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Vein Specialists Your Best Life Starts Here FEBRUARY 2023
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Nearly sixty years ago, February was declared American Heart Month - a time we can all focus a little more on our heart health and bring awareness to this disease that kills so many year after year. Forsyth Magazines loves partnering with the American Heart Association and we have a heartwarming story to share with you this month on identical twins Pat and Pam (page 26).

While a healthy diet and exercise routine are crucial for your heart health, so is getting regular check-ups! Genetics can play a huge factor in heart disease and often exercise and diet simply aren’t enough to prevent a heart attack. I’ll never forget my papaw calling us and (very calmly) saying, “I think I may be having a heart attack.” I (not so calmly) rushed to pick him up and drove him to the nearest hospital where within 5 minutes they told him he was, in fact, having a heart attack. He was an active runner and ate a healthy diet, but had a lot of heart disease in his family.

This is your sign—if it’s been a while since you’ve gotten a check up—DO IT!

Speaking of health, this month, we’re featuring the team at Novant Health Vein Specialists as our cover story. The talented Natalie Sahloff of Sail Off Photography shot this cover and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! This team has been a pleasure to work with for years! By reading the cover story (page 33) and listening to the Forsyth Magazines podcast episodes they’ve been featured on, it’s clear they truly have a passion for what they do.

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TheInternet and social media can be a scary place for anyone. It is a whole world full of millions of websites, helpful and not so helpful. One mistaken click and a virus could invade your computer or some personal information could be taken without your consent. On the other hand, the Internet can be a wealth of knowledge, offer insightful advice and connect you with loved ones and friends. The key is to be careful and smart as to what you click on and who you speak to. Internet safety is important for any age, but it is extremely important for middle school students. Children change greatly through grades sixth through eighth. They enter the doors of middle school as elementary school students and leave as high schoolers. It is a time of growth, exploration and finding out more about who you are. These three years are also a time for learning and learning how to be safe in our world, including the digital world. Using the Internet and being on social media can be a lifeline for a social life to some students, but as always, there are some risks. Teaching your middle schooler to be safe on the Internet is essential. Share these tips below with your child to help them learn how to be safe online.

1Follow the Golden Rule - It doesn’t have to be the digital world to follow the golden rule, but it is very important. Teach your child that treating others the way you would like to be treated, with kindness and respect, is one of the best ways to stay away from being bullied. This won’t be the total fix, but research has proven that people who bully others online in return get bullied themselves. Prevent this from happening by following the golden rule in all forms of social media and social networking.

5 Internet Safety TIPS for Middle Schoolers

2Never share your passwords

- Create passwords with strong combinations of letters and numbers. Try to avoid using identifiable information, such as names or birthdates. Design a password that only the user will know. Also, remind your kids to never share their passwords with friends. Sharing passwords can sometimes lead to unnecessary conflicts. As the child’s parent, ask them to share their passwords with you only (some parents choose to monitor their children’s social media and online usage). Have a discussion with your child about the importance of protecting your passwords.

3Manage privacy settings - All social media sites have privacy settings and parental controls. Walk through each site’s security options with your child and explain what the option does and why it should or shouldn’t be turned off/on. Keep email addresses, home address, phone number, date of birth and more away from the public eye. Keep in mind that when setting up accounts, privacy settings usually do not turn on by default. Users should immediately change them to their preference.

4Post Carefully - Never post personal information or inappropriate content on social media. Posting controversial messages can open the door for strangers and friends to take advantage of the social media user. Posts on social media instantly become public and, while they can be deleted, they are never fully erased from the world wide web. This can lead to unneeded drama that could ensue and/or put your child in a dangerous situation. A good rule of thumb is to teach your children to

keep their content clean and not to post anything they wouldn’t want their parents, minister, teachers, etc. to see. If your child is receiving inappropriate content or sexual messages, instruct them to tell an adult. Then, together, you can work towards getting the police involved. You can also report the usage to CyberTipline.com. Lastly, don’t meet friends offline that you met online. Remind your child they may not be who they say they really are.

5Verify someone’s identity if you have any concerns - Catfishing, the act of a person creating a fake online identity to manipulate someone, is prevalent online. A person, no matter their age, can fall victim to being catfished. However, there are ways to verify a user’s identity if you are suspicious. Search the person’s name on Google and do a reverse image Google search for their profile picture. If the person’s name shows up in multiple searches, there is a good chance that the profile is legitimate. With the profile pictures, be aware of stock images or the image appearing on multiple sites. Profile pictures are usually unique and only used for a few social media sites. Whenever in doubt, it is always best to block the user. Teaching your children this key feature will help them manage the digital world.

The Internet can be a huge benefit to users. We have the whole world right at our fingertips. However, middle schoolers, and really children of all ages, need to understand the importance of using it safely. This only comes by being taught by trusted adults. By acting with caution and protecting themselves, children will be able to prevent the majority of possible conflicts and drama that happen on the web.


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Get back to the activities you love with the region’s most preferred orthopaedic care. At Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, we treat every bone, joint and muscle with more specialized expertise and innovative therapies only found here. Our nationally renowned experts see people of every age and ability, shaping treatment to fit you and your goals. As the #1 orthopaedic provider for kids and adults, and the official health care partner for over 140 sports teams, we do more to heal what hurts and help every body thrive.

Orthopaedics | Sports Medicine | Physical Therapy

Same- and next-day appointments at a location near you 888-716-WAKE • WakeHealth.edu/HURT

Pizzais a cornerstone to many middle-class American diets.

Not only is it an important part of the diet, it is an important part of the family structure of many families. Pizza Fridays are universally enjoyed across almost all American families, often happening due to parents being too tired to cook by the end of the week, or to celebrate payday. Many families just do pizza because everybody loves it, and they want one night a week where nobody is complaining about having to eat vegetables (although there are some pretty good pizzas that include vegetables as toppings!). We like to think of this in a positive spin, however, and focus on the family bonding that happens during these Pizza Fridays.

All families have their own traditions; this is a critical component of familial structures and is a cause of building strong bonds between people. Many of our family traditions are surrounding religious and cultural holidays, such as having a seven-fish dinner on Christmas Eve, if you have an Italian background, or breaking the wishbone on Thanksgiving. While these family traditions are very clearly important; the more mundane traditions are actually significantly more important when it comes to building trust and bonds between people.

One important factor about the less celebrated, more common, traditions, such as pizza Fridays, is that they create consistency for children. Consistency and knowing that the same thing will happen every week can be a source of great comfort. Denise, a mother of seven, always made sure to have a Friday movie night with her husband and children, which they are now doing with their significant others and children. Knowing that this would happen every single Friday built trust within their relationships that then spilled over into other portions of their lives. No matter how crazy or stressed-out their weeks were, her kids always knew that family movie night was a sacred night that was never subject to be taken away as a punishment. When asked why this was important, Denise states that “Family time is for bonding. Even if you’re just hanging out side by side watching movies, you’re still strengthening your relationship. That’s why it’s important never to remove family time or traditions like family movie night for bad behavior. There’s actually an argument to be made that the worse the behavior, the more you NEED family time.”

These traditions give us a sense of belonging within our families. They are a shared experience between parents and children, and between siblings, that cross



over through our lives. These experiences will be different for every family, as well, and that’s great. For pizza Fridays, you may choose to go out to eat pizza at a nice restaurant downtown and then finish off the evening by checking out the local art galleries and grabbing a gelato. You may choose to make your own individual pizza from scratch so that every family member can have their ideal toppings, and then eat it on your deck. You may choose to pick up, take out, and eat it in front of a movie in your pajamas. You may even choose to do all three of these, depending on how your week was and what you feel up to that evening. However you choose to celebrate pizza

Friday, or whatever weekly family tradition you pick, the important thing is that you are consistent with the tradition and that you spend time together as a family.

This stability not only helps to create bonding within families, but it goes into all parts of a child’s development. Studies have shown that children who have stability and routines at home are more likely to excel academically and socially. An argument can also be made then that having pizza every Friday can even help your child become a betteradjusted human!

FEBRUARY 2023 / 11 Duke Eye Center of Winston-Salem offers exceptional eye care and advanced treatments for a range of conditions including cataracts, corneal disease, glaucoma and dry eye. Learn more at DukeEye.org Expert Eye Care in Your Community
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Navigating Budgeting Conversations with Your Partner

Dollars and cents may be black and white, but discussing finances can be a sensitive topic for many people. In fact, money arguments are the second leading cause of divorce, behind infidelity. Financial firm TD Ameritrade released data sharing that 41% of divorced Gen Xers and 29% of Boomers say they ended their marriage due to disagreements about money.

Finding ways to navigate conversations around spending habits, budget needs, financial goals and debt can literally make or break your relationship. So, where do you start? How do you create a safe space to talk about money without it escalating to an argument? Whether your relationship is newer or you’ve celebrated handfuls of milestone anniversaries, here are some important steps to take and consider.

Plan it Out in Advance

One of the common issues when discussing money and finances really comes down to timing. One of you will see a current issue or realize there’s a need to talk about something financial and, even if it starts out calm and collected, it can easily escalate when it comes out of the blue. Instead of bringing up the subject and digging in on the fly, plan a time to meet that works for both of you. When you bring up money casually, even with the best intentions, your partner may not be in the best mindset for that particular discussion, causing an argument. Choose to put something on your calendar for later in the week or month if that suits both of you, so you have a “budget meeting” in which you can feel prepared.

In order to keep the momentum going for your financial goals and decreasing the likelihood for an argument, professionals recommend keeping a monthly or bimonthly meeting on the calendar for you to check in with one another on progress and keep open communication.

Be Realistic About Goals

It can be easy to see the areas of your finances that need to be improved and immediately jump into all the changes you need to see, but take caution. It’s healthy to create goals for both of your spending and saving habits, but don’t give them unrealistic expectations. It’s ok for improvements to take time and to map out a plan together that feels achievable. Even when you’re on the same team, one party may feel more of a sense of urgency behind the changes or plans for your money. Make decisions together that feel timely and realistic, so nobody is feeling faced with an unattainable goal.

It’s important to be careful not to assign blame on anyone specifically during these conversations and really embrace the “we” and “us” in your money statements. For example, “we could do better at paying our credit card statements on time, let’s set up an autopay together now.”

Create Space to Dream Big and Share

Depending on how you each grew up around the conversation of money, there really are a lot of emotions and things that may cause you both to look at finances from a different lens. When it comes to creating goals, encourage each other to really think about what you want life to look like in the present and the future. Explore what future

goals look like for yourself, each other and your family. Is there debt you want to pay off? Investments you want to make? Vacations or material things you want to eventually be able to purchase? Even if these aren’t immediate goals, it’s good to dream and share those things with each other.You can then ask each other, “what can we do to get closer to these goals?”

Lean Into Each Other’s Strengths

The same way one of you may love cooking dinner while the other is the one to keep the kitchen clean after, your financial strengths will be different. If one of you is more disciplined when it comes to saving, have that person in charge of setting up the savings, retirement accounts, etc. Maybe one of you is “Mr. or Mrs. Organization” and never misses adding something to the calendar or creating reminders for the family? This person may be perfect to take on paying the bills and scheduling out any routine financial needs. It’s important to be on the same page and have conversations about these roles; just make sure you’re focusing on who’s strengths can serve your money goals best.

You and your partner are a team, and when it comes to the financial wellness of your present and future, it’s ok if there are big feelings there. Take time to establish open communication and create consistency about when you have your conversations and how you react to one another during them. Remember, the more you talk about money, the easier it will become.


So What if You Fall?

“Jesus fell too, you know.” I soothed my daughter’s skinned knee with hugs and a unicorn bandage, pondering the courage and love of toddler Jesus. Didn’t his knees get scraped as he learned to crawl? Didn’t he get rashes and bruises? The King of Kings tripped and tumbled; he peed, pooped and all the rest. All of it – and with no shame whatsoever.

He also tasted sweet honey, smelled warm bread and relished the small wonders of his created earth. Letting himself live into the limitations and beauty of humanity, he chose to come as one of us. He entered the world as a beginner. As an utterly dependent infant. Jesus chose to live there.

I used to think becoming an adult would make life easier. Turns out, adulthood is a different place, but not an easier one. Parenthood scrapes against my perfectionism and impeccable planning. Choosing to love my kids means growing limber in so many ways (failing, breaking… and learning to repair). I have a squishy postpartum tummy, anxiety and earplugs for days when

I’m also growing gentler. Curious. Kind. I’m learning how to let myself be a beginner like Jesus-in-the-flesh.

In loving my children (and myself), I feel like I’m getting to grow up a second time. I wear stickers and snot. I have 1,000 crushed goldfish in my van. I danced in public with my baby – something that would have embarrassed a past self-conscious and “grownup” part of me. Becoming a little more human each day brings me to self-forgetfulness and beauty.

Do I still fight with perfectionism and my penchant for ultrarationality? 100% yes. And, did I also shiver in the 10° night, so my children and I could feel the dramatic chill against our skin? Yep, that too.

Our kids, friends, spouses and students watch us navigate the world. They see our minds, bodies and souls through what we love and how we love it – and I want those watching me to see an image of Jesus, who was gentle, curious and kind with his humanity.

Sarah E. Westfall (one of my most favorite writerly voices) shares that “It is the mystery of God that frees us to be human. His vastness gives us room to breathe, to be flesh and bone and finite creatures, because he has us surrounded” (@sarah_westfall).

Jesus wore it all. Snot, exhaustion, sweat, perfume, tears, dirt. He gave himself to new beginnings and belonging in this world even as his heart knew the wholeness of heaven.

He allowed his holy self to dwell in finite space. Emmanuel. God is gentle with our new beginnings, and one comes with each day. With each child. With each stage of life.

So what if you fall this year? Fail at something? Forget yourself? And, what if that were a GOOD thing? A place leading you to more dependence and more Jesus?

Make some messes with your kids. Try a new hobby. Stop to watch the rain, the sun, the darkness. Pursue laughter. Sit with grief. Pick when to fix and when to listen. You’re in perfect company because Jesus did it all.

Redeemer School is a community of like-minded families committed to nurturing students in their relationship with Jesus Christ and engaging them in the life-long pursuit of wisdom and knowledge as they discover, embrace and integrate God’s truth in all of life. Learn more about us at redeemerschool.org.

redeemerschool.org/admissions Redeemer School is a private Christian school utilizing the hands-on, childhood-honoring educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason, for TK - 8th grades

We Can’t Wait to Meet You

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I Love Me

Intentional Activities to Teach Children About Self Love

Oneof the most important and meaningful relationships your children will ever have is with themselves. The art of self love begins early in life and, with the right encouragement, resources and examples of what a healthy relationship with their mind, body and spirit looks like. Exploring different age-appropriate activities can help children develop skills and an understanding early on for things like confidence, self respect, positive body image and more.

