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Providence Catering


Volume IX / Issue I

Barn at Reynolda Village

nancy ray photography



Elizabella’s Bridal Boutique


Volume IX / Issue I

Medaloni Cellars

Wedding & Cabin Rentals - Book Today! Open to the Public for Wine Tours & Tastings


9125 Shallowford Road, Lewisville, NC 27023 | 336-946-1490 | MedaloniCellars.com Wed - Thurs 1pm-6pm | Fri 12pm-7pm | Sat 11am-6pm | Sun 12pm-6pm

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12 Wedding Themes to Watch in 2020 56 The Wedding Checklist 62 Give Your Bdesmaids the Boutique Expeence 64 Getting Your Groom Involved 66 Your Dog at Your Wedding: A Awesome Idea or Too Ruff? 68 Wedding Alcohol Calculator 82 The Love List


Volume IX / Issue I

K&W Cafeteria Catering



Restoration Med Spa


Volume IX / Issue I

The Carolinas’ Couture Bridal Salon

Trunkshows Haylely Paige

November 1 & 2, 2019

Blush by Hayley Paige January 3 - 11, 2020



March 6 & 7, 2020

Legends Romona Keveza March 20 & 21, 2020

Hayley Paige April 10 - 18, 2020

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107 South Stratford Road Winston-Salem, NC 336.725.1999




Publisher Keela Johnson

Letter From the Editor Our Forsyth Mags team is proud to bring you another issue of FW Engaged. We take pride in celebrating local LOVE and giving all of you brides and grooms-to-be inspiration for your big day. With all of the online options available today, it is even more important to showcase our local wedding vendors. One of my favorite quotes that relates to this topic says “when you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance!” I challenge you to keep this in mind when you are planning your wedding. From invitations to bridesmaid dresses and everything in-between! Supporting small businesses rather than purchasing online makes such a difference in our local economy.


While every cover is special, our team is extra proud of this one! Jon Eric Johnson was the genius behind the camera of this staged shoot. Check out pages 28 - 31 to see all of the participating vendors and more photos. As always, we have featured several local weddings in this issue (36 - 55) as well as several recently engaged, recently married AND even a few vow renewal couples in our celebrations section on pages 74 - 81. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a couple or two that you know! I’m always amazed at the talent of the photographers we have in our area. Be sure to take note of photo credits throughout this issue—choosing a wedding photographer is such an important part of the planning process! WinstonSalem is brimming with photographers of all different styles. Be sure to let them know you saw their photo(s) featured in FW Engaged! While this magazine is focused on all-things-wedding, I feel it’s important to mention to never forget the reason behind the wedding. Don’t get so caught up in the craziness (and even stress) of planning that you forget why you are doing all of this! Keep your focus on the love that you are celebrating and the joy of joining two families together. It’s such an exciting time! Savor every moment! If you’d like your engagement, wedding or vow renewal photo considered for our next issue, email it to me! Brooke@forsythmags.com. Also, be sure to follow our brand new insta account @fwengaged. Cheers to you and your wedding planning process! All my best,

Editor, FW Engaged

Editor Brooke Eagle

Editor’s Assistant & Event Specialist Madison Hill

Content Editor Meghan Corbett

Account Executives Tamara Bodford Adele Casanova Heather Spivey

Cover Photography JEJ Photos | JEJ Weddings

Graphic Design & Production Emerson Designs

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Contributing Writers Adele Casanova Tess Curry Martie Emory Julie Fritz Taryn Jerez Brittany Leak Jamie Lober Eliana Nunes Tabatha Renegar

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FACEBOOK Please note that the inclusion of stories and articles in FW Engaged magazine does not imply endorsement of products or people. The views of the authors are presented for information and entertainment only, and may not necessarily re ect the views of FW Engaged. Specifically, FW Engaged in no way endorses any claim associated with health and/or well being with respect to any particular person. We disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We will not be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage that is caused or alleged to have been caused in connection with the use of, or reliance on, any content in this magazine. FW Engaged reserves the right to deny any advertisement or listing that does not meet FW Engaged standards. Submissions are welcome but unsolicited materials are not guaranteed to be returned. FW Engaged assumes no responsibility for information, products, services or statements made by advertisers or editorial contributors. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher is prohibited. ©2005 by Forsyth Woman, Inc.


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Volume IX / Issue I

JEJ Weddings



Wedding Themes to Watch in 2020 BY TABATHA RENEGAR

When it is first suggested to you that you need a theme for your upcoming wedding celebration, you may feel a bit incredulous. “Wait, what?! I know that I need a dress and a venue and flowers, but I need a theme?! Isn’t ‘married’ the theme?” Instead of another thing to add to your to-do list, think of choosing your theme as finding the helpful glue that will bring all of your wedding elements together and actually prevent the planning process from getting out-of-whack and overwhelming. Having a theme is basically a guideline to follow, and it will help eliminate unnecessary elements from sneaking in. Perhaps you’ve had a wedding theme in mind since you first acted it out with your Barbie dolls. Great, then you’re all set to go. Share your vision with your wedding planner, and you’re off and running! On the other hand, if deciding on a wedding theme is not your idea of a fun way to spend an afternoon, here is a list of the top five themes that are expected to be trendy and, well, quite fabulous, in 2020!


As the teenagers would say, obvi! I mean it’s only once every hundred years that the 20s come along, so it is kind of a big deal. And, since the 1920s simply gushed with style and decadence, I think it’s safe to say that brides planning their 2020 weddings will likely be considering this theme, too! Here are a few Roaring 20s elements to consider: • Embellished gowns (aka beads, fringe, pearls, feathers, anything sparkly) • Headpieces instead of veils • Swing music • Oversized florals • Champagne. Lots and lots and LOTS of champagne!



Think tropical but with less sand and flip-flops and lusher, jungle greenery and glam! If you have the benefit of being near the beach for this one, you’re one step ahead. If not, you can absolutely still make this theme work for you by highlighting a few bold concepts: • Exotic blooms, air plants and palm leaves of all shapes and sizes • Your signature drink served in a pineapple • Wicker furniture • Dresses or men’s ties in a bold, tropical print • Flamingos


Oh succulents, look what you started! Suddenly, these edgy plants are not only adorning centerpieces and bouquets, but they’ve opened our eyes to a desert theme featuring the beauty of dusty tones and harsher lines. Destination wedding anyone? Hello Arizona, New Mexico and California! • Boho-style attire • Wooden accents • Antlers…and not just from a deer! • Burnt red, burnt orange, burnt gold… all the burnts! • Geometric arbors


Just a tiny country nestled in the northern corner of Africa, but oh, the inspiration! With coasts along both the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, a Moroccan theme lends itself to coastal elements, as well. And, if you ever needed an excuse to be bold with color, this is it!

• Jewel tones paired with gold and brass • Bare feet with drippy ankle bracelets and toe rings • Filigree hanging lanterns, lanterns on the tables, lanterns on the floor… never too many lanterns! • Flowy fabric curtains of red, orange and purple • Bright colored poofs to sit on around carved, low wooden tables


If “your song” means more to you and your fiancé than just a sweet tune that makes you smile, then this might be your theme! Did you meet at a Coldplay concert? Are you both musicians or roadies? Or, do you just like mixing things up a bit and want to surprise and delight your family and friends? After all – who doesn’t appreciate good ‘ole American rock-n-roll? • Black calla lily floral arrangements • Velvet smoking jackets • Glass, crystal, sparkly chandeliers • Vintage 45s in the centerpieces or used as table numbers • Temporary tattoo party favors Put any of these style suggestions into the search bar on Pinterest, and you can kiss two hours of your life goodbye as you enjoy perusing the creative options for these, and many other, wedding themes. Just be sure to send us a photo from your celebration if this article inspired you to select your 2020 wedding theme!

