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Facial Rejuvenation | Minimally Invasive Surgery Skin Rejuvenation & Fractional Laser Therapy Fillers & Injectables | Hair Restoration Surgery Aesthetic & Functional Nasal Surgery 108 Dornach Way | Advance, NC | (336) 245-9595 Kinderton Village – across from Bermuda Run NEAL D. GOLDMAN, MD Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Winston-Salem’s Best Kept Secret! Home Decor | Artwork Custom Built Tables, Benches & Much More! 336-661-8400 | thebarnoncountryclub.com 4886 Country Club Road Winston-Salem Closed Monday, Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 12-6pm

Our team is still on cloud 9 from our inaugural Women on the Move Conference! It was an amazing day that won’t be soon forgotten. Head to page 58 where you can check out photos from the event and see the 2023 event date! Megan Black Photography did an amazing job capturing the day on her camera. If you missed it this year, we sincerely hope you can join us in 2023. Stay tuned to our social media for update (@forsythmags). In addition to our feature on Sandra at Pat’s Body Shop, our May issue is packed full of local content for your enjoyment! One of my personal favorite articles in this issue features FIVE local motherdaughter owned businesses… you can read all about these ladies on page 50.


o back in time with me to October 2005. It was the middle of the night. I was fifteen years old. I had just gotten caught—with two of my friends—sneaking out of the house. Of course, my parents were not happy. In fact, my dad was so upset with me, he told me I was going to have to come work at his shop. The thought of working at a body shop sounded less than desirable (I think most teenage girls would have agreed). My dad owned a body shop for over 30 years. He happily retired a few years ago, but I have plenty of childhood memories at his shop. I vividly remember the smell of paint, the constant phone ringing, watching my dad park eight cars inside a space that most people would never consider pulling more than two cars into. Why am I telling this story? Because as you can see, we are featuring an auto body shop on our cover this month—a woman-owned body shop. Sandra Scarlette has owned Pat’s Body Shop for 25 years! How cool is that? In addition to running a successful body shop, she started Scarlette’s Performance & Parts. You can read all about Sandra and her thriving businesses on page 68. Forsyth Woman loves celebrating women—and I especially love to see a woman earning respect and success in a male-dominated industry.

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Women on the Move Conference, March 28th 2022 at WinMock Last but certainly not least, there are some pretty cute babies on pages 108 and 109. Not one, not even two, but THREE of my girlfriends had babies within the last couple of months. And one of those sweet babies shares a birthday with me! Congratulations to Cassie and Zack (proud parents of Lane, my birthday twin), Taylor and Zane (proud parents of Navie) and Ashley and Ben (proud parents of Dawson). Wishing a very Happy Mother’s Day to all three of you! Speaking of Mother’s Day, I would be remiss to not give a shout out to my amazing momma! She’s full of passion, love and kindness and her brain never stops thinking of new business ideas (hint, hint, we have something NEW and EXCITING coming soon!). The older I get, the more similar I see that we are. What a blessing to have been raised by this woman and to be running a business alongside her. Wishing ALL the moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day and an awesome month of May — I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get on the water and kick off this summer!

P.S. Please be sure to join us on Tuesday, May 3rd at Six Hundred Degrees for Girls’ Night Out! I can speak from experience when I say, you won’t be disappointed. The food, the atmosphere, and the service are all amazing. Learn more on page 61.

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Happy Mother’s Day from Pat’s Body Shop

Scarlette’s Speed Shop (Pat’s Body Shop)


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RECIPE: Strawberry & Vanilla Chantilly Layered Cake


Love Languages Part 5: Quality Time


Step-Mother’s Day


A Special Bond: Mother’s & Daughters in Business Together


Girls’ Night Out at Six Hundred Degrees


COVER STORY: Drag Racing & Dyno Tuning’s Newest Dynamo


Learning to Be a Military Mom


Women on the Move

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Keeping It Real GOD’S FORECAST


Have you ever tried to get your kids to grab a jacket on the way out the door when it’s stifling hot? The temps have been sizzling for days so they’re sure you’re nuts! (Let’s face it. They were already convinced!) But this is it. Your kids rolled out of bed with only minutes to spare. They banked their day on all kinds of assumptions. You, on the other hand, rose early to get the forecast. Though everything you’re telling them seems outrageously inaccurate, you’ve spent time doing what they didn’t. You received inside information concerning what was coming before it gets here. Sure enough, those cantankerous ones who rolled their eyes and huffed their way to the car returned home later that day with chill bumps, wrapped up in that handy dandy jacket they suddenly appreciate. Too many of us assume “we know” based on what we’ve known. We walk into our days completely unaware of what is coming our way. One moment the sun is glistening. The next minute the winds and waves of life flood in without warning. We quickly realize we are not prepared for the storm threatening us. But Friends, we get the opportunity each new day to receive insider information about what happens before it happens. TRULY! When we decide to get up a little earlier and consult the One who never gets even one detail wrong, we walk into our day with an outlook prepared for any turbulence in the atmosphere. I’m not insinuating that God downloads every move before He makes it. But I most assuredly believe He shows things to His covenant people to prepare them before they even fathom they need it. I can’t tell you the number of times God revealed something to my family before it landed on our doorstep. In those intimate and extended times of prayer, it’s almost as if the One we trust with everything realizes He can trust us, too. (Actually, He already knows this but now He acts on it.)

He shines an illuminating light into the dark place just ahead. We see what others cannot see and know what others cannot know. Consequently, while some folks stand in the cold completely unprepared, we have everything we need to walk through that season while helping them, too. I tell you no lie when I say that prayer is one of the greatest privileges of my life. To consider that the very One whose fingertips created 100 billion galaxies actively makes time to bend down low and listen to me . . . it messes me all up! (And we think we are the ones that don’t have time for Him? How backward is that?!) But, this incredible Lover of our souls doesn’t just dutifully “make time” to be with us . . . it’s His greatest joy. YOU are the obsession of His heart! He rushes to your side at the very mention of His Name. Are you tired of rolling through life in a fog? Are you frustrated by relapsing disappointment when things do not go as planned? Let’s do it. Let’s get up a little early and spend some time with the One who gives us inside information before we step into the “crazy” of today. I promise you, He’s on it with unbelievable precision. He’ll never lead you in the wrong direction. I assure you, He doesn’t miss a thing! Psalm 5:3 (Amplified) In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will prepare [a prayer and a sacrifice] for You and watch and wait [for You to speak to my heart].

For comments or prayer, contact Dr. Lanier at PastorDebbie@HopeCommunityChurch.tv.

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W I N S T O N - S A L E M


INGREDIENTS: For the Vanilla Chantilly: • 2 1/2 cups cake flour, or all-purpose flour • 1 tbsp. baking powder • 1/2 tsp. salt • 1 cup granulated cane sugar • 5 large egg whites, room temperature • 3/4 cup whole milk • 1/2 cup olive oil, or 3/4 cup melted butter • 2 tsp. almond extract

BY LAUREN SEPHTON Hi! I’m Lauren. I’m a freelance writer, a food blogger and the official Forsyth Mags Foodie! Stay tuned each month to find everything from achievable dessert ideas to healthy, quick dinners that’ll happily feed the family.

Strawberry & Vanilla Chantilly Layered Cake

For the Strawberry Filling: • 1 cup fresh strawberries, finely chopped • 1 tbsp. granulated cane sugar For the Strawberry Buttercream: • 1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature • 4 cups powdered sugar • 3 tbsp. heavy cream, or whole milk • 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract • 1/8 tsp. salt • 1/2 cup strawberry jam, or fresh strawberries blended

INSTRUCTIONS: For the Vanilla Chantilly Cake: 1. Preheat oven to 350F. Lightly grease and line with parchment paper three 6-inch cake pans. Set aside. 2. In the bowl of a stand mixer, add the egg whites. Beat with 1/4 cup of the sugar until stiff peaks. 3. In the meantime, mix the flour, baking powder, salt, and remaining sugar together in a separate bowl until well combined. 4. Create a well in the center of the bowl. Add the olive oil, milk, and almond extract. Fold the ingredients together with a rubber spatula. 5. Add in half of the whipped egg whites, folding with the spatula until well-combined. Add the remaining egg whites to fold in. It’s okay if there are a few tiny bumps in the otherwise smooth batter. 6. Divide the batter equally between the prepared cake pans. 7. Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. 8. Allow the cakes to cool in the cake pans for 10 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely. For the Strawberry Filling: In a medium sized bowl, toss together the chopped strawberries and sugar. Set aside at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. For the Strawberry Buttercream: 1. Add the softened butter to the bowl of a stand mixer. Beat on medium high speed until smooth. 2. Add in half of the powdered sugar, beating until smooth and well combined. 3. Add in the strawberries, vanilla extract, and salt. Beat until combined. 4. Gradually add in the remaining powdered sugar, beating until the frosting is light and fluffy.

@brightmomentco | www.abrightmoment.com

To Assemble the Cake: Frost the first layer of cake with 1/2 cup strawberry buttercream, then use a spoon to make a little “barrier” on the edges of the cake layer. Using a slotted spoon to keep from scooping up the strawberry juices, add a generous scoop of the strawberry filling into the center. Add the second cake layer and repeat. Frost the cake with the remaining strawberry buttercream. Decorate with freshly sliced strawberries on top. Enjoy!

Second Harvest Food Bank

Spring Beauty Popular Treatments & Procedures Right Now Insights From The Doctors & Aestheticians at Forsyth Plastic Surgery & The VISTA BY ELLEN BASSETT

It’s spring and you’ve probably been noticing how many more people are out and about at neighborhood restaurants, shopping, enjoying local arts venues, etc. Weddings, parties, and long-postponed events are beginning to show up on the calendar again, too. It’s a good thing! And while spring is traditionally a popular time at Forsyth Plastic Surgery and The VISTA (FPS’s award-winning med spa), this year may be one of the busiest. Dr. Andy Schneider, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Forsyth Plastic Surgery says, “Our patients tell us they’re excited to get back together with their friends and family, but they want to show up looking great. Botox treatments, filler treatments, body treatments, face lifts, eye lifts, and plastic surgery in general have all been very popular.” Dr. Gilson Kingman agrees. He says, “Patients have had time to think about their beauty and body goals and now, they’re ready to move forward. Breast reductions, breast augmentations, face lifts, and tummy tucks have all been very popular lately.” Dr. Leslie Branch, a board-certified plasticsurgeon who also happens to be a mom to young twin boys, says, “I’m seeing many patients start to prioritize themselves, which I love. Moms have been at home with their families and they’re coming in for Botox, laser procedures, and a variety of surgical treatments to get their bodies feeling more like themselves after a long, stressful period.” Several treatments and products that were just introduced at Forsyth Plastic Surgery and The VISTA during the pandemic, have just started to become popular. Dr. George Lawson says, “I love some of the treatments that are new for us. Renuvion for example is a skin tightening treatment that’s really effective. Upneeq is a new treatment, too, that you may not know about. It’s a once-daily prescription eye drop that lifts your upper lids to open up your eyes. It’s terrific.” Dr. Lawson further notes, “I also love some of our go-to products that have been around for a while like Juvederm to add a little volume back to the

cheek area and Botox to relax furrowed brows and smooth lines and wrinkles. These can go such a long way to help our patients who want to look and feel more youthful.” The aestheticians at The VISTA, the med spa just downstairs at Forsyth Plastic Surgery, have been seeing many new patients this year as well. Gina Racca, head aesthetician says, “We’ve had so many new patients come in and tell us they are so ready to get their skin and bodies back in shape post-pandemic. And we know that even starting with something simple like a peel, a DiamondGlow treatment or a couple of quick CoolTone treatments can really help.” Aesthetician Kinsley Nix agrees and says, “CoolSculpting Elite has been so popular this year. I love that I can help patients achieve their body sculpting results faster with the new dual applicators.” Kinsley also heads up the permanent makeup and microblading division at The VISTA. She says, “adding volume back to sparse brows, applying a little lip tint or outlining the eyelid with a natural-looking liner is so simple and it does so much to help patients feel beautiful.”

Dr. John A. Fagg, the senior partner at Forsyth Plastic Surgery, says, “This is a great time for women to come to Forsyth Plastic Surgery, but it’s a great time for men to come in as well. Botox, medical-grade skincare, peels, and simple laser treatments to remove age spots and spider veins can all benefit men.” Dr. Fagg notes that many men come to the office and say, “My wife sent me.” Dr. Fagg says he hopes all women and men will feel comfortable booking a consultation at Forsyth Plastic Surgery just to start a conversation. He says the practice has now made it even easier to schedule appointments, saying “We’ve added online scheduling so you can make your appointments from home at night. You can now even make an appointment just by texting us.” Dr. Fagg adds, “Plastic Surgery and aesthetics are always evolving. There’s always something new whether it’s a surgical procedure, a non-surgical treatment, or a new skincare product. We love helping people feel great about themselves.” To book an appointment at Forsyth Plastic Surgery, call 336-765-8620, text Danielle the Cosmetic Concierge (336-443-6313) or schedule online at forsythplasticsurgery.com/schedule.

Pictured above: Forsyth Plastic Surgery’s 5 Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons: Dr. John A. Fagg, Dr. Gil Kingman, Dr. Andrew Schneider, Dr. George Lawson III and Dr. Leslie Branch.

Chosen as the Readers’ Choice #1 Plastic Surgery practice for 12 years in a row and the #1 Med Spa for two years in a row (thank you!).

Black Mountain Chocolate


Welcome to the final article in the Love Language story series. By now you probably know that the five “languages” are: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Gift Giving, and Quality Time.



One of the biggest challenges in the early years of my marriage was that Spouse and I would butt heads about our social calendar. I was always a “the more the merrier” kind of gal, inviting friends, family, neighbors, and dogs to be a part of every weekend, holiday, or celebration. While he often found himself asking me “Can’t it just be us?” Now obviously a big part of that is the Introvert vs. Extrovert thing but we will save that for another article! 24+ years later, it is so clear to me now that Spouse was simply speaking one of his languages to me: quality time!


As the name implies, this love language means you crave spending “fruitful and attentive time” with your partner and even other loved ones in your family and close friend circle. And just sitting side-by-side staring at your phones doesn’t count! Making time turn into quality time means that it is purposeful and your loved one is actively engaged with you and feels prioritized by you. “Quality time is giving your undivided attention to your partner,” says Valerie Poppel, PhD, a clinical sexologist and co-founder of The Swann Center, an organization that offers inclusive sexual education and training. “In today’s world, we’re plugged into everything but perhaps our partners.”


u m

b e r F i ve:

Let’s face it; we all want to feel special and loved. Quality time means you appreciate the simplicity of human interaction. You desire feeling seen and understood. Who doesn’t? But the main factor to determining if this is your love language or your partners (or one of them – you’re allowed more than one!) is that you find quality time to be the BIGGEST source of validation in your connections. One major clue is that people with this love language usually go out of their way to make it happen. It came as no surprise that when Spouse and I began to plan the E.A.A., Epic Anniversary Adventure, and I asked him to give me his three priorities for the trip he said in this exact order: • Relaxation • Quality time with each other • Fun


After 25 years of marriage, I am multilingual enough to read the meaning behind each of those and I am thrilled to say that I agree with all three! Can I still learn more about the languages spoken in our home and continue to grow as a wife? Of course I can, and I hope to by listening better and not assuming how my partner wants to spend time with me.



24 | ForsythWoman.com


If you would like to learn more about the Five Love Languages and how your marriage might benefit, I suggest starting with the book that started a movement, The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Dr. Gary Chapman. You can also find a fun online quiz here: www.5lovelanguages.com/quizzes/love-language. A sincere thank you to my dear friend Keela for asking me to write this series of articles. She doesn’t know it but Keela’s 6th love language is ‘inspiration’ which she gives out in large quantities!

Brookridge Retirement


A monthly column that keeps its finger on the pulse of Forsyth’s artists and their inspiring stories!

What is something you appreciate about the local art scene?

Head shot: @amberreneaphotography This month’s featured artist, Virginia Christman, understands that the natural beauty of the world takes intention to truly absorb and appreciate the impact it makes on our lives. Through her creative eye, utilizing different mediums she creates connection to all of Mother Nature’s glorious details.

Virginia Christman | Photographer, Printmaker & Mixed-Media Artist How would you describe your work?

My focus is modern botanical photography. My photos seek to elevate the details of our natural world and often create a sense of place or time, commemorating important and meaningful stories through collections of found and foraged objects.

What experiences and interests have influenced your art most?

I am from West Virginia, but my family visited North Carolina beaches every summer of my childhood. The wind and salt air seemed transformative for the whole family, so the outdoors held early magic for me. My parents were also avid gardeners and I remember some of my favorite days as a family were those spent in the garden together. Storytelling and story holding are vital to my creative practice. My professional life before becoming an entrepreneur was as a hospital and university chaplain, where I witnessed and honored the life-shaping stories of patients and students on a daily basis.

When did you first discover your passion and talent for sharing nature’s unexpected beauty?

I studied Studio Art as an undergraduate but focused mostly on painting. Upon graduating and moving to Los Angeles County, I found it increasingly difficult to paint consistently given the pace of graduate and professional life…and my tiny apartment! But I’ve always loved the outdoors and have a drive to create that has never quieted down, so I started casually collecting and taking pictures of the things I collected. At the same time, I was a hospital chaplain for patients undergoing bone marrow transplants. I learned how sterile their world had to be for months at a time and how deeply many of them yearned for the natural world while separated from it. The combination of these experiences honed my appreciation for natural details and for the quest to communicate what I was seeing to others.

26 | ForsythWoman.com

How have you evolved, personally, as an artist?

