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ater is essential for all life on Earth, but it is also a vital source of fun and leisure time. In 2019, the global recreational yachting market was valued at 29 billion US dollars and is projected to reach 35.4 million US dollars by 2027, marking a CAGR of 5.1% from 2020 to 2027. The pandemic has had a significant impact on supply chains globally. Boat and engine manufacturing firms faced huge losses during the first and second quarters of 2020 due to these disrupted supply chains and production schedules. The rapid spread of COVID-19 in the U.S., Europe and Asia resulted in a temporary halt of production facilities. However, the market started gaining traction again soon after, during the second quarter of 2020, and outboard-powered boats began witnessing a spike in demand for recreational purposes. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, in May 2020, new boat sales rebounded sharply, up by 59% over April 2020, and up 9% from pre-pandemic levels on a seasonally-adjusted basis. The recreational yachting industry continues to attract large numbers of participants, competing strongly with rival luxury leisure pursuits. It is estimated that there are at least 140 million active boating and watersport enthusiasts worldwide, including almost 100 million across the U.S. and Canada, with 36 million in Europe and more than 5 million in Australia. The recreational yacht market is expected to grow considerably and we’re ready to help you create memories of a lifetime on the water!



Leeann Iacino



Pure Pleasure

Days spent on the water create lifelong memories that can be shared by both family and friends. Easy access to the sea or a lake adds value to properties such as this luxury Saanich Peninsula home (right) or the estate at South Lake Tahoe (below).

Homes with spectacular private docks promise flexibility, privacy and easy access to water recreation.


Recently, family activities have represented the largest category of growth for boat sales and rentals across the fishing, touring and day-cruising markets. Therefore, one special feature – a private boat dock – is becoming more and more sought after when looking for a new home. But it’s not a question of value alone: A private dock also offers a place to dive off into the water or allows you to sit at the water’s edge and savour the sunset on an evening. You can experience the very finest in West Coast living in a luxury dwelling nestled on a hidden plot on the Saanich Peninsula, with a secluded, private dock for easy exploration of the beautiful coastline. Another extraordinary estate is one located in South Lake Tahoe. Outside you will find lush open space with aweinspiring views and lakefront amenities that are second to none, including a private dock. To learn more about these homes with private docks, please visit: blog/homes-with-spectacular-private-docks/



Stylish on the Move Our favorites promise endless summer vibes and more fun, no matter if you’re on land or on water. Enjoy is the motto! 1 THE 62STEEL BY SANLORENZO  is a yacht

likely to find wide appeal in a post-pandemic

world, where many owners are placing greater value on the seclusion that a superyacht

provides. While the exterior design and general arrangements were all done in-house,

Francesco Paszkowski Design was brought in

to draw up a plan that emphasized the yacht’s open spaces (

2 KARL LAGERFELD  produced a striking collection of eyewear back in the early 2000s,

with a three-dimensional style. The vintage

Fendi 5340 frame remains just as fashionable today (  3 THE CAPRI

HAT,  handcrafted from grass fibers, is de-

signed to collapse and fold like origami for ease of travel (

4 POOLSIDE  or in the shade of a gazebo, the



3 Hora Sexta daybed offers a relaxing experi-

ence (  5 AETHIC SÔVÉE has


three sun filters, formulated from coral, mus-

sels and sea urchins ( 5




In addition to manufacturing high-performance cruisers and race boats, McConaghy’s experienced boatbuilders are also dedicated to the development of custom superyachts. TEXT: Jörg Zimmermann

The BLACKCAT 30 combines the desire for an exceptional sailing experience with the idea of comfortable relaxation in a modern interpretation using innovative materials.

“People are on the lookout for high-performance luxury cruising yachts.” MARK EVANS


Open views in all directions characterize the deck design on the new BLACKCAT 30. The overarching concept with light fabrics and light woods underlines the generous character of the sailing catamaran with elegant style (above). A two-year development and design phase was necessary until all the details of the multihull MC155 TRI were developed to production readiness (below left). The MC60 catamaran with its progressive design is particularly appealing to experienced owners and sailors who are looking to combine demanding sailing with a stylish lifestyle (below right).



hance really doesn’t stand a chance at McConaghy. The renowned boatbuilders based in Sydney work with precision and passion on the wishes of future owners. And they look to the Australians for something special: spectacular yachts with a futuristic touch, individually crafted from innovative combinations of materials. The results are breathtaking superyachts that continue to set new standards with forward-looking approaches.