Remember, as adults there are so many little ways to help foster self love in the children in your life. Simple gestures like nurturing and supporting their interests, asking their opinions on things, sharing how much you like and love things about them. Additionally, showcasing what a healthy relationship with yourself looks like can be a beautiful mirror for them to see how they should acknowledge and treat themselves.

Whether you have a toddler or a 12-year-old, here are a few different, simple activities rooted in self love that you can practice this month with your child. If you find a few that you like for your little guy or girl, make sure to save them to try again in the future or share with friends!

Positive Affirmations

Practicing positive affirmations both written and spoken can make a deep impact on children’s view of themselves and their capabilities. You can purchase affirmation cards or create your own printables with affirmations like “I can do hard things,” “I am strong and brave,” “I am a good friend to others” and other age-appropriate sentiments. You can place these on their bedside table and choose a different one to read each night at bedtime, or keep one on the bathroom mirror to remind them how amazing they are each morning.

Self-Affirming Books

What your children read becomes ingrained in their memory over time, so think about what kind of messages about self love and self esteem you can incorporate into their reading. A few suggestions that include positive messaging and diversity are “I’m Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little SelfEsteem” by Jamie Lee Curtis and “I am Enough” by Grace Byers. Create dialogue with your kids about what they are reading, and ask them questions about the things they like and love about themselves, you may find the answers to be super sweet and even silly.

Independence Activities

There’s a very interesting evolution in human nature that starts as young as 12 months old, where we start to crave independence – even when we really need support from others. Finding age-appropriate activities that allow and encourage independence can do wonders for making your child feel wildly capable and proud. Assigning a few simple house chores, letting them tell the waiter their own food order, helping them to learn how to introduce themselves to new people and other small, intentional opportunities really help.

Self Esteem Crafts

Art will always be a powerful tool in self expression, and children often feel naturally connected to creation. Sit down together with some paper and crayons or markers to create self portraits or doodle some of your favorite things. Create and print out a paper with the alphabet on it to create an “A to Z, Amazing Me” activity with them. You can brainstorm what they find amazing about themselves for each letter and doodle a coordinating image or write it down, depending on their age.

Remember, self love can be a difficult journey for a lot of grown ups. Prioritizing the discovery and progression of positive self esteem and confidence in the unique person your child is, can give him or her a huge leg up in the world as he or she grows. Each season from toddler to child and preteen to teen will have new opportunities to discuss and discover new things they love about themselves, and you’ll be there to help them appreciate themselves.

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Make it a Salem Summer at Salem Gymnastics & Swim


calendar may say “February,” but summer is fast approaching, and we want children to have the BEST, most FUN summer possible! For years, Salem Gymnastics & Swim has hosted Totally Kids Camps where kids from all over the Triad have enjoyed spending their summer days.

The wonderful team at Salem Gymnastics & Swim is always looking for ways to change and improve the services they provide in the best interest of children. With this objective in mind, they conducted a parent survey at the conclusion of Totally Kids Camps last summer. When asked how Salem could improve their camps, the answer was a resounding: “We would love more swimming and more gymnastics!” This feedback resulted in a Totally Kids Camp Revamp.


Unlike years before in Totally Kids Camps, kids will now get a MONTH’S worth of Salem Gymnastics & Swim in EVERY WEEK of camp! Each week of Totally Kids camp will include two swim lessons and two gymnastics lessons surrounded by TONS OF FUN! While children will get the benefit of learning lifesaving skills in the water and the agility of gymnastics, they will also have tons of fun playing games and doing different activities throughout the week. With two swim lessons, two gymnastics lessons and tons of fun, this is a camp unlike any other. Totally Kids Camps are Totally Salem! With this change, Salem is expecting increased demand for the ever-popular Totally Kids Camps. The entire staff is excited to share the best of Salem with children all summer long. After all, no one knows swimming and gymnastics better than Salem Gymnastics & Swim!

In addition to Totally Kids Camps, summer is a great time to learn to swim. The summer months expose families to water with swimming pools, lakes, rivers and beaches to enjoy. It is important that everyone learns to enjoy the water safely. Salem Gymnastics & Swim is driven by passion of saving lives, via drowning prevention. It is at the center of the learn-to-swim curriculum. At Salem Gymnastics & Swim, families experience warm air and warm water all year long with our indoor swimming facility. Swim lessons start with babies three months old and go all the way to adulthood. It’s never too early or too late to learn to swim. With the increased exposure to water in the summer months, Salem offers Speed Weeks where children can get a lesson every day of the week.

Gymnastics is another fun way for your child to grow and thrive! Just like swimming, gymnastics classes are offered year-round. Salem boasts some of the best, most experienced gymnastics coaches in the area. The recreational program offers Parent-Tot, preschool, beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. The agility, strength and balance that comes from gymnastics transcends to enhance performance in other sports activities as well.

The goal at Salem Gymnastics & Swim is to build healthy and confident kids through movement! Our Totally Kids Camps, swim lessons and gymnastics classes are all opportunities for your child to have a wonderful experience while learning something new and gaining more and more confidence. And…most importantly, all of this is happening while having a lot of FUN! For more information on how you can make it a Salem Summer or enjoy Salem Gymnastics & Swim all year long, stop by anytime, call our office at 336.765.4668 or visit us online at salemgym.com!

Salem Gymnastics & Swim is a locally, family owned and operated business that has called Winston-Salem home for more than 40 years. They are located at 4870 Country Club Road in Winston-Salem. Their friendly, family-oriented staff would love to welcome you with open arms and help you find a fun, confidence building activity for your child to enjoy.

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Southern Comfort

Forty-three of my 49 years on God’s green earth have been spent below the Mason-Dixon line. I guess that makes me more “Rebel” than “Yankee.” I’d like to think

I’ve been able to display the best attributes of both cultures. I tell it like it is while still maintaining the gentleman persona. I’ve tried to balance the I-couldn’t-care-lesswhat-you-think-of-me attitude with my refusal to sit while a woman stands or my insistence of opening the door for her. My roots may be northern by nature, but my trunk and branches have been nurtured and nourished, like a majestic red oak, in the sweet southern breezes and the summer rains accompanied by thunder that echoes off the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I returned to the family farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia five days ago to spend Christmas with my parents. Today is the first day I’ve actually been able to sit out in the sunroom and enjoy the warmth coming through the large windows. This time of year, the sun takes its lowest path across the sky. Although that means shorter daylight hours, on a cloudless day like today, the light and warmth coming into the sunroom make for a peaceful and relaxing setting. Stretched out upon a comfortable sofa, I’m surrounded by expansive windows and walls that are composed of beautiful old wood planks that were run through a planer to give them new life. The brick floor absorbs the heat from the sun adding even more warmth to the room. Outside, all around me are the bare trees of winter and barren fields dotted with Angus cattle, sheep and goats. Today is the first day since I’ve been here that the temperature pushed above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The last five days have been brutal and only made more so by a persistent howling wind that dropped wind chills below zero and made being outside unbearable. But as unbearable as it was when one is on a farm, venturing out is not only unavoidable, but necessary. Animals up at the barn need food and water. Newborn sheep and goats must be checked on. The work is never ending.

My first morning here, we woke up to no hot water. The temperature was a balmy two degrees, and the wind out of the northwest was ruthless. If we wanted to at least have hot showers, we had to go into action. My parents have had an outdoor wood stove for 20 years that not only heats the farmhouse but also heats the water, as well. After checking this, that and the other, the logical conclusion was that the cold water pipe running into the stove must have frozen. This is where the brainstorming began. First, a heating pad was connected to an extension cord. But the heating pad was no match for the brutal cold and did nothing to thaw the pipe. Next, a hair dryer was taken from my mother’s bathroom. Standing in the arctic temperatures while pointing a hair dryer at the frozen pipe was also futile. Finally, I decided to

go for broke and heat up a pot of water on the stove in the kitchen. Before the water was boiling, I carried the pot out to the wood stove and slowly began pouring it down the outside of the pipe. Carefully, I continued bathing the pipe in liquid warmth. And then, I heard it – the whoosh inside the pipe as water flowed freely again, unobstructed by the ice that had been blocking it. I walked into the house to the nearest bathroom, turned on the faucet, and after a few spurts and gurgles, hot water ran from the spigot. Eureka! We had conquered Mother Nature and would be taking hot showers again!

Yesterday, my old man and I ventured into the nearest town (which has actually grown into a small city over the past five decades). We needed to pick up a few things at Lowe’s. With his cane in hand and Vietnam veteran hat upon his head, my father entered the store as I trailed closely behind him. For the record, my father should have run for mayor years ago. He’s never met a stranger and seems to know everyone in the county. Add to that the fact that he spent 21 years substitute teaching in the same high school my siblings and I graduated from, and you could say he was a father figure to many. We had been in the store for perhaps three minutes when people began approaching him, greeting him, shaking hands with him and even hugging him. This continued for easily the next 30 to 40 minutes. Every time we turned a corner, a new face lit up and shouted, “Mr Desmond!” I just stood back and watched the love and genuine congeniality being exchanged between my father and people I had maybe met once or twice years ago, but didn’t necessarily remember now. It was a miracle that we were able to even leave the store. These interactions that I watched with a warmth in my heart reminded me that I was back “home.” I was again part of a very special place in America where people are genuinely good, kind hearted, hardworking and decent. I know these places exist in other areas – not just the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. And, knowing that gave me a comforting feeling. A feeling of hope. I needed that, as I think many of us do.

I am thankful to know and appreciate the hard but rewarding work of farm life. I am fortunate to be surrounded by good, small-town but big-hearted people. I’m grateful to know what it means to be southern by the grace of God. And, I am truly blessed to have lived a life that has given me something I will always cherish – that feeling, that state of mind that we call, Southern Comfort.

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PeoPle to Celebrate

Jeff “Smitty” Smith is a legend in Winston-Salem. From humble beginnings, Smitty’s Notes was started as a newsletter to inform the public about where to go to listen to music, eat food, see art and just enjoy life locally. For more than 25 years, Jeff Smith has kept our community abreast of all there is to do and see. Jeff granted an interview to Forsyth Family about the genesis of Smitty’s Notes and his foray into sketching the cultural landscape in Winston-Salem.

Tell us about your connection/history to the Triad in particular.

I grew up in east Winston! The Triad is my home. In my teens and early 20s, I traveled even into Greensboro to go out. Back in the day, Greensboro was the hub; it had a lot more things to do than Winston-Salem.

What was the social and cultural landscape like when you first started the newsletter vs. where it is now?

I started the newsletter back in 1997. It was quiet here in terms of finding things to do. There were a few places to hang out, and there were very few bars to go to. I made a lot of good friends in those early days, but there was no getting around it – the scene

was pretty slow. You had to find your own fun.

I joined a group of young professionals. I eventually found my way into being a part of a group that was the foundation of the Artspedition organization here locally through SECCA (Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art). UNC School of the Arts here in Winston was where the cool kids were. They all seemed to be “in the know” about exhibitions and things to do. The arts scene was underground but burgeoning in the 90s here. I got to know several people who either went to school or worked at UNCSA. It was the time when First Fridays were great art showcase nights on the downtown streets. I met a lot of people on the “scene,” and I attended a few parties on Trade Street which has always been the artistic hub of Winston-Salem.

Did you think the newsletter would be sustainable?

Back in 1997 when I started Smitty’s Notes, we were just trying to find things to do for the weekends. My social circle circulated emails to each other about what there was to do in town. I decided these ideas for what was happening should be put into one newsletter.

I began it as “Smitty’s Community


Notes” and as a bi-monthly edition. I used to frame it jokingly as “your community service announcement.” I never thought it would bloom into something. I started to notice that the city was experiencing a big loss of young professionals. A lot of that had to do with the fact that there was not much to do socially. We started taking an advocacy role of promoting events, so we could retain young professionals. I wanted to provide people with my inside knowledge of what there was to do here. I became involved as a board member for the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership (DWSP) and the Arts Council.

What do you hope to see in growth trends for the Triad, and what will help with continuing the path to being a vibrant and important community?

Entrepreneurship has come along quite a bit. More of that startup spirit will be vital. Winston Starts and Flywheel Coworking are both fantastic organizations for new, emerging companies to become burgeoning enterprises. Let us not forget that Hanes, RJ Reynolds and McLean trucking (started ocean container shipping for the world) were all entrepreneurships that got their start here.

You have valiantly faced multiple sclerosis (MS). It hasn’t defeated you. What has it done?

It forced me to slow down a bit. I was going too fast. I cannot go out and do things like I used to. But, after the diagnosis, I determined I could keep going. I could pick and choose things to do and learn. I honestly just shifted my priorities. I did think I would never get to enjoy this process of being “in the know” like I did in the 90s; however, what I have done now is participate when I can and when I want.

Nominate one local cultural hero or pioneer on the scene as influential and what they mean to you or our community-at-large.

Richard Emmett – and not with just music but also the culture of our city. Through the Blue Ridge Foundation and being the music director for that, he has done so much. He came to town, and he used to work at the Horse’s Mouth Coffee Shop downtown. He was instrumental in programming art films there. He has been a true facilitator and innovator on the cultural scene for all of Winston-Salem!

My greatest accolades come in the form of the trust people have in the newsletter and me. A lot of people didn’t necessarily believe at first that things would start to happen. The local community leaders trusted me and the process of building my knowledge-base and brand.

Tell us about your greatest achievement as “Mr-Know-It in the Triad”
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Black Financial Leaders

In recognition of Black History Month, Truliant Federal Credit Union is saluting four black individuals who were or are financial leaders in the United States:

Maggie Lena Walker

Born in Richmond in 1864, Maggie Lena Walker achieved national prominence as a businesswoman and community leader. She was the first black woman in the United States to found a bank, the St. Luke Penny Savings Bank in 1903.

In 1901, at the annual convention of the Independent Order of St. Luke, Walker said: “First, we need a savings bank. Let us put our moneys together; let us use our moneys; let us put our money out at usury among ourselves, and reap the benefits ourselves. Let us have a bank that will take the nickels and turn them into dollars.”

Walker served as the bank’s first president. Later she served as chairman of the board of directors when the bank merged with two other Richmond banks to become The Consolidated Bank and Trust Company. Walker died in 1934. The Walker family home was purchased by the National Park Service in 1979.

Alonzo Herndon

A barber and entrepreneur, Alonzo Herndon was the founder and president of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company. Atlanta Life became known as one of the most successful black-owned insurance businesses in the nation.

Born into slavery in 1858, Herndon grew up on a farm near Atlanta. In 1883, he started working as a barber in Atlanta. Six months later he bought a half interest in the shop, and by 1904 he had three barbershops. Herndon then invested in real estate in Atlanta and Florida.


The Tulsa Massacre was the result of racial tensions. About 300 blacks were killed and Black Wall Street was burned to the ground. Gurley died in 1935 in Los Angeles.

Thasunda Brown Duckett

As his personal fortune grew, he bought a failing mutual aid association, which later became Atlanta Life Insurance Company. By 1922, the company’s assets were more than $400,000 and had operations in six other states. Herndon died in 1927.

