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THE GREAT OUTDOORS PACK & GO Simple picnic recipes for Easter

EXPLORE THE WATERFRONT A walkthrough of Nairobi’s newest mall

EASTER EGGS Chocolate Easter

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Yummy. Food. Drink. Life


Yummy. Food. Drink. Life



THE AWKWARD SILENCE We’re a unique group of people. We have a managing editor who is obsessed with the Anthropocene podcast by John Green, a staff writer who has been mourning Nipsey Hussle, a sales manager who has been sneaking moments in the day to read Becoming by Michelle Obama and a designer who has been struggling with balancing his eye pain and his love of YouTube. If you look at our team, you wouldn’t think we all have a similar goal: to make every Yummy enjoyable for you to read. Between our 9 to 5, that’s what we spend all our time on which includes asking each other questions that don’t usually come naturally into a conversation like “Is it fair to say no one understands eggplant?” to “Can we create a podcast to talk about butter?” It’s in these moments that all differences are put aside and we bond over the canvas that is Yummy, but it is also this that makes building a relationship after work difficult. When this became a topic of worry, a co-worker simply pointed out that maybe moving away from the laptop, taking a few steps down to our garden and actually having an uncomplicated meal together can make a world of difference. To that, we scoffed then did it anyway. Over a plate of pilau, we discussed comic books, our company movie night and the things bothering us right now. Without wanting to, bonds over indie music and searches for fridges became the new topic of conversation and brought us closer. With Easter on the way, we can’t help but think about our families and the oddball people that make them. As we get older, the more different we become from the rest of the family, perhaps your previous burger-loving sister is now vegan and maybe your favourite third cousin had the audacity to not like Captain Marvel, big differences that make conversations even harder and spending a whole weekend together seem… irksome. Bring in the food we say! Let the chocolate and delicious meals help you look past these differences and perhaps turn the conversation to better things. In this issue of Yummy, we give you a little nudge to celebrate Easter in a way that allows you to embrace your family and everything the ‘outside’ has to offer. Explore our easy picnic recipes that you can whip up quickly, the best places to picnic, caterers that you can order Easter treats from and even Chocolate eggs to give Easter the kick it needs. Enjoy the best go-to spots at the Waterfront Mall plus explore the fiery Flaming Lamborghini including the cutest illustrated recipe that you will definitely want to stick on your fridge. As we get to know each other away from Yummy this April, we hope you spend some time with your family and perhaps bond over who gets the last piece of chocolate while defending your picnic from flies.



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EASTER EATS Easter is coming and that means searching for someone to cater for all the family members that will be celebrating with you during this holiday! We hunted down some caterers and asked them where they like to wine and dine. Find bonus recipes from these talented chefs on

Esmeralda De Souza - Spez Catering Esmeralda is a culinary creative with a passion for flavour, a banquet designer and a problem solver with an entrepreneurial heart. She founded Spez Limited in 2007, a food company that serves a number of corporates in Nairobi as well as private bespoke events. BOHO EATERY I think if Spez ever opened a restaurant, the look and feel would be a lot like Boho Eatery. I love the simple creative interiors and exteriors at Boho. It’s cosy enough to give you the feeling that you are in someone’s home. I love the fresh food and specifically, the laksa that just hits the spot on a cold day and the slow cooked pulled Brisket Burger that’s perfect for a sunny afternoon. @spezcatering

Graham Roy - Lime Catering Graham is the director of Lime Catering and runs it with his wife Lulu. He was previously an executive chef at a seafood restaurant in Kileleshwa and has also worked at a restaurant on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. J’S KAREN ROOFTOP You can’t beat a good nyama choma washed down with a cold beer or two: my local joint is run by a chap called Saitoti. It’s hard to pick a favourite restaurant but these are my favourite places to grab a bite - Burgers at J’s Karen, Kuku Kikapu at Tamambo, Talisman’s Pork Belly, Bracy Farm’s Ethiopian Shiro & Tibs and Gnocchi from La Salumeria. @limecateringkenya

Mathai Sarah - Pans & Burners Catering Sarah is the Founder and Director of Pans & Burners Catering, a company aimed at providing professional, modern & timely services in the hospitality industry. She takes pride in their uniqueness as well as knowledge of both continental & fine dining. HARU SUSHI BAR & RESTAURANT I love seafood! Sushi to be more specific! However, my African heritage would not be amused if I didn’t give a special shout out to ugali, fish and terere! At Haru, I love the ambience and customer service. The food is exemplary! They have seafood platters that are to die for. On top of all of this, the waiters take their time to explain and recommend the best dishes. @pansandburners

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Sun, sand and beer were in plenty at the Lantana Galu Beach Resort in Diani for the launch of the first White Cap Big Brunch of 2019. The two-day event, packed with activities, brought together restaurants owners, chefs and social media influencers from Nairobi and Mombasa and closed with a delicious brunch by the beach. The White Cap Big Brunch seeks to celebrate our country and to inspire brunch menus drawn from the different locations visited. After the Diani experience, on Saturday March 30th and Sunday March 31st, brunch lovers in Nairobi and Mombasa enjoyed curated menus paired with complimentary White Cap. Stay tuned for more White Cap adventures and brunch weekends coming your way soon!

10 10

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STEP UP AND MOVE Celebrate dance in Africa The Dance Afrique is a Dance Workshop and competition that will be happening during the International Dance Day where dancers, choreographers, dance students and enthusiasts will come to learn and network. So get your tickets to celebrate dance as an art and learn how it can be used as a tool to transform communities around us. Kenya International Conference Centre 27th April

JAZZ IT UP The beauty of jazz and art in one event Celebrate the unique musical style that jazz represents alongside beautiful and creative art pieces at the Art of Jazz. Immerse yourself in a day of new sounds in jazz and an art showcase, featuring different live band performances bringing deeply rooted musical Jazz influences from Africa and beyond. The Hub Karen 28th April Kshs. 800 (advance)

VISUAL MASTERPIECE Nairobi’s biggest outdoor exhibition in visual art The Clever Art Gallery is the place to find new Kenyan visual artists, buy their art and meet fellow art enthusiasts. There will be artistic games, live band music, good food and drinks, a wine tasting and painting competition. Different vendors will also be selling a range of items. Nairobi Railways Museum 4th-5th May Kshs. 600

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HERBS & SPICES AT SERENA A new restaurant coming soon Nairobi Serena Hotel will soon be unveiling its brand new urban Pan-Asian themed, ‘Herbs & Spice’ Restaurant going by the name ‘H&S’. The menu will be bursting with flavours and most of the ingredients will be locally sourced. Warm friendly staff and excellent service will continue to be part of your dining experience as per their unmatched standards.

NEW CHEF IN TOWN Movenpick welcomes new chef Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Nairobi is delighted to announce the appointment of new Executive Chef, Aris Athanasiou. He will be responsible for maintaining the highest of standards within the culinary department of the hotel, working closely with the Director of Food & Beverage to ensure guests enjoy delicious culinary experiences while overseeing operations in the all-day dining Baluba restaurant, The View restaurant, La Mesa Tapas as well as in-room dining.





The Wagyu burger is being permanently added to the menus at both branches of Sierra. Enjoy your burger while you take in the ambience of the newly renovated Yaya branch.

Planet Yogurt has added its three smoothie flavours to all their stores. Pop into your nearest outlet and try out the Berry Banana, Green Goodness or Magic Mango.

Lovers of fried chicken and ice cream will be happy to know that both Chris P wings and Sno Cream have opened new branches at One Stop Karen.