Mark Evans has been working for McConaghy since 1995. Today, as co-owner, he is responsible for the development and production of the sophisticated racing yachts and superyachts.

The appearance of the award-winning motor yacht ADASTRA remains sensational to this day. When encountering the shimmering silver trimaran, a spaceship ready for take-off comes to mind rather than a luxury superyacht. The elongated hull looks like a projectile, while two needle-shaped outriggers give the slender hull stability. The extraordinary design reflects both McConaghy’s know-how and strengths. McConaghy works with external experts on development and design, but the boatbuilders bring their more than 50 years of experience into play when it comes to implementation. Mark Evans, Group Managing Director at McConaghy: “We hire naval architects from all over the world, and we have our own inhouse engineers, designers and draftsmen who take care of all detail furniture, system, deck layout and drawings.” For the ADASTRA, the Australians worked together with naval architect John Shuttleworth to develop a superstructure that uses state-of-the-art composite materials for both structural parts and internals. Carbon fibers around a honeycomb core form the load-bearing elements; the hull consists of a foam sandwich with glass fiber and Kevlar. Even the furnishings, the work of Jepsen Designs, use honeycomb support panels for the oak cabinets to reduce weight. Using such composite materials make it possible to reduce the weight of the hull and optimize speed and consumption while maintaining or even improving stiffness. McConaghy spent more than five years working with the owner on the superstructure and interior design until a solution was found that was entirely tailored to the needs of a couple, with great experience in ocean cruising, and their family. Thus, despite all


the streamlining of the hull, the up to nine passengers on board do not have to forego comfort. At a cruising speed of 17 knots, the ADASTRA has an impressive range of 4,000 miles. It is not only superyachts with exclusive interior designs on McConaghy’s agenda. Classic sports boats, racing yachts and multihulls are also the domain of the boat builders from Down Under. The experienced team does not even stop at projects such as submarines. But at present, according to Mark Evans, all signs are clearly pointing in the direction of luxury. Times of a pandemic, he says, have manifestly shown people the advantages of seeing the world in an isolated yet luxury environment. Since its founding by John McConaghy in 1967, the company has evolved into a highly renowned address for innovative boat building that increasingly combines sport-oriented approaches with luxury. Yachts in this top segment are built by experienced employees of many years’ standing at the shipyard in Zhuhai, China, not far from Hong Kong, whose production area has quadrupled to 10,000 square meters since it was founded. New standards in construction and design will soon be set by the BLACKCAT 30 sailing catamaran. For the development of the 30-meter yacht, McConaghy is cooperating with BlackCat and the well-known naval architect Malcolm McKeon. The design as a catamaran underlines the sporty side of the concept, as does the use of a carbon rig. The deck spans generously over the two hulls and allows for open zoning with flowing transitions to the exterior and interior areas. A promising approach that cleverly brings together the sense of contemporary luxury with the idea of ambitious sailing.


Baja California Sur: Beauty Beyond Compare

Exotic and mainly untouched, the biodiverse UNESCO-protected Sea of Cortez awaits adventurers keen on exploring waters that Jacques Cousteau described as the “World’s Aquarium”. Swim amid whales and sea turtles, unearth history at tranquil La Paz, and party at celebrity magnet Cabo San Lucas. TEXT: Helen Iatrou  ILLUSTRATION: Mong Ting Zhu



1. La Paz

Your journey starts at La Paz, the entrance to the marine life-filled Sea of Cortez. From October through to April, plankton-grazing whale sharks ply the balmy waters of the Bay of La Paz. Baja California Sur’s low-key capital boasts a cool boardwalk, beachside restaurants and an historic center with various attractions.

