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Border management South Africa looks at ways of controlling its borders

Black Industrialists JULY 2022

Transforming the economy


Public Sector Manager • July 2022


Contents: July 2022 REGULARS




Progress made in transforming the South African economy


Acknowledging the past at the

Conversations with leaders

Exporters Conference

talks youth unemployment, GBVF



New border agency set

Winter Warmers


A step into vibrant Venda


the tax filing process SA continues to be competitive South Africa remains the destination of choice 20

NSG strengthens ties with African training institutions


public sector



Changes to the 2022 tax

to secure SA

Managing the country’s ports of


Easy, automatic changes improve

We can and will do more to end loadshedding



filing season

From the Union Buildings


Food and wine

inaugural Black Industrialist and

Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane and mental health


Building a more efficient African

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Public Sector Manager • July 2022

Public Sector Manager • July 2022



Building a better society


e live in a world un-

society and the world at large a

dergoing tumultuous

better place than we found it.

times, more so than

ever in the last few years. We not

makes a nation a nation? Is it

only have had to deal with the

our people, our beautiful coun-

harsh reality of a global pandem-

try, our iconic landmarks? Or is

ic and react quickly to the most

it our steadfast belief that we

unforeseen change in the way

are one, that we get up when

we live, but had to also embrace

we stumble, that we stand to-

the best within ourselves to stand

gether in the face of adversity?

together and get through these challenges.

More than ever, we have

Mondli Gungubele Minister in The Presidency

These intangible things are

We are encouraged to look

of young women falling prey to

often the glue that holds a na-

deep within ourselves, commu-

so-called “blessers”. We must

tion together, in good and bad

nities and society. We need to

also do more to tackle the lev-

learnt the value of social cohe-

times. In addition to celebrating

see what we can do in the face

els of corruption and criminal

sion – that we are not alone,

July as Mandela Month, we also

of challenges to our moral val-

activities that affect the quality

that we need each other and

celebrate the month as Moral

ues. These challenges include

of life of all South Africans as

that we are stronger together.

Regeneration Month, where we

those elements of society who

resources intended to improve

seek to strengthen the nation’s

organise and partake in violent

their lives are sometimes used

African of all, former President

social cohesion and foster

protests and riots, as seen a

for personal gain. We can over-

Nelson Mandela, was iconic in

greater nation-building.

year ago, destroying property

come the moral degeneration

The most famous South

and damaging the economy –

by fostering social cohesion

not only social cohesion among

others encouraged by Mandela

affecting the lives and liveli-

and working together as one.

the rainbow nation, but live as

Month, during Moral Regenera-

hoods of our fellow South

an example of what we can

tion Month, we are encouraged

Africans. Another challenge

tion Month, let us take a deep

achieve if we work it together.

to recommit our efforts to build

faced by our nation is alcohol

look at ourselves and play our

stronger communities and a

and drug abuse, which is often

part to tackle this decay – our

ebrates Nelson Mandela Inter-

more caring society. Former

fostered from a young age,

combined actions can help

national Day. We have extended

President Mandela is consid-

as seen in the recent tragedy

bring about change.

this celebration to a whole

ered as the leader of the Moral

where 21 young people, mostly

month; during which we strive

Regeneration Movement and,

teenagers, lost their lives in a

beyond the Mandela Month

extra hard to build a better

as such, we can also follow his

tavern that allowed underaged

and Moral Regeneration Month,

society by doing what we can,

example by doing our part in

drinking. Economic pressures

and make our nation great.

be it big or small, to leave our

the fight against moral decay.

have also led to a resurgence

his efforts to create and build

On 18 July, the world cel-


But what forms society? What

In line with the service to

During this Moral Regenera-

Let us take the good deeds

Public Sector Manager • July 2022


An unstoppable force in making South Africa better Phumla Williams, GCIS Director-General.


resident Cyril Ramaphosa

ernment and civil society when

work together to get rid of these

will host the Presidential

addressing developmental chal-


Social Sector Summit from

lenges confronting South Africa

The engagements between government and civil soci-

The importance of NGOs and

ety organisations form part of

4 to 5 August 2022. This comes

cannot be overemphasised. Each

CBOs can be found in the Non-

President Ramaphosa’s call for

after the Department of Social De-

sector has unique strengths and

Profit Organisations Ammend-

all key sectors of our society to

velopment held Presidential social

capabilities that, when combined

ment Act, 2000 (Act 17 of 2000),

work together to renew and grow

sector dialogues with community-

and complementing each other,

which provides an administrative

South Africa.

based, faith-based and non-

can be an unstoppable force in

and regulatory framework within

profit organisations in the various

making our country function bet-

which these organisations can

Summit is expected to establish

provinces over the past few years;

ter, be more productive, proac-

conduct their affairs and contrib-

an ongoing dialogue between

the latest being an imbizo held in

tive, and a greater place to live.

The Presidential Social Sector

ute to the advancement of South

NGOs, CBOs and government.

The Presidential Social Sector

Africa’s development agenda.