I think the biggest leap was being willing to actually call myself an artist! It’s amazing how difficult it was to believe that about myself and use the word out loud. I graduated with a degree in studio art but wouldn’t call myself an artist for more than ten years after that. And embracing the title has been an important part of making intentional space for my creative ideas to flourish. I’ve also had to learn how to create consistently and having a disciplined artistic practice will likely be a growing edge for some time to come. While working as a university chaplain, I participated in “The 100-Day Project” for several years, where people commit to creating one thing a day for 100 days. I credit those projects for igniting my confidence and helping me in both making and sharing art consistently with the world.

There are several women artists and small business owners who have generously offered themselves, their expertise, and their various platforms to help me get started as an artist here in Winston-Salem. I’ve been overwhelmed by their repeated generosity and encouragement because they have gone out of their way to introduce me to other artists, share ideas and resources, and collaborate with me on projects that benefit me far more than they benefit them!

What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with fellow artists?

It took me quite a few years to decide that I wanted to try making art professionally. Being consistently creative is an entirely different goal than trying to make money with your creativity, and it took me quite a while to say an enthusiastic “YES” to both. On the other hand, I would encourage creatives that won’t call themselves “real artists” to ask themselves what it is they think of when they think of a real artist? There are as many ways of doing this professional artist life as there are women doing it, so don’t let your preconceptions shut down your imagination for what your life can look like. Happy to help in that imagining process if anyone out there feels stuck! If you are interested in learning more about Virginia Christman you can follow her on Instagram @ virginiachristmanart as well as find her work online on her website, www.virginiachristman.com and her etsy shop, www.etsy.com/shop/VirginiaChristmanArt.

What are you working on that excites you right now? I am planning a summer camp with SECCA that will immerse campers in the process of creating botanical art pieces and also collaborating to create larger pieces of land art all around the SECCA campus. We’re going to have so much fun.

Mixed flower subscription bucket from @findstemz

Best Asian Restaurant & Runners Up Sushi 2020

WEEKLY DRINK SPECIALS Tuesday all moscow mule cocktails $3 off Wednesday all mojito cocktails $3 off Thursday half price wine by the glass Friday & Saturday bottled beer $1.50 off and draft beer $2 off Sunday mimosas and bloody marys $5 half price flavored sake by the glass



Biggest Sake Selection in the Triad. More than 20 different Sake available.

Best Sushi Runner Up Winner Best Asian


(336) 893-8178 | hakka-chow.com 615 Saint George Sq Ct | Winston-Salem, NC 27103 (Right off Hanes Mall Blvd. across from the Wynnsong 12 Movie Theater)

Monday Closed Tuesday -Thursday 11:30am - 9:30pm Friday 11:30am - 10pm Saturday 12pm - 10pm Sunday 12pm - 9pm

Peace of Mind

for Mothers of All Ages BY MARTIE EMORY

Ushering in the month of May means Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and all mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and any other mother-figures or strong women in your life, deserve to be showered with heartfelt thanks for tackling one of the hardest jobs in the world! But rather than simply treating them to Sunday brunch or pretty flowers (although those are always welcome!), why not give the moms in your life a present with more lasting meaning. Offer these important caregivers and mentors the gift of financial planning, and the incredible peace of mind it can bring to their lives. At Cannon Wealth Management in Winston-Salem, educating clients on the best strategies for achieving financial security is a daily goal. Director of Operations and Financial Planner Cindy Edwards, CRPS® tells us that women, more often than men, put off saving for retirement until later in life. Women are also more likely to take breaks in the workforce to raise children as well, which leads to even fewer years accumulating comfortable retirement savings. Many women are also in the “sandwich generation” still supporting children as well as caring for aging parents. Cindy gives a quick, but thoughtful, answer to the question of what women should focus on most if they are working to set up a personal savings strategy: Expect the unexpected! The “unexpected” could take the form of an untimely illness, a serious accident or even death, which can devastate a family’s finances in a very short amount of time. She also reminds us that if you depend on a spouse’s income – and especially if you have children – make sure you both carry adequate life, health, disability, and long-term care insurance.

28 | ForsythWoman.com

“If you’re self-supporting, it’s particularly important to be covered against accidents or disability, since even a brief period without income could deplete your savings,” she explains. Women – especially those at retirement age – often face greater financial difficulties than men, and certainly unique situations: • Women may live an average of seven years longer than men, so their retirement savings often must last longer. • They may earn only about three-fourths of what men earn, on average, and this discrepancy can add up, given that most people’s retirement savings are only made up of the money they’ve accumulated over a lifetime of work. • Since women are more likely than men to take time away from their careers to raise children, or care for aging parents, their Social Security and employer-provided retirement benefits are often much less. • Women tend to invest less aggressively than men so their retirement savings grow more slowly. Throughout an entire career the difference between high-risk and low-risk investments can be enormous. Cindy also reminds us that each mother’s (or grandmother’s) situation varies, but the key to moving forward is simply to start the conversation with her. The Mother’s Day “gift” of the services of a professional financial advisor can certainly be life changing. A trusted advisor can manage her financial portfolio, while also assisting her in moving forward towards her retirement goals with a bit less stress and a great deal more confidence. If your mother’s finances or insurance coverage need a check-up – and maybe even some adjustments – the professionals at Cannon Wealth Management are eager to guide you with information, new strategies, and honest advice. While this to-do list may be just the start of issues you need to examine, giving your mom the gift of more solid financial footing is a perfect way to make her life a little easier!

Cannon Wealth Management wants to help you by offering a free consultation appointment with one of our financial advisors. You can easily schedule your appointment by using the QR code below. This is their Mother’s Day gift to you! Offices are conveniently located at 2160 Country Club Road in Winston-Salem, and their trusted and respected professional services range from retirement savings, cash flow management, and tax planning, to estate planning and investing.

Fraleigh’s Boutique

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It’s What’s For Dinner


The month of May is National Beef Month. But let us dial back the years to 1992 when one might switch on the television to hear a commercial campaign telling you what many already knew: ‘Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.’ The latest figures from the USDA and statista.com show a tally of over 27 billion (yes, billion) pounds of beef consumption in the United States for the year. That is a staggering amount of red meat and that amount has stayed fairly consistent since the turn into the 21st century. There is no doubt that in today’s world there are a number of viable meat alternatives; however, for many there is no debate about the need for a carnivorous indulgence. Dive deep into the catalog of Julia Child and you will see an array of beef recipes. Watch any episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” and you will quickly learn that the spirited and sometimes sadistic host, Gordon Ramsey, almost always features elegant Beef Wellington on his menu to challenge the contestants. It can be excruciating to watch as the hapless participants struggle with undercooked or overcooked results. Oftentimes, when people speak of a restaurant for a special occasion it can mean a ‘place for a great steak.’ Personally, I distinctly remember that as a child I was always told I would certainly grow up to be a butcher as I insisted on raising up each morsel of beef I was to eat and inspecting it to make sure I trimmed the fat. I wanted to taste nothing but the purity and succulence of the meat itself. As a former hospitality industry veteran, let me personally assure you that one of the great heartaches in the restaurant industry is the interpretation of meat temperatures. There were many passionate chefs who often would love nothing more than to remind some patrons lovingly of what a true ‘medium-rare’ steak looks like. However, whenever the steak was delivered to a table and the customer was pleased, it was a bit of magic and a mental round of applause rang out as chef and customer shared a victory. So, let me ask the reader here. “How do you personally like your steak?” And then let us set forth with a quick review of the various temperatures available for your steak.

BLUE STEAK Blue steak, also known as blue rare steak, is one you don’t hear about as often as others, like rare steak and medium rare steak, but it exists nonetheless. Simply sear the outside to get a nice crispness. The inside remains raw, although slightly elevated in temperature, with a purplishred center. This steak only gets cooked to 108°F.

RARE A rare steak has a center that’s cooked a bit, so it becomes a deep red and very juicy when it’s done. The internal temperature of a rare steak falls at about 120°F. To achieve a rare internal temperature, you’ll remove the steak when it reaches 115°F.

MEDIUM RARE Medium rare steak is the golden standard. This is the most common steak ‘doneness’ ordered at a restaurant and cooked at home. A medium rare steak is ultimately rested to a temperature of 130135 degrees. It has a warm, red center, making the meat have more of that tell-tale steak texture than blue steak and rare steak. Remove a medium rare steak from the heat when it reaches 125°F.

MEDIUM With medium steak, you’ll see no red in the center. This doneness level is a popular option for people who prefer not to bite into red or have too many juices flowing out of the meat. Medium steaks need to come off the heat when they reach 135°F and they need to reach a final temperature of about 140°F.

MEDIUM WELL Medium well has a center that’s only lightly pink, and there’s little to no pink color on the outer edges of the meat. The core temperature is, on average, about 150°F when fully cooked, but you’ll need to remove it from the heat when it reaches 145°F.

WELL DONE Well-done steaks get cooked to 160°F, making their centers have little to no pink color. You will notice that the above descriptions detail at what temperature to remove a steak for a particular level of doneness. It is essential for steaks to have a rest period after being removed from the heat. This short nap for the steak allows the internal juices to be redistributed and retained; hence, creating a more mouth-watering experience. So go ahead! Pick up your tongs, Forsyth County, and dive deep this grilling season into that juicy (or so we hope) steak of your choice.


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Caring for Aging Parents As an Only Child BY KAREN COOPER

Being an only child has its advantages…always being the favorite child, growing up to be independent, and not having to compete with siblings for anything. However, the older I get, the more I wrestle with being the only person responsible for my aging parents. When the profound weight of decisionmaking falls only to you, it can feel like the whole world is on your shoulders.



Ask to talk with your parents about their finances and endof-life decisions such as advanced directives and a living will. An attorney specializing in these matters can help sort through legal issues that might come up. You will be able to set up power of attorney and other paperwork, so affairs are in order when parents face critical health challenges.

As your parents continue to age, they will probably appreciate the time and attention you give them and you will cherish the special moments you have together. Prioritize your time with your parents, knowing that they will not be around forever.

Caring for elderly parents is a challenging and emotional endeavor no matter who you are. When you happen to be an only child, the responsibility can seem so much greater. If you are an only, struggling with how to best care for your parents as they age, here are some ideas that might help you cope.

As much as possible, don’t try to do this alone. Ask doctors, family, and other caregivers for advice. It’s important for only children to use all the resources available to them in order to create a support system around them. Look for non-profit and government programs, meal delivery or housekeeping services. Lighten your load! Meals on Wheels is particularly helpful because the person delivering the meals can check in on the parent and alert the case manager or child if there are any problems. If possible, invest in home health or adult caregiver services to allow yourself much-needed breaks.

Keep a notebook of important information that you will be asked again and again. This should include social security numbers, parents’ medications, doctors’ information, caregivers’ information, and any other services they use regularly like Meals on Wheels.


TREAT YOUR AGING PARENTS LIKE ADULTS Your parents are still Mom and Dad. Even though it can feel very strange to switch roles with you now as their caregiver, resist the urge to treat them like children. They are adults who deserve to be talked to respectfully and empowered to do as much as they can on their own. Allow them choices and the chance to give input on decisions being made about their wellbeing.

STEP AWAY Caring for any loved one can be a full-time job that can make it hard to do even the smallest things for yourself like taking a shower or going outside for some fresh air. Especially as an only child, you need these breaks. If it really is impossible for you to step away, consider respite care for your parents. With respite care, a trained medical professional will care for your parents while you take a break.

INQUIRE ABOUT TIME OFF Some people use a combination of vacation, sick time, and even unpaid personal leave. Others ask their employers for more work flexibility, or take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act, which requires employers to give up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off for approved reasons (including caring for sick parents). People who have been employed for a full year and have worked at least 1,250 hours in a prior 12-month period are eligible. The FMLA guarantees that you will have the same (or equal) job after your leave is over.

RESOURCES FOR CAREGIVERS AARP: aarp.org; 877-333-5885 Aging Life Care Association: aginglifecare.org; 520-881-8008 ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center: archrespite.org; 703-256-2084 Eldercare Locator: eldercare. acl.gov; 800-677-1116 Family Caregiver Alliance: caregiver.org; 800-445-8106

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Parenting Our Parents: parentingourparents.org; 310-275-7554 Senior Corps: nationalservice.gov; 800-942-2677 US Administration on Aging: hhs.gov; 800-677-1116 US Department of Labor: dol.gov; 866-487-9243 Meals on Wheels America: mealsonwheelsamerica.org; 888-998-6325


IS ALL ABOUT YOU. Join the fastest growing fitness community in the World. Team Training, Life Changing.





HIIT, Functional Group Training with certified personal trainers for all abilities. No mirrors, no egos, just 45 minutes of hard work. 7 day free trial: bit.ly/F45WSNCFREETRIAL

f45training.com/winstonsalem 336.703.7556 | winstonsalem@f45training.com 486 N Patterson Ave, Suite 125 | Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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Owner, Best of Winston

BEST OF WINSTON The Innovation Quarter (IQ) is urban renewal at its finest. As the fastest growing area of WinstonSalem, this area is becoming the model for how to create modern spaces using old warehouses and historic buildings. Enjoy a full day in the Innovation Quarter to see why it’s become such a hot-spot in downtown Winston-Salem. Start your day with a biscuit and coffee at Krankies. Krankies was founded before the IQ took off as a respite for independent thinkers and artists, and it still maintains its reputation for excellent coffee with a side of hipster edge. The menu at Krankies changes occasionally, but crowd favorites are the Krankies Classic, which features fried chicken on a biscuit with a honey + Texas Pete sauce, and the Redhead, which is a biscuit stuffed with fried chicken, bacon, goat cheese, and spicy red pepper jelly. After fueling up for the morning, walk across 3rd Street to the entrance of the Long Branch Trail. This trail serves as a 1.7 mile connector, linking downtown to Salem Lake, so you can opt for a longer walk. There are also bikes for rent at the entrance to Long Branch, and the trail makes this a safe and easy selection. If you decide to walk, the loop that circles around the Innovation Quarter is easy and takes 20 to 30 minutes depending on speed. Make sure to stop at the murals along the way.

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A DAY IN INNOVATION QUARTER Once you’re ready for lunch, head over to Alma Mexicana for contemporary Mexican food. Like its sister restaurant, The Porch in the West End, Alma is known for its fresh menu. We can never pass up the Three Amigos as an appetizer - chips served with queso, guacamole, and salsa - but then it’s hard to choose a main dish. All tacos can be served as either a rice bowl or salad, so make the Las Carnitas your base and decide how you’d like to eat it. Next, cross Patterson Avenue to Bailey Park for people watching and relaxing. Located in the heart of the Innovation Quarter, this park is hugely popular. Look for programming here year-round, with free outdoor movies, yoga, concerts, and more. The Winston-Salem Cycling Classic literally laps the park in one of the most exhilarating races to watch, and the Gears & Guitars festival will take over Bailey Park (this year both events will be September 9-11, 2022). There are frequently food trucks set up in the upper section, and there are always kids and dogs when the weather is nice. For a sweet pick-me-up, stroll over to Black Mountain Chocolate Bar. Take a free tour of their factory, learn about how they create their chocolate bars, and sample cocoa nibs. This boutique chocolate factory uses minimal ingredients that are high quality and ethically sourced, so everything they make is intensely

delicious. Black Mountain Chocolate Bar serves a variety of sweets, ice cream, and drinks, though our favorite thing to order is the cocoa nib brownie. For the quintessential Innovation Quarter experience, it’s time to hit the Coal Pit. As soon as you see the Coal Pit, you’ll understand why people flock here. Grab a beer at Incendiary Brewery first, walk next door to Cugino Forno to order pizza, and snag a table outside for the best vibes. The Coal Pit was, well, a pit that once housed coal for the RJ Reynolds Tobacco factories, that has now been reimagined as an outdoor patio. The amount of kids riding bikes and scooters on a warm night is innumerable, but you’ll also frequently see outdoor yoga and concerts here, too. End your night with either soft serve from Lill Dipper or a cocktail at Fair Witness, depending on your mood. Lill Dipper is renowned for its whimsical toppings, with everything from frosted flakes and crushed up cookies to gummy bears and cotton candy drizzle - just make sure to take a picture of your cone in front of their colorful backdrop. If you decide on a nightcap at Fair Witness, sit outside to soak up the stellar Innovation Quarter views. We recommend the Lavender Fantasy if it’s on the menu, though their handcrafted cocktails are always a delight.

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My bad. My mistake. That one’s on me. I blew it. I really screwed up. I was wrong. Be honest: how often do you have thoughts like these? How often do you say them out loud? And, most importantly, what difference would it make if you did? We humans like to be right about what we think, what we say, and what we do. And many of us have a hard time owning up and ‘fessing up when we are wrong. Sometimes, our ego gets in the way. Or, on a deeper level, we have a strong need to avoid feelings of embarrassment, shame, or guilt. We may be driven to protect our sense of “a perfect self,” fearing that we will think less of ourselves, or that others may think less of us if we admit fault. It’s little wonder that so many admissions of fault, wrongdoing, or misguided thinking are left unsaid.

BENEFITS OF ADMITTING WHEN YOU’RE WRONG If you are in a relationship with a spouse, co-worker, or friend who can’t admit when they’re wrong, you know how difficult it is to sustain healthy and open communication. It’s exhausting! When you hit that roadblock of avoidance, defensiveness, or denial, a part of you shuts down and the trust between you takes a hit.

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The irony is that by taking responsibility for our mistakes: • We demonstrate that we can be objective about ourselves. • People can relax with us and be themselves, leading to deeper levels of communication and understanding. • Our relationships can grow stronger because others perceive that we care about and value how they think and feel. • Others respect us. They see us as more trustworthy and confident! There is one other, powerful benefit of owning our mistakes: We free ourselves from the tyranny of perfection while deepening our self-confidence and self-respect. Take a moment to think about that: by placing a higher value on honoring what is right, we reinforce that we are a person of integrity. And when we do that, we feel good about ourselves in a profound way that has nothing to do with “being right.” Owning a mistake, any mistake, is one more expression of how you take responsibility for your words, actions, and consequences. Now that’s something to feel very good about!

