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Flood relief

Govt digs deep to rebuild lives and livelihoods

Opportunity knocks Investment drive gains pace

APRIL 2022

Freedom Month Taking stock of democracy


Contents: April 2022

8 constitutional democratic project 14

President commits to fasttrack change in Mangaung President Cyril Ramaphosa was all ears as residents of Mangaung voiced their complaints and concerns about service delivery


14 All hands on deck as govt

explains how improved tax revenue supports the country’s recovery and growth

affected by the recent floods


National Health Insurance programme innovates


Freedom Month: Reflecting

public healthcare

supports flood victims

on SA's democratic gains

The Central Chronic

Freedom Month

Medicines Dispensing and

has been declared as

commemorations will be

Distribution programme is

government mobilises

used to take stock of the

revolutionising the way South

A National State of Disaster


President Cyril Ramaphosa

resources to support those


From the Union Buildings

Public Sector Manager • April 2022

encourages public servants to strive for excellence and continuous improvement in service delivery 26

Investing in SA President Cyril Ramaphosa's investment drive is gathering pace with

12 Africans receive their

suppliers timeously risk


being exposed to costly litigation


investment pledges of R332 billion secured at the fourth SA Investment Conference 28

Transforming the marketing, advertising

Govt departments must pay suppliers on

and communication 24

Focus on putting



people first

The recently launched

The Batho Pele

Marketing, Advertising

ments that fail to pay

Revitalisation Strategy

and Communications

Government depart-


Public Sector Manager THE MAGAZINE FOR PUBLIC SECTOR DECISION-MAKERS Publishers: Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) Enquiries: +27 012 473 0010 Switchboard: +27 012 473 0000 Tshedimosetso House: 1035 Francis Baard Street (corner Festival Street), Hatfield, Pretoria Private Bag X745, Pretoria, South Africa, 0001 Director-General Phumla Williams Deputy Director-General: Corporate Services Nomonde Mnukwa Deputy Director-General: Intergovernmental Coordination & Stakeholder Management Michael Currin Deputy Director-General: Content Processing & Dissemination Regomoditswe Mavimbela Head of Editorial and Production Tyrone Seale Managing Editor Irene Naidoo News Editor Irene Naidoo Contributors More Matshediso Silusapho Nyanda Jauhara Khan GCIS Photographic Unit Elmond Jiyane Ntswe Mokoena Siyabulela Duda Kopano Tlape Busisiwe Malungwane Graphic Designers Tendai Gonese Benny Kubjana

SA Charter Sector Council will broaden the participation of black people, women, youth and people with disabilities in the sector


Travel Explore the majestic and magical Matroosberg


Grooming and style Fashion flashback: Retro style pieces making a comeback

Public Sector Manager • April 2022



Presidential Imbizo ensure citizens’ voices are heard


Mondli Gungubele Minister in The Presidency

caring and respon-

state of roads, the lack of

sible government

water and electricity, the

is one that listens,

support needed by farm-

ties access to the human

to give life to Vision 2030

responds and acts when citi-

ers, the lack of job oppor-

capital and other resources

– encapsulated in our

zens speak.

tunities for the youth and

they need to meet their

National Development

the slow space of housing

delivery mandates and will

Plan – it is up to the public

projects, among others.

result in more accountabil-

service to ensure the those

Accountability is one

ity and better development

we serve are taken along


for the ride.

The recent Presidential Imbizo in the North West and Free State showed such a government in ac-

of the cornerstones of a


successful democracy and

What is clear from our

Community walkabouts,

during the Presidential

engagements in the North

stakeholder engagements

through on President Cyril

Imbizo, the people of the

West and Free State is that

and community meetings

Ramaphosa’s commitment

North West and Free State

izimbizo are an important

are needed to ensure this

in the State of the Nation

exercised their right to en-

tool in ensuring a more re-


Address that government

quire what was being done

sponsive government. Izim-

will leave no-one behind as

to better their daily lives.

bizo should be happening

government are uniting

at all tiers of government

through the DDM, so too

It was also a follow

Just as all levels of

it works with all sectors of

We listened to the con-

society to move the coun-

cerns raised and provided

– but most especially at the

must the public service

try forward.

feedback about what gov-

local level, where munici-

bring all levels of public

ernment will do to address

palities have the biggest

society together to work


short-term, direct impact

alongside government.

President Ramaphosa and Cabinet Ministers, myself included, and

Citizens also heard how

representatives from pro-

the District Development

vincial and local govern-

Model (DDM) will speed up

ment visited the Ngaka

on the quality of life people enjoy.

I urge every public servant to follow the

Izimbizo are intertwined

President’s lead and also

service and infrastructure

with South Africa’s promo-

take the time to listen to

Modiri Molema District and

delivery challenges in their

tion of active citizenry.

the people you serve. We

Mangaung Metro to hear

area through the better

They promote two-way

should never assume that

firsthand about the service

integration of planning and

communication between

we know is best for citi-

delivery challenges faced

budgeting across all three

the public service and the

zens, without first under-

by communities.

tiers of government.

people we serve.

standing the problems they

We heard about the poor


This will give municipali-

As government works


Public Sector Manager • April 2022


Freedom Day:

A time for recommitment or presenting services slop-

parency and accountability,

pily or uncaringly means

because a lack of these is

we are undermining the

as damaging as corruption.

values and objectives of

At the same time, Free-

our Constitution and we are

dom Day is also there for us

violating the essence of the

to celebrate that over-

public service call to action

whelming number of public

– Batho Pele – People First.

servants who are guided by

Freedom is hollow when

their conscience and their

we make people feel we are

competence, and are de-

doing them a favour when

livering services, amenities

we deliver services or ac-

and infrastructure that are

cess to facilities; when we

growing South Africa.

are spurred into action by

Phumla Williams,


GCIS Director-General.

reedom Day is an

sonally and the missions of

opportunity – but

the departments or entities

also a necessity – for

we represent?

South Africa’s more than one

For leaders in the public

This is the cohort of public

protest and public violence,

servants who give meaning

or when we cook the books

to the freedom of all South

or undertake unethical and

Africans and whose dedica-

corrupt actions that under-

tion is changing lives for

mine our integrity as the

the better, and creating the

state, or the impact of our

conditions for economic re-


construction and recovery.

For public servants, hon-

This is the cohort of public

ouring our freedom means

servant on whom 12 million

fighting corruption with the

unemployed South Africans

million public servants – to

service, Freedom Day is

same level of perseverance

and people who may be

reflect on how we exercise

a day of recommitment

shown by the liberation

waiters, sales assistants,

our freedom and value our

to building a capable and

struggle stalwarts, because

spaza shopkeepers, entre-

democracy in our own lives.

ethical state, and a day of

it threatens to derail gov-

preneurs or educators de-

Do our values and be-

recommitment to serving

ernment’s efforts to deliver

pend for better prospects.

haviours correspond with

the people of our nation

decent housing, schools,

the missions of the depart-

with enthusiasm, pride, ef-

healthcare and other basic

public servant who must

ments and entities in which

ficiency and effectiveness.


speak out and act against

This is the cohort of

we operate, or is there a

Freedom is in our hands

disconnect between how

in the sense that withhold-

good governance, profes-

we conduct ourselves per-

ing services from citizens,

sionalism and ethics, trans-


It means standing up for

incompetence, laziness and corruption in their midst.

