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December 2016

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What Does Retirement Look Like To You?

• Income To Last My Lifetime • Live Comfortably • Travel • Provide For My Spouse • Support Charities

A time-segmented approach to retirement is a process that Wealth divides your retirement Mitchell assets among varied investments with a specific time horizon to help provide a lifetime of income. If you answer NO to any of the questions below, we should talk. •

Do you have enough money to last through retirement?

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Myron D. Mitchell, CFS, CRPC, AAMS can provide a plan.

Call us today at 336.774.6535 and let us help you plan for your future! * Guarantees are based on the claim’s paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Securities offered through Securities America, Inc., Member FINRA/SPIC, Myron D. Mitchell, Registered Representative. Advisory Services offered through Securities America Advisors, Inc., Myron D. Mitchell, Investment Advisor Representative. Mitchell Wealth Management Group, LLC and the Securities America Companies are independently owned companies.

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C������������. I��������. Q������. E���������� V����. RS Parker

At R.S. Parker Homes value and simplicity remain top of mind when building your dream home. As trusted home builders in the Triad we build every home with features designed to add value to your home without adding to the cost. Come see the unique craftsmanship and quality construction in our neighborhoods and experience the family tradition in each and every home! 4 /


Home Instead

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Let Your Holidays Begin at Graylyn



Features 34 Clark Kent:

Winston-Salem’s Superman is Retiring

66 The “How To” of Giving a Pet for Christmas


72 Miracles in Sight: The Gift of Vision

106 10 Great Reads

(that will make you put down your smartphone)


In Every Issue 30 Out & About in Winston-Salem an Evening for Alzheimer’s Care Senior Services

102 Kids in the Kitchen Cinnamon Christmas

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Black Mountain Chocolate

Creating Your MOST Beautiful Healthy Life

LOSE 20 lbs our guarantee A Let NutriMost Be a Part of Your Journey. NO SHOTS NO HORMONES NO DRUGS


NO SURGERY Gotta Get Thin



You’re unique, and so is your body! That’s why you deserve a weight loss program customized just for YOU! NutriMost takes a modern approach to do just that.


We get it. Losing weight can seem difficult. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone! We offer 24/7 support by trained health professionals to help you reach your goals.


The only thing more important that losing the weight is keeping it off. We’ll give you tools, tips and tricks to make sure you know exactly what you’re body needs to sustain a healthy weight.




Health Transformation

Dr. Paul Williams, PSc.D

855-995-THIN (8446)

F in only 40 DAYS!



Two Locations: 717 Green Valley Rd., Suite 209, Greensboro 2850 Middlebrook Dr., Clemmons

*Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person. Whether genetic or environmental, it should be noted that food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person. This means weight loss results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Although results may vary, those who follow the program typically have a very high success rate. NutriMost guarantees at least 20 pounds of weight loss by the end of your entire program. If you do not lose at least 20 pounds, you will have your program extended until the total weight loss reaches 20 pounds, with all associated costs paid by your NutriMost office. If within 90 days, you have not reached at least 20 pounds of weight loss while on the program, your NutriMost office will refund any amount from the cost of the program which you as the client deem to be fair up to the entire cost of the program.

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us a child is born! It’s that wonderful time of year that I love so much! Despite all the commercialism, if we can keep Christ in the center of it, Christmas remains one of my favorite holidays! Spending time with the ones we love and the generosity that seems to permeate the air fills my spirit to the brim Speaking of brim-filled spirits—this time of year always makes me wax a little poetic! My life is far from perfect, but I feel amazingly blessed. I’ve always tried to focus on what I have, versus what I don’t have, and I feel it has served me well over the years! God has given me so much joy with the family he placed me in and the community in which I live. My husband, who can always make me laugh, two beautiful, sweet and thoughtful daughters and a fabulous new son-in-law that are my heart! Loving parents, two brothers, a brother-in-law, three sisters-in-law, special nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins! Grandmothers and loved ones no longer with us that have made my life so much richer! Most of all my church family and work family and all the other friends that make up my family! I love you all so much more than you can ever begin to imagine! So during this hustle-and-bustle-filled month, don’t forget to count your blessings and let the folks you love know just how much you care! Graylyn adorns our December cover this year and is the first cover story in our history to not feature actual people. This beautiful estate is a wonder all on its own, any time of year, but absolutely magical at the holidays! If you’ve never been, you must add this to your holiday bucket list. This issue is packed with so many gift ideas and holiday opportunities to enjoy in our great community! Parades, performances, lots of wonderful events and many of them are free! Be sure to tell everyone you read about it in Forsyth Family Magazine! A special thanks to those who came out and supported our office ribbon cutting at the Broyhill in Clemmons. We have the absolute best readers and advertisers on the planet!! Blessings!

Photo by The Portrait Gallery

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Free Admission a

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pa Bethabara Park Photo by Gail Jones



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Chermak & Hanson

Experience • Quality • Customer Service Dr. David S. Chermak • Dr. John C. Hanson Orthodontics for Children & Adults

Never Underestimate the Power of a Smile! WINSTON-SALEM 336-760-1491 • CLEMMONS 336-766-8244 • KING 336-983-4551

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Shop local

to create

Christmas memories

Hip Chics

2 668 L ewisville Clemmons R d., Clemmons ( 336) 766-812 2

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at old salem

Experience authentic history, fresh-baked treats, unique holiday gifts, seasonal concerts, and the holiday spirit.

Old Salem

november 8–january 1 Beginning November 18 christmas by candlelight guided tours – with music, games, food, and drink November 26 – December 17 saturdays with st. nicholas – family activities and a visit with St. Nicholas December 10 salem christmas – A full day of hands-on activities and holiday fun! December 21 a christmas evening in old salem – a family friendly self-guided evening of Christmas traditions by candlelight December 27 – January 1 christmas week at old salem – Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday visit old salem or shop online for unique holiday gifts For a full list of events, classes, concerts, and hotel packages, visit or call 336-721-735o

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Summer Care Summer Family Fmily Care

December 2016 / 13 December 2016 | 27



Annually, you and I anticipate watching the television program, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, not for the familiar music or the lyrical dialogue we can recite by heart; instead, our focus is on the storyline, as one discovers for himself the true meaning of Christmas. Of course, it does not matter that his skin is green or his heart—as they say—is filled with unwashed socks. The Whos of Whoville were awaiting the moment that the Grinch himself would return the essence of Christmas. The one gift not found in a box with ribbons and tags, trimmings and ornate wrappings. It reminds us that the journey of believing is real. In the world of Dr. Seuss, we find ourselves relating to other aspects of the story; to the Who characters, and especially, to the Grinch himself. ersonal i e and e ection “…You’re as cuddly as a cactus, you’re as charming as an eel, Mr. Grinch…” In those anxious moments when our shoes feel too tight and our head may not be screwed on ust right, we can think about the Grinch and feel sympathetic. Far up at the top of Mount Crumpit, the need to find repose during the athletic countdown until Christmas Day seems rather refreshing; therefore, think of the ways you, too, can allow your heart to grow in the spirit of Christmas. Friends Come in Unlikely Places: Rejuvenation is important, and twice as nice when a friend comes along. Perhaps it is your sidekick, Max, or someone else who can hold your hand in solidarity for a brisk walk in the great outdoors. The Value of a Feast: The time to sit down at the table with the tall and the small, whether you are carving the Roast Beast, or eating the simple fare of Who-Hash and Who-pudding—this is an important part of a Christmas tradition. What is served is not as valuable as the time spent in good company and toasting the celebration of Christmas and togetherness.

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Choose to Have a Positive Attitude: We witnessed the transformation of the Grinch’s sour Grinchy frown to one of shocking surprise in a fleeting amount of time. He discovered he could choose his attitude rather than allowing the circumstance to dictate his mood. The Whos of Whoville did not desire to see his worst behavior. Yes, in this moment, there is something good you can do for others. Breathe. Smile. Then, return to your guests as a Who. The Whos of Whoville Some of our neighbors, work colleagues, family and friends transform overnight into the overzealous Whos of Whoville. You know who becomes an honorary Who by definition alone. They are the individuals who dress in Christmas apparel every day in the month of December, or are caught streaming lights on the roof of the house at a quarter past dark. Even the youngest child in the family becomes a Who by asking intellectual and logical questions that would dazzle and astound Cindy Lou Who. Yes, we all know several Who men and women, boys and girls. The Christmas spirit is found in their inner being to outpour the belief in love and friendship, celebration and goodwill. The act is achieved and trumpeted forth in song and music, color and blinking lights. If you notice, the Whos of Whoville are a united force, walking together in the same belief. Fah Who For-aze! Dah Who Dor-aze! Welcome, Christmas, bring your cheer. Cheer to all Whos, far and near. Christmas Day is in our grasp, so long as we have hands to clasp. Christmas Day will always be just, as long as we have us. Welcome Christmas, while we stand, heart to heart, and hand in hand.

Merhoff TRIAD

Accepting New Patients! Tina Merhoff, DDS - Pediatric Specialist Kimberly Scott, DDS - General Dentist - practice limited to children Preventative Care and Services Restorative Dentistry Infant Oral Care Habit Development Interceptive Orthodontics Trauma Treatment Emergency Treatment

NEW Isolite Technology for Sealants

185 Kimel Park Drive Suite 202 Winston-Salem 336.659.9500 | 800.905.7193 Please visit our website for news, events, contests, games and more! December 2016 / 15

Making Proper ATV & SSV Safety a Top Priority BY MEGHAN E.W. CORBETT

More often than I’d like to admit, I see people riding bikes on very busy roads without helmets. Proper safety measures seem to be an afterthought lately, and it is a growing trend that is very unsettling…especially when these habits are passed on to younger generations. This is especially true when it comes to vehicles such as ATVs and SSVs, but luckily, Honda of WinstonSalem has its customers covered when it comes to proper safety techniques and safeguards. It’s important to take the time to learn how to operate your vehicle safely in order to have years of riding en oyment, said Rick Chappell, owner of Honda of Winston-Salem. Always wear protective gear, including a helmet, goggles and protective clothing; never carry a passenger on a single-rider ATV; only ride on designated trails and always drive at a safe speed. It is also recommended that owners read the provided operator’s guide and review all vehicle safety labels before operating their vehicles. It is important to remember to always ride responsibly. There are safety courses available through that relay how to stay safe while operating the vehicle, but there is much more to it than that! A safe vehicle is also one that is finely tuned. A well-maintained ATV is essential for safe, economical and trouble-free riding, Chappell said. Frequent servicing of the air cleaner and regular oil changes are two of the most important and easiest ways to help you avoid a possible costly engine repair. Also, we recommend keeping your unit clean! It makes it much easier to spot any potential problem. We offer routine maintenance and repair, because this is an investment, and you want it to last. Honda is a brand people recognize for its quality and high standards, which is why people trust it when it comes to vehicles that need to be safe for the whole family. Honda ATVs and SSVs are known for their quality and durability, explained Chappell. As a leader in the off-road power sports industry, they are built to last. Honda ATVs are tough and dependable, but they are also built to make your life easier, whether you’re working on the farm or riding on your favorite trails. Honda is known for its brake technology in the industry. Like electric power steering, designed with torque and speed sensors to reduce steering effort and

16 /

rider fatigue, and the Independent Rear Suspension that allows both rear wheels to move independently, to help you maintain control and traction. Honda of Winston-Salem also offers CanAm ATVs and SSVs, which have a strong reputation for high performance, horsepower and remarkable suspension. They also offer reduced cost of ownership thanks to continually evolving service intervals, break-in requirements and routine maintenance schedule reductions, Chappell added. Can-Am remains the only ATV manufacturer to offer a factory-installed anti-theft device as standard equipment. As always, anyone with questions is encouraged to ask for assistance. Our service department is here to help and answer questions, said Chappell. Read your operator’s guide, and follow the recommended maintenance schedule. erhaps most importantly, make sure to follow the laws of the road. The NC ATV law is clear on the age restrictions for ATV operation, stated Chappell. It is unlawful for a child under eight years of age to operate an ATV.



onda o inston ale is located at 591 South Stratford Road in Winston-Salem. For more information, e-mail, call 336.765.0330, or visit the website at Honda of Winston-Salem can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.


Light. Strong. Smart.

Honda of WS



December 2016 / 17 10568375_4c

Santa Paws with Davie Humane So ciety Dec 3, 11-2pm

Dero’s Pin BoardHave your pets phot

o taken with Santa. All proceeds benefit the Davie Humane Socie ty.


l items on the • don’t be afraid to use unusua create a theme. tree along with ornaments to s can all make A sign, flowers, picture frame for ver y unique look. s in toward • hang larger size ornament void areas in fill to the trunk of the tree without branches.

ents together and • cluster two to three ornam hang as one for bolder look. lights off, if it looks • decorate the tree with the l look when lights great then imagine how it wil are on. 18 /

For over 40 years, Dero’s remains the Triad’s largest Wallpaper, Fabric & Design showroom.

Dero’s In-Stock Decorative Fabrics & Wallpaper Hunter Douglas Blinds & Shutters Decorative Home Accessories & Prints Custom Drapery Workroom on Site Gift Boutique

2671 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd Clemmons, NC 27012


Photo Courtesy of York Wallcovering December 2016 / 19

Giving Back During the Holidays BY MEGAN TAYLOR


holiday season is a time for giving. We give time, as well as gifts, to family, friends, and others in our lives. But it is also important to give to those we don’t know, and celebrate the real meaning of the season. All ages can contribute their time by giving back to their community. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of time. Even the smallest pro ect can make an impact. Need some ideas for giving back? Read below. • VISIT A N RSING HOME This can be done as a family or with a group. Make cards and decorations beforehand and take them with you to give to the residents. Also, bring some holiday cheer by singing a few carols while there. Be sure to call ahead and schedule your visit. • VO NTEER AT A HOME ESS SHE TER When I was in elementary school, my Girl Scout troop volunteered at the Salvation Army shelter during December. We helped serve dinner, talked with the residents, and then sang Christmas carols. Also, we brought bags filled with snacks, toiletries, and gloves and socks to pass out. Looking back, this was one of my favorite memories of giving back during the holidays. Take some time and visit your local homeless shelter. Help with a meal or make bags to hand out. Personalize these care kits to the different types of shelters. For example, add more products for women 20 /

if you are taking them to a woman’s shelter and don’t forget to include something for the kids. Want to make it resemble the holidays more? Fill a stocking with granola bars, water bottles, a toothbrush, and toothpaste, socks and gloves. • DONATE TO A FOOD ANK During the holiday season, this act of kindness is one of the most common, yet is still in great demand, especially after the holidays. Take your kids to the grocery store and let them pick out the nonperishable goods to donate to your local food bank or ministry with a food pantry. Also, pick up some toiletries to include with your donation. • SEND CHRISTMAS CARDS TO DEPLOYED SOLDIERS OR YOUR LOCAL VETERANS’ HOS ITA This simple act goes a long way. Be creative and create homemade Christmas cards for soldiers overseas and for veterans at the veterans’ hospital. These cards will help them remember that people are thinking about them during the holidays and their sacrifices for our country. You can also prepare a care package to send with the cards. There are several organizations that help soldiers receive the packages, such as Support Our Troops and Holiday Mail for Heroes. • COOK AND AKE Cooking a meal or baking cookies is a great gesture to say thank-you to the various people in our

lives. Prepare a casserole to freeze or a crockpot meal for your neighbors in need, or take a meal to the employees at the police department, fire station, or to EMS workers. Don’t want to do a meal? Bake cookies and sweets to give to neighbors, teachers, librarians, post office workers, your mailman, and others. • DELIVER HOT CHOCOLATE TO THE SA VATION ARMY E RINGERS It can be cold standing outside stores, ringing the bells for a good cause. But you can make things warmer by bringing them hot chocolate. Make a batch and fill a thermos with the chocolate drink. Then, take cups and deliver the snack to the volunteers at various stores. Also, bake some holiday cookies to take with you. • C EAN O T THE TOY O AND C OSET If there is a toy your child hasn’t played with in a while or a coat you haven’t worn in years, donate it to a local shelter or toy and coat drive. Someone will appreciate being able to give their child a gift this season or have something warm to wear when the weather gets cooler. Also, gather items for an angel on the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree or for the holiday stocking drives. Whatever way you choose to give back, know you are making a difference in a person’s life. Yes, the holidays are a busy time, but there is always time to remember the reason for the season.

Second Harvest Food Bank

December 2016 / 21

Ask the Experts from Brenner FIT BY MELISSA DELLINGER, RD, LDN

Q: Everywhere I look, there is a new superfood that I should

a e caution o brea ing ne s uotes Look for up-todate information validated by multiple health studies. Also, pay attention to whom the health studies investigated, a specific population or the general population.

A: We hear conflicting nutrition information. And decoding

s oursel t ese uestions as ou nutrition in or ation

be eating or feeding to my family. I am so confused and overwhelmed. How do I know what to believe when I see conflicting nutrition information everywhere I turn

the truth is hard. Truthfully, no magic food or supplement supplies your body with everything it needs. Because we are all different, a one-size-fits-all diet ust does not work. And if a diet sounds too good to be true, be aware. Diets promoting quick weight loss are short-lived. Once we go off the diet and resume our normal eating habits, we tend to gain that weight right back. But don’t throw your hands up in defeat. Follow these few steps to understand conflicting nutritional messages

denti t e source Nutrition messages are posted on social media, advertised on TV and promoted by friends and family. Trusted sources have ties to well-established organizations, so look for the author’s credentials and links to supporting information. ilter out t e in or ation t at see s too good to be true Diets claiming rapid weight loss are not sustainable. A magic pill that works without your changing eating and activity habits is not realistic. Often, these claims are used to get you to buy a product using flashy words or celebrity endorsements. e cautious o reco endations to eli inate entire ood groups nless you have specific allergies, avoid eliminating entire groups of food. Your body needs the nutrients from a balanced diet of all food groups. ecogni e restriction There are many never vs. always food lists. And, they never seem to say the same thing. There are no bad foods or good foods. All foods fit into healthy eating habits. 22 /

a e sense o

Is this advertisement selling a magic pill or a quick fix • Does this information promote the balancedplate approach? • Is this new emerging science or is there a consensus from multiple research sources about this advice? Is this evidence gathered from a specific group of people • When was this information last updated? Our bodies need a balance of nutrients from all food groups. This helps us to absorb nutrients, have energy and feel satisfied after eating. We have different traditions, taste preferences, medical conditions and nutritional needs. Finding the right balance for you and your family is the key when deciding what to offer at meal and snack times in your house.

Brenner FIT (Families in Training), a pediatric weight management program at Wake Forest Baptist Health Brenner Children’s Hospital, helps families create healthier lifestyles together. Brenner FIT Kohl’s Family Collaborative offers free cooking, nutrition and parenting classes. Visit for our current class listing. Register by calling 336-713-2348 or e-mailing brennerfit@

Free Brenner FIT Classes Join experts from Brenner Children’s Hospital for these FREE Brenner FIT Kohl’s Family Collaborative classes. Registration is required. Unless otherwise noted, classes are held at Brenner FIT in the William G. White Jr. Family YMCA, 775 West End Blvd., Winston-Salem.

Weeknight Cooking with the Doctor

Learn to Cook A Balanced Meal

A Taste of Mindful Eating

6 to 7 pm \ Tuesdays, December 6 and 13 Cheeseburger Macaroni

5:30 to 7 pm \ Tuesday, January 17

During this hands-on cooking class, your family will prepare a quick meal and learn how it meets Brenner FIT recommendations. Each meal follows the Balanced Plate concept and will include a protein, grain, fruit and vegetable. Mature children are welcome with parental supervision.

6 to 7:30 pm \ Wednesday, December 7 Join Dr. Joey Skelton, Director of Brenner FIT, as he trades one white coat for another in a hands-on cooking class. Dr. Skelton will teach you how to cook quick and simple weeknight recipes that everyone can enjoy. After cooking with Dr. Skelton, you can sit down and enjoy the meal you prepared.

Join Brenner FIT staff for an introduction to the techniques of eating mindfully. This class will provide you with practice in mindfulness meditation and will also explore ways to identify hunger and fullness cues with an eating awareness activity. This class is intended for adults.

Brenner Fit

TO REGISTER Call 336-713-2348 or send an email to

December 2016 / 23

Trusted Name. Exceptional Service. Now ocal.


its beginnings in 1968, Long & Foster Real Estate has focused on the simple philosophy of being selfless, honest and ethical. As Wes Foster says, Treat people fairly, and customers will spread the word. Spread the word they did. Today, ong and Foster Real Estate is the nation’s No. 1 privately owned real estate company, with offices in Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Throughout the company, the founding traditions continue to guide people home. It’s that tradition of taking care of people that attracted Heidi Eller to open a ong Foster Real Estate office earlier this year in Winston-Salem. Helping people is truly a passion for Wes Foster and the ong Foster Companies, Eller says. eing a part of an organization with strong values has always been important to me. I’ve been fortunate to have had those opportunities in my career. It’s not about what a company says they are, but it’s what they do in their actions that make a company truly special. That’s why I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the growth of Long & Foster into the Triad. The history and reputation are truly special.

Since spring, the office has continued to grow, with the addition of real estate professionals and staff that all share the vision and values that Wes Foster began the company with almost 49 years ago. This month, they finished the renovation of their new office space, located at 253 South Stratford Road, where the company will expand to offer a full suite of real estate services, It’s not about what a company says they are, including residential and commercial real estate, mortgage and title insurance, but it’s what they do in their actions that make a property management and corporate relocation. The Triad is not the only company truly special. That’s why I couldn’t be community in North Carolina that is home to Long & Foster. There are Long & Foster prouder to be a part of the growth of Long & Real Estate offices in Wilmington and Elizabeth City. In the Triangle, Long & Foster into the Triad. Foster operates as Fonville Morisey Realty, a long-standing market leader.

All things real estate is the business of Long & Foster; but the company is so much more. It is a network of over 11,000 agents and almost 2,000 support staff, united in their passion for real estate. We are facilitators in connecting people with places to call home. Our company’s annual report

24 /



We are facilitators in

says that we are trusted insiders, friends, and neighbors in the communities where we live and work, Eller states. We welcome that role and responsibility to connect people to a place that is their home.

connecting people with


places to call home.

For more information please visit our website at http, call us at -999- 59 or drop by our new office location at 25 S. Stratford Road, WS, NC 2 10 .

Long & Foster

December 2016 / 25

Christmas Gift Guide

Gift Guide Dero’s

For the one who loves home décor and style. Dero’s is the place to go! Whether it’s a fun accent piece, a pretty candle, or any number of delightful things in the store, there’s something for every taste! And don’t forget, Gift Cards work for every budget and are always appreciated! See their ad on page 19.

26 /

Devora Designs Shop locally online! Creative, fun, original, one-of-a-kind creations by a local entrepreneur!  Devora Designs offers something for everyone on your holiday shopping list! See their ad on page 93.

Rolly’s Baby Boutique Classic toys. Classic smiles. Visit Rolly’s Baby Boutique for a variety of wonderfully unique items! See their ad on page 55.

Legacy Saddlebreds For the horseman or horsewoman in your life, Legacy Saddlebreds Tack Shop has all their horseback riding needs! Celebrate their passion for horsemanship with a gift that supports it! See their ad on page 39.

December 2016 / 27

Clemmons Bicycle SciWorks & Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem A Family Membership for the Children’s Museum of WinstonSalem and SciWorks makes a great gift for friends and family members! Family Memberships cost $135 and include free admission at both Museums for up to four adults and all children, as well as reciprocal benefits with museums affiliated with ASTC (Association of Science Technology Centers) and ACM (Association of Children’s Museums). You’ll also receive discounts on birthday parties, camps, special events, and more. And, if you purchase your membership during Festive Family Friday at SciWorks on December 9, you will receive $10 off your purchase! See their ad on page 77.

gift card! Available Give the gift of a clean car with a ShineTime hly membership mont our d towar it apply or nt amou for a specified at 910 Oxford store in program for a clean car year round urchase dars). Ched from s Station Way (Hanes Mall Blvd acros

28 /

Give the gift of fitness and fun with a gift from Clemmons Bicycle! Visit or see their ad on page 109.

Hip Chics Boutique & Gifts Corkcicle keeps beverages cold for 25 hours or hot for 12 wherever you take it. Available in many colors and six size options, including the 25 oz which holds a standard bottle of wine. Add a monogram for personalization and give it to any of your family or friends! The award-winning Baby Stella Collection offers the perfect soft doll that inspires creative roll play in little ones.  Baby Stella soft dolls and accessories make the perfect gift!  Shop the Baby Stella collection at Hip Chics Boutique.    See their ad on page 11.

Honda of WS Give a gift of performance and freedom with a bike from Honda! A beginner’s bike should still be fun to ride and the CRF50F is a blast. Powered by a smooth, easy-to-control 49cc fourstroke engine, it’s built Honda tough, too. Visit Honda of Winston-Salem to learn more! See their ads on pages 17 & 49.