This will determine ways in

Summit will emphasise the criti-

The National Development

which greater cooperation and

tion Address, in 2018, President

cal role played by non-govern-

Plan: Vision 2030 calls for an

collaboration can be fostered to

Ramaphosa emphasised the

mental organisations (NGOs) and

active citizenry, a critical step

encourage the public and private

importance of convening social

community-based organisations

towards building a South Africa

sector to combine their efforts

sector summits to improve the

(CBOs) in tackling inequality,

we want. The importance of

and resources in the fight against

interface between the State and

poverty, unemployment, gen-

civil participation and proactive

the challenges facing our social

civil society, and strengthen

der-based violence, economic

involvement in endeavours to

cohesion and finding ways to

cooperation and mutual under-

imbalance, and substance and

improve the interrelationships of

build a stronger, more resilient


alcohol abuse. A safer environ-

the Government of South Africa

society that promotes equal-

ment for our nation to grow

and its people can, therefore, not

ity and prosperity for all South

calls for all sectors of society to

be understated.


Gauteng recently.

In his maiden State of the Na-

The importance of cooperation and collaboration between gov-


Public Sector Manager • July 2022

What will people say?

There is no excuse for abuse. Police: 10111 Stop Gender Violence: 0800 150 150 Childline: 0800 055 555

People can only help if they know. TELL SOMEONE.

Violence and abuse are poison to society. Let’s make it stop.

By: More Matshediso


‘We must tackle

youth unemployment, GBVF and mental health’


he Minister in the Presidency

According to the survey,

responsible for

the unemployment rate for

labour market,” says the

based economy and the


impact of automation

She attributes the

as well as the COVID-19

Women, Youth and Persons

the first quarter was 63.9%

unacceptably high youth

pandemic on jobs also

with Disabilities, Maite

for those aged 15 to 24, and

unemployment in South

contributed to youth

Nkoana-Mashabane says

42.1% for those aged 25 to

Africa to an economy that


the high rates of youth

34 years, while the current

has not been growing,

unemployment in the

official national rate stands

structural challenges to

the harnessing of youth’s

country can no longer be

at 34.5%.

growth, and the high rate of

potential to grow the

dropout at basic education

country. “This includes the

and higher education.

political will by government

ignored. She was responding to


the first quarter of 2022.

“Despite the slight decline in unemployed youth

The Minister also calls for

the Quarterly Labour Force

demonstrated by Stats SA,

Survey (QLFS) released by

young people still remain

from a labour-intensive

to ensure an integration of

Statistics South Africa for

on the margins of the

economy to a service-

youth across all strategic

She adds that the shift

and captains of industry

Public Sector Manager • July 2022

sectors of our society, espe-

widespread unrest, raging

the coordination of the

population. This includes

cially the economy. Our

fires in the Western Cape,

National Strategic Plan on

increasing access

growing youth population

the flooding in KwaZulu-


to education for all,

is our greatest source of

Natal and Eastern Cape,

potential to advance social

and gender-based violence

interruption of basic

and economic development

and femicide (GBVF).

sexual and reproductive

must encourage inclusion

healthcare services during

to ensure that persons

in South Africa,” she says.

“Youth continue to bear

She adds that the

particularly girls. She says education

the brunt of structural

the pandemic has made

with disabilities have

a mandate to advocate,

inequalities that manifest

young girls vulnerable to

equal opportunities to

monitor, evaluate and

in violent ways. We must

teenage pregnancies and

access education and

regulate for the rights and

recognise the gendered

exposure to HIV infections.

work opportunities.

empowerment of women,

experiences of young

youth and persons with

people in our country,”

the experiences of young

approval of the National

disabilities, as enshrined in

says the Minister.

men and boys cannot be

Strategic Framework

ignored, particularly the

on Disability Rights

The department has

the Constitution.

The Minister says young

Equally, the Minister says,

She welcomes Cabinet’s

women and adolescent

mental health issues they


people’s abilities to move

girls are at higher risk of

face. “It is also this group

Campaigns for Persons

South Africa forward to

sexual and gender-based

that is most vulnerable

with Disabilities.

become a global competi-


to alcohol and substance

“I believe in young

“The framework seeks

While women played a

abuse and exposure to

to guide both private and

development,” says the

crucial role in the drafting

criminal behaviour,” the

public sectors in ensuring


and development of our

Minister says.

that the rights of persons

tor in social and economic

She also urges young

country’s world-renowned

The Minister calls on all

with disabilities are

people to be central in

Constitution, women

to make use of existing

protected,” the Minister

shaping a sustainable, in-

continue to suffer GBVF

frameworks, including


clusive and resilient South

perpetrated by men as well

the National Youth Policy

Later this year,

Africa for all. She believes

as economic exclusion, the

2030 and the Presidential

the Minister says,

that youth must pioneer a

Minister says.

Youth Employment

the department will

Intervention, to facilitate

convene the Economic

new generation of thought

As the Chairperson

leaders who will develop

of the Inter-Ministerial

youth investment and

Empowerment Summit

solutions to the challenges

Committee, the Minister


for Persons with

of the nation, continent and

says the committee


continues to coordinate

Disabilities to plan and design a strategy that will

the implementation of the

Addressing GBVF, mental health

Inclusive education

National Strategic Plan on

The Minister calls

process of persons

Gender-Based Violence

on government and

with disabilities in the

In recent years, South

and Femicide.

society to continue to

mainstream economy of

advocate and leverage

the country.

