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SoNA 2021

Time for change, progress and rebirth

Medical marvel MARCH 2021

Dr Thakgalo Thibela is all about excellence


Contents: March 2021 REGULARS 8

From the Union Buildings President Cyril Ramaphosa unpacks efforts to build a State that better serves the people and is insulated from undue political interference


Conversations with leaders Justice and Correctional


Services Deputy Minister John Jeffery explains why human rights and justice are codependent


32 Trailblazer

Meet public health’s new

Women in the public sector

through the advancement of

Philisiwe Mthethwa is an

honesty, ethics, integrity and

empowerment powerhouse

accountability in the Public

whizz-kid Dr Thakgalo Thibela 38


Profiles in leadership


the forefront of promoting and

12 Budget prioritises support

Professor Bongani Majola is at protecting human rights


All the important facts and figures from the 2021 State of the Nation Address

for economy, public health

SoNA in numbers

Budget focuses on the sustainability of public

finances, efforts to fight COVID-19 and growing the



What you need to know about the J&J vaccine

Find out more about the J&J vaccine which is being administered during the first



recovery and advancement President Cyril Ramaphosa outlines government’s priorities for 2021, with


phase of vaccination roll-out

SoNA 2021: The path to

economic recovery and job creation at the top of the list


Vuk’uzenzele: 200 editions of putting people first

Government newspaper

Vuk’uzenzele has reached millions of South Africans

22 Strengthening the State

Building a capable State

living in rural areas with no access to government news

50 46

technologies that are being

5G opens new tech frontiers

introduced to municipalities

Dispelling the myths of 5G technologies and better understanding their significant benefits



Pioneering cost-effective solutions


Partnership set to boost 4IR in SA

The private and public sectors are

through technology

working together to ensure that South

A new initiative is unearthing proven

Africa does not miss out on the gains

and emerging water and sanitation

of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Five days with the Big Five


Giving life to the vision of a capable State

Acting Minister Khumbudzo NtshavhenI


efore the Coronavi-

SoNA is that the future of

productivity and ensuring

rus Disease made

the country depends on the

public sector accountability.

its destructive

actions we now take, as

It has created the means for

cultivate the passion to

presence felt, South Africa

public servants, community

ongoing learning through

grow South Africa and

was already burdened by

leaders, business owners

the National School of

improve the lives of our

unemployment, lack of

and individuals.

Government and has made

people, and also ensure

ending corruption a national

that the culture of service


delivery flourishes.

economic growth, inequality and corruption. The pandemic has wors-

Government, in partnership with civil society, has laid the groundwork

Local government – so

citizens will be in vain. Public servants should

A culture of accountability

ened the nation’s outlook

for an interventionist,

crucial to achieving the

should start with exposing

and when President Cyril

growth-oriented state. As

country’s development

and charging corrupt of-

Ramaphosa delivered his

highlighted in the SoNA, it

goals – has been strength-

ficials, but we must equally

State of the Nation Address

aims to rebuild and reform

ened, most notably through

celebrate professional and

(SoNA) in February, he laid

the economy, focusing on

the District Development

dedicated public servants

bare the many challenges

infrastructure and invest-

Model, which fundamen-

by telling their stories,

we face.

ment, job creation, inclusive

tally changes government’s

rewarding them and making

growth, anti-corruption

approach to local develop-

them role models. Positive

a state of despair, however,

strategies and improved


stories will create a vision

but with optimism and hope

education and skills.

The President did so not in

All spheres of government

of how the Public Service

Ensuring that the plans

will collaborate to fast-track

deniable fact that we have

outlined in the SoNA are

service delivery and ensure

overcome insurmountable

achieved is mainly the re-

that municipalities are

vision of a capable state not

problems in the past and

sponsibility of our country’s

adequately supported and

only through communica-

can do so again.

public servants.

resourced to carry out their

tion but by also demon-


strating our commitment

brought about by the un-

The address did not de-

A well-trained, profes-

should be functioning. We need to give life to the

liver a magic elixir but rather

sional, trustworthy and

spoke about the plans

ethical Public Service will

the potential to radically

already in place, including

be capable of driving South

improve service delivery in

Quality service deliv-

the Economic Reconstruc-

Africa’s development goals,

areas such as water provi-

ery has the potential to

tion and Recovery Plan, to

ensuring effective service

sion, infrastructure build and

reverberate in the form of

reduce public and private

delivery and restoring public


happier citizens, confidence

sector corruption, and vehi-

confidence in government.

cles aimed at professionalising the Public Service. The main takeaway of the


This new approach has

Without an efficient and

to improve the lives of our people.

in government, investor

service-oriented Public

confidence and ultimately, a

place regulations aimed at

Service, all government’s ef-

well-functioning country.

improving public servants’

forts to improve the lives of

Government has put in

Public Sector Manager • March 2021


COVID-19 reveals

human rights challenges


hen South

dresses the human rights

Africa com-

weaknesses exposed by


COVID-19. Human Rights Day 2021

Human Rights Day on 21 March 2020, we had no

allows us to reflect on

idea how our world was

government’s commit-

about to change.

ment to people’s rights,

At the time, the Corona-

through vigorous efforts

virus Disease (COVID-19)

to end inequality, cre-

had just hit our shores

ate jobs and grow our

and South Africa had

economy. Of significance this year

240 confirmed cases,

are the very real steps be-

and there were 299 000 known infections world-

ing taken to fight corrup-

Phumla Williams, GCIS Director-General.

wide. Today, the global

tion – a scourge that both

figure has surpassed over

fundamental human right

110 million cases and

of all, and that is the right

South Africa has over 1.5

to life.”

enables human rights

hardest hit.

violations and, as summed

The pandemic has highlighted, and also ex-

up by the United Nations,

acerbated, South Africa’s

“hinders the effective

efforts to curb COVID-19

equality shortcomings.

discharge of human rights

Human Rights Day, Presi-

may have dictated what

Never has the gap

dent Cyril Ramaphosa

people could do and

between the ‘haves’ and

announced the imple-

when, there is little doubt

‘have nots’ been so sharp-

progressive Constitution

mentation of a national

that without the action

ly illustrated. Although the

of the Republic of South

lockdown to enable the

taken, our cases and

virus is indiscriminate in

Africa of 1996 and Bill of

country’s health system to

death rate would be expo-

who it infects, it has gen-

Rights, our country still

adequately prepare for the

nentially higher.

erally plunged destitute

faces considerable human

people into dark despair.

rights challenges.

million cases. Last year, two days after

pandemic. As the President ex-

While government’s

Despite the State doing everything it could to


This has been acknowl-

Despite having the

However, like the people

plained at the time: “The

cushion people from the

edged in the country’s

of Sharpeville who united

threat posed by this formi-

effects of the various lev-

Economic Reconstruction

to protest against the pass

dable adversary [COV-

els of lockdown – through

and Recovery Plan, which

laws about 61 years ago,

ID-19] has compelled us

social grants and relief

aims to not only recover

we are also resilient and

to take unprecedented

schemes – it was poorer

what we lost, but to build

determined to meet such

steps to protect the most

communities who were

a better society that ad-

challenges head-on.


Public Sector Manager • March 2021


A message from President Cyril Ramaphosa

Striving for Public Service excellence W

hen I was

State can deliver on the

values of the Constitu-

strengthen and capaci-

elected to

commitment to improve

tion, and must, as I said

tate the civil service.

the position

the lives of the people of

in my inaugural speech,

The draft National

this country.

“faithfully serve no other

Implementation Frame-

cause than that of the

work towards the Pro-


fessionalisation of the

of President of South Africa, I said that building

This means that the

an efficient, capable and

Public Service must

ethical State free from

be staffed by men and

corruption was among

women who are profes-

sultations took place

build a State that better

my foremost priorities.

sional, skilled, selfless

on an important policy

serves our people, that

and honest.

document that will

is insulated from undue

give greater impetus to

political interference and

our efforts to bolster,

where appointments are

Only a capable, efficient, ethical and development-oriented


They must be committed to upholding the

Recently, public con-

Public Service aims to

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

made on merit. The framework was approved by Cabinet in November last year and structured consultation with various sectors of society took place recently. Twenty-seven years into democracy, it can be said of the Public Service that while several pockets of excellence exist, we have serious challenges in many government departments with regards to skills, competence and professionalism.

Government performance

ence in the administration of the Public

with little disruption. In most of these de-

ments must be insulated from politics. Professionalisation is

Service. One need only

partments where there

All too often, people

to look at the instability

is leadership stability,

necessary for stability

have been hired into

in government depart-

audit outcomes tend to

in the Public Service,

and promoted to key

ments when senior

be positive and public

especially in the senior

positions for which

managers are swopped

funds can be accounted


they are neither suit-

or replaced each time

for. Where there is a high

able nor qualified. This

a new Minister is ap-

turnover of HoDs, there

be able to continue

affects government


is often administrative

doing their jobs “regard-


less of any changes of

performance, but also


Public servants must

contributes to nepotism,

(DGs) and provincial

political interference in

heads of departments

the work of departments,

(HoDs) are particu-


lack of accountability,

larly affected. In some

One of the key recom-

the governing party in

mismanagement and

departments, DGs, HoDs

mendations made in the

charge of the adminis-


and executive manag-

draft framework is that

tration, or changes to

ers have had stability

the Public Service must

political parties after

lated problem of political

of tenure, enabling the

be depoliticised and that


and executive interfer-

departments to function

government depart-

There is also the re-

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

Ministers, members of the Executive Council or councillors within

We are proposing a



number of far-reaching reforms, such as extending the tenure of HoDs based on merit and performance, doing occupation-based com-

“The Public Service does not belong to any one party, nor should it be the domain of any particular interest group. It should not be a law unto itself ”.

petency assessments and involving the Public the interviews of DGs

Recruitment and selection

and Deputy DGs.

We are suggesting a

Service Commission in

on the applicable legisla-

Public Service: what we

tive provisions.

actually need is a fit-for-

The National School of

purpose Public Service

more rigorous approach

Government has a vital

with suitable skills, a

tests for all shortlisted

towards recruitment

role to play in this regard.

professional ethic and a

individuals will help so

and selection of public

Professionalism is not

commitment to serving

that we can recruit civil

servants, induction and

only about having the

servants who can serve

performance manage-

right qualifications and


ment. This includes

technical skills, but also

the Public Service need

Introducing integrity

the people. The men and women of

continuous learning and

about having appropri-

to be capacitated to play

extend the compulsory

a clear professional de-

ate standards of respect,

their role in driving de-

entrance exams that

velopment path for every

courtesy and integrity in

velopment and consoli-

we introduced in April

public servant.

dealing with members of

dating democracy. This

the public.

is our best guarantee

We also need to

2020 beyond senior

The draft framework

management. Success-

puts emphasis on the

ful developmental states

need to hold public

have similar measures

servants accountable for

Specialised skills

which help advance

irregularities, to do away

The Public Service is di-

professionalism within

with a culture of impu-

verse, with a huge range

does not belong to any

the Public Service.

nity in the mismanage-

of skills, qualifications

one party, nor should

As we note in the draft

ment and misappropria-

and capabilities.

it be the domain of any

framework, “the bureau-

tion of State resources.

cracy must continue to

of a capable State that serves the interests of citizens.