Volume IX / Issue I

Elks Lodge



The Barn at Reynolda Village A Boutique Event Venue in the Heart of Reynolda BY TESS CURRY



Crisp, white walls seem to reflect the bountiful natural light that spills in through a multitude of oversized windows. The sunlight gives the polished cement floor a warm glow that invites you to stay a while in this elegant, welcoming space. Once home to the Reynolds family’s beloved dairy cows, The Barn at Reynolda Village was the site of Reynolda Dairy, one of the most modern dairy operations in the country. Reynolda Dairy proudly used experimental automatic milking machines; its white-tiled milk rooms separated from the rest of the barn, far from germs that might taint the milk. It will come as no surprise that such forwardthinking ideas were developed by one of the Triad’s most iconic families. The Barn at Reynolda Village was part of Reynolda, the country estate developed from 1912-1917 by Richard Joshua Reynolds and his wife, Katharine Smith Reynolds. Through the years, the space occupied by The Barn at Reynolda Village has been home to several retail merchants. You would be hard-pressed to find a parent or grandparent in Winston-Salem that didn’t spend time in Rolly’s Children’s Boutique.



So, how does a historic dairy barn turned retail space become transformed into one of the loveliest event venues in North Carolina?


Kenneth Basch, executive director of Wake Forest University Properties, said the renovation of The Barn was actually sparked by requests from the community seeking a unique place to hold weddings, bridal parties, showers and corporate events in Reynolda’s idyllic setting. The dramatic 2016 renovation resulted in the removal of approximately two-thirds of the second floor which created an open, two-story vaulted banquet room. A well-appointed catering kitchen, spotless restrooms and The Barn’s signature silo are also located on the first floor along with a dining room. The second floor features two unique and comfortable conference rooms that can also function for small celebrations and as dressing rooms. In addition to all that The Barn at Reynolda Village has to offer, it introduces you to Reynolda Gardens and one of the most exclusive wedding ceremony options in the state. Available only when packaged with The Barn at Reynolda Village, Reynolda Gardens offers the discerning couple the opportunity for a garden wedding ceremony like no other!

Just a short stroll from The Barn at Reynolda Village, you and your guests will enjoy two acres of formal gardens which comprise the Greenhouse Gardens, a sunken garden divided into four quadrants complete with grass lawns, border plantings, rose gardens and boxwood hedges, as well as tea-houses, bubbling fountains and pergolas. Deciding exactly where in the gardens to hold your ceremony can be a challenge since every angle offers another stunning backdrop. Luckily, you and your bridal party will have priority access for photography in the gardens throughout your wedding day, so your photographer can capture every Pinterestworthy petal, plant and pose! Taking an iconic historic barn in the center of the ever-charming Reynolda Village and making it a best-of-class event venue was a labor of love. But, Basch and his colleagues knew that hiring a highly customer-focused staff would be its key to success. Meet Dawn Siverson and Tabatha Renegar. This small but mighty team is comprised of two women who have been colleagues and friends for more than 10 years and are thrilled to be working together at The Barn at Reynolda Village. Dawn and Tabatha met while working in Old Salem; Dawn in preservation and Tabatha in events. Following Old Salem, both were instrumental in opening WinMock in Davie County. Their mutual passion for exceeding guest expectations drew them together and started them on a journey that has included hundreds of special events and delighted clients! At The Barn at Reynolda Village, you will first encounter Tabatha when she welcomes you to your site visit as if she’s welcoming you into her home! She loves to learn about each client’s event needs and how The Barn at Reynolda Village can perfectly serve them. Dawn is responsible for the logistical aspects of the event. From questions about what décor can be hung from the ceiling beams to the best way to arrange your cocktail tables, Dawn is the kind of creative and unflappable operations manager that can make brides, grooms and wedding planners jump for joy! A gorgeous, bright barn. A historic, lush garden. And, a staff dedicated to making sure your wedding day is memorable, elegant and special. The Barn at Reynolda Village began its life in the early 1900s as a unique place and has entered a new century of amazing things to come!

Volume IX / Issue I




Managing the Wedding Guest List BY ADELE CASANOVA

Your wedding is both a celebration of your love for each other as well as a celebration of the future you will spend together. This celebration of your future life together can be a defining concept in creating and managing your wedding guest list. When trying to decide which friends, cousins, co-workers or old school buddies to invite, not only evaluate how long it has been since you last socialized, but also how involved these people will be in your future life together. This concept, as well as some other pertinent guidelines, can help you in this important planning step toward your perfect wedding. Here are some things to consider: Venue – Unless you are dead set on a certain venue, it is best to give serious consideration to the guest list before choosing a venue, rather than booking a venue and then realizing your guest list can’t be accommodated. Budget – How much do you have to spend, and who is paying? Both these questions are critical in creating a reasonable guest list. If you and your future spouse are footing the bill, you can determine the number of guests; however, if others are paying, they will have more say on how many guests can be included. Typically, the guest list is divided into thirds between the wedding couple and two sets of parents. Along with budget and venue considerations, here are some additional guidelines to help determine who to include and who to pass. Write a full wish list, and then apply your own set of firm rules to pare down to a reasonable number. Start with close family, close friends who will be a part of your new life as a couple and everyone else. Then scrutinize the list carefully and consider the following:


• Don’t invite due to guilt based on past social invites or interactions. • Limit “plus ones” to those either married, engaged or living together at least a year. • Be comfortable with “no children policy,” and you choose the age cut off. • Be careful inviting co-workers, unless they are really close friends outside of work. If you invite some, but not all, feelings will be hurt. • Reciprocity guide – Invite if you attended their wedding of a similar size within one year of your wedding date. • A and B lists – Some planners recommend having two lists, A list for the “must-haves” and B list for the “if we have room.” Then, as you cross off those from the A list who respond that they cannot attend, you send invites to those on the B list, with new RSVP cards requesting a later date to respond. While this sounds like a practical idea, be careful. Many on the B list will realize they were not “musthaves” and experience hurt feelings. All said and done, it is your special day, and even if you would love to celebrate it with everyone in your life, reasonable limits will need to be set. But, there are alternatives to celebrating your new life together with friends and family after the wedding. Make special plans to socialize with those important to you whom you cannot invite to the wedding. Small dinner parties, picnics and restaurant celebrations to recognize these folks as important to you both can be thoughtful ways to include them in your new life celebration.

Volume IX / Issue I

Village Inn Event Center



Urban Travel Design

Your Stress-Free Honeymoon Awaits BY MARTIE EMORY

After months of planning and savoring the true gift of a perfect wedding day, there’s one more event to look forward to as you celebrate your newlywed status: Your honeymoon!

What are some common myths?

Just as you’ve relied on the tried-and-true experts to coordinate every aspect of your celebration so far, trust your trip of a lifetime to the professionals, too, as you finally relax as a couple and enjoy the first days of married life.

• There are no more brick and mortar travel businesses. False!

Totally prepared to take over your travel planning with meticulous attention to detail, Urban Travel Design is a locally based small business in the Kernersville area and an independent contractor for Travel Planners International. Urban Travel Design’s Michael Sullivan promises a customized travel experience that saves you both money and time! “We are available to you seven days a week,” said Michael. “Once you book with us, we don’t fade away! We are in touch up until the day you leave for your destination, and upon your return, we reach out to hear how wonderful your experience was and to get started planning your next getaway!” (We’re thinking a fabulous first anniversary adventure!) With so many online booking options competing for your attention, there are often misconceptions about actual travel agents, yet there are more and more reasons why it’s the best way to go.


• The need for travel agencies has passed. False!

