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YOU DO IT, DO IT RIGHT GOLDMAN CENTER for Facial Plastic Surgery
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Gi Certificates available for the ones you love! To book online go to Aeracurasalon.com or give us a call. VA LENT INE’S DAY | F EBRUA RY 14 Gif ts with a hear t for natur botanical repairTM Strengthen hair with powerful plant technology. 94% naturally derived. Cruelty free. Vegan. * *From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water. Botanical RepairTM is 94% naturally derived on average per ISO standards.
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#1 orthopaedic care for every body

Get back to the activities you love with the region’s most preferred orthopaedic care. At Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, we treat every bone, joint and muscle with more specialized expertise and innovative therapies only found here. Our nationally renowned experts see people of every age and ability, shaping treatment to fit you and your goals. As the #1 orthopaedic provider for kids and adults, and the official health care partner for over 140 sports teams, we do more to heal what hurts and help every body thrive.

Orthopaedics | Sports Medicine | Physical Therapy Same- and next-day appointments at a location near you 888-716-WAKE • WakeHealth.edu/HURT

February is American Heart Month and we’re thrilled to help bring awareness to heart health

once again this year by partnering with the American Heart Association Go Red for Women campaign. This is your public service announcement to go to the doctor and get your check up! While a healthy diet and exercise plan are wonderful for heart health, genetics play such a huge role in heart disease as well. Stay ahead of it by getting your annual check up and knowing your numbers. Learn more on page 82!

This month we have quite possibly the most unique cover we’ve ever

published and I couldn’t be more excited about it! This photo shoot was thoughtfully planned out and brought to life by Jon Eric Johnson of JEJ photos, Dr. Goldman and his fabulous team, and hair and makeup artist, Hannah Dezarn. We were honored to be a part of it. Attending cover shoots is one of my favorite parts of my job and I never get tired of seeing a vision come to life! Dr. Goldman is simply a pleasure to be around and you don’t have to be around him for long to know that he has a heart for helping others. Since 2010, he has been on countless mission trips to Guatemala, Ecuador, Vietnam and Peru to perform surgeries on young patients who suffer from facial deformities. Read all about Dr. Goldman, HUGS (Help Us Give Smiles), and all of the services that his team offers on page 48.

We’re thrilled to be back with Girls’ Night Out this month! Join us at Twisted Pine on Thursday, February 9th from 5pm until. Bring your best gals for a fun night out! Learn more on page 60.

I can’t believe our 2nd Annual Women on the Move Leadership Conference is happening next month! If you’ve already gotten your ticket—you are in for a treat! We have six amazing speakers lined up as well as a couple of fun, intentional networking activities. As of right now, we still have tickets left, but I know they won’t last long. You can learn more and purchase your tickets at tinyurl.com/ WOMC2023. If tickets are in fact sold out by the time you are reading this, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll add you to the wait list in case we have any last minute cancellations.

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COVER STORY Goldman Center for Facial Plastic Surgery: Seeing, Believing, & Smiling Again! 48

How to Use Your Menstrual Cycle As a Superpower 56

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Finding Your Purpose 84

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Keeping It Real


It’s February . . . with celebrations of love, right? So why is it that so many folks struggle to feel loved? How is it that we stand in crowded rooms, yet seem so alone?

I’ve discovered that people fighting to feel cherished come from every walk of life. I’ve met loners who rarely experience loneliness and those with relationships galore who continuously feel isolated.

I counsel married folks who want to be single and single folks that ache to be married. It’s as if everyone appears agitated with this thing called love. We desperately desire intimacy yet feel as if this innate longing is never completely satisfied. So where is the love?

Perhaps we’re looking for love in all the wrong places. Maybe we’re requiring more from folks than they are equipped to offer.

Certainly, life is sweeter when love is generously extended and received. In fact, our Designer created the craving for intimacy. It’s just that we often place conditions on others that prove unrealistic, even unfair. No individual can fill the hole in our soul that is uniquely created for the One who placed it there.

It’s amazing the distance God goes to convey His deep affection for you and me. He expresses this insatiable desire toward us throughout every page of His love letter.

God conveys how much He loves us (to death!), how deep this love plunges (It’s bottomless!), how long it lasts (It’s endless!), and how wide it extends (It’s boundless!).

Don’t you get it? You can’t measure God’s passion for you. It’s just not scale material!

If that’s not crazy enough, soak yourself in this reality for a minute. Jehovah’s irrepressible longing toward us never diminishes in spite of the stupid things we say or do. (Looking at my list, I just bet I’ve got you beat!)

Simply put, God’s heart hotly pursues us at every bend in the road, no matter how many wrong turns we take. He doesn’t walk away. He can’t bail. It’s just not in Him to do so. You see, God’s love is not contingent on our conduct but on His character. It's not based on what we've done, but who He is.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get my mind wrapped around the unfathomable thought that God considers me irresistible. His affection is infinitely grander than my feeble awareness of it. But you know what throws my understanding into an even greater tailspin? Even more incomprehensible than “HOW could He love me,” for the life of me, I can’t comprehend “WHY.”

WHY does God love me? Isn’t it absolutely absurd to consider that this Magnificent Creator who holds the stars in the hollow of His hand desires to hold me? Quirky, temperamental me? This Invincible Lover,

who could have anything He wants, chooses to want me? He chooses to crave you? Let that thought marinate for a bit.

I don’t know your story but I just bet it looks an awful lot like mine. You’re loved and have been loved yet the deepest longings still persist. You’ve wrestled with loneliness regardless of significant relationships that surround you. You’ve wondered if you’re the weak link, feeling as if personal inadequacies cause these secret yearnings to go unmet.

It’s time to give your distorted mental scripts a rest. They embellish the lie that you’re not enough. They exaggerate the erroneous emotions of deficit and defeat.

You are treasured beyond your wildest dreams. You didn’t do anything to cause this love so you can’t do anything to un-cause it.

I make you this promise. If you abandon the futile search to fill the deepest hole with things that won’t ever fit and move in God’s direction, His love will come rushing in like a tidal wave of tenderness. It’s everything your heart’s been waiting for. It’s irresistible. It’s incomprehensible. It’s downright unstoppable. This love . . . it’s for YOU!

Oh, how I long to pursue the Greatest Love of my life with even a fraction of the desire that He pursues me. For comments or prayer, contact Dr. Lanier at www.HopeCommunityChurch.tv.

For comments or prayer, contact Dr. Lanier at PastorDebbie@HopeCommunityChurch.tv.

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Let Kindness Changing the World Be Our Guide to

Celebrated the week of February 12th through the 19th, Random Acts of Kindness Week is dedicated to promoting kindness throughout the United States. While events and acts of kindness take place throughout the week, there is a great emphasis on the National Random Acts of Kindness Day which is Friday, February 17th. This day was first honored in Denver, Colorado in 1995. According to the website, Love ‘N Learn Educational Child Care, the day is set aside to “make the world a little brighter and better through little and simple kind gestures, words, and actions.” As for the week, its history dates back to 1982 when Anne Herbert coined the phrase “practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.” Herbert crafted this phrase in California as a response to acts of violence and cruelty, hoping to put a stop to them. In 1993, a children’s book, Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty was published. From there, the Random Acts of Kindness Week and Day have spread throughout the world, all with the same goal of making the world a little kinder.

In addition to making the world a better place, giving and receiving kindness can have many benefits. When you are helping others and yourself, you can reduce your stress, improve your happiness, self-esteem, and mood - all beneficial to your mental health and wellbeing. In addition, showing kindness can help create a sense of belonging, reduce our sense of isolation, and help us change our perspective on the world. Through random acts of kindness, we are able to see how our actions have impacts on others and give us a more positive viewpoint. Combine all of these advantages together and we can easily see how kindness can change the world for ourselves, individually and collectively, and for the better.

During Random Acts of Kindness Week and especially on National Random Acts of Kindness Day, be sure to show kindness towards yourself and others. Whether it is by yourself or with your loved ones, the goal is to complete at least one random act of kindness, hopefully each day of the week. The key to accomplishing this goal is to make sure the acts are random. You don’t have to put much thought into them; you just do them because they are kind and the right thing to do. Simple actions, such as holding the door open for a stranger or giving a compliment, don’t take much time and can easily be done. However, it is equally important to take part in bigger tasks that may take more planning and time to complete, but are random and a surprise to the recipients. One way to do just that is by showing kindness on a larger scale on Friday, February 17, the National Random Acts of Kindness Day. You can also turn Saturday and/or Sunday of that week into daylong events of volunteering.

There are many ways to demonstrate kindness, which can be modified for all ages, as well as, for an individual or group.

• Donate groceries to a local food bank

• Surprise someone with homemade goodies

• Donate food, blankets, and toys to the animal shelter

• Run an errand for a family member, neighbor, or friend

• Create positive bookmarks for books at your library

• Leave money on a vending machine for someone to find

• Call your neighborhood school and pay off lunch debt for students

• Buy a gift card and randomly hand to a stranger in a store or restaurant

• Write a thank you note to your friends, teachers, mail carrier, police department, hospital, etc.

• Pick up a piece of litter on the street and throw it away

• Compliment a coworker to your boss

• Build a little free library in your neighborhood or a needed area in town

• Reconnect with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while

• Write an encouraging note for someone who may need it

• Volunteer at your favorite nonprofit

Let this week, the Random Acts of Kindness Week, be the start to changing the world. Kindness should be the norm for all people and each day should be filled with at least one random act of kindness. Together, we can make an impact for the better. As spoken in the movie Evan Almighty: “How do we change the world? One single act of random kindness at a time.”

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How to Host a


of a superbowl party



Let’s be honest. One of the best things about a party is the food. Make sure to have plenty on hand for your guests and remember this is an occasion that calls for casual and fun dining. Embrace it!


Ask your party goers to bring an item to share with a Nacho Bar or Chili Bar on party night. If you’re doing a nacho bar you can have a few large bags of tortilla chips on the ready and cook up some ground beef or shredded chicken in your crockpot. Guests can bring toppings like shredded cheese, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa and shredded lettuce. Feeling the Chili Bar idea instead? Cook your favorite chili recipe and have friends sign up to contribute diced onions, Fritos, sour cream, corn bread and other toppings.


Bring the stadium to your kitchen with a spread that gives a nod to the concession stands! Line up cups of popcorn and pretzels and place hot dogs or mini burger sliders out on trays. Add some large bins filled with crushed ice and ice-cold soda and beer for a fun option for your drink station and let your guests help themselves.


Individual pizzas are a fantastic way to make sure everyone’s tastes are met while keeping things simple. Purchase some pizza dough or pita shells and have a slew of shredded mozzarella and toppings for everyone to choose from. And hey, if it’s been a busy week and you’re game day ready but don’t want to put in the extra effort, then go old school and dial-up! Get a few different pizzas and wings from your favorite local pizza place. You can’t go wrong.

Set the scene at the snack table or around the whole house with



We’re talking team logos and colors plastering the party. If you want your house to scream with team pride you can do it without spending too much on store-bought decorations. Jump on your computer to print out some of your favorite players’ faces to cut out and a few large team logo images to tape up. You can grab balloons and streamers at your local party store – just call ahead to make sure they have your team colors on hand.


Play up your favorite sport and grab some football paper plates and napkins and a balloon or two near the TV. Are you the DIYer of the group? Create a fun football bunting out of brown felt and white paint to hang up, or grab some brown paper bags for snacks to look more stadium-friendly. Head over to Pinterest.com and search for simple Super Bowl decoration ideas and get to work.


It’s game day and your food and decorations are all set but there may be a few little extras to think about.


Remember, it’s not a bad time to grab the Windex and wipe down that TV screen! All eyes will be on the big game, so you might as well make sure the view looks good. Also, don’t forget to have some paper towels or rags handy because if ever someone was going to spill something in your house, it will be during a rowdy football game full of cheering.


Worried about not having enough seating? The Super Bowl is the perfect time to forget proper seats and let your guests get comfy around the room. Grab a few extra chairs from the dining room to spread out around the couch and throw some large pillows and throw blankets around the room for extra seating. Guests can pile in and get comfy while cheering for their favorite team.


Remember to enjoy yourself and have fun with your guests. Watch the game and enjoy the commercials with everyone and don’t fuss over clean up until everyone’s gone.

a Super Bowl Party
Who’s ready for some football? Here are a few simple ideas to throw
that stands out from the crowd.

Be There for Her Sustain the Tradition :

Some years ago, I reported to a man who had a five- year- old daughter. One day he asked if I would be willing to have his little girl come to my house on a Saturday to play dress up. The young girl’s mom “wasn’t the fancy type,” but her daughter surely was. While I happily agreed, I let life get in the way and never “fixed her crown.” I have always regretted that I didn’t share a part of myself with that girl whose emerging sensibilities were so much like my own.

When you look back, you may see the many women who have stood behind you and beside you – those who were there for you. They showed up without fanfare or judgment, without seeking any glory for themselves. Their doing so made a difference and contributed to how you: saw yourself travelled your path pursued your goals, and overcame difficulty.

That’s how they went about “fixing your crown.” By their own example, these women show us how we can be the woman who is there for the next woman whose crown needs fixing. It’s not about “paying it forward.” No, it’s about carrying it forward, a tradition worth perpetuating and sustaining amongst women.

Every day, I challenge myself to earn my place amongst that invisible tribe of women who shake loose the envy, jealousy, comparison and criticism of other women. These women truly possess a superpower: the willingness and ability to be there for one another. There are so many ways we can be there for the women and girls in our life, those we know well and are close to, as well as those we encounter casually, along the way:

• Start by making a conscious decision. Our behaviors and actions flow naturally when we already know how we want to show up in the world as wives, mothers, daughters, co-workers, friends, neighbors – as women who are there for other women.

• Be her listener. There are plenty of well-intentioned people ready to give advice and offer solutions – often prematurely. When we are listened to deeply, and without judgment, we begin to trust ourselves more and to believe that the answers almost always live inside of us. Big, meaningful questions like these support listening: “Why is that important to you?” “What matters the most in this situation?” “How do you need to be different to make that happen?” Of course, if you sense she’s ready for input, check that out: “Are you open to an idea or is it better if I just listen?” or “Let me know when or if you’d like me to offer a suggestion.”

• Be her champion. You know how good it feels when someone knows what you want to achieve and provides their unconditional support. We all need the assurance that there is someone in our corner believing in us, rooting for us, and even cheering us on. Get more concrete by asking her directly: “How can I support you while you work toward that goal?” “How can I be there for you through this?” Another way that you champion her is by consciously using language that empowers her. Beyond “You’re awesome” and “You’re amazing,”

be more specific about why or how this is so: “because you are driven, strong, clear-minded, inspiring, generous, kind, courageous.”

• Be her beautiful mirror. We get enough “feedback” from the makeup mirror and sadly, from other women that points out our flaws and imperfections – physical and otherwise. Flip that on its head and be the woman who celebrates another woman’s inner and outer beauty. The next time you notice that the woman in line in front of you at the CVS has beautiful hair, tell her so. The next time that waitress-in-training greets you with a warm and genuine smile, tell her never to lose that because it’s, well, beautiful.

• Celebrate her. It hardly matters how. Give her a big hug (or a virtual high five), send her a text, share a glass of wine. It doesn’t matter how you acknowledge her; what matters is that you do.

Are you in?

“Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.”
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be my valentine “Finish her look with a statement piece crowned with show-stopping crystals.” 336-766-7440 | FraleighsBoutiqueNC.com Monday-Friday 10am-5pm | Saturday 10am-4pm | 2626 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd. Clemmons, NC 27012

Kyla Stimpson | Kyla Eliza Fine Arts & Design

This month’s featured artist, Kyla Eliza, finds power and beauty in the art of destruction, rebuilding art from its fragments and binding connections between her ancestors and herself through vivid colors and various mediums.

How would you describe your work?

When it comes to my work I enjoy being a multidimensional mixed media artist. I describe my work as dynamic and constantly changing. Sometimes I rip up one of my paintings to make remnants into earrings, sketchbook covers or collages. Other times I’m relaxed and paint repeating brightly colorful circles, representing my ancestors and thoughts. My artwork isn’t always traditionally “beautiful,” with some pieces more eerie, thought provoking and dreamlike. Most recently, my work includes acrylics, raw canvas, needle and thread, handmade paper and epoxy.

