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Eye in the sky

Zoliswa Kabini ensures safety from the skies


GEPF provides recourse NOVEMBER

Employees Pension Ombud ready to handle pension disputes

empowerment Economic inclusion of women in the spotlight




Contents: November 2021 REGULARS 8

details South Africa’s efforts to tackle climate change

areas of the economy

as head ranger at the Kruger National Park

From the Union Buildings President Cyril Ramaphosa

26 20


government pension disputes

The Government Employees Pension Ombud ensures

12 J&J boosters for healthcare workers

Government Employees

Healthcare workers to

Pension Fund members and

for Women, Youth and

receive COVID-19 booster

their families are treated

Persons with Disabilities,


fairly by the fund

10 Conversations with leaders

Ombud to mediate in

Minister in The Presidency

Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, says government departments are becoming more gender responsive


Major investment boost for KZN

KwaZulu-Natal leading the


to boost the public service

Local public servants de-

velop skills hand in hand with

way in job creation

their Singaporean counter-

16 Trailblazer

Sergeant Zoliswa Kabini soars with the Johannesburg Airwing Unit



Women in the public sector Cathy Dreyer makes history


Women’s economic empowerment prioritised The Women Economic

Assembly will ensure the 28

SA, Singapore partnership

participation of women-



Fighting gender-based violence through technology

owned businesses in more

Public Sector Manager • November 2021



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Grooming and style

Dressing down made easy


Food and wine

Budget beaters you should

36 Travel


Wet and wild in Lake St Lucia

Public Sector Manager • November 2021



Addressing SA’s second epidemic


ntil everyone is free, no-one is free..

South Africa has made great strides towards deracialising society and affirming the rights of all citizens , as well as in advancing gender equality, we acknowledge that more still needs to be done. With a past steeped in racism, sexism and inequality, South Africa remains committed to advancing the rights of all citizens. Despite a Constitution grounded in the protection of human rights, the country continues to face a gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF) crisis, which undermines all human rights efforts amongst others with the femicide rate at 4.8 times higher than the global average. President Cyril Ramaphosa refers GBVF as South Africa’s ‘second epidemic’ in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, making the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children campaign, which starts on 25 November, one of the nation’s most important awareness


programmes. It is fitting that Disability Awareness Month is also marked in November, because women and girls with disabilities are at even greater risk of abuse and inequality, in that they face both gender and disability discrimination. This year, new legislation and a new multi-stakeholder initiative to advance women’s economic empowerment and inclusion add an element of hope to a grim reality. The Criminal and Related Matters Amendment Bill, Domestic Violence Amendment Bill and the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Bill have been approved and are soon expected to be signed into law. The new laws will ensure the criminal and legal system is empowered to take tougher action against perpetrators of violence against women and the vulnerable. Another bill on the horizon, the National Council on Gender-Based Violence and Femicide Bill, will establish the legal frame-

work for the creation of the National Council on GBVF. This multi-sectoral, independent advisory body will ensure that the nation’s GBVF plans and policies are properly implemented. Other milestones include the designation of 32 regional courts as sexual offences courts, the training of around 3 500 Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences investigating officers, and the R141 million in pledges raised by the GBVF Private Sector Response Fund. While swifter justice and harsher sentences might act as a deterrent to abusers, empowered women with the financial means to make life-changing decisions are also less likely to be marginalised and abused. To this end, the Women Economic Assembly was inaugurated in October. This initiative will foster the participation of women-owned businesses in the mainstream economy, through preferential procurement policies, among others. Despite the advancement of women being

Mondli Gungubele Minister in The Presidency

a national imperative for over two decades, women remain woefully under-represented in big business, earn substantially less, and face bigger employment challenges (37% of women are unemployed, as opposed to 32% of men). All government departments, public institutions and private companies can use procurement mechanisms and capacity-building programmes to help improve the economic circumstances of women. This, in turn, will reduce their vulnerability to abuse and violence, because they will no longer be dependent on their abusers, or be without the means to change their circumstances. The question to be answered by all leaders in the public service is: What am I doing, in my personal life and professional role, to advance gender equality?

Public Sector Manager • November 2021


Vaccination certificate opens up a world of opportunities

the United Kingdom. More security features will be added to the certificate, including digital signature technology. Public servants now have a responsibility to encourage people, be they colleagues, family members, friends or members of the public, to


download their certifihere’s a new hot-

can access your certifi-

ticket item available


in South Africa.

cates. This goes hand in hand

Let South Africa’s public

with encouraging people

It is citizens’ passport to

service, which has played

to vaccinate – not through

a world of opportunities,

such a meaningful role

bullying and intimida-

including travel and sports

in the nation’s efforts to

tion, but by listening to

and recreational events.

defeat the virus, once

their fears and providing

Obtaining it is free and the

again be at the forefront

fact-based responses, or –

process is easy.

of the next chapter of our

More good news is that to qualify to receive it,

COVID-19 journey. In the lull experienced

when practical obstacles Phumla Williams, GCIS Director-General.

have prevented people from vaccinating – by doing what you can to assist.

you simply have to take

after the passing of the

in putting our economy

advantage of another

third wave, government

on a more stable footing,

priceless offer – free

– and our dedicated

because it is the ticket

vaccination fence, or want

added protection for you

vaccination teams – did

to rebuilding our tourism

to spread the vaccination

and your loved ones, plus

not relax. Instead, efforts


message, data coming

the bonus of assisting in

to get as many people as

South Africa’s economic

possible vaccinated in

the direct contribution of

ble. Only a small per-


the shortest time possible

the tourism sector to GDP

centage of people being

were intensified.

was R130 billion and con-

admitted to intensive care

stituted nearly 3% direct

units with COVID-19 com-

contribution to GDP.

plications are vaccinated.

Of course, I am talking about the COVID-19

This was done with one

In 2018, pre-COVID-19,

If you are still on the

from hospitals is irrefuta-

Vaccination Certificate – a

goal in mind – minimising

digital offering that when

the number of casualties

in the possession of the

that the expected fourth

Health and the Council for

sanitising, social dis-

majority of South Africans,

wave is expected to claim

Scientific and Industrial

tancing and avoiding

will be a powerful tool.

and, simultaneously,

Research must be lauded

overcrowded gatherings,

racing to offset more eco-

for the development of

especially those that hap-

nomic devastation.

a certificate that, within

pen indoors.

I urge you to ensure you are fully vaccinated – one

The Department of

Johnson & Johnson or two

The vaccination certifi-

days of its launch, had al-

Pfizer doses – so that you

cate will be instrumental

ready been recognised by


Remember to keep on

Together, we will triumph!

Public Sector Manager • November 2021


A message from President Cyril Ramaphosa

SA part of global efforts to tackle climate change


elegates from

The extreme weather

diseases are more easily

el, we need to integrate

across the world

events that we are ex-

spread when there is fre-

climate change con-

have gathered

periencing as a result of

quent flooding.

siderations into service

in Glasgow, Scotland, for

climate change affect the

the COP 26 UN Climate

health, lives and liveli-

committed to making our

Change Conference.

hoods of people in every

fair contribution to the

areas such as the design

country, including our

global climate change ef-

of human settlements,


fort, and have recently set

in energy management

new and more ambitious

though solar water

The summit takes place at a crucial time. Nations of the world urgently

Adverse weather such

As a country, we are

delivery planning. This needs to be in

need to slow down the

as droughts affect our

greenhouse gas emis-

heating for low-income

rate of global warming

already scarce water

sions targets.

households, and in the

and tackle the effects of

supplies, making ac-

climate change.

cess to water harder and

ing national efforts to

in municipal water and

While we are undertak-

use of renewable energy

The agreements

causing widespread crop

achieve these targets, it is

wastewater infrastructure.

reached at the global

failure that threatens our

equally important that we

A number of municipali-

climate summit affect

food security. Polluted

combat climate change

ties, notably in KwaZulu-

the daily lives of all our

air negatively affects hu-

through local actions.