• No one needs to pay a travel “advisor” when they have online options for flight and hotel bookings they can do right from home. False! What are the real truths? • People spend an average of 30 hours, visiting 30 web sites, to plan their honeymoon getaway. • It takes Urban Travel Design typically less than an hour to see if a client can save more money – even if they’ve planned their trip online – and to validate the arrangements you’ve made. • Clients save – on average -- $400 per trip using Urban Travel Design. One recent couple went from spending $6,000 for their trip to New Zealand/ Australia, down to $4,800, once they allowed Urban Travel Design to take over their planning. Just think what newlyweds with a new home could do with that savings!

• Twenty-five percent of weddings are now destination weddings, with Mexico the number one international destination wedding spot, and Las Vegas, the number one domestic destination. Often you can save as much as 60% if you coordinate your destination ceremony, reception and honeymoon all at the same time. (Hint: Depending on the size of your guest list, some ceremonies can be free for Caribbean destinations.) • The average newlywed couple spends $4,600 for a honeymoon, while more “luxury” honeymooners might average $9,800 over a 10- or 11-day period. • All services provided by Urban Travel Design are of no added cost to you or your trip. It’s like gaining a personal assistant! While putting together your wedding planning timeline, remember your honeymoon trip should be booked six months before your actual travel date. Start now by learning more about the benefits of hiring a professional travel planner for your post-wedding adventure, and start dreaming of your escape to rest and relaxation as a newly married couple! Get to know Urban Travel Design, and how they work tirelessly for their clients, by calling 336.682.8964, or emailing michael@ urbantraveldesign.com. Follow them on Facebook for travel tips, special offers and glimpses of amazing dream destinations!

Volume IX / Issue I

Travel the World Together

Urban Travel Design

Securing the best price for your vacation without sacrificing the experience!! Caribbean • New York • Las Vegas Hawaii • Cruises • Europe Getaway Removing the stress & providing the details for your next adventure!

Michael Sullivan michael@urbantraveldesign.com


336-682-8964 19

Bachelorette Trip on a Budget BY JULIE FRITZ

One of the most memorable events leading up to your wedding is your bachelorette party. It is so much fun to take time to celebrate this big milestone with your best friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. It has become more and more popular, over the last several years, to forgo the party and take a weekend trip instead. This can be a super fun option, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.


When you are planning your bachelorette trip, think outside the box but not outside the state. There are so many places really close to Forsyth County where you can have a getaway without having to pay a lot for travel expenses. Think about a place that would be within driving range. We live in a great location that is just a few hours from the beach or the mountains. There are several great big cities close by, too. You can easily drive to Boone, Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh or Wilmington. Don’t blow your budget on flying to a faraway destination when you can all hop into a few cars and split up the cost of gas. This will go a long way to helping keep the costs down.


When it comes to booking accommodations, you have lots of options. Look at hotels as well as rentals. Take into consideration how many people will be going and what it will cost to make it the most cost-effective. Look online for specials and deals, and also consider traveling in the offseason when the cost of accommodations will be lower. Think about what your budget is and how you can get the most for your money. You don’t want to make it uncomfortable, so make sure wherever you stay, you have plenty of room for everyone.



Planning to bring snacks, some meals, drinks and alcohol will really help keep the budget on track. One of the bonuses of staying in a rental is that many of them will have a kitchen. This will allow you the flexibility to have meals there and enjoy drinks before you go out. Saving money on meals and drinks means you can use that money on fun activities.


Do some research. Explore the options of what kinds of activities are available in the area and decide what you all are interested in doing. Look for coupons and group discounts to see where you can save money. Often times, booking in advance will save you some money, too. You can also plan some low-cost activities to enjoy while you are relaxing at the hotel or rental. Look for ideas for fun bachelorette party games you can play. Plan an afternoon or evening of spa activities like painting nails and face masks. Bring some movies to watch that go with the weekend’s theme. None of this will cost much but will be so much fun.


Don’t forget that this is a party! You need to plan for at least one night to go out and really celebrate. If you have to cut corners in other places to make it happen, then do it. This is a really special occasion and a chance to get dressed up and go out with your best girlfriends. Plan a fancy dinner or go out dancing. Whatever you do, do it up! No matter what it is you end up doing on your bachelorette trip, you are going to have a blast! Your favorite ladies want to take this time to celebrate you and make it super special. Sticking to a budget that will make it fun and affordable for everyone you want to celebrate with will only make it better.

Volume IX / Issue I

Brookstown Inn



Do Something Different with Wild Things Florist BY JULIE FRITZ

Weddings are such a special occasion, and there is so much about your special day that says who you are as a person and as a couple. When you are designing your wedding, you want everything to be a perfect reflection of your unique style and showcase your love. One of the best ways to set yourself apart and really show your style is with the floral arrangements and bouquets you choose. At Wild Things Florist, you will find the right floral designers who have the expertise to capture your style and express it through floral design in the most unique and beautiful way possible. When Wild Things opened its storefront two years ago, Owner Jenny Ford knew she had found her calling. After graduating from North Carolina School of the Arts with a degree in Film Production Design, she decided to make her life in WinstonSalem. She found herself struggling a little with what the best way to use her degree would be. “I knew that I would excel at working to design productions which led me to the wedding planning business,” said Ford. “Weddings are a large production and planning them was a perfect fit for my experience in production, design and planning. I went on to do that for five years.” Over time, she found that more and more clients were asking her for help with their floral design. She went on to say, “The more I worked on floral design, I began to realize it was truly my passion and that I wanted to focus on it more exclusively.” In 2017, she opened Wild Things, a full-service florist, including floral design, and made it her full-time gig.



The name Wild Things represents Ford’s personal style. She loves natural and flowing floral design that is a little outside the box. Recently, it is also very on-trend for weddings. When you are looking for the floral design for your wedding, Wild Things will set themselves apart from other florists by not only offering traditional floral design but also having a niche market of offbeat and unusual floral options. They specialize in a creative eye for something different, and they can bring that to the table for the floral design for your wedding.

Volume IX / Issue I

When you choose to work with Wild Things, you get access to an extraordinary team. In addition to Jenny Ford, there are two other well-known local floral designers available for you to work with. Karl Hastings, Jr. came to Wild Things from another local floral shop with 22 years of experience. Lisa Irvin has 18 years of experience and worked locally with Price Davis until he retired. All three designers have the expertise and eye for design to create the perfect floral design to suit your style. With the help of shop manager Jan Allison, they will provide you with a customized wedding floral design package to fit your unique needs. The customer service you will receive is second to none. You will know your wedding is important to them from the start, and they will work hard to make sure you are thrilled with your floral design. In addition to floral design for weddings, Wild Things offers design options for all kinds of events, including corporate events and parties of all sizes. The storefront provides cash and carry options including custom floral and plant arrangements as well as a full retail gift shop. They deliver Monday-Saturday, any combination of gifts and florals, with a minimum order of $35. If you are ready to set up your custom wedding floral design consultation, reach out to Wild Things today. Wild Things is located at 3600 Yadkinville Road in Winston-Salem. The storefront is open Monday from 10am-1pm Tuesday through Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday from 1-5pm. For more information, you can reach them at 336.923.5914, or visit their website at wildthingsreside.com. You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook under the handle /wildthingsreside.



Fit to Be Fabulous BY MARTIE EMORY

As you fall in love with current wedding gown trends that continue to conjure all the “princess” feels, as well as appeal to your sassier side with bow trims and floral embellishments (even 3D flowers) and offer romantic options such as pale lavender and other pastels, remember the one true factor that leads to a beautiful wedding day look: A perfect fit. Enter your wedding gown journey with an open mind and a few words of wisdom to keep you on track! • First things first! Before your first shopping trip, have a few honest moments with yourself to determine your body type: petite, plus size, hourglass, lean or athletic. Then get to know some basic gown styles: If you’re a petite bride, consider a sleek sheath style or universally flattering A-line style, or even an empire waist, which instantly lengthens the look of your legs. A V-neck will also lengthen your overall look or, if you dare, both a V-neck and a V-back! If you’re more on the curvy side, a Basque or drop-waist style will hug and enhance those curves, while a trumpetstyle gown accentuates your figure, but is extremely easy to move in. Mermaid-style gowns are flattering to hourglass shapes but don’t move around as freely. • While you’re educating yourself on gown silhouettes, brush up on neckline styles: A sweetheart neckline, like the sheath, is flattering to all body types, while a halterstyle neckline works well for fuller chested brides. You’ll be introduced to square necks, scoop necks and strapless styles (typically, strapless styles are most flattering with a straight-across line), and lovely off-the-shoulder necklines, which are perfect for showing off an amazing necklace!


