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Issue 179

May-June-July 2018

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New Life


The light snow of November, returned heavier in December. Frozen deeply in early January. Returning again twice in March, then wet/sleety, or dry frozen. Yes, a winter to remember.

As another deadline for MBC News comes around I am reminded about my involvement with a remarkable team of people who create such a useful and interesting publication for our local community. It’s been great to have participated, not only on the advertising side, but also in delivering the publication.

But change is coming with April, the temperature will slowly rise, while the sun gains strength in the blue sky. The daffodils dance in the breeze, and the birds nest in the tall trees. Yes, a spring to remember. Longer warmer days will follow, happiness will replace sorrow. A time to walk, cycle and run. To travel to new exciting places, feel the golden rays of the sun. Yes, a summer to remember. Thus, the life cycle continues, through many long winter days, From this cold March till finally There's warm early spring sun rays. From my years of experience, there's always new life to follow.

I began my involvement with MBC News when it was a few pages in black and white format, as many of you will remember. As the years passed my bundle of issues for delivery became heavier as the original newsletter evolved into a glossy publication of 40+ pages. Peter coordinates the distribution team and keeps track of thousands of deliveries and the logistics of covering new homes emerging in the community. Carol does a super job writing her column, overseeing and managing the articles along with Christine whose grammatical skills have always amazed me. It was my job to manage the adverts, now skilfully carried out by Freia who joined the team recently. I often fretted about missing adverts but I’m glad to say we got it right most of the time. Maren did a wonderful job calling advertisers to remind them of the deadline and was so skilful at spotting adjustments needed when the draft arrived from the printers. Sue continues to work her magic on the layout. She pulls each issue together, enhanced by colourful photos submitted by the readers, and the eye-catching art work submitted by the advertisers, creating what I’m sure you will agree is an attractive publication. Eleanor continues to work so hard, constantly keeping up to date the ‘What’s On’ list of clubs, classes, events and societies in our local community. David, who keeps a record of the accounts, has been a great support over the years. I have to thank him for hosting our meetings and Molly, his wife, for her lovely cakes and hospitality. Finally, my thanks go out to an enthusiastic network of delivery volunteers who ensure that the mbc news pops through the doors of thousands of local houses every quarter, and to the advertisers with whom I enjoyed collaborating over the years. I wish the team continued success in creating and delivering such a valued contribution to the local community.


By Margaret Cook

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mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18


Copy Deadline: 01 July ‘18 Distribution: August ‘18 delivery NB : the editorial content for this issue should be relevant for reading in mid-Aug thru to end of Oct 2018 and beyond. We are trying to make the process of sending us information as simple as possible. We are all volunteers and cannot man the office 24 hours a day and respond to every email. Want to send us some editorial? Editorial - please put it in a word document. If you have picture attachments please do not put these in the body of the word document, they need to be SEPARATE attachments. Want to send us an advert? Please send it as a high resolution jpg or pdf file. NEW : Upload and book direct from the website website address OR Send your copy as an email instructions above: Or POST to : MBC News, c/o Lyndhurst, Deeview Road South, Cults, AB15 9NA Contact Details for mbc News Team : 07415 659161 Editor (Carol) Assistant (Christine) 01224 863519 Advertising (Freia) 01224 864466 Accounts (David) 01224 862262 What’s On Locally (Eleanor) Layout (Sue) 01224 868524 Distribution (Peter)


The spring flowers are beginning to fight their way through despite the extended winter weather although as I’m writing this more snow is forecast! I was lucky enough to escape for part of the winter although it was touch and go if we would be able to leave Aberdeen. We were due to fly just as the ‘Beast from the East’ was doing its worst: many Aberdeen flights cancelled and no other way out, as roads were blocked, and trains cancelled. We were lucky and were transferred to one of the few flights leaving that day. We came home, however, to a mini-beast and now, we’re into April and still shivering. Let’s hope we are soon enjoying some sunshine and warmth to allow those struggling spring flowers to bloom. You could be forgiven for being quite confused about the changes and improvements being proposed for Aberdeen’s city centre. The P & J regularly features idealistic sketches of streets and parks which I barely recognize as Aberdeen. The people populating these streets and parks clearly don’t know where they are either, as they are wearing summer clothes. They are, however, beautiful illustrations and the latest work of art revealed a proposed boardwalk. I wasn’t sure if the sky scrapers in the background were also proposed or just artistic license but, either way, I couldn’t tie up the appealing summer scene with the unavoidable North Sea ‘breeze’. So, I was quite relieved to read Peter’s summary of the City Centre Masterplan in this issue. It gives clarity around what is being proposed and what progress has been made on projects. Fortunately, I read that ACC do not support the ‘boardwalk’ idea so it will remain in its ideal state – as a work of art. So, if, like me, you’ve been a bit bewildered and want to separate art from reality, take a look at the very informative Masterplan article. This issue contains most of our regular features, including a first look at the MBC Festival’s new logo. There is also a heads up on the festival team’s ideas for 2018. We are lucky to live in a community which actively strives to draw the residents together with a vast array of clubs, interests and activities on offer. Have a look inside, there is something for everyone! Carol

Cults, Bieldside & Milltimber Community Website If you check the Community Website now and again you will have seen that it has had a makeover. The website serves the Cults Bieldside & Milltimber Community Council (CBMCC), MBC News and the MBC Festival. Regular surfers will have noticed some different layouts and formats being tried out since the turn of the year. This has now settled on the current format. The website is not Facebook and so may not have the immediacy of such social media but does provide information which tends not to change so frequently. Notices of CBMCC meetings are posted on the website including minutes of the meetings and planning reports.Those of you who contribute to or who wish to advertise in MBC News can now submit/upload their contribution and pictures and adverts via the web pages. Deadline dates for copy for MBC News are also posted and you can read the last few issues on line.

Contact Graham Payne, 01224 868827.

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

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CULTS BIELDSIDE AND MILLTIMBER COMMUNITY COUNCIL Welcome to another summer of traffic uncertainty with the AWPR not now expected to be opened until autumn. OK, it is still this year and hopefully the remaining work will be less dusty and noisy but the community has the right to be very disappointed. In a previous issue of MBC News, I announced the completion of a draft Community Plan: an attempt to capture the views of the community on how we want our living environment to develop in the future in a dynamic modern manner. Due to temporary hiccups with the website, it has taken until March to publish the draft which is now available, both on our website and in the library, for your comments and views. See also the separate poster page in this issue. Please let us have your thoughts as the community council will rely heavily on the information obtained through this document to respond to consultations. In particular, your immediate views are important to allow appropriate input in the new Local Development Plan, currently being prepared by the city council. If you have visited the Cults Library, you will have noted the new leaflet ‘Walks around Cults’ presented to you with the compliments of the super active Footpath Group of CBMCC. This is just the right time to enjoy the suggested walks so get your boots on! Your donations will be used to finance improvement of paths in the area. Looking at the rolling traffic, the community council is preparing a list of local roads that need resurfacing urgently in an attempt to help the city council spend available funds wisely. I hardly dare to ask the question, but do you have any suggestions for candidates? And now for something completely different. Every three years the city organises local Community Council elections and 2018 is election year. The election process does not start until August but it is not too early to think about it. Are you interested in what happens in your local community and want to make a difference? Do you have some spare time? Please contact me or any of the current community councillors to get more information and get your name on the list of potential candidates. The community needs your input! Guus Glass

Community Council Members Nabilah Ali Bieldside Nurul Ali Bieldside Christine Anderson Cults David Anstee Cults Eleanor Brennan Cults Norman Burt Milltimber Colin Caldow Cults Lindsay Davidson Bieldside Matthew Dickie Newton Dee Guus Glass Cults Sarah Gordon Cults Kirstin Gove Bieldside Colin Morsley Milltimber Graham Payne Cults Derek Robb Bieldside Peter Roberts Bieldside Peter Smith Cults Chris Taylor Cults Vacancy Vacancy Philip Bell City Cllr Marie Boulton City Cllr

07984 062689

Youth Member




868827 868797 868524

Correspondence Secretary Treasurer Vice-Chairman Planning Liaison Officer Meeting Secretary

346638 522178 / 734712 346615 / 07732 172225

Youth Member Ex Officio Member Ex Officio Member

Tauqeer Malik

City Cllr

Ex Officio Member

Future Meetings 24 May 2018 28 June 2018 23 August 2018 27 September 2018 25 October 2018

Venue Cults Community Centre – swimming pool entrance Newton Dee – Phoenix Hall Cults Community Centre – swimming pool entrance Deeside Christian Fellowship Church - Cafe Cults Community Centre – swimming pool entrance

All meetings start at 7:00pm Email: Mail address: CBMCC, c/o Secretary, 188 North Deeside Road, Milltimber, AB13 0HL Website: Facebook: Page 4

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

CULTS BIELDSIDE AND MILLTIMBER COMMUNITY COUNCIL City Centre Masterplan Update March 2018 Following the departure of former Project Director, Marc Cole and the recent Aberdeen City Council reorganisation, there are a few new council officers involved with delivery of the City Centre Masterplan. The new organisation has been approved and recruitment for the senior positions is well under way, with most Chief Officers appointed. The new organisation is due to be operational as of 1 April. The project teams established to deliver the individual City Centre Masterplan elements remain in place. A chart of those charged with delivery of the City Centre Masterplan will be published once all the senior officers are in place so that clear accountability for delivery can be established. Union Terrace Gardens: The planning application has been approved and the City Council will go out to tender for the work shortly; it is hoped work will begin before end 2018, with a completion mid2020. Union Square: The recent approval of the expansion will include some conditions relating to the bus and rail station gateway; these are under discussion with Planning. Broad Street and Marischal Square: The Marischal Square building has been handed over from the construction company, apart from some completion snagging work. Aberdeen Journals have begun fitting out their office space and a number of catering companies have taken up their premises eg. Costa, All-Bar-One. The Broad Street paving work is progressing (albeit slowly) and completion is expected in May. The four pieces of sculpture commissioned from North East College students are due to be constructed and installed in the summer. Further pedestrianisation projects are being considered with the initial focus on night time pedestrianisation of Justice Mill Lane, Langstane Place and Windmill Brae. Union Street: Stage 2 of the Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS) is progressing and a good response is being seen from many landlords. Reports on two studies initiated in 2017 are still awaited; these are on ‘City Centre Living’ and ‘City Centre Car Parking’. Both aspects are very important in shaping how Aberdeen City will look in the future

and while it is a little disappointing that it has taken longer than expected to present the conclusions, it is hoped that the extra time will lead to some clear recommendations. Revealing Our Waterfronts: This work is still at an early stage; the City Council is working with one party to discuss ideas around waterfront development. The Harbour Board is also starting to look at opportunities. The City Council and ONE (Opportunity North East, a private sector group working to strengthen the North East economy) are funding a study to identify a transformational project and iconic attraction for Aberdeen. A boardwalk project was suggested at a recent conference but this is not an idea being promoted by ACC/ONE. The eight objectives of the City Centre Masterplan remain the same and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are being established to help track progress on the Phase 1 projects eg. number of city centre jobs being created, attendance at festivals/events, use of the Place Standard. The objectives are: Improving Perceptions of the City Centre; Growing City Centre Employment Base; A Metropolitan Outlook; A Living City for Everyone; Made In Aberdeen; Revealing Waterfronts; Technology Advanced and Environmentally Responsible; Culturally Distinctive.

Aberdeen In Colour : The vision is to create an inspiring night-time experience for a vibrant city through creative lighting. The consultant (Steensen Varming) has proposed six objectives: Unique Aberdeen; A Welcoming Destination; A New City Experience; Waterfront Connections; Night Time Economy; Leadership in Technology and Sustainability. These will be delivered through 12 projects under what they call eight typologies. The typologies are: primary streets; mixed use neighbourhoods; underpasses and connections; squares; waterfronts; landscape areas; facades/monuments; laneways.

It was noted that footfall in the city is down by 7.7% over the period Feb 2016 to Feb 2017. The data for the latest year has not yet been published but the latest figures show the declining trend is continuing. Air quality in the city is improving particularly along Union Street and Market Street. The number of independent business is growing but residential development is inconsistent – it is hoped that the City Living Study will help bring some consistency to new residential plans. Results from the Place Standard questionnaire showed that residents see the city centre as safe, offering good quality amenities and facilities and supporting social interaction. There are concerns about the quality of buildings and open spaces, the ability to influence decision making and access to good quality jobs and housing. These views remain somewhat subjective and the development of measurable KPI will help firm up progress.

The 12 projects proposed are: Donald’s Way; Union Street; Belmont Street; Langstane Place; Coronation Wynd; Golden Square; Castlegate; Wellington suspension bridge and Victoria bridge; North and South riverbanks; the Kirk of St. Nicholas Uniting; The Green; Merchants Quarter. A number of initial lighting designs have been proposed for consideration at an estimated cost of £6.4 million. The City Council will look to incorporate any lighting plans in with the other planned projects of the City Centre Masterplan. Peter Roberts

The Cycling Tour returns to Aberdeen in May and the event will take place on Thursday 17 May.

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

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CULTS BIELDSIDE AND MILLTIMBER COMMUNITY COUNCIL Planning Matters! The impact of social media on what people think has been in the news of late and researchers have drawn some interesting conclusions. Conversation and argument, particularly when in a group with diverse views will generally lead to a better understanding of, and solutions to, the problems we face in life. The diverse views element is important if we want to avoid ‘confirmation bias’ where one simply searches for reasons to support one’s own belief. Researchers have found that people have a tendency to seek information from like-minded sources, thereby reinforcing their views (the like button on Facebook!). Now I have given you something to think about, the Community Council would like your views on a couple of things. Guus Glass mentions our Community Plan in his article and we really want to have as much input as we can so we can shape how the community will look going forward. The other item we would like you to think about is which issues should be addressed by the next Aberdeen City Local Development Plan (LDP). You can find more information on this at: www. aberdeen-local-development-plan Also see attached photo. In connection with the LDP, the Community Council has worked through the very useful ‘Place Standard’ document; a questionnaire

yourself, you can find it online at www. Also see attached photo. The end date for input to the LDP Main Issues report is 8 May but this may be

Now, an update on the major developments in our area: Countesswells: The construction of Phase 1 development, around 1260 homes, is well under way with around 150 homes built and over 120 occupied so far. We welcome the new residents of Countesswells to our Community Council area. The consortium thinks it will take around three years for the first 700 homes to be built.

extended a little, so you can continue to send us ideas after that date. A report will then be compiled by the City Council for review and consultation in January 2019. You can send comments to us at cbmcc@ The Community Council is also looking at the Main Issues Report for the Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan, which was last approved on 28 March 2014. The Plan covers the geographical areas covered by Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Councils excluding the Cairngorms National Park. The Strategic Development Plan plays a key role in guiding development over the next 25 years. The vision is to create an even more exciting, modern and sustainable European city region; an excellent place to live, visit and do business. The Strategic Plan process is further on than the LDP and comments are being sought on the Main Issues Report by 21 May 2018; it can be found at CurrentWork/CurrentConsultations.aspx

that helps people understand the capabilities and needs of a community. If you want to work through the standard Page 6

over 2000 homes will be built each year across the city and shire (1000 each). The good news for our area is that the report suggests no further growth along the A93 and A944 corridors until the infrastructure challenges are better understood and dealt with. Similarly, it is recommending that proposals for high foot fall generating uses around AWPR junctions should be avoided until a full and open development plan process has been employed to consider the proposals in a strategic way.

