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15.............. Meet A Member 16 .............Alpine 2017 CF............. Germany’s 40th Anniversary Celebration... 20.............. Saturday Drive to Bagdad 23.............. Social Media - The PCA National Way 24.............. AZPCA Night Autocross Results 27.............. Book Reviews for Porschephiles 29.............. Nobody Wears a Sign IBC............ Porsches and Pancakes at Alma WxSW Cuisine


6............... 2017 Calendar of Events 9............... Monthly Meetings 9............... Region Events 10.............. Autocross 10.............. Drivers Education 13.............. Porsches and Pancakes - Anthem Country Club 14.............. Prescott+Porsche+Picnic 14.............. Calling All AZPCA Members 28.............. 2017 West Coast Series - PCA Club Racing 32.............. PCA Santa Barbara Region - Camarillo Autocross 33.............. June 2017 Meeting Minutes BC............. Flight 40 Is Coming!


5............... President’s Corner 6............... Need to Order Name Badges? 8............... New Members and Anniversaries 9............... Social Media 12.............. From the Editor 30.............. Arizona Region Board 30.............. Executive Appointees 31.............. Goodie Store 31.............. Zone 8 Staff and Websites 34.............. Sponsor Index 34.............. Sponsorship Program


Cover: (L to R) Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Debbie Younger, Caren Cooper & Rook Younger Photo by John F. Novotnak, Pocono Region

Going Places is the official publication of the Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region and is published monthly. Written contributions and photographs are welcomed and can be emailed to the editor. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region, its officers or members. Permission is granted to reprint any material herein provided full credit is given to the author and to Going Places. PORSCHE®, the Porsche Crest®, CARRERA®, and TARGA® are trademarks of Porsche AG. The editor shall reserve the right to edit and publish only those articles felt to be in the best interest of the members of the Porsche Club of America. THE DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES AND ADVERTISEMENTS SUBMITTED FOR PUBLICATION IS THE 15TH OF THE MONTH TWO MONTHS PRIOR TO THE MONTH OF PUBLICATION. Commercial advertising rates can be found in the back of this publication.

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Eenie, Meenie, Miney


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President’s Corner


eptember is upon us and an eventful summer it has been. Although I am writing this in mid-July to ensure our printing deadlines are met, the summer is already off to a great start and more planned events are yet to occur. The Arizona Region of the Porsche Club of America was honored at Parade 2017 with the Ferry Porsche Trophy for the National Region of the Year for 2017. Following is a brief description of the award from the PCA website. ‘The Ferry Porsche Trophy was named in honor of the late Dr. Ferdinand "Ferry" Porsche and first presented at Parade in 1961. It was sponsored by Porsche AG and Porsche of America Corporation, but today PCA is the sole sponsor of this award. The trophy is presented to the outstanding PCA region of the year that demonstrates the highest standards in meeting the objectives and ideals of the Porsche Club of America and “In Appreciation of Loyalty to the Porsche Car and the Porsche Idea”.’ The award was presented by Dr. Wolfgang Porsche to Rook Younger, our current Past President. This was especially fitting as Rook was our President in 2016, the year for which the award activities were based. Rook’s leadership and his outstanding nomination letter detailing our activities resulted in the selection of the Arizona Region as the Zone Region of the Year for 2017 in January, followed by this National recognition. Thank you, Rook! A huge THANK YOU is also in order for all our volunteers who assisted in making our many events possible. Your interest, dedication and commitment have been embraced by our membership and recognized by your peers nationally! As I stated earlier, our summer season is off to a great start with what has become an ‘Annual’ Alpine Tour, an evening Autocross, Parade 2017 in Spokane, Washington and drives to Flagstaff and Durango, as well as our Night with the Diamondbacks. Turning now to the fall season, I would like to spend some time on a change to Going Places that will start to be phased in with the September issue and fully in place by January. Following lengthy consideration by the Board of Directors, Going Places will become a fully online publication in January, 2018. We are excited about this change which will make Going Places a more timely and useful publication for all users. The Arizona Region established a separate system of region membership and dues to pay for the Going Places publication. This system served us well for many years. Over time, however, the costs of publishing have increased significantly to a level that now exceeds three times the amount of the

Ly l e

Capstic k

region dues we collect. As we implement this change, the region membership system will be eliminated, as will the annual membership dues. All National PCA members residing in Arizona will now also be Arizona Region members with access to all event and sponsor information. Starting in September, all members will still receive the print version and have access to the electronic version of Going Places. In January the print version will be eliminated. As this change was considered, a number positive factors emerged: •As already mentioned, the system of region dues will be eliminated and all national PCA members residing in Arizona will receive Arizona Region information; •The membership chairperson responsibility will be eliminated. This was a time consuming role. The elimination will allow us to focus on other activities of greater benefit to the membership; •Going Places will become much more timely, eliminating the 4 to 6 week lead time between submittal for printing and arrival in your mailbox. This has resulted in the content being 2 months old when you receive it; •The electronic publication will be in full color without any black and white content; •A wider range of content can be included in Going Places, such as high resolutions pictures and possibly video clips; •Sponsors can have electronic links allowing you instant access to their information of interest and you can electronically contact them if desired; •Users will be able to download Going Places onto multiple devices, such as smart phones, tablets, computers and smart TV’s, for reading at their convenience; •Copies can be printed from downloaded issues if so desired; •Users will be able to forward copies of Going Places to others who they think may have an interest; and •Sponsors will have access to a wider base of viewership because PCA members residing in Arizona who did not join the Arizona Region did not receive Going Places in the past. This is a positive change for our membership and our sponsors. We are excited to introduce this step in the evolution of Going Places to you. Enjoy the Read!


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2 0 17 C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S SEPTEMBER 2017

6 We Monthly Membership Meeting 9 Sa Porsches and Pancakes 15 Fr Going Places Deadline (Nov ‘17) 16 Sa Evening Autocross Bondurant 20-24 We-Su PCA Treffen Ashville 24 Su Sunday Drive to Prescott 25 Mo Board of Directors Meeting 30 Sa Autocross AMP Skidpad

OCTOBER 2017 4 We 7 Sa 14 Sa 15 Su 21 Sa 27-29 Fr-Su 30 Mo

Oktoberfest Celebration- Brat Haus Porsches and Pancakes & Rally Drivers Education AMP Going Places Deadline (Dec. ‘17) Autocross AMP Skidpad Phoenix Flight 40 Board of Directors Meeting

NOVEMBER 2017 2 Th 4 Sa 11-12 Sa-Su 18 Sa 27 Mo

Monthly Membership Meeting Porsches and Pancakes SAR - Inde Driver Ed - Wilcox Autocross AMP Skidpad Board of Directors Meeting

DECEMBER 2017 2 Sa 2-3 Sa-Su 3 Su 6 We 9 Sa 11 Mo 15 Fr

Autocross AMP Skidpad PCNA Tech Session Drivers Education WHP Monthly Membership Meeting Holiday Party Board of Directors Meeting Going Places Deadline (Jan ‘18)

Editor’s Note: The date, times and details of AZPCA events may change at anytime. Always check the website at for the latest event information.

