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As anyone with a smartphone knows, the digital world is growing—and the world of print media is shrinking. So yes, digital advertising gives you the opportunity to reach more readers than print, but that’s not the only advantage. Online advertising costs less than print advertising, and it has less of an environmental impact. Most importantly, though, online advertising cuts through the masses and gets in front of your specific demographic. Digital advertising gives you more control over who sees your ad, so you can reach potential customers effortlessly. Navigation and reading become easier, too: You can’t search and zoom in a print magazine, and if you’d like to learn more about a topic, digital media links to it in just one click. Simply put, online advertising is more efficient: Less cost, more exposure to the right audience.

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Written by highly regarded leaders in the industry, Franchise Dictionary magazine is a hands-on, how-to, online resource, which provides prospective owners with everything they need to know about launching—and sustaining—a franchise business. Each month, experts will offer advice and resources to help turn your franchise business into a booming success.

FranchiseDictionary PREMIERE ISSUE

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\�əp- dāt\ noun �

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nationKiddie Academy®, a ally recognized provider care, of educational child of announced the opening in Vanits 200th location— couver, Washington. a with 1981 in Founded single location in Baltifamimore County, MD, the ly-owned business launched 2017. 36 new locations in To celebrate the 200th academy opening, students


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n. The with a new campaig off the 2018 tax season H&R Block® will kick by finding all the credits is winning at tax time campaign’s main concept the best outcome. Featuring s are entitled to for t spots and deductions taxpayer rson, eight new broadcas H&R Block’s® spokespe s scehe-scene behind-t actor Jon Hamm as of on Hamm in a variety n was overwere created that center Taxes Won campaig g “Last year’s Get Your ul national marketin narios on a film set. of our most successf one and favorite marfan whelmingly a H&R Block’s® chief ns,” said Kathy Collins, ent and advertising campaig the early positive engagem officer. “When we saw away to keting and strategy made the decision right from consumers we and strong response in.” again and he was all Jon with co-create FranchiseDictionaryMaga


The latest news on the franchise industry

cover story

Kona’s Winning

FORMULA mers No shortage of custo d for this winning bran


January 2018 9


How to

Evaluate a

ISE FRANCHen t Investm

by Christopher Conner

similar to uying a franchise is . The concept investing in a business some of is very similar and requires in order to make the same attributes , but there are a good buying decision franchise investunique aspects to a d to a traditional ment when compare Our firm, Franchise business purchase. has worked with Marketing Systems, e buyers to businesses and franchis e and direction help provide guidanc to invest in and as to what franchises franchise to right the how to choose are elements purchase. These aspects process that of the franchise buying when purchasing should be addressed evaluating the a franchise brand and market for opportunities.

The recognized world g for a great delivery. its latest Domino’s Pizza is preparin announcements for is sending out birth and leader in pizza delivery Gugu Guru. After creating registry powered by card labor of love — a baby from a variety of gift parents can choose registrants customizing their registry, little ones’ arrival. Once their after and friends themes to use before list with family and can share their wish the they to gifts, their delivered select will be a unique URL. All gifts on social media or with s eGift cards. parents-to-be as Domino’ FranchiseDictionaryMagazin

rship Promising Partne BLUEFROG IRES RESTORATION 1® ACQU ® FRANCHISE PLUMBING AND DRAIN Restoration 1® has acquired and the Bluefrog Plumbing plans Drain® franchise with across to grow the business of North America. Terms disthe purchase were not nmonume closed. “This is a ing tal acquisition, broaden and the franchise brands that complimentary services growing a we will deliver to cial residential and commer Gary customer base,” said

ion Findley, CEO of Restorat AZ., 1. Based in Phoenix, and Bluefrog Plumbing Drain launched in January 15 to of 2014 and has grown across franchise locations a nine states. “We grew an regional franchise into than national chain in less 1, and a year at Restoration it again we are ready to do and with Bluefrog Plumbing Drain,” Findley said.



Restaurant Group Fast-food chain Arby’s a deal to acquire Buffalo announced it reached s the slogan “wings, Wild Wings, which promote billion in cash. The beer, sports” for $2.4 dining sector deal comes as the casual have rediscovered is ailing as Americans grocery prices home meals amid low options. and new food delivery

leader Massage Heights, a and of therapeutic massage ed the facial services, announc retreat in opening of its second location Omaha, NE. The new by local is owned and operated entrepreneur and existing e Massage Heights franchise

Codie Burrow, who opened Heights Omaha’s first Massage in 2011 retreat with her husband k. in the Shoppes at Grayhaw


recently Amazing Lash Studio explore announced that it will including strategic alternatives, y, in order a sale of the Compan for to position the business our long-term success. “With e base and Company’s franchise team, talented management is now that t confiden we are a partner the time to align with to that possesses the expertise Studio to take Amazing Lash CEO Le, Mr. the next level,” said and Co-Founder.

January 2018 7 6 FranchiseDiction

Cover Story

Up close and personal with our featured franchise

r market itself. Make sure the consinume 1. Look at you you evaluate the franchise in turn you will are investing before sells and

for the franchise the franchise the product or service that are either growing or shrinkthat people are buying model. Consumer markets what consumer trends and identify sell when you buy the franchise g just stay the same. Review segment. If you are considerin ing, very seldom do they potentially part of this industry Effect” and ecommerce won’t opportunities or risks are make sure that the “Amazon verify purchasing a retail franchise, n. If you are investing in a food service franchise, wipe out your value propositioare inline with what the franchise is offering. trends that consumer buying

the data and franreviewingfranchise d time 2. Spen industry research 17 buyer. The FDD, January can make a signifas a franchise you2018

t decision available to prior to making the investmen franchise chise data available to you do with your franchise investment. Effective you a good buyicant impact on how well money needed to make Comat spending the time and to do your due diligence. investors are excellent lead and go the extra steps n on business and franchises ing decision, follow their offer loads of informatio others s both in and FranData the FDD lists franchisee panies like go lots of good insight and calls, get on a plane and the you can use, the SBA offers Make system. the have left the system and those who a better investment decision. use their input to make and people these meet

essively. ings aggr hise offer pare franc at all of the options and 3. Comsingle you fall in love with, look decifocused on a brand that to make the best buying another Don’t get fee and negatives against one to understand how the carefully weigh positives There are a process with at least 5 franchises sion. Go through the buying the good and bad could be in each franchise brand. diligence you can what structure stacks up and some ugly, with good due the market, some good, you want to avoid. lot of great franchises on deal with and which ones to want you ones uncover which

