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Volume 54 Issue 06


Gregg & Alison Bull gpeditor@az.pca.org


Rick Althouse

Kimberly Amadeo

Danielle Badler

Dan Bouet

Kellie Bouet

Alison Scott Bull

Gregg Bull

Jim & Carole Bultema

Paul Hanson

Bruce Harrington

Kim Kemper

Rod Ladd

Scott Mcilvain

Angela Manente

Mark Manente

Kenneth Mitchell

Robert Richardson

Sarah Vitel

David K. Whitlock

Rook Younger




25.............Featured Member - Robert Richardson

26.............Review - Treffen Wine Country Tour

30.............A Letter of Thanks from St. Vincent De Paul

32.............Kimberly’s Korner - Facts, Figures and Fallacies

34.............Pinnacle Brewing’s Grand Opening - Congrats

35.............A Review in Photos - Aunt Chilada’s

39.............Book Reviews for Porschephiles - Formula 1 Tech.

40.............Danielle’s Column - The Last 100 Days

42.............Review - Saguaro Lake Drive

54 ............TechTime with Scott M - Cooling System Updates

56.............Stuttgart Market Letter

58.............A Letter of Thanks from Mesa Community College

68.............Drive your Porsche on a Race Track


Going Places is the official publication of the Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region and is published electronically monthly.

Written contributions and photographs are welcomed and can be emailed to the editor. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region, its officers or members. Permission is granted to reprint any material herein provided full credit is given to the author and to Going Places. PORSCHE®, the Porsche Crest®, CARRERA®, and TARGA® are trademarks of Porsche AG. The editor shall reserve the right to edit and publish only those articles felt to be in the best interest of the members of the Porsche Club of America. THE DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES AND ADVERTISEMENTS SUBMITTED FOR PUBLICATION IS THE 15TH OF THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE MONTH OF PUBLICATION. Commercial advertising rates can be found in the back of this publication.

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2005 Carrera GT Photo courtesy of Paul Hanson



Mark Manente president@az.pca.org


5...............2024 Calendar of Events

8...............Upcoming Membership Meeting - King’s Fish House

9...............Upcoming Porsches n’ Pancakes - Schmooze

10..............Future Porsches n’ Pancakes - Black Mountain

11..............Future Porsches n’ Pancakes - Soul Cafe

15..............Cars, Coffee & Camaraderie - Alpio’s at Troon

16..............Future AZPCA Social Event - Anthem


Dan Bouet vicepresident@az.pca.org


Gregg Bull secretary@az.pca.org


Marty Ercoline treasurer@az.pca.org


Mark Baker pastpresident@az.pca.org


Doug Buchanan


17..............11th Annual D-BACKS Baseball Social 20..............AZPCA Driving Tour - Durango, Gateway, Moab

23..............AZPCA Driving Tour - Ken Steele Alpine Tour

24..............AZPCA Driving Tour - Arizona Snowbowl

28..............2024 AutoX Schedule

29..............2024 HP Drivers Education Schedule

31..............AZPCA Driving Tour/Wine tasting - Cottonwood

52..............2024 Porsche Parade - Birmingham, AL

65..............PCA - Digital Membership Cards

70..............2nd Annual AZM Auto-X

71..............Orange Coast Region presents, 52nd Concours

72..............National - SIM Racing

73..............National - Special Interest Program

74..............National - Panorama Back issues Online


4..............Arizona Region Board

6..............President’s Note 7..............From the Editors

37..............Goodie Store

38 .............Awards & Accolades

45..............Social Media

47..............Please welcome - New Members

48..............Happy PCA Members’ Anniversaries

49..............Executive Appointees

50..............Zone 8 Staff and Websites 59..............Sponsorship Program


Frank Grimmelmann


Kenneth Mitchell


Steve S


5..............Hamra Fine Jewelry & Timepieces 12..............NEW - 2U Tire 13..............NEW - Merrill Lynch 13..............NEW - Dill Petroleum 14..............D.L.Jones Home Team 14..............McIlvain Motors 14..............NEW Pinnacle Brewing Co. 15..............Raven Gastropub 19..............APEX Realty Services

36..............Bayntree Wealth Advisors

44..............Protective Film Solutions

46..............Tech Plus Automotive

51..............Trackside Motorsports

IFC,51 .......Porsche Chandler

BCC, 45.......Porsche North Scottsdale



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= Tentative

For a complete list of all upcoming events please visit our calendar website: https://az.pca.org/events/ **Please Note: Dates and times are subject to change**

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 5 |
2024 5 Wed Monthly Meeting
9-15 Sun
22 Sat Porsches
28-30 Fri
2024 10 Wed Driving
13 Sat Porsches
Black Mountain 14 Sun 11th Annual
day at the
28-04 Sun -Sat Treffen at Sea
2024 7 Wed Monthly Meeting - Lou Malnati’s Pizza 17 Sat Porsches n’ Pancakes - Soul Cafe 18-24 Sun -Sat Driving Tour - Durango, Gateway Sept 2024 4 Wed Monthly Meeting - TBD 14 Sat Porsches
Anthem 15 Sun Picnic Drive
Tonto Natural Bridge 21-22 Sat-Sun HPDE
INDE 28-29 Sat-Sun Driving Tour/Wine tasting
Cottonwood Oct 2024 2 Wed Monthly Meeting
TBD 12 Sat AutoX
20 Sun Driving
26 Sat Phoenix
27 Sun HPDE
AMP Nov 2024 6 Wed Monthly Meeting
TBD 9 Sat
11 Mon
13-15 Wed-Fri
Dec 2024 7-8 Sat-Sun
8-9 Sun-Mon
14 Sat Social
- King’s Fish House
Parade - Birmingham, AL
n’ Pancakes - Schmooze
Tour - Ken Steele Alpine Tour July
Tour - Arizona Snowbowl
n’ Pancakes -
- AMP Skidpad
Tour-Rancho (T)
AutoX - AMP Skidpad
AutoX - AMP road course (T)
Driving Tour - Fall Colors (T)
Sat-Sun LVPCA - Spring Mt. HPDE
HPDE & TT - Podium
Prescott Holiday Light Tour (T)
- Holiday Party (T) (T)

"Growing wiser is a combination of humility and diligent curiosity. Without the first, the second is useless." Charlie Munger

We are headed into the three hottest months of the year; we still have great drives and social activities. Ken Steele Alpine tour is almost full, Porsche and Pancakes continue with Frank Grimmelmann taking over organizing duties from Dennis Rood. The next Porsche and Pancakes is on June 22nd at Schmooze. Our seasonal members are heading home to cooler climates. Safe travels and have a great summer, see you in the fall.

Kudos to Kim Kemper, Rick Althouse and Dan Bouet's team for running another successful Autocross and HP Drivers Education events. Look for the fall schedule to start in September.

Rook and Debbie Younger have organized a drive to the Snowbowl in Flagstaff on July 10th. If you haven't taken the gondola up the mountain, you are in for a treat. You can see for miles and miles and...

The club's annual Ken Steele Alpine Drive, June 28-30th has a few openings for more vehicles. Tal-Wi-Wi Lodge is close to capacity but there are other lodging options at Mountain Hi Lodge.

Also, July 14th is our 11th Annual Day at the Ballpark. The Diamondbacks are playing the Toronto Blue Jays. This year the club reserved a suite, with all the amenities; including food, drink, private bathroom, and 10 parking passes (distributed by lottery).

Exciting news! The Annual Phoenix-Flight Concours d’Elegance is in the planning stages. Volunteers are welcome to help us make this year's event extra special.

Make it a great month!

Mark M

| 6 | PRESIDENT’S NOTE Mark Manente

From the EDITORS Gregg and Ali Bull

Your Health Matters!

Did you know that people who have strong social connections have a lower risk of health conditions like heart disease, stroke, dementia, and depression*?

AZPCA has a great structure and environment that supports this statement. We have a great people-based club with a caring environment. There are multiple connections to fundraising opportunities as well as opportunities to contribute to the club and the greater social AZPCA community. These are like gemstones for your soul.

We want to continue to encourage our club members with social connections, to participate in our numerous events and take time to deepen connections with your current club friends and find the opportunity to make some new friends.

We know from a lot of data published by different government and health agencies that each of us can improve our health when we have; good social connections, the opportunity to help others, and are supported by a community. When we focus on things that we can do to strengthen our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, whatever form it takes, we have more energy and connectivity. We literally feed ourselves.