Attention AZPCA Members! The Arizona Region is still in need of a Social Chair. This position can easily be split amongst a couple of individuals. The social chair fills an important role by selecting a mix of social events that are responsive to the needs and interests of the Region’s membership. Those activities are then coordinated with the Board of Directors. Please step up and fill this role by contacting any Board Member.

Need to Order New Name Badges?

Send a personal check for $15 made payable to PCA Arizona Region per badge to: Betsy Andrade 2735 S. Spruce Mesa, AZ 85210 Include exact spelling with your order OR email Betsy the details: Badge orders are placed at the end of each month, and the engraver returns them in about two weeks. They will then be mailed to you. If you need your badge faster, this can be done for $20 per badge, following the same directions as above. Betsy can also be reached by text or voicemail at: 602-550-1212

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ARIZON A REGION MEMBERSHIP UPDATE 8 by Jason Bunting, Membership Chair




Kevin and Tammy Baker 1999 Red Carrera Cabriolet Phoenix, AZ Dennis and Sharon Henderson 2001 Black 911 Cabriolet Scottsdale, AZ Vic and Diane Santoro

2017 GT Silver Metallic 911 Turbo Coupe Carefree, AZ Dick Strahota and Trisha Carroll 1959 Signal Red Speedster Cabriolet Darien, CT Ryan Tamietti 2014 White Cayman S Coupe Chandler, AZ Welcome to the Arizona Region! We look forward to meeting each of you in person at a future event.

HAPPY AZPC A ANNIVERSARY! Arizona Region AZPCA Members Celebrating September 2017 Membership Anniversaries

22 Years William and Kathryn Kilpatrick 21 Years Jim and Nancy Mackay Ken and Fran Steele 20 Years Michael and Kathleen Cristodolu 18 Years Mike and Pam Pyska 16 Years Pat and Gretchen O’Hern Milton and Rosie Overmire 15 Years Raymond and Adrienne Ramirez


14 Years Harry Thompson


13 Years Dennis Bunsold

by the numbers

AZPCA Members

NOTE TO MEMBERSHIP: Please notify the membership chair when your address, phone number, or email changes, even temporarily. We want to be sure you receive email blasts and Going Places. Going Places Newsletter can’t be forwarded. Thank you for your understanding and support. Jason Bunting, Membership Chairman 612.245.1858

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12 Years Victor and Denise Trastek 11 Years David and Jean Munsey 9 Years Jon Roesch and Sally DaFonte

8 Years Ronald V. and Susan Doba William and Doreen Murray 7 Years B u d a n d Yv o n n e Morrison 6 Years Ron Grove and Liz VanValin Bob and Cheryl Woodwell 5 Years Rees Candee and Susan Lee Wright Gregory and Marilynn Mannion 4 Years Brad Karlberg 3 Years David Galanis Noel and Susan Naumann 2 Years Mark Baker Jim Brock John Clements Clint and Stacie Hacker Todd Prynn 1 Year Donald Cuppy

Greg Guenther and Kelly O’Bryan John Rorquist Michael Wales



2017 Membership Meetings

Social Media Stats – Can FB hit 1000 Likes!?

September 6 - Haus Murphy’s

Jan Mackulak, Social Media Chair, FACEBOOK has 815 “Likes” and 804 “Follows”! 730 people liked Rook and Debbie’s photo with Wolfgang Porsche!

October 4 - Oktoberfest Celebration at the Brat Haus November 2 - Porsche North Scottsdale December 6 - To Be Announced Please RSVP on the website at

Porsches and Pancakes ==========================

September 9 - Desert Rays Cafe Save the Following Dates:

TWITTER has 244 “Followers” and “Following” 276. 491 tweets – short and sweet – so TWEET! twitter. com/azpca INSTAGRAM has 308 “Followers” and “Following” 596 with 235 posts! What’s my latest obsession? PINTEREST has 78 “Followers” and “Following” 84. Did you see the latest board “Porsche Parade 2017”?

PERISCOPE has 24 “Followers” and “Following” 201. 357 “Loves” and 13 broadcasts stored!

GOOGLE+ now at 15 “Followers” and “Following” 121. And the good news is now we have our very own url!

October 7 - Anthem Country Club YOUTUBE has 45 subscribers, 35 videos and 1188 views! More videos coming of Flight in the Fall! bit. ly/azpca

November 4 - The Thumb

Porsches and Pancakes

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 9, 2017 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Desert Rays Café 14891 N Northsight Blvd, #119 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Desert Rays Cafe, is a uniquely Arizonian eatery, where good food and interesting flavors is our passion. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients and source locally as often as possible. Come and visit - your taste buds will thank you! Rick & Carol Ray Please register at AZ.PCA.ORG no later than Wednesday, September 6th.

G O I N G P L A C E S 89.2017

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Saturday Evening, September 16, 2017 Bondurant Lake Loop Saturday, September 30, 2017 AMP Skidpad Saturday, October 21, 2017 AMP Skidpad Saturday, November 18, 2017 AMP Skidpad Saturday, December 2, 2017 AMP Skidpad REGISTER ONLINE at

DRIVERS EDUCATION EVENTS Saturday, October 14, 2017 Arizona Motorsport Park 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Sunday, December 3, 2017 Wild Horse Pass West Track 8:00 am - 5:00 pm REGISTER ONLINE at AZ.PCA.ORG | 10 |



Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 *5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Haus Murphy’s 5739 W Glendale Ave Glendale, AZ 85301

Join Us at Haus Murphy’s for Great German Food Served in a Comfortable Atmosphere. The agenda includes club business reports, reviews of past events, and info about upcoming activities with the AZPCA. And of course, socializing with fellow PCA members. Social time begins at *5:00 PM, with dinner service and the meeting program commencing at 6:00 pm Each guest will start with a Potato Pancake, there will be 4 on a plate, served with sour cream and apple sauce. Dinner Selections (Choose one): Original German Bratwurst s/w Sauerkraut and German Fried Potatoes Spicy Bratwurst s/w Sauerkraut and German Fried Potatoes Goulash s/w Red Cabbage and Spatzel Chicken Schnitzel s/w Whirsing and German Fried Potatoes Jager Schnitzel s/w Whirsing and German Fried Potatoes Remember to register on line at: no later than midnight Sunday, September 3rd.

Monthly Meeting

Oktoberfest Celebration Wednesday,October 4, 2017 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Brat Haus 3622 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale, AZ 8525

This is an outdoor venue (it should be cool enough on Oct 4th) and has picnic tables and high top picnic tables similar to the Pera club.


The menu is as follows: · Green Salad with herb vinaigrette or kale salad Classic Bratwurst or BH mini brat sliders, bacon or falafel and humus or green chili brisket sliders · Belgian fries with assorted dipping sauces · Assorted cookie platters Remember to register on line at: no later than midnight Sunday, October 1st G O I N G P L A C E S 89.2017

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From the

EDITOR A n g e l a


ere we are in September. Where did the summer go?