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HERE, THERE BE FIRSTS Sanaa Mughal, our managing editor, starts of April with new experiences that connect with her and maybe, surprise her a little. sanaajabeen


hile writing this, I realized that everything I have reviewed this month starts with an ‘S’. Coincidence? You could say so or maybe it’s just my way of leaning towards things that somehow feel a bit like me or at least connect with me and in turn, mean a lot. With Easter on its way, here are my recommendations of places you should check out, stay at and perhaps indulge in. SANKARA - THE NEW EXECUTIVE SUITES I ushered my April well by being treated to a staycation at the new Sankara executive suites. Their new floor not only features the executive suites but also the new Presidential Suite that hosted President Macron from France. Along with people from various media houses in Kenya, I attended the special behind the scenes tour of both suites and was given the down-low on their features, design and plan for the new Sankara coming soon. The experience was insightful and gave me a sense of hopefulness that one day, I could perhaps stay there, maybe not in the Presidential Suite but hey, you never know. As the launch came to a close, I was handed an envelope


Yummy. Food. Drink. Life

and there was my invite. An invite to actually spend a night at the new executive suite and try it out myself. This was the moment, dear readers, that I realized I might actually have the best job in the world. After squealing like a little girl, I booked my time and, with my fiance, spent the first weekend of April at Sankara. The executive suite at Sankara is a dream. In a more private floor, I was assigned the corner room that has an excellent view of Westlands over two massive windows. A beautiful view, albeit a little busy that looks a whole lot better in the evening. With a bed that feels like a cloud, I will not deny that the first exciting thing we did on our staycation was sleep, read and dive into the complimentary desserts. Overlooking the view from the seventh floor, pressed against a window, I read for about 3 hours and while the sun was setting, roused my fiance and off we went for the Sarabi happy hour. Over sangria and delicious sliders, we indulged in lazy conversation and enjoyed the light breeze. It’s hard to leave such a place of comfort: A beautiful bathtub, shower and couch that is literally on my furniture wishlist. For anyone who has to work, as I




did, they also have a little cosy nook in the corner with a table and comfortable chair that was ideal. While I worked, the fiance used the smart TV to Netflix his way through the weekend and on Sunday, the weekend drew to a close with their famed breakfast menu that makes me so ridiculously happy (French toast does that to a person). Sankara is only a few metres away from my house, but honestly, for that room and the fact that they have a pillow menu, I think I know what I am going to be saving up for. SHAMBA CAFE Who hasn’t seen the image of a red barn showing up everywhere? That image has haunted me for months and I consistently bothered my account managers to please please please let me know when I can go see this beautiful space that reminds me so much of Smallville (The beloved town from Superman). Finally, with their formal launch, I got my way and had the chance to visit on a beautiful morning when the sun was not harsh and the drive to Loresho was pleasant. Shamba Cafe hosts two large beautiful barns, various fireplaces and such a pleasant view, that makes it hard to


SHOKUDO - JAPANESE CAFE Other than being obsessed with Haruki Murakami and his culinary mentions, my knowledge of Japanese cuisine is limited. I walked into Shokudo with a little too much excitement, sat down like a good little student and waited for the owners to come to educate me. I was not disappointed. David and Wangari are the owners of Jinya (Japanese Food Store) and Shokudo. They are intensely passionate about Japanese culture and are proud to bring their cuisine



leave. Other than being so instagrammable, Shamba Cafe is a labour of love by the owner Michelle, chef and a world traveller who despite the otherworldly look about her, had a kind demeanor. Even when consistently interrupted by her team or with a little construction going on, Michelle did not miss a beat as she gave me the history behind the cafe. A cafe that took 2 years to get off the ground and was brought together by Michelle’s vivid imagination and supportive friends and family. Michelle is passionate about the environment and it shows when you look keenly at things like the small farm that she is tending, growing her own basic, salads, spices and more, the reused wood from the old shed that used to be there before and even a recycling centre set up near the gate. While many restaurants are trying to be environmentally conscious, Shamba Cafe seems to have a plan in place to make it happen and for it to last a good while. As we talked, I ordered black coffee and scones. I must admit, I always worry when I order scones but I needn’t have. The scones arrived with butter and jam and were perfectly crumbly. As food should, it made me happy and allowed the conversation to flow easier. Their menu is similarly simple and just as pleasing like the bread platter. I haven’t done all I want to at Shamba Cafe, but there’s still time to try the bonfire night and their cocktails.

to Kenyans. As they joined me and told me about their history, I asked them why they opened a cafe and why they opted for a small one. Japanese food, they tell me, is something that they consider home cooking. It comforts them and their family and is a regular thing. In a city where most people know sushi more than anything else, the couple wanted people to explore other Japanese meals that they love. At their Jinya food store, they currently do Japanese lunch boxes. The cafe is small, seating around 20 people and cosy enough for people to enjoy their food and company. At the tasting, I was served one of their meal options of cold soba noodles and tempura that came with its own sauces like wasabi, radish and tempura sauce. With chopsticks in my hand, I waited for instructions that they happily gave me: A little wasabi and radish go into the tempura sauce, mix it up, have a little taste and then pick up soba noodles, dip, slurp and enjoy. And once in a while, take a break to scoff down the tempura. The soba noodles were cold, though they can be had hot as well. With the weather, the cold noodles were welcome. After this, I was presented with the desserts made of red sweet bean that were filling, sweet and unique. The tasting was a rollercoaster ride for me and I came out of there knowing a lot more than I did before.

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EXPLORE THE WATERFRONT Located within the ‘Karen triangle’: the intersection between Lang’ata Road, Karen Road and Ngong’ Road, The Waterfront is the newest mall creating buzz in Nairobi equipped with the new restaurants, supermarkets and an Aqua park! Here are a few things you can look forward to at Waterfront:


THE GRACEFUL The Graceful has been open for 6 years in other locations and are now the Waterfront Mall. You can expect authentic Chinese cuisine made by their Chinese chefs with a variety of dishes like noodles, dim sum, shanghai juicy steamed buns, golden fried prawns, fried rice and fried fish steak with thousand island sauce. Their menu is diverse and lengthy enough to find something for everyone. Also facing the Aqua park, this homely restaurant allows you to enjoy your food and the view at the same time. The Graceful is open from 11:30am to 10pm.


Yummy. Food. Drink. Life




MINT LEAF Mint Leaf’s versatile menu of modern Indian cuisine incorporates authentic ingredients. Their dishes are cooked with exotic spices and complex flavour pairings carefully picked by their expert chefs to give you the authentic taste of India. The cuisine is inspired by the traditional delicacies of regional India that will leave you with a unique experience. Enjoy their bar, traditional curries, rustic modern design, tandoor specialties and great Mocktails and cocktails. Open from 11.30am to 9pm.

W A T E R YF UR M OM NT Y SAX AND VIOLINS An iconic lounge located in Karen overlooking a picturesque lake, designed with sophistication around a rich jazz culture and a relaxing atmosphere. This lounge is one of a kind in Nairobi with it’s own mini stage and grand piano that represents their passion for music. Look out for their Happy Hour from 5-8PM from Monday-Thursday, Ladies nights on Wednesdays, Rhumba Jazz nights every Thursday, and Party Nights on Saturdays, all with a breathtaking view overlooking the lake. This beautiful spot also serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and of course, coffee, with a special Jazz for Brunch on Sundays. Once you’re nestled in their patio overlooking the Aquapark, don’t be surprised if your lunch turns into sundowner cocktails over light jazz.