The Main Issues Report sets out the housing and housing land supply targets for Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire up to 2040, with an expectation that just

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Friarsfield: Work is well under way on Phase 2, which will be 109 houses and 12 apartments (phase 1 is 73 homes and eight apartments). The link road between Kirk Brae and Craigton Road is due by the time 160 houses are sold. Stewart Milne Group is developing plans for the completion of Phase 3 at Friarsfield, which will be for between 80-100 homes and should complete the overall development. Oldfold Farm: Work on Phase 1 for 61 homes continues and over 45 are now occupied. We welcome all the new residents to our area. Phase 2 for 166 homes has been approved. The new primary school is due to be available by the time 250-300 homes have been sold though pressure on places at Milltimber may lead to the City Council working with CALA to bring plans forward. Milltimber South: The developer, Bancon, is in discussions with both the Planning Officers and the landowners to try to finalise a masterplan that is suitable. They found that the public consultation exercise was extremely beneficial in helping to form their plans, and they hope to make more progress towards a planning application in the near future. AWPR: Work continues and we were looking forward to the overall project

CULTS BIELDSIDE AND MILLTIMBER COMMUNITY COUNCIL finishing and the road being opened later in the spring 2018. Alas, that is not to be and we are looking at autumn 2018 now (winter!?). We may see part of the road, the southern section, opened sooner but nothing firm has been stated; we may just have to wait until all is complete. McCarthy & Stone Development at 3 South Avenue, Cults: The planning application 160552 for 21x2-bedroom apartments on the site of the house at 3 South Avenue which was refused by ACC Planning was granted permission on appeal by the Scottish Reporter. The application is subject to a variation of the title condition; the Lands Tribunal have agreed to assess the application via written submissions, which have now been sent by the interested parties to the Lands Tribunal. McCarthy & Stone are beginning preparations for work and an application for signs outside the property has been approved (171523). Inchgarth Road Development: The proposed development of open land between the North Deeside Rd and Inchgarth Rd to the west of Pitfodels Station Rd. has been reassessed and new plans are expected. We believe the development will focus on retirement homes and no sports field is being considered. The development will incorporate a link road between the North Deeside Road and Inchgarth Road which is seen as a key piece of transport infrastructure for Aberdeen. City Centre Master Plan: The Reference Group established to help provide input to proposals for City Centre Development meets quarterly. The group is chaired by Marie Boulton and has representatives from various city groups including the Civic Forum and the Community Council Forum.

Progress continues on the first phase of projects being pursued over the next three years – see separate article. Kingsford Aberdeen Football Stadium: The application was approved at a full council meeting on 29 January, with councillors voting 32 – 9 in favour of the project but there may yet be legal challenges to the decision. Consultations: The second phase of Public Consultation on the Review of Community Council Governance including boundary change proposals is under way until 11 May 2018. The details can be found at the Consultation section on the Aberdeen City web site https://www.aberdeencity. community-councils/community-councils There are four Community Council boundaries which are contested, and these involve Dyce and Stoneywood, Bucksburn and Newhills, City Centre and Ferryhill and Ruthrieston. The small change around Pitfodels Station Road/Inchgarth Road involving our area and Garthdee, comprising nine homes there, has been agreed by the two Community Councils. Road Works You can keep up to date on road works in our area through our Community Council facebook page at cbmcomcouncil/ and also on our website at You can also find road work updates at www. and through uk/transport_streets/roads_pavements/ roads_and_pavements.asp Planning Applications of Note

flats and associated car parking and part removal of boundary wall at 19 South Avenue, Cults was refused by the Planning Committee because of the impact on local amenity, privacy, size and design. There is no new information regarding the application relating to the construction of a property behind Bieldside Lodge next to the Deeside Way (170028). Public concerns remain over how the house will be built and use of the Deeside Way for access, transport of equipment and materials. You can see a current list of applications on our website. The Community Council would like residents to know and feel comfortable that they can approach us, either at one of our monthly meetings or outside of a meeting, to discuss their concerns or support for a planning application being made in our area. We listen to all views and the more we hear, the better we are able to fairly represent the community of Cults, Bieldside and Milltimber. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Community Council if you have any questions or concerns about a planning application and would like to place a topic on our meeting agenda. …and the numbers (I know you want to see these) The number of Planning Applications in Cults, Bieldside and Milltimber in 2018 so far has been 25, a little lower than the 30 in 1Q 2017. We submitted four letters of comment or objection in 1Q 2018. Peter Roberts

Recent planning applications worthy of note; 180142 Erection of four residential

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

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mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

News from Councillors There have been years of under-investment in road gully emptying which has prevented the routine maintenance of all road gullies in the city. ACC are now trying to work their way through the backlog and are finding a number of systems completely choked, taking more resources and time to clear. Four road gullies on St. Devenick’s Place have been cleared as has a gully at the front of Sainsbury’s on North Deeside Road. An old-style gully on St. Devenick’s Place nearest to the traffic signals could not be cleared and is undergoing further investigation. Please do let your councillors know of any gullies that you know are choked and they will endeavor to have them included within the maintenance program. As part of the fibre optic roll-out for superfast internet connectivity, BT Openreach are to embark on duct cleaning on Baillieswells Road between the junctions of Ladyhill Road and Dalhebity Court. This unfortunately will cause disruption to normal traffic flow. At present, there are several hundred properties across the city that are presenting more than two brown bins for collection. ACC have a limited number of waste collection crew and vehicles collecting green waste, waste for recycling and residual waste from 117,000 households. As spring approaches and the growing season gets underway, the 2 x brown bins policy per household, voted on by members in June 2016 at the former Communities, Housing and Infrastructure (CH&I) Committee, is now to be enforced. This will ensure that the collection and emptying of all bins is undertaken as efficiently as possible. Your councillors would also like to bring to your attention the ‘unadopted’ roads policy associated with refuse collection. In order to improve crew safety and vehicle reliability, bin lorry size and hence collection capacity is being balanced with the type of road being served. ‘Unadopted’ roads are those not maintained by a highway authority as defined by the Highways Act 1980. In some cases, access can be difficult and potentially hazardous for collection crews. The following ‘unadopted’ road criteria are being applied-

So, when you take your dog for a walk please carry a pet waste bag with you, clean up after your pet and dispose of any pet waste responsibly. And finally, when you contact Your Councillors with local issues, it is our intention to quickly alert the relevant council officer to that problem and ensure that it is followed-up in a satisfactory manner. So, do please continue to contact us with any councilrelated issues that you feel we can help with. Councillor Philip Bell, Conservative Councillor Marie Boulton, Independent Councillor M. Tauqeer Malik, Labour

Contact details:

Cllr Philip Bell: 012224-346638 / 07500-999195, phbell@ Cllr Marie Boulton: 01224-522178 / 734712, mboulton@ Cllr M.Taqueer Malik: 01224-346615 / 07876 745826, Councillor Philip Bell: Surgeries for the Lower Deeside Ward Cults Community Centre: 2nd Tuesday of the month to 12 June 2018 (school term time only) 7.00pm to 8.00 pm Milltimber Community Centre: 3rd Friday of the month to 15 June 2018 (school term time only) 6.00pm to 7.00 pm Councillor M. Tauqeer Malik: Surgeries for the Lower Deeside Ward Culter Primary School: 2nd Monday of the month (April will be the 3rd Monday) 6.00pm to 7.00 pm (school term time only) Cults Academy: 2nd Monday of the month (April will be the 3rd Monday) 7.45pm to 8.45 pm (school term time only) Milltimber Community Centre: 2nd Wednesday of the month (April and May will be the 3rd Monday) 6.00pm to 7.00 pm (school term time only)

Less than five households located on the private road Health and safety risks identified to recycling crews

Road conditions have the potential to damage vehicles and increase maintenance As a result of this, waste and recycling bins associated with ‘unadopted’ roads will now be collected from the road end. Letters advising of this change are being sent to affected households. Your councillors would like to draw your attention to something that is on the increase across Lower Deeside - dog fouling. We can’t stress enough how anti-social and unhygienic it is not to clean up after your pet. The reason why there are laws to prevent dogs fouling in public places is because of toxocariasis. Toxocariasis can cause serious illness and even blindness. It is caused by a parasite that lays eggs which are released via an infected dog’s faeces. The eggs can lie dormant on the ground for many years even after the rain has washed the dog faeces away. Toxocariasis is found in people of all ages but most commonly affects children between the ages of one to four who will pick things up off the ground and put them into their mouths. They are also the age group least likely to wash their hands properly.

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Volunteering at the Museum

The range of skills, knowledge, friendliness and continuous enthusiasm make the Museum a great place to volunteer. We have lots of different opportunities indoors or outdoors, seasonal or regular there is something waiting for you. Perhaps you enjoy meeting people or are interested in history then Museum Guide, Front of House, Education or the Tea Room volunteering is for you. If the outdoors or practical tasks are your interest why not think about volunteering in the Garden or as Museum Support (DIY). Why not find out more about volunteering with us by calling 01224 498927 or emailing to arrange a time to have a chat and perhaps organise a short taster session so you can see what goes on.

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Peterculter Golf Club is Paving the Way

The Benefits of Stretching

Founded in 1989, Peterculter Golf Club has been a part of the local community for nearly 30 years. The fabulous 18-hole course follows the natural contours of the River Dee and players can enjoy great golf alongside panoramic views of the valley set against the magnificence of the Grampian Mountains. To further encapsulate the natural beauty of the course, we are investing in a five-year programme of course enhancements. We are building on a strong foundation, a great course, a friendly clubhouse and successful coaching programmes, to make Peterculter Golf Club the best club for the community. Trevor Grose, Lead Coach and Club Vice Captain said: “Our coaching programme has always been very popular with the younger children at the club: the difficulty lies in maintaining this interest in golf as they grow older. What we are aiming to do here is to place emphasis on families, recreating golf as a family activity. It’s important to grow the skills of young people in the game, to produce the next generation of golfers.” With a greater emphasis on family participation nationwide, we are determined to pave the way for family golf in the North East and are now offering an unmissable family membership and family fun golf events, so you and your loved ones can enjoy the great game together! Also available, are our (effectively free) social memberships, single and groups, so whether you are part of a hill walking group or fancy a new spot for a bite to eat from our inviting menu, there are memberships to suit all. Starting in the new season, ladies’ group golf coaching will be on offer from our professionals. Tie this in with a coffee or lunch for a more social activity! Over the past few months, we’ve held a variety of different social events at the club from ‘Afternoon Tee’ to a fashion evening and a Dolly Parton tribute night! The clubhouse is now open for functions to full and social members and their guests. A fantastic new functions menu is available for all special occasions; from birthdays and retirements to afternoon teas and fundraisers. All menus can be tailored to your needs. We now have a new private dining area, the ‘Rob Roy Room’, which is suitable for parties up to 30, with the whole clubhouse catering up to 70.

Why is stretching so important? There are many health benefits to undertaking a flexibility programme. Stretching to improve flexibility can bring the following benefits: Improved range of movement at a joint. Whether the joint is your finger, elbow, knee, hip or ankle we all need to be able to move it to carry out daily tasks. Maintaining movement is essential for healthy joints, muscles and the mind. Increased muscle power. Stretching a muscle will increase blood supply to it which will enable more muscle fibres to work. When a muscle is as long as it can be and mobile, the muscle fibres provide more power and strength. Reduced post exercise muscle pain. Although exercising will build muscle strength, it will also cause the muscle to tear slightly. Stretching will reduce pain in the muscle by bringing the blood supply in to repair it. Reduced fatigue. Following exercise, muscle pain can cause fatigue but stretching will reduce or eliminate this possibility. Improved posture. The longer a muscle is, the better we are able to stand tall and move well. As a body builder increases muscle, he reduces joint movement due to the build-up of extra tissue and little or no stretching in his fitness programme. There are five different types of stretches, static stretching being one of them, but we practice all five at our Strength & Balance classes in Mannofield & Cults. If you would like to come to a class or suggest a new class near to you, please contact Laura on 07773021851. Looking for a speaker at your group? Call Laura.

There really is something for everyone, but don’t take our word for it, come along and see for yourself! A warm welcome awaits you! For more information visit our website:

Not sure you’re doing it right as a mature adult? or contact us on 01224 735245

Older adults fitness, join us at our Strength and Balance classes. Do it right for your strength and balance M: 07773 021851 Mannofield Church : Wed 12-1 The Hub, Cults : Thurs 10-11 & 11-12

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Milltimber Spring Circuit from Blacktop Introduction The walk for this spring issue of MBC News is a circular route in Milltimber, starting from Blacktop; it follows sections of core path 51 and provides great views out towards the west as far as Lochnagar. There is limited parking for one or two cars at the starting point gateway on Blacktop Road and also in a small unsurfaced layby on the opposite side of the road. The Rotten o Gairn car park is unfortunately now permanently closed. An alternative might be to start the walk from the south, from Contlaw Road, near where it crosses the AWPR, if a safe parking place can be found. Take care on both vehicle road sections, Blacktop Road and Contlaw Road, as both are narrow and have no pavements.

Start and Finish Point

On Blacktop Road, about 300 metres east of where it goes under the AWPR, there is a wide gateway near a house called “East Silverburn”.

Footpath Details

Grade: Moderate, involving some easy to moderate gradients. Terrain Description: combination of tarmac roads, unsurfaced tracks and paths which may be muddy after wet weather. Distance: 4.5 miles

[Gate at starting point]

Time: allow two hours

Route Directions Start from a wide gateway on Blacktop Road, just east of a house called East Silverburn. Go through the gate and follow the unsurfaced track through woodland with tall trees. The track gradually narrows to a footpath. When you come to a section of the path with rustic wooden fencing on either side, turn right on to a path signposted “Core path to Contlaw”. This next section through trees is likely to be muddy. Follow the path until it comes out on to a road beside a gateway with stone pillars. Turn right here on to the unsurfaced vehicle road, which leads uphill from the gateway and meanders through Westfield Estate, past several large houses with extensive grounds and stone gateways, one with frogs atop its stone pillars. Keep following the road, now tarmacked, past the houses and paddocks with horses, until it reaches Contlaw Road just east of where it crosses the AWPR via a new bridge. Turn right on to Contlaw Road and cross the bridge over the AWPR, then stay on the road going straight ahead. There are great views out to the west on this next section; you can see as far as Lochnagar on a clear day. Just after a right-hand bend, there is a T-junction, where you go straight ahead on a private road signposted “South Last” and “Contlaw Mains”. There is also a sign on a telegraph pole saying “Footpath to Blacktop”.

[Views to the West]

Stay on this road, which has good views towards Bennachie, passing Contlaw Mains, until in about ten minutes, you reach a track branching off to the right and signposted Footpath to Blacktop. Turn right on to this track, unsurfaced for most of its length, and follow it meandering past houses until it reaches Blacktop Road, where you turn right to go along Blacktop Road, crossing under the AWPR this time, to reach the starting point at the wide gate.

Footpath Group If anyone is willing to help us , the community council footpath group, with path maintenance, (cutting back vegetation, improving drainage etc) please contact Christine Anderson. Our leaflet guide “Walks around Cults” is available to pick up in several locations including Cults Library, Kirk Centre, School Community Centre and Medical Centre , as well as in local shops. There is no charge for the leaflet but donations towards path maintenance will be welcome and can be placed in the collecting box in the library. Page 12

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

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Aberdeen Fundraising Committee

Ladies’ Lunch

GARDEN SERVICES GardenDesign Design Garden

TreatedWood Wood Fencing Fencing Treated

Grass Cutting Cutting Border Border Edging Grass Edging ShrubPruning Pruning/Trimming Shrub / Trimming HedgeCutting Cutting Hedge

TreeWork Work Tree Turfing Turfing Landscaping Landscaping Planting Planting Bark/Chips Bark / ChipsLaid/Supplied Laid /Supplied GardenClearance Clearance/Tidy Garden /TidyUps Ups.

Liability Insured Competitive Rates Reliable Liability Insured & Friendly Free Estimates Competitive Rates Private & Reliable & Friendly Commercial

Free Estimates Private & Commercial

The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa Guest speaker: Yvie Burnett Tickets: £40 per person

Mike Duffus Tel: 01224 732872 Mobile: 07742 761 763

Mike Duffus Tel: 01224 732872 Mobile: 07742 761 763 E-mail: E-mail:

Thursday 14 June 2018 at 12 noon

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

A Scottish mezzo-soprano and vocal coach to the stars, best known for her work with Simon Cowell on television shows including The X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, The Big Reunion, The Voice UK and BBC’s Let it Shine.