In our own experience, long walks in nature, first thing in the morning and witnessing the wildlife that our beautiful state of Arizona sustains, including deer, bobcats, coyotes, many birds and reptiles and even the insects, it’s important to take a moment to look around you. Breathe in the ‘now’ and appreciate how robust our environment really is. We can take a lesson from seeing how our plants and trees bloom even in the heat, and our wildlife successfully thrives. It’s a gentle reminder that we too can slow down, enjoy the moment wherever we are, and feed ourselves with a positive outlook that supports improved health Fortunately, there are many opportunities that support this in terms of club events that you will find throughout this newsletter. Both on a regional club level, and a National level with the Porsche Parade in Birmingham in the middle of June, socializing and friendships are just an event away!

Our wish to each of you this month, and every month, is that you can find a way to feed yourselves improved health and wellbeing.

Don’t forget that you have friends at AZPCA!


Going Places Facts and Figures

The Deadline for submitting material is the 15th of each month.

Submissions received after that date will appear in a later edition.

Articles written and submitted to Going Places are done so on a voluntary basis.

The views, opinions or suggested links provided by the editors do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of AZPCA or PCA and have not been indorsed as such.

Dates, locations and costing for events may change after publication, please refer to the AZPCA website or MotorsportReg for the up to date information.

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 7 |

AZPCA Monthly Membership Meeting

June 5, 2024 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

King’s Fish House - Tempe

Come join us for our monthly meeting at King’s Fish House in Tempe. Three generations in the making.

First Course:

Mixed Green Salad


Served with rice & zucchini.

Charbroiled Atlantic Salmon

Charbroiled Shrimp

Rainbow Trout Amandine

Roasted Herb Chicken Breast

Soft Drinks:

Iced Tea, Coke Products, Hot Tea, Coffee


Key lime pie or Chocolate cake

Event Schedule:

5:30 – 6:15 p.m. Social hour

6:15 – 7:00 p.m. Dinner

7:00 – 7:30 p.m. Meeting and meet a member

Registration is required for this event.

The closing date to register is June 2, 2024 at midnight

Jim and Carole Bultema, Organizers

Registration is limited to 80

King’s Fish House

35 South McClintock Drive

Tempe, AZ 85281 For more

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Upcoming Monthly Membership Meeting - King’s Fish House
details and to REGISTER for this event CLICK HERE

Upcoming Porsches n’ Pancakes - Schmooze

Schmooze in Scottsdale

We will be sitting in the front garden.

June 22rd, 8-10AM

Maximum 45 [$30/person all-inclusive, including tip & only accepting online payments in advance]. NOTE TO ALL OF YOU, THE OWNER WILL BLOW IT OUT OF THE PARK THIS YEAR AND WILL BE HOLDING THE PRICE AGAIN THIS YEAR.


hef Tony, the owner of Schmooze, in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale looks forward to welcoming AZPCA

members back to another memorable brunch in his ‘Secret Garden” located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale Tony was the former owner/operator of such Valley staples as Bravo! Bistro, Bravo! Pizzeria, and Naya Mediterranean Cuisine.

After studying food, beverage, and hotel management at the Culinary School of Jordan he continued his education at the Culinary of the Sorbonne, Paris. He began his career in 1980 as sous-chef for King Hussein at the Royal Palace of Jordan. He prepared many styles of cuisine for state dinners, where guests included dignitaries and leaders from around the world. In 1985, he moved to the United States and became an American citizen. He was the banquet chef at the Arizona Biltmore Resort in the mid to late '80s, then moved temporarily to Hawaii to open the Westin Maui Resort. Tony then served as General Manager of Tomaso's restaurant, opening Tomaso's concepts in Del Coronado and Phoenix, Arizona. In 1996 he opened Bravo! Bistro and has been a chef-owner since that time. His belief is that fresh, slow food prepared properly appeals to people who know and enjoy quality cuisine.

Schmooze is unlike any concept Tony has been a part of before. Schmooze opened in 2018 to be a where businesses could collaborate and “schmooze” with clients to seal the deal

Menu: Quiche served with petite salad, Mini Max muffin and Fruit

American coffee

$30/participant [includes tip & tax]

Schmooze Café

4222 N Marshall Way

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 9 |
For more details and to REGISTER for this event CLICK HERE

Future Porsches n’ Pancakes - Black Mountain Coffee

Black Mountain Coffee Shop in the Carefree Spanish Garden Saturday, July 13th, 7:30-10:00AM

Maximum 45 participants (order off the menu)

Well-known for their Delicious Breakfasts for the past 46 years and located in Carefree’s historic Spanish Village, join us in the courtyard for this exceptional Porsche & Pancakes Event!

Enjoy Locally Roasted Coffee & Freshly Brewed Tea, Homemade Cinnamon Rolls, Homemade Biscuits and Gravy, and a Full Breakfast Menu that you’ll be able to order from directly.

Select Gluten Free Menu Items and Much More!

Event from 7:30 to 10:00 AM in the courtyard.

Saturday, July 13th

Estimated Number of Participants 45 Menu ORDER OFF THE FULL MENU w/ Individual Checks

Black Mountain Coffee Shop

Historic Spanish Village in Downtown Carefree 7211 E. Ho Road, Unit 23, Carefree, AZ 85377

For more details regarding this event CLICK HERE

| 10 |

Future Porsches n’ Pancakes - Soul Cafe

Soul Café North Scottsdale

**August 17th, 7:30 - 9:30 (Corrected Date)**

Maximum 45 order off the menu

Soul offers eclectic dishes influenced by the flavors and cultures of Arizona. Chef Sheila and her staff are committed to giving you the true taste of modern American Southwest cuisine by using only the best ingredients and preparing everything fresh in their kitchen. View their menu at https://www.soulscottsdale.com/menu/breakfast -lunch then join us for this annual AZPCA Porsche & Pancakes event and experience the flavor of the southwest for yourself.

Event from 7:30 to 9:30 AM

Sit in the outdoor seating area on the south side of the building

**Saturday, August 17th (Corrected Date)**

Estimated Number of Participants: 45 Menu ORDER OFF THE FULL MENU w/ Individual Checks

Soul Café North Sco/sdale

7615 E. Pinnacle Peak Road

Sco4sdale, AZ 85255

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 11 |
For more details regarding this event CLICK HERE

Please welcome our Newest AZPCA Sponsors!

Looking for Tires in Phoenix, AZ?

Ways to Shop Tires in Phoenix, AZ

Looking For Tires Phoenix, AZ? 2U Tire, your local mobile tire shop has you covered! With quality service, certified mechanics, and name brands tires, Phoenix, AZ's 2U Tire is the one stop shop for all of your tire and tire service needs. Call or stop by, and one of our experienced staff members will assist you. We offer tires in a range of categories including passenger, light truck, and so much more.

2U Tire, your local mobile tire shop, has provided tires and quality services in Phoenix, AZ since 2014 with over 30 years of experience. Make sure to give us a call or Schedule an Appointment. You can also submit a quote or contact us, and someone from our knowledgeable staff will assist you as quickly as possible.

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With Merrill, the bull always has your back.

We’re bullish on your future. When we work together, you get personalized guidance, insights and financial planning — all designed to connect your life with your finances and to help make the path toward your goals even clearer. Let’s have a conversation. The A Team

Remo Antoniolli, CPWA®

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Investing involves risk.

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (MLPF&S) is a registered broker-dealer, registered investment adviser, and Member SIPC. Bank of America, N.A., Member FDIC and MLPF&S are wholly owned subsidiaries of Bank of America. The Bull Symbol and Merrill are registered trademarks of Bank of America Corporation. CPWA® is a registered certification mark of the Investments & Wealth Institute®. For more information about the Institute and the CPWA certification, please visit investmentsandwealth.org. © 2024 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved. MAP6074606 | 11/2023

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 13 |
| 14 |

Cars, Coffee & Camaraderie

Alpio’s at Troon

Every 2nd Saturday please join Alpio for Car’s, Coffee and Donut Holes 10452 E Jomax Rd, Scottsdale, 85262

NEXT event: Sat, June 8th from 7am-10am

For more details regarding this event CLICK HERE

Scratch Cooking, Inspired Dining

Artisanal, fine dining with the discerning palate in mind. Inspired dining made from locally-sourced produce.




8900 East Pinnacle Peak Road, Ste B1, Scottsdale, AZ, 85255


GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 15 |

Upcoming AZPCA Social Event


Annual Porsche & Pancakes at Anthem Country

SATURDAY, September 14 @ 8:30 am – 11:00 am


On the heels of the ten past years’ very successful events, we will again return to the elegant Ironwood Grill at the Anthem Country Club for another signature event [with indoor [open and outdoor seating available]!