GET MORE COMFORTABLE WITH ADMITTING WHEN YOU’RE WRONG • Separate your actions from your character. Doing something wrong is not the same as being a bad or flawed human. Just because you mess up doesn’t mean that you are no longer a good person, a kind person, a smart person. This distinction is at the heart of getting comfortable with our sometimes “imperfect” words and actions. • Remember that everyone makes mistakes: no one is perfect. The corollary is that you don’t need to be perfect. Being human is so much healthier. • Remind yourself that feeling embarrassed can be a good thing. It may sound crazy, but embarrassment signals authenticity. Others respect our willingness to be vulnerable and respect our strength and integrity, which in turn makes them trust us and want to cooperate with us. • Focus on what you are learning from this mistake. It is easier to move forward when we can take away something positive from an experience. Ask yourself: What can this experience teach me? What can I do to prevent making this mistake again? What do I gain from owning my mistake? • Keep the big picture in mind. A healthy relationship with yourself translates into inner peace. A healthy relationship with others creates a rich life. Count me in.



Most of us do not know that the Sunday following Mother’s Day is nationally recognized as Step-Mother’s Day. As of 2017, one in every three families was a blended family. We can assume that number is even higher in the current year. There was a study done by Brandon Gaille that concluded over half of Americans will be a part of a step-family in their lifetime and that each day there are 1,300 new step-families forming. With that being said, step-families are just as common as, if not more common than, the typical married motherand-father household. Personally, I have been blessed to have not two…but four amazing parents in my life! My mother and father both remarried and I grew up having four parents cheer me on. With a household of mom and step-/bonus dad and a household of dad and step-/bonus mom, holidays have always been eventful. Throughout life, all four of my parents have allowed and encouraged me to love and celebrate all parents involved. Therefore, I am a huge fan of Mother’s Day and Step-Mother’s Day! These amazing and separate days allow the mom, the step-mom, and the child to enjoy each moment instead of being stretched or stressed. As we approach these holidays that can be filled with pain, insecurity, or tension, let us take on new perspectives as we see how to embrace Mother’s Day and Step-Mother’s Day in their own unique ways.

TO THE “BIO-” MOM: You will always be bio-mom! No situation can ever take that from you. Rest in that fact with confidence that your child will always be your child, and you will always be their mom! If your child is gaining or has gained a step- mother figure, look at this as an opportunity for them to have another adult who cares and will be there for them throughout life. You can never have too many blessings, and maybe your child is gaining a blessing through this new woman in their life. Step-mom is not replacing you in your child’s heart; she can partner

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with you in loving your child and wanting the best for them. Allow, create, or embrace times or space where your child can bond with this new person in their life! Jealousy and pain can be incredibly gut wrenching, but at the end of the day don’t forget how your child is being impacted. Your child will have the best situation if you are on the same page with step-mom or are trying to accept the step-mom in their life! Try to imagine what it would be like to be step- mom in these situations. Yearn for empathy, not competition.

TO THE STEP-/BONUS MOM: You have such an important role! You get to love and care for this new step-child. As you create this family and enter the life of this child, keep in mind the child’s perspective. They are most likely trying to understand what is going on and how they should operate, now that they have a new family dynamic. Allow your bonding to be organic and intentional. Allow bio-mom to have time and space with the child. Look at being a step-/bonus mom as partnering with bio-mom in loving and raising this child, not ever as a competition or tool. Keep your focus on what is best and easiest for the child. Try to imagine what it would be like to be bio-mom in these situations! Yearn for empathy, not competition. As Mother’s Day and Step-Mother’s Day are approaching, consider how your family can be proactive, creative, and positive on these special days. Create space for the child to have input in the way they would like to celebrate Mother’s Day and Step-Mother’s Day. Always think about the feelings of your child in each situation. Remember, these holidays that happen once a year do not define your relationship with your child or your worth as a step-mom or biomom. At the end of the day, it is one day and there are 364 more for you and your child! For step moms or those who know a step mom, you can find helpful and practical resources by visiting CoParentingInternational.com!

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What Flower Best Captures Your Personality? BY KAREN COOPER

Research has shown that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. No brainer, right? Flowers lift our mood, release endorphins, make us feel better when we are down or when we’re sick. Flowers make us feel special when we’ve done something good. Flowers are beautiful and we all have our favorites. People can be very selective when deciding which flowers to have in their homes, in their gardens, or to give as gifts to their loved ones. The choices they make can say a lot about their own personalities. Each blossom is as special as the person who admires it. What do the flowers you love say about you?

Rose – Thoughtful, Classic, Timeless The rose is probably the most celebrated flower of all. Roses can be given to show romantic love, friendship, appreciation, sympathy, and many other emotions. A person who loves the rose is thoughtful, elegant, and timeless. This person’s style might have a vintage flair with beautiful, bold colors.

Daffodils – Welcoming, Friendly, Fortunate Daffodils symbolize friendship and new beginnings. People who love these flowers cherish their family and friends. They love special occasions and can be the life of any party. People who love daffodils probably love to stand out in a crowd and have a wonderful sense of style.

Peonies – Positive, In The Moment, Prosperous Peonies symbolize happiness and prosperity. People who love these flowers enjoy life to the fullest and are also thoughtful about their future. They encourage others to be positive and live in the moment. A peony lover’s style is elegant with soft tones and flowing fabrics.

Poppies – Creative, Happy, Bold Like the vibrant colors of these flowers, fans of the poppy are bright, happy, bold and creative. They attract attention with their personality and draw others to them. The style of someone who loves the poppy flower is bold and colorful and always confident.

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Gardenias – Sweet, Delicate, High Maintenance Gardenia lovers are very sweet, like the fragrance of the beautiful flowers they love. However, they can also be delicate and bruise easily and may be best appreciated from a distance. A gardenia lover’s style always includes a bold, attention grabbing piece and a spritz of great smelling perfume.

Iris – Unique, Creative, Hopeful Irises represent faith, hope, and courage. Someone who loves this flower is probably creative and inspiring. This person is also most likely wise beyond their years and someone who could be described as unique. Their style fits their personality and might be bohemian with pieces collected from traveling to fascinating places.

Daisies – Simple Pleasures, Morning Person, Loyal The daisy symbolizes innocence, simplicity, and joy. People who love daisies have a positive attitude and enjoy watching the sunrise. These people make others feel warm and connected in their presence. Daisy lovers make cheerful and loyal friends. Their style tends to be comfortable, simple, soft, all natural fabrics.

Tulip – Perky, Joyful, Extroverted Tulips love the light. They signify the beginning of spring and come in an array of colors. The person who loves tulips is likely to spread joy and to be an extroverted type. This person does not take life too seriously and has a way of keeping a get together upbeat. Their style is casual and colorful, relaxed and comfortable.

Orchids – Sophisticated, Mysterious, Glamorous Those who love orchids have a flair of sophistication. They are seekers of beautiful things. They have great taste, their homes are well decorated, and they enjoy the finer things in life. People who choose orchids as their favorite flower can capture everyone’s attention with their charm, although they have a tendency to be somewhat mysterious. They keep their social circle small and have simple, but stunning style.

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Furnishings & Remodeling, Turn-Key In the design industry, it is important for us to continue to learn and stay on top of all the new products and technology. With the changes happening faster than one can think, it is wise to continue to educate yourself as much as possible. LED lighting, stain-resistant acrylic fabrics, recycled materials, and even new computer software are things that we learn about every day. Many manufacturers offer weekly newsletters to educate us on their services, while some are releasing smart-phone apps to help us to research their products. Another way we continue our education is through the High Point Furniture Market, where we can attend many classes and seminars with topics ranging from social media to website design to business management strategies. During the last market, we reaped the benefits of a kitchen and bath design seminar where we saw ideas from a design studio in California. In addition to kitchens and baths, we also design drop zones, benches, built-in bookcases, fireplaces, furniture, rooms, and entire floor plans. To help our clients visualize the proposed design, we utilize technology including 3-D modeling software and photo-editing software to complete renderings and floor plans. We can drop in the paint colors, furniture, and fabrics for the client’s visual concept, as we continue to learn how to use these software programs more efficiently. The goal of staying educated and learning new technology is to make our clients happy. Upon seeing our proposal, clients are often overjoyed that their needs can be met in such a tasteful and elegant manner. Once they approve the design, we move on to the budget. Since we deal with costs and production every day, we can offer suggestions to suit our client’s budget. In this ever-changing industry, we strive to educate ourselves on a variety of topics so that we can be equipped to serve our clients well. Whether you are updating your dining room, remodeling a bathroom, or selecting finishes for an entire house, our years of experience combined with our growing knowledge of products and technology can be a great asset toward the completion of your project. After all, hearing a client say “Wow!” is what it’s all about.

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A L o c a l G e m fo r H a n d m a d e a n d L i g h t w e i g h t E a r r i n g s

Looking for unique, eye-catching earrings that won’t weigh you down or make your ears sore after a long day at the office? Dew You Boutique offers customers handmade clay earrings of all shapes, colors, and sizes to suit every style and spruce up all wardrobes. What started as a crafty way of relieving anxiety and stress throughout the COVID-19 pandemic turned into a profitable passion for owner Elisabeth Patterson. As a mother with a full-time desk job, Elisabeth makes time in her busy schedule to create new inventory to sell, frequently staying up until the early hours of the morning. Since spring 2020, Elisabeth has been perfecting the art of clay jewelry making, and reflects fondly upon her first few batches of clay earrings she made while learning the ropes. “I actually still own them,” laughs Elisabeth. “They are not the prettiest, but I am still proud of them because it shows how far I have come.” With years of experience now under her belt, Elisabeth has gained an impressive social media following on Instagram, where much of her business takes place. Local salon and boutique owners frequently reach out to Elisabeth for customized items to sell in their shops, and Elisabeth’s followers are able to see the wizard behind the curtain of creating clay earrings. She has even had the pleasure of creating custom pieces for bridal parties as well. “I chose to focus on earrings because I truly believe no outfit is complete without them,” Elisabeth explains. “What’s great about clay is that no matter how large the earrings are, they’re so lightweight that you’ll forget you’re wearing them.” Another benefit of the clay earrings at Dew You Boutique is their hypoallergenic hardware, making them a solid choice for those with sensitive skin. Elisabeth works solely with polymer clay and utilizes a pasta machine to flatten the clay before it is baked to harden. Surprisingly, like many other industries, clay production has suffered throughout the pandemic, making supplies few and far between. Elisabeth is on top of knowing where to shop to find the colors of clay she needs, and it is not unusual for her to wake up at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m.to be one of the first customers to hit “add to cart” when a supplier restocks its online store with some of the most coveted clay colors. Until recently, Elisabeth and her best friend ran the boutique together, but a change in career paths left Elisabeth as the sole operator of Dew

You Boutique. Although she juggles a packed schedule as a full-time employee, mother, and Dew You Boutique team of one, she considers the boutique to be her brainchild and thrives when she can be creative. Aside from working with her hands to craft beautiful creations for customers, she relishes seeing customers happy with their purchases and feeling beautiful with the help of her earrings. Because social media is imperative in marketing a small business, Elisabeth also had to learn the ins and outs of marketing and social media. Throughout researching various social media platform algorithms and learning how to engage social media users through consistency and trial and error, Elisabeth has found that she has a knack for marketing and producing online content. As a critical thinker, she is able to reach her target demographic through visual storytelling on Instagram, allowing her to show her newest earring designs, behind-the-scenes of her earring-making process, and the versatility of Dew You Boutique as a brand. Elisabeth’s advice to those with an entrepreneurial wild hair themselves? “Be consistent,” she says. “You need to make your business a priority and be willing to do whatever it takes to make it succeed.” Although Elisabeth strives to one day open up a storefront to sell her products, customers can find Dew You Boutique earrings, jewelry, and phone grips in local salons and boutiques such as Evelyn Rose Boutique, and formerly in URBN Grl. Elisabeth often participates in pop-up shops and markets, where she has had the opportunity to connect with fellow business owners throughout the greater Winston-Salem area. Soon, earring enthusiasts can also be on the lookout for Dew You Boutique’s merchandise in local hotspots such as The Humble Bee Shoppe and The Board Babe Charcuterie Café. Being surrounded by supportive community members and business owners has made Elisabeth’s transition into the world of owning a small business much smoother, and she looks forward to collaborating with others in the community as her brand continues to grow. To shop all things Dew You Boutique, visit www.dewyouboutique.com, or direct message @dewyouboutique on Instagram for all business-related inquiries. Check out Dew You Boutique on Facebook, and email dewyouboutique@gmail.com to learn more about Elisabeth and the brand.

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Putting Health First In Honor of Mom! BY MARTIE EMORY

Celebrating the strength of women with every mammography screening, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Outpatient Imaging also makes those women’s lives a bit easier with two convenient location – in both Winston-Salem and Kernersville – and equally convenient hours, making it easier than ever to schedule this potentially life-changing appointment. Early detection is still the best defense against breast cancer, and in honor of the beautiful occasion of Mother’s Day this month, the center will be holding “Mammos and Muffins” on both May 7 and May 14 at the Winston-Salem location – an event they have hosted for the past five years. Focusing on the generational importance of self-care, especially for those with a family history of breast cancer, Karen Howell, Mammography Supervisor, says that the staff frequently hears women explain they typically go for mammograms together with their mothers. That makes this event a perfect time to grab your mom, sister, aunt, or best friend, and schedule your mammograms on one of those May Saturdays. On May 14, the Kernersville location will also be sponsoring Mammograms & More Wellness, where attendees can schedule a mammogram appointment, tour the center, visit with local vendors, and learn more about other available imaging services as well. Serving the women of the Winston-Salem area for the past 12 years, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Outpatient Imaging partners with the expert radiologists of Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, who are both sub-specialized and board-certified in diagnostic interpretation, along with providing the benefits of the latest technology. In addition to the advantage of being an outpatient facility, with affordable pricing for both insured and uninsured patients, WFBI offers the highest quality, patient-centric care, always with a dedication to comfort and convenience. The incorporation of mammography into a regular wellness routine has helped reduce breast cancer mortality rates by 40%, and while a large percentage of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history, having a mother, sister, or daughter who has been diagnosed with breast cancer does increase your own chances. Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Outpatient Imaging is located at 265 Executive Park Blvd in Winston-Salem, and at 861 Old Winston Road in Kernersville. Reach them at 336-765-5722 to schedule an appointment, or online at wakehealth.edu/mammogram. 3D Mammography appointments are available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m., an easy fit for even the busiest schedules.

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Sowing Generational Seeds BY CHELSIE HART-SMITH

While growing up, when visiting women in my family, I always gravitated towards the gardens at their homes. My grandmother had acres of land and taught my 11 aunts and uncles how to plant seeds on rows (an old-fashioned planting technique). When I was not admiring what was grown, I found myself eavesdropping on conversations specifically about gardening topics. I became wide-eyed, hearing my loved ones boasting of 10-pound watermelons and prize winning sunflower fields. I laughed at how competitive my aunts and mother had become over growing something as simple as snap beans. I made sure to lean in extra hard when hearing them whisper secrets and tricks to help boost their bountiful harvests. At a young age, conversations that involved growing anything left me curious and excited to learn more. My mother did not stray from the tradition of keeping a beautiful garden. Instead of fruits and vegetables, she preferred flowers and tropical vines, spreading them through hills and corners throughout our large yard. She also had an occasional tomato/cucumber plot for summer salads and sandwiches. Every year I would excitedly accompany her to garden supply stores to explore what was new and gain inspiration for how we would fill in annual spaces while also preserving heirloom perennials passed down from my grandmother. Every late winter/early spring, I would often find my mother sitting, sketching very detailed garden plans that looked like complicated puzzles. While this seemed stressful to me, she appeared delighted and antsy. As I grew older and began to research gardening, I stumbled upon reports in the Mental Health Journal citing gardening as a means of reducing stress and improving mood, with a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety. Now I see why she eagerly filled in her graph paper with various shapes and numbers.

“Gardening is some of the best exercise mother nature gives.” My mother would repeat this often during our days out in the yard. It was exercise, alright. Digging holes, amending soil, sometimes even tilling the land. By middle school, I knew the gardens meant sweat and work. I enjoyed the hard work and, more importantly, my mother’s time and the memories we were sowing. The broken nails and stiff muscles seemed to always be overshadowed by how quickly I saw our hard work paying off. Years later, I still equate the sun radiating on my skin with making memories with my mom in her gardens. Our time in the sun boosted our Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D increases your calcium levels, which benefits your bones and immune system. A 2014 Italian study, published on the National Institutes of Health website, found that exposure to sunlight helped older adults achieve adequate serum vitamin D levels. Gardening is perfect for getting your sunshine while pursuing a fun hobby. My mother always quoted the importance of sowing flowers and seeds. She would emphasize their significance both in gardening and in day-to-day life. Constantly we discussed how few things compared to the feeling of accomplishment when watching a hard-earned garden grow. She was right. Working hard is an incredible mood booster that provides a sense of pride and achievement. In fact, a study in the Netherlands, cited by CNN, suggests that gardening fights stress better than most hobbies. Participants completed a stressful task; they were told to read inside or go outdoors and garden for 30 minutes. The gardening group reported better moods afterward, and their blood tests showed lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Now that I’m older, it’s my turn to proudly carry on family garden traditions. I have young children eager to sow seeds and learn to maintain overflowing garden plots. Every late winter, like I watched my mother do, I sketch up new garden plans and bring my children to seed shops and local nurseries in the spring. I am so grateful for all lessons and time spent helping my mother over the years. Slowly I have begun to sow these seeds of knowledge with my own children while echoing how important sowing seeds are in garden plots and our everyday life.

