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Budget 2022 Prioritising inclusive growth

Innovative ideas Public Service excellence celebrated

MARCH 2022

Human Rights Month Social cohesion top of the agenda




Celebrating innovation in the public sector

Public servants shine with innovative solutions to service delivery challenges at the 19th Public Sector Innovation


March 2022

Awards 12

Budget 2022: Saving lives and livelihoods

The Budget Speech reflects government’s commitment to provide support to vulnerable citizens, provide relief to


businesses and grow the 20


Conversations with leaders Sport, Arts and Culture

From the Union Buildings

Minister Nathi Mthethwa

President Cyril Ramaphosa

outlines how Human Rights

calls for a durable and lasting

Month commemorations will

resolution to the conflict in

contribute to social cohesion

are collaborating to ensure


and nation-building

that compensation spending


Work underway to stabilise public sector wage bill

Government departments

remains affordable


Public Sector Manager • March 2022

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SA gears up

26 Decisive

for investment

leadership needed in


local govt

As the country


President Cyril

Digitally connecting South Africa

Government’s South Africa Connect project

prepares for the

Ramaphosa urges

aims to bridge the

fourth South Africa

local government

digital divide and


leaders to ensure the

advance the digital

Conference, we reflect

work they do makes a


on the investments

difference in people’s

pledged at previous


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Grooming and style Make fitness fashionable


Food and wine The country’s finest: SA’s award-winning wines Public Sector Manager • March 2022



Budget 2022: Responsible public spending needed

Mondli Gungubele, Minister in The Presidency.


s a develop-

If our hearts are in the

government’s plans and

Recovery Plan will be

ing country, the

right place, if we have

projects, we must com-

accelerated, particularly

cost of South

integrity and if we commit

mit to continuous learn-

in electricity, rail, ports

Africa’s socio-economic

to upholding the values

ing and the profession-

and telecommunications.

needs is far greater than

and principles of good

alisation of our sector.

Economic develop-

the amount in govern-

governance articulated in

The annual budget

ment expenditure will

ment’s coffers. This reality

Section 195 of the Con-

reflects the country’s

increase at an average

reinforces the responsibil-

stitution of the Republic

socio-economic policy

annual rate of 8.5% over

ity of the Public Service

of South Africa of 1996,

priorities. It is care-

the next few years, from

to ensure that every cent

the Public Service will be-

fully constructed, but if

R201 billion in 2021/22 to

of public money is used

come more transparent,

programmes that receive

R256 billion in 2024/25.

wisely and responsibly.

responsive, accountable

a slice of the available

We owe this to the

and efficient in the use of

money flounder, govern-

ed that public-private


ment is failing the peo-

partnerships will create

ple – and losing respect.

additional funding for

working people who deserve to know that

More clean audits will

In addition, it is expect-

what they pay in taxes is

be achieved, procurement

indeed used to improve

will be done more re-

Budget gives the Public

lives and build a sustain-

sponsibly, and there will

Service much to work

munities will ben-

able future.

be less underspending

with. It lays the founda-

efit from better roads,

on capital expenditure.

tion for economic growth

schools, bridges, water

ployed and vulnerable

As a result, there will be

and fiscal sustainability.

and sewage systems,

who need to know that

more infrastructure build

A provisional allocat-

and from the resultant

their basic needs will be

and more community

ion of R17.5 billion has

met and an environment

facilities, more oversight

been made over the

will be created in which

of projects, less corrup-

Medium Term Expendi-

towards economic

doors of opportunity open

tion and, ultimately, more

ture Framework for

growth, public servants

for them.

public trust in govern-

catalytic infrastructure

have the opportunity to

ment’s ability to get

projects, while critical

see the tangible results

things done.

structural reforms con-

of their hard work, as lives

tained in the Economic

are changed and futures

Reconstruction and

made more promising.

We owe it to the unem-

The responsibility that rests on us may sound overwhelming, but this

To ensure continued

need not be the case.

excellence in executing


The 2022 National

infrastructure projects. This means that com-

job creation. With a budget geared

Public Sector Manager • March 2022


Advancing human rights


Phumla Williams, GCIS Director-General.

n recent months, Presi-

rights – including cyberbul-

projects are completed that

dent Cyril Ramaphosa

lying and revenge porn.

give communities more

man rights advancements

basic rights, such as the

honour the brave men and

has signed into law

The Protection of Personal

These and other hu-

three pieces of legislation

Information Act of 2013

completion of vital commu-

women who defended their

to strengthen efforts to end

gives effect to the constitu-

nity infrastructure, including

freedom in Sharpeville 62

gender-based violence and

tional right to privacy.

schools and clinics.

years ago – and in so doing,

femicide (GBVF).

These developments are a

In addition, President

The Presidential Employ-

helped pave the way for a

Ramaphosa decided to

ment Stimulus programmes

democratic country and a

huge gain for fundamental

make the Judicial Commis-

have created over 850 000

much-praised Constitution

human rights and a warn-

sion of Inquiry into State

job opportunities since

and Bill of Rights.

ing that the violation of

Capture Report public, giv-

2000 – and are ongoing,

people’s rights will not be

ing South Africans insight

restoring the dignity of peo-

calls on all public serv-


into the corruption that has

ple previously unable to put

ants to take stock of our

plagued our country and

bread on their tables.

achievements and reflect

The Social Relief of

on our shortcomings as a

The implementation of these laws will help to

those who are responsible

ensure that cases are suc-

for it.

cessfully prosecuted and

This is important, because

Distress Grant, which was recently extended to the

Human Rights Day 2022

nation. We have much to

survivors protected, and

corruption undermines

end of March 2023, has

celebrate, including the

that there are more effective

democracy and the rule of

provided support to more

provision of care for the sick

deterrents in place.

law, making it one of the

than 10 million unemployed

and social support for the

biggest threats to basic


vulnerable, but with many

Other human rights advancements made in the

human rights. The strides

past years are the introduc-

made by government to

advanced stage to bring

and having unequal access

tion of the Cybercrimes

end corruption and punish

universal healthcare

to opportunities, we still

Act of 2020, which ena-

wrongdoers, while keeping

coverage to South Africa.

have a long road to walk.

bles people to talk about

the public in the loop, is

Both of these programmes

concerns on social media

heartening indeed.

advance people’s rights to

us all to advance human

healthcare, food and social

rights and build a better,


more inclusive society.

platforms, but criminalises

Progress is being made

the infringement of human

in our country. Each year,


Work is also at an

people still living in poverty

It is the responsibility of

Public Sector Manager • March 2022



innovation in the public sector Maggie Moonsamy and Jongizizwe Ngwenya, who received the Public Sector Innovator of the Year Award for the Gauteng Depar tment of Health’s Central Chronic Medication Dispensar y and Distribution solution.

