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Not in our name! Public service roots out corruption

Fighting HIV/AIDS


Women empowerment a valuable weapon



December 2021 / January 2022


Regulars 4. Minister’s Message

Working together we can rid the public service of corruption 6. Message from the Director-General

It is time to recommit as a nation to defeating HIV/AIDS 8. From the Union Buildings


violence is a problem


of male violence 18. Profiles in leadership

DG Phindile Baleni – a symbol of public service excellence 20. Women in the public sector

Tamara Mathebula champions gender equality


12. PSC cracks the whip

10. Not in my name,

Nowhere to hide for

says the public service

Public servants, Ministers and law enforcement agencies

Tamara Mat hebula

20 2

on corruption

corrupt public servants as the net closes in 14. Fusion Centre fights corruption

Corruption busting

are fed up with

partnership has

corruption and are

recovered millions of

taking a stand

rands squandered

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

on COVID-19-related corruption and is ensuring perpetrators are brought to book

26. Vaccines made in Africa, for Africans

the country

South Africa will host Africa’s first COVID-19 vaccine production

16. Women

for all learners across

facility, paving the way

32. Voice tech for all SA languages

Find out more about

empowerment key

for African companies

the technology tool

in fight against HIV/

to begin manufacturing

that gives speakers


mRNA vaccines

of all 11 South African

to empower women to reduce their vulnerability to HIV/ AIDS

28. SIPs spark development in

in Limpopo is one of Integrated Projects that

improvement in audit

is expected to boost


the economy

the improved audit outcomes of national

Acting Deputy Director-General: Corporate Services Gcobisa Soci Acting Deputy Director-General: Intergovernmental Coordination & Stakeholder Management Michael Currin

information in their

Acting Deputy Director-General: Content Processing & Dissemination Tyrone Seale

mother tongue

Lifestyle 34. Health and well-being

Be sun smart this summer

A closer look at what contributed to

Director-General Phumla Williams


Musina Ring Road government’s Strategic

22. Incremental

Publishers: Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) Enquiries: +27 012 473 0010 Switchboard: +27 012 473 0000 Tshedimosetso House: 1035 Francis Baard Street (corner Festival Street), Hatfield, Pretoria Private Bag X745, Pretoria, South Africa, 0001

languages access to

Government is intensifying efforts


30. Bill to strengthen systems of learning

The Basic Education


Laws Amendment

provincial departments

Bill is set to improve

and their entities

access to education

36. Grooming and style Keep it casual

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38. Food and wine

Christmas cheat treats

38 Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022



No place to hide for corrupt public servants


he fight against

tively spent. Government

COVID-19 procurement

corruption is one

emphasised this senti-

contracts online set a

of the state’s major

ment by acting swiftly

precedent for transparen-

against perpetrators who

cy in public procurement.


We all know that corruption in both the

took advantage of our fight against COVID-19.

Public servants doing business with government

Mondli Gungubele Minister in The Presidency

private and public sectors

A Fusion Centre was

negates efforts to build a

established to foster col-

Seventeen priority cases

better South Africa for all.

laboration among nine

involving public servants

Overlooking unethical

It destroys trust in the

law enforcement agen-

getting government con-

behaviour in our depart-

country, deters investors,

cies, and this resulted in

tracts after being listed as

ments and remaining

diverts funds meant for

196 criminal cases and

suppliers on the Central

silent while we are aware

upliftment programmes,

the recovery of more than

Supplier Database were

of our colleagues’ cor-

and hampers efforts to

R600 million in public

referred for investigation

rupt activities make us

deliver effective services


and in one, legal proceed-


to people.

By August 2021, the

have also been outed.

ings are underway.

If you are tempted to

We also know that cor-

Special Investigating Unit

In September, govern-

ruption in the public sec-

had referred cases worth

ment launched an ethics

public for your own greed,

tor is perceived as rife.

R1.4 billion to the Special

and integrity unit to help

I urge to rethink your

What needs emphasis-

Tribunal to have contracts

public bodies institute dis-

intended course of action.

ing as the world marked

set aside and recover lost

ciplinary proceedings in

Your first priority should

International Anti-Cor-


cases of misconduct. The

be the people of this

unit will also do lifestyle

country, not your pockets.

ruption Day, which was

In addition, 148 indi-

sacrifice service to the

commemorated on 9

viduals and entities were

audits of public service

Corruption does not pay;

December, is the decisive

referred to the National

employees and investi-

all it does is take away

measures government has

Prosecuting Authority for

gate unexplained wealth.

services from those who

taken to combat corrup-

possible criminal action,

While government is


127 government officials

doing its bit in the fight

We all agree that

need it the most. Working together, we

were referred for disci-

against corruption, I urge

can rid the public service

COVID-19-related corrup-

plinary action and three

you to examine what

of self-serving people and

tion is an outrage. With

political office bearers for

you, as an individual

help meet the National

many lives devastated by

executive action.

public servant, are doing

Anti-Corruption Strategy’s

to positively contribute

commitment to substan-

in fighting this scourge.

tially reduce corruption by

the pandemic, every cent available should be effec-


Government’s decision to publish details of all

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

14 September 2021 Edition 1




A new HIV/AIDS narrative W orld AIDS Day

dles, non-sterile operating

Up Plan Task Team has

2021 was com-

theatres, coming into con-

now been established


tact with the blood of an

to determine how HIV

on 1 December under the

infected person or even, in

programmes can effec-

national theme ‘Working

rare cases, through blood

tively function during the

together to end inequalities,


COVID-19 pandemic. The

AIDS, TB and COVID-19:

You cannot become

task team will look at ways

Get tested. Get vaccinated.

infected through ordi-

to encourage people to

Adhere to treatment’.

nary day-to-day contact,

get tested for HIV, start on

With the battle against

such as kissing, hugging,

antiretroviral treatment,

HIV/AIDS taking a back-

shaking hands, or sharing

or continue with their

Phumla Williams, GCIS Director-General

seat to the COVID-19 cri-

personal objects, food or

treatment, even during

sis since March 2020, both

water. So unlike COVID-19,

COVID-19 waves.

the message and the call

preventing the spread of

Another positive devel-

to action encapsulated in

HIV is largely within the

opment was the launch of

sibility to educate our

this theme are apt.

power of most of us.

the South African National

communities and families

It is also our respon-

Despite the immediacy

Despite our unaccepta-

Aids Council Private Sec-

about HIV/AIDS, stress-

and novelty of COVID-19,

bly high HIV infection rate,

tor Forum in June. This will

ing that it is not a death

it is time to recommit as a

South Africa has earned

bolster the work done by

sentence and can be ef-

nation to defeating HIV/

international respect for

the Council, by officially

fectively managed through


the way we have grown

including the private sec-


our treatment programme


According to Statistics

I call on you to play your part in the fight against

South Africa’s Mid-year

into the largest in the

Population Estimates, the

world, with five million

number of people living

people on antiretroviral

no means immune to

selves with the necessary

with HIV in the country is


HIV/AIDS. I urge all of

information about this

you to ensure you strive

pandemic and spreading

estimated to be 8.2 million.

However, the COVID-19

Public servants are by

HIV/AIDS by arming your-

Yet protecting ourselves

pandemic has thrown our

for a healthy lifestyle. We

the message that we can

against the disease mainly

HIV/AIDS efforts slightly

should be leading by ex-

beat it.

involves avoiding unpro-

off course, with the lock-

ample in the fight against

tected sex and shared

down resulting in fewer

HIV/AIDS by practicing

huge power behind them


people being tested and

and preaching safe sex,

– the power to keep you

collecting their medica-

and becoming aware of

safe and change South Af-


our HIV status by getting

rica’s HIV/AIDS narrative.

The HIV virus can be transmitted through unprotected sex, shared nee-


A multisectoral Catch-

Individual actions have


Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

14 October 2021 Edition 2



What would people have said?