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Cults Primary PTA News Cults Primary PTA had a fundraising ‘Dons Day Out’ at the beginning of March. Pittodrie was rather chilly but the seats and the money raised were excellent! We are celebrating the start of the better weather with a Spring Raffle to be drawn on April 19th. After the success of last year’s raffle, we decided to delight three lucky winners this time with cash prizes of £600, £300 and £100. Thanks for gathering all your clothing donations. These can be dropped off at Cults Primary School Gym Hall on May 19th from 10am – 12pm. Please visit for the broad list of items accepted. In September the Scholastic Book Club saw over 45 books donated to the school library. The children have their new wish list ready for spending the rewards from our next Book Club. Flyers will come home with pupils in May and online ordering is preferred before May 21st. You may have seen some very smart dogs on the daily walks to school recently wearing one of our custom-made school logo dog bandanas. These can be purchased for £5 in

a choice of lime, turquoise, purple or orange. Contact us to buy or visit us at the Summer Fair and pick up a school logo Frisbee too. There’s something for everyone at the Fair including the furry members of the family! Our Summer Fair on June 9th (11am – 2pm) is set to be the biggest and best yet with more games and entertainment including the Rock Choir and the Cults Primary Glee Club. The school will be accepting donations of good quality toys and books to sell and items suitable for the adults’, kids’ and chocolate tombolas during the week before the fair. Plastic containers for home baking and international food donations will be available from school then too. Thanks in advance for your delicious creations and don’t forget to list the ingredients. There will be lots of other treats available including waffles, popcorn, slushies, chocolate dipped strawberries, candy floss, pick ‘n’ mix and a BBQ. Members of our 200 Club Lottery will have the option to buy in again for the 2018/19 school year after the April 2018 draw. Any unsold lottery numbers will go on sale at the Summer Fair with the first of 10 draws to win up to £100 taking place at the end of September 2018. All funds raised in the first half of 2018 will be going directly to the Parent Council’s planned playground improvements. Cults Primary PTA Facebook @Cults.PTA

Cults Primary School PTA Bag2School Fundraiser Saturday 19th May 2018, 10am – 12noon Please bring any unwanted clothes, shoes, bags, belts and soft furnishings to Cults Primary School gym for charity recycling. For the full list of items accepted visit The school receives commission on the weight donated. Thank you

Cults Primary School

Summer Fair Saturday 9th June 2018 11am – 2pm Come along for a fun family day out in your local community! BBQ & International Food, Waffles & Refreshments, Bouncy Castles, Rock Choir & Cults Glee Club, Stalls, Indoor & Outdoor Games, Photo Booth, Bike MOT, Face Painting, Crafts and more…

Adults £2, Children £1

Redeem your ticket for a free refreshment

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mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Cults Church Hillwalking Group and Mannofield Church Hillwalking Group are walking together

several times during 2018. Our walks give shorter and longer options, sometimes including a Munro. If this range of walks appeals to you, why not join us for individual walks or for the season? So far, our walks during 2018 have been a short circular walk from Stonehaven through Dunnottar Woods and Dunnottar Castle, a circular walk from Kincardine O’Neil and a walk in Forest of Deer. Over the spring and summer, you can join us on any/all of the following: Saturday 26th May 2018 - Glen Dye to Clatterin’ Brig (OS Map 45)

Letter Further to ‘News from Councillors’ in MBC News 178, regarding speed restrictions in Gowanbrae Road and Prospecthill Road, Beildside. I would like to ask the authorities when they are going to introduce a speed restriction on Cults Avenue. It seemed necessary to introduce speed calming methods on the following roads: Westerton Road, Abbotshall Road, Hillview Drive, Hilltop Avenue and Kirkbrae Avenue, to name but a few, but nothing for Cults Avenue. Why must the residents of the Avenue put up with reckless drivers, old and young, and commercial vehicles thinking they can use the road as a race track. Top of the list, I will put the council vehicles. There has been a notice on some of the lampposts, stating that it was the intention to introduce a 20mph speed limit in Cults Avenue, and other roads. Needless to say, nothing has happened and, as the 30mph is never enforced, it probably never will be. Another issue that requires attention is motorists who block pavements with their cars. Pavements are not designed to take heavy traffic. Apart from the inconvenience to pedestrians, they must be a nightmare for partially sighted people.

Saturday/Sunday 17th June 2018 - Week-end away in Spean Bridge. Saturday 30th June - Glen Clova (OS Map 44) Saturday 28th July – Torrandhu to Socach and the Shiel Loop (OS Map 37) Saturday 25th August - Glen Lethnot (OS Map 44) For more details, contact Robin 01224 905316, f Mannofield hillwalking and Rambling Club

Just to finish, parking is allowed outside the shops in Cults on the North Deeside Road. To a certain breed of motorist this means they can turn across oncoming traffic to park without any consequence to a possible collision, especially when they also have headlights blazing. If motorists must drive on the right-hand side of the Deeside Road in Cults, they could at least switch their head lights off. Regards Michael Davis (Resident of Cults Avenue for 34 years)

A Family of Healthcare & Retail Services Since 1928

391 Union Street . Aberdeen . 01224 585312 .

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Spring News from playgroup The children have been busy in our lovely Playgroup Secret Garden! They have been cooking up a treat in the mud kitchen, painting the sheds and walls, making beautiful music with our saucepan percussion (sorry neighbours!), playing lots of monster games in the 2-tiered Wendy House, rolling in the grass and exploring their senses with lots and lots of messy, muddy, gloopy play! Our wee welly booters have so much fun!

any direction.

The children have also been enjoying lots of play in our hall – exercising on trikes, practising their counting skills or flying up to the moon on the trampoline, making dens from big boxes, blankets and pegs and really allowing their creativity to go in

If you are looking for a space for your child, please do come along and visit the playgroup. We are very much focused on children learning those important skills they need for school such as separating from their parent and developing their social, literacy and numeracy skills. You can contact us to arrange a visit or just pop in if you pass by. Please see below for our contact details. We will also be having an open day

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on Monday 4th June 2018 from 1pm till 2.30pm. Come along with your little one and they can play while you have a cuppa and meet the staff and some of our current parents. We also run a toddler group on a Wednesday morning when you can attend with your baby and toddlers. It’s a great way to entertain your child for the morning with toys, snack and a sing along with bubbles at the end. Alina, our toddler group leader, always welcomes all parents, grandparents, childminders to the group with a cuppa! Please see below for details. Calling all gardeners! Do you have a bit of spare time and would like to do something to help our little community group? Our lovely little garden needs a bit of maintaining – grass mowed, hedges trimmed, weeding etc. Perhaps you might be interested in taking on a wee project to add things to our garden or come along and do planting with the children. If you feel like you have a bit of time to spare and would like to come and help, please contact us on the details below. Committee News Fundraising has been a priority for the committee this year and they have been working hard to deliver two main events. The first was our annual Quiz Night on Friday 9th March which raised the fabulous amount of £1,951 to help run our playgroup. We hope that everyone who came along had a great night. Our second upcoming event is a Breakneck Comedy night on Saturday 26th May at the Milltimber Community Hall. Tickets are £15 per person. Anyone who is interested in attending please contact chair. for more information. St Devenick’s Playgroup would like to thank all parents/carers, friends of the playgroup and the following local businesses for your generosity and raffle prize donations in support of both our fundraising events this year:

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Kippie Lodge, The Marcliffe Hotel & Spa, The Bieldside Inn, The Cults Hotel, Boutique Beauty, Sonya Angus Pret a Porter, Scott Gilmore Optometrists, Mackinnons, Barts Breakfast Club, Yan Oriental Restaurant, Hidden Beauty & Spa within Toni & Guy, West with Style Hair & Beauty, Esker Spirits, Footstars, David Lloyd Club Aberdeen, The Barbers Pole, Finnie’s the Jeweller, Talla Spa Scotland, Maxmeta Limited, Body Appeal Personal Training, Tidy Clean Green, Blissful Beads & Beyond, ISOS, Crowne Plaza, Hampton by Hilton, Anjools Hair, Dental Inspirations & One Pair Podiatry, Rugby Tots, RGU Sport, Liam Heatly Hair Design and Woodbank. St Devenick’s Playgroup is based at St Devenick’s Church Hall on Baillieswells Road. The Playgroup runs Monday to Friday from 9.10am12.20pm, with an optional Wednesday lunch club which extends the session until 1.30pm (at an extra cost). Rising Fives is on a Tuesday and Thursday, from 12.30 till 3pm. We also run a toddler group in the church on a Wednesday morning from 9.30 till 11.30am called Tots and Toddlers. If you would like further information about any of the above please visit our website, contact the playgroup on 01224 867431 or email Anna Bonner, our playgroup administrator, via our playgroup or find us on facebook

Registered charity: SCO166215

Monday -Friday 9.10 am – 12.20 pm For children aged 2 ½ to 5 years Friendly, dedicated, qualified staff Not required to be potty trained Spaces available for 2 to 5 days a week, including funded spaces Lunch Club Wednesdays (12:20-1:30pm) Healthy snack provided each day Bright hall and outdoor playground available everyday Plus our Secret Garden is set up for outdoor learning experiences

For more information contact: Phone: 867431 Email: Website: Find us on Facebook Or just pop in to speak to a playleader and meet the team!

Also . . .TOTS AND TODDLERS - Wednesday 9.30-11.30am Partnered with Aberdeen City Council, Registered with the Care Inspectorate and member of Early Years Scotland

Brian Taylor PainTEr & DECoraTor


ovEr yEars ExPEriEnCE all interior and exterior work undertaken H: 01224 735016 M: 07711581789 E:

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

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Sunday Morning Worship @ 10.30am 1 Quarry Road, Cults AB15 9EX • Creche Under 5’s (term time) • Jesus And Me 3-12 years (term time) (1st July to 19th August - Family Service @9:30) Sun 10th June – Praise in the Park (Hazlehead) 12 noon (no 10:30am service that Sunday) Weekend of Invitation 14th-17th June – a warm invitation to join us in a weekend of activities for all ages Thurs: Messy Church, Fri: Friday Café & Sports Quiz, Sat afternoon: Tea Dance and in the evening a Film Night (The Blind Side) and Sunday: Morning Worship

For Children and Young People

Showstoppers Holiday Club - Mon 30th Jul to Fri 3rd Aug - Fun and games each morning (Cults Kirk Hall, Quarry Road) Messy Church (all ages including adults) Thursdays 3rd of May & 14th June at Cults Kirk Centre 3:30-6:00pm Friday Café (S1-S4) – Cults Kirk Centre 3:30-6pm during term time

Summer Strawberry Teas at the Kirk Centre - Saturdays 10-12:00, 23rd June to 25th August

THE HUB CAFÉ AT CULTS KIRK CENTRE IS OPEN TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY 10am to 3pm SNACKS, SCONES AND LIGHT LUNCHES (NEW VOLUNTEERS WELCOME TEL 869028) For more information on the many events taking place at Cults Kirk and Cults Kirk Centre, please refer to  01224 869028  Our minister is Rev Shuna Dicks  01224 861692 

80% of

McKay & Innes Funeral Directors

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Apilus Platinum Pure Electrolysis treatments can put YOU in the 20%

154 North Deeside Road Peterculter AB14 0UD T: 01224 730233

Jenny, a former nurse, is an electrologist specialist with 16yrs experience.

324 North Deeside Road Cults AB15 9SE T: 01224 868832

» 27Mhz radio frequency to permanently & rapidly eliminate ALL hair types of ANY colour » works twice as fast as any other epilator by optimising energy concentration in the hair follicle


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 Available 24 Hours  Pre Paid Funeral Plans Available

First Apilus Platinum Pure in Aberdeen

Cameron McKay & Callum Innes Page 18

tel : 01224 594777 text: 07843 054 393

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18 A1 Poster - Electrolysis 2017.indd 1

01-Feb-17 1:54:57 PM

C u l t s

M e dic a l

G ro u p

Ab e rd e e n , tel: 0845 337 1140


S o u t h

a b 1 5

a v e n u e ,

9 l Q

fax: 01224 860171

With the onset of summer just around the corner, some of you will be heading overseas. Can we just remind you all that we need eight weeks’ notice for our travel clinics. Nurse Corrine runs our clinics and we offer any travel vaccine that is available on the NHS. Our local pharmacies in Cults and Peterculter also run travel clinics. Not all ailments require to be seen by a doctor. Please remember that pharmacists are able to help with minor ailments and opticians have taken over the care of most eye problems locally. Please use these links for further information and guidance and Rhona Mccallan, our Health Visitor retired from the practice at the end of last week after 17 years with Cults Medical Group. Prior to that Rhona was a midwife at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital for 16 years. Rhona would like to thank everyone for the kind wishes, cards, flowers and presents she received. She will be sorely missed by staff and patients and we wish her a long and happy retirement. The practice will be closed on Monday 7th May for a public holiday. In case of an urgent medical emergency, please contact NHS24 on 111. Finally, I will be retiring from Cults Medical Group at the end of June after 10 years as Practice Manager and 25 years in the NHS. Yvonne Spalding the current Office Manager will be taking over the job and I wish her all the best in her new post. At this difficult time for the NHS, we are lucky at Cults Medical Group to have a very happy experienced stable team. Tracey Wilson Practice Manager

Camphill Wellbeing Trust is a medical charity which aims to support an extended approach to health and wellbeing. We offer therapeutic options to address illness, improve resilience and maintain wellbeing. Our particular expertise includes: 

Learning disabilities,

Children’s health: 0-18 years

Chronic conditions,

Mistletoe therapy

including autism, ADHD

e.g. ME, stress, allergies

To find out more, contact us on: 01224 862008 or by email: Camphill Wellbeing Trust is a business name of Camphill Medical Practice Ltd A limited company registered in Scotland No.SC120539 Charity No. SC016291 Registered office: St John’s, Murtle Estate, Bieldside, Aberdeen AB15 9EP

01224 862008

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Camphill Wellbeing Trust is a business name of Camphill Medical Practice Ltd A limited company registered in Scotland No.SC120539 Charity No. SC016291 Registered office: St John’s, Murtle Estate, Bieldside, Aberdeen AB15 9EP

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Cults Library News

Camphill School News At the end of term, we were treated to the Camphill Drama Club’s excellent performance of Cinderella. It was wonderful to see so many of our young people perform on stage. As with the three of our community who achieved the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, it was a fitting reward for the hard work they put in over a long period of time, showing again that with the right support, people with additional needs can achieve great things; we ‘simply’ need to believe. During Sport Relief week our children and young people have been busy, doing hundreds of star jumps, squats, running and walking their daily mile. The proceeds from this and our International Women’s day café will all go to good causes. Looking forward, on Saturday May 12th, 2-5 pm, we will be holding a Spring Fayre on Murtle Estate, Bieldside; last time round it was very successful with hundreds of people coming and enjoying games, music, BBQ and other childcentred activities. Do please come and join us. (Our Open Day on Camphill Estate will still go ahead during the Aberdeen September holiday weekend.) A week later, we will host the end point of this year’s BP Coast to Coast cycle ride and are pleased to share that we have been chosen by them to be one of the five charities they will be supporting. At the end of May, around 60 current and former staff from BP, Shell and ConocoPhillips will set off on a 250-mile, 3-day cycle ride from Kyle on the West Coast of Scotland to Aberdeen. Each rider is expected to gain sponsorship of £1000 which BP then match funds. Please support this great initiative by donating via https:// There is still time! Finally, I would like to share with you that by the time you read this I will have retired from my role as Executive Director at Camphill School and handed over to my former deputy, Alex Busch. I will still be living and working in Camphill and remain happy to come and give talks about Camphill to any group seeking a speaker. Please contact me at l.alfred@crss. Laurence Alfred