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A Special Bond: Mothers & Daughter in Business Together BY DEBBIE LINVILLE

The relationship between a mother and daughter can only truly be understood by mothers and daughters. It is a unique kind of relationship that can run the emotional gamut from pure delight to complete frustration which makes sense given few people know you better than your mother. But what happens when the relationship is extended into the workplace? In honor of Mother’s Day, five successful local business mother-daughter duos share that, despite the occasional hiccups, by complementing each other’s strengths and adhering to important ground rules, it can work. And through it all, one thing remains constant…unconditional love.


The Business Duo: Lori White (mother) and Morgan Cooper (daughter) Their Business: Hive, 304 S. Stratford Road What they do: Feature well known designer brands of clothing most often found in luxury retailers and online sites such as Saks, Neiman Marcus, Intermix, Shopbop, and Matches Fashion. As a high-end contemporary lifestyle boutique, with a price range for everyone, they also offer luxury gift items, cocktail table books, gold, gemstone, and diamond jewelry, luxury handbags and smaller works of original art offering commissions on larger pieces. What are the challenges of being a mother-daughter duo? Lori: We love and fight hard - it is our family dynamic. We get our grievances out quickly, come to a compromise and then get back to business. There are no negatives in this relationship. I get to see her everyday most weeks and I try not to call her at all on the weekends when she is with her husband.


The Business Duo: Gwen Kuykendall (mother) and Kara Kuykendall (daughter) Their Business: Kuykendall’s Border Collies & Goose Masters, 2464 NC-22, Franklinville What they do: Own and work together in two businesses: Goose Masters and Kuykendall’s Border Collies. Kuykendall’s Border Collies centers on breeding, raising and training dogs. These dogs can be used as pets, livestock herding, and Canada goose control dogs. The elite goose dogs are used in their company, Goose Masters, which is a specialized service company using the highly trained Border collies to keep nuisance Canada geese off properties. Their motto is “When you’re successful, we’re all successful.” What are a few of your ground rules? Gwen: I’m a morning person and want to chat and conduct business early, but Kara is more of a night person and gets started later in the day. I respect Kara’s time in the morning, and she respects my time in the evenings. We do text each other, but we don’t expect a response during those hours. We believe that family meals are for time with family, and we should try not to discuss business. First and foremost, we know that we will always have each other’s back. While we hold each other accountable for business decisions, at the end of the day… Kara comes first as a daughter. Kara: Respecting each other’s personal time and not talking business 24/7. Not only are we business partners, but we are passionate about keeping the mother and daughter relationship healthy. What’s your best advice for someone thinking about going into business with their mom or daughter? Gwen: Do it! Guide and encourage, give each other the freedom to grow in the business and personally, and allow for mistakes because no one is perfect. This is an approach that helps you learn and grow, not only in business, but most importantly, as a person. Kara: Remember to enjoy each other and appreciate the little things. We are all human and make mistakes but from those we can learn and grow personally, and with the business.

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Morgan: I do not have much of a challenge working with my mom. Do we fight/argue? Yes, but it is mainly during stressful times when we both are worried about the business and how to grow Hive. We quickly get everything off our chest and are back to our normal selves within a few minutes. What’s your best advice for someone thinking about going into business with their mom or daughter? Lori: Do it! Find a common interest and find a way to make a living at it! It never feels like work - we like similar music, so a favorite playlist is always on in the shop and obviously, we have similar taste in clothes and accessories, as well as home decor. To be able to spend time with my daughter is the best gift. Morgan: It has been the biggest blessing to go into business with my mom. I encourage anyone to do it! We lean on each other for growth, but at the end of the day, it is so fun to be together daily. We have certainly shared a lot of laughs and made special memories together thus far at Hive.


The Business Trio: Sue Wright (grandmother), Teresa Conrad (mother), and Amber Dietz (daughter) Their Business: Sewingly Yours, Inc., 1329 Lewisville Clemmons Road


What they do: Carry a wide range of Husqvarna Viking and Baby Lock sewing, embroidery, and quilting machines (both sit down and long-arm), and sergers, along with a variety of fabrics, notions, and patterns. They pride themselves on providing a plethora of classes and training opportunities – they are passionate about sewing and want others to enjoy it, too!

The Business Duo: Lynn Tart (mother) and Chelsea Tart (daughter)

Have you been through any hardships that have strengthened your bond?

Their Business: Camel City Coffee, 110 Oakwood Drive

Teresa: Like so many small businesses, we had to work through the challenges of COVID. Winston-Salem Project Mask afforded us a wonderful opportunity and we quickly embraced it. We made the decision early on that we wanted to support our local area. Between Project Mask and revamping how we sold goods (mail out, curbside pickup, etc.), we were able to stay open during a very difficult time.

What they do: Serve the finest handcrafted coffees and teas in town. The shop is one where community and coffee collide, cultivating an inclusive experience for all lovers of caffeine and conversation. What’s it like working with each other? Lynn: Even though I think we balance each other, it can be challenging at times. Fortunately for us at the end of the day we go to our separate homes. Since I have always been the teacher figure in Chelsea’s life it’s been an awesome experience for me learning the coffee business with Chelsea and being taught the art of coffee making from her. Every mother should be so fortunate to have the opportunity to have a dual relationship with their child. It has taught me to respect her and her judgment on a whole different level. Chelsea: At first, it was difficult because of the mother/ daughter relationship and the inevitable power struggles that would occur daily. Today, it’s mostly frictionless. We both know our strengths and we are both very aware of our weaknesses which allows the business relationship to ebb and flow naturally and effortlessly. The most valuable aspect of working with my mom is trust. The ability to 100% trust your business partner with anything is entirely underrated. What’s your best advice for someone thinking about going into business with their mom or daughter? Lynn: My dad always said, “Be careful doing business with family and friends. It can destroy relationships.” He wasn’t wrong. I’ve seen lots of family businesses go under due to a lack of respect and boundaries. If you can’t leave business at the office at the end of day and you don’t have 110% respect for one another, don’t do it. Working with a child is not for the faint of heart. Feelings get hurt and toes get stepped on. Remember to always say thanks for your hard work and I love you. Chelsea: Think twice and then think again. Going into business with family creates an even more complex dynamic than one can imagine before it is a reality. I’ve seen folks lose their families and their entire lives when a family business goes under. You must be willing to risk literally everything, not just your time and your financial well-being, to go into business with a family member. We’re some of the lucky ones because for us, we complement each other well and it sure does feel a bit serendipitous.

Amber: The past few years with COVID have definitely strengthened our bond. With all the changes and limitations in the last few years, it has forced us to be more flexible and lean on and support one another in the business. Determination, creativity, and mutual love and respect got us through a tough time.


The Business Duo: Virginia Hardesty (mother) and Ashley Hardesty Armstrong (daughter) Their Business: Forsyth Seafood Market & Cafe, 108 N Martin Luther King Jr. Drive What they do: Offer over 20 types of local whole fish in the wild caught seafood market, displayed on the original ice counter where guests can pick out their fish for fish butchers to clean to order. They are one of the only black and female led fresh seafood markets in the state that has direct roots to the Eastern NC fisherman communities. Additionally, guests can enjoy local seafood fried to crispy perfection (served with their famous homemade coleslaw, hushpuppies, and other chef specialties) in their Eastern NC southern fried restaurant.

What’s your best advice for someone thinking about going into business with their mom or daughter?

What’s the best thing about running a business with each other?

Teresa: Hands down…communication is key! Treat each other as equals and listen to each other’s opinions. Recognize and respect that everyone has something valuable to bring to the table.

Virginia: I think we have an optimistic approach. No matter what products, seafood, or staffing issues we may have one week, we always agree on the positive measures we can take to push the business forward.

Amber: It can be very rewarding. Coming out of corporate, work/life balance could be a challenge. There is a lot of effort and heart that goes into owning a small business, but it can be very rewarding. There is nobody who can celebrate your successes, fully understand and support you when you’re needed at home, and always have your best interest at heart more than the women in your life who love you.

Ashley: It’s cool to see my mom receive accolades from people in the community. Our guests love to take pictures with her and give her hugs. I love just stepping back and watching. She and my late father worked very hard to build this business and to see her carry it forward is unmatched in my eyes. What’s your best advice for someone thinking about going into business with their mom or daughter? Virginia: It’s important to have a relationship that’s not just parent and child but recognize you are adult business partners. Being willing to respect each other’s opinions is of the utmost importance. Ashley: I think having a strong relationship with your parent is key. I know if I come to her with an idea, it won’t be shot down because she respects my creativity and she knows how my mind works (and vice versa). We know that whatever the goal, we are both equipped to refine it.

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Making Dollars, Making $ense Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC, Investment advice offered through Independent Advisor Alliance, a registered investment advisor, Independent Advisor Alliance and Marzano Capital Group are separate entities from LPL Financial.

Education, Communication, & Following the Plan BY BRANDON JAMES, FINANCIAL ADVISOR

We have a saying here at Marzano Capital Group that “an educated client is the best type of client.” Educating our clients and potential clients on the “what” and “why” of various financial strategies is extremely important. There are many moving parts and options to consider when it comes to financial planning, investing and insurance, so it can become overwhelming when it is not explained in a comprehensive manner. On the flip side, it is important for our clients to educate us so that we also fully understand their situation and their goals. Open communication is crucial to the success of a financial plan. When we make changes or rebalance portfolios, we want clients to know what we are doing and why we are doing it. Money and finances can be emotional. We can remove the emotion when it comes to making those changes, and instead, make investment decisions based on logic and research. By asking good questions and gaining a meaningful understanding of what someone wants, needs, and plans to do, we can truly be the “financial quarterback” for your family. Often, we invest a great deal of time and effort at the beginning of a new relationship on education and identifying expectations before someone even becomes a client. That investment of time is important to both sides, as it is the foundation of the newly established relationship. At the end of the day, when someone hires a financial advisor to help guide them through financial options and decisions, they ultimately want the answer to the question that most everybody wants to know…” Are we going to be okay?” Another variation of that question is: are we going to have what we need to be able to retire with the same lifestyle or better? If not, what steps do we need to be taking today to ensure we reach all our goals? It comes down to building a plan, frequently re-visiting the plan, updating the plan as changes are made, and most importantly, following the plan. When you have a path to follow, it is easier to track your progress and have confidence in the fact that what you are doing is ultimately going to get you where you want to be. Without a plan, it really is a guessing game as to how/when you will be able to retire and with how much flexibility you are going to have in those golden years. We would welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you and help educate you about our practice and how we can help you and your family. All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy ensures success or protects against loss.

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The SkinCare Boutique introduces

Hydrafacial Signature Event! May 24th Call 336.725.1999 to reserve your spot! S K I N C A R E , S P O R T S W E A R , S P E C I A L O C C A S I O N , B R I D A L , P R O M , A C C E S S O R I E S , A LT E R AT I O N S

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From Bedside To Patient: Nurse Of 53 Years Suffers Stroke!

Joanette Pete McClain, a 2022 Forsyth Go Red Woman, has been a leader in nursing for over 50 years, and a former nursing professor in the Division of Nursing at WinstonSalem State University. She often taught future nurses “that their best bedside manners were characteristics that they should never leave home without.” In September of 2019, she had an opportunity to see if they listened to her, because she became the patient when she suffered a right-sided stroke in her sleep. “I woke up around 5 a.m. on September 5, 2019, but when I tried to get out of bed, I immediately fell to the floor,” said Dr. McClain. Being the determined woman that she is, she continued to the bathroom by crawling on the floor, but soon realized she couldn’t stand up. She yelled to her husband, “I think I’ve had a stroke. I cannot move anything on my right side.” Her husband immediately called 911. Within minutes medical responders were at her home. They asked Joanette several simple questions, and even though she knew the answers, she couldn’t answer them. “Once I got to the hospital, bright lights were shown in my eyes, followed by instructions for me to squeeze their hands, follow their fingers from side to side and up and down - none of which I could do consistently,” recalls Dr. McClain. She was x-rayed, completed an MRI, a CAT scan, and multiple blood tests. All of which revealed that her diagnosis of a stroke was correct. “Words that are so familiar to a nursing professional, all of a sudden seemed so confusing. I realized then that the diagnosis and the person they were talking about pertained to me, and not to some other patient,” said Dr. McClain. With a great deal of assistance from the staff, over the next 30 days, she learned how to walk again. I learned to strengthen my right side so that I could write and walk again. “During inpatient intensive physical therapy for six hours a day, I participated in every imaginable physical, emotional, cognitive, and playful activity that one could think of, all in the name of training my brain to take me back to my pre-stroke condition,” said Dr. McClain. She often commented to the

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staff in the Rehabilitation Center that they needed to hang a sign that said “never enough.” Because no matter how many repetitions of an activity you performed, they wanted to see if you could do one more? During therapy, she was not allowed to use supportive devices such as a walker, crutches, nor a cane to help with her mobility and balance. She learned that after a stroke, one’s brain will try to take the body back to its original position and by the end of her impatient stay, she was able to use her right hand and walk again without assistive devices. “After an additional three months of outpatient therapy, most of my mobility fine and gross motor skills were back. Today, there is just a small residual that reminds me that on my right side I suffered a stroke,” said Dr. McClain. “However, one of those small reminders is that it does keep me from fully enjoying my favorite line dance, the ‘Wobble!’ But, I am working on getting rid of it!” Once Joanette left the inpatient and outpatient therapy settings, she realized that she had to make some adjustments in some of her daily work and hobby activities. “I had to reduce my stress and physical activity levels. So now instead of planting a two-acre garden, I made planter boxes for my deck. I enjoy my hobby of gardening in a much smaller space,” she shared. Dr. McClain overcame her stroke, got back up, and hasn’t looked back. She now provides her professional expertise and support to the WSSU Behavioral Health and Community Mobile Unit (BeHCU), leading by example and teaching the importance of good heart health. Joanette Pete McClain is a 2022 Forsyth Go Red Woman, sharing her story in our community to help other women prevent heart disease and stroke. Novant Health is proud to be the American Heart Association’s “Life is Why” and “Go Red for Women” sponsor in Forsyth County, celebrating, supporting and encouraging women to put their health first wherever they may be in their journey.


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Jodie Brim, owner, and lead photographer of Jodie Brim Creative, photographs the world through a lens of positivity. Wife, mother, daughter, business leader, and entrepreneur, Jodie’s interactions with everyone in her life develop from a lens of love, empathy, honesty, and creativity. Watching and emulating her mother, Jodie took to heart her saying, “The world is not just one of anything.” This open-minded view of life and of people have helped guide Jodie throughout a ten-year journey from corporate America to leading a successful business team in Winston-Salem. Growing up in Winston-Salem and graduating from West Forsyth High School, Jodie had big-city dreams of working for the US Government as an interpreter (or owning a nail salon, depending on the year you asked). Jodie worked toward her dreams by graduating from North Carolina A&T University with a degree in psychology and then from High Point University with a master’s degree in public administration with a focus in nonprofit management. She held corporate jobs in Atlanta, Knoxville, Washington DC, and Chicago. While working in higher education, Jodie was challenged with improving operations of an institution to make it profitable. She was promoted in just 11 months to Director of Operations, one of the youngest Black females (only 25 years old at the time) to achieve so much in such a brief time there. Despite the doubts about her leadership credentials based on her gender and race, Jodie remained positive and relied on her faith, parents, and worldview to see beyond people’s first impressions. Rather than judging those who doubted her, she considered them with respect and kindness.

Jodie shares advice for new business owners, especially women of color, to be genuine and proud of where they come from. Staying positive about business opportunities includes being brave about marketing that “shows the real you.” This type of vulnerability in advertising will attract customers who value quality and who are open-minded to diverse cultures and different views of the world. Jodie is a self-taught photographer and combines her business savvy with the art of seeing the world through her unique lens. With the world taking pictures of every moment with their smartphone, Jodie uses her artistic skills to create a photographic product that captures real emotions and personalities, both in portrait and branding photography. She urges business owners to get the “business side right first, then develop the skill set.” To be successful, photographers need to master both components. As a young girl, Jodie was not exposed to other Black photographers who could be role models or mentors in this field. With this in mind, Jodie has partnered with a non-profit group called LEAD girls, which provides underserved preteen girls with leadership development and career education. She hopes to give back to the community by teaching young girls about the value and opportunities in the art and business of professional photography. “Viewing the world through a camera lens is much different than seeing it through a smartphone!” she says. Jodie’s focus is making time for a client-centered business, as well as giving back to the community she loves. Her lens is looking very clear! You can read more details about Jodie and her company, Jodie Brim Creative, Brand Photography and Videography, at www.jodiebrim.com (email: info@jodiebrim.com).

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Family-Owned and Ideal for Lawn-Mowing Ladies BY AMY HILL, PHOTOS BY MEGAN BLACK PHOTOGRAPHY

Spring is in the air, summer is right around the corner, and grass is growing faster than ever. Before heading to major hardware stores to shop for your lawn care needs, visit local favorite Jack’s New Grass to tend to your lawn and get your grass under control. Ideal for customers and yard-workers of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels, Jack’s New Grass is the Triad’s go-to spot for outdoor power equipment sales and repairs. Family-owned Jack’s New Grass has been servicing the greater Triad area since 1981. Owner Jack started the business in his basement by sharpening tools and saw blades. When Jack’s son Randy suggested that they incorporate selling push mowers, their business boomed and Jack’s New Grass stands strong over 40 years later. The technicians at Jack’s New Grass perform maintenance and repair work on mowers and outdoor power equipment of all brands. Loyal Jack’s New Grass clients will find that the benefits of shopping local greatly outweigh the benefits of shopping at major hardware chains. Previous customers of Jack’s New Grass always receive first priority when it comes to repairs, even if your last Jack’s New Grass purchase was decades prior. If you purchase equipment at Jack’s New Grass, finding a better warranty elsewhere will be nearly impossible. All warranty work is performed inhouse, meaning customers never have to deal with pesky paperwork. Not sure how to operate your new piece of equipment? The staff members at Jack’s New Grass insist on offering customers tutorials on how to properly and safely operate their new purchases. The team performs demos outside the shop and won’t allow customers to leave before they feel completely at ease operating the equipment on their own. Single ladies looking to tend to their grass are in luck. At Jack’s New Grass, women have their fair share of lightweight equipment to choose from. Find machinery that is battery-powered, eliminating the hassle of stubborn pull cords, as well as equipment with self-propel features making for a quick and easy mow. Can’t make it to the shop to pick up your new equipment? Jack’s New Grass offers convenient delivery services for customers who don’t have the means to tow their heavy equipment home.