Please save the date for this special event, and plan to join us on Sunday, September 14th. Since we will likely exceed 60 Porsches and over 100 enthusiasts, secure your spot now. Forget the red zones in front of the main entrance, this is a Porsche event, and we’ll have the cars lined up around the circular drive and let them overflow into the parking lot once again. Check-In opens at 8:30 AM, with food served at 9:00 AM! There will be no onsite registration and you must pay online in advance.

To entice those of you who missed this event last year or those that drive further, we thought you’d like to see what you missed, all for an all-inclusive $40/person (all-in, Fully Inclusive including tip):

Healthy, Sweet, Savory Buffet

Fresh Sliced Fruit Display

Crème Brule French Toast_ Asparagus, Mushroom and Gruyere Strudel


Prepared to order with Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Spinach, Tomatoes, Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Cheddar, Salsa and Swiss and Feta Cheeses!


Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea, Grapefruit & Orange Juices

Maria and I are excited by the prospect of welcoming you to experience the best of the Anthem Country Club, please join us and reserve now! Frank Grimmelmann


Frank Grimmelmann (623) 551-1526


| 16 |
for this event CLICK HERE
For more details and to Register
GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 17 |


AZPCA Region Event Cancelation Policies & Event Organizer Responsibilities

Event Cancellation Policy

Most of our events have attendance limits, and they fill up quickly. Also, we often have waiting lists for those wishing to attend but do not have a secured attendance spot. Increasingly, attendees sign up and simply do not show up for the event without canceling in advance. This behavior impacts the event registrar/organizer, the event facility, and those on the waiting list wanting to attend but cannot. This behavior demonstrates a lack of common courtesy, requiring it to be addressed proactively. On the first occurrence a warning will be issued, and on the second occurrence privileges to attend future events may be impacted. Also, any registration fees for paid events will be forfeited without recourse since the club is charged regardless. The cancelation policy requires cancelation of your registration on MSR for paid or unpaid events a minimum of 7 days prior to the event date, unless there are serious and extenuating emergency circumstances as assessed by the event registrar/organizer. Most importantly, please be courteous to your fellow members so that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy events.

Event Organizer Responsibilities

Event organizers are required to send out a reminder approximately 9 days in advance of any event reminding registrants of the event and summarizing their responsibilities by including the following language:

Thank you for your RSVP. Please note that whether or not there is a registration fee for this event, the restaurant is expecting a certain number of attendees we provide to them in advance and incur cost accordingly If you need to cancel please do so at least one week prior to the event date (being a no-show without notice is rude to other members who wish to attend, the restaurant and to the event organizer). Additionally, if there is a fee or prepayment associated with the event, it will be forfeited if cancelled less than 7 days before the event. Thank you!”

Additionally, event organizers are requested to send out a reminder two or three days prior to the event simply as a courtesy to remind those attending.

| 18 |


Reimbursement & Stipend Policy for AZPCA HPDE Events:

1. Reimbursement is provided to 5 key workers / volunteers for actual round-trip fuel cost (upon providing receipts), and if applicable, $120/night stipend for lodging/ incidentals. If it is not an overnight event and/or a requirement, then spend is reduced to $40. Key workers are volunteers that are attending the event solely to work the event but not participate in the event. Examples could be: Grid worker(s), Safety inspector(s), Timing and Scoring Chair, Safety Chair, Event Chair, CDI. Excludes: Corner workers/flaggers.

2. A corner worker/flagger is offered a $100 stipend or a $175 MSR credit for a future HPDE event, by choice of the flagger.

3. Other non-critical volunteer positions are provided a lunch (lunch will either paid for individually or provided as part of event to all participants).

4. The Event Organizer is reimbursed for fuel costs related to event planning/execution and round-trip fuel cost (upon providing receipts and log).

5. Continue to offer discounted registration fees for approved AZPCA Instructors.

Policy adopted by majority vote of the Board of Directors at the June 2023 BOD meeting


• Property Management

• Turnover Services

• Leasing / Screening

• Consulting Dan Bouet, Designated Broker dan@apexrealtysvc.com (480) 702-1011 www.apexrealtysvc.com

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 19 |

A 7 -day trip featuring some of the most spectacular scenery and driving roads in the Southwest.

Dinner at the historic Strater Hotel

Options for many activities in and around Durango, Colorado

| 20 | Future AZPCA Driving Tour - Durango-Gateway-Moab
GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 21 |
Awesome Drive on the Million Dollar Highway Scenic Drive & Lunch at Gateway Canyons Resort

Canyon River Cruise by Night

National Park Tours twisty drives! Relaxing

For more details and to Register for this event CLICK HERE

| 22 |
riverside at the Red
Cliffs Lodge Moab Scenic Drives

Future AZPCA Driving Tour - Alpine Tour XXIV


June 28 - 29 - 30

Join us this year for a great weekend drive to cooler temperatures and great conversation as we gather at Tai-Wi-Wi Lodge in Alpine AZ.

On Friday morning our group will depart the East Valley for a weekend on some of the best roads in Arizona to our destination, Tai-Wi-Wi Lodge. Saturday, you can explore on your own or join the group drive through New Mexico, south to Clifton, Arizona and up the Coronado Trail, which is 93 miles from Clifton to Alpine. We start off at 3,000 feet elevation driving up to 8,000 feet. We transition from desert to Alpine views on the curviest road in Arizona, which some say has 460 turns! But you can count them for yourself. This event always fills up quickly! Limited to 24 vehicles

*Make your hotel reservations ASAP at Cabin Butler for Tal-Wi-Wi Lodge, which has been reserved for our group. Call or text Reba or Leah at 928 -735-7617 and mention you are with the Arizona Porsche Group Tour on June 28-30. Leave a message if you are transferred to the afterhours operator for a return call. Additional lodging should Tal-Wi-Wi fill up is at Cabin Butler’s Mountain Hi Resort, which is 5 miles from Tal-Wi-Wi. Email for information: info@cabinbutler.com Itinerary

Friday, June 28 – Leave the east valley very early. Lunch in Pinetop, order off menu and pay your own bill. Evening social on the deck at the Lodge. ALWAYS A HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEKEND. Bring your own beverage and appetizers to share. Dinner: Bring something to grill or restaurants in town.

Saturday, June 29- Options: Explore on your own or join the group drive, (US 180 E, Morenci, 191 to Hannagan Meadow) bring a picnic lunch. Dinner: Club dinner at The Gateway Barbeque, order off the menu and pay your own bill or dinner on your own.

Sunday, June 30– Drive home on your own. Suggestion: Breakfast in Greer

For more details and to Register for this event CLICK HERE

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 23 |

Future AZPCA Driving Tour - Arizona Snowbowl

Driving Tour to the Snowbowl

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

What to do if you’re living in the Valley of the Sun and it’s the middle of the long, not summer? Get in your Porsche and join your PCA friends on a trip to the cool climes of Northern Arizona!

A mid-week drive means we will avoid the weekend traffic heading up north, and we’ll experience less congestion at our destination, the Arizona Snowbowl. The route will take us up the Black Canyon Freeway to Flagstaff. If you have driven up the Black Canyon as many times as many of us have, you tend to miss the fact that it is beautifully scenic almost the entire way from Rock Springs to Flagstaff. And with a string of Porsches along, it makes it that much more interesting.

After making our way through Flagstaff we will head out Fort Valley Road the twisting curves and beautiful forest scenery to the Agassiz Lodge, where ick back and relax as we enjoy lunch with mountain views at the highest restaurant on the mountain.

After lunch, you will have the option of taking a ride on the Arizona Gondola

“View the state in a truly awe-inspiring way and experience the vast beauty of Northern Arizona from the top of the Arizona Gondola! As the gondola travels up to 11,500 feet, see the cinder cone volcanic field, the red rocks in Sedona, and as far as the Grand Canyon on a clear day.” (“Scenic Gondola Rides” https://www.snowbowl.ski/scenic-gondolarides/, accessed May 20, 2024)

Though this is easily a day trip, some of us may choose to spend the night in Flag, taking advantage of the cool elevations before heading back home to the desert.

For details and to register, go to the event page on the AZPCA website.