What influences your art ?

My influences and inspiration derive from self-reflection, self awareness, ideas of my ancestors, logic and the use of color. I’m also almost obsessed with Mid-Century Modern design, and design from the early ‘90s. My artwork is also influenced by my relationships and other artists. Interaction between self, spirit and relationships has played a major part in my inspiration. There are also times where I spend endless amounts of time alone to generate ideas, reflect, listen to music and ask questions.

How have you evolved, personally, as an artist?

As a high school freshman, I walked into the art classroom and was greeted by a feeling of belonging; the retracting drawing tables, the stools, drying rack - all of itsuddenly made me feel like I was home. I graduated college with a degree in visual arts and media design at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University which opened doors to my art career. The COVID-19 pandemic led me to become a full-time artist, and in August 2021, I opened Kyla Eliza Fine Arts & Design. I showed in over 20 vendor events in my first year of operating!

You offer lessons and parties, what do you enjoy most about teaching?

Even as a child, I found passion in teaching my imaginary students and parents everything I knew! It’s taken decades to understand what creativity really is, and how to use it to evoke emotion. I’ve learned that to be an artist, you are also a scientist, and I love watching someone’s confidence boost within minutes as they transition from feeling incapable of creating to creating a piece to feeling excited! I’ve taught with The African American Atelier, Inc., Paint Therapy, Dudley High School, Milestones Treatment & Learning Center, and I’m currently independently offering art instruction, paint parties and adding interactive workshops soon.

How do you carve out time to be creative?

Last October, I became an AFAS (Art For Art’s Sake) Artist and have my studio inside the AFAS building in Downtown Winston-Salem. This was the perfect step towards taking time for myself to pursue my creative endeavors. I’m met with a new challenge of carving out time to rest from being in a creative state. I like to say I’m learning how to balance my creativity with other activities such as roller skating, social engagement and self healing.

If you are interested in learning more about Kyla Eliza you can follow her on

What are you working on that excites you right now?

I’m working on creating paintings from my series “Surreal Dreams” where I feature vivid colorful (somewhat eerie) scenes from dreams that I’ve experienced. This has been a running series since 2016 and I’m excited that I have time, and a space to sit down and work out some of these ideas in my head.

What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with fellow artists?

The time is now! Stop with the excuses. Apply for that art show, apply for that event, finish that piece that’s been sitting downstairs in the basement waiting for you and the paintbrush to return.

We create art for ourselves, but it’s selfish of us to keep it away from the world. Find a way to put your art in front of people, invite people to take a look at your perspective of life. You never know how something you create can help others.

as well as find her work online at www.kylaeliza.com. Locally, you can visit

Facebook @Kylaelizaarts and Instagram @artbykylaeliza Kyla’s studio at Art For Art’s Sake’s Artivity Studios, Downtown Winston-Salem. The studio is opened by appointment , First Friday Gallery Hop, and special events. A monthly column that keeps its finger on the pulse of Forsyth’s artists and their inspiring stories!
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Purpose Push:

There Is No Success Without Love

Love is one of the most powerful feelings and we all want to experience it consistently. Love motivates us to keep striving, to try again, to let our guard down, and sacrifice. Frankly, love can get us to do some of the craziest things we thought we never would and it sheds light on parts of us we didn’t know existed.

But I’m not talking about relationships today. Love can bring out the same things in entrepreneurship and, as owners of creative and God-ordained businesses, we should think more about transcending love to the people and things we interact with. As I study admirable companies, I notice the successful ones, that are not focused solely on money, always have love ingrained in their foundation. Love will be able to keep us in the fight when we feel like giving up. Love comes in many forms and we need a mix of it all! Here are three main forms of love:

Love for God

This shouldn’t be shocking to read but I listed this as the first point because without putting God first, you are demonstrating you trust yourself or other people more than you trust God. Contrary to what some may believe, God is great at business! The Bible is loaded with advice and stories about money because He wants us to be wealthy. Don’t marinate in all your business problems - instead clear your mind by laying those problems at His feet. Oftentimes, God quickly provides an answer so you can make a decision and continue your day in peace. When you love God and know He loves you, you can trust Him with everything and business gets easier. We will always have roadblocks in our entrepreneurial pursuits but nothing is too hard for God to handle. Through Jesus, he conquered the entire world so trust He has the map to success for your business and focus on loving all that He has done for you.

Love for Your Audience

What would we be without the people that support our businesses? When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I was consumed by various business books, podcasts and webinars that groomed me on how to treat people as just numbers to a monetary goal. “Gurus” would encourage me to focus on analytics and funneling a certain amount of people to get just 10 percent of them to buy my products. I used their templates for sales pages and marketing emails and was conducting business

as if everyone would respond in the same way. I abolished that sleazy strategy a long time ago and began focusing on one person at a time. Every person, whether they turn into a customer or not, receives my genuine love because God revealed to me why I was in business from the start: to transcend self-worth and be a woman’s source for peace on Earth. Sure, one day analytics will help as I strive to scale, but loving my audience will outshine analytics and show the results of a true community!

Love for Yourself

Your audience wants to see you take care of yourself. It inspires them to do the same

and instills trust that you also care about the products you are selling. Do they see you using your own products? Do they see you taking breaks and embracing the fact your life is not just about business? Incorporate other parts of your story in your business because that’s relatable. Our purpose is not only to make money but also to help others see what’s possible for their life, too. That can only come when we lead by example and love all facets of ourselves.

In this month of love, think of the countless ways you can extend love to yourself, to others and to God and the success you seek will come to you like a magnet. I love you and I have faith in you.

Sheridan C. Watkins is a journalist and the owner of Perennial Peaces, a jewelry and gifts brand focused on transcending self-worth to all women. Her true work began after climbing out of a dark place with the help of God and therapy and her life mission is to provide tangible peace through her Divine gifts to help women heal and transform their life. Follow the mission on Instagram and Facebook: @perennialpeaces
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Perhaps you read the title of this piece and thought “I need to read this.” Or maybe you scratched your head and said out loud “What? Retirement is supposed to be stress free!” As much as we’d all like stress to be an experience we can leave behind in our hectic, working life, it’s not that simple. A surprising 56% of folks literally lose sleep because they are stressed out just thinking about retirement.

Here’s a little more sobering news:

When measured in terms of 43 stress-inducing life events, retirement ranks number 10! Research indicates that is more stress than the changed health of a family member or one’s personal financial situation. But why? Often because it’s not just about exiting the workplace. It’s about the many concurrent changes that accompany doing so. Things like creating a new daily routine, struggling with a post-work identity, missing the social life and connections built in the workplace, a frightening health diagnosis, or even a late in life divorce from a long-time spouse.

Social worker Robert Laura who counsels retirees explains that, “Many of these things are difficult to deal with. But it’s also why we should be teaching people about resilience and positive psychology instead of just asset allocation and stock market returns.”

I couldn’t agree more. Please read on.


If you are experiencing retirement stress, the first thing you can do for yourself is to accept that this stress is normal.

I know, if you buy into what all of the ads suggest, you may think there is something “wrong” with you. There isn’t, so please let that go! Then reach for tactics you can put into place every day that will help to relieve your stress so that you can enjoy your retirement:

• Ask “What do I want this stage in my life to be about?”

Listen to “what comes up” for you and focus on the feelings and experiences you want to have instead of the “things.”

Tap into the expertise you need.

This is no time to be a lone ranger. Engage or reengage with a financial planner, your health care provider and others who can help you get foundational matters in shape.

Allow yourself time to adapt

Retirement is a big change in every respect. Respect that and give yourself the latitude to experiment with new habits and routines. You will learn about yourself in the process.

• Try new things

Being retired is a new experience. Dip your toe in the water and do something different. Or do as one of my friends did – she picked up a long-abandoned interest with great gusto. For her it was playing the banjo!

Embrace the great outdoors

You’ve heard it before because it is true: you’ll get an immediate mood boost when you spend time in natural surroundings.

Get moving!

Same here: exercise of any kind has a positive impact on your sense of well-being as well as your physical health. Remember those experts I mentioned? Your health plan likely includes FREE access to gyms and other resources. Take the first step and see where it leads...

Make some plans

Staring at a blank calendar or one strewn with doctor appointments can make anyone’s stress soar! Be sure to intentionally add coffee dates, museum visits, golf outings, or whatever floats your boat.

Most of all, remind yourself that you can manage retirement stress, especially if you keep in mind that retirement is a work in progress that takes time to perfect!

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Hi! I’m Lauren. I’m a freelance writer, a food blogger and the official Forsyth Mags Foodie! Stay tuned each month to find everything from achievable dessert ideas to healthy, quick dinners that’ll happily feed the family.

@brightmomentco | abrightmoment.com

Steak Crostini with Creamy Horseradish Sauce

Servings: 12 Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes Total time: 20 minutes


For the Steak Crostini:

1 Ciabatta Baguette

1 lb. Ribeye or NY Strip Steak

3 Tbsp. Olive Oil

2 Garlic Cloves

Fresh Chives, for garnishing Crushed Black Pepper, for garnishing

For the Creamy Horseradish Sauce

1/2 cup Light Sour Cream

2 tbsp. Horseradish

2 tbsp. Fresh Chives

1 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tbsp. Plain Greek Yogurt

1 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce

1/2 tsp. each: Salt & Black Pepper


1. Let the steak sit out at room temperature for at least 20 minutes.

2. Preheat the oven to broil on HIGH.

3. Slice the bread into twelve 1/2” thick slices. Brush or drizzle both sides of the bread with olive oil.

4. Toast for 2-3 minutes on each side. Keep an eye on it to ensure it doesn’t burn. While still warm, rub the bread slices with the garlic cloves.

5. Heat up a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat until hot, about 4-5 minutes.

6. Season both sides of the steak with salt.

7. Add 1 tbsp olive oil to the skillet, then carefully add the steak.

8. Cook for 3-5 minutes on each side, or until desired doneness.

9. Let the steak rest for at least 3-5 minutes before slicing into 12 thick slices.

10. In the meantime, mix all the sauce ingredients until well-combined.

11. To assemble, add a slice of the steak onto each crostini, then a generous dollop of the sauce. Garnish with freshly chopped chives and crushed black pepper. Serve immediately while warm. Enjoy!

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YOUR SPACE. YOUR PLACE. Workout in your own personal station at the cleanest place in town! Try a FREE introductory class to feel the benefits for yourself! CLUB PILATES WINSTON-SALEM 336.717.1222 • clubpilates.com/winstonsalem • winstonsalem@clubpilates.com 371 Lower Mall Drive Winston-Salem, NC Free Intro Class!


Mary Haglund

The Triad, and Winston-Salem in particular, is rife with an abundance of restaurants. This was not always the case, and a cherished matriarch of the local restaurant scene is Mary Haglund.

She began her illustrious chapter as a restaurateur in 2000 with Mary’s of Course on Brookstown Avenue in downtown WinstonSalem. She moved her booming business to Trade Street in 2010 and launched Mary’s Gourmet Diner. Mary is embedded as a prominent pioneer in the culinary fabric of Winston-Salem.


I grew up in the kitchens of my grandmothers on both sides of my family. I was raised in Indiana about 30 miles southeast of Chicago. My grandmothers were the queens of solid mid-western comfort food.

Tell us about your first professional foray into hospitality.

I was 18 and went to a small college in Indiana. I worked the drive thru window at Penguin Point in Warsaw, Indiana. It was the home of the best pork tenderloin sandwich. I still think about that pork tenderloin to this day.

My first taste of the south was after I got married in 1973 and my husband, who was a Marine, had us stationed in Beaufort, South Carolina. I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying, it was utter culture shock. We then got the opportunity to move back to Indiana. I hated it, but I went to work at Denny’s. It had the reputation of being the busiest Denny’s in the United States. I was a server for the 2nd and even 3rd shifts. I waited on tables as it was good money and allowed me the scheduling flexibility as a young mother.

I later transitioned to fine dining and learned so much about great food and wine. It elevated my game and gave me a deeper understanding and love for the industry.


It was a very tough journey for me as a young adult. When I was 33, I quit abusing drugs and alcohol to mask pain and fear. I asked myself how I was going to make this dream of a restaurant work. My parents never put limitations on me just because I was female. I had the confidence of the ignorant.

This friend who had a coffee shop where my eventual restaurant was to be, told me she would sell me her business for pennies on the dollar. She needed the money for medical expenses.

It was a tiny space and in fact there was no room even for an electric dishwasher, but with financial help from my parents who had some land to put up as collateral. Can you believe I was able to open a restaurant for under $100,000!


Candide Jones wrote a glowing newspaper review in 2000. We were going along so well and then 9/11 happened. Tourism plummeted, and the economy tanked. I didn’t take a paycheck for 2.5 years! My health suffered. And frankly, I knew how to host and cook for people, but I was not a businessperson. I owed payroll back taxes. There were occasions where “Mr. IRS” would come knocking and tell me I had until 5pm to give them $1000 or risk being shuttered.

Eventually, the economy regained strength, I got my financial house in order, and we got rather famous for what we were doing to feed this town. We were so busy.

There were not a lot of women who owned restaurants in the Triad at the time. I

was a housewife from Indiana, and the good ol’ boy network thought “Who does this lady think she is?” Vendors and suppliers didn’t treat me with a great deal of respect at the time. I had to work twice as hard to get half as far.


I did not have the stomach for the stress any longer, especially when we were going into Covid. Yes, we were still crowded even in 2020 (20 years after opening the original Mary’s of Course). But my food wasn’t to-go food. Covid would water down the intended communal spirit of my concept.


Cooking is so ingrained in me. My happy place is my kitchen. I adore being a part of the female-owned community at Southern Home and Kitchen at Thruway. I really love being with the people who attend the classes.


Millicent Greason. She was a cultural pioneer long before any of us. She is so under-celebrated and under-appreciated. When I got my restaurant together many years later, I made sure to feature local art there. Millicent is such an important part of the art scene that blossomed here at the turn of the century.

I am a different person because of these artists. In fact, I am in the process of producing a documentary called ‘How to Feed an Artist.’ We will be doing a huge GoFundMe to raise even more money for this project. The arts enrich lives and save lives.


I hope they say that I loved my city, the people, that I am so grateful every single day of my life. I hope people say that I treated everyone like family. My life has been remarkable because of the people and connections I have made. My mission has always been that I wanted to look at a crowd in my dining room and see the celebrated diversity of my customer base.

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As women, we often find ourselves as caregivers for those we love. We take on the role naturally, wanting our loved ones to feel comfort and nurtured. While it can be overwhelming, especially in the case of serious illness, there is help available. Trellis Supportive Care offers many layers of support. From Caregiver Confidence workshops to the most intimate and comprehensive care available to patients and their caregivers as they face end of life.

Here are 5 things about hospice care that may surprise you:

1 2You can remain home – with a care team that comes to you. With a dedicated care team who provide care in your home, remaining at home is not only possible, but also the goal. Our team is made up of compassionate professionals with expertise in caring for people with advanced illness. They will provide in-home visits, delivering nursing care, personal care, counseling, emotional support for both patients and caregivers, and so much more. We visit patients in Forsyth and surrounding counties.

You’ll have peace of mind. With support available 24/7, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Your local team at Trellis Supportive Care is

never far away, and you’ll have an on-call team ready to support you – day or night.

Your care is individualized. We understand that each patient and family are unique, and that each illness presents different symptoms and challenges. That’s why we have a specialized approach to a variety of diseases – and why we strive to meet the goals and wishes of each patient we serve.

Medications, supplies, and equipment are delivered quickly. Because we have our own pharmacy, we get you the medications you need quickly, delivered directly to you at home. Medications, supplies and equipment that are related to your diagnosis are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. You can focus on quality of life, while your team takes care of the rest.

3 4 5

Not all hospice organizations are the same. Trellis Supportive Care was the first hospice in NC and has been caring for patients and families since 1979. We remain an independent, nonprofit, organization. Thanks to community support, we are able to go above and beyond in the way we provide care, and never deny anyone care because of inability to pay.

Anyone can make a referral – including family and friends. And because most families wish they had called sooner, we welcome your call, or visit, anytime to share more about how we may be able to support you or someone you love. Visit us at TrellisSupport.org or call 336-768-3972.