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OUT & ABOUT in Winston-Salem Evening for Alzheimer’s Care–Senior Services


On Friday, October 28th, more than 300 guests gathered at the Senior Services Center on Shorefair Drive for the 16th annual Evening for Alzheimer’s Care. Cochairs for the event were Hunter and Sandlin Douglas, and the night’s honorary co-chairs were Sylvia and Richard Budd. Entertainment for the occasion, which benefits Senior Services’ Elizabeth and Tab Williams Adult Day Center, was provided by Kevin Douthit on keyboard. (Douthit is one of the site managers for the Senior Lunch program of Senior Services and often plays for the participants at Williams Center.) As guests mingled and enjoyed the music and seeing old friends—as well as making new ones—they perused the wonderful array of more than 300 auction items donated by local artists and businesses, such as trips, jewelry, furniture, event tickets, artwork (paintings, pottery, handcrafted wooden bowls, pens and hand-painted Christmas ornaments), electronics, clothing, and gift certificates to the area’s best eating establishments. The menu for the buffet dinner, catered by Five Loaves, gave guests an array of choices, including grilled flank steak, brown sugar-roasted salmon, a mixed greens salad, assorted petite potatoes and more. The Presenting Sponsors were Mrs. William F. Womble, Sr., and the late Mr. Womble and Wake Forest Baptist Health. Reynolds American was the evening’s Corporate Sponsor; also supporting the event were Corporate Partners Five Loaves Catering; Flow Automotive Companies, Inc.; Golden Corral; Happy Rentz, Inc.; Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP; Piedmont Federal Savings Bank; Wells Fargo Private Bank; WestRock Merchandising Displays and the Winston-Salem Journal. Corporate Friends for the evening included the Budd Group, Inc.; Calvary Baptist Church; Fence Builders, Inc.; First Tennessee Bank; Flow Lexus of Winston-Salem; Hanesbrands; Homewatch CareGivers of the Triad; Immedia Print; Mercedes-Benz of Winston-Salem; Mitchell Wealth Management Group, LLC; Postmark, Inc.; Senn Dunn; Shelco, Inc.; Stephens, Inc.; UBS Wealth Management and the Village Tavern. Mary Lee Roche, Marketing Manager, noted, “It was a fun-filled occasion that raised thousands of scholarship dollars for individuals struggling with Alzheimer’s disease who need, but cannot afford, the services of the Williams Adult Day Center. It was also an evening for remembering two distinguished men who meant a great deal to Senior Services, the thousands of seniors it has served over the years and the community at large: A. Tab Williams, Jr., and William F. Womble.”

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Be Involved.ResearchSTUDY Be Involved.ResearchSTUDY VOLUNTEER for a


Struggling with ACNE? Struggling with ACNE? If you or a loved one is struggling with acne, we may have a study for you. If qualified, participants will receive examinations. No insurance necessary. Compensation for time and travel may be available.

If you or a loved one is struggling with acne, we may have a study for you. If qualified, participants will receive examinations. No insurance necessary. Compensation for time and travel may be available.


Volunteer for a research study for ROSACEA

You may be eligible for this study if you:

may bestudy eligible We are seeking participants for a new You research forforanthis study if you: approved topical gel to treat the redness associated rosacea. at least with 9 years old ▶ Are

Wake Dermatology

▶ Are at least 9 years old

▶ Have facial acne vulgaris

▶ Have facial acne vulgaris

▶ Have used the same type and

You may qualify if you are male or female age used 18 orthe older withtype and ▶ Have same persistent facial redness due to rosacea.brand of make-up, other facial

brand of make-up, other facial products or hair products for at least one month

products or hair products for at least one month

Qualified participants will receive study medication at no cost. No health insurance is required to participate.

For more information, please call 336-716-3775 or contact

For more information, please call 336-716-3775 or contact

For more information, please call Dermatology Clinical . Studies at 336-716-3775.

IRB #00035697

IRB #00035697

A Mission to Care. A Mission to Cure.

A Mission to Care. A Mission to Cure.

Chamberlain Place Apartment Homes are located in one of the Triad’s most prestigious and sought after communities - The Village of Clemmons


Chamberlain Apts

our Visit

1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartmen ts tod

Chamberlain Place Apartment Homes

ay, and

make Chamberlain Place YOUR home!

8am-5pm Monday - Friday | 10am-4pm Saturday | 1pm-5pm Sunday 336.794.7677 | Fax 336.794.7673 | December 2016 / 31

An Investment that Pays Big Dividends The Wake Forest Innovation uarter is one of the finest examples of industrial site repurposing in the country. Twenty-five years in the making, it began as a response to an economy reeling from a devastating series of job losses in the 1980s. Back then, when civic, business and university leaders gazed across the acres of idle tobacco factories and warehouses east of downtown, they didn’t see a glass almost empty; they saw huge potential. Bringing their vision to fruition required major investments of public and private dollars — approximately $500 million to date — in order to create what is now one of the fastest-growing hubs for innovation in biomedical science and information technology in the United States. Now, as the Innovation uarter promises to revitalize our economy, our city must reach once again for the glass half-full and address a different set of challenges. It must contend with a crisis in the ability of our children to participate in a revitalized economy. Our city’s earlier crisis required capital investments. The future vitality of our city will require investments in human capital and strategic investments in our children during the years when their potential is greatest—from birth to five. Tremendous progress has been made on increasing the high-school graduation rate, yet the needle has moved little on increasing student proficiency scores. Nearly half of third-grade students are not achieving proficiency in reading. That rate rises to approximately two-thirds for African-American and Hispanic students, which is of concern, given the fact that a majority of children under age five in Forsyth County live in minority households. This reality will grow more daunting if we continue to allow 4 percent of our children under five to live in poverty in Forsyth County. These circumstances produce what Harvard social scientist Robert utnam refers to as the opportunity gap in his New York Times bestselling book, Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis. He documents how rising inequality has left too many families without the resources and supports their need to build their children’s well-being. This opportunity gap is most critical during the earliest years of life, when the brain architecture of children is developing most rapidly. The good news is that we have the power to close the opportunity gap. We already know that re-Kindergarten ( re-K programs have a track record of paying big dividends. Studies show that children enrolled in highquality re-K programs have improved test scores, better 32 /

verbal skills, more developed social-emotional skills and longer attention spans, all factors leading to success in school — and in life. Children who participate in these programs are more likely to graduate from high school and attend and graduate from college. As adults, they are more likely to be employed and own a home. Economists have documented a $ return on every $1 spent on quality re-K programs. The time has come for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County to join the ranks of forward-thinking municipalities across the country and begin to plan for the implementation of a universal re-K system that gives every child the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. Initial investments in early childhood development are already being made, through such initiatives as the Forsyth romise, the Kate . Reynolds Charitable Trust’s Great Expectations, Family Services Head Start and Early Head Start child development programs and Project Impact. The latter is spearheaded by Reynolds American—whose gifting of former factories and warehouses spurred the growth of the Innovation uarter—with a goal of raising $45 million over six years, a significant portion of which will help to increase the number of re-K classrooms in the county. Establishing a universal re-K system is a complex undertaking. It requires long-range vision and a detailed master plan. That’s why Family Services convened the niversal re-K Initiative and published its position paper that identifies strategic elements required to achieve this opportunity for all children. (Go to ItsWorking.) Such a system will not fulfill its promise without setting uniform, high-quality program standards; adequately compensating teachers; promoting family engagement; offering a choice of providers; fostering diverse enrollment, and gaining community-wide support. We will all benefit most when every child has the opportunity to grow up to become truly remarkable and contribute his or her special gifts and talents to the future economic and social vitality of our community. The future starts with here, with all our children, who deserve nothing less. Donate or volunteer or call 336.722.8173.

Family Services

Alyssa wants to be a nurse. But it almost didn’t happen. Many parents in Forsyth County are under the constant stress of a poverty-level existence and can’t provide the attention their children need. But Alyssa enrolled in Head Start, which immersed not only her, but also her parents, in a high-quality early childhood development program. Now, Alyssa has the learning skills and parental support she needs to succeed in school and, ultimately, realize her dreams.

IT’S WORKING. Your support is creating life-changing opportunities for local families. So children like Alyssa can achieve their full potential and contribute their special talents to our community. To donate or volunteer, go to or call 336.722.8173. December 2016 / 33

Clark Kent

Winston-Salem’s Superman is Retiring BY SAVANNAH NORRIS


a high-school magazine intern, I never thought I would be writing more than a few articles a month, let alone important articles, but I don’t think I’ve ever been more wrong in my life (and ask anyone, that’s a lot). This article grows increasingly daunting to write, as I’m not just introducing another idea. I’m not introducing an English class research essay on the devastatingly real coral reef crisis. I’m introducing Cameron Kent, who is not only a friendly face, but a trusted famous local figure. The realization of how essential it is that this piece be a perfect representation of what vivacity Cameron has given to WXII is snowballing very quickly into an uncontrollable avalanche of fear and writer’s block. It’s not just in writing this that I’m desperately trying to hide my utter paralysis and awe, either. The entire masking of nerves was a taxing, and not so graceful task, though I’m not usually a very graceful person, so that might have been the only natural part of the interview. Now, everyone knows Cameron Kent. Yet somehow, the moment I stepped into the WXII building, the image I knew morphed into every other person who walked through the doors. Anxiously chatting with the lovely receptionist, I simultaneously discovered common rude caller remarks and watched for Cameron Kent, who I must’ve thought walked past me five times. Age and hair color became more sub ective than ever before. Though I waved enthusiastically and had to have appeared exceptionally friendly to each one of my practiceCamerons, I realized I needed to get my overly gleeful grin together and thankfully, I don’t think the real Cameron detected the slew of personalities I tried on before retiring to my own skin. I shook Cameron’s hand and followed him to the studio, where I hoped my prepared questions would inspire a hard-hitting exposé on the truism of retirement. What I found was that Cameron was not at all a hard-hitting exposé kind of guy. He was kind and humble, introducing me to the entire team before talking about himself. He was curious and motivated, ready to cast his energies in a new direction upon his leave. I quickly discovered that Cameron was redefining retirement, and my questions were just not Cameron-esque. Like any high-school wannabe journalist, I panicked. Severely. Hopefully my not-so-sly “I’ve got something in my eye” rubbing move was able to conceal both my alarm and the metaphorical

34 /

tears I was crying. I regrouped, I can only hope subtly, and continued scribbling in my notebook. Every now and then I would turn back to my questions page and pretend I was reading one, but really I was hoping I could come up with a better question. It was such a relief to hear Cameron say that my questions “made him think.” They made me think, too, Cameron. I learned a lot about Cameron in the interview, mostly things I didn’t even think I was going to ask. My fretted questions evolved into curiosity, and I just wanted to know more and more about Cameron’s life. I realized, though, that it wasn’t about the fact that he had been on the team for more than two decades. It wasn’t about his degree or job experience. It didn’t matter which high-profile stories Cameron covered, or that he accidentally signed off as Clark Kent once. It was Cameron that WXII and everyone else would miss. They would miss his kindness and humor around the studio, his passion for every story, his drive to accomplish more and more, and his enthusiasm to start a new day. Everyone would miss his unrelenting devotion to journalism and storytelling. I also discovered that much like normal non-celebrities, Cameron has other passions. He writes books and movie scripts, runs marathons, goes kayaking, and even dabbles in woodworking. It’s hard to believe that a person who won an Emmy for news reporting has a lot in common with you and me. Truly, that’s the biggest thing that I took away from the interview: that Cameron was just like you and me. He was interested in more than just getting the questions answered and being written about. Cameron wanted to know where I wanted to go to college, if I wanted a bottle of water or soda, and if I could stay to watch them broadcast the news. He turned an interview that was supposed to be all about him into a very personal experience for me. Cameron showed me that he was a person, too, not just another big shot, admirable news anchor. Through the visit to the studio, watching the news live, chatting with the receptionist—it all now becomes glaringly clear that absolutely nothing I write in this article can possibly fill the void that Cameron will leave upon his retirement, December 16th. We will all miss you very dearly, Cameron. Thank you for your time on television.

WISHING YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS! Dr. Pollard: Helping deliver the best gifts anyone could ask for… Pictured with 9 of his 10 grandchildren!


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445 Pineview Drive, Suite 110 Kernersville, NC 27284 336.993.4532

167 Moore Road, Suite 1 King, NC 27021 336.983.3127

1908 Caudle Drive, Suite 101 Mt. Airy, NC 27030 336.789.9076

Now accepting new patients. | Novant employees: We are in the Novant Network.

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Grab a Friend... and bring the kids for a morning of fun at

Celebrate the Scots-Irish contribution to Colonial Bethabara with heavy athletics, music, food and more. FREE EVENT

2147 Bethabara Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 ~ (336) 924-8191 ~

Saturday, December 3rd 10am - Noon

2147 Bethabara Road Winston-Salem, NC Bethabara event continues till 4pm

(see ad on page 9 for more info)


Join Us...

An event for kids of all ages! Visit our table at A Bethabara Christmas and make a fun craft and register for fun prize giveaways! Santa will be on hand at 11am so bring a camera for photo opportunities. Bethabara Christmas extends until 4pm - see ad on page 9 for more activities and info. Come enjoy the fun!


These monthly events are hosted by December 2016 / 37



some ways, Winston-Salem seems like a big city in a small town…we have all the conveniences of city life, but the ease of getting around and friendly disposition of a small town. As in a big city, there are many wonderful restaurants to choose from, but when it comes to true ethnic cuisine, we have limited options. It used to be impossible to find quality, authentic Asian fare in this area, but it is not anymore! HakkaChow has brought big-city Asian cuisine to Winston-Salem, and the sushi stands out in more ways than one. “There are many sushi places in Winston-Salem, but no sushi place that offers great sushi in a contemporary atmosphere,” said Jonathan Chung, business development and marketing for Hakka Chow. “We (Jonathan and Andrew, co-owners of HakkaChow) personally love sushi. We’ve tried sushi in many countries (Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Germany, England, Canada, California) because we love to eat and travel. With sushi, you can be extremely creative and create rolls that combine cuisines from all over the world. Sushi is a trend that keeps rising, so we incorporate our experience with sushi into the menu.” HakkaChow Chef Kenle has more than eight years of experience. “He started to work in the restaurant as a server and worked his way up to being the head sushi chef,” said Chung. “He saw the opportunity to do something with his hands, and it quickly became his passion. He trained for two-and-a-half years before he was even allowed to cut fish. All he did before was prepping all sauces and vegetables, and cooking the rice. It requires very good knife skills before you can cut delicate sushi-grade fish. HakkaChow’s regular customers have their favorites, but for those looking to venture away from the norm, there are always new, exciting combinations to try. For example: SURF AND TURF: Inside-out roll (seaweed inside, rice outside filled with asparagus, cucumber, and crab. Topped with premium maguro (tuna), hamachi (yellowtail) and house-made beef bulgogi. Drizzled with spicy aioli, eel sauce and spicy Korean Gochujang sauce.

KOREAN HOT LAVA ROLL: Futomaki-style roll (seaweed outside and used vertical to make the roll thickness bigger filled with soft-shell crab, cucumber and crab salad. Topped with our special spicy-tuna mix with crispy shallots and green onion. Drizzled with spicy mayo and spicy Korean Gochujang sauce. What makes HakkaChow unique is the creative alterations the chef makes to the rolls. “The Surf and Turf Roll has Korean beef bulgogi, the Cajun Revolution Roll has Ca un spice and is flash-seared, the Sweet Heat Roll has all of our spicy sauces and Hakka Crazy Shrimp Roll has lots of shrimp with our signature Hakka Zen sauce,” said Chung. While the quality of the fish is an important feature of really good sushi, the other ingredients are equally important. “Most sushi chefs would agree with me that the sushi rice is the most important thing in sushi, apart from the freshness of the ingredients. There are only three to four major distributors for fresh sushi fish; it is not like in Japan where you can actually go to the fish market in the morning to handpick your tuna or salmon. Therefore, the sushi rice, creativity of the rolls and sauces are what counts.” With fall in full swing, HakkaChow will be offering new seasonal options for all those craving some cool weather comfort food! “We try to change the menu every season—trying new things out, slowly extending our variety of fish while demand keeps rising, and incorporating feedback from our customers.” HAKKA CHOW is located at 615 St. George Square in Winston-Salem. Give HakkaChow a call at 336.893.8178, make a reservation on OpenTable or online at! For more information, email, or visit the website at

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Live. Work. Play. CLEMMONS FINEST LUXURY COMMUNITY Resort Style Pool 18 Seat Movie Theater 24 Hour Fitness Center

Parr Investments

Decks & Patios Dog Park

Shopping & Dining within Walking Distance Spacious Floorplans Executive Business Center Coffee & Refreshment Bar Picnic & Grilling Area

Call to Schedule a Tour! Great Move-In Specials! • 336-829-5924 •

Think outside the box this Christmas Season!

Legacy Saddlebreds Buy 4 riding lessons and get the Evaluation Les son FREE! Existing customers get $5 .00 OFF each Riding Lesson when purch asing a gift certificate!

4151 Thomasville Road | Winston-Salem, NC 27107 | 336.529.6760 | December 2016 / 39

Families Setting the Pace for

Physical Activity



ovant Health and the American Heart Association proudly announced two Forsyth County families as winners of the first Family Health Challenge— My Movement is Why”—on Saturday, October 29th from the stage of the Winston-Salem Heart & Stroke Walk. As the American Heart Association’s Forsyth County “Life is Why” Sponsor, Novant Health is striving to help Forsyth families live longer, healthier lives through quarterly Family Health Challenges. The first challenge, My Movement is Why, encouraged Forsyth families to share how they fit physical activity into their schedules and make it fun for the family. Pamela Blake, her husband Donnell, her children Danielle and Cameron, and her grandchildren Sarah and Shekina-Joi were recognized as winners. Pamela recently retired and moved to Winston-Salem from D.C. With years in a very demanding job, she realized that she had let her health go. She was up to 470 lbs. and was diagnosed with asthma, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure. “You name it, and I had it, or almost did,” shares Pamela. “My walking and breathing become really bad.” Pamela started eating right, stopped drinking soda, began eating on small plates and began walking up and down her driveway. Then she got a call from the Gateway to Success program with Novant Health and the Gateway YWCA. “I sat in my living room and cried happy tears,” she remembers. “Somebody out there really cared to build a program to help people who really want to change, but can’t afford an expensive program.” 40 /

Pamela joined the program about three months ago and has already lost about 90 lbs. from her top weight. The whole family comes with Pamela to the Gateway YWCA about every other day, fitting physical activity in together. They have done water aerobics and have all been walking on the track. Danielle does about three miles a day on the YWCA track. Cameron walks with the family and has even led one of the aquatic walking classes. Donnell, Danielle, and Cameron also all work out in the gym. Sarah and Shekina-Joi love the pool. “The nutritionist and wellness coaches are excellent,” adds Pamela. The family has participated in nutrition and cooking classes together. “I decided to make this a life change, but it has become a change for my family,” she says. “Each night we figure out what healthy and active things we are going to do together the next day.” As a fun reward for her family’s focus on fitness, amela and her family received passes to Kersey Valley and a Fleet Feet Gift Card for their accomplishments. Sheri and Brian Rudel of Tobaccoville with their 16-year-old son, Connor, and 13-yearold son, Mason, were also announced as winners of the “My Movement is Why” Family Health Challenge. Sheri joined “No Boundaries” with Fleet Feet Sports nearly four years ago with a group of co-workers. She had never run before but figured it would be fun to try. After that program had finished, she invited rian, Mason, and Conner to a Family Night at Fleet Feet. “We all went thinking it was an event, but it turned out to be a family fun run. I didn’t even have on sneakers,” laughs Brian. The whole family ran and found they were pretty competitive about crossing the

finish line. Running made me feel good and also feel better about myself,” shares Sheri. “I decided to keep running.” The family celebrated Sheri as she completed her first 5k, and then they all signed up together for No Boundaries at Fleet Feet with Stacie Battjes. “I had lower back pain for years, but when I started running, it just went away,” says Brian. And Sheri adds, “Running became a thing for a family and the family time makes a difference.” The boys are great runners, and they love doing races together. Connor is on his high school track team, and Mason does track and cross country at his middle school. The whole family is planning to run the Mistletoe 5k this year, and Mason and Conner have a goal to beat Mom and Dad to the finish line For the fun ways that they have incorporated physical activity into their family, the Rudel Family received a family river rafting adventure and a 3-month family membership at the Gateway YWCA. The next quarterly challenge, “My Taste is Why,” is now underway, encouraging families to get cooking together in the kitchen and eat healthier as a family. To nominate your family or a family that you know who are working on cooking and eating healthy together, visit www. to share their story. The winning family will receive a free family heart-healthy cooking class courtesy of Southern Home & Kitchen and Health Coach, Dianne McConnell. The family will also receive a $100 gift card to Whole Foods.

It starts at home. It starts with you. Take part in the “My Taste is Why� Family Health Challenge to get your family eating healthier together! Take photos or video of your family cooking healthy snacks and meals in the kitchen and reducing sodium in meals and then visit the link below to share how your family has taken the challenge by December 17. You could win a free healthy cooking class for your family and a gift card for heart healthy meals!

American Heart Visit Association for heart-healthy recipes and tips for your family to bring to the kitchen.

My Taste is Why Tame your taste buds by reducing the sodium in your diet

Sodium Shocks

Sandwich Swap Out December 2016 / 41

Kernersville Celebrates the Season with a Number of Upcoming Events BY MAT BATTS


Town of Kernersville is set to celebrate its community and small business scene this December with another year of family-friendly events in and around the downtown area. Throughout the weeks following Thanksgiving Day, downtown Kernersville will be home to a number of events welcoming in the Christmas season and showcasing the town’s unique community environment. “All of the events that we do are very unique,” said Janel Jernigan, Kernersville’s downtown marketing developer. “We haven’t found any other nearby community that does this specific type of community event.” FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25TH After a day of hustling from store to store for Black Friday sales, Kernersville officials are inviting the community to gather from 5–7 p.m. at the Kernersville Museum at 127 W. Mountain Street for its annual Holiday Open House. Dressed up in its Christmas décor and fully operational, the museum will serve as a central location for families to come together and unwind.

42 /

Members of the Kernersville Little Theater will be on hand to perform theater readings, and within walking distance, many downtown shops and restaurants will be open with extended holiday hours for shoppers to grab those unique gifts not available at the big box stores. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26TH Join the nationwide movement honoring small businesses during the annual celebration of Small Business Saturday. As a nationally recognized American Express Small Business Saturday Champion, Kernersville will mark the occasion with a proclamation by Mayor Dawn Morgan and a celebration of its small businesses throughout the day. “We’re really encouraging and supporting our local merchants, and it really encourages the community,” Jernigan said. “They get very excited to participate simply to support our local businesses.” SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3RD Celebrating its 5th anniversary this year, Kernersville’s “Christmas Around the World” will feature approximately 25

stops at various downtown restaurants and shops. Underneath the town’s well-known Blinkie lights, citizens can stroll from storefront to storefront, each one representing a different country from around the world. Stores and restaurants will celebrate with decorations and food unique to their countries. Guests are invited to pick up a passport at Santa’s Workshop at the Kernersville Depot, 121 E. Railroad Street, before exploring the attractions. “The idea is to stop at each location and learn about the country,” Jernigan said. “It gives the stores that people may not have shopped at before great exposure. One of the main draws of Kernersville, in general, is the upkeep and the community environment and the safe environment we make for our downtown area.” After the tour, guests will end up at Santa’s House in the Kernersville Museum. Anyone who visited each stop on the Christmas Around the World tour and got their passports stamped will be entered for a gift card drawing sponsored by the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce.

Christmas Around the World will lead right into Kernersville’s official tree lighting, hosted by Kernersville Parks and Recreation at 7 p.m. in Harmon Park. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4TH The Kernersville Christmas Parade will be held at 2 p.m., running on Mountain Street, which will be closed for the event. The Parade, which has already filled its float lineup, will last approximately two hours.