O.W. Gurley

O.W. Gurley, born to formerly enslaved people in 1868, was one of the wealthiest men in Tulsa, Okla., before the 1921 Tulsa Massacre destroyed his property and forced him to flee.

In 1905, Gurley purchased 40 acres of land in North Tulsa. He established his first business, a rooming house on Greenwood Avenue. He then subdivided his land and opened a grocery store.

The black community had a large working class, along with doctors, lawyers and other professionals. Booker T. Washington called the area “Negro Wall Street,” which was largely financed by Gurley. Now it is known as “Black Wall Street.”

Thasunda Brown Duckett is the president and CEO of TIAA, a Fortune 100 company with about $1.4 trillion in assets. TIAA provides secure retirements and investment solutions for millions of people working in higher education, healthcare and other mission-driven organizations. Duckett is one of only four black CEOs at Fortune 500 companies.

Duckett, who was born in 1973 and graduated from the University of Houston and has an MBA from Baylor University, was the CEO of Chase Consumer Banking before joining TIAA. At Chase, she managed $600 billion in deposits and 50,000 employees.

Duckett serves on the boards of Nike, Brex, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Sesame Workshop, National Medal of Honor Museum and the Economic Club of New York.

Federally insured by NCUA.

Maggie Lena Walker

Crisis Control

For 50 years, Crisis Control Ministry has been helping neighbors facing a crisis. We help with basic needs such as utilities, rent, mortgage, medication and food. Neighbors shop in the client choice food pantries in Winston-Salem and Kernersville to receive up to two weeks of groceries for their household. In the months of March and April, your gifts designated for the Feeding Forsyth Hunger Challenge will be eligible for matching funds. Please donate now to help Olga and our other food panty volunteers keep our food pantries shelves stocked.

For more information or to donate, visit our website at www.crisiscontrol.org

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Heart Healing

Sisters Share a Story of Heredity & Hope


twins Patricia Wood and Pamela Smith aren’t surprised when they are mistaken for each other. While growing up, looking and sounding exactly alike, confusion here and there was a common occurrence.

What isn’t quite so common is that the two – now age 64 -- had identical heart events, ironically a year apart. While sharing their family history and their recent journey that lands them in what they’ve called “a different category,” the twins are also determined to raise awareness about the role genetics plays in heart disease.

Beyond grateful to have each other for support since a very early age, Pam and Pat share a bit about their history, which includes their father’s death from a heart attack when the twins were only three years old.

“While we have a family history of heart disease, it was predominantly on the male side of the family, including our father (who died at age 47) and two of our three brothers (one died at age 54, the other had emergency quadruple bypass surgery at age 45 and fought heart disease for 30-plus years before dying at age 77),” says Pat. “On the maternal side of our family, there was a history of high blood pressure – which I reluctantly started medication for the year before my heart attack. Eventually, our maternal grandmother and our mother died of heart disease, but they were both in their mid-80s. So, I certainly felt that heart disease was 20-plus years away.”

Even though the sisters had worked hard to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle all through the years, sometimes the path of genetics is difficult to pause.

For Pat, her heart attack arrived with no forewarning. “It woke me up on a Saturday morning, and I had no idea what was happening,” she recalls. While she felt what she calls extreme discomfort, and couldn’t stand on her own, a heart attack was not on her mind. Once at the hospital, a blood test confirmed the diagnosis, and she was transferred to a nearby hospital with a cardiac catheterization lab, where doctors found a 100% blockage in one of her coronary arteries.

In slightly different fashion, Pam did have warning signs before her heart attack that included what she describes as a “flutter” moving up the left side of her neck, sudden sweating and discomfort in her left arm. Since she had been cleared by a cardiologist (and a stress test) just after Pat’s incident the year before, again, the incident was unexpected. But, the next morning her primary care physician sent her straight to the hospital, where the same blood test revealed a heart attack was taking place. Identical to her sister, Pam was transferred to a cardiac catheterization lab, and also had a stent placed in the major artery – which in Pam’s case showed a 90% blockage. For both sisters, other arteries were perfectly clear.

Following their incidents, each sister participated in cardiac rehab, a 12-week program highly recommended by cardiologists following any heart-related incident. Participants wear heart monitors, and blood pressure, weight and pulse oxygen level are logged before each session. Warm-up, cardio activities and cool-down are always included, along with nutrition counseling. Because Pat had been attending rehab at the same facility, the staff felt they were already familiar with Pam when she arrived!

“For me, it was emotionally hard to participate in the program, because it brought me to tears,” says Pat. “It brought me to the realization of what I had survived.”

Pat and Pam continue to share their experiences with each other – and women all over – and find time spent together even more precious. Avid shoppers, which they both find stress relieving, they often meet via FaceTime to share new purchases and catch up – clearly a highlight of the day for both and, no doubt, a form of twin healing.

Thankfully, both sisters are passionate about sharing the truth they know – heart disease kills one in three women.

“While Pam and I ‘appear’ to be healthy now, the genetic factor is there. We urge women to listen to their bodies,” says Pat. Both she and Pam are Go Red for Women designees by the local American Heart Association, as well as members of the 2023 Executive Leadership Committee. They offer their time to the Triad Heart Association’s events to raise awareness and financial support to further the goals of the American Heart Association. Look for buildings around Winston-Salem to be illuminated with red light on February 3, 2023 to celebrate GO RED FOR WOMEN!

FEBRUARY 2023 / 27
Pat 2020 Forsyth Go Red Woman Pam 2021 Forsyth Go Red Woman

Power of Pets

Why You Should Get a Pet and What to Get

The benefits of having a pet are many, and provide an excellent opportunity for kids to learn how to take care of others. Here are some of the top pets to consider, including a few unusual creatures you’d least expect to find in your household.

It is well documented that children who have been raised with pets can often avoid issues with allergies and asthma later in life. Caring for a pet can also nurture qualities in children that help them become better people, including compassion, empathy, love, trust, and responsibility. Children can do simple chores like changing a litter box and providing playtime and exercise for the pet. Kids can also be involved with the training process, which can be fun and rewarding.

Bonding with an animal can be a rich, valuable, and meaningful experience for everyone in the household. An animal is good company, doesn’t laugh when you’re having a bad hair day and doesn’t judge you when you’re wearing mismatched clothes. Studies have shown that caring for a pet can also help decrease depression when a simple tail wag, lick on the hand, or nudge asking to be petted can help lift spirits.

Just as with people, a positive, healthy relationship has to be the right fit for both parties. Don’t just go out and buy or adopt a pet willy-nilly. Do your research first, check out what’s available and interact with the animal first before you make a decision.

As with everything, maintenance is required. Your animal will need to be fed, and some pets will need their cages or aquariums cleaned regularly. Make sure you have sufficient financial wherewithal to pay for vet visits. Dogs and cats need to be up-to-date on all of their shots. Do you have a crate for your canine companion or feline friend to sleep in or stay in when you need time apart? Do you have a collar and leash for your dog?

You may have requirements that your pet has to meet, but think of the matter the other way around. Your pet has requirements for you, too. You need to have the right personality and resources to take care of your animal. You have to be able to provide a good, safe, and loving home, or you shouldn’t consider owning a pet.

Think hard about what kind of pet would be the best possible fit for you and your family before you rush out and get one. If not a dog or a cat—and you still want a fur baby—what about a smaller caged animal like a rabbit, ferret, Guinea pig, gerbil, hamster, mouse, rat, hedgehog or chinchilla?

More of a bird person? Try parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds, parrots, macaws, canaries, or finches.

Feathers not your type? Rather have scales or shells? For reptile lovers, there are also lots of options, including frogs, turtles, lizards, anoles, bearded dragons, geckos, and chameleons. Or how about snakes?

More into the aquatic types? Fish may be your forever friends. Setting up an aquarium may be just your ticket. Some of the best fish for newbies include rasboras, goldfish, tetras, and betta fish (which must be kept solitary).

Don’t have arachnophobia? Love little 8-legged, hairy critters that crawl? Tarantulas may be the ideal pet for you. Here are some good ones to choose from: Mexican redknees, Chilean roses, Costa Rican zebras, Mexican redlegs, Honduran curly hairs, Brazilian blacks, Mexican red rumps or desert blondes.

Potbelly pigs, chickens, lambs, goats, cows, alpaca, or horses are good options for those living in a rural setting. They each need a specialized environment, feed, and care.

Having a pet requires patience and practice. It’s a lot of hard work, but it is well worth the effort and energy. Whichever pet(s) you decide to bring home, make sure to learn all about them, how to care for them, and get as prepared as possible with the food and supplies you might need. Oh, and don’t forget to snap a pic or a few dozen to post on social media. Your friends will love to see the newest members of your family!


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D.A. Davidson is pleased to announce the opening of new offices in Winston-Salem and Greensboro.
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ALL Types of BOWLS

Hi! I’m Casey, a part-time food blogger, full-time architect, wife and dog mom. On All Types Of Bowls, you’ll find healthy inspiration for making your favorite cravings and comfort foods. I believe we should eat all our cravings, whether it’s a leafy grain bowl or a big bowl of pasta.

WHITE CHICKEN CHILI (Gluten Free, Protein-Packed, Meal Prep)

Serves 8 | Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 35 minutes | Total Time: 55 minutes


1 tbsp olive oil

1 sweet onion, diced

1/4 cup green onion, the white parts, chopped

1 yellow bell pepper, diced

1 jalapeno, diced

1 15-oz can sweet yellow corn, drained

1 15-oz can white corn, drained

1 15-oz can cannellini beans, drained

1 15-oz can white northern beans, drained

1 15-oz can pinto beans, drained

8 ounces mild green chiles

2 large chicken breasts or 3 cups of shredded rotisserie chicken

3 cups chicken broth

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp paprika

1/4 tsp chili powder

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp onion powder

1/2 tsp black pepper

1 tsp salt

1 cup plain, nonfat Greek yogurt

1/2 a lime, juiced

Toppings: green onions, cilantro, jalapenos, Greek yogurt or sour cream


1. In a soup pot, add the olive oil, and sauté the onion and green onions. Cook until they soften. Then, add the jalapeno and yellow bell pepper. Once cooked a few minutes, add the salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, chili powder and paprika. Cook again for another few minutes.

2. Add in all your cans. (All the beans, the corn and the chiles). Cook for another few minutes.

3. Add in the chicken broth. Once it comes to a simmer, add in the chicken breast if making your shredded chicken from scratch. Cover and let cook for 15 minutes.

4. Remove chicken breasts once cooked and shred. Add the shredded chicken back into the pot (or the already-made shredded chicken). Simmer for another 15 minutes, covered.

5. Mix the Greek yogurt and lime juice into the chili, and cook for another five minutes.

6. Serve or store in the fridge for up to five days. You can also freeze for future use.

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VEIN SPECIALISTS Your Best Life Starts Here.

Firmly rooted in the Winston-Salem community, you may hear the providers of Novant Health Vein Specialists warmly referred to as the epitome of “southern hospitality.” It’s no secret their reputation is one of loyalty, reliability and remarkable care, best reflected by long-term patients and the longevity of its team members.

Improving the health of our community, one person at a time, is what makes this clinic work. It’s a mix of collaboration and innovation, along with stateof-the-art treatments, that can give you the life you deserve.

Life-changing care when you need it.

Are you trying to hide those unsightly veins on your legs? Or, maybe you’re concerned about a more serious underlying health condition? Today, patients are seeking smaller, family style clinics where standards are high and care is personal.

That’s why Novant Health Vein Specialists should be your choice for care. As the only vein clinic in the Triad staffed entirely by vascular surgeons, our team of 30 providers, technicians and support staff are the life-changing experts you want by your side when the need arises.

In addition to their clinical expertise, you will find this is a team that values relationships, both with each other, and with you. They are committed to delivering human-centered care, treating you as a whole person, not just a patient. They take into account your needs, your goals and your lifestyle in order to develop a care plan that takes you on a journey to better health.

FEBRUARY 2023 / 33

Your team for life.

Some members of the team have been here from the beginning, including Bradley Thomason, MD, RVT, who founded the clinic and Beth Doub, RN – known by most as “Aunt B.” Beth, whom Dr. Thomason describes as the one who sets the tone and standard for the entire clinic, is the clinical lead nurse. She will tell you firsthand that there are no egos here, only teamwork. “No matter what the initials are behind your name, we work together and all have input in our patients’ care,” she shared. “Every area of the clinic touches a patient while he or she is here and finding new hires who are as eager to become fully involved as we all are, is key.”

Keith Bond, PA-C, has been with Vein Specialists for eight years. Even as he was interviewing for the position, it was obvious that his fellow providers were committed to human-centered care. “That’s a clear message that resonates within the team from day one,” Bond said. “We’re here to provide life-saving care, which comes naturally to each of us,” he said.

Fellow PA, Kristen Wright, echoes Bond’s thought on care. “Seeing the joy return to my patients’ lives when they are able to do simple things again like go for a walk, means everything,” she added.

Dr. Thomason is the catalyst who brought these amazing professionals together. “It’s all about the team,” he said. “I’ve been blessed to have Beth as my right arm for all these years. And then, in 2004, we added Ray Workman, MD, to the team. He brought both vein and vascular experience to the clinic, which allowed us to expand.” Together, Dr. Thomason and Dr. Workman have built a team that now includes other surgeons, including Phil Moore, MD, Joel Deonanan, MD, Shawn Fleming, MD, and Ashley Rickey, MD.

Ashley Rickey, MD, is the first female partner added to the clinic. She met many of the Novant Health partners while doing her vascular fellowship in Winston-Salem, and describes them as “older brothers.” She, too, values teamwork among her colleagues. “Every day is a learning day,” shared Dr. Rickey, “but knowing you have the full support of your co-workers contributes to the success of our clinic.” As the mother of a daughter, age nine, and a son, age four, Rickey balances the role of working mom with grace, and sage advice not to strive for perfection in every instance. “Find what works best for your family!”

On the day-to-day front, lead technician Mark Keller, oversees

seven other technicians at the three clinic locations. Technicians are selected via a rigorous hiring process. First, a manager screens for overall potential to provide remarkable care, which is what Novant Health is known for. In addition, Mark looks for traits that show a potential new hire is eager to be trained and willing to embrace the open workflow where everyone shares information. “Our techs receive the same standard training, so they are equally capable – and precise – with every detail relating to a patient’s images,” says Keller. “Patients appreciate positive movement and consistent results, with a positive outcome for their care.”

Amy Alderman, RN has been with the clinic for nearly 10 years. Today, she is the friendly front-office face, but she met many of the Vein Specialist providers while working as an operating room nurse in 2013. “The surgeons’ work is so intricate, and the end result is truly life-changing,” said Alderman. “We improve the quality of life for our patients. They come back and tell us that they are proud to wear shorts again, or they can sit on the floor and play with their grandchildren. These are the stories that motivate us to do what we do every day.”