Africa has experienced

Regrettably, the

many challenges, including

Minister says, only R5

off the productivity of

the COVID-19 pandemic,

million is allocated for

South Africa’s youthful

Public Sector Manager • July 2022

accelerate an inclusive


Source: SAnews


New border agency set to secure SA Government departments involved in the country’s border management environment are Home Affairs (DHA); Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment; Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development; Health, as well as the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), South African Police Service and the South African Revenue Service (SARS). In March, Treasury disbursed R67 million to capacitate the


entity, which is currently incuork to establish the

secure travel and legitimate

ensuring that it functions

bated at the DHA. The author-

Border Manage-

trade in accordance with the

effectively. Masiapato was

ity has completed the recruit-

ment Authority’s

Constitution, and international

appointed in November 2021,

ment of 200 border guards:

(BMA) footprint at the country’s

and domestic law. South

while Deputy Commissioner

five chief border guards, 13

many ports of entry continues to

Africa has 72 ports of entry, of

Major-General David Chilem-

senior border guards and 182

take shape.

which 53 are land borders, 10

be and Deputy Commissioner

ground forces.

airports and nine sea ports.

for Corporate Services Jane

“When we advertised we

Ramaphosa signed the Border

The country’s borderline is 4

Thupana joined the team in

wanted people who were al-

Management Authority Bill

773km long, sometimes mak-


ready trained in terms of either

into law, with the new legisla-

ing it difficult to safeguard.

In 2020, President Cyril

Masiapato’s two main pri-

military or police protocols,

Dr Nakampe Masiapato is

orities are to capacitate the

people trained in the use of

the authority’s first Commis-

authority by bringing in new

firearms,” says Masiapato.

sioner and has his work cut

staff as well as the integration

a need for an integrated

out for him. He and his team

of staff from other govern-


and well-coordinated bor-

are tasked with getting the

ment departments involved in

The guards, some of whom

der management service to

authority off the ground and

border management.

hail from various metro police

tion coming into effect in July of the same year. The legislation addresses


Public Sector Manager • July 2022

departments around the coun-

will be deployed to is between

will also have to fill some posts


try, are currently being orien-

South Africa and Zimbabwe on

prior to exiting incubation.

Six work streams have been

tated on their new duties and

the east and west of Beitbridge.

From 1 April 2023, the BMA

established to guide the pro-

will be declared a standalone

cess of integration. The border

them to Lebombo, the border

Schedule 3(A) public entity re-

guards will be integrated with

The guards will be deployed

between Mozambique and

porting to the Minister of Home

officials from departments

along vulnerable segments of

South Africa. We will send

Affairs. The accountability matrix

involved in border manage-

the country’s borderline. “The

another group down to northern

of the BMA will be linked to a

ment, excluding the SANDF

border guards will go to the


team of 10ministers under the

and SARS.

will start their duties after the authority’s launch in July.

vulnerable segments of the bor-

“We will also be sending

The Free State-Lesotho and

banner of the Inter-Ministerial

“When it comes to BMA’s

derline, which are those parts

Eastern Cape-Lesotho areas

Committee (IMCC) on Border

operation, mother departments

of the borderline where people

have also been identified as


will retain their policy as well

have destroyed the border

vulnerable segments.

as their legislative responsi-

Southern Africa, we have situ-

National Targeting Centre

ations where communities are

Work is also under way to create

and policies from the mother

the work of the SANDF which

cut in half by a border fence. We

a National Targeting Centre,


already patrols the borderline.

refer to these areas as informal

which will support the work of

“The BMA reflects South

fence and cross in and out with goods,” he explains. The guards will complement

“Because of our history in

bility. The BMA is merely the implementing arm of laws

“The guards are going to be

crossing points since people

the border guards. Individuals

Africa’s move away from a

deployed statically. Currently,

crisscross the border without

working at various departmental

multi-agency approach to

the SANDF is doing high mobil-

being regulated. We will deploy

border desks will be seconded

border management into an

ity deployment so they move

guards in those areas to make

to the centre, which will operate

integrated approach with a

around patrolling the border-

sure criminals do not take ad-

as an intelligence structure.

single command and control

line,” says Masiapato, who has

vantage of the situation.”

served on several border-related forums such as the Border Con-

The BMA guards will have the power to make arrests.

“We will have some people

structure. Each port will have

within BMA on intelligence

one port commander who will

issues. At the same time, we

be responsible for immigra-

trol Operational Co-ordinating

The new entity, which is due

are going to get intelligence

tion issues, agricultural-related

Committee and the Inter-Agen-

to exit incubation at the DHA on

people from the other exist-

issues, environment issues,

cy Clearing Forum.

31 March 2023, will augment the

ing structures. The centre will

health-related issues and ac-

number of border guards in the

function through a multi-agency

cess control at the border,” he

new financial year. The authority



Among some of the vulnerable border segments where guards

Public Sector Manager • July 2022



A message from President Cyril Ramaphosa


As the system recovers and generation capacity is restored, Eskom will be able to reduce load shedding to lower stages. The agreement reached between Eskom and labour unions will enable critical repairs and return additional units to operation. The transmission line from Cahora Bassa in Mozambique has been restored, adding 600 MW to the grid, and Medupi Unit 6 returned to service recently, adding another 720 MW. Additional units are expected to come back online, further easing the current shortfall. At the same time, law enforcement agencies are working hard to tackle sabo-

We can and will do more to end load shedding


ver the past few weeks, severe load shedding has disrupted our

economy and caused extreme


hardship for all South Africans.