For more details and to Register for this event CLICK HERE

| 24 |

Meet this month’s Featured Member - Robert Richardson

1. When did you join PCA?

2015 – Oregon Chapter (converted our membership to AZ after moving here a year ago)

2. What Porsche(s) do you have? 911 GT3 and a Taycan 4S

3. Where are you from? Oregon

4. Family?

Spouse Teresa, Sons Robby (daughter in law Brittany) & Hayden (daughter in law Hannah)

5. Work background or trade? CPA

6. What makes your car special?

Porsche – there is no substitute

7. Next upgrade?

Maybe a 911 Cabriolet

8. Have you personalized your car? No

9. Favorite memory with a car?

Driving on the Autobahn from Stuttgart to Munich after having dinner with our son who was studying abroad. (Opera was just getting out in Munich when we arrived at our hotel, amazing memory).

10. Where/Why did you buy your Porsche?

I had a friend in high school who had a 914, and another friend who drove a 930 Turbo to my 10 year high school reunion. I always wanted a 911 after watching the Porsches race at Portland International Raceway (Hurley Haywood & Al Holbert). I had the opportunity to meet Hurley Haywood two years ago at Monterey Car Week where he was doing a book signing.

11. High school nickname? Bobby

12. Top 3 cars you would own?

1. Porsche 911 GT3 (I have one)

2. Shelby Cobra

3. Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 25 |

Review - Treffen Wine Country Tour


6TH what? PCA Treffen event, Wine Country in Sonoma, CA. We have attended the first inaugural Treffen in 2016 at Lake Tahoe, Temaya in New Mexico, Santa Barbara, CA, Hill Country, Austin, TX and of course, our region hosted Treffen Scottsdale in 2021. The Wine Country event sold out in 7 minutes! We were registration number 224 and almost didn’t get in.

We left Gold Canyon on Saturday morning and stayed overnight in Santa Clarita. On Sunday morning we set off for Sonoma. The weather was great but the traffic was horrible. To say the least, Mark was not a happy camper driving in traffic.

We arrived at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn around 2:30 pm and check in was 3 pm at the Treffen Welcome desk. As expected, this was a five-star hotel. Nothing but the best for PCA members. Our goodie bag was an insulated wine cooler (very appropriate), drink chips, and we each got a puffer jacket, which we definitely needed because of the cooler temperatures in the evenings.

Sunday evening was the Welcome Reception held outside on the Breezeway Lawn. We ran into a few members from the Southern Arizona Region but only one couple, Richard Strahota and Trish Carroll, from Arizona. A couple from L.A., who attended PCA Parade in Palm Springs last June, remembered us from helping with the drive tour duties assigned; verifying attendees and giving out wristbands. We joined Tam and Chuck at their table.

Over the course of the next few days, we hung out with them at the social events/dinner and drive tour. We learned that Tam and her family (7 siblings and parents) were refugees, who fled Vietnam by boat. They were able to resettle in the U.S. Tam worked to pay her way to get a college education. This was very important because their parents were teachers in Vietnam. Tam studied to become an accountant. Chuck is a tax attorney, whose practice handles controversy and litigation tax cases. He was recruited by the Trump administration to serve as the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in 2018, for a five-year assignment. As the Commissioner, he presided over our tax system, which collected more than 4.9 trillion dollars in tax revenue for FY22. Chuck managed an agency of about 83,000 employees and a budget of more than 13.4 billion dollars! We had no idea that the IRS has been very effective using financial investigative techniques to combat human trafficking. IRS Criminal Investigation uses financial investigative techniques to combat human trafficking | Internal Revenue Service It’s refreshing to know there are dedicated employees who serve our country. We exchanged contact information and plan to stay in touch.

We took 2 drives on our own on Monday and Wednesday to visit some wineries. The most impressive was Castello di Amorosa (Castle of Love) in Calistoga. It is an authentically built 14th century Tuscan castle. It was a 15-year project in 1993. To learn more about the castle, check out their website: castellodiamorosa.com/ You had to make reservations ahead of time. The wine was very good and we purchased two bottles to take home and joined their wine club too. Shout out to our AZPCA member, Ryan Thompson, who gave us this recommendation along with having lunch at the Rutherford Grill.

On Tuesday, we took a Treffen organized drive to Tomales Bay/Martin Ray Winery. It was a beautiful drive through the scenic wine country.

Let’s just say our drive back home was interesting and leave it at that!

The 2024 Fall Treffen is in New Hampshire at the Omni Mount Washington Resort. We visited this hotel a few years back when visiting friends. It is awesome! Unfortunately, with a possible house closing happening around the same time we will have to take a pass. They also announced the 2025 Spring Treffen will be in Virginia.

We had a lot of fun and love the Treffen events. All I can say is, “It’s not just the cars, but the people”.

| 26 |

Review - Treffen Wine Country Tour

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 27 |


The tentative autocross dates for the 2024 AZPCA Region Autocross Season They are normally held on Saturday at AMP as follows:

• Summer Break....see you in October.

• October 12, 2024, Saturday - AZ Motorsport Park Skidpad

• November 9, 2024, Saturday - AZ Motorsport Park Skidpad

• November 11, 2024, Saturday - AZ Motorsport Park Road Course

About Autocross events:

Join us for our AZPCA autocross at Arizona Motorsports Park Skidpad. Location address is 15402 W. Camelback Rd, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340. Non-Porsches are welcome to participate. Multi lap format.

Contact Kim Kemper for more information. $60 for the event - there is no on site registration. If you wish to have someone, who is not an entrant, over 18 years old and who is an immediate household member, as a passenger for a taste of autox please pre-register and pay the $15 fee. Drivers can invite guests only during pre-registration who must complete all waivers, but cannot be a passenger and no lunch is provided. The club will be serving a lunch to all pre-registered drivers and taste of autocross participants. Gates open at 7:00 am. First car out at 8:30 am. Rental helmets can be reserved during the online registration process. Sorry but no go-karts, Polaris type, formula or other exoskeleton vehicles permitted. AMP has a strict sound limit of 92 db and your vehicle must pass sound tech held immediately before the event (around 8:00) or have a valid AMP sound sticker and no changes to the car impacting sound have been made since. A link to the Porsche waiver will be sent to you via email, information on the AMP paper waiver will be provided in your event receipt and is available on site.

Click HERE for the MotorsportReg link

If you have any questions regarding any of the autocross events, please contact the Autocross Co-chairs, Kim K. or Rick A. at autocross@az.pca.org

| 28 |

H PDE sc he du le

Saturday & Sunday, September 21-22, 2024

Inde Motorsports Ranch 

Sunday, October 27, 2024

Arizona Motorsports Park (CCW)

Saturday & Sunday, November 16-17, 2024

Spring Mountain Motor Resort (Las Vegas PCA Region Event – Registration Link TBD)

Saturday & Sunday, December 7-8, 2024

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 29 |
2024 Season
 Time Trials also available at this HPDE event HPDE Event Registrations: azpca.motorsportreg.com Arizona Motorsports Park – 15402 W. Camelback Rd, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 Inde Motorsports Ranch – 9301 W. Airport Rd, Willcox,
Podium Club at Attesa
Bianco Rd,
Spring Mountain Motor Resort
Highway 160, Pahrump,
Podium Club at Attesa 
AZ 85643
Casa Grande, AZ 85193
– 4767 S
NV 89048

A Letter of Thanks from St. Vincent De Paul

Future AZPCA Drive/Social Event - Cottonwood

(Placeholder) AZ Region Porsche Club Invites You to A Driving Tour/Wine Tasting Event in Old Town Cottonwood

This is also a Charity Fundraiser for St. Vincent de Paul The donation amount is $25 per person and can be made on MSR when registering.

We will take a scenic drive on the Beeline (SR87) and then through Payson, Pine, Camp Verde and into Cottonwood

Once we arrive and register at the Tavern Hotel, we will walk one block south and assemble at noon at the Colt Grill for a BBQ lunch ($25 per person). We will then visit 3 different Wineries on the Old Town Cottonwood main drag in our assigned groups (approximately 15 people per group)

The Tavern Hotel Cottonwood September 28-29, 2024

Here’s how to sign up:

1. Go on MSR and register.

2. Make your selection for dinner location.

3. Lastly, select your room choice by calling the Tavern hotel directly. 928-639-1669

• King Junior Suite - $294.76

• King Deluxe Room - $274.36

• Queen Deluxe Room (two beds) - $274.36

Things to Do in the area:

• Old Town Cottonwood shops and Wine Tasting Rooms

• Dead Horse Ranch State Park

• Verde Canyon Railroad

• Blazin’M Ranch

• Old Town Center for the Arts

• Several Golf Courses

• Nearby Jerome and all its attractions

Don’t hesitate—You must reserve by July 1, 2024. Only 30 rooms are being held for our group.