Natal, are already piloting


man health. Waterborne


At local government lev-

the use of different re-

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

newable energy sources

It is our expectation that

such as landfill gas to

as we are playing our

electricity, biomass,

part in the global climate

biogas and small-scale

change effort and have

hydro power. Recently,

raised the level of our

the City of Cape Town

ambition, other nations

launched the pilot phase

should do the same.

of a floating solar power

We will also affirm our

“A number of municipalities, notably in KwaZulu-Natal, are already piloting the use of different renewable energy

plant at a wastewater

position that developed

sources such as landfill gas

treatment works.

countries have a respon-

to electricity, biomass, biogas

Recent amendments

sibility to assist develop-

to electricity regulations

ing countries to adapt to

that allow municipalities

and mitigate the effects

to buy and generate their

of climate change.

own power are expected

We will continue with

and small-scale hydro power.” ing for communal food

taken at a national level


and decisions made on

to lead to a greater up-

our efforts to build re-

take of renewable energy

silience in communities,

technologies over time.

and to harness the poten-

vation and climate action

to and mitigating the ef-

Beyond energy con-

tial of the green economy

have the potential for

fects of climate change is

siderations, we are also

to make a difference in

new business develop-

our shared responsibility.

working to advance the

the lives of our citizens

ment and to support

constitutional right of

and grow our economy.

job creation on a large

difference by making

scale, including through

responsible decisions,

use of renewables in

public employment pro-

whether it is by recycling

electricity generation and


our trash, by choosing

citizens to a clean and healthy environment. Air pollution remains

This includes greater

Environmental conser-

Under the first phase

the global stage, adapting

We can all make a

a major concern for a

the use of green tech-

number of vulnerable

nologies in water and

of the Presidential

by conserving water, or

communities, particularly

waste management. We

Employment Stimulus,

by keeping our communi-

those in close proxim-

will support the recycling

we supported thou-

ties clean.

ity to areas of industrial

economy by revitalis-

sands of beneficiaries


ing buy-back centres

in environmental man-

we make has an impact

sustainable food sources,

Each of these decisions

and integrating waste-

agement, sustainable

on our natural world and

quality management over

pickers into the recycling

land management and

on the climate crisis that

the years, putting norms

economy value chain.

ecosystems conservation

affects us all. Let us all


play our part in the fight

We have improved air

and standards in place

Through municipal

Communities that are

to regulate, manage and

land-use zoning we

control air quality.

are planning to make

safer, healthier and cli-

whether in our homes, in

more land available for

mate change resilient are

our communities, in our

tions from COP26 are

agricultural production

key to our collective fu-

country or on the global


in communities, includ-

ture. Even as actions are


South Africa’s expecta-

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

against climate change,



Writer: More Matshediso

Govt departments champion women empowerment with the previous perfor-

also developed a train-

mance agreements,” she

ing module on gender-


responsive budgeting,

In addition, the advancement of women, youth and persons with


by the NSG. The Minister adds that

disabilities is being

discussions are taking

elevated as cross-cutting

place with the Auditor-

priorities in the Medium

General’s office to initiate

-Term Strategic Frame-

and strengthen the gen-

work (MTSF) 2019-2024.

der-responsive auditing

“The Department

Minister in The Presidency for Women, Yout h and Persons wit h Disabilities, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane.

which is being rolled-out

component, which will

of Planning, Monitor-

be significant for auditing

ing and Evaluation has

predetermined objectives

ensured that planning

and other related audits.

guidelines are now in-

“A Country Gender

clusive of the priorities of

Indicator Framework


evident in the strategic

women, and guidance is

(CGIF), that supplements


plans and annual perfor-

provided to departments

the implementation of

are becoming

mance plans for 2020/21,

for strategic planning

the Gender-Responsive

more gender responsive

which show an improve-

and annual performance

Planning, Budgeting,

and making significant

ment in gender-respon-

planning,” says the

Monitoring, Evaluation

progress in promoting

sive planning by depart-


and Auditing framework,

women empowerment.

ments, when compared

Minister in The Presi-

with previous years.

The Department of

is monitored annually

Women, Youth and

to assess the empower-

Persons with Disabili-

ment status of women,

and Persons with Dis-

mance agreements of

ties, in coordination with

youth and persons with

abilities, Maite Nkoana-

Ministers are gender-

the National School of


Mashabane, says this is

responsive, compared

Government (NSG), has

dency for Women, Youth


“Almost all perfor-

“The CGIF strengthens

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

from promises to action, and from plans to accountability, she adds. “We want to use the 16 Days of Activism to look at the past year, since last year’s campaign, to see what has been achieved. We want to use the campaign to report on progress,” she says.

Disability Rights Awareness Month From 3 November to 3 Image:

December, the country commemorates Disability

government’s ability to

rights in all spaces,” she

the 16 Days of Activism

plan for and measure


for No Violence against

progress towards gender

South Africa’s endorse-

Rights Awareness Month. Minister Nkoana-

Women and Children

Mashabane says a key

equality and the empow-

ment of the Decade of

campaign from 25

intervention of the MTSF

erment of women,” she

African Women’s Fi-

November to 10 Decem-

2019-2024 is the main-


nancial and Economic

ber, the Minister says

streaming of people with

Inclusion, the National

despite many interven-

disabilities across all pro-

Strategic Plan on Gen-

tions, GBVF and inequal-

grammes and services.

Gender equality gains

der-Based Violence and

ity remain a stubborn

The Minister says that

Femicide (NSP–GBVF)

shame on South Africa’s

based Coordination Mod-

since 1994, South Africa

and the National Action


el and the appointment

has made strides in at-

Plan on Women, Peace

taining gender equality

and Security indicate the

reverses the gains we are

for integrated planning

and women empower-

country’s commitment to

making, and impacts on

and service delivery are

ment through legislation

ensuring the equality of

the safety and security

also means to provide

and practical steps.


of women to full partici-

opportunities for focused

pate in everyday life,” the

interventions that will

Minister says.

meaningfully change the

“Our progressive frameworks ensure that

16 Days of Activism

women access their

As the country marks

policies and legal

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

“This violence really

The time has come for South Africa to move

The Khawuleza District-

of district champions

lives of persons with disabilities.



Source: SAnews

J&J boosters for

healthcare workers the Department of Health,

a dose of the J&J vaccine,

Desmond Tutu Health

to evaluate its effective-

Foundation, Centre for

ness, between 17 Febru-

the AIDS Programme of

ary and 17 May 2021.

Research in South Africa

“By rolling out the

and J&J to provide early

Sisonke Study, we bought

access to the single-dose

valuable time for health-

J&J vaccine.

care workers, and were

A new trial has since evaluated a booster dose,

four months ahead of

given at least two months

the national rollout and

after the first dose, in

ahead of the Delta-driven

31 300 participants from

third wave,” said one of

more than nine countries.

the co-national Principal

According to the data,

Investigators of the study,

vaccine efficacy against

Professor Glenda Gray.

the disease was 94% in

The Sisonke Study

the US and 75% globally. At a global level, vaccine


he South African

United States Food and

Health Products

Drug Administration

able to protect them

showed that the J&J vaccine was safe, easy to

efficacy was 100% against

administer and provided

severe disease and criti-

good protection against

cal disease.

severe disease and death.