Many public servants

The Public Service

particular interest group.

have specialised skills

It should not be a law

that are necessary for

unto itself.

loyally and diligently


implement the political

Professionalising the

the effective provision of

mandate set by voters

Public Service involves


and the party, but to re-

training for account-

It is therefore not

frain from being political

ing officers across all

necessarily the case

serve them and them

actors themselves”.

spheres of government

that we need a smaller



The Public Service belongs to the people of South Africa. It must

Public Sector Manager • March 2021



Budget prioritises support for economy, public health T he 2021 Budget is

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni delivers the 2021 Budget Speech.

focuses on providing support to the

economy and public health in the short-term, while ensuring the sustainability of public finances in the medium term.

Delivering the 2021 Budget Speech recently, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni said the main budget revenue was projected to be R1.35 trillion or 25.3% as a share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2021/22. “This rises to R1.52 trillion in the outer year

2021/22 to 26.2% of GDP

achieve its goal of closing

has started to recover

in 2023/24.

the main budget primary

in response to improved

(2023/24) of the Medium-

The Minister said the

deficit and would achieve

global conditions and

Term Expenditure Frame-

total consolidated spend-

a primary surplus on the

the easing of lockdown

work (MTEF),” he added.

ing amounts to R2 trillion

main budget in 2024/25.

restrictions and, in the

Non-interest spending

each year, over the me-

GDP is projected to

months ahead, a mass

will remain steady at ap-

dium term, the majority of

grow by 3.3% in 2021, fol-

vaccine roll-out will sup-

proximately R1.56 trillion

which goes towards social

lowing a 7.2% contraction

port a full reopening of

over the next three years,


in 2020.

the economy.”

but will decline as a share of GDP from 29.2% in


He added that government was on track to

According to National

However, the outlook

Treasury: “The economy

remains highly uncertain

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

and the economic effects

growth rate.

of the Coronavirus Dis-

“Structural reforms

ease (COVID-19) are far reaching.

• exercising continued

with debt-service costs

restraint in non-

reaching R338.6 billion in

will lower barriers to

interest expenditure

that year.

faster, inclusive growth

growth while improv-

In light of the con-

By the third quarter of

by improving access to

ing the composition of

tinuing pandemic, the

2020, there were 1.7 mil-

reliable electricity, water


fiscal framework provides

lion fewer jobs than in the

and sanitation services;

same period in 2019.

enabling cost-effective

Budget deficit

“Rising unemployment

digital services; promot-

“Since the 2020 Budget

and funding for the health

and income losses have

ing the green economy;

Review, the budget deficit

policy response.

entrenched existing

and supporting industries

has doubled, and the in-

inequalities. GDP is only

with high employment

year revenue shortfall is

Medium Term Budget

expected to recover to

potential, such as tourism

estimated at R213.2 billion.

Policy Statement include

pre-pandemic levels in

and agriculture.

short-term support to low-income households

“Changes since the 2020

“These changes re-

a three-month extension

late 2023. Given South

“Given these circum-

flect the impact of the

of the special COVID-19

Africa’s structural con-

stances, the 2021 Budget

COVID-19 pandemic,

Social Relief of Distress

straints, its recovery will

strikes a difficult balance

as well as government’s

Grant and the Unemploy-

be slower than many of

between providing im-

response, which priori-

ment Insurance Fund’s

its developing-country

mediate support for the

tised relief for households

Temporary Employer/

peers,” said National

economy and shoring

and businesses, alongside

Employee Relief Scheme,


up the country’s public

a major effort to protect

and funding for the public

finances,” it added.

public health.

employment initiative and

Recovery plan

Over the next three

“The consolidated deficit

Alongside a robust public

years, the fiscal policy will

in the current year – esti-

health response to the

focus on:

mated at 14% of GDP – is

pandemic and immediate

• extending temporary

the largest on record.”

support to households

support in response to

and businesses, govern-


ment’s recovery plan

• narrowing the budget

National Treasury said

for provincial hospitals in 2021/22.”

Vaccine programme

gross national debt is pro-

In support of govern-

jected to rise from 80.3%

ment’s quest to inoculate

focuses on raising the

deficit and stabilising

of GDP in 2020/21 to

67% of the South African

economy’s long-term


87.3% of GDP by 2023/24,

population, National

Public Sector Manager • March 2021



Treasury will inject R9

about R19.3 billion,” said

billion into the country’s

National Treasury.

COVID-19 vaccination

It acknowledged that

will receive R50 million for

“Since the State is procuring vaccines on

an associated communi-

behalf of both the public

cations campaign.

vaccines will play a pivot-

and private sectors, some

Over the medium term,

al role in saving lives and

revenue will return to the

Wage bill

R9 billion has been allo-

livelihoods, and support-

fiscus when private pro-

The bulk of National

cated for the vaccine roll-

ing economic recovery.

viders buy vaccines from

Treasury’s fiscal con-

the State.”

solidation measures will


out. Of this amount, the

“Ensuring access to

Department of Health has

COVID-19 vaccines is

been allocated R6.5 billion

government’s immediate

departments will be al-

to procure and distribute

priority,” it added.

located R2.4 billion over

This comes as govern-

12 months to administer

ment provided one of the

vaccines. An amount of

Funding for vaccine

come from the Public

Provincial health

Service wage bill.

R100 million will be trans-

procurement and roll-out

vaccines while the Gov-

largest fiscal responses

ferred to the South African

is drawn from the national

ernment Communication

to the COVID-19 pan-

Medical Research Council


and Information System

demic among developing countries, resulting in

for vaccine research.

consolidated government

“Government allocated R1.3 billion in the cur-

spending reaching a re-

rent year for vaccine

cord 41.7% of GDP, com-

purchases. Given uncertainty around final costs, an estimated R9 billion could be drawn on from the contingency reserve and emergency allocations, bringing total potential funding for the vaccination programme to


"Ensuring access to COVID-19 vaccines is government's immediate priority."

pared with 29.6% during the economic meltdown in 2008/09. “Narrowing the budget deficit and stabilising the debt-to-GDP ratio requires continued restraint in expenditure growth. These efforts remain on

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

“Allowing the wage bill to continue rising in line with recent trends is not sustainable.”

course,” said National

not sustainable. It would

wage bill, which grows by

coordination between na-


require a substantial

an average of 1.2% over

tional, provincial and lo-

reduction in funding for

the medium term,” said

cal government, including

2020 Budget, main

capital investment, and

National Treasury.

state-owned entities, to

budget non-interest ex-

critical public goods and

penditure will be reduced

services,” it added.

“Compared with the

by R264.9 billion, or 4.6%

In December 2020, fol-

Funding policies

strengthen accountability and service delivery. Introduced in 2019, the

of GDP, over the MTEF

lowing government’s deci-

Expenditure failure

model focuses on 52


sion to not implement a

accountability is also

district and metropolitan

“Most of these adjust-

wage increase in 2020/21,

expected to take cen-

spaces as convergence

ments are to the wage bill.

the Labour Appeal Court

tre stage as National

points for public and

Excluding compensation

reaffirmed National Treas-

Treasury is set to review

private sector investment,

reductions, consolidated

ury’s constitutional role in

provincial infrastructure

supported by joint plan-

non-interest expenditure

safeguarding the public

sector funding policies.

ning, budgeting and im-

grows by an annual aver-


National Treasury said

plementation processes.

age of 0.4% in real terms.”

“In this regard, the ap-

this will be accompanied

“If a province or munici-

proach to future wage ne-

by proposals of how

pality is not spending its

pensation absorbed 41%

gotiations will align with

grants, incentives and

allocated funds or does

of government revenue

the fiscal position and

other funding can best be

not comply with grant

in 2019/20 and 47% in

prevailing economic con-

structured to coordinate

conditions, then further


ditions. The 2021 Budget

planning and budgeting.

transfers can be withheld

Public Service com-

“Allowing the wage

proposes a significant

This is line with the Dis-

bill to continue rising in

moderation in spend-

trict Development Model,

recipient,” said National

line with recent trends is

ing on the consolidated

which aims to improve


Public Sector Manager • March 2021

or reallocated to another



Writer: Allison Cooper

President C yril Ramaphosa delivering the State of the Nation Address.

The path to recovery and advancement


it secures sufficient

shown to be effective

quantities of vaccines

against the 501Y.V2 vari-

ties for 2021 that Presi-

that are suitable to South


overcoming the Corona-

dent Cyril Ramaphosa

African conditions.

virus Disease (COVID-19),

outlined in his recent

accelerating economic

State of the Nation Ad-

COVID-19 vaccination

Dr Zweli Mkhize were

recovery, driving eco-


programme, targeted

among those vaccinated

overnment is concentrating its efforts on

strengthening the State.

These were the priori-

The President said

President Ramaphosa

The first phase of the

and Health Minister

at healthcare work-

when the first batch of

sustainable jobs and drive

government is in discus-

ers, kicked off with the

J&J vaccines arrived in

inclusive growth, and

sions with all vaccine

Johnson & Johnson (J&J)

the country.

fighting corruption and

manufacturers to ensure

vaccine, which has been

nomic reform to create


So far, nine million

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

“We have developed an infrastructure investment project pipeline worth R340 billion in network industries..."

doses of the J&J vaccine

growth and a significant

people receiving addi-

create jobs and support

have been secured.

increase in unemploy-

tional grant payments.

livelihoods and the rapid

In addition, 12 million

ment. Poverty is on the

In addition, over R57

expansion of the coun-

vaccine doses have been

rise and inequality is

billion in wage support

try’s energy generation

secured from the global

deepening, the President

was paid to over 4.5


COVAX facility, which


million workers through

“We have developed an

will be complemented

He explained that

the special Unemploy-

infrastructure investment

by other vaccines that

in the third quarter of

ment Insurance Fund

project pipeline worth

are available to South

2020, the economy was

Temporary Employee/

R340 billion in net-

Africa through the Afri-

6% percent smaller

Employer Relief

work industries such as

can Union’s (AU) African

than it was in the last


energy, water, transport

Vaccine Acquisition Task

quarter of 2019. There

Team Facility.

were 1.7 million fewer

sized businesses re-

Construction has started

people employed in the

ceived over R1.3 billion in

and progress is being

20 million vaccine doses,

third quarter of 2020

support, over R70 billion

made on a number of

commencing with de-

than there were in the

in tax relief was given to

projects,” the President

liveries at the end of the

first quarter, before the

businesses in distress


first quarter.

pandemic struck, and

and around R18.9 billion

the unemployment rate

in loans was approved

vestment Plan identified

is 30.8%.

for 13 000 businesses

roads projects worth R19

through the loan guaran-

billion covering the spine

tee scheme.

of the South African road

Pfizer has committed

The President stressed that the success of the

Small- and medium-

and telecommunications.