When you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, look no further than Kingery & Kingery

Kingery & Kingery Ask About Your FREE SomnoDent Consultation

Kingery & Kingery DDS, PLLC Mary E. Kingery D.D.S. 2554 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd | (336) 245-4211 December 2016 / 43

Ruff Housing

Renovations and Larger Space Get Four Paws Up! BY CAROLYN S. PETERSON You know the saying, “Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”? Eight years ago, after leaving the corporate world behind, Kim Vaughn opened her first Ruff Housing, a dog daycare and boarding facility, located on Witt Street in Winston-Salem, NC, not looking too far into the future. Kim had the business sense, the drive to succeed, but more importantly, the love of working with something she loved…dogs. And now with four locations, three full-service and a grooming spa in Clemmons, NC, Kim is grateful for the trust her clients have put in her and her staff. “It really is hard to believe how Ruff Housing has grown, yet we were turning clients away because we are always full, so I decided to not only renovate the original location, but expand it from 8,500 square feet to 25,000 square feet, adding not only space for more dogs that stay with us daily or board, but also an indoor pool and track, as well as an area for cats and more room for our new Enrichment Program, giving more one-on-one play time to the dogs,” said Kim. Happy Tail-Wagging Days Kim Vaughn loves what she does and enjoys going to work and seeing her “regulars” come through the doors in the morning. The day that I visited, Kim welcomed her two-legged and four-legged clients by name, and let me tell you, the four-legged ones had their tails wagging as they entered. “It’s great to see the dogs who stay with us daily for daycare come in and be excited to get their day started. They know that their buddies are here and that they will 44 /

be played with and kept busy. Those who come in for boarding while their owners are away, quickly settle in and are well cared for by our team. We really make their time at Ruff Housing fun and enjoyable. After I opened the third location on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro, NC, I thought we would have enough space, but it broke my heart to have to turn dogs away, so tripling our space at the original location, making renovations to the area where we started in 2008 and adding areas to the facility, is really going to make a difference,” Kim commented. Something for Every Pup, Big or Small, Short or Tall, with Kitty Condos, Too! The renovations at Ruff Housing on Witt Street will happen in phases, so that their business continues to run smoothly and clients aren’t inconvenienced, with completion scheduled for Fall 201 . The first phase will be completed before the end of the year. We are really excited to be adding an area for cats. We get calls asking about boarding cats while their owners are out of town and we believe that will be a great addition to our services. The cats will have their own check-in area, and then kitty condos and an atrium area for play. The new indoor track will give dogs walk and run times, and our pool will be great for those dogs who are older, with joint issues, a way to exercise, as well as waterloving dogs a good way to play,” stated Kim. The Enrichment Program, which Ruff Housing recently began offering, gives dogs a more

tailored or individualized playtime. “With the Enrichment Program, we will have add-on activities, like time in the pool, fitness, puzzles and others. This program gives dogs more opportunity to do what they like to do, making them happier when they are here,” Kim said. In addition to the great areas for dogs and cats, Ruff Housing will have more office space and a centralized call center. “Instead of having our front desk staff greeting our clients and answering the phones, making reservations, we will have a call center so that those who are checking in at Ruff Housing have the full attention of the front desk. Everything we are doing is to better serve our clients and give them, both owner and pet, the best experience that they can have,” commented Kim. Ruff Housing has four locations: 336 Witt Street and 5648 Country Club Road, both in Winston-Salem, NC; Ruff Housing Grooming at 511 awrence Street, Clemmons, NC (grooming only ; and 15 attleground Court in Greensboro, NC. For more information, call 336-765-7833 or visit

Peace on Earth

Ruff Housing

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your best friend is safe and happy while you’re away DAYCARE




336 Witt St., Winston-Salem 336.765.7833 5648 Country Club Road, Winston-Salem 336.602.1538 3511 Lawrence St., Clemmons 336.766.0123 December 2016 / 45

Beautiful Results at YOUR Comfort Level BY MARTIE EMORY


it comes to



that’s why you and this dedicated

During Dr. Summer’s 16 years as a general practitioner, she frequently met with patients who asked her for references for various laser procedures they were considering. Never completely satisfied with any of the local practices she could name, Dr. Summer soon found herself entering that field herself, and she began offering laser and aesthetic services in 2008. She and her super-personable team— Kristen Murphy, A-C; veteran electrologist Elaine Mock; esthetician Hannah Allen; certified group fitness instructor Kristin Carson, and newest enthusiastic members Sierra Gutmann (patient coordinator) and Sydney Morrison, who is also an esthetician—know their compatibility and comfort level with clients is what makes this business tick. Best of all, there’s no pressure to commit to a treatment and no obligation, and that’s why initial aesthetic consultations are absolutely free. “We want clients to feel 100% free in their choices,” explains Leigh. “That’s how we keep customers comfortable, not feeling pushed into doing something that’s not right for them. Although her first leap into laser treatments was hair removal, Leigh has expanded the menu to include botox and fillers, facial treatments, micro-needling, kybella, ThermiTight (yes, think sagging skin on the neck and arms!), vein treatments, and more.

group are a perfect match.


and guiding clients on the road to becoming their best possible selves, it’s a personal mission with zero compromise for Dr. Leigh Summer of Lewisville Laser & Aesthetics. Along with zero compromise on integrity and absolutely no pressure, you’ll find simply comfortable, positive, rejuvenating results, and

The one-and-only goal at Lewisville Laser is enhancing clients’ already amazing natural beauty—not attempting a total re-make—and keeping the overall look in balance. That means not too much modification in one specific area, such as the easy-to-overdo lips, which tends to create the unnatural results that everyone fears. “If you don’t feel proud of what you do, nobody wins, says eigh. You’ll find nothing 46 /

but honesty here, and you’ll come on board knowing they won’t suggest you schedule a treatment if there’s no real benefit to your natural look. In cases where surgery is a better option than a laser spa treatment, Leigh stresses they are happy to provide a reference. WHAT’S NEW The most popular new addition to Lewisville Laser’s treatment lineup is ThermiVa, a welcome option for women who know all too well the uncomfortable emotions behind incontinence (even if it’s only minimal bladder leakage , and post-menopausal difficulties such as vaginal dryness and pain during intimacy. With ThermiVa—which is made up of three 45-minute treatments that are applied four weeks apart—radio frequency energy is used to gently heat the tissue and signal the body to make collagen. Dubbed the “mommy makeover,” the treatment is non-invasive and requires no downtime afterward. It’s true these issues may not be something you’re anxious to talk about, but women who can relate to these very personal and very real difficulties are thrilled to learn about an option with a very high success rate. THINKING ABOUT BOTOX? Although the vast majority of Lewisville Laser’s Botox treatments are performed on women in their 40s and 50s, Leigh says she also sees many younger women in their 20s who grew up with mothers who were among the first generation of otox enthusiasts. They witnessed firsthand the success their beautiful mothers en oyed and now want to address their own skin issues sooner rather than later. A 10-minute Botox treatment smooths frown lines between the brows while causing very minimal discomfort and requiring no recovery period afterward. What better way is there to spend a lunch hour? ocated a short 10-minute drive from Winston-Salem, you’ll find Lewisville Laser & Aesthetics at 6580 Shallowford Road, Suite 130, in Lewisville. Call 336-945-2076 to schedule a free aesthetic consultation or learn more about their services and their team at Hours are Monday through Wednesday, 0 a.m. 5 00 p.m.; Thursday, 0 a.m. 12 00 p.m.; and Friday, 0 a.m. 5 00 p.m. If you’re looking to introduce a friend to laser treatments, consider a gift certificate good towards the very personalized services at Lewisville Laser & Aesthetics.


Lewisville Laser GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE! Botox • Fillers • Ultherapy • Kybella • ThermiVa JUST 10 MINUTES FROM WINSTON-SALEM

Leigh Summer, MD

Kristen Murphy, PA-C

December 2016 / 47

Welcome in the Season with the Claus for a Cause Celebration BY MAT BATTS

Santa Claus is comin’ to town…and the Winston Cup Museum wants to help you get in the Christmas spirit with its first-ever Claus for a Cause celebration. The free community event will be held from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on December 3rd inside the museum’s lobby at 1355 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Winston-Salem. The Winston Cup Museum, alongside multiple local businesses and organizations, will come together to celebrate the season with Christmas carols, holiday crafts and discounted museum tours. A portion of the event’s proceeds will benefit the Forsyth ackpack rogram, a local nonprofit working to feed chronically hungry school children in the local school system, so they can grow physically and mentally. According to Ericka Edwards, director of marketing and public relations for Winston Cup Museum, the Museum began the event’s planning process searching for a local non-profit that fit with the event’s demographic. The Forsyth Backpack Program, she said, was a no-brainer. “We were just really impressed with what they were doing within the community,” Edwards said. “And we thought there were great ties there with it being a children’s event and focusing on the children in our community.”

48 /

As a special treat for the museum’s guests, Santa Claus will be there for photo ops, along with a bright red ’49 Hudson, connecting a retro theme with the museum’s class NASCAR showcase. Professional Santa photos will be available for purchase through local photographer Tracy Krell. In addition to the photos, Krankies Coffee will be on hand selling coffee, hot cocoa, cookies and sandwiches, and guests will enjoy performances by a group of youth Christmas carolers from the Spring Theatre. Children in attendance are also invited to join local artist Kadie Veille in creating ornaments, souvenirs, and many other holiday crafts. Karen Fullerton, founder and President of The Sergei Foundation, is scheduled to hold a book signing during the event, showcasing her new book, Sergei’s Eyes, and explaining the foundation’s mission of meeting the unanswered need and demand for sick and injured companion pet care. Edwards said the museum hopes to pull the community into the celebration and show off many of the area’s local talents and organizations. “We’re excited just being able to see all of the community involvement and being able to pull in a lot of local businesses and local artists,” Edwards said. “We’re really excited about all of our vendors and what each of them brings to the table.” Following the Claus for a Cause celebration, the Winston Cup Museum will also participate at 5 p.m. in the Winston-Salem Jaycees’ Holiday arade, with a float that will be on display throughout the Parade’s route up Liberty and Fourth Streets

in Downtown Winston-Salem. The Holiday Parade will conclude with the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership‘s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. “We hope that families will make a day of it and come visit with Santa, tour the museum, have their photo taken, and then head over to the Parade,” Edwards said. “This is intended to really be a fun community day event.” For more information on the Winston Cup Museum’s Claus for a Cause, please contact Ericka Edwards at (336) 724-4557.

Learn more about the Forsyth Backpack Program: Incorporated in 2012, the Forsyth Backpack Program sees a need to work collaboratively, rather than competitively, to achieve the shared goal of feeding chronically hungry school children and making our community a better place for all. To take part in the group’s mission, visit forsythbackpackprogram. org and volunteer, learn more about childhood hunger, or make a financial contribution. The Forsyth Backpack program can be reached by phone at (336)-409-9543.


CRF 50F ®

Give them a great start.

Honda of WS

Honda of Winston-Salem 591 S. Stratford Road | Winston-Salem, NC 27103 (336) 765-0330 | CRF/Fs ARE INTENDED FOR OFF-ROAD OPERATION ONLY. PARENTS NEED TO CONSIDER A RIDER’S AGE, SIZE, ABILITY AND MATURITY BEFORE ALLOWING THEM TO RIDE. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET, EYE PROTECTION AND PROTECTIVE CLOTHING, AND PLEASE RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT. OBEY THE LAW AND READ THE OWNER’S MANUAL THOROUGHLY. Always stay on established trails in approved riding areas. CRF® is a registered trademark of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. ©2016 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (06/16)

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas...


from our family to yours! Let Isenhour Homes help you build family memories in the New Year | 336.659.8211 December 2016 / 49

Photography by Ron Cable

50 /

Photo by Jay Sinclair

Let Your Holidays Begin at Graylyn BY A. KEITH TILLEY

Traditions are as essential to a family’s holiday enjoyment as presents on Christmas morning. They bring a sense of nostalgia and comfort to the occasion, providing insights into what lies ahead in the coming season. Of course, most of all, they give us something to look forward to with excitement and anticipation of what this year will bring. It’s never too late, however, to form new traditions that will last for generations to follow. Nestled behind the large hardwood trees just off the Reynolda Mile is Graylyn, located at 1900 Reynolda Road in Winston-Salem—North Carolina’s second largest home only to Biltmore, and the similarities don’t end there. The estate belonged to Bowman and Nathalie Gray. They resided at Graylyn after the house was completed in 1932 with their two sons, Bowman Gray Jr. and Gordon Gray. It took approximately three years to build what is now the massive Manor home, Bernard Cottage, Bungalows, Gardener’s Cottage and the Mews.

for her freshly baked butterscotch cookies, famously named after their beloved Scottish terriers— utter and Scotch; Mr. Gray as well for his love of ice cream. The present chef and staff at Graylyn are careful to blend in these special treats for their guests to share insights into a little of what life was like for the Gray family. Alyssa Armenta, Marketing Manager for the Graylyn Estate, adds, “Mr. Gray loved ice cream so much that he created an ice cream room in the Manor House. Graylyn shares Mr. Gray’s indulgence with guests 24 , with special ice cream rooms on each floor of the manor house and several buildings throughout the estate.” Celebrating the Holidays in Style

Many in this area know Bowman Gray as the son of the co-founder of Wachovia Bank, James Alexander Gray, and the former Aurelia owman; and as ast- resident of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company beginning in 1924, succeeding William Neal Reynolds. He eventually took over as Chairman of the board in 1931, a position he held until his passing in 1935. The Grays were well known for their philanthropic projects, including orphanages, hospitals and gifts to our local community. According to historian William S. Powell, a benevolent fund created by Gray was instrumental in establishing the Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest College in Winston-Salem. It ultimately led to the remainder of Wake Forest College relocating here from Wake Forest, North Carolina, and becoming what is today Wake Forest University.

Christmas brings a new dimension to Graylyn that enhances its grandeur all the more. From room to room its visitors are delighted in the spirit of the holiday with no less than seven themed Christmas trees providing the central focus, surrounded by dozens of colorful, bright poinsettias and the visual splendor of holly and attractive holiday decorations that adorn the estate both inside and out. Each holiday tree is decorated in a fashion that resembles a part of the rich Gray family history. Another special holiday tradition for visitors is the Graylyn replica gingerbread house. As Alyssa explains, “The gingerbread house created each year is made from Chef Rollins’s own personal recipe. This is Chef Rollins’s 11th year of preparing our amazing gingerbread house creation. It is completed the last week of November and showcased in the house for approximately four to five weeks. It takes about 72 hours to create, from the dough to baking in the molds and assembling and decorating. When completed, it stands about two feet tall, five feet long, and weighs about 30 pounds. Chef Rollins crafts his own royal icing (a special frosting that acts like glue and dries quickly), and uses many types of candy to decorate the house, such as jelly beans, skittles, M&Ms, sprinkles, wafers, gum drops, etc.”

This time of year, however, brings to mind some of the Gray’s very special holiday traditions. For instance, each year at Christmas they held a Christmas party for the children of this area, providing gifts that for many often would be all they would receive. Mrs. Gray was well known

In describing the manor’s atmosphere, Alyssa says, “It’s difficult not to get into the holiday spirit at Graylyn. The weekend after Thanksgiving, the estate transforms itself into a festive atmosphere. Delightful wreaths grace the large stately windows, brightly lit holiday trees adorn the

A History of Giving Back

December 2016 / 51

various rooms and over 200 poinsettias embellish the home with style and elegance. The gingerbread house is a wonder to see and the highlight of every child’s visit. When you enter the lobby, you are immediately greeted by the smell of warm hot chocolate and apple cider, and if the weather is chilly, guests can en oy a warm, crackling fire in the living room and grille room.” A Grand Estate for an Illustrious Family Tradition The setting for these important holiday family traditions and for the tradition you and your family can begin is the French Norman-style manor, encompassing 46,000 square feet, containing 35 exquisitely appointed bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool, a grand circular stair tower, and a uniquely rich stone facade. There are 86 guest rooms in total on the estate that spans 55 acres. The surrounding landscape throughout is as lovely and striking as the manor home. The Grays paid very close attention to every detail in building a residence that defined elegance combined with intricately ornate details both inside and out, coupled with pristine landscapes and superb gardens, making every day on the property one to enjoy and relish. Once you enter the estate, one would never imagine that all this peace, solitude and beauty are just minutes away from Reynolda House and Old Salem Museums and Gardens, combined with an excellent variety of shopping options to choose from just steps away. For the guests’ dining pleasure, Graylyn offers nine private, elegantly adorned dining rooms in addition to the Grille Room, which serves cocktails and appetizers. Of course, guests can enjoy dining in their rooms as well, if they so desire. When it comes to dining on the estate, it doesn’t get any better than the Chef’s selected dinner menu options. Visitors can choose from such inviting entrees as slow- roasted prime rib; a petit filet and salmon, shrimp or crab; roasted rack of lamb; herb-crusted veal loin; and grilled filet mignon and lobster tail. Guests are served these delicious meats and seafoods with select vegetables like SpinachParmesan Risotto, Drawn Butter and a Wild Mushroom Bordelaise, and Buttered Red Bliss Potatoes. Add in the sensational aroma of mouthwatering soups, like Lobster Bisque, Grilled Chicken with Morel Mushroom Soup, Roasted Corn and Country Ham Chowder, and New England Clam Chowder. All of these serve to complement the garden-fresh signature and premiere salad choices, made with only the freshest ingredients and prepared in the 52 /

unique Graylyn style of fine dining. These are ust some of the delicacies that await you. (Note: select menu options are seasonal and based on availability.) Alyssa suggests, “Graylyn offers an intimate dining experience anyone can enjoy. Reservations are required for lunch and dinner, and can be made by calling (800) 472-9596, or through” The pampering doesn’t end there, for Graylyn offers an assortment of amenities that are sure to satisfy any guest’s desires. In addition to the three-course dining already mentioned, Graylyn offers guests complimentary lobby coffee and refreshments, a fitness room, an outdoor pool, tennis courts, the most picturesque walking and jogging trails, and a lounge serving cocktails. It also provides billiards and darts for your leisurely enjoyment, daily newspapers and evening turndown service. Additional necessities include high-speed internet access in all guest rooms, same-day valet and drycleaning service, and transportation services, including airport transfers. One of Graylyn’s amenities you won’t find ust anywhere involves their personal butlers on call for guests. This unique service provides guests with the full-on Graylyn

experience unlike any other. And one last Graylyn-only experience for guests staying in the Mews—a short distance from the Manor House—involves freshly baked Butterscotch cookies made available each afternoon in the spirit of the Gray’s beloved Scottish terriers. Guests Enjoy Even More with Unique Package Offers You don’t have to be a Gray, however, to enjoy some of the same holiday traditions and splendor they relished years ago. Graylyn offers special packages that make your holiday planning a simpler task. Their Historic Holiday Package, for example, provides all you need for a uniquely rewarding experience, including a gourmet breakfast, a deluxe tour of the manor and tickets to Reynolda House and Old Salem Museums and Gardens. There’s also the Living and Learning Package that allows guests to sample the rich history that is Graylyn at their own pace, and the Historic Garden Getaway ackage for flower and plant lovers alike. Finally, there’s the European Touch Spa Package, the ultimate way to pamper yourself as you indulge in the splendor of the holidays. During this time, children can enjoy Graylyn’s ever-popular Breakfast with Santa event, which is always a big hit. And once Christmas is over and the gift-giving has passed, it’s time to celebrate

ringing in the New Year Graylyn-style with their New Year’s Eve package, topping off your holiday with flair and sure to get 201 off to a good start. This holiday season, make Graylyn a part of your family’s celebrations and enjoy the season in style, with all the grandeur, joy and luxury your family deserves. This is one holiday gathering they’re sure to remember for years to come. To find out more about special packages, dining, yearly themed events and more, visit their website at You may also give them a call at 1-800-472-9596 or visit them at 1900 Reynolda Road in Winston-Salem. Graylyn is a great place to hold your next company holiday event, meeting or conference. Businesses may contact Shelley Brown, Director of Sales at 336-758-2425 for more information. This season, why not share in the majesty that is Graylyn with your family?


Authentically Local Honoring the Gray family’s commitment to supporting a thriving local community for more than 80 years, your choice to meet, stay and dine locally ensures an ongoing commitment to local schools, scholarships and preservation. winston-salem, nc | | 1.800.472.9596 December 2016 / 53

Gifts Crafted by Children’s Hands BY LISA S.T. DOSS


year, parents of young children wonder how to give a one-of-a-kind practical gift that would be well received. For the grandparent or great aunt, teacher or coach, the answer is found in our child’s artistic abilities. Beautiful and bright pictures hang on our refrigerator and doors and framed in our hallways and guest rooms. Each one provides a feeling of warmth and beauty. Why not take your child’s vision of the world and apply it to a gift that will be instantly loved? Children also want to participate in the season of giving. In offering a gift of time and creativity, children can return love or appreciation to the special individuals who add to their happiness, growth, education, or talent all year long.

The Personalized Tote Bag From carrying books, to other daily needs, everyone has a use for a tote bag. Imagine the surprise when the recipient unwraps a canvas bag that has a personalized design. Undoubtedly, this gift will be instantly loved! SUGGESTIONS: The meticulous artist may appreciate applying a pencil sketch or stencil before using permanent markers. Also, place a piece of cardboard inside the bag to prevent the colors from bleeding through. (Using cardboard to protect the table also is advisable.)

Hand-Painted Picture Frames Color often grabs our attention, especially a display of bright colors. The gift of a child’s picture may appear pushy or impersonal; however, a hand-painted frame is priceless.

54 /

SUGGESTIONS: A craft store usually carries a pack of three to five wooden picture frames; the perfect “canvas” for a child to paint a unique picture on. Ideas could include a starry night, trees and flowers, a rainbow, or patterns of swirls, lines, or circles.

Wrapping Candles or Mason Jars Panoramic pictures are the perfect design to spice up a candle or Mason jar. It will entice the holder to the spin the container in full circles. If thinking about creating a winter or Christmas theme, ivory or white tissue paper serves as the perfect natural backdrop. (Please know in advance, this project requires a gentle hand to ensure the fragile paper is not torn.) You may decide to fill the Mason ars with ingredients to make hot chocolate or cookies, or perhaps a small candle. (While this project is simple, the outcome is simply beautiful.) TIPS: To know the width of the tissue paper, measure the body of the candle or Mason jar, not including the neck, and cut with an inch of overlapping space. After the design is drawn with colored pencils, crayons, or thin markers, it is advisable to glue one end directly onto the container, before wrapping semi-tightly and gluing. This helps keep the paper from slipping. For permanence, spray a crystal-clear acrylic coat over the tissue paper. Drying time will take over 15 minutes.

Personalized Key Chains Older elementary-aged children would love the meticulous care required to design these personalized key chains. All it takes is an old credit card and a creative imagination. (Applying

scratches will destroy the magnetic strip.) Consider using an old or current photograph of the recipient, which could serve as the base. Decorate with adhesive stickers before applying a water-base glue and finish sealer called Mod odge. TIPS: This project requires stages and steps. First, think where the grommet will be placed, ensuring it will not interfere with your picture or decorations. (You will need to buy grommets and chains.) Each piece needs to be placed before it is glued. Allow the front to dry completely; then, create a backside. Mod Podge is easy to use, and thankfully each coat dries quickly.

A Card Words from the heart have a great impact, especially when they are conveyed in a beautiful handmade card. While spelling is often a trivial detail, parents can provide a few key phrases in advance, such as “Merry Christmas!” and “Thank you!” Some children may choose to recite dialogue through the ease of making wavy lines. Be ready, parents, to write down each of your child’s sentences verbatim. eautification is part of artistic desire, whether it includes pictures affiliated with the season or theme of Christmas. Never fear, parents, perfection is in the eye of the beholder. The gift is embedded deeper than paper, and connects to a child’s offering of time, creativity, and thought. Gifts created by little hands are always viewed as priceless!

GIVE THE GIFT OF HEALTH YMCA Give those you love more confidence, increased energy and improved health and wellness with a gift certificate for Y membership and services, like personal training or boot camps. Show someone that you care about their health throughout the year! Visit Call 336 777 8055 or your local Y for more information. Find us

All for the little ones’ holiday joys!



nursery furniture & decor • unique gifts • holiday clothing • ornaments • personalized gifts December 2016 / 55

2016 Nutcracker to Showcase Acclaimed Guest Dancers

Megan LeCrone and Martin Harvey during 50th Year Anniversary


School of the Arts’ beloved production of The Nutcracker will showcase guest dancers Megan LeCrone, performing the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and Martin Harvey as the Cavalier Prince, for two evening performances on Wednesday, December 14th and Thursday, December 15th. Presented by First Tennessee Bank, The Nutcracker will be performed at the Stevens Center for ten performances December 9th–18th. A native of Winston-Salem and UNCSA alumna, LeCrone is a soloist for the New York City Ballet (NYCB), who made her debut as the Sugar Plum Fairy last year in NYCB’s production of The Nutcracker. Harvey is an award-winning former member of London’s Royal Ballet Company, as well as a highly accomplished actor. “As UNCSA celebrates the 50th anniversary of the inaugural production of The Nutcracker, we’re thrilled to continue the tradition of bringing world-class guest artists to our stage,” states UNC School of the Arts’ Chief Marketing Officer Katharine aidlaw. Megan and Martin are extraordinary dancers who will inspire our students and captivate audiences.” “Our UNCSA student performers in The Nutcracker are themselves destined to be among the best dancers in the world,” states UNC School of the Arts’ Dean of Dance Susan Jaffe. “Megan, an alumna of UNCSA’s high school ballet program, serves as a perfect testament that the brightest ballet stars of the future are performing on UNCSA’s stages today. I’m so proud of Megan’s stunning career.” The full performance schedule for the UNCSA production of The Nutcracker is: December 9th, 10th, and 14th 1 th at 0 p.m.; and December 10th, 11th, 1 th and 18th at 2 p.m. Tickets for The Nutcracker are now available at the Stevens Center Box Office, by phone at ( 21-1945 or online at TICKET PRICES ARE: rime Orchestra, $ ; Orchestra Center, $ 1 for adults and $40 for children 1 and under; Orchestra Sides and Front alcony, $51 for adults and $ 5 for children 1 and under; Center alcony, $ for adults and $2 for children 1 and under; Rear Balcony, $29 for adults and $24 for children 13 and under. Ticket prices include a . 5 percent North Carolina entertainment sales tax and box office processing fee.