“Instead of being reduced to mere glitz and glamour as it is often sadly the case, the Public Sector Innovation Awards should be viewed as a critical platform to unearth, demonstrate, showcase and reward innovation in the public sector,” she said.

Boosting service delivery Run by the Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI), which falls under the Department of Public Service and Administration, the awards showcase


innovation, and provides ublic servants’ out-

recently at the 19th annual

and Administration, Dr

an opportunity to replicate

standing innovation

Public Sector Innovation

Chana Pilane-Majake,

and mainstream practi-


lauded the innovative

cal solutions to common

spirit of public servants


projects and solu-

tions, created to improve

Speaking at the event

service delivery chal-

at Birchwood Hotel in

who defied the norm in

lenges encountered at the

Ekurhuleni, the Deputy

pursuit of solutions to ser-

ment money from being

coalface, were honoured

Minister of Public Service

vice delivery challenges.

wastefully spent on find-


This prevents govern-

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

ing solutions that already

(COVID-19) pandemic,”

catalytic value of innova-

novation can we find ways

exist, the Deputy Minister

said Deputy Minister

tion in accelerating the

of expediting our service



delivery of services to im-

delivery capacity to deal

prove the lives of citizens

with the triple challenges

in line with Batho Pele.”

[of poverty, inequality and

Innovations replicated

She added that inno-

and mainstreamed in-

vations from the Public

cluded winning projects

Service not only point to

that contributed to en-

the depth of innovation

in health, education and administrative services. One of these is the Sunward Park e-Learning Solution, which was a winner at the 2016

state, the transformative power of innovation needs

The Deputy Minister

to be continually har-

added that through the


nessed to find cost-effec-

influence of the CPSI,

lives in areas

tive ways of adding value

there has been increased

to the existing systems

collaboration among gov-

and practices.

ernment institutions and

a capable, developmental

“The time to impact

which matter

awards. The solution was

most is long

replicated in Katlehong

overdue and

and Reiger Park high schools, through support from the CPSI. According to the Deputy Minister, the solution is

only through

the youth, to fully leverage

delivery capacity, she

innovation as one of the


main building blocks for a

Deputy Minister Pilane-

capable state.

Majake explained that

we find ways of

innovation is integral to

collaboration is not easy,

supporting government’s

it goes hand-in-hand with

service-delivery models,

innovation, and efforts to

such as the District Devel-

expand collaboration with

opment Model (DDM).

citizens and youth should

unique as it integrates all e-learning tools and

service delivery

interactive and intelligent

This will improve service

innovation can expediting our

content through an

ment’s endeavour to build


Collaborating with youth

hanced revenue collection and significant savings

She said in govern-


Introduced in 2019, the DDM is intended to

timetable which acts

She stressed that while

be a priority. Engaging with youth

as the main or landing

and creativity amongst

promote partnerships be-

as the next generation of

screen where users can

public servants, but also

tween the three spheres

public servants and as

access all other tools.

demonstrate the potential

of government, the private

the beneficiaries of public

of innovation to transform

sector and civil society.

services is important, said

It is also an integration platform for the distribution of e-books, digital

government. Innovation helps govern-

The aim is to build the economy and ensure

Deputy Minister PilaneMajake.

and handwritten lessons

ment become a more

inclusive growth and

and assessments.

flexible and agile ma-

development, particularly

futures should be at the

chinery that can adapt its

among communities at

top of our minds when

tion cannot be under-

service-delivery approach

local government level.

drafting policy and inno-

estimated in ensuring

in line with any unex-

that learning continued in these schools during

“The value of this solu-

the Coronavirus Disease

“Their voices and their

“The time to impact citi-

vating. We therefore need

pected eventuality, such

zens’ lives in areas which

to seriously invest in cre-

as COVID-19.

matter most is long over-

ating an innovative culture

due and only through in-

in the public sector.”

“They also highlight the

Public Sector Manager • March 2022



involving the adaptation,

prove the Public Service

The 2021 Trailblazers are:

young innovators like

replication and scaling of

and service delivery.

those here, retain the best

projects for wider impact,

The Government Em-

innovators in the Public

was won by Resource Ef-

ployees Medical Scheme

Service and empower offi-

ficiency (Western Cape).

Health Award also went to

cials who are enthusiastic

The winning initiative

“This will help attract

Mpumalanga Department of Education. •

Johan Pretorius, Free State Department of

the CCMDD.

Correctional Services.

about fulfilling govern-

identified, designed and

ment’s commitment to the

implemented water and

people of South Africa,”

energy efficiency inter-

she said.

ventions to ensure access

Special Ministerial Awards

to a sufficient and safe

Special Ministe-

water supply.

rial Awards recognise

The winners

Nomusa Keninda,

Etienne Van Wyk, Free State Department of Correctional Services.

Audrey Sebeeelo,

institutions and/or

Gauteng eGovern-

Public Sector Innovator

Innovation Harness-

individuals that contrib-


of the Year Award was

ing non-ICT Innovative

ute to improving service

scooped by the Gauteng

Solutions category, which

delivery, but do not fall

Department of Health for

celebrates those who find

within the stringent

its Central Chronic Medi-

new solutions that im-

criteria of the awards’

Gauteng eGovern-

cation Dispensary and

prove citizen experiences

programme. These


Distribution (CCMDD)

and the quality of service

awards went to:


delivery, was won by the

The much-coveted 2021

The Citizen-Focused

Lucy Mbhele, Gauteng eGovernment.

Keletso Rafedile,

Wilhelm Fouche,

Early Childhood

Gauteng Department

The CCMDD is a

Tembisa Hospital Wound

Learning and Devel-

of Health.

web-based platform

Clinic (Gauteng Health).

opment, Gauteng.

The Hackathon Award

Empowering Parents

was won by Hack-A-Ton,

that digitises a patient’s

The award was for hos-

prescription at the public

pital’s innovative use of

of Children with

an all-women team of

health facility and identi-

new technology – a diag-

Autism, Gauteng.

students from the Uni-

fies duplicate prescrip-

nostic device for periph-

ICT Integration in

versity of Johannesburg.

tions or contraindicated

eral artery disease and


an intermittent negative

It also distributes the

pressure therapy machine

digital prescription and

– to improve patient care.

any clinical notes to

The Innovation Harness-

Grade 12 Class•

This award recog-

rooms, Mpumalanga.

nises youth teams who

GEEKULCHA, for the

participated in the

contribution to youth

PSIHACK22 hackathon

digital skills.

to find solutions to

private courier pharma-

ing Technology (ICT and

Public Sector Innovation

improve service delivery

cies, which dispense and

Other Frontier Technolo-

Trailblazers were also

in key areas such as

distribute the patient’s

gies) category, was also

recognised. These pub-

health, education, job

prescription to their cho-

won by the CCMDD. This

lic officials developed

creation and agricul-

sen pick up pharmacy.

category celebrates new

in-house systems and

ture. The winning team

The Replication and

ways of leveraging tech-

solutions or use ICTs to

developed Agr-Ecco to

Adaptation of Innova-

nology, especially Fourth

improve internal

match farmers to poten-

tive Solutions category,

Industrial Revolution-

efficiency or service

tial sectors, markets and

which rewards initiatives

related technology to im-




Public Sector Manager • March 2022

What will the neighbours say?