It has been a very busy start to the year at Cults library. We have welcomed local nursery groups to the library and visited local primary schools. We have celebrated Valentine’s Day, Easter and Climate Change Week with stories and craft activities and are planning more events for the summer. See below for information on the Tesco Bank Summer Reading Challenge Scotland. We have also welcomed new faces to the library. Charlotte has joined our team after previously working as summer staff and relief staff. Murdette has also joined us; this is her first experience of working in a library and she is very excited to be with us. We have said goodbye to Alanna who is now on maternity leave. We wish her and her new arrival all the best. Susan will be joining our team to cover Alanna’s maternity leave. As always, we look forward to welcoming you to the library and are always happy to help. Bookbug sessions continue to run every fourth Monday. The next session dates are: 28th May 25th June 23rd July 20th August Booking is not required and sessions last around 30 minutes. We share songs, stories and rhymes with preschool children and their carers. You can find some of the songs and rhymes that we use on the Scottish Book Trust website at: http://www.scottishbooktrust. com/bookbug/bookbug-song-and-rhyme-library For more information about sessions please ask in the library, phone 01224 868346 or email

Mayhem with Mischief Makers at Your Local Library! Aberdeen City Libraries will again support the Tesco Bank Summer Reading Challenge Scotland. This year will celebrate 80 years of The Beano with children following clues to explore Beanotown, meeting old favourites including Dennis the Menace and Gnasher and helping them find mysterious buried treasure! The Challenge runs from Friday 6 July until Saturday 25 August and encourages children to visit their local library three times during the holidays, choosing two books at each visit to count towards a final total of reading six books to complete the Challenge. Any library book can be read, from picture books to talking books and children receive stickers and rewards at two, four and six books but can borrow up to fifteen books at each visit. Look out for our special prize draws and competitions. For more fun and activities, check out the Summer Reading Challenge website,, where children can also create a personal reading profile and add books they’ve read to the Book Sorter. Fun, free events will take place in libraries throughout the holidays for children taking part in the Challenge. The Challenge is aimed at children aged 4 to 12; however, children under 4 can take part using the Pre-school card, collecting up to 6 themed stickers and a special gold sticker when the Challenge is completed. Cults Library will be running a special Summer Reading Challenge activity on the 9th August at 11am, suitable for primary-aged children. It is a free event but booking is essential. Please contact the library to book places. Wishing you all the best for the summer - Cults Library staff

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mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Cults ASG Active Schools Volunteer Achievement

A large number of Active Schools activities are delivered by volunteer parents, pupils, teachers and students. At Cults Academy I am very fortunate to have a great group of volunteer pupils who deliver a whole range of Active Schools activities, such as dance, badminton, table tennis, netball, tennis and girls only activities to primary school and academy-aged kids. A number of these pupils have undertaken sport leader training with Active Schools which helps to build their confidence as young leaders in scary things such as, standing in front of a large group of kids and giving clear instructions. They learn to plan, deliver and evaluate coaching sessions, and are taught coaching drills and content which they can use in their coaching sessions. It all helps prepare them for being in charge of a group of kids!

the volunteer pupils who have been coaching P6-7 badminton sessions and S1 netball sessions. Cults Academy sport leaders are a fabulous asset to the sporting life of local kids and it is great to see them developing their skillset and gaining confidence as they progress. Sport Relief

Our Cults Academy Young Ambassadors Sports Committee had a busy third term, organising a Sport Relief ‘One Mile’ Team Challenge. Loosely based on a team triathlon, the committee organised a series of lunchtime events for pupils and staff to run, cycle and swim a mile to raise money for Sport Relief. Committee members spoke to S1 classes during PE time and handed out information sheets in ‘the street’ to generate interest in the team challenge. Teams of four pupils or staff were given a choice of two swimming challenges:

swim as many lengths as possible in ten minutes or swim a team mile (64 lengths). All teams participated in the cycle challenge where they each cycled one mile on the cycle machines, one after the other, and all teams participated in the team run, where they all ran one mile on a very cold and windy day! The PE staff team were even spotted with their bike helmets for the cycle challenge and everyone who took part seemed to have a lot of fun completing the various challenges! Members of the teams were asked to donate £5 to enter the team challenge and pupils and staff not part of a team were invited to take part in individual events for a small donation. In total, seven teams took part in the full challenge along with a few who took part in individual events.

The Sports Committee members were kept busy organising the events and helping to marshal, score and officiate at the different lunchtime challenges. At the time of writing, the Sports Committee has managed to raise well over £350 for Sport Relief. A great effort by the organisers and especially all of those who took part in the one-mile challenges! John Dixon, Active Schools Coordinator (Cults ASG) Tel 01224 507687, or email

Some of the sport leaders choose to volunteer in a range of sports or at holiday camps because they simply love sports and enjoy working with children. Others choose to volunteer at specific clubs or in their chosen sport and want to gain experience for a career in sport or education. In this academic year, a number of academy pupils have signed up to the sport leadership programme and have completed their training and volunteering/leadership hours to get their qualification. Pictured are some of

 Cults – Bieldside – Milltimber  Monthly, two monthly, single clean  Free sills clean included  Roof gutters cleared  Licence and insured Gordon or Paul

07762 149712

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

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Bioliner Collection Points In the last issue we mistakenly printed that Camphill Estate Murtle was a collection point for bioliners. This is not the case and the correct collection points are given below:

Culter Library 189 North Deeside Road, Peterculter AB14 0UJ Cults Learning Centre Community Wing, Cults Academy, Quarry Road, Aberdeen, AB15 9TP Cults Library 429 North Deeside Road, Aberdeen AB15 9SX Blue Door Charity Shop 57-59 North Deeside Road Bieldside, Aberdeen AB15 9DB Page 22

Eighth Page Size Landscape £30 for one £110 for four

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Upcoming Events at The Mixing Bowl Aberdeen The Mixing Bowl is a community-led food interest group that is open to everyone and meets monthly for talks, tastings, demonstrations and workshops. The group also organises the Deeside Local Food Festival in Cults each September. The year kicked off with a Fermentation Workshop to boost our health after the indulgences of Christmas. In fact, the event was so over booked that we also ran a second workshop a few weeks later. Pandy Arthur shared her knowledge and experience of creating sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and keffir drinks. We were also treated to a tasting of many of her creations. There was a chance for everyone to prepare their own kraut and kimchi too. It was a very interesting event that inspired many. In February we ran the ‘Spotlight on Food’ event in Banchory. The evening comprised an indoor local produce market, a showing of our ‘Meet the Producers’ film, live music, a welcome cocktail made from Aberdeenshire products and a delicious seven course meal at Buchanan’s Bistro featuring many of the products from the market. It was a very special event that encouraged many engaging conversations. Lesley Gillespie, from The Chard, and Steve Wright from Mortlach Game both joined us in March to run the Venison Masterclass. This was another successful event that sold out within 24 hours and gave us the chance to learn about why we should eat more of this meat as well as various ways to cook it. Lesley provided cooking demonstrations as well as instruction for hands-on cooking. Thank you to everyone who contributed to these events. The Mixing Bowl is an open group with no membership. We welcome everyone but booking is essential due to limited places. Details of our forthcoming events and how to book your place can be found on our website All events are held at St Devenick’s Church Hall unless otherwise stated. We are looking forward to seeing you there:

Friday 11th May 7pm Sunday 16th September 11am to 4pm Cults Academy

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Healthier Plant-Based Cakes and Desserts with Jo’s Healthy Cupboard Deeside Local Food Festival 2018

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Oh Happy Day Our Opening Day for the outdoor season began mid-April as usual, with a good turn out of members for the customary President v Vice-President game followed by an afternoon tea. This is always a pleasant start to the season which engenders the belief that we will have a summer of blazing sunshine and fast running greens. Then we remember that we live in Scotland. Regardless of the weather, all competitions are in full swing. They have to be because our season is not a long one, finishing in September as the days begin to shorten. This year we have a number of special games at the Club since our member, Bruce Will, of the A.R.Will dynasty, has the honour of being the Senior Vice-President of the Bon Accord Bowling Association. Next year he will be the President, when we will act as hosts to such events as the BBA Singles Final and the BBA Fours Final. Community involvement One of our most important functions is to offer coaching to Primary School pupils on a weekly basis. In conjunction

with the schools we invite pupils from P5, P6 and P7 to come along to the Club on Thursdays from 4.15pm to 5.15 pm for coaching with our club coaches all of whom have the appropriate qualifications including “Safeguarding Children”. This invitation goes out to all the local Primary schools including Kaimhill Primary. If you, as a parent, are interested you can, of course, contact the Club directly. We cater for adults too! Come along to our “Family Invitation Day” on Sunday 10th June at 2pm. You will have the chance to try your hand at the game of bowls (or refresh an old skill) and, in general, have a pleasant afternoon with some refreshments. This is an occasion for grandparents, parents, children, friends and anyone at all! Later in the season, we will be hosting a Beetle Drive as part of the MBC Festival along with other activities. The Golden Games The Golden Games are organised by Aberdeen Council. Over 55s living in Aberdeen are given the opportunity to sample various games---curling, kayaking, badminton, etc. Cults Bowling Club hosts lawn bowling. This will take

place on the afternoon of Friday 8 June. Going by past years we will have about 15 people coming along, having a go at bowls and then having some refreshments. Have you heard about this? Whether or not you have heard of this Council scheme, please feel free to join us on the day at the Club. You will be most welcome. Open Doors You are welcome to come down to the Club at any time. In particular, every Tuesday morning we have a work group of members doing all these jobs that need to be done during the season. If you want to know more about the Club this is a good time to come along and have a chat. Time it right and you will be treated to a rowie as well! The Club’s web site is There you will find details of our programme and much general information about the Club. You may also contact Findlay Baxter at 01224 868263 or

Vincent HenegHan

WealtH ManageMent consultant

A wealth of expertise on your doorstep i provide an experienced wealth management service and offer specialist advice in a wide range of areas including: .investment

planning .Retirement Planning .inheritance tax planning

For further details contact Vincent Heneghan on:

mob: 07710 471 815 tel: 01224 202409

Email: Website: Page 24

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Releasing Body Stress: the unique touch of BSR BSR practitioner, Ionela, describes how this effective and gentle technique can work its magic. It all started with an excruciating lower back pain, while pregnant, that meant I couldn’t walk straight, couldn’t sit and could find no position which was comfortable. After only a few sessions of Body Stress Release (BSR) I couldn’t believe the relief: the pain was gone! That such a gentle technique had such an impact on my body seemed almost magical. I wanted to learn this! During the training, I found out that BSR is not magical, but a very specific technique built around the body’s natural response to stress, using a gentle, yet very precise stimulus to guide the body towards recovery. Stress can play a positive role in our lives, from getting us out of bed to the excitement of playing sports or getting things done at work. But if we’re stressed too heavily or for too long, it has a negative impact on our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Our body will respond similarly to all these stresses by tightening the muscles along the spine and elsewhere in defence, trying to protect the body from further damage.

Unfortunately, many people put their spines and bodies under a lot of physical stress due to a sedentary life, bad posture, accidents, sports etc. This body stress may hinder the communication between the brain, the organs and body systems so the brain loses awareness of these areas. In this way the stress becomes locked in physical structures, does not naturally release, and can manifest as headaches, migraines, painful and stiff neck and shoulders, back pain, tingling or numbness, sciatica, dizziness, sleep and concentration problems, etc. These are all symptoms we’re likely to experience at some stage in our life, and are often the effects of body stress. The problem is, nowadays, we rarely take time to allow our bodies to recover. This is where BSR comes in. Using a series of gentle impulses, it stimulates your body to release the stress, restoring communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Rather than ‘forcing’ or manipulating things back into place, we work with the body as a whole, helping it release the unwanted tension. The light pressure is enough to remind your body to heal. To quote a colleague: “You have to trust your body: it knows best and will mend itself when reminded.” As the stress accumulates, sometimes over years, it can be an interesting journey to get to the deeper and older causes of the stress, ‘peeling’ off layers, to get to the core of the problem.

Let’s say your brain is a power station and the organs and muscles are light bulbs. For the organs and muscles to work properly they need a constant supply of power (information) to and from the brain.

It is therefore important to listen to the warning signals of pain and discomfort that our body is sending and book an appointment before your pain reaches crisis point. As BSR continues to grow, people worldwide can testify to the effectiveness of this little known, complementary health technique, which aims to complement traditional, conventional medicine, not to replace it.

The power cords are the nerves that come out of the spinal cord and supply the organs but the switch is in your spine. So, while the organs need to be supplied by the nervous system continuously, the tense muscles control the switch.

Ionela Borodatencu

Back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, Neck pain, arthritis, whiplash, hip pain, frozen shoulder, restricted movement, migraines, headaches, neuralgia, TMJ problems, constipation, indigestion, gyneacological disorders, and many others.

07880 – 69 55 69

I.F. Borodatencu, Cults

BSR Practitioner, MBSRA(UK), BCMA Reg.

A low impact method to relieve pain, stress and tension with an established technique:

Body Stress Release (BSR).

Gentle enough for babies, children and the elderly.

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Scotland salutes the birth of modern Japan 150 years ago.

Come join the fun and experience Japanese Culture and Heritage

A special tree-planting ceremony at the Edinburgh residence of the Consul General of Japan on 24 March 2018 marked the 150th Anniversary of the Restoration of the Meiji Emperor in 1868, and the birth of Japan as a modern nation state.

Hi everyone! Japan Day 2017 was an amazing success because of a sea of volunteers, including many of you. We were able to welcome a large number of visitors to our event and inspire communities about Japanese culture and heritage! This year, we would like to welcome you to get involved and make a positive impact in Aberdeen once again.

Organised by the Awards Committee of the Order of the Scottish Samurai, a Japanese Black Pine tree was planted by Mr. Daisuke Matsunaga, Consul General of Japan, together with Mr. Ronnie Watt OBE, ORS Burgess of Guild of the City of Aberdeen, founder of the National Karate Institute (NKI) and the Order of the Scottish Samurai. Reflecting on the importance of the event, Ronnie Watt said: “The planting of a Japanese pine tree in the garden of the Consul General in this special anniversary year symbolises the deep historical connections that link Scotland and Japan. It was Scottish ingenuity, technology and trading networks that provided Japan with many of the opportunities it needed to become a world power by the beginning of the twentieth century”. In particular, Mr. Watt mentioned the role of Thomas Blake Glover, the Fraserburgh-born Scottish businessman who played a critical part in the overthrow of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Restoration of the Meiji Emperor. The Order of The Scottish Samurai was founded by Mr. Watt to recognise the role of Thomas Blake Glover in shaping the history of Japan and to acknowledge the contribution to public life of significant individuals today.

Volunteering on Japan Day Aberdeen 2018 will be one of the best opportunities to experience Japanese heritage and culture. You have the chance to: develop new skills to enhance your personal development; broaden your awareness and appreciation of different cultures; do something you are passionate about; rekindle old friendships and make new friends; enjoy volunteer social nights out and many more. Speak to your friends and families and be part of this fantastic day with us! To apply and to find out more, please email us at or message us via our official page here: japandayaberdeenorganisation We look forward to hearing from you!!

The photograph shows the Ippon Matsu Single Pine Tree with Benedict Bruce, Daisuke Matsunaga CGJ, Ronnie Watt OBE, Lord Charles Bruce.

The Spring Equinox has passed and Easter is with us but the weather is still wintry and the growing season has barely begun yet. The promise of spring flowers will come: It must! In the midst of spring we must plan for summer and look towards our programme of bedding plants and hanging baskets. There have been some losses from the tubs in Bieldside, and not from the weather. It is sad that some people feel able to “help themselves to what is community property”. The tubs will be replanted but if you live close to any of the planters please keep half an eye on them. If they look dry, feel free to give them a drink of water and if they look vandalised please let me know.

Graham Payne 01224 868827. Page 26

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Our amazing volunteers come together.

