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A commitment to improve lives and livelihoods

Navigating success Captain Berlinah Madonsela makes waves in the SA Navy


Zero tolerance

COVID-19 corruption exposed




Contents: February 2022 REGULARS

Madonsela navigates


Profiles in leadership

the first female officer

Professor Cheryl Cohen

commanding the South

explains the work the

African Navy’s training unit

National Institute for

SAS Saldanha

unchartered waters as

Communicable Diseases is doing in the fight against COVID-19 24

From the Union Buildings President Cyril Ramaphosa

corruption, and the fight to


more just and equal society.

Improving lives and livelihoods

President Cyril Ramaphosa

reflects on the importance

create jobs and achieve a

of the African Peer Review

outlines plans for the country’s




Address pictorial

Highlights on the 2022 SONA 20


Women in the public sector

Captain Berlinah



State of the Nation

COVID-19 corruption

SONA Reply


together in the fight against

Unit's final report on its

South Africans to rally

The Special Investigation

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

investigation into

capacity for the African

at the country’s ports

COVID-19 related


are set to boost the

corruption has been released to the public

economy and create 28


New laws strengthen the fight against GBV


President Cyril

New vaccine

Ramaphosa has signed

manufacturing facility


repurposed to help

into law legislation that

to benefit Africa

State properties

Acting Deputy Director-General: Intergovernmental Coordination & Stakeholder Management Michael Currin

potential to make

for survivors of gender-

owned properties are

South Africa the

based violence

providing safe havens

Unoccupied state-

manufacturing and

to victims of gender30


based violence

Port projects to boost the economy

Critical investments


Director-General Phumla Williams Acting Deputy Director-General: Corporate Services Gcobisa Soci

will prioritise support

while building vaccine

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GBV victims

NantSA has the

“nucleus of the world”


Progress in transforming legal services

Policies that seek to promote empowerment and the cost-effective management of state litigation cases have been ap-

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well hydrated

Food and wine Healthy lunch boxes that pack a punch


Nice-to-haves Love spoils


Grooming and style

made in Mzansi

How to keep your skin Public Sector Manager • February 2022




Rebuilding South Africa


n the 2022 State of the

tion and move us towards

Nation Address (SONA)

a more just and equal

in February, President


Cyril Ramaphosa said: “The

As the nation grasps

path we choose now will de-

the necessity of the ‘so-

termine the course for future

cial compact’ President


Ramaphosa often speaks

As poetic as they sound, the truth behind these words is undeniable. He was referring to the

Mondli Gungubele Minister in The Presidency

of, there is another irrefutable truth on everyone’s

ethical and developmental

apples mentioned earlier.

minds – the burden of

state by professionalising

This is thanks to lifestyle

responsibility for ensuring

the public service.

audits to identify self-serv-

He promised tighter

ing officials, the strength-

country as a whole, ap-

the SONA’s recovery and

pealing to labour, busi-

development plans come

measures for the recruit-

ening of law enforcement

ness and communities to

to fruition rests largely on

ment of public servants

agencies, the implementa-

partner with government to

the shoulders of public

– which means competent

tion of new anti-corruption

unleash South Africa’s full


colleagues and managers;

practices in the public ser-

and the continuous profes-

vice, and added protection for whistle-blowers.

potential. The nation has to

Without a capable public

recognise that unemploy-

service propelling pro-

sional development of

ment, poverty and inequal-

grammes and committing

public servants through the

ity must be addressed as a

to people’s well-being,

National School of Gov-

to improve the capacity of

collective if the country is

collaborations and civic

ernment and partnerships

the public service continue,

to thrive.

mindedness will get us

between state bodies,

we need to roll up our


professional associations

sleeves and get on with

and universities.

the job at hand because

For this to happen, he

While institutional efforts

said, an investor-friendly

Our President is not

environment – with less

expecting miracles – he

red tape, fewer restrictions,

realises that while there are

the District Development

enabling programmes that

enabling infrastructure and

bad apples in the public

Model will continue –

will catalyse growth and

stable water and electricity

service, there are far more

which means better access

development that need our

supplies – must be created.

dedicated people who per-

to resources for less-

strong shoulders and full

Crime, corruption, public

haps need more resources,

equipped councils and less


safety and security must be

better management and

frustration for those public

addressed. Trust and pride

additional support to give

servants who felt limited in

dent: “Let us get to work.

in public institutions must

of their best. That is why

what they could achieve.

Let us rebuild our country.

be restored.

plans were outlined in the

This will enable job crea-


SONA to build a capable,

The implementation of

The public service will not have to endure those bad

there are a number of

In the words of our Presi-

And let us leave no one behind.”

Public Sector Manager • February 2022


State Capture report :

A challenge to do better


he New Year had

alised they are on thin ice.

Phumla Williams, GCIS Director-General.

contents of the report,

ered up, no matter who the

I urge you to view the

perpetrators are.

barely dawned when

What we all have in com-

Acting Chief Justice

mon, however, is that as we

report as a clarion call to

Raymond Zondo submitted

plot our personal course

the public service and the

from the government-

the first part of the report of

for 2022, we all stand at

private sector – and indeed

sanctioned probe into state

the Judicial Commission of


the world – that we will

corruption and capture. We

not let our democracy be

should take heart that our

high ground, which means

undermined, our public

government is rooting and

being part of the solution

resources misdirected or

exposing corruption and

resolutions – a new year

by reaffirming our com-

our efforts to bring social

those who are perpetrat-

brings the hope of a new

mitment to the Batho Pele

and economic transforma-

ing it.

beginning and forces us

principles and exposing

tion derailed.

to relook at our goals and


Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture.

It came at a time of

We must choose the

We should all draw hope

In the words of President

Let it be the catalyst

Cyril Ramaphosa: “We

The alternative, which is a

needed to make us refocus

have a collective respon-

The report struck close

shaky path that might bring

our efforts to serve citizens.

sibility to ensure that the

to home for all public serv-

monetary wealth, but lacks

ants. The ethical among us

honour and respect, is not

report uncovers wrongdo-

tions of the Commission

have to deal with the reality

an option for us as public

ings, it also gives us the

not only mark a decisive

that not all our colleagues


blueprint we need to do

break with the corrupt

better – to rebuild ailing

practices of the past, but


Remember, while the

findings and recommenda-

are committed to the cause

Our legacy cannot be

and that there is a need of

a dishonourable one. We

institutions and hold those

that they provide the foun-

moral regeneration.

must be filled with quiet

responsible to account,

dation for greater transpar-

pride and determination

and the resolve to safe-

ency, accountability and

resent power and position

and have the ability to look

guard our democratic and

ethical conduct within

and the elevation of self,

our fellow South Africans

societal gains.

all state institutions and

rather than a desire to

in the eye free of guilt.

Those whose jobs rep-

serve the people, have re-


As we ponder on the

It shows the world that

across society.”

corruption will not be cov-

Public Sector Manager • February 2022



December 2021 Edition 13

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Writers: Allison Cooper and SAnews


SONA 2022:

Improving lives and livelihoods


overnment is

remains our common

unacceptable and unsus-

enable the private sec-

committed to put-

programme to rebuild the


tor – both big and small

ting people first,

economy,” he said.

and is finalising a plan to

The President said gov-

Creating jobs

– to emerge, to grow, to access new markets, to

involve all sectors of socie-

ernment’s priorities are

Last year, the unemploy-

create new products, and

ty in growing South Africa’s

overcoming the Corona-

ment rate reached its

to hire more employees,”

economy, creating jobs and

virus Disease (COVID-19)

highest recorded level of

he said.

combating hunger.

pandemic, building

34.9% in the third quarter,

Around 80% of em-

This was emphasised

infrastructure, increasing

following the financial

ployed people work in the

by President Cyril Rama-

local production, creating

devastation caused by

private sector.

phosa in his recent

jobs and addressing the


2022 State of the Nation

energy crisis.

The President said

“We all know that gov-

government will introduce

ernment does not create

a new loan guarantee

“This work will build

we all agree on, it is that

jobs. Business creates

scheme to help small

on the foundation of the

the present situation – of

jobs. The key task of

businesses recover.