Cindy Mueller, a team member since 2007, works as the clinic’s referral coordinator. Cindy experienced cardiac issues a few years ago and knows how important it is to help create a smooth path into the clinic. Whether she’s handling referrals from within the Novant Health system, or from an independent

Keith Bond, PA-C
Shawn Fleming, MD

provider, she always works to make the check-in and checkout processes as seamless as possible. “Patients are nervous when they first come to us. Knowing that they have a team of experts who can answer questions and guide them through the process helps develop a sense of trust,” said Mueller.

Teamwork is the key to success.

When asked, Dr. Thomason says teamwork is the key to their success, and teamwork takes many different forms within the clinic. One unique aspect of their clinic is the Friday meeting. Every Friday, the team comes together to plan for the weekend. They review all patient cases from the week to ensure the providers who are covering are prepared to provide answers and care should the need arise. “We rely on each other, especially in complicated cases,” said Thomason. “We are all about our relationship with our partners and our patients.”

Dr. Thomason also believes this teamwork extends outside the walls of the clinic. “We make ourselves available by cell phone to other doctors and clinics. Our goal is to build a community network where others are comfortable, referring patients in need of vein treatment because patient care is why we exist.”

Care close to home.

Novant Health Vein Specialists has locations across the Triad in Winston-Salem, High Point and Kernersville. This means you have access to care closer to home, whether you choose to see one of our 10 providers in-person or you schedule a video visit from the comfort of your home.

Aren’t sure if you need care? No problem. Novant Health Vein Specialists offers a free monthly screening in the Winston-Salem location for anyone who is interested. The dates for 2023 include:

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FEBRUARY 2023 / 35
Cindy Mueller, Referral Coordinator

By the time February rolls around each year, we are in the midst of winter. The joyful jingle jangles of the holidays and New Years have long been over, and the days until spring are plentiful. However, on Sunday, February 12th, people across the United States will come together and celebrate America’s favorite pastime – football. On that day, cheers, groans and other sounds will interrupt winter’s silence and stillness when Super Bowl 57, the final playoff game for the National Football League, is played.

For many football lovers, celebrating the event with a party, full of family and friends, is a tradition. Even if you don’t enjoy watching the game, Super Bowl parties have a longstanding reputation for fun, festivities and competitive fellowship. These events come in various types and styles. Of course, the basics of food, decorations and viewing the game are required. However, a few variations of the event include the host(s) deciding on providing all of the food or making it potluck, games for guests to take a part in, photobooths, etc. All of these ideas are just a few ways to help make a Super Bowl party memorable. If you are hosting a bash for the big game, take a look at the ideas below to see what you can include to create an entertaining time for your guests.

• Decorate with Football-Themed Items: This may be a no brainer, but the first requirement for a successful and fun party is creating the atmosphere. First, begin with sending out a festive invitation. Get creative with football puns and design. Then, turn your home or venue into a football tailgate party, complete with football themed decor, touchdown backdrops, goalposts, footballs, plates, napkins, helmet drink stirrers and more. Add a special touch by creating a photobooth, providing foam fingers of the playing teams and a pinata. One easy trick is to transform a table into a football field. All you need is green felt (big enough to cover your table), white duct tape and pre-cut white numbers. First, cover the table with the green felt. Tape it in place, making sure the tape goes underneath the table. Create yard lines with the white duct tape. Make sure you measure and lay the tape the same distance apart. Stick the numbers down, in the correct order of a

football field, with the remaining tape. This idea is a quick way to add the football touch to your party.

Set the Tone with Football Songs and Just like pregame events are filled with music, yours should be, too! Create a playlist with football-related songs, including “We Will Rock You” by Queen and “The Final Countdown” by Europe. If time allows, start your party with watching a football movie. “Remember the Titans” is a classic.

• Host a Meal of Finger Foods for a Quick Bite in Between Plays: Finger foods and hors d’oeuvres are an easy way to go in regards to food for a crowd. People can graze the eating area throughout the event and come and go as many times as they would like without having to build a plate. Bite-size taco cups, potato skins, sliders, fried pickles, fried macaroni and cheese balls, sausage balls and more are also crowd pleasers. Taco bars and chili bars are two additional fan-favorites but do require a little more planning, dishes and paper products.

• Start the Competition Early Through Games: Before Super Bowl 57 starts, get your guests ready for the game by hosting games. Cornhole, football target toss and football pool help get the competition between teams going. Keep the fun going throughout the night with rounds of commercial Bingo. You play this game exactly like traditional Bingo, but with a board aligned to Super Bowl commercials. You can have general categories, such as the type of commercials you see, or be creative. These categories would include the use of humor, special effects, celebrity cameos and other wacky groupings. Don’t forget to have prizes ready for the winners!

• Send Guests Home with Goodie Bags: Whether their team won or not, everyone will be a winner going home with a goodie bag to remember the fun time. Fill the bag with chocolate, concession stand snack foods, items related to the commercial sponsors and, of course, memorabilia of the playing football teams.

Super Bowl parties are traditions that many people enjoy, and these ideas are surefire ways to add fun, competition and camaraderie to your event.

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Child Safety Series

Responsible Internet Activity & Supervision

Each month, this series will provide important facts and tips surrounding child safety in an effort to support parents and caregivers as they navigate reducing risks and creating the safest environment possible for the children in their lives.

Online Safety Should Be Everyone’s Concern, But Especially Parents & Caregivers

February 7th is National Safer Internet Day which has become a landmark event in the online safety initiative globally, with more than 180 countries and territories participating and taking action. This day is set aside to raise awareness and create educational campaigns to empower young people and adults on the ever-evolving online issues and concerns such as identity theft, cyberbullying, trafficking and more.

Understanding the Risks

As education and entertainment have changed over the years, the way children interact with the online world has become more immersive with several benefits but also with some potentially serious drawbacks when safety guidelines are left out of the equation.

Whether internet use is frequent or not, it’s important to remember the risks:

• Unbalanced use of internet & screens

• Dangerous content

• Cyberbullying & hate speech

Protection and Supervision

• Identity theft & hacking

• Internet predators & trafficking

As a caregiver to a child, it’s important to understand the risks and how to educate and arm your children against the negative aspects of the world wide web. The best defense against internet crime and safety issues will always be open conversation with your child. Keep an open line of communication over the years reminding them of internet dangers and that they always come to you if they face a problem.

Additionally, setting boundaries around internet safety as well as utilizing parental controls and tools to block unwanted websites, keeping things age-appropriate on devices and supervising your child’s activity can make a huge difference.

Here are a few helpful supervision guidelines from KidsHealth.com and Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD:

• Spend time online together to teach your kids appropriate online behavior.

• Keep computers in common areas, not in individual bedrooms.

• Monitor time spent on smartphones or tablets, especially social media apps.

• Explain that passwords are there to protect against things like identity theft.

• Check your credit card and phone bills for unfamiliar account charges.

• Discuss the dangers of interacting with strangers online, reminding them people may not tell the truth.


• Find out what, if any, online protection is offered by your child’s school, after-school center, friends’ homes or any place where kids could use a computer without your supervision.

Warning Signs to Look Out For

Despite your best efforts, there can be times where something slips through the radar, and your child may fall victim to an internet safety concern. Oftentimes, there are common warning signs you can spot in a child, especially if they are being targeted by a cyberbully or online predator.

• Withdrawing from friends, family or activities they typically enjoy and love.

• Sudden behavior changes; heightened emotions or lashing out unexplainably.

• Turning off their computer or smart device when you are around.

• Sudden increased time spent online, especially at night or when they are alone.

• Receiving unsolicited gifts in the mail or phone calls from unknown numbers.

Taking Action If You Suspect Something Isn’t Right

It’s important to always take your children seriously if they report an uncomfortable online exchange whether between someone they know or don’t know. If there is a problem surfacing from a fellow child or student online, you can contact the school and report the bullying immediately. If you believe your child is subject to inappropriate or unlawful internet activity, you can contact your local law enforcement as well as contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST. If specifically reporting online child sexual exploitation, use the electronic Cyber Tip Line or call 1-800-843-5678.

Helpful Resources to Learn More

• Safer Internet Day - www.saferinternetday.org {ONLINE ARTICLE HYPERLINK:https://www.saferinternetday.org/en-US/}

• Kids Health - www.kidshealth.org {ONLINE ARTICLE HYPERLINK: https:// kidshealth.org/en/parents/net-safety.html}

FEBRUARY 2023 / 39

MerriamWebster defines love as “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.”

What we feel for those we love, however, can be so hard to define, so overwhelming and so difficult to pin down. Love really means so much more than any dictionary can define.

Love can grab your heart when you least expect it, and it can deepen as you grow to love someone more and more. Love is a big word, but it’s made up of many small moments. Fleeting experiences that are stored in our memories for a long time.

How do we recognize and register the small things that make us feel love or the actions those who love us take to show they care?

At this special time of year, St. Valentine’s Day, why not do something extra special for the people in our lives that we love so much?

Write a letter to the person you love, and tell them why they are so special. Include specific memories the two of you share and the little things you love about them the most. Make your letter beautiful, with special paper, photographs, drawings or other trimmings. It’s not every day we get a real letter in the mail telling us how special we are. This will have a real impact.

Make a list of the things you love about someone you adore. It can be a short list of the top 10 things or an exhaustive list of every tiny thing you can think of. Whatever you choose, the recipient will love knowing that he/she is truly seen and loved by you.

Knowing what you know about the person you love, plan an outing or a day trip to a special place you know they will love. What are their interests they don’t often pursue? What do they not indulge in because they are too frugal to splurge on themselves? Think of something they will truly appreciate, and make it a special

time together.

For anyone you love, it’s always a good time to leave a handwritten love note in their lunchbox, work bag or on the passenger’s seat of their car to remind them of how much they are cared for.

Sometimes, the best way to show someone how much you love them is by anticipating their needs. This is a guaranteed way to let them know how much you care as you are identifying something they need and taking care of it which will ultimately make their day easier. The key is to anticipate the need before your loved one does. They will be so surprised and feel so loved knowing you took care of this “to do” list item for them. Examples might be…filling their car with gas when you know they are running low, restocking the coffee supplies, so there will be plenty there in the morning, taking care of the kids and the pets and letting your loved one sleep when they are extra tired. You know what would make this act of loving kindness most special for the people in your life. This will be especially appreciated if the target of your affection’s love language is “acts of service.”

As you’re figuring out the best ways to show your special someone you care about them, don’t forget to say, “thank you” and “I appreciate you.” Expressing love isn’t just about saying I love you, it’s equally important to make sure they know you are grateful for them. When someone is always there for you, it can be easy to take for granted that they will be there no matter what. Remember that every day, every moment with the people you love is a gift to be thankful for. There are many ways to show you’re grateful, from buying a special gift to simply saying “thanks for spending time with me today.”

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How to Become a Morning Person (Yes, It Is Possible)


set the scene. Your alarm goes off and the only thing within your line of sight is complete darkness because the sun hasn’t risen yet. Your new year’s resolution to wake up earlier is echoing in the back of your mind calling to you, but so is the warmth of your bed. (The very same bed that you haven’t been able to force yourself out of just yet.) Inevitably, you hit the snooze button on your phone and continue to collect an additional hour of sleep between alarm intervals.

Does this sound familiar?

There are so many benefits to waking up early and jumping into your day with intention. So, why haven’t you been able to embrace this early bird routine just yet? You’ve been believing the lie that you aren’t a morning person. The reality is, most people will never know if they’re a morning person because they’ve never given themselves a chance to truly find out.

If you’ve been wondering if the early bird really gets the worm, here are some steps you can take to improve your routine to finally find out for yourself!

Prep the night before.

One of the key things that causes stress in the morning is the feeling of being rushed! This tends to happen due to not being prepared for what is needed to get going and out the door. Being disciplined about setting time aside at night to prepare things like choosing clothing, packing lunch or a gym bag, putting school paperwork together for the kiddos, and anything else that would usually have to wait until the morning is beyond helpful in making mornings feel smoother.

Go to bed earlier.

This is the painfully obvious one, but one of the hardest for most people. With days that demand so much from us, it can be tempting to stay up into the wee hours of the night. Setting an alarm to remind you to begin winding down and getting ready for a good night’s sleep can help you stick to a bedtime that will support your earlier morning wake up. On average, it’s important to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night, so plan around this.

Limit your screen time.   Isn’t this something we would tell our children? Yes, but adults can benefit from reduced screen time as well, especially 2 hours before bed. The blue light that your electronic screens give off on items such as cell phones, iPads and computers can actually affect your vision and keep you awake. Light, in general, can actually suppress the secretion of melatonin, which helps regulate your body’s sleep cycle, but blue light is proven to do so even more drastically.

Use a real alarm clock.

Most people nowadays use the alarm feature on their smartphones; however, getting a separate alarm clock is actually one of the best things for a strong morning routine. By incorporating an alarm clock near your bed, this allows you to charge your cell phone in another location away from your bed. This will help with limiting screen time but also decrease the chance of distraction, keeping you awake longer at night or lingering in bed in the morning.

Feed your soul and your stomach.

Not having your cell phone in arm’s reach while in bed, another elimination is made: mindless consuming and scrolling. While something we all tend to do, try to be in charge of what you’re consuming! Rather than scrolling through social media or reading the news, take some time to do something that feeds your soul first thing in the morning. You can read, do 10 minutes of journaling, have some prayer or meditation time, or practice gratitude. Don’t

forget to make time to eat breakfast, even if it’s something small to give you that much needed energy you’ll need to start your day.

Reward yourself.

A strong morning routine should help you feel more in control of your morning, of course, but also your entire day and ultimately a little more in control of your life! As you make these changes to become more of a morning person, make sure you can easily see what that “reward” starts to look like for you. Is it finally having time to hit the gym or carve out time to work on your side hustle? Maybe you are enjoying going to bed early and getting some reading in for the first time in months? Really zero in on what the benefits have been to keep yourself motivated and to continue with your changes.

Remember, it takes 21 days to form a habit. Start incorporating some of these steps into your daily routine over time to embrace your early riser and get more out of your mornings!


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FEBRUARY 2023 / 43
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and High Point
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Fancy Garlic Confit





1 cup garlic cloves (recommend pre-peeled)

4 sprigs of fresh thyme

FOR THE SOURDOUGH TOAST: prosciutto fresh burrata fig preserves honey (or hot honey) freshly chopped herbs (like basil or thyme)


Welcome back to the Fancy Fork! This month, we’re exploring the wonderful benefits and flavors of garlic through garlic confit.

What is garlic confit? Similar to tomato confit, garlic confit consists of roasting garlic in generous amounts of extra virgin olive oil at a low heat until it’s tender and lightly browned. When done correctly, the garlic confit cloves are soft, rich, sweet and flavorful without that bitterness in typical raw garlic. It adds great flavor to soups, pasta sauces, vinaigrettes, sandwiches, toasts, marinades, mashed potatoes and so much more!