• Time is of the essence! Purchase your gown nine to 12 months before your wedding date, and allow eight to 12 weeks for all alterations to be completed. • Trust the talents of your expert seamstress, and remember her skills are well worth the cost! Creating a gown that’s a perfect fit is truly an art, and no bride fits perfectly into a standardized size chart. • The goal of your first fitting is to be sure you’ve found the basic style that’s most flattering for your figure and that your dress is the right size. Be sure to bring along the exact shoes and undergarments you plan to wear on the big day – a slight change in heel height can throw off an entire look. Then, check all beading and embroidery on the gown – is everything well-stitched and secure? Do you notice any puckering in the fabric? Does your hemline lightly brush the tops of your shoes? Look for even those smallest details the first time around. • Communicate with your seamstress about your wishes for the finished product – that includes a neckline or waist embellishment you’d like to see changed or updated. Hemming is pretty much a given, and adjustments to the bust line are also quite common. But, your one-on-one communication is crucial! • By the second fitting, you should finalize your accessory choices and take a twirl or two around the room to make sure you can move easily in your dream gown! For your final appointment – and for gown pick-up day – bring along your maid-of-honor, so she can learn how to bustle your gown, if needed, and if any tiny buttons or other closures are particularly tedious, so she’ll be all set for her role on the big day.

Volume IX / Issue I

Hip Chics Formal Wear Village Tuxedo



Curating a Catering Experience with Impact BY TARYN JEREZ

There are so many beautiful details that go into a wedding, and yet, when your guests leave, the list of things they’ll never remember goes on. Something they won’t soon forget? A great meal. Food plays such a large role in our lives and culture, that of course you want your catering to be as special and memorable as the rest of your big day. Known for their experience, superior attention to detail and passion for serving their clients and community, Providence Catering curates a catering experience with impact.


If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, it can often feel like you’ve signed up for a never-ending to-do list, rather than getting ready for one of the most exciting days of your life. Finding vendors that help make the experience feel lighter and pour that excitement back into you is a game changer. With so many details to oversee, Providence provides an array of services that gives their clients clarity and confidence in their catering needs while taking the weight off the couple’s shoulders. Providence Catering can provide everything from event planning and logistics, an on-staff wedding planner, creating full custom menus with special dietary and menu consulting to offering full rental and linen services and even A/V consulting.



A wedding is one of the biggest celebrations a couple will ever host, and they want it to be just as memorable for their guests as it will be for them. Creating a catering experience, rather than just another meal is what Providence excels at. Whether a couple is looking for a traditional sit-down dinner or a modern buffet with signature food stations, they take pride in being able to collaborate with couples to showcase their unique personality and flair. Thinking about a special dessert to wow your guests or want to serve up a meaningful dish that plays an important role in your relationship? Providence’s team is happy to collaborate to make it happen.


Fresh, local and high-quality ingredients matched with a professional well-seasoned staff work together to take catering to the next level. Providence offers an extensive list of options on the catering menu that their staff has perfected over time. Couples can find a range of food categories and dishes all created with a point to buy local and support local farms whenever possible. With a heart for making clients feel cared for, Providence is always prepared and happy to provide any special food requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or any dietary or food allergy needs.


Each and every member of the Providence Catering team is dedicated to excellence and to a mission they believe in. When couples choose to work with their team, they’re not only making an impact on their special day, but with their community as well. Providence Restaurant & Catering is a nonprofit restaurant and program through Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina. All catering proceeds support the Culinary Training Program which provides skills and training to 60-80 individuals seeking to get back into the workforce or to enhance their skills for advancement in the food and hospitality industry.

Volume IX / Issue I

Lewisville Laser & Aesthetics



Love in the Air Fall /Winter 19|20

A FW Engaged Photo Editoal by JEJ Photos 28

Volume IX / Issue I



JEJ Photos | JEJ Weddings Windsor Jewelers Nitsa’s Village Tuxedo The Bella Hair Co. The Barn at Reynolda Village NC Wedding Arbor Co. Twin City Floral


Volume IX / Issue I



Designing an Extraordinary Wedding Experience PHOTOS BY HILLARY MUELLECK PHOTOGRAPHY


Designing a beautiful wedding involves more than just putting pretty things together. I whole-heartedly believe that the value in the experience you create for your wedding day, resides not only in how things look, but the feelings the ambience evokes. This should be intentionally created by paying close attention to details and infusing your story strategically throughout your wedding. Everything you and your guests see, touch, smell, taste and hear are important aspects of the overall wedding experience. Being intentional about all of these aspects will help you create a truly unforgettable day! Here are four tips to keep in mind:


Look within to find your style. A meaningful wedding design is personal to you as a couple and needs to be carefully developed. The ready-toexecute pictures you see on Pinterest – those are someone else’s dream, someone else’s style and personality. The best way to find your own style is to look at what you like to wear, how you like to decorate, how you like to dine…do you prefer a formal sit-down dinner in a ballroom, or are you for an elegant outdoor reception? Do you love bright colors or pastel colors? Or both? Ask yourself a lot of questions, and answer them yourself. If you look too much at what others are doing, you may lose sight of what’s most important to you, therefore, missing the chance to create something personal and meaningful.


While your wedding day is your day to shine, your guest experience is just as important. Your wedding reception is the first big party you’re going to host as a couple, along with your families. Keeping in mind how your guests will feel as you make decisions is very important to having a wedding that people will enjoy attending and talk about for years to come. Keep in mind the comfort of your guests as you think about location, accessibility, seating, transportation and accommodation for out-of-town guests. There is no point in having a beautiful wedding if people can’t wait to leave!



Once you’ve found your vendor team, trust them! If you don’t feel great about any particular vendor, don’t rush to hire them just to cross it off your list. Be patient, and interview more vendors until you find a professional you trust and like and who gets your vision. Having a professional team you trust is a big part of making sure that your wedding day is executed just like you dreamed. One vendor who does not perform well could create an array of problems on your wedding day, so be meticulous as you build your vendor team.


While I recommend infusing your day with personal and meaningful details, sometimes you may run into a few things that just won’t work. If your favorite flower is a peony, for example, but you’re getting married in mid-September, that’s unlikely to happen. While peonies can still be sourced from different regions outside of our local season, there will be certain times of the year that there is a lapse in availability and certain seasonal varieties just can’t be found anywhere. There isn’t anything that can be done to remedy that, besides finding a substitute you like. Garden roses, for example, are a great substitute for peonies and are available year-round. So, focus on the end result, and if necessary, make adjustments along the way. There is always another opportunity to infuse a meaningful detail elsewhere. Eliana Nunes Floral & Event Design is located in Winston-Salem and offers wedding planning, design and florals for couples who are looking to create an extraordinary experience for themselves, their families and guests on their wedding day. Our specialty is to plan, design and produce your wedding from start to finish. We also offer different packages for couples who only need partial planning, wedding coordination or floral design. You can find more information on how to work with Eliana by visiting the website at www.eliananunes.com or connecting on Instagram @eliana_nunes_events.

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16 different cuts of meat: Filet, ribeye, sirloin, coulade, chicken, pork, lamb chops and more. Craved tableside by our Gauchos. Two private dining rooms available. Great for business or rehearsal dinners!