Customer favorite Teresa has been a Jack’s New Grass team member for seven years, after Jack took a chance on hiring her with no experience in the industry. She quickly became a shop staple by learning as much as she could about outdoor equipment and sales, and stays current with her technician certifications each year. She attributes much of her acquired knowledge over the years to the help and expertise of Jack and Randy, and enjoys helping other women learn new skills in lawn care on the job. Because Spartan mowers and other equipment sold at Jack’s New Grass are made with materials produced in America, Jack’s New Grass has not experienced hardship when it comes to COVID-related supply chain and inventory shortages. In the previous year alone, Jack’s New Grass sold 190 mowers, with steady business throughout the winter months. Along with high-powered, durable mowers, Jack’s New Grass has also introduced a golf cart-like neighborhood vehicle to its fleet, reaching a speed of up to 20 mph with a regenerative braking system that recharges its battery while drivers brake downhill. The vehicle is fit for all terrain, from the beach to the mountains, and is the beginning of a new expansion of the inventory at Jack’s New Grass. Interested in joining the Jack’s New Grass team? Jack, Randy, and Teresa are in search of small engine, two-cycle mechanics with prior experience. To apply, send your resume to randy@jacksnewgrass.com. To learn more about what Jack’s New Grass has to offer, visit the shop’s website at www.jacksnewgrass.com. Find Jack’s New Grass on WXII and Fox 8; and check out the team on Facebook and Instagram at @jacksnewgrass.

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Woman-owned Pat’s Body Shop & Towing has been servicing the Triad for decades, operated by Sandra Scarlette, a bona fide “Jill-of-all-trades.” A true force to be reckoned with, Sandra is adept at turning her dreams into realities, even if it means waiting decades for the right opportunity to come along. She possesses a level of business acumen, drive, and confidence that is rarely seen throughout the standard population. Sandra serves as nothing short of an inspiration for young women and striving female business-owners of all ages by letting her quality work speak for itself. As for young women looking to become entrepreneurs themselves, Sandra stands firmly behind the belief that overcoming laziness is the key to success. She rarely sits still, and even installed a small gym at Pat’s Body Shop to fit in a quick lift during bodybuilding competition season. It’s one thing to be a hard worker and successful, but earning the respect of those around you is another feat altogether. In addition to being a caring wife, mother, and grandmother, Sandra juggles her booming business, her successful bodybuilding career and her newfound love of drag racing. After attending drag racing school under the instruction of Bubba Turner, Sandra immediately began looking for the perfect dragster to bring home. With Bubba’s help, she finally snagged her very own speed demon from Alabama, and plans to master the sport of drag racing. In March of 2020, Sandra was elated to open her venture, Scarlette Performance. A customization shop making big noise in the racing world, the team provides services as leaders in their field, with a highly-trained and professional staff. Adrenaline junkies are drawn to Scarlette’s Performance due to its full racing team. Joined by NASCAR crew chief of over 20 years, Randy Cox, and Big Dog Racer Bubba Turner, the high-speed team at Scarlette’s will be a tough act to follow for fellow racing enthusiasts. Customers can receive services such as computerized tire balancing, high-performance engine modifications, dyno tuning, and more.

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In early 2022, Sandra opened her newest enterprise, Scarlette’s Performance Parts Division, located at 5730 Country Club Rd. Long-time patrons of Pat’s Body Shop could have easily missed the construction and remodel of Sandra’s brand new parts shop next door simply by blinking. They specialize in products for show cars, drag racing, and more. After acquiring the building in August 2021, Sandra’s husband Donnie astonishingly remodeled the space in record time for an early 2022 opening. Upon entering the Scarlette’s Performance Parts showroom, guests are immediately taken aback by the sleek black, red, and white decor, the stunning 1963 Corvette split-window on the showroom floor, and walls of awards and trophies lining the shop. The shop is truly one-of-a-kind in the Triad. It is the crown jewel of inventory, customer service, and quality automotive care. Sandra has big plans for her newly acquired lot next door. Customers and locals can expect to see drastic changes to Pat’s Body Shop and Towing in the near future when it comes to paint and design. With the help of 27 employees, Pat’s currently services 100 cars on a weekly basis, with that number only expected to increase as the space expands. Regardless of her notoriety and success, Sandra remains warm, humble, and kind to those around her. Found on Sandra’s properties are beautiful murals painted by tattoo artist Andre Phillip, which represent what Sandra loves the most (besides her family, of course): her pets, her cars, bodybuilding, and especially her late brother Pat Scarlette.

There is no doubt that Sandra’s legacy is due largely in part to her virtues. Overcoming the stigma of being a woman working in the automotive industry was an uphill climb, especially early in her career. By sticking to her guns, learning as much as she could about the industry, and presenting herself with confidence and professionalism, Sandra is one of the most well-respected names in her field. Upon speaking with Sandra, it is no mystery how she feels about her career, team of employees and friends, and desire to keep growing. Although Sandra’s hard work continuing to pay off may seem like a no-brainer to Sandra’s nearest and dearest, she is still blown away by how her business has progressed each morning she pulls into the parking lot. She is so moved by the support from her community and team members that she becomes tearyeyed when asked to reflect on her years of dedication to her trade. In fact, she attributes her success to God and His timing. Interested in seeing what Scarlette’s Performance and Parts has in store? Follow Sandra and her team on Facebook, and check out @scarlettes_performance on Instagram to learn more. For all your automotive parts needs, call Scarlette Performance Parts at 336-946-9007. For Performance, Mechanical and Dyno-Tuning, call 336-955-3099, visit www.scarlettesperformanceparts.com and www.patsbodyshop.com.

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National Nurses Day – Eight Great Movies Featuring Nurses BY KAREN COOPER

In honor of Nurses Week, May 6 – 12, 2022, we have compiled a list of movies featuring a variety of nurse personalities….some funny, some dreamy, others realistic and lovable. For Nurses Week this year, make sure the nurses in your life know that you see them and acknowledge what they do. There is nothing a nurse appreciates more than having someone they love really recognize the work they do and the sacrifices they often have to make.

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE (1985) Jaclyn Smith plays Florence Nightingale and shows how the “Lady with the Lamp” became one of the most significant advocates of cleanliness and sanitation for the nursing profession. This film, based on her life, illustrates how she volunteered to care for the wounded soldiers during the Crimean War, and faced great opposition for her approach to nursing. Through her perseverance, she reformed hospital sanitation and helped define the nursing profession as we know it today.

THE ENGLISH PATIENT (1996) In this romantic film, set in Italy during World War II, Hana (Juliette Binoche) is a nurse who is taking care of a man with severe burns, Laszlo (Ralph Fiennes). Laszlo’s past is revealed through flashbacks where we see his love affair with a married Englishwoman (Kristin Scott Thomas), and his work mapping the African landscape. Based on a novel by Michael Ondaatje, the story is told in revelations of Laszlo’s actions prior to his injuries, and the emotional effect these stories have on the other characters around him.

THE AMERICAN NURSE (2014) This powerful documentary follows the story of five nurses from the book of the same name. Each nurse works with a different type of patient, including maximum-security prisoners, home health patients in Appalachia, soldiers coming home from war, women giving birth, and end-of-life patients. If you want to see what nursing is really all about, this movie is for you.

THE HOSPITAL (1971) Herbert Bock (George C. Scott) is the chief of medicine in a New York City teaching hospital. He is considering

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suicide because his life is falling apart. In the meantime, his hospital is also falling apart with unexplained deaths in his midst. This movie also includes a romantic story line with Barbara (Diana Rigg) who helps restore Dr. Bock’s will to live. This is a dark, satirical, fun film that shows life inside a (fictional) 1970s hospital with chaos all around.

A FAREWELL TO ARMS (1932) Against the backdrop of World War I, this love story is both romantic and tragic. In this first adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s classic, British nurse Catherine Barkley (Helen Hayes), and American ambulance driver Frederic, an Italian Army officer (Gary Cooper), fall in love while working at a hospital in Italy.

MEET THE PARENTS (2000) Portrayals of nurses are often limited to women, but not in this gem of a film. In Meet the Parents, Greg (Ben Stiller), is a “male nurse” on his first visit to his girlfriend’s (Teri Polo) parents’ house, which turns out to be more of a (hilarious) nightmare than he could have ever imagined.

PEARL HARBOR (2001) Based on real historical events, this film follows American childhood friends Rafe (Ben Affleck) and Danny (Josh Hartnett) as they join World War II as pilots. A love triangle ensues as Rafe returns from Europe to find his best friend and his girlfriend (Kate Beckinsale) have comforted one another in his absence. The three of them reunite in Hawaii just before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

WIT (2001) Vivian (Emma Thompson) is a demanding English literature professor who has spent much of her life focusing on religion and death as it relates to her studies. When she is diagnosed with cancer, an experimental and aggressive procedure is recommended. Nurse Susie (Audra McDonald) steps into the picture as the patient deals with the effects of the treatment, contemplates her life’s work and expresses her final wishes. International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth.

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Why I Hired A Cleaning Service BY GENEVIEVE CONDON

My anxiety is high just thinking about the dirty floors, loads of laundry, and dust that lines my fans. It taunts me when I turn them on, the dust hanging on by a thread, threatening to come sailing down to the ground, adding to the floors that are most certainly not clean enough to eat off of. Okay. Okay. It wasn’t that bad but with my high anxiety, cleanliness is something that always added to my worry. With a house full of people, one of them a toddler, clean was always a relative term. No matter how prepared I made sure we were on the weekends, Monday came and it looked like I didn’t own a broom. Then someone suggested I hire a cleaning service. Someone to come weekly, biweekly, whatever I wanted to help out and ease a bit of my worry. I felt odd even reaching out for quotes because why couldn’t I keep up with the mess? Why couldn’t I put aside my anxiety for two seconds to let my house just be. But my husband put it into perspective for me. We both have busy schedules, and work from home. Our home is more than a place we are occasionally at after a long day, it’s our main focal point. Our work space, playground, a place we meet for lunch dates as we both leave our respective corners where we work. A playground for our toddler who we somehow manage to keep home as we both work full-time. And a teenage hangout for when my daughter has friends over. Our home is so much more than it used to be. The cleanliness helps focus, productivity, and enjoyment. So the cleaning service, while initially I felt defeated reaching out for help, has been a game changer. While I do still need to keep things tidy, I don’t see dust bunnies taunting me as I try to watch a movie after a hard day (and promptly feel compelled to get on my hands and knees and remove them all) or the toddler handprints strategically placed right across the TV screen so you can’t see what’s going on. I see a home, my place of work, my solitude. I hired a cleaning service for my sanity and to relieve any little bit I could on my increasing anxiety. Things right now aren’t easy for many and anything we can do to relieve ourselves of stress, worry, and anxiety should be welcomed with open arms. So hire that cleaning service or dog walker, order groceries online and pick them up. Do whatever it takes to help yourself because you deserve it.

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Learning to Be a Military Mom: Part 1


Within hours, I had received 70 comments and at last count it was up to 93. Clearly, these moms had something to say! I have read and reread each and every comment and have cried a little, laughed a little, and been humbled as I so often am when I hear about other people’s personal journeys, military or otherwise. From the responses and my own experience, I have compiled the following collection of heartfelt expressions. The main themes that emerged were: • Military parenting is very different from college parenting • Pride is abundant but freedom comes at a cost

Susan and Tony Johnson, parents of Petty Officer Third Class Grant Johnson have this advice for fellow military parents: Pray a lot, trust that you raised your child to be a good person and know that the military is going to fill in the gaps making them even more awesome! When I suggested the subject of being a military parent, I admitted that I didn’t know which direction I would go with the article. I only knew that sometimes I feel very lonely in the experience so undoubtedly others do, too. Maybe sharing some of the challenges, joys, and worries could help other military parents. But where to begin? My son joined the U.S. Navy in August of 2020, so it’s not like I’m a seasoned mom who has been living this way for decades. I’m still very new at it and learning all the time. So I decided to turn to the community that I have found and become a part of thanks to, of all things, Facebook! I joined Navy Mom Strong (9.7k members), Navy Moms Surviving the Journey (4.6k members), Navy Mom Support Group (10.9k members), and North Carolina Navy Moms (452 members). As I typed this I realize it

might seem like overkill to join four groups who appear to be quite similar. Yet the information, compassion, support, and even humor that I have found on the various groups is so valuable that I can’t imagine leaving any one of them. And in these groups we can share knowing that on the other side of our screens are thousands of moms who “get it” and can relate without judgment. So, as my article deadline approached and I found myself with a wee bit of writer’s block, I turned to just one of the groups, Navy Mom Strong, and explained that I was writing an article and I asked this question: “I’m thinking that maybe I’ll do a Top Ten or even Top Five Things Moms of Military Kids Want You to Know. So, what are some things YOU think people without any ties to the military could learn from us? What do YOU want readers to know?”

Seeing your son or daughter join the military is very different from sending your child to college. It’s not that military parents don’t respect the emotions and challenge of parents who send their kids to school, but being told it’s “the same” or “I get it” by college parents is a real hot button for military parents. Many of the moms in the group have experienced college send-offs AND children joining the service and they shared their feelings about the differences. I appreciate what Jennifer said about this: “As a mom that has experienced both college and military it’s not them leaving that’s different, the heartache is the same. It’s the little to no contact. When my kids were in college I knew they would eventually get my message. And if they didn’t respond, I could bug the heck out of them. In the military, whether boot camp, deployment, or…. It is out of our control. And we wait.” Susan, another mom with both college and Navy experiences said, “There is a very big difference between the two. I have four children. Three chose college and one chose the Navy. My youngest, twins, left within a day of each other. My daughter went to school 800 miles away and my son went to boot camp. We experience stress from both, but, with a child in the military, you can’t call and check up on them, they can’t call you either, most of the time, to check in. Both are not fun at all but, stress from ‘the unknown’ is harder to deal with.” Please be sure to pick up the July issue of Forsyth Woman for Part Two of this article.

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A thoughtful conversation to have with Mom… “Getting older can create some new challenges in life. As we get older our health typically declines. This increases the chance that we will require in-home care, nursing home care, or other assisted-living arrangements. Have you had a conversation with your mother about what her wishes may be? This care can be quite expensive, and Medicare, HMOs, and Medigap typically won’t pay for it. You might want to sit with her and discuss purchasing long-term care insurance (LTCI) to protect her assets in case she needs long-term care.

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Whether or not you should purchase LTCI depends on your age, medical history, assets, and income. Ask a financial professional about whether LTCI is right for you. If you meet some of the following criteria, you might want to seriously consider it: • You are between the ages of 40 and 84 (generally, LTCI is not available to those over 84) • You have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease • You own substantial assets that you’d like to protect • You have family members to whom you wish to leave your assets • You can afford the cost of LTCI premiums now and will be able to afford them in the future • You are in good health and are insurable Securities and advisory services are offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor and broker-dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC.

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In our society today, we are conditioned to want and get everything fast. Examples include food, money, information, groceries, and items we order from Amazon Prime. We want instant gratification. However, we all must deal with other people or circumstances that try our patience – an ungrateful child, slow service in a retail store, a long line, a traffic jam, a spouse taking us for granted, coworkers who don’t pull their weight, the pandemic to end. The list could go on and on.

If you need to work on your patience, here are three strategies to help you to wait well.


Many of you may remember the Tom Petty song, The Waiting is the Hardest Part. He may have been right. I find waiting to be one of the more challenging things in life. How about you? Do you struggle with waiting well?

I feel sure that you, like me, have prayed and prayed about issues you are facing, and nothing seems to happen. You just wait. It’s easy to feel like your bank of patience is depleting. That is when I often try to swoop in and take care of the situation instead of trusting God to do so in His timing. And it usually doesn’t end well.

The Apostle Paul lists patience as part of the fruit of the spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23) There is really no dispute that we are supposed to be patient. So, what is patience? Here are a couple of definitions: • The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. • To suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed. By nature, I don’t do patience well. I want what I want, and I want it now! I get it honest because my dad has about the lowest patience threshold that I have seen. Although I’m a lot better than him, patience isn’t one of my virtues. But God has a sense of humor. He gave me my oldest daughter. As an example, we can be scheduled to be somewhere at five o’clock, and at four forty-five, she is getting in the shower. He also gave me my husband, Tracy, who goes at one pace, which is slow – except when he is driving. We joke that he is on “Tracy time.” Going to the grocery store with him is interesting. Recently, I had finished my shopping and was ready to check out, and I found him on one of the first aisles reading the label on a water bottle.

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The more trials we face, the more opportunities we get to cultivate patience. How’s that for looking on the bright side?


The unwelcome intrusions of waiting in our lives are powerful opportunities to welcome God into every moment, be thankful for Him, and keep our hearts renewed in Him.