“In this study, two doses

The single-dose

Regulatory Author-

(FDA) recommended a

were safe and usual vac-

regimen has since been

ity (SAHPRA) and Johnson

second dose of the J&J

cine side effects were

administered to other

& Johnson (J&J) have

vaccine for all Americans

reduced following the

essential workers, such as

approved vaccine booster

18 years and older, who

second dose,” the SAMRC

educators, police officers

doses for all healthcare

received a single dose.


and those living in rural

workers who received a

Early this year, the


J&J vaccine as part of the

South African Medi-

Sisonke Study

Sisonke Study.

cal Research Council

In South Africa, 496 424

5.2 million people in

(SAMRC) worked with

health workers received

South Africa have re-

This comes after the


In addition, more than

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

ceived at least one dose

breastfeeding women

grocery vouchers to those

of J&J to date.

who received a first dose

over the age of 60 after

of the J&J vaccine,” added

they get the vaccine.

Need for booster doses

the SAMRC. The Department of

Health Minister Dr Joe

added. The grocery vouchers have been sponsored by DG Murray Trust, Alan

Phaahla said the pilot

Gray Financial Services, Bill & Melinda Gates

According to the SAMRC,

Health’s Acting Director-

scheme is valued at R26

booster shots are becom-

General, Dr Nicholas

million and is expected to

Foundation, Elma Vac-

ing available in many

Crisp, reiterated the im-

benefit 260 000 pension-

cines Foundation and the

parts of the world.

portance of vaccines.


Michael and Susan Dell

“Scientific evidence on

“Vaccines remain our

the progressive decrease

most powerful weapon

come, first-served basis,”

of immunity and the

in the fight against the

he said.

need for booster doses is

COVID-19 pandemic and

evolving and some coun-

our priority remains the

that the voucher will be

companies to come for-

tries have decided to offer

most vulnerable groups,

texted to the cellphone

ward. We welcome other

booster doses to certain

especially senior citizens

number senior citizens

initiatives which are still

high-risk populations like

or adults who live with

registered with on the

being considered.”

the elderly and health

compromised immunity

EVDS. Coupons will be

workers or other frontline

in the majority, ahead of a

redeemable at Shoprite,

that 40% of all adults will


fourth wave,” he said.

Checkers and Usave

be vaccinated by mid-



The SAMRC said in-

Health workers who

“This will be on a first-

The Minister explained

Foundation. “We hope the pilot will be a success so that it can encourage other

The Minister is confident

creasing coverage of first

participated in the

doses to reduce hospital

Sisonke Study will receive

matically get an invitation

we see much steadier and

admissions and deaths

an invitation by SMS on

to receive their voucher.

consistent return for the

during a fourth wave

the number they used to

However, due to the

second dose of Pfizer. So,

remains a top priority

enrol for the first part of

Protection of Personal

this is not a major worry,

since only 30% of eligible

the study. Enrolment will

Information Act, they will

as much as it was pointed

adults have been fully

be through the Electronic

have to opt-in, by dialling

out previously, since a lot


Vaccination Data System

'YES' at no cost, upon

more people are return-


receiving the SMS.

ing,” he said.

The results will be used to guide future decisions regarding boosters. “We are in the final

Grocery vouchers

Pensioners will auto-

“We’re also happy that

“By dialling in, they'll

According to the Min-

then be given access to

ister, the vaccination of 12

the Money Market ac-

to 17 year olds is proceed-

stages of approvals from

Efforts to encourage more

count of Shoprite, which

ing steadily, with 99 900

the regulators and ethics

South Africans to get

protects their money.

having already vaccinated

review committees, and

vaccinated are also being

They cannot lose their

by the end of October.

vaccination will be open

intensified with the recent

voucher and once they've

to all health workers,

launch of a pilot scheme

registered, that money

bers to pick up during the

including pregnant and

that is providing R100

is available to them,” he

school holidays,” he said.

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

“We expect the num-




Major investment boost for KZN K


The first production

the Corolla Cross as a fine

indicative of the country

(KZN) is pick-

run of the Toyota Corolla

achievement, adding that

embracing the opportuni-

ing itself up after

Cross Hybrid vehicle was

it is a historic moment.

ties for a green economy, country and continent,

bearing the brunt of violent

recently celebrated in

unrest earlier this year, and

KZN, with President Cyril

the first generation of

while ensuring that South

is once again attracting

Ramaphosa present to

commercial-scale hybrid

Africa benefits.

major investment that is

witness the achievement.

electric vehicles to come

leading to job creation.

The production of the

Toyota and Tetra Pak

Corolla Cross on home

The Corolla Cross is

President Ramaphosa

off a South African as-

said South Africa has

sembly line.

identified three key pri-

soil will result in Toyota

massive investments in

investing R2.6 billion in

dent, this development

These include Eskom

the province, which will

the country.

is more than simply a

reducing its carbon emis-

new model coming off a

sions, electric vehicles to

production line, it is also

be locally produced and

ultimately lead to more jobs.

The President described the local production of

According to the Presi-

orities for climate action.

recently announced

President Cyril Ramaphosa at t he Toyota Sout h Africa production plant in KwaZulu-Natal, where he witnessed t he f irst production run of t he Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid vehicle.


Public Sector Manager • November 2021

the green hydrogen econ-

rica CEO Andrew Kirby

the number of new local

as a key manufacturing

omy to be fast tracked.

said the company has

suppliers from the global

hub, with the capacity in

South Africa is one of

invested over R6.1 billion

supply chain, which is key

infrastructure and skills to

only seven global loca-

in the plant over the past

in the Economic Recon-

serve all Southern Africa

tions for the production

five years.

struction and Recovery


of this hybrid car, along

“So, we’re therefore


with Japan, America,

committed to further de-

Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia

veloping and strengthen-

are 56 local suppliers

rand into our economy,

and Taiwan, which the

ing our business in South

for this new model, of

which will certainly foster

President believes is a


which 16 are black-owned

economic growth and

companies,” said the

boost much-needed jobs


in the province. Tetra

testament to the skilled,

According to Kirby,

productive workforce and

Toyota South Africa also

competitive plant.

plans to change the new-

“I am advised that there

“We welcome this injection of half a billion

Pak’s investment will

I met workers who are

in South Africa, from

Tetra Pak investment

passionate and commit-

selling a few hundred to

In another vote of con-

tional minimum of 20 new

ted and I saw the value

well over 10 000 units per

fidence in the province

technical professionals to

of the skills programme


recently, Swedish multi-

be employed.”

“During the plant tour,

management has put in place.” The Corolla Cross will be exported to 40 countries across Africa, which

energy vehicle landscape

national food packaging

He added that with its

the company for its sup-

and processing company

current production loca-

port following the unrest

Tetra Pak announced the

tion, Tetra Pak is seeking

in the province in July.

investment of approxi-

to position itself as an ex-

mately R500 million to

port hub for South Africa

upgrade the production

and a platform for growth on the continent.

Job creation

Continental Free Trade

Toyota has created 575

capacity of its packaging


new jobs at the plant and

material factory in Pine-

a further 1 200 new jobs

town, Durban.

company will seek to

have been created in sup-

ramp up its projected

plier companies.