The Infrastructure In-

vaccination programme

“As a result of relief

would rely on active col-

measures implemented

laboration between all

and the phased reopen-

sectors of society.

ing of the economy, we

Economic Reconstruc-

Work is underway to

expect to see a strong

tion and Recovery Plan

finalise project finance

recovery in employment

(ERRP) government has

structuring for these

by the end of 2021,” the

focused on various prior-

projects, which will lead

President said.

ity interventions, namely

to the revival of the con-

a massive increase in

struction industry and

Accelerating economic recovery Over the past year,

Government’s R500

Since the launch of the


South Africa has experi-

billion COVID-19 relief

local production, an

the creation of much-

enced a sharp decline in

package saw 18 million

employment stimulus to

needed jobs.

Public Sector Manager • March 2021



The R100 billion Infra-

to make South African

potentially returning

structure Fund is in full

exports globally com-

more than R200 billion

operation and will blend


to the country’s annual

Creating jobs and supporting livelihoods


The third ERRP prior-

resources from the fiscus

All social partners who

ity intervention is an

with financing from the

participated in the devel-

private sector and devel-

opment of the ERRP will

for industrialisation is

employment stimulus to

opment institutions. Its

work together to reduce

underpinned by sector

create jobs and support

approved project pipe-

reliance on imports by

masterplans to reju-


line for 2021 is varied.

20% over the next five

venate and grow key


industries. Four master

of jobs will be created

They have identified

plans have been com-

by the private sector in

Local production

Government’s vision

The largest number

42 products that can be

pleted and signed and

a number of industries

The second ERRP prior-

sourced locally. “If we

have already had an im-

as the economy recov-

ity intervention is to sup-

achieve our target, we

pact in their respective

ers. “Our compact with

port a massive increase

will significantly expand

industries, the President

the private sector is

in local production and

our productive economy,


underpinned by a clear


Public Sector Manager • March 2021

commitment to grow

President said.

financial position, man-

from renewable energy,

age its debt and reduce

natural gas, battery stor-

our economy and create

He also encouraged the

jobs,” the President said.

youth to join over 1.2 mil-

its dependence on the

age and coal, in line with

The Presidential Em-

lion others who have al-

fiscus,” the President

the Integrated Resource

ployment Stimulus is one

ready joined the national


Plan 2019.

of the most significant

Pathway Management

expansions of public and

Network, which provides

ment and its social part-

Reform in SOEs

social employment in

support and opportuni-

ners signed the Eskom

The Presidential State-

South Africa’s history.

ties to youth across the

Social Compact which

owned Enterprises Coun-


outlines necessary ac-

cil has outlined a clear

tions needed to meet the

set of reforms that will

country’s energy needs

enable state-owned en-

now and into the future.

terprises (SOEs) to fulfil

“We have taken action

their mandate of growth

By the end of January 2021, over 430 000 op-

In December, govern-

180 000 opportunities

Expanding energy generation capacity

are in the recruitment

The fourth ERRP priority

tially increase generation

process, the President

is to rapidly expand en-

capacity in addition to

said overarching SOE


ergy generation capac-

what Eskom generates.”

legislation will be tabled

portunities had already been supported through the stimulus and another

These opportunities are

ity. Restoring Eskom to

to urgently and substan-

The President explained

and development. President Ramaphosa

in Cabinet this financial

in areas like education,

operational and financial

that the Department of

year, and in Parliament in

arts and culture, global

health and accelerating

Mineral Resources and

the next financial year.

business services, early

its restructuring process

Energy would announce

“A centralised SOE

childhood development

is central to this objec-

successful bids for 2 000

model is being imple-

and small-scale and


megawatts of emergency

mented this financial


year, which will ensure

subsistence farming. The National Youth

In line with this, Eskom has been restructured

“The necessary regula-

standardised govern-

Development Agency

into three separate enti-

tions have been amend-

ance, financial manage-

and the Department of

ties for generation, trans-

ed and the requirements

ment and operational

Small Business Develop-

mission and distribution.

clarified for municipali-

performance framework

ment have also met their

“Eskom is making sub-

ties to buy power from

for all SOEs.”

target of providing grant

stantial progress with its

independent power

funding and business

intensive maintenance

producers. Systems are

mandates are being re-

support to 1 000 young

and operational excel-

being put in place to

evaluated to ensure they

entrepreneurs within 100

lence programmes to

support qualifying mu-

are responsive to the


improve the reliability of


country’s needs and the

“This provides a firm foundation for our ef-

its coal fleet. “We are working

Government will also

implementation of the

initiate the procurement

National Development Plan.

forts to support 15 000

closely with Eskom on

of an additional 11 800

start-ups by 2024,” the

proposals to improve its

megawatts of power

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

In addition, all SOE



Writer: Allison Cooper

Strengthening the State ecutive,” he said. He added that government was on course to build a capable and professional civil service that delivers on its mandate and is accountable to South Africans. Government is strengthening local government infrastructure and accelerating service delivery through the District De-


velopment Model (DDM). olstering the capac-

ment and a lack of pro-

agement and the execu-

ity of the State and

fessionalism doesn’t just

tive, through the National

three spheres of govern-

fighting corruption

impact service delivery, it

School of Government.

ment together to focus

are among government’s

also dents public confi-

priorities for 2021.


Delivering his State

“Advancing honesty,

Accountability In addition, in October

The DDM brings all

on key priorities and the implementation of critical high-impact projects.

of the Nation Address

ethics and integrity in the

last year, the President

recently, President Cyril

Public Service is critical if

signed Ministerial Perfor-

lic and private sector

Ramaphosa highlighted

we are to build a capable

mance Agreements with

partners, government is

the important role played

state,” he stressed.

all Ministers.

implementing a range

by the Public Service and

Government has been

“These have now been

Working with pub-

of measures to support

the efforts being made to

offering courses and

published online. This will

municipalities to address

strengthen it.

training programmes for

enhance accountability

inadequate and incon-

government officials, from

and focused performance

sistent service delivery

entry level to senior man-

by members of the ex-

in areas such as water

“The Public Service is at the coalface of govern-


Public Sector Manager • March 2021

provision, infrastructure

and that critical leader-

anti-corruption body that

COVID-19 procurement

build and maintenance.

ship positions have been

reports to Parliament.”

by all State bodies dur-

filled with capable, expe-

He added that when

ing the National State of

“We are focusing on the appointment of properly

rienced and trustworthy

reports started to surface

qualified officials at local


last year about possible

level to ensure effective

“There is improved

Disaster. “The SIU has finalised

fraud and corruption in

investigations into 164

management and provi-

cooperation and sharing

the procurement of Coro-

contracts, with a total

sion of services.”

of resources between the

navirus Disease (COV-

value of R3.5 billion.”

respective law-enforce-

ID-19)-related goods and

ment agencies, enabling

services, government

ment for transparency

a more integrated ap-

acted decisively to put a

and accountability, the

President Ramaphosa

proach to investigations

stop to these practices,

Political Party Funding

said that corruption

and prosecutions.”

investigate all allegations

Act of 2018 will come into

and act against those

operation on 1 April.

Tackling corruption is one of the greatest

The President said the

In a significant develop-

impediments to the

implementation of the

country’s growth and

National Anti-Corruption


Strategy, which lays

Fusion Centre, which

ing of political parties.

“The revelations from

the basis for a compre-

brings together key law-

Among other things, it

the Zondo Commission

hensive and integrated

enforcement agencies

requires the disclosure of

of Inquiry lay bare the

society-wide response to

to share information and

donations to parties and

extent of state capture

corruption, has com-

resources. The Fusion

establishes two funds

and related corruption.


Centre has brought

that will enable repre-

many cases to trial and

sented political parties to

“Testimony at the

“We will shortly be

responsible. “We established a

“This will regulate the public and private fund-

commission has shown

appointing the members

preserved or recovered

undertake their pro-

how the criminal justice

of the National Anti-Cor-

millions in public funds,”

grammes,” said President

system was compro-

ruption Advisory Council,

the President said.


mised and weakened. It

which is a multi-sectoral

is therefore vital that we

body that will oversee

gating Unit (SIU) was

sustain the momentum of

the initial implementa-

authorised to investigate

the rebuilding effort that

tion of the strategy and

allegations of unlawful

we began three years

the establishment of an

conduct with


independent statutory

respect to

The Special Investi-

He explained that there has been great progress in turning around law-enforcement bodies

Public Sector Manager • March 2021



Writer: Elias Tibane

SoNA in numbers I

n his recent State of

deliveries at the end of

30.8% – the rate of unem-

forms of relief to strug-

the Nation Address

the first quarter.

ployment in South Africa

gling businesses.

by 11 February 2021.

18 million – people or

R500 billion – value of the

close to one-third of the

social and economic relief

population who received

(SoNA), President Cyril

government will go about

Economy and employment

rebuilding, following the

1.7 million – fewer people

package to provide cash

additional grant payments

devastation of the Corona-

employed in the third

directly to the poorest

through government’s

virus Disease (COVID-19).

quarter of 2020 than in

households, to provide

relief measures.

From fighting the pandemic

the first quarter, before

wage support to workers

More than 5 million – poor

to job creation, the Presi-

the pandemic struck.

and to provide various

people who benefitted

Ramaphosa outlined how

dent outlined the priorities

from the social and eco-

for the year ahead. Here

nomic relief package.

are some of the important

R57 billion – value of the

numbers from the SoNA.

wage support that has


been paid to over 4.5 million workers through the

9 million – doses of the

Special Unemployment

Johnson & Johnson vac-

Insurance Fund TERS

cine that government has


secured. vaccine secured from the

Business support

COVID-19 Vaccine Global

More than R1.3 billion

Access Facility.

– money provided to

20 million – vaccine

support mainly small- and

doses Pfizer has com-

medium-sized busi-

mitted, commencing with


12 million – doses of the


Public Sector Manager • March 2021

Over R70 billion – value of the tax relief extended to businesses in distress. Around R18.9 billion – value of loans approved for 13 000 businesses through the Loan Guarantee Scheme.

Infrastructure R340 billion – value of the infrastructure investment project pipeline that government has developed in network industries such as energy, water, transport and

of the Infrastructure In-

Poultry Master Plan.

R16 billion – value of the


vestment Plan.

1 million – additional

investment by Ford Motor

chickens that South

Company to expand its

Africa produces every

manufacturing facility

68 000 – households in Gauteng that will benefit

Local products

from homes provided

20% – the level of the

week through the Poultry

in Tshwane for the next

through two major human

planned reduction of

Master Plan.

generation Ford Ranger

settlement projects of the

South Africa’s reliance on

80% – quantity of sugar


Economic Reconstruction

imports over the next five

that large users of sugar

12 – small and medium

and Recovery Plan.


have committed to pro-

enterprises in automotive

350 000 to 500 000 – peo-

More than R200 bil-

cure from local grow-

component manufactur-

ple expected to benefit

lion – money that could

ers, as part of the Sugar

ing to be supported to

from homes built within

potentially be returned to

Master Plan.

grow through the R16

the next decade, as part

the country’s annual out-

85 000 – workers em-

billion investment by Ford

of the Lanseria Smart

put by sourcing products

ployed in the sugar

Motor Company.

City project.