It isn’t in our abilities to know the time or way God will work things out. The verse below reminds us that God is in control, and we will never understand everything while we are on this earth. Our role is to trust Him and wait with hope as He brings to completion the good work that He has begun in each of our lives. “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men, yet they cannot fathom the work that God has done from beginning to end (Ecclesiastes 3:11).” Here are a few questions to reflect on in the quest to cultivate more patience: • Are you currently in a period of waiting? If so, what are you waiting for? • Can you think of examples where trials in your life helped you to develop patience? • What else has helped you grow in your ability to cultivate patience? • What will you do to become better at waiting well?


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Wife and stay-at-home mom Jane Davis has somehow mastered the art of cake decorating with no formal training, and creates customized masterpieces for customers from her home kitchen. Specializing in buttercream flowers and petal work, What Jane Baked is not only Jane’s first business venture in the world of cake-making, but it is also her creative outlet. A former paralegal in the Army, Jane continued her post-high school career in the civilian world amidst studying full-time at Liberty University while being a stay-at-home mother of two daughters. When she found herself exhausted by carrying such a heavy load, she decided to take up cake baking and decorating as a stress-relieving hobby. By watching tutorials online, Jane taught herself the tricks of the trade and quickly discovered that she had a natural talent for the delicate art of cake decorating. After her friends and family members saw her works of art, they began asking Jane to make them customized cakes for birthday celebrations, wedding and baby showers, and anniversary parties. Shortly after requests began coming in, Jane decided to take the leap into creating What Jane Baked as her first small business. It didn’t take long before Jane realized that she had made the right decision, and that What Jane Baked was truly her calling. The majority of her cakes are for weddings and other celebrations and events that call for feminine, artistic touches. She adorns her cakes with intricate buttercream flowers and petals, and with the help of her husband, delivers cakes to customers for their convenience. With her home kitchen located in Mt. Airy, it is much simpler for Jane and her husband to ensure that the cakes are safely delivered to customers in a customized cake refrigerator built by her husband to keep cakes safe while driving along winding mountain roads.

Jane has created cakes for weddings of all sizes, but typically finds herself making fourtiered cakes for wedding sizes of 150 guests. From baking the cake to freezing, stacking, structuring, and decorating it, the entire process for one complex cake creation takes approximately five to eight hours total – and that’s with a team of one. She is grateful for the occasional help of her mother, who is her favorite fondant assistant. After the pandemic began to wane in 2021, she provided cakes for 12 weddings total, with six taking place within the month of October. Now, she is creating and delivering cakes for an average of two weddings each week. Customers often request Jane’s notorious white chocolate raspberry cake, along with her Biscoff white chocolate cake. Baked with everyone’s favorite Delta Airlines cookie, the Biscoff white chocolate flavor consists of a decadent Biscoff-crusted and vanilla-infused sponge cake, a layer of Biscoff buttercream filling, white chocolate buttercream frosting, and a white chocolate ganache. Recently, Jane introduced her candy bar flavors to the menu, creating cakes inspired by classic candy bar favorites such as Reese’s, Snickers, Mounds, and even Kinder Bueno. While What Jane Baked offers a wide variety of flavors, Jane is also open to creating custom flavors at the request of her customers. Besides baking, Jane enjoys spending time with her family, playing dress-up and house with her two daughters, painting, and playing tennis. Because the focus of her bakery is producing consistent, quality cakes made with integrity and care, Jane is content with keeping What Jane Baked operating in her home kitchen for the foreseeable future. To place an order at What Jane Baked and to browse the menu, visit the What Jane Baked website at www. whatjanebaked.com. See Jane’s creations on Facebook and Instagram at @whatjanebaked.

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We’re back with open doors to host your birthday party or special celebration. Decorating cupcakes and cookies is fun for all ages and we can customize activities to your age group. Now offering party times on Saturday afternoons or privately on Sundays.

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Create a Happy Place

“Your home should be your haven. It should be a place where you feel welcomed. It’s your safe place in the world to create memories and live out dreams.” ~ Melissa Michaels

Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper fame says, “Home is my happy place.” I can relate because I love those days I can be at home and not have to go anywhere. While the houses we have lived in through the years have not always been “perfect,” I have always believed that with a little work, my husband and I could make it a comfortable inviting home for our family and friends. You may feel the place you call ‘home’ is not perfect, or it is not your dream house, and your budget doesn’t allow for updates. Here are a few things that won’t cost a lot of money and can help you create a beautiful home you and your family can call your “happy place”: Clear the clutter. Doesn’t cost money; only a little work on your part can make a huge difference in the way your home is presented. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint. Consider the color of your roof, brick, or siding, and choose a complementary color. Add a pretty seasonal wreath. Shop your home. Do you have a dresser that could be repurposed as a buffet, a TV console, or a chest in your foyer? An end table that could be used as a bedside table? An ottoman that could be used as a coffee table? A console/sofa table that could be used as a desk? Rearrange your existing furniture. You might be surprised at the fresh new look you will get. Learn to sew. Sewing pillows and simple window treatments is easy and can be fun…. and will save you money. That’s the very reason I learned to sew many years ago….. that and two little girls I wanted to make cute clothes for. There are many YouTube videos that will assist you with sewing projects. Give an old lamp a new shade.

Freshen up your bathroom with a new shower curtain and new towels. Hang a mirror. Well-placed, a mirror can make a small room seem larger. Always hang your mirror to reflect something beautiful. Purchase only things that you really love; not just something to fill a space or just because it’s a good deal. Shop yard sales, thrift stores, consignment stores, Craig’s List, etc. for items that with a little TLC can be just the piece you need for your home. Give a room a new coat of paint in a fresh new color. This will give you more bang for your buck than just about anything you can do.

Ava Lewandowski,

Interior Redesign Industry Specialist

Refurbish a piece of furniture by painting with chalk paint. The chalk paints come in beautiful colors and the painting process is so easy. With a little imagination and a little money, you can add a whole lot of style and create a beautiful home that can be your “happy place.” Thank you for reading my column each month. It is my pleasure to share decorating ideas to help you create a beautiful home. Give ReDesigns by Ava a call for help with your next decorating project.

Ava Lewandowski,

Interior Redesign Industry Specialist

10 Reasons

People Choose ReDESIGNS by Ava: 1. They’ve seen the results on TV Home makeover shows or in a friends house. 2. They want a fresh, designer look but haven’t been able to create it. 3. They want great results without great expense. 4. They don’t know where to place the “old” furniture in a new house.

6. They are blending 2 households of furnishings and want professional help with what to keep and how to make it work. 7. They desire a home that feels good and looks good yet reflects who they are. 8. They want rooms to function better. 9. They want to prepare their home to maximize market appeal for a quick, top dollar sale.


Homestead Hills

10. They believe that when 5. They don’t want to you want professional make an expensive results you hire purchase a professional. they’ll regret. Ava is the ReDESIGN expert in and around Forsyth County! Contact her to find out how you can fall in love with your home — either all over again, or for the first time!

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On the Road Again: the Island of Kauai BY AMY HILL

We’ve already covered the popular Hawaiian Island of Oahu, but now it’s time to set your sights on the road less traveled. Nicknamed the Garden Isle for its lush landscape, here’s how to spend seven days on the Island of Kauai.

Day 1: Arrive in Lihue

Unlike flights to Honolulu, there are fewer flights to Lihue, Kauai, on the schedule each day. Kauai is definitely not the tourist destination for those craving nightlife and loads of chain restaurants and retail spots. Instead, Kauai is ideal for nature lovers, introverts, and adventure-seekers. Kauai receives considerably more rainfall than many other Hawaiian islands, with Kauai’s Mount Waialeale being considered one of the wettest spots on earth. Deciding where to stay on the island is imperative when it comes to accessing all the island has to offer. With only one highway connecting the northern region of the island to the south, I suggest choosing an accommodation in Kapa’a on Kauai’s southeastern coast. Although not as rainy as northern Kauai’s Princeville, but not as sunny as Poipu in the southwest, Kapa’a is centrally located and is a great middle ground for access to the north and south shores. Kapa’s beaches are not the best for swimming, but its selection of local eateries, proximity to Lihue Airport (LIH), and its plethora of condo rentals makes it one of the most efficient locations on the island.

Day 2: Explore the North Shore

The north shore of Kauai is known for its lush rainforest views and rugged feel. The waves in the north are stronger, especially during the winter months, but snorkeling hotspots are still plentiful. In Hanalei, you’ll find local businesses and restaurants serving authentic poke [diced raw fish

84 | ForsythWoman.com

served as an appetizer or a main course, one of the main dishes of Native Hawaiian cuisine], farmer’s markets selling tropical fruits, and no shortage of food trucks and shave ice. Sunbathe at Hanalei Bay (you’ve probably seen this on a postcard), or reserve tickets in advance to ride the shuttle to serene and pristine Tunnels Beach (although leave the monk seals alone, please). Spaces are limited for the day, so check www.dlnr.hawaii.gov/dsp/ parks/kauai/haena-state-park for availability and tickets. Adventure-seekers can apply for a permit to hike the scenic Kalalau Trail. If you plan to hike, make sure there are no rain clouds in the area, as flash flooding in Kauai can cause numerous landslides and hazardous situations.

Day 3: Poipu Beach

Families flock to Poipu Beach for its still waters, luxurious resorts, and to spend time on the sunniest side of the island. Aside from snorkeling and sunbathing, visitors can find some of Kauai’s best shopping in populated Poipu. Sea turtles are known to frequent Poipu at sunrise, so grab a latte from Little Fish Coffee and spend the morning amidst Kauai’s protected and endangered wildlife.

Day 4: Wailua River State Park

On day four, spend a morning or afternoon kayaking or paddle boarding along Wailua River, as long as no rain is on the forecast. Visitors can also register for guided tours to Secret Falls, which entails a kayak trip and moderate hike to the notso-secret swimming hole and waterfall. Although the falls are accessible without a guide, tourists are encouraged to choose an organized tour over a solo-adventure, as tour guides are well-versed in knowing the signs of impending flash flooding and helping inexperienced islanders navigate the trail’s river crossing.

Day 5: Waimea Canyon State Park Skip the beach for the day and head to Hawaii’s Grand Canyon, Waimea Canyon State Park. On the western side of the island, Waimea Canyon offers hikers and viewers stunning red dirt trails mixed with lush green vegetation. A hiker’s dream, Waimea Canyon has tons of trails to choose from, or lookout points for quick-trippers not looking to spend a day in the canyon. Because weather conditions change quickly in Kauai, pack rain gear, snacks, plenty of water, and be sure to check the forecast before your visit.

Day 6: The Na’pali Coast

Kauai’s iconic Na’pali Coast has been featured in many movies, with Kauai being the film location of Jurassic Park. Instead of hiking the treacherous Kalalau trail to set your sights on the stunning rugged coastline of Kauai, many boat tours and helicopter tours are available for tourists with departures every morning and afternoon (weather permitting). Boat tours allow onlookers to relax, take photographs, and take a snorkel break while seeing one of Hawaii’s most famous natural beauties. While a bit on the pricier side, helicopter tours give small groups a more intimate and upclose look at the coast.

Day 7: Stroll the Coconut Coast

Since many flights leaving Lihue to the mainland depart later in the afternoon, if not after 9 p.m., be sure to arrange for a late checkout of your resort, hotel, or condo. Spend the day sunbathing or strolling eastern Kauai’s coconut coast for miles of ocean views with family-friendly biking and walking paths. When it’s time to head to the airport, be sure to wear your coziest airport outfit for a long flight back to mainland USA.

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The National


Since the 1950s, there has been a nationally recognized day of prayer! The National Day of Prayer is on May 5th this year. Take this opportunity to be an influence where you are. Maybe you work at an office and could talk to your boss about doing a 10-minute prayer break on May 5th with your co-workers. If you work from home, think about organizing a zoom call to participate in the National Day of Prayer. If you are a student, organize a prayer gathering before school! If you are a part of a church, communicate with them and look at the possibility of having a prayer gathering on May 5th. Brainstorm how you can gather with your friends, co-workers, or community on May 5th to commune with the Lord together, as thousands of others around the country are praying as well. Some of the suggested prayer topics that the National Day of Prayer’s website provides are: government, education, business, church, and family! Don’t let the National Day of Prayer be the only day that you intentionally spend time in prayer. As our lives continue to get faster and busier, we must not neglect communication with our Creator in the midst of it all. Get creative with your prayer time! Sometimes we think that time spent in prayer has to be a certain way or time, but God wants us to spend every moment in communication with Him. Let’s take a look at how we can incorporate prayer into our daily, routine, and mundane moments. When you wake up first thing in the morning and when you get into your bed at the end of the day are perfect moments that can be protected for prayer time. Typically, the first thing we all do is pick up our phone and scroll away. For one week, try spending 5-10 minutes in prayer as soon as you wake up, and as soon as you get in bed at the end of the day. I doubt you will regret this practice.

86 | ForsythWoman.com

Sometimes we can be unsure of what or how to pray. Thankfully, Jesus showed us! Maybe your prayer time will be praying Scriptures, such as Psalm 23 or John 17. Think about writing out a prayer that you can memorize and continue to say each day. This prayer could be what you recite before and after your day. As we commune with God, we can get creative with how and when we do it! Did you know that we spend over 17,600 minutes driving in the car each year? Imagine if you spent even half of your drive time in prayer. That would be 8,800 minutes in prayer each year! Think about the quiet moments that you can include God in. Maybe for you that looks like praying as you drive to work each morning or as you wait in the pick-up line for your children. How powerful! We all have moments in our day that we can turn into prayer-filled times. When I was in college, a friend told me she would pray as she walked to each class. Think of the things that you do each day and pick places to put prayer! Do you have a lunch break? Do you drive to meetings? Do you brush your teeth or take a shower? All these moments can be spent in prayer with the Lord! Set an alarm on your phone for a certain time to pray each day. Look into getting an app, such as Prayminder, that will send you alerts for you to pray for certain things at certain times. If you are starting out trying to incorporate prayer, don’t be discouraged. Baby steps are big steps! In the middle of adopting this spiritual discipline, don’t lose focus that your prayer time is time with the Prince of Peace, the Creator of the Universe, the Wonderful Counselor, our Emmanuel. How beautiful is it that our God wants us to talk to Him without ceasing in each day and moment, and that He created a way for us to do so! ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:17, “Pray without ceasing.”


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Planters You Didn’t Plan On

How to Discover Clever & Stylish Homes for Your Favorite Plants BY TARYN JEREZ

When was the last time you walked down the gardening aisle and felt overwhelmingly… well, underwhelmed? Shelf after shelf stack the same ceramic pots and planters with the same primary or terracotta color schemes and high price tags hinting to you that something better is out there, but what? As the warmer weather has you welcoming the gardening season, take time to step back and envision how you want your plant-filled spaces to feel overall. Give yourself the creative freedom to think outside the box when it comes to finding homes for green and growing friends! As you add plants to your indoor and outdoor spaces this spring, here are five different styles (with planters to match) that you can embrace! #1 Classic - a traditionalist to the core! Come gardening season, you look to find planters and outdoor accents that come together to support your taste for the recognizable, simple beauties that highlight your plant life. This could be finding large statement pieces such as oversized urn style or wooden box planters for your front door to add curb appeal! #2 Farmhouse - a lover of modern comfort & rustic charm! Creating looks that bring in comfort and coziness from your garden beds to your front porch take priority! Mixing different plants that offer an array of textures and dainty blossoms that drape and cascade complement farmhouse charm across the whole house. Try uncovering the charm in everyday objects and vintage finds making planters out of a copper colander, white vase, vintage tea tins, or old milk bottles!

#3 Playful & Fun - a throwback to childlike imagination! Mother Nature’s gifts of plants are meant to be enjoyed by grown ups and children alike! Taking time to create playful nods to the things of childhood that made you smile can create a fun, nostalgic garden, outdoor area or even an indoor playroom or half bath that shows off your favorite plants! Try gathering a few old plastic dinosaur figurines, troll dolls, sports balls, or old play cars that can have their centers carved out to make space for soil and plants! #4 Outdoor Oasis - a frequent friend of rest & relaxation! You know the power of transforming a space to help take the tiresome moments of the days or weeks elsewhere! Utilizing plants and planters around your front patio or back porch in ways that remind you of far off destinations with island spas and retreats can make your home that much more enjoyable. Embrace items like old mosaic birdbaths, bamboo planters, or tiki torches carved out for succulents, and reflective seaglass sprinkled along the soiled edges of pots. #5 Eclectic - an appreciation for the fun and funky! A home should reflect those who live in it and your gardening and planting this season should help reflect the same! Choose items that put a smile on your face and give purpose to things that may otherwise no longer serve a purpose. Add a funky touch to your spaces through creating planters out of repurposed goods like old rain boots, a broken birdhouse, an old tire or even an old bicycle that you can spray paint a favorite color. This season get your gardening gloves ready and dig in, remembering it’s about creating and highlighting your favorite spaces with your own personal style!

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Exceptional Young Women in the Community:

Ava Shearin BY AMY HILL

West Forsyth High School senior Ava Shearin has demonstrated a tremendous passion for helping her community throughout her middle and high school careers. Having been involved in Key Club and Crosby Scholars, she has mastered the art of balancing a prolific academic and philanthropic workload with her social life. Through Crosby Scholars, Ava was involved with the Salvation Army. She spent hours sorting food, packing boxes, and making lunches to distribute to those in need. Crosby Scholars Community Partnership aids middle school and high school students throughout Forsyth County in preparing for college, and guides students in the direction best suited to fit their skills and capabilities. Crosby Scholars has helped over 11,000 middle and high school students with their post-high school paths through offering students community service opportunities, financial aid, college campus visits, and scholarships. As a participant since middle school, Ava attributes much of her volunteer experience to opportunities provided to her through the program, which helped instill in her a desire to serve others and her community. Outside of clubs and programs in her high school, Ava is also an active member of New Philadelphia Moravian Church in Winston-Salem. For years, Ava has been leading youth while serving as a Vacation Bible School teacher. With her church, she was given the incredible opportunity to embark on a mission trip in 2019 to the native village of Kongiganak, a tiny town with a population of less than 450 people sitting in southwestern Alaska along the Kongiganak River. Due to the isolated nature and geographical position of the town, residents have limited energy and financial resources. The goal of Ava’s week-long church mission trip to Kongiganak was to connect with the town’s residents and introduce them to the Christian faith. During her stay, she and her fellow church members spent time leading Vacation Bible School programs, playing games with the town’s children, and enjoying getting to know Kongiganak’s unique culture.

