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A designer who fuses architecture, biology and tech MONASTERO SANTA ROSA


A designer who fuses architecture, biology and tech MONASTERO SANTA ROSA


Sustainable impulses that slow down this fast-paced world and dedicate more love and respect to the health of our planet


Young and regenerative: the remarkable new rosé label from Provence




From former monastery to fabulous hotel above the Amalfi Coast No. 4/22 SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER / NOVEMBER

From former monastery to fabulous hotel above the Amalfi Coast No. 4/22 SEPTEMBER / /

Sustainable impulses that slow down this fast-paced world and dedicate more love and respect to the health of our planet

Young and regenerative: the remarkable new rosé label from Provence






For me, one of the most important develop ments over the past years has been the in credible pace of change that we’ve been ex posed to. One example is the astonishing rate at which we all embraced new technologies during the pandemic. To my mind, this is a very positive thing because it creates the necessary space for progress. That notwithstanding, in times of continuous renewal, it is also important to retain a sense of inner calm, to take a deep breath and the time to weigh up: What’s good for me, and what can I do to help other people? I’ve always been convinced that running a successful business like Engel & Völkers brings with it an obligation to turn our gaze toward places where people are less fortunate.

Years ago, through a family connection, I learned of an elementary school project in Agbetiko village in Togo, West Africa. In 2008 we established the Engel & Völkers Charity and for nearly 13 years, the Engel & Völkers school has been helping children in Agbetiko to take their first steps toward a secure and independent future. More than 200 children have attended the school so far, and we are currently planning a high school. This project makes me in credibly proud. For myself, in challenging times like these, there is no better place to retreat to than my second home on Mallorca. I’m especially excited to be making our own red wine at Finca “Con Soll.” Every year, our finca produces roughly 2,000 bottles, which make a wonderful gift for friends, family and staff. We also take great care to produce our wine sustaina bly, which is one reason I am fascinated by our current cover story on Jeany and Stephen Cronk, who established a vineyard in Provence, France. Sometimes, it appears, it’s the little things in life that end up making the biggest difference. This summer, two colonies of bees comprising some 100,000 insects were given a home on the roof of our company headquarters in Hamburg. I hope very much that this project will make a small contribution toward preserving biodiversity.

On this note, I hope you enjoy this MINDFULNESS issue of GG Magazine. I also wish you agreeable and restful moments as you peruse the inspiring stories and dream real estate from all around the world.



What a beautiful, sophisticated word. Originally, being mindful meant “bearing something in mind,” but today mindfulness is understood as a conscious awareness of the moment, of ourselves, of the world around us – in a nonjudgmental way. A respectful approach that helps us find clarity and the ability to accept the reality of the moment. An attitude we could all actually benefit from – observing a bit more before judging or even con demning new ideas and beliefs. Especially in uncertain times like these when the world seems to be changing much faster than ever before, facing new and unfamiliar challenges. Understanding that new ideas are rarely perfect from the get-go, but can point in the right direction if we are just humble enough to take that step back. This is the approach that inspired us for this issue. Meet the very likable Cronks: Jeany is from Bavaria, Steven was born in Lon don. Together they founded Maison Mirabeau, a new and very successful rosé producing business in Provence in southern France. Through their first regeneratively grown label La Réserve they were inspired to form a foundation, to help winegrowers worldwide learn more about the advantages of regenerative farming. Get to know American-Israeli designer Neri Oxman, who breaks boundaries combining biology, architecture and tech. Fall in love with the delightful Monastero Santa Rosa hotel on the Amalfi Coast in Italy – just like the current owner did when she first set eyes on the former monastery. And learn about other enterprises and their mindful ideas that help treat our planet with the respect it deserves. Enjoy your read! Michaela Cordes Rosé wines by Maison Mirabeau are taking top restaurants and hotels by storm. If you’re interested in sustainable farming, take a look at “The Soil Will Save Us,” the book Stephen Cronk recommended to GG and which in spired him to create La Réserve, his regeneratively grown wine.

When Jeany and Stephen Cronk established their award-winning rosé and gin brand, the German-British couple left London and moved with their three children to Provence. The photo shoot for our cover story took place over two days at their 20-hectare estate. May Sophie’s images lure you away to the enchantingly beautiful Domaine Mirabeau in the south of France (page 30).

Noah Kalina Art photographer Noah Kalina hails from Lumberland in southern New York State. Nature is a main focus of his work and an interest he shares with designer Neri Oxman, whom he captured on page 60. Noah’s photography has appeared in “The New York Times Magazine,” “Le Monde” and “Esquire,” among other publications.

French photographer and wine expert Sophie Bellard is in charge of Maison Mirabeau’s brand image and communicating it via various channels.

In February, after finishing a trainee program, Merle Wilkening joined the GG team as staff editor. With a degree in cultural studies from Lüneburg University in her pocket, she moved to Hamburg three years ago. Merle has never been to Madrid, but after researching the Spanish capital for our Cool City section (page 14), she is now super-excited to go.

Sophie Bellard


Merle Wilkening

Alexander Broadfoot Alexander Broadfoot is Head of Sales at Engel & Völkers London. He has lived in the British capital since 2009 and has been advising individuals and companies, including private banks and family offices, for just as long. Alexander’s international network of contacts is excellent. In 2017, he started his own brokerage firm and last year, opened an office in Hong Kong.

800 620 8490 | OFFICINEGULLO.COMTHE QUINTESSENTIAL KITCHEN 30 22 78 (1)GRISHINAULIANA(1),BELLARDSOPHIEPHOTOS: NewWomanHomeMaison Mirabeau AT HOME 30 MAISON MIRABEAU The new rosé label from Provence is committed to regenerative farming – with great success. 42 PORTFOLIO Enterprises with fresh, innovative ideas help make our world a more sustainable place. 60 NERI OXMAN The architect and designer explores way for buildings and objects to imitate nature. 68 TRAVEL Monastero Santa Rosa: A former monastery high above the Amalfi Coast is a romantic, award-winning hotel. ALWAYS 6 FOREWORD A preface to the new issue. 8 EDITORIAL Mindfulness. 176 ADDRESSES Names, addresses and manufacturers. 177 STAFF Masthead. FOR SALE AD SECTION 78 NEW HOME This historic Mansion House in London combines heritage and prestige. 86 RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL Villas, mansions & office space – the world’s most beautiful real estate. PLAYGROUND 14 COOL CITY We visit a city that’s buzzing with culture: Spain’s cosmopolitan capital Madrid. 16 ART & DESIGN Old truck tarps and discarded seat belts have brought the Freitag brothers international success. 18 INTERVIEW Women around the world love the fluffy, light, sustainable bags made by Berlin label Vee Collective. 20 NEWS FROM THE CEO Sven Odia, CEO of Engel & Völkers, on the latest trends in the international real estate market. 22 WOMAN New products inspired by the past. 24 MAN Selected items for a green start to fall. 26 BOOKS Live, eat and consume with the planet’s wellbeing in mind – three books that support a sustainable lifestyle. 178 PERSONAL From garbage dump to public park. INSIDE12

An absolute must-do in Madrid: dinner at Amazónico. An exotic restaurant that seduces the senses and takes you on a deliciously unforgettable journey.

COOL CITY ART & DESIGN INTERVIEW NEWS FROM THE CEO WOMAN MAN BOOKS RESTAURANTEAMAZONICO.COM/EN/PHOTO: PLAYGROUND13 Dynamic Madrid The Spanish capital is cosmopolitan, rich in contrasts and increasingly green. The sense for cultural enjoyment is also very much alive –far into the night! A reason to visit soon. WORDS: Merle Wilkening ILLUSTRATIONS: Asia Orlando COOL CITY 14

Madrid has positioned itself as a highly at tractive real estate market, not only for Span ish buyers but for international ones too, pri marily from France but increasingly from Mexico and Argentina. Demand for real es tate in this densely populated city far out weighs supply, and compared with last year, Madrid has seen the highest price increas es anywhere in Spain – with the exception of the Balearic Islands. In 2021, average prices for highly coveted locations such as the Sala manca district, where the traditional Recole tos, Goya and Lista neighborhoods are locat ed, reached 6,100 euros per square meter. Here in the Spanish capital, people are out on the streets until far into the night. And like everywhere else in Spain, they don’t eat din ner until after 9 pm. The San Miguel market hall features traditional food such as tapas and paella, whereas the Fayer Madrid restau rant specializes in modern Israeli cuisine. The Botín, which opened in 1725, is listed in the Guinness book of records as the oldest restau rant in the world. Madrilenians escape the ur ban hustle and bustle in Buen Retiro park; last year, along with magnificent Paseo del Pra do boulevard, this green oasis was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. On hot days, people also flock to Madrid Río park to cool off. Before 2011, traffic still thundered along the ring road here, but in a prime example of urban development, the city restored and landscaped the area on the banks of the Man zanares river and turned it into an attractive parkland. In fact, Madrid has a comprehensive plan for making the city even greener: The city intends to plant around half a million trees, creating a 75-kilometer city forest that will im prove air quality and capture 175,000 tons of carbon every year. Primarily native species will be planted so that they don’t require much wa ter. The green city wall is part of Madrid 360, a strategy created to achieve the goals set out in the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

A city tour 1 TORRES BLANCAS

The concrete tower by Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza is regarded as a masterpiece of Spanish Organicism. 2 BARRIO DE LAS LETRAS


Some of Spain’s greatest liter ary figures once lived in this charming bohemian neighborhood. 3 AMAZÓNICO Chef Sandro Silva combines flavors from his native Brazil with Latin American, Indian and Japanese influences. 4 PALACIO DE CRISTAL Make sure to stop and admire this magnificent glass and steel structure in Buen Retiro park. round 3.3 million people live in Madrid, making it one of Europe’s most populous cities. Madrid’s history dates back to the 9th century, and the city was ruled by Muslims until 1095. It has been the capital of Spain, the seat of govern ment and home to the royal family since 1561 – apart from a period of five years – although today the Palacio Real is an official residence rather than a royal home. The architecture around the city stems from various different epochs. You’ll find narrow, winding streets, opulent palaces and historical monuments as well as modern high-rise buildings in the busi ness district. On the east side of Plaza May or, the famous column-lined central square in the heart of the old town, Paseo del Arte ave nue leads straight to the cultural heart of the city. Three world-class museums are located here just a few hundred meters from each oth er: the Prado, which houses Spanish master pieces by Velázquez, Goya and El Greco; the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum across from it and the Reina Sofía, where visitors can admire Picasso’s iconic “Guernica.”

4 312COMMONS.WIKIMEDIA.ORG/WIKI/FILE:MADRID_20.JPG#/MEDIA/ARCHIVO:MADRID_20.JPG,–2ARCHITECTUUL.COM,–1PHOTOS: ESMADRID.COM–4RESTAURANTEAMAZONICO.COM/EN/A,–3 Would you like to know more? Puerta de PradoAlcalá Madrid Río - Puente de Arganzuela Templo de Debod Teleférico Palacio Real Mercado San TabacaleraMiguel Museo Reina Sofía Plaza Mayor Puerta del Sol BornemiszaThyssenMetropolis Bernabéu

Since 2014, Freitag has also been selling clothing made from biode gradable fabric it developed itself.

Once there were two brothers named Daniel and Markus Freitag, cre ative young men who had the unusual but simple idea of making bags out of used truck tarps. In 1993, from their shared apartment in Zu rich, they started making one-of-a-kind pieces from recycled materi als, such as old tarps, bicycle inner tubes and car safety belts, by hand. Nearly three decades and numerous design prizes later, the two-man workshop has become a company that employs 250 people. The Freitag bags turned into cult items and traveled the world, just like the truck tarps they were made of. Today, the Freitag range includes more than 50 bags and accessories, each of them unique. Fans can design certain models themselves online or produce them in so-called sweat-yourselfshops in Zurich, Bangkok or Kyoto. The first “Messenger Bag F13 TOP CAT” received a particularly high honor in 2011 when it featured in the Standard Deviations exhibition hosted by the Museum of Modern Art in New York – a fairy-tale tribute to the brothers and their remarkable idea.

Cool covers


BeuskerLars glasmuseumcm),126x166display(onsizesindiv.10,ofedition»Tolstoy«, represented by

As Germany‘s leading gallery for limited fine art photography in »wildlife« we are pleased, to welcome you in our showrooms. Lars Beusker is one of the best wildlife photographers in the world and known for his breathtaking portraits of wild animals as beautiful as you might not have seen before.


»With his enormously large tusks that swept the grass from under his feet, Tolstoy was a natural wonder and one of the last Big Tuskers on earth – a leviathan – a reminder of all that nature is capable to create – already thousands of years before man interfered. My portrait of Tolstoy has been made on April 26, 2022, the day before he died from the infection of a spear wound.«(Lars Beusker)

With their sustainable label Vee Collective, Lili Radu and her husband Patrick Löwe have revolutionized the handbag market. Lili Radu, you established your first handbag label at the end of 2010. Then, in late 2017, you and your husband launched Vee Collective. What’s the idea behind this label?

You claim that your “Vee Tote” is the world’s most lightweight bag. Why is weight so important? Many women carry so much stuff with them from morning to night, it’s crucial to keep the weight of the bag itself to a minimum. Our models are made of ripstop nylon, a fabric that’s incredibly lightweight but extremely du rable and also water repellent. All of our bags are 100% recycled – from the lining to the ve gan leather details to the zippers.

After spending a lot of time talking to custom ers we realized that contemporary women are looking for something new. Mothers, business women, younger women, older women – they all want a lightweight bag with enough space to hold everything they need throughout the day. There was nothing like this available. At Vee Collective we design bags that accompany women as they go about their daily lives.

What’s your next project? We’re convinced that if you stand still you fall behind. Our sourcing team in Hong Kong is constantly on the lookout for innovative new things. We were the first fashion brand to in troduce water soluble packaging. In November we’ll be launching our third line of bags made of nylon from old bomber jackets.

Vee Collective co-founder Lili Radu (right) designs bags for everyday use. The “Vee Tote Medium” and the “Porter Medium” (pictured here) are among her bestselling bags.