Economic Reconstruction

deep poverty, unemploy-

government is to create

and Recovery Plan, which

ment and inequality – is

the conditions that will



“If there is one thing

The Presidential Employment Stimulus

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

“The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure will finalise the transfer of 14 000 hectares of state land to the Housing Development Agency.”

Programme, which has already supported over 850 000 employment opportunities, will be stepped up. Most of the beneficiaries were young people; over 60% were women.

to contribute to their

Development Agency will

tion cases unearthed in

stimulus will enable the

communities, develop

also be finalised this year.

the first two parts of the

Department of Home

their skills and grow their

Affairs to recruit 10 000


The employment

unemployed youth for records, and the Social

SRD Grant continues

Employment Fund will create another 50 000

the digitisation of paper

“The Department

report of the Commis-

of Public Works and

sion of Inquiry into State

Infrastructure will finalise


the transfer of 14 000

He added that the first

hectares of state land to

two parts of the report

The COVID-19 Social

the Housing Development

made it clear that there

Relief of Distress (SRD)

Agency,” the President

was indeed “state cap-

work opportunities. The

Grant, which has helped



Department of Higher Ed-

over 10 million unem-

ucation and Training will

ployed people, has been

enough arable land to

state-owned enterprises

place 10 000 unemployed

extended for another year

support millions of thriv-

had been infiltrated by “a

technical and vocational

– to the end of March

ing small-scale farmers in

criminal network intent on

education and training


poultry, livestock, fruit and

looting public money for


private gain” he added.

graduates in workplaces from April 2022.

In addition, government and its partners will look

He added that there is

Already, over 100 000

Public institutions and

“The reports have

at ways to continue to

farmers have received

detailed the devastating

platform for young work

support people in finan-

input vouchers to expand

effects of this criminal

seekers to access oppor-

cial distress in a manner

their production and

activity on South Afri-

tunities and support now

that is affordable to the

the programme will be

can Airways, Transnet,

has over 2.3 million youth

country over the long

expanded to reach more

Denel, the South African

registered. Of these,



Revenue Service and

placed into employment

Access to land


Government is moving

Corruption and crime

ahead with land reform

President Cyril Ramapho-

negative impact on the

Youth Service will recruit

and anticipates the

sa said discussions

lives of all South Africans,

its first cohort of 50 000

approval of the Expro-

are underway with the

but especially the poor-

young people during the

priation Bill this year. The

judiciary for the creation

est and most vulnerable

next year, creating oppor-

establishment of the Agri-

of special court rolls for

members of our society,”

tunities for young people

culture and Land Reform

state capture and corrup-

said the President. >


over 600 000 have been

“A revitalised National

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

Government Communications. State capture had a direct and very concrete



its crucial mandate, and a

against corruption will be

year, through the imple-

government should do

dedicated team has been

intensified thanks to the

mentation of the National

everything in its power to

established to pursue

outcomes of the State

Strategic Plan on GBVF.

ensure that state capture

these cases.”

Capture Commission,

Three new laws - the

He stressed that

the strengthening of law

Criminal and Related

amendment to the State

enforcement agencies

Matters Amendment Act,

ensure that the Commis-

Capture Commission

and the implementation

new Criminal Law (Sexual

sion report is properly

regulations in June 2020,

of new anti-corruption

Offences and Related

and carefully considered

empowered the sharing

practices in the public

Matters) Amendment

and then acted upon.

of information between


Act, and the Domestic

By no later than 30 June

the Commission and law

[2022], I will present a

enforcement agencies.

“never happens again”. “My responsibility is to

plan of action in response

The President said the

The President also

Violence Amendment

announced that safety

Act - are already working

and security will be

to strengthen the criminal

to the Commission’s rec-

permitted the employ-

strengthened through

justice system and sup-


ment of the State Capture

the recruitment of 12 000

port survivors.

Commission personnel by

police personnel and the

He expressed confi-

“This amendment also

“The implementation of

dence that the National

law enforcement agen-

re-establishment of com-

this legislation will go a

Prosecuting Authority

cies. These empowering

munity policing forums.

long way to ensuring that

(NPA) will carry out the

provisions have geared

further investigations that

the Investigating Direc-

the Commission recom-

torate to more effectively

Government will also

are protected and that


pursue the investigations

continue to intensify the

there are more effective

emanating from the Com-

fight against Gender-

deterrents in place,” said


Based Violence and

the President.

“The Investigating Directorate in the NPA, is now poised to deliver on


He added that the fight

Fighting GBVF

cases are successfully prosecuted, that survivors

Femicide (GBVF) this

Public Sector Manager • February 2022


Writer : Allison Cooper Images: GCIS

SONA Reply: inspiring hope and confidence

shared goal,” he said. Following his SONA, the President received many valuable contributions on how to effectively address South Africa’s challenges. “The most pressing of which is fixing the economy as it’s essential to almost every other area of life. Our focus on the economy does not, however, diminish the importance of the many other areas of government’s work,” he said, confirming that these issues will be dealt with in greater detail in the upcoming budget votes and Ministers’ public engagements.

A committed state President Ramaphosa said the country was emerging from over a decade of low growth and


deepening unemployhere is broad

of the Nation Address

two Houses of Parliament.

agreement, across

(SONA) Debate Reply

“I called for a new con-

society, that as

held recently.

ment, state capture and the assault on the institu-

sensus to unite our coun-

tions of the state that

He made a call to every

try, in a moment of great

accompanied it.

South Africa’s economy,

South Africans to rally to-

crisis, behind an agenda

create employment and

gether in the fight against

for change and renewal…

the fact that the pandemic

government works to grow

“We cannot disregard

fight hunger and pov-

corruption, and the fight

Although they represent

has caused our economy

erty, no one should be left

to create jobs and achieve

different parties and dif-

severe damage that will


a more just and equal

ferent perspectives, many

take years to repair. Un-


of the speakers in the

less we appreciate these

SONA Debate affirmed

facts, unless we charac-

their commitment to this

terise the current situation

President Cyril Ramaphosa confirmed this in his 2022 State


This call was answered by several members of the

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

the employment of the public service itself. “We envisage both a

looks like.” Renewed confidence is seen in the most signifi-

capable, developmental

cant reform in SA’s energy

state and a dynamic

system in nearly a cen-

and agile private sector,

tury; the long-delayed re-

which work together and

forms – like the spectrum

complement each other.”

auction and the revised

Inspiring hope and confidence

critical skills list – that are being implemented; and concrete steps being

President Ramaphosa

taken to modernise ports

said that while most

and rail infrastructure.

Members of the Houses of Parliament are firmly

Unifying SA

committed to build-

President Ramaphosa

ing a united, equal and

spoke in-depth about

prosperous nation,

government’s commit-

correctly, our response

the most part, com-

others have different

ment to South Africa and

may well be ill-considered

mentators have engaged

interests and priorities.

unifying her people, both

and misdirected,” the

meaningfully with one

He emphasised, how-

evident in the strides it

President said.

of the most important

ever, that while they

has made to fight corrup-

questions facing our

preach despair and cre-

tion; create conditions

actions in response to

country today. They

ate doubt, government

conducive to growing

the pandemic, all noted

have earnestly sought to

sees hope and renewed

business and ensuring

in the SONA, saved tens

answer the central ques-


job creation; uplifting

of thousands of lives and

tion of who will create

kept millions of people

the jobs for the 11 million

new work and livelihood

sons with disabilities; and

out of dire poverty.

unemployed people in

opportunities created by

protecting women.

South Africa,” the Presi-

the Presidential Employ-

dent said.

ment Stimulus that will

the transformation of the

soon reach over a million

economy, so it benefits


all South Africa’s people,

Government’s collective

The President’s focus on job creation, outlined

Hope is seen in the

women, youth and per-

“Our commitment to

in SONA, gave rise to

He explained that while

a debate on the state’s

the private sector creates

and private sector’s roles

the most jobs, the state

in fostering economic

has a clear role to play

ing built to get children

a manifesto – for which

growth and creating

through state-owned

to school safely; and the

the people of this country


enterprises, public em-

sector master plans driv-

demonstrated overwhelm-

ployment programmes,

ing new investment which

ing support – that is a

taken a crude and self-

industrial policy, compe-

creates new jobs and the

bold and coherent plan

serving approach to a

tition policy, infrastruc-

revival of key industries.

to achieve a better life for

complex issue, but for

ture investment and

“Some speakers have

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

He said the bridges be-

“That is what progress

is unwavering. We have

all,” the President said.