Public Sector Manager • April 2022


Source: SAnews Images: GCIS

President C yril Ramaphosa meets with residents affected by the recent floods in KwaZulu-Natal.

All hands on deck as govt supports flood victims G

“Second, we will focus on

overnment has

sa said government will

adopted a phased

respond to the disaster in

stabilisation and recovery,

approach to help

three phases.

rehousing people who have

South Africans recover from

“First, we will focus on im-

be on reconstruction and rebuilding. “This will not only involve

lost homes and restoring

the construction and repair

the recent floods that rav-

mediate humanitarian relief,

provision of services,” said

of major infrastructure.

aged KwaZulu-Natal and the

ensuring that all affected

the President, in a recent

It will also involve the

Eastern Cape.

persons are safe and that

address to the nation.

construction of houses in

President Cyril Ramapho-


their basic needs are met.

The third area of focus will

suitably-located areas and

Public Sector Manager • April 2022

measures to protect the

ment departments are

residents of these areas

working with their provin-

from such adverse weather

cial and local counterparts

events in the future,” he

to ensure an effective


response in the allocation

Cabinet recently declared

of financial resources and

a National State of Disaster

technical expertise to the

in response to the floods.


The lives, health and wellbeing of thousands of people are still at risk. The floods have caused great economic and social damage.

More than 400 people lost

The President said the

their lives in KwaZulu-Natal,

South African Police Ser-

and a number of people

vice and the South African

are still missing or unac-

National Defence Force

ities; non-governmental or-

of funds available as part of

counted for. One death has

(SANDF) have been leading

ganisations and businesses

our efforts with the Solidar-

also been reported in the

search and rescue efforts.

have been distributing basic

ity Fund to implement these

relief materials such as

support measures.

Eastern Cape.

This includes the deployment of SAPS person-

food, blankets, mattresses,

homes were completely

nel, diving teams, canine

clothing, chronic medica-

effectively managed the

destroyed and over 8 300

units and various vessels,

tion, toiletries and cooking

resources that govern-

homes were partially dam-

helicopters and fixed-wing


ment, the private sector

aged. It is also estimated

planes to the most affected

that more than 40 000


Approximately 4 000

people have been displaced

“Aircraft from the SANDF

Solidarity Fund

“The Solidarity Fund has

and many South Africans made available to man-

The President met with the

age the COVID-19 effort as

have been used both for

leadership of the Solidarity

well as the July 2021 unrest

The President described

rescue and for the delivery

Fund “to ask that it makes

assistance measures,” the

the floods as a humanitar-

of relief supplies – such as

its capacity available to

President said.

ian disaster that called for a

food, water, tents and blan-

confront this dire emer-

“massive and urgent relief

kets – to people in inacces-



sible areas.

by the floods.

“The lives, health and

“I have authorised the

The fund will set up a separate bank account for

The board of the fund

the flood disaster that can

agreed to assist with hu-

be used by South African

well-being of thousands of

SANDF to bring in more

manitarian and other forms

and foreign donors who

people are still at risk. The

personnel, water storage

of relief in partnership with

want to contribute to relief

floods have caused great

and purification supplies

government, the private


economic and social dam-

and engineering teams to

sector and various other

age,” he said.

assist with electricity and

non-governmental and

water restoration,” he said

community-based organisa-

R1 billion allocation


“The Minister of Finance

Coordinated effort Several national govern-

In addition, government departments at national and

“The National Treasury

provincial levels; municipal-

will make an initial amount

Public Sector Manager • April 2022

has said that R1 billion is immediately available, and



will be approaching Parlia-

production,” the President

to this disaster are properly

mented by an additional

ment for the appropriation


accounted for and that the

100 tankers. Most areas

state receives value for

that experienced electricity

money,” he added.

disruptions, particularly in

of additional resources,” added the President. He is also expected to ap-

No room for corruption

eThekwini, are now back to

proach the Presiding Offic-

He warned that there will

ers to request a Joint Sitting

be no room for corruption,

Water, housing and roads

of Parliament to ensure that

mismanagement or fraud.

In a bid to ensure the sup-

man Settlements has begun

ply of clean water in the

an assessment of damages

the elected representa-

The President stressed

full service.” The Department of Hu-

tives are directly involved in

that all the resources mobi-

affected areas, the Depart-

to houses across the prov-

oversight of the work that is

lised must be used for its in-

ment of Water and Sanita-

ince, and has determined

needed to provide relief and

tended purposes and reach

tion is leading efforts to

initial requirements for the


the intended recipients.

restore water supply to ar-

provision of temporary

“Learning from the ex-

eas of eThekwini that were

accommodation, repairs to

ment of the economic cost

perience of the COVID-19

affected by the damage to

damaged houses and the

of these floods still has to

pandemic, we are drawing


replacement of destroyed

be made, but it is clear that

together various stakehold-

it will run into billions of

ers to be part of an over-

being supplied by water

Preparations are under-

rands for the rebuilding of

sight structure to ensure all

tankers, with the munici-

way to provide temporary

infrastructure and loss of

funds disbursed to respond

pal fleet being comple-

residential units, with

“A comprehensive assess-


“Areas without water are


Public Sector Manager • April 2022

construction expected to start soon. “Financial assistance through a voucher system is being made available to assist households to rebuild partially damaged houses. “Infrastructure South Africa is also working with relevant departments in all spheres to provide technical support for the repair and rebuilding of infrastructure, including roads, bridges and schools that have been damaged,” said the President. The South African National Roads Agency

have been affected by the

is the lead agency on the


extensive work required to

“Sixteen of these schools cannot be accessed due

those most affected. He expressed his appre-

to damage to connecting

ciation to the emergency

roads and bridges. We are

service personnel, including

saddened by the reports

health care workers, police

starting with an immediate

Businesses and infrastructure

focus on the N2 and N3

The President noted that

that a number of learners

and defence personnel, mu-


the damage caused to busi-

and at least one educator

nicipal workers, volunteers

nesses in the area has not

have died.

and community members

repair roads in the province,

“To date, around 1 300 road repair projects have

been fully quantified, but

been identified by the

assessments so far suggest

care facilities have been

great risk to themselves,

agencies involved. Progress

that the eThekwini metro

affected, although there has

saving lives and providing

has been made in restoring

accounts for nearly half of

been minimal disruption


operations at the Port of

all the reported damage.

to health services in most

Durban, opening alternative

There has been extensive

“Sixty-six public health

who spent many hours, at

“We are a nation united in

affected districts,” President

our determination to assist

Ramaphosa said.

those who have lost their

routes for trucks to access

damage to public infra-

the port terminals and clean

structure, including schools,

up debris in the harbour,”

health facilities, police

Helping others

the President said.

stations and magistrates’

The President commended

ate need of food, water

courts. It is estimated that

the many individuals and

and shelter,” the President

Business Development is

over 270 000 learners have

organisations that have tak-


also mobilising funds to

been affected and over 600

en the initiative to provide

assist small businesses that

schools were damaged.

humanitarian assistance to

The Department of Small

Public Sector Manager • April 2022

homes and possessions, and who are in desper-



Source: SAnews

Freedom Month: Reflecting on SA's democratic gains

very core of the first development blueprint, i.e. the Reconstruction and Development Plan. “In giving meaning to


freedom, successive

inister of

theme is our conviction

Sport, Arts and

that besides the many

Provision of basic services

Culture Nathi

challenges that have

The Minister noted that

had to intensify efforts

Mthethwa has called on

threatened to stymie this

one of the enduring sins

in making sure that the

the nation to use Free-

important constitutional

of apartheid was the ne-

most basic of services

dom Month to reflect on

democratic project, there

glect of black communi-

are delivered to the peo-

the country’s democratic

are gains that we ought

ties, even in terms of the

ple,” he said.

gains as the dignity of

to safeguard,” Minister

provision of basic ser-

The 2019 Baseline Sur-

millions of South Africans

Mthethwa said.

vices, which impugned

vey of the Foundation for

democratic administrations since 1994 have

continues to be restored.