Stage 6 load shedding was

tage, theft and fraud at Eskom of generation capacity due

to address the threat that these

to unit breakdowns and an

criminal actions pose to the

unprotected strike by Eskom

electricity system.

workers. After more than a decade of

In the end, the bottom line is that we need to add more

electricity shortages, South

capacity to the grid. This will

Africans are right to feel frus-

create space for Eskom to

trated and angry. At times like

undertake critical maintenance

this, it can feel like there is no

and increase the reliability of

end in sight.

its fleet. It will also create a

Yet, while load shedding

buffer so that even if several

appears to worsen, the reality

units experience breakdowns

is that we have already taken

at once, other sources can be

several important actions to


address the shortfall in electricity supply.

One of the first steps I took in 2018 was to revive the

triggered by the loss of more

Our immediate priority is to

renewable energy procure-

than 18 000 megawatts (MW)

stabilise the electricity system.

ment programme. In addi-

Public Sector Manager • July 2022

Image: Eskom

tion to the procurement of new

Medupi units 1, 2 and 3 and are

have been working with the

detailed work and consultations

generation capacity through

underway in units 5 and 6.

relevant Ministers and senior

needed to finalise these further

officials on a range of additional

measures. We will then, soon,

this programme, the increase

While these actions are signifi-

of the licensing threshold for

cant and will bear fruit over the

measures to accelerate all efforts

be able to announce a compre-

new generation projects to 100

coming months, they are clearly

to increase our electricity supply.

hensive set of actions to achieve

MW means that private inves-

not enough to address the crisis

The message is clear: this is no

much faster progress in tackling

tors do not require a license to

that we face.

time for business as usual. We

load shedding.

build generation facilities up to

What the past few weeks have

this size. This simple reform has

demonstrated is that we need

unlocked a massive potential

to do more and do so with the

pipeline of investment.

utmost urgency.

Eskom has made land available

There is no reason why a coun-

need to act boldly to make load shedding a thing of the past. While the measures we have

There are no easy solutions to our electricity crisis. But we are committed and determined to

already taken will secure the

explore every avenue and use

supply of reliable and afford-

every opportunity to ensure that

next to existing power stations

try like ours – with the skills, ca-

able electricity into the future,

we generate enough electricity

for private investment in renewa-

pabilities and resources we have

we have been looking at what

to meet the country’s needs.

ble energy projects. Design mod-

at our disposal – should have to

additional measures we can take

ifications have been completed

endure a shortage of electricity.

now to bring that goal closer.

to improve the performance of

Over the past few weeks, we

Public Sector Manager • July 2022

We will soon be completing the



Progress made in

transforming the South African economy



resident Cyril Ramapho-

sector,” said the President. In

noted that as the conference

mitment to promote emerging

sa says it is undeniable

addition to the progress made

recognises and celebrates the

enterprises to drive inclusive

that South Africa has

in management, shareholding

successes of the Black Indus-


made gains in transforming a

and ownership of businesses

trialists Programme, it needs to

skewed and racialised economy.

by black and female South

also set out what the respon-

that we secure greater repre-

He said this at the opening of the

Africans, there has also been

sibilities are – individually

sentation across the economy,

inaugural Black Industrialist and

substantial progress made in

and collectively – to advance

all the while generating greater

Exporters’ Conference held at

employment equity.

inclusive entrepreneurship.

prosperity and employment.

He said the country’s black

“Our strategy aims to ensure

Over the past six years, the

the Sandton International Con-

The President added that

vention Centre in Johannesburg

while the country reflects on

industrialists strategy is

Department of Trade, Industry

on 20 July 2022.

progress made so far, it is im-

underpinned by two core com-

and Competition, the Indus-

“Today, there are well over

portant to also critically exam-

mitments – securing greater

trial Development Corporation

300 000 black entrepreneurs

ine areas where transformation

diversity in ownership and con-

(IDC), the National Empower-

who own over half of all small

has been slow and imple-

trolling the economy and social

ment Fund and other agencies

businesses in the formal

mentation has been weak. He

solidarity as well as a com-

have supported approximately

Public Sector Manager • July 2022

900 black industrialists. “Estimates by the IDC sug-

ter that all shall share in the

towards the horizon. While we

country’s wealth, we have not

are here to deliberate on learn-

the shortest possible time. “We are currently engaged in

gest that the socio-economic

yet overcome the structural

ings from the Black Industri-

consultations with social part-

returns of this programme

defects of our economy,” added

alists Programme and other

ners on these measures, and

have been more far-reaching.

the President.

initiatives, this conference is

will soon be able to announce

also about shifting the trans-

a package of measures that

formation agenda into higher

provides an effective response


to our energy crisis,” he said.