What are the health benefits of garlic? Garlic is a long-known agent in boosting your body’s immune system, which is always a plus for this time of year. Garlic may also help reduce high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, may help prevent cancer, as well as may help prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Let’s just say, it’s packed with nutrition and antibiotic properties!

4 sprigs of fresh rosemary

1 cup olive oil (or enough to cover the garlic cloves)

1. Add all the garlic confit ingredients to a small saucepan over medium-low heat.

2. Bring to a very low boil, and cook for 30-40 minutes, or until garlic is soft.

3. Toast the sourdough bread with olive oil on a griddle until golden brown on both sides.

4. On the crispy toast, add a few garlic cloves to spread about.

5. Slather a layer of fig jam.

6. Add a single layer of prosciutto.

7. Add the fresh burrata.

8. Drizzle with honey.

9. Season with fresh herbs, salt and black pepper. Enjoy!

Now, it’s time to grab our aprons and enjoy the seasonal delights of winter!


the Benefits of a Solo Date

Have you ever spent time alone, intentionally? I don’t mean lying on the couch after the kids have gone to bed scrolling through your phone or searching Netflix for something that you know you can only watch when you’re alone. I mean planning an entire day for yourself, by yourself.


I discovered this many years ago after my son got through those first years where he needed me much of the time, and my husband and I had to barter with each other for who was going to be productive or on childcare duty. When he got more into the early preschool years and my husband got into his groove of taking him for outings, there was finally this opportunity it seemed for myself to have a break. This wasn’t something that happened all the time, but when it happened, it felt magical!

You don’t really think about when you are pregnant and anticipating this child that your time is going to become almost like currency; it becomes so much more valuable. Before my son was born, I had time alone, but I didn’t really pay much attention to it…it was just life. Suddenly though, after that child is born, your “free” time becomes something you anticipate eagerly with all sorts of desires.


When the chance popped up for me to have a significant amount of time alone, I found myself daydreaming. Even taking a walk sounded amazing; a walk alone is a very different experience than a walk with children. Leaving whenever I pleased, not having to convince anyone to get out of the car, not having to plan snacks or toys for entertainment and having silence to complete a thought.

I found that planning out a self-care date for myself was rejuvenating. It allowed me to get back to “me!” Getting back in touch with who I am underneath my title of wife, mother and all the roles I play. It made me get quiet and ask myself “what do I truly enjoy?” I found not having a lot of time can really make you prioritize what you do want to spend your time on.


I approached it as if I was taking myself out on a day date; my favorite things I enjoyed pre-parenthood, I found a way to plan them into the schedule of the day. I started with the beginning of the day including my morning routine, a place I wanted to visit, an activity I wanted to do, where I’d want to eat lunch, etc. It was a day I would be completely on my own, no one to have to compromise with or figure out schedules together. Everything was my choice; that freedom can feel exhilarating.


Being alone with yourself the entire day also really gives you time to get to know yourself again; you aren’t distracted with others’ dilemmas or desires. You are the only person to focus on that day. Often during postpartum and early parenthood, it can be so hard to connect with just us because there is constantly someone that needs us, looking for us to guide them or help them with a task they can’t do on their own. It can seem like there is never enough time in the day for household or career tasks. Relationships also need our attention, with whatever energy we have left to offer. It is a very challenging time to be able to have space for connecting with ourselves.

If you are able to have space right now in whatever life stage you are in, I encourage you to think about if you had a day all to yourself…how would you spend it? What could that day give you? Would it add to your quality of life? Chances are it would tremendously, which also in turn adds to the lives of others you are caring for. You’ve heard the adage, “we cannot pour from an empty cup.” Never have I found that to be so true than when I became a parent.



m y.
me uy f

Making Dollars, Making $ense

3 Benefits of Powering-Up Your 401(k)

The contribution limits for 401(k) plans increase for tax year 2023. For those looking to max out their plans, the most you can contribute will be $22,500—an increase of $2,000. For workers over the age of 50, the catch-up contribution increased an additional $1,000 to $7,500 per year. Now is great time to power up your savings plan and reap these benefits:


If you aren’t contributing enough to get the full company match, you are missing out. A company match is a benefit offered by some employers where they will match a certain percentage of the contributions that their employees make to their retirement savings plan, such as a 401k. With a company match, you can save more money for retirement without using additional money out of your own pocket. This can help you save more money towards your retirement goal.


Contributions to your 401(k) are made on a pre-tax basis, meaning you don’t pay income taxes this year on money you contribute. This can help lower your overall tax bill. The money you contribute to a 401k will grow tax deferred and not taxed until you withdraw it in retirement. This means that your savings can grow tax-free until you need it, potentially leading to a larger nest egg.


Increasing your retirement savings may ensure that you have enough money to support yourself during your golden years. When you have more saved for retirement, you have more control over how and when you use your savings. This can give you the freedom to make choices about your retirement lifestyle, such as where you want to live and how you want to spend your time. Knowing that you have saved enough for retirement can provide financial confidence and help you enjoy your retirement without worrying about financial insecurity.

Wherever you are today, and whatever age, look for ways to increase the amount you are saving for retirement. Having a plan can help tremendously, and changes can be made more easily. If you’re starting from scratch, new to investing, or want a second look at your plan, give our office a call today.

Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC, Investment advice offered through Independent Advisor Alliance, a registered investment advisor, Independent Advisor Alliance and Marzano Capital Group are separate entities from LPL Financial.

Habitat for Humanity

your support builds the story of home.

It’s the story of kids playing in their own yard while mom or dad cooks in their own kitchen. It’s the story of everyday security and dreams for with help from Habitat for Humanity, volunteers and you.

FEBRUARY 2023 / 49
Lewisville Laser &
donate or volunteer
families build the story of home.

LEWISVILLE A Charm All Its Own

Overthe past six years, I’ve visited 60 or so towns in North Carolina as well as the six largest cities in the state. If truth be told, I love them all but admit to a particular love for the small places whose inhabitants particularly seem hospitable and eager to share the small beauties and interesting facts that are part of the places where they reside. Recently, I had the new pleasure of becoming acquainted with Lewisville, only a 10-minute drive from Winston-Salem. Established in 1859 (although not officially incorporated until 1991), Lewisville has a small-town feel and a rural character. Home to approximately 14,000 people, its sense of community and pride are readily apparent. I was fortunate to have a long talk with Mayor Mike Horn who waxed grandiloquent about conserving that community feeling, its historic buildings and the legacy of Lewisville while also firmly attesting to following a policy of “no growth at any cost.” He proudly pointed out many of the city’s highlights including antiquated houses, country land where you could see horses and cattle grazing, the Shallowford Square popular for its numerous community activities attracting a good number of folks and the new Mary Alice Warren Community Center with its panoply of art shows and other events. He also informed me that Lewisville boasted the largest Christmas parade in Forsyth County as well as its top-performing schools.


With his advice fresh in mind, my son and I spent the day exploring the city. We began our journey at the Coffee Mill, one of almost 100 historic buildings. The shop is located in the old Roller Mill building which was erected in 1910 by the J.P. Sprinkle family. A primary granary and feed store were on site, perfect for what was originally a farming community. Jeff Blair, the owner of the Coffee Mill personally gave us a tour of his lovely business which has a real “down home” feel replete with many vintage photos on its walls, original wood floors and ceilings, nooks inside where you can read a book or play chess and a lovely porch outside to enjoy what is reputedly the best coffee in Forsyth County.

We continued our tour by visiting most of the 16 historical markers in the city and some of its oldest homes. The Historic George Elias Nissen home, located at 213 Arrow Leaf Drive was built around 1876 and is distinguished by the combination of Greek Revival and Italianate styles and eight fireplaces in the original structure. Nissen was the son of John Phillip Nissen, the founder of the Nissen Wagon Works in 1832. After serving in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War, he returned home, married, established a successful gristmill and operated the Laugenour-Nissen sawmill with his brother-inlaw, Lewis Laugenour. We also had a chance to visit the Lewis Laugenour House, built in 1860. He was an early community benefactor for whom the town is named, and according to the historical marker, his house is one of the best examples of the Greek Revival Style in Forsyth County.

I had a chance to speak at length with a very personable resident, Merrikay Brown, from the Lewisville Historical Society who provided a veritable wealth of information about her community. She pointed out that Lewisville had been strategically important because the Great Wagon Road that ran between

Pennsylvania and Georgia passed directly through it. The Shallow Ford of the Yadkin River was close by, providing trade routes for the Nissen Wagons which transported cotton, wool, tobacco, corn and other essentials to numerous destinations beyond the Tar Heel State. She mentioned several prominent citizens who called Lewisville their home including Joseph Williams who was a famous Indian fighter and, in the 1750s, had a plantation near the river. She also referred to the Battle of the Shallow Ford which was fought on October 14, 1780 wherein one Whig and 14 Tories were killed in the short firefight. The Patriots won with minimal losses on each side. There was also a Civil War skirmish – part of Stoneman’s Raid – at the Shallow Ford on the Yadkin River near Lewisville. Initially Lewisville was a stopover to Winston-Salem but went on to develop its own robust community, which its citizens are more than happy to discuss.

There are several lovely parks which visitors should be sure to see, notably the Jack Warren Park and Joanie Moser Park, both of which have walking trails, picnic tables and playgrounds. The Oak Shopping Center is noteworthy for a great antique store and Antonio’s Italian restaurant. Check out Alex’s Café, Liberty Restaurant, Old Nick’s Distillery and Lewisville’s main street, Shallowford Road. An excursion to Lewisville offers lovely topography, appealing food haunts, places to sightsee, serenity and an exceptionally welcoming citizenry. Lewisville is, in a word, enchanting.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands

be more conscious of how much you are touching your face, but the most crucial step to help avoid illness is to keep your hands free from germs.

Hand hygiene…either washing hands with soap and water or using hand sanitizer is the most critical step in controlling infection, especially after being in contact with a sick person, before eating a meal or after using the bathroom. Proper hand hygiene can stop transmission of infection in its tracks.

According to the CDC, here are the steps you should follow:

• first, wet your hands, front and back, with clean, running water

• lather up with soap, paying special attention to the often-overlooked spaces between your fingers, under your nails and do not forget your wrists

How clean hands help you stay healthy:

• Good hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of illnesses, including COVID-19, Influenza, infectious diarrhea, hepatitis A and the common cold (among many others).

• Washing hands prevents illnesses and spread of infections to others.

• Germs from unwashed hands can be transferred to other objects like handrails, tabletops or toys and then transferred to another person’s hands.

• Teaching people about hand washing helps them and their communities stay healthy.

• About 1.8 million children under the age of five die each year from diarrheal diseases and pneumonia, the top two killers of young children around the world. Proper hand washing can avoid these deaths.

It’s hard for us to imagine it now, but there was a long stretch of time in history when people had no idea that germs existed. Instead, they thought disease was brought on by foul odors, evil spirits or even divine retribution for a life of sin! Imagine. All this changed when the germ theory was proven and became widely accepted in Europe and North America between about 1850 and 1920. This brought about a great revolution in the field of medicine.

Hand washing has become increasingly important ever since it was discovered that harmful bacteria are transported on the hands. The entire world has had the point driven home in the past few years while we lived through the COVID pandemic.

The science behind hand washing: Researchers estimate that, on average, humans touch their faces around 20 times an hour with about 44 percent of these touches involving eyes, mouths and noses which are some of the quickest entry points into the body’s interior. Breaking this chain of transmission can help stop the spread of disease. You can try to avoid sneezing or coughing into your hands and

• scrub for at least 20 seconds (some people like to sing a song to ensure they scrub for the right amount of time…pick your favorite song and get washing)

• rinse and dry from tips of fingers down to your wrists

If you do this technique properly, the combined action of lathering, scrubbing and rinsing will effectively remove the pathogens from your skin.

Hand sanitizers are also effective at cleaning and disinfecting hands. The only times when hand sanitizers are not appropriate are when hands are visibly soiled or if you or someone you are caring for has infectious diarrhea (like Norovirus)...in those cases, you need to wash with soap and water. Timing also matters with sanitizers. Once you squirt a dollop into your palm, you should rub it all over your hands, front and back, until they are completely dry. Do not shake them or wipe them off with a towel. These actions will take away the sanitizer’s effectiveness. The CDC recommends finding a product with at least 60 percent alcohol content, which is the minimum concentration found to be effective at killing germs.

• Hand washing with soap could protect about one out of every three young children who get sick with diarrhea and almost one out of five young children with respiratory infections like pneumonia.

• Hand washing education and access to soap in schools can help improve attendance.

How hand washing helps to battle the rise of antibiotic resistance:

Preventing sickness reduces the amount of antibiotics people use and the likelihood that antibiotic resistance will develop. Reducing infections by washing hands frequently helps prevent the overuse of antibiotics – the single most important factor leading to antibiotic resistance around the world. Handwashing can also prevent people from getting sick with germs that are already resistant to antibiotics and that can be difficult to treat.

So, do not underestimate the power of hand washing! The time you spend cleaning your hands could save you and your family a trip to the doctor’s office and also protect the people you come into contact with every day.

FEBRUARY 2023 / 53 Winston-Salem 336-999-8037 privatediningoptionsavailable www.littlerichardsbarbeque.com Clemmons 336-766-0401 Mt. Airy 336-783-0227 Walkertown 336-754-4495 Yadkinville 336-679-7064 Contactcatering@littlerichardsbarbeque.com foryourcateringneedsfor ALL locations. Novant Health WomanCare 1730 Kernersville Medical Pkwy. Suite 104 Kernersville, NC 27284 114 Charlois Blvd. Winton-Salem, NC 27103 4130 Clemmons Rd. Clemmons, NC 27013 © Novant Health, Inc. 2020 Call us at 336-765-5470 or visit nhwomancare.org Our team approach addresses your unique needs

LOVE Notes

How to Create a Meaningful, Beautiful Love Note for Anyone You Love

Itis always a good time to express your feelings to those you love. In fact, the theory goes…the more love we put out into the world, the more will come back to us. And in the month of February, you have a special opportunity as St. Valentine’s Day approaches, to show through the written word just how much those in your life mean to you.

Writing a love note gives you the chance to think through your thoughts and find just the right words to convey your admiration and appreciation for your intended recipient. You can choose the tone of the letter and the content based on how it will best be received and know that the words you write will come straight from your heart.

A handwritten note is particularly special and intimate since the practice of handwritten notes is not as customary as it once was. It’s something the reader can return to again and again to remember how special your words made them feel. You can decide whether your note will be delivered in person or by mail.

You ultimately decide how your note will be written, but here are some ideas for making your message of love as meaningful and memorable as it can be…

Tell the person you’re writing exactly why you’re taking the time to write to them

A love note or note of admiration is a unique type of correspondence, and you need to make sure the object of your affection understands the reason you are writing.

Pick something you love about the person

What makes your special person stand out from the crowd? What do you especially love about them? Write it down in detail. The things you appreciate most may not be the things your beloved considers to be his or her most obvious strengths, so tell them why it matters.