56 /

Two Guest Artist Performances Only:

December 14th and 15th! Megan LeCrone began her dance training at the age of four with Maryhelen Mayfield, John Dennis and Elissa Fuchs at Greensboro Ballet. At age 14, she began studying with Melissa Hayden and Duncan Noble at UNCSA. LeCrone entered the School of American Ballet, the official academy of the New York City Ballet, full-time in the fall of 2001, and in November 2001, she became a New York City Ballet apprentice. LeCrone joined the Company as a member of the corps de ballet in October 2002, and was promoted to soloist in February 2013.

Martin Harvey trained at the Royal Ballet School. Following his graduation at age 17, he joined London’s Royal Ballet Company, where he danced many principal roles, including Crown Prince Rudolf in Mayerling, Onegin in Onegin, Colas in La Fille Mal Gardee, Lescaut in Manon and Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. Harvey’s principal theater credits include Carmen and Manon Lescaut with the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. On London’s West End, he’s danced in productions of Dirty Dancing, The Wind in the Willows, Peter Pan and Oliver. He also has been part of the U.S. National Tour of Come Fly Away. Television and film credits include All My Children, Gossip Girl, Great Expectations, Zero Option, Saracen, “Call of Duty, MW3” and Portraits in Dramatic Time. Harvey received the UK Critics’ Circle Spotlight Award at the UK Dance Awards in 2009.

December 2016 / 57

iHeart Radio

Congratulations Lora Songster!

58 /


30% OFF PLUS GET A REBATE UP TO $500 when you purchase

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hedule your FREE In-Home Consultation today!

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©Budget Blinds, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Budget Blinds is a trademark of Budget Blinds, Inc. and a Home Franchise Concepts Brand. Each franchise independently owned and operated. Off only valid at this Budget Blinds location. Other restrictions may apply. Not valid with any other promotion, discount or coupon. No minimum purchase requires. *Purchases o f $1,000 or more qualify for a rebate of $100, purchases of $2,500 or more qualify for a rebate of $250, and purchases of $5,000 or more qualify for a rebate of $500. Excludes Basics and Select. Only one redemption per household. Motorization not a requirement for rebate. Offer expires 12/31/16.


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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Children BY STACY LEIGHTON

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


parents, raising fine young people is the goal—you could say it is the “destination.” Sometimes we worry, “Are we doing this right?” If we don’t worry every now and then, we’re probably doing it wrong. It is in those moments that you may get some pretty awful advice about children. Steer clear of this and you’ll feel better about your parenting:

“You should start word recognition as early as possible. Children who read early are more intelligent.”

Many parents believe this, investing countless hours and dollars in expensive software, iPad apps, and tutors. In some cases, children will begin to recognize letters, sounds, and even words, but not their meanings. Reading comprehension will come much later. By listening to you read, children hear the words within the range of linguistic and cultural contexts. This is the foundation for authentic vocabulary learning. When we read with them, children learn problem-solving, reasoning and thinking, all while we nurture their natural curiosity.

One of my Book Club moms once gave this advice to a new mom. She said “It’s true, my girls both take violin lessons, Karate and foreign language classes and ballet. Sure, they’re pretty busy, but they love it!” Her daughters were 5 and 7 years old. I knew them, and they did NOT love it. And in truth, she didn’t really like it either. She often complained about having to fight with them to go and the endless hours as the Family ber. If you find an activity your child loves, that’s great! Do that, and only that. Too many activities at the same time is stressful for everyone. Studies show that there is no correlation between excessive extra-curricular activities and over-achievement. Indeed, that level of activity has been shown to lead to burnout and apathy. Children need this time for homework, playdates, and quality time with you. That’s a recipe for success.

“Busy is best. The more activities your child is involved in, the better.”

“Everyone knows that boys who are mean to you, like you, and girls who are mean to you are jealous of you.”

Let’s start with, “no one should be mean, to you or anyone.” But if they are, these reasons are probably not the reasons why! And this won’t help. When we tell our daughters that boys who are mean like them, we send a message that it is okay for them to be treated badly. That’s not what we want for them. Most events like these do not happen in a vacuum. etter to find out first what happened in each of these situations. Then we can discuss how they might best handle it.

(This was said about a pre-school child.) For a career educator, this is most disheartening. Most children under the age of 6 (and many adults, too!) can either sit still OR listen, not both. This behavior, albeit distracting, is developmentally appropriate. The best teachers employ creative classroom management strategies to keep all of the children engaged. If a child is particularly overstimulated, I recommend eliminating all possible variables before seeking a diagnosis. Monitor his or her diet (sugar, food additives, etc.), the environment (noise, climate, allergens), and their effect on the child’s behavior before seeking the advice of a medical professional.

“Children should be able to sit still and listen. If they cannot, they should be tested.”

This is a common misconception. Think about this; are we always smiling when we are happy? A child playing quietly with puzzles may not be smiling, but is content nevertheless. Before rushing to a child psychologist or Toys R Us, sit and do puzzles or read with them. Their contentment could be contagious!

“A child’s happiness is a direct reflection of their health and well-being. If children aren’t smiling and laughing, something is wrong.” 60 /

The advice, however well meaning, is actually unnecessary. You know your children best. Pay attention and trust your instincts. Because parenting, like life, really is a journey—so enjoy the ride!



9 -10

Ballet & Performing Arts Centre 9

2016 December 2016 / 61

KC and the Fence When our dog, KC, a small white Maltese, was a puppy, and before she was potty-trained, we put up a makeshift gate between our kitchen and the dining room to keep her contained. The gate consisted of a plastic-coated wire shelf used in most closets today, braced up by two retractable shower rods. Okay, it wasn’t pretty, but it did the job. As she grew bigger, and after hitting my foot on the gate numerous times, I decided to remove the shelf portion and leave the shower rods in place, running horizontally across the wide opening. The interesting thing was that even though the only object separating our Maltese from the dining room was two shower rods, which she could have easily crossed under or over without any effort, she never did. It’s because she still saw the obstacle as the gate it was before. So, even though the hurdle that was keeping her out in the past no longer existed, she couldn’t cross over it because, in her mind, it was still there. Eventually, after she was potty-trained, we were able to remove the rods altogether, but the lesson learned from it remains today. When I told my children this story, to which they could relate, having witnessed it all this time, I referenced it to how life can have the same effect on us. Things can happen in our lives that prevent us from doing something or achieving something we want to do, and even after those obstacles have been removed, we still have trouble crossing the fence. Quite simply, because in our minds the fence is still there, just as it was for K.C. I remind my children that the obstacles of our past don’t

necessarily hold us back today, despite what the cognitive center of our brain would have us believe. If we can, however, get ourselves to realize that things are different now and those same hurdles no longer exist, then maybe we can overcome whatever it is that’s prevented us from doing what we want to do. Just as in my young Maltese’s case, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but if you understand the logic, you may eventually realize the reality of your situation is different now. It may be just enough for you to overcome those past experiences and propel yourself forward where you need and want to be. Today, our dog roams freely around our house. She will, however, hesitate momentarily on occasion before going into the dining room, because she remembers this room was off limits for so long. And then she proceeds, clearly demonstrating that she has gotten past the obstruction that stopped her before. So the next time you hesitate to do something in your life because of an obstacle that used to be there, but isn’t anymore, perhaps you can take a lesson from KC’s story, and hopefully it’ll be just enough to motivate you to continue moving forward in the direction you want to go. After all, it worked for her, and she’s merely a dog, albeit a dear one to our family.

To comment visit 62 /

Salem Windows

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ts en i t pa ted

Prescription eyewear is eligible as a flexible-spending item. Contact Forsyth Family Eye Care at 336-924-9121 if you have any questions about how to use your Flex dollars.

p ew acce n s g n

in la pt nce p e c a ac sur

w t in No Mos

December 2016AM / 63 11/15/2016 9:03:46


A visit to Old Salem during the holiday season is an opportunity to experience the peace and simplicity of Christmas as you step back in time. Traditional wreaths hang from the doors, lampposts and fence posts are wrapped in their winter greenery, the smell of fresh baked treats emanates from the bakery, warming even the coldest nose, and the sound of music drifts through the air to draw you into the holiday spirit. TAKE A SELF-GUIDED TOUR OF OLD SALEM Tuesday through Saturdays, 9:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.; Sundays 1–4:30 p.m. Follow the progression of Christmas decorating and how it changed over time, with more elaborate decorations in the 19th-century buildings. View the putz, or nativity, in the Saal of the Single Brothers’ House, watch decorations and gifts being made, including greenery, in the Vogler House, and much more. Included in the All-in-One ticket. SATURDAYS WITH ST. NICHOLAS December 3rd, 10th, & 17th; 10 a.m. –3 p.m. Bring your family to the Old Salem Visitor Center to meet the Jolly Old Elf himself and enjoy special programming for children and the young at heart. Take home a souvenir photo with him, done by a professional photographer, listen to a reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, sing Christmas carols with the accompaniment of our 1800s Tannenberg Organ, enjoy a traditional Moravian treat and more. Special event ticket required. $8 per person (ages three and up). Tickets can be purchased at or at the door. CHRISTMAS BY CANDLELIGHT GUIDED TOURS December 2nd, 3rd*, 9th*, 16th, 17th*, 22nd, 23rd; *dates sold out Take a guided tour by candlelight through the Historic District, where the customs and traditions of Christmas in Salem will be brought to life through all of your senses. The evening will include music, games, food & drink, and interacting with our staff to create your own special memories. $40 per person. Advanced registration required by calling 1-800-441-5305. Space is very limited. 64 /

TANNENBERG ORGAN RECITAL SERIES Wednesdays in December at noon The historical importance of the magnificent organ David Tannenberg completed in 1800 for Home Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was recognized at the time of its dismantling in 1910, and it was not destroyed, but remained in storage in various locations for eighty-eight years. Join us for free organ recitals featuring regional organists from across North Carolina. No ticket required. SOULFUL CHRISTMAS CONCERT & PARTY December 8th; 6–8 p.m. Celebrate the Christmas season with jazzy, spiritual and Motown-sound Christmas music. Enjoy a live performance by the dynamic R&B group, Envision, and hear some of your favorite holiday classics as recorded by The Temptations, Nat King Cole and more! Treat your taste buds to a “Soulful Christmas Tasting,” which will feature foods prepared by area restaurants and caterers. A Christmas reading, raffle and a photo station will be among the festivities. Special event ticketed required. $30 per person. Reserve your table or spot by calling 1-800-441-5305. SALEM CHRISTMAS December 10th; 10 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Join us for our annual celebration of Moravian traditions throughout the Historic Town of Salem! Enjoy historic trades demonstrations, period music, watch Christmas cakes being made and hearth-cooking demonstrations, enjoy our very special St. Philips Anniversary Lovefeast, mule-drawn wagon rides and more. At 5:15 p.m., we will gather in the James A. Gray, Jr. Auditorium in the Old Salem Visitor Center for carol singing and the lighting of the Christmas Pyramid. Activities included in our All-in-One Ticket. *NEW* A CHRISTMAS EVENING IN OLD SALEM December 21st; 6–9 p.m. The historic streets of Old Salem are filled with the holiday spirit. Bring the whole family and join us for a magical evening of historic Moravian Christmas traditions. You will have self-guided access to four of our historic buildings, lit by candlelight, along with the C. Winkler Bakery and the Shops in Old Salem. While visiting you can take part in carol singing, candle trimming and playing Tavern games. You also can see traditional Christmas decorations, watch craftsmen at work, and sample Moravian hospitality with cookies and warm apple cider. Special event ticket required. $40 for adults; $20 for students/children (ages 4-18); free for children 3 and under. Purchase tickets at or by calling 1-800-441-5305. CHRISTMAS WEEK IN OLD SALEM December 27th through January 1st Continue the celebration with your family in Old Salem the week of Christmas. Continue to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the holiday season in the historic district with a self-guided tour, included with our All-inOne Ticket. December 2016 / 65

The “How To” of Giving a Pet for Christmas BY LISA S.T. DOSS


the moment. It is Christmas morning. The magical moment has finally arrived. Children are running down the stairs with sleepy-eyed parents, and perhaps grandparents, following behind. Across thirty minutes, children are actively playing with tricycles or scooters, building blocks or several dolls, now scattered across the room. Excitement is noticeable in the eyes of the children, ready to open wrapped gifts and Christmas stockings. Wrapping paper and string, boxes and tissue paper will be three feet deep in the confinements of the room. With the full throttle of over-stimulus and energy, do you really want to introduce the family dog or cat in this type of environmental frenzy?

Think First of the Animal Introducing a new pet to the family is a big moment for everyone. The dog or cat may be overly anxious and need the reassurance of soft, gentle hands stroking their head. It will take time to familiarize the dog with key locations, such as the water bowl, dog dish, bed and crate, and especially the door to be used to indicate “bathroom” moments. Dogs will need extra time to sit and wait for the lead to be attached to the collar. Cats will require less immediate training; yet, attention will be important to keep Fido and Kitty connected to new family members and happy. The first meeting should not be in a situation where aggressive hands will scare the dog or cat, and result in the need to “run to a corner” and have 66 /

an intended “accident.” The bigger questions are: • As parents are busy preparing meals and welcoming relatives, cleaning the paper mess while children are playing with new and exciting toys, who is going to take care of the new pet’s needs on such an important day? • The new puppy or cat cannot be left unattended with piles of paper, string, ribbon, and cardboard litter the floor. For safety reasons, the family pet will need to be crated until the focus can be on the new pet’s wanderings. An Alternative Surprise: The month of December is always full of wonderful anticipation and surprises. If parents truly desire a family pet as a Christmas present, consider including

the entire family. It will be wonderful to encourage the kids to research the breed of a dog or the disposition of a cat, or start visiting rescue centers together. The decision to adopt should never be rushed. Despite the hustle and bustle in preparation for Christmas, everyone can come together and help with key responsibilities, such as feeding and watering, walking or exercising, brushing, and building a relationship with the new pet. (Just remember, the arrival of winter winds, rain, and snow are not ideal conditions to house-train a puppy. And, eager children may not be so excited to take the dog out in bad weather.) A Pet as a Gift You may be thinking about your mother or father, an in-law, perhaps,

alone in a house, and wonder if a pet is exactly what he or she needs. Unlike a scarf or a sweater that can be exchanged for a different design or style, a cat or dog is not easily returned. Not everyone views their circumstances as lonely and would find the gift appreciated. In addition to a monthly financial burden to buy food, and perhaps litter, as well as supply the pet with pillows and toys, the size, and temperament of the dog must match the owner. If your relative has health difficulties or doesn’t en oy outings in the winter, then a dog will become a burden. There is a solution. The Gift of Financial Support If your relative is excited about the prospect of pet ownership, the best gift is to take him or her to rescue centers. A puppy’s temperament and activity may not match a mature woman or man; however, there may be an older dog that could be a perfect fit. An older cat, too, will enjoy the many hours snuggling beside an appreciative owner. The gift may include your generosity to pay adoption fees, a dog crate or cat kennel, a pillow, and perhaps a bag or two of food. It will be helpful to find a veterinarian clinic near your relative’s house. The unconditional love of a pet is a wonderful experience, with the support of family and the agreement of caretakers.

Music by Wesley Whatley Book & Lyrics by William Schermerhorn

DECEMBERTwinCityStage 16-18 Arts Council Theatre

Friday & Saturday at 7:30 pm · Sunday at 2 pm

(336) 725-4001 |

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Shallowford Animal Hospital

15% off exams for active military and veterans Located in The Oaks (Food Lion) Shopping Center in Lewisville

Walk-ins Welcome

Learn more at | Schedule an appointment: (336) 945-4412 December 2016 / 67

2016 Historic West End Holiday Homes Tour [AUTHOR’S NAME NEEDED?]


December 11th from 1–5:00 pm, Home Real

Estate and the West End Association will host its biennial West End Holiday Homes Tour, starting at St. Paul’s Church (520 Summit St.). Vintage automobiles will roll through the streets this year, adding fantastic detail and paying tribute to this event’s historic significance.

Defined by its picturesque curvilinear streets and dramatically hilly topography, the West End neighborhood is home to a rich collection of architecture, reflective of its late nineteenth-early twentiethcentury period of development as an urban streetcar suburb.

68 /

Oscar P. Schaub House ca. 1920, 1211 West Forsyth Street

the façade, with turned posts and sawnwork brackets. This onestory dwelling was sheathed with asbestos shingles in the midtwentieth century and served as a rental home for many years, until it became overgrown and run down. Today it has been given new life, and its lovely Victorian details shine once again! A trip up the hill at 1215 Brookstown Ave. reveals the low-slung Wyatt-Honeycutt bungalow (ca. 1924). A grand terraced lawn emanating from the granite wall at the sidewalk contrasts with the quiet splendor of this home. Recently converted from a duplex back to a fabulous single family home, this structure’s understated beauty is better understood once the viewer is close enough to see the low-hipped roof with overhanging eaves, gabled front dormer, and handsome porch with square posts on brick plinths.

Joseph L. Graham House ca. 1910, 645 Summit St.

The Rosenbacher House (ca. 1909, 848 W. Fifth St.), lofted high above the street and adorned by a terraced lawn and dramatic front porch with Grand Corinthian and Ionic columns, is considered one of Winston-Salem’s grandest examples of NeoClassical Revival architecture, and serves as a wonderful kick-off for this year’s tour. Across the street stands the Brock-Horn-Maslin House (ca. 1890s, 857 W. Fifth St.), one of the West End’s most ornate Victorian dwellings. William Brock was one of many West End residents who witnessed the birth of this neighborhood. Little did he fathom upon stumbling into a dry goods store in downtown Winston-Salem that the success he achieved there as a salesman would one day launch his career as owner of one of the largest candy manufacturers in the United States. Brock Candy Company is famous today for its introduction into the U.S. of the everpopular “gummy bear” in the 1980s. Two Colonial Revivals are next—the Thomas-Stultz House (ca. 1915, 1211 West Fourth St.) and the Oscar P. Schaub House (ca. 1912, 1211 Forsyth St.). Typical features of this style include a symmetrical front façade, accented doorway, evenly spaced windows, and columned porches. While both of these homes feature wrap-around porches with Tuscan columns, each embodies a unique architectural and historical character from there. For example, in the 1940s, Marie Long listed 1211 Forsyth St. as “Long’s Turkish Bath & Health Center.” The home’s current owners wonder what exactly was involved with running a Turkish bath in the middle of the neighborhood in the 1940s!

A stop at the corner of Northwest and Reynolda (ca. 1938, 10 W. Northwest lvd. introduces the offices of two young entrepreneurial West Enders who protected their daily earnings in the 1930s–1950s with not only a combination-lock-protected safe, but also a deep walk-in vault at their burgeoning Quality Oil distributorship. Richly preserved details in this building include bathroom tile, hardwood floors, and knotty pine paneling. The tour’s final stop, the Joseph . Graham House (ca. 1910, 45 Summit St.), is one of only a few Tudor Revivals in the West End. Emphasizing the simple and rustic aspects of Tudor architecture, this style leans more heavily towards modesty and a “country cottage effect than its more formal muse, the Tudor. Traffic manager for R.J. Reynolds and Vice President of the Board of Trade, Mr. Graham prided himself on living in the neighborhood’s largest and arguably finest example of Tudor Revival architecture. Take a step back in time this December 11th to visit these historic homes that have been elegantly adorned with fresh greenery, family heirlooms, and an abundance of charm and holiday cheer. Enjoy the notes of some of Winston-Salem’s most talented musicians as they transport you to the turn of the century with traditional holiday classics. Let the West End open its doors to the past and tell you stories of the men and women who defined the earliest character of this streetcar neighborhood. See the homes they built and cars they may have driven, and experience firsthand the ways in which these buildings have been carefully preserved, yet updated, and in many cases exquisitely resurrected to their original grandeur. Tickets now available at Whole Foods (41 Miller St.), 1502 Fabrics (936 Burke St.), and online. Visit for more information. Brock-Horn-Maslin House ca. 1890s, 857 W. Fifth Street

The Roberts-Lehman house (ca. 1911, 1110 West End Blvd.) is a fine example of a Dutch Colonial Revival, a style known for having gambrel roofs with flared eaves extending over the long sides and resembling Dutch barns in construction. This home is perhaps the most distinctive example in the West End, with its triple-gambrel roof featuring a front gambrel with diamond muntin upper sash matching the diamond muntin sidelights and transom of the glass and woodpaneled entrance. Nearly lost to neglect by the year 2015, the tour’s next home is a typical early twentieth-century cottage (ca. 1906, 125 Piedmont Ave), complete with a hipped and gabled roof, a right- front projecting bay, and a porch across two-thirds of December 2016 / 69

Celebrating 28 Years of Helping Local Children! The

28th year of FOX8 Gifts for Kids, a holiday campaign that collects gifts for The Salvation Armies of the Piedmont Triad by FOX8, North State and Lowe’s Home Improvement, is underway! The kickoff event began a few weeks ago on the “FOX8 Morning News Live” from the Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse in High Point on November 11th. “Every toy or donation to FOX8 Gifts for Kids will enable The Salvation Army to help families in need,” said Captain obby Jackson, Commanding Officer for The Salvation Army of High Point. “Help us make Christmas brighter for thousands of families in need right here in the Piedmont.” New, unwrapped gifts can be dropped off at the FOX8 Studios at 2005 Francis Street in High Point until December 12th. Gifts and monetary donations can also be taken to any Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse and North State locations in the Piedmont through December 11th. The Salvation Armies will pick up the gifts collected from FOX8 and transport them to Salvation Army warehouses for distribution to local families in need. Anyone needing assistance should contact the local Salvation Army. “The need to support local families during the holidays continues to increase every year. In 2014, we raised $108,000 for ‘Gifts for Kids,’ and last year we raised almost $131,000. We hope to collect even more money this year,” North State President and Chief Executive Officer Royster Tucker III, said. As a result of the generous support of people across the Piedmont Triad, Gifts for Kids provided Christmas gifts for more than 22,000 children in each of the past two years.” FOX8 Gifts for Kids helps The Salvation Army serve more than 20,000 children in the Piedmont every Christmas. North State is proud to join FOX8 as a corporate sponsor of the program, and Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse is the retail sponsor.

70 /

How You Can Help! People should bring new and unwrapped gifts to any of the drop-off locations listed below. Those gifts will then be delivered to the FOX8 studios. Each Salvation Army unit will pick up donations from the FOX8 studios and bring them to their sorting/ warehouse location. Each Salvation Army unit then distributes the gifts to families in need.

Gift Drop-off Locations: • FOX8 studio, 2005 Francis Street in High Point • North State retail stores • Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse stores

Monetary Donations: Monetary donations may be made at the FOX8 studios or any Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse locations. To make a monetary donation at Lowe’s Home Improvement, customers can donate at each cash register as part of their checkout process. Remember, December 11th is the last day to drop off a toy at Lowe’s Home Improvement, and December 12th is the last day to take a gift to FOX8’s studio in High Point. December 2016 / 71

Miracles In Sight The Gift of Vision BY VONDA HENDERSON

“Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful.” ~ Helen Keller


you know that the second-largest eye bank in the world is in Winston-Salem? Did you also know that the largest non-profit eye bank in the world is in Winston-Salem? Miracles In Sight holds both those distinctions. Here, in Winston-Salem, an area known for its commitment to the arts, is an organization dedicated to helping restore sight to so many in the world…and as a result, allowing them to enjoy the beauty and art in the world around them. As Dean Vavra, President and CEO of Miracles In Sight shared, “Mayor Allen Joines calls Winston-Salem a city of vision.” It truly is just that. Miracles In Sight began in 1951 as the North Carolina Eye and Human Tissue Bank. In 1996, the organization changed its name to the North Carolina Eye Bank, and in 2014, it was renamed Miracles In Sight to better reflect its purpose. In May of 2015, the South Carolina Eye Bank joined the business. The 70+ employees of Miracles In Sight are committed to their mission—[they] “want to create a world where those whose sight can be restored receive the help they need.” To achieve that mission, the team is focused on four goals: on educating the public on the need for eye donors, on care (ensuring that the wishes of donors are carried out), on quality (fully utilizing available tissues), and success (working closely with medical professionals to ensure successful achievements). Those are lofty expectations, and the team at Miracles In Sight works with them in mind 24/7. Miracles In Sight covers every aspect of vision restoration. The Call Center team members are an empathic and compassionate group who make the initial contact with families regarding donation decisions at a difficult time. Recovered tissues are tested in the lab and matched to recipients; the donor recoveries and anticipated surgery schedules are coordinated to achieve optimal results. Corneas are shipped all over the world for surgeries. Typically, a third of the eye tissue donated remains in Winston-Salem, a third is shipped throughout the United States, and the remaining third is shipped to international destinations.