Panel discussions

growth and job creation in any

Getting black businesses talking to one another


Trade, Industry and Competi-

ing the impact of the BEE,

tion Minister Ebrahim Patel has

strengthening and facilitat-

This includes supporting and creating some 55 000 jobs


and adding over R160 billion

President Ramaphosa em-

to our country’s gross domes-

phasised the importance of

tic product,” said President

self-employment and entre-


preneurship as the engines of

Championed by the President since its inception in 2015, the conference highlighted pro-

“They support innova-

The conference held high-level panel discussions on assess-

gress made by government in

tion, boost competitiveness

described the conference as a

ing transformation, the role

promoting access and trans-

and bring new products and

platform for black businesses

of supplier development and

formation to black industrial-

services into an economy. To

to showcase their experiences.

procurement, challenges and

ists in the economy and the

a large extent, this entrepre-

“As government, we are get-

opportunities with financing

opportunities that the Africa

neurial deficit is the legacy of

ting black businesses talking to

black industrialists, promot-

Free Continental Trade Area

the policies of the past. But 28

one another and networking,”

ing exports and the AfCFTA,

(AfCTA) offers. It also high-

years into democracy, there are

said the Minister.

as well as master plans to

lighted how broad-based black

still barriers preventing black

economic empowerment (BEE)

entrepreneurs from meaningful

Load shedding

enables growth and job crea-

and equitable participation in

The President reiterated that

the BEE. Panelists included

tion, specifically on the value it

the economy,” he said.

government needs to find

Ministers, business leaders,

The President added that

ways to end load shedding as

civil society and prominent black industrialists.

adds to the economy. The Black Industrialists

promote economic inclusion and quantifying the impact of

these barriers are particularly

it is having a negative impact

Programme has, to date, em-

challenging for women, youth

on the economy and society,

powered over 800 businesses,

and persons with disabilities,

including the black industrial-

opportunity for delegates to

including new entrants, women

and entrepreneurs in town-

ists, whose businesses cannot

meet with potential funders,

and youth. Small businesses

ships and rural areas because

grow without a reliable supply

customers and suppliers.

continue to benefit from prefer-

they have difficulty accessing

of energy.

ential procurement and receive

finance, markets, technology

support to grow and expand

and infrastructure. He also

the last four years to transform

and business representatives,

from the State.

spoke of red tape and other

the country’s energy landscape

conducted a walk-about at the

bureaucratic obstacles.

and bring new generation

stalls erected by the various

capacity online.

companies showcasing their

“These successes are testament to a shared commitment

“On a wider scale, there is

Much has been done over

The conference created an

The President, accompanied by some Cabinet Ministers

to transformation, and to a

also the concentrated nature

deep collaboration between

of the economy and ownership

we need to move faster. That

the State, the private sec-

patterns, and exclusion from

is why I have brought together

recognised outstanding black

tor and other actors in the

major value chains.

all relevant departments and

industrialists at the Presidential

entities to work on an inte-

Awards for Excellence Dinner. –

“But that is not enough. And

economy. And yet as much as

“For this reason, even as we

we are working to achieve the

celebrate black entrepreneurial

grated set of measures to add

vision of the Freedom Char-

success, our eyes must look

additional power to the grid in

Public Sector Manager • July 2022

products and services. President Ramaphosa also



Changes to the 202 2 tax filing season W ith the 2022 tax filing season

underway, the

The introduction of auto-

assessments, among other

“Taxpayers should be aware that the SARS has access to various sources of data, which enables us to track economic activities and verify the completeness and accuracy of tax declarations.” An understatement penalty is charged up to 200% in

to help foster a culture of

cases where the SARS or the

voluntary compliance,” read

fiscus suffers prejudice as a

the statement.

result of failure to submit a

South African Revenue Service

enhancements, is in line

(SARS) has made significant

with the authority’s journey

of technology and data

return; an incorrect statement

improvements to the process.

of building a smart, modern

has enabled the SARS to

in a return; if no return is

The filing season, which

At the same time, the use

return; an omission from a

revenue service with

significantly sharpen its

required, the failure to pay

opened during the first week

unquestionable integrity, while

capability to detect non-

the correct amount of tax or

of July, includes all categories

trusted and admired by all.

compliance and make it hard

an impermissible avoidance

of individual, provisional and

“Technology, the use of

and costly.


non-provisional taxpayers, as

data, artificial intelligence and

well as trusts.

algorithms have enabled the

understatement penalties to

non-compliance penalty is

SARS to make it easy and

taxpayers who deliberately

charged up to R16 000 per

individual non-provisional

seamless for most individual

attempt to claim impermissible

month for every month that a

taxpayers have been auto-

taxpayers to comply with

expenses or understate

tax return remains outstanding.

assessed by the SARS and

their legal obligations. All

their income, as well as

will not have to file a tax return

these innovations support

administrative non-compliance

if they are satisfied with the

our strategic objective of

penalties to those who do

Auto-assessments for easy compliance

outcome,” said the revenue

providing clarity and certainty

not adhere to the applicable

In line with the strategic

“This year, over three million


service in a statement.

deadlines of this filing season.