“When daddy received his cancer diagnosis, we were told he may only have 6 months to live. He was 6’3” and weighed only 143 lbs. But with the support of Trellis, he not only surpassed that life expectancy, his quality of life improved! His weight went up to 185 lbs. and we were able to travel. We had another year together and we’re so grateful to our Trellis hospice team. Their support of our dad - and of us - was lifechanging.” - Melinda Szeliga

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151 S. Stratford Road | Winston-Salem, NC 27104 | 336.724.9800 | MidtownCafeWS.com Find your winter comfort foods at Midtown Cafe & Dessertery No time to cook? Order online on our website or through Door Dash. Check out our new Coffee Bar!

On the Road Again: Delaware

Day 1: Pennsylvania to Delaware

Since Delaware is a smaller state, its main attractions are fortunately within a reasonable driving distance from each other. The main airport in Delaware is Wilmington Airport (ILG), which is a regional airport and will likely have limited direct flights inbound and outbound. If you’re looking to fly direct, I suggest flying into Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) in Pennsylvania, making a 25-minute drive to Wilmington, DE.

Although Dover is Delaware’s capital city, Wilmington is a great first stop on the trip, with many museums and restaurants. I suggest spending a night in Wilmington and taking advantage of the city’s local attractions. Visit the historical Hagley Museum to learn about the founder of gunpowder, Éleuthère Irénée du Pont de Nemours. Next door is the Nemours Estate, an expansive DuPont family estate with 100 acres of stunning gardens to explore.

Day 2: Head to Dover

Delaware’s capital city of Dover is much closer to the beauty of Delaware’s beaches than Wilmington. Check-in to your accommodation in Dover for the rest of the week and spend the afternoon in Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge’s 12-mile wildlife drive through tidal salt marshes. Bird lovers and animal enthusiasts flock to Bombay Hook in hopes of spotting bald eagles, white-tailed deer, and numerous other species of shorebirds and wading birds.

Day 3: Barn Hill Preserve

In the unlikely instance that you didn’t catch a glimpse of any wildlife at Bombay Hook, Barn Hill Preserve of Delaware in Frankford offers up-close and personal animal interactions with species you won’t find in any wildlife refuge or park throughout the state. Hand-feed a sloth while sipping wine, or register for a morning session of kangaroo yoga (yes, yoga with kangaroos). Be sure to plan your visit ahead of time and purchase your ticket online in advance to make sure you reserve a slot for your desired animal activity. To browse Barn Hill Preserve’s event calendar and learn more, visit www.barnhillpreserve.com.

Day 4: Rehoboth Beach

Drive to Delaware’s Atlantic coast to popular Rehoboth Beach to spend the day in the sun. With a charming boardwalk, amusement park, and Delaware’s best sandy beaches, Rehoboth is an excellent summer vacation getaway. If sunbathing isn’t your style and you’re looking to stay active, kayak or paddle board Rehoboth Bay. Drive up and down the coast to see more of Delaware’s coastal beauty at Cape Henlopen State Park or Delaware Seashore State Park. If you’re hungry, grab some fresh seafood along one of the many boardwalk restaurants in Rehoboth before heading back to Dover for the evening.

Day 5: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Since the majority of the recommended activities in Delaware are nature-based, take a break from the outdoors and check out Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton. Offered daily, visitors can take a 25-minute Quick Sip Tour of the brewhouse and receive four free samples of beer. Dogfish also offers a more extensive tour, as well as tours of the Dogfish Head Distillery and cocktail-making classes. Enjoy pizzas, sandwiches, and a Bavarian-style pretzel from the Dogfish Head kitchen, and choose from one of the many beers on tap before (safely) traveling back to Dover.

Day 6: Fort Delaware State Park

On your last day in Delaware, explore the state’s history by visiting the civil war fortress of Fort Delaware. Fort Delaware State Park is located 45 minutes north of Dover and is nothing short of a historical site for sore eyes. Only open seasonally, the well-preserved fortress is surrounded by the Delaware River and offers costumed guides to provide visitors with thorough history lessons and guided tours of the grounds. After exploring, chow down on river-side seafood at nearby Crabby Dick’s and take in your last few hours of Delaware’s coastal scenery.

Day 7: Depart PHL

Philadelphia International Airport is less than 90 minutes away from Dover, but be sure to check out of your Dover hotel with plenty of time to spare in case traffic gets heavy. If you’ve chosen to leave from Wilmington instead, your morning commute will be a bit shorter, but with fewer airport eateries to choose from before boarding your flight home.

The northeastern state of Delaware was established as the first of the original 13 colonies to reportedly ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Here’s how to spend seven days in “The First State” of Delaware.
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Making Do

Who amongst us is not vulnerable to the constant radio and TV advertising campaigns which urge us to buy new products and services. The word “upgrade” seems to be a rather recent linguistic invention but it is one that appears in virtually every avenue of life and inspires everyone to be a consummate consumer and a “have” rather than a “have not.” Consequently, it is difficult to avoid falling into the trap of impulse buying. Some folks even consider this “shopping therapy” and give it a kind of legitimization, all of which fuels an ever-increasing need to “keep up with the Joneses” and buy the latest and the greatest that are out there. I confess that I am guilty of playing this game. I drive a 2002 Toyota Corolla with 110,000 miles on it but constantly feel the urge to get something newer and better. My anxiety is fueled by well-meaning friends’ commentaries that “maybe it is time to buy another car.” I’ve been stuck in a place where it seems that whatever I have is simply not enough.

Enter the words of a wise friend who has been kind enough to share some nuggets of wisdom: “Stop buying, you have enough. Make do with what you have. Repair, repurpose and reconstitute your things.” Along with that followed the old axiom “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Admittedly, there is power in those words, particularly when measured against the loss of two jobs in our home. Money is no longer plentiful. In the past several weeks I have taken my friend’s advice and changed my focus to one of “making do” – instead of going out for a Japanese lunch, I opt for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at home. Instead of going to see a film at the theater, I head over to the library and grab some movies. Although I’d love to take a vacation, I’m now in budget mode and opt to do free stuff: walk to the local museum, arboretum or attend a no-cost lecture or concert in town.

The idea of “making do” is multifactorial, or, panoramic, if you will. It can be adapted to all kinds of circumstances. Essentially the idea is to use what one has on hand and live within your means. No matter how much you want to see the musical “Hamilton,” if you can’t afford to readily let go of the $500.00 necessary to purchase a ticket, you shift your intellectual gears into finding an entertainment that doesn’t exact a

costly price – perhaps borrowing a video from a friend or checking out a free sporting event. For example, since I am an ardent theater buff, live theater is an important part of my emotional diet so I usher for local productions and in exchange get to see shows at no cost.

My idea of “making do” continually expands and at its heart it includes the idea of minimalism – a theory which has as one of its goals the notion of living with less. I rarely go to shopping malls because I know I might be tempted to indulge in a bout of impulse buying for something I probably don’t desperately need. Instead I borrow or trade items and services as much as possible. Rather than buy a game of Scrabble, I ask a friend if he or she would lend it to me. I make do with what opportunities I am presented and give a silent “thank you” to the universe at large. I feel grateful to finally get rid of so many things which are, in truth, superfluous and my heart and soul feel lighter.

My current methodology seems to be working. I reuse and recycle. When my clothes are torn, I repair a seam, replace a button or sew up a small hole. I cook with what I have in my house and frequent food pantries when times are especially lean. I barter, rely on old appliances and use cameras that are old but still work. If I need an article of clothing, I go to a thrift store. I arrange furniture or change a color scheme, rather than make a purchase.

The truth is that making do does not equate with doing without. It is a paradigm shift in thinking, however, that more is not necessarily better and realizing that living more simply has innumerable benefits including less clutter. Being grateful for the things I do have has made me happier and much less susceptible to the advertising schemes and frenzy that it is otherwise so easy to fall victim to. In short, “making do” gets me through and I imagine my carbon footprint on the planet is also lighter. “Making do” can work for you, too.

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Hustle & Heart

3 Ways to Embrace Business Failures As

Your Best Tool Towards Success

My husband’s favorite quote is “There are no failures, only learning.” In business, it can be difficult to separate ourselves from our failures, let alone see them as a positive thing. The truth is, without each and every failure we come across we wouldn’t learn what is so vital to be successful. In those tough moments when we feel like what we put out into the world failed, there are a lot of emotional responses that can get in the way of progress. Instead, when we realize that our greatest tool is the lesson that each failure provides, an important shift begins to take place.

So, how do you embrace that same shift in your own mindset and business? How do you let go of the disappointment (and often shame) that is associated with failure? Here are a few tips that I’ve found helpful not only in my own experience but also that of other business owners.


If reading that last sentence made you roll your eyes, don’t worry I understand. When we put so much of ourselves into our work, it can feel impossible not to link our self worth with the wins and losses that our business experiences. Start finding small ways to remind yourself that you are more than what you do to make money and your business is lucky to have you, not be you. When something doesn’t pan out or yield the results you had hoped for, that’s not a reflection on who you are as a person, it’s just the nature of business. Some ideas and offers are going to be successful while others fall flat and provide you with a chance to move forward with new knowledge.


Every single negative piece of feedback, failed launch, poor sales metric - all of it can be a resource in building the success you are after. In fact, keeping your failures more black and white and data-based allows for that emotional connection to begin to soften. Let’s look at a promotion that you were

This column is meant to serve as a resource for readers who seek inspiration and knowledge for building their own small business brands. Through actionable advice, find the encouragement to help you keep living your life with hustle and heart.

offering that nobody took advantage of. Perhaps it was the timing of your marketing or the actual offer itself that wasn’t aligned with what your clientele found valuable. Create a poll for your existing email list or social media story to ask opinions that you can use to help guide which promotion to use next time. Often you may find you want to push a failure behind you, but locating the weak link behind it will help give you the information you need to avoid it next time and implement better processes.

FILTER NEW IDEAS THROUGH YOUR FAILURES. Again, if you want to grow your business and elevate your brand, you can’t be afraid to get up close and personal with each of your failures. As you come up with ideas for marketing, new products and services, pricing and promotions and other aspects of your job, your failures can help guide you. Sometimes the excitement of a new idea makes us want to just roll right in, but pausing and looking deeper is important. Think about what your success metric looks like for each idea and if it reminds you of things you’ve implemented previously, compare it to any lessons you may have learned. What will you do differently with this idea? What will you make sure not to do? It’s easy to say “failures can be lessons” but the trick is to authentically answer the tough questions and help them guide your decisions and next steps.


This month, while you’re working towards your goals for 2023, take a moment and give yourself permission to review the last six months in your business and what “failures” you had. Don’t let them get the best of you, but instead see the door for opportunity open with each one. What did these experiences and lessons teach you? What are a few intentional things you’re going to take action on because of these?

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Christopher Runyan, MD, FACS

Bennett Calder, MD

Elizabeth Farris, aesthetician

Plastic Surgery
Mill Professional Park
Park Drive, Suite 300 Winston-Salem, NC 27103 336-713-0255
WakeHealth.edu/plastic Se Habla Español Our
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Salmon & Creamy Brussels Sprout Orzo

(One Pan Meal)

Serves 4 | Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes | Total Time: 30 minutes


12 oz salmon

2 tbsp + 2 tbsp olive oil

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/2 tsp thyme (fresh or dried)

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp olive oil


2 garlic cloves, minced 1 cup leeks, the whites sliced 1 1/2 cups Brussels sprouts, shredded 1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

1 tsp rosemary, chopped fine 1 tsp thyme (fresh or dried) 1 cup orzo

3 cups broth (vegetable or chicken)

1 parmesan rind (optional)

1/2 cup parmesan, grated 2 cups unsweetened plain almond milk 2 cups chicken broth


1. Season the salmon with 2 tbsp of olive oil and all the seasonings listed.

2. Add the other 2 tbsp of olive oil to a pan on medium high heat. Sear the salmon, skin side up and cook for 4 minutes. Flip the salmon and cook for another 3 minutes. It’s okay if the salmon is still pink in the middle, it will continue cooking in the orzo.

3. Remove the salmon and set aside.

4. Lower the heat and add in the garlic to the pan. Scrape the bits off the bottom of the pan as much as you can.

5. Add in the leeks and cook for a few minutes until they start to soften.

6. Add in the Brussels sprouts, salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme. Cook until all the vegetables soften.

7. Stir in the orzo and then 1 cup of the broth. Add in the parmesan rind if using. Let the mixture simmer while you stir occasionally.

8. Once the orzo soaks up all the liquid, add in another 1 cup of broth. Once it soaks it all up, pour in the rest of the broth, stir, and place the salmon in the pan in the middle of the orzo mixture, skin side down.

9. Let the orzo cook down until the liquid is fully gone and the salmon is cooked through. Remove the rind and sprinkle the parmesan on top, mix, and serve!


Hi! I’m Casey, a part-time food blogger, full-time architect, wife, and dog mom. In All Types Of Bowls, you’ll find healthy inspiration for making your favorite cravings and comfort foods. I believe we should eat all our cravings, whether it’s a leafy grain bowl or a big bowl of pasta.

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February 2023 | 41

Styles for Home InteriorsTimeless

June DeLugas Interiors, Inc, takes pride in creating timeless spaces every day with joy. Clients select us for this very reason.

February is the perfect time to start your dream kitchen remodel. Change is in the air. People often see spring, which is coming soon, as a time to freshen up their homes by saying “out with the old and in with the new.” Whether it is modern, contemporary, transitional, cottage, romantic, farmhouse, or traditional, many of our clients come to us because they want a timeless design.

When people invest in the services of a complete design team and turnkey remodeling, they want the opinion of experienced professionals who can create a look they will enjoy for many years to come, rather than one that bows to the latest fad or trend. Bathroom remodels normally take two to three months and kitchen remodels can take three to four months, including the planning process.

When remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom, planning starts with a CAD drawing and layout. It is important to get the flow correct. We strive to create a beautiful space that is used to its maximum potential. We offer turnkey design, remodel, and home furnishings and aim to make the process as seamless and complete as possible for our clients.

Start with us.

God Bless,

2018, 2017, 2016, 2016, 2013

North Carolina’s Premier Interior Design Firm | 2575 Old Glory Road, Clemmons | 336-778-1030 Kitchen + Bath Remodel TURNKEY REMODELING AND INTERIOR DESIGN! FROM START TO FINISH AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! LIGHTING • FLOORING • FURNITURE • WINDOW TREATMENTS • AND MORE! junedelugasinteriors.com


If my wife and I were to choose elements to describe who we are, she would say I was earth; stable, strong, and nourishing. She, on the other hand, would be described as fire! Let’s say the earth got scorched a lot in the early years of our marriage.

In Shannan’s words, “I came in that way, with guns blazing and a get out of my way attitude! Being married to me would send most men running. Yet, Javier ran towards me. Is he crazy? Does he think I will let him tell me anything or much less help me? As I look back on how he loved me and “those” early years, I am aware my behavior did not manifest out of thin air. My sassy sharp-edged disposition started early on. I mean the theme song to my life in my teenage years and into marriage was Billy Joel’s, “My Life.”

“I don’t need you to worry for me ‘cause I’m alright I don’t want you to tell me it’s time to come home I don’t care what you say anymore this is my life Go ahead with your own life, leave me alone.”

To say the first five years of our marriage were hard would be an understatement. And I don’t believe marriage has to be hard; it’s not easy, but hard it shouldn’t be. We make it hard. We make it difficult because we back up a U Haul of baggage and dump it into our marriage, as Shannan and I did. Maybe you brought a carry-on into your marriage, and your spouse had a complete set of luggage, all 5-pieces, they knowingly threw into your marriage. I was well aware of the not-sodesigner set that Shannan had, and as she says, I still married her. She was aware of my brokenness and what I rolled in.

married at the old age of 20 and 19 and had it all figured out! Yet, whether you were married young or later in life, I know you can relate. We all have “stuff”; brokenness, fear, worry, body issues, anxiety, identity issues, comparison, and so on. Unfortunately, we live in a world that encourages us to bury our past, our hurts, and our insecurities in exchange for displaying a false image that is acceptable on social media and in our social circles. You have a past and a present, and your present choices will drive your future reality.