Well for one thing Mark and I did get in a few road trips to Colorado and California. Based on the article and photos, it looks like many of our members enjoyed the Alpine weekend drive. We missed it this year because we went on the Alpine Mountain Region, Rocky Mountain High Way 2017 event to Snowmass, Colorado from June 7-11th. On our drive there we stopped in Moab, Utah and went to Arches National Park. The rock formations are awesome. We also passed through Monument Valley, which has been featured in many films. AMR had many events to choose from, but two of our favorites were Glenwood Caverns and the drive on Independence Pass (HWY 82) to the summit at 12,095 feet. It was a scenic and spirited drive through the mountain. What a treat to see snow in the middle of summer.

M a n e n t e

We will be using the digital publishing platform, “ISSUU”, so that our newsletter will have the same look and feel as reading a magazine. Our Webmaster, Kevin Gilchrist, will start adding the link to access the electronic issue on our website ( starting with the September issue of Going Places. I want to acknowledge some of our loyal, long-time members celebrating AZPCA anniversaries for September: 22 Years William and Kathryn Kilpatrick 21 Years Jim and Nancy Mackay Ken and Fran Steele 20 Years Michael and Kathleen Cristodolus I hope you enjoy this month’s issue of Going Places. Your feedback and comments are always welcome. Just drop me an email at Come out have some fun!


Corrections & Clarifications The winner of the Writer’s Drawing for the July-August issue of Going Places is Bill Phillips for “2017 California Festival of Speed”. He will receive a $24.00 credit on Motorsportreg, which is good for one year to use on any AZPCA activity. I am always looking for interesting articles, so if you have one, please send it on. I am hoping you already read Lyle’s President’s Corner editorial regarding our transition of Going Places newsletter to a paperless, online publication starting January 2018. This is a wonderful change because the newsletter information will be much more current, not needing a 4 to 6 week lead time for the printer and all the photos will be in color!

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Happy AZPCA Anniversaries, July-August issue, page 8: Incorrect first and last name used for Mrs. Starkey. Should have been listed as: 12 Years Hugh and Nancy Starkey From the Editor, July-August issue, AZPCA Anniversaries, page 12: Incorrect first name used for Mr. Harper, Jr. Should have been listed as: 39 Years Orester J. and Jennifer Harper, Jr.

Porsches and Pancakes Ironwood Grille at Anthem Country Club

Brunch’a Little Saturday, October 7, 2017 On the heels of the three past years’ very successful events, we will again return to the elegant Ironwood Grille at the Anthem Country Club for another signature event, with both indoor and outdoor seating available at your option! Please save the date for this special event and plan to join us on Saturday, October 7th. Since we will likely exceed 55 Porsches and in excess of 100 enthusiasts, secure your spot now. Forget the red zones in front of the main entrance, this is a Porsche event, and we’ll have the cars lined up around the circular drive and let them overflow into the parking lot once again. Check-In opens at 8:30 AM, with food served at 9:00 AM There will be no onsite registration and you must register and pay online in advance. To entice those of you who missed this event last year or those that drive further, we thought you’d like to see what you missed, all for an all inclusive $24/person again this year (all-in, Fully Inclusive):

Healthy, Sweet, Savory Buffet 
 Fresh Sliced Fruit Display Crème Brule French Toast Asparagus, Mushroom and Gruyere Strudel

Egg Station 
Prepared to order with Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Spinach, Tomatoes, Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Cheddar, Salsa and Swiss and Feta Cheeses! Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea, Grapefruit and Orange Juices Maria and I (Frank Grimmelmann) are excited by the prospect of welcoming you to experience the best of Anthem Country Club, please join us and reserve now at AZ.PCA.ORG/events Ironwood Grille at The Anthem Country Club, 41551 N Anthem Hills Drive Anthem, AZ 85086

G O I N G P L A C E S 89.2017

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Prescott+Porsche+Picnic 2017 September 24 - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM In late September the temperature in Phoenix can still be over 100 degrees while Prescott is in the 70’s! What could be better than a picnic at one of Prescott’s forest lakes? How about great driving roads? How about only $5 for lunch? Now we got your attention? The drive will depart the Valley at 9 AM from the First Watch restaurant at 34948 N. North Valley Parkway, just north of Carefree Highway on the NE corner of I-17 and Carefree Highway (Highway 74). The route will be through Wickenburg, Yarnell, White Spar Road and ending at beautiful Goldwater Lake. We’ll have a quiet ramada set up to grill hamburgers and brats with all the fixings! Please register at AZ.PCA.ORG, under Calendar Events, by no later than Thursday, September 21st so we can plan for sufficient food. The drive will leave promptly at 9 AM so be at the departure point on time!



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he AZPCA is made up of a wonderful group of members. As Going Places Editor, I would like to introduce this month’s feature member, Rick Mazer. 1. When did you join PCA? I joined PCA in the late 90’s in Northern California. 2. What Porsche(s) have you owned? I currently own 4 Porsches. ‘64 356 C Cab ‘67 911S Soft Window Targa ‘87 Carrera 3.2 coupe (rally car) 2016 911 Turbo S Cab 3. Where are you from? We moved here in 2009 from Southern California. 4. Work background or trade? In Southern California I was running a company called Ventura Foods. I retired in 2009 year. 5. What makes your car special? Both my ‘64 and ‘67 were restored from the ground up. They were both basket cases. The 356 was finished in 2015 and we are almost done with the Targa. The ‘87 Carrera has been modified for rallying. It went on the Ramshorn Rally in Montana last year. It is a black coupe with linen interior, and has had speed mods to the engine and has been lowered. It wears 17” Fuchs wheels to aid in handling as well.

8 7. Favorite memory with a car? The best memory I have is running the Peak to Peak Rallye in Colorado last year. My 4S Cab was flawless. There is a road from Gunnison, CO to Colorado Springs called Highway 114 that may be the best driving experience I have ever had. 40 miles with no traffic in a box canyon next to a river with sweeping high speed turns followed by 20 miles of high speed straight away. 8. Why did you buy your Porsche? I own Porsches because they are timeless sports cars. They are so good that they can be great daily drivers. Every car should be driven. I bought my Porsche(S) because the are approachable well engineered sports cars that can be driven every day. They are also cars that continue to evolve without making the older models obsolete. 9. Top 3 dream cars you would own? Ferrari 275 GTB NART Spyder Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing I am fortunate to own a wide variety of cars, but of my modern cars, my top 3 are: 911 Turbo S McLaren 650 S Spider Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing

6. Next upgrade? My Turbo S is my daily driver and was upgraded from a 2014 Carrera 4S Cab. It may be the best all around Porsche I have owned.