This year’s Freedom

on their human dignity.

Human Rights is one of

Addressing the launch

Month, marked every

“It therefore stands to

the most reliable pieces

of Freedom Month re-

year in the month of

reason that the provi-

of empirical data that

cently, the Minister said

April, will be celebrated

sion of basic services

offers a glimpse of South

this year’s commemora-

under the theme: “Con-

such as electricity, clean

Africa’s progress since

tion will be used to take

solidating Our Demo-

running water as well as

1994 into some of these

stock of the constitution-

cratic Gains”. This year

provision of other basic

most basic of human

al democratic project.

marks 28 years since the

infrastructure to previ-


dawn of democracy in

ously disadvantaged


communities was at the

“Inherent, therefore in Freedom Month 2022’s

According to the survey, in terms of housing, 82% of the adult population live in formal housing, although increased migration from the rural hinterlands into the major urban centres threaten to derail some of the gains in this regard. In addition, increased


Public Sector Manager • April 2022

immigration into South

history project that we

Africa by persons who

support,” the Minister

boast no special or


scarce skill, and who

Through the geo-

are principally economic

graphical names project,

migrants, has also put

government has also de-

further strain on the

liberately set the country

housing statistics.

on a path towards healing by changing names

“Sanitation, water and electricity are impor-

of towns and cities,

tant sets of indicators

which have unsavoury

in tracking the nation’s

colonial and apartheid

progress since the dawn

mate of only 53.6% in

deserving student has

of democracy in 1994.

the October Household

had the necessary finan-

Survey of 1994,” he said.

cial assistance they re-

always sought to consult

quire – but government

widely in ensuring that

“According to the 2019 Baseline Survey of the

The Minister also

connotations. “In doing so, we have

Foundation for Human

acknowledged the role

has since been explor-

the affected commu-

Rights, progress has

of the Presidential Youth

ing other more efficient

nities are part of the

been impressive in this

Employment Interven-

avenues for assistance

name-change process.

regard, considering the

tion, which has enabled

in closing this gap.”

Despite occasional

fact that clean running

young people to access

water and electricity


were a novelty for many

He added that through

Heritage landscape

litigation by disgruntled parties, this process has had resounding success

communities during

the National Student

There has also been

and it thus remain work-

apartheid,” said Minister

Financial Aid Scheme,

much transformation



government has made

with regard to heritage. “For our part, transfor-

“He stressed that symbolism is extremely im-

He added that survey

it possible for a vast

shows that only 10% of

majority of the black

mation of the heritage

portant. It is also through

adults reported to have

poor youth to access

landscape, which had

symbolism that people

access to water outside

higher education, which

largely remained white,

feel part of a community

of their yards or their

remains one of the fore-

has been key. This is

and the broader society

places of dwelling.

most channels to break

our own way as a sector

and geographical name

the cycle of generational

in bringing meaning to

change is one of those


freedom. In ensuring

potent assistive we have

“With regards to electricity, an overwhelming majority of 92% have

“Of course, as we

that the many unearthed

available as a depart-

access to electricity.

learned our lessons

and untold stories are

ment in effecting the

A resounding success

from the Fees-Must-Fall

given the platform

desired social change,”

compared to the esti-

phenomenon, not every

through the national oral

the Minister said.

Public Sector Manager • April 2022



Source: SAnews

President commits to fast-track change in Mangaung


President C yril Ramaphosa addresses citizens during a Presidential Imbizo Mangaung Metro, Free State.

ack of service delivery,

dress (SONA) Presidential

corruption, inad-

Imbizo where engagement

President Ramaphosa as-

equate housing and

with citizens is themed on

sured residents of the Free

3 000 WhatsApp messages

crime – these are some of the

the President’s SONA call

State and Mangaung Metro

to the Presidency. President

challenges President Cyril

to action, Leave No One

that the national interven-

Ramaphosa committed that

Ramaphosa said government


tion is directed at relieving

Minister in the Presidency

the dire financial position

Mondli Gungubele and his

concerns and as govern-

of the municipality and

staff will look at the con-

ment, we are going to

addressing issues affecting

cerns raised and respond

dential Imbizo to engage

address them,” President


to them.

Mangaung residents on

Ramaphosa said during the

the challenges they face

community engagement at

ment is dealing with corrupt

daily. The imbizo was part

the Dr Molemela Stadium in

officials and that services

Residents speak out

of the District Development


will be delivered to the

During the mass interaction

people of Mangaung.

at the stadium, residents

will address in Mangaung Metro, Free State.

He recently led a Presi-

Model, which is being rolled

“We have heard your

Cabinet recently ap-

Keen to make their voices

139(7) of the Constitution.

He added that govern-

heard, residents sent over

out to improve the quality of

proved an intervention by

life for citizens.

the national executive in the

change is going to continue

were given the opportunity

governance of Mangaung

being present here,” Presi-

to comment openly and to

Metro, in terms of Section

dent Ramaphosa said.

put questions and com-

It was the second postState of the Nation Ad-


from all parts of the metro

“Change is here ... and

Public Sector Manager • April 2022

plaints to the President and other leaders. The President then invited Ministers to respond to

Minister Cele said police

entrepreneurship training

will arrest criminals, regard-

the imbizo must result in

in areas such as visual arts,

less of their nationality.

the resolution of the service

beauty technology and

delivery problems raised by

jewellery design.

“We arrest first then ask

residents on the issues they

later where you come from,”

had raised.

he said.

He welcomed community

President Ramaphosa said

Water and Sanitation

the community.