72 /

We take the time to

do it RIGHT!

Noteworthy facts about corneal transplants at Miracles In Sight: • On average, 300 corneal transplants are performed each month. • The success rate is quite high at 95%; since there is no blood supply, tissue rejection is a non-issue. • Corneal transplants are considered the most common and effective transplant procedure of them all. • Patients may have several corneal transplants over their lifetime, depending on their disease recurrence.

MarcEnglebert, Owner

Black Streaked Roof? Dirty, Dingy Exterior?

We go from top to bottom - safely cleaning your home, to make it clean as possible! Ask us about our SafeWash system!! Prompt, professional & friendly service EVERY TIME.

P3 Precision

• LASIK procedures do not prohibit donation. • Babies are able to have corneal transplants. • Timing of corneal transplants in children is critical due to brain development. By age seven, the brain will switch off vision, if surgical intervention has not occurred to correct blindness. • The most common causes of blindness are corneal disease and cataracts. Thirty percent of worldwide blindness is due to corneal disease. Miracles In Sight partners with the Lions Clubs, Industries for the lind, and ro ect Orbis (a flying surgical unit with a dedicated operating room on board). Miracles In Sight recently donated half a million dollars in grant monies to the Duke Eye Center to advance their research endeavors. One only has to tour the Hall of History at Miracles In Sight to gain a perspective regarding how far research and technology have come in the world of eye health. And the research continues. For additional information, visit their website (miraclesinsight. org). Miracles In Sight is located at 3900 Westpoint Blvd, Suite F, just off Stratford Road. Their 24-hour contact line is 800.552.9956. Please consider registering as an organ and tissue donor, and be sure your family members are aware of your wishes.

“The eye is the jewel of the body.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

336-671-6016 | December 2016 / 73

Story Stones and Storytelling BY LISA S. T. DOSS


author of the Beyonders, Fablehaven, and Five Kingdoms series reflects on his interest in writing as a young boy. “I often kept the desire secret, because I knew that succeeding as a novelist would be a challenge. As a kid, I lived in my head a lot, making up adventures, and sometimes sharing my imaginary games with siblings and friends. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always spent a huge portion of my free time daydreaming and making up stories. As I aged, those stories became more elaborate and compelling, and I decided that I wanted to share them with others. That was when I became serious about writing.” This account by children’s author, Brandon Mull, is similar to the memories of Rick Riordan, Judy Blume, and J.K.Rowling. Each of them devoured books and read their creative writing to entertain siblings. Today, children as young as preschoolers can be encouraged to tell a story and to create new characters through inspirational ways. One never knows if the ideas of today can create a future best seller. The Ways of Communication Well before reading and writing begin, children learn to communicate through listening and speaking, and repeating variations of words, phrases, and songs. The act of telling a story—no matter the length—is a vital form of literacy. While children listen to a story, they are gaining critical pre-reading skills connected to sequencing, vocabulary development, characterization and setting, problemsolving and solutions. Just the mere interest in the illustrations encourages conversation and thinking about the

74 /

question, “What do you think will happen next?” One way to foster the storytelling experience is to introduce the idea of making story stones. A DIY Project Young children are collectors. They hold up sticks and rocks as presents. And, rather than the gift being discarded, those items enter our homes and take refuge in jacket and pants pockets, or on bookcases. If you do not have a small collection on hand, then visit a craft store and buy smooth, two-sided stones. Creative individuals can hand-draw pictures on the stones with a permanent marker or seal stickers on them with Mod Podge (underneath and over the top). Select the types of themes that will be part of your story. Consider including pictures of animals and insects, settings relating to hills and mountains, dells and forests, creeks and rivers, as well as a variety of weather conditions. To entice your child, include his or her favorite characters and interests, such as robots and rockets, warrior princesses and horses, a magic wand or a sword. Then with 25 stones and 50 interesting themes to create a unique story, these durable stones will not tear or crease, unlike picture cards. How to Tell a Story Before you engage in a game of storytelling, explain the rules. For instance, the stones must be kept on the floor, table, or in the teller’s hand. Most importantly, the stones must not be thrown or tossed. One of the most pleasing elements in

creating story stones is their shape and feeling within the hand. Each stone represents one aspect of the story that will take the imagination far until a new stone is presented. How you use the stones is up to you. Five stones may be chosen in advance; or, try engaging each participant of a small group in continuing the story using their one chosen stone. Creative Possibilities How often have you read P.D Eastman’s Go Dog Go or Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar? These favorite stories teach unlimited lessons and are continuously requested. As an alternative to reading, imagine having a bag of story stones which could foster a means to tell the story, or be used to practice sequencing, for instance. The bag of stones could be used over and over without exhausting the appeal of a beloved story. Also: • Young children may want to use their stones to create themed categories, such as characters and setting, a problem and solutions, as a form of planning and encouraging creativity. Advanced writers could be influenced to integrate three stones per day to write a four-day creative story. (Include instrumental music to influence the writer’s mood.) With a little paint or a sticker, a stone can become a magical item. It can transform a child’s imagination and teach him or her to explore creative play through storytelling.




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When Your Teenager Starts Dating BY ROBIN WHITE ELLIS


eenagers want to date. It is one of those horrid facts of life that most parents fear and even despise. One day, your little sweethearts are toddling around, playing with dolls and trains, and then it seems like they are transformed before your eyes into young men and women with romantic notions. It is a veritable mountain for any parent to climb. Part of the pain involved stems from the idea that your child is growing up and easing into years. However, bear in mind that your dating teen needs you now more than ever! This is a tough time for them, too, no matter how excited they may be about it. They may have dipped their toes into the “boyfriend/girlfriend” waters during the middle school years, but those relationships are more about blushing glances and the occasional hand-holding. True teenage dating moves onto going out in cars and away from home, which is frightening for moms and dads! First of all, just because your child has reached a certain age does not mean that he or she is ready to date. There is no magic number that, once attained, all bets are off. You know the maturity level of your son or daughter and can best glean what they are prepared to do. It is also important to have 76 /

multiple discussions about what a good relationship entails. Do not assume that they already know what constitutes a healthy dating relationship. Unfortunately, they do receive some information from the media, which is completely unrealistic! Assure yourself that your teenager understands what it means to be in a caring and supportive relationship. Do not stop talking about this! You must keep communication open and positive, reiterating how they should expect to be treated. Before any plan actually occurs, your teenager should understand a list of clear and concise rules for your household regarding dates. They should also be aware that violating any of these rules will bear consequences in the future. You should always meet the person picking your teen up for a date. My daughter knew early on that if a boy called, texted, or beeped his horn to get her outside, she was not going on the date, period. A certain level of respect should be granted. Set a firm curfew of which both your child and his or her date are fully aware. You should always know where they will go and what time they will arrive and depart. Plans seem to change sporadically with teens, and they come up with fairly grandiose ideas! Make sure they know

to call anytime a change occurs and ask permission before heading elsewhere. If your teenager does not already possess a cell phone, now is the time to get one! I have no idea how my parents dealt with my dating life without being able to call me whenever they wanted. I would have a head full of gray hairs if my daughter didn’t have a cell phone with her! It is much safer for them, especially if they are taken somewhere that makes them uncomfortable. My daughter once was taken to a get-together where someone snuck in alcohol. She was able to shoot me a discreet text, which led me to call her and pick her up without having to make a scene or embarrass her. This is an epoch in your teenager’s life (and your own) and should be handled with extreme care. It can be uncomfortable and frightening, yet it is one of those natural phases of life that cannot be undone. Talking with your child about their dates and relationships is absolutely the most important thing for both of you. Sharing anecdotes of your own dating past, as well as tips for possible situations, will better prepare you both for what is to come now. It is not necessarily a happy time for a parent, but it can be a positive growth experience in the end.

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Children’s Museum


Elf Tea Party

Festive Family Friday

Saturday, December 10 | 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. Make your elf costume, sing silly songs, make elf doughnuts and reindeer food, and enjoy tea-time snacks! Registration required. $15 per member/child (1 free adult), $23 per non-member/child; Museum admission included. $4 per each additional adult; Museum admission not included.

Friday, December 9 | 4:30 - 8:30 p.m. Join us for this community holiday tradition with live music, holiday crafts, festive laser shows in the Planetarium, and visits with Santa. $1 admission, members free.

CMWS & SciWorks

Gingerbread House Workshop

Friday, December 23 | 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Build a gingerbread house with a mini milk carton, graham crackers, icing, and a variety of sweet treats! While supplies last! $6.40 for gingerbread house supplies, Museum admission required; members free.

390 S. Liberty Street | Winston-Salem, NC 27101 (336) 723-9111 |

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Winter Day Camps

Tuesday - Thursday, December 27 - 29 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Banish the post-holiday blues with science fun! Boldly Go Sci-Fi Camp (12/27) Science Smorgasbord (12/28) Taking Care of Earth and Air (12/29) Registration required! Members: $40 per person per day; Non-members: $45 per person per day.

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Buying Your Child a Smart Phone for Christmas?

! e c i w T k n i Th

BY STACY LEIGHTON Oh, the good old days! When everything kids wanted was in the Toys R Us Christmas catalog. Fast forward to today. Now all that the kids want are smart phones, apps and iTunes download gift cards. It is estimated that over 1.8 billion people own smartphones and the average person will check his or her screen 150 times a day. Naturally, this passion trickles down to our kids. You may be tempted, but wait! Before you hand over your mortgage (these aren’t cheap), there are a few things you should consider. How soon is too soon? The national average age for first-time smartphone owners is between 11 and 14. I wonder how this population can be responsible for a $650 piece of tech when they can’t remember to shower, use deodorant, or locate their agenda?! Technology is a privilege, not a right. It will be up to you to set the ground rules for this privilege. And you have to be willing to enforce consequences for breaches. What Your Child Needs to Know

sometimes rules can be forgotten when our children are with their peers. Place it in a central location for quick reference. Here’s an example: Family Phone Contract I understand that… 1. A phone is a privilege and can be taken away if it interferes with my grades, chores, sleep, or behavior. 2. I will not use it at school or the dinner table without express permission. 3. I will not lend it to anyone and will take good care of it. If it is broken, I understand that I will have to earn its replacement. 4. I will not text, post, or Google while driving or walking. 5. I will not converse with strangers or visit sites that are not approved in advance. 6. I will monitor my data, text and minutes usage.

This is a big step, one your child has achieved based on their demonstrated responsibility. It should not be handed over to them without their feeling it was earned. People place a higher value on items they have worked for. Be sure to discuss specific times, activities, and precautions they will be expected to adhere to. Remember to address potential dangers like Cyberbullying and chat rooms, and to exercise caution with social media.

7. I will not use my phone to harass or upset anyone. I will inform my parents if I am being harassed or cyberbullied.

Get it in Writing

10. I understand that any infraction will result in forfeiting my phone for a period of time to be determined by my parents.

Parents and children should develop a family phone contract outlining these expectations. Everyone should read and sign it. This is important, because 78 /

8. I will not take my phone into my room at bedtime. 9. I will be responsible for whatever I post. I am aware that all posts, even if deleted, are still retrievable, and are a reflection of my character.

What you can do to help keep them safe In the digital world, parental controls are tools and software that are used to block inappropriate websites, impose screen time limits, and prevent strangers from coming into contact with your children online. There are three levels of parental control. Network Level: At the router level— however, this will also limit your searches, and it doesn’t help when they are away. Device Level: Parental controls can be applied directly to your child’s device. Contact your carrier for further assistance with this. Application Level: Parents can access each application on their child’s phone and set parental controls there. For example, go directly to Google or YouTube applications on their phone to set up the limitations. Additionally, special phones can be purchased that are designed to be child-safe. Google best-cell-phoneskids and look for digital trends to find kid-friendly phones currently on the market. Smartphones provide information and entertainment, they are not an adequate substitute for human interaction in your child’s growth and development. Parents must be available to help interpret this information for them to make sense of their world, and their roles within it. So should you get your teen a smartphone? Only you can decide if you and your child are ready for this responsibility—choose wisely!

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For us a child is born. ~ Isaiah 9:6 Jesus said, “Now you are my friends.” ~ John 15:15


birthday is a very special day, whether it’s your birthday or a friend’s birthday. Can you name some things that make a birthday so much fun? Cards. Hugs. Cake. Presents. Maybe even a party! If you’ve had a birthday party or gone to a birthday party, it might seem kind of sad when everyone goes home. All the games and laughter…done; all the friends and goodies…gone. Now imagine this: On your birthday, everyone calls, visits, and makes a big deal about YOU. But after your special day, people walk by and don’t say hello. They don’t ask you to play ball with them or check to see if you need help with your homework. They forget to invite you to the sleepover. Ouch! That makes you feel bad. In this month, December, we celebrate a really special birthday. Do you know whose birthday it is? Yes, Jesus, God’s son. His birthday is called Christmas. I bet you know the story. Mary was his mother, Joseph, his father. They had traveled a long way, and it was time for the baby to be born. There was no hospital or even a nice hotel room. Instead, baby Jesus was born in a barn, and his crib was a pile of hay. Jesus wasn’t all alone, though. Angels were singing and celebrating, and shepherds came to wish him a Happy Birthday. Later, important travelers came and brought him really nice presents. Even today, Jesus isn’t alone on his birthday. Everyone is talking about him. People and stores get all dressed up, and everyone is buying or making gifts. Families go to church, sing special songs, and act out the story of the night when baby Jesus was born. Some people even make a birthday cake for Jesus. I wonder if Jesus feels sad when his birthday party is over. After the Christmas celebrations are done, the wrapping paper is thrown away, and the tree is taken down, do we think about Jesus? Does anyone talk to him or spend time with him? Do we remember that he knows and cares when we’re sick? Do we ask him to go with us when we take a hike in the mountains? Your family and friends are part of your life every day, not just on your birthday. You can spend time with Jesus every day, too, not just on Christmas Day. Talk to him like a part of the family and treat him like a best friend, because that’s who he is! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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“If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal” ~ 1 Cor. 13:1


make you make your way through the Holiday Season, there is no doubt that you’ll see more than one red kettle outside a storefront with a Salvation Army volunteer ringing a bell alongside, cheerfully asking for some spare change to help the less fortunate. Whether you drop in some cash or find yourself all tapped out, you’ll most likely at least smile and say “Merry Christmas” to the bell-ringer. Unfortunately, in the early days of the Salvation Army, her “soldiers” weren’t offered such pleasantries. In fact, the so-called “Salvationists” faced brutal persecution in the streets of London. The barkeeps and brothel owners resented the Salvation Army for converting their customers and putting them out of business! “All over the country Salvationists were faced with angry mobs who used ammunition in the form of dead rats and cats, tar, rocks, rotten vegetables and even burning coals and sulfur to show their hatred of the new movement. In one year alone (1882), 669 Salvationists were brutally attacked.” ( However, as the faith of her members began to bear fruit, the perception of the Salvation Army slowly began to change, and opposition faded. According to the Salvation Army’s website, “...[by early 1900] The Salvation Army had served 27 million cheap meals, lodged 11 million homeless people, traced 18,000 missing people and found jobs for 9,000 unemployed people...” “...when people began to see the value of the Army’s work and the beneficial effect on the lives of those who responded to the gospel message, attitudes changed. Now active in all five continents, The Salvation Army has gained universal respect and loyalty. Persecution has been replaced with friendly banter and the Army is held in high esteem by people from all walks of life...” ( The Church in the United States can learn much from the early history of the Salvation Army. We see that love is what opens doors and closes divides. Love softens hearts and changes minds. As we face more criticism than ever before, it would be wise to remember that the best response to persecution, the only God-approved response to persecution, is love.

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas While

it may be the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” Christmas also the most stressful time of the year for many of us. We all keep pretty busy schedules year-round, and the Holiday season can often add a heap of new obligations and responsibilities on top of days that were already plenty full. We long for a time of peace and joy celebrating the birth of Jesus with family and friends, but all-too often, we are too busy and stressed to really soak in the reason for the season. Now, try to imagine how stressful the Holidays might be for your pastor. He and his family deal with the same Christmas chaos that many of us do, but on top of that, there are countless church activities they are expected to lead, or at least attend, throughout the season. On top of that, many people in his congregation are struggling with anxiety and depression that often surfaces during the Holidays, so the need for pastoral counseling may increase as well. Finding time to quietly celebrate Christmas with his own family is a challenge, to say the least. As you are dealing with the extra work and stress that the Holidays may bring, try to remember your pastor and his family are struggling, too. As you pray for peace, rest and rejuvenation for yourself, include them in your prayers as well. Finally, #betheone to remind the people you go to church with that your pastor and his family also deserve a Merry Christmas, and find ways to work together to lighten his load this Christmas season.

This “Minute for Your Minister” is brought to you by Energize Ministries—providing encouragement, refreshment and recreation for your pastors and ministry leaders. For more ideas about encouraging your pastor, visit You can also find out about ongoing contests and opportunities on the Energize facebook page:

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Faith & Family C A L E N D A R

Tanglewood Festival Of Lights NOW - JAN 1, 6PM-11PM Location: Tanglewood Park (Clemmons) 336.703.6400

Cost: $26 Adults | $21 Seniors/ Students | $18 Children (15 and under) Call 336-723-2266 for tickets/ information

From storybook scenes to Holiday themes, over 75 displays and over one million lights fill Tanglewood Park with the entire splendor and joy of the Holiday season!

WBFJ “Acoustic Christmas” Concert Series

Calvary Baptist Church Christmas Celebration | “Believe”

Musical Guests: Daystar Worship & House of Cedar 336.777.1983

DEC 6, 7-9PM Location: Food Court @ Hanes Mall (Winston-Salem)

Location: 5000 Country Club Rd Winston-Salem DECEMBER 2ND - 7:00PM DECEMBER 3 & 4 - 3:00P & 7:00P Triad Baptist Christmas Music Production | Joy Comes in the Morning! Location: 1175 South Main Street Kernersville DECEMBER 2-4 - 7:00PM

DEC 7TH AT 8:00PM Location: Wait Chapel

DEC 3, 6:30PM

2nd Friday Fun- Genesis Kardia

Location: Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Annex (Winston-Salem)


Cost: $7 (per person) $3 (skate rental) 336.727.2978

7-9pm; Dance and games for Special Needs populations. FREE event. Sunrise UMC at 1111 Lewisville-Clemmons Road. For more info call 336-712-8000

The North Carolina Black Reportory Company Inc. presents: Black Nativity

WBFJ “Acoustic Christmas” Concert Series

DECEMBER 2,3,9 & 10 @ 8PM DECEMBER 3,4,10 & 11 @ 3PM

Location: Food Court @ Hanes Mall (Winston-Salem) 336.777.1983

Location: Arts Council Theater 610 Coliseum Dr. Winston-Salem

DEC 15, 6:30-8:30PM Location: Skateland USA (Clemmons) Cost: $5.00 (includes skate rental) 336.777.1983 Christmas For The City DEC 21, 4-9PM Location: Benton Convention Center (Winston-Salem) Over 50 churches coming together to present Christmas for the City for the community with live music, kids & student activities, a toy workshop and a wide variety of arts and much more! “Running Of The Lights” 5k

Wake Forest’s Christian Men’s A cappella Group Chi Rho along with sister group, Minor Variation Christmas Concert

WBFJ Ice Skating Night

WBFJ Christian Skate Night

DEC 13, 7-9PM

Musical Guests: Leslie Beaver & Ashley Woodard

DEC 31, 11:30PM Location: Tanglewood Park (Clemmons) The 5k starts as the clock strikes midnight through the Tanglewood Festival of Lights. A portion of the proceeds to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank NWNC. Vintage Bible College Winter Quarter Enrollment NOW - JAN 1 Location: Vintage Bible College (Winston-Salem) Offering Associate through Doctorate Degree Programs in Bible Studies, Leadership, Theology, Ministry & Christian Education Classes start January 2, 2017 336.759.0591

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“But Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart.” ~ Luke 2:19.


is one of my favorite passages in all of Scripture. Perhaps this seems a bit obscure; it’s part of the classic Christmas narrative, but brief, and thus, often overlooked. Buried in the birth of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke, this is one simple sentence which has always spoken truth and peace to my heart. In it, I find permission to be still and to disconnect from the anxieties which percolate during this busy season. I cannot fathom the chaos of the first Christmas. Every year during Advent, I revisit Luke’s story, longing to identify spiritually—in some small way—with Mary, the mother of Jesus. Every year I am awestruck at her ceaseless courage. My soul does not quite seem to magnify the Lord with the same enthusiasm as this holy lady (Luke 1:38, 46-55). I wholeheartedly admit that obedience to God’s will is not always my first response when my plans are overshadowed, but joyful obedience to an unwanted and scandalous pregnancy as an unwed teen is astounding. Truly astounding. I have a long journey of discipleship ahead of me to reach this kind of faithfulness.

Mary’s response to the unfolding of God’s mysterious plan to reconcile the world in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, was to treasure the story—hold it in her heart. Shepherds and town-folk began to spread the awesome news of angels and glory and God at work, but Mary didn’t provoke people or promote the story for popularity. She simply treasured the words and pondered them. This Christmas, we will witness times of great celebration, enthusiasm and excitement, as the consumer culture of our daily lives shares the breaking story “Santa Claus is coming to town.” We Christians will passionately and genuinely tell and retell a different story: the joyful news of Christ’s birth. We will hear both stories. We will likely participate in, and celebrate, both stories, but I hope and pray you will treasure only one of them. Friends, in the midst of our chaos, take good care of yourselves, reread the faith stories passed down to us, and treasure them in your heart. Take courage, for you are loved, and love always triumphs. Have a Mary Christmas—and keep on the Sunny Side of Life.