Fashion influencers around the world choose your bags, including model Toni Garrn. How did your Berlin label become an international success? Last year we grew by 600%. We’re working with an international distributor who sells our label in showrooms in London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai and New York. We’re grow ing our direct sales business in Switzerland at the moment, we will be moving into Scan dinavia at the end of the year and intend to focus more strongly on the U.S. and Asia. We want our bags to sell more successfully than any others worldwide.

Light Lasting& Would you like to know more?

IDEAS AND TALENT CREATE ROOMS WORTH LIVING IN Find the Saum & Viebahn retailer closest to you: just scan the QR-Code or go to



“The Economist” picked Italy as “country of the year” in 2021. Many property buyers share this view. Engel & Völkers Italy observed a 58% growth in sales in 2021 compared with the previous year.

Bella Italiaareinternationalwherebuyersdrivingdemand

In 2019, around 64 million tourists came to Italy from around the world, making it the fifth most popular destination after France, Spain, the U.S. and China. But the country doesn’t just draw visitors: More and more people are buying property in Italy. The luxury segment is particularly thriving; prices rose in 2021 by 4% on average – the biggest increase since the financial crisis.

(1);GRANTKARLODIA;PHOTO:SVENWORDS: ZHUTINGMONGILLUSTRATIONS: To the north, Italy is bounded by the mighty Alps, to the east by the Adriat ic, to the south by the Ionian and to the west by the Tyrrhenian Seas. Italy’s residential real estate market is equally diverse. Whether it’s an elegant villa with a sea view that you’re looking for, a histor ic rustico (rustic house) or a modern pent house, you can find dream properties all over the country – on the coast, in urban areas, in the country and in the mountains. Around 75% of Italians own their own homes compared with only about 50% of Germans. But Bella Italia draws international buyers as well as those based in Italy, and the demand for real estate from outside the country is huge.

Engel & Völkers Italy recorded a 58% growth in sales in 2021 compared with the previous year. In addi tion to cities such as Milan, Venice and Flor ence, prospective buyers from outside the country are mostly interested in the coast al regions as well as central and northern Italy, such as the Adriatic coast, Tusca ny, dream islands like Capri and Sardinia and the popular vacation destination South Ty rol, where demand rose sharply last year. The majority of people who are buying real estate in South Tyrol are from outside Italy. This is particularly true for Merano, where 75% of buyers are from elsewhere, and Bolzano (Bozen), where the share of interna tional buyers is 65%. Only in BressanoneBrunico (Brixen-Bruneck) is the share of Ital ian buyers considerably higher (70%). Last year, apartments in Bolzano’s most soughtafter locations drew peak prices of up to 12,000 euros per square meter. Prices in Mer ano achieved 8,000 euros per square meter. Demand is also on the rise for peripheral ar eas, because they offer more privacy and se clusion. Such places are ideally suited to ful filling the new requirement for real estate that combines working and living spaces. In addition, winter sports enthusiasts come into their own here due to the region’s proximi ty to the Italian Alps and famous ski areas. Rome, the Italian capital, is another real estate hotspot. The historic city center with its fashionable Tridente neighborhood is an absolutely top location. Property pric es here draw as much as 11,000 euros per square meter. In other sought-after neighborhoods, such as Parioli, Prati, Balduina, Borgo Pio, Vigna Clara, Cassia and Garbatella, prices reach 7,000 euros per square meter. In Rome’s historic center, 11% of buyers are from outside Italy, particularly the U.S., the U.K. and France. For Rome as a whole, the figure is around 5.5%. We’ve also been observing increased demand for residential real estate outside the city center, for homes with ample property attached and good access to downtown. The dynamic development we’ve just de scribed is not limited to the residential real estate market. Engel & Völkers itself has an exciting and successful track record in Italy to look back on. The first Engel & Völkers shop opened in Cernobbio on Lake Como in 2004. By 2015, the number had grown to 30, and by the end of the year we will have 80 shops. About 1,000 people are cur rently working under the Engel & Völkers brand in Italy. I’m very proud of our fantas tic teams and that so many incredible peo ple have joined us on the strength of our brand – their number is growing every day! EVERY DAY, VISITORS TO ROME THROW ABOUT €4,000 WORTH OF COINS INTO THE TREVI FOUNTAIN. THE TRADITION IS SAID TO BRING LUCK; THE MONEY IS DONATED TO CHARITY.


Have you heard of Engel & Völkers Liquid Home? It offers solutionscustom-made for contemplatingpeoplea partial sale of their home and is currently available in Germany and under consideration for other fulfill other cherished dreams, such as embarking on a long trip. A partial sale is an excellent way to obtain quick access to the necessary funds.

1. @sven.odia

2. GENEVA 16,440 euros/m² 3. ZURICH 15,170 euros/m² 4. LUXEMBOURG 11,400 euros/m² 5. PARIS 10,500 euros/m² 6. MUNICH 10,100 euros/m² LONDON 18,100 euros/m² FOLLOW ME ON 21

FEELGOOD MOVIE FOR FANS OF ITALY “Under the Tuscan Sun” is a 2003 film starring Diane Lane. In an entertaining way, it explores the forces that can be unleashed when a person starts a new life. For the protagonist, this involves a villa in Tuscany. In 2021, there were more inquiries regarding real estate purchases in Tuscany than for anywhere else in Italy. average price per square meter for apartments in the first quarter of 2022. Engel & Völkers

In 2018, 1,650,000 people used coworking spaces around the world, and the number is expected to increase to roughly 5 million by 2024. One explana tion for this rapid rise is the Covid-19 pandemic, which encouraged and accelerated the development of more flexible working models. In June 2021, Engel & Völkers Work Edition opened its first coworking space in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. It features 20 private offices, open-plan work stations, meeting rooms and lounge areas on 1,500 square meters of space. Further locations are planned.



WOMAN22 3 2 4 6 7 8 5

It’s naturalonly New looks inspired by the good old days. A selection of cool items with a distinct retro feeling.

1 TIMELESS Good fashion never goes out of style: Fall/Winter collection of natural hues by Korean label Oct31, prices on request. 2 VISIONARY Children’s toy or designer object? The formalde hyde-free “Small Worlds” building set will fire up the imagination of the next generation. Studio Plas tique, price on request. 3 COZY Snuggle up and stay warm: Blanket “Cocoon” is made of un dyed, organic cashmere and comes in two colors. Begg x Co, € 459. 4 FRESH The soy wax candle “Walpole Bay” conjures up scenes of the English coast with its seaweed and seawater scent. Haeck els, approximately € 65. 5 BRIGHT IDEA Danish design studio Lumière Bricoleur bings old metal back to life. The “Monolith XV” lamp is handcraft ed from upcycled copper, € 650. 6 ORGANIC From municipal plastic waste to custom-made lounge chair complete with planter: 3D printing makes it possible. From the Pots Plus collection, The New Raw, price on request. 7 RETRO The “Miss Daytona” earrings are studded with gem stones. The design was inspired by 1950s polka dot culture in the U.S. Tessa Packard, approx. € 2,240. 8 LONG-LASTING Sustainably pro duced vacuum cleaner “HEPA” is designed to be repaired and eventually recycled with ease. Airsign, approx. € 280.



Just make sure it’s Get in the mood for fall with these earth-friendlyattractiveproducts. 1 COOL COLOR Khaki is ideal for exploring ur ban environments. From Kaushik Velendra’s Fall/ Winter collection, prices on request. 2 TWO FOR ONE For every bike it sells, Swedish brand Vélosophy donates a second one to a schoolgirl in a developing country. City bike “Comfort,” from € 1,249. 3 HEY, GOOD LOOKING Bye-bye, plastic! Enclosed in a pretty jar, these glass drink ing straws look like a sculpture. Surface x LAYER, approx. € 70. 4 CLIMATE FRIENDLY A building material with a difference: the world’s first tiles made with recovered carbon. Carbon Craft, price on request. 5 SHAKE IT UP Put soap powder in the glass dispenser, add water, shake it, done! “Hand Wash Starter Kit” from Forgo, approx. € 52. 6 DOUBLE PROTECTION For every smart phone case it sells, Oceanmata collects a kilo of ocean plastic in Bali. The “Shark Edition” case is also dedicated to saving sharks. € 45. 7 SUGAR, ANYONE? Practical, washable, sustainably pro duced from sugarcane: Everyone can use one of these! Welli Bins, approx. € 57. 8 TREE ART Laser-cut recycled cardboard gives this pendant lamp its shaggy look. Perhacs Studio, approx. € 170. 9 DIFFERENT Designer James Shaw used recycled plastic and a spray gun to create this bar cart, price on request.




D2101FV Fingerprint 50 incl. biometric fingerprint sensor fromavailablestock THE YOURENTRYSMARTTOHOME DoorBird is your smart video intercom in over 50 different materials and colors. See and speak with visitors and open the door using your smartphone. DoorBird combines exclusive design with the innovative IP technology in the field of door communication.

A Life Less Throwaway

Ollie Hunter, Pavilion Books, approx. € 19

Tara Button, Ten Speed Press, approx. € 17 Superlight

A building so light and delicate that it ap pears to float among the trees – the house on the cover (top right) is just one of many examples of a design philosophy that has gained increasing influence over the past decades. With houses that, in his words “touch the earth lightly,” innovative Austral ian architect Glenn Murcutt eschews sol id foundations and focuses on new mate rials and a different way of using land. It’s a solution-based approach that has its own set of requirements: esthetically pleasing houses that merge seamlessly into their en vironment. This book showcases 40 spec tacular examples from around the world.


As a follow-up to “30 Easy Ways to Join the Food Revolution,” eco-conscious chef Ollie Hunter has now published a book dedicated to everyday sustainability and green living. Each of us can approach our lives and the way we treat food more con scientiously: by being more aware of what to banish from the kitchen (nobody needs plastic wrap anymore), encouraging com munal living and using positive visualiza tion and meditation to create a more mind ful world. Hunter garnishes these principles with promising sounding recipes such as dandelion and zucchini pakoras or chick pea Scotch eggs served with aquafaba aioli.

We all know what it feels like to keep want ing new things. But our consumer orient ed lifestyle is often harmful to the environ ment. Tara Button takes us down a different path. Instead of a throwaway mentality, she advocates a lifestyle she calls “mindful cura tion.” The principle is simple: Opt for quali ty over quantity and carefully and conscious ly choose products that were made to last. In a ten-step process, Button helps us get start ed. We learn how to set priorities, rid our selves of unnecessary things and discover our own style. The result: happiness and self-es teem quite independent of what we con sume. Less is so often much, much more.

Join the Greener Revolution

Phyllis Richardson, Metropolis Books, approx. € 25

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Rosé producers Jeany and Stephen Cronk (here with family dog, Oscar) founded Maison Mirabeau in Provence, France.




Sometimes taking a step in a new direction is the best way to initiate lasting change. These personalities and ideas inspire and encourage new ways of thinking.

For over 11 years Jeany and Stephen Cronk were secretly dreaming about becoming winemakers in the South of France. One memorable evening in South West London, home to the Cronks and their three children, a close friend challenged them to make their vision a reality


WORDS: Michaela Cordes PHOTOS: Sophie Bellard PRODUCTION: Maria Mundt


Stephen and Jeany Cronk – their rosé label Maison Mirabeau is today regarded as a lifestyle brand.

Jeany Cronk is responsible for the brand’s image and product design. 32

“The longer we lived here, the more we wanted to succeed. So that we could stay forever.” JEANY CRONK

A mere 45 minutes from Saint-Tropez, in the heart of beautiful Provence, surrounded by many other world-renowned rosé producers, a relatively new brand with German-British roots has risen to prominence and is shaking up the traditional, established wine scene. En ter Maison Mirabeau, which was founded by the very likable Cronks. Jeany, originally from Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria, and her British hus band Stephen now create seven different rosés and export their extremely popular pale pink wines to more than 50 countries. Yet twelve years ago this seemed like an un attainable dream. The family was still living in London. After a successful career in the mar keting department of the communications company Energis, Jeany was at home taking care of their three young children. Stephen was still in the telecoms sector, incessantly trave ling the world. But in his heart of hearts, he had long been dreaming of a future as a suc cessful winegrower, working and living with his family in their favorite region of Provence. It was an evening with friends that finally started the ball rolling. More specifically, says Stephen, things began taking shape after a vis it from an American friend: “We hadn’t seen each other for many years and on that evening, after a few glasses of rosé, I began talking about my life dream and told him that eventu ally, I was going to quit my job and Jeany and I would move to France and make wine.” The American, who had heard this statement a few times before, followed up this time by asking: “When? Write it down.” So Stephen Cronk, no longer completely sober, went up to the kitch en blackboard and jotted down a reverse time table with an end date of May 2006. “I drew a circle around the date and said: ‘That’s when we’ll be living in France!’” Brilliant, his friend replied, and took a photo of the blackboard to record the event. That was in 2004. In May 2006 the same friend sent Stephen a photo of his doodles on the blackboard and asked him: Where are you living now? “Of course we were still in London and nothing at all had changed since our friend’s last vis it. I felt crushed because I suddenly realized that I’m the kind of guy I’ve always disliked, someone who talks but never acts, and that now was the time to make this happen,” says Stephen, his gaze wandering across the vine yard where the Cronks grow the grapes for their own La Réserve label according to regen erative agriculture methods – but more about that later (see the interview on page 40) Slightly embarrassed and spurred into ac tion, the Cronks realized they were also run ning out of time. “Our youngest son had just been born and our other two children were sev en and eight years old,” Jeany recalls. “Due to the way the English school system worked, we only had a short period of time, no more than two years, to choose the right school and the right place to start our new life.” Stephen re vived his old contacts from his stint in the wine trade as a young man. “I worked for a wine shop in London when I was in my 20s, selling wine to restaurants, but stopped doing it soon afterwards because I realized that it wasn’t for me at this time.”

Stephen Cronk and his wife Jeany have invited me to join them for a sundowner on the terrace of their Bastide.