The college is one of

As part of the imbizo

the four public Technical

programme, the President

Vocational Education and

members’ outspokenness,

Minister Senzo Mchunu re-

visited the Vereeniging

Training [TVET] colleges in

saying the imbizo would as-

sponded to concerns about

Interchange, following the

the Free State. It comprises

sist government in ensuring

blocked sewage pipes, say-

extension of Vereeniging

six campuses, including a

adequate and sustainable

ing his department will fix

Avenue and the construc-

Centre for Entrepreneur-

delivery of basic services.

all worn out pipes.

tion of a bridge over the

ship, Rapid Incubator and

“We are honoured that

With regard to the prov-

railway line. This infrastruc-

an artisan academy.

you have heeded our call to

ince’s roads, Transport Min-

ture project was initiated for

become part of the solu-

ister Fikile Mbalula said his

spatial integration and to

students to follow their pas-

tion,” said the President.

department has set aside

alleviate traffic congestion.

sions and pursue entre-

In his response to concerns about crime, Police

R1.4 billion to fix the roads. The Minister said the

The President encouraged

The President also visited

preneurship as a means of

the Motheo TVET Artisans

sustaining themselves and

Minister Bheki Cele assured

South African National

College, where he held

contributing to economic

the community that he will

Roads Agency has been

conversations with young


visit the area again in three

asked to assist with repair-

men and women who are

weeks’ time.

ing roads in the Free State.

receiving artisanal and

Mangaung residents inundated President C yril Ramaphosa with complaints about how government has failed and frustrated them.

Public Sector Manager • April 2022


A message from President Cyril Ramaphosa

Improved tax revenue

key institutions, SARS had suffered from the ill-effects of state capture, with political meddling, mismanagement and other factors seriously affecting

supports recovery and growth

its efficiency. This had the direct consequence of not only undermining taxpayer morality, but also loss of business confidence in the organisation. In 2018, I appointed a commission of inquiry into tax administration and governance at SARS chaired by retired Justice Robert Nugent. The commission delivered its final report by the end of the same year.


Four years later, SARS ecently, the South

lished 25 years ago.

has implemented nearly all

new roads, and support

of the 16 recommendations

collection agency is at the

society’s most vulnerable

and 27 sub-recommenda-

nounced in its preliminary

heart of building a capable

through social grants and

tions to restore stability to

tax revenue collection out-


other measures.

the organisation.

African Revenue Service (SARS) an-

A competent tax revenue

tals, upgrade and build

SARS has driven a fo-

Tax revenue propels our

When tax revenue col-

over R1.5 trillion between

nation’s development. The

lection systems and their

cused turnaround strategy

April 2021 and March 2022.

money collected by SARS

supporting legislation are

to position itself at the

finances service delivery

efficient, uncomplicated

forefront of efficiency and

and infrastructure.

and equitable, it incentiv-

service excellence. It has a

ises greater compliance.

concerted programme to

Restoring stability and

promote tax morality and

come that it had collected

This a 25% improvement over the previous year and a 15% increase over

Through the R17.8 trillion

the last year prior to the

that SARS has collected

COVID-19 pandemic.

since its establishment

credibility in SARS was


in 1997, we have been

among my foremost pri-

SARS also paid out its

able to build more social

orities when I was elected

modity prices, resulting

highest amount in tax

infrastructure like clin-

President in 2018.

in increased corporate

refunds since it was estab-

ics, schools and hospi-

Over the same period,


Like a number of other

Current high com-

income tax revenues, have

Public Sector Manager • April 2022

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash


contributed to the latest

listed companies, multina-

SARS is taking the

revenue collection windfall.

tionals and high net worth

wind out of the sails of

has achieved in a rela-

What has also played a

individuals is now more ef-

tax dodgers, beneficiar-

tively short space of time.

role are the steps SARS

fectively managed through

ies of the proceeds of

has taken to improve its

its Large Business Unit,

crime, and those involved

are well-run and efficient,

information technology

which was relaunched in

in corrupt activities. It

when they demonstrate

and other infrastructure,


is well-established that

credibility and fairness

As a result of SARS’

to learn from what SARS

When state institutions

‘the taxman’ is one of the

in their operations, this

skilled staff, and combat

turnaround there has been

most efficient tools to

contributes to increasing

tax avoidance and criminal

improved compliance in

combat corruption.

levels of trust in gov-


personal income tax, cor-

modernise customs, recruit

In cases where an indi-

investor confidence also

One of the recommendations of the Nugent

improve, encouraging

Commission was that

When state institutions are well-run and efficient, when they demonstrate credibility and fairness in their operations, this contributes to increasing levels of trust in government.

SARS re-establish capacity to monitor and investigate illicit trades. The Illicit Economy Unit that was reconstituted in 2018 has notched up a number of successes in combating illicit economy

economic growth. The leadership and the staff SARS are to be congratulated on its performance. Thanks must go to the loyal South African taxpayer. Without their cooperation, the latest been possible.

a focus on customs nonTax collection from JSE

greater investment and

revenues would not have

trades, including through compliance.

ernment. Business and

porate income tax and Pay

vidual’s lifestyle does not

as You Earn.

match what they declare,

panded the tax base with

SARS has been conduct-

1.8 million new registra-

ing lifestyle audits. In the

tions over the past year is

last year, SARS has com-

another sterling achieve-

pleted lifestyle audits that


That SARS has ex-

resulted in the collection

We can only rebuild

of a further R474 million.

South Africa if we con-

As we forge ahead

tinue to meet this shared

with efforts to strengthen

obligation, and if we

the capacity of the state

intensify the work cur-

and rebuild institutions

rently underway to ensure

that were systemati-

that these taxes are used

cally weakened by state

wisely and efficiently.

capture, we have much

Public Sector Manager • April 2022



Writer: Allison Cooper

NHI programme innovates public healthcare


ver five million

programme, known as Dab-

by the National Department

changing epidemiological

South Africans no

lapmeds, won the Public

of Health in 2014, due to

profile led to an overexten-

longer have to trav-

Sector Innovator of the Year

unprecedented growth in

sion of public sector health-

el great distances or stand

award at the recent Public

patients requiring access to

care facilities”, explains

in long queues to get their

Sector Innovation Awards.

long-term therapies.


monthly chronic medication,

It also won other award

thanks to an innovative Na-


This resulted in enormous

“South Africa introduced universal access to antiret-

strain on available resourc-

roviral (ARV) therapy, and

es and contributed towards

Munsamy, NHI Techni-

there has been a steady

medicine shortages and

cal Specialist: Contract-

increase in non-commu-

challenges in the quality of

Medicines Dispensing and

ing, Head: CCMDD, the

nicable diseases requir-

care provided.

Distribution (CCMDD)

programme was launched

ing chronic therapy. This

tional Health Insurance (NHI) pilot programme.

The Central Chronic


According to Maggie

In addition, hospital

Public Sector Manager • April 2022

patients experienced

But imagine if you are out shopping for groceries and at the same time you could pick up your medication – no waiting in long lines, no spending the entire day at a health facility, do one trip and save transport costs.

protracted waiting times, congested dirty facilities, poor staff communication, poor health outcomes and stock outages. “They [patients] had to return to the health facility, incurring significant transport costs. As a result, some patients never returned,” says Munsamy.

Easy access

and private sector. The programme consists of central dispensing opera-

on weekends and public holidays,” says Munsamy. “Patients can also choose

supply chain processes. “Only stable patients are registered on the pro-

tions that obtain electronic

an unaided PuP. For exam-

gramme, giving them an

The CCMDD programme

or manual prescriptions for

ple, a smart locker. Then

incentive to remain adher-

provides an alternative

stable chronic patients from

they receive an SMS and

ent to their treatment,” says

mechanism to facilitate ac-

health facilities; dispenses

OTP to open the locker.


cess to medicine for stable

medicines and delivers

Only patients who have a

chronic patients.

patients’ medicine parcels

cellphone can use this op-

only have to visit the clinic

to the facility where they

tion,” she adds.

twice a year, as opposed to

“Traditionally, healthcare is rendered from a health

are registered.