There is no excuse for abuse. Police: 10111 Stop Gender Violence: 0800 150 150 Childline: 0800 055 555

People can only help if they know. TELL SOMEONE.

Violence and abuse are poison to society. Let’s make it stop.


Finance Minister Enoc h Godongwana delivers 2022 Budget Speec h.

Budget 2022: Saving lives and livelihoods


Provincial health departments have been allocated an additional R15.6 billion to support their response to COVID-19, and to bridge shortfalls in essential goods and services. The police also received a major boost, with

he 2022 Budget

funding for businesses af-

trillion to the social wage

R8.7 billion added to its

Speech was a

fected by the Coronavirus

to support vulnerable and


delicate balance

Disease (COVID-19) and

low-income households.

of saving lives and liveli-

infrastructure invest-

This is approximately 60%

ening the resourcing of

hoods, while also promot-

ments, among others.

of non-interest spending,”

the justice system and

he said.

our courts. In this regard,

ing inclusive growth. Delivering his maiden

“In this budget, we are taking steps to support

“We are also strength-

The Minister announced

the budget of the Depart-

Budget Speech in

education, health, the

an additional R32.6 billion

ment of Justice and Con-

Parliament, Cape Town

fight against crime and

for financial support to

stitutional Development

recently, Finance Minis-

corruption, and to im-

current bursary holders

is increased by R1.1 billion,

ter Enoch Godongwana

prove capital investment,

and first-year students

while the Office of the

announced increased

amongst others.

under the National

Chief Justice receives an

Student Financial Aid

additional R39.9 million,”


added the Minister.

support for the country’s

“Over the next three

most vulnerable citizens,

years, we allocate R3.33


Public Sector Manager • March 2022

allows access for qualify-

job creation programmes.

ing non-bank small and

In this Budget, an ad-

medium loan providers,”

ditional R18.4 billion is

he said.

made available for the

Government will partner

Presidential Employ-

with loan providers by

ment Initiative,” said the

underwriting the first 20%


of losses for banks and

He highlighted the need

other eligible small and

for sustained economic

medium loan providers.

growth to create enough

Social grants

relief measure to assist

The Department of

those who lost economic

including the requirement

Social Development was

opportunities and were

for collateral, has been

allocated R58.6 billion

adversely affected during

loosened. This mecha-

struction and Recovery

over the medium-term to


nism is expected to be

Plan (ERRP) remains

launched and operational

essential to growth.

initiate a new extended

“This emergency grant

The eligibility criteria,

in March 2022.

jobs to reduce poverty and inequality. “The Economic Recon-

“We are accelerating

child support grant for

added to the country's

double orphans. This is

already extensive social

“Secondly, by April this

to encourage the care of

safety net. South Africa

year, we intend to intro-

critical structural reforms

orphans within families

now pays grants to more

duce a business equity-

contained in the ERRP in

than 46% of the popula-

linked loan guarantee

particular, in electricity,


support mechanism.

rail, ports and telecom-

rather than foster care. In addition, for 2022/23 financial year, the old age,

“We intend to bring the

the implementation of


total support package

and care dependency

Business support

through the bounce-back


grants will increase by

Government will launch

scheme to R20 billion,”

Minister Godongwana

R90 in April and a further

a new business bounce-

the Minister added.

said that there will be an

R10 in October.

back scheme soon to

war veterans, disability

The equity support

acceleration in infrastruc-

support businesses

mechanism of this

ture investment, which is

child support grants will

in distress because of

scheme will be facilitated

the backbone of a thriving

increase by a once-off


through development


The foster care and

R20 in April.

Minister Godongwana

finance institutions. It

“The National Treasury

explained that two mech-

will also be available to

will be implementing

an allocation of R44 bil-

anisms will be introduced

qualifying non-bank small

the results of a recently

lion for a 12-month exten-


and medium finance

completed review of the


Public-Private Partner-

The Minister announced

sion of the R350 Social

“Firstly, small business

Relief of Distress (SRD)

loan guarantees of R15

Government will also


billion will be facilitated

step up efforts to create

through participating


He noted that the SRD Grant was introduced in

banks and development

“Over the medium-term,

2020/21 as a temporary

finance institutions. This

R76 billion is allocated for

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

ships (PPPs) framework. “We aim to create a centre-of-excellence for PPPs and other blended finance projects. This



"As we upgrade roads, bridges, water and sewer, transport, school infrastructure, and hospitals and clinics, the aim is to unlock higher levels of employment for those involved in the projects.” edged that Eskom’s

of electricity supply,”

be established with di-

State-owned companies

debt situation remains a

said the Minister.

rect [National] Treasury

The Minister said the

concern for its creditors


Presidential State-

and investors alike.

centre of excellence will

He added that it will be

Owned Enterprises


“Government contin-

Addressing the issue

a direct interface with

Council is considering

ues to support Eskom to

of corruption, Minister

private financial institu-

the future of state-

remain financially sus-

Godongwana said ac-

tions for investments in

owned companies.

tainable during its tran-

counting officers need to

sition. To date, Eskom

ensure that their procure-

informed by the value

has been provided with

ment processes have

they create and whether

R136 billion to pay off its

integrity, provide value for

will table amendments,

they can be run as

debt with a further R88

money, and are free from

through the 2022 Divi-

sustainable entities

billion until 2025/26.”

interference from politi-

sion of Revenue Amend-

without bailouts from

ment Bill, to enable

the fiscus. Some state-

working on a sustainable

provinces to pledge their

owned companies will

solution to deal with Es-

infrastructure grants to

be retained, while others

kom’s debt in a manner

Bill is expected to be

leverage more financing

will rationalised or con-

that is equitable and fair

tabled before Parliament

to fast-track the roll-out


to all stakeholders.

in 2022/23.

critical government infrastructure programmes. In October, the Minister

“Their future will be

National Treasury is

cally connected persons and bidders. The Public Procurement

He added that efforts

“Any solution will be

to reduce state-owned

contingent on contin-

Constitutional Court

bridges, water and

companies' demands

ued progress to reform

judgement on the pref-

sewer, transport, school

on the country’s limited

South Africa’s electric-

erential procurement

infrastructure, and hospi-

public resources will

ity sector and Eskom’s

regulations, and the first

tals and clinics, the aim


own progress on its

Zondo Commission re-

turnaround plan and its

port highlighting abuses


in state procurement,

of infrastructure. “As we upgrade roads,

“In light of the recent

is to unlock higher levels

“... National Treasury

of employment for those

will outline the criteria

involved in the projects.”

for government funding

A provisional allocation

of state-owned compa-

take further steps to-

to take account of these

of R17.5 billion over the

nies, during the upcom-

wards cost containment,


Medium Term Expendi-

ing financial year. This

conclude the sale of as-

ture Framework was set

... is what we mean by

sets and implement op-

responding formally to

aside for infrastructure

tough love!”

erational improvements

the Zondo Commission

to enhance the reliability

report,” he added.

catalytic projects.