SONA 2022

President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered the 2022 State of the Nation Address (SONA) under the theme “Following up on our commitments: making your future work better”. The SONA was moved to the Cape Town City Hall due to a fire at Parliament. It was the first time the SONA took outside the precinct of Parliament since democracy. Here are some highlights from the day.

President Ramaphosa with first lady Dr Tshepo Motsepe arriving at the State of the Nation Address.

Members of the judiciary entering the Cape Town City Hall.

President Ramaphosa observes a 21 gun salute.


Public Sector Manager • February 2022

President Ramaphosa and Deputy President David Mabuza with guests and Members of Parliament.

Public Sector Manager • February 2022



Writer: More Matshediso

Prof Cohen helps shape SA’s COIVD-19 response


(NICD) only became a

institute had been doing

Africans, the Na-

familiar name because of

important work long

National Health Labora-

tional Institute for

the Coronavirus Disease

before the pandemic hit

tory Service, the NICD

(COVID-19), but the

our shores.

provides reference

Communicable Diseases


A division of the

or many South

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

microbiology, virology,

Respiratory Diseases

programme that pro-

between the NICD and

epidemiology, surveil-

and Meningitis involves

vides information that

private laboratories.

lance and public health

building evidence to

informs decision mak-

Prof Cohen says this

research and training to

support vaccine in-

ing,” says Prof Cohen.

was possible due to the

support government’s

troduction and then

response to communi-

monitoring the impact

conducted to establish

NICD has established

cable disease threats.

of vaccines on reduc-

how severe the illness

with many private lab

ing disease if they are

caused by different

groups in South Africa.

hen, who is head of the

implemented, she adds.

variants is and how ef-

Centre for Respiratory

The centre also moni-

fective the interventions

sual signal in the poly-

Professor Cheryl Co-

Research is also

close relationship the

“A lab noticed an unu-

Diseases and Meningitis

tors several pathogens

used to control illness

merase chain reaction

at the NICD, explains

that can cause out-


tests and contacted us.

that the institute does

breaks, like meningo-

important work in rela-

coccus and influenza.

tion to diseases such as pneumonia.

“For this, we need to

Omicron variant

have ongoing surveil-

In November 2021, the

We realised we needed to urgently sequence the isolates, which we did,” she explains.

lance to be able to

NICD confirmed that

infectious respiratory

detect these early and

the Omicron variant was

lysed the data, we real-

diseases and meningitis

respond,” says Prof

detected in South Africa

ised it was a new strain

in South Africa.


following genomic se-

with several mutations

quencing collaborations

and so this data was >

The centre monitors

Prof Cohen manages scientists, epidemiolo-

Work on COVID-19

gists and data special-

The NICD has played a


crucial role in monitor-

a team of technologists,

“We focus on some of

ing COVID-19 trends

the important causes

and addressing impor-

of pneumonia, such

tant questions like how

as influenza, respira-

fast the virus spreads,

tory syncytial virus and

how many people are

pneumococcus. Many of

affected and who is

these diseases are vac-

most affected.

cine preventable or have

“The centre drives sur-

vaccines in the pipeline,”

veillance and response

she says.

for COVID-19 and influ-

Much of the work done by the the Centre for

“Once we had ana-

enza. We also have an active applied research

Public Sector Manager • February 2022



rapidly shared with the

to monitor COVID-19

Network for Genomic

as we accept that the

Surveillance in South

disease is here to stay.

relax, there is a real risk

Africa and loaded onto

We need to learn to live

of outbreaks because

public databases,” she

with it while limiting the

of a gap in immunity as

difficult, but in some


negative impacts,” she

these pathogens have

ways this is what every


not circulated for two

infectious diseases epi-

years,” she says.

demiologist is preparing

Prof Cohen says the identification of the new

Prof Cohen says more


it endlessly interesting

“But as restrictions

with always something new to do. “COVID-19 has been

for – a completely new

variant confirms that

than half the work they

the capabilities of South

currently do is COVID-

monitoring other causes

disease that enables

African scientists are


of pneumonia and

us to use all our estab-

meningitis is particularly

lished and new surveil-

important right now.

lance systems, train-

Regardless of the

ing and experience to

world class. The institute works

“We have to continue monitoring other

For these reasons,

with partners within

diseases. Cases of other

South Africa and glob-

respiratory diseases

challenges, Prof Cohen

understand the patterns

ally to ensure ongoing

dropped during the

would not trade her

of illness. It’s exciting,”

communication and col-

pandemic as a result

job for anything in the

she says.

laboration and sharing

of non-pharmaceutical

world because she finds

of any new techniques to further upskill the NICD scientists so they

About Prof Cohen

can make breakthrough

Prof Cohen qualified as a medical doctor from the University of the Witwa-


tersrand and is a Fellow of the College of Pathologists of South Africa in the

Challenges facing the NICD

discipline of microbiology. She is also an associate professor in epidemiology at the University of the Witwatersrand and obtained an MSc in Epidemiology from the London

If you’re wondering how

School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the United Kingdom and a PhD

fatigued Prof Cohen and

from the University of the Witwatersrand.

her team after COVID-19

In her role at the NICD, she works closely with the South African Depart-

has kept them occupied

ment of Health to generate evidence to guide policy for the control and

for almost two years, her

management of respiratory diseases.

response is: “Seriously, I am exhausted”. “Fatigue and diminish-

Prof Cohen led the establishment of a national surveillance programme for severe acute respiratory infections in South Africa in 2009. She is also a member of several national advisory committees and several

ing resources are our

international World Health Organisation working groups, mainly related to

biggest challenges. We

influenza and other respiratory viruses.

need to move to more sustainable systems


Public Sector Manager • February 2022

What will people say?

There is no excuse for abuse. Police: 10111 Stop Gender Violence: 0800 150 150 Childline: 0800 055 555

People can only help if they know. TELL SOMEONE.

Violence and abuse are poison to society. Let’s make it stop.


COVID-19 corruption exposed T

here is no place to

release of the final

hide for those in-

report of the investigation

with perpetrators.

book and addressing

“The final report details

weaknesses identified

volved in Corona-

by the Special Investigat-

matters referred by the

by the SIU investigation,”

virus Disease (COVID-19)

ing Unit (SIU) into public

SIU to the National Pros-

said the President.

related corruption, with

procurement related to

ecuting Authority (NPA),

their misdeeds now pub-


departments and entities

submission of the final

lic knowledge.

He added that the

in the public sector and

report is an important

demonstrates our deter-

other parties, who will

step in the fight against

dent Cyril Ramaphosa

mination to root out

finalise the process of

maladministration and

authorised the public

corruption and to deal

bringing wrongdoers to

corruption in the public

This comes after Presi-


“This investigation

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

and private sectors.

criminal offence has been

before the submission of

224 referrals for disci-

committed, the SIU is

a supplementary report to

plinary action against

targeted individuals and

obliged to refer it to the

the President at the end

officials in government

institutions who believed


of June 2022,” explained

departments or entities.

“This investigation

they could exploit a mo-

The proclamation also

The Presidency.

In addition, the SIU has

ment of national vulner-

empowers the SIU to

ability to enrich them-

institute civil proceed-

Action taken

NPA, three referrals for

selves and those with

ings for the recovery of

As result of the SIU in-

executive action and 330

whom they colluded to

any damages or losses

vestigation, and with the

referrals for administrative

abuse public resources.

incurred by the state.

help of other agencies,

action, which includes

45 matters – constitut-


“It is unacceptable that

According to the

made 386 referrals to the

so many contracts as-

Presidency, the SIU has

ing a combined value of

sociated with saving lives

investigated 5 467 con-

R2.1 billion – have been

recovered on the basis

and protecting livelihoods

tracts awarded to 3 066

enrolled with the Special

of the SIU investigation

were irregular, unlawful

service providers with a

Tribunal on Corruption,

amounts to R551.5 million.

or fraudulent,” said the

total value of R14.3 billion.