G O I N G P L A C E S 89.2017

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Alpine 2017 by Denise Brasile photos by Chuck Brasile and Ed Stone


his trip has a long, storied history with AZPCA. This was the 17th Alpine trip for the club. In 2011, the trip was cancelled due to the Wallow Fire, one of the largest wildfires in Arizona, that burned over 500,000 acres over a two-month period in the summer. The fire was centered on Alpine, and the burned acreage is still marked by blackened trees and new growth on the forest floor. In other years, the AZPCA has enjoyed a weekend in June with exciting drives and social events. The event was originally planned and led by Ken and Fran Steele, who made it their signature event for the first 15 years. This year's event was planned by Rook and Debbie Younger. Eleven cars departed Fountain Hills in the northeast Valley, changing up the traditional route of driving up to Alpine through Globe, Superior, and Morenci on US 191. By the time of our 9:50 am Drivers Meeting in a patch of shade near the Fountain Hills Denny's, led by our drive chair and former AZPCA president Rook Younger, it was already 96 degrees and full sun. We were eager to get on the road toward the cooler altitudes of the White Mountains of eastern Arizona.

We spent the first hour getting to Payson enjoying the performance of our Porsches on the twists and turns of AZ 87, also know as the Beeline Highway. The Beeline also has the thrilling feature of some pretty significant elevation changes which are fun to drive. This is what these cars are built for!

| 16 |

After a quick comfort stop at the Payson McDonald's, we turned east on AZ 260 and drove the scenic road up onto the Mogollon Rim, to an altitude of 7500 feet, where the temperature dropped to 82 degrees at noon. The Ponderosa pine forests were a relief to our desert-dwelling eyes. The deep shade and attendant fresh, cool air was exactly what we hoped for on this weekender. After another hour on AZ 260, which was picturesque but mostly flat, we arrived at our lunch stop: Darby's Cafe in Pinetop. As we entered the crowded parking lot of the rustic cafe, a cadre of bus boys and kitchen workers poured out the back kitchen door to see the parade of Porsches. The food was good and there was quite a selection. We had a little room in the back just for our group, which was terrific. On the way out, as we opened up the car, one of the bus boys called to us from the front patio. "That one's my favorite!" he said. Yep, ours, too. Back onto AZ 260, we traversed another 25 miles, then turned onto AZ 273 toward Big Lake. That drive, about 30 miles long, was full of interesting turns and twists, and a surprising amount of REALLY. SLOW. VEHICLES. However, passing was fun and entertaining, and we even navigated a fair amount of gravel that lay here and there on the road.

Just south of Alpine, we arrived at the Tal Wi Wi Lodge and checked in. We were very happy with our room in the renovated/ upgraded A cabin. A fireplace and jetted tub in the main room, very nice features along with a microwave and refrigerator (the non-renovated rooms are more, um, rustic). Three cars and five people met us at the lodge after driving the more traditional route described above. At this point, the Porsches were parked for the day, and Happy Hour began with beverages and then turned into a full-blown food fest. We never coordinate who is bringing what, but there is always a great spread of savory, sweet, and healthy treats and appetizers to graze among, and anyone who left hungry wasn't really trying.

G O I N G P L A C E S 89.2017

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| 18 |

G O I N G P L A C E S 89.2017

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| 20 |

Tech Inspection by Eric Schmidt photos by Jan Nyquist and Eric Schmidt


he end of summer means the Arizona Region Porsche Club motorsports season is about to kick off. AZPCA offers autocross and drivers education track days to satisfy whichever speed craving you desire. As the Safety Chair for the Arizona region, I have the opportunity to provide technical inspection for both of these types of driving events. Here are some observations and tips I’ve seen over the past year to help you stay safe and enjoy a day of racing. ARRIVE EARLY Plan to get to the track shortly after the gates are open. The first thing you should do is find a parking place in the paddock and unload everything out of your car. There should be no loose items left in the car. Then go to the registration desk and sign in. You will then receive your tech inspection form. Only then may you proceed to the tech inspection area. If you go to tech inspection without first signing in at registration, you will be turned away and have wasted valuable time. If you’re the type who likes to arrive fashionably late, then you’ll be sitting fashionably at the end of the line. Remember…park, unload, sign-in, then tech. HELMETS Bring your helmet with you to the tech inspection. PCA rules mandate all helmets must be Snell rated 2010 or newer. Yes, helmets do expire, and no, not all helmets are created equal. Your Snell helmet must be SA, SAH, K, or M. Unauthorized helmets such as expired, dirt bike/motocross, DOT (only), or Harley Davidson skullcaps will not suffice and will be denied use at the event. WHEELS AND TIRES Ensure your wheel nuts are tightened and torqued properly. Your tires should have at least 2/32nds tread and your brakes should have enough pad left to last you through the day. During tech inspection, your wheel nuts will be randomly checked for tightness. If your wheels are found loose, then that delays the inspection process for everyone.

SEATBELTS Your seatbelts must be in good condition. If you have an aftermarket harness, ensure it is attached to the mounting points properly. Mounting bolts should be tight. If your harness is a clip-in design, then you are required to have a cotter pin installed to prevent the clip from inadvertently coming loose from the eye-bolt. Also, if you’re driving a cabriolet or other open-top car with the top down you are required to have SFI or FIA-approved arm restraints. ENGINE/BATTERY/TRUNK When your car is inspected, the inspector will have you open the hood and trunk. Everything should be secure in the engine compartment with no loose or leaking parts and your battery secured with solid clamps. Rubber or elastic tie-downs for the battery are not acceptable. The battery shouldn’t be able to wiggle or move around. All personal items should be out of the car and the trunk empty of any loose items. The spare tire is fine to remain as long as it’s secured. Remember, when your car arrives for tech it should be track-ready at that point. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure that your car is in good condition for every event. If you’d like to see more tech standards for PCA motorsports events, I encourage you to view the Zone 8 Rules located on the PCA website. So there are a few items to keep in mind when you arrive for an AZPCA driving event. The line for tech inspection can get long so be patient. Everyone that works at the AZPCA events are volunteers and we strive to be as efficient as possible. We can always use extra hands and eyes during tech. If you would like to assist, come see me at the next track day or autocross.

G O I N G P L A C E S 89.2017

| 21 |

22415 N.18th Drive Phoenix, AZ 85027 480-483-4682 We provide Service for Porsche, Lotus and many other European Marques

| 22 |

Social Media - The PCA National Way! by Jan Mackulak, Social Media Chair “New Law of Physics – Nothing Moves Faster than Social Media” – Quote from Rook Younger after #PorscheParade2017


his month I’d like to highlight what’s out there in Social Media (SM) from other places within the Porsche Club of America (PCA). National uses four SM formats and I’m sure a bunch of National people are allowed to post to these sites. From National’s web site at: you’ll find 4 SM buttons at the bottom of this page: Facebook: Did you know 101,256 people like this and 99,931 people follow it? Borrowing words from PCA National’s words from their 6/27/17 News Post: “Like @PorscheClubOfAmerica on Facebook for the most recent PCA and Porsche happenings. We highlight National, Zone and Regional events, as well as exciting news in the Porsche world.” Twitter: You can follow them on Twitter at @PorscheNational. They have a bunch of tweets and photos from the Porsche Parade in Spokane, and you can even see the Official Twitter page of Parade at @PorscheParade. Lots of National, Regional and Porsche news via Twitter! Links to articles, photos, videos and more. Short and sweet – so TWEET!