Shannan and I knew our future reality would need to shift, or our story could end. It could be because we came from parents who had strong marriages. It could be because we had nothing left to give after five years of struggles. I often thought to myself, “I don’t have to do this anymore. I don’t know how a change will come.” Yet, in year six, something changed our mindset about marriage.

We didn’t have to do this anymore. We didn’t have to walk alongside one another in our brokenness. We didn’t have to go through the difficulty of this season—we GET to! Did you hear what I said—we GET to! In our marriage during that season and the present day, our mindset changed to, I don’t have to; I get to. I get to walk alongside my spouse in her brokenness and love her through it. She gets to support me in my dreams and often our setbacks. We get to do this together. This mindset shift can change everything in your marriage, as it did for us.

It moves you from seeing the problem to seeing the person. It changes how you connect, communicate, and pursue your spouse. Yes, you don’t have to do this. Yet, you chose your spouse, for better or worse, and we don’t buck and run when worse hits our marriage, we say, “I GET to do this.” Every obstacle you face is a set-up for a successful and thriving marriage if you choose the mindset of I GET to do this with the person I have given my life to. I choose us.

You may think, “I have baggage from my past because of abuse.” I hear you. We all carry something, and it’s very real. And although you may have done good work, it still follows you. It’s ok. You are aware and getting support.

We all have personal choices and decisions in our past that have never been fully addressed. My wife and I thought we had our past and struggles under control. After all, we were

We encourage you to look at where you have allowed the “I have to” mindset to come into your marriage and how you can begin to view your spouse and circumstance with this new mindset. In marriage, I don’t have to; I GET to.

Here we stand, knocking on the door of celebrating thirty years of marriage because we chose to adopt an “I GET to” mindset. And the earth is no longer being scorched!

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Javier & Shannan Labrador are the founders of 24/7

Marriage, an organization committed to restoring marriages, and The Marriage Lab, a 38 ft. mobile marriage support 5th wheel that tours the country working with and supporting couples.

The Labradors have been married for 29 years and have resourced and helped thousands of marriages; they are the original “marriage flippers!” As sought-after speakers, counselors, coaches, and authors of the upcoming book “Confessions of a Terrible Wife,” they are committed to seeing marriage stories redeemed.

“In marriage, we believe you don’t have to…you GET to! And this mindset changes everything.” The Labradors publish a weekly podcast, teach, develop resources, and coach couples worldwide.

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Leah Hazelwood, Vice President of Go-Forth Pest Control, is the chairperson for the American Heart Association’s 2023 Triad Go Red for Women Campaign. Her campaign is focusing on the importance of women making their health and wellness a priority, with an emphasis on awareness, education, prevention and management of high blood pressure among women in the Triad. “In a matter of seven years, I lost my father and several grandparents, prematurely, due to heart conditions. This makes me personally passionate about educating our community about the power we have to live longer, healthier lives with preventative lifestyle choices. My goal is that women in our community one day know their blood pressure numbers as confidently as they may know their weight,” said Leah. Go Red for Women is the American Heart Association’s year-round movement focused on awareness, prevention education, risk factor reduction, healthy behavioral changes and women’s heart health research. Go-Forth Pest Control, also a Platform Sponsor for Go Red for Women, has eight locations, including the Triad, Triangle, Lake Norman and Charlotte in North Carolina, with three additional locations in northern VA and one in Columbia, SC. Leah encourages everyone to Go Red this February for American Heart Month and to take care of the hearts of the women you love. To support her campaign or learn how you can Go Red for yourself and your family, visit TriadGoRed.Heart.org for more information.


Kyla Sapp is a public relations specialist, covering North and South America, for machining solutions industry leader Sandvik Coromant with a decade of experience in various marketing and communications roles. She is an Indiana University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in marketing management who moved to North Carolina in 2017. Kyla specializes in developing international marketing strategies and public relations work and is always seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge and expertise by participating in LinkedIn Learnings and staying abreast of the latest marketing trends. A strong believer in the power of a positive workplace, Kyla regularly participates in and encourages team building activities such as chocolate tastings and team yoga sessions which are hosted by her Swedish colleagues via Microsoft Teams. Kyla is also the reigning 2022 Mrs. North Carolina American and recently competed at Mrs. American in Las Vegas, Nevada in August of 2022. She has been competing in pageants since 2006 and has devoted countless hours to volunteering with the Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana where she received the Inspirational Youth award in 2016 and was an active member of the Epilepsy Advisory Board. In her spare time, Kyla enjoys reading and running and, on the weekends, can be found hiking around Hanging Rock with her husband, Spencer, and their 1.5-year-old daughter, Charlotte.


Phyllis Westerlund is a co-owner of The Curvy Fox Boutique. She opened the shop along with her business partner, Coral, a year ago. It serves as a place for plus-sized women to feel fabulous and beautiful in their skin. In the beginning of the business, the shop was operated out of Phyllis’ garage until the perfect location became available at 1551 Hanes Mall Boulevard in Winston-Salem. The goal is to provide plus-sized women with stylish, affordable options and to make sure everyone feels amazing while shopping. She also teaches school at North Hills Elementary, and, in her free time, she leads a girl scout troop that she adores. She has two teenagers who she works hard to set an example for. Phyllis is committed to creating a body positive environment.

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Anita Prendergast, CEO of the Novant Health Rehabilitation Hospital, an affiliate of Encompass Health, is honored to serve as the American Heart Association’s 2023 Triad Heart Ball chairperson. She is excited to spark awareness in the community about heart disease and stroke, emphasize the value of research and ignite enthusiasm for prevention through exercise, nutrition and blood pressure screenings. Like many, heart disease has impacted both her professional and personal life. She has enjoyed a 33-year career as a physical therapist, serving as healthcare leader for 25 of those years. During that time, she has helped patients regain function after suffering the effects of cardiac disease, such as a stroke, and has witnessed impressive medical advancements since the start of her career. Anita encourages everyone to add the Triad Heart Ball event to their social calendars for Friday, April 21st. For all the details, visit heart.org/triad. On a personal note, Anita is a “buckeye” with a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Ohio State University and a master’s degree in healthcare administration from Central Michigan University. Anita spends her spare time with her husband, Peter, who is a retired physician with numerous hobbies, astronomy, ham radio, weight lifting, so she jokes that her hobby is helping Peter with his hobbies. She also enjoys running 5Ks, reading and cooking.


Ana Wilson is an account director for The Origins Agency. She attended the University of South Carolina from 2016-2019. “I started my agency and have scaled steadily and consistently,” said Ana. “I just made my first round of hiring! I’ve grown my client base extensively and now offer full service white glove digital marketing – SEO, site development, e-mail, socials and event speaking. I’m blown away and feel grateful every single day.” Working remotely is wonderful for Ana because it gives her more time and flexibility with her three-year-old daughter, Charlotte. She is dedicated to supporting local gyms and gym classes through yoga, HIIT and spin. In her spare time, Ana enjoys reading, listening to podcasts and cooking with her daughter.


Kira Byler is the CEO and social media manager of Enterprise of Kira. She is a full-time nanny, social media micro-influencer and recently married the love of her life, Edwin. She is hoping to start another business in 2023. She also recently closed her first contract with a Forbes 30 Under 30 Recipient. “I love being a nanny so much because the little one I care for is such a joy, but also, I get to make an impact in a young life that will hopefully last their whole life,” said Kira. She was adopted at 18 months old and understands the difference a strong caregiver can have on the life of a child. She is a luxury lifestyle creator and travel creator with her husband. She also loves managing social media, cooking with new recipes and the performing arts.

you know
THE MOVE submit yourself or someone
to be featured!
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for Facial Plastic Surgery

Seeing, Believing, & Smiling Again!

If you’re serious about self-care this year, one glimpse in the mirror may be all it takes to see where to launch your new confidence campaign! The right procedure, performed by a board certified facial plastic surgeon, can be a game-changer when it comes to putting your best face forward.


If you glance in the mirror and see where a few improvements could make a difference, reach out to Dr. Neal Goldman and the amazing staff of the Goldman Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Winston-Salem. “Aging faces are still a top concern among patients,” says Dr. Goldman. Yes, during the pandemic and those endless Zoom calls, we found ourselves focusing on faces and necks – up close and personal!

“We are still seeing a steady interest in face and neck lifts,” says Dr. Goldman. “For most women, and now with many more men, these are the two areas most notably marked for improvement, and our practice is 100% specialized, and limited to facial surgery.”

Dr. Goldman has been taking care of aging faces in the Winston-Salem area since 1999, and that includes building a reputation for truly listening to a patient’s concerns, and above all, making them feel at ease. “I truly enjoy my patients and get to know them well because of the time I spend with them before and after surgery. It’s the same reason I perform all my own injections.”

According to Dr. Goldman, people want to know if a face lift is the only option for lifting jowls. “People appreciate a good

neck and jawline,” he says. But as we age, the soft tissue and skin of our lower face begins to descend. Fillers can be a possible or temporary fix, but the most fool-proof method – a lower face lift with an experienced surgeon – really provides the most long-lasting results. “It’s not only about the patient’s age, but rather about his or her overall health and outlook on life that makes for a good candidate,” he adds.


Have you always hated the bump on your nose? That, along with a tip that is too big or bulbous are the main reasons people seek to change the shape of their nose. However, Dr. Goldman cares about your breathing as well, and tries to improve both the breathing and the shape when he does his surgery. Rhinoplasty is a very precise art, as the nose is a complex structure of interconnecting segments of bone and cartilage. Working together on a detailed surgery plan may begin with computer imaging to receive the desired results. Dr. Goldman and his staff rely on computer imaging to project a patient’s face, nose, and neck area from all angles, and then address potential limitations – always with as much honesty as possible, for realistic expectations. This is particularly helpful for patients who are seeing themselves in photos, and don’t like the side views of their nose (or neck).

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Are well-meaning friends and family mentioning that you look more tired than usual? You’re not alone! Sometimes that not-so-subtle hint nudges us to examine how we can improve a certain feature. For many, it’s the eyes!

“The diagonal drooping of the eyelid occurs with aging (often called lateral hooding), and it’s easy to see why it makes us appear so tired,” explains Dr. Goldman. However, it may be more than just the extra skin that causes issues. “The baby fat on our cheeks and forehead simply deflates over time,” says Dr. Goldman, explaining that’s what makes the most difference in the eye area. “You might delay or avoid surgery by treating the area where the fat deflates with filler.”

Many patients combine eyelid surgery with a brow lift. Hint: If a patient actually lifts their eyebrow to show the doctor exactly what’s bothering them about their eyes, there’s a good chance they may also need a brow lift!


Dr. Goldman has always had a global vision for helping others, while maintaining his successful practice in WinstonSalem. His organization, HUGS – Help Us Give Smiles, delivers help and compassion to young patients who suffer from facial deformities.

“We help these children be free of humiliation and alienation,” he explains.

As a child growing up around other cultures, Dr. Goldman will tell you he realized, even in his early years, that serving patients worldwide would be part of his personal mission. His first mission trip to Antigua Guatemala in 2010 confirmed the passion that led him to medicine, and surgery in particular. “I always pictured myself working internationally, ever since I first dreamed of becoming a doctor. It is just the picture I always had of what it means to be a doctor,” he explains.

As each HUGS mission trip kicks off, a compassionate group of doctors and medical staff head to Guatemala, Ecuador, Vietnam, and now Peru, with a goal of restoring smiles to children who thought those smiles would be lost forever. Cleft lip and cleft palate are the most common deformities, but Dr. Goldman also focuses on patients with microtia – a congenital deformity where the external ear is not fully developed. Patients often require a series of staged surgeries – allowing the same group of doctors to develop a true bond with patients and their families. HUGS team members, including surgeons, operating room nurses, floor nurses and anesthesiologists, treasure getting to know their patients and the opportunity to spread hope.

In Vietnam, HUGS surgeons not only provide care to the children, but also are teaching the Vietnamese surgeons how to do these surgeries themselves.

Since every trip lands the team in the same country, working at the same hospital, within the same community,

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on the same week of each year, the process also results in strong relationships.

“What we accomplish with HUGS is bigger than just what we do for the children,” says Dr. Goldman, noting those groups of patients become a wonderful support group within themselves.

“It helps by just bringing this big group of children together, where they see other kids like them with the very same problem,” he says. “Sixty to 80 kids may show up, along with their parents. Some patients live six or seven hours away, sometimes in villages in the jungle where they have never seen another child with their problem. After meeting another child with the same deformity, they don’t feel they are alone anymore.”

Thanks to HUGS surgeries – now over 1500 in number – kids who were bullied or even rejected can now go to school, and

children who never thought they would leave their house, now have more opportunity to obtain work as adults.

A graduate of Duke University and the University of Rochester School of Medicine, Dr. Goldman also completed fellowships at the University of Washington. He is double board certified with both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Goldman and his staff look forward to discussing your best options for looking and feeling your best! The Goldman Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is located at 108 Dornach Way, Advance, NC, 336-245-9595, with a satellite office at 717 Greenway Road, Boone, NC, 828-278-9230. Visit FacialPlasticSurgeryNC. com to learn more about their services, including special assistance for Veterans. To learn more about HUGS, visit HelpUsGiveSmiles.org.

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Fall in Love with Wingo’s Fine Jewelry this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, skip the online search for the perfect gift and spark romance by surprising your special someone with stunning jewelry and accessories from Wingo’s Fine Jewelry. Major jewelry retailers offer abundant inventory and a variety of locations, but sacrifice the small town charm and expertise that Clemmons’s staple Wingo’s Fine Jewelry has in store for customers.

Store owner Danny Wingo has been in the jewelry business since the age of 14. Decades later, Danny has only grown a stronger appreciation for jewelry, and an even stronger affinity for providing unmatched customer service. Major jewelry retailers in the Triad might have an excellent selection of gold, silver, and precious stones to peruse, but they often lack the warm, welcoming community atmosphere that Danny and his team at Wingo’s Fine Jewelry strives to create for everyone who walks through the shop’s doors.

While customers are able to shop for valuables such as engagement rings and wedding bands, Wingo’s also carries high-end watches, designer rings, pearls, and more. Danny and his team stay busy fulfilling custom jewelry orders from clients and working hard to find a design that will perfectly suit individual customers’ preferences. If you’re looking to customize a ring but have no clue where to start, Danny’s extensive knowledge of jewelry-making makes him a safe place to fall. Because all of Wingo’s custom pieces start off with a simple sketch, Danny sits down with customers and listens intently to what exactly they’re looking for. He sends sketches off to Wingo’s jeweler, who uses the sketches to create wax molds, which give customers a better idea of what their jewelry will look or feel like as a finished product. Being able to hold and try on a wax mold of a custom piece of jewelry helps customers determine whether they’re pleased with their design, with the helpful expertise of Danny and his team, or if their design needs a bit more fine-tuning before it’s ready for casting. The casting process is where the jewelry-making magic truly begins, followed by the application of hand-set stones, diamonds, and other intricate details.

Danny started fulfilling custom jewelry orders three decades ago and found a jeweler with a knack for hand carving pieces of jewelry. To Danny, making jewelry is nothing short of an art - which pairs nicely with the decor found around the store. Lining the walls of Wingo’s Fine Jewelry are paintings for sale by the talented artist Phillip Philbeck, a resident of Marion, North Carolina. Ask Danny about one of Phillip’s paintings, and he will explain the techniques, paint style, and small details regarding each work of art in the shop with ease. If you don’t enter Wingo’s Fine Jewelry with an interest in art, you’re sure to leave with one.

Wingo’s is the prime Triad location for finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for men and women alike. Wingo’s houses popular paperclip necklaces, new Citizen watches, chains, and even bracelets to wow friends, family, and significant others. In need of an engagement ring, but need advice on where to start? With over 40 years of experience, Danny has seen many engagement ring trends come and go, and has a keen eye for which diamond will be the perfect ring for popping the question.

Whether you’re in need of a new piece of jewelry, or you’re looking to size or appraise old items, visit Danny and his team for high quality products, outstanding customer service, and maybe even a newfound appreciation for art. Visit in person in Clemmons at 2503 Lewisville Clemmons Rd, or call the store directly at (336) 766-8505 to speak to a team member. Check out Wingo’s Fine Jewelry on Facebook and shop online at www.wingosfinejewelry.com.