2. Bahia Balandra

Set your eyes on the aquamarine waters and pristine white sands of Bahia Balandra and you’ll understand why it ranks among Mexico’s most extraordinary beaches. Shallow, crystalline and wave-free, it feels more like a natural lake. More than a pretty face, it is a conservation zone whose mangroves attract an abundance of fish and birdlife.

3. I sla E spirit u Santo

Isla Espiritu Santo counts among the 244 uninhabited islands in the Gulf of California Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognised for its global marine conservation significance. Divers can expect to see Mexican goatfish, parrotfish, moray eels, manta rays and even hammerhead sharks. To reach its remote seashell-covered beaches, jump in a kayak.

4. Los I slotes

If Baja California Sur is the “Galapagos of North America”, Los Islotes is the prime location to observe its playful, curious California sea lions. A healthy 400-strong colony presides over the craggy rock islets, the males barking incessantly to establish territory while females fight to safeguard pups. Between June and August, it’s closed for mating season.

5. I sla San Francisco

Arriving at Isla San Francisco and stepping foot on its sand and shingle shores will make you feel like a contemporary Robinson Crusoe. The island features a gorgeous half-moon sweep of sheltered bay perfect for a refreshing dip. A beachcomber’s delight, there are countless shells of all shapes, sizes and colours.

6. Bahia Amortajada

Explore the vast mangrove lagoon

La Paz Cultural Centre Take a guided tour of the former palace that now hosts art exhibitions and plays

for which exceedingly peaceful Bahia Amortajada is renowned. Forests of cardon cacti lie at the foot of soaring red mountains, contrasting with the deep-green mangrove foliage. Snorkel or kayak along the reef and watch pelicans swoop for the day’s catch.

7. I sla San José

Wild and out of the way, Isla San José receives few visitors. It’s blessed with sandy beaches and calm blue-green seas populated with sea birds, damselfish and butterfly fish. Natural pathways, known as arroyos, slice through sharp peaks and allow hikers access to the unique Sonoran desert.

8. Del Carmen I sland

The most attractive of the five main islands that make up the Loreto Bay National Park, this petite patch of land is proof that good things come in small packages. Think swimming in azure seas, canyon trekking and wildlife-spotting. Bighorn sheep are the real bosses of this rocky landscape though.

9. I sla Monserrate

Low-lying Isla Monserrate draws few cruisers as it’s vulnerable to changing winds. That only makes it even more attractive, considering it has beaches you need to see to believe. At Yellowstone beach, bathe in translucent waters, explore reefs and inspect sandstone cliffs.

10. San E varisto

Back on the mainland, an insider secret awaits. This tiny, far-flung fishing hamlet looks out over a sprawling, sheltered bay enveloped in fine golden sand beach and interspersed with jagged outcrops. Its humble community works salt flats and supplies shrimps, clams and fish to La Paz using time-honored methods.

11. Cabo San Lucas

Lying at the peninsula’s southern tip, this former fishing town has transformed into a celebrity haunt thanks to fabulous beaches, fine seafood restaurants, upscale boutiques and bustling bars. Beyond the glitz, there are art galleries, thermal springs and waterfalls to explore.


Dive with whale sharks PADI 5-Star Dive Centre Cortez Expeditions organizes dives off La Paz. Aim to visit in October or November Bismarkcito Join savvy locals who flock to this spot for exceptional seafood

Bahia Balandra

El Hongo de Balandra Check out this unusual, mushroom-shaped rock Scale rust-hued cliffs and hillsides surrounding the beach

I sla E spirit u Santo

Ensenada Grande beach One of Mexico’s most spectacular beaches Birdwatching Spot turkey vultures, great blue herons and frigate birds

Los I slotes

Admire tropical flora and fauna Dive beneath a natural arch in search of golden cup corals, king angelfish and seahorses Beach picnic Take the tender to a private cove for a late afternoon beach picnic

I sla San Francisco

Views from above Scale the island’s ridge for views of the bay below Paddleboard in heaven Paddleboard at sunset and look out for bottlenose dolphins