4 000 hybrid vehicles

120 jobs, with an addi-

The President thanked

will boost the African

“I am advised that the

safeguard approximately

The auto industry is

KZN Premier Sihle

Tetra Pak Southern Africa Managing Director Stefan Fagerang said the

Zikalala welcomed the

Pinetown investment is

investment, saying it will

about increasing the local

planned for next year, if

one of the drivers of the

create new jobs in the

content of its manufac-

the availability of bat-

country’s localisation

wake of the Coronavirus

tured product by 50%, to

teries improves," the

programme and a sig-

Disease pandemic and


President said.

nificant contributor to the

related socio-economic

gross domestic product,


He added that the R2.6 billion investment by the

accounting for more than

Japanese multinational

100 000 jobs.

supports the company’s commitment to be carbon

investment confirms the

neutral by 2030 and

company’s long-term

its ability to serve the

added that Toyota is also

commitment to KZN, and

Southern African market,”

looking at increasing

showcases South Africa

Fagerang said.

automotive manufacturer

President Ramaphosa

was a vote of confidence. Toyota South Af-

The Premier said the

“The investment also

Public Sector Manager • November 2021



Writer: Kgaogelo Letsebe

Sergeant Kabini soars to new heights G small town of

Humble beginnings

uMzimkhulu in

Kabini says law enforce-

rowing up in the

KwaZulu-Natal, Zoliswa

ment appealed to her from

Kabini never imagined she

an early age, but she never

would one day become an

thought she would be one

Airborne Law Enforcement

of the organisation’s lead-

Officer (ALEO).

ing ladies.

Sergeant Kabini (34) is

“Growing up, I was sur-

attached to the Johannes-

rounded by police officers

burg Airwing Unit.

who were very disciplined,

According to South Afri-

available to assist the com-

spokesperson Colonel Ath-

munity. I really admired

lenda Mathe, Kabini is one

those individuals and

of 10 female ALEOs in the

somehow, they made being

country. As an ALEO, she

within the police organisa-

takes to the skies to pro-

tion appealing.

vide air support to high-risk


“This encouraged me to

units during operations,

join the SAPS as a police

ranging from search-and-

reservist and later join the

rescue missions to routine

SAPS band as a trombon-

patrols, public unrest and

ist. From then on, I knew

crowd-control and vehicle,

that I wanted to be part

game and livestock theft

of the organisation,” she


explains. However, she lost her

She works with the Sergeant Zoliswa Kabini of t he SAPS Johannesburg Air wing Unit is a highflyer of note.

professional and always

can Police Service (SAPS)

police’s Special Task Force,

parents, which made ob-

National Intervention Unit,

taining higher education a

Tactical Response Team,


Public Order Police and the Counter Assault Team.

“After completing my matric, life was hard. I was

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

raised by my father, who


most dangerous yet satis-

tion, now more than

unfortunately passed

“In 2018, I applied to

fying operations. A police

ever. Perhaps with such

away before I started

become an ALEO. Fol-

member had been shot in

changes, we will also be

high school. My mother

lowing my selection, I

Tembisa, Ekurhuleni.

able to gradually change

also passed on after that

was enrolled in a training

and I was left with my

programme and suc-

for duty that day with

the community has about


cessfully completed the

nothing extraordinary

the police.”


happening. I was working

“I had no means to

“I remember reporting

the bad perception that

She says there are a va-

further my studies. In

According to Kabini, an

with a female pilot, Capt

riety of jobs in the SAPS.

2009, I applied for a

ALEO needs to be asser-

Kgothatso Khonou, when

Apart from the obvious -

vacancy at the SAPS and

tive and decisive.

we received a call that

police officers and detec-

one of our members had

tives - there are pilots,

been shot in Tembisa.

social workers, lawyers,

was fortunately hired and

“To survive in this

placed with the Benoni

environment requires

SAPS, where I worked in

discipline, dedication, the

the charge office.”

ability to put in double

favourable [for flying],

resources officers, and

“The weather was not

logistics and human

[the effort] and to multi-

but we managed to fly to

more. “The opportuni-

that she could enrol for

task. It is also important

the area and were able to

ties are endless; you just

a Bachelor of Policing

to be alert at all times,

save the injured mem-

need to be determined

degree at the Southern

brave and calm. You need

ber’s life.”

and focused.”

Business School.

to know what to say, what

Being employed meant

Saving a colleague or

Kabini says she intends

to do, how to do it and

community member’s life,

to continue growing

when to do it.”

apprehending suspects,

her career. She wants a

She adds that being a

recovering stolen motor

higher rank and posi-

to Social Crime Preven-

female in such a physi-

vehicles and controlling

tion in the near future. “I

tion co-ordinator in 2013,

cally demanding role has

crime incidents makes

always say through hard

where she worked within

its challenges.

her career rewarding, she

work and consistency,


everything I touch will

Slowly yet steadily, Kabini started climbing the ranks. She was promoted

communities and spear-

“It’s not impossible, but

headed crime-prevention

it does require added


effort. I love my work and

Paving the way

I don’t get intimidated by

Kabini says there will al-

story is proof that with

was definitely a step up –

my male counterparts,

ways be a need for young

determination you can

into the skies!

because everything they

women to join the SAPS.


Her next career move

To qualify as an ALEO, a SAPS member needs

do, I can equally execute. “We also receive a lot of

“I encourage more

turn to gold.” She adds that her

“Your background

women, especially young

should not determine

to have at least three

support from the SAPS

females, to join the ser-

your future. Despite any

years’ experience in an

in the form of counselling

vice and play their part

hardships you may ex-

operational environment.

and mentors who can

in making South Africa a

perience in life, through

Following a rigorous se-

relate to our challenges,”

safer place.

hard work, you can

lection process, success-

Kabini adds.

ful applicants undergo

She recalls one of her

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

“We need more strong women in the organisa-

achieve your dreams,” says Kabini.



Writer: More Matshediso

Women’s economic inclusion prioritised


outh Africa is on a journey to reshape its economy by

in transforming society by bridging the material divides between different races, genders and social classes; it has not fundamentally transformed patterns of ownership, control and benefit in the economy. “For as long as women shoulder the greatest burden of poverty, are more likely to be unem-

for women-owned busi-

development and play a

ployed, are paid less than


significant role in promot-

their male counterparts

ing gender equality and

and struggle to start

“The initiative seeks to

exploring opportunities

connect and inspire inno-

poverty reduction,” added

businesses; for as long

that can potentially change

vation, thought leadership


as they face discrimina-

the lives and prospects of

and action, to transform

WECONA also aims to

tion in the workplace and

millions of women.

value chain eco-systems

build a long-term frame-

confront other challenges,

Recently, government,

as well as obtain a deep,

work for monitoring and a

our vision of an equal and

the private sector, civil so-

common understanding

measurement index.

just society will remain

ciety, women’s organisa-

and detailed articulation

tions and businesswomen

of sector-specific value-

will become an annual

joined forces to form the

chain eco-systems,” she

national programme that

empowerment of women

Women Economic As-


will include pre- and

is an integral part of

post-assembly activities.

government’s efforts to

sembly (WECONA). facilitate the participation

Economic participation

of women-owned busi-

WECONA’s aim is to

Mtoba said WECONA

“It is time that, as

elusive,” he stressed. The President said the

achieve inclusive growth,

women, who constitute

create jobs and expand

The intention is to help

52% of the population,

economic opportunities

nesses in the economy.

businesswomen identify

we play an equitable role

for all.