Include a happy memory the two of you have shared

As you are writing your letter, choose a particularly fond memory and write about it in detail. Tell the one you’re writing how that memory made you feel. What you may not know is your memory may be something your recipient has forgotten over time and this may bring back a wonderful feeling for them.

Choose the right stationery for your letter

Since a love letter is not just an everyday piece of correspondence, it should not look like one. This is a time to get creative. Visit your craft store and find special paper, lace hearts, pressed flowers, stickers, or any other additions that you choose. This is a note you want the recipient to be wowed by. Don’t forget to buy a special envelope, too. Make it beautiful. Make it your own creation.

Talk about the difference the person has made in your life

If you’re writing a note such as this, surely your life has changed for the better since meeting this person. This is something you will want to convey in your letter. Explain in detail how this person has enhanced your life and give some examples of how that is true.

Be genuine to who you are

It is most important to make this note an authentic expression of your own true feelings. Let your own personality come through in your writing. Don’t write words that don’t reflect who you really are. Speak from your heart and let your writing flow naturally.

Never say anything you don’t mean

Think about what this relationship means to you now in the present moment. Allow your writing to reflect what is true now and do not make grandiose promises or gestures. You may want to write about what you admire or appreciate about the recipient of your note. Perhaps you could tell them why you love a special talent or creative ability they have. Let them know that you see who they are and truly recognize their special gifts. Nothing feels better than knowing someone cares about what matters most to you.

FEBRUARY 2023 / 55 WS Symphony Tickets and more: wssymphony.org Concert for Community featuring winning soloists of the 2023 Peter Perret Youth Talent Search FEB 18, 2023 | 3:00 PM Wait Chapel, WFU Made possible by the Montgomery/Tucker Charitable Fund free concert! Music of the Homelands featuring Lara St. John Violin MAR 4 & 5, 2023 Stevens Center great date night! R.E.M. Explored featuring Robert McDuffie and R.E.M.’s Mike Mills APR 15, 2023 Reynolds Auditorium The Music of STAR WARS A Young Padawan’s Concert May 7, 2023 Reynolds Auditorium Of Feasts & Gods featuring Holst’s The Planets May 20 & 21, 2023 Stevens Center
find home. Crossnore Communities for Children has open positions for all parenting roles, including volunteer foster parents, Bridge Parents, and Cottage Parents. These professional parents care for children in foster care, and receive training and support to help children and families on their journeys to becoming stronger, healthier and able to meet their goals. Your passion for
care. Learn more and apply TODAY! Foster Care & Adoptions Therapy Services Family Preservation Youth Independent Living crossnore.org | info@crossnore.org 1001 Reynolda Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 ForsythFamily-3.676x10-ParentingRoles-Feb2023.indd 1 1/5/2023 10:52:00 AM
combined with Crossnore’s support can change the future for a child in foster

Out & About in Winston-Salem

Warm for Winter Holidays –Coat Collection & Giveaway for Those In Need

Morethan 100 winter coats for adults and children were donated by local residents to the “Warm for Winter Holidays” coat collection and giveaway, an initiative organized through a partnership with Mayor Allen Joines, Red H.E.A.R.R.T. (Help Educate And Reduce Risk Today) and the Winston-Salem Police Department. Under the initiative, held January 10th-16th, community residents with coats, hats or gloves to spare were encouraged to hang them on the fence outside the Beaty Center under protective plastic. Those in need came by and selected items from the fence to help them stay warm.

“Many people who live in Winston-Salem are in dire need of warm coats. Everyone should have their basic needs met, and warmth is one of those needs. While I had the desire to do this effort, I couldn’t have done it without the Mayor’s office, Linda Jackson-Barnes (the assistant to the Mayor who facilitated the approvals needed) and the WSPD. But none of this would have been possible without the giving hearts of the community, sharing their coats, gloves and scarves. I reached out to homeless shelters in our community and asked that they share the availability of the coats and that we have resources they can access,” said Cheryl Lindsay, Red H.E.A.R.T.T. founder.

The idea of hanging the coats on a fence came from Cheryl’s research on how to have a coat drive, allowing people to choose what they need. “I came across an article in which people in Dublin, Ireland put coats outside for those who need them, hanging the coats on a fence. So, in 2020, I asked the Mayor and the WSPD to host, and we had our first ‘Warm for Winter Holidays’ coat drive. In our city, once all shelters are full, we have more than 250 homeless that are on the streets. This year, we have more than 690 homeless youth that have registered in the school system. There is so much need, and there are so many generous hearts in our community that are willing to share and help others,” Cheryl commented.

Today, the face of the homeless has expanded, and it is much different than it was 10 or even five years ago.

“Homeless at one time expanded to those that may not have been employed and fell on hard times. Yet, the face of homelessness has expanded once again to even include those that are employed; they don’t make enough to pay for housing and/or they are in-between government assistance to be able to get a home. No matter the reason, I want to show love because everyone is someone’s child, brother, sister, mother or father. We want the homeless to know they aren’t invisible; we see them and their needs and love them. Love is an action word. You have to show action, and this coat drive was one way to show love, provide warmth and love during the time when one needs it most,” stated Cheryl.

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Spotlight on Ginger

Superfood to Feel Superhuman and Boost Beauty

Ginger is not simply a spice – it’s a beauty booster, too. It packs a powerful punch in the flavor department and is frequently found in Asian cuisine and baking and brims with potent nutrient content.

Originating from Southeast Asia, ginger belongs to a family of aromatic flowering perennials. Traditional and also trending, ginger has earned a popular presence in the spice spotlight and is valued for its versatility in cooking and baking, as well as bountiful benefits for health and beauty.

Especially during the winter months, it’s ginger to the rescue when you first feel your throat getting scratchy or your sinuses getting stuffy. Feel superhuman with a superfood with bioactive compounds and nutrients that boost the immune system, ward off colds and flu, aid digestion, and alleviate nausea and much more. Amp up free-radical-fighting antioxidants with daily ginger which contains trace minerals often missing in our daily diets. Known to reduce oxidative stress, ginger is touted for its anti-inflammatory action that can aid in the prevention of illnesses and diseases. Built to battle fungal infections, viruses and illnesses, ginger can fight symptoms of nausea from flu, pregnancy-related morning sickness and travel sickness.

Ginger and Weight Loss

Move over green tea, and share the weight loss spotlight. Ginger’s impact on weight loss has been verified in both human and animal research studies. Ginger burns calories and reduces inflammation to help shed pounds. Ginger is known to decrease appetite. Hunger is decreased when grated or powdered ginger is mixed in hot water and the metabolic process of thermogenesis produces heat and burns calories in the process. Of course, ginger tea can’t do the job all by itself, and you’ll still need to be active and follow a healthy diet in your weight loss journey.

You can drink ginger tea throughout the day to boost metabolism, burn more energy and help with weight loss. The recipe for ginger tea

is simple. Use either fresh ginger or powdered ginger. Just add approximately one inch of fresh ginger or add one tablespoon of ground ginger to four cups of water and boil for five minutes, or so. Strain when cool, and enjoy. If making a pot of ginger tea sounds like overkill, simply grate a bit of fresh ginger root and drop it into your regular cup of tea for added kick.

Sipping on ginger tea throughout the day will leave you feeling fuller and will stave off hunger. If the flavor is too strong, try adding lemon, mint, agave or honey. Also, because ginger is a diuretic, be sure to drink extra water throughout the day, as well.

As a nutritious, delicious addition, try adding a bit of grated fresh ginger root to soups, salads, salad dressings, sauces and marinades. Ginger is delicious diced, minced, powdered, dehydrated, pickled and candied. Extremely versatile, you can add ginger as an ideal complement in teas, kombucha, ginger beer, lemonade and smoothies.

Ginger and Beauty

Not just rejuvenating and revitalizing to your health and senses, ginger is also a beauty booster from head to feet. Ginger stimulates the scalp and hair follicles to encourage healthy hair growth. Ginger’s antiseptic properties help alleviate dandruff and a dry, flaky scalp, and its vitamins, minerals and fatty acids strengthen your strands.

Improve skin tone and elasticity of skin, fade scars, combat cellulite and restore a youthful glow with ginger’s antioxidant-ample, antiaging benefits with the following face and body scrub.

Ginger-Citrus Scrub for Face & Body

Heat 1 cup coconut oil in a saucepan on low heat. Add ¼ cup chopped fresh ginger root and simmer gently for 10 minutes, or so. Add 3 cups raw sugar and 1 cup kosher salt. Add 1012 drops of orange essential oil. Store in a glass mason jar and keep fresh in the refrigerator. Coffee grounds can be added for variety.

Recipe adapted from coffeewithus3.com/gingercitrus-scrub.


Inside the gates of Victory Junction, many kids say that camp life is the best life. That’s because we provide a medically-safe environment where children with serious illnesses and chronic medical conditions can laugh, play, and discover all they can be, all at no cost to their families. Through our adaptive, intentional programming, campers can ride a horse, shoot a bullseye at archery, soar down a zipline, and so much more!

Victory Junction gives children with complex medical conditions the chance to experience adventure, find belonging, and build resilience, all while having a lot of fun and making life-long memories. Learn more at victoryjunction.org

FEBRUARY 2023 / 59
Schedule Your
Today! For
- Victory Junction Camper FCDS org l 336 945 3151



Many of us at some point in our lives have known a family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker that has had a baby. If you are close to the mother, you may have a better idea of how to support her postpartum, or you may be feeling clueless. We all know the images from TV shows and movies of friends and family flocking to the home to ooh and ahh over the baby, toting adorable baby outfits and hearty casseroles. However, there are so many other greatly needed ways to support during that vulnerable and tender time period.

Care for the Mom, Not Just the Baby

It happens so often, and we don’t even realize it. The mother spends many months experiencing all types of changes, giving time and energy into the needs of the baby before they are even born. The eager anticipation of the baby leaves many friends and family members anxious to see the baby and the adorableness of this “new to the world” little human being. The mother often receives attention and support prior to essentially running the marathon of her life, the birth and when the baby is born, the attention and support tends to immediately shift to the baby. This can often leave the mother feeling not cared for, forgotten and can impact her recovery. Here are five ways you can support the mom while also squeezing in some excitement for the adorable life that has just entered the world.

1. Ask the mother how she is doing first.

Yes, it is very easy to get carried away with our curious minds about the baby that we may have anticipated for a while, showing our interest in the mother first though helps remind her she is a person too and in need of care. Acknowledge everything she has gone through already and is going through now. The hardest work isn’t over when the baby is born, there is physical healing following the birth as well as adjusting to this new role or new family dynamic. The mother is often giving all her energy to caring for the baby and is likely to have some unmet needs herself.

2. Planning visits.

It’s important to check in either with the mother herself or the spouse, partner, support person to see if it would be ok to stop by, and if they have any concerns about visitors or requests. Given the concerns over the last three years and currently, there is a heightened awareness in parents that might have them concerned about visitors with their newborn. If they are comfortable with visitors, ask if there is a time of day that would be better for them. It’s also helpful to keep visits short. Following the birth, parents often tire easily and may not have as much energy as they had before the baby to socialize. It’s also important that, when visiting, the new parents do not need to

feel pressure to entertain or care for the visitors as they normally would. This can put extra stress on already taxed parents.

3. Offer support for unspoken needs.

Yes, we all want to hold the baby and make a fuss over their little toes and coos; it’s very tempting for sure. Newly postpartum mothers can often not be aware of their needs or feel unable to ask for their needs to be met when caring for a newborn. The mother may be very hungry, thirsty or in need of a nap. Offer the mother a few tasks you are comfortable assisting with to see which sounds best for her. If she is without a drink or a snack at the moment, offer to bring one to her. If she mentions having not slept in a while, offer to watch the baby while she closes her eyes and check in with her if there’s anything she would like you to do while caring for the baby. Every mother is different and might have different levels of comfort with what tasks you can help with.

4. Arrive with items in hand.

Bonus, if you ask Mom before you arrive if they need you to pick up anything from a store, a diaper run might be helpful or a particular formula might be needed. Food is often very appreciated during the early postpartum days. It doesn’t have to be a perfectly cooked family sized casserole, bringing small snack items can also be helpful for that quick grab and go moment of nourishment. Smaller serving amounts can be great to help reduce eating the same leftovers five days in a row. Check with any specific cravings or requests.

5. Offer help with supporting tasks.

If the new parents have other children, there is a high likelihood that spending time with the other children or tending to their needs will be greatly appreciated. Parenting is hard work, and especially hard when your energy is low and you’re likely sleep deprived. Older siblings may be having a difficult time adjusting to the new baby. Spending quality time with the older children can be very supportive to new parents; it doesn’t have to be a big outing planned, showing interest in the other child and playing with them at home can make a big difference. There may also be help appreciated if the new parents have pets that require attention or care. Taking the dog for a walk, giving the animals their food or just some extra attention can also help reduce the extra load on the parent’s plate during the postpartum period.

The postpartum experience can be many things for many parents; one person cannot tend to all the needs. The saying “it takes a village” is so true during this time period, as a supporter of the newly postpartum mother, you can make a huge difference in their experience. These tips are to provide you with a few things to keep in mind when showing up and providing support. There are many ways to help a mother feel seen and heard following the birth. This is a unique time in a woman’s life, and it can be life changing for her to receive care and support.

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3 Freezer-Friendly Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas for Kids

It may be cold outside, but February is National Hot Breakfast Month making it the perfect time to serve up a hot meal each morning to start your day cozy and warm! The reality is with morning mayhem taking over most houses with young kids, it can feel daunting to cook up a hot breakfast. It takes time just to feed the kids, let alone cook something fresh!

This month, we’ve rounded up three breakfast recipes that you can make ahead and store in the freezer to make mornings easy and breakfast delicious! Each recipe yields multiple meals and has the ease of being able to swap out ingredients for vegetarian or gluten free to meet your family’s dietary needs.

Egg McMuffin “Copycat” Sandwiches

If you’ve got some McDonalds lovers in the house, these freezer breakfast sandwiches are going to be a hit! Great for the kiddos and your budget!


12 eggs

2 tablespoons milk

1 teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon pepper

12 slices cooked bacon, sausage patties or canadian bacon

12 English muffins

12 slices cheddar cheese


Preheat your oven to 325 degrees, and grease a 9x13 pan. Next, whisk your eggs, milk, salt and pepper together, pouring into your pan and baking for 20 minutes. Let your pan cool and slice your eggs into 12 squares. Carefully top your sliced english muffins with the rest of your ingredients to assemble your sandwiches! Wrap each one individually in foil or wax paper and store in a freezer safe container or resealable bag.

Reheat & Serve: After unwrapping your sandwich, wrap it in a paper towel and place in the microwave for 40 seconds on each side until warmed through. If using the oven, 350 for about 15 minutes.

Breakfast Burritos

Are you ready for why this recipe is one of the best ones on our list? They are perfectly portable, making mornings where you’re running late a little simpler if your kids need a hot breakfast they can grab and go.