Distributor Drinks February 2018 It is often said that time moves ever more quickly for busy people and also as we get older; and so it has proved, as once again we were pleased to welcome around 40 of our MBC News distributors and friends to our “Thank you” drinks on Saturday 24 February 2018 at the Cults Kirk Hub. We had some competition with the Six Nations rugby matches so our numbers were a little lower than last time! The MBC News team enjoyed meeting up with our many volunteers and it gave us the opportunity to recognise your efforts in helping keep the Cults, Bieldside and Milltimber communities up to date with events in the area. The event was a good reminder that many of you have been delivering the MBC News for a long time, some almost from the time the newsletter was first published as a simple typewritten news sheet, which we believe was in 1974. Some fun facts for you: 4500 copies delivered each quarter and numbers are growing;

Around 70 advertisers support each copy to cover the costs; 30 copies go to Council and Community groups; 20 copies to local schools;

130 people help deliver the MBC News – from school students to pensioners; 200 new homes added to the distribution in 2017.

MaryDuncan, Lizzie Thomas, Jannette Glass

Thanks again to all who help – from your MBC News Team. Carol Gibson – Editor

Christine Anderson – Assistant Editor Sue Gregory – Layout

Freia Henery - Advertising David Anstee – Accounts

Eleanor Brennan – What’s On Locally Peter Roberts – Distribution

MBC News Team

If you would like to help with the distribution, please contact Peter Roberts Tel. 01224868524 or email:

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Milltimber Playgroup News

The New Year brought in the start of a new term here at Milltimber Playgroup and the children returned after the holiday break, excited for the term ahead. It’s also been great to welcome some new children to the playgroup and everyone has settled in well. It’s been a really busy term with lots of fun activities and learning opportunities and the children continue to enjoy the outdoor spaces surrounding the community hall and the large range of indoor activities and toys that the playgroup offers. With the cold weather over the last few months, the children have been learning about winter: including playing in the snow; arriving at Playgroup by sledge; discovering how snow and ice form and melt; which animals like cold weather and where they live. They also learned about the Winter Olympics, had the chance to try on sporting equipment and talk about winter sports; they even made their own Olympic gold medals! Chinese New Year and Burns’ Night were celebrated at Playgroup this year with Chinese New Year seeing the making of Chinese lanterns and the children learning about Chinese food. For Burns’ Night, the children designed their own tartan, did Scottish country dancing and talked about Rabbie Burns; they also got a special snack of haggis, neeps and tatties! Easter brought with it huge excitement amongst the children, who decorated Easter cupcakes, made Easter crafts and did an Easter egg hunt. Continuing our theme of ‘People Who Help Us’, the Police visited Playgroup and the children learned what the Police do to help us. They were given the chance to sit in the police car, listen to the sirens and be handcuffed! The weather has kept the Forest School children firmly on their toes this term and they have enjoyed seeing how the outdoor environment around them changes week-to-week. As spring approaches, the children who attend the sessions are looking forward to bug hunting, mud-pie making and exploring the changes that

Spaces SpacesAvailable for 2018

Introducing the quarter page portrait ad It costs £60 for a single issue or £220 for four issues http://cbmcommunity.

Page 28

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

spring brings. With the arrival of warmer weather, the playgroup is also planning a visit to Easter Anguston Farm. The old playpark next to the community hall has now been removed and we are excitedly awaiting the installation of brand-new outdoor play facilities. This is an exciting development which will massively benefit children from the playgroup and surrounding communities for many years to come. About Milltimber Playgroup and Forest School: We operate from the Milltimber Community Association Hall. In addition to our weekday morning sessions, we also offer an optional lunch club and a wraparound service which transports children to Milltimber School Nursery’s afternoon session if required, providing seamless child care from 0915 to 1535, Monday to Friday. We also offer the wrap around transportation service from Milltimber school morning nursery and lunch club for our Friday afternoon Forest School session, which means child care from 0830 to 1440. There is currently space in some sessions. Please contact our playgroup manager, Julie McWilliam on 07740 575273 or email milltimberplaygroup@ to find out more or to arrange to visit and meet the staff; we look forward to welcoming you!

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Give your roof a new look... After

It has been a busy time at Milltimber School since the start of the year with PTA fundraising events, including a Quiz in February at the Community Centre and a School Disco in March. Our next community event and date for the diary will be a Family Fun Day, which will be held at Milltimber School on Saturday 16th June. We have an action-packed afternoon planned, so please come along, enjoy a family fun day with a range of planned activities and help us make the day a great success. Tickets will go on sale shortly. This is an event not to be missed.


Services Provided by Patricio: High pressure cleaning and roof repairs Pointing and Valley re-cementing repairs External Painting Eave Painting Unblocking of Gutters Removal of lichen and moss from roofs, patios and driveways! Roof tile coatings with acryol nulife waterproofing solutions Clear sealer or up to five colours available terracotta, brown, green, grey or red

Contact: Patricio Cepeda today Landline: 01224 646866 Mobile: 07739 690 575

Local Advice, National Awards Granite Financial Planning Ltd is delighted to offer award winning independent financial advice to Milltimber, Bieldside and Cults residents. Formed by Managing Director and Chartered Financial Planner, Paul Gibson, the company offers advice in a range of areas: • • • •

Milltimber School PTA Update

Financial Planning Investment Advice Retirement Planning Estate Planning and Long Term Care*

We are keen to involve the whole local community in the life and activities of the school. While the PTA events may be considered to be for the pupils and families of the school, most are open to all and we look forward to seeing some new faces at our upcoming events. To keep up to date you can find out more information about forthcoming Milltimber School PTA activities, meetings and events on the Milltimber PTA Facebook page. Many thanks for all your continued support to all the events that we organise. Milltimber PTA

Paul Gibson (centre) receiving his 2016 Financial Planner of the Year award from TV personality Chris Hollins

Paul Gibson is a multi-award winning Chartered Financial Planner with over 25 years’ experience. He brings with him a wealth of technical knowledge and specialist financial planning expertise and aims to establish long-term relationships with a select number of clients. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

f inancial planning ltd 01330 826544 | |

* Not all estate planning is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Granite Financial Planning Ltd, Banchory Business Centre Burn O’Bennie Road, Banchory, Aberdeenshire AB31 5ZU Granite Financial Planning is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Page 30

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Milltimber Scout Group News

The Milltimber Scout Group had a great start to 2018 with all sections involved in activities and community events. Our Beavers worked on their Teamwork Challenge and are preparing for an exciting sleepover at Templars’ Park in early June. Cubs took part in the District Cub Chess Challenge in March, hosted in the Milltimber Community Building and enjoyed helping with our Jumble Sale. They also signed up for the ‘Splash’ sailing lessons on Loch of Skene and are looking forward to the District Cub Camp at Templars’ Park in June. The Scouts enjoyed their Winter Weekend at a bunk house in Braemar in February with snow sports at Glenshee and are looking forward to a full summer of camping and outdoor activities. Our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and leaders enjoyed visiting the Aberdeen District Gang Show in March and supported members of our group in the cast. Many thanks to all who supported our annual Jumble Sale at Cults Academy which is always a great community and social event, with all proceeds going towards running our group and unsold items donated to other local charities. Thanks to all our Leaders, Young Leaders, Executive Committee and helpers who have made the group successful; two of our leaders achieved the Chief Scout’s 10 and 20 Year Service Awards this Spring. We are all looking forward to a busy Summer ahead! Geoff Weighill Group Scout Leader

65th Aberdeen (Milltimber) Scout Group

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Rotary Club of Aberdeen Deeside Easter Anguston Farm (VSA) We had two really good days, on 8 February and 8 March, helping at the farm and I know our members thoroughly enjoyed being able to give some practical help, painting and repairing picnic tables and planting up plug plants etc. We greatly appreciate the hospitality and friendship from Neil and his team. Farm Manager Neil Robertson sent the following note: “Another big thanks to the Rotary club of Aberdeen Deeside who once again came out to support the farm and our trainees both in February and again in Rotary Club Easter Anguston March, helping rebuild and repaint the visitor picnic benches. Additionally, they started off the planting of our annual flowers working alongside our trainees. The club have been a great support to the farm over a number of years.” Culter in Bloom RCAD presented a cheque for £250 to ‘Culter in Bloom’ towards the cost of re-modelling the flowerbed at the east entrance to Culter at their AGM on Friday 23 February. Our donation was very well received and appreciated. Ellen Smith & Julien Brown Awarded Paul Harris Fellowship President Dave Gordon had the privilege to award the Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship Awards to Julien Brown and Ellen Smith in recognition of their efforts and achievements within the local ‘Kids Out’ annual programme and its organisation. They received their awards on 21 February.

Rotary Club Ellen Smith Julien Brown

KidsOut Day, which this year is on Wednesday June 13th, gives children with additional support needs a day of fun, laughter and new experiences. It is organised by 17 Rotary Clubs from Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire working together. Ellen said: “I would like to thank you all for my Paul Harris Fellow presentation, as you know I was lost for words”. “I am so delighted, and humbled” said Julien and added that what we do in Rotary is a team effort! Primary School Quiz 2018 The Primary School Quiz was successfully held on Tuesday 13 March, with a new winner this year, Culter Primary School. They achieved 110 out of 120 correct answers. Page 32

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Scotland in Vibrant Watercolour with Jonathan Wheeler

The Shakkin’ Briggie There is a rather forlorn, dilapidated, uncared for structure on the River Dee in Cults which is the remains of a bridge designed and constructed by Aberdeen companies and individuals around 1836-1837 and known as St Devenick’s Bridge, Dr Morison’s bridge or locally as the “Shakkin’ Briggie”. Dr Morison funded the building of the bridge from his own money.

© Jonathan Wheeler:

Charity Art Evening

In aid of Alzheimer Scotland, Sue Ryder and Rotary Charities

7pm Sunday 20th May 2018 at The Marcliffe Hotel & Spa, Aberdeen Doors open at 6pm for 7pm start Tickets £13 per person £7 students The Rotary Club of Aberdeen Deeside is delighted that renowned watercolour artist Jonathan Wheeler has agreed to present the 2018 event. Jonathan will engage with and entertain the audience as he works. The work in progress will be projected on a large screen for all to see. The painting produced will be auctioned for charity at the end of the evening. Further examples of Jonathan’s work will also be on sale in the gallery. The Marcliffe will operate a cash bar for Drinks, Tea, Coffee and Biscuits. Tickets for this event are available from: Any member of the Rotary Club of Aberdeen Deeside The Rotary Club of Aberdeen Deeside website: Milton Art Gallery, Crathes, Banchory. tel: 01330 844664, email: Rotary Club Secretary, tel: 01224 740986 email:

The Friends of the Grassic Gibbon Centre

While now in a ruinous state the bridge is an extremely important historic structure, being the only one of its kind in Scotland and probably unique in Britain as an example of early cast iron chain suspension bridge. The local Community Council wish to carry out preservation work around the northern tower area and, following a brief viewing of the area recently by local community councillors, those in attendance agreed that any project finally approved should be broken down into manageable phases. The starting point should be at least an Interpretation Board and Cairn, a tidy-up of the area around the structure on the north riverbank, including a new security fence and viewing platform (an area approximately 6m x 4m might suffice). The Interpretation Board would include the history of the ‘Shakkin’ Briggie’ and details of the preservation project. A heritage walk leaflet to encourage people to visit ‘the Shakkin’ Briggie’ and highlight the project may be produced. Some hurdles require to be overcome of course, such as obtaining permission from the land owner, whose identity we are attempting to discover at present. Fundraising and donations are necessary to undertake the work Our intention would be to hold a fundraising/public consultation event; the date to be announced in the next edition of the MBC News. In the meantime any new thoughts or historical information about the bridge would be gratefully received by the Community Council. Any specialist knowledge of aspects of the structure, such as metallurgy, paint, cast iron and masonry would also be helpful. Please contact Colin C Caldow 01224 867213, email, or any member of Cults Bieldside and Milltimber Community Council.


Jim Crumley

In conversation with Bill Howatson to The Grassic Gibbon Centre Arbuthnott On Thursday 10th May at 7.30 pm

Jim Crumley is one of Scotland’s foremost nature writers.

Raffle Refreshments with Homebakes Tickets cost £10 and are available from: The Grassic Gibbon Centre Arbuthnott, Laurencekirk, AB30 1PB Tel: 01561 361668 Email:

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Simeon House News

Sponsored Dog Walk in Aid of the SPCA

Over the last few months, life has been busy at Simeon as usual. We now have a qualified Physiotherapist (and long-time friend of Simeon) working with our care team every week, offering individual assessment and group exercises. We are coming to the end of a ten-week programme of German lessons which has been great fun - sehr gut! and our hens have started laying more again with the longer days and (slightly) milder weather.

Calling all dog owners and their friends!!

Where does the time go? It feels like only yesterday that we were wishing all our friends a Happy New Year!

Easter was a particularly busy week at Simeon with a number of gatherings and special meals; capped off by our now traditional Easter Egg hunt for the little ones of our staff, family and friends. Do you have any spare time to offer? We are seeking one or two people to help us with driving our wheelchair accessible van, so we can get out and about a bit more as the weather improves. If you have a spare afternoon once a fortnight and would be happy to drive the van, we would welcome the chance to talk to you about it. Alternatively, if you feel you could contribute to life at Simeon in some other way, you can find out more by visiting our website, like our Facebook page, call 01224 862415 or email

A sponsored dog walk in aid of the SPCA (Scottish Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is being held on Sunday 22nd July from 10am ‘til 2pm at Deeside Activity Centre, Dess, Aboyne. The route comprises a two-mile woodland walk uphill to the falls viewing platform. The walk should take approximately an hour so the last time to start is 1pm. There will also be an activity course which should be great fun for the dogs and their owners. Do come along and support our fundraising for this worthy cause. If you would rather not do sponsorship, just come along on the day, have fun and give a donation. Sponsorship forms will be available from your local vet and hopefully pet stores too. Should you have any queries, please contact George Glennie on 01330 860597

“May you live all the days of your life”, Jonathon Swift Cairnlee Road, Bieldside, AB15 9BN. Charity Number SC012239

The Arts Society Grampian 2017 - 2018 Programme Although the Grampian Decorative and Fine Arts Society is now The Arts Society Grampian, the programme of lectures is as exciting and stimulating as it has always been, liberally illustrated with dazzling photographs. We warmly welcome all existing members to the last two lectures of the season and would be delighted to see visitors who, having come once, won’t be able to resist coming back for more. The lectures begin at 7.30. Visitors are requested to make a £6 donation.

2018 May 9

GDFAS Fundraiser: Earlier start at 6.30 p.m. Followed by Gustav Klimt: Imperial Muralist turned Radical Painter

June 13

Children as Artists

PLEASE NOTE THE VENUE IS Room N242, Riverside East, Sir Ian Wood Building, Robert Gordon University, Garthdee Road. From the Bridge of Dee, take the first left out of the roundabout along Garthdee Road. At the second set of lights after Sainsbury’s, turn left on to the RGU Campus and bear right at the first junction. The Sir Ian Wood Building is to the left of the Faculty of Health and Social Care. There are a number of car parks on the campus, some of which may involve a few minutes’ walk, so allow time for parking. Please also note, with regret we are no longer able to offer pre-lecture drinks but coffee is available on the same floor as the lecture theatre. For more information please ring Alison on 01224 869639 or Thyra on 01224 481278 or check the GDFAS website.