NHI innovation

Those on the programme

those who are not on the

facility, hospital or doctor’s

Medicine parcels are also

room. Healthcare rendered

delivered to an external pick

The programme has

from any other place, for

up point (PuP) for collec-

strengthened health

example, a greengrocer,


systems and generated

Treger, the Principal In-

improvements for a wide

vestigator for BroadReach

tients with a more conveni-

array of stakeholders, says

Health Development,

ent option, closer to their


patients can also nominate

beauty or general store, was inconceivable. “But imagine if you are out

External PuPs provide pa-

programme, who have to visit monthly. According to Latasha

shopping for groceries and

home or workplace, to col-

at the same time you could

lect their repeat medicine.

to chronic medicines, it

pick up your medication –

There are over 2 800 PuPs

also decreased the stigma

no waiting in long lines, no

contracted, of which

for HIV patients; improved

Development has been the

spending the entire day at

1 158 are pharmacies.

the quality of care, service

national CCMDD support

delivery and patients’ expe-

partner, assisting with im-


plementation since October

a health facility, do one trip

“Patients are given an

and save transport costs,”

appointment card, with their

says Munsamy.

medication collection due

Besides improved access

It has also ensured decon-

someone to collect their medication on their behalf. BroadReach Health


date on it. They can also

gestion of health facilities;

plementing a disruptive

choose the time they want

improved the availability of

variety of medications (for

strategy, positive change

to collect, as most contract-

reliable data to inform deci-

different conditions) can be

was brought into the public

ed PuPs are operational

sion making; and improved

delivered to one patient, in

She adds that by im-

Public Sector Manager • April 2022

“Another benefit is that a



one parcel, as opposed to multiple health facility visits.

Private sector partners

of other non-communicable

gramme implementation. BroadReach also provides

diseases, says

The CCMDD is consid-

support to the provincial

facilities and their staff as

ered one of the National

CCMDD programme,

it lessens their workload,

Department of Health’s

providing ongoing coor-

tion was added to the

enabling healthcare work-

most successful NHI pilot

dination and technical

programme for stable TB

ers to spend more time with




“It also benefits health

patients who are sick or

“It is an innovative ap-

Munsamy. In March, TB medica-

“This is done by pro-

During COVID-19, fa-

proach to strengthening

gramme coordinators, who

cilities were able to provide

health service delivery by

work with provinces to

12-month scripts to stable

contributed to job creation,

addressing key bottlenecks

facilitate implementation,

patients, enabling medica-

as the PuPs have employed

and challenges within the

including supporting them

tion to be dispensed for a

additional staff from com-

health system,” says Treger.

to develop CCMDD annual

full year without the need

plans, monitoring imple-

to go into a health facility.

unstable,” says Treger. The CCMDD has also

munities, creating over 2 800 jobs, says Munsamy.

BroadReach is responsible for providing ad-

mentation and addressing

“While this returned to six

ministrative and financial

challenges and bottlenecks

months in September 2021,

is also being promoted

technical support to the

on the ground,” Treger

based on the COVID-19

for unemployed youth.

programme, through


experience, it is evident that

Approximately 740 staff

the secondment of four

are employed by the two

finance/admin officers who

ners include Health System

well for stable patients,”

service providers,” she adds.

oversee all aspects of pro-

Trust (2014 to 2021), the

says Treger.

“Home delivery by bicycle

Other programme part-

12-month dispensing works

previous national support


As for future growth,

partner, which still supports

Treger expects an increase

the CCMDD electronic sys-

in the number of patients in

tem SYNCH; and Project

the programme, and expan-

Last Mile, which provides

sion of dispensing for other

technical assistance.

chronic health conditions.

CCMDD growth

proud that the initiative was

The programme started in

embraced by clinicians, pa-

the 11 NHI districts, with

tients and communities. We

ARVs. It was then rolled out

are pleased to be honoured

to eight provinces,

with the title ‘Innovator of

all 46 districts (except the

the Year’, as this recognises

Western Cape, which has

our continuous quest

its own programme) and

to better the lives of the

over 3 587 public health

people in SA and create

facilities, in a phased ap-

a healthy life for all,” says

proach, with the inclusion


“The department is very

Public Sector Manager • April 2022



departments must pay suppliers on time


he Public Service Commission (PSC) has warned govern-

ment departments that they risk being exposed to costly litigation due to the late and non-payment of suppliers.

“Late and non-payment of suppliers can expose departments to costly litigation including being ordered to pay interest on late payments resulting in the already scarce financial resources being diverted from priority areas,” said PSC Commissioner Anele Gxoyiya.

Commission report for the

He added that PSC sup-

“The PSC has made

period 1 October 2021 to 31

several recommendations

ports the action taken by

are required to settle all

December 2021, Gxoyiya

taking into consideration

President Cyril Ramaphosa

contractual obligations

added that the non-pay-

the reasons provided by

to address the issue of

and pay all monies owed,

ment or late payment of

national and provincial

late and non-payment of supplies.

Government departments

including intergovern-

suppliers also impacts the

departments, such as

mental claims, within the

financial health of busi-

misfiled, misplaced or

prescribed 30 days from


unrecorded invoices that

Address, the President

are rooted in the lack of

announced the current

receipt of an invoice or, in

In his State of the Nation

the case of civil claims, the


internal controls measures,

Chairperson of the Small

date of settlement or court

The PSC is monitoring

which refer to not only the

Business Institute will head


compliance with the 30-

systemic issues but also

a unit in the Presidency to

day payment provision of

human resources short-

identify priority reforms for

invoices of suppliers.

comings,” Gxoyiya said.

the year ahead, including

Releasing the PSC’s Pulse of the Public Service


Public Sector Manager • April 2022

mechanisms to ensure

a significant increase in

National Anti-Corruption

submitted to Complaints

government departments

the number of invoices at

Hotline (NACH), Gxoyiya

and Grievance Panel for

pay suppliers within the

the Department of Public

said 24 650 cases of al-

the determination of the

required 30 days.

Works and Infrastructure’s

leged corruption were re-


Trading Entity (PMTE),

ported as at 31 December

“Sixty-five feedback of

been an improvement in

which recorded 356

2021 since the inception of

alleged corruption relating

the payment of suppliers

invoices despite the lower

the NACH in September

to provincial departments

by the national depart-

cost of R49 233 as at the


were presented to the pro-

ments during the third

end of December 2021

quarter, despite the late

compared to 23 at the end

of 2021/2022 financial

through early resolution,”

submission of information

of September 2021 at a

year, the PSC recorded

he said.

to the National Treasury.

cost of R 4 343 261.

a total of 347 cases. This

Gxoyiya said there has

According to the report,

The PSC expressed con-

During the third quarter

vincial panels and closed

According to Gxoyiya,

is slightly higher than

all the 65 cases relating

the Department of Water

cern over the persistent

337 cases received in the

to provincial departments

and Sanitation, excluding

late or non-submission of

second quarter and 282

were unsubstantiated.

its trading entity, owed

exception reports to the

received in the first quarter

a significant number of

National Treasury from a

of 2020/2021 financial

members of the public and

invoices for the period -199

number of government


whistle-blowers to provide

invoices at a cost of


R266 729 456 compared to

“During the first, second

full detailed information

and third quarter of the

to enable investigators to

2021/2022 financial year,

make informed conclusions,” he added.