There is no excuse for abuse. Police: 10111 Stop Gender Violence: 0800 150 150 Childline: 0800 055 555

People can only help if they know. TELL SOMEONE.

Violence and abuse are poison to society. Let’s make it stop.


A message from President Cyril Ramaphosa

No excuse for GBV I

f a nation’s character

Of the nearly 73 000

sibility to devote the

and Femicide Fund and

can be judged by how

assault cases reported

necessary resources to

supporting the network of

it treats women and

during this period, more

combat crimes of gender-

Thuthuzela and Khuse-

children, then we are falling

than 13 000 were domes-

based violence (GBV).

leka Care Centres.

desperately short.

tic violence-related. The

Since the launch of the

The SAPS has indicated

The latest crime statis-

rate of child murders has

National Strategic Plan

we are making progress

tics released by the South

climbed by nearly a third

to Combat Gender-based

in reducing the sig-

African Police Service

compared to the previous

Violence and Femicide

nificant backlogs in DNA

(SAPS) show an in-

reporting period.

(NSP) in 2020, there have

analysis, which is crucial

We have said before

been a several interven-

to securing justice for

violence, and, perhaps

that the violence perpe-

tions to respond to GBV.

survivors of sex crimes.

most worryingly, in child

trated by men against

This includes far-


women is the second

reaching legislative

134 GBV desks at police

pandemic that our coun-

reform, support to

stations around the coun-

September 2021, 9 556

try must confront, and

survivors through the

try and is in the process

people, most of whom

like the COVID-19 pan-

provision of evidence kits

of establishing more.

were women, were raped.

demic it can be overcome

at police stations and

This is 7% more than in

if we all work together.

psycho-social services,

male violence. It is pre-

the previous reporting

As government, we

the establishment of a

dominantly men who are

Gender-Based Violence

rapists. It is mainly men

crease in rapes, domestic

Between July and



have a duty and respon-

The SAPS also operates

GBV is a problem of

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

who are perpetrators of

empathy, tolerance and

domestic violence.


Because it is men who

Just as ending GBV

are the main perpetra-

cannot be the state’s

tors, it should be men

responsibility alone,

taking the lead in speak-

the onus cannot be on

ing out and reporting

women and children to

GBV, in raising aware-

end the shocking levels

ness, in peer education

of violence and abuse

and in prevention efforts.

being visited upon them.

It should be men in

South African men

positions of authority in

need to play a greater

our educational sys-

role in preventing GBV.

tem, whether as school

They need to under-

principals, educators or

stand what constitutes

lecturers, who should

GBV, especially sexual

be making schools and


places of higher learning

The latest crime statis-

safe spaces for female

tics show nearly 4 000

learners and students,

people were raped in

and never, ever abusing

their homes or that of

their position of author-

the perpetrator, and in

woman, never lay a hand

efforts that are sorely

ity to demand sexual

400 reported rape cases

on a woman and hold

needed in homes and in


the victim and perpetra-

each other accountable

our communities.

tor had a relationship.

to this pledge, we can

playing a more formative

This suggests that some

start to seriously tackle

violence against women

and present role in their

men do not understand

GBV in our country.

and children, by not

families, particularly

that sexual activity with-

It is not enough to in-

in raising their sons to

out explicit consent is a

tervene only once perpe-

and by reporting such

exhibit healthy, posi-


trators have entered the

acts, you are setting an

criminal justice system.

example to your fellow

Men should also be

tive masculinity that is

Men must respect their

By refusing to condone

being party to it yourself

respectful of women and

wives and girlfriends and

We have to prevent GBV

men, especially to young


understand that being

before it happens.

men and boys.

Communities and

in an intimate partner

I call on all South Afri-

community organisa-

relationship is never a

can men, young and old,

clear sign that neither

tions must work with

justification for domestic

city dwellers and rural

kinship, friendship or

government to imple-


dwellers, modernists and

loyalty can be an excuse

traditionalists, married

for not standing up for

You will be sending a

ment interventions that

If each man gathers

redefine masculinity so

two men and the three

and unmarried, to be

the rights of women and

that we raise men with

pledge to never rape a

part of the prevention


Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022



Source: SAnews

Not in my name, says the public service


overnment Minis-

also our preparedness to

Public servants

That’s what we are raising,

ters, law enforce-

deal with our weaknesses

GCIS Director-General

all is not lost,” she said.

ment agencies

where they exist because

Phumla Williams called

and public servants have

without [whistle-blowers]

on public servants to act

Unit Head Advocate

emphasised their support

the struggle against cor-

against those who per-

Andy Mothibi, who also

to the country’s anti-cor-

ruption is going to be a

petrate corrupt acts and

participated in the picket,

ruption drive and pledged

very long journey.

to guard themselves from

reiterated the unit’s stance

participating in it.

on taking on corruption

to speak out against

“I call upon [whistle-

corruption during recent In-

blowers] to not stop their

“We tend to talk about

ternational Anti-Corruption

bravery and to continue

corruption in big projects,

Day commemorations.

Special Investigating

investigations in the public service.

to advise on what are

in big tenders, but corrup-

“Today we are raising up

Minister in The Presi-

the weaknesses in the

tion starts with small acts,

the heat as we continue to

dency Mondli Gungubele

machinery to protect

[such as] not opening an

investigate [corruption].

voiced his support for

whistle-blowers,” he said.

office when you are sup-

“We must all gear up

posed to open it to serve

to fight the scourge of

their importance in the

added that corruption un-

the people, [and] wanting

corruption and root it out

fight against corruption

dermines service delivery.

to be paid a bribe to do

wherever it rears its head.

what you are supposed to

When we find evidence,

do,” she said.

it doesn’t matter who

whistle-blowers saying

cannot be underestimated. The Minister partici-

Minister Gungubele

“It undermines the ability of investors to actually invest in this country,

Williams, who was also

you are, we investigate

pated in a picket at the

make a profit, create

joined by GCIS staff at

the allegations without

Government Communi-

opportunities, absorb em-

the picket, added that

fear, favour or prejudice,”

cation and Information

ployment and also create

although there remains

Mothibi said.

System (GCIS) head

opportunities to ensure

some in the public service

office in Tshwane to com-

that there is revenue that

who do wrong, most pub-

memorate International

comes to the state so that

lic servants do their duties

Defining struggle

Anti-Corruption Day.

the state can use that

with integrity.

Addressing the Public

“I want to express our

money to take care of the

“A lot of public serv-

Service Commission’s

unwavering commit-

vulnerable. It is the worst

ants are honest and a lot

International Anti-Cor-

ment to the protection

crime against humanity,”

of public servants know

ruption Day commemora-

of whistle-blowers and

he said.

what is expected of them.

tion, Public Service and


Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

GCIS staf f take a stand against corruption by par ticipating in a pic ket on World Anti-Corruption Day.

Administration Minister

is far too much at stake

dedication of independent

Ayanda Dlodlo said the

while both developing and

anti-corruption [bodies] in

and openly state that I

fight against corruption is

developed countries are

preventing, detecting and

support you. I regard you

one of the “most defining

battling with this scourge,”

holding corrupt officials

as heroes and heroines of

struggles” the country will

she said.

accountable, but also by

the struggle against cor-

the active involvement of

ruption. If it were not for


The Minister said fight-

“I want to unequivocally

She emphasised that

ing corruption will take a

citizens by saying no to

whistle-blowers, we as a

good ethics, integrity and

concerted effort not only

corruption, not turning a

country would not have

commitment is desper-

from government but also

blind eye and demand-

known about the level of

ately needed in the battle

from civil society, busi-

ing transparency and

rot facing us until it would

against corruption.

ness and the citizenry.

accountability from those

have been too late,” she

they vote into public of-


“As a country we suc-

“Fighting corruption

cessfully fought Apart-

is not a simple task. It

heid. Now is the time to

is a fight that concerns

stand together to fight

everyone and requires

corruption as this is

everyone’s involvement

Exposing corruption

plausibly one of the most

to prevent its manifesta-

The Minister hailed public

ment where everyone will

defining struggles of our

tion or to act decisively to

servants who have and

know that ethical conduct

time. It is a priority fight


are exposing corruption in

is expected,” said the

their workplaces.


precisely because there

“It calls not just for the

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

fice,” she said.