Home Decor • Antiques Painted Furniture 10 Vendors restocking weekly! 2550 Lewisville-Clemmons Road I Mon-Sat 10-6 336.829.1173 I facebook.com/carolinavintiques 6353 Cephis Drive I Clemmons NC 27012 336-955-2766 I beautifullyhypnotichairsalon.com New clients get a free haircut with purchase of highlights Hair Salon Beautifully Hypnotic Booth Rent and Commission Chairs Available 2503 Lewisville Clemmons Road Clemmons, NC | 336-766-8505 Check out Wingo’s Fine Jewelry on Facebook and shop online at www.wingosfinejewelry.com. February 2023 | 53

Exceptional Young Women in the Community: Ariyanna’ Burton

As LEAD Girls of NC’s very first High School Ambassador, Ariyanna’ Burton has an impressive resume for being only a junior at North Forsyth High School. After becoming involved in LEAD (Learning Everyday Accomplishing Dreams) in the sixth grade, she has gained confidence, sharpened her social skills, and strengthened her leadership capabilities, which prepared her to become an Ambassador. LEAD is an organization designed to prepare low-income and/or at-risk preteen girls in the community, and successfully inspires these young women to become strong, stable, and successful women in society and create role models like Ariyanna’.

Ariyanna’s favorite duty as a High School Ambassador is being able to help young girls through troubling pre-teen years, make them feel comfortable, and assist in making the community a little bit better through acts of kindness. As an ambassador, Ariyanna’ assists with LEAD’s Saturday sessions for one to two hours by helping the trained facilitators and volunteers. Knowing that her role as a High School Ambassador provides young girls with someone to look up to motivates Ariyanna’ and provides her with a sense of purpose.

Outside of LEAD, Ariyanna’ has been involved with the Crosby Scholars Program since the sixth grade. The goal of the Crosby Scholars Program is to prepare middle school and high school students for success in college by providing them with college campus visits, ACT, PSAT, and Pre-ACT preparation, career exploration, and financial literacy.

As a Crosby Scholar, Ariyanna’ is responsible for maintaining a good GPA, completing hours of community service, and staying out of trouble – all of which have been a breeze for her.

In addition to LEAD and Crosby Scholars, Ariyanna’ also volunteers at her father’s daycare when she is not at school or working at Clutch Coffee Bar. In fact, her part-time job at Clutch happens to be one of her favorite places to hang out. The camaraderie she has found among her co-workers at Clutch makes her happy to show up to work each shift. Ariyanna’ thrives in a customer service environment, and especially enjoys using the blender to make frozen coffee drinks, smoothies, and milkshakes for customers.

In 2022, Ariyanna’ participated in United Way Women United and was awarded the Outstanding Youth Award. After high school, she plans to attend Forsyth Technical Community College’s nursing program before transferring to a university. Although her plans may change, she currently has her sights set on becoming a flight or travel nurse after college.

When asked about her favorite local restaurant, Ariyanna’ did not hesitate to name her own workplace, Clutch Coffee Bar. She recommends Clutch’s White Russian coffee beverage, which is a blend of coffee, white chocolate, and Irish cream. As for her dream vacation, Ariyanna’ aspires to visit the United Kingdom one day to take in the atmosphere, see famous historical landmarks, and taste local cuisine.

Interested in becoming involved with LEAD Girls of NC? Visit www. leadgirls.org to learn how to contribute.

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Enjoy quality time with your family and leave the cooking to us. Call ahead or order online and pick up a hot meal (or sweet treat) to take home and enjoy. 336-712-4636 | www.mysimplysouthern.com | 3570 C Clemmons Road | Clemmons, NC 27012 STORE FRONT HOURS: MON-FRI 12 - 5PM, SAT 12 - 4PM Let us make your life easier. Love is simple. February 2023 | 55


Most of our lives as women, we curse “that time of the month.” Cramps, bloating, headaches, irritability, and sugar cravings are common complaints. But what if we flipped our “curse” into our superpower?! First off, I want to differentiate between the menstrual cycle and your period. The menstrual cycle is the entire length of time starting the first day of your period to the day BEFORE your next period. A normal menstrual cycle length is in between 26-33 days. Your period is the amount of days you actually bleed.

The menstrual cycle happens to be a great barometer for a menstruating woman’s health. It can tell us how we are handling stress, any mineral deficiencies we may have, and how much our body is loving our current diet and lifestyle. Reproduction falls far behind survival and if something is out of balance, we can get an idea by paying attention to our cycle.

Women who aren’t menstruating due to surgical reasons or menopause, please read on. You have a womb or the energy of a womb space. You can still heed the following.

Let’s dive in! We have three main hormones during the process of 26-33 days; they take the main stage at different times of the cycle. Here is a quick review of the benefits of these stars:


• Responsible for hourglass shape

• Full lips, plump skin

• Brain protective Progesterone

• Optimized mood

• Supports a healthy metabolism

• Produces a sense of calm, love and connection Testosterone

• Strong libido

• Improved mood

• Muscle gain

The key is if one of the main characters aren’t in perfect harmony with the others, chaos can ensue.

Week 1, Your Bleed Week

All hormones are low. You may want to sleep a little longer; try to make time for this or schedule a nap in the middle of the day. Estrogen starts to take the stage at the end of the week and continues to rise during the follicular phase (the weeks leading up to ovulation). This is a fantastic time to go within. Spend some quiet time with yourself. Set goals and identify problems you want to solve.

Week 2, Estrogen and Testosterone Get Rowdy

In week 2, estrogen continues to climb and testosterone joins the fun. If you look at the benefits of both, you will notice lips get plumper, mood is high, and libido is starting to rev up. At a primal level, we are mammals and this is how we procreate! Said another way if you don’t want to have a baby, wear a condom or get creative. If pregnancy is the goal, it is time to open the gates for sperm to enter.

A little about me:


Hi! My name is Jane Daniel. I am a proud mom to three healthy boys, a lover of the great outdoors, a forever student, health nut, exercise enthusiast and native of the Triad. I am also a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Fun tip: Single ladies, this is the time to plan a night out on the town or doing a hobby you really love where your preferred type of partner may be involved. You will be irresistible! Others will notice the glow (subconsciously or not) and will be highly intrigued.

For those who are taken, you can still have fun. Plan a fun date night with your love, girls’ night on the town with dancing, or do some networking for your career.

Week 3, Ovulation and Progesterone

Ovulation occurs; we have a mere 4 hours where the sperm can implant the egg. However, sperm can live for days prior to the big event. So again, practice caution if you aren’t looking for a bouncing bundle of joy or have boatloads of sex the days leading up to it!

After ovulation, the luteal phase begins. Progesterone tells her sister Estrogen to step aside and starts building the endometrial lining in hopes of holding on to a possible baby (if this doesn’t happen, your period comes). You will see a slight increase in basal body temperature once ovulation has taken place. To get a better idea of your cycle, you can measure your temperature first thing every morning. This is a great time to knock off things on your To-Do list, write, schedule a time to talk, and even ask for a raise at work!

Week 4, Irritated with Everything and Everyone while Eating Chocolate?

Towards the end of this week, there will be a potent drop in Estrogen and Progesterone. You may notice increased cravings. The beauty of this week is to figure out things that bother you the most. What are some things you may consider changing? “Negativity bias” is a highlighter for things you want to change. Remember, next week you bleed on your problems while coming up with solutions!

This is an overview of the hormonal symphony your body goes through in a month’s time. If you are no longer menstruating, you can follow the lunar cycle! The New Moon would be Week 1, Waxing Moon Week 2, Full Moon Week 3, and Waning Moon Week 4. This website will show you dates: https:// www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/. Next month we will discuss ways to optimize eating and exercise based on your menstrual cycle!

www.healthcoachjane.com . IG @ncjane77 . FB @janedanielinhc

I am a holistic health coach with multiple certifications in all things related to health, nutrition and exercise. In 2015, I received my first certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I haven’t stopped taking classes since then and hope I never will! The areas I’m most passionate about are my training in Ayurveda, Polyvagal Theory, Female Hormone Optimization and Weight Loss, and most recently the Journey of Intrinsic Health. All of these have one thing in common; the body has the ability to heal itself if we allow it to do so. I’m super excited to have the opportunity to share all things health for the lovers of Forsyth Woman magazine!

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336 . 970 .3419 k it che nt u n eu p. co ©2021 HFC K TU LLC. All Rights Reser ved Kitchen Tune -Up is a trad Home Franchise Concepts Brand. Each franchise is independently o Stunning remodels for as little as Kitchen Again $99 - $249 a month!

Making Dollars, Making $ense

3 Benefits of Powering-Up Your 401(k)

The contribution limits for 401(k) plans increase for tax year 2023. For those looking to max out their plans, the most you can contribute will be $22,500—an increase of $2,000. For workers over the age of 50, the catch-up contribution increased an additional $1,000 to $7,500 per year. Now is great time to power up your savings plan and reap these benefits:


If you aren’t contributing enough to get the full company match, you are missing out. A company match is a benefit offered by some employers where they will match a certain percentage of the contributions that their employees make to their retirement savings plan, such as a 401k. With a company match, you can save more money for retirement without using additional money out of your own pocket. This can help you save more money towards your retirement goal.


Contributions to your 401(k) are made on a pre-tax basis, meaning you don’t pay income taxes this year on money you contribute. This can help lower your overall tax bill. The money you contribute to a 401k will grow tax deferred and not taxed until you withdraw it in retirement. This means that your savings can grow tax-free until you need it, potentially leading to a larger nest egg.


Increasing your retirement savings may ensure that you have enough money to support yourself during your golden years. When you have more saved for retirement, you have more control over how and when you use your savings. This can give you the freedom to make choices about your retirement lifestyle, such as where you want to live and how you want to spend your time. Knowing that you have saved enough for retirement can provide financial confidence and help you enjoy your retirement without worrying about financial insecurity.

Wherever you are today, and whatever age, look for ways to increase the amount you are saving for retirement. Having a plan can help tremendously, and changes can be made more easily. If you’re starting from scratch, new to investing, or want a second look at your plan, give our office a call today.

Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC, Investment advice offered through Independent Advisor Alliance, a registered investment advisor, Independent Advisor Alliance and Marzano Capital Group are separate entities from LPL Financial.
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your mom, your sister, your girlfriends and/or your co-workers and join Forsyth Woman Magazine for a much needed Girls’ Night Out! As
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to follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @forsythmags for reminders and updates about our monthly GNO events! 527 N Liberty Street Winston-Salem, NC 27101 February 2023 | 61
Be sure

919 919 919

BBQ BBQbackyard backyard




This month I wanted to share something good to eat in the cold weather, that is relatively cheap, versatile and one of my absolute favorites: Smoked Mississippi Pot Roast!

This pot roast is full of flavor and will definitely have you wanting to go back for seconds. I’ll list out the ingredients, but it’s only a few things and you can find a beef Chuck roast at any grocery store. This is a large cut that has some fat and you’ll only want to cook it low and slow to maximize the flavor. This recipe is great on a French loaf sandwich style but also very good just over some rice or even by itself!

For more recipes and demos, follow Tanner on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook



• 1 2-4 lb chuck roast

• 1 loaf of French bread (if you want to eat this on a sandwich)

• 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (optional for sandwich)

• 1 white onion

• Couple cloves of smashed garlic or tablespoon of minced garlic

• 1 cup beef broth

• Beef seasoning for chuck roast (I used Kosmo Q’s Cow Cover but any seasoning works)

• 1 bottle of pepperoncini peppers

• 1/2 bottle of mild banana peppers

• 12 oz of lager beer

• 1 tbsp dried basil

• 1 tbsp dried oregano

If you’re making this for sandwiches you’ll want to make some sriracha aioli: 1 cup mayo, 2 tbsp sriracha, 1 tsp beef seasoning and 1 tsp dried basil. Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl.


1. Preheat smoker to 250°

2. Rub Chuck roast with hot sauce for a binder for the seasoning—I use Texas Pete or Cholula.

3. Season heavily with your favorite beef rub.

4. Place Chuck roast in smoker (or oven) for 2-3 hours until we get a nice dark bark on it and it’s temping around 165170° internal.

5. While the chuck roast is cooking prep your Dutch oven with the (thinly) sliced onion, and garlic going in first—then adding the chuck roast once it gets the nice dark color and is temping correctly.

6. From here you’ll add the juice from the pepperoncini bottle with half the pepperoncinis into the Dutch oven, then add half the bottle of banana peppers, can of beer, beef broth, oregano and basil.

7. Now place the dutch oven with everything inside (lid on) back into the smoker and up the temp up to 300°.

8. Let cook for 2-3 hours depending on size of chuck roast, not looking for a specific temperature but looking for the meat to be probe tender—i.e. temp probe goes into the meat with little to no resistance.

9. Then you’ll pull the chuck roast out of the Dutch oven, let it rest for 20-30 minutes before shredding it up with your hands.

10. Add shredded chuck roast back into Dutch oven in the smoker (oven or stovetop) and stir it all up, let it cook for an additional 20-30 minutes.

11. While the pot roast is finishing up if you’re serving on sandwiches, toast your French loaf buns, add the sriracha aioli— then strain roast from the pot and add to sandwiches.

12. Use the leftover juice in pot for dipping the sandwich into and melt the mozzarella cheese on your sandwich if desired (you can melt it in the oven or melt it directly on the sandwich with a small blowtorch).

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Building Public and Private Relationships:

The Role of the Small Business Center in the Local Ecosystem

One of my favorite things to do is to connect businesses and to see them flourish as partners. As the Forsyth Tech Small Business Center (SBC) Director, I consider myself a hub of connectivity. Among the many services provided by the SBC, supporting small businesses through referring owners to key resources and to potential partners is my favorite. The Small Business Center is a part of a major ecosystem that North Carolina and local cities have created. Winston-Salem has a huge ecosystem. Together the ecosystem organizations provide a wide network of counseling, business education, and referrals. The SBC is a key part of that support by providing quality business events, coordinating mentorship, and knowing public and private organizations that may be the perfect contact.

The SBC works with one to two hundred business owners a year by providing mentor hours with specialists and general counselors. Through our work as counselors, the SBC staff and mentors assess business needs. This type of support can range from strategy and business planning to marketing advice and financial analysis. These SBC members have been entrusted with additional funds to not only provide general counseling, but to pay for specialized work. The funds function as business grants. These are not grants issued directly to the business, but to professionals who can perform specific work that can assist the business in growing or overcoming challenges. Providing these funds is a significant change in the Small Business Center Network. The Forsyth Tech SBC has had the privilege of paying for professional services for twelve clients, since I started in this position in late June 2022. I look forward to supporting others significantly by providing valuable assistance in upcoming months.

What most people do not realize is that the Small Business Centers have been a part of the North Carolina economic development system for over 35 years. As a matter of fact, North Carolina is the only state to fund SBCs. Most states have Small Business Administration funded centers, which are housed in four-year universities. North

Carolina wanted each county to have easy access to small business support, so North Carolina SBCs are housed at each of the fifty-eight community colleges. The Forsyth Tech SBC is located at the Innovation Quarter in downtown WinstonSalem and we serve Forsyth and Stokes counties. Our services are free, including webinars and seminars on training topics such as business marketing, accounting, nonprofit management and more. We take pride in offering relevant business education sessions that can provide insight into better business practices.

As important as our team’s knowledge of federal, state and local resources, the SBC also seeks to connect business clients who may establish working relationships, benefiting both businesses. We have found space sharing opportunities, stores that can sell client products, event vendors, and investors. My goal, as the Director of the Forsyth Tech SBC, is to build up individual businesses and our local economy.

One SBC client and grant recipient, Brittiany Jenkins, founder of The Flawless Skin Company, describes her experience with the Forsyth Tech Small Business Center. “My experience with the SBC has been life-changing,” said Jenkins. “The mentors there are extremely skilled at what they have done and the ideas recommended have helped my business tremendously. I have only been working with them since July 2022 and have already secured a grant to help with startup costs, and my clientele is continuing to grow each month! I couldn’t be more grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained through working with the Small Business Center.”