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 31 |

Kimberly’s Korner - Facts, Figures and Fallacies

Porsche's EV Legacy: Past, Present, and Future

Even though it may sound like Elon Musk and Tesla introduced electric vehicles, Ferdinand Porsche was the real pioneer way back in the 19th Century. As a result, it’s only logical that Porsche would design the most elegant electric vehicles of the present and the future.

Porsche EV Past

As a child, Ferdinand Porsche was fascinated with electricity. In 1893, an 18-year-old Ferdinand installed a lighting system in his parents’ house. A few years later, he began working at Vereinigte Elektrizitäts-AG Béla Egger company in Vienna. There, he designed cars with electric drives.

In 1898, he developed the Egger-Lohner electric vehicle C.2. Phaeton, the world's first electric vehicle. It was celebrated at the 1900 Paris world trade fair. (Source: Biography. “Ferdinand Porsche.” April 5, 2023.)

Porsche designed a car with an octagonal electric motor that produced up to five PS. It could only hit a top speed of 35km/h and a range of around 80km. Ferdinand would name it the ‘P1’ to signify that it was the first ever Porsche-designed car.

In 1900, Porsche designed the world’s first hybrid car while working at the Vienna-based k.u.k. Hofwagenfabrik Ludwig Lohner & Co. The ‘Semper Vivus’ had a combustion engine that powered a generator that sent a charge directly to the wheel hubs to drive them. In 1901, the Semper Vivus launched as the production-ready Lohner-Porsche ‘Mixte.’ (Source: Porsche, “Gamechanger: How Ferdinand Porsche designed the first-ever hybrid car.” June 23, 2023)

Porsche EV Present

In 2010, Porsche launched the Cayenne S Hybrid. The technology was more sophisticated, but the principles remained the same. The combustion engine generated an electrical charge, but it went to a battery instead of to the wheels.

Today, Porsche produces three electric vehicles: the Cayenne E-Hybrid, the Panamera E-Hybrid, and the Taycan.

The Cayenne E-Hybrid is a luxury SUV that is at the cutting edge of hybridisation. It can go from zero to 62 in less than five seconds, while emitting only 33g/km of C02. It’s a four-wheel drive vehicle that is one of the sharpest-driving big cars money can buy. (Source: Auto Express, “ New Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid 2024 review: an almost perfect family SUV.” February 2, 2024.)

The Panamera E-Hybrid not only combines electric and gas propulsion, but also is designed as a hybrid of a 4-door sedan and sports car. The top-of-the-line Turbo S combines an electric motor with a twin-turbo V-8. This unleashes 689 horsepower, going 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. (Source: Road and Track. “The Perfect Plug-In Hybrid Performance Car Exists. It Just Costs $232,000.” July 11, 2023.)

| 32 |

The Taycan is an all-electric sports car. The most powerful model, the Taycan Turbo GT, has 1019 horsepower and 340 miles driving range. Despite being an EV, it blends “effortless acceleration with sports-car sharp reflexes,” according to Car and Driver. (Source: Car and Driver, “2025 Porsche Taycan.”)

Porsche EV Future

Mission E is Porsche’s electric concept car, and it shows what an all-electric sports car could possibly do. Its powertrain is based on two permanent magnet synchronous motors (PSMs). Similar to those in the 919 Hybrid that won Le Mans, they propel the car and recover energy when braking. One powers the rear axle, while the other the front axle.

With a combined output of more than 600 hp (440 kW), the PSMs catapult the Mission E to 60 miles per hour in less than 3.5 seconds. Porsche’s goal is to cover over 300 miles without a drop of gas. (Source: Porsche. “The Mission E Electric Concept Car.”)

Porsche's EV Legacy

Porsche’s legacy in electric vehicles is due to the man that created the car company. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the company he founded can and will continue to create electric vehicles that are as sporty, powerful, and elegant as any other automobile designed by Porsche.

Who is Kimberly Amadeo

Kimberly is a full-service luxury realtor specializing in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, AZ. She currently works with Launch, powered by Compass, prior to that Kimberly had a 30-year career in corporate sales, marketing, and economic analysis. She’s also written 800 online articles and two books explaining the U.S. economy. She is also the new owner of a ‘99 Porsche Carrera 911 six-speed coupe.

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| 34 |
the magic happen Wyatt
Pinnacle Brewing’s Grand Opening - Congratulations!
Wyatt, Mary and
Bob Wilson (owners)
The line-up was crazy, but well worth it.
Wyatt makes
was kind enough
give mini tours
Photos Courtesy of: Sarah Vitel Photography

A review in Photos - Members Meeting at Aunt Chilada’s

Photo’s courtesy of Rod Ladd

The Staff had everything ready to go.

Let’s try a little bit of everything

Another excellent AZPCA turnout

Must save a little space for desert

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AZPCA Regional eNEWS


AZPCA Region publishes several emails each month to notify the members of the upcoming social and driving events and other pertinent Region business and activity information. These emails are known as eNews email blasts and will be identified by the PCA Banner as you see above.

It has come to the Region’s attention that several hundred members are not receiving the AZPCA Region’s eNews email blasts. This may be because the PCA National Office may not have your correct email address or there may be a technical problem with your email address. Or the member at one time elected to opt out of receiving the emails and would like to begin receiving them.

AZPCA Region would like to help the members in resolving this issue of you not receiving the eNews emails. If you are not receiving any of the emails that are labeled with the above banner, and prefer to receive them, please email the Region’s Communications Chair, Kenny Mitchell at kenmitchell-director@az.pca.org

| 36 |

It’s Here!! Announcing the NEW PCA National Webstore where we can purchase all our Arizona Region Goodie Store items, as well as anything with the National PCA logo.


Click on the link to be directed to our Arizona page on the National website. Login at the upper right, then feel free to explore our page as well as the many National PCA Goodie Store items. When you are ready to check out, you’ll have several shipping options available to choose from, and everything is shipped directly to the address you provide.

Name badges are still sourced locally.

Go to the az.pca.org website and use the drop-down menu to get to the Badge Order Form.


Contact Jennifer Harrenstein, your 2024 Merchandise Chair notethepossibility@gmail.com

This month’s FEATURE: For Us Wild Porsche Ladies Dangle style, brass with nickelfree gold color. $30. Contact Jennifer Harrenstein AZ Region Merchandise Chair notethepossibility@gmail.com

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 37 | Come visit the NEW AZPCA
Goodies Store!!!

Monthly Awards & Accolades

Each month the Editors and Contributors of Going Places would like to recognize certain members for special contributions to this amazing Club we are all part of.

The Writers Award, this award is for an individual that submits or presents the best article.

Writers Award – May 2024: Angela Manente

The winner will receive a $30 credit on their MotorsportReg account to be used for upcoming AZPCA events.

The Volunteer Award, this award goes to the member who goes above and beyond the call of duty, this person demonstrates what the Clubs values are all about, Passion, a Positive attitude and a willingness to help.

Volunteer of the Month – May 2024: Kenny Mitchell

The winner will receive a $30 credit on their MotorsportReg account to be used for upcoming AZPCA events.

**Even if you don’t win this month a big heart felt THANK-YOU to all the wonderful contributors that help make this award-winning Newsletter/Magazine the success that it is, CHEERS.

*2024 Aman-Steele Award/Legacy Award *

Aman-Steele Award

A reinstatement of the historical Annual Aman Award for outstanding achievement, represen7ng the AZPCA Member (or Members, awarded jointly) in good standing who is acknowledged as the enthusiast (or enthusiasts) of the year for the current calendar year. The award is designated as the Aman-Steele Award to recognize the life7me contribu7on of Jack Aman and Ken Steele to the Club. The award is presented at the AZPCA annual dinner to the enthusiast of the year demonstra7ng an excep7onal level of contribu7on to the Club. Candidates are to be nominated by any club member including a descrip7on of the nominees unique and significant contribu7ons to the club in the current year and voted upon by the Board of Directors at their November Board Mee7ng in an execu7ve session following the main board mee7ng to maintain the decision in confidence un7l the presenta7on of the award at the December Annual Holiday Party

Legacy Award

The Annual Legacy Award established in 2023 recognizes an AZPCA Member or members working as a team who historically and consistently over a decade or more has or have contributed significantly to excep7onally suppor7ng the club and its membership at a significant level. The award may recognize this contribu7on from a current ac7ve member or posthumously for a member’s contribu7on. This award is nominated and voted upon by the Board of Directors who may at their discre7on seek guidance form the general membership, especially those who have historically been involved with the club and were able to personally observe those who have made a significant consistent contribu7on that is above and beyond usual expecta7ons. The Board of Directors will consider nomina7ons and make the final decision in an execu7ve session following the main board mee7ng to maintain the decision in confidence un7l the presenta7on of the award at the December Holiday Party Mee7ng.

| 38 |



FORMULA 1 TECHNOLOGY The Engineering Explained by Steve Rendle, published 13 June 2023, by Evro Publishing, Holwell, Dorset, UK.