The Minister acknowl-

“We expect Eskom to

we are revising the Bill

“We will also be

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

Source: SAnews



6.8 % average growth in non-interest expenditure. This trend crowded out other spending items like goods and services, with a concomitant impact on service delivery. “The decision to not


stakeholders to engage

Treasury, the 2021 wage

implement the final

departments are

on building a sustain-

agreement awarded em-

leg of the 2018 wage

working together

able public service and

ployees a non pension-

agreement and other

to ensure that the public

remuneration guide-

able cash gratuity.

measures to reduce

sector wage bill remains

lines,” he added. The Minister stressed

“In the absence of

average wage costs

a new agreement,

have improved the wage

that government is

the same gratuity will


document, National

committed to control-

be paid in 2022/23,

Treasury states it “is

ling those parts of the

and provision for this

bill growth is projected

working with the De-

budget that are perma-

is made in the 2022

to be much lower than

partment of Public Ser-

nent in nature, including


the original trend. This

vice and Administration

by arresting historically

to keep the compensa-

rapid increases in the

in previous budgets did

the gap between rev-

tion baseline within

public sector wage bill.

not fully accommodate

enue and expenditure,

“Compensation spend-

the gratuity costs and

and improving the com-


In its Budget Review

affordable limits.”

Baseline adjustments

“... Medium-term wage

will contribute to closing

ing will increase margin-

the impact of the pan-

position of expenditure,”

lective bargaining result

ally, from R665.1 billion

demic, placing pressure

adds National Treasury.

in salary adjustments

in 2021/22 to R702

on provincial health and

that exceed compensa-

billion in 2024/25, at an

education compensa-

tion ceilings, reductions

average annual rate of

tion budgets.

in headcount will be


It adds that should col-

required. In his recent Budget

“As indicated in the

“To alleviate this short-term pressure, a

2021 Medium Term

portion of the revenue

Speech, Finance Minis-

Budget Policy State-

improvement is allocat-

ter Enoch Godongwana

ment, we have allocated

ed to provinces,” adds

said a Public Sector

additional funding of

National Treasury.

Labour Summit was

R20.5 billion in 2022/23,

scheduled to take place

to meet the cost im-

ing for national and pro-

from 28 to 31 March

plications of the 2021

vincial government grew


public service wage

by 7.3% on average for

agreement,” he said.

the period 2014/15 to

“This summit is an important opportunity for

According to National

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash

Work underway to stabilise public sector wage bill

Compensation spend-

2019/20, compared with



A message from President Cyril Ramaphosa

Resolution of conflict in Ukraine must be durable and lasting


n a world where far

This is a principle on

too many disputes

which we have been

between and within

consistent since the

Ukrainian officials had

their efforts. Calling for peaceful

already started. South Africa expected

negotiation is aligned

countries are settled

advent of our democracy,

that the UN resolution

with values upon which

through the barrel of a

and which remains an

would foremost welcome

the UN was founded.

gun, the view that differ-

important part of our for-

the commencement of

We are particularly

ences are best resolved

eign policy orientation.

dialogue between the

concerned that the UN

through negotiation, dia-

South Africa abstained

parties and seek to cre-

Security Council was

logue and compromise

from voting in the recent

ate the conditions for

unable to discharge its

may seem out of touch,

United Nations (UN)

these talks to succeed.

responsibility to maintain

and even fanciful.

resolution on the esca-

Instead, the call for

peace and security.

lating conflict between

peaceful resolution

that attained democracy

Russia and its neigh-

through political dia-

the long-standing calls

through a negotiated

bour Ukraine because

logue is relegated to a

for the Security Coun-

settlement, we remain

the resolution did not

single sentence close

cil’s reform to meet the

steadfast in our convic-

foreground the call for

to the conclusion of the

challenges of the 21st

tion that achieving world

meaningful engagement.

final text. This does not


And yet, as a country

peace through nego-

Even prior to the

This gives impetus to

provide the encourage-

The UN Charter enjoins

tiation, and not force of

resolution being passed

ment and international

member states to settle

arms, is indeed attain-

at the UN recently, talks

backing that the parties

their disputes by peace-


between Russian and

need to continue with

ful means in the first


Public Sector Manager • March 2022

instance, stating explic-

and Ukraine make it all

throughs can and do

Russia and Ukraine yield

itly that parties to any

the more important that


positive outcomes that

dispute should first seek

whatever agreements

That we continue to

a solution by negotiation,

are brokered are sustain-

support the call for nego-

enquiry, mediation, con-

able in the long run and

tiation and dialogue does

ciliation, arbitration and

address the concerns

not render our commit-

pave the way for an end to the conflict. Even though the pace of negotiations may proceed slowly, there is pro-

similar mechanisms.

gress nonetheless. Every

Since the outbreak of the conflict between

It is our hope that

Russia and Ukraine,

negotiations between

South Africa’s position

Russia and Ukraine

has been to affirm this call.

yield positive outcomes

There have been some

that pave the way for an

who have said that in

end to the conflict.

abstaining from the vote

effort of the international community should be oriented towards supporting these talks, and to bringing the two sides together. South Africa is greatly encouraged by the words

condemning Russia’s

of the UN Secretary-

military operation in

General António Guterres who recently said

Ukraine, South Africa has placed itself on the

of both parties to the

ment to human rights

he would do everything

wrong side of history.


any less.

in his power to contrib-

Yet, South Africa is firmly

Our own experience

Since the outbreak

on the side of peace at a

with ending apartheid,

of the conflict we have

cessation of hostilities

time when another war

and our country’s role in

expressed our concern at

and urgent negotiations

is something the world

mediating conflict else-

the impact of the conflict

for peace.

does not need, nor can it

where on the continent,

on civilians believing that


have yielded a number of

war is not the solution to

and Ukraine to subject


conflict and that it leads

this conflict to media-

to human suffering.

tion and do everything

The results of these hostilities will be felt

The first is that even

in their power to reach

intractable differences

mitted to advancing the

an agreement that will

can be resolved at the

human rights and fun-

lead to the cessation of

negotiating table.

damental freedoms not


the most seemingly

years to come. A cessation of hosachieved through force

We all call upon Russia

Our country is com-

globally and for many

tilities may indeed be

ute to an immediate

The second is that even

only of our own people,

The peoples of Russia

of arms or economic

as talks may collapse,

but for the peoples of

and Ukraine – two neigh-

pressure, but it would

they can and do resume,

Palestine, Western Sa-

bours whose histories,

be unlikely to lead to a

as was the case in our

hara, Afghanistan, Syria

peoples and fortunes are

sustainable and lasting

own negotiating process.

and across Africa and

inextricably bound to-


And that even when it

the world.

gether – deserve a peace

The historical tensions between Russia

seems the parties cannot see eye to eye, break-

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

It is our hope that negotiations between

that is durable, sustainable and lasting.