Fraud and Illicit Money

So far cash and assets


Investigations into


amounting to R34.2 mil-

4 549 contracts have

Cash and assets to be

The Special Tribunal

lion has been recovered. The value of potential

SIU investigation

been finalised and 2 803

has a statutory mandate

On 23 July 2020, Presi-

of these were found to be

to recover public funds

loss prevented by the

dent Ramaphosa author-

irregular. This amounts

syphoned from the fiscus

investigation is R114.2

ised the SIU investigation

to 62% of the finalised

through corruption, fraud

million, while contracts set

in terms of Section 4(1)


and illicit money flows.

aside amount to R170.4

(f ) of the Special Investi-

The report does not

gating Unit and Special

include details of ongoing

Tribunals Act, No 74 of

investigations into allega-


tions received by the SIU

The SIU was authorised

after the timeline set for

to probe any allegations

matters to be included in

relating to the misuse of

the final report.

COVID-19 funds across

“The SIU expects these

all spheres of govern-

matters, which are cov-


ered by the proclamation,

In addition, where evidence is found that a

The SIU has also made


The report can be accessed at through the follow links: The report: The annexure:

to be completed between March and April 2022,

Public Sector Manager • February 2022



Source: SAnews

New vaccine

manufacturing facility to benefit Africa

President C yril Ramaphosa and Dr Patrick SoonShiong at the official launch of NantSA , a vaccine manufacturing facilit y campus in the Western Cape.


antSA, the newly-

and vaccines for the African

new facility in Bracken-

scientist and founder of

launched vaccine


fell in the Western Cape

NantWorks LLC Dr Patrick




This is according to

It will focus mainly on

facility campus in South Af-

President Cyril Ramapho-

rica, will usher in a new era

sa, who was speaking at

lished by world-renowned

building vaccine manufac-

in healthcare, medicines

the official launch of the

technology healthcare

turing and pharmaceutical


The facility was estab-

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

capacity for the African

we are determined to do

“That is why we have

continent, which includes

and this facility is proof of

been working to establish

Works to mobilise invest-

developing a new Corona-

that,” he said.

new pharmaceutical man-

ment, transfer technol-

ufacturing capabilities to

ogy and know-how, and

produce the COVID-19

develop skills.

virus Disease (COVID-19) vaccine. “[We] are gathered to

COVID-19 vaccine

and other vaccines.

Foundation and Nant-

witness a milestone in

The facility will focus on

Africa’s onward march

the development of a sec-

make a vital contribution

Coalition to aid progress

towards health, progress

ond generation COVID-19

to this mission, comple-

President Ramaphosa

and prosperity.

vaccine, with the aim to

menting the work already

also announced the for-

produce one billion doses

being done by companies

mation of the Coalition to

a year by 2025.

like Aspen, Biovac and

Accelerate Africa’s Access

Afrigen here in South

to Advanced Healthcare

“It is within the walls of this facility, through the networks that are

“We want to manu-

“This NantSA facility will

being built, through the

facture this in Africa, for

Africa and several other

(AAAH Coalition) which

advanced skills that are

Africa, and export it to

companies in other parts

aims to accelerate local

being developed, and

the world,” explained Dr

of the continent.”

production of pharma-

through the other initia-


tives across our continent,

He added that about

He added that the goal is to cover the entire

ceuticals, biologics and vaccines for Africa.

that our vision for vaccine,

400 to 600 South Africans

vaccine production value

diagnostics and drug

will be employed to help

chain by upgrading exist-

[the AAAH Coalition]

manufacturing in Africa

with the production of

ing capacity and bringing

is a bold step to unite

will steadily take form,”

these vaccines.

new capacity on board.

biotechnology and phar-

President Ramaphosa

The production of vac-

“Emerging African man-

“The establishment of

maceutical companies,

cines in South Africa

ufacturers need technol-

government agencies,

could make the country

ogy partners to develop

non-profit organisations

a vaccine manufacturing

the “nucleus of the world”,

their skills base and assist

and academia.

facility in Africa should

ensuring that South Africa

with technology transfer.

“The coalition gives

result in better access to

makes a difference glob-

“We shall scale up and

effect to our firm belief

vaccines for those on the

ally, said Dr Soon-Shiong.

diversify our produc-

that Africa needs to

President Ramaphosa

said. He added that having

tion capabilities with

harness its skills and

emphasised the impor-

the proper support and

resources and identify

be the last in line to ac-

tance of Africa having

collaboration,” said the

opportunities for collabo-

cess vaccines against

the technology and the


ration across several

pandemics. Africa should

resources to produce

no longer go cap in hand

vaccines and treatments

ships with entities like

to the Western world beg-

for all the diseases that

the Access to Advanced

tion recognises that Africa

ging for vaccines. We will

afflict the people on the

Health Institute, the Chan

has both a great need and

stand on our own. This


Soon-Shiong Family

vast capabilities.

continent.. “Africa should no longer

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

He welcomed partner-

countries.” He added that the coali-



A message from President Cyril Ramaphosa

Good governance is essential for peace and prosperity

2003 and has undergone two assessments. Our most recent assessment was last year, where we were assessed on democratic and political governance, economic management, corporate governance, socio-eco-


nomic development and outh Africa’s two-

promote and protect hu-

states to join by the end

year chairship of

man rights, consolidate

of this decade.

the African Peer

democracy and advance

state resilience. Our country received

The APRM encourages

favourable reviews for,

Review Forum came to an

good governance and the

best practice for politi-

among others, the rule of

end recently at the 35th

rule of law among African

cal, social and economic

law, oversight bodies like

African Union Assembly of


stability, while helping

our Chapter 9 institu-

to address governance

tions, the advancement

55 member states, 42

deficiencies by providing

of women’s rights, strong

are now members of the

a National Programme

refugee protection and

structures of the African

APRM. In the last two

of Action for each state

our extensive social wel-

Peer Review Mechanism

months, the Democratic


fare net.

(APRM), which aims to

Republic of Congo and

Heads of State and Government.

The forum is one of the

Of the African Union’s

In essence, the APRM

South Africa was also

is a voluntary arrange-

cited for its strong cor-

most recent coun-

ment among participating

porate governance, open

tries to join the

states “to assess and re-

budget processes and for


view governance at Head

the proliferation of corpo-

of State peer level”.

rate social responsibility

Burundi became the

Efforts are


underway to

By joining the APRM,

encourage all

states agree to indepen-

remaining AU

dently review their com-

the evolution of our elec-


pliance with continental

toral system through the

and international govern-

introduction of independ-

ance commitments.

ent candidature for last

South Africa was one of the first countries to join the APRM in

We were also praised for

year’s local government elections. With regards to management of the COVID-19 pandemic, South Africa was congratulated for demonstrating resilience


Public Sector Manager • February 2022

and global leadership. The APRM Review Mis-

governance on the con-

towards compliance by

issued a clear warning to


addressing deficiencies

Africa’s leaders: “Our peo-

sion further commended

The Africa Governance

and implementing their

ple supported us in our

South Africa for publicis-

Report 2021, which South

national programmes of

fight for independence

ing its detection of the

Africa presented to the


because they believed

Omicron variant late last

AU Assembly recently,

year, “despite the risks to

noted progress in con-

not punitive, the African

could cure the ills of the

its economy”.

solidating democracy and

Union (AU) has itself

past if now that we are

moving towards econom-

taken decisive positions

independent we allow the

found several areas of

ic integration through the

on states whose actions

same conditions to exist

concern. These include

African Continental Free

undermine the principles

that existed in colonial

rising inequality and un-

Trade Area.

of the AU Charter and the

days, all the resentment

But the assessment also

While the APRM is

that African governments

employment, corruption,

which overthrew coloni-

incidents of xenophobia

alism will be mobilised

and poor service delivery. It recommended that government develop a barometer to measure inequality and tools to measure the efficacy of transformative programmes such as broadbased black economic

“With regards to management of the COVID-19 pandemic, South Africa was congratulated for demonstrating resilience and global leadership”.

against us.” The APRM is one of the most important responses of Africa’s leaders to this danger. Just as South Africa’s fortunes are inextricably tied to those of the continent, we are also

empowerment, employ-

inevitably affected by

ment equity and land

political, economic and


At the same time, it rec-

AU’s Agenda 2063.

other forms of instability

As a country, we are

ommended that leaders

For example, follow-

in Africa. This makes our

taking these recommen-

take urgent steps to ad-

ing coups last year, Mali,

participation in the Afri-

dations on board and

dress drivers of instability,

Guinea and Sudan’s

can Peer Review Mecha-

exploring areas of align-

such as growing youth

membership of the AU

nism all the more critical.

ment between the APRM

unemployment, extrem-

were suspended. Recent-

National Programme of

ism, mass migration and

ly, the AU also suspended

ity, alongside our sister

Action and the work of

deepening inequality.