This book starts out with a unique Table of Contents, listing individually, every section of every chapter. These section headings almost tell the story, and virtually obviate the need for an index, which indeed this book does not have. Written by a journalist, not an engineer, it presents some complex technical issues in a very readable fashion. With outstanding graphics, it explains the regulations and responding designs of many features of Formula 1 cars, frequently features, the very existence of which, this reviewer was unaware. The annotated graphics (photographic quality drawings, many of which are depictions of components of specifically identified cars), may alone be worth the price of the book. Most illustrations have comprehensive captions and include arrows and/or colors to highlight the features being discussed. There are a number of one-page 'side bars' providing extra details about a topic in the text. A nice touch is that the publisher has provided chapter number and chapter name on the bottom of the left and right-hand pages.

The detailed descriptions in the text are arguably priceless to any Formula 1 enthusiast. They describe in detail the regulations, engineering and design features of F1 cars as they change from year to year and are implemented by the various teams. Surprising to this reviewer are the number of components that are FIA provided to ensure that no team can design a competitive advantage.

Chapter 1 presents a comprehensive description of the technical and regulatory innovations affecting F1 racing from 1947 to the 2022 season. Chapters 2-17 describe in detail, individual aspects of a F1 car, including such topics as Tyres, Chassis, Steering, and Hydraulic System. The two longest chapters are Aerodynamics and Suspension,whereas the shortest are Wheels and Cockpit Controls. There is a considerable amount of intricate detail, understandably presented with topic specific illustrations.

Made clear throughout FORMULA 1 TECHNOLOGY is that FIA rules are very detailed, very complex, and always changing. Each team, each year, must find a way to create, in its own way, a machine that fits mostly new rules. It almost seems that Formula 1 competition is between designers interpreting the annual regulation changes, rather than between drivers on the track.

This reviewer feels that the focus on ever changing design rules affecting the configuration of the car is what leads to the 'pairings' on the starting grid. For instance, except for Fernando Alanzo's Aston Martin in third, the Chinese GP starting grid was: Red Bull, Red Bull, McLaren, McLaren, Ferrari, Ferrari. The prevalence of such pairings makes it look like the success of a team's designers in creating a car that complies with the rules is more significant than the skill of the drivers. The level of technical detail involved in F1 design is perhaps best exemplified by the fact that different brake disk cooling hole patterns are used for different tracks. How that relates to finishing position at the end of a race is a detail beyond the scope of this otherwise comprehensive book.

This book describes in detail, many of those design challenges. Design complexities can be exemplified by the fact that rules and design for front wings specifically address the effects on tires, body shape, and the following car, as well as downforce, and if the front wing can in any way be 'active'.

FORMULA 1 TECHNOLOGY is hardbound, with a photographic cover, there are 332, 9 x 8-3/4 inch semi-gloss heavy weight pages. It should be available for $80.00 from your favorite bookseller or from QuartoKnows.com

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 39 |

Danielle’s Column - The Last 100 days

I didn’t intend to watch it. In fact, I wasn’t even aware it existed. I’m talking about “100 Days to Indy,” a docu-series on IndyCar racing, chronicling the 100 days leading up to the “Greatest spectacle in racing.”

What happened was a friend asked me whether I had seen it. Uh, no, I answered. But, after a bit of soul-searching, and scanning the TV apps I subscribe to, I found Season 1. Which was six episodes, leading up to and including the Big Show of 2023. And then I found the first three episodes of 2024 … as of this writing, midMay … the fourth airs next week.

Of course, this series begs comparison with “Drive to Survive,” the Netflixproduced series that, after six seasons, has been credited with introducing Formula 1 to the American masses, and winning over a large percentage of the population … if you can believe the ratings numbers that the Miami Grand Prix reportedly scored, a few weeks ago … the largest American audience for an F1 race, ever.

Now, let’s face it, that’s a relative term. But still.

I tried to figure out who’s behind this IndyCar package. The credits helped, but not by much. The screen flashed “Penske Entertainment,” which I believe is run by Roger’s son, and CW Sports.

No matter. To be honest, I haven’t really followed IndyCar racing in years, maybe decades. Oh, I’ll turn on the 500, just because, and I might watch fits and spurts of other races during the season. But, follow? No thanks. I’m still holding a grudge, against what the team owners and the Hulman/George family did to the series in the ’90s, when they split into two competing series, only to come back together as a shadow of their former self.

Remember? Remember CART and IRL? Until the split, IndyCar racing in the US was big, bigger than NASCAR. And the leading drivers were household names. Names like Andretti, Foyt, Unser, Mears. Immortals like Clark, Hill and Stewart came over, ran the 500, and won. Quick, name the winner of last year’s IndyCar championship. How about the 500. Take your time.

I do give the folks behind “100 Days … ” credit for feeding out the series as a tease of sorts to their big show. And I’m rooting for them to recapture the spirit of US-based open-wheel racing that they lost. But … how about the rest of the season? And I’m still dumbfounded by the monomaniacal concentration on the

| 40 |

drivers, and their lives. To me, it’s “Drive” redux all over again. What is the problem with getting beyond them, and their families, and the insecurities of having to perform on the track or get tossed into the slag heap of pilots who’ve lost their seats? And, oh yeah, just how do you drive one of these? What’s the performance envelope? How do they compare to F1 cars?

Speaking of F1, well, uh, they never mention F1. Like ever. IndyCar is the pinnacle, they say. Although, last season, I did hear someone call Long Beach the Monaco of IndyCar. Kinda says it all, doesn’t it.

And, hey, let’s own up to something. Is IndyCar a landing place for F1 has-beens and never-weres? I made a list – Danny Sullivan, Eddie Cheever, Michael Andretti, Scott Speed, Alexander Rossi, Romain Grosjean. And I’m probably missing a few names. They all got to F1 … and got tossed … into or back into IndyCar.

Now, there are the moments, like team owner David Letterman, in 2024 episode 1, “500 miles, cars going 230 miles per hour, on a two and a half-mile asphalt track, if you’re expecting everything to go your way, despite your best efforts, pick another sport.”

Then you have Josef Newgarden, who actually did win the 500 last year, coming to New York City to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. At one point, he says, “It’s a high honor. I don’t think there’s a bigger race to win, if you’re a racing driver …. (But) Indy chooses the winner. It’s not in our hands to win it.”

Cut to Newgarden on the tarmac at Teterboro Airport. “RP sends the jet, you take it.”

Well, that’s a new one on me. Roger is no longer The Captain. If you’re inside the proverbial ropes, it’s RP. I’ll try to remember that, the next time I tune in.

Who is Danielle Badler?

A New York native, Danielle Badler embarked on a writing and communications consulting career in early 2007, following more than 30 years in corporate communications, the last ten years as the chief global communications officer for three Fortune 500 companies, General Instrument Corporation, Unisys Corporation and Western Union.

Danielle now calls Denver home.

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 41 |

Review - Driving Tour to Saguaro Lake

Our meet up location this morning was at Hurts Donut shop in Tempe. Had there not been a line of people in front of me, I’d still be there trying to decide on what donut to buy. Yeah right, like I’m going to buy just one. A maple bar, old fashioned and a bag of donut holes sounded just right in my book,

This morning, we had 32 cars show up. The weather could not have been any more perfect. We huddled up for the drivers meeting where Jim went over the legal stuff and his trusty copilot Carole brought around the insurance waiver for us all to sign.

The drive was very uneventful, but then again that is what we hope for. No breakdowns, no flat tires, and best of all …no tickets. We did pull over into the Water Users Recreation site for a group photo. I hope we were all smiling giving the camera a big cheese.

We got to the Saguaro Lake Marina parking lot and had some time to kill before boarding the Desert Bell. A few folks walked up for a pre cruise adult beverage, others a soda or iced tea. The restaurant is changing hands at the end of June so if you get a chance before then, go up and have a meal. Both the appetizer menu and entree menu looked great.

At the top the ramp we were greeted by Captain Dan, who collected our tickets / boarding passes. As we entered the boat there was seating down below and seating up on the upper deck. The captain went over a few crucial rules, no jumping off, no smoking and be sure to not touch the wire about the railing as it was charged with 20 million volts (just kidding) he said, it’s to keep the birds from perching. More about them later. His trusty assistants gave us a briefing on how to use the life perseveres that were stowed in some grey tubs.