WECONA National

entry points and oppor-

in the human and social

“The unemployment

Convener and Co-chair-

tunities for sustainable

development of our own

rate among women is

person Futhi Mtoba said

economic participation.

country,” she added.

nearly 37%, compared

the assembly will activate,

“Preferential procure-

Speaking at the launch

with 32% among men. In

coordinate and monitor

ment can help small firms

of WECONA, President

2018, women’s average

government and private

achieve goals of equitable

Cyril Ramaphosa said

monthly earnings were

sector actions towards

distribution of resources,

although South Af-

76% of those of men.

preferential procurement

enable sustainable

rica has made strides


“These disparities are

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

preferential procurement in the public sector. “Current public procurement accounts for 9% of the gross domestic Representatives from government, t he private sector, civil society, women's groups and businesswomen gat her for t he inaugural Women Economic Assembly.

product, which is about R500 billion annually. Of this amount, 12% went to women-owned enterprises in the first and second quarter of 2021," the President said. He added that gov-

not only the product of a

institution, sector and

have allocated to imple-

ernment, working with

profoundly imbalanced

citizen must be involved.”

menting the National

industry, has started

Strategic Plan over the

building the capability of

next few years is dedicat-

women-owned busi-

ed to economic empow-

nesses to submit propos-

erment programmes,” he

als to provide goods and


services in the public and

economy, but they also arise from, and contribute to, gender inequality in society,” he noted. In addition, 42% of chil-

Addressing inequality and GBVF The President said

dren in South Africa live

improving the economic

with their mothers only,

circumstances of women

called on every govern-

Approximately 1 300

compared with 4% who

equates to reducing their

ment department, public

women in the Eastern

live with their fathers only.

vulnerability to abuse

institution and private

Cape, Free State and

The great divide in paren-

and violence, adding that

company to implement

Limpopo have so far

tal responsibility trans-

the economic empower-

mechanisms to fast-track

been supported to do

lates into a great divide

ment of women as one of

preferential procure-

business government

in economic opportunity

the pillars of the Na-

ment for women-owned

through this extensive

and circumstance.

tional Strategic Plan on


capacity-building pro-

President Ramaphosa said the economic empowerment of women is

Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF).

President Ramaphosa

The Presidency, working with the departments

private sectors.

gramme.” These are female busi-

of Women, Youth and

ness owners who have

not a technical exercise

cally dependent on male

Persons with Disabilities;

been trained in compli-

that can be achieved

partners, women have a

Social Development;

ance and registration,

merely by improving

better chance of leaving

Small Business Develop-

procurement and regula-

policy and introducing

an abusive relationship.

ment; Agriculture, Land

tory framework, financial

Reform and Rural De-

literacy, marketing and

nificant portion of the

velopment; and National

access to markets, and

process of social trans-

R21-billion that national

Treasury, has mapped out

finance and growth op-

formation in which every

government departments

a strategy to achieve 40%


progressive programmes. “It is fundamentally a

“By being less economi-

“That is why a sig-

Public Sector Manager • November 2021



Writer: Silusapho Nyanda

Ombud to mediate in government pension disputes M

embers, pen-

pensioners and ben-

sioners and

eficiaries. The fund was

beneficiaries of

founded and is regulated

the Government Employ-

in terms of the Govern-

ees Pension Fund (GEPF)

ment Employees Pension

now have recourse when


unhappy with the service

Ramabulana has been

they receive.

To ensure the GEPF

appointed as the Om-

members and their fami-

bud. He says the office

lies are treated fairly, the

was established to assist

board recently estab-

people who are unhappy

lished an office to handle

with the services of the

disputes. The Govern-


ment Employees Pension

It will be especially ben-

Ombud (GEPO) is an

eficial to people who can-

internal but independent

not afford legal recourse.

office of the GEPF.

Before people take their

The GEPF is among the


Advocate Makhado

disputes to the Office of

largest pension funds in

the Public Protector or

the world, with over 1.2

to the courts, they can

million active members

seek mediation from the

and more than 450 000


Public Sector Manager • November 2021

The Ombud will inter-

complaint is received, de-

vene in matters that lead

pending on the complex-

to unreasonable delays

ity of the case. If the Ombud refuses to

in the processing of payments due to claim-

investigate a complaint,

ants. It may only mediate

the complainant can write

in complaints that have

to the GEPO office within

arisen within the past

21 days of receiving a

three years.

rejection letter, providing

Other issues within the

reasons why he or she

GEPO’s scope include:

believes the complaint

• The failure of officials

falls within the GEPO’s

to perform their duties

employer has failed to

in terms of the Fund’s

perform their duties ac-

accept a case if there

law and rules;

cording to the rules of the

is already an official

reconsider the decision

fund or the law.

investigation underway

and decide if the submis-


sion is a proper com-

• Breaking a commitment without a justifiable reason; and

“You must allow them

The Ombud cannot

mandate. The Ombud will then

plaint in terms of GEPO’s

30 days to correct the is-

“Within two weeks

sues that you identified. If,

from the date that the

leading information

after 30 days, your issues

complaint is received,

provided by the GEPF

remain unresolved, you

the GEPO will consider

how to lodge a complaint


can submit a complaint

[the case] and inform

are available on the

to the Ombud,” explains

the complainant whether

GEPO website at www.


it can investigate and Complaints

decide on the matter.

may be lodged online, in

• Incorrect or mis-

Before lodging a complaint with the GEPO, a person must send a writ-

He adds that when

ten complaint to either

lodging a complaint with

the GEPF, the Govern-

his office, people must

the complaint, an ac-

ment Pensions Adminis-

describe their relationship

knowledgement letter will

tration Agency (GPAA) or

to the fund, set out the

be sent to the complain-

their employer, and give

background facts that led

ant, detailing the process

them a chance to settle

to the complaint, specify

to be followed until the

the matter.

the dispute between the

complaint is concluded.”

“If the Ombud accepts

Complainants must

complainant and the

A determination will be

state how they believe

fund, and outline the

issued within four months

the GEPF, GPPA or their

desired outcome.

from the date that the

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

mandate. Detailed guidelines on

writing, or via email.

Contact details:

Complaints Manager,

PO Box 11005, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0028

Email: enquiries@

Phone: 012 110 4950



Health • Rural Development • Employment • Safety & Security • Education


Media Info Total Monthly Print-run

850 000 copies


Twice a month (one print edition, which is also available online, and one online-only edition)


Distributed in all nine provinces in rural and periurban areas, directly to homes and GCIS offices.

2021/22 Rate (R’s)

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Men an db join th e GB conver sati

Page 5

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ic Va cci nat ion Da ta Sys (EVDS ) opened tem to arrive to 50 to olds. 59 year in July. Pfi zer Th e sec del ive red on d str million nea rly mence eam com doses 4.5 d with - and in quart those wo in the has com er two rking basic edu mitted 15.5 mi to just ove cation which llion do sector, includest r ses in three. eachers. started quarter They receiving “Johns June. vaccin on and es in Joh far delive nson has The thi red 500 so rd stre 000 ces am s doses early acon police is focusi used for ng 000 and oth Sisonke, person er securi market 300 nel. Th doses ty ago ose wh two we der this and 1.2 o fall un eks sector sta mi llio n - [wh rted rec the vac ich] lan do ses , eiving cine at ded rec the beg doses all ently. Th July. inning ese nee d of Au to be use gust.” d by 11 The fou rth stre The cou am is thr workplac ntry is ough e progra also aw confirm mmes in econom aiting ation of ic sector key 000 a furthe s, such ing, ma doses, r of 500 as minnufacturi which later dat expire ng and industry. on a e than the the taxi other dos es.