2 cups frozen tater tots

2 tablespoons olive oil

Sausage or bacon crumbles 8 large eggs, lightly beaten ¼ cup milk

Salt and pepper, to taste 8 8-inch flour tortillas

1 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese

1 bag of frozen “fajita mix” (onions & peppers)


Pan fry sausage or bacon crumbles, and set aside. Whisk together eggs, milk, salt and pepper. Once cooked, combine your meat and scrambled egg mixture. Lay out your tortillas, sprinkle cheese on each one and spoon servings of your mixture on top. Have your foil cut into small squares laid out on your counter and roll up a burrito in each one. Freeze your burritos in a single layer, so they don’t lose their shape.

Reheat & Serve: Unwrap and place a burrito on a plate. Microwave for 4 minutes or until heated through, turning once. If using the oven, 350 for 20 minutes.

French Toast Casserole

Traditionally, casseroles are a popular comfort food and make a great hearty breakfast option, but can be a little time consuming. This make ahead option can be thrown together, waiting in your freezer for the perfect chilly morning.


6 slices Texas toast bread

3/4 cup milk

6 oz evaporated milk (1/2 can)

3 eggs

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 cup butter

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 tablespoon maple syrup

1 tablespoon evaporated milk

1/2 cup oats


Preheat your oven to 375 degrees, and grease an 8x8 pan (can use a disposable option). Mix together milk, eggs, evaporated milk, cinnamon and vanilla. Next, break apart your bread into small chunks, and fold into the bowl of milk and egg mixture, soaking the bread completely. Pour the mixture into your pan, and set aside. Mix your remaining ingredients together for the topping, and sprinkle over the entire pan. Wrap with plastic wrap tightly, and then cover with foil and place in your freezer.

Reheat & Serve: Unwrap your pan, recover with foil and place the frozen pan into the oven for 55 minutes, taking the foil off after the first 20 minutes. Once the topping is golden brown, you can remove and let cool. Serve with syrup, fresh fruit or whipped cream!

FEBRUARY 2023 / 63

Legendary Brasstown Craft Chocolate originated from co-owners Barbara Price and Rom Still’s shared passion for experimenting with chocolate making in their spare time. By doing their own research, using their home kitchen to practice various roasting techniques and recipes, and trying various blends of cacao beans. Brasstown Craft Chocolate has been in the works since 2011. Within the last 12 years, Brasstown has taken home multiple awards for the taste of their top-notch chocolate bars, including 16 International Chocolate Awards from New York, as well as three Academy of Chocolate Awards from London.

What helped catapult Brasstown to its awardwinning status is the perfect combination of Rom and Barbara’s expertise. While Rom is talented at tasting the distinct notes in cacao beans, Barbara’s knack lies within perfecting Brasstown’s milk chocolate bon bons, fudge and sweeter treats. In addition to chocolate bars, fudge, and bon bons, Brasstown also creates coffee bark, brownies, blondies and vegan options such as chocolate bon bons made with coconut milk. To promote shopping local, Rom and Barbara have additionally stocked their chocolate shop with local specialties for sale such as coffee, tea, peanuts, handmade soaps, hot sauce and more.

Artisan chocolate making is no joke to Rom and Barbara. Due to the fickle nature of cacao, Rom and Barbara are adamant about finding the perfect roasting profile for each batch of beans, which took the pair up to four years to perfect through trial and error. In fact, Rom and Barbara have zeroed in on

Latin American beans for the factory which tend to have fruitier notes. Cacao itself is surprisingly a fruit that originated in Mexico by the Mayans and Aztecs. After it was discovered by Europeans, cacao plants from Brazil were initially spread to Africa before taking the rest of the world by storm. Want to become an expert cacao taster like Rom? Brasstown offers an Art of the Bean class that provides participants with various Brasstown bars for tasting, guides on chocolate tasting techniques and tips for discerning the various ingredients listed in product labels. Additionally, Brasstown offers factory tours and a variety of other small group, chocolate making classes that teach participants how to make their own chocolate bars and bon bons.

Not only can customers devour high-quality artisan chocolate and learn the art of the trade at Brasstown, but they can also leave the factory knowing that their chocolate addictions are for the greater good. Rom and Barbara ensure that cacao bean farmers are taken care of by purchasing elite cacao beans from hardworking farmers at a price 300 to 400 percent above market average to help support farmers and their families. Brasstown’s purchasing of cacao beans from independently owned farms is the socially responsible decision, allowing farmers and their families to reach a better standard of living. Barbara and Rom want to know how workers are being treated, learn about the farm’s operations, and monitor the treatment and quality of cacao beans before making a purchase.

Although the majority of Brasstown Craft Chocolate goods are sold in-store at 5029 Country Club Road in Winston-Salem, other North Carolina locations proudly sell Brasstown products to consumers. Find Brasstown treats at Angelina’s Teas, Lowe’s Foods on Robinhood Road, Adagio Vineyards in Elkin and Haze Gray Vineyards in Dobson. You can also find Brasstown hosting an annual chocolate contest at the Carolina Classic Fair and stop by their booth at the Cobblestone Farmers Market once per month.

Interested in learning more about Brasstown, shopping online or contacting the team for a class or tour? Visit Brasstown Craft Chocolate’s website at brasstownchocolate.com, email brasstownchocolate@gmail.com or call the store directly at 336.779.5382. To stay updated on the latest news from Brasstown, follow @ brasstown_chocolate on Instagram and check out the team’s Facebook page.

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The View from My Section – A Father’s Perspective

Yin and Yang

young people take notice. February is the traditional month to celebrate love. And, just as holidays can induce sadness for lost loved ones, February can induce similar reactions to not being in a relationship (reference the movie “Valentine’s Day”).

The challenge is, finding love, or “the one,” is an arduous task. One isn’t guaranteed this will happen to them. Often it’s because of our grading system. I have a somewhat amusing take on the mate selection process, even though there is a hint of truth to it. My attempt at a humorous principle is that when you’re young, you have a laundry list of requirements for your selective potential life partner. As you grow older, that list grows shorter and shorter. The characteristics as well, become more simplified and focused. One’s “requirements” become less stringent. The longer this takes, thus the older we get, the list dwindles down to the bare essentials of what one thinks they can get by with. This is partially due to the “pool” of possible candidates shrinking, and also because one’s patience runs thin.

If this was a proven principle, and I’m not saying it is (that I’m aware of), one could see how the odds that you had truly met “the one” person on the planet that was just right for you, above all others, becomes slimmer as you grow older. That would mean you didn’t find the perfect match, but instead, “a suitable one.” Consequently, once the endorphins wear off, you begin to pay more attention to the undesirable traits of your partner that you let slide in the beginning. How well you adapt in this stage will determine the longevity of your relationship.

So, to the young, and not-so-young couples out there that may be feeling they’re in the “suitable” category of their relationship type, I have good news, I hope.

There’s a relationship theory that says, “We seek qualities in our mates that we lack in ourselves.” I refer to this as the Yin and Yang approach, not to be confused with “opposites attract.” An idea I might add that I don’t personally agree with. More on that later.

The Yin and Yang approach is different, however. For instance, some management philosophy infers there are “thinkers,” and there are “doers.” The thinkers tend to be creative, big picture types, great with innovative ideas, but not so good with execution. The doers, on the other hand, are solution-driven and more adept at getting the job done. True success depends on both working hand-in-hand in harmony together.

The same can be said for relationships that fall into the Yin and Yang approach. You may be the Yin to your mate’s Yang. Whether you’re the thinker or the doer doesn’t matter as long as you are able to complement each other to achieve good things together. In this approach, because your traits complete

one another, you become like a finely tuned engine when working together. The absence of one is felt strongly by the other, for logical reasons as well as emotional ones. These couples, though they may not be considered the “perfect match” by the young person’s grading scale, actually blend well together. Over time, they become as if they are one. As Todd Ruthman said, “It’s the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but it’s the ‘little differences’ that make them interesting.”

As for the old adage of “opposites attract,” a term coined by Robert Francis Winch, a sociologist in 1950, if this is so, it doesn’t mean they will stay together. For example, according to psychcentral.com, Matthew D. Johnson, Chair & Professor of Psychology and Director of the Marriage and Family Studies Laboratory, Binghamton University, State University of New York states emphatically, “It’s a myth that opposites attract. There is essentially no research evidence that differences in personality, interests, education, politics, upbringing, religion or other traits lead to greater attraction.” On the contrary, it goes on to quote a 2012 study by psychologists Matthew Montoya and Robert Horton, that found “an irrefutable association between being similar to, and being interested in another person. In other words, there is clear and convincing evidence that birds of a feather flock together,” If you’re in the “total opposites” category, I’m not saying it isn’t possible; I’m just saying you have more challenges to overcome, versus those couples who share complementary qualities.

Now, back to the young persons out there, as you seek out your future life partner, just be cognizant of the time factor bias in your decision-making process. Be aware that perfection is not what you seek. In my opinion, it’s about having someone who makes you a better person, supports you, comforts you, celebrates with you and is the first person you want to call when something happens. There are no guarantees, but if you find this, it’s a good start.

To comment and see more, visit theviewfrommysection.com.


Using a Coaching Approach to MAXIMIZE Your Impact at Work and in Life

Manystudies have shown coaching is a great strategy for engaging employees and elevating performance in the workplace. It can also be a great strategy to employ in other areas of your life. So, what is coaching? It involves formal or informal conversations between a coach (you) and a learner (someone else) intended to produce positive changes in behaviors.

Coaching helps individuals tap into their innate reflection, critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. It involves asking open-ended questions and listening actively to help guide others toward their own solutions.

Coaching isn’t appropriate for every situation, so let’s review when it might be used most effectively. At work, coaching might be used when you are:

• Teaching new job skills

• Assisting someone in preparing for a new challenging job assignment

• Supporting someone in setting development goals

• Helping someone make better decisions or become more self-aware

Similarly, outside of work, you might use coaching to help someone else improve his/her skills, make decisions or grow and develop in another way. Personally, I wish I had used it more with my children as they were growing up as it is a great tool for helping them grow and improve, and they have more buy-in to the solution since they were an active part of the process.

To be a good coach, you have to have a growth mindset, meaning that you believe that the skills and talents of others can be improved with effort. You also need to have a trusting relationship with the other person. If they don’t trust you, coaching isn’t going to work very well. Finally, you need to be skilled at asking appropriate questions and listening actively.

Since coaching is a great strategy, why don’t we use it more? Some of us don’t do it because we aren’t sure how. Further, coaching takes more time than just giving someone advice on how to do something. And, admit it, we sometimes enjoy being a resource and sharing our wisdom with others! I use coaching a lot at work and even facilitate classes about it, but honestly, I never thought much about using it with my children or in forums outside of work.

As mentioned, asking open-ended questions is a critical skill for coaching. You can start a coaching conversation with something like, “What’s on your mind?” Or, if someone comes to you for advice on something, you can flip it and ask, “What are your thoughts on what you could do?” Then, as they share their thoughts, you can ask, “And, what else?” Then, you keep doing that until there are no more “And, what else’s”.

Additional questions that you might employ in coaching include:

• What would you like to achieve?

• What do you want?

• What is the situation currently?

• What could you do to reach your goal?

• What will you do to move forward? How can I support you? When will we follow up?

Now that you have some information on how to coach effectively, what could cause problems? A common derailer includes asking leading questions which means sharing your solution in the form of a question. It can also disrupt a coaching conversation if you jump to fill in periods of silence because people need time to process. Finally, not listening actively and imposing your solution (even though you know better) will negatively impact your ability to coach.

Ready to give it a try? You can practice over the coming weeks by using a coaching approach to guide others towards results instead of jumping in to solve their problem or giving advice.

FEBRUARY 2023 / 69 Serving Forsyth County Families for Over 40 Years TRI • Road • Mountain • Comfort • Hybrids • BMX • Kids Bicycles Tricycles • Scooters • Bob Strollers • Unicycles 336.766.5564 • www.clemmonsbicycle.com 2703 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd, Clemmons, NC 1 YEAR FREE SERVICES WITH BICYCLE PURCHASE. Love yourself. It’s time to do something for you.

Pass Down Treasured Family Memories to

Familiesare like woven quilts that tell

stories. Each patch represents a family or a specific member and the stories they add to the quilt. Once pieced together, the quilt reveals the full narrative of the family – the laughs, moments of happiness, moments of sadness and all the memories that have occurred within the years and generations.

Once a family member is gone, many people wish they had recorded stories that their family members had talked about. Once a person has passed, unless spoken or written beforehand, their experiences go with them. These stories are lost to future and current generations. However, there are ways to record your family’s history before it is gone. One example is the family keepsake journal.

or individually. Maybe you carve out time during holidays, birthdays or other family events to listen, ask questions and document what is being said. While it is important to have questions and prompts on hand, let the conversations roll. You never know what your grandmother may say when one story leads to the next or who may jump into the discussion. If your family chooses to create the journal as a group, always have a recorder, video camera, cellphone or other device going. It can be hard to write down everything that is said while it is happening in real-time. By having the conversations documented, you will be able to go back and catch what you may not have written before. The other option for building the journal is completing it individually and passing it from family member to family member or family to family. Think of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants concept. First, your mom creates the journal and adds her input. Then, it is given to your aunt and so forth until the journal is filled.

A family keepsake journal can be as formal or informal as your family would like to make it, but the basics of the book are the same. It is a place to write down and memorialize your family’s past. There are many options and websites online to create, edit and purchase a professional looking journal. Write-in books are also available. This type of book gives families prompts and questions to reflect on, and pictures can be added. The online or writein are two variations of a family keepsake journal and are more formal. A simple notebook or scrapbook works just as well and can be just as valued. Choosing what version of journal your family will be using is the first step in creating the journal.

Also, decide on how your family will be contributing information to the keepsake. This can be done either as a whole group

Both of these choices for crafting the journal have their pros and cons. Choose the variation that works the best for your family and everyone involved. Be sure to have a discussion before starting about expectations, how much a person should write, etc. This is meant to be a fun activity; not one that is stressful and adds pressure to your family’s life. Also, encourage members to be authentic and realistic, if that is what your family decides upon. Do you want just happy, funny memories or do you want to include the ones that are bittersweet and challenging, as well? No matter the option and how your family goes about this, don’t forget to add pictures,


Future Generations with a Keepsake Journal

recipes and any mementos to the journal. If you love something, your loved ones will probably love it, too!

When thinking about what people should reflect on, consider information that you want to know and remember about your family members. Start with basic information, such as:

• Where were they born?

• Where did they go to school?

• How did they meet their spouse?

• How did they come up with their children’s names?

• Favorites about their childhood and adult lives.

Also, dig deeper with more thoughtprovoking questions. These questions can include:

• What advice has helped you the most during your life? Who gave that advice?

• What is your favorite family tradition? What tradition have we let lapse that you would like to bring back?

