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Welcome to the April issue of Coffs Coast FOCUS.

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elcome to our fun filled April edition of Coffs Coast FOCUS. I have a strong passion for all things India; in fact, I lived there for most of 2012. From the Himalayas to the southern most state of Kerella – if you could get there on a two berth air-conditioned train, chances are I’ve been there. The thing that I most enjoyed learning about India was that underneath the population, extreme temperatures, absolute struggle, poverty, yoga and constant food poisoning – there really is such beauty in India. In remote villages


without the pressure of media, paying the mortgage or concerns of who’s driving what car, the people are so very kind, and it’s that special beauty that makes me love India! We are excited about Woolgoolga’s premier event, the Curry Festival, and we bring you a huge nine page feature with a centre lift out of the map for the event. INSIDE THIS ISSUE Scott Schindler and Charlie O’Sullivan are on the Australian surfing team and are heading to Ecuador. The Aussie Rock Extravaganza, that is Jimmy Barnes, Baby Animals and

Chocolate Starfish come to town. The ing Clunkertons and the New Beginning is a children’s story where Robyn McLennan and Jules Faber bring the n the the h Australian bush to life, and our ‘In Heart of the City’ feature is wheree we showcase businesses in the CDB. FEATURE PHOTO aken ak en This month’s feature photo was taken by photographer David Moore at Bonville Golf Course. FINAL SAY “When I met David Beckham, I didn’t know whether to shake his hand or lick his face.” – Robbie Williams.

Melly Dee – Editor Follow me on Twitter @le_mellydee

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Simpson Phillip Simpson is an eccentric artist from Sawtell. He cleans part-time, but his real passion is for painting ... and he is the epitome of creativity.


re you from Coffs Harbour? there is no creative open play. No, I am not originally from the I took art in high school, where I would paint these Coffs Coast. I lived in Gladesville as elaborate sci fi themes, which never really took off. I a younger bloke. I was born in Ryde never felt good enough to go somewhere with my art. Hospital. I am the youngest of five My art teacher seemed a strange mixture of Catholicism siblings. and New Age – she encouraged me – a lot. I would describe myself as a disco funky bunny I moved to Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 1981, and compared to my hippy brothers and sisters, and in 1985 I got involved in Christian Theatre I always enjoying being funny. Images. I played cricket and had One of my friends at church, Scott, humorous, fun times. I will always has a voice that reminds me of a remember Mark Shultz being y an M e. cartoon character I grew up with: able to take a sharp catch, I date onlin d an y tr Dudley Do Right of the Canadian without ever losing his cigarette women y sa I so e, lin Mounties, who battled the evil (laughs). Humour features in con me on nce si , by ba h “O : Dick Dastardly. some of my art. to them life, y m to in e m ca I have an 18 year old I was married in my mid you es in the ag st ho e th en daughter, Felicity. I reckon if any twenties, which lasted six years ev more basement seem Dick Dastardly came into her life, but nothing exciting to report chill ed .” I would take them for a ride – just there. Ancient history, really, like affable comedian John Candy but I do have a lovely daughter, playing Uncle Buck in the movie of the Felicity. She is studying Psychology. same name ... then talk about a tradition I hope she doesn’t analyse me. She of having it cut off if they misbehave. I’ve have might need a head full of Monty Python. I always had a wicked sense of humour. was divorced in 1996 ... Briefly moved back in with my I date online. Many women try and con me online, parents. During that time, I wrote poetry on the shores so I say to them: “Oh baby, since you came into my life, of the Northern Beaches. I stupidly lost my poetry book even the hostages in the basement seem more chilled”. somewhere. I stayed on for a while after my parents I grew up loving Star Wars and Dr Who, so there has left the Northern Beaches. I used to go to a DJ night always been a rich imagination. I played in the bush called ‘The Sounds Of Seduction’; the club was full of with friends Graeme Edwards, Jamie Little and Matthew fun people. Everyone would dress up – very colourful Gale. I loved lizards as a young bloke. times (laughs). The resident DJ was Jamie Adenlader How did your love for art come about? What has aka JKatz. been your biggest influence? I have a Twitter account, where I encourage people I grew up drawing dinosaurs ... Putting together to get on the scene. I moved to the Coffs Coast in 2001 model aeroplanes ... I drew motor bikes and cool for family reasons. After a brief stay in Bello, I moved to cars for other kids. I have always been fascinated by Sawtell. I did a bit of art training with a lady who was art rocker David Bowie. I am eccentric and extremely an artist at the Community College around the Central creative. I love Rugby, and I admit I even get bored if Mall in Coffs. Sorry ... her name has gone on me. I have