The motto of the Forsyth Tech SBC is “increasing business success.” To find out more about the Small Business Center and what opportunities are available through the programs and services, visit www.forsythtech.edu/SBC. I do not want business owners to feel alone. SBC services are affordable and accessible as a key resource, affecting area small businesses planning, startup, and operations.

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Learning More About Yourself THROUGH JOURNALING

Journaling can be defined as documenting your thoughts and feelings to better understand them and yourself. It is a way to clear your mind and help make sense of what is going on in your life - your happiness, relationships, challenges, confusion, etc. Most of the time, we only journaled when we were younger (think about writing in our diaries). However, reflecting on life’s happenings and writing them down can be beneficial no matter your age.

Some of the positives to journaling include lowering stress, managing depression, and also anxiety. In addition, this process can improve your mood and help you overcome obstacles. Sometimes for me, it is helpful to write something out if it doesn’t make sense in my mind. This is one example of how, through journaling, you can gain control of your emotions and thoughts, providing you better clarity and a healthier lifestyle.

One of the biggest benefits of journaling that is often overlooked is the value of self-discovery and learning more about yourself. By reflecting on questions and prompts, journaling gives a person a chance to go deeper and discover their true selves. You are able to write about your personality, likes, dislikes, values and beliefs, what works well, what you would like to change, etc.


• What are your favorite hobbies?

• What do you like best about yourself? What is the biggest thing you would like to change about yourself?

• What helps you relax? What makes you stressed?

• What are your greatest fears and worries? How do you overcome those fears and worries?

• What are you most proud of accomplishing so far in your life?

• What self-doubts do you have?

• What do you want to accomplish?

• What words would you tell your 18-year-old self?

• What are you curious about and would like to learn?

• How are you different from 10 years ago?

• What can you let go of that no longer makes you happy?

• What type of environment do you thrive in?

• What resources do you need to be successful? How will you gain those resources?

• What are your most important beliefs that you know to be true?

• What does your life seem to lack? How can you change that?

• What things or people inspire you and why?

• What would you do if you were brave enough to do it? What is stopping you?

• Do you make choices based on emotion or logic?

• How do you feel about your profession?

• Are you a conventional or unconventional person and in what ways?

Think of it as getting to know yourself through writing. Keep in mind your answers should be honest and raw. Use the questions and prompts as a guide and let your thoughts flow without stopping. Only your eyes will be on the journal, so why not let it reflect who you truly are - the good, the bad, and the ugly. After all, the purpose of using a journal is to help you learn more and become a stronger person.

Before you begin, first make sure you have a journal that you enjoy writing in. Do you want something pretty or functional? Do you want it personalized? Think about a design and format that will motivate you to write. Then, create a schedule and commit to it. Be realistic with yourself. Start small with your journaling time and then build up to larger chunks. This way you won’t get discouraged and stop the process. The key is consistency. Don’t be afraid to change the days of the week and time of the day you write. Do whatever works best for you to have the greatest impact and benefits of journaling.

After deciding on the preliminaries, pick a few prompts and get started writing. Soon, journaling will become part of your daily routine, something you enjoy, and before you know it, you will have learned more about yourself. Happy journaling!

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Super Snacks to Promote Wellness

We all have choices when it comes to food, especially snacks, and yet, the pull towards a choice that is less than healthy typically wins. While the desire to eat better is a need, the “want” tends to be in control. The choice of chips or candy may satisfy a craving; yet, it will not boost healthy skin and good health. In fact, research suggests a diet which includes processed or refined sugars will promote aging and damaged skin. Nutritious foods can taste fantastic! Use the suggestions below to help boost your health while continuing to snack.

APPLES: Full of vitamin E, calcium, fiber, and a powerful source of antioxidants, this wonderful snack helps stop oxidation throughout the body and fosters cell functioning. The apple also keeps bones and muscles healthy, and the high magnesium content can lower your stress levels. A great snack, apple slices with a shake of lemon juice will eliminate discoloration.

AVOCADOS: Packed with vitamins C, E, and K, which are vital to skin health, individuals who ate avocados proved to be much healthier than those who did not. As a great source to boost energy levels, researchers revealed avocado enthusiasts weighed less and consumed more fruit and vegetables. One great recipe is:

• In a bowl, combine one chopped tomato, a few basil leaves, and a sprinkling of mozzarella shavings. Add salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Spoon mixture into the avocado halves and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Delicious!

OLIVE OIL: In addition to having vitamin E and K, extra-virgin olive oil contains antioxidants and is rich in healthy, monounsaturated fats.

TOMATOES: A powerful antioxidant, lycopene, is found in tomatoes, which helps the brain, and prevents damage to cells known to cause dementia.

BLUEBERRIES: One of the most delicious heart-healthy foods is blue. Rich in antioxidants and fiber, blueberries have the

superpower to promote youthful skin, protect against sun damage, and boost memory. With each serving, this berry aids in the feeling of fullness and discourages the need to seek another snack. A second great combination is blueberries and strawberries! (Don’t forget to bring a fork and a napkin!)

CARROTS: Rich in vitamin A, carrots are also responsible for cell growth, including boosting hair follicle growth.

DARK CHOCOLATE: Health does not preclude chocolate; yet, containing 90% cocoa, dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and quite low on the glycemic index. As a sweetly nutritious treat, it has the power to boost phenyl ethylamine levels and promote happiness.

OATS: While eating oatmeal for breakfast is nutritious, oats promote weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, and reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition to a great source of carbs, fiber, and important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, consider a creative snack featuring oats baked in muffins or granola bars.

PUMPKIN SEEDS: Fall, especially, is a great time to suggest pumpkin seeds as a healthy and vital snack for enhancing memory and thinking skills. It also contains magnesium to ease stress levels, and tryptophan promoting a good mood. Nutrition on the go, pumpkin seeds can be kept in a snack bag and easily transported in a purse, bag, or pocket.

WALNUTS: An amazing superfood rich in antioxidants and heart-healthy, omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts are also high in protein and fiber to control cravings. Among its list of benefits, this particular nut features selenium to slow the aging process and promote circulation.

Preparation of a nutritious snack, whether in a sandwich bag or small container, can make a substantial difference in your focus and mood. Isn’t it nice to know many of your favorite foods can sustain the body, promote clarity and focus, boost heart health and weight loss, as well as give the skin a healthy glow? The options are indeed inspiring!

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Rev Up and Rekindle Your Love Life this Valentine’s

Wherever you are in your love life, and even if you feel like it’s lacking, reignite your relationship with real romance. If “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” seems to constantly loop over and over in your mind and you feel unfulfilled no matter how hard you try, you’re not alone.

No need to despair this Valentine’s. Let this romantic and heartfelt holiday light your life with love. Here are some tips and tidbits, ideas and inspiration for you, whether you’re struggling with still being single or married for many decades.

• Music for mood and memories - No need to sit in silence. Pick out songs for a playlist that boosts your mood and sets the scene for the specific occasion, a high-energy party, intimate time for two, or an atmospheric soothing spa. Consider selecting songs of memory music that means the world to you, that remind you of good times, and that represent you, your love, and your relationship.

• Amp up the ambiance - As in photography, lighting has a lot to do with setting the entire mood and ambiance. So, ditch the harsh, bright fluorescent lights and opt for candles, fairy lights, and lanterns. No need to decorate with the overly ornate, but decking out your environment with some decor, plants, or fresh flowers can help grace the space.

• No need to wait for the love of your life to bring you a bouquet or hope to catch some bride’s on her wedding day! No harm or shame in treating yourself to fresh flowers (romantic love note included), like Cher from “Clueless.” For a DIY pure floral spray with aromatherapy ambiance, combine any combination of several drops each of rose, geranium, lavender, and chamomile essential oils with rose water and green or white tea or distilled water in a spray bottle. For an ideal facial toner, add witch hazel. Celebrate floral and “you” beauty, whether graced with a single rose, meadow flowers, or a custom bouquet. Women are like buds, blooms, blossoms - each one is beautiful and unique. Type “flower power” into the search bar at the top of forsythwoman.com to read the article “Empower With Flower Power: Celebrate Beautiful Buds, Blooms, and Blossoms, Reflecting You.”

• Mindfully Scent-ual experience, where the nose knows - Practice exercising more scent mindfulness. Transport into a scent-ual dimension using aromatherapy. Energize, stimulate and invigorate with essential oils like rosemary, peppermint, or eucalyptus, or soothe, relax, and calm with essential oils like lavender and chamomile.

• Libido-boosting good mood foods and savorable sippablesNo need for a lagging libido. Research online for a list of edible and sippable aphrodisiacs, so you can plan out your meals accordingly. Not surprising - both strawberries and chocolate are aphrodisiacs, and so is eating them sensually.

• Resonate with real romance by spending some time thoughtfully reminiscing and reflecting. Ask yourself and your love what makes you feel most passionate, beautiful, and sexy.

• Tap into your inner poetess. Draw romantic inspiration from Shakespearean sonnets and other passionate poems - it doesn’t have to be a Thoreau writing approach; a short, sweet and simple haiku will do.

• Read and/or write your own romance novels (doesn’t have to be the raciest of raunchy reading, but it could ignite your imagination). Creatively expressing your deepest dreams, desires, and fantasies can help you act on and achieve them.

• Watch romantic comedies - An ideal partnering of romance and comedy, laughter has plenty of health benefits. Read more on why we need more laughter in our lives by typing in “laughter” in the search bar at the top of the page on forsythwoman.com.

• Ladies’ night in or out - Needing a break from romance? Have fun with your girlfriends, whether out and about, traveling on an excursion, a DIY spa, makeover party, arts and crafts, meal and movie night, or just chillin’.

Whether you’re single, dating, married, or complicated, have a happier Valentine’s Day and life!

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It’s all too easy to live life on autopilot. And, whether consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously, the repetition of our routines can become habits. Some of these habits are beneficial to our health and others can be downright destructive. Unfortunately, once something has become ingrained in your mind, body, and spirit, it can feel nearly impossible to break, but thinking it through can help you know what to change and how to change it.

Research indicates that the time needed to break a habit ranges widely, from 18 to 254 days, but there’s no need to stress out over the numbers. Instead, break it down piece-bypiece and step-by-step so you can harness healthier habits and ditch what’s detrimental.

No need for a lame shame game. . . Real people often have real issues to work through. It’s not always clean, easy, or pretty, and that’s okay. Have hope, whether struggling with extreme addiction and substance abuse, an abusive relationship, or unhealthy eating.

Be honest with your assessment; be objective and nonjudgmental. Make a list of unhealthy habits that you’d be better off without. However bad, unhealthy, and toxic they may be, the good news is there are ways to overcome the detrimental and substitute healthy habits to feel more well, whole, and healed.

Choose one habit that’s the most urgent to change, and instead of aiming for utopian perfection, cultivate the 5 P’s: PASSION, PRIORITIES, POSITIVITY, PATIENCE, and PRACTICE.


Take time to reflect and ask yourself who and what are most important to you. Get to know and better understand your passion - what’s most important and true to you - your heart and soul. It’s important to be true to yourself with who you are, what inspires you, and what truly makes you happy. No pressure. Be at peace with yourself and everything and everyone in your life. The more aware, attuned, and aligned you are with the sources of the passion that drives you, the better your life will be.


You will gain greater mental clarity, more meaning, clearer direction, and ultimately more satisfaction as you clarify, focus on, and aim to achieve your life’s goals and objectives. Along with better understanding and clearer definition, stick to your priorities to maximize your time, effort, and productivity.


At times, our lives can be like roller coaster rides or mountain hikes, full of highs and lows, and twists and turns. Experiencing ups and downs and peaks and valleys may not be in your control (or your liking), but choose positive reinforcement and choose to focus on what you are in control of.

Our minds are plenty powerful, as is the connection between mind, body, and spirit. The thoughts that circulate in our minds can easily become our words, which can translate directly into our actions and interactions, which can impact our lives and the entire trajectories of our life’s journey - for better or worse. Strive to be more conscious of your own thoughts that are connected with your feelings and emotions. Be more aware and attuned to who and what you think about, whether consciously or subconsciously.


If negativity keeps creeping in and leads you into a downward spiral or causes distracting, intrusive, nagging thoughts, don’t panic. Instead, take time to pause and breathe deeply. Focus on replacing negative thoughts with healthier, more positive thoughts. Set your mind on mental images that uplift you, not bring you down. With each breath in, focus on clearing, detoxing, and cleansing your mind, body, and spirit with everything fresh, good, healthy, and positive that you desire.

Pray and meditate as you refresh, reset, and recenter to start anew with a clean slate. With your exhales, continue positive intentions that you are releasing and relieving yourself of whatever or whoever is causing negativity. Remind yourself you are free, loved, worthy, and capable.

Reinforce your belief in yourself with thoughts and words of affirmations and encouragement. Focus on your passion and priorities. Embrace positive reinforcement and remember that ditching detrimental habits takes a lot of practice and a great deal of patience.

The Real Deal with Candice Deal YOGA - A BALANCING ACT

There is often a misconception about yoga. Those who haven’t practiced it before may think of it as just stretching. While it does contain moves that will push your flexibility limits, it’s certainly not just stretching. I have never worked up a dripping sweat while stretching but I certainly have during some yoga practices, that weren’t even in Hot Yoga!

A great benefit of yoga is the range of practices you can find. A one size fits all yoga practice doesn’t seem to exist. You can tailor it to the time of day you do your practice or based on your personal wellness goals. Yoga can be your method of wellness for weight loss, building your physical stamina, improving your sleep quality, benefiting your gut, immune and digestive system, reducing stress and even improving your skin. Exercise in any form is a great way to naturally boost your body’s collagen production!

Vinyasa is a type of yoga that focuses on the “flow” of the movements. It’s best suited for those that are familiar with yoga poses. It incorporates a breath to movement connection. You flow from one posture to another, while inhaling or exhaling with each movement into a new posture. This is a great yoga practice for those that like a faster paced style of exercise and it’s great for those of us that want to increase our overall mood, reduce blood pressure and stress and those that might find falling asleep a difficult task. This style of yoga can really get your heart rate up, giving you a surge of endorphins, which make you immediately feel great. This is my goto when I might feel anxious or even sad - it’s a great overall pick-me-up practice.

Hatha yoga is a slower, gentler practice generally with some meditation intermingled. In hatha yoga, you will hold poses for several deep breaths, again connecting the breath to your practice. The deep breathing in poses like Mountain will automatically calm your nervous system and reduce any anxiousness you might be carrying. This is a very grounding practice. You will often hear instructors telling their students to be mindful of the way their feet feel connected to the earth beneath them. Mountain (Tadasana in Sanskrit) pose can be practiced in a few variations, and all include the feet grounded to

the earth with the toes spread, strengthening the muscles of the feet.

Kundalini yoga is called the yoga of awareness. The practice often contains movements that are repeated many times. It’s a very focused practice that includes breathing techniques, mantras and even changing, all forms of unblocking energy from the base of the spine and moving it upwards through all the body’s chakras, improving your overall wellness. Some find this style of yoga to be insightful and powerful. During a Kundalini class, you will find yourself in a very focused kriya. A kriya is very similar to a lesson plan that includes very specific ways to achieve a goal, like easing a heavy heart or improving digestion. Kundalini yoga is often known to be a deep spiritual practice, not one for helping improve balance or focusing on a weight loss goal.

In addition to the traditional types of yoga, you can find interesting variations of newer yoga practices like HIIT [high intensity interval training] yoga. These are cardio workouts using yoga poses in a very high intensity fashion, repeating at fast paces. This would be a great addition to anyone who wants to increase their cardio and increase that feel-good endorphin surge you find with Vinyasa. HOT yoga is practiced in rooms with temperatures that range from 90 to 105 degrees. This is for you if you are looking to really break a sweat, increase your caloric burn and increase your flexibility.

Breathwork in yoga is an all-encompassing principle. One of my favorites is the ocean breath, or Ujjayi. This is used frequently in the Vinyasa practice of yoga. In this technique you breath in and out through the nose, but lightly constricting the back of the throat as you exhale through the nose, which creates an ocean sound much like you would hear in a seashell. This technique lengthens each breath cycle. Breathwork is a great tool you can use outside your yoga practice anytime you feel stressed to bring your stress level down. Often instructors will remind you to breathe through a stressful pose, knowing it won’t last forever. Concentrating on the breath and increasing your oxygen intake at any moment of stress can greatly improve the way you feel in the moment!