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Sunrise UMC

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9:30am worship 10:30am

sunday school

Genesis Kardia 1111 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd. (336) 712-8000 84 /

After school care available call 712-0018

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Monday 6:30 pm contemporary worship casual dress sharing the love of Jesus


r o f s a m t s i r h CChristmas for the City the City th 8 1 r e b m 21st e r c e e b D m , e y c a e D id , r y F a d s e n Wed CCeennteter r n o ti n e n v n io t o n C e v n n to o C n e n Bento B 4pm4-to9p9mpm adcastinginLgIVLEIVE! WBFJ Boro adcast


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A Working Mom’s Confession of


Okay—working moms have all been through it at some point. It is a hugely busy work week. Not a little busy. One of those weeks when you are happy to make it home before bedtime. When you pick up the kids from school or daycare, and bring them with you afterwards to finish some fun work errands. (My little one still falls for it, but my 12-year-old is on to me.) Or, even worse, when you bring the kids back to the office with you and the i ad or portable DVD player in tow to act as a babysitter for an exciting office adventure, while you finish up one more hour of work. Yes, we all know those weeks. When another 15 minutes of something added to your schedule just about leads to chest palpitations. This was one of those weeks when my 6-year-old daughter, for the third time in two days, pleaded, “Can we PLEASE make cookies now?” Then it sets in…a working mom’s cookie guilt. If I were my mother, I could pull out the numerous ingredients that my mom always seems to have in stock. Actual chocolate chips, light brown sugar, vanilla, etc. The items that I know off the top of my head that do not currently reside in my pantry. Here it comes. Oh, how I want to be a supermom and a work superstar Can I fit a trip to the grocery store into my day Can I somehow find the time to actually stop everything and make cookies with my daughter— with dinner, the kids’ homework and my post-bedtime work that can’t wait until morning? I tell her about how we will make Christmas cookies soon for the holidays. The traditional Fedele Christmas cookies. The sugar cookies that include multiple batches and are a two-day process. One day for making the batter, using the cookie cutters and then baking to perfection, and day two for decorating them with icing. (Side note: to add confectionary sugar to the grocery list—another item that is never magically in my pantry.) I mentally plan for a few of my vacation days to be spent covered in flour, with the kids making Christmas cookies. Then, out on my work errands the next day, which lead me to Target. I walk past an aisle, and it catches my eye. A glow of radiant yellow light could have surrounded it, and angels could have popped up out of nearby butter containers, and it could not have been any more uplifting. Nestle quick-bake, pre-cut, chocolate chip cookies in the flat, square, yellow package. Definitely not my mother’s cookies, but I throw them in my cart with the miscellaneous work items and head for the checkout. I picked up my daughter from after-school care that night and told her I had a surprise. After dinner, in the middle of her homework—and yes, my own neverending work—my daughter and I “made cookies.” Break them apart, put them on the cookie sheet, and watch them rise in the oven. That’s when I realized this. The working mom’s cookie guilt was all my own. These were not the cookies that my mom would make, but to my 6-year-old daughter, they were just as good. Not perfect, not homemade—but the warm, melty chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, eaten over her homework and my laptop, were the perfect remedy that would do ust fine. I will look forward to making the homemade cookies closer to the holidays, but for now and the future, an end to a working mom’s cookie guilt. 86 /


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Public Group Skating Lessons WS Annex Ice



Nov. 2, 8, 11, 23-25 Dec. 22, 23, 26-30 Jan. 2, 16, 23 Feb. 8, 13, Mar. 1

$10 / session Rink5:15 - 7 p.m. Every Monday October 24 - March 20 (excluding November 21)

7-10 P.M. ON THESE FRIDAYS Oct. 21, 28 Nov. 4, 11, 18, 25 Dec. 2, 16, 23, 30 Jan. 13, 20, 27 Feb. 10, 17, 24 Mar. 3,10

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Indulging or Spoiling? BY ROBIN WHITE ELLIS


a parent, I have always struggled with that fine line between indulging my child and spoiling her. In a perfect world, I would give her everything she could ever want and yet somehow manage to instill in her a sense of compassion and self-worth, and avoid turning her into an entitled nightmare of a brat. Since that is a mere fantasy...or delusion...I have tried to ride that fence between making her happy and teaching her something about responsibility and effort. I willingly confess that my toe has crossed that line and dipped into the cold and shocking waters of spoiling needlessly, splashing us both with waves from the ocean of the Unruly Urchin! We have all been around that child in a store or restaurant who suffers from a massive meltdown, screaming bloody murder over a denied request. Frankly, even the best-behaved child will stretch those limits occasionally. However, an overly indulged, downright spoiled tyke can be a nightmare to himself, his family, and innocent strangers nearby! Parents may choose to take a stand and teach their offspring a tough lesson or, embarrassed beyond words, completely surrender any and all power to the tiny tot, basically showing him that it pays to create a cataclysm and become a holy terror. So what are the signs that you have moved past indulging and started to spoil your sweetheart? To begin with, even the smallest of tykes can earn privileges and items. It is a poor notion to hand out gifts and goodies without requiring even such simple tasks as picking up their toys. While we need not expect our child to work for every single thing, requiring certain chores to be fulfilled provides him or her with an appreciation of working for what they want and pride in their own abilities. Spoiling can also be accomplished by allowing children to experience certain things that are inappropriate for their ages. For example, allowing your kindergartner to dress like a floozy pop star or taking a ten-yearold to a rated R movie. They are not ready for the repercussions of these experiences, both physically and emotionally. Neglecting to teach your progeny life skills is another trip into the valley of the shadow of spoiling. We may want to swoop in and do everything for our babies (even as they grow older), but it is not healthy. My daughter now does her own laundry, which was a tough one for me. Despite the fact that she is a teenager and perfectly capable of handling it herself, I felt like I “should� do it for her, as her mom. None of us wants our next generation to be demanding, selfindulgent, entitled adults. Let’s work to teach them the difference between a need and a want. Require them to work and save up for some of those wants, leading them to become more grateful for these items, and the actions needed to acquire them. While we all want to make our children happy, it is equally important to raise them to be capable and caring, as well.

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TJs Body Shop

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Where Learning is a Party!

• Birthday Parties • After School Art Classes • Home School Art Classes • All New Black Light Birthdays! • Girl Scouts

Studio Create Leigh Ann Alexander owner / instructor

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Goin Postal


Exp 12/31/16

(Behind Panera Bread)

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Deciding to have a family will open a floodgate of parenting myths from everyone. Birth Announcements seem to say, “Rubes having children, show no mercy.” Here are my top 20 myths about parenting:


1. Rub whiskey on a teething child’s gums.

No! A drop of whiskey can cause salivation, irritability, problems with sleep, and worse. Instead, let them chew on a frozen (clean) damp washcloth. 2. The best way to potty train is to let them go commando.

Seriously?! No. The potential mess and bacteria should be a deterrent for those of us not born in a barn. Try a mini-potty, a copy of Everybody Poops, and a lot of patience. Most children will not go to college un-trained. 3. You will always “like” your children best. Anyone who said this has not experienced the mortification of a public meltdown from a middle schooler—or was it a 2-year-old? Same thing, only taller. You should, however, still love them. 4. The 5-second rule. Eating food dropped for 5 seconds or less is NOT okay. According to microbiologist Professor Donald W. Schaffner (Rutgers University), “No matter how fast you pick up food that falls on the floor, you will pick up bacteria with it.” he says. “If I were to drop a piece of watermelon on my relatively clean kitchen floor, I’m telling you, man: it’s going in the compost.”


5. Good parenting is consistent, and one size fits all. True and false. Rules, routines and consequences should be consistent as often as possible. However, our discipline and delivery techniques will be specific to the individual. One size does not fit all. 90 /

6. Parents never disagree.

14. A child held too much will be spoiled.

Oh, you’re going to disagree, but if it is about the children, this is best done in private. Children are smart. They may exploit a weakness when parents are divided.

Really false! Secure attachment is a result of responsive caregiving. This is the foundation for healthy neural and socialemotional development.


7. Spare the rod, spoil the child.

15. Breastfed babies are healthier babies.

Spanking should be the last discipline option. Distraction, redirection, discussion, active listening, amends, and even manual labor are better choices.

False. Not everyone can or will breastfeed for any number of reasons. Research shows that baby formula-fed babies are just as healthy.

8. Every effort deserves a reward.

16. If your toddler bites, bite him back.

False. This sets up unrealistic expectations and encourages low achievement.

No! This was popular 50 years ago. We know better now. Biting your child will hurt them AND reinforce the behavior.

9. Families are a democracy. Also false. Families are more like a benevolent dictatorship. So get comfortable with putting your parent pants on. Children need to believe you are wiser and stronger.

17. It’s dangerous to swim within one hour after a meal.


10. Your child’s poor schoolwork reflects poor parenting. Usually, no. They need you to be available for questions, but let them do the work. These are necessary life skills. 11. Bedtimes: they’ll go to bed when they’re tired.

Bad idea. Adhering to a bedtime routine maintains your child’s health and provides parents with much deserved alone time. 12. Use adult words, “Don’t dumb it down.” False, expanding vocabulary is good, just make sure the explanations are developmentally appropriate. 13. Saying “no” will stifle a child’s creativity. False. Boundaries create a sense of security, and creativity thrives there. Teach them to have them and to respect them.

False. According to Dr. Messick of Duke Primary Care, “The body does supply extra blood to aid in digestion, but not enough blood to keep your arm and leg muscles from properly functioning.” Cramps could happen, but they are unrelated. 18. “Kids will be kids.” Of course, they will, but it is our job to teach them what we (and others) expect in order for them to be successful. 19. Children always come first. Yes and no. When we become parents, we do not cease to be a couple or an individual. It is just as important to make time for yourself and your partner, too.


20. Never let cats sleep in the crib, they will suck the air out of your infant. Huh?!!? I can’t even...

Give YOURSELF the gift of fitness

Wishing you a very C3 Fitness Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year!

• small group exercise • Personal training • Partner training Kelly Lewis, Certified Personal Trainer 2500 Neudorf Rd | Clemmons, NC 28012 |

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EIGHT BY KELLY HINES with Triad Moms on Main

There is something lovely and wonderful about each stage of a child’s life, but every parent has their favorite. Some people love the itty-bitty newborn stage when babies can assume the frog-on-a-log position for hours. Some of us love roly-poly six-month-olds, or into-everything two-year-olds, or endlessly inquisitive four-year-olds. There are parents who appreciate the growing maturity of a ten-year-old, or the kick it into high gear hormone-y twelve-year-old. I have heard that there are even people who like teenagers the best (though I’ve never met a parent who claimed this until after their children were grown!). For me, there is one very specific, exceptionally delightful age: Eight. Lucky for me, I have one of those right now. Eight-year-olds are awesome. Old enough to handle basic self-care, but little enough to still want to crawl up in your lap. Smart without being too sassy, and enthusiastic about everything. Never jaded, an eight-year-old will still gladly go to the grocery store and find great oy in ust hanging out. Eight-year-olds are finding out about the world around them. Third grade is exceedingly interesting. They’re reading novels and exploring space and moving beyond rudimentary math and learning concepts. Some days, I can almost see the connections being made in my daughter’s head. Eightyear-olds want to learn, and they’re focused on the process, without the burden of results. End-of-grade testing aside, third grade is a time of joy in education. Friendships are still broad and accepting and innocent. Everyone my eight-year-old knows is her best friend. She

roams the neighborhood with a pack of girls, and they plot sleepovers and scheme lemonade stands, and when they do argue, they get over it. When they are all grown and think back to their eight-year-old self, they will remember these friends. They will remember their adventures together and wonder where they are now and try to find them on Facebook. Eight-year-olds love. Eight-year-olds will still let you kiss them goodbye in front of their friends. They will hold your hand to cross the street without a fuss. An eight-year-old will tell you you’re fancy when you put on a little lip gloss. They will rub your tummy and tell you you’re squishy and somehow, it’s a compliment. An eight-year-old knows that there is no better cure for what ails them than a big dose of Mama love. Eight-year-olds are, in fact, pretty smart about that. They’re sensitive. I spent half an hour the other night loving on my eight-year-old because she announced, out of nowhere, her deep and terrifying fear that I will die. Despite her burgeoning social life and love of Shopkins and Beanie Boos, I am still very much the center of her world. Her poor little body was shaking, and I repeated platitudes, “I’m so young! I’m healthy! Don’t worry!” when inside my head I kept thinking, “Me, too, baby. Me, too!” Mamas are just as sensitive as eight-year-olds. And five-year-olds, and fifteen-year-olds, and 25-year-olds. Because they’re always our sweet babies, at every age. They may not always willingly hold our hands or say “I love you,” but they are ours, and that makes them delightful at all stages. Just more so when they’re eight.

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�aahy Habits What Causes Discoloration Start Early!

Devora Designs

of a Child’s Teeth?

By Dr. Tina Merhoff, Pediatric Dentist

Parents often ask about discolorations on their children’s teeth, and there are a variety of answers. Different colors can represent different causes—but this is usually determined during an exam and by just talking about nutrition and hygiene habits with the child and her parents. Dark Stains — sometimes caused by high iron levels in vitamins, this type of stain usually doesn’t have any long-term effect on the health of a child’s teeth. Good brushing habits, or perhaps changing to a vitamin with lower iron levels will eliminate the problem.

Smile Talk

Berry and Tomato Stains — the acidic nature of some fruits, tomato sauce, and similar foods, can cause stains, so it is important to brush—or at least rinse with water—as soon as possible after ingesting these foods. A simple and healthy trick to eliminate some stains is to add a salad before eating sauces, soups, or pizza. Lettuce leaves a protective film on the teeth, so the stains don’t stick! Yellow or Black Stains — yellow or black discoloration can come from a variety of factors: from excess fluoride, tooth decay, medicines, trauma or food and drink. Though good hygiene is always our best initial defense against surface stains, it is important to discuss any type of teeth whitening with your child’s dentist BEFORE trying it at home. Not only do young patients usually have a mix of primary and permanent teeth, but the ingredients in some whitening products can cause gum irritation.

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Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem Luncheon Recap BY MELODY THOMSON


Eleventh Annual luncheon of the Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem truly was an inspiring event, bringing people from across the community together with its theme, “Rising Together.” More than 700 attendees filled the enton Convention Center on November 15th and enjoyed mingling, networking, and learning more about how the Women’s Fund and The Winston-Salem Foundation are strengthening our community. articipants had the opportunity to find out about two exciting new initiatives: The worldwide “Equal by 2030” campaign, which will drive some of the Fund’s activities in the coming years, and “Winston-Salem Women Owned,” a joint project managed by the Women’s Fund and innovateHER, a local nonprofit on a mission to foster economic development and support female entrepreneurs. Winston-Salem Women Owned will connect consumers with women-owned businesses throughout our city and surrounding areas. Business owners were encouraged to sign up to be included in the directory, and consumers learned how to access the directory and a geolocator app to help them find women-owned businesses in real time. Highlights of the program, which was emceed by Wanda Stark, included a keynote address by Twana W. Roebuck, Executive Director of Experiment in Self-Reliance (ESR). ESR has helped over 500 individuals become first-time homeowners and assists families in a variety of situations— as victims of house fires and domestic violence; those who have encountered a ma or financial setback due to health care costs; those who have experienced a change in life circumstances, such as divorce or death of a family member; and people who are caught up in the endless cycles of generational poverty and chronic homelessness. (ESR was awarded a $15,000 grant in 2014 for the Individual Development Account Program, which serves working, low-income individuals.) Ms. Roebuck’s remarks beautifully conveyed just how important community support is, and how much of an impact we can make when we work together. Finally, the four 2016 grant recipients were announced and introduced. They are: TCK Providence, Inc.: $29,920 for a social worker to help ensure that participants in the Triad Community Kitchen (TCK) Culinary Training Program will be able to take full

94 /

advantage of their newly acquired skills. The social worker will assess potential employment barriers, coordinate appropriate services with partner agencies, and ensure that graduates are “workplace ready” and positioned for success. Approximately 60 to 80 women will be directly impacted by this program. Children’s Home Society of NC: $26,500 to present to “Wise Guys,” a nationally recognized evidence-based program that reduces teen pregnancy by changing the attitudes and behaviors of adolescent males toward their female counterparts. The program emphasizes healthy relationships and teaches proper communication, respect, and decision-making, while stressing that males must share the responsibility of preventing unintended pregnancies and STDs. The program will be presented at ten sites in Forsyth County and will reach a minimum of 725 teens. Planned Parenthood South Atlantic: (PPSAT) $30,000 for the “Contraceptive Choice” project which educates and empowers teens to choose the contraceptive method that works best for their needs. PPSAT will educate and offer long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) methods— intrauterine devices (IUDs) and implants—which are safe to use, do not require taking a pill every day, and can be 99% effective in preventing pregnancy for three to ten years. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), have all endorsed ARC as a first-line contraceptive choice for teens, but many forgo LARC methods because of cost. This grant will ensure that at least 37 teens will have access to reliable, worry-free protection while they focus on their high school/college careers. LEAD Girls of NC: $9,971 to conduct workshops for low-income/at-risk preteen girls. Using an evidencebased curriculum, EAD builds self-confidence, teaches leadership and communication skills, and promotes social responsibility and community service. LEAD (Learning Everyday. Accomplishing Dreams) encourages and mentors girls to succeed academically, emotionally, and creatively. A total of $96,397 in grants was awarded that will directly impact the lives of many women, girls, and families in our area, and a wonderfully diverse group came together to celebrate the power of collective giving. The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem and the sponsors created a very special event that surely made all who attended feel empowered and inspired to Rise Together.

Rising Together T


The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem awarded $96,397 at our 2016 Eleventh Annual Luncheon. CONGRATULATIONS TO THIS YEAR ’ S GRANT RECIPIE N T S :

Children’s Home Society of NC Planned Parenthood South Atlantic TCK Providence, Inc. Women’s Fund LEAD Girls of NC

The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem brings together women who care about the economic and social well-being of women and girls in Forsyth County. Whether their passion is education, economic security, health and safety, or leadership, these women have come together to translate that passion into positive action through the power of collective giving. Over the past eleven years, we have granted over $1.3 million to organizations working to improve the lives of women and girls in Forsyth County. We are a community of passionate women creating social change.

Join us Become a member of The Women’s Fund and vote on who receives our grants next year. For more information about membership, contact Sabrina Slade at 336.714.3468 or

a community of passionate women creating social change

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Should I Tell The Parents? BY ROBIN WHITE ELLIS


of us have heard the adage that it takes a village to raise a child. At the core, this theory can be helpful, especially within a neighborhood or among friends. There is a restful assurance in being able to trust that other adults have your child’s best interests at heart and will not allow him or her to wander into dangerous situations. It can become a touchy and sticky issue when misbehavior presents itself. My daughter’s friends are always free to talk with me, knowing it will stay private...mostly. Unfortunately, there have been times over the years when I have struggled to know if I should speak up, instead of staying silent. This can be quite the quandary! So, when is it appropriate to go to the parent? First of all, hearing something through the proverbial grapevine is simply hearsay. Before approaching someone with disturbing reports of their child, it is vital to be completely aware of the facts, not the rumors. Is this something that could endanger the child Obviously, substance abuse, self-harming, fighting, dating violence, and activities like these have potentially life-threatening consequences and should always be taken seriously and reported with care. Unfortunately, some issues are not always so clear-cut and muddy the waters greatly. The next problem facing a concerned parent, teacher, coach, or friend is how to approach the child’s guardians. This can be anywhere from uncomfortable to downright disturbing. There is a very real fear that the parent will become defensive, angry, or confrontational. It is understandable, as no one wants to hear something negative about their child. We also feel that, as parents, we should know our “babies” better than anyone else. It hurts our pride and our hearts to discover that things are going on behind our backs that we have not seen. Parents also have a protective instinct that kicks in quickly! It does not take much to make emotions flare up, with each side defending their words and actions and even backpedaling or apologizing for trying to assist. Approaching this type of situation with delicacy and affection is the best way to begin such a discussion. To start with, do not show up wearing a “mask.” Arrive with your usual friendly face! When you begin, explain the facts only. Leave out any innuendo or gossip that will only cause more pain and may not even be completely accurate. Explain what you know only and refrain from offering opinions and unasked-for advice. Speak with both confidence and affection, letting the parent know that you care and are willing to offer a shoulder if they care to talk, yet are also equally as willing to let the matter drop and not broach the subject again, allowing them to deal with it as they see fit. Do not ask questions such as, “What are you going to do about this?” That can come off as aggressive and challenging, which is not a proper or healthy atmosphere for this conversation. In my household, my daughter’s friends are incredibly near and dear to our hearts. We have known some of them since they were toddlers and now they are nearly legal adults! In our eyes, it is far too easy to look at them and still see the little boys and girls of yore. As time passes, discretion becomes more key in these relationships. However, if you are going to err, it should always be on the side of caution. Creating a safe place for a child is a responsibility and value we should all share.

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Are you interested in nominating a teacher or educator with “A Heart for Education?” We’ve just made it easier than ever to be profiled with our new online submission! Each month, we will feature up to six teachers and educators in the community who are setting the standard for excellence in the classroom, celebrating a new promotion, or deserve accolades for a job well done! “A Heart for Education” includes a high-resolution headshot of the person nominated and a biography of 200 - 250 words. If you are interested, please visit FFHeartForEducation for full details.

98 /

Lindsey Parnell, is a social studies teacher at Glenn High School (her own alma mater!) She recently gave birth to her second child.

Deneia B. Attucks, a 5th grade teacher at Kimmel Farm Elementary, has been teaching for 17 years, and she loves to paint while listening to New Edition. In her own words, this is why Attucks is a teacher: “Sounds cliché, but I was born to teach. From the moment I stepped in front of my first class, I came alive! My classroom is my happy place. I love the challenge and excitement; I love reaching young minds; I love affecting our future society. I want every student to leave my class feeling like I cared because I do. Teaching is more than a job, more than a career; it is a passion. I hope that I will always feel this passion for years and years to come.”

In her own words, this is why Parnell is a teacher: “I am a teacher because I am passionate about not only social studies, but helping young people as well. I want to encourage them to better themselves and become productive members of society. I love what I do, teaching civics and economics as well as psychology, and where I do it. Personally, I prefer working with students who are struggling in school. While it can be more difficult as a teacher, the rewards far outweigh any challenges. I’ve had great success among my students when they know they are respected and cared for by their teacher. I hope I inspire and motivate my students to be the best they can be. I know they do that for me. They encourage me to be a better teacher today than I was the day before.”

Catherine Koontz is an ESL teacher at Mineral Springs Elementary School. She has been teaching for 19 years, and her special skill is juggling. In her own words, this is why Koontz is a teacher: “B.B. King said, ‘The most beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.’ As our students make their way through the early years of their lives, facing and overcoming challenges as they go, what better message is there than the promise of a life made fruitful and interesting, safe and secure, thanks to a good education and the support of caring teachers? There are many things about a child’s life we cannot control—family finances and stability, for example—but we can offer all children hope, no matter the circumstances, by helping them to learn. As our students begin to thrive, with our support and encouragement, they will go on to make great contributions to our society. Nelson Mandela reminds us that, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ As teachers, we must make positive changes in the world of our students so that they, in turn, might go on to make a difference in our community. There is no more exciting or challenging profession than teaching in our public schools, and no calling that is more important to our society as a whole. It is a great privilege to be a teacher, and I am honored to be nominated as Teacher of the Year for Mineral Springs Elementary School.”

Sarah Irvin is a 7th grade English language arts teacher at Wiley Magnet Middle School and is in her 7th year of teaching. She lives in an 1889 farmhouse. In her own words, this is why Irvin is a teacher: “I teach in attempt to make a difference. I don’t imagine having super powers and saving the world, but can’t help but think I have the power to change one person’s mind. I enjoy serving others and teaching empathy, and despite the common core curriculum and the demands of testing, it is my goal to teach children to be aware of others. The collaboration between students inspires me, and the chance to teach them the skills to discover their own ah-ah moments keeps me going.”

December 2016 / 99

Pipe Dreams in Motion BY SAVANNAH NORRIS


igh school is more than just a whirlwind of stress and regret; it’s a time of self-discovery. Like many others, my father, Michael Hoch, learned a lot about himself in these short years, discovering both Skidz and his passion for theater and music. However, there’s a commonly believed “correct” path to achieving a successful, satisfying life in this world and, usually, that plan does not include pipe dreams like becoming

a fashionable actor or rock star. No one ever expects to grow up to be the next Billy Joel. The brutal reality is that life does not guarantee to grant all wishes, and the unknown often makes us cautious. Pipe dreams, we’re told, are unreliably gray. So, like many others, my father was blinded by practicality and did what anyone threatened by the glaring necessity of financial stability and success would do: he became an engineer. Many years, miles, and jobs down the road, my fresh-outof-Detroit father found himself living in North Carolina, desperate for something to alleviate both the heat wave and his boredom. As alluring as reuniting his old band, “Mr. Thick,” sounded, my dad decided Lewisville Community Theatre was a good place to spend his extra time. Just like that, theater bewitched him all over again. Acting at Lewisville Community Theatre soon turned into numerous productions

100 /

with Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance, Twin City Stage, and Greensboro City Arts. Discretely perched in the audience at Greensboro City Arts, Brain Juice Productions watched one of the performances of A Simple No, a play my father acted in. To my dad’s surprise, they left a business card behind for him in hopes he would audition for their most recent full-length movie, The Witching Hour II. Suddenly, my father was a real actor, listed on IMDb. Never did he imagine a pipe dream could become a reality. After countless hours of filming and memorizing scripts, the day had finally come. The Witching Hour II premiered Friday, October 7th at Red Cinemas in Greensboro, and the experience couldn’t have been more magically classy. It was a true red carpet experience, complete with 107.5 KZL, an autograph signing, posters, DVDs, and photo-ops. The cast, audience, directors, and producers all enjoyed what was a memorable, surreal evening of watching months of hard work pay off. Obviously, not everyone in the Triad area came to the premiere. However, The Witching Hour II DVDs are available to anyone via Brain Juice Production’s Facebook page for $12.95. The sequel is definitely worth checking out as, according to Yes Weekly, it delivered “twice the fright.” Halloween might have passed, but for horror fanatics, the thrill never does. Ken and Melanie Comito, who own Brain Juice Productions, encourage thrill seekers to watch this film festival favorite, following the story of a possessed, evil clock that, case file after case file, continues to contagiously wreak havoc. Acting is kind of a pipe dream. It’s an ideal profession, seemingly out of grasp for everyday people like you and me. Engineer by day, actor-musician by night, my Batman father has proved that acting is a pipe dream, but one worth trying to fulfill.

Kyle Duncan

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A Photo Finish Fa n - g i r l s

Jon Voight was recently in town to visit the Historic Broyhill, where the Forsyth Magazines office is located! In honor of his visit (and our giddy, star-struck reactions), we decided to fan-girl it up this month and show pictures of our team with some of the famous celebrities we’ve met!