169 invoices at a cost of


R351 373 606 at the end of

With regard to cases of al-

32 feedback of alleged

September 2021.

leged corruption received

corruption relating to

by the PSC through the

national departments were

The report also noted

“The PSC encourages

For the full report, go to

Trends analysis of cases received during the 2017/2018 to 2021/2022 financial years

Public Sector Manager • April 2022


Writer: Allison Cooper



overnment’s Batho Pele Revitalisation Strategy, which

encourages public servants to strive for excellence and continuous improvement in service delivery, presents

Focus on

putting people first

an opportunity to focus on the state of the public ser-

public service,” explained

democratic values and

the Batho Pele Policy, the

vice in South Africa, while

former Minister of Public

principles enshrined in the

WPTPSD requires public

planning for the future.

Service and Administration

Bill of Rights, and a timeous

institutions to ensure that

Ayanda Dlodlo.

response to the voices of

citizens’ needs become the

the Batho Pele Revitalisa-

Cabinet recently approved

The revitalisation strat-

citizens calling for a public

main focus of public service

tion Strategy, which forms

egy seeks to re-affirm the

administration system that

delivery and that all citizens

part of government’ efforts

significance of Batho Pele

puts their needs and aspi-

have equal access to public

to professionalise the public

in transforming public

rations first,” she said.

services of the same high


service delivery, while


“This strategy will give

securing maximum benefits

effect to the strengthening

for citizens in line with their

Revitalising implementation

of a capable, ethical and

constitutional rights to be

Since government’s adop-

mission (PSC) conducted

developmental state, which

treated with dignity and

tion of the White Paper on

eight studies to assess the

remains a critical interven-

courtesy, and to receive

Transforming Public Service

level of compliance with

tion in serving the citizens

quality and sustainable

Delivery (WPTPSD) in 1997,

the implementation of the

of South Africa.

public services.

public service delivery

Batho Pele Policy in public

transformation programmes


Between 2005 and 2009, the Public Service Com-

“It will also strengthen the

“The operationalisation

implementation of the eight

of the Batho Pele Revitali-

have been citizen-centred,

principles of Batho Pele

sation Strategy will bring

as required by the Constitu-

the significance of the

[People First] and drive be-

about a public administra-


Batho Pele Policy in trans-

havioural change within the

tion that personifies the


Commonly known as

The findings confirmed

forming public service de-

Public Sector Manager • April 2022

livery, and pointed towards

emerged from the 1997

through appropriate

pillar is expected to achieve

the public service’s failure

Batho Pele Policy had

measures where there

the following outcomes:

to implement the Batho

reached maturity after 24

is evidence of poor or

• Visible leadership

Pele Policy.

years of existence (1997-

non-compliance with

by the Department

2021), and the programme’s

publicised standards.

of Public Service

This was due to a lack of skills, the absence of Batho

impact had fallen signifi-

Pele standards, and a


general failure to link Batho

The Batho Pele Revitalisa-

Pele with organisational

tion Strategy is therefore a


re-designed implementa-

In 2012, the PSC released the ‘Report on the Assessment of the Effectiveness

and Administration

who are the centre of

and expert techni-

government’s consti-

cal assistance on the

tutional obligations.

operationalisation of

Each of the pillars will be

Batho Pele.

tion approach to the Batho

implemented through vari-

• Greater awareness of

Pele Policy.

ous programmes designed

the Batho Pele Policy

to generate positive service

and its benefits for

delivery experiences and

citizens and other

of the Batho Pele Policy in

The five pillars

Public Service Delivery’.

The Batho Pele Revitalisa-

It went beyond Batho Pele

• Redress for citizens

tion Strategy is under-

compliance issues, and

pinned by five inter-con-

examined whether the im-

nected pillars, namely:

plementation of the Batho

outcomes for citizens.

Batho Pele principles

service recipients. • Increased compliance with the constitutional principles of public

The revitalisation strategy

accountability and

Pele Policy had made a

building capacity and

also seeks to strengthen


difference in citizens’ lives.

learning from past

the implementation of the

A key finding in the report

and current Batho

eight Batho Pele principles,

building (and other

was that it had not.

Pele implementation

to drive behavioural change

interventions) in


in the public service.

accordance with the

As a result, the recommendations of the PSC

• Taking the lead, by

• The development of

All public servants are

• Targeted capacity-

needs of institutions.

report and similar stud-

context-specific Batho

required to practice the

ies specifically referred

Pele standards and

eight Batho Pele princi-

cost-effective platform

to a need to re-design,

communication ap-

ples, namely: consultation,

for acknowledging

strengthen and revitalise

proaches, in consulta-

service standards, courtesy,

public service delivery

the Batho Pele implementa-

tion with a diversity of

access, information, open-

innovations and other


ness and transparency,

tion approach. A programme is revital-

• Fostering compliance

ised when it’s considered

with agreed to and

essential, but has reached

publicised Batho Pele

maturity and lost its impact.

standards, through

dealing with complaints and giving best value.

• An accessible and

good practices. • Improved citizen trust in government service delivery and a decline

appropriate monitor-

Expected outcomes

evidence from the PSC

ing of compliance

According to the strategy

reduced spending on

assessments and other


document, the implemen-

complaints and ap-

tation of the Batho Pele

peals handling.

Based on empirical

research studies, the Batho Pele programme that Public Sector Manager • April 2022

• Reinforcement of Batho Pele standards

in the cost of service delivery through

programmes within each



Writers: Allison Cooper and SAnews

Investing in SA


resident Cyril

conferences, the drive had

Ramaphosa’s ambi-

reached R1.14 trillion.

tious R1.2 trillion

“With just one year left to

nation open for business. The President saluted the fact that the commitments came from companies from all corners of the globe. With a large amount of investment commitments in the mining sector, President

He added that the willing-

Ramaphosa said this was

ness to invest in South Af-

testament that the sector

rica, showed that investors

was not a sunset industry

investment drive is 95%

go, we have now reached

believe South Africa is on

as many had suggested.

complete, just a year short of

95% of the ambitious target

the right track, despite all

“Mining in South Africa

its five-year target.

we set four years ago. What

the challenges.

With 80 investment

this means is that we are

pledges – totalling R332 bil-

now only R60 billion short

lion – unveiled at the fourth

of our target.

SA Investment Conference

“I expect that by next year

is on the resurgence and it is a sunrise industry. It is

Open for business

pleasing that there are several investments in metal

He said the value of such

fabrication as we saw in other manufacturing.

(SAIC) recently, President

we will not just reach our

conferences is that it makes

Ramaphosa said with

target – we will exceed it,”

people realise that South

investments from previous

said the President.

Africa is an investable desti-

The investments to add value jobs that would oth-

President Cyril Ramaphosa addresses the fourth SA Investment Conference.