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Everything made fresh in-house! Serving your favorite contemporary American cuisine. Steak, seafood & pasta. Lunch: Mon-Fri | Dinner: Mon-Sat

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American Wedding Traditions How They Oginated

Weddings meet such a unique standard and have evolved throughout the centuries. Today, we take a look at how traditions such as a white bridal gown, a bouquet, a colossal wedding cake and wedding rings became the norm.


Many people believe that a white bridal gown emphasizes purity and virtue. While that may be true about the color white, the tradition itself began as a strong fashion statement. Back in the 1840s, Queen Victoria of England chose to wear an unprecedented, large, white gown to her wedding with Prince Albert. Her reason for choosing that specific color had nothing to do with purity. She simply just wanted to show off the fine detailing of a British lace industry that was flourishing at the time. Because she was so popular, her revolutionary look became widely spread across newspapers and magazines and, ultimately, became a fast tradition which prevails to this day!


The wedding cake tradition began in ancient Rome when the groom breaks a loaf of barley bread over the bride’s head. This superstition will ensure fertility over the newlywed couple. Another ancient superstition claimed that if a couple shares their wedding cake with every guest, they will have increased prosperity and be fruitful (perhaps this is why wedding cakes are traditionally huge and tiered).


Ancient Rome is the birthplace of this tradition. Even then, the man will present his future wife with a wedding band, asking her to be with him forever. The material wedding bands are made of is meant to symbolize a durable marriage filled with strength and permanence. The rings are in the shape of a circle, representing “eternity,” a “never-ending” love between the man and woman. But, why are wedding bands worn on the left hand? This tradition dates back to ancient Rome (again!) where they strongly believed that the vein in the ring finger on the left hand connects directly to the heart. So, the blood in that vein (called “vena amoris,” the vein of love) runs to the heart. According to this ancient belief, this is the perfect way to symbolize the love between you and your spouse!




Why does the father walk his daughter down the aisle? This ancient tradition began during an era where arranged marriages were the norm. The young bride-to-be was either to have a marriage arranged by her parents or was to be purchased by their future groom. Back at this time, a wedding consisted of the groom pledging and vowing to marry his woman with a trade agreement between the groom and the bride’s father. So, the tradition of “giving away” the bride still continues today as the father, who has “owned” the bride and is giving her away to another man who will take care of her. The father is putting his trust into the groom’s hands.


There are many reasons surrounding the sporting of a bridal veil. In arranged marriages, the bride will wear a veil to hide her face from her husband. So, when her husband unveiled his bride, he will see her for the first time. Centuries ago, the bridal veil also denoted purity; a bride “untouched” by human hands with her groom being the first to unveil and touch her. And, again, Queen Victoria also wore a floor-length cathedral veil at her wedding, setting a standard for many brides today.


“A leap into a new life!” is what this tradition stands for. Jumping the broom is popular among African cultures. North American slaves from Africa would do this as a special part in their wedding ceremony close to the end. Most people believe this tradition has its roots back in slavery, but it doesn’t. It was brought to America because of the transatlantic Slave Trade. In certain African cultures, the broom represented the wife’s commitment to clean her new home she and her husband just joined. During the slavery regime in America, marriage was illegal among slaves. So, jumping the broom was a secret way to wed and show commitment. Remember the meaning behind traditions while you plan your wedding, or create your own!

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Wild Things




+ Eric

4.27.19 | Samantha Rae Photography


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Vendors Photographer Samatha Rae Photography

Planner Charming Carolina

Videographer 201 Media Productions

Dress Nitsa’s

Hair & Make Up Bella Hair Co. & Beauty Studio

Rehearsal Dinner Footnote Coffee & Cocktails

Ceremony & Reception The Historic Brookstown Inn

Ceremony & Reception Music 201 Media Productions

Caterer The Historic Brookstown Inn

Bakery Christina’s Dessertery

Florist George K. Walker

Rentals Hauser Rental

Accommodations The Historic Brookstown Inn


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Aaren Trey 8.24.19 | Toujours


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Vendors Photographer toujours

Dress Anomalie

Suit Cahill & Swain Inc.

Rehearsal Dinner The Graylyn Estate

Ceremony Ardmore United Methodist Church

Reception & Caterer Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar

Hair & Make-Up Blushing Hair & Makeup Styling

Cake Bride’s mother

Florist Altar flowers, Jenny’s Projects All other flowers, Beth DePopas


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+ Joseph

10.5.19 | Amanda Castle Photography

Carson Alene Smith, a fourth-generation member of the Allred family, owners of K&W Cafeterias, was married on October 5th, 2019 to Joseph Thomas of Raleigh. Carson is the daughter of Natalie and Todd Smith, granddaughter of Gary Allred and Sue Bowen Allred, and great-granddaughter of K&W Cafeterias Founder Grady Allred and his wife, Vivian. The K&W Cafeteria legacy has been a key factor in shaping the economy of Forsyth County for more than 80 years, and this most recent union in the family symbolizes the continuation of the company’s heritage of providing quality food at a reasonable price for people from all walks of life. Since the very beginning, K&W Cafeteria has served as a fundamental part of Forsyth County as a whole and the region overall. Not only has the restaurant offered the prospect of a hot, home-cooked meal to locals, travelers and everyone in between, K&W has stitched its mark into the fabric of the area’s culture in a uniquely Southern way, as well. Nearly everyone born and raised in and around Forsyth County has at least a handful of memories of Sunday dinners with family after church spent enjoying scratchmade Southern classics like golden-brown fried chicken, perfectly seasoned mashed potatoes and buttery coconut cream pie. More than 80 years after Grady Allred began building the company that would become a recognizable reminder of a time when days passed more slowly and everyone was a little kinder, K&W continues to grow to meet the demands of the digital age without losing sight of its hometown beginnings and traditional family values. After expanding into catering some years ago, K&W has refined its offerings and process for providing the perfect custom menus and first-class service for weddings and other social events. At Carson’s wedding, K&W provided a menu that included kale salad, pasta, prime rib, chicken kabobs with sauce, fire-roasted vegetables, rosemary potatoes and assorted bread. Cocktail hour offered prosciutto-wrapped shrimp, mini crab cakes, crostini, strawberry bruschetta and salmon. There were also two ice sculptures with shrimp cocktail and oysters. Today, Forsyth County brides and their guests can enjoy menus that range from simple recipes reminiscent of Grandma’s home cooking to elegant, innovative dishes and everything in between. Regardless of a bride’s tastes, style or guest list, K&W adds unmatched Southern hospitality to weddings in Forsyth County and beyond.


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Vendors Catering / Linens K&W Catering

Photographer Amanda Castle Photography

Planner Nishaka Proctor

Music Sol Fusion

Florist Bostic Florist

Rentals Hauser Rental Carolina Luxury Event Rentals

Lighting Sound Illusions Events

Bakery Family Friend

Officiant Lynn Rhodes


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+ Spencer

5.4.19 | 1828 Collective


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Vendors Photographer 1828 Collective

Hair and Makeup Megan Masoncup, B-Hive Salon

Wedding Dress Custom Made by the Bride

Bridesmaids Birdy Grey

Groomsmen Men’s Wearhouse

Catering Village Inn Hotel & Event Center

Bakery Maddie Cakes

Florist Pollymarie Boutique

Ceremony Chapel at Tanglewood

Reception Village Inn Hotel & Event Center

Music On Target DJ

Rentals Hauser Rental


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+ James

5.18.19 | HYP Images

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Vendors Photographer

Heather Yvonne HYP Images

Planner Katharine Mann Wedding and Event Planning

Invitations & Calligraphy Calligraphy by Carole

Dress Nitsa’s

Hair & Makeup Stylist The Bella Hair Co

Reception Band The Brick House

Florist Green Bee Floral Design

Transportation Royal Limousine of Greensboro (Trolley)

Rentals Bloom Party Rentals, Party Tables, Inc, & Hauser Rental

Bakery Cake and All Things Yummy

Ceremony Highland Presbyterian Church

Ceremony Organist Don Armitage

Reception Forsyth Country Club

Rehearsal Dinner The Dash BB&T Ballpark


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The Wedding Checklist Once you’ve chosen the date, the following serves as a general guideline for all the to-do’s as you count down to your wedding day!