PANAROTTIS The famous Panarottis is at The Waterfront! Panarottis is an Italian family restaurant with an all-inclusive family dining place dealing with pastas, pizzas as well as some grills ranging from, steaks, ribs, seafood and chicken. They offer both eat in and home deliveries. The restaurant will be the first one in the country and as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating so let yourself indulge in this well-known foodie delight. CJS CJ’s is a fully-fledged restaurant specializing in delivering a memorable dining experience. They have over 300 carefully selected, mouthwatering menu items from their breakfast, main meals, desserts and beverages. Their upcoming location will have a unique ambience with tasteful décor, designed for your comfort. The rich aroma of freshly ground coffee is the handiwork of their skilled baristas, adept in latte art. This ensures you get a freshly prepared cup of coffee as the beans are roasted on site. They will be opening soon towards end of May and will have a stunning view of the Aqua park from their dining space. MAJI MAGIC AQUA PARK Maji Magic is the newest water sports attraction in Nairobi and Africa’s first Aqua Park! Explore the course, scale the obstacles and race against friends and family whilst enjoying seeing everyone get wet and wild. Have a blast with the Aqua park games and paddle boarding sessions with your friends, family or even for team building. Their Aqua Park session are 2000 Ksh and last 1hr. This price includes the rental of your life jacket and wetsuits, as well as a safety briefing before your session. If you’re looking for fun, give Maji Magic a go!

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: GAME STORE A unique supermarket, Game is now open at the Waterfront mall and is equipped with everything you need and even things you never thought you needed.




PAINTBALL FURY Paintball Fury has a new home at The Waterfront Karen. The charges are 1500/- per person for a session at this adventurous new location. Gather your squad and come over for a mean session of Paintball! THE FUN FACTORY FOR THE KIDS Every weekend, in the wide open spaces of The Fun Factory, the kids will build something that will make their weekend magical. It could be a fairy house, a painting, or dream catchers! The Fun Factory is open to children between the ages of 5-11, and takes place from 11AM to 5PM every Saturday and Sunday. Each session is 500 Ksh. Come and visit the Fairy Village activity point next to the park where kids can visit the little houses and even learn how to make them for themselves. Let the kids have fun while you shop! NATURAL MARKET The Waterfront Natural Market takes place every Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. TWF Natural Market offers a selection of organic and natural products: honey, spices, fresh juice, essential oils, preserves, German sausages, handicrafts, accessories, and so much more.

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DORMANS UNSCRAMBLE Unscramble the following words about coffee







Send a picture of your completed unscramble to and stand chance to win Dormans merchandise.

AUDIO Podcasts from Kenya They may have taken a break but Nomusa June and Adedana Ashebir are back in 2019 with their witty banter and discussions on all life and Nairobi culture. Try not to agree with them out loud as you listen to them chat and silently laugh along. Afracanah podcast: https://soundcloud. com/afracanah

Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo Have you ever read a book that made you feel like you were on a roller coaster ride? One minute you’re happy only to find yourself furious the next. This, dear readers, is what ‘Stay With Me’ does to you. Akin and Yejide, the main characters, were determined to be monogamous at a time when polygamy was the norm but Akin’s family was determined otherwise. What follows is a tumultuous journey through polygamy, miscarriages and motherhood all the while navigating the political unrest in 1980 Nigeria. Adebayo gives a voice to both the husband and wife leaving the reader to decide which side to take in this emotionally powerful novel. Available at Bookstop Yaya & Prestige Bookshops.

VIDEO Play a game Lumosity is a great online site that allows you to play games that help you wake up your mind during your coffee break. If you find our unscramble too easy then try out some of their harder options.

Kenyan Music A coffee break is the best time to discover new Kenyan music. In the time it takes you to sip on half your latte, you’ll be able to enjoy at least two songs from Maia and The Big Sky that might just get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Maia and The Big Sky

Short films under 15 minutes This 9-minute film flips gender roles and starts off with a man in distress who is elegantly saved by our confident heroine. Find out how she saves him from a simple predicament and what happens next all in the time it takes you to finish a latte. Teketeke: com/watch?v=zmdNZY-JoAc

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Yummy. Food. Drink. Life



Wanja Kariuki, proprietor of Joosmoo, dedicated vegan and health and wellness enthusiast explains the importance of reading labels and being careful of what you put in your body. joosmoo_ke


mental dregs drew me back to animal products my body had moved on and my mind needed to as well. It did. My convictions led me to embrace a philosophy that is a founding principle of our whole ingredients, no additives, food & drink company – JooSmoo. {Somalabl} is a wordplay on the Kenyan slang phrase soma label which means read the label. It’s a call to examine the content of ingredients in what we are consuming. This one gesture helped me develop countless healthy and balanced habits which have guided me in creating JooSmoo products that espouse conscious eating. Simplicity in process and content has been a key offshoot principle in the {somalabl} lifestyle and a popular product borne from this is our chia pudding variations. It is an easy to prepare, sweet yet nutrient dense treat whose ingredients include whole, unprocessed foods. Our most popular one is the coconut chia pudding with homemade granola and mango mousse layers. It’s crunchy, sweet and filling! Find the recipe for my mango mouse below. I was once intimidated being a conscious eater since I assumed I needed to be instantaneously disciplined and knowledgeable about everything I ate. Although a valid concern, it isn’t insurmountable. My resolve to avoid certain foods I once thought irresistible was strengthened in two parts. First, scrutinizing food labels led me to read up on different foods and their effects on my body which informed my food choices. Secondly, eating whole foods – free of additives and artificial sugars, greatly shifted my food preferences and I developed an almost automatic aversion to unhealthy foods. Ultimately, I experimented with whole foods I enjoyed and found ways to re-create tastes and textures I once heavily indulged in. Applying the {somalabl} philosophy is a practical gateway to provoke your thinking on minding the foods you eat and evaluate the benefits they offer you. One label at a time. RECIPE Mango Mousse


our years after I began my ‘food woke’ journey, I gradually transformed my eating habits. I transitioned from a livelihood of refined sugars interposed with occasional (sigh), ok regular, fried chicken and bread. My eating changed to vegetables, whole grains and legumes which reduced my cravings for artificial sweets and animal products. I became mostly vegan but

sporadically savoured a buttery croissant or popped a mouthful of cheese cubes from grocery store samples. One adverse reaction to meat, which I hadn’t had in three years, made me realize how deeply rooted my veganism had become. In a moment of weakness, I wolfed down fried gizzards. Three hours later, huge red hives erupted all over my body and I was ill for two days. I realized despite whatever

INGREDIENTS • 4 strawberries (sliced) • 2 soaked dates • 1 medium sized mango DIRECTIONS 1. For dates: soak them overnight in a cup of water. 2. Blend strawberries, dates and mango. 3. Set aside to use as topping for the pudding. Find the coconut chia pudding recipe on

Yummy. Food. Drink. Life



Pack & Go

Jasmine is a Kenyan cookbook author and food blogger, with a culinary background, having studied professionally as a chef in Spain. She is also a two-time Gourmand world cookbook Award winner and a food entrepreneur, who spends her days teaching cooking classes and catering at events.




Yummy. Food. Drink. Life




Serves 2 Farmer’s Choice Boneless Chicken

INGREDIENTS: • 2 Farmer’s Choice boneless chicken breasts • 1 packet mini dinner rolls • 4 tablespoons mayonnaise • ½ cup purple shredded cabbage • ½ cup shredded cabbage • 1 grated carrot • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar • 3 tablespoons ketchup • 1 cup breadcrumbs • 2 eggs • 1 cup all purpose flour • Vegetable oil to fry • Salt and pepper METHOD: 1. Start by cracking and beating the eggs in one bowl, then add the flour to another bowl and the breadcrumbs in another. 2. Heat vegetable oil in a deep pan.