Burkina Faso’s member-

countries, to strengthen

Because participation

ship following a coup in

good governance in

is voluntary, the APRM

the West African nation.


our National Planning Commission.

We share a responsibil-

At the founding of the

After all, good govern-

that despite pockets of

governance through

Organisation of African

ance brings investment,

instability, we have come

self-assessment and peer

Unity, the precursor to the

development, peace,

a long way in consolidat-

review. Member states

AU, in 1963, Ghana’s Pres-

progress and, ultimately,

ing democracy and good

are encouraged to work

ident Kwame Nkrumah

shared prosperity.

It is greatly encouraging

seeks to encourage good

Public Sector Manager • February 2022



Berlinah Madonsela captains SAS Saldanha


s the first

new position came on

female officer

the back of her being


appointed as the first

the South African

female OC of the Naval

Navy’s training unit

Staff College in Muizen-

SAS Saldanha, Captain

berg in May 2018, a posi-

Berlinah Madonsela is

tion which prepared her

firmly focused on leaving

for what was to come.

a legacy of promoting

In her new role, Captain

Captain Berlinah Madonsela gives her salute as the new Officer Commanding of SAS Saldanha.

have a positive impact on

taking ownership,” she

her team.


and encouraging learn-

Madonsela will focus

ing and discipline in the

more on training, the

women hope, espe-

Hard work


core business of SAS

cially young women, and

Born in Langeloop in


believes that hard work

Mpumalanga, Captain

pays off. There are no

Madonsela says she

shortcuts, she says.

was blessed to have

Captain Madonsela was appointed as Of-

“I am a firm believer in

She also aims to give

ficer Commanding (OC)

process improvement.

of SAS Saldanha in

The house is already

October 2021. Based in

built. My responsibility is

I believe God wouldn’t

woman who always

Saldanha Bay on the

to maintain and improve

give me something I

encouraged her to work

West Coast, it is the SA

it,” she says.

wouldn’t be able to carry.

hard and be the best

Navy’s biggest training unit. Her ascension to her


“It’s a big challenge, but

Her focus is on making

“We as women have to

a difference in the learn-

be confident and believe

ing environment and

in ourselves, and start

been raised by a strong

that she could be. As the oldest of four girls, growing up with a

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

single mother was not

pleted both her Basic

Human Recourses

easy, she recalls.

Military Training and

Administration Sup-

Learning and growth

Military Training for

port as Staff Officer 2

Four years later, in

work in primary school,

As a result of her hard

Officers (Part 1) at the


2018, Captain Madon-

one of her teachers

SA Naval College in

took Captain Madon-

In 2010, she was ap-

sela was appointed to

Gordon’s Bay; and, in

pointed as Staff Officer

head up the SA Naval

sela under her wing

2003, she worked as

2 Fleet Assessment

Staff College.

and she went to live

an assistant career

and Selection and, in

“I have learnt a lot

with her.

manager for Combat

2014, as Staff Officer 1

from all the learners


Fleet Assessment and

who have crossed my

Selection. It was during

path. Seeing them grow

these appointments

from the start of the

“She took me to one of the best schools, Mahhushe Agricultural

Serving at sea

High School, where I

In 2004, when she was

that she realised her

learning opportunity

completed matric.”

given the opportunity

love and passion for

to the end is amazing,” she says.

to serve at sea, Captain

education and making

Captain Madonsela

Madonsela joined SAS

a difference in others’

was recruited by the

Isandlwana as assistant


Department of De-

personnel officer.

When she left school,

fence Youth Foundation

“In primary and high

Captain Madonsela has had many highlights during her career,

school, during free

including serving on-

Training Programme.

ed to personnel officer,

periods or when one

board SAS Isandlwana

Her success in the pro-

a position she held for

of my teachers was

and participating in

gramme ensured that

four years. During this

absent, I used to teach

various naval exercises.

she was selected to join

time, she obtained her

my classmates. My

the SA Navy.

Harbour Watch Keep-

principals called me

donsela’s mother heard

ing, Flight Deck Con-

one of their teacher,”

the news of her pro-

was to join the South

troller and Flight Deck

she recalls.

motion she was a bit

African Air Force, after

Officer certificates.

conducting interviews,

She also holds a

While her first choice

She was then promot-

Captain Madonsela

When Captain Ma-

confused, as she didn’t

says the environment of

know what a captain was.

psychometric testing

certificate in security

fleet education, train-

and medicals, the panel

studies, a diploma for

ing and development

also gave her the op-

the Joint Senior Com-

gave her the opportu-

it meant that I was the

tion of joining the navy.

mand Staff Programme,

nity to help others and

principal of a school,

and national and post-

brought out the best in

but with more learners.

I wanted to change.

graduate diplomas in


Little did I know the

human resources.

prophecy of that impul-

In 2008, Captain Ma-

to develop and improve

had been fulfilled once

sive moment,” she says.

donsela was drafted

myself and others,” she

more,” says Captain

ashore and joined



“Right there I said

In 2002, she com-

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

“I always see the need

“I explained to her that

She was so proud and said my dream



New laws strengthen the fight against GBV P

resident Cyril

minor, a disabled person

consider threats of

Related Matters) Amend-

Ramaphosa has

or an elderly person can

violence made against

ment Act, outlaws sexual

signed into law

be examined in proceed-

the complainant and the

exploitation and grooming

ings,” says the President.

complainant’s view of

of persons with mental

their own safety, adds the

disabilities, says President



three pieces of legislation that are expected to bolster

The Act also provides

the fight against gender-

for the extended use of

based violence (GBV).

evidence through an

The legislation will

If the court is not con-

It also provides for

audio-visual link, which

vinced that exceptional

sexual offences against

strengthen the criminal

not only helps protect

circumstances exist that

persons who are mentally

justice system, promote

witnesses from harm but

warrant release on bail,

disabled to be recorded

accountability across the

also prevents unreason-

bail must be denied.

in the National Register of

state and prioritise sup-

able delays.

Sex Offenders

“The new Criminal and

cantly tightens up our bail

Related Matters Amend-

regime. A prosecutor who

ment Act protects the vul-

does not oppose bail in

nerable from secondary

designated cases must

Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act

victimisation by allowing

have their reasons placed

The second piece of legis-

in this respect, and have

courts to appoint interme-

on record,” he explains.

lation, the new Criminal

been sentenced

Law (Sexual Offences and

to terms longer than 18

port for GBV survivors.

diaries through which a


“The new law signifi-

The court must also

“Those who have been convicted of sex crimes against children or mentally disabled persons, have previous convictions

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

months can only ap-

at the same time author-

plainant without the

is beaten, hurt, raped,

ply to have their names

ise the issuing of an arrest

knowledge of the abuser.

assaulted or killed, it is a

removed from the register

warrant, suspended, that

after 20 years,” he adds.

must be provided to the

comply with their obliga-

worse if we knew it was

South African Police Ser-

tions under the new law

taking place and could

vice (SAPS).”

will be guilty of miscon-

have prevented it.