PCA National Parade-Specific Social Media Maggie Garnett, PCA National’s Region Social Media Chair, did the SM for Parade this year. I happened to email back and forth with her when I heard the news about winning the National Region of the Year Award! And as Rook texted me the morning after the award ceremony, “New Law of Physics – Nothing Moves Faster than Social Media”. Yes indeed! The exciting thing I found was Maggie had created a Snapchat (@pcanational) Geofilter that people could use for photos and videos at registration and at the concours, along with encouraging the sharing of everyone’s Parade experience with tagging things with hashtags #PCAParade2017 and/or #PCAPorscheParade. From PCA National’s words again: “Parade Facebook: Like @PorscheParade on Facebook to stay in the know about all things Parade. Not only will we post photos and announcements during Parade week, follow us all year long for registration information for Parades to come.” “Parade Twitter: Follow @PorscheParade for the latest Parade announcements. Event or schedule changes and general Parade announcements will be posted here. You won't want to miss anything!” And remember, find ALL-THINGS-AZPCA by just remembering 5 letters on ANY social media: AZPCA ___________________________________________________

Instagram: Again, to borrow National’s words: “If you aren't driving your Porsche to Parade, [Instagram is] the next best thing is looking at pictures of Porsches. Follow us on Instagram @PCANational to see lots of great cars and, if you're at the event, chances to win amazing prizes during our photo contests.” YouTube: I found a lot of cool videos on National’s YouTube page (PCAHQ = PCA Headquarters). Ton’s of videos including “PCA Spotlight” videos. I marked one “watch later” called PCA Spotlight: "Braking Basics" - Tech Tactics East 2017(PCA Tech Expert and self-professed Boxster fanatic Pedro Bonilla explains the basics of braking.) Those of you who own Boxsters might know him as “Pedro’s Boxster Board” aka I also found a Google+ PCAHQ page too, but at first glance it looks like similar videos to their YouTube channel. G O I N G P L A C E S 89.2017

| 23 |

AZPCA Night Autocross Results by Rick Althouse and Kim Kemper photos by Jan Nyquist


ey Autocrossers, Here are the results from Saturday's autocross held on June 17th at Bondurant Racing School in Chandler, Arizona. There were about 40 participants with a fair representation of Porsche cars. The 1st chart is raw times for all of the runs, add 2 seconds for each cone. The 2nd chart is the Top Time Of Day (NIGHT) and is each driver's best time. Thanks to everyone for coming out and making this another successful event! The temperatures were brutal, I'm glad and relieved that we did not experience any heat related incidents! Stay tuned for some information about a possible event in early September. Enjoy your summer, see you in the fall. Kim and Rick WͲyηϵ:ƵŶĞϭϳ͕ϮϬϭϳ Z/sZ





| 24 |


,dϭ ZhEϮ





ϱϰ͘ϭϰϱ ϱϰ͘ϭϴϰ ϱϮ͘ϳϳϭ ϱϱ͘ϱϮϲ ϱϰ͘ϱϮϳ ϲϯ͘ϭϭϮ ϱϵ͘ϵϰϮ ϱϳ͘ϳϯϴ ϱϳ͘ϳϮϵ ϱϲ͘Ϭϵϵ ϱϰ͘ϲϰϱ ϱϰ͘ϭϭϭ ϱϮ͘ϱϴϰ ϱϰ͘Ϯϭϲ ϱϰ͘ϬϱϮ E& E& E& ϱϴ͘ϲϳϰ ϱϳ͘ϴϴϰ ϱϭ͘Ϯϵϵ ϱϬ͘ϲϬϮ ϰϵ͘ϲϳϮ ϱϬ͘Ϯϳϱ ϰϵ͘ϰϬϮ ϱϮ͘ϵϮϰ ϱϰ͘Ϭϵ E& ϱϰ͘ϰϭϲ ϱϲ͘ϭϯϲ ϱϱ͘ϮϱϮ ϱϰ͘ϳϵ ϱϭ͘ϵϳϳ ϱϱ͘ϬϮϱ ϱϯ͘ϴϵϭ ϲϮ͘ϲϳϴ ϲϲ͘ϱϲϴ ϱϵ͘ϭϴ ϱϴ͘ϯϰ ϳϳ͘ϯϵϰ ϲϬ͘ϰϵ ϲϬ͘ϭϰϴ ϲϭ͘Ϭϵϳ ϲϬ͘Ϭϲϰ ϱϵ͘Ϯϲϱ ϱϬ͘ϱϬϱ ϰϴ͘ϵϴϵ ϰϴ͘ϮϮϲ ϱϭ͘ϭϴϴ ϱϬ͘ϱϳϲ ϱϳ͘Ϭϲϯ ϱϳ͘ϮϮϳ ϱϱ͘ϱϳϵ ϲϮ͘ϭϱ ϱϴ͘ϯϲϰ ϳϱ͘ϱϳϳ E& ϲϰ͘ϲϬϮ ϲϲ͘Ϯϯϴ ϱϵ͘ϵϳϱ ϱϭ͘ϴϰϲ ϱϬ͘ϰϯ ϱϬ͘Ϭϭϭ ϱϮ͘ϰϱϯ ϱϭ͘ϲϴϭ ϲϯ͘ϲϯϯ ϲϬ͘ϭϱϵ ϱϴ͘ϲϮϳ ϲϬ͘ϯϰϰ ϱϴ͘ϴϭϴ ϱϯ͘ϭϬϱ ϱϮ͘Ϭϭϵ ϱϬ͘ϯϯϳ ϱϯ͘Ϭϭϵ ϱϰ͘ϲϱϭ ϱϱ͘ϳϵϯ ϱϱ͘ϳϬϵ ϱϱ͘Ϯϴϭ ϱϵ͘ϭϭϱнϭ ϱϲ͘ϲϴϰ E& ϲϴ͘ϭϭϱ ϲϲ͘ϲϲϵ ϲϲ͘ϲϳϭ ϲϲ͘ϯϯϵ ϳϬ͘ϰϳϵ ϳϬ͘ϭϱϲ ϲϯ͘ϲϵϯ ϲϰ͘ϵϱϴ ϲϮ͘Ϭϰ E& E^ E^ ϲϰ͘ϵϲϮ ϲϭ͘ϮϭϮнϭ ϲϰ͘ϲϯϳ ϲϮ͘ϰϵϵ ϲϭ͘Ϭϭϱ ϲϬ͘ϱϴϮ ϱϵ͘ϳϵ ϲϭ͘Ϯϴϲнϭ E^ E^ E^ E^ ϱϴ͘Ϭϱϭ ϱϱ͘ϴϰϴ ϱϳ͘Ϯϯϳ ϲϮ͘ϴϭϰ ϲϮ͘ϯϳϭ ϱϯ͘ϲϬϳ ϱϯ͘ϰϯϳ ϱϯ͘ϬϮϮ ϱϰ͘ϵϵϮ ϱϰ ϱϱ͘ϲϲϮ ϱϰ͘ϳϳϵ ϱϰ͘ϳϰϵ ϱϰ͘ϰϲϴнϭ ϱϱ͘Ϯϰϴ ϱϬ͘Ϯϰϵ ϰϵ͘ϴϭϱ ϱϬ͘ϮϬϮ ϱϬ͘ϰϰϱ ϰϵ͘ϰϭϱ E& ϱϲ͘Ϭϳϲ E& ϱϲ͘ϵϵϵ ϱϯ͘Ϯϭϱ ϰϵ͘ϱϭϱ ϰϵ͘Ϭϵ ϰϳ͘Ϯϱϯ ϰϳ͘ϰϵϬнϭ ϰϳ͘ϯϰϮнϭ ϱϮ͘ϯϮϮ ϱϬ͘ϱϯϭ ϱϬ͘ϲϴϵ ϱϯ͘ϭϲϱ ϱϮ͘ϭϴϵ ϱϯ͘ϳϮϵ ϱϮ͘Ϭϯϭ ϱϮ͘ϭϯ ϱϮ͘ϴϯϲ ϱϮ͘Ϯϯϴ ϱϲ͘ϯϮϭ ϱϰ͘ϱϮϳнϭ ϱϰ͘ϳϮϳ ϱϯ͘ϴϴϳ ϱϱ͘ϯϴϰ ϱϭ͘ϵϭϵ ϱϬ͘ϰϯϵ ϰϵ͘ϳϭϮ ϱϮ͘Ϯϱϰ ϱϭ͘ϱϲϭ ϱϵ͘ϰϲϯ ϱϵ͘Ϯϴϳ ϱϴ͘Ϭϯϴ ϱϳ͘ϳϯϭ ϱϴ͘ϲϬϵ ϰϵ͘ϴϯϮнϭ ϰϴ͘ϳϱϵ ϰϵ͘Ϯϰϴнϭ ϱϭ͘ϲϵϴнϭ ϱϬ͘ϳϴϮнϮ ϱϵ͘ϬϳϮ ϱϲ͘Ϯϱϰ ϱϲ͘ϰϮϲ ϱϳ͘ϯϴϳ ϱϳ͘ϰϲ ϱϴ͘ϳϵϯ ϱϴ ϱϲ͘ϳϵϯнϭ ϱϳ͘ϴϲϱ ϱϴ͘ϱϰϱ ϰϵ͘Ϭϲϰ ϰϴ͘ϱϲϯ ϰϳ͘ϵϳϳ ϰϴ͘ϯϮϲ ϰϴ͘Ϯϯϴ ϱϴ͘ϳϳϰ ϱϱ͘ϵϭϴ ϱϱ͘ϴϯϳ ϱϲ͘ϭϭ ϱϱ͘Ϯϴϵ