Bahia Amortajada

Isla Coyote Mingle with friendly fishermen who inhabit the island

I sla San José

Whale-watching Keep your eyes peeled for breeching whales Catch dinner Go clam-collecting at low tide or test your angling skills

Del Carmen I sland

Beach-hop all day Choose between Norte Beach, San Julian Beach and Tortugueros Beach Whale-spotting Humpbacks, grays and even blue whales pass through these waters

I sla Monserrate

Sierra de la Giganta These impressive mountains form the backbone of southern and central Baja California Snorkel undersea caves Don’t miss out on snorkelling the island’s undersea caves

San E varisto

Overnight on the beach Pitch a tent on San Evaristo’s beach and wake up to the sound of waves Lupe Sierra’s & Maggi Mae Lupe and his wife Maggi serve fine fish tacos at this beachfront shack

Cabo San Lucas

El Triunfo Sample craft beer, wine and artisanal cheeses at the former silver mining town of El Triunfo Tres Sirenas Edith Jimenez’s Tres Sirenas is a must-do for seafood aficionados




COPAY  Builder Lazzara  Contact EV Yachting Americas  Tel. +1 858 242 0422  E-mail

Cruising region Summer/Winter Florida/Bahamas  Year of construction 2003 Refit 2020 Length approx. 80 ft Beam approx. 20 ft  Cabins 3 Cruising speed 20 knots  Weekly charter rate from USD 35,000




LEIGHT STAR  Builder Sun Coast/Custom  Contact EV Yachting Americas  Tel. +1 858 242 0422  E-mail

Cruising region Summer/Winter Mexico, Southern CA Year of construction 2009  Length approx. 143 ft Beam approx. 25 ft  Cabins 6 Cruising speed 12 knots  Weekly charter rate from USD 125,000




BLACKCAT  Builder Black Cat Superyachts & McConaghy Boats  Contact EV Yachting Americas  Tel. +1 949 421 8006  E-mail

Length approx.  85 – 115 ft  Beam approx. 39.37 ft  Build time 24 months   Cruising speed 12 knots   Purchase price USD 18.5 mill.




NEOPRENE  Builder Mangusta  Contact EV Yachting Americas  Tel. +1 858 242 0422  E-mail

Cruising region Summer/Winter Caribbean/Bahamas  Year of construction 2002 Refit 2020 Length approx.  108 ft Beam approx.  23.22 ft  Cabins 4 Cruising speed 25 knots  Weekly charter rate from USD 60,000



THE RICHIE  Builder Azimut  Contact EV Yachting Americas  Tel. +1 848 242 0422  E-mail

Cruising region Southern CA  Year of construction 2014 Length approx.  84 ft Beam approx. 20 ft  Cabins 4 Cruising speed 20 Knots  Weekly charter rate on request



LOVESONG  Builder Brythonic Yachts Designer Gian Paolo  Contact EV Yachting Americas  Tel. +1 949 421 8006  E-mail

Length approx. 148 ft  Beam approx.  27.56 ft  Cabins 8  Cruising speed 12 knots  Purchase price USD 15 mill.






MJM 53Z  Builder MJM Yachts  Contact EV Yachting Americas  Tel. +1 949 421 8006  E-mail

Year of construction 2022  Length approx.  53 ft  Beam approx. 15 ft Cabins 2  Cruising speed 35 knots  Base price USD 2.25 mill.




MC75 Sailing Catamaran Builder McConaghy Boats  Contact EV Yachting Americas  Tel. +1 949 421 8006  E-mail

Cruising region Summer/Winter World  Year of construction 2022 Length approx. 75 ft Beam approx.  32.15 ft  Cabins 4 Cruising speed 12 knots  Purchase price USD 3.98 mill.