NYAMA CHOMA PANINI Serves 4 INGREDIENTS: • 1packet of Farmer’s Choice smoked beef • Sirimon mozzarella cheese • 2 paninis • 1 sprig of rosemary • 5 cloves garlic • 1 sliced onion • 2 chopped tomatoes • 1 chopped green pepper • 1 tablespoon tomato paste • 1 teaspoon black pepper • Salt to taste • Vegetable oil • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise • 2 tablespoons ketchup • 4 tablespoons melted butter

Best served with: Bateleur’s Honey Badger or Dire Straits beer

METHOD: 1. In a pan, heat oil and add sliced onion. After 1 minute, add the sliced tomatoes and cook for 3 minutes. Add the tomato paste and a bit of water and mix well. Follow by adding the chopped green peppers and sauté for another 2-3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Once ready, spread some mayonnaise and ketchup on both sides of the sliced bread. 2. Add the smoked beef slices, followed by sliced mozzarella and top with the sautéed pepper mix. Brush melted butter on top of the bread and place in a Panini toaster and press down. Leave to toast until cheese is melted and oozing out.

Sirimon Mozzarella Cheese



6. 7.


Cut each breast into 3 fillets and then each fillet in half. Season the chicken pieces with salt and pepper. Follow by dipping the chicken pieces in the flour, followed by the egg mixture, then the bread crumbs and straight into the hot oil to fry. Fry until golden brown and cooked inside, preferably 2-3 minutes since the pieces are very small. Place a kitchen tissue on a plate so that the fried chicken can drain all the oil once they are ready. Cut the dinner rolls in the middle. Mix the shredded cabbage and carrots with the mayo, ketchup and vinegar in another bowl to make coleslaw. Spoon the coleslaw on the bottom roll, followed by the fried chicken piece and then the top bun. Repeat the process until all mini burgers are done.

Farmer’s Choice Smoked Beef

Available in all leading stores.

Yummy. Food. Drink. Life





Serves 3-4

Farmer’s Choice Lamb Mince

HONEY MUSTARD TURKEY AND FETA SALAD Serves 4 INGREDIENTS: • 1 Nightingale turkey breast Choice Meats (Halal) • 3 tablespoons whole grain mustard • ¼ cup soy sauce • Sirimon Feta cheese • 4 tablespoons honey • 1 packet mixed salad • 1 red apple • 1 lemon • Vegetable oil For The Dressing • 4 tablespoons mayonnaise • 3 tablespoons yellow mustard • 1 tablespoon honey METHOD 1. 2.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees for 10 minutes. Mix honey, soy and whole grain mustard in a bowl Yummy. Food. Drink. Life



with vegetable oil and stir. Season the turkey breast with salt, pepper then add to the mixture. Place the turkey on a greased baking tray to cook for 25-35 minutes depending on the size of the breast. Turn the turkey every 10 minutes to prevent drying. Once done, remove and let cool, then slice into pieces and mix into the salad dressing. Slice apples and cover with juice of the lemon then mix with the lettuce, chopped feta and add the chicken chunks on top with the salad dressing.

Best served with: MangaJo Anti Ox iced teas. Available at HealthyU

INGREDIENTS: • 500 grams Farmer’s Choice lamb mince • 1 packet ready-made pita bread • 1 cubed onion • 3 grated cloves of garlic • 1 tablespoon curry powder • 1 teaspoon black pepper • Fresh coriander • 1 tablespoon honey • 1 tablespoon soy sauce


For The Dressing: • 1 cup natural yoghurt • Fresh chopped dill/ coriander • 1 tablespoon honey • 2 grated cloves of garlic • 1 tablespoon olive oil



Combine lamb, spices, coriander, onions, garlic and salt in a bowl. Mix in curry powder and black pepper. Shape the meat around into finger-like pieces, pressing little indents into the meat as you go. Grill the kebabs until golden and cooked through. Brush honey and soy sauce over the kebabs and grill for a few more minutes. Warm your pitas next to them for 30 seconds. Slice onion and tomato and mix with salad. Transfer the pitas to plates and top each with the salad, followed by kebabs, and a dollop of yoghurt dressing.

METHOD 1. Start by mixing the yoghurt, dill, garlic, olive oil and set aside.

Sirimon Feta Cheese

Choice Meats Turkey Breast


Choice Meats Mince Meat & Farmer’s Choice Beef Sausages

SPICY BBQ MEATBALLS WITH A PASTA SALAD Serves 3-4 INGREDIENTS: • 800 grams Choice Meats mince meat (Halal) • 4 spicy Farmer’s Choice beef sausages • Chopped coriander • ½ cup breadcrumbs • 1 egg • 4 cloves garlic • 1 onion • Black pepper and salt For The Bbq Sauce • 2 tablespoons brown sugar • ½ cup ketchup • Worcestershire sauce For The Pasta • 1 pack coloured pasta • 1 can sweet corn • ½ cup pitted black/ green olives • Olive oil

METHOD 1. Heat oven to 180 degrees. 2. Peel and chop the onions and garlic then sauté them with olive oil. Set aside to cool. In a bowl, squeeze out the inside contents of the sausages and mix with the mince meat. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix. Season with peppers and salt to taste. 3. Form little balls and place on a greased baking tray. Grill for 15 minutes. 4. Heat ketchup, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce in a saucepan for 5 mins. 5. Remove the meatballs from the oven and smear the bbq sauce on top. Place back in the oven for 10 minutes. 6. Boil water and pasta to cook until al dente. Once ready, run the pasta under cold water until it cools. Put pasta in a bowl, season with salt and a drizzle of olive oil and add olives and sweet corn. Mix well, pack to serve with meatballs.


Sirimon Feta

Sirimon Mature Cheddar

Sirimon Gouda

Jars of goodness ‘Fig, tomato & caramelised onion jam

Yummy. Food. Drink. Life



NO BAKE MINI CHEESECAKE JARS Makes 4 INGREDIENTS: • 8 digestive biscuits • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter • 250 grams cream cheese • ½ cup sweet condensed milk • 1 tablespoon lemon zest • Juice of 1 lemon METHOD 1. Start by crushing the digestive biscuits and mixing with melted butter. Take your glass jars, divide mixture and press it down with a spoon at the bottom of each jar. Follow by


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placing cream cheese in a bowl and whipping with a hand mixer until soft. Add the condensed milk, zest and lemon juice and fold everything well together. Scoop the cheesecake mixture into each jar and place in fridge to set overnight. Top with fresh fruit the next day and enjoy as a picnic dessert.

Best served with: Mayer’s sparkling water Available in all leading stores.

GRANOLA PARFAIT INGREDIENTS: • 500 grams jumbo oats • 100 grams dried fruit (papaya/ pineapple/ mango) • 150 grams sultanas • 100 grams pumpkin seeds • 3 tablespoons coconut oil • 1 teaspoon honey METHOD 1. Melt coconut oil in microwave and mix with honey. Place oats on a baking tray and pour the coconut mixture over. Place in oven to bake for 10 minutes on each side at 180 degrees. Follow by adding pumpkin seeds and


bake for 3 minutes. Remove and mix in dried fruit and sultanas and place in an airtight container once it has cooled. Layer it up with yoghurt and fresh fruit in jars for your picnic.

Best served with: Strawberry lemonade (Recipe on


MANGAJO Anti Ox Iced teas available at HealthyU

HEALTHY SNACKS FOR KIDS Naturalli crunch peanut butter Heavenly kids organic corn puffs & veggie waffles Heavenly kids Italian bread sticks & mini biscuits Go Natural Nut snack bars Available at HealthyU branches

MAYERS NATURAL SPRING WATER Mayers water originates from a single trusted artesian source located at the 500 acre Mayers ranch surrounded by pristine indigenous forest, near Maai Mahiu, Naivasha. It’s available in two variants: Still and sparkling.