Source: SAnews

Social cohesion tops Human Rights Month agenda


his year’s Human

the triple challenge of

Rights Month

poverty, inequality and


unemployment, and the

will contribute to social

extent to which this ne-

cohesion and nation-

gates the goal of building

building through a series

a human rights culture. While South Africans

of dialogues and other

have made great strides


Sport, Arts and Culture

in the management of

Minister Nathi Mthethwa

the Coronavirus Disease

said activities will include

(COVID-19) pandemic,

government conducting

government will also use

public engagements with

this month to foreground

local residents and for-

issues on public health,

eign nationals in efforts

which are at the centre of

to foster mutual under-

the human rights agenda,

standing and peace.

given the lived reality of

While last year marked

the pandemic.

the 25th anniversary of

Minister Mthethwa said

the Constitution of the

there are concerns that Spor t , Ar ts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa speaking at the launch of Human Rights Month.

Republic of South Africa of 1996, government has also extended the commemoration into 2022,

the country is still a long way from achieving herd immunity, as a result of lower than expected

with a series of activa-

‘The Year of Unity and

will be used to assess the

uptake of the COVID-19

tions planned.

Renewal: Protecting and

progress of the nation’s


Preserving our Human

constitutional democratic

Rights Gains’.


Human Rights Month is being commemorated under the theme,


The commemorations

“Thus, it is not inconceivable that while there

It also brings to the fore

would be some further

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

relaxation of regulations,

and Constitutional

the country may not as

Development (DoJ&CD)

He added that since

yet get back to

has played a crucial role

then, the Department

Bills has provision in it

pre-COVID-19 levels of

in ensuring that such an

of Women, Youth and

that makes it possible


evaluation is premised

Persons with Disabilities

for certain particulars

on empirical evidence

developed a National

of persons convicted of

implications in terms of

and reliable data through

Strategic Plan on GBVF,

sexual offenses to be

how commemorations

its long-standing part-

in which all commit-

made publicly available.

such as Human Rights

nership with the Foun-

ments on practical in-

Day are appropriately

dation for Human Rights.

terventions are codified,

the Criminal and Related

“Women constitute the

“This will further have

marked and commemorated,” the Minister said. Human Rights Day can

and State agencies.”

measure for likely perpetrators, one of the

“These Bills include

monitored and reported

Matters Amendment Bill,

majority in the popula-

about periodically as a

Criminal Law (Sexual

tion, yet in many re-

way to gauge progress.

Offences and Related

be traced back to the

spects, remain marginal-

“On the legislative

tumultuous events in

ised and more often, fall

front, there has also

and Domestic Violence

Sharpeville on 21 March

victim to discrimination

been progress, given the

Amendment Bill,” he


and abuse, with some in

latest enactment into law


the process paying with

of the three anti-GBVF

their lives.

Bills,” the Minister said.

On that day, 69 people died and 180 were wounded when police

“In terms of practi-

These legislative re-

Matters) Amendment Bill

The DoJ&CD is also hard at work in consultations with stakeholders

fired on a peaceful

cal interventions, it

forms will, among others,

that will ensure that go-

crowd that had gathered

is important to note

allow victims to make

ing forward, sex work is

in protest against the

that since the National

online protection order


pass laws.

Summit against Gender-

applications without be-

Outlining the gains

Based Violence (GBV)

ing present in court.

made in engendering

and Femicide that the

Moreover, protection

a human rights culture

President convened in

order applications will

that the criminalisation

since the advent of

2018, there has been a

be on a 24-hour basis

of sex work dispropor-

democracy, Minister

365-day commitment in

on the online application

tionately affects women,”

Mthethwa said the

this fight across all gov-


he said.

Department of Justice

ernment departments

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

“This would be an important development, since it is recognised

“As a deterrent



Source: SAnews

SA gears up

for investment conference

President C yril Ramaphosa at the launch of the Toyota Corolla Cross vehicle, in Prospecton, KwaZuluNatal.


rade, Industry and

investment targets.

the first three investment

construction of the facility

Competition Min-

“President Cyril

conferences amounted to

has been completed, or

ister Ebrahim Patel

Ramaphosa in 2018 com-

roughly 64% of the five-

where it involves new

has hailed the South Africa

mitted to raising over R1.2

year Investment Mobilisa-

machinery or equipment,

Investment Conference

trillion worth of invest-

tion Drive target of R1.2

these have been procured

(SAIC) as a boost to the

ments over a five-year

trillion,” said the Minister.

and installed; or that pro-

country’s target of netting

period, and hosted three

R1.2 trillion in investment.

annual investment confer-

third SAIC, pledges of

ences, at which he set

about R774 billion were

currently under construc-

its fourth SAIC in Johan-

out the policy context and



nesburg on 24 March

reforms, and the private

2022. The three previous

sector provided feedback

announcements made

either progressing slowly

conferences have resulted

and made pledges to

previously, 45 projects

or have been put on hold

in significant progress


have already been com-

due to the impact of the

pleted (meaning that the

pandemic or economic

South Africa will host

towards the country’s


“Pledges received in

He added that at the

Of the 152 investment

duction has started). A further 57 projects are

Fifteen projects are

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

factors, the Minister said.

and inclusive growth as

sponsor of the SAIC.”