Page 34

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Shop till you drop in Cults with Aberdeen’s Rising Retail Star Sonya Angus, owner of the awardwinning independent boutique Sonya Angus: Gifts, Furniture and Interiors, recently announced her spectacular first year achievements – and her plans for exciting new products to ensure Milltimber, Bieldside and Cults residents are never stuck for a present … or a gift ‘to me, from me!’ After launching in December 2016 at The Courtyard, Cults, Sonya’s start-up rapidly became a big hit and enjoyed instantly impressive turnover. Charismatic Sonya also doubled her expected suppliers within year one, was crowned Retail’s Rising Star at the 2017 Evening Express Awards and raised £500 for Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland through customer evenings. 2018 is set to be just as fabulous for the former buyer from Jenners in Edinburgh. She’s already been shortlisted in the Aberdeen Business Awards, become a stockist of the world-renowned Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and secured a host of new brands shoppers will struggle to see elsewhere in Aberdeen – exciting new ranges include fabulous jewellery from Tutti & Co., funky homeware from London Ornaments and the cutest cards from Always Sparkle. Of course, the luxury Cults-based boutique also promises new ranges from client favourites, including Sophie Allport’s pug-print products, beautiful scarves and bags from Mulhouse by Two’s Company and ideal gifts from Stoneglow Candles London. And Sonya takes great pride in supporting local entrepreneurs – her stock selection includes upcycled furniture from Marigold & Mo, dazzling jewellery from Karen Fitzgerald, adorable baby gifts from Liz

Open 10am - 5pm 01224 862690


The Courtyard, Cults, AB15 9SD

Horgan, Julie Maxwell’s eye-catching wall art and an ever-popular card collection from Jennifer Watson of Pebbles on a Beach. Sonya says: “I want to continue building on the success of year one by attracting more impressive suppliers and giving my customers what they want to see. The main aim of the business is to offer unusual and beautiful products so I’m really focused on handpicking the most stylish and quirky pieces, whether that’s pre-loved, upcycled and new furniture, high quality interiors, home accessories or special occasion gifts.” “I do feel like I’ve created something new, special and different and I feel very lucky to be able to offer something to the local community that took me in as a new girl from the central belt and nurtured me. On that note, I just adore where my boutique is – Cults has a vibrant retail, beauty, food and drink offering and I love working with my neighbours, helping one another where we can.” She’s also looking forward to hosting more events too, from seasonal shopping evenings to sell-out charity ladies’ nights where it’s all about championing other north-east entrepreneurs. And, although she has a few members of staff now, serving in the boutique and chatting to customers is one of the most important (and best) parts of her day: “My customers make the boutique what it is, and have helped me craft this lovely cosy, coffee-shop ambience that people seem to just love being part of.” “We pride ourselves on a customer service offering that’s second to none: recently, I got an e-mail from a customer living abroad searching for a present for someone in Aberdeen. After asking some questions about the lucky lady, I was able to quickly put together a gift with the client’s mother in mind. And, because the recipient lived locally (and the client didn’t), I popped by and delivered it to her door, giftwrapped and looking gorgeous!” Sonya Angus: Gifts, Furniture and Interiors’, beautiful collection includes pre-loved, upcycled and new furniture, as well as high quality interiors, home accessories, special occasion gifts and jewellery. The boutique is open Monday to Saturday from 10am – 5pm.

Winner of Best Gift Shop at the Aberdeen Business Awards 2018 and Retail's Rising Star at the Evening Express Retailer Awards 2017

Visit Sonya’s boutique to find beautiful pieces that are a little bit different

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Friday Cafe at the Hub

3.30 - 6pm during term time. For the past four years, Friday cafe has been running at Cults Kirk Centre. It was set up for secondary school students in S1- S4 and run by students in S6 with other adult helpers. The senior students can use these sessions to add to their Duke of Edinburgh or Saltire awards for volunteering. Activities include pool, table tennis, air hockey, basketball, baking, computer games and generally chilling out. It’s a great space for young people to hang out with friends after a busy school week and it has a fantastic tuck shop! Note: P7 pupils are invited for trial sessions every Friday in June. New S6 volunteers welcome. Contact Karen, 01224 867744 or Carol, 01224 735979 ALL WELCOME!

The club Quiz Night which was held on March 17 was a great success, with over 90 members and guests packing the main reception room at Kippie Lodge. There was a great atmosphere throughout the whole evening, helped by innovative and varied questions from Euan our quiz master for the night. Altogether, over £1,000 was raised for Aberdeen Mountain Rescue which is a tremendous achievement. This amount came from a combination of the ticket sales and the raffle. The committee would like to thank all the members who supported this event, as well as those who brought guests and generously donated some excellent raffle prizes. Many thanks to you all again. New members are always welcome to come along and see what a varied programme we offer. Evening meetings are normally held at Cults Community Centre starting at 7.30 pm. The club website has full details of all the 2017 – 2018 club walks and other activities, or contact: Paul Dumont, (Chairman) on 01224 863938, email uk, or Judith Metcalf (Memebership Secretary) on 01224 869572, email membership@ Our upcoming events: May 13



May 17



June 7

Evening Walk


June 1



July 5

Informal Meeting CULTS HOTEL

July 15




21st Aberdeen (Cults) Scout Group

Saturday 26 May 2018 10am – 2pm

Scout Centre, South Avenue, Cults Admission: Adults £1, Children 50p Please bring jumble donations to the Scout Centre from 21st to 25th May 1000-1200hrs or 1300-1500hrs or 1900-2100hrs

Page 36

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

MBC festival Update

We’ve started to plan the 2018 Festival – it will launch around 20th August (exact date to be confirmed). Many of the core festival events will still feature, but we may make some minor adjustments to keep things interesting. We want to build on the success of 2017 and include some new events in this year’s programme (look out for a Gin Tasting event and a Charity Fashion Show!). We are mindful of the need to keep things interesting and move with the times. With this in mind, we would welcome any suggestions for events and would be delighted to invite new members to the organising committee. Please get in touch if you think you can help! The 2018 MBC Festival events will be promoted using our new logo! Local resident Heather Millar created the winning logo in our competition last year. Congratulations Heather! This colourful design will feature on flyers, posters and flag displays at all events. Choosing the winner of the Logo Competition was not easy. We particularly want to acknowledge the competition entry from Louisa Benson (age 12). Louisa’s poster was beautifully executed and received a large number of public votes. We are hoping that Louisa will assist us with some poster designs for this year’s festival. As the programme is finalised in the coming months, we will publish events via our Facebook page ( mbcfestival). Flyers and posters displaying the full and final timetable will be available throughout the villages in July, and the information will also be published in the summer edition of MBC News and on the community website ( uk). Feedback or suggestions about the MBC Festival can be sent to us at any time via email:

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

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* Professional, reliable trustworthy service, caring for pets in the comfort of their own home. * Disclosure Scotland checked and fully insured.

the oven valet oven cleaners

service with a sparkle*

01330 823079 07920 483 233


t: 01224 869 988

Early Stage Business Support Operational Financial Reporting System and Result Enhancement Investment & Disposal Strategies Senior Management & Board Level Support Accounting and Taxation Services

seQuoyah Limited | Unit A | Station Road Business Park | Cults | Aberdeen | AB15 9PE We are always keen to hear from people who would be interested in joining the team. With flexible working arrangements available for the right candidates, we would be interested in hearing from you. If interested, please send your CV to

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mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18


Two Community Minibuses are available for hire by clubs and non profit-making organisations. One bus takes 14 passengers + driver, the other takes 16 passengers + driver Driver Supplied or Self-Drive

CONTACT: DAVID RITCHIE T: 01224 744058 or 07989 637461 E:

Cults Playgroup News Despite the snow and cold, the children continue to play outdoors as much as possible. There has been an investigation into why the mud patch is difficult to dig in very cold weather and we used bricks and stones to make piles to keep our feet out of the mud! The balls, hoops, and tricycles are used with enthusiasm. We look forward to warmer weather and spending more time outside.

The Friends of Friarsfield Park Friarsfield Park is a small green space between Friarsfield Road and Abbotshall Walk in Cults. A designated park, it had received only basic maintenance for many years. About 18 months ago, the Friends group was formed to work with the City Council to improve the park and encourage local residents to make more use of the space. Since then, our volunteers have been working hard to make improvements. Flower and shrub beds have been created and planted up, seats installed and paths created. We want to encourage wildlife including birds and insects and we try to select plants with this in mind. A boundary wall which was in a poor state of repair has been replaced – although the work did, unfortunately, undo some of our work on the adjacent flower bed. Spring bulbs make a brave display and the improving weather will encourage other plants into growth. By the time you read this, the Park should be looking at its best. We do want everyone to enjoy the Park, whether you just walk through or take time to sit and appreciate the peace and plants. Bring children, dogs, picnics or toys and make use of the Park – it’s there to be enjoyed! If you would like to make a practical contribution to our work, we generally meet on the morning of the last Saturday on each month, from about 10am (weather permitting). We are a friendly group with tea, coffee and cakes usually on offer! Contributions of plants (or even cash) are most welcome and, if you would like more information, please contact Fiona Anderson on 01224 869847. You can also follow us on Facebook “The Friends of Friarsfield Park”.

The indoor playroom is well set up for the children to access toys of their choice. We have been following a theme about ‘Ourselves’ for much of the term. Baby photos of the children were put out alongside present-day portraits for sorting and matching. The children produced a life size painting of themselves and discussed who shares their house and what pets they have. The theme moved on to “clothes we like to wear” with special reference to how we dress to go outside in the snow. Our role-play area is always popular and has been set up, among other things, as a family house with busy kitchen, a hospital and finally a busy road with ‘tricycle’ cars, which pedestrians could cross with the help of the ‘lollipop’ person. Lots of learning about people who help and care for us. Enthusiasm about ‘space’ has led to lots of play with our space toys and the creation of a papier-mâché planet with spacecraft made out of bottles and plates. We celebrated Burns Day with haggis, neeps and tatties for snack with Scottish music playing in the background. Near Valentine’s day the children had an opportunity to discuss their feelings and this led on to talking about their Mums and the making of a special card for Mothering Sunday. World Book Day was celebrated with the children bringing in their favourite stories. The fundraising committee have been really busy and had a successful Burns Night Supper on January 27th. A big thank you to all those who made donations and attended the event. It was a very good evening. Cults Playgroup runs each morning of the week in the North Hall, Quarry Road, from 9.00 am until 12.10 pm. Places are now available for the new school year, August 2018. Children need to be 2.5 years old to attend. Funding is available for children in the term after their third birthday. If you would like to know more, then do get in touch: mobile 07842 470828 or email


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Pressure Cleaning Services, For a no obligation quotation Tel: 01224 518508 Email: Website:

Specialising in all types of pressure cleaning  Driveways, patios, walling, steps, cappings, edgings  Gutter Clearing & Debris removal  UVPC Windows, Gutters, Soffit’s, Facias & Conservatories

Scott Blair Painter & Decorator

Established 1986 Interior & Exterior Wallpapering & Ames Taping

Call. 07989211194


Auchterdeen Ltd Personal Support for your Personal Computer in Lower Deeside

Creating a safer, happier and healthier home with the combined natural ENJO fibre technology and cold water.

D r o p o ff o r h o m e v i s i t

Go chemical free by contacting Anna Bonner m: 07789 207 469

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Business & home users Mac Computer set up Windows Virus removal iPads Advice on what to buy iPhones Help with your website iPad/iPhone/iTunes support One-to-one help Contact Val Muir: 01224 735001 Email account set up System restore & recovery Printer installation



           Exercise Classes to Music

See listing at back of MBC News for class times. or visit


Improve Fitness, Flexibility and Strength Have fun !





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mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service If your pet is a V.I.P. to you. They are a V.I.P. to me too!! Call Lorraine on 01224 - 734 139 or 07875 542 284

NEWS FROM CULTS ACADEMY PTA A great time was had by all who attended the Spring Ceilidh on March 24th at Kippie Lodge, hosted by the fantastic Crynoch Ceilidh Band. Thanks to all involved for supporting the PTA. We receive funding requests from the teaching staff at school and aim to fulfil these requests as soon as the funds become available. This way the pupils benefit immediately from the PTA’s fundraising efforts. Recently the PTA have purchased: a video recorder and tripod; tools and materials for the Woodland Group; and Health and Wellbeing learning resources including a food hygiene game. The PTA also contribute to the transport costs associated with Activities Week in May and to the cost of running Sports Day in June. Our very popular Quiz Night is coming up on May 11th. Teams of up to eight people can be entered by contacting the school on 01224 868801 or by messaging us on Facebook. Reserve your spaces early as the number of teams will be limited. Please arrive from 7pm to enjoy the licensed bar and refreshments before a prompt 8pm start.

Cults Academy PTA Follow us on Facebook @ CultsAcademyPTA

It’s that time of year again…

CAPTA Quiz Night Sponsored by Smiley Booth Aberdeen Friday 11th May 2018 Teams of up to 8 people £6.50 per person or £50 per team Doors open at 7pm at Cults Academy Quiz starts 8pm prompt Licensed beer, wine and snack bar

Reserve your entry by phoning reception at Cults Academy on 01224 868801 or message via Cults Academy Parent Forum/PTA This is a fundraising event for the pupils of Cults Academy (over 18s only)

For All Your Garden & Landscaping Work   

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 013398 82496   




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Gladstone-Noble Tree Care Est. 2013

Escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

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NPTC Certified Felling Dismantling Crown thinning, lifting, reduction & reshaping Hedge cutting Fire wood available unseasoned or seasoned Fencing Landscaping Garden maintenance Snow clearing and gritting Fully insured  Free quotations O U R P R O D U C T PA R T N E R S

Contact Coran Email: 01224 917288

L’Oréal | ELEMIS | OPI | Perron Rigot | High Definition | Nouveau

8 Hume Square, Chapelton AB39 8AE

Hugh Will Property Maintenance All types of building work and property maintenance undertaken including extensions,

Quality Custom Printing & Framing I offer quality custom printing and framing service for your photographs/ prints/ canvas, i can offer you a large selection of picture frame mouldings to choose from. I have the equipment to print photographs on canvas in different sizes and if you would like something different i can frame your canvas print

pointing, harling, slating, repairs, ground work etc. Experienced tradesmen, references available on request. Call or email for a free, no obligation quotation. E: T: 07840193784. Tel: 01224 733423 Framed Print

Framed Canvas

garages, wood burning stove & fire place installation,

Mob: 07791804278


Cert. Pilates. Inst. MAPPI Retired physiotherapist

Cert. Pilates. Inst. MAPPI Retired physiotherapist










Contact details 01224 861421

Contact details 01224 861421

Contact details 01224 861421

Mon & Tuesday afternoons Tues & Thursday evenings Wednesday evenings Friday mornings

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Mon & Tuesday afternoons Tues & Thursday evenings Wednesday evenings Friday mornings

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Mon & Tuesday afternoons Tues & Thursday evenings Wednesday evenings Friday mornings


Cults Canoe Club Yeh! Spring is here and we’re all looking forward to those fabulous balmy summer evenings! .... Oh well, dream on! Anyway, this could be the summer you take up something you’ve always wanted to do but never got round to. How about learning to kayak?

Rights Respecting Schools - Cults Academy Introduction : At Cults Academy, a Rights Respecting steering group has formed and been active since 21st of August 2017. So far, our club has accumulated over 50 members and all 1,178 pupils across Cults Academy are aware of the group and the values we uphold. The aim is to educate Cults Academy on the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child (UNCRC) and to establish its values in our school and beyond. What We Do

On 20th May, our club will be participating in the Knockburn Loch Open Day. Knockburn is a small man-made loch accessed off the Slug Road to Stonehaven. We will have kayaks, paddles, wetsuits and buoyancy aids available to borrow. So, if you’ve always wanted to try kayaking, this is a perfect opportunity for you to give it a go under safe conditions whilst being supervised by experienced club members. Please check our website for details of time and directions. The photo is a scene from the 2017 Open Day. As a follow up to the Open Day, and depending on uptake, we intend holding further beginner/improver sessions during early summer, also on the Loch. Then, throughout the summer we will be running regular beginner/improver trips on local rivers. On Wednesday evenings we will be running sessions at Invercannie on the River Dee for improvers. Details will be posted on our website. The club activities are being revised to cater more for beginner, improver and intermediate paddling abilities. The more adventurous trips are held outside the remit of the club as Peer Paddling.

The UNICEF Rights Respecting group at Cults Academy is made up of pupils from all years who have a particular interest in upholding rights in the school and community. In our school, we have accomplished many of our tasks. These activities all aspire to embed the UNCRC into our daily practices and create a safe place to learn, where everyone feels respected and is able to thrive. To date, we have been able to achieve a variety of tasks such as teaching and learning about rights through PowerPoints, quizzes, videos, special assemblies, PLP lessons and much more! In addition to this, we have held a whole school pupil forum in order to gather opinions from a range of pupils of various ages on what rights they would like our new school charter to focus on. The charter will then help underpin our new school Behaviour Policy. Our group has had an impact on many aspects of the school life, but we also aim to promote and protect the rights of others in the wider community. We supported the local Lighthouse Project with a food bank collection before Christmas and, in the coming months, we aim to further support the incredible work they do by fundraising in the community. We hope you can support our mission of embedding the rights of the child in our school community.