One of the people Stephen contacted turned out to be extremely helpful. “Matthew Stubbs, a Master of Wine, was one of my most impor tant advisors. He told me that the wine busi ness was made up of three Vs: 1, Viticulture, growing vines; 2, Vinification, turning grapes into wine; 3, Vendre, selling the wine. Matthew explained that there was an obsession in the wine trade to own the whole supply chain: to drive the tractor in the morning, be in the win ery the next minute and then throw on a suit and go to a tradeshow to sell your wine. He said it’s really not a very efficient way. But there are specialists. He asked if I could drive a tractor and I said: How hard can it be? He said if it was him he would get involved in the second V, in the winemaking and obsess about the third V. Why? Because the farmers here have been growing wine for generations. You can’t learn what they are doing and they can’t do what you need to do – which is to build a business by fo cusing on the important blending process and sales, and create a strong brand. That was an other pivotal point for us.”

Matthew’s advice suited the enterprising couple down to the ground. Jeany, who had been to Cannes often with her parents, spoke some French. So she did the marketing and Stephen traveled the world again to make s the sun goes down against a luminous evening sky, the Domaine Mirabeau and its surroundings are glowing in an almost unrealistic, but quite appropriate, pale pink hue. The loud singing of the cicadas is only interrupted by the gentle popping of a cork.

35 That’s also what the German-English couple’s rosé label Maison Mirabeau delivers.

La Réserve is the Cronks’ “haute-couture” rosé made from regeneratively grown grapes.

“When we bought the estate the soil was almost devoid of nutrients.” STEPHEN CRONK 37

From their experience with Maison Mirabeau, Jeany and her husband Stephen now fully support regenerative agriculture and pass their knowledge on to conventional winegrowers.

is the world leader in these re freshing, pale pink wines and the Mira beau range easily transmits this longing for summer, lightness of being and good vibes. “Technically,” the Cronks explain, “rosé is the most difficult wine to produce.” Why? “Color is crucial when it come to a good rosé, and getting it right requires a lot of cooling technology,” explains Jeany. “A lit tle too much heat at the wrong moment, or too much pressure on the grapes, and the red color from the skins leaches into the must, so you have to separate the juice from the skins quickly, otherwise you get too much color. And nobody wants dark rosé these days.”


sales. In the end, listening to the ex perts definitely paid off, as Jeany puts it:

“Just before we were about to leave Lon don and after we had chosen an interna tional school for our children, he told us that we were doing it all wrong,” explains Stephen. “He said that if our children went to an international school, they would grav itate toward the other English-speaking children and wouldn’t integrate properly. And that sending them to a French school would mean they would cry for one year, but would be grateful to us for the rest of their lives. So instead of moving to Aix-enProvence as we had originally planned, we chose a rural French village with a local school.”Jeany shakes her head as she recalls those early days: “Our older son took it very hard at first and used to say to us: ‘I’m English, I need to go back to England,’ but today he’s more French than the French!”

“You can really fall flat on your face if you don’t. There are many sad stories about highly motivated people who follow the wrong strategy, spend all their money and have to give up their dream, even before it’s had a real chance.”

Looking back, what was the secret of their remarkable success? “The fact that each new challenge showed us just how re silient we actually were,” says Jeany with a laugh and goes on to describe how unex pected and eventful the last two years had been. When the coronavirus crisis struck, Maison Mirabeau’s business with restau rant and bars ground to a halt, but this was offset by increased orders from retail stores and private customers, who were able to or der wine via the online shop on the compa ny’sLasthomepage.summer, during one of the big gest wildfires Provence has ever seen, the Cronks’ recently acquired vineyard almost went up in flames, and all the neighbors rallied round to help put out the fire. This is one of many dramatic stories that the Cronks can now tell with a smile on their face. In the end, the best advice for putting down deep roots in France came from the former owner of the now famous Chateau Miraval, who had just sold his vineyard to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Maison Mirabeau, a family brand that produces exceptionally good rosé, was established in 2010. Jeany says: “To day, we’re doing exactly what all the oth er big brands in the area do. For those wines that we sell in larger quantities, we choose grapes from winegrowers in the region and blend them according to our taste.” This process is called assemblage in the language of the trade. But where does their passion for rosé come“Jeanyfrom?and I have always been avid rosé fans,” says Stephen. “We also sensed the beginning of a trend. In the 70s and 80s, rosé wasn’t very well known and wine con noisseurs totally refused to take it serious ly, but starting in the 2000s, interest in rosé really started taking off on an internation al Provencescale.”

This is also why the grape harvest always takes place at night, in early September when daytime temperatures in Provence can still reach 30° C, but drop to 10 or 15° C during the night. After they are picked, the grapes are loaded onto trailers, where they are immediately cooled with dry ice to stop the oxidation process. Speed is very important to preserve the delicate aro mas, Jeany says, and points to the road that snakes through the landscape in the dis tance. “At harvest time, the roads around here are crowded with tractors racing to the winery because everyone harvests at the same time.” Stephen adds: “Pressing the grapes is also a very modern process. The wine press we use looks like a great steel tank with a bladder inside. It’s a pneumatic press, which squeezes out the juice in the gentlest possible way. If you press too hard you get too much color.” Rosé doesn’t have to age for many years like red wine does. In fact, rosé is meant to be drunk young. The wines that Maison Mirabeau produces are particularly popular in England, but increasingly, buyers from around the world are also showing an inter est in the new label. In order to receive and entertain visitors and position the brand more strongly, the couple invested in this 20-hectare (nearly 50-acre) property three years ago. Mirabeau’s fast growing innova tive product lineup also includes a pink gin – packaged in an attractive, cut-glass bot tle reminiscent of a costly flask of perfume.

When they acquired the Domaine Mirabeau estate, the Cronks learned an unexpected les son on the damaging effects of monoculture farming. The Regenerative Viticulture Foun dation, which Stephen Cronk recently estab lished, aims to give resources to winegrowers around the world so that they can learn the ad vantages of sustainable growing methods with the help of international experts. What got you interested in the subject? It took us five years to actually find the estate. I didn’t get my head around farming until I had the keys, but then I thought: Now I own the place – I have a big responsibility! I had lots of people offering advice and opinions, but when you’re starting out, it’s hard to know who to follow. What I did know was that I didn’t want to spray anything synthetic. Organic farming would have meant plowing, and plowing would have meant tractors and putting a lot of carbon into the air, which I also wanted to avoid.


In the documentary “Kiss the Ground,” U.S. actor Woody Harrelson draws attention to the harmful effects of commercial agriculture. To what extent is this true of commercial winegrowing?

Regeneratively farmed vineyards look very differ ent from conventional ones. You see bright flowers growing between the rows of vines, and the plow stays in the barn. Why is this?

More and more farmers are realizing that traditional winegrowing methods deplete the soil of nutrients. If you keep doing this, it eventually dies and turns into dirt. So it’s important to get people to rethink they way they’re growing wine.

Just imagine if I went up to the local farmers here in Provence and told them they should consider selling their tractor and never spray ing or plowing. They’d say: Are you crazy? We’ve been doing it for genera tions. What are you, some kind of English guy who’s just turned up and thinks he knows better? (He laughs) Would you like to know more?

Planting a cover crop between the vines draws carbon out of the air and into the earth, where it is sequestered. This also improves the water table and increases the organic life in the soil. In regenerative farming, you have to teach the vines to put down deeper roots, which planting grasses encourages, because otherwise, they compete for the same nutri ents. Once the soil is fully regenerated, you no longer need a plow. Why are tractors and plowing so damaging to healthy, fertile soil? You have to treat soil as a living organism. It’s full of fungi and bacteria. Once you realize that a single teaspoon of soil contains more than 8 million different microbes, you can im agine what plowing does: It kills them all. But this is exactly what conventional farmers want because they are afraid that other plants will take nutrients away from the vines. The truth is, they don’t: If you grow the right plants, they will exist in harmony with the vines and even produce the minerals that the vines need to grow. There’s a lot of confusion and misin formation on the subject, which is why we’re working through the foundation to publish studies containing verifiable, evidence-based facts. That’s what it will take to get people to ap proach winegrowing differently. After all, it’s their livelihood, they can’t change overnight.

Stephen Cronk in his vineyard where he farms the grapes for his La Réserve wine according to regenerative methods.

Stephen Cronk on regenerative agriculture

MADE IN ExperienceGERMANYmaximum natural vitalizing pool water and perfect operating comfort. Our innovative SmartPool technology Ospa-BlueControl® 5 Web controls your oasis of well-being fully automatically and energy-efficiently. Worldwide via WebApp –fantastically simple. www.ospa.infoSmartLife.SmartPool.

GAMECHANGERSAsailingyachtmadeofcork,artworksthatconsistofrecycledmaterials,orawalletmadeofapplepeel.Theseinspiringcompaniesturngreendreamsintoreality. WORDS: Julia Dettmer 42

BALTIC 68 CAFÉ RACER Sustainability is the buzzword of our times, and you’d be for given for not including superyachts in this category. But in May 2021, the Finnish shipbuilder Baltic Yachts launched a boat that most definitely ticks this box, as well as having yachting fans wide-eyed in admiration. The 20-meter Baltic 68 Café Racer unites exquisite style with great eco-credentials. Designer Javier Jaudenes says: “This is the essential modern weekender with a genuinely ‘green’ approach to construction and auxiliary power.“ The engineers have rein forced the hull with flax, integrating a fantastic, naturally growing material in the design – a first for a vessel of this size. The Baltic 68 Café Racer is equipped with solar panels, which pow er the on-board systems and air conditioning units, and two electric engines. On deck, the tropical hardwoods commonly used have been replaced with beautiful, durable and sustaina ble cork. The interior design also features green materials such as flax, linen and leather. If all of this has won you over and you’re already mentally reaching for your check book, here comes the disappointing bit: Due to the current fluctuations in the prices of raw materials, Bal tic Yachts has not yet pinned a price tag on its marvelous new green daysailer. But prospec tive customers should be prepared for something in the middle single-digit million range.



Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: Following hard on the heels of the oil industry, the fashion industry is the second biggest source of pollution worldwide, producing toxic wastewater and consuming huge volumes of fossil fuels and water. But the good news is: Things are changing! Sustainability and a green ethos have arrived with a bang, and are the hot look for this season – and probably many more. People are buying clothes with their environmental impact in mind. Swedish fashion behemoth H&M is catering to the mindset with Sellpy, founded in 2014 and today a 70% subsidi ary, which launched in Germany in 2020. The second-hand – or pre-loved – platform sells everything from pleated skirts to iPhones in a process that is simplicity itself for users. No need to spend hours taking photos, no negotiating, no ship ping individual parcels. All you do is order a Sellpy bag, fill it with anything you want to sell – in good condition, obviously – and send the bag back to Sellpy. The team there prices the items on the basis of sales data from more than 10 million pieces, takes photos and lists them online. Items that do not meet the quality standards are returned or, if the seller agrees, donated to Greenpeace, Save the Children, SOS-Kinderdörfer and UNHCR – or recycled. The seller receives 4070% of the price. Sellpy already employs more than 500 people and with its customers has sold over 10 million items, sav ing almost 30 million liters of water and nearly 80 million tons of carbon.



CAMPANA BROTHERS “First comes the material, then the form and finally, we elaborate the function of the product by studying its ergonomics, limitations, and capabilities,” say Fernando and Humberto Campana, the designers behind the globally acclaimed Campana Brothers. The Brazilian design team finds inspiration on the streets of their native São Paulo, a city both fascinating and chaotic. The brothers have been working together since 1984 in their Estudio Campana, designing masterful and deeply intriguing creations using discarded and scavenged materials such as driftwood, ropes and leather remnants. One of their latest designs is the Merengue by Campana Brothers, a collaboration with Louis Vuitton. The pouf is composed of eight soft leather sections, draped and stuffed with wool to resemble a freshly piped swirl of meringue. The Vermelha Chair from 1993 is one of their most instantly recognizable designs, and even made it into the permanent collec tion at MoMA in New York. The seat is made of 500 meters of red cord, inspired by a large bunch of rope the brothers pur chased from a street stall and took back to their studio to study. What may look like a randomly thrown-together artwork is actually the result of meticulous weaving techniques and 500 hours of work done by hand.


TOO GOOD TO GO “Save food, protect the planet” – is the slogan of Too Good To Go. Sound too good to be true? No, it really works! Currently, the enterprise connects 159,000 businesses that have surplus food with 59 million users. The idea is that partner firms offer their surplus food in “Magic Bags” on the app and users swipe to purchase a bag. For res taurants, supermarkets and hotels it’s a great way to optimize their yield management. The anti-food-waste app was founded in 2015 in Denmark by five young men who were appalled by the madness of good food being thrown away just because it didn’t sell. Households across the EU throw out a staggering 89 million tons of food annually. In comparison: Thanks to their brilliant idea, the guys from TGTG have saved 15 million tons of food from the trash. TGTG is currently rep resented in 17 countries, including the U.K., Spain and the U.S.; Germany alone has 7.7 million users. The founders regu larly receive awards and accolades, taking home the German Ecodesign Prize and the FOCUS Innovation Prize, for in stance. TGTG doesn’t just attract recognition, but also funding: Since it was founded, there have been multiple investment rounds, raising almost 70 million euros in total. The forward-thinking founders are also invested in the next generation, and provide teaching materials to educate school students about sustainable consumption. 48

PATAGONIA Turing a profit and protecting the planet are usually hard to square, but Patagonia has succeeded. The Cali fornia outdoor giant’s annual revenues are around 1 billion dollars and, according to the Circular Fashion Index 2022, the company currently holds the top spot of all those that achieve good circularity performance. Founder and climbing pioneer Yvon Chouinard anchored his own deep respect for nature in the DNA of his company. Since 1985, Patagonia has been do nating 1% of revenues to environmental organizations; in 2002, Chouinard set up the “One Percent for the Planet” initiative. Businesses that join this alliance pledge to donate 1% of revenues or 10% of profits. Since 1996, Patagonia has exclusively used organic cotton, which saves 45% of carbon emissions and uses 87% less water than conventional cotton. On top of all this, the company uses nearly 70% recycled materials and with its “Worn Wear” campaign motivates its worldwide commu nity not to discard damaged clothes, but to return them to be repaired, and to swap unwanted items with others. The 2011 campaign “Don’t buy this jacket” was a huge success. In it, Patagonia listed exactly how much water was needed to make one of its top-selling jackets, and how much greenhouse gas was produced, despite the company’s strong sustainability ethos. Patagonia asked customers to think twice before buying and, in light of stuffed closets, to consider whether they real ly needed another item. A 2020 campaign focused on climate-change-denying U.S. politicians. Patagonia doesn’t shy away from making political statements, which has helped to hone the brand’s core brand identity. Patagonia also has some pretty serious goals. It wants to be carbon neutral by 2025 and is setting its sights on becoming carbon positive soon after that.



