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sc ool thi si Pathfinders Calling for pumpkins Pathfinders Calling for Pumpkins to Help Feed Those in Need ... After three years of successfully growing pumpkins at Tilbuster Station and distributing them in various towns to people in need, Pathfinders has fronted a run of bad luck. Two fields of pumpkins that Pathfinders’ staff and young people planted at Tilbuster Station have perished after wet weather, heat waves, cold conditions and undeveloped seedlings prevented the vegetables from growing. The pumpkins were planted in preparation for the annual Pathfinders Pumpkin Run, where atrisk youth in the Pathfinders Pathways Out-ofHome Care program and staff members donate produce and cook warm, hearty meals for the homeless and others in need. Regardless of the setbacks, Pathfinders is determined to make trip happen and is calling on residents of the region to help with donations. The non-profit is hoping to gather six tonnes

of produce, accepting donations ranging from pumpkins to potatoes and other hearty vegetables. The Pathfinders Pumpkin Run 2017 is set to commence mid-June and conclude on June 29th at Government House in Sydney.


If you would like to donate pumpkins or produce, contact Noelia at 0429 371 489 or to coordinate for us to pick up your donation. You can also drop off your donations at any of the Pathfinders office locations. No donation is too small, as we come together to make a difference for those in need.

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