• Announce your engagement to your parents, family and friends. Be sure to call or announce in person to close family and friends before announcing via social media. • Think about your overall theme. Are you dreaming of a rustic wedding or a more modern event? Do you dream of a traditional ceremony or are you looking for outside-the-box wedding ideas? • Start working on your guest list. • Determine your wedding budget. • Pick the date and time of day for the wedding. • Secure a church and /or reception venue. • Choose your bridal party. • Hire a wedding planner. • Make a list of vendors (photographers, florists, caterers, musicians, etc) and begin scheduling appointments.


• Begin shopping for a wedding dress (be sure to budget for alterations and undergarments). • Shop and select bridesmaid dresses. • Sign contracts and make initial deposits to reserve vendors. • Start thinking about a honeymoon destination and work on travel plans. • Have engagement pictures taken.




• Send ’save the dates’ to your guests. • Begin planning the rehearsal dinner. • Schedule appointments for

haircuts, color, wedding day styling, manicures, pedicures, massages and other beauty treatments. • Register for gifts. • Coordinate wedding transportation. • Select and order attire for the groom and groomsmen. • Purchase the wedding rings. • Reserve a block of rooms at a local hotel for out of town guests. • Buy wedding-party gifts. • Choose and order wedding favors.

2 - 3 MONTHS FROM THE DATE • Discuss photography wants with the photographer. • Discuss the menu with the caterer. • Meet with your wedding officiant to discuss ceremony details. • Write your vows (if you choose to write your own). • Mail wedding invitations. • Apply for marriage license up to 60 days prior to the wedding date.

1 MONTH FROM THE DATE • Schedule a final gown fitting. • Confirm that your bridesmaids and groomsmen have everything they need and are aware of the schedule of events. • Confirm arrival and delivery times from all of your vendors. • Have your wedding program printed. • Create welcome bags for your out-of-town guests and have them delivered to the hotel. • Write thank you notes as you receive gifts. • Confirm attendance of guests who have not RSVP’d. • Provide caterer with the final head count.

DAY OF THE WEDDING • Relax and enjoy your special day!

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Party Reflections

336.831.7840 www.mcnoldyphoto.com

Sam McNoldy Photo


McNoldy Photo





When going down your wedding planning checklist, do not overlook the importance of having a guest book. After you have your venue, dress, floral arrangements and music in place, it is time to relax and have a little fun. The guest book is a great way to remember who attended your wedding for years to come. What you may not realize is that the guest book, or an alternate way of taking a head count, is an opportunity to show off your personality to others on your special day. The key is to get creative. There is no one way to manage your guest book for the big day. Some fun ideas include: • Have a photographer take pictures of guests as they pick up their name cards or check out the seating chart. At the end of the evening, you will have a photo of everybody to cherish. • Consider you and your partner’s hobbies such as if you like nature; each guest can sign their name or draw a picture on a rock. It does not have to be fancy, but you can keep them in a bowl or vase. • For the adventurous couple who likes to travel, consider getting a large globe and permanent markers, so guests can sign the globe when they walk in. • Select a poster either of you and your spouse-to-be or of something meaningful to you. Have others sign it and leave messages that you can reflect back on down the road. • For the artsy at heart, you can buy squares of fabric and have guests write notes on them. Later, you can turn them into a blanket or quilt. • Design puzzle pieces where each guest writes a message, and you can have fun putting it all together over and over again.


• Get a box with a pretty design or a large bottle that you can put small pieces of paper inside with messages from the guests. You may choose to save the box or bottle for special occasions like anniversaries to read the contents. • Pick a painting or wooden object of significance like a heart or a shape of the state you met, and have others sign it. • Create a document on an iPad that others can type a message on for you to save. • Purchase a poster board, and put it on an easel for guests to leave words of love or humor to last a lifetime. • Gather pictures or postcards, and have guests leave notes on them for you to read after the big day is over. • Set out a big jar, and have married guests leave advice inside as to how to create a successful marriage. While the wedding night comes and goes before you know it, the guest book is something that you can have and hold for a lifetime. For the couple who wants to stick with the traditional guest book, there are still many options. There are some factors to consider in your choice, such as: • Whether your style is plain or elegant • Favorite colors • A preferred theme • Hobbies • Personalized monogramming or engraving Remember, if you are special-ordering your guest book, do not wait until the last minute as it can take several weeks. With a little extra planning, you can make the guest book any style from simple to sophisticated and reflective of you as a couple.

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Financial Considerations Before Saying “I Do ”

Before tying the knot and saying “I do,” there is an important conversation that should take place with your spouse-to-be. You may think you have your future all planned out as far as where to live, what your dream job may be and whether or not you want children down the road. What you may not have on your list of things to discuss is how you intend to manage your finances. If you have overlooked that aspect, you are not alone. According to new research from Ramsey Solutions, couples in healthy marriages are much more likely to talk about their money dreams and make long-term money goals. When it comes to financial disclosure with your partner, honesty is the best policy. Some things to consider in the conversation include: • The amount in your savings • Your monthly expenses • How much debt you have, if any • Car loan payments • Student loans


You may want to keep funds that you have prior to marriage in separate names and create joint accounts after the wedding. If your partner has incurred debt prior to marriage and you have the premarital assets separate, you are not responsible to the debt collectors. Another means of financial protection is the prenuptial agreement. This legal document should address investment and retirement strategies. A statute called the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act governs prenuptial agreements in our state. It is important to educate yourself and work with a lawyer as if an agreement does not satisfy the law’s requirements; it becomes void and unenforceable. You can always amend or revoke an agreement but only with the signatures of both spouses. To prepare to draft the contract, you should decide how you feel about: • Property rights and duties • Spousal support • Estate planning • Life insurance policies

If you want to take matters into your own hands, you can write your own prenuptial agreement or find a do-it-yourself form on the internet depending on how comfortable you are doing so. At the end of the day, everyone’s goal should be financial protection. One option is to look into a revocable trust which is an entity that is set up by the grantor, a person placing assets in the trust, owned in the name of the trust but managed for your benefit while you are alive. You select the trustee who manages it, most likely yourself so you can be in charge of the decision making. This is something you can do in addition to the prenuptial agreement which can potentially save you from being ruined financially should your marriage end in divorce. The main advantage of the prenuptial agreement is that it is especially helpful if you have spent years getting established in your profession and do not want to share your hard-earned dollars. If you are the beneficiary of an inheritance or have family money, you may be less inclined to want to share it. After the wedding bells are done ringing and you have returned from your honeymoon, it is time to start your new life together. Part of beginning the new chapter should involve: • Updating your personal contact information • Notifying banking institutions, credit card companies, insurance plans, beneficiaries and emergency contacts • Sending change of address cards in the mail or sending an online greeting with your new information • Creating a filing system for records regarding bank accounts, IRAs, property taxes, insurance and investments

If you have questions or concerns as you work through financial matters, you can always consult with a financial advisor or accountant. With some planning ahead financially before your big day, you have taken the first step on the road to happily ever after.