BATELEUR BREWERY Honey Badger: A medium beer with a hint of coriander & orange peels. It is fresh and springy.

Available in all leading stores.

Available in all leading stores.

Dire Straits: Crisp and delicate with an earthy tone. Mildly spicy with gentle bitterness.

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What’s in Our PICNIC BASKET A long weekend is coming and that means taking a break from your couch and possibly enjoy the last of the Nairobi heat before the sun is tucked away behind clouds and we all become familiar with our umbrellas and heaters. Here is our list of what you should carry on your next picnic:

PICNIC BASKET There’s nothing worse than deciding to go on a picnic and rummaging through your house only to end up using that one basket you bought from Carrefour when the sudden ban on plastics was enforced. There’s no way that basket will fit all your food, drinks and blankets. That’s not even half of what you carry. So take this as a sign that you should pop into the closest mitumba or the Made in Kenya store and get yourself something sturdy that won’t rip when you need it the most.

MINISO WIPES Sticky fingers are the bane of every picnic goer. The search for a source of water to wipe off barbeque sauce is always frantic and that bottle of water that you were keeping for later turns into your saviour. Leave those worries in the past and get these travel-friendly packs of wipes from Miniso. For extra freshness, get the mint essence pack. Just don’t forget to dispose of them properly.

CHILLY’S BOTTLE This clever water bottle doubles as a wine bottle. If you love a chilled glass of wine on a hot day but don’t want to stress about your pre-chilled bottle of wine warming up in the intense Nairobi sun then this is the bottle for you. It promises to keep your wine cool for 24 hours. It also holds an entire 750ml bottle of wine. If that isn’t enough to convince you then maybe the fact that it comes in several designs will. Pop into The Shop in Hardy Post and get yourself one at Kshs. 5,500.

KERICHO GOLD TRAVEL PACK If you love tea but don’t want throw sachets into your basket then spend the better part of your afternoon turning it upside down to find them, this Kericho Gold Travel Pack is about to become one of your picnic essentials. Neatly presented and minimally packaged, you won’t have to worry about where to put your favourite flavours. The 8 assorted flavours are well selected so you have a different flavour of tea to enjoy throughout your picnic.


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Chocolate is a celebration delight for all events: Easter, Christmas, a Friday night. Chocolate is an all day, every day thing. But chocolate eggs? Those are Easter treats. Step back Christmas, this one you cannot have. Delicious chocolate shaped like eggs (Eggs that we would never eat raw), what’s not to love? It’s the season when we know we can indulge in chocolate, no guilt, no explanations. Better yet, it’s a religious holiday and no one is going to question that. Here’s to the chocolate egg, indulgent guilt, covered in innocence.

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Absolute Chocolate Available at Village Market and at Greenspoon.


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Sweet Art Chocolate Available at the whisky shop at Lavington mall, Carnivore duka, Karen provision stores, Le Decanter and Pink skink.

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@theBastardBaker is a micro-bakery based in Nairobi providing gourmet cookies, brownies and chocolates to hungry, sugarloving Kenyans. Everything is baked fresh daily and delivered straight to your door.


B came about as a pure accident after having baked my wife a surprise cake to try and score some brownie points. What I discovered overnight was a passion for baking. Specifically baking my childhood favourite: cookies. I’ve always been a very visual person and one night I imagined this giant cookie. The next day and the days after, I practised till I finally came up with the Monsta. The Monsta is our signature chocolate chip cookie which is crispy on the outside and perfectly gooey on the inside, basically delicious cookie dough encased in a shell. It has all the nutrients a growing body needs. I’ve always believed in following my heart when

choosing something, so when we were developing the menu at BB HQ it wasn’t all about what Kenyans would love. It was more about what could I bake with passion that Kenyans will fall in love with. ⁣ My philosophy has always been not to overdo it. My menu is small (it probably always will be). Do less but do it to the best of your ability. If I’m not 100% about a product it doesn’t make it on the menu. That’s where the BASTARD BETA LAB comes in. Its where experiments and f**k ups are posted. I like engaging with my audience and having fun. My biggest tip for budding bakers is this - always turn your tray halfway through the baking process (except if you are using

a self-raising flour recipe). All ovens have hot spots - turn that damn tray to even out your bake.

My philosophy has always been don’t over do it. ORANGE CHEWIES: Cheese and Bread. Tomato and Basil. Some combinations are so good that the Almighty must have created them. For the Chocolate and Orange. We use real oranges in these chewies along with caramel biscuits, real orange pieces, chocolate topped with sea salt. It doesn’t get better than this.

PUNK ASS B*****S: For those of you who struggle to fit a MONSTA into your mouth, we present to you: The PUNK ASS B***H (PAB). ⁣ ⁣Alot of love goes into making these discs of heaven. We are talking three different textures: crispy edges, a soft centre and a ring between them which is chewy, with hints of toffee. Finished off with sea salt. PEANUT BUTTER BROWNIE: PB JUNKIES and our Brownie got it on and now we have a messed up BASTARD CHILD who will need therapy for years. ⁣The Peanut Butter Brownies is a glorious gooey brownie with a soft peanut butter filling and a hint of vanilla.

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ROAD TRIPPIN Contributor @SoniSideUp takes to the road this Easter and shares her top go-to feasting spots! soni.side.up

OLEPOLOS COUNTRY CLUB - KISERIAN Maybe you’re here once a year for the annual Olepolos MNE bash but if that’s the case you’re seriously missing out. This nyama choma joint has beautiful views of Champagne Ridge and is a perfect sundowner spot on your way into the ridge or to Magadi. Dip your feet in the swimming pool and enjoy some nyama off the grill during the late afternoon.


very time I fight inertia and get out of town, I’m always so grateful for the beauty Kenya has to offer within a 2 to 6-hour drive. Outside of good friends and an epic playlist, we’re all going to want to have good eats for the drive. This time, instead of filling up on junk in the car, I’ve rounded up some spots that are worth resisting the urge to binge. A good road trip restaurant should have good food, cold drinks and (arguably) most importantly - clean washroom facilities. Here are some places to stop that are worth the extra petrol. LAZYBONES BAR AND RESTAURANTNAIVASHA Are you tired of hearing about this suggestion? Well, it’s not tired of us. Seriously, it’s the best chill food you can get on the way in and out of Naivasha. This restaurant in the Carnelley’s campsite has a laid back lakeside ambience with both table seating and couches to lounge on. Bring a deck of cards, enjoy an ice cold beer to clear the dust from your throat and order a woodfired pizza.


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SOAMES- NANYUKI Soams is like an oasis in the middle of a snack-free dessert. Don’t be distracted by the crinkle of Krackles in the backseat, eye on the prize - make it to Soames. If you’re lucky you’ll catch Mt. Kenya in all her glory with a seat out on the deck. The restaurant is a few kilometres off the main road so it’s a quiet place to relax and enjoy the expansive garden. I’ve never had a bad meal at Soames but I’d recommend trying the perfectly cooked calamari starter or tucking into the juicy pork belly. CHUNKIES CHIPS- NANYUKI Chunkies Chips is a small shopfront serving takeaway chips made fresh daily from kisima potatoes and kisima canola oil topped with your choice of sauce/seasoning; need I say more? well, if that’s not enough to make you pull over (although it certainly should be) there’s also a small curio shop called Vitu Too Farm Shop selling locally made odd and ends like jewellery, toys, kitchenware and foodstuff as well as a cafe selling ice cold drinks.