R1.7 billion – value of

R19 billion – value of

1 000 – locally produced

More than half a billion

procurement opportuni-

roads projects, covering

products that must be

rand – money invested by

ties from nearly half of

the spine of the South

procured from small,

the clothing, textile, foot-

the procurement spend

African road network,

medium and micro enter-

wear and leather industry

on construction of the

identified through the


to expand local manufac-

bulk earthworks and top

Infrastructure Investment

R800 million – funds

turing facilities, including

structure at the Tshwane


invested to upgrade

small, medium and micro

Special Economic Zone

R100 billion – the budget

production through the


to be allocated to small,

Public Sector Manager • March 2021



medium and micro enterprises. R108 billion – value of additional investment commitments raised by the third South Africa Investment Conference in November 2020. R773 billion – value of investment commitments received by 11 February 2021 towards government’s five-year target of R1.2 trillion. R183 billion – value of investments that have reportedly flowed into projects that benefit the South African economy.

Job creation portunities supported

Youth economic empowerment

through the Presidential

1 000 – young entrepre-

which provides support

Integrated Resource Plan

Employment Stimulus by

neurs benefited from

and opportunities to


the end of January 2021.

grant funding and busi-

young people across the

2 600 – megawatts from

180 000 – job opportuni-

ness support provided


wind and solar energy to

ties supported through

by the National Youth

the Presidential Employ-

Development Agency and


ment Stimulus still in the

the Department of Small

2 000 – megawatts of

estimated electricity sup-

recruitment process by 11

Business Development,

emergency power to be

ply shortfall over the next

February 2021.

by International Youth

supplied by the success-

five years.

Nearly half a million

Day on 12 August 2020.

ful bids to be announced

5 000 – megawatts of

– people receiving an

15 000 – start-ups to be

by the Department of

additional capacity to be

income, developing new

supported by the Na-

Mineral Resources and

unlocked by the easing of

skills and contributing

tional Youth Development


licensing requirements for

to their community and

Agency and the Depart-

11 800 – additional

new embedded genera-

the country’s economy

ment of Small Business

megawatts of power from

tion projects to help ease

through environmental

Development by 2024.

renewable energy, natural

the impact of loadshed-


1.2 million – youth on

gas, battery storage and


Over 430 000 – job op-


the National Pathway

coal that government will

Management Network,

procure in line with the

be supplied as part of Bid Window 5 to address the

Public Sector Manager • March 2021


Writer: More Matshediso

Justice and human rights must co-exist human dignity, equality and freedom. The Bill also spells out people’s right to access courts for legal intervention and security. Justice and Correctional Services Deputy Minister John Jeffery says the 25th anniversary of the Constitution emphasises the importance of Human Rights Month – celebrated each March in commemoration of the Sharpeville Massacre – because both celebrations are interwoven. Equally co-dependent


are human rights and his year the country

values. Known as one of

justice, he says. The one

marks 25 years

the most progressive in

cannot exist without the

since the Consti-

the world, South Africa’s


tution of the Republic of

Constitution is the foun-

The Deputy Minister ex-

South Africa of 1996 was

dation of our democracy.

plains that justice can be

Its establishment sym-

viewed in two contexts.

signed into law.

A country’s constitution


bolised the end of years

The first is the narrow

spells out the rights and

of oppression and racial

sense of people having

responsibilities of its gov-

divide and the inclusion of

access to avenues which

ernment and its people

the Bill of Rights affirms

allow them to have their

and describes its societal

the democratic values of

dispute heard or adjudi-

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

cated before a legitimate

Africa’s democracy means

their human rights and

body or institution, like a

most people have access

explains that the Bill of

court. “In the end, people

to justice and enjoy their

Rights does not only

the country has serious

would talk about justice

human rights.

apply to citizens, but to

toxic masculinity and

everyone living in the

patriarchy issues.

being served. “The other, broader

“There’s been significant progress in the past 25


look into,” he says. Additionally, he thinks

“There is this entitlement by men of all race

meaning is in the context

years, particularly with

of social justice and

socio-economic rights.

Fighting GBVF

equality before the law.

For example, there were

He says the ongoing in-

women’s bodies. We must

This includes the right to

approximately 14.6 million

cidents of gender-based

pay attention to how we

a decent life, the right to

learners in school in 2019.

violence and femicide

bring up our boy children.

(GBVF) have a profound

groups when it comes to

“This is not a crime that

education and all other

“Participation in educa-

human rights,” he adds.

tion institutions is virtually

effect on the country’s

you can protect people

universal,” he emphasises,

human rights record.

from because you cannot

Human rights

adding that 96.6% of 15

Levels remain alarming-

have a police official in

In general terms, human

year olds – which is the

ly high, despite govern-

every home to stop the

rights are known as moral

last compulsory school

ment’s concerted efforts

man from beating up his

principles or norms that

age in the country – at-

to fight what President

wife. It is a societal issue.”

describe certain stand-

tend school. The number

Cyril Ramaphosa has

Deputy Minister Jeffery

ards of human behaviour.

of learners attending

referred to as the second

says the Department

In South Africa, these are

no-fee schools increased


Justice and Constitutional

protected by law, which

from 21.4% in 2007 to

is why you cannot have

66.2% in 2019.

justice without human

“More people are get-

“I do not know if we

Development (DoJCD)

properly understand

spearheads various

the reasons why we as

domestic violence aware-

ting social grants, more

a country have much

ness campaigns.

“This is why our Con-

people are residing in for-

higher levels of GBVF

stitution has that special

mal dwellings and access

than any other country in

Offences Courts and the

connection between the

to water and electricity is

the southern region.

accompanying services,

values of human dignity,

increasing. However, we

freedom and equality

rights and vice versa.

“We have the Sexual

“It is interesting that

such as intermediaries

still have a long way to go

the banning of alcohol

and court preparation

on the one hand, and

as government in ensur-

during many stages of the

officers. We also have 55

the Bill of Rights on the

ing that even more people

national lockdown, which

Thuthuzela Care Centres

other, because it affirms

enjoy access to justice

was implemented to fight

across the country, with

that relationship between

and their human rights

the spread of the Corona-

five more on the way, to

justice and human rights,”

are always protected,” he

virus Disease (COVID-19)

provide care and support

Deputy Minister Jeffery


pandemic, had an impact

to survivors of GBV.”

The Deputy Minister

on the reduction of GBV

He believes that the

says it is important for

and sexual offences. That

ment plays a significant

strengthening of South

people to be aware of

is something we ought to

role in the implementation


Public Sector Manager • March 2021

He adds that the depart-



ment is providing support to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture (Zondo Commission) and the National Anti-Corruption Strategy is at the core of the department’s developmental trajectory. “Law-enforcement agencies, particularly the National Prosecuting Authority and the Hawks, both financially and from a human resource perspective, are being ca-

Justice and Correctional Ser vices Deput y Minister John Jeffer y.

pacitated to ensure they are more effective. “The establishment of the Special Tribunal has

of the National Strategic


urges public servants to

enhanced the ability of

treat survivors of GBV

the Special Investigat-

upgraded several regional

with care and com-

ing Unit (SIU) to recoup

of Vulnerable Groups Unit

courts into Sexual Offenc-

passion, whether they

funds embezzled from the

and through legislative

es Courts, mostly based

encounter them in their

State. We applaud the SIU


in rural communities.

work in the South African

for their biggest recov-

“Within a short space of

Police Service, hospitals,

ery to date, against ABB

call made by President

time, over 12 000 govern-

clinics, shelters or courts.

South Africa, amounting

Ramaphosa to all men to

ment officials were vetted

end patriarchy, the de-

against the National Reg-

partment introduced the

ister for Sex Offenders to

No room for corruption

Under-the-Tree Dialogues

ensure that no registered

With regard to the fight


sex offenders work as

against corruption, he

officials at service points

says the department and

ishes the public’s faith in

space for various men’s

which have direct access

Minister Ronald Lamola

government and detracts

organisations and forma-

to children and persons

play a significant role in

from the gains we have

tions to collectively craft

with mental disabilities,”

the Anti-Corruption Task

made as a country,” he

interventions to address

he says.



Plan on GBV, through its Promotion of the Rights

In response to the public

It creates a shared

male dominance and its


The DoJCD also recently

The Deputy Minister

to R1.5 billion.” The Deputy Minister appeals to public servants to help fight corruption. “Corruption dimin-

In addition, the depart-

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

What will people say?

There is no excuse for abuse. Police: 10111 Stop Gender Violence: 0800 150 150 Childline: 0800 055 555

People can only help if they know. TELL SOMEONE.

Violence and abuse are poison to society. Let’s make it stop.


Writer: Silusapho Nyanda

Meet public health’s new whizz-kid A

t the tender age

knew from Grade One

ile Kubheka, who made

“When you are in the

of 21, the young-

that she wanted to be a

South African history in

emergency department,

est active female

doctor and when asked

2014 by qualifying as the

you must get to the next

doctor in South Africa is

by teachers what she

youngest doctor ever at

patient quickly, but in

making a difference in the

wanted to be when she

the age of 20.

treating patients in the

public health system.

grew up, she was always

Dr Thakgalo Thibela, who hails from a village in Bushbuckridge, Mpu-

time of COVID-19, I have

The go-getter says

very quick to say: “A

being a doctor at such a

learnt that you have to


young age has not posed

protect yourself first by

extra challenges for her.

wearing personal protec-

at the age of 15, in 2015,

Making her dream a reality

with seven distinctions.

In January, her lifelong

hospital, they always ask

protected that I am able

dream became a reality

me about my age and

to help other people.

received her Bachelor

when she started

are full of compliments

When I consult a patient,

of Medicine and Bach-

working at the Helen

when I tell them,” says Dr

especially one who

elor of Surgery from the

Joseph Hospital in


has tested positive for

University of the Witwa-

Johannesburg, making


her one of the youngest

in the middle of the

gloves, a mask, a face

people to practise as a

COVID-19 pandemic has

shield and gown.”

she is already hard at

medical doctor in South

been a unique experi-

work on the frontlines of

Africa and proving that a

ence. She says it has

the Coronavirus Disease

person’s circumstances

reinforced the need for

Helping those in need

(COVID-19) pandemic,

do not have to dictate

healthcare workers to

The doctor loves work-

working as a doctor at a

their future.

be mindful of their own

ing in the public health

personal safety when

system because she gets

treating patients.

to save the lives of those

malanga, matriculated

Six years later she

Despite her tender age,

busy public hospital. Dr Thibela says she


She is following close in the footsteps of Sand-

“When I treat the patients who come to the

Starting her career

tive equipment. “It is only when I am

COVID-19, I must wear

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

most in need of medi-

older sister and thus also

cal services, which is

applied to study nuclear

why she chose to work


at Helen Joseph for the next two years. “As much as the hospi-

She was accepted for the latter and was about to register for the course

tal is demanding, I enjoy

when her dream came

working here,” she says.