Public Sector Manager • April 2022

erwise have gone to more industrialised countries.” He also hailed the investments in the film, design and other creative industries, where he said there is huge potential. The export potential of the country’s automotive sector and of its continued contribution to developing emerging businesses through its value chain was also highlighted through the investments in the sector. “We welcome that investment in infrastructure and logistics and property and telecommunications, which

United Kingdom.

“These investments will

Several investments were

will help expand the capac-

The African Development

give us the capacity to

also made in metal fabrica-

ity of our economy and im-

Bank pledged R42.5 billion

not only contribute to the

tion and steel, vanadium,

prove its competitiveness.

over the next five years, to

economy, but also to be

aluminium and other manu-

support public and private

able to contribute to job

facturing plants.

in agriculture - our oldest

sector investments in the

creation, tax, excise and

“These contribute to our

industry - and investment

priority areas of agriculture,

procurement spend,” said

ongoing effort to add value

in the digital economy - our

renewable energy, trans-

SAB Chief Executive Officer

to the minerals that we

newest,” added the Presi-

port, youth employment,

Richard Rivett-Carnac.

mine and to create jobs


health and vaccines manu-

“We have seen investment

President Ramaphosa

that would otherwise have

said commitments were

gone to more industrialised

“We know South Africa

made for renewable energy


is bankable,” said African

projects, and plants based

Commitments were made

Development Bank Group

in South Africa will build

those to produce vaccines

by companies from South

President Dr Akinwumi

some of the components to

and other pharmaceuticals,

Africa, Belgium, Canada,


be used in these projects.

both for South Africa and

“From biogas to solar,

the continent; infrastruc-

Global commitments

China, Czech Republic,

facturing, among others.

South African Breweries

Other investments include

Finland, France, Germany,

(SAB) pledged a further

from wind to battery stor-

ture and logistics; property

Ireland, Mauritius, Norway,

R920 million into its Pros-

age, these investments are

and telecommunications;

Pakistan, Sweden, Turkey,

pecton and Ibhayi brewer-

at the cutting edge of one of

agriculture and the digital

United Arab Emirates,

ies, ramping up its total

the most important growth


United States and the

commitment to R4.5 billion.

industries in South Africa.”

Public Sector Manager • April 2022


Source: SAnews


Transforming the marketing, advertising and communication sector


n an effort to match

cil has been tasked with

head from time to time in

the investment drive led

the success of other

broadening the meaning-

ways that set back the way

by the President [Cyril

countries in redressing

ful participation of black

South Africans feel about

Ramaphosa] with a target

economic imbalances in a

people, women, youth and

themselves and the way

of R1.2 trillion in domestic

digital and multiplatform

people with disabilities

in which we relate to one

and international invest-

environment, government

in the sector - not just as

another as citizens of this

ment in a five-year period

recently launched the

consumers but also as

country,” he said.

that began in 2018,” Minis-

Marketing, Advertising and


Communications (MAC) SA Charter Sector Council.

According to Minister

tor transformation of

Progressive partnerships

The council will moni-

ter Gungubele said. The council has representatives from academia,

the sector by facilitating

The council is tasked with

the regulator, marketers,

in the Presidency Mondli

the implementation of

building progressive part-

women, youth, and people

Gungubele, through the

the Broad-Based Black

nerships that will unleash

with disability, public rela-

MAC Charter Council,

Economic Empowerment

the creative abilities of pro-

tions institutes, organised

South Africa will focus

(B-BBEE) sector code.

fessionals and technically

labour, outdoor media,

skilled people in this sector

industry associations and interactive marketers.

its attention on eco-

“Although we have made

nomic growth and the key

great strides since the

and change the sector and

problems affecting the

advent of our democratic

society for the better.


dispensation, we still do

“This is the transforma-

It functions independently and the annual transfor-

see sexism, racism and

tion agenda for the MAC

mation report it produces

the council in Pretoria, the

other offences of the

sector – alongside its

is processed through the

Minister said the coun-

Constitution rearing their

potential to contribute to

Government Communi-

Addressing the launch of


Public Sector Manager • April 2022

Minister in the Presidency Mondli Gungubele and GCIS DG Phumla Williams with members of the Marketing, Advertising and Communications SA Charter Sector Council.

cation and Information System (GCIS).

Review of the 2016 MAC sector code “One of the first duties of

Minister said. The revised code will ensure that the sector can

people with disabilities,”

of young entrepreneurs

he added.

who are pursuing their

The Minister said the

dreams by establishing

be measured with yard-

gazetting of the code will

sticks that apply to MAC,

be a monument to the

instead of the generic

sterling work that the

provinces need a hand up


council is expected to do

and it is for this reason that

as it contributes in making

this council includes four

the future work.

young people with suit-

MAC businesses. “Young people in all

the council is to review

“The advantage of a

and align the 2016 MAC

sector specific code is

sector code based on the

that it brings regulatory

new requirements issued

certainty and enables the

Africans – who are worst

serve as alternative mem-

by the Department of

sector to maximise its

affected by unemploy-

bers,” Minister Gungubele

Trade, Industry and Com-

transformative impact by

ment - to benefit from the


petition (the dtic) in 2019.

“We expect young South

able qualifications who will

focusing on opening up

Enterprise and Supplier

“I want the council to

participation in the sector

Development element of

tion of the council speaks

complete this by no later

for designated groups that

this Code. South Africa

to the goal of inclusivity

than January 2023,” the

include women, youth and

does not have a shortage

and transformation.

Public Sector Manager • April 2022

He added that composi-



Writer: Duane Stacey Images: Duane Stacey and Anthony Speirs

Majestic and magical Matroosberg


atroosberg is a

Cold front

that read: “Peak of Adven-

mountain with

One of the fiercer cold

ture”. There was no other

a certain air of

fronts ripped through

car in sight.

mystery and magic. As one

the Western Cape, but

The receptionist, sur-

nears the mountain along

we were ready with our

prised by our enquiry to

the N1 highway a sailor

thermal gear, tents and ski

camp, tried in vain to point

(matroos in Afrikaans) and

pants. The car was packed

us in the direction of some

his ship seem to emerge

with enough cold-weather

quaint cabins, but recog-

from the rock formation,

gear (and treats) to sur-

nised we were dressed for

hence its name.

vive whatever conditions

adventure and wished us

the mountain would throw


At 2 249m, it is one of the highest mountains in

By now, the usual hiking

As we headed through

pathway to the summit

tracts adventurers from all

the valley, our windscreen

was covered in snow so

walks of life.

wipers screeched into

we elected to take the

Hiking, abseiling, fish-

overdrive, and tried its

wider 4x4 path. It was

ing and trail running are

best to repel the relentless

steep and rocky but the

all part of the adventure

downpour that battered

fresh covering of powder

package in the summer

our car and added to the

and continued snowfall


nervous energy exhaled

reminded me of past Euro-

However, it was the

from inside onto the

pean snow adventures, as

winter adventure that

rapidly fogging wind-

the trees stood covered in

gripped our attention, hav-

screen. But then there

their best white suits.

ing seen pictures of this

was silence. We ascended

icy wonderland from years

another corner and the

we made our way up to-

gone by.

pelting rain transformed to

wards the summit. It was

candy floss, tossed about

tough going: the depth of

cated an approaching cold

by the swish of the blades

snow climbed towards our

spell. With plenty of rain

confirming we had timed

knees, and it was evident

and -12°C predicted on the

this adventure perfectly.

that a hike of 7km was

Weather reports indi-

Matroosberg summit, we went in search of snow.


our way.

the Western Cape and at-

At the front gate, we were greeted by a sign

Snow continued to fall as

going to take us far longer than anticipated.