JOKOLADE Picking a name was a matter of moments, to the point that the name was almost inevitable: German TV entertainer and comedian Joko Winterscheidt turned chocolate into “Jokolade.” So far, so good. It was then that the path from witty name to final product with a Fairtrade seal began to get tricky. Cocoa is farmed in West Africa under condi tions that remain, for the large part, exploitive. Enter co-managing director Winterscheidt, and the bold mission behind his Jokolade: He wants to abolish modern slavery and illegal child labor, bean by bean, bar by bar. With Joko, as he is af fectionately known, as the product’s celebrity ambassador, the company hopes to build awareness of this issue. Jokolade is, for instance, a partner in Open Chain, an initiative set up by Dutch chocolate maker Tony’s Chocolonely that shines the spotlight on human rights and sustainability issues. Its vision: 100% of the chocolate produced worldwide should gener ate a living wage for farmers. Since February 2021, German and Austrian shoppers can choose between five delicious regular varieties of Jokolade and two limited editions, available at supermarkets, in drugstores and online. The names alone are enough to melt in your mouth: How does white chocolate with caramelized hazelnuts, coffee biscuits and me ringue sound? Sales of Jokolade are so good that two new flavors are being launched in the fall. So with every tasty bite, we can help to abolish modern slavery and make the world a better place by far.

EL ANATSUI If you’ve ever had the almost visceral pleasure of standing in front of one of his monumental artworks you’ll probably have found it difficult to gather your thoughts. El Anatsui’s creations are huge, awe-inspiring and practi cally indescribable. But let’s try anyway: The sculptures are reminiscent of vast tapestries, but instead of fabric, they are made of thousands of flattened bottle caps, stitched together with copper wire. It is upcycling in its most elevated, impressive form. “Everything that happens today or affects me or shapes how I feel, is expressed in my work,” says the Ghanaian sculptor, explaining what in spires him. El Anatsui’s works can currently be admired at the ICA Watershed in Boston, until September, or at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Con temporanea in Rome.




For those whose French is a bit rusty: “Vestiaire Col lective” translates as “dressing room collective.” And that in turn translates into the very finest second-hand items: The resale website offers blue-chip brand bargains, from Chanel to Dior, at up to 70% off the original price. Founded in 2009 by Fanny Moizant and five others in Paris, the company has been headed by CEO Maximilian Bittner (on the right) for the past three and a half years. It prides itself on its strict standards and conducts rigorous checks to weed out any fakes. Vestiaire Collective also has another, more lofty goal: to permanently change one of the most polluting sectors in the world with, in part, shamefully bad working conditions. VC steers hard in the opposite direction: Staff are given two days a year to volunteer at a charity of their choice, and the company reduces its carbon footprint by shipping direct and us ing 100% post-consumer and fully recyclable packaging. The first investor signed up only a year after the company launched, with Ventech funding the startup to the tune of €1.5 million. This was followed by substantial cash injections, including $20 million from Condé-Nast and $62 million from private equity firm Vitruvian. The most spec tacular round was in 2021, with VC scooping €178 million. This gave it a valuation of over $1 billion, instantly elevating VC to 11th French unicorn company.



Impossible Foods was founded in 2011 by Patrick O. Brown, a biochemistry professor at Stanford. He wanted to address the urgent problem of climate change by developing sustainable alternatives to meat. The company launched its first plant-based burger in 2016 – with a healthy side of green creden tials: According to a study, the Impossible Burger re quires 87% less water, 96% less land and generates 89% fewer greenhouse gases than a conventional burger. It also contains more protein, less fat and has fewer calories, and is now sold through a network of 3,000 restaurants and supermarkets. Impossible Foods employs 750 people around the world and has picked up tens of millions in investments from Google and Bill Gates. There has been criticism of the genetically modi fied yeast, but the company is expanding vigorously.


The California-based company makes the impossible possible: plant-based meat and dairy substitutes that taste like the real thing. To achieve such perfect imitations of nature requires lots of science: The company analyzed ani mal products at molecular level and then rec reated them using plant proteins and nutrients.

Following on the heels of Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates, since May British restaurants have featured Impossible Chicken Nuggets and Impos sible Sausage Patties on their menus. 56

GLOBALFLOW Waste management may not sound sexy, but it’s by far one of the most important issues businesses have to cope with. Since 2012, the Stuttgart-based company GlobalFlow has been helping enterprises to optimize their waste and recyclables management and by doing so, get a foothold in the circular economy. The idea is simple: Smart re cycling when disposing of waste generates cost savings and reduces waste. It’s a system where everyone gains. Founder Nadine Speidel’s vision: “Today’s rubbish is tomorrow’s raw materials. We increase the profitability of disposal processes sustainably and efficiently,” promising that on average, customers can save 15-30% of their disposal costs and cut waste by 20%. According to GlobalFlow, clean waste without cross-contamination, such as paper and cardboard, glass, monoplastics, scrap and biowaste, is particularly easy to recycle. At the other end of the scale, multilayer plastics, waste mix tures and contaminated waste fractions are problematic. GlobalFlow has more than 100 completed projects under its belt and currently serves 14 customers, including big-name German companies such as Melitta and Ritter Sport. Speidel, who runs GlobalFlow with her sister, is currently writing her first book on waste management. She is also involved in a pilot pro ject that examines how digitalization can help in waste disposal processes.

JORO Are you familiar with the term “doomscrolling”? It describes the compulsion to excessively consume bad, depress ing news on our phones – and it’s something that we’re all guilty of to a certain degree. Studies have shown that this behav ior unsurprisingly has a very negative impact on our mental health and overall wellbeing, quite apart from the fact that it wastes valuable time. Enter the Joro app, which promises to provide a solution by stopping users from scrolling themselves into a spiral of doom, and instead allowing them to make a contribution to a better future. The path to this better world starts by tracking personal carbon emissions. The Joro Carbonizer calculates the carbon footprint of each purchase. For in stance, if you spend 100 euros at the gas pump, you get to see how that affects your carbon balance. In the next step the app gives you suggestions for organizations that you can donate to or support to offset these emissions. The idea came from the American founder Sanchali Pal, after living in Ethiopia and India: “I saw first-hand the impact of the climate crisis, especially for poor and vulnerable populations,” says the climate tech entrepreneur. She founded a startup in 2018 and two years later had raised $1 million in capital. This year, Joro was named as an Innovator in “Time” Magazine’s list of 100 Most Influential Companies of 2022.


SOHOTREE Vegan leather – made of apples? Sounds tasty! “ApplePeel” is the name of this patented material, and the young Swiss startup Sohotree has been using it since 2020 to produce luxurious, beautifully designed accessories. The base comes from apple skins, a by-product of the juice industry, which are dried in South Tyrol, pulverized, processed by a com pany in Florence and finally coated with organic cotton. The Swiss enterprise specializes in everyday essentials: phone cases (made using two apples) and wallets in discreet colors (made out of three apples) are the bestsellers. All Sohotree products are made of this sustainable alternative to animal leather or faux leather, both of which have a terrible eco-balance as the hides are often of dubious origin and plastic production is a highly polluting process. The founders of Sohotree, brothers Lucas and Claudius Knecht, are already generating five-digit monthly sales and are reinvesting profits straight back into their vision-driven baby. Pretty smart – and definitely no nasty aftertaste!

Boundary Crosser 60


Neri Oxman (left) creates 3D-printed death masks that are meant to em body a person’s final breath.

She is the avant-garde star of the scientific world. Using nature as her guide, Neri Oxman explores the intersection between technology and biology in her search for sustainable solutions for the future.

WORDS: Steffi Kammerer

FIGUETMICHELPHOTO:Relax in Oxman’s “Gemini” chaise longue and you’ll feel as secure as a baby in its mother’s womb.

Neri Oxman and her team display their work on the world’s most influential platforms. 63


Oxman once phoned a fishmonger and had shrimp delivered to the lab so she could break their shells into tiny particles and study them.

Oxman held a TED Talk in 2015 that has so far been viewed almost 2.8 million times. LUONGTONYPHOTOS:

In an installation for the di Milano in 2018, Oxman and her team explored the properties of melanin. The visionary is certain the skin pigment will play a role in future architecture and design.




The versatile Israeli-born architect, design er and artist is changing the cities of the future from her laboratory in New York.

Oxman’s breadth of thinking is enormous, she sets her mind to exploring, rethinking and recreating just about everything. Her vi sion is to create buildings whose facades can adapt to changing weather conditions as well as to light; building parts that can regenerate themselves like the cells of the human body, or, alternatively, can be programmed to disin tegrate after a specified period when they are no longer needed. As early as 2014, Oxman created wearables containing living organisms within them. Her goal: to set in motion synthetic biological pro cesses that could one day enable humans to survive on other planets by transforming so lar energy into sugar, for instance.


At Burda’s annual DLD (Digital, Life, Design) conference in Munich, she said: “We are going to a new period, a new paradigm in design,” away from serial production and the repetitions of the machine age and toward the new possi bilities offered by the digital age. “Now we can work with difference and differentiation. We can begin to inform the way we design spac es and products and experiences to be custom fit and continuously changing and adapting.”

Ants that communicate with each other when building complex tunnels; intricate paper nests constructed by wasps; birch bark that protects trees from the sun and from fluctu ating temperatures: These are the type of phe nomena that fascinate Neri Oxman and from which she draws her conclusions. She com pares concrete columns of uniform thickness with the trunks of palm trees, which are less dense on the outside than at the center, and then invents a 3D printer that can cast varia ble thicknesses of concrete. Nature is her mod el, but Oxman doesn’t imitate it, she makes computations, creates new things and consid ersOxmanscalability.spent the majority of her childhood in her parents’ architecture studio in Haifa and in her grandmother’s garden. There, sur rounded by fig and olive trees, the little girl watched the clouds, and developed her deep connection to nature. Oxman’s parents are both respected architecture professors, and Neri and her sister grew up in a household where design was part of everyday life. After completing her military service in the Israeli army, she began medical school but after two years switched to architecture, which she stud ied in Haifa and London. She earned a PhD at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, where, shortly af terwards, she was offered a professorship. In 2015 Neri Oxman held a TED Talk that so far, has been viewed nearly 2.8 million times. In it, she talks about how nature offers cus tom-made solutions, not uniform ones: “Our facial skins are thin with large pores; our back skins are thicker with small pores. One acts mainly as filter, the other mainly as barrier. And yet, it’s the same skin, no parts, no as semblies.” Nature differentiates and demon strates flexibility, whereas humans come up with standardized objects that are industrial ly Oxman’ work, at 46, would easily fill three lifetimes. What she does is just as hard to categorize as Oxman herself, because she does so many different things, from creating highly esthetic objects to inventing robots that can print a house. In 2018, she won the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for interaction design. Jenny Lam – one of the judges and a leading designer at Oracle – said Oxman could just as easily have been nominated for fash ion design or product design, and regards the artist as a present-day Leonardo da Vinci. Ox man regularly introduces her projects on the world’s biggest and most influential platforms: the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Smithsoni an Design Museum or, two years ago, MoMA in New York, where she had a solo exhibition entitled “Neri Oxman Material Ecology.” Mate rial ecology is her name for the discipline she established. It describes the fruitful union be tween ecology and the artificial world. For the MoMA exhibition, Oxman continued the silkworm project she had been working on since 2013. The result was a giant pavilion, six meters high and five meters wide, spun by over 17,000 silkworms whose productivity had been boosted with the aid of computers and robots. Unlike in conventional silk production, not a single larva died. The combination of technol ogy and biology makes this possible.

Would you like to know more?

Neri Oxman Material Ecology, the catalogue published by MoMA in New York.

Four years ago, Oxman involuntarily en tered a very different kind of limelight when the media spun a story connecting her roman tically to Brad Pitt. At the time, however, she was in a relationship with the investor and hedge fund manager Bill Ackman, now her husband, and in the spring of 2019, she gave birth to their daughter. Another important de velopment: After about 10 years of teaching at MIT, Neri Oxman has opened her own design and research laboratory in Manhat tan. Stay tuned!

ife and death, nature and technology are all interconnected in Neri Oxman’s work.

Six years before that, in 2008, she already ex pressed what she saw as a unique opportunity.

The Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa is considered one of the most beautiful hotels on Italy’s Amalfi Coast.




Anyone who has ever driven along the Amalfi Coast can relate to that tingly feeling: the happiness that sets in the moment your gaze travels across the steep cliffs, those pine trees, bending down like sculptures to wards the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Discover this area by boat – and you may actually fall in love. That’s how the beautiful story of a grieving lady from America and the Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa began... Michaela Cordes PHOTOS: © MSR

The famous infinity pool is built into the cliff like an oversized bowl. Her advisors were against it, but Bianca Sharma knew she just had to buy this magnificent place.