ϱϰ͘ϰϰϲ ϱϰ͘ϰϯ ϱϲ͘Ϯϳϱ ϱϲ͘ϱϬϲ ϱϯ͘ϴϭϬнϭ ϱϯ͘ϴϰϭ ϱϲ͘ϳϭϱ ϱϲ͘ϭϬϳ ϰϵ͘ϴϵϯ ϱϬ͘Ϭϲϰ ϱϰ͘ϲϭϴ E& ϱϯ͘ϲϵ ϱϮ͘ϲϵ ϲϭ͘ϴϯϱ ϱϳ͘ϰϯϳ ϱϴ͘ϴϭϯ E^ ϰϵ͘ϴϵϳ ϰϵ͘ϴϯϯ ϱϳ͘ϯϭϴ ϱϳ͘Ϭϵϵ ϲϭ͘ϯϴϭ ϱϴ͘ϯϯϯнϭ ϱϬ͘ϱϭϲ ϱϬ͘ϭϭϲ ϱϵ͘ϴϵϵ ϱϴ͘ϬϮϭ ϱϱ͘Ϯϵϱ ϱϰ͘ϵϱ ϱϱ͘ϱϳϰ ϱϲ͘ϴϮϯ ϲϴ͘ϯϮϵ ϲϳ͘ϵϴ ϱϵ͘ϰϬϳ ϱϴ͘ϲϳϲ ϱϴ͘ϳϬϵ ϱϴ͘ϵϲ ϲϬ͘ϲϲϴ ϱϵ͘ϲϮϲ E^ E^ ϲϭ͘ϵϳϮ ϲϭ͘ϵϰϭ ϱϯ͘ϱϳϰ ϱϮ͘ϬϬϵ ϱϯ͘ϵϰϯ ϱϮ͘ϳϭϱ E& ϰϴ͘ϴϬϳ ϱϰ͘Ϭϯϵ ϱϰ͘ϬϬϭ ϰϳ͘ϲϯϵ ϰϳ͘ϰϭϰ ϱϬ͘ϳϲϮ ϱϬ͘Ϭϵϭ ϱϭ͘Ϭϲϲ ϱϬ͘ϱϮϴнϭ ϱϯ͘ϱϱϯ ϱϯ͘ϵϲ ϰϵ͘ϳϮϴ ϰϵ͘ϳϱϵ ϱϳ͘Ϭϯϴ ϱϳ͘Ϯϵϲ ϰϵ͘ϴϰϴ ϱϬ͘ϬϬϲ ϱϱ͘ϯϰϰ ϱϯ͘ϱϱϯ ϱϳ͘ϳϴϵ ϱϲ͘ϵϯϱ E& E^ ϱϯ͘ϳϲϯ ϱϰ͘ϭϱϭ

WͲyηϵ:ƵŶĞϭϳ͕ϮϬϭϳ Z/sZ





^dZhE ϰϳ͘Ϯϱϯ ϰϳ͘ϵϳϳ ϰϴ͘ϮϮϲ ϰϴ͘ϳϱϵ ϰϴ͘ϴϬϳ ϰϵ͘ϰϬϮ ϰϵ͘ϳϭϮ ϱϬ͘Ϭϭϭ ϱϬ͘Ϭϵϭ ϱϬ͘ϯϯϳ ϱϭ͘Ϭϲϲ ϱϭ͘ϵϳϳ ϱϮ͘ϬϬϵ ϱϮ͘ϱϴϰ ϱϮ͘ϳϭϱ ϱϮ͘ϳϳϭ ϱϮ͘ϵϮϰ ϱϯ͘Ϯϭϱ ϱϯ͘ϱϱϯ ϱϯ͘ϱϱϯ ϱϯ͘ϳϲϯ ϱϱ͘Ϯϴϭ ϱϱ͘ϱϳϵ ϱϱ͘ϴϰϴ ϱϲ͘Ϭϵϵ ϱϲ͘ϭϬϳ ϱϲ͘ϵϯϱ ϱϳ͘Ϭϯϴ ϱϳ͘ϰϯϳ ϱϴ͘ϬϮϭ ϱϴ͘ϲϳϲ ϱϴ͘ϳϬϵ ϱϴ͘ϴϭϯ ϱϵ͘ϲϮϲ ϱϵ͘ϵϳϱ ϲϯ͘Ϯϴϲ ϲϲ͘ϯϯϵ