The COV ID-19 vac progra

mm cin s Sou th police offi e has expand ation Af ric a personnel cers and oth ed to include bat tle s er sec to start , among a thi rd receiving other gro urity wa ve of the ups. vaccines 15 July. Co ron Dis eas from avi rus e (CO VID healthcar “T he -19 ), the cou ntr e worke [va cci y’s ma rs, while second na tio n] ss vac cin gra mm pro gra phase tar the pro e has ati on mm e is get pic gro ed the ked up up of 60 nificant exp and inc lud age Ar Red aler sig momentu and abo ing to e mo re rival of Th ve. m, mi cat t e lestones with key ego rie na tio na peo ple vaccin Wh ile s of . The vac being ach l va cci progra Ga ute ng es we mo cinatio na tio n mme is ieved as South ve forwa rem ain n progra epicentre now con expected Africans s the along def rd,” sai mme is of the CO dent Cy tinuing to pick between ages of d ine Pre demic VID-19 ril Ram d stream siup pac the arr 50 and Minister panaphosa The firs e with s. ival of 59 are exp the The firs . t Kubay mo stre ban t re am is the ected phase the cou e has wa vaccines i-Ngupopulat of the nation ntry. genera rned tha in pro ion acc vacciprogra l vinces t many ording Ac tin g mme foc groups. in the to age He alt h used on On countr almost Mmam Mi y at for vaccin 1 July, registr are nis ter red ale oloko Ku ation rt as inf ation on continue bayi-N said abo ections the Electro gub to increase. ut 2.1 mil ane n- the lion dos Pfizer vac es of cine are expected

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Writer: Silusapho Nyanda

SA, Singapore

partnership to boost the public service


fforts to profes-

public service managers

is partnering with its

signed a memorandum of

sionalise the public

receiving development

Singaporean counterpart,

understanding (MoU).

service have been


the Civil Service College

enhanced thanks to a partnership that will see


The NSG says the two

The National School

(CSC) of Singapore, in the

institutions will work

of Government (NSG)

initiative. The two recently

together to train staff at

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

The classes are cur-

both national and local

but to inspire innovation

programme. The interven-

government in South Af-

in our own development

tions include seminars

rently being conducted

rica. They will also share

trajectory, as set by the

and masterclasses. Our

online due to the restric-

research and knowledge,


main focus is on short

tions enforced by the

learning programmes,” he

Coronavirus Disease.


The virtual classes allow

deliver programmes in ar-

“We are in different

eas related to governance

levels of our development

and public administration,

trajectory. Singapore

and develop and share

rapidly developed from a

New journey

case studies.

struggling island nation to

As part of the agreement,

one of the most devel-

a masterclass titled ‘The

NSG Principal Busani

targeted at executives

oped countries in the

challenges of governance

Ngcaweni says the sign-

and senior and middle

world,” he adds.

in a complex world’ has

ing of the MoU is very

already taken place, with

timely for the NSG, as it is

public servants from both

in the process of finalising

countries participating.

the Framework towards

“The programmes are

managers. However, transversal and could

Sharing knowledge

cover other categories

Mayimele says that the

of staff as the purpose is

some programmes are

for more participants to be reached within the budget.

Singapore’s High Com-

the Professionalisation of

sharing of knowledge and

missioner to South Africa

the Public Service, which

to build capacity across

lessons can help avoid

Chua Thai-Keong says

aims to ensure an effec-

the hierarchy of the entire

costly mistakes.

the partnership is the be-

tive civil service in South

ginning of a new journey


public sector,” explains

“The courses assist the

for the two nations.

“From this partnership,

NSG Director of Inter-

officials to gain insights

national Relations and

from the development tra-

“This is important for

Partnerships Bongani

jectory of other countries,

the development of both

a new cadre of public


to do comparative analy-

countries and the dignity

servants who are diligent

sis and use the lessons to

of all citizens concerned,”

and committed to the

the top six of the least

inform our strategies and

adds Thai-Keong.

national development of

corrupt countries, accord-

policies, where applica-

ing to the Corruption Per-

ble,” says Mayimele.

Singapore is ranked in

ceptions Index of 2020. In

Public servants will

In terms of the MoU,

we are hoping to achieve

the country, prudent in

the NSG identifies ar-

the management of gov-

eas where the State can

ernment resources, and

last year’s United Nations’

benefit from courses that

strengthen its lessons,

cadres who understand

Human Development In-

tackle innovation and de-

and elected and non-

why they always need to

dex, Singapore was rated

sign thinking, leadership,

elected public officials

be ethical,” he adds.

number 11 in the develop-

human resources man-

from national, provincial

ment of its citizenry.

agement, public sector

and local government;

to enrol their staff in

Mayimele says the MoU

State entities that want

reform, data analytics and

state-owned enterprises;

courses offered through

will expose public serv-

service delivery, among

legislative sectors; and

this partnership can visit

ants in South Africa to in-


other organs of state can for

attend various pro-

more information or call


086 100 8326.

ternational best practices. “The aim is not to copy,

“The course duration varies per course or

Public Sector Manager • November 2021



*Writer: Oupa Makhalemele

Harnessing tech to fight GBVF


nial problem of women’s subjugation in a maledominated society follow us into the cyberspace. Troubling behaviour has manifested online. Incidences such as revenge porn (where jilted

s the Fourth In-

boyfriends post nude

dustrial Revolution

pictures, addresses and

(4IR) continues

names of their exes) are not uncommon.

cementing its presence in

Women who use their

our everyday life, keeping abreast of the develop-

influential voice against

ments in information and

patriarchy and injustice

communication technolo-

are often trolled, with

gies (ICTs) is everyone’s

threats of rape made


against them. Also, it is

There is no better time

almost always the women

to start thinking of ways

who face public scorn

in which technology can

whenever there is a

be harnessed to improve

heterosexual sex tape. All

the lot of women and

this leads to the conclu-

girls, especially when it

sion that the internet has

comes to their safety in a

no firewall for patriarchy. Of course, this does not

predominantly misogynistic world.

The more things change…


mean that government is impervious to these

ed South African Govern-

be followed with action.

abuses. The recently

ment stridently putting in

Whatever the policy

promulgated Films and

The abuse of women

place measures to foster

outcomes, this initiative

Publications Amendment

and children must haunt

a society where gender

must provide impetus to

Act of 2019 is a step in

those women who stood

equality is a reality. Politi-

this fight through effective

the right direction when it

defiantly against South

cal will is a key ingredient


comes to addressing the

Africa’s unjust apartheid

in fighting the scourge of

government at its citadel

violence against women.

in 1956.

The commitment to

Hostility follows women online

online abuse of women. The Act makes specific provisions to outlaw re-

draft the Bill on Gender-

Despite efforts to improve

venge pornography. But a

changed since then, with

Based Violence and

the status of women, we

lot more work still needs

the democratically elect-

Femicide (GBVF) should

have seen the peren-

to be done and the use

Granted, a lot has


Public Sector Manager • November 2021

of technology should be

not for a second propose

tion and educate women

It alerts several people she


that technology will end

about GBVF.

has handpicked to assist

Technology to enhance the safety of women

violence against women,

This same platform could

in such an event.

or GBVF. This is a problem

be used also to educate

rooted in our cultural

young men about positive

applications being used,

practices, including how

masculinity (as a coun-

which will save women

Many across the world

women are portrayed in

terpoint to promoting

and deter perpetrators.

welcome the advent of

the media.

toxic masculinity), where

Where smartphones or

artificial intelligence (AI).

We hope to see such

respect for women is

wearable gadgets are not

The potential of this in-

come in handy. Accurate

normalised and misogyny

available, a text version of

novation to improve many

data gives us objective

is frowned upon.

such a service should be

aspects of life is lost only

information about trends,

In other words, as social

on the pessimists among

incidences and locations

media today is a platform


where things happen.

for carrying messages that

Data costs

We need to constantly

Our counterparts in

are anti-women; the same

The cost of data in South

ask ourselves: “How can

Egypt have been using

tool can be repurposed to

Africa remains high, rank-

we invoke AI to improve

hard data to great effect.

turn the tide of patriarchy

ing among the highest

the lives of the many left

The Egyptian organisation

and misogyny online and

in Africa. The worst part

behind in the transition to

Harrassmap was set up in

affirm women as deserv-

of this story is that this

our democracy?” Women

2010. It collects stories on

ing of equitable treatment

cost is higher for the poor,

constitute the majority of

street harassment, gang

in all spheres of life.

since data cost becomes

the marginalised.

abuse and maps of where

The Coronavirus Disease

Data, however, can

the incidents took place.