...a magical garden, blooming pink bougain villea and romantic pathways that lead down wards across four steep terraces, culminat ing at the pool. And all of this framed by the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. After an 80-minute drive from the airport in Naples, we stop at the inconspicuous, almost hidden entrance – one that guests have been known to drive right past. My arrival is announced with a loud toll of a bell, just like back in the 17th century when nuns still lived here and welcomed their visitors to the monas tery. After entering the hotel, I am imme diately handed a refreshing drink and invit ed to step out onto the small balcony across from the reception desk to take in the view. And what a spectacle it is! I see tiny boats drawing white lines across the deep blue sea as they cross back and forth between Amal fi, Positano and the isle of Capri. Below me, sea gulls glide in the air, circling the mag nificent property proudly, as if claiming the Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa as their own. All of this beauty must have captivated the American Bianca Sharma in much the same way 22 years ago when the hotel’s actu al owner first set eyes on these extraordinary premises high above the Mediterranean. After the sudden and premature death of her husband, the former Montessori nursery teacher and mother of two grown sons went on a trip with her family and friends to the beautiful Amalfi Coast in search of consola tion. “I spotted the monastery from the sea and was intrigued by the stone structure that seemed to grow directly from the cliff,” Bi anca Sharma said in an interview with U.S. trade magazine “Leaders.” “When I asked the boat captain about the structure, he told me it was a monastery and that it was for sale. Something strongly pulled me to want to learn more, and I returned to the U.S. with a dream of bringing this abandoned building to glory by creating a luxury hotel.” “Prego, signora,” says the concierge, draw ing me from my reverie and taking the emp ty glass from my hand. “May I show you to your room?” We walk together down the cool, dark covered walkways, past the nuns’ old confessional where guests are invited to leave feedback today. The bright terrace on the hotel’s top floor is just the place to watch the glorious sunset and enjoy a spectacular, 180-degree view across the Gulf of Salerno.

The first thing I do when I get to my suite is open the windows – and I am relieved to see that I can enjoy the view over the gardens onto the wide expanse of sea here too.

Enchanting – that’s what it’s like to arrive at the Monastero Santa Rosa hotel. The magic begins with a glass of icecold lemonade and a breathtaking view. Standing on the balcony of the former monastery, my view travels down. I see scented lemon trees, magnificent olive trees...

When furnishing the 20 rooms and suites, Bianca Sharma took particular care to re tain some of the building’s austere charac ter. Warm mahogany wood combined with precious, light-hued textiles create a wonder fully harmonious effect in the former nuns’ quarters. And despite the monastic esthet ic, guests want for absolutely nothing when it comes to coziness and comfort.


The 20 to 25-square-meter rooms – there are only a few suites, each with a private bal cony, and only one with a 75-square-meter terrace – were created by combining two or more of the original nuns’ cells. And they feature every technical luxury you can im agine. Guests can enjoy listening to music or watch a movie, and there are even two screens for those who come equipped with their own media library. Great attention to detail has clearly been paid to every part of the Monastero San ta Rosa, and guests see this wherever they look. Instead of a conventional Do not Dis turb sign, the ones here are hand-painted on wood with a leather strap. On the front, they show a nun with her eyes closed, holding a finger to her lips. On the back there’s a scene of nuns straightening up a room. The restaurant menus are also decorated with lovely illustrations that depict, among oth er things, flying nuns with red umbrellas in their hands, tumbling into the garden from the top floor of the hotel. As I’m unpacking my suitcase I notice the two little sfogliatelle (literally “lobster tails”) that have been placed in my room as a wel come treat – a delicious pastry made of phyl lo dough, which was invented by the nuns of this very monastery. For years, they kept the recipe to themselves but today these

Renovations took 11 years. But after operating for almost as long, the hotel has won many prizes. 72

The hotel’s highest terrace overlooks the Gulf of Salerno and is a great spot to enjoy the sunset.

Bianca Sharma loves coming here in the spring best of all because she likes to be around to prepare the hotel for the coming season. She still commutes back and forth be tween the Amalfi Coast and her two residenc es in the U.S., one in Colorado and the other in South Carolina. And instead of talking to jour nalists about her hotel, she lets it speak for it self. Her son Nathan is managing partner and helps his mother run the hotel.

Sitting at the bar with hotel director Ferdinando Alfano, who kindly invited me to join him for a pre-dinner drink, I ask wheth er Bianca Sharma is still very much involved with the running of her hotel in Italy. “Oh, ab solutely!,” he exclaims. “I have a meeting with her in Positano tomorrow, we have some im portant matters to discuss.”

delicate cream-filled pastries are known all over Italy. I take a bite and have to admit –they’re heavenly. No wonder Bianca Sharma was so enamored of the old monastery because a lot of history has taken place within its thick walls. Built in 1680 by the Pandolfi family to provide accom modation for Dominican nuns, it became part of the existing Santa Maria di Grado church. In 1866, the monastery was deconsecrated by the Catholic Church and turned over to the municipality, but the remaining nuns were allowed to continue living there until 1912. A short time later, the building was discovered by the Sicilian hotelier Massimiliano Marcuc ci, who bought it and turned it into a hotel. The last member of Marcucci’s family died in 1998 and a distant relative living in northern Italy inherited the property. By the time Sharma noticed it, the Monaste ro Santa Rosa had fallen into disrepair. After taking a good look at the state of the property, her financial advisor tried to discourage her from buying it: There was no infrastructure to speak of, the former monastery had only three bathrooms serving all of the rooms and really, did she as an American want to get involved in a business venture in southern Italy? But Bian ca Sharma wouldn’t be dissuaded and refused to give up her Bureaucraticvision.hurdles and time-consuming renovations caused repeated delays, and so the Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa didn’t open in its current form until 11 years later. Since then, and in a relatively short space of time, it has won many significant awards – a fact the owner is proud of, and rightly so. In 2019, the Monastero Santa Rosa was ranked “Top Hotel in Italy” by Condé Nast Traveler and in 2020 it was designated “Hotel of the Year” at the Euro pean Hotel Awards. This year, celebrated chef Alfonso Crescenzo joined the team, and the Il Refettorio restau rant, which boasts a Michelin star, draws many tourists from the area, not just guests of the hotel.

Dressed in elegant evening attire, the other guests slowly gather on the terrace for a sun downer. Soon, they will head to the restaurant for dinner. Later this evening, I too will be giv en a taste of what the kitchen has to offer. I rise very early the next day and take the elevator to the garden level, from where I walk down some steps to the pool just as the sun is coming up. The other guests are presumably still sleeping and there’s no one else around, but a pool at tendant nevertheless brings me an iced coffee. I appreciate the luxury of having this small corner of the property to myself. I’m tempted to hang onto the side of the heated pool for hours, gazing over the edge and admiring the rocky outcrop. I watch in silence as the first rays of the sun begin to sparkle on the water. In the afternoon, after a delectable visit to the spa, which has a steam bath, sauna and jacuzzi, I relax for a few moments by the crowded pool where I can’t help but notice that the mood is entirely different now, as are the colors of na ture all around me. I decide to go down to the pool every morn ing for the rest of my stay, make a ritual of watching the sunrise on my own. And every morning, iced coffee automatically appears. I only leave the magical clifftop castle twice. The first time, I take the hotel shuttle into the nearby town of Amalfi, but don’t stay very long because I find it hard to ignore the bustling crowds after the exquisitely peaceful atmos phere I’ve become accustomed to at the ho tel. My visit to Ravello, just a 20-minute drive away, is far more enjoyable, and I spent sev eral hours admiring Villa Cimbrone and Vil la Rufolo and enjoying the magnificent gar dens. On the way back to the hotel, I catch sight of the Monastero Santa Rosa clinging to the clifftop high above me. Pointing to it my driver says, the respect evident in his voice: “Signora Sharma is very much admired here!” Would you like to know more?

As if growing from the rock. This is how Bianca Sharma (photo, left) first set eyes on Monastero Santa Rosa from a boat. 75

Everything’s exquisite here. The restaurant Il Refettorio boasts a Michelin star.


Edited by Inken Becker & Merle Wilkening. Presented by ENGEL & VÖLKERS . Ad section on pages 78 – 175. GRISHINAULIANAPHOTO: Jewel in the heart of London: The roof terrace of Mansion House looks out over the Palace of Westminster. FOR SALE77

The Top of London In the heart of the British capital, heritage and prestige reign supreme in Mansion House. Originally designed by Horace Field, this carefully restored listed property awaits an exciting new chapter. TEXT: Merle Wilkening PHOTOS: Uliana Grishina

On the first floor of the five-storey building, the large impressive salon flows onto the billiard room next door.



Light marble and high vaulted ceilings – mirrored for symmetry along a central axis – give the house a palatial feel.


The expansive master bedroom on the second floor opens onto a semi-circular balcony. Directly adjacent to the master bedroom itself are two exceptional Tom Ford-inspired his-and-hers bathrooms. They boast the finest black and white marble, along with exqui site mirror features. More wellness opportunities await residents and guests alike in the pool and spa area on the lower ground floor.


Some ten metres for swimming lengths: The pool has been designed with green, gold and bronze mosaic tiles.

The private spa, with a Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, is the ideal haven to switch off from the hustle and bustle.


London, United Kingdom Price In excess of GBP 30 million Interior approx. 1,028 m² E&V ID W-02PKJ4 ENGEL & VÖLKERS London (GB) Contact Alexander Broadfoot Tel. +44 203 283 87 00 E-mail london@engelvoelkers.comEVUKBrokerageLimited– 16 Berkeley Street – W1J 8DZ London / Real estate agent – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH


Up on the third floor, a wooden stair case leads the way up still further. A skylight window folds open, out onto the roof terrace – where truly spec tacular views over Central London await. Almost close enough to reach out and touch, Victoria Tower rises up majestically between brick façades and chimneys. Atop this, the tallest tower in the Palace of Westminster, the Union Jack can be seen fluttering in the wind.

A real highlight in the central stairwell is the gilded glass dome with its opulent ornamentation.

Big Ben, one of London’s most famous land marks, soars skywards at the northern end of the resplendent British Parliament building.

Gazing further out over the rooftops of the city, Westminster Abbey is also visible. Man sion House has truly esteemed neighbours, right in the very centre of London. Stood on the pavement outside the building on Cowley Street, there is no clue as to the magnificent views to be had from the roof. Yet still the im agination is set in motion – with an impressive Westminster façade that suggests an impres sive grandeur dwells within. At the very heart of the British establish ment, just a stone’s throw from Parliament and the north bank of the River Thames, the five-storey Mansion House boasts a front façade that is over 15 metres wide, with an or nate gable. Grand stone pillars flank the heavy, wooden entrance doors. Decorative white stonework frames the red brickwork beauti fully. The building was designed by the re nowned London architect Horace Field and built in 1904, originally as the headquarters of the North Eastern Railway. In the 1980s, the building then served as the headquarters of the British Liberal Democrats, the party hav ing moved into No. 4 Cowley Street shortly af ter being Decadesfounded.onfrom this, the building has not only been given a new name – it has also, for the first time in its history, taken on a new identity as a private residence. Mansion House has been transformed into its renewed and re splendent self by London-based luxury devel oper Saigol DDC. Its restoration has involved preservation of the property’s original features, which include dark wood panelling in the main reception rooms and central stairwell. The project called on the expertise of master craftsmen who are also involved in the main tenance of some of Britain’s greatest buildings – including Windsor Castle, the Royal Acad emy and the Houses of Parliament. The list ed building has a wealth of striking historic features that enhance its charm and regal op ulence. The reception hall boasts dark wood panels set against light marble floors and high vaulted ceilings with gold accents, with a beau tiful symmetry along the central axis like an open book. An intricately decorated, gilded glass dome allows daylight to flood down onto the main staircase. There is also an elevator on hand to transport up to eight people to the interiors spanning some 1,000 square metres in total, Mansion House offers its owners and guests every comfort and con venience. On the ground floor, the large kitch en and breakfast area open out to one of two terraces. The spacious dining room seats up to 16 people. The panelled salon, which is al most ten metres wide with five splendid win dows, takes up the majority of the first floor. Separated by double doors is the games room complete with a billiard table. The wine cel lar, bar room and a second living room with original cornices and bay windows leave noth ing to be desired when it comes to entertain ing guests in the evenings. Dark herringbone parquet floors, opulent chandeliers, premium fabrics and light cream tones make sure that lavish style and comfort abound throughout theTheproperty.master bedroom with a balcony on the second floor boasts a walk-in dressing room with mirrored wardrobe fronts, in addition to two beautiful marble bathrooms. Guests can be accommodated in the other four sumptu ous bedrooms, each also boasting an en suite bathroom. The house also presides over two bedrooms and bathrooms on the third floor for staff, together with a kitchenette. Owners and guests can relax in absolute opulence on the lower ground level. The private spa features a ten-metre pool, in addition to a Whirlpool, sau na, steam room and a fully equipped gym. The pool area opens out to a charming walled gar den to the rear.

Whistler Architectural Masterpiece Featuring Incredible Home Comforts & Unique Cantilevered Infinity Pool 2014CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–LEHOUXNIC&PETEREMAPHOTOS:

87 Engel & Völkers Whistler – 4314 Main Street Unit #36 – Whistler, BC V8E 1A8 / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Canada Inc. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Whistler (CA) Contact Maggi Thornhill Tel. +1 604 905 8199 E-mail British Columbia, Canada Price CAD 39 mill. Interior approx. 8,700 square feet Land approx. 7,265 acres E&V ID AM-238678

Rougemont Luxurious Alpine Apartment with Breathtaking Mountain Views AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–BACKBONEPHOTOS:

89 E&V Gstaad Properties One AG – Lauenenstrasse 19 – 3780 Gstaad / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Wohnen Schweiz AG ENGEL & VÖLKERS Gstaad (CH) Tel. +41 33 655 65 05 E-mail Canton de Vaud,PriceSwitzerland on request Interior approx. 204 m² No. of rooms 4 E&V ID W-02OIIY

South Tyrol Exclusive Penthouse Apartment with Views of the Kronplatz Mountain

91 –AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY ACLASS:EFFICIENCYENERGY–2022CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR South Tyrol, Italy Price EUR 1.59 mill. Interior approx. 120 m² No. of rooms 4 E&V ID W-02N68Z ENGEL & VÖLKERS Bruneck (IT) Tel. +39 0474 77 29 11 E-mail bruneck@engelvoelkers.comRealEstateInternationalGmbH – Kapuzinerplatz 9 – 39031 Brunico / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Italia S.r.l.