While yoga and breathwork are greatly connected and have so many benefits physically, the greatest benefit is that it truly brings you mental balance along with the physical. If you haven’t ever given yoga a shot because you aren’t flexible, don’t worry, you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. There are a ton of props you can use around you to help you achieve the poses, such as a thick book - it is a great substitute for a yoga block, or a folded towel can help you when you can’t quite reach with your hand. And never skip your savasana (pronounced Shavasana), also known as corpse or dead pose. It is your time to rest and digest, relaxing every muscle in your body and to simply be, the greatest feeling after any practice!

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Rescuin g a Pet 101

Pets can bring so much love to their owners, and there are so many animals out there that need love, too. However, there’s so much to think about when you are considering adopting a pet. The thought alone can be overwhelming. Here are a few things you should think through before you bring your pet home.


Thinking about the commitment ahead is the first step to deciding if you’re ready to adopt a pet. Adopting a pet is no small task. Animals require love, care and affection. They can also be costly. You need to make sure you understand your responsibilities before you take this on. It would be terrible to realize you were not ready or prepared after the fact. Adopting a pet is more than just a warm, fuzzy feeling and snuggling something cute and little. It is a responsibility and a commitment, and you just need to be sure you’re ready for all that comes with it.


You may have thought about the perfect pet for you, but keep an open mind when you’re looking around. You might find the opportunity to adopt a puppy or an older dog, or a cat with special needs. You may not even realize how many different types of pets need a home. Decide what will work best for your family, and then go on the hunt to fall in love.


It’s essential to get your house ready before you bring home your new furry friend. Set up a special space for your dog or cat where you can put their crate or bed and toys. If you’ve got a puppy on your hands, make sure you get your home puppy-proofed. They like to chew, so make sure to keep trash and recycling under a lid or behind closed doors. Keep electrical cords covered and stow away socks, shoes and other things they might like to get their teeth on.


You can prepare ahead of time by getting some things you might need like a bed or crate, food and water bowls, a collar and a leash. It’s fun to buy lots of toys and treats, too, but you might want to wait until you know precisely what your pet needs and wants before you spend too much money.


Your sweet pet is going to need medical care, so make sure you find a vet that you can trust to help make sure your pet gets everything he or she needs. If you’ve never had a vet before, do some research. Ask the other pet owners in your life which vet they use. All of that will help you make the right decision.


No matter what kind of pet you end up bringing home, they’re going to have to learn something new for sure. Talk about it as a family to make sure you have a consistent plan for all aspects of house training. When you’re all on the same page, it will make it much more manageable.

When you’re ready to adopt a pet in the Winston-Salem area, here are a few really great places to check out:

The Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation (AARF) of Winston-Salem serves to connect rescue cats and dogs with loving families and helps foster the bond between them. Their website, www.aarfws.org, has all the information you need to get started on your adoption.

Forsyth Humane Society believes animal companionship enriches human life. They can help you prepare for and adopt the right pet for your family. Learn more at forsythhumane.org.

Godbey Creek Canine Rescue in Mocksville has a mission to protect, provide, promote and place rescue dogs within a two-hour radius of Mocksville. You can get more information by visiting their website at godbeycreekcaninerescue.org.

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THE TRAITS of a Great Leader

Leadership involves influencing, supporting, inspiring, and creating opportunities for others. It is an important skill for all of us to cultivate, regardless of our role in the workplace. We are all leaders in some facet of our lives – our homes, our workplaces, our churches and our communities to name a few. I conduct leadership classes regularly as part of my career as a Human Resources Consultant. It occurred to me that the principles that I share apply in other areas of our lives outside of work as well.

As a result, I wanted to share what I believe to be some of the most important aspects of leadership. Let’s start with what NOT to do as a leader. This list certainly isn’t all-inclusive, but these are examples of behaviors that you should avoid.

• Disrespecting others

• Breaking promises

• Having unrealistic expectations

• Gossiping

• Criticizing instead of coaching

• Playing favorites

• Micromanaging

• Being arrogant

Now that I’ve shared what not to do, let’s switch gears. There is a ton of information out there but I’ve compiled this list of traits of great leaders from reputable sources such as a study done by Google, Gallup, and Harvard Business Review along with some personal observations.


According to Harvard Business Review, the leadership trait most important to employees in the workplace is respect. I think this holds true for leadership in other areas of our lives as well. Everyone wants and deserves to be treated with respect!


If you can’t manage yourself, you aren’t going to be able to effectively lead anyone else. You need to be able to maintain your composure and self-control when things get difficult or stressful.


Integrity connotes a deep commitment to doing the right thing for the right reason, regardless of the circumstances. This involves being honest, keeping confidences, and doing what you say you will do.


Extend trust to others and empower them to make decisions and do their jobs. No one enjoys being micro-managed. And guess what? This can even apply to parenting.


Showing humility is a very important leadership trait. Contrary to popular belief, humility is not the same thing as showing weakness. Humility involves minimizing status differences, seeking input, listening, admitting mistakes, and putting others’ interests before your own.


You can lead with love by showing others that you care about them through empathy, compassion, and creating an environment where they feel safe. Further, leading with love involves regularly demonstrating appreciation and lifting others up.


Various workplace studies have found that the best managers are good coaches. This involves providing feedback in a caring and motivational way; listening to others; and guiding them toward decisions. I believe these principles can be beneficial in leading outside of work as well.


Communication is critical to leading in any area of life. This involves communicating information thoughts and ideas clearly and frequently; keeping your communication simple, open, and honest; and sharing information freely.


This involves being accountable for your own performance and behavior and holding others accountable for theirs. You can do this by setting the example; communicating clear expectations; being fair and consistent; and not showing favoritism.

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Patiently Rooted

Why Do I Need A Houseplant?

Hi, plant friends! My name is Kelli and my goal is to help more people become plant people and see all the amazing benefits plants can bring to your life. As the founder and owner of Patiently Rooted, a company dedicated to spreading the word about the benefits of plants, I have always had a love of nature and plants, and now I want to share my obsession with other people.


People ask this question all the timewhy should I have a real plant inside? The answer is simple - people need to get more nature back into their lives. We are constantly surrounded by screens, and it is not doing any favors to our overall health. Bringing in nature can help people fix their focus and can even help boost their mood.


Did you know that plants can actually pull toxins out of the air? Let’s think back to how photosynthesis works. One of those steps is the absorption of carbon dioxide. This means the plant in your space is actually making your air cleaner by getting rid of the CO2 and turning it into oxygen for us. They not only take out carbon dioxide from the air but also get rid of other harmful chemicals including formaldehyde, ammonia, and even fecal matter that could be floating in the air. Yuck!

NASA has conducted a clean air study about which plants can clean the air the best. Their front runners include Pothos, Snake Plants, and Philodendrons. Every plant can help improve the air in the space and they encourage people to have one plant per 100 square feet. The more the merrier, in my opinion!


Sometimes when people think about getting healthy and fit they forget about the most important thing - their mental health. You can do any diet or workout, but you won’t feel your best if you aren’t putting just as much effort into your mental health. And guess what? Plants can help!

One of the great things about plants is they can help you build a routine. You can set a schedule during the week like this for example: “Every Monday I am going to check on my plants at 8:00 pm.” That doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to water them or repot them right at that time, but it does mean you are checking on them and seeing what they need at that moment. Routines help people feel happier and can help them become more productive in their everyday lives.

When you do need to water or repot your plant, spending time with it can actually reduce your stress levels. There is something soothing about looking at the beautiful leaves of a plant while you’re watering it. And if you need to repot the plant, finishing this task might just give you the encouragement to do another task around the house or at work you have been putting off.

For years people have brought flowers or plants to people who are sick to make them feel better, but what they didn’t know is that the plant is working to make them feel better. Psychologists have proved when older patients in retirement homes have a garden or plant inside their space that it improves their overall well-being. It gives them a sense of purpose and something to take care of when interacting with it. This could be applied to anyone of any age because people love to have a sense of purpose in their life. This is not saying plants should be the only purpose in life, just that plants help a person’s mental state and might even pull someone out of a depressive state, so she can get back to the things she truly cares about.

Another great place to add plants is in your workspace. Plants have been proven to increase your focus and continually draw your attention to your work instead of being distracted.

Having plants in your space not only helps your mental health but your physical health as it cleans the air. I think we can all agree everyone would benefit from those two things and an easy addition to your life would be to add a houseplant.

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MEGANBLACKPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Megan@meganblackphotography.com (336) 817-7467 | @meganblackphotographync


Show your Red & Know Your 8!

Maybe it’s those hot red heels, your red winter gloves, those favorite red workout pants, that spicy little RED dress or your favorite red suit – either way, dust them off and wear them this month with pride for American Heart Month!

All the Go Red fun kicks off on Friday, February 3rd on National Wear Red Day. So grab your best gal pals, do something for yourselves as a mental health break, and take a photo to share on social showing off your red with #GoRedTriad.

But Go Red is much more than wearing red on one day. “Going Red” is about how you are protecting your heart on the

inside, and the hearts of your mothers, sisters, daughters, coworkers, and friends.

Go Red for Women is a year-round American Heart Association movement focused on awareness, prevention education, risk factor reduction, healthy behavioral changes, and women’s heart health research. Together, we are flipping the script to ensure ALL women have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

“In a matter of seven years, I lost my father and several grandparents, prematurely, due to heart conditions. This makes me personally passionate about educating our community about the power we have to live longer, healthier lives, with preventative lifestyle choices. My goal is that women in our community one

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day know their blood pressure numbers as confidently as they may know their weight,” said Leah Hazelwood, Vice President of Go-Forth Pest Control and Chair of the 2023 Triad Go Red for Women Campaign.

This year’s campaign is focusing on the importance of women making their health and wellness a priority, with an emphasis on awareness, education, prevention, and management of high blood pressure among women in the Triad. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is the second leading cause of preventable heart disease and stroke death, second only to smoking, and more than half of all deaths from high blood pressure are in women.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women in the United States, killing one woman about every 80 seconds. Nearly 60 percent of all stroke deaths are women, and cardiovascular disease claims more women’s lives each year than all forms of cancer, accidents and diabetes combined. The good news is that heart attack and stroke-related events can be largely preventable with education and lifestyle changes, such as knowing your vital health numbers, moving more, eating smarter and managing blood pressure. Better cardiovascular health helps lower the risk for heart disease, stroke, and other major health problems.

4 Health Behaviors:

• eating better

• being more active

• quitting tobacco

• getting healthy sleep

4 Health Factors:

• managing weight

• controlling cholesterol

• managing blood sugar

• and managing blood pressure

How do you stand on your 8? To learn more about blood pressure and how you can manage or reduce your personal risk factors for heart disease and stroke, visit www.heart.org/lifes8.

Life’s Essential 8 can help. These are the key measures for improving and maintaining cardiovascular health, as defined by the American Heart Association. They focus on four health behaviors and four health factors, including:

To get involved with Go Red for Women in the Triad, visit TriadGoRed.heart.org.

Go Red for Women is nationally sponsored by CVS Health, and locally sponsored by Life is Why Sponsor, Novant Health, and Platform Sponsor, Go-Forth Pest Control.

But how do you know what to do? How do you know where to start?


Have you ever wondered about your purpose in life? You aren’t alone as only around 25% of American adults say they have a clear sense of purpose about what makes their lives meaningful. Our purpose is our unique calling, which is where our passions, gifts, talents, and the world’s deepest needs interact. In short, finding your purpose gives meaning to your existence. Mark Twain famously said that “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Oftentimes, when we think of purpose, our minds jump to what we do for a living. However, your purpose is much more than your job or career. If you are lucky, you may have a vocation that is in line with your purpose, but this isn’t always the case. If not, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change careers. You may just need to find other ways to channel your purpose through your home life, hobbies, community work, or volunteering.

About five years ago, I did the work to craft my purpose. It is “to help others to reach their God-given potential.” Articulating my purpose has made a big difference in my life. It can often be used as a filter when prioritizing and considering adding new activities.

If you aren’t sure of your purpose, working through the six steps below may be helpful.


Start by answering these questions:

*If money were not an issue, what would you do with your time?

*What do you love to do?

*What gives you energy?

*What drains the life out of you?

*What do you want to change, shape, and leave better than you found it?

*What segment of the population are you drawn to help?

*What are your gifts and talents?



Sometimes it can be hard to recognize our own gifts and talents. Fortunately, other people that you are close to or work with frequently might be able to give you some insight. Ask others what they think you do well and what comes to mind when they think of you. Take note when someone gives you a compliment or shares feedback and look for patterns that might help inform your purpose.


Assessments can be utilized to enhance self-awareness and can also be quite helpful in finding your calling. They often can help us identify the things that we are naturally good at and the things that we enjoy doing. StrengthsFinder is a great assessment to use for this purpose as it helps us to identify our areas of greatest strength. Others that I like include the Enneagram and the Working Genius.


Identifying your values is critical to determining your purpose in life. Your values are the things that are most important to you in how you live and work. There are several good values surveys to choose from including the Valued Living Questionnaire, the Portrait Values Questionnaire, and the Personal Values Questionnaire which were recommended by Positivepsychology. com. Once you have determined your most important values, try to narrow your list to your top five core values.


Once you have gone through these activities, you can begin to write your purpose. Keep it simple and general enough that you don’t pigeonhole yourself. Remember that it can be a changing living document.


Devise an action plan to put your purpose into action in your personal and professional life. Identify any of the cages that limit you (fear, insecurity, perfectionism, etc.) and try to get past these to step into your God-given adventure.

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Bethania’s Beauty:

Off the Beaten Path

I have always had a soft spot for tiny towns, which may seem strange, perhaps, for someone who grew up in large metropolitan areas like Toronto and Los Angeles. When a friend mentioned that a city named Bethania, close to her home in Winston-Salem, only had a population of approximately 341 people, I knew I had to stop by. What I saw there, as they say in the old country western tune, had me at hello.

Bethania is steeped in history and natural beauty, and gives you an eerie sense that you are stepping back in time and experiencing the past. Established in 1759 as a farming community by Moravians who were Protestant immigrants from what is now the Czech Republic, the city was the first planned Moravian settlement in North Carolina. However, the community allowed both Moravian and non-Moravian settlers into its fold, and formed a community which ultimately included houses, gardens, barns, a church, school, and tradesmen shops. Present-day Bethania encompasses a 500-acre historic district which is strongly reminiscent of a European style agricultural village. For those interested in architecture, it contains many lovely 18th and 19th century homes and properties that are proudly listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The starting place for exploration of Bethania should be the Visitors Center located at 5393 Horton Lane. Friendly people there will apprise you of the sights to take in and inform you of the city’s history. Numerous historic markers in Bethania also furnish useful historical information such as the fact that on February 9, 1781, during the American Revolution, Lord Cornwallis’ British Army occupied the town. Some of his soldiers actually ended up moving into Moravian homes and taking provisions from their flustered inhabitants. While at the Center, my Civil War historian son who was in tow with me on our visit, was delighted to find out that in 1865 Union General George Stoneman marched his army right through the middle of tiny Bethania (an event known as Stoneman’s Raid) but remarkably left it intact, a fact for which, a local diarist wrote, the townspeople were most grateful.

Next door to the Visitors Center is the Wolff-Moser Museum House which dates back to approximately 1792. The restored 18th century building was relocated to its current site and contains authentic early 19th century furnishings in its hand-hewn structure replete with brick nogging. The House is indeed a microcosm of the profound Moravian influence so visible in this tiny town. Touring the home gives you a

great sense of how our predecessors lived and the challenges that they faced, although clearly with gumption and determination. History is on display here, and we were grateful to grow our understanding of how values shaped the community and how proud they might have been to know that Historic Bethania exists as the only remaining independent, continuously active Moravian village in the Southern United States.

Be sure to see the Alpha Chapel, a historic building, now used as the town’s meeting hall. Although it never actually developed into a church, it was transferred in 1955 to a local farm where it accommodated the expansion of the Mizpah Moravian Church. In 2001, the Chapel was relocated to its current site where it graces the area with its lofty architectural beauty and sovereign touch. I’ve heard tell that there are ghost stories associated with the Chapel, but no spirits made their presence known when we were there.