• What do you think our family motto should be?

• Dislikes about their childhood and adult lives.

Next, dig a little deeper with questions, such as:

• What has been your favorite job?

Your worst job?

• Do you have any hidden talents?

• What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?

Your list of questions can be the same for every person or different, depending on who is answering them. Lastly, agree on how the family keepsake journal will be kept. Is it staying in the home of the matriarch or rotated through families? How will it be passed to the next person? A family keepsake journal is one of the most valuable mementos a family can have. When creating the journal, a family will reminisce and learn more about their loved ones. Sometimes we wished we had asked more questions about our family members. This is the perfect way to do just that before the opportunity is no longer there.

If they are a parent, have them reflect on their own children’s lives:

• What were your first memories of your children?

• What were their favorite books growing up?

• What do you think is their biggest talent?

FEBRUARY 2023 / 71

Having Adult Children is the Reward for the Teenage Years

Raising teenagers can be a challenging experience! However, what if I told you that there is a fantastic payoff at the end that does NOT include grandkids, at least not yet? While I’m still struggling a little bit with being an empty nester, I’m here to offer you five reasons why having young adult children is much more fun than the teenage years.

1. They’re more independent and care for themselves.

Adult children are more independent and can take care of themselves. When they are young, there is a need to help with homework or get dressed in the morning. But, as they get older, they become more capable of doing things independently. Which is a big relief for parents, who may feel like they can finally take a break from their never-ending parental duties. Although, it is also a bit of a shock, as adult children often assert their independence in ways their parents may not be expecting. However, overall, it is generally a positive development when your kids become more independent and able to take care of themselves.

2. Young adult children are more mature and handle more responsibilities.

Many young adult children are more mature and will handle more responsibilities than people think. They can juggle multiple tasks, work long hours and maintain a social life. Most of them are also financially independent and have their own place to live. This means they are used to handling adult responsibilities such as paying bills, cooking and cleaning. They also bear more emotional responsibility, such as being there for a loved one during a tough time or navigating sticky issues within their friend circle. They’re also a bit more willing to help you with a big project, or if you just need someone to talk to, chances are they will be more than happy to be there for you.

3. They are more interesting and fun to be around.

One of the great joys of being a parent is watching your children grow and change. As they move from toddlerhood to adolescence, they gradually become more complex people with unique interests and perspectives. As they age, this should be a time of renewed connection and bonding as parents discover common ground with their children. And while every parent enjoys watching their children grow up, there can be something special about hanging out with your older kids. In many ways, they’re the perfect companions – interesting, fun and full of energy. Who knows –you might have found someone with which to share new adventures!

4. They’re finally off your payroll.

Well, sort of. You’ll probably notice that your utility bills drop drastically when every light isn’t on in the house and 30-minute showers are no longer happening daily. Grocery shopping bills go down as well as the frequency of visits. Filling the car up with gas three times a week running from activity to activity, is now a thing of the past. However, the texts and calls asking for a “little help” to get to the next payday will happen as they learn to navigate the world of budgets and taxes. If you’re not a fan of sending $50 through Venmo, I’ve occasionally done a grocery shop with Shipt to help ease the paycheck shortage. On their own or not, I’m not a fan of my kids not having food to make meals with.

5. They remind us of our youth and how fast it goes by.

This one can be a catch-22 – our adult children can remind us of our youth and how fast it goes by. It is easy to forget how quickly time passes when we’re in the midst of everyday adult life, but seeing our adult children can help us to remember those carefree days before we had kids. Seeing them reminds us to savor our days and not take them for granted – and to remind them to do the same thing. There’s plenty of time to “settle down and make a family” if that’s a goal of theirs.

It’s not all bad being an empty nester. There are many great things about it that you may not have considered. For example, now you can finally focus on your needs and wants without considering anyone else. You can travel wherever you want, spend time with friends and family without feeling guilty or take up a new hobby.

For more articles like this, log on to www.TriadMomsOnMain.com

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Keeping the Faith

The holidays are behind us, and winter is truly here. On a cold, rainy day, I can most likely be found curled up on a sofa with a cup of tea and one of several options to keep me from a task I should be doing. On a recent day, I was catching up on news from around the country – I know, bad idea unless you like being depressed. The story that gave me pause concerned the lack of faith and decline in church membership.

Soon after my parents married, they moved to Washington, D.C. for my father’s job. They joined a church, and even though they moved to Arlington, Virginia a few years later, they continued to drive into the city with my sister and me every Sunday to attend. Even as a child, I was a night owl. So, having to wake up early to get to church was not something I wanted to do. However, once I arrived to my Sunday school class, I was glad I came. I had friends that lived in Maryland and other parts of Virginia, and church was about the only time I got to see them. We came during the week for dinner and choir practice and always for special events. And, even though we moved to Fairfax, Virginia, which put us even farther away, we still made the journey on Sunday. Years later, my husband and I were married in that church.

As newly married and young, I will admit to backsliding in my church attendance. However, having our daughters brought us back to the fold. After years of attending a Methodist church in Winston-Salem, we made the switch to an Episcopal church. Our family found the change to be the right fit for us and our religious relationship. Leaving that church when we moved was the place I missed the most.

As our daughters left the nest for college and marriage, I wondered if and where they would find their church homes. Interestingly, only our middle daughter ended up attending the Episcopal church. Our eldest daughter joined a Presbyterian church, and our youngest a Methodist. I am pleased that they all have found a church that meets their needs. Moreover, I am happy that my

grandchildren will have a foundation in which to make decisions as they mature.

So, why are religions across the board declining? Surveys taken in recent years show that people between the ages of 15 and 29, who were not raised with a strong religious background, chose their affiliation as none. My concern is not for those not being regular church goers but rather that they have no faith at all. Whether it is an organized religion or not, we all need to believe and have faith in something.

I hope that my grandchildren will continue to say their prayers, be guided by their parents to continue to learn lessons of kindness, ethics and morals, and be equipped with enough knowledge to make a decision based on their true sentiments concerning religion and not some misguided trend. With the current state of the world, we could all use something to hold on to!


Redeemer School is a private Christian school utilizing the hands-on, childhood-honoring educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason, for TK - 8th grades.

FEBRUARY 2023 / 75
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Congratulations to Emily and Keith Davis on opening their second Fleet Feet location in Clemmons! Ellis Claire Wiles born October 19, 2022 weighing 6 lbs. 4 ounces. Mom and Dad Evan and Sara Wiles and big sister Arden. Photo Artistry by Melinda


Carly Hauser! Forsyth Technical Community

FEBRUARY 2023 / 77
Marla Yokeley Blevins + Trevor B Blevins 10.22.2022 Legacy Stables
Capturing Grace Photography Jodi Gray Photography
Congratulations to David, Jan, Sarah and Mollie Bradford on the grand opening of the Little Chapel! Set on 54 acres of lakeside meadows, this family-run sanctuary specializes in elopements and intimate celebrations.The charming chapel was purpose-built by local artisans using 500 year-old English brick, and features stunning details like exposed oak ceiling trusses, breathtaking custom stained glass windows, and two sweet covered porches hung with rustic chandeliers. Now booking intimate weddings and events at thelittlechapelnc.com College ADN
Program Graduate

Event details are subject to change. Please check event wesite and social media pages for updates as the dates draw near.



Washington Park CrossFit, 2020 Hollyrood Street in W-S.

Free community workouts every Saturday morning. Learn more at washingtonparkcrossfit.com.

REAL KIDS BALLROOM DANCE LESSONS 6:15-6:45pm Real World Ballroom.

You asked for it – here’s a great opportunity for kids ages 8-12 boys and girls, no partners needed. Learn social skills, build confidence, exercise and have fun! Not only are they getting exercise, they are learning the importance of teamwork. Lead and follow are equally important roles in dance and in life; they have fun, you have fun watching them -- it’s a win-win family experience. cli.re/30206-real-kids-ballroom-dance-lessons


10am-4pm LoveWell Boutique 110 Oakwood Drive in W-S.

Join us on Wednesday, February 1st for “National Dark Chocolate Day.” We will kick-off our “Be Our Galentine” Event with dark chocolate treats!


10am-4pm LoveWell Boutique 110 Oakwood Drive in W-S.

Shop with us February 1 -14, for each purchase of $50, you will earn a heart with your name on it! On February 15th, a winning heart will be chosen! The winning heart will win a $25 LoveWell gift card!


5pm-until…Twisted Pine, 527 North Liberty Street in W-S.

Grab a friend, a neighbor, your sister, your mother, a co-worker and have a much-needed Girls’ Night Out! As always, each attendee receives four tickets for the fabulous prize board drawings!


1-4pm, Novant Health Vein Specialists.

Enjoy 2023 with healthy legs. If you or someone you love is suffering frompainful, achy, swollen or discolored legs, our board-certified vein doctors can help. Join us at our next free vein consultation and get back the quality of life you deserve. RSVP to 336.776.3160, or go online to salemveins.com to register. Now is the time to put your best foot forward and love your legs more this year.

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FEB 10-19 FEB 11

ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS Hanesbrands Theatre.

Down on his luck and in search of work, Francis Henshall finds himself employed by small-time gangster Roscoe Crabbe, in town to collect a fee from his fiancee’s gangster father. But Roscoe is really Rachel, posing as her own dead brother, herself in love with Stanley Stubbers (her brother’s killer) who, in turn, becomes our hero’s other ‘guvnor’. Fighting a mounting sense of confusion, Francis goes out of his way to serve both bosses. But how long can he keep them apart? ltofws.org/88th-season

“SOLSTICE” A WINTER CIRCUS EXPERIENCE Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts.

SOLSTICE is a theatrical circus show by Activate Entertainment. This 75-minute, family friendly show tells a story of self-discovery, memory, and shared experience. Watch the ordinary become “extra”ordinary and get ready to feel like a kid again. Learn more at downtownws.com.


516 South Peace Haven Road in W-S.

Winston-Salem’s Picnic Ladies presents a romantic candlelit picnic movie night featuring “The Proposal.” Limited spots available. Cost: $250/couple. Limited spots available. winstonsalemspicnicladies.com

FEB 12


The Millennium Center in W-S.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Big Band Brunch, a jazz brunch featuring the classic sounds of Camel City Jazz Orchestra. Admission includes a full brunch buffet, an attended omelet station, carving station, and waffles made to order. Mimosas, Bloody Mary cocktails, specialty coffee drinks and other beverages from a full bar will be available for purchase. Reserve a cozy twotop, book a group table for four or eight guests or buy individual tickets to join community tables. brownpapertickets.com

CAMEL CITY CRAFT FAIR: ANNUAL LOVE MARKET W/DJ 12-5pm, Foothills Tasting Room. foothillsbrewing.com

AFTERNOON TEA 4-6pm, Joyner’s Bar. When you attend Afternoon Tea with Bee, you’re actively supporting the beautiful community that we are all so bless to be a part of. Learn more and purchase tickets at thehumblebeeshoppe.com

FEBRUARY 2023 / 79

FEB 14

Event details are subject to change. Please check event wesite and social media pages for updates as the dates draw near.





12pm Broyhill Event Center 3540 Clemmons Road in Clemmons.

Join us for our monthly chamber meeting! Lunch cost is $15 for members and guests. Learn more and register at Lewisville-clemmons.comFebruary 4th. Visit SimplySterling.com for more information.


5:30pm & 8:30pm

Tanglewood Park 4601 Manor House Circle in Clemmons.

Join Providence at the Manor House on Valentine’s for an unforgettable evening of delicious food and celebration of the ones you love. We’re planning an evening you won’t want to miss, featuring a four-course menu crafted by Chef Vanessa Lanier. Tickets are $100/couple. Includes a four-course dinner for two and a complimentary signature cocktail. Optional expert wine pairings for an additional fee. Purchase yours here at providencews.org. More information, contact Jay Christmas at 336.784.5770.



Winston Cup Museum, 1355 North Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive In W-S.

Join us on Saturday the 18th for our February Cruise-In! We have plenty of on-site parking, so bring out your car, truck, or motorcycle and experience 33 years of Winston Cup Series history—all in one afternoon! The February Cruise-In will run from 10:30AM to 1:30PM and will be open to all years, makes, and models. Entry is free and anyone showing a vehicle will receive $2 off museum admission. A few things to keep in mind: Cruise-ins are family and pet friendly. Tickets for the museum will be sold at the door for $12 per adult and $8 per child (7-12). The museum has on-site parking. Overflow parking will be available on Liberty, Ninth and Chestnut Streets. winstoncupmuseum.com/event/5183


3pm Wait Chapel Wake Forest University.

Our annual, admission-free showcase features a large orchestra led by Youth Symphony members paired with their professional counterparts in the Winston-Salem Symphony, plus exciting concerto performances by today’s rising stars. And as is tradition, the concert begins with the world premiere performance of a new work by a young local composer. It is a wonderful late-winter family experience not to be missed!

FEB 21



The Ginger Fox at Village Juice 400 West 4th Street in W-S.

Join us for our next book club meeting! Author CHARLIE LOVETT will be with us for a fun social gathering at Ginger Fox Beverages. Learn more at bestofwinston.com






Winter Jam returns to Greensboro at the Greensboro Coliseum with We The Kingdom, Jeremy Camp, Andy Mineo and Anne Wilson with Disciple, Austin French & MORE! Hosted by NewSong. Only $15 at the door. No tickets required. Visit jamtour.com for more information.

MAR 20 APR 26 APR 29


Forsyth Woman Magazine’s “Women on the Move” initiative comes to life through it’s Second Annual Women on the Move Leadership Conference happening on Monday, March 20th, 2023. Forsyth Woman will bring together local leading ladies, from those in business, to owners and entrepreneurs, for an all-day event full of impactful presentations, networking, shopping, food + drinks, and more.

Learn more and purchase your ticket at tinyurl.com/WOMC2023


Second Harvest Food Bank 3330 Shorefair Drive in W-S.

Save the Date! Second Harvest’s Annual Empty Bowls returns on Administrative Professionals’ Day, featuring yummy soup options and handcrafted pottery bowls to go. Proceeds support the Food Bank’s mission and work to provide access to healthy food and pathways to job opportunities. Tickets start at $60 for two. More information, contact Reedy Mensh at 336.784.5770.


Jerry Long Family YMCA.

The Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce will host our 12th Annual Clemmons Community Day. Once again, we’re partnering with the Jerry Long Family YMCA, a member of our Chamber, to host this free, communitywide event. Learn more at clemmonscommunityday.com

If you have an event you’d like to submit, please go to forsythmags.com/calendar-of-events or scan our QR code.

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Head Realty Group 5 Healthy Made Simple 65 Hillcrest Vision 73 Honda of Winston-Salem ...................... 17 I Imprints Cares 37 L

Lewisville Laser & Aesthetics 49 Little Richards 53, 65 Lyndhurst ................................................ 41


Marzano Capital Group 21 Mix 99.5 67 Mossy’s 65


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