Africa with much of its

“As of February 2022,

a proudly South African

She said Naspers

first vaccine manufac-

those firms that have completed their report-

company. Ndlovu said that as a

believes that as the

turing capability (for

economy reopens, there

the Johnson & John-

ing have advised that

proudly South African

will be growing recogni-

son vaccine), with an

R314 billion (40.6%) of

business that has grown

tion of South Africa as a

estimated 160 million

the committed invest-

into a global consumer

world-class investment

doses that have been

ment pledges have been

internet group, Naspers

destination, one with

produced in South Af-


recognises the value of

solid infrastructure, a

rica. The company has

investment in unlocking

young, hard-working and

also built Africa’s first

Companies back investment drive

the potential of South Af-

talented population, and

anaesthetic produc-

rican companies and the

an investment destina-

tion facility, producing

role of these companies

tion that has the potential

propofol under the

Takalani Netshitenzhe,

in creating jobs, stimulat-

to be a leader in driving

brand name Diprivan,

the Chief Officer: Exter-

ing growth and encourag-

technological innovation

for the domestic mar-

nal Affairs at Vodacom,

ing investor confidence.

across Africa and beyond.

ket and exports.

said four years ago at the

Mercedes Benz: The

“As Naspers, we have

“During the first SAIC

first SAIC, the company

seen first-hand what the

in 2018, we pledged R4.6

company pledged

pledged to invest R50

right investment, business

billion in investing in new

R10 billion during the

billion on fibre and mobile

support and partnerships

technology start-ups and

2018 SAIC. An ad-

networks over five years.

can do in growing tech

in growing our existing

ditional R3 billion was

“We are living up to our

start-ups and also what

South African busi-

added to this amount

the requisite digital skills


when the scope of the

pledge,” she said. Naspers Director of

training, opportunities

investment project

Cooperate Affairs Helen

and experience can do for

Pledges so far

Ndlovu said the company

young graduates entering

Minister Patel highlighted

investment resulted in

is committed to this year’s

the workplace.

pledges from other com-

the local production

panies as follows:

of the new C-Class

SAIC as a means of con-

“We have seen great

was widened. This

Aspen: The company

sedan from June 2021.

tinuing to help promote

progress but also rec-

South Arica as an attrac-

ognise that there is a lot

made a pledge of R3.4

tive investment destina-

more work to be done

billion at the 2018

2019, VM Automotive

tion, re-establishing con-

by all stakeholders. It is

SAIC that has now

announced an invest-

fidence in the economy,

for these reasons that

been fully executed

ment of R426 million

and driving sustainable

Naspers is again a proud

and has provided

in a component plant

VM Automotive: In

“As of February 2022, those firms that have completed their reporting have advised that R314 billion (40.6%) of the committed investment pledges have been expended.”

Public Sector Manager • March 2022



in East London. VM

neighbouring South

completed, creat-

R800 million to build

Automotive is a 100%

African Development

ing 80 new jobs and

a state-of-the-art

black-owned compa-

Community countries.

expanding capacity

brick manufacturing

ny that will form part

P&G made a further

for frozen pizzas and

facility. Capacity will

of the suppliers to the

investment pledge of

ready-made meals

be expanded to 100

C-Class Mercedes.

R250 million at the

supplying to major

million bricks a year

Toyota: At the 2019

2020 SAIC to expand

retail chains.

(currently produc-

SAIC, Toyota South

its manufacturing fa-

Bidvest: In 2018, Bid-

ing 50 million bricks

Africa announced a

cility and warehouse.

vest announced a R1-

at the Carltonvillie,

In2Foods: In 2018,

billion investment in

Driefontein plant).

ment (subsequently

In2Foods announced

a liquefied petroleum

increased) to produce

an investment of R241

gas (LPG) storage fa-

launched a R1.2-billion

a new generation

million. Located at the

cility in Richards Bay.

plant for the D-Max

model that will also

OR Tambo Special

The 22 600 ton LPG

bakkie in Gqeberha,

have a hybrid vehicle

Economic Zone,

storage facility has

Eastern Cape.

variant. The Corolla

In2Foods has built a

been commissioned

Cross is the first gen-


and is the region’s

pany has completed

eration of commercial-

22 700m² fresh-food

largest import termi-

phase 1 of the R700-

scale hybrid electric

facility, which has


million investment

vehicle to come off

been described as the

the South African

largest in the South-

Assembly line on 26

ern Hemisphere and

Close to completion

October 2021. The

the second largest

A number of additional

State, will start in April

Corolla Cross will be

CO2 refrigeration fa-

investments are ready to

2022 to produce liquid

exported to more than

cility in the world. This

be officially launched in

helium and liquefied

40 countries across

has resulted in the

the coming months.

natural gas.


creation of 600 jobs.

P&G: In 2018, P&G

The new facility will

Sappi: Expansion of

2020, the company

made an announce-

produce 2 000 litres

Sappi Saiccor Mill was

announced a R287

ment of R300 million

of soup and 10 000

announced in 2018

million expansion of

to expand its facility

pancakes per hour.

at an amount of R7.7

its remanufacturing

R2.43 billion invest-

Isuzu: The company

• Renergen: The com-

announced in 2019. Commercial operations in Virginia, Free

These include: •

Sandvik Mining: In

Dr Oetker: In 2020,

billion. Capacity for

and warehouse facil-

introduce two addi-

the German company

dissolved pulp will be

ity in Kempton Park,

tional plant lines. The

announced a R200-

expanded by 110 000


new facility has been

million investment in

tons to 890 000 tons

in production since

a new food manufac-

late 2019 and created

turing plant in Selby,

90 jobs. The products are exported to the

in Kempton Park to


• Dimension Data: A

per year.

R875 million data

Corobrik: In 2019, the

centre in Johannes-

Johannesburg. The

company announced

burg was announced

new plant has been

an investment of

in 2020.

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

What will people say?

There is no excuse for abuse. Police: 10111 Stop Gender Violence: 0800 150 150 Childline: 0800 055 555

People can only help if they know. TELL SOMEONE.

Violence and abuse are poison to society. Let’s make it stop.


Source: SAnews

Decisive leadership needed in local govt


ouncillors and local government officials have been

urged to urgently address service-delivery short-

comings to ensure that local government is more responsive to the needs of citizens.

Addressing the sixth national conference of the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) recently, Presi-

business and other stake-

dent Cyril Ramaphosa

holders in the country,

said: “Local government

and brought together offi-

is where you can make

cials from 257 municipali-

and ensure that we realise

facing municipalities as

the biggest difference in

ties across the country.

the aspirations of the

they attempt to provide

South African people.

services to the communi-

the lives of our people.

The President said that

ties they serve.

Local government is the

although “commendable

most important enabler

progress” has been made

first point of contact

of economic growth and

through the provision

between government and

report shows that only


of water, sanitation and

the people. When there

5% of the country’s mu-

“Municipalities are the

He said a government

other basic services to

are local government

nicipalities are financially

sible for the delivery of

communities, further

failures, the effects are felt

stable, while other mu-

services to turn adversity

improvement requires

immediately and they are

nicipalities are in financial

into opportunity and local

a concerted effort from

far-reaching,” he added.

distress, with insufficient

government around.

each municipality and its

He called those respon-

The conference was one of the biggest gatherings

leadership. “The task before us now

revenue to meet their

Municipal challenges

expenses. In addition, 64 munici-

of all three spheres of

is to consolidate these

The President painted a

palities are considered to

government, civil society,

gains, to deepen them

picture of the challenges

be dysfunctional and at


Public Sector Manager • March 2022

least 31 municipalities are

grow and create employ-

then begins to speak to

is drawing profiles for

currently under adminis-


the level of performance

each district and metro,

tration. “This dysfunction is

“As leaders across government, we have to

that is required.”