BROWN’S CHEESE FARM - LIMURU The Brown’s farm tour is inclusive of lunch and it’s worth the full day experience on your way in or out of town. For Ksh 4,000 per person, the tour starts at owner Delia’s house with a refreshment and a walkthrough of the facility. It’s closed out with a threecourse lunch in the garden of the house with ingredients straight from the farm and factory. Book well in advance as these tours get booked 2 to 3 weeks out.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: JAVA HOUSE Feels like you can’t throw a stone in this city without hitting a Java House. Good news is, they’ve got a couple of spots out of town. Whether it’s an early morning coffee and pastry before you hit the road or passion fruit iced tea and turkey cheese wrap, Java House has got you covered. The two out of town Java Houses I stop by most are the Java House in Buffalo Mall Naivasha and Cedar Mall Nanyuki.


Eggcellent Easter Desserts HOME BAKER EDITION

Food blogger Ekta Patel indulges in some egg-ceedingly stunning Easter treats with the help of talented Home Bakers.



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S W E E TY USMP M OT Y GINAH’S CARROT CAKE (@GINAHSBAKES) Originally from Uganda, Ginah began baking as a hobby & with the help of her partner Patrick (An established chef & food photographer) has blossomed her passion into a successful baking business. She specializes in cakes for every occasion be it a birthday or a wedding with an endless list of inspired flavor profiles including Whisky Chocolate, Orange Chiffon & Cookies & Cream. Her moist Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese layers & distinct flavors of All Spice blew me away! The fondant work coupled with the use of nature in the form of flowers transformed this bunny into an insta-worthy sensation! With her attention to detail, she has raised the bar for home bakers in Nairobi & this work of art is a shining example of “it tastes as good as it looks”! ROMA’S CHOCOLATE TRIFLE (@ROMAS_ SWEETTREATS_AND_DESSERTS) A delicious glass of decadent Chocolate Mousse, fluffy Chocolate Sponge, Pillowy Vanilla Whipped Cream and Crunchy Mini Chocolate Eggs all layered to perfection & in just the right proportions, this creation by Roma had me going back in for more with each bite. She draws her inspiration from her mother who also has a passion for composing elegant desserts for any occasion. Roma has been baking full time now for over three years and relies on referrals mostly to grow her business. Having followed her journey online, I have watched her experiment with flavors & textures to design drool worthy & visually stunning desserts. SHEETAL’S EGG-LESS CUPCAKES (@ SHEETALSCAKES) An Architect, Dancer & Dog Mom by day, Sheetal spends her evenings baking funky egg-less desserts for her clients. With her creative mind and drive to work hard, she manages to juggle these various roles effortlessly at the tender age of 23. I spent over two hours shooting and munching away with her while she told me all about her need to experiment with new ideas & the subtleties of baking without a key ingredient – eggs. From my tasting of her cupcakes & Macarons, I found no disparity between eggless and normal cupcakes. The Mint icing on these spongy bundles of fluffiness was my favorite. Mint can be an overpowering flavor but her gentle yet powerful use of this ingredient speaks to her ability as a great home baker. Her use of quirky fondant, macarons & rice paper art gave each cupcake a unique look with great texture & flavor. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!




ANNE’S SUGAR BAKED DONUTS (@ SUGARBAKEDKE) Who doesn’t love a good Donut? The possibilities are endless with this versatile pastry & Anne from Sugar Baked KE pushes the envelope even further with her Cake Batter baked into the cutest little Easter themed Donut’s. One bite of these heaven sent round parcels of delight had me questioning- is it a cake? Is it a donut? It’s both!!! She made me 3 flavors, Carrot Cake, Vanilla Cake & Chocolate Nests each with its own unique take on this festive season. Be it the Chocolate Ganache with Fondant Eggs & Chocolate shavings, or the Carrot Cake donut with a Fresh Cream glaze, I ate my way through the entire shoot while Anne & her bakers watched me bask in the delight of her incredible invention! Speaking of the Fresh Cream glaze, it would be a crime not to mention how life changing this was! It made the Donuts lighter to eat and I didn’t miss the usual Caramel Glaze or Jam filled sugar bombs that I am used to.

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Traditional Lamb

FOR AN EASTER FEAST Just in time for Easter, mother, food lover and founder of Greenspoon, Juliet Kennedy recalls her childhood Easter memories and shares her recipe for traditional lamb, perfect for a family gathering. @greenspoonke


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H O M E GY R UO MW MN Y way to enjoy lamb is to take a whole leg, lovingly roast it in the oven and serve up with a full complement of potatoes and veggies. Just like the Brits. This year, I’ll be enjoying lamb with my family, on the edge of a small dam called Chemususu near Eldama Ravine. We’ll have to have an Easter egg hunt of course, and my husband will make traditional onion skin eggs, which we’ll then jarp with. Jarping is a curious word for fighting with eggs – make sure they are hard boiled, then you eat the inside (carefully) and then turn the egg around so you ‘fight’ with the remaining shell. No jabbing is allowed, it’s more about using pressure to break your contestants egg. INGREDIENTS • 1 large leg of The Well Hung Butcher lamb • 6 Rosemary sprigs • 3 cloves of garlic • 2 pieces of preserved lemon • 1 tbsp dried oregano • 1 tbsp dried mint • 2 tbsp olive oil • 1 tbsp maple syrup • Salt and pepper RECIPE 1.


here’s something about the smell of gently roasting lamb in the oven, that can transport one right back to a moment in time. My mother never liked lamb much, so my best memory of lamb was one exact from boarding school; horizontal rain lashing the windows and grey skies for miles. A friend had brought me home for the weekend and leg of lamb was on the menu. The achingly green fields outside glowed almost luminous after a dose of sunshine, and shaky-legged lambs pranced bravely around the fields. It was just after Easter, when British lamb is at its best – although purportedly Welsh lamb is in fact the most superior. My friend’s mother deftly spiked the lamb with a sharp knife and stuffed generous sprigs of fresh rosemary into the holes along with fat cloves of garlic, keeping up a constant stream of chit chat peppered with the occasional question about school and “how was I getting on?” I’d never felt so homesick. Later that morning, the house began to fill with the unmistakable aroma of roasting lamb. We were sent out

on a bracing walk – “put on your Barbour jackets and get out for some fresh air girls!” – and told to be back for lunch. Being teenagers, a walk meant a cigarette behind the woodshed and a short perambulation around the nearest field kicking at cow pats and feeling awkward when the subject of boys came up. Fast forward a few years (yes, just a few!) and that smell and flavour of lamb has always stayed with me. A warming reminder of companionship and kindness. Just like the UK we have our renowned sources of lamb, and with Welsh blood running through the veins of the Dyers, it’s no wonder that The Well Hung Butcher’s lamb is so good. In the fertile lands of Timau, the free-range lambs are fed on a mixture of grasses as well as legumes, resulting in a particularly tasty flavour of meat. Once butchered, the meat is hung for five days, which adds tenderness to the taste profile. It’s important to choose carefully when it comes to any meat, but particularly lamb. My favourite



4. 5.

Defrost the leg of lamb, and bring it up to room temperature. Take a small but sharp knife and score the meat in about seven places, and then stuff each hole with rosemary and garlic (cut the garlic in half lengthways if you need to). Make a marinade with chopped preserved lemon, maple syrup, dried oregano and dried mint and some olive oil. Place the lamb on a rack and put in the fridge overnight. The next day, take the lamb out of the fridge for at least one hour before you are planning to cook it. Boulangere potatoes: Slice the potatoes and onions thinly, and layer in a rectangle on the baking tray. Place the lamb on its rack above the potatoes – this way the juices from the lamb will drip into the potatoes as they cook. If you don’t have a rack, then just place the lamb on top of the potatoes. New potatoes: take the whole potatoes and rub them all over with olive oil and some salt. Place on the tray with the lamb and roast. Roast at 180 degrees c for 1.5 hrs. Serve with blanched green beans sprinkled with chopped roasted pistachios and grated lemon zest. Pair with a glass of red wine. We recommend Hesketh Small Parcels Barossa Shiraz.