“I urge those in leadership positions to act ethically at all times, [and] create an environ-



Writer: Silusapho Nyanda

PSC cracks the whip on corruption


ighting corruption

will include lifestyle audits

blowers have resulted in

ties that are being inves-

in the public service

for public servants.

24 035 cases of cor-

tigated by the PSC.

remains a govern-

ruption, fraud and other

The remaining cases

crimes being investigated,

were referred to other

says Public Service

government departments

(PSC) is contributing to the

National AntiCorruption Hotline

Commissioner Michael

or law enforcement

fight through its National

The National Anti-Corrup-

Seloane, who oversees

agencies for investiga-

Anti-Corruption Hotline.

tion Hotline was launched

the commission’s work.

tion. The Reconstruction

by the PSC in 2004 and

In the first quarter of the

and Development Pro-

pected of corrupt activity

since then, more than

2021/22 financial year

gramme's (RDP) hous-

can be reported via the

100 000 calls reporting

alone, 337 cases were

ing, tender and social


allegations of corruption

reported via the hotline.

grant irregularities are

ment priority and the Public Service Commission

Public servants sus-

In addition, the PSC has revealed that soon the fight against corruption


and maladministration have been received. These calls by whistle-

Thirty-five of these involve appointment and procurement irregulari-

among the most common allegations made. “During the lockdown

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

we received a lot of tip-

assault, theft or fraud

offs through email. We

– the PSC either recom-

Anonymity guaranteed

also have an automatic

mends remedial action

Whistle-blowers who

Public Service' at the

message recording sys-

to the relevant depart-

report cases to the PSC

start of the financial year.

tem for those who wish

ment or refers the case

hotline are assured

to call our hotline after

to the Hawks, South

protection if they want to

the public service will

hours,” Seloane says.

African Police Service

remain anonymous, says

commence in February

or Anti-Corruption Task

Seloane. He explains that

2022,” says Seloane.

lowering of lockdown

Team for further investi-

early resolution offic-

levels, there has been a


ers have been trained to

vide reassurance that the

ensure that a whistle-

living standards of public

He adds that since the

steady increase in the

Cases the PSC refers

'Guide to Implement Lifestyle Audits in the

“The lifestyle audits in

Lifestyle audits will pro-

reporting of social grant-

to departments for in-

blower’s identity remains

servants are in line with

related fraud, especially

vestigation, include:


their declared financial

Public servants doing

Social Relief of Distress Grants.

What happens after a tip-off is made?

without consent from

ruption because it steals

that we do not become a


from the poor and stops

failed state, we have the

development, which

responsibility to ensure

prevents the country from

that public servants

moving forward.

live according to their

of interests; and Unethical behavior.

case is reported via the

incomes, he explains.

Africans must report cor-

Undeclared conflicts

Seloane says when a

Seloane says South

extra work for money

Seloane says the

“As part of ensuring

reported incomes.”

hotline, early resolution

PSC gives government

Lifestyle audits

officers check that all the

departments 60 days to

To further curb cor-

lifestyle audit does not

relevant information is

investigate and close a

ruption in the public

question people’s rights

provided. This includes


service, lifestyle audits

to wealth, as there are

Seloane says that a

will soon be introduced

public servants who

what, when the alleged

informs the PSC of its

to strengthen the exist-

could have acquired their

act took place, and why.

findings. “If we are happy

ing financial disclosure

wealth through honest

He says if wrongdoing

with the steps taken by

framework that helps


is found – be it procure-

the department, we will

determine conflict of

ment and appointment

close the case, but if


irregularities, bribery,

we are not satisfied, we

The then Minister

audits of all its commis-

RDP housing-related

revert to them with our

of Public Service and

sioners and employees to

corruption, social grant

areas of concern,” he

Administration Senzo

lead by example,” he says.

fraud, illegal migration,


Mchunu approved a

the details of who did

The department then

“The PSC will be the first to undertake lifestyle

Contact the National Anti-Corruption Hotline at 0800 701 701. You can also send tip-offs via email:

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022



Writer: More Matshediso

Fusion Centre fights corruption


n a clear indication

integrates information for

Centre, Baloyi says the

four individuals found

that corruption doesn’t

analysis, focuses on risk

National Prosecuting Ser-


pay, state agencies

detection, and enables a

vice of the NPA is respon-

that collectively make up

multi-disciplinary, coor-

sible for guiding SAPS

are now closed and 182

the Fusion Centre, have

dinated approach by law

criminal investigations of

are under investigation.

closed in on those involved

enforcement entities to

Fusion Centre cases, and

in corruption relating to

ensure expedited inves-

conducting the criminal

servants have a duty to

COVID-19 and recovered

tigation, prosecution and

prosecutions arising from

say no to corruption, to

millions of rands.

recovery of assets.

these investigations.

name and shame those

President Cyril

Of the 230 incidents, 48

Baloyi says public

“The Fusion Centre has

The role of the AFU is

Ramaphosa established

made recoveries through

to recover the proceeds

activities, and to cooper-

the Fusion Centre in

SARS, the NPA’s Asset

of unlawful activities in

ate with law enforcement

2020, to strengthen

Forfeiture Unit (AFU)

terms of the Prevention of

in the investigation of

the efforts among law

and the SIU to the value

Organised Crime Act.

corruption-related activi-

enforcement agencies to

of R445 million,” says

prevent, detect, inves-

Advocate Lebo Baloyi, a

no persons benefit from

tigate and prosecute

Special Director of Public

crime,” she says.

COVID-19-related related

Prosecutions at the

The Fusion Centre is

law enforcement to ad-


Specialised Commercial

looking into 426 COVID-

dress all illicit activities

Crimes Unit of the NPA.

19-related cases.

associated with govern-

The centre brings together the Financial

“This is to ensure that

involved in criminal

ties. She adds that public servants must work with

ment’s COVID-19 relief.

About R167 million

“A total of 196 of these

Intelligence Centre, the

has been recovered

are criminal cases, and

Independent Police Inves-

in relation to unlawful

230 are reported inci-

in the endeavour to fight

tigative Directorate, the

payments to non-quali-

dents emanating from the

corruption. Containment

National Prosecuting Au-

fying employees by the

media, whistle blowers

interventions will assist in

thority (NPA), the Hawks,

Unemployment Insur-

and other sources.”

the speedy finalisation of

Crime Intelligence, the

ance Fund through the

South African Police

Temporary Employment

criminal cases, 34 cases

swift enrolment of cases

Service (SAPS) Detective

Relief Scheme, which

are in court. These cases

in court,” says Baloyi.

Service, the South African

was introduced by the

involve 58 individuals

Revenue Service (SARS),

President to cushion the

and 17 legal entities, adds

any corruption-related

the Special Investigating

economic hardship cre-


activities, you can email

Unit (SIU) and the State

ated by COVID-19.

Security Agency. The Fusion Centre


Explaining the role of the NPA in the Fusion

With regard to the

“We must all do our part

the investigations, and the

If you are aware of

Sixteen criminal cases

the SIU on

have already been final-

or call the hotline at 0860

ised, with 11 entities and

748 748.

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022


Source: SAnews

Women empowerment key in fight against HIV/AIDS


espite all the

and Femicide (GBVF);

strides made in

stigmatisation of those

capacity as Chairper-

COVID-19 and non-com-

the fight against

municable diseases.

