and confident. After each class Matthew and Janet do an editorial photoshoot which is shared with their Patreon supporters, and we have the incredible honour to show some of their images, and the artworks some of the artists create on a monthly basis.

Connie Lim @Connie Lim A3, Colour Pencils, Ink and Watercolours 33

Big Plaid Coat 7x13 Watercolour

Bareback With Flag 7x13 Watercolour

Teresa Reinalda @teresareinalda_9modernmuses 34

Yannosse Mallard @zeeyannosse 35

Ambra Valentina The Suffragettes 42x42cm Watercolour


Betty Southerland @besoart444 8x12in Watercolour


Vote For Women

Emanuela Mae Agrini @emanuela_mae_agrini Punk Suffragettes


Jean Warner @jean_warner_art




Out To The Party 35x27cm Watercolour

Maksim Koloskov @supermalevich Buzz Off 35x27cm Watercolour


Melanie Termtanasak @melaniefashiondiary



Peyton Dixon @peytondixonart

Hear Me Roar


11x15 Watercolour

7.4x11 Watercolour

Suzy Mandel-Canter @suzycanter 43

Yannosse Mallard is a multi-talented artist with many years of experience in the creative world, who has worked on projects such as Pirates of the Caribbean and The Ring. In the early 2000s he was one of the pioneering artists on the LA landscape to experiment and get into CGI and VFX. I am really excited to share this interview with you today. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for this exciting full of creative ideas conversation.


MALLARD Artist of the month interview


Hi Yann! In LA, I got the chance to work for several Post ProThank you for agreeing to do this inter- duction companies. I started out as a matte-paintview! How are you today? er then became a compositor and I developed a “hands-on” approach to learning VFX and 3D CGI Thank you for the invitation: “I feel good!” (music techniques. It really was a “pioneer town” back in by James Brown in the background please) those days, the internet was just a dream and soluAutumn is here and mother nature is offering us tions had to be found by experimenting with ora marvelous show. It's a sweet Indian summer and ganic and digital brainstorming! there are some awesome possibilities for bicycle The best memories I have from that America’s mad rides! men VFX advertising period are working for the remake of “The Ring” and “Pirates Of The CaribCould you tell us a bit about yourself and beans” directed by Gore Verbinsky. For “The Ring” your work? I was so happy to go crazy with textures and bring into the digital world so many “dirty” elements that I am a dual French & American citizen. I’m cur- had been scanned from the real world. My tongue rently working as a Visual FX artist for multiple even got to make a cameo via a member of the pirate French companies. crew! This shot was kind of a treat from the direcI was first involved in creating video games in Paris tor who had learned of my passion for working like in the 90s, then my family and I moved to California a mad scientist. and we lived there for over 20 years.


What sparked your interest in art? I think of this testimony from my mother: it's coming right there in the street art of carnival. Apparently I was scared to death from the huge sculpted mask and the dressed up caravans from “Mardi Gras“ street fairs. Apparently I was scared but fascinated at the same time and was screaming to death and rushing towards the performance to see more of it! hahaha!!! Years later my guts were turned inside out by this Spanish street theatre company named “LA FURA DELS BAUS” and the first show I saw from them was “SUZ O SUZ”. Same deal! A totally frightful feeling that made me dive right into the cele-


bration of the dance, music, art installation used for the show: “ART TOTAL“ this concept fascinates me. And to connect with Drawing Cabaret Couture! It was during the crazy pandemic when I started to really get into Instagram, I was really delighted to get a chance to dive once more into those marvellous insane various designer show live events! To recap, I feel that the truth, and total engagement of any artist performing his craft is what triggers my excitement. No matter how the result is, my “go-to” positive vibes in any art form is a brutal truth and honesty in the making. I also love all the gritty dirty accidents that can happen in the process. You know sometimes those things you’d rather hide thinking it’s not perfect or pretty enough to show. Naaah! Give me some of that! And at this point in my answer I think I need to clarify that “all this frenzyness” somehow comes after hard labor and dedication to learning the tools! I think Picasso summarized it the best: “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