which highlight the “challenges and opportunities”

rooted in poor govern-

work with all stakeholders

ance, weak institutional

in municipalities to deliver

capacity, poor financial

a better life to our com-

District Development Model

management, corruption

munities. This calls for

The President reiterated

‘One Plan’ of the metro or

and political instability.

decisive leadership and

government’s commit-

district, which is an inter-

Many residents have lost


ment to implementing

governmental plan.

the District Development

in those communities. These profiles will provide the basis for the

“Through these One

faith in the ability of local

He said corruption has

government to meet their

no place in municipalities

Model (DDM), which

Plans, we are forging in-

needs. So too have many

and called for account-

is aimed at improving

novative partnerships with

investors,” the President

ability and transparency

coordination between the

communities, businesses


in municipal finances,

three spheres of gov-

and other stakeholders

while remembering that

ernment and its social

to improve and acceler-

challenges in municipali-

it’s not our money, we are


ate implementation of key

ties do not only affect the

managing the money on

lives of communities.

behalf of others.

He cautioned that the

“They damage both

“Our people abhor cor-

The DDM is helping to

development projects.

grow local economies,

“We are looking to the

create jobs and deliver

DDM to help put South

local economies and the

ruption. They hate it be-

services better and faster,

Africa on a new path of

South African economy.

cause they know they do

he said.

socio-economic and

This need not be the case.

not benefit from corrup-

We have the means to

tion and only a few people

aim to energise our entire

correct this problem.”

benefit. It is important that

system of cooperative

Local Government Elec-

we remove the notion of

governance, and bring

tions, saying people made

called on government

corruption by acting in the

coherence to planning

it clear that they expected

leaders to correct failures

most transparent manner,

and implementation.

more from local govern-

and guide municipalities

right to the last cent.”

President Ramaphosa

towards sustainability,

President Ramaphosa

“Through this model, we

“Once it is fully operational, we will know at all

spatial transformation.” He reflected on the 2021

ment. “I do firmly believe that

efficiency and clean gov-

added that people are no

times what is needed,

if nothing else, the 2021


longer willing to accept

where it is needed, how

elections gave all of us a

poor performance.

it will be done, by whom

wake-up call that says:

and exactly how much it

‘Wake up and smell the

will cost.”

coffee, but provide good

“By providing reliable water supply, sanitation,

“We live in a different

energy and refuse ser-

era... They’ve become

vices, and through road

wiser and more percep-

and infrastructure mainte-

tive. So, they want eve-

that as part of the DDM,

people’,” President

nance, local government

rything laid out correctly

the Department of

Ramaphosa said.

enables our economy to

and truthfully, so our code

Cooperative Governance

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

The President explained

services to us as the



Image by Kojo Kwarteng on Unplash

Writer: Allison Cooper

Digitally connecting South Africa


mproved connectivity

capacity of 10 Megabits

In his State of the

in underserviced areas

(Mbps) per second and

National Address in

broadband infrastructure

will enable better health,

100 Mbps per second for

February, President Cyril

across all municipalities,

high-demand facilities.

Ramaphosa said various

by establishing a standard

education and internet ser-

rapid deployment of

government reforms aim

model for the granting of

proved the roll-out of SA

to revolutionise the coun-

municipal permissions,”

Connect phase two, which

try’s technological devel-

he said.

Connect project aims to

forms part of govern-

opment, making faster

achieve 80% broadband

ment’s commitment to

broadband accessible to

to the country’s Broad-

access in communities

bridge the digital divide,

more people and reducing

band Policy that was

and government facilities

especially in rural com-

the costs of digital com-

adopted by Cabinet in

over the next three years,

munities, and to advance


2013, and aims to meet

with a minimum speed

the digital economy.

vices to communities that need them the most.

Government’s SA


In January, Cabinet ap-

“We will facilitate the

SA Connect gives effect

the National Development

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

Plan’s technology goals to

facilities and 258 govern-

roll-out models that

between those with ac-

create an inclusive infor-

ment department facilities

considered other public/

cess to connectivity and

mation society.

in eight district municipal-

private information com-

those without; as basic

ities, namely Dr Kenneth

munication technology

services such as access

Kaunda (North West),

networks and service

to education, health, work

Thabo Mofutsanyane

providers in the coun-

and the ability to continue

According to the Depart-

(Free State), OR Tambo

try; and an institutional

to operate one’s business

ment of Communications

(Eastern Cape), Vhembe

framework, including gov-

in the event of small busi-

and Digital Technologies,

(Limpopo), Gert Sibande

ernance arrangements, to

nesses or small, medium

due to the magnitude of

(Mpumalanga), Pixley ka

execute the roll-out.

and micro enterprises

SA Connect, the project

Seme (Northern Cape),

plan was divided into two

uMgungundlovu and

SA Connect phase two


uMzinyathi (KwaZulu-

will be rolled out using


three state-owned enti-

Africa children from

ties – the State Informa-

schools and families with

A two-phased plan

Phase one initially aimed to connect 6 135

According to the depart-

According to Cabinet,

moved to virtual platforms.” She noted that in South

government facilities,

ment, phase two aims to

tion Technology Agency,

access to the internet

including schools, health

connect in excess of

Broadband Infraco and

were able to continue

facilities, post offices, po-

42 000 government facili-

Sentech – and industry,

with their learning with

lice stations and govern-

ties countrywide.

over the next 36 months.

minimal interruption.

ment offices, in the eight

In October 2021, Com-

“The project will con-

“Whereas the majority

rural district municipali-

munications and Digital

nect the remaining gov-

who did not enjoy similar

ties, to 10 Mbps broad-

Technologies Minister

ernment facilities, com-

access have suffered huge

band services.

Khumbudzo Ntshavheni,

munities and households,”

losses in school days thus

said the project’s imple-

Cabinet said.

impacting on their access

Phase one’s scope was subsequently reduced

mentation approach was

due to the economic

reviewed after phase

Digital divide

impact of the Coronavi-

one to determine the

In November last year,

to the internet or con-

rus Disease (COVID-19)

most cost-effective and

Minister Ntshavheni said

nectivity, or bridging the


efficient ways to imple-

the COVID-19 pandemic

digital divide, has become

ment phase two, follow-

has demonstrated the ex-

a first and foremost prior-

phase to provide 10 Mbps

ing a feasibility study by

tent of the digital divide in

ity for our country,” she

broadband services to

National Treasury and

South Africa and the rest


about 970 critical govern-

the Development Bank of

of the developing world,

ment facilities,” Cabinet

Southern Africa.

particularly on the African

will go a long way in


bridging that divide.