Domestic Violence Amendment Act

SAPS officials are expected to arrest the

SAPS officials who fail to

duct. “All adult persons who

shame on us all. It is even

“We must educate those suffering in silence about

The third piece of legisla-

respondent immediately

have knowledge or sus-

their rights and how to

tion is the Domestic Vio-

if they suspect that the

picion that domestic vio-

exercise them.”

lence Amendment Act.

complainant is in danger

lence is being perpetrated

due to breach of the order.

against a child, a person

government is commit-

“The Act now expressly

with a mental disability

ted to providing the legal

protection orders, and

protects the elderly from

or an elderly person are

protection and support to

broadened the circum-

all forms of domestic

obliged to report such

survivors of GBV.

stances under which they

violence, and also permits

acts to a social worker or

“The passage of these

can be applied for.

complainants to apply for

to the police. Failure to do

new laws is a step in this

“We have tightened up the process of obtaining

“We have addressed

The President adds that

protection orders online,

so is a criminal offence,”

direction. But it is not the

the issue of women and

saving them time and

adds the President.

solution. We must prevent

children being victimised

travel costs,” says Presi-

despite having, or being in

dent Ramaphosa.

process of applying for, a

He adds that the court

Legal protection and support

violence and abuse from happening in the first place.”

protection order,” explains

can also issue a Safety

He stresses that violence

He called on society to

the President.

Monitoring Notice which

against women and chil-

work together to end the

require a member of

dren should be everyone’s

violence perpetrated by

the court believes the

SAPS to be in constant


men against women and

complainant is in immi-

contact with the com-

In instances where

“When a woman or child


nent danger it can issue a protection order immediately, without giving the respondent notice of the proceedings. “Significantly, if the court releases someone charged with domestic violence on bail who does not have a protection order granted against them, the court must issue one after holding an enquiry. “When the court issues a protection order it must

Public Sector Manager • February 2022



Source: SAnews

Port projects to boost the economy

Transpor t Minister Fikile Mbalula during a recent visit to the Por t of Durban.


ritical investments

preneurs to develop and

a green light in respect of

national importance as it

in ports across

grow their businesses,”

a number of investments

responds to energy policy

the country are

said Transport Minister

in the ports, which will

and energy security of the

expected to boost the

Fikile Mbalula during a

deliver tangible economic

country,” he added. The

oceans economy as part of

recent visit to the Port of

dividends and place

value of project is esti-

Operation Phakisa.


South Africa on a sustain-

mated at US$1.5 billion.

“These ground-breaking

The investments also

investments will also give

form part of the Economic

impetus to growing the

Reconstruction and Re-

oceans economy and the

covery Plan.

The Strategic Fuel Fund

Infrastructure development

will construct an onshore

In addition, Mnambithi


liquid natural gas regasi-

Terminals will develop

Comprehensive Maritime

with [the] Minister of

fication facility at the Port

and operate a liquid bulk

Transport Policy, which

Public Enterprises and the

of Ngqura in the Eastern

terminal at the Maydon

seeks to create a nurtur-

Transnet National Ports


Wharf 6 in the Port of

ing environment for entre-

Authority, we have given

implementation of the


“To date, working closely

able growth path,” said the

“This investment is of

Durban in KwaZulu-Natal.

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

“The construction phase

competitive existence of

will create over 1 500 tem-

a downstream aluminium

porary direct and other

industry directly employ-

indirect job opportunities.

ing approximately 11 600

The operation phase will

people permanently,

create over 150 skilled and

whilst contributing to the

semi-skilled employment

indirect formal employ-


ment of 28 500 people,”

This investment is expected to make a

the Minister said. Direct contributions in-

significant contribution

clude revenue to Transnet

to infrastructure develop-

and the municipality of

ment, with construction

Richards Bay of R338

investment of R1.5 billion.

million per annum, local

“The US$ 26 million

procurement spend of R2

maritime vessel that is

billion per annum, and

part of this investment is

contribution to the tax

the first chemical tanker

base of R1.1 billion per

to be acquired by a South


He added that government will accelerate inter-

to skills development, and broadening access to

ventions geared towards

learning by those previ-

enabling small business

ously disadvantaged,” the

Dormac Marine Engi-

and medium enterprise

Minister said.

ment is Hillside Alumin-

neering will also renew

participation in the trans-

ium Proprietary Limited

existing leases, which will

portation of commodities,

importance of transform-

renewing existing leases

generate rental income for

as part of promoting the

ing the maritime sector

in the Port of Richards

Transnet and eThekwini

development and growth

by creating a nurturing

Bay in KwaZulu-Natal, for

Municipality, currently

of South Africa’s Ship

environment for entre-

a bulk storage silos facil-

standing at R17.5 million


preneurs with skills in the

ity, pitch tanks terminal,

per annum.

African company and will soon be flagged locally.” Another major invest-

stock yard facility and a

Leases renewed

“Durban premises and

“Plans to make our ship

He emphasised the

composite industry to

registry attractive and

develop and grow their own businesses.

conveyor belt system ef-

port premises in Cape

worthwhile for owners to

fluent pipeline facility.

Town, currently leased

flag ships in South Africa

from Transnet at full com-

must be given impetus,

projects should boost the

apex of South Africa’s

mercial rentals, generate

and [we must use] this

local content with increas-

aluminium industry and

R20.6 million per annum

opportunity to expand our

ing local supply chains

is therefore one of the

for Transnet. Dormac

seafarer base.

and locally manufactured

major contributors to the

employs 136 employees

country’s economy.

and this investment will

participation in the sector

the growth of the mari-

preserve these,” the Minis-

should, amongst others,

time sector,” the Minister

ter said.

provide a multiplier effect


“Hillside stands at the

“Their investment further supports the

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

“The private sector's

“The port infrastructure

components are critical to



Writer : More Matshediso

State properties repurposed to help GBV victims

Public Works and Infrastructure Minister Patricia De Lille at the recent installation of an anti-GBV billboard outside the Inanda Police Station in KwaZulu-Natal.


Public Sector Manager • February 2022


affected by GBVF.

the number of the GBVF

overnment is

psycho-social therapy to

stepping up

the victims as well as indi-

Recently, a billboard

its support for

vidual and group counsel-

with anti-GBVF mes-

victims can call to get

victims of gender-based

ling, and couples’ counsel-

saging was installed on


violence (GBV) by provid-

ling where needed.

Kgosi Mampuru Road in

command centre where

The Minister urged

ing safe havens where

The shelters will also

Tshwane, as well as at

families and communi-

they can receive care.

assist victims access the

the Plessislaer, Inanda

ties to speak out against

police, legal and health

and Empangeni Police

abuse and report abus-


Stations in KwaZulu-

ers to the authorities so

Natal. A mural was also

that they can face the full might of the law.

The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) has

Due to the sensitivity of

allocated 12 unoccupied

these cases, information

installed at Manenberg

state-owned properties

about the shelters will

Police Station in Cape

to be used as shelters for

not be widely publicised,


victims of GBV.

however victims can visit

Early last year, bill-

Department Social Devel-

boards went up at the

scared of speaking out or

properties are in Gauteng

opment offices, contact

Mamelodi East, Mamelo-

walking away.

and six are in the Western

the GBV Command Centre

di West and Eersterust


or the South African Police

Police Stations.

Six of the refurbished

“Some of these shelters operate as White-door Safe Spaces, which house victims for 72 hours. Others operate as Victim

Service to find out more.

Anti-GBV messaging campaign

“The placement of

“I also want to appeal to women to not protect their abuser[s] and be

"Women must know that there is support out there and they must

these billboards is part of

leave abusive relation-

government’s communi-


cation efforts to reaffirm

She noted that often

our stance against the

women are scared to

Empowerment shelters

The DPWI has also

killing and hurting of our

leave an abusive re-

and Khuseleka One-stop

installed anti-GBV and

women and children,”

lationship and end up

Centres, and both can

femicide (GBVF) mes-

said DPWI Minister Patri-

losing their lives.

accommodate victims for

saging at state-owned

cia de Lille.

three to six months,” the

properties as part of

She added that the bill-

able. Speak out and act

department said.