In rural and isolated

made available.

significantly reduced

locations, local authorities

when you buy in bulk,

(COVID-19) pandemic

Witnesses are prepared

and community workers

which the poor cannot

exposed the scourge of

to attend court to corrobo-

could partner to lobby for

afford to do.

women abuse. When

rate victim stories. This

centres where women are

Government should play

Police Minister Bheki

data also helps in terms

trained in the use of social

a key role through regula-

Cele reported that 87 000

of policy and intervention

media tools and to share

tion and best practice

cases of gender-based

from authorities and other

lessons and resources to

networking in the region

violence were reported

stakeholders. This is the

spread education about

and continent. The private

across South Africa during

kind of tool we could learn

GBVF and what to do

sector also needs to invest

first week of hard lock-

from and tweak to our

when attacked.

resources in this drive.

down, it did not come as a


surprise. It was a chilling

Statistics show that

Wearable technology

The low hanging fruit can

has also become com-

come by way of reducing

reminder to us that across

there are more than 101

mon, helping individuals

data costs by the internet

the country one in four

million smartphones in

track the progress of their

service providers.

women face violence from

South Africa. That means

exercise and diet. It is

their partners daily.

almost every household

good to note that there is

*Oupa Makhalemele is a

It is high time we add

has one smartphone. So-

an application that sends

Film and Publication

technology to the arse-

cial media networks can

out a loud alarm when

Board Research, Policy

nal to fight GBVF. We do

be used to share informa-

pressed by a rape victim.

and Advocacy Officer.

Public Sector Manager • November 2021



Writer: Allison Cooper

Cathy Dreyer tracks success A

s a youngster, Cathy Dreyer often hiked up Table Mountain and she knew that when she was older she

wanted a career that involved the outdoors.

That desire has led her on a journey that has seen her become a dedicated conservationist and law enforcement officer. Dreyer is also the first female head ranger at the Kruger National Park (KNP), a position she took up in May. “I chose to study nature conservation because part of the course required completing a full year of experiential training, gaining experience in all aspects of conservation. “After that, it was a natural progression for me to continue working in conservation and ranger services,” she explains. Dreyer was born in Cape Town and grew up in Grassy Park but later moved to Diep River. She relocated to the KNP from Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape – approximately 1 500 kilometres away – to take up her new post.

Saving rhino Dreyer was previously based at the KNP, from 2017, monitoring black rhino and conducting surveillance in the intensive Cat hy Dreyer is t he f irst female head ranger at t he Kruger National Park.


protection zone. “I spent just under three years doing this

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

before relocating to Addo

conservation efforts,” she

Elephant National Park,


where I took a permanent

Dreyer says the biggest

position as the conserva-

challenge is balancing

tion manager,” she says.

the security and conser-

Dreyer’s appointment

vation functions and the

came after the KNP's

demand they place on

strategy session to pre-

the ranger corps, within

pare a Rhino Implemen-

the current COVID-19

tation Plan to address


the decline of rhino in the park. SANParks is develop-

She adds that the welfare of rangers is a priority.

ing strategies to protect

“Ensuring that the men

the rhino population and

and women who dedicate

manage conservation

their lives to protecting

and wildlife crime more

our wild places and wild-

effectively. The Turna-

life receive the support

round Plan addresses

they deserve, will always

these and other key

be challenging, but it is

security, infrastructure

also critical. I am look-

and human capital chal-

ing forward to making a


meaningful contribution

Dreyer will be key in driving these changes,

to rhino conservation and the rangers.”

She adds that women have already made massive strides across all spheres of life.

“There isn’t anything that cannot be achieved through hard work, dedication and the right people supporting you.”

contribution to conservation. “This extends further than wildlife, it also extends to the people who dedicate their lives to protecting our national heritage. “Conservation is everyone’s heritage. When visiting the parks, people must ensure that they don’t leave their litter anywhere as animals are curious and some materials may be harmful,” she adds. Dreyer says poaching, which is largely criminality involving sophisticated syndicates, is not just a SANParks’ problem, but one that South Africans

“I hope my appointment will further prove

and the world should also address.

For Dreyer, being the

that one should never

ideas and passion to the

first female head ranger

place any limitations

mation with law enforce-

park’s team.

is all about hard work,

on oneself. There isn’t

ment agencies to assist

commitment and char-

anything that cannot be

in curbing the scourge.


achieved through hard

Should we match the

work, dedication and the

efforts of rangers outside

bringing new energy,

New challenges “It is an exciting time

“Some of the most

“People can share infor-

to join the KNP as it

committed, ethical and

right people supporting

of the park, this will help

embarks on its Turna-

dedicated conservation-


minimise poaching,” she

round Plan. At the same

ists I have met are men

time, however, the world

and women. It really is

continues to feel the

about the individual’s

Protecting our heritage

effects of the Coronavi-

character – it all comes

Dreyer’s passion for

regional rangers, 22 sec-

rus Disease (COVID-19)

down to integrity, fair-

wildlife is mostly driven

tion rangers and numer-

pandemic and there is

ness and a passion for

by a need to make a dif-

ous field rangers in each

less funding available for

what you do.”

ference and meaningful

section of the KNP.

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

says. As head ranger, Dreyer is responsible for four



Compiled by: Gilda Narsimdas

Budget beaters I

f you’re watching your


budget closely, but still

• 2 cups pasta (macaroni,

want to eat as healthy

as possible, look no further.

We’ve rounded up some delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare meals for you and your family. These options are full of goodness and go a long way with leftovers for lunch.

Tuna pasta salad (serves 2 as a main or 4 as a side)


curls or elbows)

• 2 small cans of your favourite tuna (or fresh, baked fish)

• 8-10 green olives (pitted)

Cook the pasta in salted

• A handful of baby spinach or rocket leaves • Boiled eggs cut in wedges or halves

minced sliced • ½ large bell pepper or

Layer the pasta with the bles and place the tuna, boiled eggs and baby

• 1 small clove of garlic

spinach or rocket on the

• ¼ tsp coarse salt

top. Make the vinaigrette:

• 4 tbsp olive oil • 1 tbsp red wine vinegar

• sliced cucumber



cut in small dice tomatoes

cold water. Dry on a clean

For the vinaigrette

several colourful minis, • 5-7 quartered baby

water. Drain and rinse in

various prepared vegeta-

• ½ medium red onion, • 6 spring onions, thinly


or plain vinegar • Pinch of thyme

Mince the garlic and then add them to a mortar with a pinch of coarse salt and thyme and turn into

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

a paste using the pestle. In a mason jar, combine

• 2 onions, finely chopped

carrot, thyme and egg. In a separate bowl, mix

slice and serve with mashed potato, gravy

the olive oil, vinegar and

• 2 garlic cloves, crushed

the breadcrumbs with

and any vegetables you

garlic paste with a whisk

• 1 large carrot, grated

the milk, then add to the


or a fork. Dress the salad.

• 2 tsp dried thyme

meat mixture. Stir in the

Tip: Use whole wheat

• 1 egg, lightly beaten

Worcestershire sauce,

pasta for a nutrition boost

• 250g fresh bread-

mustard and season well.

and try salmon or baby


Fill the loaf tin with the

Chickpea and cauliflower curry Ingredients

shrimp instead of the

• 50ml milk

mixture and cover with

• 1 red onion


• 2 tbsp Worcestershire

foil. Place the loaf tin in

• 4 garlic cloves

a deep roasting tin and

• 1cm piece of ginger

pour boiling water to

• 1 tbsp curry powder,



• 2 tsp mustard

Ingredients • Vegetable oil, for greasing • 700g minced beef or

cover a third of loaf tin.