“The SARS will impose

Meanwhile, an administrative

Public Sector Manager • July 2022

objective to make it easy

including the MobiApp

for taxpayers to comply, the

and eFiling, to review and

Objections and appeals

government to provide

SARS has conceptualised the

verify the completeness

Where taxpayers submit a

basic services to vulnerable

auto-assessment process.

and accuracy of the

return, thus indicating that

individuals and households,

The authority has identified

information used to assess

they are not in agreement

including the payment

a large segment of non-


with the SARS’s auto-

of grants, as well as the

assessment, the authority

provision of education and healthcare services,” he said.

provisional taxpayers in formal

• There is no further action

“This will enable the

employ who receive salaried

required if the taxpayer is

will process the return and

income and have deductions

satisfied with the auto-

issue a revised assessment,

like retirement annuity and


which may result in a

to enhance its service by

different financial obligation,

adding more digital offerings

there is missing and/or

for example, reduced refund,

to ensure minimal visits

received from employers,

inaccurate information

increased refund or payment

to branches. Its offerings

pension fund administrators

pertaining to either income

due to SARS. If not in

currently include eFiling,

and medical aid schemes,

or expenses, which may

agreement with the revised

MobiApp, SMS, the website

the SARS is able to complete

have affected the outcome,

assessment, a taxpayer can

and the contact centre.

the tax declaration on behalf

they must declare this

initiate an objection.

of this segment of taxpayers

to the SARS within 40

and issue them with an auto-

business days – by

who are required to file a

book an appointment


submitting a tax return.

return can do so until

to ensure an efficient

medical aid contributions. By using third-party data

• If the taxpayer finds that

Non-provisional taxpayers

The SARS is working hard

Those who still prefer to visit SARS branches should

24 October 2022. Provisional

experience. This can be

Risk screening

taxpayers and trust

done by either sending

For all auto-assessments

submissions can file returns

an SMS to 47277 with the

started notifying relevant

issued, the SARS will perform

until 23 January 2023.

word “Booking” (Space) ID/

taxpayers of their auto-

the necessary risk screening

assessments via SMS or

and unless a taxpayer submits


number, or visiting the


a return, no verification,

“Auto-assessment is a

SARS website (www.sars.

• If there is a refund due

audit or recall process will

key innovation designed and clicking on the

to a taxpayer, it will be

be initiated. In exceptional

to improve our offering to

“Book an Appointment”

paid directly to their bank

cases, banks may flag risks

taxpayers. It follows the

icon. Taxpayers can also

account within 72 business

to the SARS, which will be

principle that the best service

use the SMS number, 47277,

hours. If there is money

communicated to the taxpayer.

is no service and will allow

to request a tax reference

The auto-assessment process works as follows: • From 1 July, the SARS

passport/asylum seeker

us to explore the possibility

number, find out if they need

be paid to the authority’s

by taxpayers, the normal

of eventually having no

to submit a return and get a

bank account and through

SARS risk-screening process

filing season as we have

statement of account.

eFiling or the MobiApp by

will apply. This may initiate a

come to know it,” said SARS

the stipulated date.

verification, upon which the

Commissioner Edward

urging tax practitioners

SARS will request taxpayers to


to strictly use their

owing to the SARS, it must

• Taxpayers can access

For all returns submitted

The revenue service is

their auto-assessments

submit supporting documents

He added that they will

via any of the revenue

to substantiate the information

spare no effort in collecting


authority’s channels,

declared on the tax return.

revenue due to the State.


Public Sector Manager • July 2022

channel when booking an



SA continues to be competitive S

outh Africa continues

investment, against two

investors and travellers from 13

of the respondents said that

to be a competitive and



their perception of the country

attractive destination

Brand SA says trade and

had improved, compared to 3%

comparison to countries in

tourism proved to be South

who said it had worsened.


key international markets,

Africa’s strongest attributes,

According to Brand SA’s

including the United

with up to 70% of the

acting chief marketing officer,

the Global Reputation Study,

Kingdom (UK), United

respondents indicating their

Thoko Modise, the findings

released in June. The study was

States, Switzerland and

willingness to visit or do

confirm South Africa’s status as

conducted by the country’s

the United Arab Emirates

business with the country.

a low-risk, attractive investment

official marketing agency,


These are the findings of

Brand SA, in collaboration

Many respondents rated

destination that is a location

Its performance in

South Africa among the

of choice for multinationals

with Bloom Consulting, an

comparison to its emerging

Top 5 places they were willing

looking to expand across

international specialist in nation

market competitors,

to visit, invest in, do business


and place branding.

including Nigeria, Thailand,

with or relocate to.

Bloom Consulting measured South Africa’s international reputation and perception in


Its performance in

for tourists, businessmen and

UAE, Turkey and Brazil, among others. Bloom surveyed and rated

Despite some respondents

“South Africa is not only blessed with mineral wealth,

raising concerns about

but it also possesses

crime and safety, the overall

world-class infrastructure,

the areas of tourism, talent,

the perceptions of 10 000

perception of the country

an experienced and

prominence and trade and

participants, comprising

improved in 2021. Up to 45%

entrepreneurial management

Public Sector Manager • July 2022

pool and a skilled workforce

they experienced in the UK,

meaningfully to its

Research, Shamiso

that gives companies that

UAE and Turkey.