He was speaking in his

health status, for HIV, TB,

who are HIV positive;

son of the South African

HIV/AIDS, the country con-

killings in the lesbian,

National AIDS Council

tinues to suffer setbacks in

gay, bisexual, transgen-

(SANAC) during the

ment, care and support

human progress.

der, queer, intersex and

commemoration of World

that is free from stigma

According to Deputy

“It is also a call for treat-

asexual community; ritual

AIDS Day in Xikundu Vil-

and discrimination for all

President David Mabuza,

killings; and continued

lage in Limpopo recently,

those who test positive

these setbacks include

hesitancy to take the

which was marked under

for any of the diseases

teenage pregnancy;

Coronavirus Disease

the theme ‘Working To-

[and virus] more espe-

Gender-Based Violence

(COVID-19) vaccine.

gether to End Inequalities,

cially HIV and TB. Our

AIDS, TB and COVID-19.

fight is real for TB is a

Get Tested. Get Vaccinat-

curable disease, and HIV

ed. Adhere to Treatment’.

is a manageable chronic

Deputy President Ma-

The Deputy President

inspired by government’s

said until discrimination

determination to end

against people living with

AIDS as a public health

HIV is curbed, there will

threat by 2030 and its

continue to be serious

commitment to achiev-

barriers to HIV and TB

ing the United Nations’

testing, prevention, ac-

Sustainable Development

cess to treatment, care

Goals, specifically the

and the mitigation of the

goal on good health and

impact of these epidem-

well-being of the people.


He added that the Deputy President David Mabuza addresses an event commemorating World AIDS Day in Limpopo.



buza said the theme was

theme was a call to

New infections

encourage all South

Citing a United Nations

Africans to get tested

report, he said five out

and become aware of our

of six new infections

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

“As we battle the COVID-19 pandemic, let us not let our guard down in the fight against HIV, TB and sexually transmitted infections as these equally continue to claim many lives daily.” in Sub-Saharan Africa

HIV and TB as well as the

were among adolescent

COVID-19 pandemic.

high number of teen-

cal model of the HIV

age pregnancies in the

epidemic in South Africa,


it is estimated that over

He described the

3.6 million people in the

Statistics South Africa

country lost their lives

report that indicated that

due to AIDS-related

more than 34 000 teen-

illnesses in the period

age girls gave birth in

between 1985 and 2020.

2020, of which 688 were

Despite the vast knowl-

younger than 10 years of

edge of the disease, he

age, as concerning and a

said HIV deaths remain

source of shame.

high in Sub-Saharan

“We cannot even begin

Africa, with the region

to characterise this as

accounting for more than

girls aged 15 to 19, while

This includes upscaling

teenage pregnancy, but

half of the infections in

teenage girls and young

interventions to end HIV

acts of crime that need

the world.

women between the ages

as a public health threat

to be prosecuted. We

of 15 and 24 account for

by the year 2030.

must stand up against

ID-19 pandemic, let us

“As we battle the COV-

“Furthermore, we have

this social ill and call on

not let our guard down

spite them representing

agreed to work together

law enforcement agen-

in the fight against HIV,

10% of the population.

in addressing GBVF and

cies to track these viola-

TB and sexually transmit-

In addition, AIDS re-

promoting gender equal-


ted infections as these

mains the leading cause

ity and the empowerment

of death for adolescent

of women to reduce the

girls and women aged be-

vulnerability of women

AIDS-related deaths

tween 15 and 49 years.

and girls to HIV/AIDS.”

The Deputy President

cans to get tested and

also reflected on those

adhere to treatment.

24% of HIV infections de-

It is for this reason that

This also means regulat-

equally continue to claim many lives daily.” He urged South Afri-

SANAC has been holding

ing the licenses for liquor

who have succumbed to

a series of engagements

outlets in communities

AIDS over the years.

with various leaders from

and campaigning for

all sectors of life to ad-

the elimination of drugs

since the first case of

properly, it improves

dress structural barriers

and substance abuse to

HIV/AIDS was reported,

quality of life ensur-

and social determinants

ensure children are freed

75 million people in the

ing that one enjoys a

of the spread of HIV and

from this scourge.

world have become in-

lifespan that is similar

fected with HIV and over

to that of an HIV nega-

eight million of these

tive person, especially if

cases are in South Africa.

you start treatment early

According to Thembisa,

enough,” said the Deputy

AIDS. also strengthen its role in

Empowering women and girls

the integrated response

Deputy President Mabuza

to the dual epidemics of

also spoke out against the

He said government will

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

He noted that 40 years

which is a mathemati-

“When those who have tested positive take the antiretroviral treatment




Writer: Kgaogelo Letsebe

DG Phindile Baleni – a symbol of public service excellence



been at the helm of the

(DG) in The

National Energy Regulator

Presidency and

of South Africa as CEO.

Secretary of Cabinet,

She has served on sev-

Phindile Baleni, is the most

eral Boards of Directors,

senior public servant in

including the Boards of the


Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services

Her appointment to the role in April 2021 makes her

Sector Education and

the first female to occupy

Training Authority, and the

this position. She replaced

Council for Scientific and

Dr Cassius Lubisi who held

Industrial Research.

the position since Novem-

Service to others

ber 2010. Baleni, who was previously DG in the Office of

Born and raised in Gaut-

Gauteng Premier from

eng, Baleni says service to others is an ethos she was

2015, has a long, rich hisDirector-General

tory in the public service.

in The Presidency

She completed BProc

Phindile Baleni.

and LLB degrees from

raised with. “I was particularly drawn to government at the dawn

the University of Witwa-

of democracy as the task

tersrand, and after admis-

of reconstruction and de-

sion as an attorney and

velopment of South African

conveyancer, she served

society was very attractive Prior to becoming DG

as legal adviser to the then

where she played a

MEC for Housing and Lo-

strategic role in strategic

in the Gauteng Premier’s

“The opportunity to

cal Government in Gauteng

planning, high-level project

Office, she served as CEO

contribute to building

from 1994 to 1996.

management and the

of state-owned entity Elec-

a new country, starting

development of local-gov-

tricity Distribution Industry

with a brand new human

ernment policy.

Holdings. She has also

rights-based Constitution

In 1996, she joined the City of Johannesburg


and hard to resist.

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

was just too precious and

The Presidency, Baleni

She highlights that de-

of power like the position

a historical duty not to be

believes her appointment

spite government’s efforts

I hold, the closer we are to

missed,” Baleni explains.

is a step in the right direc-

to address these gender

attaining gender equal-


inequalities and exclu-

ity in our lifetime,” says

sions, the Johannesburg


She adds that the Xitsonga saying, Mintirho

She says that now, more

ya vulavula, which loosely

than ever before, govern-

Stock Exchange-listed-

translated means 'work

ment’s commitment to

listed company owner-

hard and let your work

women’s economic inclu-

ship index still shows that

The journey ahead

speak for you', resonates

sion has intensified.

black women in particular

Taking over from Dr Lubisi

are lagging behind, as

may seem like no easy

sion and discrimination

the majority ownership

feat, but Baleni says she

various roles that I have

of women and girls is not

rests in the hands of white

has cemented herself in

played, and positions I

only historically en-


the position as not much

have held throughout

trenched but is persistent,

my professional career,

systemic and structural.

with her. “My approach to the

including my school days,

“The economic exclu-

“Transforming such a

“The legacy of our past has placed them on an

needed to be changed. "The role comes in the

economic back foot where

folds of being at the helm

has been fuelled by a

deeply rooted phenom-

statistics still illumi-

of the functioning of The

determination to fulfil

enon demands vigorous

nate gender pay parity,

Presidency as the apex of

what I’m tasked to the

intervention to disas-

unequal access to top

the system of government.

very best of my ability, to

semble. Black women,

management and leader-

This also includes being

create impactful and posi-

particularly of our country,

ship positions and basic

the Secretary of Cabinet,

tive change that moves us

have had to contend with

employment and business

ensuring the optimal

forward as humanity.

cross-cutting historical


functioning of Cabinet

“Specifically at work, I have always raised my hand to do projects in

injustice of racism as well as sexism,” Baleni notes. Women’s lack of access

Despite the challenges,

and its committees, as

she believes government

well as being Chairperson

interventions to drive the

of the Forum of South

addition to my regular job

to financial services in Af-

economic and financial

African Directors-General,

and in so doing deliber-

rica is a notable challenge

empowerment of women,

amongst others.”

ately immerse myself in

that disproportionately

and women being ap-

the detail of any as-

affects poorer women

pointed to high ranking

bilities entails leading

signment to deepen my

working in the informal

roles is a step in the right

government-wide integra-

knowledge and expertise.”

sector, she adds.


tion and coordination

Breaking the glass ceiling

“In a world that is rap-

“Although we still have

One of her responsi-

of the development and

idly digitising, this means

a lot of economic trans-

implementation of govern-

there are people who are

formation ground to

ment's mandate.