There’s something about the warm, sweet smell of cinnamon that conjures up happy memories and feelings of home and holidays. Whether it’s Grandma’s apple pie or the mystical mixture of cinnamon and cloves that seems to waft throughMorgan the air all through thesister, Christmas season. During this Yuletide, Bralley & her Briana, create these cinnamon recipes and lasting memories with your little ones for years to come! with Scotty McCreery PIECRUST PINWHEEL COOKIES Lindsay Craven & Kevin Smith

CINNAMON SUGAR PULL-APART LOAF Brooke Ingredients: Eagle with ½ Kyle cup sugar Petty 3 teaspoons cinnamon

HOLIDAY SPICE TEA Denise Heidel Ingredients:with Paul Stanley 6 cups water

3 teaspoons of ground cinnamon

ˮ cup butter, melted

6 regular tea bags (use decaf if you need to for little ones :))



Preheat oven to 350º F and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.

1. Heat oven to 400º F and grease an 8 x 4-inch loaf pan.

½ cup white sugar

2. In a shallow bowl or Tupperware, combine sugar and cinnamon; mix well.


Ingredients: 1 store-bought pie crust ¼ cup melted butter 3 Tablespoons granulated sugar

Roll out pie crust and let kids brush melted butter over the crust, and then sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Roll the crust up into a tightly rolled log. Slice into 1-inch wide cookies. Place on prepared baking sheet. Tabatha Renegar & Paul Thorn Bake for 15–20 minutes or until edges are golden brown; cool and serve.

1 12-oz. Can refrigerated biscuits

3. Separate dough into 10 biscuits. Let kids help cut each into quarters with a butter knife. 4. Then allow kids to help dip each quarter into melted margarine; roll in sugar-cinnamon mixture. Carolyn Peterson with Michael Buble 5. Parents and kids can arrange and stack sugar-cinnamon biscuit quarters in greased loaf pan. 6. Bake for 20–25 minutes, until bread is lightly browned. Let cool, then loosen edges of loaf with knife, remove from the pan and serve.

Savannah Norris, Denise Heidel, & Mallory Harmon with Jon Voight 102 /

1 teaspoon whole cloves 1 piece cinnamon stick

¾ cup orange juice ¼ cup pineapple juice

Pour water into a pot; add cloves and cinnamon stick. Bring the water to a boil; remove from heat. Add tea bags to water and set aside to steep until the tea is your preferred strength (at least 5 minutes). Kristi Johnson Marion

& Bill Pullman Remove and discard cloves, cinnamon stick, and tea bags. Meanwhile, stir orange juice, sugar, and pineapple juice together in a saucepan; bring to a boil. Cook and stir the juice mixture until the sugar dissolves completely. Pour juice mixture into the spiced tea; serve hot.

Heather Spivey & her husband, Ron, with Donny & Marie Osmond

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Junktique Alleyway BY MALLORY HARMON

Linda Nugent faced down a tremendous problem. As a grandmother who didn’t want her grandchild in childcare, she found her solution through the creation of Junktique Alleyway. A wise person once said that necessity is the mother of invention; well, this grandmother has invented nothing short of a masterpiece. In March of this year, Linda felt called to create a spectacularly unique business where she could dedicate her time to raising her grandchild and, simultaneously, have a full-time job. A mere eight months later, Junktique Alleyway has flourished, through the guidance of God, the help of others and the perseverance of Linda. Linda has worked tirelessly to create a quaint, eclectic shop where the hustle and bustle of the world outside quickly quiets, allowing the visitor to focus on the beauty of uniqueness and style. The primary focus of Junktique Alleyway is directly at its heart. In the center of the shop, customers are welcomed into the coziness of a country store. This sweet- smelling section is comprised of rich homemade bread, mouth-watering cookies, pies, fresh produce, delightful tomatoes, old-fashioned candy and a line of jarred items, such as grape-leaf pickles, stuffed peppers, and chowchow. The country store also contains local honey and farm-fresh eggs. You will also find an assortment of soothing lotions, as well as handmade lip balms and soaps. Local artisans who are devoted to the Forsyth community are responsible for handcrafting all of the products in the countrystyle section of Junktique Alleyway. In addition to the freshness of the country store, Junktique Alleyway plays host to a slew of used objects which have been meticulously transformed into new furniture far surpassing their first forms. The store is replete with refurbished wood furniture, which succeeds in restoring and preserving the old, while creating modern beauty. The staff brands this process “Up-Cycling.” A particularly attractive piece of refurbished wood furniture is utilized as the store counter, articulating the

104 /

excellence that is possible through Up-Cycling. Junktique Alleyway epitomizes the rewards of taking risks to create something eclectic, homemade, priceless and stunning. Junktique Alleyway has always been a family-oriented store with something to suit everyone in our community. The store is nestled on Main Street in Kernersville with a comfortable flow of foot traffic and curious enthusiasts. The unity and passion of Junktique Alleyway’s staff make it an effortless and engaging place to shop. It is clear that the store was built on faith, and this sense of devotion permeates every customer who passes through its diverse environment. Junktique Alleyway is bursting with an atmosphere of community and fun, with a wide variety of merchandise. Because the store receives new inventory daily, each visit is a new and appealing experience. It is the perfect place to find a gift that is unique and shows the receiver he or she is worth particular consideration. Junktique Alleyway has harnessed the creativity of the architect by combining ingenuity and old-fashioned homespun comfort. Linda Nugent’s vision has been Up-Cycled into one of the Forsyth community’s true gems. Her desire to be a first-rate entrepreneur and a fantastic grandmother has benefitted us all. She receives the gift of spending quality time with her family, while the rest of us experience her love and vision through the environment they generate. Every day she channels her creativity into Junktique Alleyway by making something new out of something unwanted. As Linda explains, “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.” She continues to create these treasures to share with the world. Take advantage of this opportunity to steal away from our fast paced, overmanufactured world and experience first-hand the quality and distinctiveness of this boutique, and the genuine care and commitment of their visionary staff. Junktique Alleyway is located at 115 Main Street in Kernersville. Call them at (336) 497.5926. Like them on Facebook!

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(…that will make you put down your smartphone) BY MALLORY HARMON


have included in this list a variety of authors and age-range applicable reads. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, whether that be by revisiting another age range or exploring a different category of literature. If you are an avid Sci-fi reader, try the mystical genre and see how it guides you to think outside even the most outrageous scientific boundaries. If you are obsessed with factual literature, try a fictional story; you may be surprised how fiction can be pertinent to real life. Literature has been constructed into innumerable universes of thoughts, worlds, ideas, and lifetimes; it would be inadequate to focus all your imagination on one subject. With this in mind, feel free to peruse some of my favorite masterpieces and get to know the characters in a unique way that only you will ever get to experience.

106 /

Blink of an Eye – Ted Dekker

The Outsiders – S. E. Hinton

This is the type of book you long to read all day while you are working, and when you finally get home and open it up, it refuses to shut until two in the morning. The unconventional protagonists are Seth Border, an unpretentious genius, and Miriam Al-Asamm, a Saudi Princess. If that coupling isn’t enough to interest you, Seth Border has recently acquired a truly extraordinary power that helps the two flee from those who wish to exploit their value.

The Outsiders is the heart-stopping and realistic story of two rival gangs of teenagers. The reader is slowly able to come to terms with the protagonist’s, (Ponyboy’s) complicated situation over the course of the book. The plot is flawless, and it’s even more impressive when you find out the author was 16 when she wrote it.

ANY Harry Potter Book – J.K. Rowling Everyone has heard of this renowned story, but just as it is worth reading over and over again, it is worth talking about over and over again. The plot is creatively constructed with myriad hidden meanings and detailed storylines, all woven together to create something awe-inspiring. Rowling’s storytelling ability is unmatched and cross generational. The Happiness Advantage – Shawn Achor This positive psychology book is filled with, quite frankly, unbelievable research and experimentation stories. Achor is an excellent speaker, and this translates into a very conversational narrative. He winds his story and positive psychology’s influence and advancements together to express that human beings should endeavor to live our best life each day. The Percy Jackson series – Rick Riordan Riordan fuses the world of ancient Greece with the world of several modern day adolescents to create one of the most beloved series of our time. Please don’t let the abysmal movie rendition deter you from reading this fascinating story. The best part is, after reading it, you will never have to study Greek mythology again. A Series of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) I’ve been told this series is an acquired taste, but I immensely enjoyed the books and have read them several times. Snicket’s vocabulary is impeccable, and the story is thoroughly non-cliché. The characters are superbly developed, especially (and surprisingly) the minor characters. Snicket’s darkly charming tales are brilliant, and effortlessly keep you reading, event after unfortunate event.

Flora and Ulysses – Kate DiCamillo This is a fun, quick read with an engaging plot. It is a great book to read with a younger sibling or with the whole family on a cold evening. Its simple, but powerful themes will make you want to pick up a pen and write your own novella. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen To state the obvious, Jane Austen is a satirical genius, but her work must be read to truly be appreciated. While the movie interpretation is excellent (no, not the zombie one), please take the time to pour over the prose of this complicated and comical love story. Plus, you’ll feel smarter just for having read it! The Screwtape Letters – C.S. Lewis This short book explores the life of one man from the perspective of an apprentice demon that is doing his best to lead him to Hell. Lewis not only thoroughly examines the difficulties and temptations of everyday life, but has written the story from the mind of a demon, giving the reader the upper hand. It is incredible and very encouraging to find that, though demons seem to always be waiting to trip us up, we have a God who terrifies them and is 100 times more cunning than they are. The Great Brain series – John Fitzgerald Yes, I understand that The Great Brain books are classified as children’s literature, but after a long day of work when your brain feels a little overexerted, it’s very pleasant and enriching to settle down with a simple story that will have you laughing till your sides hurt—and leave you feeling quite a bit younger. The story is told from the perspective of J.D., a little boy who is employed by his big brother Tom, a masterful con artist who is brilliant when it comes to making a profit.

Nu Expression

4720 Benton Road | Winston-Salem, NC 336.765.5505 |

December 2016 / 107

Wait! Santa, I can explain! Photo Artistry by Melinda


Dream Dinners

108 /


• Traffic/DWI Carl Hearn • Criminal

CARL HEARN is pleased to announce the opening of his law office in Lewisville, NC

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Clemmons Bike

Domestic/Family Law Corporate Personal Injury Estates

Please call to schedule a consultation which, in many cases, will be free.

6580 Shallowford Road, Suite 100 Lewisville, NC 27023

Serving Forsyth County Families for Over 40 Years TRI • Road • Mountain • Comfort • Hybrids • BMX • Kids Bicycles • Tricycles • Scooters • Bob Strollers • Unicycles

Give those thumbs a break from electronic toys and start pedaling!


Phone: 336-790-9651 • Fax: 866-521-5491 Email:

336.766.5564 • 2703 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd, Clemmons, NC



Suzie Phelan, Seamstress

336.766.1614 | 336.414.4916 Cell

Custom Drapes | Valances | Shades | Comforters | Dust Ruffles | Pillows December 2016 / 109



Emergency kits might inspire fear at the first mention of their name, but they aren’t necessarily tied to instances of disaster. Thanks to handy sites like Pinterest and Etsy, there’s inspiration for ways to create kits for both real emergencies and for those little emergencies that life throws at us daily. This column will explore ideas of items that could be essential for various types of emergency kits, so that you can be inspired and start your own. For the holidays, here’s a series of kits that you can create for the special people on your gift-giving list. You can make an adorable baker kit for the chef on your list. Gather it all in a cute holiday mixing bowl or a high-quality bowl, depending on your budget. Throw in some fun, holiday cookie cutters, a mixing spoon, a roller, spatula, and some pretty sprinkles. Next look up some easy, but delicious, recipes for cookie dough mixes and find the perfect match for your recipient. Finally, put the personalized touches on your gift by getting creative and decorating an apron. Many local craft stores sell blank aprons that will allow you to create a unique masterpiece for your loved one. You can even make it a sentimental gift by printing an old recipe from a late relative on the apron. There are several options on the Internet to order this custom creation. All you’ll need is a scanned copy of the recipe. The great thing about movie lovers is, there are so many ways to shop for them to fit into your budget. For your movie-lover kit, start with a popcorn container. There are lots of options out there, so choose what best suits your recipient. Now for your movie gift options: grab a movie ticket and dinner gift card combo to their favorite theater and restaurant for a more expensive option. Many theaters have partnered with restaurant chains to offer single gift cards that cover both tickets and a meal. If you’re looking for something with a smaller price tag, check out bargain bins at many local stores and find a DVD copy of your recipient’s favorite film. If you want to save even more, you can pick up a gift card for a custom amount to Netflix, Amazon, Apple, or many other online movie vendors. To round out your bin, fill it in with some of your recipient’s favorite candies (and maybe even toss in some homemade ones) and some cozy pajamas if you opted for the DVD or gift card route. Start this relaxing kit by getting a basin that’s good for soaking feet, or even a footbath with massage action if your budget allows. You’ll compile the rest of your gifts in this. Next, grab some items that will help your loved one

110 /

relax after the stress of the holidays. Some good items to include are a manicure/ pedicure kit, nail polish, nail files, Epsom salts and fuzzy socks. To take your kit to the next level of relaxation, try creating your own relaxing lotion by combining ¼ cup Shea butter, ¼ cup coconut oil, 2 tablespoons olive oil and 15 drops of peppermint essential oil. We all have crafters in our lives. There aren’t many crafting hobbies left out there that aren’t expensive, so most crafters appreciate gifts that help them maintain their hobby without draining their wallets. This kit will vary depending on your recipient’s interests, but the basics are the same. Grab a container that best suits their crafting organizational needs. Baskets, plastic stackable bins and drawers are typically good choices. Next, fill with items that they need to buy regularly. For example, if they knit or crochet, grab some fun new balls of yarn, knitting or crocheting needles and embellishments like ribbon or jewelry, if they like to add these types of items to their creations. Finish up by tossing in some fun additions, such as a magazine or “how-to” book on their craft that suits their abilities, and perhaps some crafting snacks. Coffee lovers can be difficult to shop for, but if you know their coffee preferences and favorite coffee additions, you can make your coffee lover very happy this holiday season. Compile this kit in a coffee organizational bin that’s easy to wash if it gets messy over time. First, include their favorite coffee blend or their favorite K-cups. Next, gather up individual servings of their favorite creamers and sugars and bundle with a pretty ribbon. To add a homemade touch, try creating homemade biscotti, pound cake, or cookies that best pair with their coffee, as well as a homemade coffee syrup.

Call ay Tod s Get

Let’ ears Your Gin Turn g

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Do You Want to Know The Secret to A Happy, Healthy, Stress Free Lifestyle?

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336-377-2411 Contact Us Today! Call us today or visit our website to schedule your consultation

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Become an Imprints Cares Donating Angel! Spread holiday magic to children in need!

Imprints December 2016 / 111

In recent months, I have been using a cane. I probably should have started using one sooner, but it took a while for it to sink in that hobbling around without one might be making the problem worse. Using a cane helped quite a bit. It also showed me a bright aspect of the world that had been invisible before. Growing up, I was taught to hold doors for others, and that’s the role I had been filling. Now, people were holding doors for me. Seeing how many people are eager to help was a gift. One day, I was heading toward the door at the Reynolda Branch of the library about the same time as a mother and two children. In the past, I would have hurried ahead to get the door. Hurrying is no longer an option. What happened this time was the mother told her daughter to scoot ahead and get the door for me. So I walked into the library with a girl eight years old or so holding the door. I smiled and said, “Thank you,” and she smiled and said, “You’re welcome.” I have had teenage boys who I don’t think would have noticed my existence otherwise rush to get the door. When an older woman has held the door for me, more than once I have found myself thinking, “I should be holding the door for you.” Around the house, I have gotten fairly comfortable having Sparkle Girl and Doobins and Garnet pick up things I have dropped on the floor, and do other things for me. Out in the world, though, I sometimes still have a hard time saying “yes” when people offer to do something extra. Seeing me walk into an ABC store one day, a cashier behind the counter asked whether she could get me whatever I needed. I thanked her and said I would be fine. The other day, when I picked up an extra- large pizza at a local pizzeria, I discovered that carrying an extralarge pizza box would be far easier with two hands free. A couple was leaving as I headed toward the door. The man held the door and, as I walked through, the woman smiled and offered to carry the pizza to my car. For a second, I thought about taking her up on the offer. Instead, I thanked her and said I would be fine.


Kim Underwood can be found online at To see more of Garnet Goldman’s art, go to 112 /

I’m hoping using a cane proves to be a temporary situation. When I was 40 or so, I had a severe health problem that stuck around for two years. As unpleasant as the experience was, it, too, proved to be a gift, in that it made me appreciate life in ways that I had not before. At one point, I asked myself whether I would be OK living the rest of my life that way. Although I certainly hoped I healed, the answer was clearly “yes.” I hope to set aside the cane one day. It has been a positive experience, though, in that it has brought me gifts of kindness from others that I wouldn’t have received otherwise.

Eagle Elegance

Erica Eagle, Owner

336.408.7172 | @Eagle_Elegance_Rentals December 2016 / 113

Classic Holiday Movies BY MEGAN TAYLOR

The holidays are a time for tradition. We have traditions for holiday foods, decorations, music, and movies. If you are like me, there are certain movies you have to watch during the season; otherwise, it wouldn’t be the holidays. These movies can take people back to their childhood or back to a special place. Whatever the meaning, there are certain holiday movies that become classics, including the ones below. White Christmas: In 1942, musician Irving Berlin wrote the classic holiday tune “White Christmas.” To date, the version by singer Bing Crosby is known for being the best-selling of all time. Put these two together, and we get the 1954 film White Christmas. Crosby, along with Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera Ellen portray entertainers who help save a Vermont inn operated by the boys’ World War II general. On Christmas Eve, all things become merry and bright. Home Alone: 8-year-old Kevin McCallister is a troublemaker and causes a scene the night before his family leaves for Paris. As a consequence, his mother makes him sleep in the attic, which causes them to accidently leave him behind. As Kevin awakes to an empty house, his wish of having no family comes true. Everything is fine until two con men plan to rob the McCallister’s home. Kevin is then handed the task to protect his family’s home while they are away. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: There are always a few moments during the holidays where your family’s celebrations can resemble the Griswolds’ in this holiday film from the National Lampoon’s Vacation saga. All Clark Griswold wants is the perfect family Christmas. However, things go quickly downhill as family arrives and Clark doesn’t get his much-awaited holiday bonus. If you want some laughs during the season, this is your go-to movie. A Christmas Story: It has its own 24-hour marathon on Christmas Day, so you know this movie is a classic. During Christmas in the 1940s, young Ralphie Parker dreams of getting a Red Ryder Carbine Action Air Rifle. He attempts to persuade his parents, Santa Claus, and even his teacher that this is the ideal Christmas gift. However, many don’t see it as a practical gift, because “he’ll shoot his eye out.” Eventually, Ralphie does receive his B.B. gun, but also manages to “shoot his eye out,” as well as break his glasses the first time he uses the rifle. And let’s not forget his father’s prize from a contest—the infamous leg lamp. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Leave it to Dr. Seuss to tell a heartwarming 114 /

story about a Grinch who stole Christmas. First written as a book and then later adapted into a film by Ron Howard, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas explains how “the Whos down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot, but the Grinch, who lived just north of Whoville, did not.” However, after the Grinch steals all the Christmas decorations from the town, the Who’s continue with the celebrations and the Grinch soon learns that maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe it means a little bit more. Miracle on 34th Street: Young Susan Walker’s belief in Santa Claus is beginning to fade, until an old man named Kris Kringle fills in for Macy’s Santa in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Quickly, Kris is offered a job with the department store and surprises everyone when he claims to be the real Santa Claus. The mental ability of Kris is then questioned, and it takes a court, a young lawyer, and Susan to prove that Kris Kringle is the real Santa. A Charlie Brown Christmas: There is something special about the Peanuts gang and their timeless holiday tales. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown complains about the materialism that has taken over Christmas. In an attempt to find the real meaning of the holiday, Charlie Brown becomes the director of the Christmas pageant. Things go awry, and he soon finds himself nurturing a little fir Christmas tree, while the gang discovers just what Christmas really means. It’s a Wonderful Life: There isn’t just one alltime, hands down, classic holiday movie, but this one comes really close. In 1946, George Bailey, played by the lovable James Stewart, wishes he hadn’t been born after he faces financial ruin and realizes all of his big dreams never happened. With the help of an angel, his wish is granted, and he sees how the lives he has impacted would be different if he was never there. George realizes his life has been wonderful and that his dreams really did come true. After all, it’s “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around, he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”


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December 2016 / 115

“Every child is an artist.” ― Pablo Picasso


Hallie Wolfe

10th Grade Mount Tabor High Barbara Trinh, Art Teacher


Sydney Buro

12th Grade East Forsyth High Skylar McGhee, Art Teacher

116 /


Kassandra Lopez

4th Grade Diggs-Latham Elementary Amanda Gordon, Art Teacher


Emily Benitez

8th Grade Mineral Springs Middle Tara Lancaster, Art Teacher

Morgan’s Pallet Nativity

A gift of the nativity is a gift that continues to give. 100% of proceeds will be used to finance Morgan’s mission trip to the Dominican Republic with Hands of Hope NC. Price: $50 Text/call Morgan at 336.480.8750 or to place your order! December 2016 / 117

Pets are a part of our families, and for many, the heart of the home. The members of our team are all big advocates for pets and pet adoption. We hope you will consider giving one of these sweet animals a “fur-ever” home with you! Hello, my name is Flower. I am a female Terrier mix. My estimated date of birth is 10/29/2015. I am pretty like a beautiful field of wildflowers. I do well with older children and would need an active home. I am friendly and outgoing. I will be spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations prior to adoption.

Jackie is a sweet girl and cannot wait to meet her new family! She is a two-year-old lab mix who enjoys cuddling and hanging out with her people. She has not been tested with other animals, but we provide “meet and greetsˮ if you’d like your pets to meet her before you take her home!

Hello, my name is Isaac and I am a male domestic shorthair. My estimated date of birth is 4.23.16. I am a playful dude. I like playing with my kitty toys at the adoption center.

There is nothing better than a happy, wiggly pup coming to meet you after a long day! Roscoe, a two-year-old coonhound mix, is a super happy guy who would love an exercise buddy. He gets along with other dogs, but this hound would prefer a home with no kitties.

If you need a snuggle buddy, we found you one! Miss Rosie is a two-year-old domestic shorthair who enjoys a good lap in which to nap. She has a few special needs that would require a bit of extra care, but they don’t stop this kitty from happily purring anyway! Hello, my name is Sugarbear. I am a male Labrador Retriever mix. My estimated date of birth is 01/23/2016. I need a special home. HSDC rescued me from a bad situation and I am very nervous around people. I would love a warm and gentle home to give me a chance to blossom. I am friendly with other dogs.

If you are interested in adopting Winston, Stormie, or Cupcake, fill out an adoption application at or call the adoption center at 336.751.5214 118 /

Contact the Forsyth County Humane Society adoption center to schedule a meeting! 336-721-1303

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Juawana Hall, O.D.

2341 Winterhaven Lane | Winston-Salem, NC 27103 | Call (336) 760-2020 | Conveniently located just off Stratford Road between Cities and Sheetz

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Creating Lasting Memories… Hauser Rental

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1511 S. Stratford Road • Winston-Salem, NC 27103 336.765.6560 • 336.760.5500 • • December 2016 / 119

Celebrations The Forsyth County Star Flyers Team keeps on Rolling New and returning skaters competed in 30m, 50m, 1oo, 300, 500 and 1000m races along with 2x100 and 4x100 relay races bringing home gold, silver and bronze medals. Thank you to Skateland USA in Clemmons for allowing us to use their facility!

120 /

Merry Christmas!

Happy 30th Birthday Joseph! I’m glad you were born. Looking forward to the next 30 years of bonfires, prayers, late-night canoe trips & craigslist purchases. Love Jennifer

Christina’s Dessertery 1/3 or 1/2 ad

10% Off your holiday order over $25.00 Limit one coupon per customer and per visit. Valid Mon-Thurs only. Expires 12/31/16.

Ashley Lucas Photography

Congratulations to Zack Barnard and fiancé Kelsey Wilson! Enjoy this time planning your upcoming nuptials!

336•712•0300 1483 River Ridge Drive Clemmons NC 27012 (next to Mario’s Pizza & Full Moon Oyster Bar)

Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 7pm December 2016 / 121

Black Mountain Chocolate Named “Best Chocolatier in Winston-Salem” in Smitty’s Notes: Best of Winston-Salem 2016. Breathe in the aroma as you hold a freshly roasted cocoa bean in your hand. Crush it. Taste it. Watch through the huge windows of Black Mountain Chocolate’s Visible Factory and Kitchen as raw, fruity cocoa beans are transformed into their lovingly hand-wrapped, exquisitely flavorful, awardwinning chocolates on your self-guided tour. Help yourself to free samples along the way, and refresh your holiday spirit with a treat from the espresso and gelato bar!

Ready-to-ship gifts can be ordered online or purchased in the store and shipped. Skip the line at the post office!