Please visit our website to learn more about our club, who we are and what we do, to check useful links and study the calendar of trips and events. If you would like to join the club there is a link to membership too. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Cults Lawn Tennis Club With six floodlit, all-weather courts our members are able to play all year round come rain or come shine; even the “Beast from the East” could not keep us off the courts for long. We had a St Patrick’s Day themed Fun Tournament on March 17th to start off the 2018 season with a great turnout from all age groups on a bright, sunny albeit freezing cold day. We hosted an Open Day on April 28th when everyone was welcome to visit the club to try out cardio tennis, basket drills with the coaches or even a game with the members. We are now looking forward to a great season. For the Adults we are in the North East of Scotland Lawn Tennis Association summer leagues playing weekly competitive matches with 6 men’s and 4 ladies’ teams. For the more social player we have a team entered in the Ladies Deeside Social League and players competing in the Singles Box Leagues. We also have social play on a Tuesday and Thursday morning and Saturday and Sunday afternoon where our members can just come along and have a few games with other members. For some friendly competition between ourselves we are having an evening social tournament on 23 May, and on 23 June it is the Midsummer Tournament. Our Juniors and Minis are also busy. Junior Night on Thursdays is now back in full swing where our junior members can come and play games together. We have coaching every other night of the week so there is a session to suit everyone. During the school holidays the coaching staff will be running summer camps. There is a Parent & Kid Social Tournament taking place on May 20th and Junior Fun Day on June 10th to look forward to. Cults Lawn Tennis Club offers something for everyone from complete beginner to A team player; if you are interested in playing tennis you are welcome to join us. We also have a comprehensive coaching programme for members and non-members. Full details can be found on the club website or by contacting our head coach Gareth Rennie. If you would like to learn more about the club please check out the website, or contact either the club secretary, Hilary Leigh ( or our head coach Gareth Rennie (

• • • • • •

Friendly local club Excellent facilities including 6 floodlit artificial grass courts Professional coaching team headed by Gareth Rennie Extensive coaching programme available throughout the year for all members (Junior and Senior) Weekly sessions for both social and competitive players Social events and club tournaments

Contact the Secretary Hilary Leigh at for membership details Contact the Coach Gareth Rennie at or on 07714753607 for coaching details

Eighth Page Size

Portrait £30 for one £110 for four Page 44

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Culter and District Pipe Band We are proud to announce that our band is in its 80th year. The 47th Culter Boys’ Brigade Pipe Band was formed in 1938 and over the years has continued to be a well-established group within our local community. In 1983, we adopted Rob Roy with the BB crest on his shield as our emblem, symbolising the band’s roots with both the Boys’ Brigade and the Village of Peterculter. Today we still have a learner section for both pipes and drums as well as a competing band which will be travelling to the major and local competitions again this year.   Our next local engagement is leading the parade at the Culter Gala on the 26th May. We are also running the hospitality tent at this event and will be serving tea and coffee along with a selection of sandwiches and home bakes. The band will be piping and drumming through the village in the evening and we would be delighted if you would come along and support us.   We have much more to look forward to this year including our 80th Celebration at the Double Tree Aberdeen Treetops on 27th October.   Susan Falconer Band manager

Peterculter Medical Practice We have a new arrangement in place relating to any home visits requested during the afternoon (after 1pm). This new service has been set up by the group of practices serving the western side of the Aberdeen city area (West Cluster), which includes our own practice. An advanced nurse practitioner (based at GMED) may be mobilised to undertake urgent home visits, following initial assessment by the practice GP via telephone to make sure this is an appropriate course of action. This has been in operation now for the last few months and is proving well accepted by patients, with the nurse practitioner providing written records of the visit back to the patient’s own GP. We are very happy with this innovation, and it helps the practice manage the afternoon workload better, especially during busy times. The partners continue to work on GP recruitment although at present we have no definite news to report: I hope we may have some further information by the time of the next MBC news. In the meantime, we have additional locum doctors working with us (Dr Aspinall, Dr Mackay) whose help is much appreciated. It is never too early to be thinking ahead to any travel immunisation requirements which may need to be planned for the summer holidays. Our practice does offer a travel service, although this requires forward planning. Reception will give you some forms to complete, and the travel nurse then plans your requirements and an appointment is made to discuss and organise these in more detail. Nowadays there are several private organisations (e.g. pharmacy businesses) which provide an excellent comprehensive travel health service, and these are probably being increasingly used, partly due to the convenience they offer. Best wishes Dr Douglas Harris

Heritage Centre, Culter The Heritage Centre in Culter opened for the season on 15th April and will be open each Saturday and Sunday from 2.00-4.00pm until the end of October. There are many new exhibits this year and a warm welcome to all who come to visit. The centre is situated at the bottom of Station Road East where there is good car parking. Alternatively, you can walk or cycle along the Deeside Way. As well as the Heritage Centre, afternoon teas are served in the Heritage Hall where there is also an Art exhibition from Forecourt Art

The Culter & District Men’s Shed You might have heard that there’s to be a Men’s Shed in Culter. What’s it about, what’s been happening and where is it? Read on to find out! Men’s sheds are places where men can gain the social benefit of regular contact by working together on projects as well as having a place where they can just meet, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Research has shown that they offer significant health benefits and reduce social isolation. There is no cost to join a men’s shed and no membership fee.

However, our steering committee are preparing a proposal to the City Council under Scottish Government Community Empowerment legislation for the transfer of the former army cadet hut in the Bush off Malcolm Road. The council will obviously require a business plan and budget to show viability, but we have assurances of significant support from Councillor Boulton, and professional assistance to guide us through the process. If our application is successful, the experience and trade skills of our members will be put to good use to refurbish the hut. Tools, equipment and ‘in kind’ support have already been offered by members and local companies.

We’ve decided to call our Shed, The Culter & District Men’s Shed. We already have 45 members - from the other Lower Deeside communities as well as Peterculter - and new members are very welcome. We’re working on a website www.culterdistrictmensshed. and you can already read about us on Facebook. We are already a registered charity – but we don’t have a “physical” shed yet!

So far, we’ve had a successful fundraising and awareness-increasing afternoon tea in November 2017 and a first members’ meeting in December, both in the Heritage Hall. We’ll continue to use rented premises to organise events for members until the transfer is completed. To find out more, find us on Facebook or call 01224734149! Brian Davidson Chairman

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

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Abbreviations for the venues

What’s On Locally


Cults Academy Sports Centre


Cults Academy Pool


Cults Kirk Centre


Cults Parish Church Worship Centre


Cults Primary School


Deeside Christian Fellowship Church, Milltimber


Hillview Community Church


International School, Pitfodels

Hoorah - the sun has come out, the thermals can come off! I hope you’re all enjoying the better weather to get out and enjoy some of the many activities which we have in our area. In the last magazine I said I would try something new to try to get fitter. Well, I have joined a circuit class for older people run by Sport Aberdeen and I’ve got their programme, so who knows what else I might try from the huge variety of classes on offer. Have a look on Sport Aberdeen’s website -

MCAH - Milltimber Community Association Hall MEHC – Murtle Estate Hall, Camphill MPS -

Milltimber Primary School


Peterculter Church Hall


Phoenix Centre, Newton Dee


Peterculter Sports Centre


Peterculter Village Hall


Scout Centre, South Ave, Cults


St. Devenick’s Church Hall, Bieldside


St. Peter’s Heritage Hall, Peterculter


WRI Hall, Kirk Crescent, Cults

If you spot anything wrong or out-of-date in this listing, please let me know. As I have said before, this information is only as good as what I am given. Best wishes, Eleanor Brennan, Tel 01224 862262 email:


Painting & Decorating

All decorating work welcome plus: Ames Taping Skimming Coving Interior and Exterior work General Maintenance work in house and garden For free quotes call Oliviu Docea 07913 082637 01224 740276

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01224 740885


mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18



Fitness, Sport and Dance Badminton - Junior, CASC Saturdays, 1.30 - 5.30pm Sept to April Email

Badminton - Adult, CASC Mondays & Tuesdays, 7.30 - 10.00pm Contact Rob Wheadon, Tel. 323711 BADMINTON - SOCIAL, MCAH Mondays, 1.30 - 3.00pm Wednesdays, 10.00am - 1200noon Contact Marion Anderson, Tel : 732505 CULTS CANOE CLUB Regular trips for all levels of ability Email: CULTS BOWLING CLUB All ages very welcome. Summer Bowling, Winter Activities Contact David Steele, Tel : 868485 CULTS CRICKET CLUB Contact Ian Sutherland, Tel : 742833 CULTS FIT FOLK, WRIH For men and women over 55 Wednesdays 10.00-11.00 a.m. Contact Ellie Whyte, Tel. 861204 CULTS HILLWALKING CLUB, CPS Indoor session 1st Thursday of the month 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. Walks on Sundays, 10 days after the meeting. Contact Paul Dumont, Tel. 863938 or John Knowles, Tel. 868051 BONACCORD MBC HOCKEY CLUB, HCC P4 – P7, Wednesday, 6.00 – 7.00 p.m. Newcomers welcome S1 – Senior, 7.00 – 8.00 p.m. Email: Mob. 07434-192089 YOUTH HOCKEY COACHING Tuesdays, 5.45 – 7.00 p.m., end Aug to Easter - Robert Gordon’s College pitches, Countesswells Road. Run by Gordonians Hockey Club but boys and girls from P4 to S4 from all schools are welcome. Sticks can be provided. More details at

SOCCER FOR 5-10 YR OLDS, CPS Wednesday afternoons, term time only 3.30 – 4.30 Boys and Girls aged 5 – 7 4.30 -5.30 Boys and Girls aged 8 -10 Contact Ian Wilson, 07770-996767 SOCCER FOR OVER 30’s, CPS Thursdays, 7.30 – 9.00 p.m. Contact Alistair Brown, Tel. 861314

ABERDEEN KILT KICKERS AMERICAN SQUARE DANCE CLUB (WRIH) Mondays 7.30 – 9.00 p.m Beginners 9.00 – 10.00 p.m.Mainstream Dancers Thursdays 7.30-10.00 p.m. Mainstream and Plus Dancers Contact Tom White, Tel. 318963

Peterculter sports centre Coronation Road, Peterculter Tel : 732069 Fitness studio, aerobics classes, creche. Monthly membership or ad hoc prices

BALLROOM DANCING, CASC Monday 7.00 – 8.00 p.m & 8.00 -9.00 p.m. Beginners and more experienced dancers welcome. Contact Barney Phillips, Mob. 07342789965

CULTER YOUTH FOOTBALL CLUB Boys’ & Girls’ Teams, aged 6 to 19 years. Training most days. Contact Jason White, Tel. 07541027846 or 869474 Email:

SWIMMING, CAP Adult Lane sessions Mon 8.30-10.00 p.m Wed. 7.45-8.30 am; Friday 7.45-8.30 am Public session, Friday 8.00-9.30 p.m. Sat and Sun - Adult Lane swimming 8.30-10.00 am followed by public swimming 10.00-12.00. All welcome Continues during school holidays. Contact Sports Aberdeen, Tel. 866282

FOOTBALL IN THE COMMUNITY, Wed, 4.00-5.00pm 5-8 year olds Contact Dons in the Community Tel : 650472 or 650432

TAI CHI, CASC Wednesdays, 7.45- 9.45pm Contact Bill Strang Email: William.

DANS SENIOR Fridays 11.00-12.00 during term time Disco, Jazz, Rock, Swing - there’s no age limit for dancing! Nothing complicated, just simple, inspiring moves. No need to book, just come along! £3.50 for non members, £3 for Friskis & Svettis members. Tel. Jackie, Mob 07427014700, Fiona, Mob 07885288121 or www.

Pre-School Football (KCC) Mon, 1.00-1.30 p.m., 1.30-2.00 p.m., 2.00-2.30 p.m. Fri, 9.30-10.00 a.m. 10.0010.30 a.m. 1.30-2.00 p.m.(Classes also available at Airyhall Community Centre) Contact Alison McLeod Tel:

SEAFIELD WALKING GROUP Alternate Wednesdas, leaving 9.15 from Countesswells Avenue. Coach transport. Long and short walks each outing. Contact kate.graham13@btinternet. com Come and join our friendly 50+ group FIRST WALK FREE

FITNESS FOR OLDER ADULTS, CKH Thursday Aerobics 10-11am Strength and Balance 11-12 noon Contact Laura Walker, 07773 021 851 Email: FLEX ‘n STRETCH TO THE BEAT PSC Wednesdays 8.00 – 9.00 p.m. Varied fitness levels. Contact Anne Low, Tel. 868553

GRAMPIAN CARDIAC REHABILITATION ASSOCIATION Exercise classes at Kippie Lodge, Milltimber, RGU Sports Garthdee and other venues in Aberdeen Contact Douglas Pacitti, Tel: 01569 763372 e: or speak to the Cardiac Nurse at Cults Surgery w: www. KARATE Various sessions around this area – see website for full list. Mondays 6.30 – 8.00 p.m., ISP Fridays 4.30 – 5.30 p.m., CPS Contact Ronnie Watt, Tel. 734607

CULTS LAWN TENNIS CLUB 32 Abbotshall Place, Cults See separate item in MBC News for full details. Contact Hilary Leigh (Sec) Email: or Gareth Rennie, (Head Coach), 07714 753 607 Email: g.rennie@

FRISKIS & SVETTIS- SWEDISH STYLE KEEP FIT Monday 7.30 p.m., HCC, Basic (Rosey) Tuesday, 6.30 p.m., CASC, Medium (Aswin) Saturday 10.00 a.m., CASC Basic (Rota)For more information contact Rosey, 310380 Just turn up - no need to sign up for a block - all welcome

CULTS OTTERS SWIMMING CLUB, CAP Development swimming classes and Junior Coaching sessions. Contact Jo Gibson, Tel. 868124 Email: cults.otters.

Pilates, Peterculter Sports Centre : Mon. afternoon, Tues afternoon evening,Thurs. evening Camphill School, Murtle Wed. evenings Cults Kirk Centre Fri. mornings All classes must be booked in advance. Contact Solveig Dahle Smith, Tel. 861421

CULTS SPORTS COMPLEX , CASC Open Mon- Fri, 17.00 -22.00 & 08.3017.00 on weekends. Fitness Suite, Exercise Classes, Indoor Swimming Pool, 2 Sports Halls, Dance Studio and AstroTurf pitch Contact 01224 507 685 See separate article in the magazine for full details.

CYCLISTS’ TOURING CLUB GRAMPIAN Weekly rides led by trained leaders. Cyclists at all levels of ability and newcomers welcome Contact Gerard Vlaar, Tel. 734799

PILATES (WRIH) Wednesdays 6.00 – 7.00 p.m. Classes run by a trained physiotherapist Contact Laura McKay, Mob. 07734 312798, email laura@physiotherapilates.