As the first woman to

being left behind and

cover, I feel that with more

be appointed DG in

rendered vulnerable.”

women holding positions

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022



Writer: More Matshediso

Tamara Mathebula champions gender equality


chieving gender

rights of widows, widow-

Fighting GBVF

Gender-Based Violence

equality and

ers and domestic workers,

Mathebula says the CGE

and Femicide (GBVF).

helping create a

among other groups,” she

also plays a role in the

“We have done numer-


country’s fight against

ous campaigns, commu-

society free from all forms of discrimination is Tamara

This includes educat-

Mathebula’s long-term vi-

ing the public about the

sion as the Chairperson of

Constitution and the

the Commission for Gender

Promotion of Equality

Equality (CGE).

and Prevention of Unfair

The CGE has a mandate

Discrimination Act of

to advance gender equal-

2000. The Act intends

ity in South Africa. One of

to prevent and prohibit

its functions is the promo-

unfair discrimination and

tion of anti-discriminatory

harassment, to promote

legislation, policies and

equality, and prevent and


prohibit hate speech.

People need to know that they have rights, and know when these rights are being violated, says Mathebula. “We raise awareness

Tamara Mat hebula is a passionate advocate for gender equality.

about the importance of gender transformation, and address sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace. We also teach the public about the


Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

nity dialogues and we-

lesbian, gay, bisexual,

sisted in banning the

binars over the years

transgender, intersex,

practice of testing

About Mathebula

to educate the citizens

asexual and queer

girls’ virginity before

Mathebula joined the CGE

about the scourge of

(LGBTIAQ+) people is

awarding education

as a commissioner in 2017

GBVF,” she adds.

also high on the com-

bursaries, in a bursary

and was appointed deputy

mission’s agenda.

scheme in KwaZulu-

chairperson in February

Natal; and helped fight

2018. She served as the

THE CGE has also undertaken research

It conducts monitor-

projects related to

ing visits to the areas

the cultural practice of

acting chairperson in 2019


considered hotspots

child and forced mar-

and took over the reigns

for hate crimes against

riage, called Ukuthwa-

as chairperson in August

LGBTIAQ+ people to

la, in the Eastern Cape.


In 2016, it released a report titled ‘Fighting Fire With(out) Fire’,

get a better under-

which assessed the

standing of the chal-

Speak up

Degree in Education (cum

work of police stations

lenges they face.

Mathebula encour-

laude) from the Royal

ages public servants to

Melbourne Institute and

Pride to ensure the

speak up about gender

is currently pursuing her

Constitutional rights as

equality in their com-

Doctorate in Education

released the ‘Assessing

enshrined in the Con-


at the same institution.

Government’s Emer-

stitution are protected,”

gency Response Action

says Mathebula.

in combating violence against women. In 2020, the CGE

Plan on GBVF’ report.

“We partner with Gay

The CGE has also as-

She says public serv-

She holds a Master’s

Mathebula also has a

ants have the power

certificate in Gender and

to educate people

Human Rights from the University of Pretoria.

It was compiled in the

sisted in various court

about gender equality,

context of the Corona-

cases concerning the

human and women’s

virus Disease restric-

rights of women and

rights and GBVF,

as senior technical adviser

tions and identified the


especially when they

and programme manager

The commission was

witness injustices.

for gender, human rights,

and the numerous

admitted as a friend of

“Public servants

health, HIV and AIDS Pro-

challenges that im-

the court in a Consti-

should shun wrongdo-

grammes in South Africa

pacted on the success

tutional Court case

ing and report inci-

for USAID and Irish Aid.

of the plan.

involving the com-

dents to the relevant

“The Commission

pensation of domestic

law enforcement

was a gender equality, hu-

will continue to moni-

workers. The court rul-


man rights and develop-

tor the establishment

ing resulted in domes-

and functioning of the

tic workers in private

live by the Batho Pele

for short courses offered

National Council on

households now being

principles and care

by the Centre for Human

GBVF,” she adds.

covered under the

about their neighbour-

Rights, and the Centre

Compensation for Oc-

hoods and families,

for Sexualities, AIDS and

cupational Injuries and

many societal ills will

Gender at the University of

Diseases Act.

be eradicated,” she


achievements made,

Protecting rights Protecting the rights of

The CGE also as-

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

“If public servants

She previously worked

Prior to that, Mathebula

ment facilitator and trainer




Source: SAnews

Auditor-General Tsakani Maluleke briefs media on audit outcomes of national, provincial depar tments and t heir entities.

Incremental improvement in audit outcomes A


tor increased from 109

necessary interventions

In the 2020-21 audit

(AG) Tsakani

in 2019/20 to 115 this

to realise improvements.

cycle, 679 departments

Maluleke has

financial year. Maluleke said the

“Whilst we are yet

and public entities were

to see the progressive

audited. The report

departments and public

increase in clean audits

and sustainable im-

focuses on the results

entities to implement and

demonstrates that mes-

provements required to

of 425 audits, as there

exercise more controls in

sages of good govern-

realise overall change in

were 34 incomplete

the use of public funds in

ance coming from the

outcomes, we note and

audits, which require

order to achieve cleaner

AG's office are taking

acknowledge the efforts


audit outcomes.


of the many accounting

called on government

According to the

“The improvements

The 48 departments

officers and authori-

and 67 public entities

2020-21 Public Finance

are a clear indication

ties that seek to instil a

that obtained clean

Management Act audit

that some auditees are

culture of good govern-

audit outcomes are

outcomes general report

listening to our mes-

ance, accountability and

responsible for 19% of

released recently, clean

sages, heeding our call

discipline in the system,”

the R1.9 trillion expendi-

audits in the public sec-

and implementing the

Maluleke said.

ture budget managed by


Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

national and provincial

sooner and be sustained

impact on the lives of


in the future,” Maluleke

citizens and govern-


ment’s financial health,”

delivery departments of

Maluleke said.

health, education and


According to the AG,

claims. “The key service

The improvement in the

31 departments and state

According to the AG,

audit outcomes have

entities are actually close

unauthorised expendi-

poorest financial health

been attributed to:

to achieving clean audit

ture in the public sector

of all, which affects their

• Accounting offic-


amounted to R3.21 billion

ability to deliver services

in the past financial year

to citizens.

ers, authorities and

“With some extra effort

public works have the

senior management

they will be able to enter

– driven in the main by

being committed to,

that desired space of


and getting directly

clean audit outcomes.

involved in, ensuring

With this effort, they will

circumstances, good

iture and their deficits

that internal con-

be able to contribute to

financial management

amounted to R15.65

trol processes were

this impressive trend

should be reinforced to

billion. Five provincial

improved and the

of improvement by this

ensure that the lim-

health departments had

audit office’s recom-

sixth administration,” she

ited funds available are

deficits totalling R6.2 bil-

mendations were


spent wisely and within

lion,” Maluleke said.