FDD know theip and d and getofto is 4. Undey.rstan the franchise relationsh arduous document The FDD is the legal structure

thoroughl nt. It is a long, the franchise commitme e to get through. Hire a essentially the details of pages which can be cumbersomand explaining how the terms with a lot of detail and with reading the document term of the franchise investfranchise attorney to help you in the short and long to and conditions could affect decision making in how consultant to support your ment. Hire a franchise in choose the right franchise. and business counsel can t. investment in good legal of dollars in a bad investmen Making a $1,000 to $3,000 of thousands or millions likely some great most are many times save hundreds there is to interested in pursuing, for you to invest. The key Whatever market you are s and be an ideal opportunity franchise brands that could that fits your goals, aspiration the right business model options and concepts carefully find the right brand and and review the to go through potential. Take the time for success. to increase your potential before making the move

January 2018 15




by Jill Abrahamsen



Wild Matchup



nal Choice Hotels Internatio y it has CHH, announced that agreement reached a definitive and franto acquire the brand ring chise business of WoodSp ring Suites [SM] from WoodSp a portfolio Hotels Holdings LLC, Goldberg, company of Lindsay million, for approximately $231 adjustsubject to customary n will add ments. The acquisitio -stay honearly 240 extended Choice tels in 35 states to the Hotels’ portfolio.

Special Delivery

and grew a Tariq Farid, who created ents® store into the gle Edible Arrangem r of shops ofworld’s largest franchiso fresh cut fruit fering creatively designed l, fresh fruit all-natura and ents arrangem be named to the IFA snacks and treats, will ion’s highest honor. Hall of Fame, the Associat the Hall of Fame on into Farid will be inducted Annual 2018 during the IFA Sunday, February 11, Convention in Phoenix.


FEATURES FranchiseDictionaryMagazin

In brief

\�əp- dāt\ noun �A GOOD CHOICE

nfranchise industr in the itio news ogn 1. The latest Sweet Rec bites to inspire you 2. Quick news CEO


e is a fast-growing franchis his low-investment, alike. ees and customers winner with franchis every their success? Not What’s the secret to offer can e everyon y. Not idea is franchise-worth instantly are some concepts the support. So why just aren’t? Kona credits successful and others and up start overhead, quick their success to low years support. With eight unmatched customer the representation all across in the industry and ionally, Kona Ice is a country, and even internat take a respected brand. We well-developed and ss. Ice and all its sweetne close-up look at Kona

in every Kiddie Academy paracross the country are ng ticipating in a month-lo sharcelebration of events, a ing gifts, activities and photo contest. Michael J. Miller, executive Acadechairman of Kiddie excompany my, says the l pects to open an additiona by 40 franchised locations the the end of 2018 across . states new three U.S., into



Fast They Grow SoRATES THE

gym Crunch Fitness®, the “No known for the phrase new Judgements” has a location 24,000-square foot , Floriplanned for Seminole Crunch® da. This is the tenth ownership location for veteran Dyer, team Vince Julien, Geoff Dotson Tony Scrimale, Jeff These and Kevin La Ferriere. than more five owners have of man120 combined years in the agement experience fitness industry.


Everything a potential franchisee needs to know will be covered in our feature stories. Our sensible advice and reliable information will entertain and help navigate a clear, comprehensive path to successful franchise ownership.

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MEDICAL Editorial/Space: November 15, 2018 Materials Due: November 19, 2018


Jill Abrahamsen, Editor-in-Chief Abrahamsen’s career spans more than 20 years in consumer magazines, custom publishing, and new product development in both editorial and graphic design roles. As a key player in the launch of Design NJ, she created the magazine’s successful image and contributed to the innovative team for six years. She lives in central New Jersey with her husband, three children, and her pet Goldendoodle.

Mary Lynn Mitcham Strom, Senior Editor Strom has written about travel for national magazines, and she launched a brand of local lifestyle magazines about living in the Lower Hudson Valley for the Gannett Corporation. She continues to write about important lifestyle topics like health and fitness, home and design, and food and restaurants. She lives with her husband and two energetic boys in Westchester County.

Christopher Conner Conner has spent the last decade in the franchise industry working with hundreds of systems in management, sales, and development. Conner leads the Franchise Marketing Systems team in business consulting and franchise development projects. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Miami of Ohio in Oxford, and an master’s degree in finance from DePaul University.

Brian Lincer

Lisa Welko

Shaun Ajani

A partner at The Internicola Law Firm, PC, Lincer represents both start-up entrepreneurs and established businesses in transactional and intellectual property protection matters, with a specialized focus on franchising. Lincer’s favorite quote: “It has come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them. They go out and happen to things.”

Welko brings more than 15 years of business experience to the franchise consulting industry. As a franchisor and owner/operator for more than 11 years, she has a true passion for supporting new business owners. Today, Welko helps aspiring business owners determine which specific franchise opportunities align with their strengths, goals, and values.

Ajani has more than a decade of consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies. He has written many books and articles on business theories and global change, and he has discussed them on major network television.

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