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

Woodburn WalkING GROUP Rambling for the over 50s Meet alternate Tuesdays at Hazlehead Bus Terminus Travel by hire bus Average walk +/- 7 miles Contact Joyce, Tel. 01224 323925 or Maureen, Tel. 01224 318075 ASHTANGA YOGA, CKC Energetic Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class Mondays, 6.30 p.m - 7.30 p.m. Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class for Beginners (slower, more relaxed pace) Mondays, 7.30 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. One to one yoga development sessions also available. Contact Simone Barnett, 07985 384402 Drop in £7, discounts for block bookings. AURINKO YOGA Sundays, 4.30-6.00pm Contact Aidan Mulkerrin, 07710-495552 FOREST YOGA All levels - 10am-11am on a Friday morning. Rivermead, 3 North Deeside Road Bieldside AB15 9AD Fun, thoughtful sequenced practice. HATHA YOGA, CKC Mixed class, beginners welcome. Wednesdays, 7.00 -8.00 p.m. Contact Deborah Thompson, Mob. 07821704826 YOGA, CKC Wednesdays, 7.00 - 8.30 p,m, Contact Fiona Britee, Tel. 487712


KAREN BERRY SCHOOL OF DANCE Classes for children and adults available in Cults and Peterculter For details see website www. or contact Karen Berry, Tel. 647341 TAYLOR SCHOOL OF DANCE, MCAH Recreational & Vocational classes available Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, Tap, Jazz, Street Jazz, Boys Only Street Moves, Contemporary & Parent and Toddler Dance Contact Helen Colleran, Mob. 07531-811506 E-Mail - w: GENTLE EXERCISE, INCL DANCE, CPCWC Thursdays, 2.30 – 3.30 p.m. Sept. to Dec., Jan. to Mar. Contact Fiona Murray, Tel. 702305 MAINLY MUSIC, HCC Music and movement for prepreschoolers and their caregivers, followed by coffee and chat for the adults while the children play. Thursdays 9.45 a.m. Contact Iris Johns 07764 940176 or e-mail OLD TIME & SEQUENCE DANCE CLASS 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month 7.45 – 10.00 p.m. £5.00 per class Dunbar Street Community Hall, Old Aberdeen Contact Eileen or James, 01224-314953 Scottish Country Dancing, WRIH Tuesdays, 7.30 – 9.30 p.m. (mid Sept. to end March) Contact Sheila Fyfe, Tel. 868164 Wednesdays, 7.30 – 9.00 p.m. Not suitable for complete beginners Contact Lynn Wood, Tel. 636128 SINCLAIR SCHOOL OF HIGHLAND DANCING Children and adult highland dancing classes available in Cults. For more information contact Carolanne Sinclair on 07972104774 or email

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Hobbies and Social CULTS O50 CLUB, CKC Wednesdays, Lunch from 11.45 Announcements/speaker 12.45 Other activities include bridge and scrabble, walks, theatre, cinema, local history outings, garden visits, art appreciation,a book group – the list is endless! Open to anyone over 50, not only Cults residents Details of activities on the website www.cultsparishchurch. Contact Liz Kilvington, Tel. 867103 or Margaret Wood, Tel. 310685

MILLTIMBER O50 CLUB, MCAH Meet monthly in the winter on Wednesdays at 2.00 p.m. for talks. Other social events include walks, cycle rides, theatre visits, outings, garden visits, lunch outings and city breaks. Annual favourites are BBQ, Games night and a Christmas Party. Open to anyone over 50. New members are welcome. Contact John Park, Tel. 733057 or Robin Dyer, Tel 732445 Cults Art Club, CCC This is a self help group for Adults held in Cults Community Centre on Wednesday nights from 1930 to 2130 during school term. Contact Gordon Crooks tel. 07784838341 FRIENDSHIP IN ART DCFC Fortnightly - Fridays 10-12noon Contact 01224 739180 ABERDEEN bridge CLUB 14 Rubislaw Terrace, Tel : 644773 Monday to Thursday - 7-10pm Adult Lessons Wed - 7pm Sept - April

PETERCULTER BRIDGE CLUB, PVH Fridays, 1.15 – 4.00 p.m., Sept.-April Contact Ellen Smith (Sec.), Tel. 867028 Email - CALLIGRAPHY GROUP, Sessions arranged according to demand Contact Isobel Archibald, Tel. 867303 THE HUB CKC Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, 10.00 a.m. – 3.00 pm To volunteer as a helper, contact the Hub Manager, Tracy Gordon, Mob. 07503867682 MILLTIMBER COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, MCAH Wide range of activities for all ages General enquiries Tasha, Tel. 739797 To hire the hall Margaret, Tel. 732477 facebook ‘Milltimber Community Hall’ Craft & Needlework Class, Wednesdays, 1.30 p.m. –4.00 p.m. 10 lessons, £70 Beginners and more experienced catered for Contact Yvonne Weir, Tel. 732098 ABERDEEN CHORAL SOCIETY Rehearsals Mondays, 7.30 p.m. Mannofield Church Hall New members very welcome Details: ABERDEEN CHORUS - SWEET ADELINES INTL. Come and sing with us in harmony. Open to girls/ladies over 14. Mondays, 7:00 – 10.00 p.m.

Curl Aberdeen, Eday Walk, AB15 6LN Albacappella, SPHH Ladies singing group Wednesday from 7.30pm -9.45pm Facebook : Albacapella DEESIDE CHORISTERS, MEHC Wednesdays, 6.15 – 8.00 p.m. Prospective members most welcome Contact Nancy Paul, Tel. 741378 FOLK EVENING, CKC Monthly on the 2nd Friday, 7.30 p.m. Both musicians and listeners most welcome. Bring your own beverage. Contact Jan Johnson, Tel. 867951 Aberdeen Gaelic Club Brings together Gaelic speakers and individuals interested in Gaelic language and culture. The Club organises Gaelic language evening classes, day courses and other social activities including a monthly coffee afternoon and children’s club on the last Saturday of each month (except July and December) in the Boys Brigade Hall, Crimon Place, Aberdeen, 2.30 - 4pm, to which all are welcome.  Email for more information. TALK GERMAN Courses for beginners and more advanced, depending on numbers and interest. Contact Erik Stien, 734149/077774-896421

ABERDEEN ITALIAN CIRCLE Talks (usually in English) on Italian subjects and social events Thursdays 7.15 p.m. (every 2/3 weeks Oct – May) Rubislaw Church Centre, Beaconsfield Place Contact: or 635792 Italian Classes for Adults bieldside Email: Contact Enrica, Mob. 07786 827714 CULTS LIBRARY Open Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 10am-1pm, 2pm -5pm; Wed. 1.00 pm -7.00pm and Sat. 10am-1.00 pm. Books, CDs, DVDs, BluRay, Audiobooks Free Wi-fi and PC access with print/scanning/ photocopying facilities. Bookbug sessions every 4th Monday at 2.00 pm for preschool children. CULTS LUNCH CLUB, CKC Mondays 12.00 – 2.00 p.m. (except July) New members most welcome. Contact Jacky Hatchwell, Tel.861736 Cults Music to Remember For people with dementia, their families, carers and friends. Singing led by experienced singers, followed by refreshments. Every 2nd Tuesday at Cults Kirk Centre from 1015-1145am From 13 February, with a break for Easter, restarting 10 April. Contact Ann Middleton Tel: 01224 867334

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MISSIONARY CRAFT WORKSHOP, DCFC Fortnightly - Wednesday, 10.00 – 12.00 Contact 01224 739180 THE MIXING BOWL, SDCH Community-led food interest group designed to bring together anyone interested in good food. Meets monthly. Contact Rachel Gambro, 07964 698789 or see PETROLEUM WOMEN’S CLUB International friendship club for women connected to the oil industry. Meetings with speaker, 1st Thursday of the month. Coffee mornings, 3rd Thursday of the month. Other activities include ten pin bowling, walks, bridge, golf, dinner club, mah-jong and a book group. Contact Jane Anderson, Tel. 732242 or Liz Gove, Tel. 876169 Email ABERDEEN PHILATELIC SOCIETY Meets fortnightly on Thursdays 7.30 - 9.30 p.m. Rubislaw Church Centre, Fountainhall Road Contact Chris Jefferies, Tel 705676 CULTER PIPE BAND Meet Mon & Wed 7.00 – 9.00 p.m. Culter Parish Church, Peterculter All ages and experience levels welcome Contact: Susan Falconer, Mob. 07540-530705 Rotary Club of Aberdeen Deeside Wednesday ‘s 6.15 for 6.45 pm in the Cults Hotel. For further information contact the secretary Quentin Tweedie on 01224 868218 email

Saltire Society Promotes all things Scottish. Meets monthly on Tuesdays, normally in Rubislaw Parish Church. Contact D J Robertson, Tel. 484061 SCRABBLE CLUB, MCAH Fridays, 2.00 – 4.00 p.m. Players at any level are very welcome Contact Joan Thomas, Tel. 733218 Email – LEARN SPANISH Private classes given to individuals and small groups by a native Spanish speaker.Contact Carmenza Inglis, Mob. 07557-194415 Email: Cults Strathspey & Reel Society, CPCWC Meet every 2nd Wednesday, 7.00 -9.00 p.m. Accordionists and string players welcome. Contact Myra Noble, Tel. 867433.

SCOTTISH WOMEN’S RURAL INSTITUTE, WRIH 1st Thursday of every month, 7.30-9.30 p.m. (Not July or August) Contact Lynn Pithie, Tel.867614 GRAMPIAN WOODTURNERS, SDCH Meet last Sunday in the month, 2.00 p.m. New members are most welcome. Meetings consist of member participation, demonstrations etc., Contact Bill Diack, Tel. 01467-622772

presents its fund-raising concert given by

ABERDEEN TOASTMASTERS (PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB) Meets at Northern Arts Club (NAC), 1st, 3rd, 5th Thursdays of every month - 7.00-9.00pm Visitors are welcome - no cover charge. Matthew Mtumbuka - Tel : 861028 Email :

Sunday 27th May, 2.30 pm,

UPHOLSTERY & CRAFT CLASSES, WRIH Tuesdays, 9.30-12.30 p.m. and 1.00 -4.00 p.m. New students welcome at any time. Refreshments provided Contact Susan Roe-Curran, Mob. 07773521389

Entry by donation.

in Cults Parish Church, Quarry Road, Cults.

Refreshments after the concert.

ABERDEEN WINE & FOOD SOCIETY Meets monthly in restaurants in and around Aberdeen. For more information contact Natasha Gordon, 07970 746778 or Bob Chisholm, 319372

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

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Children & Youth Groups AIR TRAINING CORPS 107( Aberdeen ) Squadron, Prince Charles Cadet Centre, Albury Road , Ferryhill, AB11 6TL Parade Mon & Wed 19.00-21.30hrs. Open to Boys and Girls aged 13-17 w: Tel. 590679 CASPER AFTER SCHOOL CLUB, CPS Contact Marion Skea Tel : 07762-250550 Milltimber BREAKFAST AND After School Club, MPS Mon.–Fri., 7.30 to 9.00 a.m. and 2.45 to 6.00 p.m. Contact Diane Forbes, Mob. 07525 855348 Cults Toddler Group. (CPCWC) Thursdays 9.30 – 11.30 a.m. during term-time Contact Laura Bain, Mob. 07568-154998 or email BILINGUAL PARENT AND CHILD GROUP Wed. and Frid.9.15am to 11.10am. Gilcomstoun Primary School Babies and toddlers introduced to Gaelic through arts, crafts, play and song. You don’t have to speak Gaelic to attend. Tel 0777 939 8289, Facebook: Croileagan Obar Dheathain. Milltimber Playgroup MCAH Playgroup - Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 09.15 – 1145 (Term time) Forest School sessions Wed 09.15 – 11.45 & Fri 12.20 – 14.40 Daily lunch club 11.45 – 12.15 Wrap around transport to/from Milltimber Nursery also available. Contact Julie McWilliam 07740 575273 or Email CULTS PLAYGROUP, CWCWC Mon - Fri 9.00am - 12.10 pm during term time in the North Hall, Quarry Road Contact Pam Crowe, Mob. 07842 470828 or email St Devenick’s Playgroup and Rising 5s, SDCH Playgroup: Monday – Friday, 9.10am – 12.20 p.m. Lunch club, Wednesdays 11.50am – 1.00 p.m. Rising 5s, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12.30 – 3.00 p.m. Tots and Toddlers, Wednesday, 9.30 – 11.30 a.m. All of the above are during term times. Contact Emma, St.Devenick’s Playgroup Administrator 07525 825043 or Tel. 867431 Email - SOUTH DEESIDE UNDER FIVES Fun and friendly childcare for children from birth to five years Maryculter Community Hall (next to the Old Mill Inn), South Deeside Road Baby & Toddler Group – Mondays 9.30am to 11.30am

Twos Group – Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9.30am to 11.30am , Rising Fives – Tuesday lunchtimes 12 noon to 2pm Mob.: 07966 163953 E: W: THE ARK - PARENT AND TODDLER GROUP, DCFC Tuesdays, 9.45-11.30 a.m. Contact Tel. 739180 MAINLY MUSIC, DCFC Thursdays, 10-11am, parent & pre-school Tel 739180 WHO LET THE DADS OUT, DCFC Last Saturday of every month(term-time), 9.30-11:00am, dads and kids Tel 739180 or FUSION FRIDAYS, DCFC Every Friday (term-time), 5:30-6:00pm P1-P7, 6:00-9:00pm S1-S6 Tel 739180 or

an interest in helping with any of the groups, as we are always keen to welcome new Volunteers. (Text from Joyce Cowie, Division Commissioner.)

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts 21st Aberdeen (Cults) Scout Group, SCC Beavers Mondays and Wednesdays, 5.30-6.30pm Open to boys and girls aged 6-8 Contact Cubs Wednesdays, 7.00-8.30pm Thursdays, 7.15-8.45pm Open to boys and girls aged 8-10 Contact Scouts - Fridays, 7.30 - 9.30 p.m. Email: Scouts Fridays, 7.30 - 9.30 p.m. Email:

FRIDAY CAFE FOR S1-S3, CKC Meet Fridays, 3.30 - 6 pm during term time. Contact Peter Cross 07734 207203 or email

65th Aberdeen (Milltimber) Scout Group, MCAH Beavers - Mondays 4.15 - 5.15pm Contact Fiona Douglas, Tel: 735523

ASCEND, HCC Youth Group for S1-6 Grades 7-12, Sundays 6.00-8.00pm Tel. 868096 or Email-

Cubs - Tuesdays 6.30 - 8.00pm Contact Marion Anderson, Tel. 732505 Scouts - Fridays 7.30 - 9.30pm Contact Iain Anderson - Tel. 07514 547071


Youth Hockey Coaching on Tuesday evenings for P4 to S4 by Gordonians Hockey Club at Robert Gordon’s College astroturf pitches on Countesswells Road from 5.15pm to 6.30pm. Children from all schools are welcome and sticks can be provided.

We are very lucky to have active Rainbow, Brownie and Guide Units in the Milltimber and Cults area. This is due to the hard work and dedication of all the Leaders. Previously as an Organisation we could give you a list of all the Units in the area, the name and contact details of the Leaders and as an interested parent you could contact the Leaders directly, but now due to our Nationwide “Safe from Harm” Policy we can no longer publish this information. We now have a Website that you can visit and register an interest for the age group you want a place in for your daughter. It is a simple procedure and once you have registered, a Guider should be in touch within 3 weeks to say if there are places available or if your daughter will be placed on the waiting list. You will be asked to put in your Postcode, the type of Unit you are interested in and if there are more than 1 suitable Unit you will be asked to put your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice. Rainbows are for girls aged 5 - 7yrs Brownies are for girls aged 7 - 10yrs Guides are for girls aged 10 yrs plus The web address is or you can call 0800 1 69 59 01 These are also the means by which any Adult can register


Cults Kirk Centre/ Cults Parish Church Worship Centre Rooms/Halls available for various activities Contact 869028 Milltimber Community Association Hall For Group Lets Mon-Friday, contact Tasha, Tel. 739797 For Private Hires, Sat-Sun, contact Margaret, Tel. 732477 St Peter’s Heritage Hall Howie Lane, Culter Attractive facility available for one-off events and regular weekly lets. Contact : 07874 766 285 WRI Hall, Cults Bookings for weekly activities only, not one-off private lets Contact Sheila Fyfe, Tel. 868164



City & Guilds Advanced Crafts

Services tailored to suit your home 7 Kirkton of Durris Banchory AB31 6BQ Page 50

mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

For a free consultation call 07939 150 858

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mbc NEWS Issue 179 May-Jun-July ‘18

bringing quality to life

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Mbc issue 179 may jun jul  

Community Magazine for the residents of Milltimber, Bieldside and Cults

Mbc issue 179 may jun jul  

Community Magazine for the residents of Milltimber, Bieldside and Cults