implemented. There

“[In] such challenging


“In total, these departments incurred 90% of all unauthorised expend-

Fruitless and wasteful

stability in these key

Financial health of departments

growing trend of de-

ured at R1.72 billion with


Despite the improved au-

partments using next

irregular expenditure

dit outcomes, Maluleke

year’s budget to pay the

increasing to at least

were improved – this

warned that some public

current year’s expenses

R166 billion.

includes the consist-

institutions and depart-

and claims adversely

ent implementation of

ments “continue to show

affected their ability to

are limited funds avail-

preventative controls.

slow progress in the

pay creditors on time,

able, the state cannot

journey towards good

and continues to have

afford further leakages,


a negative impact on

and urgent action is

service delivery.”

required from account-

was also notable

• Internal controls

• Accounting officers and authorities, executive authorities,

“This is particularly

“We caution that the

expenditure was meas-

“At a time when there

internal audit and

concerning. Those that

audit committees

are still lagging behind

Legal claims

provided oversight,

this improvement trend

According to Maluleke,

monitoring and as-

[are] state-owned enti-

legal claims against

especially as it relates


ties and the key service

departments further de-

to procurement, is an

delivery departments,

creased available budg-

indication that auditees

consistently implement

specifically those of

ets within departments,

do not follow supply

these basics, the drive

health, education, hous-

with provincial health

chain laws and regu-

towards overall good

ing or human settle-

departments in particular

lations when making

governance in the public

ments and public works.

paying out at least R1.76

procurement decisions,”

sector would be realised

[Those] have the largest

billion in medico-legal

Maluleke said.

“If all auditees were to

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

ing officers, the executive and oversight. “Such expenditure,



Health • Rural Development • Employment • Safety & Security • Education


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Vacc gatheine drive rs pac e Page 8

ic Va cci nat ion Da ta Sys (EVDS ) opened tem to arrive to 50 to olds. 59 year in July. Pfi zer Th e sec del ive red on d str million nea rly mence eam com doses 4.5 d with - and in quart those wo in the has com er two rking basic edu mitted 15.5 mi to just ove cation which llion do sector, includest r ses in thr eachers. ee. started quarter They receiving “Jo June. vaccin hnson es in and Joh far delive nson has The thi red 500 so rd 000 ear cess dos on police stream is focusi ly es acused for ng 000 and oth Sisonke, person er securi market 300 nel. Th doses ty ago ose wh two we der this and 1.2 o fall un eks sector sta mi llio n - [wh rted rec the vac ich] lan do ses , eiving cine at ded rec the beg doses all ently. Th July. inning ese need to of Au be use gust.” d by 11 The fou rth stre The cou am is thr workplac ntry is ough e progra also aw confirm mmes in econom aiting ation of ic sector key 000 a furthe s, such ing, ma doses, r of 500 as minnufacturi which later dat expire ng and industry. on a e than the the taxi other dos es.



The COV programm ID-19 vaccin ation e has exp pol

s Sou th ice offi and Af ric a personnel cers and oth ed to include bat tle s er sec to start , among a thi rd receiving other gro urity wa ve of the ups. vaccines 15 July. Co ron Dis eas from avi rus e (CO VID healthcar “T he -19 ), the cou ntr e worke [va cci y’s ma rs, while second na ss gra tio vac n] pro mm e has pro gra phase tar the cin ati on mm e is - gro geted the pic ked up of 60 nificant exp and inc lud up age Ar Red aler sig momentu and abo ing to e mo re rival of Th e na ve. m, with mileston cat ego t peo ple tio vaccin rie Wh ile key es being na l va s of . The vac progra Ga ute ng es cci na tio achiev we mo cinatio mme is South ed as ve forwa rem ain n exp n progra epicentre now con Africans s the along def ected to rd,” sai mme is of the CO dent Cy tinuing between ages of d Presipick up ined stre demic VID-19 ril Ram the arr 50 and the pace wit ams. Minister panaphosa The firs ival of 59 are exp The firs h ban . t stream Kubay more vac t phase ected the e i-Nguhas is po cou cin the pulation of the warned nation ntry. es in genera vacciprogra provin l that ma accord Ac tin g mme foc ces groups. ing ny in to age the cou He alt h used on On almost ntry are Mmam Mi nis at red ale for vaccin 1 July, registr olo ter ko atio rt as inf ation on Kubayi-N n sai continue ections d about the Electro gubane to increa 2.1 mil n- the se. lion dos Pfizer vac es of cine are expected

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Men an d boys join th e GBV F conver sation

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Source: SAnews

Vaccines made in Africa, for Africans T

he Omicron variant

access to safe and effective

of the Coronavirus


In 2021, the World

ity, paving the way for

Health Organisation

African companies to be-

However, this could be a

(WHO), together with the

gin manufacturing mRNA

has thrown the spotlight

thing of the past, as Africa

South African and French


on the COVID-19 vaccine

forges ahead to develop

governments, announced

shortfall in Africa, with the

its first vaccine manufac-

that South Africa would

can consortium and part-

continent remaining the

turing capacity, to ensure

host Africa’s COVID-19

ners from COVAX have

worst hit by inequitable

viable vaccine security.

vaccine production facil-

been working tirelessly to


Disease (COVID-19)

The WHO, a South Afri-

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

make this a reality.

rigen, which will develop

is expected to produce

able for the production

the continent’s first locally

material for clinical trials

of mRNA vaccines and

instructs cells to make a

produced mRNA jab.

in 2023.

clinical trials.

protein that generates an

The other partners

“It is really important

This was made pos-

immune response in the

include the DSI, the

that South Africa takes

sible by the company’s

body, producing antibod-

Africa Centres for Disease

the lead on this and tries

26-member team con-

ies that protect against

Control and Prevention,

not just making copies

sisting of scientists,

disease, a key ingredient

the South African Medical

of vaccines, but tries to

engineers, technologists,

in Pfizer/BioNTech and

Research Council and top

make new vaccines made

technicians, pharmacists

Moderna COVID-19 vac-

local universities.

in Africa for Africans. Now

and pharmacologists.

The mRNA technology

cines. Speaking during a recent open forum hosted by the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), Dr Martin Friede of the WHO, said one of the biggest challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic is inequity. “Rich countries got vaccines and the poor countries did not,” he said. Friede explained that one of the objectives of vaccine manufacturing hubs is to increase the number of companies accessing the technology needed to produce vaccines, especially in regions where there is insufficient vaccine capacity. The South African consortium has since been

“It is really important that South Africa takes the lead on this and tries not just making copies of vaccines, but tries to make new vaccines made in Africa for Africans.”

we can’t do this without money,” he added. Crunching the numbers,

and Innovation Buti Ma-

he said the budget is €92

namela said government

billion (approximately R1.6

was honoured that the

trillion rands) for about

vaccine hub for Africa is in

five years, with more

Cape Town.

than half of that amount already raised so far. “This is a lot of money

“This is a testament to the quality of South African scientific expertise

by some people’s per-

and infrastructure and a

spectives. But it’s not a lot

vote of confidence in our

of money when you look

country's capability for

at how much has been

vaccine submissions.”

spent on the pandemic.” The initiative has back-

He was hopeful that the mRNA technology will

ing from many donors,

also be used to fight TB,

including France, Canada,

malaria, and HIV/AIDS.