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settled in Sawtell. Like me, it is quirky. What does a day in the life of Phillip Simpson look like? Apart from art painting, there is Lara, the name for my bass guitar. Always jam up a funky element with James Brown Bootsy Collins Parliament Funkadelic The Ohio plays and The Meters on spotify radio. I really must get back to exercise. I have two sisters, Maryanne and Vicki. Oh, and there is also my plan to be an evil clown and take over the world. Not even Austin Powers will stop me. I always enjoy good humour. Must not forget the one and only catch phrase: “Do you know me, Benny?” My nephew is a superstar; I take him to the cinema. I also have two cleaning jobs. Where does your passion for art and creativity derive? Art resigned in me after the loss of a relationship. First, the art therapy dance with thick brushes, then finer detail followed one day when I decided it was time to get down, get funk and move on. I understand art like an art machine. Have you exhibited? I have exhibited with CHESS Employment. I enjoy the support from Rachel, my mentor and friend. We enjoy having a laugh together. I am always cheeky. The other day, I strode into Coffs Harbour quite manicly, then Rachael said: “I know you ... gosh, you’re a character! You did that deliberately”. One of the exhibited pieces was a home for Bogans. Doing this interview is a real challenge, but made me realise I don’t often enough appreciate the good stuff in my life; thank you, Jesus. Would love to develop my art further and get it exhibited. I think my dream job would to be a full-time artist, and I am committed to being a good, wise Solomon Christian. Got to say the support of family and friends on Facebook has been heartwarming! Thank you Phillip.


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Australian Surf Team Scott Schindler and Charlie O’Sullivan are two of the nine surfers on the Australian surfing team. Randomly, they are both from the Coffs Coast and are heading to Ecuador to compete in early April.

Issue 31 - April 2013

usual suspects.


The Clunkertons Children’s author Robyn McLennan and illustrator Jules Faber discuss their latest project for The Clunkertons series – an inspriring children’s story, which brings the Australian bush to life with its two strange looking characters and the friendships they make along the way with birds and animals.



8. what’s on for April 22. eat featuring local restaurants 53. social scene with Carole Beros

72. star guide with Terri 74. tourism with Tourism Coffs Coast

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Brooke George Brooke George is all things jewellery. She is a born and bred Coffs Harbour woman, and here she shares her story ... follow us on

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Kristi Knowle s.

Kristi Knowles is the owner of Pansabella Providores, and she is also a dedicated collector of autographed cookbooks – a habit that formed as a child and has continued to grow over the years. Kristi’s inspiration for cooking and preparing food ranges from Jamie Oliver and Donna Hay to Marco Pierre White ...

e all know that you are the wonderful owner of Pansabella Providores at Coffs Central. You have recently moved into a brand new space. How is that all coming along? What is the most exciting thing about your new adventure? The new store is fantastic, thank you. We have been totally overwhelmed by the reaction of the Coffs Coast community. There has been so much support and encouragement. Everyone really seems to love what Gowings have done with the centre, and people just love the space. The most exciting thing about the new n io adventure is the opportunity to provide at in sc fa My our service to even more people. We with cookbooks ild. were very limited in the old shop in began as a little ch y m I loved to watch ok, and terms of space. We can now offer grandmother co‘collecta better menu because of the new I guess I started m kitchen, more seating even in wet fro s ok bo ing’ cook her’s ot m y weather, an expanded deli selection, a m d an r he dedicated flower area, and the option kitchen. ” to dine with us at night three days a week. How did your fascination with having your cookbooks autographed by their authors begin? My fascination with cookbooks began as a little child. I loved to watch my grandmother cook, and I guess I started ‘collecting’ cookbooks from her and my mother’s kitchen. When I say collect, I mean I would keep them under my bed as if they were my own! The autographed side of it really started when I was living in London, and I worked with a few of the ‘celebrity chefs’. I was able to meet them and get my favourite book autographed. This continued when I moved back to Australia, meeting the likes and working with Pete Evans and Donna Hay. I was