2022CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Bad Saarow High-End Lakefront Penthouse by David Chipperfield Architects

93 Brandenburg, Germany Price EUR 2,059,000 Interior approx. 207 m² No. of rooms 5 E&V ID W-02P85M ENGEL & VÖLKERS Bad Saarow (DE) Contact Johannes von Matuschka Tel. +49 33631 40 30 20 E-mail Commission fee split between buyer and seller in accordance with new legislation from 23.12.2020. EuV Residential Berlin GmbH – Bahnhofsplatz 9 – 15526 Bad Saarow / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH


95 Brandenburg, Germany Price on request Interior approx. 963 m² Land approx. 3,559 m² E&V ID W-02P2AS ENGEL & VÖLKERS Potsdam (DE) Tel. +49 331 27 91 00 E-mail Commissionpotsdam@engelvoelkers.comfeesplitbetweenbuyer and seller in accordance with new legislation from 23.12.2020. EuV Potsdam Immobilien GmbH – Seestraße 11A – 14467 Potsdam / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH


near Dresden Taschenbuchvilla – A Classical Jewel of a Mansion with Great Potential

97 Saxony, Germany Price on request Interior approx. 325 m² Land approx. 2,440 m² E&V ID W-02OYG5 ENGEL & VÖLKERS Radebeul (DE) Tel. +49 351 42 44 67 68 E-mail Commissionradebeul@engelvoelkers.comfeesplitbetweenbuyerand seller in accordance with new legislation from 23.12.2020. Saxonia Metropol GmbH – Altkötzschenbroda 57 – 01445 Radebeul / Real estate company Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH 1875CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–SIGNIFICANCEHISTORICITSFORLISTED–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY


99 Baden-Württemberg, Germany Price EUR 5.5 mill. Interior approx. 395 m² Land approx. 3,178 m² E&V ID W-00CKOF ENGEL & VÖLKERS Baden-Baden (DE) Contact Frank Strei Tel. +49 7221 97 08 60 E-mail baden- Commission fee split between buyer and seller in accordance with new legislation from 23.12.2020. Pamina Immobilien GmbH – Kreuzstraße 4 – 76530 Baden-Baden / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH

AUSTRALIA Icon Radford LP 2021 Paddington NSW 00612 9136 1652 AUSTRIA Dekor Berger 4840 Voecklabruck 0043 767272646 Weber Interior Design & Decoration GmbH 5700 Zell am See 0043 6542 72233 BELGIUM Alinee Home & Textile Agency 9810 Nazareth 0032 9 333 77 05 BRAZIL By Tri Brands Rep. Com. Imp. Exp. Ltda 01014-003 São Paulo 00 5511 3062 2410 CHINA Yada Tissu 100016 Chaoyang District Beijing 00 86 1084160788 CYPRUS L.I. Christofides 1100 Nicosia 0035722 772939 DENMARK Zenout 2900 Hellerup 00 45 2074 6877 FINLAND Naccanil 00270 Helsinki 00358 10 3213580 FRANCE Designers Guild Sarl 75002 Paris 00 33 1 44 67 80 71 GERMANY Cramer Moebel + Design GmbH 22525 Hamburg 0049 (0) 40 5473780 Cubio Die Wand - Stoffe - Wohnen Gbr 53173 Bonn 0049 (0) 228 1809525 Designers Guild Einrichtungs Gmbh 80333 München 0049 (0) 89 / 203 03 285 Innenleben Stoffhaus und Einrichtungen 60316 Frankfurt 0049 (0) 69 438687 Merz & Benzing GmbH 70173 Stuttgart 0049 (0) 711 239840 Stoffhaus Einrichtungs GmbH 82049 Pullach 0049 (0) 89 51399770 GREECE Eurotextile 10673 Athens 0030 210927 3288 HOLLAND WVA Agenturen 1018 Bh Amsterdam 0031 20 6405060 HONG KONG Avant Garde Designs Hong Kong 00 852 2 5527533 ITALY Designers Guild 00 39 (0) 23 60 03 753 JAPAN Mesatex - Fabric Tokyo 106-0047 0081 362772411 Tecido Ltd - Wallpaper Tokyo 171-0031 0081 339816127 KOREA Sedec Gangnam-gu Seoul 00822 549 6701 Dav - Wallpaper Gangnam-gu Seoul 00822 512 8590 MALAYSIA Janine 50450 Kuala Lumpur 00603 4260 2743 MEXICO Artell Delgn. Alvaro Obregon. C.P 01460 00 5255 54824500 NEW ZEALAND Icon Radford LP 1021 Auckland 0064 9 3021653 NORWAY Riis Interior 0375 Oslo 0047 22 13 66 80 PORTUGAL Settes 4450-290 Matosinhos 00352 224 910437 RUSSIA Manders 105043 Moscow 00 74 959 886403 SINGAPORE Romanez 534054 Singapore 00 65 6463 9330 SOUTH AFRICA Home Fabrics 2090 Johannesburg 00 27 11 266 3700 SPAIN Designers Guild 0034 914 197 647 SWEDEN Designers Guild Sweden 11334 Stockholm 0046 8 32 20 20 SWITZERLAND Al Lago Interiors ag 8803 Rueschlikon 0041 43 5371003 TAIWAN Andari Group Taipei 10557 008862 87518807 TURKEY Homteks 34365 Istanbul 0090 212 2304422 UNITED KINGDOM Designers Guild Ltd London SW3 5EN 0044 (0)20 7893 7400 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Maison D’Art 58111 Dubai 00 971 4380 9960 USA Designers Guild Inc Showroom: Ottostr. 5, 80333 München, T. 089 203 03 285 Schweiz: Al Lago Interiors Ag, 8803 Rueschlikon, T: 0041 43 5371003 Oesterreich: T. 019 286539 Bei Anruf aus dem Festnetz sowie Mobilnetz, können je nach Anbieter des Kunden höhere Kosten entstehen. Tapestry Flower

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119 AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Engel & Völkers Oakville – 226 Lakeshore Road East – Oakville, ON L6J 1H8 / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Canada Inc. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Oakville (CA) Contact Katrina Tavares Tel. +1 416 456 6690 E-mail Ontario, Canada Price CAD 6,498,000 Interior approx. 6,600 square feet Land approx. 15,000 square feet E&V ID AM-233437 Mississauga Exquisite Home with a Modern Scandinavian Flair

120 2013CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–OILSOURCE:ENERGY–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Engel & Völkers Nova Scotia Halifax – 1901 Gottingen Street, Suite 2 – Halifax, NS B3J 0C6 / Real estate company Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Canada Inc. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Nova Scotia Halifax (CA) Contact Chris Harding Tel. +1 902 222 4440 E-mail Nova Scotia, Canada Price CAD 1,695,000 Interior approx. 5,223 square feet Land approx. 10,517 square feet E&V ID AM-232250 Bedford Custom Craftsmanship & Luxury Comfort in the Maritimes

121 2011CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–ELECTRICITYSOURCE:ENERGY–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Engel & Völkers Nova Scotia Halifax – 1901 Gottingen Street, Suite 2 – Halifax, NS B3J 0C6 / Real estate company Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Canada Inc. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Nova Scotia Halifax (CA) Contact James Dwyer & Kaycee Bessette Tel. +1 902 209 6291 & +1 902 449 1881 E-mail & Nova Scotia, Canada Price CAD 2,499,990 Interior approx. 7,232 square feet Land approx. 3.36 acres E&V ID AM-228850 Fall River Custom-Built Luxury Estate Situated on the East Coast of Canada

122 2000CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Engel & Völkers Montréal Rive-Nord – 3055 Saint-Martin Ouest T140 – Laval, QC H7T 0J3 / Real estate company Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Canada Inc. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Montréal Rive-Nord (CA) Contact Frédérique Dumas & Olivier Labrecque Tel. +1 514 605 2323 & +1 438 410 5638 E-mail & Québec, Canada Price CAD 3.75 mill. Interior approx. 2,800 square feet Land approx. 335 acres E&V ID AM-234699 The Laurentians 335 Acres with Luxury Residence, Stables, Garage & Mountain

123 AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Engel & Völkers Montréal – 1451 Sherbrooke Street West – Montréal, QC H3G 2S8 / Real estate company Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Canada Inc. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Montréal (CA) Contact Cédrick Benoit & Benoit Sansoucy Tel. +1 514 718 1166 & +1 514 299 2211 E-mail & Québec, Canada Price CAD 4,995,000 Interior approx. 6,074 square feet Land approx. 108,801 square feet E&V ID AM-227071 Mont-Saint-Hilaire Prestigious Estate in a Remarkable Location

124 AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Engel & Völkers Outaouais – 38 Chemin Scott – Chelsea, QC J9B 1R5 / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Canada Inc. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Outaouais (CA) Contact Jeremy Spilkin & Louis-Philippe Pidgeon Tel. +1 819 827 8668 E-mail Québec, Canada Price CAD 2,388,000 Interior approx. 4,500 square feet Land approx. 2 acres E&V ID AM-236506 Chelsea Majestic Bungalow Overlooking Old Chelsea

125 CERTIFICATE/CONSUMPTIONENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGY–DAMERISCHRISTIANPHOTOS: kgCOhk151CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALTOTALW/m²a–EMISSIONS442/m²a–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:E D ʼAlt Murada Re S.L. – Calle Constitución 7 – 07001 Palma de Mallorca / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Balearev GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Mallorca Palma Centre (ES) Tel. +34 971 21 41 40 E-mail Balearic Islands, Spain Price EUR 4.2 mill. Interior approx. 414 m² No. of bedrooms 4 E&V ID W-02NMYO Majorca Elegant Noble Floor in Impressive City Palace in Palma For more energy information please refer to page 140.

126 hk46.43REQUIREMENTENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALREQUIREMENTENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGY–MARQUEZEDUARDOPHOTOS:W/m²a– kgCO12.56EMISSIONS2/m²a–ENERGYSOURCE:HEATPUMP–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:2021–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:B Engel Mallorca Invest, S.L. – Avenida Rey Jaume I 111 – 07180 Santa Ponsa / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Balearev GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Mallorca Santa Ponsa (ES) Tel. +34 971 69 90 63 E-mail Balearic Islands, Spain Price EUR 9.6 mill. Interior approx. 685 m² Land approx. 2,892 m² E&V ID W-02A97J Majorca State-of-the-Art Golf Villa in Nova Santa Ponsa For more energy information please refer to page 140.

127 hk45.82CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALCONSUMPTIONENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGY–IZETAJONPHOTOS:W/m²a– kgCO13.35EMISSIONS2/m²a–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:2019 EV Palma West S.L. – Cami de Son Vida 38, Golf Son Quint – 07013 Palma de Mallorca / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Balearev GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Mallorca Palma Surroundings (ES) Tel. +34 971 60 91 41 E-mail Balearic Islands, Spain Price EUR 10.95 mill. Interior approx. 522 m² Land approx. 2,000 m² E&V ID W-026LIT Majorca Contemporary Villa with Sea Views in Son Vida For more energy information please refer to page 140.

128 hk36CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALCONSUMPTIONENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGY–SANDAKYOTAMPHOTOS:W/m²a– kgCO10.6EMISSIONS2/m²a–ENERGYSOURCE:HEATPUMP–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:2017–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:B EV Mallorca Property S.L. – Carrer Petit 2 – 07340 Alaró / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Balearev GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Mallorca Alaró (ES) Tel. +34 971 62 16 29 E-mail Balearic Islands, Spain Price EUR 1.45 mill. Interior approx. 270 m² Land approx. 297 m² E&V ID W-02LFUV Majorca Contemporary Townhouse with High-Quality Finishes in Santa Maria For more energy information please refer to page 140.

129 AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Mazal Realty, S.L. – Avenida Manolete 529 – 29660 Nueva Andalucía / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Marbella Puerto Banús (ES) Tel. +34 952 85 98 60 E-mail Andalusia, Spain Price EUR 7,995,000 Interior approx. 958 m² Land approx. 2,000 m² E&V ID W-02NUHH Marbella Masterpiece of Modern Architecture with Unbeatable Views

130 hk74.43REQUIREMENTENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALREQUIREMENTENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGYW/m²a– kgCOhk96.27CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALCONSUMPTIONENERGYW/m²a–EMISSIONS16.312/m²a–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:2001–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:C Famasa Real Estate, S.L. – Avda. de España, 70 – 29649 Mijas / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Mijas Costa (ES) Tel. +34 951 66 60 06 E-mail Andalusia, Spain Price EUR 1,995,000 Interior approx. 840 m² Land approx. 1,670 m² E&V ID W-02PGN3 Costa del Sol Expansive Villa in an Andalusian Style in Mijas Costa For more energy information please refer to page 140.

131 hk171.97CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALCONSUMPTIONENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGYW/m²a– kgCO35.44EMISSIONS2/m²a–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:2000–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:E City Broker Activos, S.L. – Avenida de las Palmeras 6, local 12 – 29630 Benalmádena / Real estate company Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Benalmádena (ES) Tel. +34 952 57 11 30 E-mail Málaga, Spain Price EUR 2.8 mill. Interior approx. 786 m² Land approx. 1,207 m² E&V ID W-02OCWT Costa del Sol Luxury Villa in Most Exclusive Area of Benalmádena For more energy information please refer to page 140.

132 kgCOhk177CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALCONSUMPTIONENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGYW/m²a–EMISSIONS362/m²a–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:2002–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:E EV MMC SPAIN, S.L.U. – Gran Via Marqués del Turia 61 – 46005 Valencia / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Valencia MMC (ES) Tel. +34 96 351 78 97 E-mail Valencia, Spain Price EUR 2.3 mill. Interior approx. 400 m² Land approx. 2,326 m² E&V ID W-02F2D0 Oropesa del Mar Luxury Property with Sublime Sea Views in Torre Bellver For more energy information please refer to page 140.