Germany, ELMA Founda-

“We do not doubt that

tion and KFW Develop-

this facility will be of con-

ment Bank.

siderable benefit to our

Afrigen Managing Direc-

country, the continent and

tor Professor Petro Ter-

middle-income countries,

blanche said the support

and make a significant

from all its partners was

contribution to the devel-

essential for success.

opment of essential skills

set up to build a technol-

According to Friede,

ogy transfer hub, with Bio-

Afrigen will enter Phase

vac being the first spoke;

1 clinical trials by the end

company has completed

and local company Af-

of next year, while Biovac

its vaccine facility suit-

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Science

She announced that the

and knowledge,” said the Deputy Minister.



Writer: Silusapho Nyanda

SIPs spark development in Limpopo

the N1 and N3 national roads, the ring road will help to boost the country’s economy. We are contributing towards employment through these projects,” he added. The construction of the Musina Ring Road has already created 3 500 jobs. The project is led by the Department of Transport and the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL). Women-owned companies, local community members and about 14 small, medium and micro enterprises were subcontracted to work on the project. Manager for SANRAL’s

The Musina Ring Road, whic h is nearing completion, will help boost t he economy.


Northern Region Progress Hlahla said R50 million was allocated to

overnment’s Stra-

way freeway that has

complete, it will make

tegic Integrated

three major bridges and

sure that mobility on

Projects (SIPs)

two interchanges.

the South African side

Themba Mhambi said

continues uninterrupted,”

the road will allow the

he said.

approximately 1 000

are taking shape across the

During a recent visit to

country, transforming towns

Musina Ring Road, Min-

and boosting the economy.

ister in The Presidency

The eight-kilometre

Head of Infrastructure

subcontractors. SANRAL Chairperson

trucks travelling daily

Mondli Gungubele said

and Investment Of-

between the Beitbridge

Musina Ring Road in

once completed, the

fice in The Presidency

Border Post and Musina

Limpopo, which is near-

R640 million road will see

Kgosientso Ramokgopa

to bypass the often

ing completion, is one

trucks, cars and public

said the road will make a

overcrowded small town’s

of the 55 development

transport move between

significant contribution to

central business district.

projects that make up the

South Africa and Zimba-

the economy.

SIPs. The Musina Ring

bwe much quicker.

Road is a single carriage-


“When this project is

Trucks travelling to

“With 61% of the coun-

and from the Beitbridge

try’s economy carried on

Border Post cause major

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

damage to the road

to handle heavy trucks,

the construction of such

rica, and the upgrade is

infrastructure in the

he added.

ring roads.

expected to improve the

town and add to traffic

The Beitbridge Border

Mhambi explained

flow of economic activity.

that one way of eas-

Post is a gateway to

ing congestion, while

import capital equipment,

project is scheduled to be

Musina are deteriorating

simultaneously ensuring

textiles and agricultural

completed and opened in

as they are not designed

that roads last longer, is

produce from South Af-

March 2022.

congestion. Roads in towns such as

What are the SIPs?

• Digitising of Government Information Programme;

There are 55 SIPs which form part of the country’s Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan.

The Musina Ring Road

• Removal of Alien Vegetation and Innovative Building Materials Programme;

These are projects in the water and sanitation, energy, transport, digital infrastructure, agriculture and

• National Upgrading Support Programme;

agro-processing and human settlements sectors.

The SIPs include:

• Student Accommodation Programme;

• Rural Bridges 'Welisizwe' Programme;

• SA Connect Phase 1B Programme; and

• Rural Roads Upgrade Programme;

• Salvokop Precinct Programme.

• Upgrading and Repair of Township Roads in Municipalities Programme; • PV and Water Savings on Government Buildings Programme; • Comprehensive Urban Management Programme;

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

Solar Water Initiatives Programme;

Ramokgopa said 19 SIPs are already in progress and are at different stages, with some already funded, some having business plans drawn up, and others under construction. The SIPs are expected to cost a total of R340 billion.



Writer: Allison Cooper

Bill to strengthen systems of learning


he Basic Educa-

than one language of

intends to amend the

dency Mondli Gun-

tion Laws Amend-


South African Schools

gubele said the pro-

Act, 1996 (Act 84 of

posed amendments

ment Bill proposes

Recently, Cabinet ap-

significant changes in

proved the submission

1996), and the Employ-

seek to strengthen the

public schools, including

of the Basic Education

ment of Educators Act,

systems of learning in

making Grade R manda-

Laws Amendment Bill

1998 (Act 76 of 1998).

education as envisaged

tory and adopting more

to Parliament. The Bill


Minister in The Presi-

in the Constitution.

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

“The amendments,

sion making and over-

where it is practicable to

centralised procurement

among others, give ef-

sight powers of heads

do so.

of identified learning and

fect to universal access

of departments and

to two years of early

members of executive

the code of conduct of a

rial for public schools.

childhood development;

councils, and addresses

public school must take

The Bill states that a

enforces accountability

provincial contextual

into account the diverse

member of a govern-

in school governing bod-

needs relating to central

cultural beliefs, religious

ing body must disclose

ies; and clarifies admis-

procurement, home

observances and medi-

their personal interest

sion, language and code

education and dispute

cal circumstances of

and declare a direct or

of conduct policies,” he


learners at the school;

indirect personal interest

and provide for the

that they or their fam-

inclusion of an exemp-

ily member may have

During consultations

tion clause in the code of

in the recruitment or

with relevant stake-


employment of staff at a


Access to education

Necessary tool

The Bill also states that

teaching support mate-

These proposed amend-

holders in 2020, Basic

It further refines the

public school, or in the

ments will improve

Education Minister

provisions relating to

procurement of goods

access to education for

Angie Motshekga said

the possession of drugs

and services for a public

all learners across the

the legislation should not

on school premises or

school. The member of

country, said Minister

be a stumbling block. “It

during school activities

the governing body must


should rather be viewed

and to provide for condi-

recuse themselves from

as a necessary tool to

tions under which liquor

a meeting of the govern-

of Basic Education’s

assist the sector to deal

may be possessed, sold

ing body under such

explanatory summary of

with some of the chal-

or consumed on school


the Bill, it said that the

lenges at schools.”

premises or during

In the Department

amendments provide for

The Bill seeks to make

school activities The Bill refines the

system improvements in

attendance of Grade R

terms of the admission

compulsory and pro-

provisions relating to

of learners, particularly

vides for South African

suspension and expul-

undocumented learn-

Sign Language to have

sion from public school

ers; and for financial and

the status of an official

by inserting a definition

public accountability

language for purposes

of serious misconduct,

frameworks for govern-

of learning at a public

and prohibits corporal

ing bodies and provincial


punishment and ini-


It states that the head

tiation practices during

of department may

school activities and at

provides for additional

direct a public school

hostels accommodating

regulatory powers of the

to adopt more than one


Minister, enhances deci-

language of instruction,

In addition, the Bill

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

For more information about the Bill, go to https:// documents/basic-educationlaws-amendment-bill

It also allows for the



*Writer: Silusapho Nyanda

Voice tech for all SA languages T

he Council for

CSIR and creates human-

TTS tools focus only on

their app, to obtain the

Scientific and

like voices from written

English and Afrikaans.

necessary licensing per-

Industrial Research


Calteaux says that the

mission from the CSIR.

The CSIR’s research

Afrikaans TTS tools are

Once licensed, develop-

information more acces-

group leader for voice

largely based on Dutch,

ers of websites and other

sible to all South Africans

computing, Dr Karen Cal-

so do not necessarily get

online platforms can

through its Qfrency Text-

teaux, says the software

it right.

incorporate the technol-

to-Speech (TTS) product.

can be used on phones,

She adds that develop-

ogy to enable visitors to

computers and tablets.

ers used speech applica-

listen to the information

In a practical sense, a

tion programming inter-

available on the site in

South African languages

person who understands

face software to create

the language in which it

access to information

Tshivenda, for instance,

the end-user voices. A

is written.

in their mother tongue,

but is unable to read, will

voice is available for each

even if they are unable to

benefit from the system,

of the 11 languages.

read or if they have vision

which will ‘read’ the text


to them in Tshivenda.