Despite the heartache

“I was set to go register

and tragedy, she wit-

to study nuclear science

nesses as a result of the

when I received a call

pandemic, she says she

from Wits University,

cannot imagine switch-

saying that I had been

ing careers and intends

accepted to their medical

to make the time she

school and that I should

spends at Helen Joseph

go and register the fol-

as meaningful as pos-

lowing day.”

sible. country’s public health

In a class of her own

service could be im-

The youngster grabbed

proved by investing in

the opportunity with

equipment and resourc-

both hands and left her


home in the rural village

Dr Thibela says the

“The public health ser-

of Violet Bank for the

vice is under-resourced.

bustling city of Johan-

If it was properly re-

nesburg, where she

sourced, more could be

quickly had to adapt to

achieved. Right now, the

independent living and a

only thing that is ham-

faster pace of life.

pering the public health

Being in a class with

Dr Thakgalo Thibela is living her dream.

Seven at Farel Primary

used to it. I never really

School. She repeated the

felt the age gap because

system of South Africa is

people who were

a lack of resources.”

older than her was not

remarkable feat at Lehla-

I matured early in life,” Dr

intimidating, however,

sedi High School when

Thibela says, explaining

because, having skipped

she was promoted to

that no-one at university

When she completed

two grades in school, be-

Grade 10 without having

made her feel that her

her matric in 2015, she

ing the young student in

to do Grade Nine.

age was an issue.

wanted to apply to study

class was nothing new.

“In high school, I was

Due to her academic

always the youngest in

next step in her journey

Back-up plan

medicine only but was

Dr Thibela says that the

persuaded to have a

prowess, the young

my class so by the time

is to pursue a career as a

back-up plan by her

Thibela skipped Grade

Wits came around, I was


Public Sector Manager • March 2021




Zoliswa Gidi-D yosi becomes the first person to receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as par t of government 's vaccination programme.

What you need to know about the J&J vaccine S

outh Africa kick-

“At first I was a bit ter-

Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize

they are being adminis-

started its first

rified of this long needle

and healthcare work-

tered. I was rather pleased

phase of the Coro-

that was going to be em-

ers in Khayelitsha in the

that there were five peo-

navirus Disease (COV-

bedded into my arm. But

Western Cape, received

ple who were vaccinated

ID-19) vaccination roll-out

it happened so quickly, so

the vaccine shortly after

before me and they are

programme using the

easily. It was just a prick

they arrived in the country

health workers,” said the

Johnson & Johnson (J&J)

on my flesh and I really

in February.


vaccine, with President

did not feel much pain,”

Cyril Ramaphosa among

said the President about

real milestone for us as

to receive the J&J vaccine

the first South Africans to

the experience.

South Africans that finally

was healthcare worker

the vaccines are here and

Zoliswa Gidi-Dyosi.

receive the jab.


He, together with Health

“This day represents a

The first South African

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

Leading by example,

nine in 10 of all COVID-19

use in vaccines as it has

tive signs that the body

the President encouraged

infections detected during

been modified so that it

is mounting an immune

South Africans to take the

the second wave.

cannot cause disease or

response to the Corona-

replicate in humans.


vaccine, stressing that it is safe. “I would like to invite

The South African trial showed that while the J&J vaccine is not going to

Non-active ingredients

When you encounter

in the vaccine include

real Coronavirus particles

South Africans to take this

prevent mild symptoms, it

sodium chloride, cit-

in future, your immune

up [get vaccinated], so

provides 57% protection

ric acid monohydrate

system will be able to dis-

that we can all be safe, so

against moderate-severe

buffer, polysorbate 80,

arm the virus so that you

that we all can be healthy.”

disease, 85% protection

2 hydroxypropyl-β-

either do not fall ill at all

against severe disease

cyclodextrin (HBCD),

or if you do, the symptoms

been shown to be safe

and 100% protection

ethanol (absolute), so-

are mild and your chances

and efficacious in ex-

against death.

dium hydroxide and water

of being hospitalised or

for injection.

dying are much lower.

The J&J vaccine has

tensive trials. So why is

By way of comparison,

it a good choice for the

the Oxford-AstraZeneca

country and how effective

vaccine provided only

are safe for human con-

How is it stored?

is it? The National Depart-

27% protection against


The vaccine has a long

ment of Health tackles

mild to moderate COV-

these and other questions

ID-19 caused by the new

contain any animal prod-

minus 20 degrees Celsius


501Y.V2 variant.

ucts and is halal.

and can be safely stored

All of these ingredients

The vaccine does not

shelf life of two years at

in a domestic fridge for a

Why is the J&J vaccine a good first choice for the National Vaccination Programme?

How does the J&J vaccine compare with other COVID-19 vaccines?

How does the vaccine protect you against COVID-19? When injected, the vac-

South Africa, as ultra-cold

Like all COVID-19 vac-

cine trains your immune

freezers are not needed.

It was tested in a large

cines, the jab contains

system to fight the virus

trial of almost 44 000 peo-

instructions for the spike

that causes COVID-19.

ple from four continents,

protein on the Corona-

of whom 7 000 are from


South Africa. The study also provided

These instructions are delivered to the immune

The vaccine does not contain the Coronavirus and will not give you COVID-19.

month. This makes it suitable for widespread roll-out in warmer countries like

How is the vaccine given and when does protection start? The vaccine is given as a

a good picture of how the

system by a modified

vaccine works against

adenovirus that has also

include tenderness at

single dose into the up-

the new 501Y.V2 variant,

been used in other vac-

the injection site, feel-

per arm.

which is dominant in

cines, such as the Ebola

ing unwell, feverish and

South Africa and currently

and Zika shots.

getting a headache for a

10 to 14 days after vacci-

few days. These are posi-

nation and even as early

responsible for around

The adenovirus is safe to

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

Some mild side effects

Protection starts around



as seven days for severe

protective equipment and

disease. It can also rise

stay vigilant, even after

Programme allows the

Health Products Regu-

to good levels around a

you are vaccinated.

government to make this

latory Authority has

safe and effective vaccine

approved the use of the

immediately available to

vaccine for the pro-

healthcare workers using

gramme while it process-

a research study.

es the full licensing.

month after vaccination.

The Sisonke ‘Together’

on how effective the

Why is a research programme being used to make the vaccine available?

vaccine is at preventing

Manufacturers apply for

while the licensing pro-

asymptomatic transmis-

vaccines to be licensed

cess takes place.


after trials to show them

It is currently the only vaccine available that uses a single dose, while others require two shots. Researchers are still waiting for further results

It is important you continue to use masks,

to be safe and effective. The J&J trial results were

Sisonke is not the same

The South African

It is important to under-

as a clinical trial, rather

stand although it is not

a way that research can

yet licenced, it is still safe

help to make it available

and effective. The third wave of COVID-19 is predicted

The South African

to begin in South Africa

Government has chosen

this winter and protecting

to move ahead with this

healthcare workers is a

practise social distancing

released in early Febru-

programme because

priority. It is thus impor-

and good hand hygiene.

ary and applications for

it would be unethical

tant to start vaccinating

licensing are underway in

to withhold a vaccine

healthcare workers before

worker, you still need

the United States, Europe

known to be safe and

the third wave arrives.

to wear your personal

and South Africa.


If you are a healthcare


Public Sector Manager • March 2021


Writer: More Matshediso

Promoting and

protecting human rights


hile South

of houses for the poor,

Africa is at the

provided access to water

forefront of

and sanitation to a major-

the promotion of human

ity of them, significantly

rights in Africa, the coun-

improved their rights to

try still has some way to

access healthcare, social

go as issues of inequality

security, education and

and corruption persist.

other socio-economic

As the country com-


memorates Human Rights

While there has been

Month, the Chairperson

significant progress, there

of the South African

is much that still needs to

Human Rights Commis-

be done.

sion (SAHRC), Professor Bongani Majola, spoke to

PSM about what is being done to safeguard human

Prof Majola notes that

Chairperson of the South African Human Rights Commission, Professor Bongani Majola.

the World Bank has declared South Africa as one of the most unequal

rights in the country.

countries in the world

The SAHRC is tasked

and that poverty is also a

with promoting, protecting

The SAHRC has also

try’s robust Constitution

and monitoring the attain-

litigated at various levels

which enshrines human

ment of human rights, as

of the country’s judicial


set out in Chapter 2 of the

system, seeking appropri-

Constitution of the Repub-

ate redress for victims of

South Africa has done a

their rights has almost

lic of South Africa of 1996,

human rights violations.

lot to reverse the harm

stalled, as corruption and

done by apartheid. Those

other factors eat away the

the Bill of Rights.

Given the country’s his-

major concern. “The principle of giving them [people] a pro-

“Under the Constitution,

gressive realisation of

It has held several

tory, Prof Majola believes

who were discriminated

resources that govern-

investigative hearings

South Africa is champion-

against on the basis of

ment needs to effect that

and national inquiries that

ing human rights, particu-

race now have the right to

progressive realisation of

have contributed to the

larly when compared to

equal treatment.

socio-economic rights,”

advancement of human

other African countries.



He points to the coun-

“In addition, govern-

he says.

ment has built millions

Public Sector Manager • March 2021


“The commission, as

specifically with GBV.

ties. We are also finalising

Prof Majola is also con-

part of its strategic focus

cerned about corruption

for the next five years,

exercising its broad

designed for receiving

in the country, particu-

has resolved to focus

mandate, sees gender

complaints from persons

larly the corrupt activities

and act on the negative

equality as being central

who wish to report human

linked to the Coronavirus

impact corruption has on

to all rights,” he says.

rights violations,” he says.

Disease (COVID-19) pro-

human rights,” says Prof



He says the international community has appealed

Fighting GBV

to governments, including

Prof Majola says there are

Both of these innova-

25 years strong

tions are planned for the

The SAHRC commemo-

end of the current finan-

rated its 25th anniversary

cial year.

on 2 October 2020.

Because the SAHRC’s

engage in litigation; alter-

mandate extends to the

native dispute resolution

As an admitted Advo-

troubling levels of GBV in

man rights at the centre

the country.


a mobile app, specifically

About Prof Bongani Majola

South Africa’s, to put huof all of their responses to

“The commission, in

“The commission has used the past 25 years to

promotion, protection

mechanisms, such as ar-

cate of the Republic

Africa saw a massive

and monitoring of equal-

bitration, mediation and

of South Africa with

spike in police brutality,

ity, which entails equal-

negotiation; and using

decades of work ex-

gender-based violence

ity in terms of sex and

the media and advocacy

perience in the public

(GBV), corruption and

gender, the SAHRC has

to promote human rights.

and private sectors,

many others.

focused much of its at-

“These activities span

Prof Majola’s seven-

“It is said that South

“Some of the violations

tention on gender equal-

numerous human rights’

year term commenced

stem from the prevailing

ity, inclusive of the rights

themes, with the most

in January 2017.

culture of impunity and

of lesbian, gay, bisexual,

prominent relating to

lawlessness, where even

transgender, intersex and

equality and race in par-

includes working in a

law-enforcement offi-

gender non-conforming

ticular,” says Prof Majola.

number of capacities

cials break the law with



Like most organisations,

His experience

as a public servant,

the SAHRC has had to do

including as prosecu-

He adds that govern-

commission has inter-

things differently during

tor and magistrate.

ment can address these

vened in many matters

the COVID-19 pandemic,

One of his main

issues by insisting on

dealing with discrimi-

holding its engagements

responsibilities as the


nation on the basis of

that promote human

Chairperson of the

gender, sex and sexual

rights online.