90 | ForsythWoman.com

What Ava found most touching about her time in Kongiganak was how the trip broadened her horizons and exposed her to an entirely different way of living. Far from five-star accommodations, Ava spent days with minimal luxuries in a town surrounded by wind turbines and the Alaskan wilderness. It was hard for Ava and others to fathom how the village’s residents had no idea of what existed outside of their small village, making the experience one that she will remember for a lifetime. Ava has also been an avid member of YMCA’s Youth & Government program, and was a dancer until she started high school, when she suffered knee injuries preventing her from continuing to dance. At age seven, she began taking guitar lessons after her brother began taking them. Now, she is a guitar teacher herself, and considers playing the guitar one of her best mood-lifters and stress-relievers. After high school, Ava hopes to attend a university, although she has her eye on quite a few schools that she would like to attend. With her entire adult life ahead of her, Ava is still on the fence about her major, but is leaning heavily towards political science, since history and law are currently her favorite school subjects. Outside of the time she spends volunteering, studying, and playing guitar, Ava enjoys browsing the many stores in Hanes Mall and Thruway Shopping Center, in addition to a good shopping session at thrift stores throughout the Triad. Her favorite local spot to refuel after a Saturday spent shopping is T.J. ‘s Deli & Grill on Country Club Road, where she swears by the deli’s classic chicken tenders and French fries. As Ava graduates high school and continues her academic career into college, it is no secret that she will continue making strides to serve others and give back to her community.

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Summer is on the horizon and that means longer days and even more glorious sun rays! Don’t fear the sun, enjoy the benefits - safely! There is a reason the sun has been worshiped by Greek and Egyptian cultures for thousands of years. Sunshine is vital to our health. Not only is it warm on our skin, inviting us to step outside, it also is creating a wealth of health when it touches us. We make the hormone Vitamin D when we soak up some rays. We even take in sunshine through our eyes to make Vitamin D, so before the sun is strongest (typically 11am to 3pm) ditch the sunglasses and absorb the beautiful light. Vitamin D from the sunlight is the most natural form of Vitamin D we can take in and it happens to be the most effective. Just a few things going on in the body that require Vitamin D are: bone strength, immunity against virus and disease, thyroid and hormone regulation, ocular health, blood sugar regulation, and normal cell division. In addition to Vitamin D, the sunlight on our skin creates sulfur and melanin. All three of the ingredients we make from the sun protect our bodies from radiation damage, a dangerous cell mutation that can contribute to cancer. Just when we think to save ourselves from cancer, we avoid the sun altogether or slather on loads of toxic sunscreen. Doing exactly the opposite on the contrary! So, how do we take in the health benefits and keep ourselves from the burn

92 | ForsythWoman.com

and sting when we’ve stayed too long? The safer options are to take in the sun without sun protection before the solar rays are too hot. From sunrise until before solar noon (when the sun is hottest and high in the sky) take in 5-20 minutes of sunlight through the skin and eyes (you don’t have to look up into the sky for this!). Imagine the sun isn’t strong when you can watch a sunrise or a sunset. Yet, if you look up into the sky at high noon, you will be blinded by the sun and even see spots, indicating the sun is at full strength. If you are very fair, you may want to reduce the time you bare your skin to the solar rays, as each person’s melanin levels differ. Always start slowly and introduce your bare skin back to the sun gradually. When you are in the hot sun and your bare skin time is up, put on a safe sunscreen, sunglasses, and even a hat to shade your face and shoulders.

They also will not cause the ocean’s coral reefs any harm like many of the chemical based sunscreens.

Is there unsafe sunscreen? Yes! Steer clear of any sunscreen containing oxybenzone. It’s carcinogenic when in the sunshine – meaning it will produce free radicals and damage our DNA. This ingredient is also a well-known hormone disruptor, causing your hormone receptors to miscommunicate with each other. Other hormone disrupting chemicals commonly used in sunscreens are avobenzone, homosalate, octinoxate, and octisalate. Check the labels and leave anything with those ingredients on the shelf. Safe sunscreen options are our mineral friends zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These minerals provide a physical shield against the sun’s hot rays versus a chemical absorption of the UVA/UVB rays.

We can also eat foods and use oils to help our skin stay in synch with the sun. Diets rich in sunripened nutrients can help build our tolerance to sunburn. Plants like tomatoes, berries, watermelon, and leafy greens are all rich in antioxidants. Oils that help summer skin, like red raspberry seed oil, virgin coconut, jojoba, and olive oil, all have properties that absorb UVB and scatter UVA rays. They make hydrating skin in the summertime ideal! If you do get sunburn, you can use jojoba or aloe and mix in lavender and peppermint oil for an instant cooling and healing mixture.

An easy to find mineral based sunscreen is Sun Bum’s mineral SPF 30. You will see it at the pharmacy and grocery stores in the summer months. Sometimes folks tend to shy away from zinc oxide because it can leave a white cast on the skin. Zinc oxide is a white powder but there are options with tints of cocoa powder to combat the white cast. A favorite, trusty brand to check out is called Raw Elements. They have several options of zinc oxide-based sunscreens that are packed with other non-toxic ingredients like green tea extract (a great antioxidant to fight radical damage), soothing shea butter and cocoa butter for skin quenching hydration. They have tinted options and even their un-tinted options go on clear.

Enjoy the summer days and sunny rays!

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The Case in Favor of a Busy Retirement BY JEAN MARIE JOHNSON

A recent study found that 83% of retirees want to engage in activities that promote health and well-being. These folks are definitely on the right track because an active lifestyle is proven to reap physical, emotional, and social benefits. For example, regular physical exercise helps to improve your: • cardiovascular health • weight management • cholesterol levels • blood pressure • bone density and strength • muscles and joints • immune system • memory • sleep • overall mood and sense of well being • mental acuity Plus, when you “get out there,” whether it is to the gym or simply for a stroll around the block, you can: • create and nurture social connections - strangers, neighbors, the Amazon driver, maybe even the local dog walker.

IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT EXERCISE The evidence in favor of a retirement filled with ample movement is irrefutable. But there is more to “busy” than exercise alone. Many retirees want to embrace the activities and experiences they didn’t have time for during their working years. That makes sense because when we follow our hearts, we are much more likely to land in a life that brings us contentment, happiness, and joy. And isn’t that really the point?

94 | ForsythWoman.com

When a friend closed her small business after three decades at the helm, she decided to pursue a lifelong dream to work in fashion. Now, while working part-time for a high-end retailer, she is also traveling and redecorating her home to suit her current lifestyle. Her “busy” translates into feeling fully engaged with a life she loves. But not everyone has a lifelong passion or dream to pull off the shelf, dust down, and embrace. In fact, a recent study found that while 92% of retirees prefer a less structured life, they also want to pursue activities and experiences that give them a sense of fulfillment. If that sounds like you, it may be time to embark on a process of discovery and possibilities you may not have considered.

ACTIVE PURSUITS Whether it’s creating an active and fulfilling retirement, or adding something new and different to your already-active lifestyle, consider these possibilities: • Travel – which may simply mean taking the next several months to explore what’s in your own backyard. Day trips and weekends to small towns or “destinations” may be just enough to stimulate your senses and enrich your experience.

• Arts and Crafts – why not? Tap into what your crafty friend knows how to do and learn from her. Who knows? That wreath you make may bring you a fresh sense of accomplishment and rekindled creativity. • Gardening – join a club or tag along with a green-thumbed neighbor who would love to introduce you to her passion. • Birding – put up a feeder, add a birdbath, and be faithful stewards of both. Then grab your binoculars and watch the magic in your own backyard. If that sounds like “too much commitment,” find a birding group in the area and sign on for a day trip. • Genealogy – now is the best time to find out more about who you are. You are likely to find some surprises and answers as you study your family tree. • Language – give your brain a workout as you study a new language. • Book Club – if you like to read, this one is a no-brainer! • Set up a stand – whether it’s at the Farmers’ Market or a Flea Market, you’ll meet interesting people while making some extra cash. • Take online surveys - another one that keeps your mind active while keeping you engaged in current topics. • Teach, tutor, mentor – give back what you know. The reward is priceless.

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Beautiful Poetry to Fit Your Mood



I won’t be forgiven for what I’ve made of myself. Soil recoils from my hooked kisses. Pines turn their backs on me. They know what I can do with the wrap of my legs. Each summer, when the air becomes crowded with want, I set all my tongues upon you. To quiet this body, you must answer my tendrilled craving. All I’ve ever wanted was to kiss crevices, pry them open, and flourish within dew-slick hollows. How you mistake my affection. And if I ever strangled sparrows, it was only because I dreamed of better songs.

Poetry can overwhelm our senses with emotion. Words and sentences have power, and when they are connected together in thought-provoking ways through the elegance of a poem, they can stir us to connect the subject of the poem to our own circumstances. In this way, poetry can make us feel united with something larger than our own thoughts and feelings. It can take us on a journey and allow us to fully feel what we long to feel. In moments of nostalgia, loss, heartbreak or joy….a poem can reaffirm our moods and make us feel as though we are not alone in the world. Here are some poems identified by mood that might express how you are feeling today:

IF YOU’RE FEELING JOYFUL: I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud By William Wordsworth I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o’er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay: Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance. The waves beside them danced; but they Out-did the sparkling waves in glee: A poet could not but be gay, In such a jocund company: I gazed—and gazed—but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought: For oft, when on my couch I lie In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude; And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.

IF YOU ARE FEELING RESTLESS: Travel By Edna St. Vincent Millay The railroad track is miles away, And the day is loud with voices speaking, Yet there isn’t a train goes by all day But I hear its whistle shrieking. All night there isn’t a train goes by, Though the night is still for sleep and dreaming, But I see its cinders red on the sky, And hear its engine steaming. My heart is warm with the friends I make, And better friends I’ll not be knowing; Yet there isn’t a train I wouldn’t take, No matter where it’s going.

IF YOU ARE FEELING NOSTALGIC: When You Are Old By William Butler Yeats When you are old and grey and full of sleep, And nodding by the fire, take down this book, And slowly read, and dream of the soft look Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep; How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false or true, But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face; And bending down beside the glowing bars, Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled And paced upon the mountains overhead And hid his face amid a crowd of stars.

96 | ForsythWoman.com

Kudzu By Saeed Jones

IF YOU ARE FEELING HEARTBROKEN: A Well-Worn Story By Dorothy Parker In April, in April, My one love came along, And I ran the slope of my high hill To follow a thread of song. His eyes were hard as porphyry With looking on cruel lands; His voice went slipping over me Like terrible silver hands. Together we trod the secret lane And walked the muttering town. I wore my heart like a wet, red stain On the breast of a velvet gown. In April, in April, My love went whistling by, And I stumbled here to my high hill Along the way of a lie. Now what should I do in this place But sit and count the chimes, And splash cold water on my face And spoil a page with rhymes?


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Patiently Rooted BY KELLI MESSICK,


Hi, plant friends! My name is Kelli and my goal is to help more people become plant people (maybe even you!). As the founder and owner of Patiently Rooted, a company dedicated to spreading the word about the benefits of plants, I have always had a love of nature and plants, so starting my business was a natural expansion of my passion.

Another benefit? Plants can help clean your air by taking in the CO2 from the air and releasing more oxygen into your space – a process you know as photosynthesis. Snake plants perform a special kind of photosynthesis that happens at night, which makes it a great plant for your bedroom. Breathing in new oxygen while you sleep is a wonderful way to wake up refreshed when you hear that alarm clock clanging!



Plants have many natural benefits in addition to boosting the decor of a room or home. Plants can help you slow your pace in life down as you admire their beauty, and they can also teach you a lot of patience as you wait for them to grow or come back to life. I have always cherished plants in almost any form because they bring joy to my life. And they can bring joy to your life, as well. I firmly believe that everyone and anyone can become a plant person – you just have to find the right plant!

MY BEST RECOMMENDATION! The worst thing you can do is get the wrong plant and end up with the wrong outcome. The plant I always feel comfortable recommending is the Sansevieria, also called the snake plant. Snake plants might be one of the easiest plants to add to your collection (or start your collection) because of the lack of care they need. They are a hardy plant that can almost be forgotten about, but still bring great qualities into your space. You usually see them in dark spots or even in offices because they don’t require a lot of care or light. Some people might disagree that this plant is easy to care for, but those same people are probably overwatering it! Snake plants only need to be watered once a month or every six weeks. Even if you left it high and dry while on a long vacation, it would still stay alive.

THE BEAUTY AND BENEFITS OF SNAKE PLANTS. Snake plants have hard, waxy leaves that are usually in a sword shape, and they offer beautifully colored leaves to brighten up your space. There are also several varieties of snake plants, including golden hahnii, moonshine, and black coral, so take your pick!

98 | ForsythWoman.com

Water Schedule: Snake plants are drought tolerant and don’t like to be watered that often. Native to West Africa and found in the desert, they are used to being dry. I always stick to once a month and test the soil before I water it. If the soil looks a little wet, test it with your finger and see if it’s still moist. If it is, do not water. If it is super dry, it is ok to water! A great rule of thumb for watering your plants is that it’s easier to save a plant from underwatering, rather than trying to save a plant from overwatering. If it is overwatered, most of the time the roots will rot and die off and, if there are no roots, the plant cannot survive. Light Requirements: Snake plants are one of the easiest plants to care for because of their adaptability to light. They can survive in any light source, so they are the perfect plant for beginners. If you stick it in a dark corner or give it almost no light at all, it still grows. If you give it a lot of bright light, it will only grow faster! I would recommend using a snake plant to fill an empty corner in your space to help bring some greenery and life to it. Common Issues: • Curling leaves – Even though you can mostly forget about snake plants, they still need water to survive! If the leaves on your snake plant are curling, it means it is actually not getting enough water. • Yellow leaves – If your snake plant is turning yellow, that is a clear indicator of overwatering. Make sure you are waiting until most or all of the soil is completely dry before watering. Whether you have one plant or ten, a snake plant is always a great addition to your collection. Follow the tips above and you and your plant will be thriving. And don’t forget – let plants teach you patience.

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Why Establishing a Company Culture is Important (Even If You’re a Solopreneur) This column is meant to serve as a resource for readers who seek inspiration and knowledge for building their own small business brands. Through actionable advice, find the encouragement to help you keep living your life with hustle and heart.

While you are building a personality for your brand, don’t forget to build one for the business itself. Even the smallest of businesses should focus its efforts on establishing a company culture, for this is where a strong foundation is truly found. If you are unfamiliar with the idea of “company culture” TheBalanceCareers. com shares that “it defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, values, ethics, expectations, and goals.” In the most simplest of terms, it sets the stage for working with or inside the business something that you should definitely care about. If this hasn’t been a priority, let alone even something on your to-do list, take this opportunity to begin diving deeper into the kind of culture you want to establish within your business.

FOCUSING ON A BUSINESS THAT PEOPLE WANT TO WORK FOR (INCLUDING YOU) Many entrepreneurs tend to look at company culture as something reserved for large corporations and don’t realize the benefit it has for even the smallest or solo teams. You want to enjoy where you work and who you work for, right? Taking time and putting effort into establishing a company culture around how you want employees to feel makes all the difference. Do you report to work physically or remotely? What kind of parameters are there around work hours? Do you enjoy flexibility and want to encourage setting boundaries around workload or time served? Understanding your business’ feelings on these things are an example of how to shape the company culture you want to establish.

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Whether it’s sustainability, flexibility, gender equality, community involvement or any other mission your business has, your company culture can help prioritize it regularly. Most adults in the workforce spend a vast majority of their time every week working, so doesn’t that mean the culture they are immersed in is important? Of course! Creating a company you enjoy working for and feel has a mission that aligns with your own values is priceless. Think about the long term vision for the business. The way you run your business, the way you give back or build awareness around specific causes or shine a light on specific areas of your business’ goals can help create a culture you and other team members (present or future) can sense regularly.

Remember that the main goal of a business is growth and that often includes its employees. If you have hopes of adding employees, contract workers, interns, leadership roles and more, you want to ensure your business continues to find ways to connect with these people outside of just their direct role. Retention of current employees is equally, if not more, important so harnessing the positive attributes those already employed find likable and respectful should be paid close attention to. When you prioritize the culture of your business it will help provide benchmarks as the company culture evolves and give you ideas on what changes or improvements can be made so you know what to spearhead next.

Hustle & Heart Challenge

This month, challenge yourself to think about the way you’re running your business and how to describe the company culture. What emotions come up? What perks come to mind when you think about it? What kind of lifestyle does it provide you with? If you have employees, ask their opinion. Create a few bullet points that help you see what kind of culture you’re establishing.