(CSIR) is helping make

The technology tool gives speakers of all 11

The Qfrency Text-to-

The technology is a first

Calteaux says software

make information more accessible to users who

development kit (SDK)

have reading impedi-

technology enables an

ments, such as poor vision,” says Calteaux.

Speech (TTS) product

for the country, in that

app developer who wants

was developed by the

existing South African

to integrate Qfrency into


“The TTS system can

The tool has proven

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

popular with eLearning

that is as close to human

ties of the Qfrency TTS

load the app from the

app developers, who are

speech as possible,

system, Calteaux says

Google Play Store, and

keen to incorporate it into

including articulation and

they are working on im-

are able to choose one of

their own apps.


proving the tonality of the

11 voices, from Candice

tool, to capture the voice

(South African English),

Calteaux says prior to

“We have progressed

the development and

with our research and de-

pitch that characterises

to Lindiwe (isiZulu),

commercialisation of

velopment of deep neural

many of South Africa’s

Zoleka (isiXhosa), Rab-

the Qfrency TTS system,

network (DNN) voices to


elani (Tshivenda), Kobus

a TTS product able to

the point that this tech-

deliver synthetic voices in

nology presents a major

has the potential to

(Sepedi), Banele (isiNde-

all 11 official South African

leap in the naturalness

dramatically improve

bele), Kamohelo (Seso-

languages was not avail-

of the synthetic voices

communication in times

tho), Lethabo (Setswana),


that employ these DNN

of crises, such as the

Temaswati (Siswati) and


COVID-19 pandemic.

Sasekani (Xitsonga).

The technology generates synthetic speech

To advance the capabili-

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

She says the system

(Afrikaans), Mmapitsi

Individuals can down-



Be sun smart this summer


ummer is here and

or higher 20 minutes before you go outside and re-apply at least every two hours, after towel drying, perspiring or swimming. However, the use of sunscreen is not a

that means South

licence to ‘bare all’ in

Africans need to

the sun,. Avoid direct

protect their skin from the

sunlight between

harmful effects of solar

10am and 4pm, when

ultraviolet (UV) radiation,

the sun’s rays are most

which is a risk factor for


skin cancer.

• Keep babies out of

Despite popular belief,

direct sunlight – Their

even those with darker

skin contains too

skin can get skin cancer,

little melanin and as

although they are gener-

such, cannot provide

ally less susceptible be-

enough protection

cause their skin contains

from the sun.

more natural melanin,

• Wear protective cloth-

which protects against

ing – Wear sunglasses

sun damage.

with a UV protection rating of UV400. Wear

“The good news is that skin cancer can be

protective clothing

prevented by respecting

and swimsuits. Use a

the sun. At least 80% of

thickly-woven fabric

sun-induced skin dam-

hat with a wide brim

age occurs before the age

on the beach, at play, or at

considered high risk,” she

instead of a cap that

of 18 and only manifests



leaves the neck and

later in life,” says Lucy

“People with fair skin,

ears exposed.

Balona, Head of Market-

especially those with

ing and Communication

red hair, moles or skin

Basic safety practices

at the Cancer Association

spots, as well as people

Cansa advises following

of South Africa (Cansa).

with a personal or family

these tips to stay safe in

history of skin cancer, or

the sun:

For more information

to take particular care

who play sport outdoors,

• Use sunscreen – It

on being sun smart,

of children in the sun,

work in the sun or spend

is important to apply

visit the website

whether it is at the pool,

a lot of time driving, are

sunscreen of SPF 20,

She says it is imperative


• Hydrate – Drink water throughout the day and stay hydrated.

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022


Compiled by: Gilda Narsimdas

casual Keep it S

ummer days are for casual wear – fuss free and light items that you can throw on and head out the door. We found some


great, fashionable options that will work well for days spent

outdoors, soaking up the sun.


4 3

5 1 – The H&M holiday range brings together crisp and cool shapes with lush s.tyling for practical outdoor and party wear, like these wide-legged pants, R529. 2 – Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham has designed an active wear range with Reebok. It features a seamless tank can be worn casually and accessorised, Reebok, R999. 3 – Cross body bags are perfect for when you’re on the go and need your hands free. Try this floral cross body bag from Polo, available from, R1 799. 4 – Stay cool and look stylish in this straw, wide brim hat from, R199. 5 – Put your best foot forward in these chic new designs from Steve Madden, which includes a chic sneaker with an easy tongueless design and geometrically sculpted sole, R1 399.

* Prices correct at the time of publishing.


Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

6 – Actor John Boyega teamed up with H&M to design a sustainable menswear collection. The range is called Edition by John Boyega, and includes this organic cotton, Conscious t-shirt, R259. 7 – Pair the Edition by John Boyega t-shirt with this denim jacket made from recycled material, H&M, R849. 8 –Nike has created a nostalgic basketball inspired range, made from sustainable material. Try the Dri-Fit jersey R1 800 and Dri-Fit shorts R1 500. 9 – These Under Armour Hovr Phantom 2 sneakers are light and breathable, R3 199. 10 – Finish off your look with this Puma cap that will keep you cool with its perforated panels that offer air circulation, available from, R349.


7 8



* Prices correct at the time of publishing.

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022


Christmas cheat treats


Compiled by: Nicholas Francis

If you're responsible for Christmas lunch this year, we've got you covered. Here are some quick, cost effective and delicious dishes that do not require hours of preparation. Easy roast chicken

• Cajun spice

roasting pan. Place the bay leaf,


kitchen string and roast for an hour or until the

• 2kg whole chicken


lemon and celery in the

juices run clear when

• 1 lemon, chopped

Preheat the oven at

chicken cavity. Drizzle

thickest part of chicken is

• 1 celery stalk, chopped

200°C. Rinse the chicken,

the chicken with oil and

pierced with a skewer.

• 1 dried bay leaf

pat it dry with paper tow-

season with Cajun spice.

• 1 tbsp olive oil

els and place in a large

Tie the legs together with

Rainbow pasta salad Ingredients • 3 tbsp olive oil • 3 cups dried elbow pasta • 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil • 1/2 small red cabbage, chopped • 420g can corn kernels, drained • 2 baby gem lettuces, shredded • 2 large tomatoes, diced • 1 cucumber, diced • 3/4 cup grated cheese • 2 green onions, thinly sliced • 1 cup sour cream • 1 cup traditional mayonnaise • 1 cup parsley leaves, chopped


Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022

biscuits in a blender, then add melted butter to the biscuits and mix it together. Spoon in the biscuit mixture into glasses and set aside. In a bowl, mix castor sugar, lemon zest and cream cheese until creamy. Whip the cream until stiff peaks form and fold into the cream cheese mixture. Spoon the cream • 2 tbsp lemon juice • 1 tbsp wholegrain mustard

remaining dressing and

• 1 tsp lemon zest

cheese mixture on the

then sprinkle cheese and

• 250g strawberries

biscuit base in the glasses

green onion.

sliced • 350g plain cream

and garnish with strawberries.

Boil pasta in a large pot of

Strawberry cheesecake cups

• 1 cup castor sugar

minutes to set before

saltwater until cooked.


• 250ml whipped cream




Place in fridge for 30

Make the creamy mus-

• 80g chocolate biscuits

tard dressing by combin-

• 250ml whipped cream


Recipes courtesy of

ing mustard, parsley, sour

• 40g butter, melted

Crush the chocolate

cream, lemon juice and mayonnaise Season with salt and pepper and mix all together in a bowl. Place the cabbage in a salad bowl. Top the cabbage with corn, followed by 3/4 of the pasta. Spoon over half of the dressing and then arrange the lettuce. Toss the remaining pasta, cucumber, lettuce and tomato together and add to the bowl. Drizzle

Public Sector Manager • December 2021 / January 2022


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