SAHRC is to coordi-

“The SAHRC recognises that corruption impacts

Prof Majola says the


“The commission, in rec-

nate the work of all

ognising the impact, im-

eight commissioners

institution – the Commis-

port and use of the Fourth

on a broad, strategic

sion for Gender Equal-

Industrial Revolution, is

level, to ensure that the

adequately and thus im-

ity – was constitutionally

ensuring its website is up-

commission’s key stra-

pact negatively on human

established to focus on

graded and is accessible

tegic goals are met.


gender equality, dealing

to persons with disabili-

human rights, as services

The commission’s sister

which are linked to rights fail to be delivered on

Public Sector Manager • March 2021



Writer: Jauhara Khan


200 editions of putting people first I

n March 2021,

the publishing of

Vuk’uzenzele celebrates

the 200th edition of

an important milestone:

Vuk’uzenzele is more

the publishing of its 200th

than a celebration for



Since it was first

“This is a celebration

published in October

of underprivileged and

2005, the newspaper has

vulnerable communities

reached millions of South

being able to access

Africans living in rural

information that em-

areas with no access to

powers them to change

government news.

their lives.

Published by Govern-

“This occasion also

ment Communication

celebrates GCIS’s ability

and Information System

to meet its mandate from

(GCIS) twice a month,

1998, which guarantees

Vuk’uzenzele aims to

South Africans the right

help people access

to information that em-

important information on

powers them.”

government programmes

With over 254 million

and policies, provide

copies of Vuk’uzenzele

work opportunities and

published and distrib-

connect fellow South

uted free of charge since


its launch, Vuk’uzenzele

Access to information GCIS Director-General Phumla Williams says


also has the largest print run in the local print industry. “When we started

Vuk’uzenzele we wanted

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

portunities, which opens doors for unemployed citizens, says Williams. “We understand that many people are unemployed and cannot afford to buy newspapers, which carry many government jobs. “We reached out to departments to advertise in Vuk’uzenzele because it is a free newspaper people that motivate

and reaches a wide audi-

anyone who might be

ence. Our ideal is to get

thinking, ‘What do I do

all government depart-

with my life?'.

ments to advertise in

“A young person may read the newspaper and


see someone who has

Digital footprint

started a green pepper

Williams says the future

farm. When they see

of Vuk’uzenzele includes

that story it helps them

plans to increase its

realise that they are also

digital footprint and to

capable of doing it.

continue listening to the

“Vuk’uzenzele also

it to reach those in rural

We needed to make sure

communities. One of the

we provided a publica-

gives readers information

issues we had to grapple

tion that is easy to read,

on how to get help to

what readers want. Our

with was how to make

accessible, inclusive and

improve their lives. South

readers must tell us more

this publication acces-

talks to the reader,” she

Africans want to know

about the stories they

sible. How do we make


how to help themselves,

would like to read, like

but many often don’t

stories about land or

know how or where to

agriculture or the Fourth

sure we have a version of

needs of its readers. “It is helpful to hear

the newspaper for those

Changing lives

who can’t read English?

Williams says over the

begin. We have managed

Industrial Revolution. We

years she has witnessed

to provide government

need to give readers the

ble in part in all 11 official

how Vuk’uzenzele has

information and respond

opportunity to have their

languages and Braille.

changed lives.

to the needs of South

say and find out how


they are consuming our

“Vuk’uzenzele is availa-

It is the only newspaper

“What is exciting about

that has been able to

Vuk’uzenzele is that it

Vuk’uzenzele also car-

respond to that need.

tells stories about real

ries government job op-

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

content,” she adds.



Writer: Kgaogelo Letsebe


Mthethwa is an empowerment powerhouse


s the Chief Ex-

became clear to my sib-

ecutive Officer

lings and I that we lived

of the National

in different worlds, one

Empowerment Fund

poor and black and the

(NEF), Philisiwe Mtheth-

other, white and rich.

wa is at the forefront

“From discussions at

of growing black par-

home, my political con-

ticipation in the economy

sciousness deepened,

through financial and

and by the time I went

non-financial support,

to university, it was long

and by promoting a

clear to me that when

culture of savings and

freedom finally arrives,

investment among black

change would have to


happen in the economic

Her passion for creat-

sphere,” she says.

ing an equal economic

Mthethwa adds that in

stance in the country is

her early working years

not new; it started when

at the South African Re-

she was a youngster.

serve Bank as a senior

“The realisation first

analyst in the Supervi-

four black professionals.

dawned on me as a

sion Department, she

It was a culture shock.

discovery was that

child, whenever our

realised that not much

The internal directory

many of the white Afri-

parents would take us

had changed.

virtually had no black

kaner males were either


relatives, their parents

to town. It gradually


“I was among the only

“Another alarming

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

had gone to university

Minister of Trade and

together or they shared

Industry Alec Erwin to

one connection or the

play a leading role in

to be effective, to enable

implementation of BEE

other. I felt like I was an

the conceptualisation,

its effective implementa-

transactions,” Mthethwa

outsider. That is when

formulation and finalisa-

tion, it should be sup-

points out.

my resolve to work in

tion of the government’s

ported by government

the service of transfor-

Broad-based Black

through making capital


mation took root.”

Economic Empower-

and resources available,”

Being at the helm of

ment (B-BBEE) Strategy,

adds Mthethwa.

the NEF has brought

Defining moments

poverty. “For the B-BBEE Act

employed in transaction structuring and

the BEE Act, the various

She says that lack

Mthethwa much joy.

sector-charters and the

of access to adequate

Mandated to grow

While employed at

Code of Good Practice

capital has proven to be

black economic par-

the now Department

on BEE.

an impediment to policy

ticipation across the

of Trade, Industry and

“My path was set, my

implementation and has

country, the NEF has

Competition (the dtic)

vocation had been de-

resulted in considerable

approved in excess

as Chief Director for

cided and it has been a

value leakages in the

R10.9 billion across all

Black Economic Em-

privilege to serve in the

BEE transactions that

sectors of the economy

powerment (BEE),

quest for our country’s

have been concluded to

since 2005.

Mthethwa was invited

economic liberation,”

date and a lack of con-

by the then Minister

she says.

solidation of the moni-

supported in excess of

toring and evaluation

103 081 jobs.

Phumzile Mlambo the Department of

Challenges of B-BBEE

Minerals and Energy,

Eighteen years after the

to serve on a task team

Ngcuka, who headed

capacity of the B-BBEE Commission.

She says the fund has

“We derive incredible joy when we visit our

“For example, prac-

investees to see South

implementation of the

tices such as transfer

Africans hard at work,

that conceptualised

B-BBEE, it would seem

pricing have the effect

knowing that each per-

and crafted the Mining

South Africa is still bat-

of shifting profits from

son supports between


tling to achieve broader

one entity to the other,

five and 10 dependents.

economic participation

where those entities

That, for us, is the fuel

formative period in my

and inclusion of black

would not have a com-

that keeps us ener-

career, where I felt that

people in the economic

mon shareholding.


I was doing something


“This was a critical and

“It undermines the

Recently, the NEF in

“The black majority are

objectives of trans-

partnership with the

the pursuit of economic

still largely excluded and

formation because

dtic, established an Eco-


exploited, where they

the real value in these

nomic Distress Fund to

“After the work on

contend against high

transactions accruing to

provide concessionary

the Mining Charter,

inequality, unemploy-

black people is diluted

business loans to black-

I was tasked by then

ment and high levels of

when this practice is

owned and -managed

meaningful and direct in

Public Sector Manager • March 2021



enterprises that are un-

Against this backdrop,

form of loan and equity

proval, and even better,

der financial distress as

the fund will support

and a maximum interest

when funds have been

a result of the Coronavi-

black companies in

rate of 2.5% will apply.”

disbursed. The knowl-

rus Disease (COVID-19)

accordance with the

Mthethwa says the

edge that we are elevat-


legislated mandate of

work of the NEF is es-

ing the dignity of people

the NEF, to mitigate the

sentially to help make

and their ability to take

recovery, sustain exist-

challenges that have

dreams come true.

our country forward, is

ing jobs and improve

been caused by the

“You must see the joy

productive capacity,

ongoing pandemic.

when applicants receive

The aim is to aid their

says Mthethwa.

“Funding will be in the

the reward of patriots,” she says.

the good news of ap-

“The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the South African

About Philisiwe Mthethwa

economy and placed

Mthethwa has seven siblings and her parents were school principals. Her older

the livelihoods of busi-

sister, Phumi Gwala, is South Africa’s Ambassador to Argentina, while her older

nesses and employees

brother, S’fiso Buthelezi, is the former Deputy Minister of Finance and currently

at stake.

the Chairperson of Parliament’s Standing Committee on Appropriations.

“Black businesses,

Mthethwa holds a BA Economics degree from the University of the North; a

which historically have

French Language Diploma from the Institute of Languages, France; Maitriseen

been constrained by

science economique (equivalent to an MSc Economics), from the University

the lack of access to

Paris 2, in Sorbonne, France (thesis not defended); and a Master of Business

affordable capital, have

Administration in Corporate Finance from the University of Sheffield, United

been dealt a particularly


heavy blow,” she adds.


Public Sector Manager • March 2021

What will people say?

There is no excuse for abuse. Police: 10111 Stop Gender Violence: 0800 150 150 Childline: 0800 055 555

People can only help if they know. TELL SOMEONE.

Violence and abuse are poison to society. Let’s make it stop.


Writer: Silusapho Nyanda

5G opens new tech frontiers F

ifth generation

5G technologies can

cancer, skin and ocular

man, the CSIR’s senior

cellular technolo-

play a significant role in

effects, male infertility

researcher in the Next

gies (5G) have the

developing technologi-

and the mutation and

Generation Health Unit.

potential to develop State

cal innovations, such as

spread of the Coronavirus

capacity and communica-

smart cities.

Disease (COVID-19).

tion services for the public.

According to the

Despite the many ben-

“5G technologies have been rolled out in several

“Many of these sup-

countries globally. Many

efits of 5G, there is wide-

posed health threats

countries and regions

Council for Scientific

spread speculation that

are unfounded and are

that do not have 5G

and Industrial Research

5G technologies pose a

based on pseudoscience,

technologies have had

(CSIR) chief researcher

range of health threats

misinformation and fake

significant COVID-19 in-

Dr Fisseha Mekuria,

to humans, including

news,” says Dr Essa Sule-

fections. Therefore, there


Public Sector Manager • March 2021

is no correlation between

cost of using the inter-

affordable broadband to

5G distribution and

net, spectrum sharing

be integrated with 5G,”

over wireless networks

COVID-19 distribution,”

between 4G and 5G and

says Dr Mekuria.

has become important

says Dr Suleman.

hologram communica-

“When you look at the

tion, among other things.