Across the street from the Visitors Center and Wolff-Moser Museum House is the Bethania Mill and Village Shoppes, just in case you find yourself in need of a bit of retail therapy. The Shoppes are located in a converted old seed mill and include a place to grab some lunch if you’re hungry. Nearby an antique shop beckons you to explore and a music shop, if you hit it on an auspicious day, has live concerts to entertain unsuspecting passersby. If you have the good luck as we did to be visiting in September, you can experience the Black Walnut Festival where folks in historic garb will be on site purveying their wares and artistic goods, and musicians will fill the air with lovely melodies and sounds.

And last but not least, be sure not to miss the four beautiful trails in Bethania that run through conservancy forests and preserved farmlands. For the faint of heart or body, there is an option to traverse a short .7 mile trail while the more physically hardy souls can opt to walk the lengthier 1.5 mile trail.

Bethania is a small gem of a city, heavy with history and gorgeous ambiance, which is a must to experience, and can be enjoyed in the span of a short day trip easily and with enthusiasm.

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Credit cards… a blessing or a curse? Sometimes maybe a little of both!

Either way, the ability to establish and build credit is important for anyone living in the United States. When you establish a credit history and subsequently receive a credit score, it shows lenders that you are financially responsible and makes you eligible for major purchases like cars, homes, and low interest credit cards.

It may seem unbelievable today, but it wasn’t until 1974 that women were allowed to apply for and own a credit card in their own name. Before that, they could only have a credit card if their husband authorized it. WOW! We have sure come a long way!


The idea of credit can be traced back at least 5,000 years ago to Mesopotamia, where there is evidence of transactions between merchants who issued the earliest-known forms of an I.O.U for their goods.

Fast forward to modern times, and Diners Club was the first widely known charge card, created by Frank McNamara in 1950 after he left his wallet at home while dining out. He and partner Ralph Schneider launched the first Diners Club card which allowed the cardholder to charge their meal. In its first year of operation, Diners Club grew to more than 10,000 members and included 28 restaurants and two hotels that would accept payments from their elite clientele.

American Express debuted its first charge card in 1958. Merchants who accepted the card would pay American Express a percentage of the amount being charged.

That same year, Bank of America, based in California, took credit to a new level when they created the BankAmericard which they sent out to 60,000 customers in Fresno with a $300 credit limit, and later rolled out state-wide by 1966. No credit application needed! This first attempt ended up being a costly error in judgment, with delinquency rates over 20% and rampant fraud.

This was the first credit card that introduced revolving credit and allowed its cardholders to carry a balance from month to month. It was a big hit with families who needed convenient extra cash they could pay back a little at a time. In 1976, BankAmericard changed its name to Visa.

Also in 1966, a group of California banks formed the Interbank Card Association (ITC), which would soon issue the nation’s second major bank card, Mastercard.



As the popularity of credit cards increased in the 1970s, so did legislation aimed at addressing consumer complaints against this fast-growing industry. This regulatory legislation included:

• The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970 restricting the collection and use of credit report data.

• The Unsolicited Credit Card Act of 1970 prohibiting issuers from sending active cards to customers who hadn’t requested them.

• The Fair Credit Billing Act of 1974 amending the Truth in Lending Act to rein in abusive billing practices and enabling consumers to dispute billing errors.

• The Equal Credit Opportunity Act, also in 1974, was passed to prevent lenders from discriminating against any applicant based on gender, race, marital status, national origin, or religion.

• The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977 amended the Consumer Credit Protection Act to prohibit predatory debt collection practices and rework the debtor’s bill of rights.


An important innovation in credit card technology was developed when an IBM engineer named Forrest Parry designed a magnetic tape which attached to the back of a credit card so that consumers could have their information “swiped” at a point-of-sale location.

As credit cards became increasingly popular, so did the scammers who found ways to make false charges using other people’s card information. The ease of swiping a card meant thieves could use a card they found or stole.

Safer technology was developed in France in 1984 when microprocessors were embedded into cards allowing them to be read by specialized payment terminals. By 1994, all credit and debit cards in France were using this technology which, combined with a PIN (personal identification number), added extra layers of protection to the payment process.

Other countries followed their lead and developed credit card chip systems. The need for a standardized payment system became a global issue and in 1994 three international payment processors, Europay, MasterCard and Visa began the development of a global chip design for payment systems.


What will credit cards look like in 25, 50 or 100 years? Judging by the changes we see around us today, credit card transactions may be increasingly integrated into our lives in new and creative ways. Just as we make purchases with internet-enabled devices from companies like Amazon and Google, maybe we will find ourselves making purchases through our cars and home appliances. The sky’s the limit on credit card technology!

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The Little Chapel

Congratulations to David, Jan, Sarah and Mollie Bradford on the grand opening of the Little Chapel! Set on 54 acres of lakeside meadows, this family-run sanctuary specializes in elopements and intimate celebrations.The charming chapel was purpose-built by local artisans using 500 year-old English brick, and features stunning details like exposed oak ceiling trusses, breathtaking custom stained glass windows, and two sweet covered porches hung with rustic chandeliers. Now booking intimate weddings and events at thelittlechapelnc.com


Yokeley Blevins + Trevor B Blevins 10.22.22 Legacy Stables Photos by Jodi Gray Photography
Carly Hauser Forsyth Technical Community College ADN Program Graduate
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February 2023 | 91 ALEXANDER’S AUTOMOTIVE 336.766.5658 | 336-766-2132 u haul Mon-Fri 8am-6pm | Sat 8am-4:30pm | 1601 Lewisville- Clemmons Rd., Clemmons Propane refilling station | A/C & Auto Repair State Inspections | U-Haul Rentals | 24 hour Towing Tayloring Style STYLE ASSESSMENT | STYLE CAPSULES | PERSONAL SHOPPING “The limit does not exist when it comes to how many days a week you can feel confident & like your outfit.” ERIKA TAYLOR Founder of Taylor Your Closet & TayloringStyle Blog tayloringstyle.com/services @tayloringstyle (336) 409-1133 | yourfirstclasscleaning@gmail.com | @Yourfirstclasscleaning Mom Owned Business • Residential, Commercial, & New Construction One Time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, & Monthly Cleaning Options Bonded & Insured

Kelli Woodbury

Kelli Woodbury of MK Events And Creations LLC recently earned Certified Balloon Artist (CBA®) status. Kelli Woodbury was one of a select group of balloon professionals who successfully completed a series of tests, including oral and practical examinations. The certification was administered by the Qualatex Balloon Network SM(QBN®), a professional organization dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in balloon decor and bouquets. There are currently more than 2,000 Certified Balloon Artist professionals worldwide. Kelli Woodbury is the first and only in the city of Winston Salem to earn the Certification of Certified Balloon Artist.

CELEBRATIONS Stephanie + Kyle Willard
Rachel McDowell Photography
Fleet Feet Clemmons Congratulations to Emily and Keith Davis on opening their second Fleet Feet location in Clemmons! Photos by Photo Artistry by Melinda
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Washington Park Crossfit 2020 Hollyrood Street in W-S Free community workouts every Saturday morning. Learn more at washingtonparkcrossfit.com.


Real World Ballroom


You asked for it – here’s a great opportunity for kids ages 8-12 boys and girls, no partners needed. Learn social skills, build confidence, exercise and have fun! Not only are they getting exercise, they are learning the importance of teamwork. Lead and follow are equally important roles in dance and in life; they have fun, you have fun watching them -- it’s a win-win family experience. cli.re/30206-real-kids-ballroom-dance-lessons.

FEB 1 FEB 1-14



LoveWell Boutique 110 Oakwood Drive in W-S Join us on Wednesday, February 1st for “National Dark Chocolate Day.” We will kick-off our “Be Our Galentine” Event with dark chocolate treats!



LoveWell Boutique 110 Oakwood Drive in W-S Shop with us February 1 -14, for each purchase of $50, you will earn a heart with your name on it! On February 15th, a winning heart will be chosen! The winning heart will win a $25 LoveWell gift card!



Twisted Pine 527 North Liberty Street in W-S Grab a friend, a neighbor, your sister, your mother, a co-worker and have a much-needed Girls’ Night Out! As always, each attendee receives four tickets for the fabulous prize board drawings!

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FEB 10-19


Novant Health Vein Specialists

Enjoy 2023 with healthy legs. If you or someone you love is suffering from painful, achy, swollen or discolored legs, our board-certified vein doctors can help. Join us at our next free vein consultation and get back the quality of life you deserve. RSVP to 336.776.3160, or go online to salemveins. com to register. Now is the time to put your best foot forward and love your legs more this year.


Hanesbrands Theatre

Down on his luck and in search of work, Francis Henshall finds himself employed by small-time gangster Roscoe Crabbe, in town to collect a fee from his fiancee’s gangster father. But Roscoe is really Rachel, posing as her own dead brother, herself in love with Stanley Stubbers (her brother’s killer) who, in turn, becomes our hero’s other ‘guvnor’. Fighting a mounting sense of confusion, Francis goes out of his way to serve both bosses. But how long can he keep them apart? ltofws. org/88th-season.




Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts







516 South Peace Haven Road in W-S Winston-Salem’s Picnic Ladies presents a romantic candlelit picnic movie night featuring “The Proposal.” Limited spots available. Cost: $250/couple. Limited spots available. winstonsalemspicnicladies.com.



SOLSTICE is a theatrical circus show by Activate Entertainment. This 75-minute, family friendly show tells a story of self-discovery, memory, and shared experience. Watch the ordinary become “extra”ordinary and get ready to feel like a kid again. Learn more at downtownws.com. 11AM

The Millennium Center in W-S Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Big Band Brunch, a jazz brunch featuring the classic sounds of Camel City Jazz Orchestra. Admission includes a full brunch buffet, an attended omelet station, carving station, and waffles made to order. Mimosas, Bloody Mary cocktails, specialty coffee drinks and other beverages from a full bar will be available for purchase. Reserve a cozy two-top, book a group table for four or eight guests or buy individual tickets to join community tables. brownpapertickets.com.



*Disclaimer: Event details are subject to change. Please check event websites & social media pages for updates as the dates draw near.*

Foothills Tasting Room Learn more at foothillsbrewing.com. 12 SUN





Joyner’s Bar

When you attend Afternoon Tea with Bee, you’re actively supporting the beautiful community that we are all so bless to be a part of. Learn more and purchase tickets at thehumblebeeshoppe.co.


Broyhill Event Center 3540 Clemmons Road in Clemmons

Join us for our monthly chamber meeting! Lunch cost is $15 for members and guests. Learn more and register at Lewisville-clemmons.com.


Tanglewood Park 4601 Manor House Circle in Clemmons




Join Providence at the Manor House on Valentine’s for an unforgettable evening of delicious food and celebration of the ones you love. We’re planning an evening you won’t want to miss, featuring a four-course menu crafted by Chef Vanessa Lanier. Tickets are $100/couple. Includes a four-course dinner for two and a complimentary signature cocktail. Optional expert wine pairings for an additional fee. Purchase yours here at providencews.org. More information, contact Jay Christmas at 336.784.5770.


Winston Cup Museum 1355 North Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive In W-S Join us for our February Cruise-In! Bring out your car, truck, or motorcycle and experience 33 years of Winston Cup Series history—all in one afternoon! The February Cruise-In is open to all years, makes, and models. Entry is free and anyone showing a vehicle will receive $2 off museum admission. A few things to keep in mind: Cruise-ins are family and pet friendly. Tickets for the museum will be sold at the door for $12 per adult and $8 per child (7-12). The museum has on-site parking. Overflow parking will be available on Liberty, Ninth and Chestnut Streets. winstoncupmuseum.com/event/5183.


10:30AM1:30PM 3PM

Wait Chapel, Wake Forest University Our annual, admission-free showcase features a large orchestra led by Youth Symphony members paired with their professional counterparts in the Winston-Salem Symphony, plus exciting concerto performances by today’s rising stars. And as is tradition, the concert begins with the world premiere performance of a new work by a young local composer. It is a wonderful late-winter family experience not to be missed!

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FEB 21




The Ginger Fox at Village Juice 400 West 4th Street in W-S

Join us for our next book club meeting! Author CHARLIE LOVETT will be with us for a fun social gathering at Ginger Fox Beverages. Learn more at bestofwinston.com. org/88th-season


Greensboro Coliseum

Winter Jam returns to Greensboro at the Greensboro Coliseum with We The Kingdom, Jeremy Camp, Andy Mineo and Anne Wilson with Disciple, Austin French & MORE! Hosted by NewSong. Only $15 at the door. No tickets required. Visit jamtour.com for more information.





WinMock at Kinderton

APR 26




Forsyth Woman Magazine’s “Women on the Move” initiative comes to life through it’s Second Annual Women on the Move Leadership Conference happening on Monday, March 20th, 2023. Forsyth Woman will bring together local leading ladies, from those in business, to owners and entrepreneurs, for an all-day event full of impactful presentations, networking, shopping, food + drinks, and more. Learn more and purchase your ticket at tinyurl.com/WOMC2023.


Second Harvest Food Bank 3330 Shorefair Drive in W-S

Save the Date! Second Harvest’s Annual Empty Bowls returns on Administrative Professionals’ Day, featuring yummy soup options and handcrafted pottery bowls to go. Proceeds support the Food Bank’s mission and work to provide access to healthy food and pathways to job opportunities. Tickets start at $60 for two. More information, contact Reedy Mensh at 336.784.5770


Jerry Long Family YMCA

The Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce will host our 12th Annual Clemmons Community Day. Once again, we’re partnering with the Jerry Long Family YMCA, a member of our Chamber, to host this free, community-wide event. Learn more at clemmonscommunityday.com.


*Disclaimer: Event details are subject to change. Please check event websites & social media pages for updates as the dates draw near.*


Conversations with Your BFF

If you are a New Year’s Resolution person, you are probably working on either better diet choices, getting back to the gym, spending more time learning a new skill, or maybe making your relationships with family, friends, and significant others better than they have been in the past. But what can you do to connect better with those that mean the most to you in 2023? I am so glad you asked!


Most of us, when in a conversation, don’t really focus on what the person is saying to us, but instead we are ready to pounce with our answer or rebuttal. We don’t listen to learn of the other person’s perspective, but we ready ourselves to share our side often before the other person has even finished talking. When someone answers your questions partially, wait. Don’t interrupt as they finish their thoughts and take a needed breath. Give them the respect you would expect for yourself.


While many things may divide us these days, most agree that the sweetest sound in the world to us is someone recognizing us and saying our name. To make a positive impression on someone and let them know that you care, learn their name and use it in any discussion you have. They will feel that not only do they matter, but what they say matters, too.


It is true that you can’t judge a book by its cover and you can’t judge people by the way they look or any other superficial aspect of them. To judge character, notice the way someone treats another who can’t do anything for them. In relationships, we all, no matter your status in life, deserve respect and to be treated like you matter, because you do!


If you are negotiating with someone, whether a minor or major issue, after you state your position, wait for a while. You may have a bit of time on your hands, but you can

My Relationships in

overstate and push a point past a possible understanding or a place of meeting in the middle. If you continue to speak, you are usually not making any points or swaying anyone to your side of understanding.


If you are trying to establish a relationship or patch a damaged one, talk about the other person. Everyone’s favorite subject is themselves. People like to share with you things that are important to them, or accomplishments in their lives. Knowing that you care about them could be the turning point in connecting with someone and improving a relationship or making a new friend.


If you are asking someone for a favor, always use the word ‘because,’ no matter how simple the reason is for asking for the

favor. The word ‘because’ makes a person think it must be okay to consider the favor because there is a reason. In a crazy world, reason still makes us feel like there is an order to things and it is important to give reasons whenever you can.


I can’t think of a single time when someone gave me an ultimatum that I said, ‘Absolutely, sign me up for that!’ An ultimatum makes people feel like they’re backed into a corner and that’s a bad place to be yourself or to put someone else in. Instead, when you want to get something from someone, frame your request as an offer or an opportunity instead of a request or ultimatum. People are more likely to accept an opportunity than they are to submit to an ultimatum.

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