133 hk141CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALCONSUMPTIONENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGY–LLORENSALBERTPHOTOS:W/m²a– kgCO37EMISSIONS2/m²a–LISTEDFORITSHISTORICSIGNIFICANCE–ENERGYSOURCE:GAS–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:1600–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:D Geoss Real Estate SL – Rambla de Joaquim Ruyra, 15 – 17300 Blanes / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Costa Brava Sud (ES) Tel. +34 972 10 21 63 E-mail Catalonia, Spain Price EUR 4,215,000 Interior approx. 530 m² Land approx. 4,048 m² E&V ID W-02OW0N Santa Cristina d ʼAro Elegant Country House For more energy information please refer to page 140.

134 1993CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–GASSOURCE:ENERGY–PENDINGISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Egone Consulting, S.L.U. – C. Nuria 10 – 28034 Madrid / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Madrid Mirasierra (ES) Tel. +34 910 49 38 81 E-mail Madrid, Spain Price EUR 2,999,000 Interior approx. 1,238 m² Land approx. 1,442 m² E&V ID W-02H2XF Madrid Wonderful Gem in the Mirasierra Neighbourhood

135 hk136.94CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALCONSUMPTIONENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGY–PUJOLJLPHOTOS:W/m²a– kgCO36.04EMISSIONS2/m²a–ENERGYSOURCE:OIL–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:2000–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:E Navarra Prime Houses, S.L. – C. Tajonar, 1A, local 6 – 31006 Pamplona / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Pamplona (ES) Tel. +34 948 24 63 01 E-mail Navarra, Spain Price EUR 585,000 Interior approx. 410 m² Land approx. 1,965 m² E&V ID W-02N6VV Gerendiain Impressive Home in Ulzama Valley 5 Minutes from Golf Club & near Pamplona For more energy information please refer to page 140.

136 hk165.7CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALCONSUMPTIONENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGYW/m²a– kgCO43.6EMISSIONS2/m²a–ENERGYSOURCE:OIL–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:2003–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:E Incomefa Solutions, S.L. – Calle Castelar 37, bajo – 39004 Santander / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Santander (ES) Tel. +34 942 18 19 02 E-mail Cantabria, Spain Price EUR 1.89 mill. Interior approx. 550 m² Land approx. 3,724 m² E&V ID W-02OVZM For more energy information please refer to page 140. Comillas Magnificent Villa Next to the Estuary

137 hk189CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALCONSUMPTIONENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGYW/m²a– kgCO40EMISSIONS2/m²a–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:1980–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:E EV Realty Advisors, S.L. – C. Ferrol 16 – 15004 Coruña / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS La Coruña (ES) Tel. +34 981 91 00 60 E-mail Galicia, Spain Price EUR 2.2 mill. Interior approx. 910 m² Land approx. 9,116 m² E&V ID W-02P08B La Coruña O Vilar – A Unique Property above the Sea on the Galician Coast For more energy information please refer to page 140.

138 –AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–HOMEMYMADESARAPHOTOS: BCLASS:EFFICIENCYENERGY–2021CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–SOLARSOURCE:ENERGY Luis Palma Santos Lda. – Estrada de Vale Rabelho – 8200-428 Guia Albufeira / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Albufeira (PT) Tel. +351 289 57 24 50 E-mail Algarve, Portugal Price EUR 3.85 mill. Interior approx. 643 m² Land approx. 2,276 m² E&V ID W-02J1WL Albufeira Luxury Villa with 180º Sea View For more energy information please refer to page 140.

139 Lisbon Amazing Five-Room Apartment in Sé EV MMC Portugal - Mediação Imobiliária Unipessoal Lda. – Avenida Liberdade 196, 7º andar – 1250-096 Lisbon / Real estate company Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Lisboa MMC (PT) Tel. +351 210 20 04 90 E-mail Lisbon, Portugal Price EUR 1.5 mill. Interior approx. 158 m² No. of bedrooms 1 E&V ID W-02LF1X DCLASS:EFFICIENCYENERGY–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY For more energy information please refer to page 140.

CALIFICACIÓN ENERGÉTICA ETIQUETADEL EDIFICIO TERMINADO ESCALA DE LA CALIFICACIÓN ENERGÉTICA Consumo de energía Emisiones Referencia/s catastral/es C.C.P.Autónoma Válido hasta dd/mm/aaaa ESPAÑA A B C D E F G más menoseficienteeficiente Comunitat Valenciana 177 36 19/08/2029 E2019VO056467 140 Majorca BALEARIC ISLANDS, SPAIN PAGE 125 E&V ID W-02NMYO Majorca BALEARIC ISLANDS, SPAIN PAGE 126 E&V ID W-02A97J Comillas CANTABRIA, SPAIN PAGE 136 E&V ID W-02OVZM Gerendiain NAVARRA, SPAIN PAGE 135 E&V ID W-02N6VV Majorca BALEARIC ISLANDS, SPAIN PAGE 128 E&V ID W-02LFUV Sta. Cristina CATALONIA, SPAIN PAGE 133 E&V ID W-02OW0N Majorca BALEARIC ISLANDS, SPAIN PAGE 127 E&V ID W-026LIT Costa del Sol ANDALUSIA, SPAIN PAGE 130 E&V ID W-02PGN3 Costa del Sol MALAGA, SPAIN PAGE 131 E&V ID W-02OCWT Lisbon LISBON, PORTUGAL PAGE 139 E&V ID W-02LF1X Albufeira ALGARVE, PORTUGAL PAGE 138 E&V ID W-02J1WLLa Coruña GALICIA, SPAIN PAGE 137 E&V ID W-02P08B Oropesa VALENCIA, SPAIN PAGE 132 E&V ID W-02F2D0 FOR SALE ENERGY INFORMATION

141 1872CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–GASSOURCE:ENERGY–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Engel & Völkers Luxembourg Real Estate Brokerage s.à.r.l. – 4, Place Joseph Thorn – 2637 Luxembourg / Real estate company Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Luxembourg MMC (LU) Tel. +352 28 26 17 27 E-mail East Luxembourg, Luxembourg Price EUR 4,195,000 Interior approx. 480 m² Land approx. 3,020 m² E&V ID W-02OGJE Luxembourg Exceptional Property with Indoor Swimming Pool in Waldbredimus

142 1730CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–SHOOTINPHOTOS: EV MMC France S.A.S. – 24 bis Rue de Berri – 75008 Paris / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Paris MMC (FR) Tel. +33 1 45 64 30 30 E-mail Île-de-France, France Price EUR 21 mill. Interior approx. 734 m² No. of bedrooms 7 E&V ID W-02J0RV Paris VII 18th Century Private Mansion Opening onto Four Terraces

143 AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–MEESEMAECKERLAURENTPHOTOS: EV MMC France S.A.S. – 13, rue des Etats-Unis – 06400 Cannes / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Côte d ʼAzur MMC (FR) Tel. +33 493 68 64 72 E-mail Côte d ʼAzur, France Price EUR 8.9 mill. Interior approx. 660 m² Land approx. 3,950 m² E&V ID W-02P3ZD Cannes Belle Epoque Villa in La Californie District

144 1963CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland Price CHF 3.05 mill. Interior approx. 244 m² Land approx. 1,122 m² E&V ID W-02LONQ ENGEL & VÖLKERS Arlesheim (CH) Tel. +41 61 745 10 10 E-mail EV Arlesheim Immobilien AG – Bahnhofstrasse 1 – 4144 Arlesheim / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Wohnen Schweiz AG Arlesheim Dream Property with Pool

145 Solothurn, Switzerland Price CHF 2.2 mill. Interior approx. 311 m² Land approx. 1,600 m² E&V ID W-02OVXO ENGEL & VÖLKERS Solothurn (CH) Tel. +41 32 322 13 13 E-mail solothurn@engelvoelkers.comEVAmbassadorAG–Hauptgasse 47 – 4500 Solothurn / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Wohnen Schweiz AG 1890CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–PUMPHEATSOURCE:ENERGY–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–AARAUBASLERFOTOPHOTOS: Gretzenbach Prestigious Home with Adjoining Practice

146 Aargau, Switzerland Price CHF 2.95 mill. Interior approx. 294 m² Land approx. 2,655 m² E&V ID W-02O46U ENGEL & VÖLKERS Aarau (CH) Tel. +41 62 825 27 90 E-mail EV Wasserschloss AG – Kronengasse 2 – 5000 Aarau / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Wohnen Schweiz AG Möriken-Wildegg Exquisite Residence in Outstanding Location AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–BASLERFOTOPHOTOS:

147 Rüti Exclusive Dream Living Canton of Zurich, Switzerland Price CHF 2.44 mill. Interior approx. 267 m² plus 214 m² No. of rooms 4.5 loft plus studio E&V ID W-02OWWN ENGEL & VÖLKERS Uster (CH) Tel. +41 43 544 73 00 E-mail EV Zürich Oberland Immobilien AG, Zug – Zürichstrasse 12 – 8610 Uster / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Wohnen Schweiz AG 1871CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–GASSOURCE:ENERGY–SIGNIFICANCEHISTORICITSFORLISTED–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–FOTOGRAFIEBUSCHOR/APIXALEXPHOTOS:

148 AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Canton of Zurich, Switzerland Price CHF 3.62 mill. Interior approx. 243 m² Land approx. 381 m² E&V ID W-02NPKY ENGEL & VÖLKERS Dietikon (CH) Tel. +41 43 500 25 25 E-mail Casaprima Immobilien AG – Bremgartnerstrasse 11 – 8953 Dietikon / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Wohnen Schweiz AG Uitikon-Waldegg Elegant Oasis Close to the City

149 Andermatt Incredible Residence at The Chedi Andermatt Uri, Switzerland Price CHF 5.3 mill. Interior approx. 226 m² No. of bedrooms 2 E&V ID W-02NH69 ENGEL & VÖLKERS Hergiswil (CH) Tel. +41 41 611 10 00 E-mail hergiswil@engelvoelkers.comEVHergiswilAG–Seestrasse 60 – 6052 Hergiswil / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Wohnen Schweiz AG 2015CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–HEATINGDISTRICTSOURCE:ENERGY–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–SCHWACHTIMOPHOTOS:

150 Oberägeri Premium Lifestyle – Designer Villa with Pool & Lake View E&V Zug Properties AG – Neugasse 15 – 6300 Zug / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Wohnen Schweiz AG ENGEL & VÖLKERS Zug (CH) Tel. +41 41 728 77 11 E-mail Zug, PriceSwitzerland CHF 8.25 mill. Interior approx. 343 m² Land approx. 650 m² E&V ID W-02OXMD 2013CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY

151 2011CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–PUMPHEATSOURCE:ENERGY–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Lugano Lake Properties SA – Viale Carlo Cattaneo 1 – 6900 Lugano / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Wohnen Schweiz AG ENGEL & VÖLKERS Lugano (CH) Tel. +41 91 980 42 60 E-mail Ticino, Switzerland Price CHF 8.99 mill. Interior approx. 390 m² Land approx. 1,930 m² E&V ID W-02920Q Lugano Modern Villa with Terrace & Breathtaking Lake Views

152 Neukirchen Country House with Flair & Dream Mountain Views Salzburg, Austria Price EUR 1,695,000 Interior approx. 300 m² Land approx. 600 m² E&V ID W-02OSW8 ENGEL & VÖLKERS Zell am See (AT) Tel. +43 6542 575 70 E-mail Engel & Völkers Kitzbühel GmbH – Seegasse 9 – 5700 Zell am See / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH 2006CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–ELECTRICITYSOURCE:ENERGY–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY

153 Aurach near Kitzbühel The Legend – In a Dream Alpine Setting Tyrol, Austria Price EUR 14.9 mill. Interior approx. 737 m² Land approx. 1,213 m² E&V ID W-02KDKJ ENGEL & VÖLKERS Kitzbühel (AT) Tel. +43 5356 716 15 E-mailölkersKitzbühel GmbH – Vorderstadt 11 – 6370 Kitzbühel / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH 51HWBCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGY–VÖGELECHRISTOPHPHOTOS:kWh/m²a–fGEE0.69–ENERGYSOURCE:GAS

154 Lower Austria, Austria Price EUR 368,000 – 865,000 Interior approx. 52 – 130 m² No. of bedrooms 1 – 3 E&V ID W-02ORD2 ENGEL & VÖLKERS Baden bei Wien (AT) Tel. +43 676 88 16 77 01 E-mail EV Baden GmbH – Pfarrgasse 8/2 – 2500 Baden / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH Baden near Vienna Exclusive Lifestyle Apartments hk24.2REQUIREMENTENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALREQUIREMENTENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGYW/m²a– hk36HWBW/m²a–ENERGYSOURCE:HEATPUMP–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:2022–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:A

155 Vienna, Austria Price EUR 5.49 mill. Interior approx. 328 m² Land approx. 684 m² E&V ID W-02MRRN ENGEL & VÖLKERS Wien MMC (AT) Tel. +43 1 961 50 00 E-mail wien@engelvoelkers.comEuVImmobilienGmbH – Opernring 5 – 1010 Vienna / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH Vienna Spectacular Designer Villa in Prime LocationfGEEhk62.2HWBCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGYW/m²a–0.97– CCLASS:EFFICIENCYENERGY–2011CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–BURNER)OIL&PUMP(AIR-HEATINGHEATINGHYBRIDSOURCE:ENERGY

156 1940CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY Stela S.r.l. – Via Mandelli, 3 – 12051 Alba / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Italia S.r.l. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Alba-Langhe (IT) Tel. +39 0173 190 15 63 E-mail Piedmont, Italy Price EUR 1.8 mill. Interior approx. 590 m² Land approx. 2 ha E&V ID W-02O0NZ Alba Vineyard Estate with 360° Panoramic View

157 hk34.91REQUIREMENTENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALREQUIREMENTENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGYW/m²a– ACLASS:EFFICIENCYENERGY–2009CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–ENERGYGEOTHERMALSOURCE:ENERGY Elletre Srl – Corso Goffredo Mameli 159 – 28921 Verbania / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Italia S.r.l. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Verbania (IT) Tel. +39 0323 702 44 E-mail Piedmont, Italy Price EUR 10 mill. Interior approx. 591 m² Land approx. 4,640 m² E&V ID W-02P28U Lago Maggiore Prestigious Villa with Exclusive Lake View in Stresa