strategic positioning and


set up shop on our shores a

The study showed that

competitive edge...,” explains

expatriates enjoy their time


in South Africa. They rated

unpredictable global

to continue showing

South Africa as the second

environment, it is necessary

improvement as the country

rated South Africa among

preferred destination for

to understand how

implements the Economic

the Top 5 countries in

international workers, along

stakeholders perceive

Reconstruction and Recovery

which to do business. Some

with the UAE and ahead of

a country and how that

Plan and Operation Vulindlela

respondents, including

Thailand and Brazil.

impacts its investment,

– a programme led by The

Many of the respondents

businesspeople and investors

Brand SA says it is

competitiveness. “In a competitive and

Modise expects South Africa’s competitiveness

Presidency and National

important to have insights

environments, reputation

Treasury to fast-track

Africa, rated their experience

into the nation’s brand

standing and favourability,”

implementation of structural

in the country as among the

reputation internationally

says Brand SA’s acting

reforms in key sectors, such

best, comparing it to what

because it contributes

general manager for

as energy and logistics.

Photo by Amy Harrison on Unsplash

trade profile and policy

who are familiar with South

Public Sector Manager • July 2022



NSG strengthens ties with African training institutions

T 20

he National

education, training and

expanding its cooperation

Minister for Public Ser-

School of Gov-

development in the three

within the African conti-

vice and Administration,

ernment (NSG),

spheres of government, as


provides compulsory and

a premier South African

well as state-owned enti-

institution responsible for

ties and organs of state, is

The NSG, which reports to the South African

demand-led education and training for public

Public Sector Manager • July 2022

servants as well as public

ment Institutes’ Network,

their understanding of

• The African Char-

representatives in a hy-

a network of management

the global and domes-

ter on Values and

brid fashion: face-to-face

development institutes

tic economic challeng-

Principles of Public

classroom learning, online

from African Union mem-

es and to inspire in-


learning, eLearning and

ber states that work to

novative thinking about

The African Charter

virtual training.

strengthen the Public Ser-

reigniting the economy

on African Values

vice across the continent.

and rethinking institu-

Programme cur-

The NSG programmes

tions meant to manage

riculum defines the

long-term social and

principles and gen-

economic change.

eral rules governing

The NSG aims to contribute to the building of a more efficient African public sector as

include the following: • Economic Govern-

envisaged in the Agenda

ance for Members of

2063, the African Union’s

the Executive

Project Khaedu has

African public admin-

development blueprint to

The NSG has launched

been designed to

istration. It provides a

achieve inclusive and sus-

the Executive Educa-

prepare managers

sound framework for

tainable socio-economic

tion Portfolio, which

for site visits at the

ethical government

development on the

includes the Economic

coalface of service

and encourages the

continent. As a result, the

Governance School for

delivery. The project


institution collaborates

Members of the Execu-

comprises a theoreti-

isation of public and

with several sister training

tive. The third iteration

cal part and a visit to

civil services.

institutions on joint pro-

of this programme was

service delivery points.

jects to exchange infor-

a residential winter

Senegal, Ghana and


mation and best practices

school between 27

Nigeria participated in

The Governance in

on capacity building in

June and

the Training of Trainers

Africa Programme is

the Public Service. Some

1 July 2022. The en-

workshop, which was

being developed as a

of these partnerships are

rolled cohort included

held in South Africa

postgraduate diploma.

with the Ghana Institute

ministers from Côte

in November 2018. In

Currently, the NSG is

of Management and

d’Ivoire, South Sudan

2019, the NSG pro-

seeking accreditation

Public Administration, the

and South Africa, as

vided training of the

of the programme

Seychelles Agency for

well as directors-

Khaedu programme

with one of the higher

National Human Resource

general from Lesotho,

to the Administrative

education institu-

Development and the

Zambia, Democratic

Staff College of Nigeria

tions in South Africa

Democratic Republic of

Republic of Congo,

and in September last

and plans to offer this

Congo National School

Tanzania and Ghana.

year, the training was

qualification jointly

offered to officials from

with one or more African institutions.

of Administration. Agree-

The Economic

• Project Khaedu

the transformation of

• Governance in Africa

ments are being negoti-

Governance School

the Ghana Institute

ated for inception or

for Members of the

of Management and


Executive is aimed at

Public Administration.

to stronger partnerships

ministers, deputy min-

This year, the training

in building a more effec-

a member of the African

isters and political of-

took place in Lesotho

tive African public sector.

Management Develop-

fice bearers to sharpen

and Cote D’Ivoire.

Importantly, the NSG is

Public Sector Manager • July 2022

The NSG looks forward


By: Nicholas Francis


Winter Warmers



n extra chill is in the winter air. Just because it’s cold it doesn’t mean you don’t have to look good when you head out to the office. The best thing is to layer up and keep cosy in all that you wear this season.

Here are some winter warmers that will make you look great and warm.


4 3


For Her 1. Daniel Hechter Burgundy Coat R1 699 available at Truworths 2. Foschini Soft Touch Polo Neck Column Dress R350 available at Foschini


3. TRS Grey Cardigan R599 available at Truworths 4. Woolworths Faux Fur Hat R199 available at Woolworths 5. Foschini Pleather Quilted Gloves R199 available at Foschini 6. Mango Edu Heeled Boot Black R1 499 available at Superbalist * Prices correct at the time of publishing.