SPLENDOR  Builder Driscoll  Contact EV Yachting Americas  Tel. +1 619 987 7331  E-mail

Year of construction 1984 Length approx. 47.99 ft Beam approx. 13 ft  Cabins 2 Complete retrofit recently  Purchase price USD 550,000




ICON A5  Builder Icon Aircraft  Contact EV Yachting Americas  Tel. +1 949 421 8006  E-mail

Year of construction 2021 Length approx.  23 ft  Wingspan approx. 34.8 ft Seats 2 or 4  Purchase price USD 350,000



Timeless Yacht Design Doug Zurn, who founded Zurn Yacht Design in 1993, says the most exciting thing about being a yacht designer is seeing your dedication to every detail come to fruition in a successful collaboration between the designer, client and builder. It all started with a 6.5m day sailer and has grown to 20+m motor yachts over the last 30 years – and all yachts are special, like the MJM 53z (above) and the BRUCKMANN DAYSAILER 001 (below).


Doug, what inspired your passion for yachts?  I was exposed to the water as an infant, growing up on the Great Lakes. My father owned several sailboats built by Abeking & Rasmussen in Germany, and Palmer Johnson here in the U.S.. Being exposed at such a young age to such high-quality yachts instilled in me the strong desire to design and build similar sailboats. I had no idea at that time that my work would be primarily on power yachts. How does the process of yacht design start?  All our clients have come to us because they cannot find what they are looking for in the marketplace; new or used. We listen carefully to their ideas and then begin the process of putting “pen to paper”. It almost always starts with a profile and several back and forths with the clients, listening to their needs and how they want to use the yacht, and then putting our spin on those needs to produce a timeless design whose performance meets or exceeds expectations. How do you prepare yourself for the unexpected?  You really can’t prepare for the unexpected; except to dig deep on every subject and pay close attention to all the details associated with the design and engineering development through the entire process. Then, associate yourself with quality builders that share your passion for delivering the client the very best yacht one can for the intended service. Which of your boats do you like best and why?  This is an impossible question to answer as I am biased!



Lifetime Memories

“Everything begins and ends with people. Without people we cannot showcase our ‘why’ — that one thing which makes each of us special,” says Walter Johnson, President, Engel & Völkers Yachting Newport Beach. Now more than ever, yachting is about bringing people together to explore and engage in lifetime memories, to untie the ties which hold them back and for each of them to head out and enjoy time with those they love. Nothing is more valuable than lifetime memories, and there is no better platform for creating and sharing those than yachting. One of my passions is to engage with people and guide them through the process of acquiring a dream yacht and then training them to use and take care of this valuable possession. We seek to teach each of our yacht advisors that sales isn’t about measuring each deal from a monetary perspective. It is the job of training to become the best version of yourself, to seek to make a difference, to become an influencer within your sphere. I believe that we are each the sum of the lives we touch.

We deem ourselves fortunate to be part of Engel & Völkers. This amazing brand seems to have found all of us in its own unique way. They say when you get what you expect to discover, you’ll automatically find, feel and fulfill what you’re looking for. Boating gives us the chance to find the extraordinary within; and within those whom we get the opportunity to associate with. We are drawn to this lifestyle by our desire to live life to the fullest, by constantly striving for more, and the attraction of being part of something much bigger. I believe in the pursuit of achieving, of excelling against the odds, of sharing lifelong memories with lifelong friends. We are on the edge of a great ten-year run in yachting, along with the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen. We are all in the right place and at the right time and with the right group to achieve great things. Below is one of the roadmaps we use to stay ahead. Plan ahead: Set personal goals. Adjust them in line with time and circumstance. Commitment: Take responsibility for your words and deeds. Fulfil your promises. Work hard: Put in the time and energy to honour your commitments. Be prepared – not only to schedule the necessary time, but to use that time efficiently. Dedication: Never give up. Success often comes in the moment you think it is no longer possible. Teamwork: Everyone has something to contribute, so treat everyone fairly, and share credit for every success. Play by the rules: Be honest, ethical, and fair. If your project is worthy of success, it is also worthy of being done right. Cutting corners will always come back to punish you.

Walter Johnson has sailed since he was 12. He writes a weekly boating message, ‘The Mooring Minute’.

Follow through: Never trust luck to achieve your goals. Take positive action towards success – and be unrelenting until that success is achieved. Never coast to the finish line – as you may never get there.




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