158 hk299.97CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALCONSUMPTIONENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGY–BROGNOLIGIULIAPHOTOS:W/m²a– GCLASS:EFFICIENCYENERGY–1995CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–GASSOURCE:ENERGY Elletre Srl – Via Labiena 81 – 21014 Laveno Mombello / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Italia S.r.l. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Laveno (IT) Tel. +39 0332 181 18 18 E-mail Lombardy, Italy Price EUR 2.65 mill. Interior approx. 510 m² Land approx. 6,000 m² E&V ID W-02C4IJ Lago Maggiore Elegant Villa with Panoramic Lake View in Besozzo

159 hk117.16CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALCONSUMPTIONENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGYW/m²a– DCLASS:EFFICIENCYENERGY–1500CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–GASSOURCE:ENERGY Glamour Home S.r.l. – Largo Belotti 34 – 24121 Bergamo / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Italia S.r.l. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Bergamo (IT) Tel. +39 035 21 84 29 E-mail Lombardy, Italy Price EUR 2.9 mill. Interior approx. 535 m² No. of bedrooms 4 E&V ID W-02N46O Bergamo Historical Elegance on the Piazza Vecchia

160 hk272.29CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALCONSUMPTIONENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGYW/m²a–ENERGYSOURCE:GAS–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:1953–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:E M&M Real Estate S.P.A. – Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, 21 – 20149 Milan / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Italia S.r.l. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Milano Fiera (IT) Tel. +39 02 94 43 33 21 E-mail Lombardy, Italy Price EUR 2.79 mill. Interior approx. 301 m² No. of bedrooms 5 E&V ID W-02P2QG Milan Apartment with Terrace on the Piazza della Repubblica

161 Pergine Valsugana Exclusive & Historic Palace in Trentino Trentino Real Estate S.r.l. – Via Carlo Antonio Pilati 11 – 38122 Trento / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Italia S.r.l. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Trento (IT) Tel. +39 0461 178 83 00 E-mail Trentino, Italy Price EUR 1.93 mill. Interior approx. 600 m² Land approx. 400 m² E&V ID W-02NUT5 1600CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–GASSOURCE:ENERGY–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–STEDILENICOLAPHOTOS:

162 GCLASS:EFFICIENCYENERGY–1700CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–GASSOURCE:ENERGY–SIGNIFICANCEHISTORICITSFORLISTED–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–VERNÌMARIAENRICOPHOTOS: Elletre Srl – Viale Fratelli Cairoli, 123 – 31100 Treviso / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Italia S.R.L. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Treviso (IT) Tel. +39 0422 148 64 72 E-mail Veneto, Italy Price EUR 1.4 mill. Interior approx. 560 m² Land approx. 10 ha E&V ID W-02OYWM Conegliano Dream Living amidst Prosecco Hills

163 Modica Luxury Villa with Typical Sicilian Features & Pool Helmed Real Estate s.r.l. – Via Dante Alighieri, 99 – 97100 Ragusa / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Italia S.r.l. ENGEL & VÖLKERS Ragusa-Modica (IT) Tel. +39 0932 68 23 41 E-mail Sicily, Italy Price EUR 990,000 Interior approx. 402 m² Land approx. 4,000 m² E&V ID W-02O97R AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY

164 AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–WALUTEKJAKUBPHOTOS: Finest International Real Estate Ireland Ltd. – 71 Main Street – P17 NW42 Kinsale / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Kinsale/West Cork (IRL) Tel. +353 21 477 32 00 E-mail County Cork, Ireland Price EUR 1.7 mill. Interior approx. 180 m² Land approx. 400 m² E&V ID W-02PHPQ Kinsale Fabulous Waterfront Property with Private Marina

165 London Maisonette with Private Garden in Kensington EV UK Brokerage Limited – 16 Berkeley Street – W1J 8DZ London / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS London (GB) Contact Alexander Broadfoot Tel. +44 203 283 87 00 E-mail London, United Kingdom Price GBP 2.45 mill. Interior approx. 1,519 square feet No. of bedrooms 2 E&V ID W-02OCVG CCLASS:EFFICIENCYENERGY–GASSOURCE:ENERGY–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY

166 London Luxury Two-Bedroom Apartment in Bayswater EV UK Brokerage Limited – 16 Berkeley Street – W1J 8DZ London / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS London (GB) Contact Alexander Broadfoot Tel. +44 203 283 87 00 E-mail London, United Kingdom Price GBP 2.58 mill. Interior approx. 1,304 square feet No. of bedrooms 2 E&V ID W-02P0W2 DCLASS:EFFICIENCYENERGY–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY

167 London Elegant Penthouse Apartment in Kensington EV UK Brokerage Limited – 16 Berkeley Street – W1J 8DZ London / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH ENGEL & VÖLKERS London (GB) Contact Alexander Broadfoot Tel. +44 203 283 87 00 E-mail London, United Kingdom Price GBP 3.75 mill. Interior approx. 2,305 square feet No. of bedrooms 3 E&V ID W-02OCYQ BCLASS:EFFICIENCYENERGY–2021CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–GASSOURCE:ENERGY–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY

168 Flensburg Grand Historic Residence Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Price EUR 1.9 mill. Interior approx. 297 m² Land approx. 1,040 m² E&V ID W-02NLNO ENGEL & VÖLKERS Flensburg (DE) Contact Alexandra von Hobe-Gelting Tel. +49 461 97 88 67 13 E-mail Commission fee split between buyer and seller in accordance with new legislation from 23.12.2020. EuV Wohnen GmbH – Norderstraße 3 – 24939 Flensburg / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH 1717CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–HEATINGDISTRICTSOURCE:ENERGY–SIGNIFICANCEHISTORICITSFORLISTED–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–HAMBURGFOTOGRAFIEFREYEPHOTOS:

169 Hamburg Elegance & Abundant Space on the Rothenbaumchaussee Hamburg, Germany Price EUR 13.9 mill. Interior approx. 749 m² Land approx. 942 m² E&V ID W-00EOYX ENGEL & VÖLKERS Hamburg Alster (DE) Tel. +49 40 46 86 31 20 E-mail Commissionalster.stadtvillen@engelvoelkers.comfeesplitbetweenbuyerandseller in accordance with new legislation from 23.12.2020. E+V Hamburg Immobilien GmbH – Eppendorfer Baum 11 – 20249 Hamburg / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH hk117REQUIREMENTENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALREQUIREMENTENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGY–BUCHER/PREXELPHOTOS:W/m²a– DCLASS:EFFICIENCYENERGY–1896CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–HEATINGDISTRICTSOURCE:ENERGY

170 hk96.80REQUIREMENTENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALREQUIREMENTENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGYW/m²a– kgCO23.9EMISSIONS2/m²a–ENERGYSOURCE:GAS–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:2016–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:C Lower Saxony, Germany Price EUR 1.68 mill. Interior approx. 265 m² Land approx. 365 m² E&V ID W-02KBIN ENGEL & VÖLKERS Braunschweig (DE) Contact Jil-Marleen Tschauder Tel. +49 531 213 69 00 E-mail Commission fee split between buyer and seller in accordance with new legislation from 23.12.2020. Engel & Völkers Braunschweig Immobilien GmbH – Steinweg 28 – 38100 Braunschweig / Real estate company Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH Brunswick Contemporary Townhouse at Desirable Address

171 hk21CONSUMPTIONENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALCONSUMPTIONENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGYW/m²a– kgCO11.83EMISSIONS2/m²a–ENERGYSOURCE:GEOTHERMALENERGY–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:2011–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:A Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany Price EUR 7.6 mill. Interior approx. 360 m² Land approx. 8,499 m² E&V ID W-02LSHC ENGEL & VÖLKERS Fischland-Darß-Zingst (DE) Tel. +49 38220 66 99 88 E-mail Commissiondarss@engelvoelkers.comfeesplitbetweenbuyer and seller in accordance with new legislation from 23.12.2020. V 8 Immobilien GmbH – Ernst-Thälmann-Straße 4 – 18347 Ostseebad Wustrow / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH Baltic Sea Resort Ahrenshoop Property with Private Inner Bay Harbourfront

172 Berlin, Germany Price EUR 1.65 mill. Interior approx. 196 m² No. of rooms 4 E&V ID W-02OTBH ENGEL & VÖLKERS Berlin Mitte MMC (DE) Tel. +49 30 20 37 80 E-mail Commission fee split between buyer and seller in accordance with new legislation from 23.12.2020. Engel & Völkers Berlin Mitte GmbH – Charlottenstraße 4 – 10969 Berlin / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH Berlin Exceptional Top-Floor Maisonette in the Up-and-Coming District of Lichtenberg 1911/2013CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–OILSOURCE:ENERGY–SIGNIFICANCEHISTORICITSFORLISTED–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY

173 Rheine Exclusive Designer Villa Overlooking River Ems North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Price EUR 3.65 mill. Interior approx. 413 m² Land approx. 1,422 m² E&V ID W-02P473 ENGEL & VÖLKERS Münster (DE) Contact Bianca Schall-Block Tel. +49 251 60 93 10 E-mail Commission fee split between buyer and seller in accordance with new legislation from 23.12.2020. EV Münsterland GmbH – Alter Fischmarkt 8 – 48143 Münster / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH hk41.2REQUIREMENTENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALREQUIREMENTENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGY–CICHARANATALIEPHOTOS:W/m²a– ACLASS:EFFICIENCYENERGY–2016CONSTRUCTION:OFYEAR–GASSOURCE:ENERGY

174 hk108.7REQUIREMENTENERGYFINALCERTIFICATE/TOTALREQUIREMENTENERGYCERTIFICATE:PERFORMANCEENERGYW/m²a– kgCO41.3EMISSIONS2/m²a–ENERGYSOURCE:AIR-HEATINGPUMP–YEAROFCONSTRUCTION:1890–ENERGYEFFICIENCYCLASS:D North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Price EUR 1.05 mill. Interior approx. 283 m² Land approx. 1,628 m² E&V ID W-02OS2I ENGEL & VÖLKERS Solingen (DE) Contact Sascha von den Steinen Tel. +49 212 65 00 40 80 E-mail Commission fee split between buyer and seller in accordance with new legislation from 23.12.2020. Bergemann & von den Steinen Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG – Grünewalder Straße 75 – 42657 Solingen / Real estate company Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH Remscheid Patrician House in Sought-After Location

175 1732CIRCA:CONSTRUCTIONOFYEAR–OILSOURCE:ENERGY–AVAILABLENOTISCERTIFICATEPERFORMANCEENERGY–CHRIOJOELPHOTOS: Baden-Württemberg, Germany Price EUR 2.95 mill. Interior approx. 400 m² Land approx. 6,683 m² E&V ID W-02O1N8 ENGEL & VÖLKERS Titisee-Neustadt (DE) Contact Fabian Fath Tel. +49 7651 800 90 40 E-mail Commission fee split between buyer and seller in accordance with new legislation from 23.12.2020. EV Hochrhein GmbH – Jägerstraße 5 – 79822 Titisee-Neustadt / Real estate company – Licence Partner of Engel & Völkers Residential GmbH Todtmoos Exclusive Black Forest Property

ISSUE Sustainable impulses that slow down this fast-paced world and dedicate more love and respect to the health of our planet MAISON MIRABEAU Young and regenerative: the remarkable new rosé label from Provence



ROSA From former monastery CAMPANA BROTHERS, EL ANATSUI, GLOBALFLOW, IMPOSSIBLE FOODS, JOKOLADE, JORO, PATAGONIA, SELLPY, SOHOTREE, TO GOOD TO GO, VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE, NERI OXMAN page 60 NERI OXMAN, TRAVEL page 68 MONASTERO SANTA ROSA HOTEL & SPA, PERSONAL page 178 ESTER CARRO, 1 Quilt “De Kooning,” € 700, 2 Bench “Afterlife,” £ 2,160, 3 Chain and pendant “Akoya,” € 2,300, 4 Self-cleaning drinking bottle, € 109, 5 Soap “Cedar & Bitter Orange,” £ 9,90, SKWORDS:ADDRESSES176






A designer who fuses architecture, biology and tech MONASTERO 1 3 2 4


MINDFUL ISSUE Sustainable impulses that slow down fast-paced world and dedicate more love and respect to the health of our planet MAISON MIRABEAU and new rosé label from Provence

fabulous hotel above the

A designer biology tech former monastery

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Ester has a project that’s very dear to her heart. It’s based in Jardim Colombo, part of the Paraisópolis favela in western São Paulo where the 27-year-old grew up. The contrast between her community and the adjacent Morumbi neighborhood couldn’t be greater: From a highrise building with private pools, residents can look down onto the precarious living condi tions across the fence in the favela. Growing up, young Esther could hardly dream of such wealth. Her neighborhood didn’t even have a park where she and her friends could play or hang out. The only open space in the closely built-up community was a huge and growing garbage dump that drew rats and cockroaches and produced toxic gases.

A forplaceall

PERSONAL178 Would you like to know more?

Brazilian architect Ester Carro has turned a garbage dump in a favela into a community gathering spot.

Years later, as an adult, Carro returned home with an architecture degree in her pocket, a young son and a mission: to transform the des olate dumping ground into a leisure and activity space for her community – inspired by Parque Sitiê, an eco-park created in 2005 from a landfill site in Vidigal favela in Rio de Janeiro. In 2017, Carro established the Fazendinhando initiative to clean up the trash on the 1,000-square-me ter site, an arduous task she took on with the help of residents and local organizations. Little by little, Parque Fazendinha came into being –a place, finally, for people from the community to gather and meet. One year later, it hosted its first art and culture festival. But Ester Carro isn’t finished, not by a long shot: The park was only the beginning of a series of projects that the ar chitect has initiated to help people and improve life in the community where she grew up.

Waste not, want not: Painted car tires turned into seats.

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