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With Easter celebrations right around the corner, Yummy staff writer Lucy Munene, goes hunting for the best in celebratory drinks: the Flaming Lamborghini.


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aster is coming and we are all looking forward to that long weekend. In true Kenyan tradition, it will involve some family time, some nyama choma and a moderate amount of imbibing. The best part, though, is the company. A WhatsApp group is opened with several administrators, people are added in plenty and the discussions begin. If you do manage to get past all of the stress of planning and to your celebrations then good for you! Now it’s time to pick your poison for the night. In comes the Flaming Lamborghini. Forget tequila and Jagermeister shots. This particular cocktail is only ordered when everyone is excited. You want the night to start at the top. The number of straws dipped into the bottom glass depend on what is being celebrated. However, we can all agree that whoever takes a sip is going to have a night they will never forget (hopefully). Take a look at the recipe and you will know that this is not your casual Friday night cocktail. We’ve given you the recipe so that you can attempt to make this at your next house party but if handling fire around liquor sounds a little bit daunting then leave it to the professionals we’ve listed below. ONYX LOUNGE The finesse with which mixologist Gad generously pours each layer of this cocktail lets you know that you’re in for a treat. The music is always right and the great table service will ensure everyone has a good time. CHARM CAPTIAL They may be new to the game but they are bringing the heat figuratively and literally with their impressive Flaming Lamborghini. This newcomer can be found on the ground floor of Doctor’s Park so if you’re looking for a new spot to celebrate at that won’t damage your wallet, Charm Capital is there for you.



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ASK A WINO What wines should I pair with my Easter meals?


Our in house oenologist Josiah Kahiu shares his Easter drinking guide that will help you cope with the long weekend and how to best get through it.


rom Good Friday to Easter Monday, this is a weekend of meeting old friends, spending time with family and eating enough to make you want to slip into a food coma. From the crazy traffic driving out of town, to your older relatives questioning your life choices, there is nothing a good drink cannot solve. So to help you navigate this weekend, here are some suggestions to help you cope with the long weekend. GOOD FRIDAY A very nice cheap and cheerful way to start of the weekend is to pull out that bottle of red wine you had no idea what to do with and make sangria. Perfect for road trips and not something you would feel embarrassed about drinking from a plastic cup. It’s easy to make, refreshing and very adaptable, just make sure you do not get too generous with the brandy. HOLY SATURDAY After a probably eventful Good Friday evening, what better way to start off your Saturday than a relaxing brunch. The ideal drink for this situation would be something that is light, refreshing and easy to drink that


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won’t hit you too hard. Try a Mimosa - its simple, elegant and you don’t have to feel like you are spending a fortune if you get yourself some decent Prosecco. Simplify your work by making it in big jugs to pour out whenever you feel the need. EASTER SUNDAY For this occasion, nothing beats a good Bloody Mary to get the day going. Delicious, hearty and spicy, it is the ideal drink to give you the courage to start preparing that huge Easter Sunday meal that we are all so used to. For the pre-dinner roast lamb meal, a good aperitif to build up the hunger is a good choice. A good gin tonic with black pepper and a stick of rosemary is the perfect compliment to the soon to be eaten lamb. Make sure you use crushed pepper as nobody wants to end up biting into a peppercorn! EASTER MONDAY At this point, what you need is something to snap you out of the four-day food and drink coma! Try a shot of Fernet followed by some Stoney Tangawizi. It leaves you fairly fresh and ready to start another week (thankfully only a four day week)

When it comes to Easter, from a rack of lamb to vegetarian options, most meals tend to be roast dinners and fairly high in salt. Salty foods can be great compliments to wine as they allow you to choose bigger, bolder, fruitier wines. The salt makes the wines taste richer, less acidic and softens the tannins in the wine. Grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon are a great choice for roast meals. If you are looking for a more old world style of Cabernet Sauvignon, try a classic French Medoc from Bordeaux. If your tastes prefer a slightly fruitier version, go for the warmer climate equivalents such as a South African or Australian Cab. If your menu includes fish for Good Friday, it is important to try and match the intensity of the flavour in food to your wine. Fish dishes such as smoked salmon work well with aromatic wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, while grilled white fish often tend to work better with cooler climate whites such as a Chablis. The acidity in these cooler climate wines gives the dish a refreshing twist. When it comes to matching wines with sweet foods, it is important to keep the sweetness level of the wine in mind. Sweet foods will make dry wine taste less fruity, flavoursome and ring out the bitter notes. If you are a fan of something with bubbles with your sweet treats, try a demi-sec sparkling wine or an Italian Moscato d’Asti. If you are a fan of still wine, try an off-dry aromatic Gewürztraminer. If you would like to pair wine with chocolate, you could try choosing chocolates with high cocoa content and match them with sweet fortified wines such as a Ruby or Tawny Port. Whatever you choose to eat and drink this Easter weekend we hope these tips help make it even more enjoyable! KnifeWine



CANON 13 PINOT NOIR 2014 The Canon 13 Pinot Noir expresses aromas of ripe fruit and delicate tea leaves. Bright red stone fruits, flowers and sweet spice are woven together, underpinned by bright acidity, wrapped in a beautifully long finish. Perfect for grilled poultry or duck. A good pairing for your Easter dinner roast.

elegant finish. It offers inviting crisp citrus, apple aromas and flavours. This is your everyday Riesling that is a pleasure to drink and easy to match with a variety of foods.

Available from California Wines by Rose 0700 004499 Price - 2000

CHABLIS, PROSPER MAUFOUX, 2017 This Chardonnay has an elegant nose and carries fruity scents. This balanced wine has the same array of mineral and citrus-fruit aromas on the palate as on the nose, with a good persistent finish. It is a good pairing for seafood and smoked salmon.

CHATEAU STE. MICHELLE 2017 RIESLING The Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling is a medium-dry, refreshing style of Riesling with beautiful fruit flavours, crisp acidity and an

Available from California Wines by Rose 0700 004499 Price - 1650

Available from Le Decanter ABC place 0729 867403 Price - 3900 QUINTA DO CARMO 2013 Quinta do Carmo Red 2013 presents a dense and deep red colour with complex aromas of red fruits and traces of vanilla. It is a balanced and elegant wine that has a good structure, concentrated flavours and soft tannins. This wine is a good pair for those elegant meat dishes and will work well with your Easter roast! Available from UVA wines, Aspire Centre 0703 046800 Price 4500

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YU D RM I NMKY U P much on trend. Having fitted in so well into cocktail culture, as any gin fan will know, its highly adaptable flavour makes it a perfect infusion for just about any cocktail. Whether it is an Old Tom, a Plymouth, a Sloe Gin, a London Dry or a Genever, with so many diverse and complex recipes, gin today still delivers a very subtle and refreshing experience. Did you know there are over seven thousand gins crafted worldwide and more than five hundred tonics available? With more than two hundred garnishes available the options to my perfect serve of a gin and tonic are endless. In Kenya, the newest arrival to the fleet is Procera, an African botanical sipping gin that has been hand-distilled in small batches here in Kenya. I recently sampled this gin and instantly added it to my list of current favourites. It is refreshing on the palate and with each sip, its herbaceous notes follow through. Beautifully bottled in handblown recycled glass from Kitengela, this Kenyan gin is a must try.