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Hip Chics

Give Your Bdesmaids the Boutique Expeence PHOTO BY AE PHOTOGRAPHY


As one of the area’s favorite boutiques, Hip Chics in Clemmons is now also a favorite destination for dressing your bridal party. Broadening the business to include formal attire has been a natural expansion of Hip Chics Owner Kristina Prysiazniuk and her devoted staff’s passion. In a world of online everything and “shopping” that’s a mere click away, the Hip Chics team shares the important reasons you should be shopping in a local boutique — and not online — for your beautiful bridesmaids’ attire! You’ll be treated to the finest customer service and the unparalleled level of expertise that comes with a boutique experience. Your entire shopping journey will be personable – and a beautiful memory to add to your wedding planning. There’s nothing quite like trying on dresses together with friends and sisters in a fun, relaxed atmosphere!

Consistency of color among all dresses. Shopping at a boutique can guarantee your dresses are all cut at the same time to be sure the color runs are identical. (Hint: Yes, shades of your favorite color can vary so much!) In-house seamstress. Bridesmaid dresses typically require alterations. A hem at the very least — and likely some other adjustments as well. Formal shops typically have in-house seamstresses who are familiar with the special types of alterations that formalwear can require and can keep all the alterations uniform and on time. Coordinate your bridesmaids dresses and tuxedos all in one place! Located within Hip Chics Prom and Formal Wear is Village Tuxedo, a full-service tuxedo shop. In addition to convenience, this will allow you to be sure your dresses and tuxedos are the perfect complement to each other to make your special day picture-perfect!

You can count on expert measurements. Bridesmaids rarely wear the same size, but by shopping at a local boutique, you can see dresses you like on a variety of body types and get an up close look at what is truly most flattering. Every manufacturer has different measuring charts, and every dress has a different cut, so ordering online — with no one to measure your bridesmaids in person — leaves too much to chance! A good sales associate is trained to measure you properly and advise you what styles are best for your figure type.

You will be helping to strengthen your local economy. Shopping local is always a good idea, and purchasing your wedding party attire from a local boutique means you’re getting the benefit of their expertise, while contributing to a growing business within your own community!

You will have the opportunity to see the actual fabrics and colors. There’s nothing more exciting — or personal — than feeling the fabric of a dress in person and seeing how it moves and flows. The boutique staff can also offer suggestions on color combinations and the perfect accessories to finish their look — that’s a plus you won’t find with online ordering.

Visit Hip Chics Prom & Formal Wear and Village Tuxedo located at 2668 Lewisville-Clemmons Road in Clemmons, call 336.602.1714 or visit the website at hipchicsboutique.com. Hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. Follow Hip Chics on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


Trust and relationship building. You will have experts to trust from start to finish, and names and faces to call on if an issue arises. You’ll feel like family by the time your attendants arrive for that last fitting!

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Salem Smiles

Celebrating over 60 years Serving the Triad with Quality Service

Celebrating over 60 years Serving the Triad with Quality Service




Craft Cleaners


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Getting Your Groom Involved BY TARYN JEREZ

It’s not long after you announce your engagement that the questions begin to flood about your upcoming nuptials. What are your wedding colors going to be? What time of year will the wedding be? Are you thinking buffet or sit down for catering? As the questions keep coming, it may become clear that the direction they are looking at when asking is pointed at you and you alone. Certainly, they know there are two parties involved here – it takes two to tango, after all! The reality can often be, however, that the bride-to-be tends to take the reins when it comes to all things wedding planning. It’s important to know that just like your marriage can be whatever you wish to make it, so can your wedding planning. If you long for your fiancé to be your wedding planner partner-in-crime, there are some great ways to help him become involved. You want the process to be fun and productive for both of you! After all, you’ve got a wedding to plan!


The wedding and entertainment industries have done a great job of making the world think that most women have dreamed about their wedding day since they were little girls. The truth is, while your fiancé may not have been playing wedding when he was five, there are still some aspects of your big day he’s excited about. Ask him what part of the festivities leading up to the wedding and the wedding itself are important to him. You may be surprised at his response and be able to include him a little more knowing where his interests are when it comes to the planning.



Carve out time each month to talk about where you are in the planning process. You can make it a fun brunch date or time on the couch after church to make decisions together and check a few things off the list as needed. Schedule this time in advance along with any appointments you want your fiancé to attend with you, such as the cake tasting. The last thing your groom is going to want to do is cancel his plans with friends because there’s a last-minute appointment at the floral shop or caterer. Try to avoid making every moment about the wedding, and enjoy the time in between now and then. Remember, the goal is to have a marriage even more beautiful than your wedding.


As you create your wedding to-do list, it can start to feel a little overwhelming. Think about what responsibilities and roles you may be able to delegate to one another. What is your future husband really good at? Maybe he has talent when it comes to negotiation or woodworking? Was he a finance major in college or has years of creative writing under his belt? Look at the list together, and see where he could really shine and help tackle parts of the planning. If you find enjoyment in some of the tasks you are working on, you’ll both enjoy planning as a whole more too!


When push comes to shove, you may have a man on your hands who has little to no interest in the wedding planning department. Regardless, nobody gets a “get out of jail free” card! Give him some of the tasks that err on the more fun side of things. You can have him choose gifts for his groomsmen, set up your wedding website, research travel and honeymoon destinations, and of course, the fun task of keeping his mother calm and out of your hair! When you split things up, everything suddenly seems more doable through the lens of a team. What better way to get started in your marriage than teaming up from the very beginning?

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Eliana Nunes

WinMock at Kinderton



Your Dog at Your Wedding A Pawesome Idea or Too Ruff?



Oh, how we loooooove our four-legged friends! They are a source of companionship, love, pride and let’s face it, in some cases, obsession! According to USA Today, dog owners are spending an average of almost $1,300 annually on their dogs. And, that number is only expected to increase. Of course, food and veterinary care are anticipated expenses, but let’s not forget toys and beds and harnesses and thunder shirts and puppy pads and little doggie snow boots and Halloween costumes and formalwear! Wait, formalwear?! Oh right…for when our dogs are ring bearers or groomsmen or flower girls or maids of honor! Making your pup a part of your wedding celebration puts a true stamp of personalization on the day. And, while many venues and places of worship are bending the rules to accommodate this request, do you really want to take on this added element of delight with unpredictable outcomes? Let’s look at the pros and cons. Or, in this case, the paws up and paws down comparison.


Paws Up – Cuteness overload! Paws Down – What if Sir Barkley lifts his leg on Uncle Paul halfway down the aisle? Paws Up – Instagram-worthy photos of Miss Bitsy with her flower crown beside you at the altar! Paw Down – What if Duke spots a squirrel on the tree behind the Pastor? Paws Up – You just know that FiFi will snuggle up beside your grandma in the first row for the “ultimutt” in precious memories! Paws Down – Where does Prince go after the ceremony when you and your guests sit down to a fancy plated dinner? Paws Up – Did I mention cuteness overload?!

All decisions about your wedding day deserve serious deliberation and discussion. Having your dog – or dogs! – involved is no different and there are certainly many factors to consider. However, in full disclosure, a dog lover wrote this article and a dog lover edits this magazine, so we are unapologetically paws up for having ALL our family members at our celebrations; and those doggies are 100% family…fur sure!

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on e of t h e t r i a d’s m o st af fo rd ab l e w e d ding v e nu e s Sapona Bar & Grill 3 3 6 . 3 9 9 . 4 4 6 0 | w w w. G r i l l e at t h e G l e n . c o m Grill at the Glen

a perfect day is in the details.

439 B e aver Cre ek R o ad | L exington, NC 27295 | 336.399.4460 | pga@s ap onaclub.com ForsythWomanEngaged.com 67

Wedding Alcohol Calculator Consider how many hours your reception / cocktail hour will be, calculate how many drinks per bottle and choose an alcohol mix based on your crowd (you know your wedding guests better than anyone) and adjust accordingly. The chart below considers a 5 hour reception / cocktail hour with 50% of guests being wine drinkers, 30% beer and 20% spirit.