Technological developments

“Data communication

because people want to access their banking information, enter-

World Health Organisa-

It can also be used

tion’s dashboard, which

in education, as online

5G technology is the

tainment and different

tracks COVID-19 globally,

education becomes a

result of technological

types of information via

you will see that many

more common feature in

developments which

their smartphones. This

parts of the world that

our lives.

started in 1987, with 1G.

implies that we have to

1G was a more analogue-

increase the bandwidth,” says Dr Mekuria.

have no significant 5G

He explains URLLC

deployment still have

will help meet the

based wireless connec-

a significant number

performance demands

tion, with speeds of up to

of COVID-19 cases,” he

of industrial automa-

900 megahertz (MHz).

technology can provide


tion processes, such as

This was followed by

two gigabits of data per

He adds that 5G

Dr Mekuria adds that

those needed in drones,

the development of the

second and can process

all wireless technology

robotics and self-driving

2G network, with a con-

high volumes of data at

standards are highly


nectivity speed of 2.8 gi-

high speeds, for things

regulated, with checks

mMTC is about con-

gahertz (GHz). 2G, much

such controlling self-

and balances in place.

necting smart sensors.

like 1G, was designed for

driving cars.

Dr Mekuria says such

voice connections but

“The other application

technologies can have

had a broader range.

of 5G is the smart city ap-

Reducing costs 5G is built around three

real-life applications for

The development of 3G

plication, where there is a

technology standards,

eHealth systems, preci-

introduced the considera-

lot of machine-type com-

namely enhanced mobile

sion farming and smart

tion of data in network

munication or internet of

broadband (eMBB),



things. We can put a lot

ultra-reliable and avail-

These applications can

3G was created with

of sensors out in cities, utilities and industries.”

able low-latency network

be made possible when

a connectivity speed of

communications (URLLC)

there are smart networks,

2.1 GHz. The 4G network

and massive machine-

smart sensor networks

was primarily built for

able to get real-time data

type communications

and low-power radios

using data and encom-

and information will allow


that are embedded in 5G

passes features such as

for the optimisation of

network standards.

LTE connectivity. It has a

utilities and resources.

Dr Mekuria says eMBB will enable the move

“In low-income econo-

towards reducing the

mies, we have pushed for

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

Dr Mekuria says being

connectivity ability of 2.6 GHz.



Writer: Daniel Bugan

Pioneering costeffective solutions through technology T “It is paramount in the

Technology and Innova-

head of technology and

optimal management of

tion Integrated Platforms:

ment Association

innovation at SALGA, who

drinking water quality and

Non-sewered sanita-

(SALGA) is working on an

is overseeing the initiative.

effluent discharge, and in

tion: The key focus

minimising pollution and

is on the promotion

ensuring the provision of

of non-water borne

cost-effective water and

sanitation, includ-

he South African

ties, says William Moraka,

Local Govern-

initiative that has the potensanitation sector in South

Embracing technology


According to Moraka,

sanitation services to

ing the promotion of

the initiative came about

the end consumer,” says

developed standards

SALGA launched the

after a research project by


for such. SALGA is also

Integrated Water and San-

SALGA on how munici-

While in the past the

itation Technology and

palities use technologies

focus has been on find-

and other key stake-

Innovation 7 Platforms

in their water and waste-

ing solutions to policy,

holders, particularly the

initiative in conjunction

water treatment facilities.

institutional, financial and

Bill and Melinda Gates

with the Water Research

It emerged that 44% of

regulatory challenges, this

Foundation, to explore

has now changed.

the deployment of

tial to change the water and

In September 2020,

Commission (WRC).

those 18 test sites used in-

working with the WRC

appropriate technologies.

“In essence, technology

Settlements, Water and

These findings prompted

and innovation have now

technological options.

Sanitation and Coopera-

SALGA to look at ways to

taken centre stage as a

It is anticipated that the

tive Governance and Tra-

help municipalities em-

result of new ways of do-

deployment of non-

ditional Affairs provided

brace technology innova-

ing water business.”

sewered sanitation will


tion and to be aware of

The Ministries of Human

The initiative’s objec-

cost-effective solutions.

non-sewered sanitation

limit volumes treated at


treatment facilities.

tive is to unearth proven

“Innovation should be

Currently Moraka, in col-

Resource recov-

and emerging water and

part of the new normal.

laboration with stakehold-

ery: Using devel-

sanitation technologies

It should be part of our

ers, is hard at work in tak-

oped guidelines in

within the sector and to

ingredients in a quest of

ing forward the following

the management of

introduce it to municipali-

improving service delivery.

solutions as part of the

digesters to harvest


Public Sector Manager • March 2021

biogas to energy, as

for COVID-19 in our

well as improving

wastewater facilities.

energy management at

Non-revenue water

wastewater treatment

simulation training

facilities. Convention-

facility: This facility

ally, these facilities

uses new technologi-

were designed to solely

cal innovation to detect

treat drinking water

leaks illegal connec-

and effluent discharge.


However, through

The facility was con-

technological inter-

structed with the sup-

ventions, by-products

port of the Japanese

such as biogas, water

International Coopera-

reuse, hydro power and

tion Agency and the

sludge to fertiliser have

Department of Water

been harvested. Of

and Sanitation.

significant importance

The purpose of the

is the use of energy

facility is to practically

harvested from biogas

train municipalities in

water-scarce country

“It will help reduce the

to power the plants in

the management of

such as South Africa.

cost of doing business. In

the event of loadshed-

non-revenue water by


simulating a typical


National Coronavirus

water business in mu-

Moraka says that these

livering water and ensure

Disease (COVID-19)


interventions are at vari-

correct costing and pric-

surveillance: SALGA

Water saving device:

ous stages of implemen-

ing,” he explains.

and member munici-

SALGA, working with

tation. SALGA is also in

palities are part of the

the WRC, piloted the

the process of securing

benefited from these in-

National COVID-19

AquaTrip in Gauteng

additional partners to help

terventions include eThek-

Wastewater Surveil-

schools and saved

deploy these interventions

wini and Tshwane (non-

lance Initiative that

substantial water costs.

at scale.

sewered sanitation); City

seeks to monitor COV-

The technology cuts off

ID-19 in our wastewa-

water in the event of

implement these seven

biogas to energy har-

ter facilities. SALGA

a leak or in situations

platforms it will bring a

vesting); and Mopani, JB

is part of a network of

where a tap is left run-

great deal of change in

Marks and Ekurhuleni

scientists, engineers

ning unattended. These

terms of how we run our

(trained on non-revenue

and municipalities

types of interventions

water business in this

water technology and in-

that constantly test

were necessary in a



Public Sector Manager • March 2021

“If we are to successfully

other words, it will help minimise the cost of de-

Municipalities that have

of Cape Town (trained on



Writer: Kgaogelo Letsebe

Partnership set to boost 4IR T he Council for Sci-

huge and compelling task

and executive chairperson of

entific and Industrial

of ensuring that our country

the World Economic Forum

Research (CSIR) and

does not miss out on the

(WEF) – in Pretoria in 2018,

gains of the 4IR.”

is a hub for public-private

tech company Siemens are pulling together to hasten

collaboration to shape the de-

Fourth Industrial Revolution

egy requires it to work closely

velopment and application of

(4IR) adaptation in South

with the private sector to to

emerging technologies.


use science and technology

A recently signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the two will see the

Speaking at the time, Prof

to fast-track digital skills of the

Schwab said the centre


would be one of many across

“To achieve this, the organi-

the globe.

country acquire much-needed

sation is leveraging emerging

“The centres are looking at

critical, technical and digital

technologies, especially those

eight different technologies,

skills for the local workforce.

rooted in the 4IR, as well as

such as artificial intelligence,

According to the CSIR, the

its current capabilities and

blockchain, drone technology,

MoU is meant to foster techni-

those of its partners,” says Dr

big data, precision medicine

cal and vocational education


and so on, to develop the

and training (TVET), particuquality of job profiles and in so

Accelerating digitisation

doing improve employability.

As part of the partnership,

larly in 4IR, to enhance the

CSIR CEO Dr Thulani Dlami-

Siemens will now be a part of

necessary policies and regulations around these technologies which can be applied internationally,” he said. “Through partnerships with

ni says the venture is part of

the South Africa Centre for

the CSIR and the Department

efforts to promote partner-

the Fourth Industrial Revolu-

of Science and Technology

ships between the private and

tion (C4IR-SA) hosted by the

(now Department of Sci-

public sector to respond to the


ence and Innovation), we are

needs of industry. “We are very pleased to join hands with Siemens in this


He adds that the CSIR strat-

The C4IR-SA, which was

hoping that this effort will be

initially launched by Profes-

advanced. Of course South

sor Klaus Schwab – founder

Africa is the place to be as it

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

has proven to be a gateway into Africa as a whole,” he added.

4IR roadmap

“The plan will include detailed interventions to be carried out in order to achieve global

In a bid to align with the WEF

competitiveness through ad-

network of centres, Siemens

dressing national developmen-

has developed a comprehen-

tal imperatives in key economic

sive South Africa 4IR roadmap,

sectors like agriculture, finance,

which will empower the country

mining, manufacturing and ICT,”

to seize the opportunities of

he says.

digitalisation while upskilling

The Minister adds that

the local workforce and creating

changes are also needed in

new high-quality jobs.

TVET education.

“Siemens is proud to partner

“We want to see a change

with the CSIR on this initiative

where we have students coming

and is ready to deliver on the

to college as apprentices in the

4IR roadmap.

workplace, as opposed to an

“Our goal as a company is to make sure that while we focus

academically-based model. “In addition I intend availing

on continuously adapting, we’re

some government resources to

also contributing to uplifting

support and harness innova-

and building a sustainable

tion in the TVET college sector

economy,” says Siemens South-

through, amongst other things,

ern and Eastern Africa CEO,

the establishment of technology

Sabine Dall’Omo.

stations in colleges.”

Country strategy on 4IR

Dr Dlamini says 4IR has the potential to create highquality employment opportuni-

The acceleration of the digitisa-

ties across industries if South

tion has been top of the govern-

Africans are strategically skilled

ment’s agenda.

in future-oriented jobs.

Minister of Higher Educa-

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

ed country strategy on 4IR.

“Our partnership with Siemens

tion, Science and Innovation Dr

will foster vocational education

Blade Nzimande says govern-

and training on critical technical

ment is developing an integrat-

and digital skills,” he adds.



Writer: Reneé Fortune

Dine in with SA’s finest foodies G

raze your way from

flakes, black pepper, etc.

sunrise to sunset

• 2 cups cake flour, sifted

with these delectable

• 2 tsp baking powder

recipes, courtesy of a few of our country’s leading food influenc-


ers, bloggers and authors.

Preheat oven to 180°C, grease a muffin tray and dust lightly

Breakfast by Ilhaam

with flour. Add the corn, eggs,


oil, milk, sugar, salt, cheese,


basil and spring onion into a

bowl as well as other season-

This gastronomic specialist

ing if desired.

hosts a blog inspired by her

Sift the flour and baking

penchant for feeding her “hun-

powder into the bowl and fold

gry husband,” and oh, does she

into wet ingredients. Scoop

do it well.

mixture into a muffin tray and bake for 20 minutes until

Savoury sweetcorn muffins

golden brown on top.


would equal roughly 4 full

• 2 cups, corn kernels


Tip: 2 cups of corn kernels

• 2 eggs • 1/2 cup oil


Lunch with Melissa Delport

• 1 cup milk


• 2 tsp sugar

• 1 tsp salt

As a holistic health coach,

• 1/2 cup grated cheese

Delport has authored two

• A few basil leaves

cookbooks, WHOLE – Bowl

• 1 spring onion

Food for Balance and HEAL

• Seasoning of choice – chilli

– Begin with Food.