Black Mountain Chocolate began production in 2007. They were the first in NC and one of the first ten factories in the nation to create small batch chocolate from scratch. They only use rare, heirloom Criollo beans from the Dominican Republic that are certified Fair Trade, organic and non-GMO. After outgrowing their factory in Black Mountain, NC, they moved to the reclaimed Big Winston Warehouse at the top of Winston-Salem’s Arts District in 2014. Want a closer look? They offer behind-the-scenes tours on Saturdays from February to November! Visit their website for details and tickets, as reservations are recommended. Private Group Tours (Wed.–Fri.) can be arranged by emailing Yelp reviewers love BMC’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies so much, they were named “Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in NC” in an article published in (August, 2016). Visit 732 N Trade Street, Winston-Salem or call (336) 293-4698. Open Tuesday–Sunday; please check website for hours,

Santa’s been good this year, too!

Yelp reviewers love BMC’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies so much, they were named “Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in NC” in an article published in

122 /

1 Off

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your next purchase of $10.00 or more. Valid Tues-Thurs Only 12/31/16


Now 2ns! Locatio 4162 Clemmons Rd. Tanglewood Commons 336. 778. 0388

4613 Yadkinville Rd. Pfafftown 336. 815. 8018

Mon-Thu 11am-9:30pm • Fri 11am-10pm Sat 12pm-10pm • Sun 12pm-9:30pm • Closed M-F 3-5pm


1483 River Ridge Dr. Clemmons, NC 27012 (Next to Mario’s Pizza and Full Moon Oyster Bar.)

765.0713 or

Voted Best Asian Restaurant $5 off any $30 or more purchase

excludes beverage & alcohol one coupon per customer expires 12/31/16


615 Saint George Sq Ct. Winston Salem, NC 27103

(336) 893-8178 | Mon-Thurs 11:30am-9:30pm Fri-Sat 11:30am-10:00pm | Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm



Open Tuesday - Saturday 11 AM-8 PM 145 Jonestown Road Winston-Salem, NC 27104


Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner | Dessert | Midtown Market


151 S. Stratford Road | Winston-Salem, NC 27104 336.724.9800 | MidtownCafé

51 Wiches 60+ Toppings Your Way!

NC’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

__________ + Yelp reviewers 8/18/16

Pre-Order Baker’s Dozens

W-S’s Best Chocolatier Smitty’s Best of W-S 2016

| |


Check Facebook for More info! 5539 US Highway 158 Advance, NC 336.941.3974 • @TanglewoodPizza

Open Daily for Lunch & Dinner Gift Cards Available.

Chang Thai

FREE DRINK & CHIPS WITH THE PURCHASE OF A WICH Expires 12/31/16 Winston-Salem 947 Hanes Mall Blvd. 336.765.0705

SAVE 10% In-Store Treats 732 Trade St between 7th & 8th


mega House Family Restaurant EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!



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or more purchase Expires 12/31/16. One coupon per customer.

4926 Country Club Rd. Winston Salem, NC 336-529-6230

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fresh homemade buttermilk biscuits!

336-724-5262 1498 Peters Creek Parkway • Winston-Salem

6am-8pm M-Th, 6am-8:30 F & Sat., and 7am-2pm Sun.

Breakfast All Day!

Savings on Family Friendly Dining December 2016 / 123

Business Bulletin Board

A d v e r t i s e Yo u r

B u si n e ss

He re


888. 892. 3204


A theatrical entertainment company that offers your favorite Movie Characters, Princesses, Superheroes, Clowns, and even Villains for hire.

Carolina Characters Business Card 336-414-3051 |

Business Card

Dawson Tree Service

Chrystal Goin Postal Yates

Chiera Music

Vow to Be Different

emerson designs Graphic Design Services | “I fix ugly fonts.�

124 /

Triad Mac

cub Availa Also e wall ble now sf , ! cha gently or only 7’x7’ u irs a use sed $ 25 d re a vail , Herm 0 per c able an M ube ! at a i gre ller tas at p k rice !

Contract Business Solutions Workplace Environments Made Easier…For Less.

Contract Business Solutions

941 Brenner Street | Winston-Salem, NC 27101 Phone: (336) 724-9966 - Winston-Salem (336) 369-0200 - Greensboro Fax: 336-724-6633 | Email: December 2016 / 125



POLAR EXPRESS - FREE MOVIE SHOWING AT THE CAROLINA THEATRE IN GREENSBORO 7pm; No admission, but those who attend are asked to bring an unwrapped toy for Gifts for Kids or make a cash/credit card contribution. Concessions available for purchase.



Old Salem. Family activities and a visit with St. Nicholas. See ad on page 12.

NOW THROUGH DECEMBER 28 (WEDNESDAYS) REFUGE RECOVERY MEETING 6-7pm, 983 Mar Don Drive in W-S. Refuge Recovery offers hope to those suffering from addiction in a mutually supportive atmosphere of compassion, kindness and acceptance. This is a weekly group for people in sobriety who want to learn more about meditation and mindfulness!


West End Open House

PARENT TO PARENT 6-7:30pm, 983 Mar Don Drive in W-S. A free support group for parents of substance users. The first 45 minutes provides education about addiction from a counselor with 25 years of experience! The remaining time is open discussion to support fellow parents. Every eight weeks, the educational portion of the group restarts so that all attendees have ample opportunity to benefit from the educator.





HISPANIC TUTORING 5:30-7pm, 2415 Silas Creek Parkway in W-S. Free academic tutoring and assistance for native Spanish speaking students where English is a second language. We will have adults and teachers to assist with homework and studying. Please bring your textbooks with you. hispanic-tutoring/

NOVEMBER 25-DECEMBER 23 THE CHRISTMAS STORE 10am-6pm (Mon.-Sat.); 1-5pm (Sun.), 806 Highway 66S in Kernersville. Handcrafted items from members of The Kernersville Arts & Crafts Guild. Featuring jewelry, quilts, crochet a baby and children’s section, pet gifts, Christmas décor, including Santas, snowmen and ceramic Christmas trees.

DECEMBER 1 TEEN ANIME AND GAMING 4:15-5:15pm, 6490 Shallowford Road in Lewisville. Join us for anime and art as well as Wii, card and board games. Snacks provided. Grades 6-12. Free and open to the public. Please call 703.2940 for more information. SALEM COLLEGE CHRISTMAS CANDLELIGHT SERVICE 4:15-5:30pm, 500 East Salem Avenue in W-S. Join us for our traditional Moravian Christmas Candlelight worship service. ENVIRONMENTAL MOVIE SERIES 7-8pm, 201 Oakwood Drive in W-S. Environmental movie series held at Temple Emanuel. For more information, please call 703.2941.


Christmas by Candlelight guided tours with music, games, food, and drink. See ad on page 12.



7:30-9pm (1st-2nd); 2-3:30pm (3rd), 500 East Salem Avenue in W-S. Enjoy the celebration of a wonderful fall semester in this performance featuring work by Michael Avery, Shawn Bowman-Hicks, Heidi Echols, Ashlee Ramsey, Ruusu Sunila and others. Tickets sold at the door -- free for Salem students; $5 for other students, senior citizens, children and Salem community; $10 for general public.

BRADLEY METHOD NATURAL CHILDBIRTH CLASSES 6:30-8:30pm. Bradley Method natural childbirth classes last 12 weeks and provide thorough preparation for natural childbirth. Topics include nutrition, exercise, relaxation, coaching, 1st and 2nd stages of labor, birth planning, complications and more. Cost: $325.

NOW THROUGH JANUARY 8 ENGINEER IT! EXHIBIT AT SCIWORKS 10am-5pm, 400 West Hanes Mill Road in W-S. Participate in the Design-Build-Test cycle through hands-on discovery. Try out DaVinci’s interlocking bridge and the Exploration Table. Experiment with racetracks, paper airplanes and helicopters, gravity and more! Included with museum admission.

126 /


DECEMBER 2 SUPPER & SANTA 6-8pm, 390 South Liberty Street in W-S. Enjoy a dinner of chicken tenders, salad, fresh fruit, cheeses and dessert while you and your little one can have fun with crafts, cookie decorating and story time. End the night with a visit from Santa himself! Cost: $20/person.

DECEMBER 2-7 HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS Times vary, 142 North Main Street in Mount Airy. This will be showing at the Historic EARLE Theatre! Cost: $6/ adults; $3/children 12 and younger.

DECEMBER 3 CHRISTMAS TREASURES SALE 8am-12pm, 3535 Spangenburg Avenue in Clemmons. All gently used holiday-related items including ornaments, lights and many other decorations. Half of the proceeds will be donated to the Clemmons Food Pantry. Call 766.9739 to donate items. Presented by Clemmons Moravian Church. KIDS’ MORNING OUT @ A BETHABARA CHRISTMAS (see ad on page 9 & 37) 10am-12pm, Historic Bethabara Park, 2147 Bethabara Road in W-S. An event for kids of all ages! Visit our table at Bethabara Christmas and make a fun craft and register for fun prize giveaways! Santa will be on hand at 11am, so bring a camera for photo opportunities. A Bethabara Christmas extends until 4pm.  CLAUS FOR A CAUSE CELEBRATION (see article on page 48) 10am-2pm; Winston Cup Museum, 1355 Martin Luther King Drive. FREE community event, Santa will be available for photo ops, Christmas carols, holiday crafts and discounted museum tours available with a portion of proceeds benefitting the Forsyth Backpack program. A BETHABARA CHRISTMAS (see ad pg9) 10am-4pm, Historic Bethabara Park, 2147 Bethabara Road in W-S. Free Admission. BOOKMARKS’ HOLIDAY STORYTIME AND BOOK FAIR

SANTA PAWS WITH DAVIE HUMANE SOCIETY 11am-2pm. Dero’s 2671 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd in Clemmons. Have your pets picture taken with Santa. All proceeds go to the Davie Humane Society. See ad on page 18.

DECEMBER 4 HANDEL’S MESSIAH 3-5:30pm, Reynolds Auditorium in W-S. This is the 84th year for this free event. A 100+ person community chorus, backed by a full professional orchestra and operatic soloists will perform the Messiah in its entirety.

DECEMBER 6 HOMESCHOOL/SMALL GROUP DAY 10am-12pm, 400 West Hanes Mill Road in W-S. Programs for home-educated children and small groups in grades K-9. Pre-registration is required, and group admission rates apply. Limited to 20 students. Call 714.7105 to register. TUESDAYS AT TWO BOOK CLUB 2-3pm, 6490 Shallowford Road in Lewisville. The Tuesday at two book club meets the first Tuesday of each month at 2pm. Call 703-2940 to find out what we are reading this month.

DECEMBER 7 CREATIVE WRITING CLASS 1:30-2:30pm, 6490 Shallowford Road in Lewisville. The creative writing class meets twice a month on Wednesdays at 1:30pm in the multi-purpose room. Participants are encouraged to write during each session with the use of different prompts. It is a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

10am-2pm, Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem, 390 South Liberty Street. Join Bookmarks and the Children’s Museum for a holiday story time featuring award-winning authors, Megan Bryant and Stacy McAnulty. A special Bookmarks Book Fair will be held from 10am-2pm. Fee for non-members; free for museum members.



3:30-4:30pm, 218 Rockford Street in Mount Airy. Call the Surry Arts Council at 786.7998 to register your child for the Gingercookie House Workshop at the Andy Griffith Museum Theatre! All materials will be provided; all you need to do is show up and have a great time! Cost: $5/person.

11am-12pm, 6490 Shallowford Road in Lewisville. Lewisville Branch Library Friends holiday party. Join the Friends at their annual holiday party. Crafts and games for kids will be available. COCOA AND CANDLELIGHT IN CANARY: A 1940S CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION 5-7pm, Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum, 6136 Burlington Road in Gibsonville. Join us as we celebrate a 1940s Christmas at Dr. Brown’s home -- Canary Cottage! Highlights include Christmas themed tours of Canary Cottage, children’s activities, refreshments, a visit from Santa Claus and a holiday sing-along. Cost: $3.20/adult; $2.14/child.

November 25 from 5 - 7 PM HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE at Kernersville Museum November 26 SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY December 3 CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD Kernersville Tree Lighting December 4 KERNERSVILLE Mac & Nelli’s K’Ville Events CHRISTMAS PARADE

8pm; Location: Wait Chapel – FREE event


FESTIVE FAMILY FRIDAY 4:30-8:30pm, 400 West Hanes Mill Road in W-S. For only $1/person (free for members), you can explore the museum, listen to live music, make holiday crafts, watch a festive planetarium laser show and meet some special guests...including Santa himself!


These events are coordinated by The Town of Kernersville and the Kernersville Chamber of Commerce.

336.993.4521 December 2016 / 127

December 9th 10am and 7pm, December 10th 2pm. Reynolds Auditorium. See ad on page 61.

DECEMBER 9-14 “ELF” Times vary. 142 North Main Street in Mount Airy. Come out and enjoy this Christmas comedy with your family and friends! Cost: $6/adults; $3/children under 12.


26th Winston-Salem Jaycees Holiday Parade & Annual Tree Lighting DEC 3, 5PM Downtown Winston-Salem 336.776.0690 Kernersville Christmas Parade DEC 4, 2:30PM Downtown Kernersville 336.993.4521

Christmas Parades Rural Hall Christmas Parade DEC 4, 2:30PM Downtown Rural Hall 336.969.6856 Lexington Christmas Parade DEC 5, 6:00PM Uptown Lexington 336.249.0383 Walnut Cove Christmas Parade DEC 10, 2:00PM Downtown Walnut Cove 336.591.8171 Lewisville Christmas Parade DEC 11, 3:00pm Downtown Lewisville 336-986-5640 128 /

Times vary. Roger L. Stevens Center in downtown Winston-Salem. Experience the 50th anniversary of the UNCSA’s heralded production of The Nutcracker. See ad on front inside cover.


sister, SOMEBODY and have a much need Girls’ Night Out. Catered by Tre Nonne Italian Restaurant with cake by Christina’s Dessertery, a cash bar (beer and wine), a DJ and Prints Charming Photo Booth. Tickets are $20/person in advance; $25/person at the door. Also, register for TONS of prizes and giveaways! Receive an extra prize board ticket for every new or gently used book you bring to donate to WSFC Schools. Register online at

DECEMBER 16-18 YES, VIRGINIA THE MUSICAL (see ad on page 67) or 336.725.4001 for tickets

DECEMBER 16-17 HOLIDAY LEGGING GIVEAWAY 9:30am-7pm, 110 Oakwood Drive in W-S. Free holiday legging giveaway at Mainstream Boutique with $25 purchase (while supplies last).

A full day of hands-on activities and holiday fun!




10am-12pm, 110 Oakwood Drive in W-S. The most beautiful and magical Santa is coming to Mainstream Boutique. Bring your camera! Free event. View his photo gallery at www.facebook. com/MainstreamBoutiqueWinstonSalemNC ELF TEA PARTY

3-5pm, 1432 Underwood Avenue in W-S. Antioch Christian Church will host: A Christmas to Remember. The concert will feature guest musician Anderson “Butch” Stewart who has worked with artists such as James Brown and Isaac Hayes and will be followed with a light dinner afterwards. antioch1432/events

10:30am-12pm, 390 South Liberty Street in W-S. Make your elf costume -- a felt cap with ears, bell necklace and rosy cheeks. Sing silly songs, enjoy story time and create elf-themed crafts! Enjoy making elf donuts and reindeer food to put out on Christmas Eve! Registration required. Cost: $15-$23/person. www.






1-5pm; Home Real Estate and West End Association will host its biennial tour.

DECEMBER 14 SUZUKI VIOLIN INTRO: LEARNING MUSIC AT A YOUNG AGE 11am-12pm, 405 West 4th Street in W-S. With Heather Conine, certified Suzuki instructor at the UNCSA Community Music School.

DECEMBER 15 FREE FAMILY MOVIE: “THE POLAR EXPRESS” 4-5:30pm, 142 North Main Street in Mount Airy. Who doesn’t love a free movie, and one that is so loved? Come out to the Earle Theatre, and enjoy a free showing! GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT (GUYS WELCOME, TOO!) 5-9pm, Historic Broyhill, 3540 Clemmons Road in Clemmons. Grab a friend, neighbor, co-worker, mother,

7:30-10pm, 142 North Main Street in Mount Airy. Join us for a lovely evening with The Del McCoury Band, the most awarded bluegrass band of all time! It will take place at the Historic Earle Theatre. It seats 438 people yet creates a close-knit small town feel! Cost: $65/ preferred; $60/reserved; $50/balcony; $25/early bird.

2-3pm, 218 Rockford Street in Mount Airy. Come watch The Nutcracker, put on by Rhythm on Main students with special guest dancers at the Andy Griffith Playhouse! Tickets are available now at the Surry Arts Council. Cost: $11/adults; $7/children 12 and younger.

DECEMBER 20 MUSIC AND MOVEMENT 10:30-11:30am, 6490 Shallowford Road in Lewisville. Join us for dancing, singing and shaking your sillies out. Recommended for children ages 3-5 and caregivers.

DECEMBER 21 A CHRISTMAS EVENING IN OLD SALEM A family friendly self-guided evening of Christmas traditions by candlelight. See ad on page 12. CHIRSTMAS FOR THE CITY See ad on page 85. 4-9pm, Benton Convention Center in downtown WS.

DECEMBER 22 BOOKS WITHOUT BORDERS 3:30-4:30pm, 251 Spruce Street in W-S. Books Without Borders Book Club at Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts. For more information, call 703.2941.

DECEMBER 23 GINGERBREAD HOUSE WORKSHOP 10am-1pm, 390 South Liberty Street in W-S. Make and take a mini gingerbread house for $6.40 -while supplies last! Build your creation with a mini milk carton, graham crackers, icing and a variety of sweet treats! Museum admission required. www.

DECEMBER 27-30 WINTER DAY CAMPS (AGES 6-12) 9am-4pm, 400 West Hanes Mill Road in W-S. Banish the post-holiday blues with science fun! Sign up for one camp or all three. Per day fee -- $40 members; $45 non-members. Visit for descriptions and registration information.

DECEMBER 27-JANUARY 1 CHRISTMAS WEEK AT OLD SALEM See ad pg 12. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday.

DECEMBER 30 BREAKING UP CHRISTMAS DANCE FEATURING ZEPHYR LIGHTNING BOLTS AND BUCKSTANKLE BOYS 7-9pm, 142 North Main Street in Mount Airy. Award winning bands, the Zephyr Lightning Bolts, Buckstankle Boys and Slate Mountain Ramblers have kept the old-time dance tradition alive around the areas of Northwest North Carolina and Southwest Virginia. For tickets, call 786.7998. Cost: $6 or 2016 season pass.

DECEMBER 31 NOON YEAR’S EVEN CELEBRATION 10am-12pm, 390 South Liberty Street in W-S. Happy New Year! Join us for a countdown to Noon Year’s Eve! Create your very own sound shaker in the art studio beginning at 10am. At 11:40am, we’ll gather for fun songs, silly activities and a story time. Then, we’ll countdown to noon! Museum admission required.

DECEMBER 31-JANUARY 1 NEW YEAR’S EVEN 2017 CELEBRATION 9pm-2am, 6205 Ramada Drive in Clemmons. Get your New Year’s Eve 2017 bubbly on at the Village Inn Event Center! Two ballrooms, two bands and two DJs. Doors open at 9pm -- party until 2am. Full cash bars. Cost: $30-$149.99.





Mac & Nellis

Check our Facebook for Special Events & Times

336.529.6230 4926 Country Club Road | Winston-Salem, NC 27104 M-Th 3-11pm | F-S 11am-Midnight | Sunday Brunch 9am-9pm

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Ballet and Performing Arts Center ............. 61 Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem ...... 77 Graylyn ...................................................... 53 Legacy Saddlebreds ................................... 39 Salem Gymnastics & Swim ........................ 75 SciWorks .................................................... 77 Studio Create ............................................. 89 Wake Forest Basketball .............................. 97 Town of Kernersville ................................ 127 Twin City Stage .......................................... 67 WS Annex Ice Rink ..................................... 87


Quartermaster Auto Detailing ................. 105 TJs Body Shop............................................ 89


Christina’s Dessertery .............................. 121


Lewisville Laser & Aesthetics ...................... 47


Imprints ................................................... 111 YMCA ......................................................... 55


Sunrise UMC.............................................. 84


Truliant Federal Credit Union ....... Back Cover


Dahlia’s .................................................... 101 Younique Expressions ............................. 105


Family Services .......................................... 33 Second Harvest Food Bank ........................ 21 Women’s Fund........................................... 95


Ruff Housing ............................................. 45 Shallowford Animal Hospital ..................... 67

Bloomday Granite.................................... 103 Budget Blinds ............................................ 59 Busy as a Bee Concierge .......................... 111 Chamberlain Place .................................... 31 Clemmons Town Center Apartments ......... 39 Dero’s......................................................... 19 Isenhour Homes ........................................ 49 Long and Foster Real Estate ....................... 25 P3 Precision Paint & Pressure Washing ..... 73 R.S. Parker Homes ....................................... 4 Salem Windows & Doors ........................... 63 Stitches .................................................... 109 Susan Maier-Colon, Broker ........................ 79 Wright’s Landscaping ................................ 97


Home Instead Senior Care........................... 5





Mitchell Wealth Management Group.......... 3

130 /


C3 Fitness .................................................. 91 Dream Dinners ........................................ 108 Gotta Get Thin .............................................. 7 YMCA ......................................................... 55

Chermak & Hanson ................................... 10 Kingery & Kingery ..................................... 43 Nickolas Kephart........................................ 59 Salem Smiles ............................................. 79 Tina S. Merhoff and Associates Pediatric Dentistry ..................................... 15 St. John’s Lutheran School......................... 93 The Piedmont School................................. 79

Summer Family Care ................................. 13 Wake Forest Baptist Health Brenner Children’s Hospital ...................... 23 WFBH Research Study ............................... 31 WomanCare ............................................... 75

All State, Amy Linville .............................. 105 Ireland Insurance....................................... 75


Wright’s Landscaping ................................ 97 Forsyth Family Eye Care ............................. 63 Hillcrest Vision ......................................... 119 Home Instead Senior Care........................... 5 Lewisville Laser & Aesthetics ...................... 47 Lyndhurst Gynecological Associates .......... 35



Kyle Duncan Photography ....................... 101 Photo Artistry by Melinda ........................ 108


WBFJ .......................................................... 85 WMAG ............................................... 58, 115


Chamberlain Place .................................... 31 Clemmons Town Center Apartments ......... 39 Long and Foster Real Estate ....................... 25 Susan Maier-Colon Berkshire Hathaway................................... 79


Chang Thai ............................................... 123 Christina’s Dessertery ......................121, 123 Chik-Fil-A.................................................. 123 Hakkachow Asian Eats ............................. 123 Honky Tonk Smokehouse ........................ 123 Mac & Nelli’s ....................................123, 129 Mickey’s Cafe ........................................... 105 Midtown Café & Dessertery ..................... 123 Omega House ......................................... 123 Tanglewood Pizza Grill ............................. 123 Which Wich ............................................. 123


Clemmons Bicycle ................................... 109 Dero’s......................................................... 19 Devora Designs.......................................... 93 Hip Chics Boutique & Gift .......................... 11 Honda of WS ....................................... 17, 49 Irma’s House of Fashion .......................... 105 Junktique Expressions ............................ 105 McTron, Inc .............................................. 105 Rolly’s Baby Boutique ................................ 55 Sherre’s Jewelry....................................... 105 Smith & Co. Consignment ....................... 105 Thruway Center .......................................... 61 Upscale Living Consignment ................... 105


201 Media ............................................... 119 Busy as a Bee Concierge .......................... 111 Carl Hearn................................................ 109 Eagle Elegance ........................................ 113 Hauser Rentals ........................................ 119 Lin Taylor Marketing Group ..................... 111 Nu expression.......................................... 107 Triad Mac ................................................. 125


Nu expression.......................................... 107 Triad Mac ................................................. 125


Ballet & Performing Arts: Nutcracker ......... 61 Bethabara Christmas ................................... 9 Disney on Ice ........................................... 131 Forsyth Family Health Challenge............... 41 Holidays in Old Salem ............................... 12 UNCSA: The Nutcracker................................ 2 Wake Forest Basketball .............................. 97 Yes, Virginia the Musical ............................ 67 West End Holiday Homes Tour ................ 126

Disney on Ice

Opening Night Tickets $15!* Restrictions, exclusions and additional charges may apply. Subject to availability. Excludes premium seats.

DEC. 1 – 4 359902






DEC. 1 10:30 AM

DEC. 2

DEC. 4

7:00 PM*

7:00 PM

DEC. 3 11:00 AM 3:00 PM 7:00 PM • • 800-745-3000

1:00 PM 5:00 PM

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