G O I N G P L A C E S 89.2017

| 25 |

Protecting Families, Ensuring Safe Communities, Making Things Right No one wants bad things to happen. But sometimes our ability to self-determine our own lives is unexpectedly taken away by rule-breakers. When that occurs, we hold rule breakers accountable, for full and fair compensation for the harms caused. Attorney Robert J. Hommel has over 30 years experience dealing with injury claims and insurance denials of benefits you paid for. PCA member 480-778-0123 ArizonaInjuryAndInsurance.Law | 26 |

BOOK REVIEWS FOR PORSCHEPHILES by Bruce Herrington, Orange Coast Region


PORSCHE SOUNDS (Edition PORSCHE Museum), by Dieter Landenberger, published by Edel Germany GmbH, Hamburg Germany


espite the title, this is an interesting book to read. There are six chapters, each dealing with an 'era' of Porsche automobiles, ranging from Prologue to The PORSCHE Principle. And indeed there is a CD included. This publication is part of the “Ear Books' series, which bills itself as “Sophisticated Coffee-Table books with music” The subtitle 'Edition Porsche Museum' refers in part to the fact that the Porsche Museum is listed as copyright holder for all of the many, many pictures, and to the fact that there is another edition of PORSCHE SOUNDS that contains three CDs, not just one. Thirty different PORSCHE sound tracks are presented, documenting such distinctions as 356-1500, 356-1500 GS Carrera, 550, RSK and RS Spyders, 911 GT2 and GT3, etc. This book has very European flavor with irregular page layouts, lots of white space, and text in both German and English. The Introduction nicely encapsulates Ferdinand Porsche's pre-PORSCHE automotive work, with a uniquely comprehensive collection of photographs. There is an illustrated table of the the thirty sound tracks, and at appropriate places in the text there is a graphic reference to the relevant sound track. Though the textual descriptions of the various models are concise but comprehensive, the captions provided for the many pictures (placed remotely but tied by a numbering system), are terse at best. A 'European' subtlety in the design of this book is that interspersed in the continuing story of the evolution of Porsche automobiles, told on black pages, are tidbits on special models, printed on white pages

[NAACP please forgive me, I'm just reporting the facts]. Note that the 'white pages' relate specifically to Porsche models whose sound tracks are on the CD. The sound tracks present on-the-apron, in-car and drive-by sounds. Compared to modern TV audio, some of the tracks are less than impressive, in part because there is no narration of what you are hearing, just the track label displayed by Windows Media Player; files are only labeled as TrackNN. To this reviewer, the audio presentation is interesting, but considerably less 'professional' than that of those ancient 33rpm LPs - 'Sounds of Sebring' and 'Porsche Sound History'. The sound tracks are different, and it might be interesting to put the appropriate track on 'repeat' while reading the text for the model in question, but to this reviewer, the sounds add little to what is, in its own right, a worthwhile book on the evolution of Porsche automobiles. As a book, this is an outstanding, well illustrated, chronology of Porsches, from 356-01 to the RSR of 2015, including the Panamera Turbo and the 919 Hybrid along the way. As a tribute (?) to Porsche's rapid pace of model development, the 4-cyl Boxsters/Caymans are too new to be included in this book. Note that while the 928 is covered in some detail, the 924, 944, 968 'transaxle' cars are barely mentioned and not included on the CD. PORSCHE SOUNDS is hardbound, coffee-table sized book, with 252, 11x11 inch heavyweight pages and is very well illustrated. There is no dust jacket and no index. Where this reviewer is concerned, forget the CD – buy this book as an outstanding description of the evolution of Porsche automobiles. It's all about the cars, not the company or the people. It deserves to become one of those classic books no Porschephile should be without. As of this writing it is available for $40.00 from Amazon Books.

G O I N G P L A C E S 89.2017

| 27 |

| 28 |

Nobody Wears a Sign by Danielle Badler


o there I was, minding my own business at a conference in New York City. Drifting through the buffet lunch at a table of eight. Just making small-talk with my dining compatriots. And this middle-aged, studious-looking guy in a suit, with a thick beard, sat down in an empty seat next to me. I looked over. But I couldn’t see his name tag. So I asked him, what brought him to the conference? And he said he was on the program, on a panel discussion, right after lunch. He was an economist from Washington, there to talk about the new Administration. Oh! So we got to talking about politics in DC. And I segued to a recent trip to France, and how the French seem to view us today. I couldn’t help it. I mean, how often can you say “I just got back from France.” I told him about how my sister and I did this pilgrimage to Omaha Beach, and Point du Hoc, and the American Cemetery, which houses nearly 10,000 graves of soldiers, with the gravestones all pointing west, pointing home. I told him how the French still thank us for what we did there, regardless of who’s in the White House. And I asked him if he’d ever been there, to the D-Day beaches. He said no. But he said he’d been nearby. So I asked if it was to Mont St. Michel? No. Bayeux, to see the Norman tapestry? No. So what? A place called Le Mans, he said. Oh, I said, and I instinctively sat up straight. So you’re into cars! Well then! I told him I’ve never been to Le Mans, although I’ve been so close. Then I asked him if he knew that Porsche won again this year. Oh yeah, he said. So I asked him if he was there. Not this year, he said. But he’s been. And with that, he whipped out his cellphone, and scrolled down to a photo of him with … do you recognize him, he asked me. Timo, he said. And it clicked. Timo Bernhard. They’ve met. They’ve broken bread. Then I asked him, my exact words, what he drove. And he rattled off two relatively late model Porsches. A Carrera and a Boxster or Cayman, I think … I don’t remember exactly.

And, as soon as he paused, I burst in with my own Porsche genealogy. I told him about the six I’ve owned. How I’m down to one right now, my ’78 SC. And, sure enough, as soon as I paused, he gave me his own P - history. This is how it went. I asked him about Formula 1. He told me he’d been to a number of races, starting with two visits to the Glen in the ‘60s. Oh, I said, wasn’t one of those years the year they set fire to a Brazilian tour bus in the bog? Yes, he said, although he wasn’t involved. He was with his parents. And, of course, I gave him my Formula 1 history. And we talked about favorite tracks. I think he told me he had been to Spa. Which enabled me to cut to one of my magic moments in the car world. When I was in the bar after practice for the first Hungarian Grand Prix, and I asked Clay Regazzoni, in his wheelchair, what was his favorite track, and he said Spa. And I said to myself, perfect. Our conversation went back and forth this way for quite some time. Although I can’t really recall the particulars. We talked a bit about self-driving cars. He made a point, I made a point. Where car enthusiasm is heading. And so on. Not that the details really matter. My memory for specifics from the conversation isn’t what it could be. Although I do remember most of the stories I told him. They’re my Porsche stories, and my Formula 1 stories. He gave me his. I gave him mine. Were we talking at cross-purposes? Probably. But it didn’t matter. I was sitting next to a kindred spirit. And, until we started talking, I had no idea. The conversation was totally unexpected. Especially given the alternative, which would consist of banter about the weather, and travel delays, and hotel rooms, and bad catered food. To me, the fascinating thing is how you can, out of the blue, meet a complete stranger and, if the gods conspire, if the planets align, if the karma is good, if the opportunity presents itself, enter into an adrenaline-filled, give and take, expository exhibition on a favorite subject. And then, just as fast, someone’s ringing a chime to announce that lunchtime is over. It’s time to return to the anonymity of the conference room. Nobody wears a sign stating what’s interesting about them. It’s up to us to find out. And it helps to keep our ego in check.