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

• 1 medium pepper, chopped • 2 to 4 chicken breasts • Half a cup Inkomazi • ½ tsp turmeric powder; • 1 tsp ground coriander powder • ½ tsp red chilli powder • Salt to taste Directions: Defrost and wash the chicken breasts. In a medium mixing bowl, mix

Beer steamed mussel pot

work with them. Slice the

seal the pot. Pop the

the Inkomazi, turmeric,

baguette and butter both

mussels into the oven for

chilli powder, salt and



20 minutes to steam, or

ground coriander. Mix

• ½ brown onion,

Place a medium frying

until the shells begin to

well and let it sit for 10

pan over medium to high

pop open. For the last five


• 1 tsp coconut oil

heat, and add the coco-

minutes, add the baguette

• 1 garlic clove, minced

nut oil and onions. Fry the

to the oven until toasted.

• ½ red pepper, sliced

onions until soft (about

• 2 red chillies, finely

five minutes).


chopped (optional)

Add the garlic, red pep-

• 1 tsp honey

per and chilli and fry for a

• 500g of the best qual-

Drain the chicken, add it to the Inkomazi mixture and allow it to marinate

Dinner is served by Kalpesh Dullabh @foodiewhippedsa

for at least 20 minutes. Heat a pan on medium heat with some olive oil.

further five minutes. Add


Add onion and peppers

ity mussels you can

the honey and fry for a

and sauté until translu-


further minute.

As a proudly South


• Handful of coriander

Add the mussels to a

African foodie, Dullabh

Once done, layer the

• 330ml beer

cast iron pot – if you do

takes pride in presenting

bottom of a baking dish

• 1 small baguette

not have one, any oven-

authentically homegrown

with the sautéed on-

• Herb butter

proof dish with a lid will

meals made with locally

ion and peppers. Add

do. Add the onion and red

available ingredients.

the marinated chicken


pepper mix on top of the

Preheat oven to 200°C.


Defrost the mussels and

Once everything has

breasts and pour in the

Inkomazi ovengrilled chicken

remaining marinade. In a pre-heated oven,

put them in the fridge

been added to the pot,


bake the chicken for

until you are ready to

top with 330ml beer and

• 1 red onion, sliced

about 20 to 25 minutes at

Public Sector Manager • March 2021



200°C until cooked and golden brown. Garnish with fresh coriander and serve with rice or naan bread. Anyone for dessert with Bathandwa Nkambule? @theearthycook Nkambule is a multi-talented stylist, yogi and activist and culinary creative with a knack for transforming ordinary meals into beauty on a plate.

Chocolate truffles Ingredients: • 2 slabs vegan chocolate • 2 tsp vanilla essence • 2 tsp cocoa powder or Milo • 1 handful of nuts of your choice • ½ cup vegan fresh cream • ½ handful hemp seeds • Chilli flakes (optional) • Milo (optional • Desiccated coconut (optional) Method: Place a small pot of boiling water over high heat and on top of the pot, place an enamel or ovenproof bowl. Break the chocolate into pieces and place it on top of the heating bowl. Slowly mix the chocolate as it melts. Add vanilla essence and cream and continue stirring until well combined. If you want to make it darker and richer, add cocoa powder. When it’s all mixed, place in a bowl and refrigerate until it is hard and set (preferably four hours or overnight). Scoop out small amounts of the mixture and roll them into balls using your palms. Crush the nuts and lay them on a placemat or board along with the hemp seeds and cocoa powder. Roll the truffles onto your ingredients until coated. Let them set in the fridge for 30 minutes or more. Serve as is or with ice-cream.


Public Sector Manager • March 2021


Compiled by: Nicholas Francis

Workout wardrobe essentials W


hether you are working out at home or the gym, it is important to feel comfortable and have the right gear. This gear should be practical too! Here are some items to add

to your workout wardrobe.




1. REDX reversible crop top, R70, available at Mr Price Sport. 2. Nike Curve swoosh run tights, R849, available at Superbalist. 3. Adidas Novamotion shoes, R1 299 available at Adidas. 4. Edition layered wrap blend vest, R129, available at Woolworths. 5. Puma x First Mile Xtreme training jacket, R1 020 available, at Puma.



Public Sector Manager • March 2021

1. Puma depth white T-shirt, R349.95, available at Puma. 2. UA Vanish woven shorts, R699, available at Under Armour. 3. Adidas Essentials wind pants, R799, available at Adidas. 4. Nike MC trainer shoes, R1299.95, available at Nike. 5. REDX active hoodie, R189.99, available at Mr Price.






Public Sector Manager • March 2021



Writer: Gilda Narsimdas

Find some order A

little bit of organisation can go long way, whether



it is in your office, bathroom or the kids’ room. Decluttering these spaces will leave you feeling

less overwhelmed and help you locate items easily. We’ve found some nifty products to help you achieve this.



Public Sector Manager • March 2021






1. The Desk Buddy from local brand Emerging Creatives will be your best friend when

piece ceramic set, available from zando.

in the house, available from,, R169.


it comes to organising your workspace.

4. Use this magnetic planner with A3 sized

It has designated spots for your phone,

tear-off sheets to keep your daily sched-

a yellow smiley penholder is the way to

watch, keys and pens. Available at emerg-

ules and to-do lists clearly visible, Typo,

go. It can also double up as storage for, R299.


your makeup or makeup brushes, Typo,

2. Foldable, stackable storage shelves that

5. Short on kitchen space? This innovative

7. If you’re looking to brighten up your days,


are perfect for storing stationery, toys or

design by Joseph Joseph makes use of

books. They are available at Typo in three

the space underneath your shelves with a

rectly, away from sunlight, for their own

sizes, R99 for the small, R149 for the midi

handy pull-out compartment that holds up

preservation, like onions and potatoes.

and R199 for the large.

to seven spice jars,, R459.

These hessian bags from KitchenCraft are

3. Organise your bathroom essentials in a jiffy with the stylish Eco Lifestyle fourPublic Sector Manager • March 2021

6 . This trendy, gold multi-purpose storage tray from JAVING is perfect for any room

8. Some food items need to be stored cor-

dark but breathable to ensure these items stay fresh,, R299.



Writers: Duane Stacey and Jill Langley Images: Bevan and Jill Langley

Five days with the Big Five

This is the setting we found ourselves in while spending five glorious days in KwaZulu-Natal – waking up on our rocky perch above the iMfolozi River, where we'd sheltered like a troop of baboons against the dangers of the dark. Five incredible days on foot in Big Five territory, walking game paths and exploring the hidden reaches of the iMfolozi Wilderness Area by day and at night, bivouacking under the star-studded night sky with fellow trailists and our guides from


the Wilderness Leadership School.

he sun rises, orange and red against

of the bushveld. The smell

Conservation history

of campfire smoke mingles

Established by Dr Ian

with the sweetness of dry

Player in 1957, the Wilder-

winter grass, all of it carried

ness Leadership School

on the crisp early morning

forms part of an impres-


sive conservation history.

the dusty horizon

You snuggle deeper into

Wilderness areas pro-

your sleeping bag, relish-

vide spaces for people to

ing the last few moments

connect with the environ-

of warmth and that sense

the fire grate convince you

low for any wild animals

ment, and one of South

of peace that comes from

that it is time to emerge

that might be having a

Africa's first proclaimed

sleeping out under the

from your cocoon.

stars. Quiet voices and the clang of the coffee pot on


morning drink, hoping

wilderness areas was

As you sit up and rub

that the lions you heard

in the iMfolozi Game

the sleep from your eyes,

calling in the night might


you scan the riverbed be-

still be around.

This reserve was also

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

the site where the efforts of Dr Player and others

reset. Immersed in nature and

a light during the darkest hours of the night.


saved South Africa's white

bathed by the natural

rhino population from the

rhythms of life in the bush,

fast we set out for the day.

Tales from the bush

brink of extinction in the

one can't help but feel a

Walking single file along

In the evenings, the warm


deep sense of peace and

game paths, our eyes and

campfire glow would draw

After a warming break-

purpose returning, as well

ears were on the lookout

us all into a cosy huddle

Dr Player and his friend

as an appreciation for

for animals in the bush.

as our guide, Mandla,

Magqubu Ntombela, the

the sustaining power of

mission of the Wilderness

nature itself.

Continuing the legacy of

We had complete faith in our guides, who used

regaled us with tales from the bush. He would tell of an

Leadership School is to

On the trail, our days

their vast experience to

reconnect people with

took on a gentle rhythm

open the secrets of the

elephant that came and


punctuated by the tasks

wilderness to us – the

rested its head on the

essential for survival –

45-degree angle that a

elevated rock that a previ-

distractions of modern

collecting and sterilising

browsing black rhino cuts

ous group had chosen for

life, trailists on a wilder-

drinking water from the

the twigs and branches

their night's camp, or a

ness walk have the unique

river or gathering fire-

it eats or the evening

lioness that wandered into

opportunity to refresh and

wood for cooking and for

scratching post of a

camp unnoticed by the

Removed from the

Public Sector Manager • March 2021



There is nothing like the rawness and peace

for the trail, including

of being immersed in

sleeping bags.

wilderness to offer a fresh

Trailists are expected to

perspective and to re-

help carry, prepare and

energise you. How often

cook meals as a group, as

do you get the chance to

well as perform other dai-

detox from life's distrac-

ly tasks such as collecting

tions and reconnect with

firewood and drinking


water, and standing guard for one or two hours dur-

night watchman stand-

trailists – there's some-

What you need to know before you go

ing guard. Somehow,

thing about relying on one

The Wilderness Leader-

including the iMfolozi

he'd always be sure to

another for survival that

ship School offers three-

Wilderness Area or the

end the evening with a

will do that to a group.

or five-day trails. Because

iSimangaliso Wetland

Peaceful evenings

of the inherent risk associ-

Park Wilderness Area.

story like that, just before

ing night watches. Trails can be undertaken in six different locations,

wishing us goodnight and

around the campfire or

ated with being on foot

Check the Wilderness

promptly falling asleep,

under the shade of an

in the wild, these trails

Leadership School’s web-

leaving us to our sleeping

acacia by day provided

are not suitable for young

site for updated informa-

bags and the dark.

plenty of opportunities for


tion on trail availability

Over the five-day trail a

bonding and a chance for

Trails are all inclusive.

wonderful camaraderie

self-reflection and intro-

Trailists are provided with

developed among us


all equipment necessary


at www.wildernesstrails.

Public Sector Manager • March 2021

What would people have said?

There is no excuse for abuse. Police: 10111 Stop Gender Violence: 0800 150 150 Childline: 0800 055 555

People can only help if they know. TELL SOMEONE.

Violence and abuse are poison to society. Let’s make it stop.

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