70 175

bottles of wine

bottles of beer


bottles of liquor (750 ml)



bottles of champagne for toast (optional)

105 bottles of wine



bottles of beer

bottles of liquor (750 ml)


bottles of champagne for toast (optional)

source: www.womangettingmarried.com



bottles of champagne for toast (optional)

140 bottles of wine

350 bottles of beer


bottles of liquor (750 ml)


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effortless & undone

Bella Hair Co.

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“I D O ”…Want a Beautiful Smile

in My Wedding Photos!

When your wedding day has come and gone, you’ll still be gazing at photos from every moment of the big day for many years to come. Focus on that sparkling engagement ring, dreamy gown and perfect venue, but don’t overlook the chance to make your already-lovely smile even more dazzling! Every eye will be on you, the bride, and your smile should be the best it can be. You already know the best wedding vendors must be secured in advance, so right this minute, add a visit to your dentist to that “advance” to-do list. Salem Smiles Orthodontics in Winston-Salem suggests the following tips to stay on track, with some expert advice from Sarah Shoaf, DDS., MEd., MS. • Whitening teeth is an excellent way to brighten a dull smile, and many good products are available from both your regular dentist and over the counter. If your teeth are not straight, however, or have had damage, more intensive treatment may be needed first. • Your regular dentist can recommend treatments for broken or chipped teeth, many of which can be completed in one sitting. To be sure the desired effect is completed on time, it’s ideal to schedule a consultation at least a year in advance. • Aligning teeth into a lovely smile is easy to do, but it requires time. Having a consultation with an orthodontist 18 to 24 months in advance will assure you of completing treatment prior to your wedding day. Before starting to straighten your teeth, always have a thorough cleaning and check-up with your regular dentist to be sure you don’t have cavities that need to be restored prior to seeing the orthodontist.


• Most treatments for adults can be accomplished using Invisalign, which makes the whole process exceptionally easy. The treatment consists of a series of clear aligners that are able to make small movements to achieve your goals. The aligners come out when you eat, so there are no food restrictions as with metal braces. Office visits are every two months with aligners instead of every four weeks with braces, so you don’t have to take a lot of time out of your job for appointments. There is less discomfort using aligners, as they perform small incremental movements. You may not even tell anyone you are undergoing treatment, as the aligners are so clear that most people around you will not see them at all, and at Salem Smiles, we love to call this the “kinder, gentler” way to move teeth. Salem Smiles offers free consultations, and at that initial visit, you will complete background paperwork and be seen by Dr. Shoaf to determine your best options. Treatments can often be started the day of your consultation, in order to advance more quickly towards your amazing smile. You’ll find the wonderful staff of Salem Smiles Orthodontics eager to help you look your very best on your wedding day with a lovely, timeless smile as the finishing touch to your bridal attire! Reach Salem Smiles Orthodontics at 336.725.5757 to schedule your consultation, and visit salemsmilesortho.com for more information. The practice is located at 1063 W. Northwest Boulevard in Winston-Salem. Dr. Shoaf is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and has been in practice in the Winston-Salem area since 1992. She trained in the original East Coast training program for Invisalign and has the longest experience in the area with clear aligners. While financial plans are available, check with your dental insurance coverage to see if you have orthodontic benefits.

Volume IX / Issue I

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Creating Lasting Memories…

Hauser Rental

Advice and Expertise • Linen Rental • Special Order Linen • Tenting your Event Tables and Chairs • Staging • Glassware & China • Foodservice Needs • Party Items

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Name Change Checklist


 Social Security card (start here. You’ll need this one for all of the rest.)  Driver license  Passport  Voter registration card


 Bank accounts  Investments and portfolio holdings  Credit card companies


 Home mortgage financers  Auto financers  Student loan financers



 Health insurance providers  Home/renter insurance providers  Flood insurance providers  Vehicle insurance providers  Life insurance providers


 Payroll information  Tax forms  Email address and signature  Business cards  Professional licensing boards


 United States Post Office  Water and sewer provider  Electric provider  Landline and cell phone carriers  Cable and internet provider


 Primary care physician  Specialists  Pharmacy


 Local library  Civic clubs  Alumni organizations  Social media * Don’t forget to update your will and the designated beneficiaries of life insurance policies! * Consider ordering an extra copy of your marriage license, as some organizations will require you to send in an authenticated copy.

Volume IX / Issue I

Katherine Mann Event Planning

KATHARINE MANN WEDDING AND EVENT PLANNING kath ar i n e @ kath a r in em a n n event s .c om | (336) 529-2725 | w w w. katha ri nema nnevents .c o m

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with the purchase of $1000 or more on wedding flowers booked before April 30th, 2020 Some restrictions may apply.

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to these recently engaged couples

Ashley Martin + Brandon Vogler 9.21.19 Jordan Brannock Photography

Ariana Zertuche + Nicholas Jones 6.6.20 Katy Fulp Photography

Ellie Alessio + Justin Hair 10.3.20 Alli Funderud Photography Photography


Carla Cave + Houston Nicks 10.19.19 Hunter Leigh Photography

Volume IX / Issue I

Erika Angles + Alex Stuart 11.16.19 Courtney Grant Photography

Hannah Stewart + Austin Hill 12.21.19 Morgan Hill Photography


Emily Webster + Austin Flynt 6.6.20 Brittany Titus Photography

Jade Kiger + Sean Bogdan 12.21.19 Hunter Leigh Photography

Hailey Callahan + Cody Alvear 11.8.19 Hunter Leigh Photography


Kathryn Carter + Cole Vaden 7.25.20 Rachel Elisabeth Photography

Jamie Childress & Dwayne Warren 6.13.20 Hunterleigh Photography

Kayla Edwards + Harrison Revels 1.25.20 Karen Salinas Photography


Katelyn Kitts + Elijah East 6.27.20 Jensen Lee Photography

Madison Gentry + Dillon Reeves 6.13.20 Hunter Leigh Photography

Volume IX / Issue I

Morgan Albertson + Clay Rice 2.8 20 Megan Travis Photography

Meredith Russell + Jason Laws 11.9.19 Xan Craven Photography


Morgan Fowler + Andrew Mansfield 12.7.19 Made You Look Photography

Tashika Parks + Jimmy O’Neal Jr. 4.4.20



to these recently married couples

Abbey + Bowe Bowen 6.30.19 Hunter Leigh Photography

Bri + DeMitry Gilmore 8.3.19 Kincaid Design Photo


April + Corey Durham 8.3.19 McNoldy Photo

Brittany Orie + Robert Leak III 6.1.19 Cooper Photography

Austin + Jay Heller 3.23.19 Anagram Photo

Volume IX / Issue I

Karie + Josh Matthews 5.18.19 Hunter Leigh Photoraphy

Julia + Luke Wilson 9.21.19 Hunter Leigh Photography


Brynna + Zach Bruns 7.27.19 Jo Lindsay Co.

Elina + Jesse Chen 9.1.19 ConnectionPhotography

Jennie + Allen Ropp 5.1.19 HD Photo & Design


Micelle Gibson James + Marvin Anthony James 25th Anniversary Vow Renewal - Married 5.7.1994 5.11.19 Sulecta Events & Photography

Kendra Brannon + James North 5.1.19 Brooklyn Nicole Photogrpahy

Linda + Kenneth Brown 50th Anniversary Vow Renewal - Married 9.6.1969 8.31.19 K&A Creative Photography


Laura + Spencer Martin 8.31.19 Jodi Gray Photography

Megan + Clint Mast 4.26.19 Nancy Ray Photography

Volume IX / Issue I

Nicole + Zachary Triplett 6.22.19 Stacey K Photo

Traci + Christian Baker 4.27.19 Click Away Photography

Raquel + Chris Buckingham 4.5.19 Sarah Morrel Photography

Wanda + Lewis Westbury 30th Anniversary Vow Renewal - Married 8.19.89 8.24.19 Photo by Terrell Smith




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