G O I N G P L A C E S 89.2017

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Lyle Capstick 612.991.9780


Bob Tomlin


Jan Nyquist 602.684.0077


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Gary Solem 707.849.6077

Mike Labowitch

| 30 |

EXECUTIVE APPOINTEES AUTOCROSS Rick Althouse 480.314.0532 Kim Kemper 480.231.9315 CHIEF CONCOURS JUDGE Jack Aman 602.938.1317 CHIEF DRIVING INSTRUCTOR Scott Mcilvain

MEMBERSHIP Jason Bunting 612.245.1858


M O N T H LY M E E T I N G COORDINATOR Mark Baker NAME BADGES Betsy Andrade 602.550.1212 NEWSLETTER Angela Manente 952.240.4292

COMPETITION/ DRIVER EDUC ATION Mathias Arrfelt PANORAMA LIAISON Diane Collier c303.378.9109 DRIVING TOUR h623.544.5965 CHAIR Rook Younger 480-428-5451 SAFETY Eric Schmidt EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Andy Logan 602.980.2306 EQUIPMENT Dave Fisher 602.763.2996 GOODIE STORE Betsy Andrade 602.550.1212 HISTORIAN Loretta Aman 602.938.1317 INSURANCE Chuck Brasile 602.741.5338 SOCIAL COMMIT TEE Vacant SOCIAL MEDIA Jan Mackulak 602.750.2145 SPONSORSHIP AND ADVERTISING Bob Tomlin 480.201.3881 TECHNICAL Scott Mcilvain 480.968.2858 WEBMASTER Kevin Gilchrist WEBSITE ASSISTANTS Craig Harland Eddy Newkirk


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8 S A N T A B A R B A R A


Visit Your AzPCA Goodie Store Today! Order AzPCA apparel, gift items, and name badges.

Just type in the website in your browser. For more information or for special requests, please contact Betsy Andrade, your Merchandise Manager. Email: Cell: 602-550-1212

G O I N G P L A C E S 89.2017

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J U N E 2 017 M E E T I N G M I N U T E S


8 by Jan Nyquist Attendees: Jack & Loretta Aman, Mark Baker, Philip Berger, Richard & Susan Bookspan, Denise & Chuck Brasile, Jason & Darlene Bunting, Lyle Capstick, David Colgrove, David & Lucy Fisher, Mr & Mrs Jeff Flaherty, Robert Frith, Kevin & Judi Gilchrist, Mr & Mrs James Hodos, Kim & Ellen Kemper, Gregory & Marilynn Mannion, Stephen & Rosemary Martin, Mr & Mrs Ray Menard, Camille Miles, Jan Nyquist, Wm Rinaudo Phillips, Jim Roberts, Morris & Jane Scharhon, Gary & Penny Solem, Dale Willis, Mr & Mrs Richard Wyatt Jr, Rook Younger. 06.50 PM The meeting was opened by Lyle Capstick our President. Thanks were extended to Jasmine Tokyo for hosting and feeding us from their Asian buffet. Thanks should also go to Mark Baker for making the arrangements for the June Monthly Meeting. New Members, Cars & Guests. No new members or guests attended. However, an owner, Cory Berg was proud of his recently purchased 2004 Porsche Carrera. In a recent edition of “e-Brake” Jim Barowske’s car, Porsche 944, 1983, was featured as the May 30 Picture of the Week. Going Places Recognition. Chas Wirken received the Going Places Writers Award for the month of June. His article described the new Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles. Recent Activities were reviewed: May 6 Porsche N’Pancakes May 6 SAR Cinco de Mayo Car Show – Casino del Sol Resort, Tucson. May 20 Drive to Bagdad with lunch at the Copper Country Bar & Grill. May Featured Activity – Drive to Bagdad. Cory Berg gave us a short and entertaining description of his participation together with his Father. May 24-28 Roadrunner Region 50th Anniversary – Fiesta New Mexico, Santa Fe. June 3 Porsche N’Pancakes – Alma WxSW Cuisine, Gainey Village, Scottsdale.

June 17 Night AutoCross – Bondurant Road Course. July 9-15 Porsche Parade, Spokane, WA August 2 August Monthly Meeting – Lucille’s BBQ, Tempe. August 5 Porsche N’Pancakes – The Haymarket Restaurant, North Phoenix. August 12 Chase Field – Baseball – Diamondbacks vs Cubs 2:00 PM Guided tour of Chase Field. 5:10 PM Game Time August 20-23 Durango Drive, Make reservations at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Durango. - Ask for special Porsche Club Rates! October 27-29 FLIGHT 40 Friday evening – Welcome Reception, Charity Auction – McCormick Hotel. Saturday – Concours held at Fashion Square streets including Awards Luncheon. Sunday – Tours to 2 private Auto collections with an entry fee donated to charity – group lunch following the tours. Volunteer help requested in conjunction with Flight 40. November Annual Meeting – November 2nd, 2017. Board of Directors election. First election with the newly approved director’s terms. President, Vice President and 2 Directors at Large – 1 year term – next election will be a 2 year term. Secretary, Treasurer and 2 Directors at Large – 2 year term. We need members to step up and become involved in the running of your club. Recent re-organization: Bryce Brown our President was called back to corporate duties for his company and consequently had to step down as our President. We will all miss him and wish him well with his new tasks at hand. Our Vice President, Lyle Capstick assumed the role as our new President for the remainder of this year. At a recent Board Meeting Bob Tomlin was appointed by the Board to be our Vice President until the end of 2017. At that same meeting Mike Labowitch was appointed by the Board to be Director at Large until the end of 2017. 07:20 PM The meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted by Jan Nyquist – Secretary Porsche Club of America – Arizona Region.

Upcoming Events. June 9 – 11 Alpine Tour XVII – Tal Wi-Wi Lodge, Alpine, AZ.

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20th Street Auto Parts.............................. 7 Anderson, Steve; WCI Brokers Central....... 7 Andrade, Betsy; Andrade Promotions........22 APEX Motor Club...................................... 22 Beyer, Russ; Hagerty Porsche Insurance.... 7 Bookspan, Richard; Attorney-at-Law..........26 Brasile, Charles & Denise; Real Estate...... 22 Brighton Motorsports............................... 22 Bulldog Detailing..................................... 28 Capstick, Lyle; First Financial................... 22 Communiform......................................... 34 Don Jackson Enterprises........................... 22 Exotic Motorwerks................................... 4 Finishing Touch....................................... 26 Hommel, Robert J.,P.C.; Attorney-at-Law... 26 iAutohaus................................................ 22 Lewis, Steven K.; Wells Fargo................... 7 McIlvain Motors....................................... 26 Patrick Motorsports.................................. 7 Porsche North Scottsdale and Porsche Chandler..................................... IFC

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AZPCA Going Places September 2017  

AZPCA Going Places September 2017  

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