As we embarked on our tour, Captain Dan shared with us some trivia about the lake, it’s depth, temperature, water levels and flow levels. He talked about the different wildlife we might see everything from eagles soaring up over our heads to big horn sheep that might be on the upper cliffs. Did you know a set of horns on a fully grown male ram can weigh upwards of 30 lbs.? There are wild horses too!

He informed us about the different varieties of cactus. The mighty saguaro’s life span, its arms, the beautiful flowers that bloom at night attract local bats to savor its sweet nectar. He explained how the saguaros only grew in the Sonoran Desert but not in all parts. They don’t do well in freezing weather and when it’s raining, they can absorb a tremendous about of moisture.

Did you know the Saguaro is the largest cactus in the United States, the roots are only 4-6 inches deep and best of all the skeletal remains can be repurposed after it dies?

Do you know the 5 Cs of Arizona? Citrus, Cotton, Copper, Cattle and Climate. Speaking of climate Captain Dan talked about our temperatures shining from a high of128 to a low of -40.

For those of us who are new to Arizona I found the information quite interesting. Captain Dan made our 80-minute boat ride very pleasant and interjected some humor along the way. We got back to the dock and enjoyed a great meal at the Shipwreck restaurant. Another great day in the books for the Arizona Porsche club.

| 42 |
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MEDIA FOR AZPCA - 7 Ways to Engage
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Please Welcome:

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| 52 | June 9-15, 2024 Birmingham Convention Center Birmingham, Alabama www.porscheparade.org Don’t Just Attend Porsche Parade... A Concours d’Elegance is a judged event celebrating the history and provenance of the Porsche marque. PCA members show their cars and judges deduct points from a maximum possible value based on vehicle condition and cleanliness. The Parade Concours is an event favorite. Parade is a great time to give it a try! ...Be a Part of It! Not too late to Roomssignup!still available!

Limited seating is available for PCA 2024 Porsche Parade participants to register for the June 11-12 Porsche Track Experience Performance course. PCA members must call to register with their PCA membership ID number to receive a 10% discount. Drivers must be 21 years or older to participate and possess a current, valid driver’s license. Registration ends February 13th. Call 770-290-7000.

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 53 | June 9-15, 2024 Birmingham Convention Center Birmingham, Alabama www.porscheparade.org Are you making plans to attend Parade?
Motorsports Park!
Enhance your Parade experience by signing up for the Tuesday/Wednesday
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TechTime with Scott M - Cooling System Updates


Now that we are right in the middle of DE/auto-x season there are a few things we can to do to keep the track safer and make our cars run better and last longer. In a previous article I outlined how the cooling system works in your car. In case you missed it, here is a quick refresher. Air-cooled Porsches are just that, air-cooled. They use a large fan that blows air over the engine, keeping temps down. They also use the engine oil to keep engine temps down with an oil cooler. Water-cooled Porsches use water that is pumped through the engine and two radiators to keep engine temps down.

One problem that is happening at the track and on the street has to do with water-cooled turbos (2001-2008) and all GT3/2s. These cars use an engine that is the evolution of the older air-cooled engine, called Mezger (named after the man who designed it) or GT1 block. However, because this engine was based off an air-cooled engine there are no provisions for water cooling in the block. So the engine was designed with water channels and hoses on the outside of the engine.

These water housings have a design flaw. The cooling fittings are glued into the housing. With the high cooling system pressures and heat from the engine the glue can fail, and the fitting, along with the cooling hose, pushes out of the housing and the car almost instantly loses massive amounts of coolant right next to the left rear tire!

This can cause the car to lose traction and the track will have very slippery coolant for other cars behind to drive through— scary!

There are three ways that these cooling fittings can be secured. They can be pinned, welded, or threaded. Most shops, including my own, pin the fittings to the housing so they cannot push out. To do this repair the engine is removed from the car and the top of the engine mostly disassembled.

| 54 |
Then the cooling housings are removed along with the hoses. A specialsized hole is carefully drilled through the housing and then tapped. A special screw is then inserted into the hole, effectively pinning the fitting and housing together so the fitting cannot push out. The fittings can be VERY carefully welded to the housing, making sure there are ZERO leaks, but you must be a very talented welder for this. The

third way is to thread the housings and have fittings that are designed to screw into the housings. My opinion is that this is overkill and very costly. Once the fittings are taken care of the GT1 Porsche engine is pretty much bullet-proof!

A good upgrade to Porsche sports cars that did not come with three radiators is the addition of a center radiator kit. If you have a base sports car that has PDK a center radiator is a really good idea because of how much heat the PDK transmission makes. The good news about this kit is that Porsche sports cars were all designed to use a center radiator, so install and fit and finish is great.

If your Porsche is a Boxster (1997-2008) or 911 (1999-2008) a lowtemperature thermostat is a good idea. An engine thermostat controls the temperature at which the engine runs. A low temp t-stat is fully open at 71 degrees C where the stock t-stat is 83 degrees C.

For all water-cooled Porsches that are tracked, adding a bottle of Water Wetter is not a bad idea, especially if you are only using distilled water in the cooling system. Water Wetter is an additive that can lower coolant temp 20 degrees. It does this by reducing bubbles or water vapor that form on hot metal surfaces.

For all cars the best and easiest thing you can do is make sure that the front radiators are clean with no debris blocking air flow. Keeping your engine cool will give more life whether for the street or the track. If you have any questions about this article or if you have ideas (please!!!) for future articles email me at scott@mcilvainmotors.com.

The current Mcilvain Motors was founded by Scott Mcilvain, great grandson of E.H “Mac” Mcilvain. Scott was hooked on the family business and performance cars at a very early age. He later left Prescott and attended Arizona State University where he earned a degree in business. It was while Scott was an account manager at a top 25 marketing agency that he fell in love with his first PORSCHE, a 1979 930. This 930 led Scott to a major career change with PORSCHE. As one of twelve students accepted to the prestigious PORSCHE PTAP program after two years of general automotive study, Scott went on to complete six months of the most intensive and detailed PORSCHE hands-on training available in the U.S. After graduating with top of the class honors, Scott returned back to the Phoenix Arizona where he worked at a well-known PORSCHE independent repair facility. Scott then took a great opportunity at one of the best PORSCHE custombuild racecar and service centers in the world. Here, Scott was the head late model technician, sales manager and head driving instructor. Deciding that Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa and the other valley cities needed an affordable late model PORSCHE service center, Scott opened Mcilvain Motors

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Stuttgart Market Letter

April 2024 put up some big numbers compared to April 2023 with $42.8 million in sales vs. $29.9 million, thanks to almost 100 more units crossing the block, 55 of which came courtesy of Broad Arrow Auctions’ all-Porsche sale held during the Air | Water event at the Orange County Fairgrounds at the end of the month. But big numbers aside, 2024’s Sell-Through Rate has continued to fall short of 2023’s with only 69% of Porsches on offer selling.

The Porsches that hammered at the Broad Arrow sale accounted for 31% of our total dollar volume at $13.4 million. Top sales from the auction included a 457mile 2015 918 Spyder Weissach finished in $63,000 Liquid Metal Silver paint over a $26,000 Black Full Leather interior with Acid Green accents that sold for $2,865,000. We also saw a 1988 959 Komfort sell for $1,930,000 and a 3,900mile, one-owner, 2005 Carrera GT sell for $1,792,500.

The all-Porsche sale did, however, see a lower-than-average Sell-Through Rate with only 62% of cars hammering on the block and only a handful selling postauction. Notable no-sales were a 1996 911 GT2 that failed to sell at a final bid of $1,600,000 and a 1997 RUF BTR Twin that failed to sell at $1,050,000 on the block but found another $100,000 post-sale to get the deal done. Not surprising was the 1969 908/2 Langheck “Flunder” Spyder that failed to sell at $4.2 million as vintage Porsche race cars have struggled at auction over the last few years.

At the newer end of the market, we finally saw a 2023 911 GTS Cabriolet America find a buyer at a final bid of $240,000, which is about MSRP for this limitededition Cab. We also saw a 2024 911 Dakar sell for $360,000 and a 2023 911 Sport Classic sell for $478,000, both on par with comps over the last few months. 718 GT4 RSs, on the other hand, saw a bit of a resurgence with three examples selling in the $236,000-$246,000 range, which is strong compared to a few months ago.