Bake for about 90

• 1 tsp ground cumin

Preheat the oven to

minutes, until cooked

• 1/2 tsp garam masala

160°C. Grease a 1kg loaf


• 1/4 tsp ground turmeric

500g minced beef and

tin. In a bowl, mix the

Cool for 15 minutes

200g minced pork

mince, onions, garlic,

in the tin, then remove,

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

• 1/4 tsp chilli powder • 1/4 tsp salt



• 1 tin chopped tomatoes

in a large pan on medium

• 1 tbsp tomato puree


little more oil if it’s too dry.

the chickpeas and cook

Add the chopped toma-

for a further 5 minutes.

toes and tomato puree.

The cauliflower should

onion and let it cook for

Stir and allow it to cook

be soft but still have a bit

• 1/2 cup vegetable stock

a few minutes. Then add

for a few minutes. Blend

of a bite. If you prefer it

• 1 medium cauliflower

the minced garlic and

until smooth.

soft cook it for longer.

• 1 tin full fat coconut milk (optional)

Add the finely chopped

grated ginger. Cook for a

Add the coconut milk,

• 1 tin chickpeas, drained

minute, keep stirring so it

stock and cauliflower. Cut


• Fresh coriander

doesn't burn.

the cauliflower into bite

*Recipes courtesy of

sized pieces.

Taste Australia


cook for around 30 sec-

Heat one tablespoon oil

onds until fragrant. Add a

(around 4 cups)

Add all the spices and


Garnish with some fresh

Allow to simmer for 1015 minutes and then add

Public Sector Manager • November 2021


Compiled by: Nicholas Francis

Dressing down made easy T


here is no better feeling than the sand between your toes at the beach or splashing away in the pool without a care in the world. The holidays are

around the corner and if you’ve putting together your holiday 3

wardrobe, make sure these items are on the list so that you are pool or beach ready.



1. Camel straw hat, R129.99, available at The Fix. 2. One-piece swimsuit with tie detail, R370, available at Foschini. 3. Belted high waist cotton shorts, R399, available at Woolworths. 4. Miss Black Murano8 sandal, R399, available at Superbalist. * Prices correct at the time of publishing.


Public Sector Manager • November 2021


6 7

5. 6. 7. 8.

Polo reversible monogram bucket hat, R449, available at Superbalist. Casual statement vest, R89.99, available at Mr Price. Ice cream swimshorts, R150, available at Markham. Uzzi navy flip flops, R170, available at Truworths.



* Prices correct at the time of publishing.

Public Sector Manager • November 2021



Writers: Sam Bradley and Jill Langley Images: Bevan Langley

Wet and wild in Lake St Lucia

Take a walk on t he Estuar y Boardwalk at sunrise.

Taking in t he estuar y view from t he beac h.


here are few places

tuba, across the St Lucia

patrol the rooftops and

the blue horizon is inter-

in South Africa as

estuary and into St Lucia

any number of song birds

rupted by spray from the

breathtakingly wild

town feels like taking a

bejewel the trees.


as St Lucia in northern KwaZulu-Natal. Driving the narrow R618 via Mtuba-

step into a veritable Eden.

But visitors here haven’t

Here, hippos roam the

come to see the town.

crowning jewel of the

streets at night, monkeys

Wrapping around the

iSimangaliso Wetland

town and extending

Park. A visit to this region

northwards, the inter-

offers a chance to be im-

linking St Lucia estuary

mersed in nature - from

and lakes stretch an

beach to bush, wet or dry,

incredible 70km and

on foot or by car or boat.

more from the town of St

It’s also a visit that can be

Lucia through grassland,

taken slowly at leisure or

forest and wetlands that

with enough different ac-

resound with the grunt of

tivities to easily stretch a

hippos and the rumble of

weekend into a fortnight


(as we discovered).

The coastline that paral-

Cape Vidal’s beac hes stretc h into t he distance.


Lake St Lucia is the

lels it is marked by turtle

Explore on foot

tracks, the waves are

There is plenty to explore

alive with dolphins and

without even leaving the

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

town. Take a gentle stroll

doors you’re after, there

beaches including Mis-

By boat

along the Estuary Board-

are breathtaking beaches

sion Rocks and Cape

Perhaps the best way

walk to take in views of

within the Eastern Shores


to experience Lake St

the estuary and do some

section of the iSiman-

birding along the way.

galiso Wetland Park.

The waters of the estuary

Pack a mask and snor-

lap at the base of this

kel for the warm water


and rocky reef at Cape

boardwalk that winds

Vidal. Otherwise, time

its way through coastal

your visit for low tide

thicket and mangrove

and hike for hours along

forests, and visitors need

sandy bays and rocky

to keep a sharp eye out

points where the only

for hippos and crocodiles

other footprints you’ll find

along the way!

are made by nesting log-

Then, as the sun starts to paint the horizon red, head to Sunset Jetty for sunset over the water and

The waterways of Lake

reedbeds of the estuary.

St Lucia divide the park

boat cruise. Climb aboard

park and spot chamele-

a late afternoon cruise

ons by starlight.

and be serenaded by the

An estuar y boat cruise is a great activity for c hildren.

into two sections, namely

and the Eastern Shores’

the Eastern and Western

Bhangazi Gate is the

Shores, and are home to

iPhiva Game Area. Visi-

big game that includes el-

tors can hike, run or cycle

ephant, rhino, buffalo and

here free of charge.

leopard. Highlights of the

This small game area

Western Shores include

is home to a variety of

lake access at Charters

animals such as zebra,

Creek and spectacular

wildebeest and antelope.

views over the wetlands

It is a great opportunity to

from the uMthoma Aerial

explore the bush up close,

Boardwalk. A visit to the Eastern

for hidden treasures like

Shores combines the

dung beetles or leopard

best of the lakes and

tracks in the sandy path.

game area with the park’s

If it’s more time out-

night drive through the

turtles (seasonal).

By car

keeping a sharp eye out

Lucia is on an estuary

gerhead and leatherback

the best views of the

Between St Lucia town

After dark, join a guided

stunning coastline and

Public Sector Manager • November 2021

Cape buf falo graze on t he Eastern Shores.



Estuar y Beac h at St Lucia is t he per fect spot for reflective beac h walks.

Make time to stop at one of t he scenic view sites in t he park.

haunting call of an Afri-

beach almost every day

can fish eagle while you

in season.

gently drift past hippos

Humpback whales

grunting in the shallows.

undertake a breeding

These boat tours are

migration from the frigid

be treated to the awe-

mayhem, an ocean cruise

guided and are a fantastic

feeding grounds off Ant-

inspiring sight of female

offers a good chance

way to learn more about

arctica to calving grounds

whales being pursued

of seeing some of the

the plants and animals

near Madagascar

by groups of six or more

smaller dolphin species

that live in the estuary.

between mid-May and

males all vying for posi-

that play along this coast-

December, and mate in St

tion and the right to mate.

line, as well as impres-

If it’s an open water cruise you’re after, ocean

Lucia’s warm subtropical

whale watching tours

waters just offshore.

launch from the sandy

Cruise passengers can

Even if you are not

sive views of Maphelane

caught up in the mid-

sand dune, the highest in

dle of the whale mating


Know before you go An easy 2.5 hour drive from Durban via the N2 and R618, St Lucia is a fantastic place to escape to for a weekend or more. Accommodation ranges from camping to luxurious hotels and there are plenty of restaurants and other amenities in town. Visit or for more information on the park as well as tour operator listings.


Public Sector Manager • November 2021

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