Public Sector Manager • April 2022

up camp for the night on

transformed overnight by

the path, about 700m short

the heavy snowfall. I stood,

of the summit. With a bit of

mouth agape, at the beauty

protection from the wind, a

which was below.

flat surface and incredible

It was not long before we

views, this was the spot we

heard two snowboarders

called home for the night.

gearing up to take on the

The blustery wind

slopes. Just below us was

dropped a little, but so did

the Ski Club of South Africa,

the temperature, and those

whose members have been

earlier predictions of -12°C

skiing on Matroosberg since

degrees felt very accurate.

1935. It was evident that

A warm concoction of

the news of snow hit Cape

cheese, noodles and salami

Town as we packed up and

helped a little but even that

began the arduous journey

body warmth soon wore off

back to reception and in the

as the reality of sleeping on

opposite direction of the

a giant ice block set in.

crowds flocking towards the

It was a bitterly cold and


long night which stretched late into the morning. We collapsed in the snow

which was testament to our

Neither of us dared to

to devour some lunch and

toil. Back on our feet, we

move from the tent until the

took in the glory of this

trudged along the contour,

midmorning sun breached

magical winter wonderland.

leaving nothing but a path-

the mountain tops and the

It was an extended break,

way of footprints.

thin film of ice began to

as time seemed to slow

The fading winter light

thaw from our flysheet.

down just for us to enjoy

mimicked our energy

views back down the valley.

levels and we compiled. We

finally encouraged me out

Yet, it felt all too temporary,

stopped immediately to set

of the tent and in to a world

Freshly brewed coffee

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: It can get cold; really cold. Make sure you pack enough thermals and snow gear to ensure you stay warm. Snow is wet, we sometimes forget that, so a change of clothes is very important. There are numerous accommodation options for those who visit without a tent. You can book online: Klondyke Cherry Farm is just outside the Matroosberg reserve, covered in snow these trees are glamorous, but in cherry season they are dotted with cherries ripe for the picking.

Public Sector Manager • April 2022



Fashion f lashback: Retro style pieces making a comeback


ashion has a way of reinventing itself and evolving, borrowing silhouettes from bygone eras and reimagining them as contemporary fashion pieces that embody a sense of classic style. Have your eye on what’s on trend this year? You may be pleasantly surprised to see a few golden oldies on our list.

The return of the denim dungaree Denim dungarees were a closet staple in the 70s, but it’s 2022 and they’re back for their share of the spotlight. This year you’ll find long-sleeved versions, cropped styles and full-length renditions kitted out with pockets, mini belts and shirt-style collars. If you’re not a traditionalist when it comes to trends, you’ll find alternatives like cotton overalls and linen jumpsuits on shelves this year. The bottom line is that one-pieces are back and they’re here to stay. Dress them up, dress them down, but whatever you do, get the trend – it’s bound to keep reappearing. One-piece Suit Gillian – Open Blue, MANGO at Superbalist, R1 499.

Clogs – but more contemporary Clogs have a bulky silhouette that keeps reincarnating itself through the years. In the 90s we saw the return of conventional clogs in leather and suede. In the noughties, we saw them return with studs and embellishments. And this year, we’re getting a whole new perspective on this footwear trend, reimagined by Crocs in a patented material called Croslite™. With these clogs, you get the best of both worlds – the height and the bulkiness that is oh-so-in-fashion as well as the lightweight form and a key comfortability factor. Coca-Cola Crocs Bae Women Clog, Crocs South Africa, R1199.95. * Prices correct at the time of publishing.


Public Sector Manager • April 2022

Who doesn’t love a scrunchie? Before there were butterfly clips, there were crocodile clips, and before those, there were scrunchies. In the 90s, you’d find scrunchies in a range of different fabrics from satin and silk, to canvas and cotton. Today, there are several ways to get your hands on one (or two) of these retro hair accessories. The great thing about scrunchies is that most of them are machine washable. They’re also kinder on hair and help to prevent frizz and split ends. Keep your eyes open for local artisans and seamstresses who are making their mark in the fashion space with the introduction of their own take on this classic accessory. Nuvé, scrunchie, R50.

Say hello to bucket hats Bucket hats are back. And thank goodness for that. South Africans have laid their own claim to these fashion must-haves, which make popular streetwear accessories. Due to its flexible shape, a bucket hat is an accessory that you can really make your own. Flip it up at the front, flare the rim out, add a brooch or pin. There are so many ways to customise this vintage favourite. The limited edition we’ve chosen is sustainably handmade in South Africa and made from hand-painted, 100% cotton canvas. Water colour bucket hat: Limited Edition, FREYA HATS, R499.

* Prices correct at the time of publishing.

Public Sector Manager • April 2022



Cargo pants are back in action Military-style cargo pants were all the rage in the 90s. In 2022, we see cargo pants returning but with a somewhat more subtle aesthetic. Feel free to go camouflage, but if you’re into keeping things understated, there are a few options that say “utilitarian, but with an edge.” The more zips, pockets and embroidered detailing, the better. You can wear your cargo with a casual shirt or keep it classic with a white T-shirt. Add a neck or arm accessory and you’ll be ready to conquer the crowds. Zippy cargo relaxed tapered pants, G-STAR RAW, R4 199.

Bell bottoms; or are they? It’s very rare to find someone who hasn’t owned a pair of bell bottoms – or a variation on this evergreen trend. Bell bottoms take us way back to the 70s, where the “bells” kept getting bigger. In 2022, we’re seeing this trend re-emerge but in a slightly more subtle way. You won’t find the word, “bell bottoms” used too often, but you will find “fit-and-flare,” or “flare” jeans that pay homage to this funky silhouette. It’s the next evolution of the 70s bell bottom and it’s staking its claim to fame on runways across the world. If you can get a pair that’s high-waisted, that’s a double win. ZW The ‘90s Wide-Leg Jeans, Zara South Africa, R799.

Puffer jackets have come around again Heading into the colder months, fashion is getting bigger and bulkier. If you have an old puffer jacket hanging in your closet, now’s the time to dust it off and put it on. Puffer jackets are super warm and comfortable, but also lightweight, which makes them perfect for outdoor adventures. Puffers have come a long way over the past decade or two. Now you’ll find puffer jackets crafted by advanced technology to provide insulation without adding bulk or weight, making them weather-ready and perfect for fireside chats. Paris Saint-Germain men’s puffer jacket, Nike South Africa, R3 699.95. * Prices correct at the time of publishing.


Public Sector Manager • April 2022

What will the neighbours say?

There is no excuse for abuse. Police: 10111 Stop Gender Violence: 0800 150 150 Childline: 0800 055 555

People can only help if they know. TELL SOMEONE.

Violence and abuse are poison to society. Let’s make it stop.

Public Sector Manager • April 2022


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