356s struggled in April with only 33% of the twenty -one cars on offer finding homes. The top sale was a 1957 356A 1600 Super Speedster that sold for $362,500 followed by a 1960 356B Roadster at $235,000. The rarest car of the bunch was a 1964 356C Carrera 2 Cabriolet finished in Ruby Red with a Black Reutter hardtop

| 56 |

and Black leather interior. It failed to sell at a high bid of $700,000, which is only $35,000 shy of the current asking price online.

Other notable cars to cross the block in April were a 1986 962 IMSA GTP race car campaigned by Dyson Racing during the 1987 IMSA season. With two victories under its belt, it sold all-in at $775,000, a price that seems like a steal for such a storied race car. We also saw a 1993 RS America with only 6,600 miles set a new five-year record at $302,000. An eye-watering sum for a 964, but try to find another in this condition.

Overall, there are some mixed feelings about April’s results. Our Sell-Through Rate keeps trucking along below last year’s while we still see new highs for the crème de la crème. We’ll see what May brings with two catalog sales featuring three Carrera GTs, another 918, and a 959 crossing the block. Until next month.

David K. Whitlock is a writer for The Stuttgart Market Letter, A daily market update for Porschephiles, by Porschefiles, delivered to your inbox. www.stuttgartmarketletter.com

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PCA Digital Membership Card?

PCA members can now opt in to the digital membership card, available for Apple and Android digital wallets. It’s easy and quick to download! Once in your wallet, your card is easily accessible when you need it.

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AZPCA Sponsorship Program

The sponsorship programs were designed to allow our current and new advertisers and sponsors a simple way to choose a program that will include; digital on-line published newsletter and internet exposure opportunities all for one simple investment.

The sponsorship program has five tiers:

Bronze - Our Bronze level includes one small website banner on our Home and Sponsors page and a one eighth-page (3.5″x2″ business card) color or grayscale ad in the Going Places publication. Fee - $250. annually

Silver - Our Silver level includes one medium website banner on our Home and Sponsors page and a one quarter-page (3.5″x4.75″) color or grayscale ad in the Going Places publication. Fee - $600. annually

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Titanium - Our Titanium level includes one large website banner on the Main page and Sponsors page, inclusion in the rotating banner on our homepage, one-full page (8″x5″) color or grayscale ad in the Going Places publication and AZPCA E-Blasts. Fee - $2500. annually

Platinum - Our Platinum level includes one large website banner on the Main page and Sponsors page, inclusion in our rotating banner on our homepage, an embedded video, and one full-page (8″x10″) color or grayscale ad inside the front cover in the Going Places publication. Fee - $10,000. annually

It is the responsibility for each sponsor to develop and design their unique promotional ads. Sponsors must submit their own artwork electronically for ads in gif, pdf, jpeg or swf (for website ads) formats. New sponsorships will run yearly, and investment will be prorated for any new sponsor who commits mid-year. The acceptance and display of advertising in this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the advertiser or product by the Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region. AZPCA reserves the right to refuse to print any ad it deems inappropriate. Sponsorships must be prepaid. Staff reserves the right to change rates upon notice at any time.


Sponsorship Requests and Tier Details

Sponsorships and Advertising Manager, Andy Jorgensen E-mail: sponsorship@az.pca.org

Gregg & Ali Bull Going Places Editors E-mail: gpeditor@az.pca.org

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Drive your Porsche on a Racetrack with AZPCA!

Expand your car control skills and explore the capabilities of your Porsche on a racetrack in a safe, controlled environment with no speed limits! AZPCA’s HPDE & TT program (that’s short for High Performance Driver Education and Time Trials) is all about experiencing your Porsche on a road circuit. AZPCA provides personal driving instructors for new participants to guide them through the day. Our instructors will navigate you along the road circuit, teach you the fundamentals of driving at track speeds, but also keep you in a comfort zone so you have a good time. There are flaggers on track, just like at a real racing event. The club also arranges an ambulance and tow truck on site for emergencies.

For the HPDE events, four groups of approximately 10-25 drivers are formed based on experience level- Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced, Advanced. Grouping allows everyone attending to have a good time. Beginners don’t have to stress about having little/no experience- chances are, there are several other drivers in the same group just starting out.

Based on instructor evaluation, you are advanced to the next group up when appropriate. Sometimes this is after one day, or sometimes it takes a several events. Higher run groups typically means more speed but with a better, practiced skill set to control the speed safely. This keeps track days exciting for you as you advance your skill set.

While this is definitely NOT racing, there is a natural tendency to evaluate yourself to other drivers in your group, but HPDE is not structured to award “fast” times. To satisfy the competitive nature in you, we offer an optional “Time Trials” sessions where those specific TT sessions are timed and you compete against others in your class. Lap times are broadcast live so you can see in real time how you stack up against your competitors. Time trials are structured so that you get three clean laps, meaning, you will be by yourself on track without dealing with other cars in your way.

How is a typical HPDE day structured?

A track day starts around 6:30 -7:00 am. You’ll check-in and get your car safety inspected on-site first. A drivers meeting kicks off around 7:45 am, with the first car on track around 8:30 am. A forty minute lunch break splits the day and the event is usually over around 4:00 pm. You can expect five 20-minute sessions (100 mins total) of track time each day, although some events are structured with four 25-minute sessions. Time trial sessions are optional to add-in during your registration, and that consists of two additional timed sessions (one morning, one afternoon) consisting of three hot laps.

The beginner group will also have classroom discussion after their sessions to discuss car-control and vehicle dynamics and what they experienced.

| 68 |

The club either provides lunch or there is an option to purchase one on site. Since there is down time in-between your driving sessions and classroom discussion, there is lots of opportunity for comradery with other club members and opportunity to socialize and check out other cars attending.

What do you need to bring?

Your vehicle (preferably a Porsche) in good maintenance. (Some club members bring their other cars btw – we won’t shame you if you do that)

We provide a required checklist of things to inspect on your car before coming to a track day. If you aren’t mechanically inclined (or don’t care to do this yourself), you can take the checklist to a mechanic of your choice to do the inspection for you. We have a few places we can recommend if you don’t have a preferred mechanic. Main points of interest are good tires, brakes, brake fluid, no leaking fluids, no abnormal driving characteristics of the vehicle. We conduct a final brief safety inspection on your vehicle the morning of the event.

Helmets are typically available to rent when you register for the event– you can try the sport before you commit to purchasing a helmet.

There are additional items you can bring to make the day more comfortable or exciting – chairs, cameras, etc. There are lots of online video you can watch telling you to bring this or that. While that can be somewhat helpful down the road, keeping it basic is usually best. If you forget something, chances are there is someone there that will let you borrow/have theirs.

Lastly and most important: don’t forget to bring a desire to have a good time and willingness to learn!

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Looking for a turn-key system to join PCA Sim Racing? www.pcasimracing. com/turnkey

PCA Sim Racing is the world’s largest car club sim racing program!

PCA Sim Racing provides a quality sim racing experience, including opportunities for all levels of driving experience, competitive intensity, and sim racing interests, in a friendly environment for all Porsche Club of America members.

PCA Sim Racing offers:

• Introductory sim racing video

• How to Proceed Step-by-Step Instructions

• Sim Racing Equipment Recommendations

• Get started with a turn key set up!

• Sim Racing Driver Education

• Five Classes for All Skill Levels

• All Races on Laser Scanned Race Tracks

• Sprint and Endurance Racing

• Calendar of Upcoming Races

| 72 |
more about PCA’s Sim Racing program at www.pcasimracing.com/go

PCA has 20 registries for those super enthusiastic about their Porsche model

The PCA Registry program was established in 1995 to encourage closer relationships within Porsche model owners in PCA. The program allows PCA members to network with others in their specific area of interest. Sharing of information fosters restoration and maintenance of members’ automobiles. A registry can potentially provide a new resource for historical displays at Parades and other PCA events, along with information for articles in Porsche Panorama. Don’t see a registry for your Porsche? We are also looking for individuals who are interested in starting a registry for a model that doesn’t have an existing registry.

GOING PLACES 06.2024 | 73 | Join a PCA Special Interest Register today!
OUT THE REGISTRIES AT: www.pca.org/connect/special-interest-groups
| 74 | Porsche Panorama back editions online now PCA is adding new back issues each month – free for club members The Porsche Club of America is digitizing the complete library of Porsche Panorama magazine, dating back to 1955. The online archive currently reaches to 2006 with a goal to complete the library in 2024. Check back as new issues are added frequently. Take a look: www.pca.org/panorama
Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.