I can see that your work is very diverse from fashion illustrations, to caricatures, and even 3D animation and simulations. How would you describe your art in a few words? I love observing life. All of it. Every aspect of it because all my senses come to action! The more you take in the more you want to somehow show from it! And I just can’t get enough of one medium to resonate with all those various sensorial inspirations. Recently I started learning music and it’s just mind blowing; what comes to my mind in describing it is that it opens some “LOVE STREAMS” Did you go to university or are you self taught? I would say 50/50. First I went to this French university of art called “Ecole des Beaux-Arts“. But as a teenager fascinated with computer art I had to learn that the hard way by myself. And to be honest in Art School, after the 2 first years of technical craft/ skills learning, you are pretty much jumping from one project to another all by yourself.

Could you walk us art-making process?



For drawings I love to capture things as fast as possible on paper. To preserve in my mind, this magical moment of the dance/communication between the tool and the paper. Using a pentel brush pen or charcoal I just love to twist the tool in all directions to get some unique textures, like a musical instrument getting different melodies, tonalities. Then, depending on my opinion about the “quality of those drawings”, I will take pictures or scan and experiment with textures in Photoshop. Now that I've come to talk about it, it seems to me that this digital step is kind of another ritual of extracting some of that poetry in the magic “drawing process ritual”. You know, like in the C.E.R.N in Switzerland where they push Atoms to collide and study the residual activities… I investigate my rough drawings and communicate to the viewers some of that invisible energy! For those animations you mention, music is super important in the birth of a creative desire, and it’s true also for a bicycle ride in the city or the countryside, an enigmatic face in the subway, the strange

atmosphere of fog revealing a snowy bridge in a no man’s land, 2 guys dressed up as city workers and looking at the sky in the most peculiar way, the close-up texture of any material telling its incredible story and journey through space and time! What is your favourite medium to work with? Most recently with the wonderful high-adrenaline Drawing Cabaret Couture sessions, I must admit that charcoal is my go-to medium. I feel like a rockstar performing on stage during those 3/5 minute poses. And most of the time I split the 10 minute ones into multiple 3-4 minutes drawings, sometimes even 1 minute! Just to enjoy the wild spirit of “Truth and honesty” without a safety net to capture those precious moments. And the computer! I love to extract and infuse in my digital world all the various essences of the organic side of the world.


What is a piece of work you are most proud of? Recently the number 4 (below) from the Drawing Cabaret Couture Punk Suffragettes’ session. Total blast of pleasure between the set, music, poses and of course the designers’ art. A few years back, I was offered an expo of my drawings in LA: an accident happened where I found very old Japanese books and went crazy using summy INK and PENTEL BRUSH on them. Capturing wild very decorative patterns probably infused by the mystical poetry emanating from those old and beautiful pages.


What advice would you give any beginner artist, drawing from your personal experience? Follow your heart and soul. Feed your heart and soul. Especially for any aspiring artist: work like a mad MAAAAD scientist. If you want to be free from the techniques of any craft/technique and “truly and honestly” to express your inner voice: MASTER the fundamental rules (or not because like I once heard a musician say, sometimes it’s just due to a lack of knowledge and culture that one might think they are creating something completely new) and then (or during that learning period) you can destroy them. Destroy in the creative sense meaning making emergent new forms of life!

Last but not least I was profoundly moved by this text from artist TÀPIES ANTONI in his book “The practice of Art“ about a chair, a very humble and simple wood chair. He describes how as an artist how he feels, sees, perceives, reacts, senses every thing, about this chair: first its actual description, shape, color, size, then open the door to how this chair feels put in this or that room, under this or that condition, with this or that person, or object, or animal on it. And he goes talking about how it was made, when it was made, imagine the story of that craft man, and the story between the craftsman and the object, and the wood, imagine the trees, where it grew, how it was cut, the story of who cut that tree, and the story of the travel of the seed that brought that seed at that specific point of space and time… etc etc etc... I just love that. Period.




Yannosse Mallard @zeeyannosse


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