Payal is an interior architect and the co-founder of Zen Garden restaurant. She is also the creative director and founder of ‘KOI by Payal’. Alongside her sister she has also launched a lifestyle blog – PS Runway and produced two cookbooks – Chef At Home & The Zen Bamboo Edition.


y journey to explore the best gin and tonics that the world has to offer has only just begun. Getting to experience and photograph some pretty insane gin literally feeds my mind, heart and soul. My relationship with gin started a few years ago when I got a beautiful bottle of SipSmith Sloe Gin as a gift. After that, there was no stopping me. I must have sampled over eighty gins and made over five hundred gin cocktails for friends and family at home and at my very own gin pop up bar at Zen Garden. So far, my love for gin has taken me across the continent. Last year, I was flown down to South Africa for the ‘Grand Journey’. This unique multi-sensory experience that pairs top level food with Bombay Sapphire cocktails was simply exquisite. I learnt a lot about gin pairing and experienced a unique 6-course meal made with different gin botanicals found in each course. “Why gin?” is a question people often ask me. To me, gin is most definitely IN and very


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MY OTHER CURRENT FAVOURITES INCLUDE: Iverroche Verdant, infused with fynbos from the mountains in Cape Town. This floral beauty is soft and translucent with gold and green hues. Delicate aromas of elderflower and chamomile leading to summer blooms, a touch of spice and subtle juniper, waxy lemon and alluring liquorice make up the botanicals in this gin. The best part is that this incredible gin is available in Kenya. MY PERFECT SERVE: • • • • •

Double measure gin Fentimans elderflower tonic Sprigs of thyme Slices of lime Ice cubes

Ademnus Pink Pepper tells a tale of two men, four hands, one pip, a suitcase and some spirits. An intensely aromatic and bold gin with bright and spicy notes of pink peppercorns and juniper, balanced with the warmth of honey, Tonka and vanilla. This pink gem is refined by generations of distillers and blenders in Cognac, France. MY PERFECT SERVE: • Double measure gin • Fitch and Leeds Indian tonic • Pink peppercorns • Strawberry slices • Splash of bitters • Ice cubes Every batch of this beautiful craft is dedicated to family members, good friends and people who are a part of their story. New gins to try on my list include Brockmans intensely smooth, Ferdinans and Hepple.


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OVER & ABOUT Kahindo Karuga is a travel enthusiast who documents his travels through his venture SanaaStory. Follow his adventures from the heights of Mt. Kenya to the beaches of Dar es Salaam and the slave castles of Ghana’s Cape of Guinea on the official SanaaStory webpage. In this issue, he shares his top picks of places around Mt Kenya! ABERDARE COUNTRY CLUB Perched upon the rolling hills of Mweiga, lies the Aberdare Country Club which defines class against the breathtaking Aberdare Ranges. It was the perfect place to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Sharing a conversation with family or friends over a glass of your favorite drinks served from the restaurant bar is the perfect way to start your evening. The country club also boasts a rich ecosystem filled with both fauna and flora. Come dinner time, get your finest evening gowns and suits out as you are in for a night of fine dining. Removed from the conventional buffet setup, you will be served a 3-course meal at your table. MOUNTAIN LODGE If Serena was a family and all of her hotels her children, then this installation would be the quiet, lesser known child who is quite impressive once you get them to open up. The drive up to this lodge is fantastic with the slim mountain road flanked by hundred-year old trees rising up to the sky. Eventually, you get to the hidden gem at the top of the hill.


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Serena Mountain Lodge offers you the most serene view to enjoy your honey glazed buffalo wings with a glass of freshly squeezed passion juice. Built on stilts and overlooking a forest clearing with a water hole, buffaloes and elephants come here to get a drink and you get to enjoy yours as you watch them too! CASTLE FOREST LODGE A camper’s paradise within the dense Mt. Kenya forest. Accessible from Kerugoya, this lodge has been built to resemble a castle while the cottages around have been arranged to mimic the traditional Kikuyu homestead set-up. The restaurant overlooks the Mt. Kenya forest upon a verandah. Peaceful is the word that comes to mind whenever I reminisce upon this haven. One fond memory I have of this place is roasting marshmallows over the campfire during New Years, with a fantastic blanket of stars shimmering above my friends and I.. TROUT TREE Treehouses have been the stuff of childhood dreams for a lot of us. Now, mix that with

a culinary experience that’s as refreshing as the concept behind it and you have Trout Tree. Located along the NairobiNanyuki highway, it strictly opens at 10 A.M and closes at 4 P.M. Everything is cooked traditionally and the fish harvested from the ponds that lie beneath the treehouse. A common favorite is the tandoori trout garnished with lemon. The cherry on top is the community of the rare Colobus monkeys that inhabit the forest nearby. BARNEY’S RESTAURANT There’s nothing as romantic as the act of travel. The visual representation of a train leaving a station, a bus bursting through the countryside or a plane taking off the runway. Sort of like a traveller’s collection, Barney’s Restaurant is adjacent the Nanyuki airstrip. I stop here whenever I’m travelling to Nanyuki or past. A lovely breakfast option for those early morning road trips, I’m quite fond of their croque monsieur served with a hot cup of Kenyan mixed tea.


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EASTER FEAST Easter is a time to feast, relax and enjoy a 4-day holiday with the people around you. A long weekend in Kenya means a full house and it might be yours or someone else’s. Either way, we know when two or more people are gathered there is bound to be food. Instead of stressing about grocery shopping and what to cook, pick up your phone, place your order and let UberEats do the rest.



Yummy. Food. Drink. Life

T A KY EU M OM UT Y this Easter. If it all disappears too fast, a second order is only a couple of clicks away! ROCO MAMAS (VILLAGE MARKET) If you haven’t tried the smash burgers from this South African restaurant then Easter is the perfect time to splurge and treat yourself. Order their Bacon Cheese Guac, Mushroom Swizz or Old Skool smash burgers then make it extra special by ordering a rack of ribs and chicken wings as well. If that doesn’t sound like enough then finish off your meal with a Slow Death by Chocolate milkshake.



MERCADO Celebrate Easter with Mexican food from Mercado. Take your pick of tacos, tostadas, tamales, quesadillas and so much more. You won’t have to worry about the size of portions, everyone will be able to stuff themselves full of masterfully cooked Mexican delicacies. Try not to order everything off of their tasty menu, we dare you! BARISTA & CO Breakfast, lunch and dinner are on Barista & Co with their versatile menu which will keep you going through your Easter weekend. Start off with a cup of coffee from their Espresso Bar as you enjoy a classic Belgian waffle. You already have lunch or dinner sorted with their paninis and salads. Don’t hesitate to add on a bag of Microlot Coffee Beans so that you can try brewing your own cup of coffee.

THE EMORY THE ROAST BY CARNIVORE (KAREN) Your favourite meals from Carnivore can be found at it’s branch The Roast. Appropriately named, this restaurant serves up its dishes grilled to perfection with the familiar taste of Nairobi’s premier restaurant known for it’s roasted meat. Order up their wings or even a rack of ribs during your Easter break and dig in with your whole family.


SHANGRILA (MUTHAIGA) You don’t have to worry about booking a table at your favourite Indian restaurant because UberEats will deliver it to you fresh and in record time. Surprise your family with an order of prawns, paneer and chicken lollipop

THE EMORY Easter is a great time to discover new food. You may think you have exhausted your options at The Stable Restaurant but we can tell you that you haven’t tried their Sitati Special salad or their Chicken Breast on Pumpkin Seed Bread Sandwich. Once you taste their dishes, there’s no going back to the regular. Their Everyday Eats Under Kshs 500 menu might just become your new lunchtime regular meals.

HIDDEN EASTER EGG THE PHOENICIAN The Phoenician is nestled along Matundu Lane and the perfect place to order from if you’re looking for somewhere different to try. You’ll be spoiled for choice with their extensive menu offering Lebanese and Japanese dishes that you can share with the whole family.

Yummy. Food. Drink. Life


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