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Loving Ty Rune was simple. It was like breathing, like second nature. Everything seemed to fall into place when we were together, and we’d been together since we were kids, chasing fireflies and waves, playing tag and falling in love. It was a love story for the books. One so sweet that even my best, Geri, rolled her eyes every now and then. But, I didn’t mind because even though I was just a teenager, part of me knew that Ty was it for me. People would argue that I was too young, that we had our entire lives ahead of us and anything could change. The way I felt about Ty, that was something that would stay with me forever. Like the smell of the beach, the sand between my toes and the laughter of my friends. “What are you thinking about, Lyd?” Ty stood in the doorway to my bedroom. I was laying on my back, staring at the ceiling. My bedroom windows were open, the breeze of the ocean air causing the curtains to bellow open. A smile curved on my lips as I turned to face the boy who had stolen my heart. “What?” He chuckled as he sat on the edge of my bed. Sitting up, I crossed my legs and took his hands in mine. “Do you ever feel like what we have could be the real thing?” I didn’t hesitate with my words. I never had to with Ty. Even before we became boyfriend and girlfriend, we were friends. Ty was my brother, Dylan’s, best friend, and Dylan and I were inseparable. So, by proxy, Ty and I were, too. And Geri, once she moved to town. A dynamic group that shared secrets, stories, hopes and dreams, and late nights on the beach stargazing. “What do you mean?” Ty scrunched up his face and released my hands. “Like our relationship. I know we’re young, but this feeling I have when you’re with me. Even when you’re not. It’s hard to explain.” I sighed and fell back onto my bed. Ty joined me; my double bed seeming smaller with him in it. I didn’t feel confined though. His presence always brought me comfort.

“Feelings have always been hard for you to explain, Lyd. It’s not the law or a rule that can’t be broken. Feelings are embedded deep within us, and I believe they never go away. They stick with us forever.” Ty perched himself on his elbows and glanced down at me. I was so close to getting into college and becoming a lawyer. My life had been built on law books and legalities since I was young. I worked best with facts. Ty was the only thing that challenged that side of me. “So yes, I know what we have is the real thing,” Ty added. My eyes welled up with tears as thoughts barreled through my mind. What if we don’t stay together? What if when I go to college it doesn’t work out? What if? “Stop.” Ty caressed my cheek. “We’ll always come back to each other. No matter what happens.” “How can you be so sure.” I sniffed, fighting back the tears. Taking my hand, he placed it to his heart. “Here. Feel that?” I nodded feeling the gentle thump of his heart. “It beats only for you.” Swoon.

“Puke.” We both looked up, and there stood Dylan. “Mom and Dad will freak that you’re on her bed.” Ty smirked before jumping off, and I sat up. “Got to go.” Ty kissed my forehead. Dylan came in and kissed my cheek. “Later, Sis.” I watched the two most important men in my life, well besides my dad, of course, as they laughed and walked out of my bedroom. Plopping back down on my bed, I closed my eyes and went back to daydreaming and relishing in the breeze. Placing my hand over my heart, I felt the same thump, the same rhythm that Ty’s had. No matter what happened, like Ty said, our hearts were in sync, beating for each other, and no distance, college, time, whatever, could change that. As I dozed off to sleep, I was content for the first time ever with my feelings and knowledge that, although I couldn’t see them, rationalize them or any of that, at the end of the day, I could feel, deep within me, and that was enough. Ty Rune would always be enough.

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Fighting Your Fears BY LESLIE SPEAS

What are your fears? Here are just a few of mine: harm coming to a loved one, rejection, debilitating illness, financial ruin, indecent exposure in public, and failure. Also, spiders, snakes, lizards, and most bugs (ladybugs are okay, I guess). Fear is defined as a “distressing emotion aroused by impending pain, danger, evil, etc. or the illusion of such.” It is true that some fears are healthy, going back to ancient times with fight or flight where we had to protect ourselves from danger. This no longer applies that often as we don’t normally have to run away from lions, tigers, and bears. But the way the last few years have been going, who knows? Most of our fears are unhealthy and hold us back from living unencumbered lives. In the Bible, we are told NOT to fear a gazillion times (slight exaggeration, but a lot), yet it is something that most of us struggle with. The Bible is full of examples of fear – Gideon, Moses, Jeremiah, and Peter to name a few – so we certainly aren’t alone. I believe fear is the root of many other problems that we experience. Fears such as failure, rejection, and losing control hold us back and result in other harmful issues like comparison, overthinking, peoplepleasing, perfectionism, stress, anxiety, and more. In John 14:27, Jesus said the following to his disciples when he was on the precipice of torture and death. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” Notice he says, “do not let your hearts be troubled” and “do not be afraid.” It sounds like fear is a choice in this passage, but we don’t have control over our fears, do we? Is it possible to live in freedom from fear? Probably not completely, as we are human but here are five strategies to help you begin to fight your fears.

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Name Your Fears Sometimes merely naming them gives you the awareness and strength to deal with them.

Read God’s Word The greatest weapon against fear is the Word of God. If we let our lives listen to Scripture, we will find that it is our choice as to how much dominion fear has over our lives. Psalm 34:4 says, “I sought the Lord and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.”

Face Your Fears What if you actually faced your fears and did things you thought you would never do? If you are afraid of public speaking, do it anyway. Sidenote, visualizing people in their underwear doesn’t work. If you are afraid of air travel, take a flight! Stop saying that you can’t or won’t and go after the “I can do it because my God is able!”

Trust in God Trusting God is our ultimate remedy for fear and really for most of the things that we struggle with. He tells us that perfect love casts out fear and that He is love. (1 John 4:18)

Focus on the Positive We are wired to focus on the negative. It’s called the negativity response, so we have to work hard to think more positively. In Philippians 4:8, Paul tells believers what they should focus on and it’s not fear, terrorism, or failure. He tells us to think about “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy...” Don’t continue to let fear have dominion over your life. It’s time to fight back. Develop an action plan using some of the tips shared here and kick fear to the curb

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Anna Marelli is a stylist and the owner of Salon Indaco. “I opened Salon Indaco in 2015 which I named after my dad who sadly passed away last summer,” Anna said. “I have won multiple awards, including an international styling competition with Big Sexy Hair and a color competition for Wella at America’s Beauty Show Chicago which was also featured in American Salon Magazine. I have published work in Modern Salon Magazine, including a feature in the “How-To” section of their website and featured color work on Kenra Professional’s Instagram.” In her spare time, Anna loves crafting, learning new things and spending time with her husband, two boys, two dogs and three goats.

Kristina Bunting is a REALTOR®️ at Colquitt Realty Group, brokered by eXp Realty. This is her fourth year in real estate as a full-time agent; last year she exceeded her goal of helping 24 people buy or sell residential real estate. She has an associate’s degree from Guilford Technical Community College. Her passion in real estate is to help people achieve their home goals. You can find her 5-star reviews on Google and follow along with her on Instagram or Facebook @kristinabuntingrealtor. In her spare time, Kristina loves spending time with her two sons, Jonah and Cole. They enjoy watching baseball games and playing with their new puppy, Louie. She also loves to travel, read and attend live music events when not at work.

Annie Frederick is a cosmetologist and owner of Annie Hall & Company. She graduated from Leon’s in 2016. “I’ve owned my salon for four years; I love the environment my team and I have created together. I enjoy continuously learning new things about my craft. In 2021, I was certified in handtied hair extensions, it’s been such an amazing journey in my career,” said Annie. “I couldn’t have created the business I have without the help and support from my whole family. They’ve all had a hand in who I am and where I am today; I’m very blessed!” When not working, Annie enjoys traveling the world, spending time with her pets and making memories with her friends and family.

Kierra Brown is the assistant manager of Express Oil and Tire Engineers. She was born and raised in Winston-Salem and has been with Express Oil and Tire Engineers for a number of years. Kierra has worked her way up through the ranks and learned all of the jobs of the business. She received more positive remarks from customers than anyone else in the company. Kierra was promoted to assistant manager late last year and moved to the Robinhood location to ensure they were providing the best customer service possible. In her spare time, Kierra loves to fish, collects Pokémon cards, plays basketball and does crafts such as soy wax candles. Kierra is an animal lover and enjoys spending time with Mellow, her cat.

STEPHANIE SHOFFNER Stephanie Shoffner is the owner of Lydia Jaynes LLC, a home decor and gift store, which has just celebrated its one-year anniversary. She has a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Appalachian State University. Lydia Jaynes LLC won Best Holiday Window Display this past season in Mocksville and has recently been featured offering Five Tips to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring in the latest issue of DavieLife magazine. Stephanie is on the leadership committee for Pearls of Empowerment which is a grant program that supports women and children in Davie County. In her spare time, Stephanie spends time with her seven-year-old whom she calls the apple of her eye! She is also part of a small group in her church of other women boss babes.


Ava Vann is the owner and operator of Sunless Body Spray Tan Studios. In her time in the industry, she has achieved several impressive milestones. She has launched a Sunless Body product line, has been nominated for Yes Weekly’s best in tanning, is a community partner with HPU and will be featured on Fox News’ small business spotlight segment. In her free time, Ava enjoys volunteering with local animal rescues and advocating for homeless pets in the community.


Shellie Coggins is the owner of The Wooden Loft Kernersville, a DIY workshop and boutique. She has a bachelor of science degree from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. She began her journey as a small business owner during a world pandemic in July of 2020. “I was laid off from my full-time job as a physical therapist assistant,” said Shellie. “And, although things are slow at times, we are still hanging in there! Business continues to pick up now that more people are discovering our DIY workshop. My love of DIY and being creative is what keeps me going and not giving up! None of my accomplishments would be possible without the love and support of my family. They drive me and support me, even when I don’t believe in myself.”


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NOW - JUNE 13 (WEDNESDAYS) RED BIRD WRITERS WORKSHOP: SPRING ‘22 CLASSES Times vary, Delurk Gallery, 207 West 6th Street. Two, seven-week workshops. Visit redbirdwriters. org for more details. In these seven-week classes, we’ll read and discuss each other’s work while receiving feedback, undertaking in-class writing activities and reading short assigned texts intended to highlight writing techniques and illuminate the writing process. This course will be tailored to the work of its participants and will explore strategies for brainstorming, writing and revising works in every genre. Cost: $225/person.

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MAY 3 GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT 5pm-until…Six Hundred Live Fire Kitchen, 450 North Patterson Avenue, Suite 120 in Downtown Winston-Salem. Grab a friend, a neighbor, your sister, your mother, a co-worker and have a much-needed Girls’ Night Out! Enjoy appetizer specials including Chowder Fries and Hearth Charred Carrots as well as drink specials such as Duckhorn Greenwing Cabernet and the Six Hundred Spritzer. As always, each attendee receives four tickets for the fabulous prize board drawings!

MAY 5-7 35TH ANNUAL SHEPHERD’S CENTER USED BOOK SALE 9am-9pm (5th-6th), 8am-2pm (7th), Education Building, Winston-Salem Fairgrounds, Gate 5 from Deacon Boulevard. shepherdscenter.org

Class times available every hour beginning at 5:30am through 8:30am and 5:30pm, F45 Training WinstonSalem. 486 North Patterson Avenue. All classes will have free drop-ins for anyone who wants to come take a class! Share with your friends, and come workout with us! Members, book into your classes on Mindbody; non-members, show up to the class you want to attend. Space will be available on a first come, first serve basis. If you want a guaranteed drop-in spot, please book on eventbright: bit.ly/ F45WSNCFREEFRIENDFRIDAY.

ARTSFEST 2022 5-8:30pm, Mount Tabor High School. Live performances, food trucks, arts activities, visual art display and shop raffle. Admission is $7/person 5 and older (includes 2 art bucks). All proceeds benefit the Mount Tabor High School Fine Arts Department.

MAY 7 11TH ANNUAL CLEMMONS COMMUNITY DAY 10am-2pm, Jerry Long Family YMCA, 1150 South Peace Haven Road in Clemmons. A fun-filled family day; rain or shine! Activities include bouncy house, face painting, DJ, Clemmons fire truck, sheriff’s car and exercise demos. Admission is free; please bring nonperishable or canned food donations for the Clemmons Food Pantry. No pets or alcoholic beverages allowed. Visit lewisvilleclemmons.com for more information.

MAY 7 TRELLIS DERBY PARTY 5pm - 7pm, The Atrium Biotech Place in Downtown Winston-Salem. Heavy hor d’oeuvres, beer, wine, signature cocktails, a photo booth, live music, a caricature artist, and of course a live stream of the Kentucky Derby. Don’t miss out on this fun celebration benefiting Trellis Supportive Care. Learn more and purchase tickets at trellisderbyparty.org


MAY 15 BEHIND THE SCENES OF A COUNTRY ESTATE 2-4pm, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, 2250 Reynolda Road in W-S. Have you ever wondered what day-to-day life was like in the world’s largest bungalow? Bari Helms, director of library and archives, and Amber C. Albert, manager of community and academic learning, will provide a glimpse of the Reynolds family’s lifestyle and the estate workers who made it possible. Following the presentation, guests will tour spaces in the historic house that aren’t typically accessible to the public. Space is limited; advance registration is required. Cost: $20/person. reynolda.org/visit/calendar/ behind-the-scenes-of-a-country-estate

7pm, Bookmarks, 634 West 4th Street #110 in W-S. Join us as we chat with The Lazy Genius, Kendra Adachi, about her new book. If you preorder a copy of The Lazy Genius Kitchen, you will be entered into a fun giveaway! This is a free event at Bookmarks, and everyone is invited! Seating is limited; registration is required. Eventbrite.com search “Lazy Genius Kitchen”

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10am-12pm; Jack Warren Park, 6510 Shallowford Rd, Lewisville. Join us for a morning of outdoor fun on their amazing playground and walking trail. We’ll have a fun craft for the kids under the pavilion along with prize board drawings for the adults. Feel free to bring a lunch to enjoy on the grounds. Learn more about Jack Warren Park at LewisvilleNC.net

MAY 13-15 WINSTON-SALEM GREEK FESTIVAL 2022 10am-10pm (13th-14th); 11am-8pm (15th), Greek Orthodox Church, 435 Keating Drive in WinstonSalem. The festival is returning to a full, in-person event! Who’s ready for the food, fun and dancing? WSGreekFestival.com

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Salem Law, 1645 Westbrook Plaza Drive in W-S. This workshop covers frequently asked questions and common misconceptions regarding: Wills & Trusts, Asset Protection, Nursing Home Issues, Medicaid Qualification and Estate Taxes. All workshops are free and open to the public. Attendees received a free consultation with Attorney Daniel J. Umlauf. salemestateplanning.com/ workshops


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REYNOLDA READ-ALOUD 10-10:30am, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, 2250 Reynolda Road in W-S. For pre-readers (ages 2-5) accompanied by an adult, this themed storytime series includes stories, songs or fingerplay, and suggested activities to do at home. Younger siblings are welcome! reynolda.org/visit/calendar/ reynolda-read aloud

MAY 21 TOUR OF LEWISVILLE 2022 2ND ANNUAL BIKE EVENT 9am-3pm, Shallowford Square, 6555 Shallowford Road in Lewisville. Riders will enjoy three routes. T-shirts and swag bags are included. All proceeds benefit the LewisvilleClemmons Chamber of Commerce efforts to support small businesses. Riders are asked to bring nonperishable food items for the Lewisville Community Assistance Program Food Pantry.

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Conversations with Your BFF

Finding Yourself After Divorce BY REBECCA COOPER

A friend and I recently were talking about how, when you are married, even in today’s society, you become known as ‘somebody’s wife.’ I got married in my twenties and in my rose colored, romantic and naive mind, I couldn’t wait to be known as ‘so and so’s wife.’ But, when we separated and eventually divorced, I can’t tell you how many times I heard, ‘You look familiar….aren’t you so and so’s wife?’ My reply was, ‘Not anymore.’ Awkward!!! Then the obligatory ‘I’m sorry,’ comes out. Not all divorces warrant an ‘I’m sorry.’ Some people are meant to be a chapter or a few chapters in your life, not the entire book. So how do you get ‘you’ back after the break up of a romantic relationship? I am so glad you asked!

HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR EGGS? If you saw the movie ‘Runaway Bride,’ the main character, Maggie Carpenter, played by Julia Roberts, had been engaged and took off for the hills on the way down the aisle so many times, that a big-wig NY journalist, Ike Graham, excellently and beautifully played by Richard Gere, tracked her down to write a story on her and why she couldn’t seem to make it to the altar. One of the scenes in the movie showed Maggie seemingly taking on the tastes of her fiancé at the time. However the guy of the hour liked his eggs, well, that’s how she liked hers. She really had no clue how she even liked her eggs… scrambled, over easy, boiled? In all her relationships and engagements, she had lost herself to the point that she had no clue how she even liked to eat her eggs. You may say, ‘That’s ridiculous and overstating things,’ but if you think about it, we, as women, can lose many parts of ourselves in a relationship. How many times has a partner requested things that seemed trivial, but in the scheme of things, chipped away at who you are? I dated a guy once who was shorter than me. I wore heels on our dates and he had a problem with me being taller. He asked me to start wearing flats, so even after we broke up, I skipped the heels. One guy didn’t like red lipstick, although it’s one of my favorite colors, so I wore muted makeup, disappearing into the background quite often. You have to pick up on the little things you compromise on so you don’t lose your identity in a relationship. Now I wear heels and red lipstick anytime I want!

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TRY BEING A BIT SELFISH To find who you are, you need to take time getting to know the ‘you’ that was lost or set aside during your relationship. Don’t rush into another relationship; take time to reconnect with friends, do those activities that once brought you joy, start a new hobby, get comfortable with being alone. You can be in a relationship and be lonely and you can also be alone and be filled with the joy of being YOU!

Divorce or the ending of a relationship can be a very eye-opening experience for learning who you are and what you enjoy in life. This search can be a journey, because no doubt, the relationship you’re leaving changed you and you’re different now, good or bad. You also have issues to overcome and deal with from that last relationship. In the end, realize that you are worth the effort. Becoming the healthiest version of you should be your priority before anything else, including a new relationship. If you aren’t happy as a person on your own, then you won’t be happy with someone else and will just repeat the patterns of the past. Focus on YOU!

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