“It served as a pilot

said. These facilities included 597 schools, 115 health

The study included a comprehensive options analysis of broadband

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

to quality education. “Therefore for us, access

SA Connect phase two

“The divide has been evident during this period,



Compiled by: Gilda Narsimdas

Make fitness fashionable I

f you are on a mission to get fit, you might as well look good while you are working towards your goals. There is no doubt that when we look good, we feel good, and this extends to the clothing choices for any fitness activity. You can be both comfortable and stylish with these items.





1. The Slipstream Lo Beauty Trainers from PUMA are a re-release of the classic 1987 basketball sneakers. They combine a classic look, with rose detailing on the upper, evoking the fairy tale character of Beauty, available from PUMA, R2 400. 2. Carry all your essentials in this stylish, yet lightweight duffel bag that is made of durable fabrics with at least 65% recycled material, Nike, R549. 3. Under Armour has designed these face masks that are perfect for when you are working out at gym. They offer up the required air flow needed, whether you’re running or training, Under Armour, R499.


Public Sector Manager • March 2022





4. The Beast to Beauty, these matching PUMA Slipstream Lo Beast Trainers pair

6. The new Nike Apple Series 7 watch comes with great new features that

up with the Slipsteam Lo Beauty sneakers. The classic style will ensure you

include a built-in Nike Run Club app where you can track your workouts and

stand out from the crowd, PUMA, R2 400.

listen to guided runs or music from your playlist, iStore, from R8 799.

5. Beyonce’s Ivy Heart is a capsule range from her Ivy Park collection with

7. Another great unisex find are these Under Armour HOVR Summit Fat Tire

Adidas. The range features bold colour and design choices, like this unisex

sneakers which have a zero gravity feel. These are cushioned for minimum

velour tracksuit. Top: R2 699 and bottoms: R2 199.

impact and offer excellent grip on all terrains, Under Armour, R2 199.

* Prices correct at the time of publishing.

Public Sector Manager • March 2022



Writer: Reneé Fortune

The country’s finest: SA’s award-winning wines


outh Africa has made a name for itself as one of the finest wine-producing countries in the world, with an industry that dates back to 1659. Spoil yourself with something truly exceptional with this list of awardwinning wines, each of them handpicked for their homegrown perfection.

Red blend: Ernie Els

nuances of fig jam, cigar

wine-producing regions

that sparkle, clink your

Wines Signature 2015

box and meat spice. On

in the country.

glasses to the delight

In the world of reds, the

the palate, you will expe-

that is the Lords 2012

Ernie Els Signature 2015

rience ultra-fine, layered

MCC Brut. This wine

is royalty. This sumptu-

tannins surrounded by a

won double gold in the

ous wine is one of the

halo of mixed red berry

prestigious 2021 South

five-star winners in the

fruits. A salty, mineral

African Sparkling Wine

category of Red Blends:

tail provides the perfect


finish. Pairing idea: garlic and rosemary grilled lamb chops. Chardonnay: Cap Maritime Chardonnay 2020 (Boekenhoutskloof)

The Cape Maritime Char-

As one of the top-rated

donnay is overtly mineral

chardonnays in the coun-

and stony, melting into a

try, this white wine holds

melody of yellow citrus,

its own against some of

grape jelly and green

Cape Bordeaux in the

the world’s biggest hit-

melon preserve. Its tex-

Platter’s by Diners Club


ture has been described

Wine Guide – South

The grape for this vari-

The judging panel for

as “harmonious, from

these celebrated awards

Africa’s best-selling wine

ant is cultivated on the

start to finish.” Pairing

featured the likes of


slopes of the Hemel-en-

idea: baked salmon with

Praisy Dlamini, an ac-

Aarde Valley. This particu-

garlic and Dijon.

complished winemaker

With its five-star rating, this wine is ranked a “Su-

lar region, situated just

perlative South African

outside the seaside town

Sparkling wine:

a pioneer in her field. Ex-


of Hermanus, is lauded

Lords 2012 MCC Brut

pect a full-bodied experi-

for being one of the best

For lovers of all things

ence punctuated by hints

Expect to be met with


from KwaZulu-Natal and

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

of yeast and an aroma of

to try this wine, followed

was the winner of the

Diners Club South African

fresh green apple. Pairing

by a soft palate entrance

coveted platinum award in

Wine Guide. This wine

idea: fruit-based desserts

of spicy fruit. The depth of

the 18th Decanter World

opens the stage to a fruity

such as crepes, pavlova

the palate is enhanced by

Wine Awards, the world’s

ensemble of raspberries,

and tarts.

sweet liquorice root with

largest wine competition.

strawberries and cherries.

a touch of lime. Pairing

In 2021, 18 094 wines were

On the palate, you can ex-

Shiraz: Kunjani

idea: braised lamb with

entered from 56 coun-

pect fine, powdery chalky

Shiraz 2015

radishes and mint.

tries. Pairing idea: creamy

tannins and a healthy

seafood pasta.

dose of acidity which

Taking place in April every year, the Shiraz SA Chal-

Sauvignon Blanc: KWV

lenge sees winemakers

2019 Cathedral Cellar

Pinot Noir: Iona

balance. Pairing idea: pork

from all over the country

Cultivated in Darling in

Vineyards Kloof 2018

loin glazed with raspberry

submitting their variants

the Western Cape, the

As far as Pinot Noirs go,

and orange.

to a stringent and thor-

KWV 2019 Cathedral

this wine is a champion.

ough judging process.

Cellar Sauvignon Blanc

In 2020, the Kunjani Shi-

provides for the perfect

showcases distinctive

raz 2015 made a lasting

aromas of gooseber-

first impression and was

ries, asparagus, as well

declared one of the clear winners of this rigorous contest. It has scooped up a bevy of other awards, including Michelangelo and Gilbert & Gaillard gold medals. An inviting aroma of white pepper invites you Produced in the Elgin Valley and known for a taste profile that represents as granadilla and guava,

the uniqueness of South

with grapefruit on the

African wines, the Iona

palate. The KWV cellar is

Vineyards Kloof 2018 has

renowned for its consist-

been described as having

ency for producing wines

good intensity and texture

of the highest calibre, us-

with significant ageing

ing a winemaking process


that has stood the test of time. This dazzling white

Public Sector Manager • March 2022

It was awarded five stars in the Platter’s by

Wine tasting in six steps Step 1: See In a good red, look for colours from deep purple to brick red. In whites, look for shades of lemon gold to golden amber. Step 2: Swirl Also referred to as the “opening up” of the wine, the purpose of swirling wine is to oxygenate it, releasing its aromas. Step 3: Smell Older wines usually have subtler aromas than younger ones. Look for fruitiness, spiciness and earthiness. Step 4: Sip Fill your mouth only about halfway. Step 5: Swish Subtly swish the wine around, allowing it to coat the inside of your mouth. Step 6: Savour Allow the aftertaste of the wine to linger as part of the experience.


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