Public Sector Manager • July 2022


8 7



For Him 7. Uzzi Camel Melton Coat R1 350 available at Uzzi 8. MKM Slim Cross Hatch Suit Jacket Natural R1 400 available at Markham


9. MKM Slim Cross Hatch Suit Trouser Natural R599 available at Markham 10. Identity Black Smart Polo Neck R340 available at Identity 11. Polo Dylan Leather Distressed Lace Up Boot Brown R1 649 available at Superbalist 12. The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves Black R419 available at Superbalist * Prices correct at the time of publishing.

Public Sector Manager • July 2022


By: Jill Langley Photos by: Bevan Langley and Jill Langley


A Step into Venda Nelson at Lake Fundudzi: The drought-affected Lake Fundudzi.


e parked our

So, sunblock and hats on,

Maphaha, commented

The sound of drums that

car and, the

we climbed out into the

mournfully about the

echo out of stones and

moment the

sweltering heat. Walking

recent drought, comparing

ricochet around the rocky

air conditioner stopped,

over the hard-baked

what we saw with what

valley, and ancient human

we were assaulted by the

earth, the ground-hugging

was usually the view.

sacrifices. Finally reaching

blazing midday heat of

vegetation made it clear

Limpopo. Getting out of

that this area was usually

trudged on and he began

us to each select a stone,

the car was only marginally

under water. As we

to relate the history and

get ready to spit on it and

worse than staying in it.

walked, our guide, Nelson

mysticism of the area.

toss it backwards through

Nevertheless, we

the water’s edge, he told

our legs into the water to make the traditional greeting of the lake. So, where were we? In a land most famous for its Big Five wildlife and fossil-rich caves, we had come in search of a cultural adventure. Venda’s Vhatatsindi people inhabit the lush mountainous regions of northern Limpopo in the region of Thohoyandou. Under the


Public Sector Manager • July 2022

care of Nelson, we were

muddy tracks high in the

touring some of their

Soutpansberg Mountains,

sacred sites.

Nelson spun a web of

Three sacred sites are situated close enough to

intrigue about the lake. According to locals,

make them possible to visit

villagers at a local kraal

in one day, considering

refused to offer food to a

the approach is usually

passing leper. There was a

over bumpy forestry roads

landslide and the kraal was

of varying condition!

submerged by the rising

First on the list was the

waters of the newly-formed

Phiphidi Falls, a beautiful

lake. The villagers drowned

plunging waterfall on the

– punishment for their hard

Mutshindudi River. Phiphidi


Falls is sacred to Venda’s

They say, the hills echo

Ramunangi clan and home

with the rhythmical beating

to their ancestral water

of drums. A Python god

spirits. This site is used

lives in these hills and he

to communicate with the

uses the lake’s waters to

elders. We didn’t stay

bathe. As he emerges from

long here; soon we were

the water he beats large

off to the most intriguing

stones near the shoreline.

of the three sites - Lake

Locals judge his mood


by the changing colour of

On the approaching drive

the water. The Vhatatsindi

to the lake, through steep

people celebrate him every

mountain passes and

year with the Domba, or Tea Estate: We hadn’t expected to find tea growing in the hills close to Lake Fundudzi.

Lake Fundudzi: The drought-affected Lake Fundudzi.

Fundudzi parking lot: Leaving our car for the long trek to the water’s edge at Lake Fundudzi.

Public Sector Manager • July 2022



Python Dance, performed by young girls from the

tranquillity soothed and

and dry, cracked ground of

stayed with us long after

Lake Fundudzi’s shoreline,

we’d emerged, blinking,

the cool and quiet of the

back into the dying heat of

After our long walk from

last Venda sacred site, the

the summer afternoon.

the car to the water’s edge

Tshidzivhe people’s Thathe

we felt a little parched

Vondo forest, enfolded us

but before we could find

like a balm. The forest is

somewhere to sit and

the burial site of Venda

rest, we had to greet the

royalty and often used for

lake in the traditional way,

performing sacred rituals.

if you wish to visit

To us, this was the most

these sacred sites. The

Needless to say, our curiosity was piqued.

the ukodola. Following

The Phiphidi Falls were sadly affected by the drought too.

undergrowth. Its peace and

After the exposed heat

surrounding villages.

Phiphidi Falls:

was safe for fishing.

Know before you go A guide is essential

Nelson’s instructions, we

beautiful Afromontane

bent over and, looking

forest we’d ever seen. The

has expert guides as

backwards at the lake

swirling mist and echoing

well as comfortable

through our legs, repeated

birdcalls held promise of

accommodation in

a Venda phrase, and each

so much more hiding in the

their Fundudzi Camp.

one spat on a stone and

verdant green of its giant


tossed it through the legs

Yellowwood trees and lush

African Ivory Route

into the water. With the Limpopo summer sun beating down on us, we watched as a group of local boys ran past us and entered the water, laughing and splashing. Nelson told us that the lake was infested Nelson at the drums: Our guide next to the Python god’s beating stones.

with crocodiles, but that it

Village scene: Rural Venda life close to Thohoyandou, Limpopo.

Fundudzi parking lot: Leaving our car for the long trek to the water’s edge at Lake Fundudzi.


Public Sector Manager • July 2022

Public Sector Manager • July 2022