“Help is avail-

a campaign to show

boards have been placed

against abuse for the

The shelters will have

government’s solidarity

in communities most

sake of savings lives,”

a qualified professional

with communities and

affected by crime.

said the Minister.

social worker to provide

families that have been

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

The billboards publicise



Writer : Allison Cooper

Progress in transforming legal services T

hree policies that

by Cabinet recently.

2021-2026, have been de-

change within the state’s

veloped to implement the

legal services environ-

Management Policy,

State Attorney Amend-

ment, said Minister of

the past, transform legal

Mediation Policy and

ment Act 13 of 2014, fol-

Justice and Correctional

services and establish

State Legal Representa-

lowing its proclamation on

Services Ronald Lamola,

uniform procedures in the

tion Policy are among five

7 February 2021.

who was speaking at the

Office of the State Attor-

polices that, together with

ney (OSA) were approved

the Litigation Strategy


seek to redress the imbalances of

The State Litigation

The strategy and policies aim to achieve the desired

Black Lawyers Association Annual General

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

vide general principles

is expected to exercise

commenced in 2014,

The policies on State

to be observed and the

control, direction and su-

with magisterial districts

Litigation Management,

approach to be adopted

pervision over all of them,

of Gauteng and North

Mediation and State Le-

by the OSA when dealing

said the Minister.

West being rationalised.

gal Representation were

with litigation matters,

“The SG is not only

Limpopo and Mpuma-

approved by Cabinet in

and establish uniform

leading and coordinat-

langa were finalised in

November 2021, and seek

procedures and provide

ing state litigation, he

2016 and Northern Cape

to promote the profes-

a framework to assist the

is also overseeing the

in 2018,” Minister in The

sional empowerment and


performance of the entire

Presidency Mondli Gun-

state legal services,

gubele said, following the recent Cabinet meeting.

Meeting recently.

cost-effective manage-

The Mediation Policy

ment of state litigation

also introduces alterna-

with a specific focus on


tive interventions on cas-

reducing state contingent

He explained that

es that can be resolved

liabilities and protecting

before 1994, the coun-

Initiating and Defending

with less costly court

the interest of the state,”

try’s magisterial districts

of Matters Policy and the

processes, he added.

he added.

were determined along

The other two policies –

Briefing and Outsourc-

The SG developed the

racial lines, perpetuating

Litigation Strategy 2021-

inferior judicial services

2026 and the five policies

to black people living in

– have been submitted

Fundamental changes

to The Presidency for

Minister Lamola said the

to implement the State

the defunct homelands,

socio-economic impact

proclamation of the State

Attorney Amendment

self-governing states and

analysis, after which they

Attorney Amendment Act



will also be referred to

brought about funda-

Cabinet for endorsement,

mental changes.

ing of Legal Work Policy

added the Minister.

These included the

“This will position the

“The proposed recon-

OSG as the nerve centre

figured courts’ jurisdic-

for the provision of State

tion boundaries ensure

creation of 13 Offices of

legal services,” said Min-

equal access to the jus-

the policies also seek

the State Attorney across

ister Lamola.

tice system by all South

to transform the legal

the country, all of which

profession, by promoting

are intended to have the

consistency in the ap-

head of office at chief

Magisterial districts

pointment of previously

director level.

Meanwhile, Cabinet also

nally come up with these

welcomed the finalisa-

boundaries was an

Office of the Solicitor-

tion of the rationalisation

all-inclusive process that

He explained that

disadvantaged legal practitioners.

It also established the

Africans,” said Minister Gungubele. The process to fi-

General (OSG). Acting

of the remaining four

included the magistracy,

will operate as a transi-

Solicitor-General Ronald

provinces’ magisterial

South African Police

tional mechanism while

Fhedzisani Pande-

districts – Eastern Cape,

Service, National Pros-

the State Attorney Act

lani was appointed on 16

Free State, KwaZulu-Na-

ecuting Authority, Legal

is further reviewed, or

March 2020.

tal and Western Cape.

Aid Board, Municipal De-

“The process, which

marcation Board and all

The approved policies

the decision is made to

The Solicitor-General

amend it or repeal it in its

(SG) is the executive

gives effect to the Consti-

relevant stakeholders in


officer for all Offices of

tution of the Republic

the respective provinces,

the State Attorney and

of South Africa of 1996,

he added.

The policies also pro-

Public Sector Manager • February 2022



Health • Rural Development • Employment • Safety & Security • Education


Media Info Total Monthly Print-run

850 000 copies


Twice a month (one print edition, which is also available online, and one online-only edition)


Distributed in all nine provinces in rural and periurban areas, directly to homes and GCIS offices.

2021/22 Rate (R’s)

1 Page

R 89 999.52

1/2 Page

R 46 153.60

1/4 Page

R 20 769.12

The rate per column centimeter

by: Govern

ment Com


n & Inform

ation System

Meet COVID -1 heroin 9 e Monic a Ada ms

R 288.46


ent • S

afety &



Sec Auur guity st 20•21 Ed Ed

J INS July

Vacc gatheine drive rs pac e

Men an db join th e GB conver sati

Page 5

Page 8

ic Va cci nat ion Da ta Sys (EVDS ) opened tem to arrive to 50 to olds. 59 year in July. Pfi zer Th e sec del ive red on d str million nea rly mence eam com doses 4.5 d with - and in quart those wo in the has com er two rking basic edu mitted 15.5 mi to just ove cation which llion do sector, includest r ses in three. eachers. started quarter They receiving “Johns June. vaccin on and es in Joh far delive nson has The thi red 500 so rd stre 000 ces am s doses early acon police is focusi used for ng 000 and oth Sisonke, person er securi market 300 nel. Th doses ty ago ose wh two we der this and 1.2 o fall un eks sector sta mi llio n - [wh rted rec the vac ich] lan do ses , eiving cine at ded rec the beg doses all ently. Th July. inning ese nee d of Au to be use gust.” d by 11 The fou rth stre The cou am is thr workplac ntry is ough e progra also aw confirm mmes in econom aiting ation of ic sector key 000 a furthe s, such ing, ma doses, r of 500 as minnufacturi which later dat expire ng and industry. on a e than the the taxi other dos es.



The COV ID-19 vac progra

mm cin s Sou th police offi e has expand ation Af ric a personnel cers and oth ed to include bat tle s er sec to start , among a thi rd receiving other gro urity wa ve of the ups. vaccines 15 July. Co ron Dis eas from avi rus e (CO VID healthcar “T he -19 ), the cou ntr e worke [va cci y’s ma rs, while second na tio n] ss vac cin gra mm pro gra phase tar the pro e has ati on mm e is get pic gro ed the ked up up of 60 nificant exp and inc lud age Ar Red aler sig momentu and abo ing to e mo re rival of Th ve. m, mi cat t e lestones with key ego rie na tio na peo ple vaccin Wh ile s of . The vac being ach l va cci progra Ga ute ng es we mo cinatio na tio n mme is ieved as South ve forwa rem ain n progra epicentre now con expected Africans s the along def rd,” sai mme is of the CO dent Cy tinuing to pick between ages of d ine Pre demic VID-19 ril Ram d stream siup pac the arr 50 and Minister panaphosa The firs e with s. ival of 59 are exp the The firs . t Kubay mo stre ban t re am is the ected phase the cou e has wa vaccines i-Ngupopulat of the nation ntry. genera rned tha in pro ion acc vacciprogra l vinces t many ording Ac tin g mme foc groups. in the to age He alt h used on On countr almost Mmam Mi y at for vaccin 1 July, registr are nis ter red ale oloko Ku ation rt as inf ation on continue bayi-N said abo ections the Electro gub to increase. ut 2.1 mil ane n- the lion dos Pfizer vac es of cine are expected

ToAL SOd AV rea VuAIL k'uAB zenLEzelON : wn e do load the

Search for

SA Governm


ent on Goo

gle playstor e or appstor e


Cont. page


Website: www.gcis www.vuku zenzele.g Tshedim




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ment •


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Vuk’uze Develop

of Health

Vuk’uzenzele Print Edition Rate Card for Government Departments and Entities

• Rural

February 2022, Edition 2 • Booking deadline – 1 February 2022 • Delivery deadline – 5 February 2022 March 2022, Edition 1 • Booking deadline – 15 February 2022 • Delivery deadline – 20 February 2022

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zenzeleNew Email: vuk s uzenzele@ Tel: (+2 7) 12 473 za 0353

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field, Pretoria

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850 000

Copies per month

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Compiled by: Gilda Narsimdas

Healthy lunch boxes that pack a punch


ating a healthy lunch is key to keeping your energy levels up throughout the work day. One way to make sure you have a healthy lunch is to pack

it yourself. Here are some simple but healthy recipes, some of which can be prepared the night before, to keep you away from the office vending machine.

Beetroot salad in a jar Ingredients

• 2 X 340g jar baby beetroot or use fresh beetroot (steamed/baked and cubed) • 200g baby rocket • 300g feta, cubed • Handful of walnuts • 3 tbsp olive oil • 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar • 500ml mason jars Method If you are baking the beetroots, preheat oven to 190°C. Place the beetroots in a roasting pan and then add herbs of your choice and water to barely cover beetroots. Cover the pan tightly with foil. Roast for about 50 minutes, then peel and cut into cubes when cool. If you are using jarred beetroots, drain the beetroots and cut into quarters. Layer the rocket, feta and beetroot with a few walnuts in the mason jars. Whisk together the olive oil and balsamic vinegar, pour over the salad and toss well. Season with black pepper.

Chia pots

Ingredients • 6 tbsp chia seeds • 2 cups milk of your choice (dairy, almond or coconut) • 3 tbsp maple syrup • Fruit of your choice (berries, kiwi or banana) Method Pour the chia seeds into a bowl, add the milk and maple syrup and stir for a few minutes. This will ensure the chia doesn’t stick together. Place the bowl in the fridge overnight. In the morning, take the chia out of the fridge, divide between six pots and top with chopped fruit. Optional: drizzle honey over the top.


Public Sector Manager • February 2022


Falafels with red pepper hummus or tzatziki (serves 3) Ingredients

For the falafels • 1 x 400g can chickpeas, minced and drained • ½ cup coriander leaves (or a mixture of coriander, parsley and basil leaves) • 1 tsp ground cumin • ½ lemon • 2 cloves garlic, peeled • ½ small onion, peeled and roughly chopped • 2 tbsp olive oil • ½ tsp sea salt • 1½ tbsp flour

For the red pepper hummus • 2 cans chickpeas, drained and rinsed • 1 cup roasted red pepper (100 g), jarred • ¼ cup tahini (60g) • 1 clove garlic • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice • 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil • ¼ tsp smoked paprika • ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper

before refrigerating. To make the roasted red pepper hummus, add the

• 1 tsp salt

chickpeas, roasted red peppers, tahini, garlic, lemon

• 2 tbsp water, as needed

juice, olive oil, paprika, pepper, and salt to the blender.

For the tzatziki • 2 Lebanese (short) cucumbers • 400g low-fat plain yoghurt

Purée until smooth, adding the water one tablespoon at a time until the desired consistency is reached. Transfer to a serving bowl. To make the tzatziki, cut the cucumbers in half length-

• 4 garlic cloves, crushed

ways, scoop out the seeds and discard. Leave the skin

• 3 tbsp finely chopped mint (plus extra to garnish)

on and coarsely grate the cucumber. Sprinkle with salt

• 1 tbsp lemon juice

and leave over a large bowl for 15 minutes to drain off any bitter juices.


Meanwhile, stir together the yoghurt, garlic, mint and

To make the falafels, first preheat the oven to 180°C. Dry

lemon juice. Rinse the cucumber under cold water then,

the chickpeas on a tea towel, then transfer it to a food

taking small handfuls, squeeze out any excess moisture.

processor, along with all the other ingredients except for

Combine the grated cucumber with the yoghurt mixture

the flour, and pulse until crumbed. Stir in the flour and

and season well with salt and freshly ground black pep-

then form the mixture into nine mini ball-shaped patties.

per. Garnish with mint.

Place the patties on a baking tray lined with baking paper and cook for 18 minutes, turning once. Allow to cool

Public Sector Manager • February 2022

Serve the falafels with veggies and the hummus or tzatziki. >



Mini egg frittatas

muffin hole.

• 1 red bell pepper, finely diced

sauté the leek for 10 minutes, or until very soft and

• 1 tbsp olive oil

lightly golden. Add the garlic and cook for a further

• 30g butter

one minute. Remove from the heat and set aside to

• 4 leeks, white part only, finely sliced

cool slightly, then stir in the feta and sweet potato.

• 2 garlic cloves, crushed

Divide among the muffin holes.


• 250g feta, crumbled

Heat the olive oil and butter in a frying pan and

Whisk the eggs and cream together and season

• 8 eggs

with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Pour

• 125ml pouring (whipping) cream

the mixture into each muffin hole until three-quarters filled, then press the vegetables down gently. Bake for


25-30 minutes or until golden and set. Leave in the

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Grease or brush twelve

tins for five minutes and then ease out with a knife.

muffin holes with oil or melted butter. Cut small

Serve hot or at room temperature. The mini egg frit-

rounds of baking paper and line the base of each

tatas can be cooked ahead of time.


Public Sector Manager • February 2022



The fieldworker/s: Will always wear a MASK (with the Census logo on it) and maintain social distance;

• Stats SA Fieldworker verifica on system on Stats SA website

Will carry a Census ID card which you can verify; Will wear a Census BIB with the Census logo on it;

h p:// on/home.php

Will carry a Census BAG with the Census logo on it; Will carry a Census TABLET with a cover that has the Census logo on it.

Toll-free number:

0800 110 248

Call Center also available to verify fieldworkers




Toll-free number: 0800 110 248

Facebook: StatsSA


Twitter: @statssa




Compiled by: Nicholas Francis


station N


othing takes a toll on your skin like the harsh UV rays at the peak of the warmest months of the year. But you can fight back against the harsh

summer sun by giving your skin the hydration it deserves. Here is a selection of products that will keep your skin looking refreshed without breaking the bank. 1 3


Men 1. Nivea Men deep face wash, 100ml, R79.95 available at Dis-chem. 2. Dermalogica multi-active toner 50ml, R260, available at Dermalogica. 3. Loreal Men Expert hydra energetic recharging moisturiser turbo booster, 50ml, R161, available at Superbalist. 5

Ladies 4. W Beauty CLEANSE foaming cleanser, 150ml, R159 available at Woolworths. 5. Hey Gorgeous vitamin C toner, 250ml, R230, available at Foschini For Beauty. 6. REN Vita Mineral daily supplement moisturising cream 50ml, R540, available at Clicks. 6 * Prices correct at the time of publishing.


Public Sector Manager • February 2022

Looking for a government job? Government jobs are advertised on the Department of Public Service and Administration website,, in our Vuk’uzenzele newspaper, and in other reputable publications. Please be aware of any job offers that ask for any form of payment – you will never be asked to pay a fee to apply for any government job. E-mail: Tel: (+27) 12 473 0303





National Provincial


District municipal / Metro Local municipal


Place name





Census is the only source of small area data




Compiled by: Renee Fortune

Love spoils made in





how your love, not for just that someone special in your life, but also for your country, by splashing out on local gifts in the month of love. These products, created by local designers, make for the


perfect Valentine’s Day gift. So go ahead, treat your significant other and also buy local and celebrate some homegrown magic.




1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Healing Cream for men by Red Dane, R486, available at Moisture + Protect Day Cream by Afrakari, R919, available at 6Lady Ubuntu bowl in indigo by Zizamele, R1 700, available at Sade box bag by Matsidiso, R3 490, available at Celebration candle by Cape Island, R335, available at Oxford medium laptop briefcase by Jekyll & Hide, R5 999, available at

* Prices correct at the time of publishing.


Public Sector Manager • February 2022