very fortunate to meet these people and really wanted a ‘keepsake of these fortunate events’ Who really inspires you in relation to your passion for food? It was my family who really encouraged me to cook from an early age. There are quite a few old photos and even some tragic home movies of me standing on a little stool stirring a wok and pretending to be hosting my own cooking show. From the modern era, I think Jamie Oliver is my biggest inspiration. His ability to make food so approachable, so easy and so delicious is fantastic. For someone who was very technically trained, he has been able to take the ‘cheffiness’ out of his technique, so everyone can cook his dishes. Donna Hay would be a close second. She has done a similar thing in terms of making her recipes ‘approachable’, always with fabulous results. In fact, Jamie Oliver was quoted as saying that Donna Hay was, in fact, his favourite Australian cooking personality on his last visit to the country. Do you like MasterChef? What is your opinion on that show; do you think it’s good for the industry? I’m have really enjoyed the latest series of MasterChef the Professionals. Marco Pierre White truly is the very best of the best. To hear anything he has to say on food is truly an honour. The contestants aren’t just ‘saying it for the camera’, when they say he is their hero. As far as top end cuisine goes, he is God to the food industry. I met Matt Preston a few years ago – I think after the second series of the show. He certainly is a ‘big personality’, who truly loves his food. But I just love the way Marco can connect people’s passion in life to the food they cook. I think he is a little less scary than he has been made out to be and has a very philosophical outlook on what motivates people to cook. I think it (the show) has its good and bad points. I

think consumers may get slightly the wrong impression of what goes on in a commercial kitchen. The preparation required for service is constant. My team start at 6am and continues on working until 6.30pm on a week night and past 11pm during night service. When you hand make as many components as we do, it never stops. But I love that it has engineered a different type of passion in people around food, really highlighting the skill of the professionally trained side of the business, and I have certainly picked up quite a few new tricks and techniques as a result. Who and where is the strangest place you’ve asked an author to sign your cookbook? Or a favourite story? Margret Fulton was absolutely one of the funniest people I have ever met. I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of her latest cookbook at Quay Restaurant in Sydney. We were treated to a interview with her on a little stage before our lunch was served. She told a brilliant story of a time she accidentally singed off most of her eyebrows carrying a flaming pudding to the Christmas table one year. Her Encyclopedia of Food and Cookery is my number one go to book about all things food. Any final words: All the signed books will be on display in Pansabella for the next month. Thank you Kristi.

are you a collector? We want to know about you! Let us know what you collect, and you might just be our next Collectors Corner guest! e. ph. (02) 6650 9343

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WED fri



Bonville’s M Men’s Tiger Tee Challenge g Friday April 19 sees the Men’s Tiger Tee Challenge at Bonville Golf Resort. The event sees players take on the challenging Bonville layout from the back markers. Special rates apply for Coast Golf Club Members, so call the Bonville Pro Shop on 6653 4544 to book all Mid North C exciting event. in for this excit 19 April. Call 6653 4544. When Friday 1

Oz Berries Woolgoolga Curryfest! Come and join in all the fun of Oz Berries Woolgoolga Curryfest from 6 - 14 April 2013. All details at or check out the pull out feature in this month’s edition of FOCUS. WIN A TRIP TO INDIA When Fun and activities planned from the 6 - 14 April. FESTIVALD AY 13 APRIL 2013. More info

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Young Frankenstein It’s ritzy, glitzy and hilariously funny… If you loved The Producers, you’ll not want to miss this blissfully funny monster mash. It’s just so Mel Brooks. Presented by Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company. Where Jetty Memorial Theatre, Coffs Harbour. When April 12 - May 5. Bookings or booking office 6652 8088. Tues - Fri, noon - 4pm.

Yoga At Curves Women’s Health Club The ancient Indian practice of yoga has been helping people reap both spiritual and physical benefits for thousands of years. Since society has modernised, yoga has become a much loved form of physical exercise. Benefits of yoga include weight loss, concentration, stress relief, sleep management, improved fitness, reducing blood pressure, increased libido, balance and managing digestion. For women of all ages, sizes and fitness abilities. Where Curves Women's Health Club, 115 West High Street, Coffs Harbour. When One hour classes each Wednesday, 7PM and Friday, 6PM. Cost $5. Requirement Yoga mat.

The 21 Century Beetle has arrived. st

Test drive The 21st Century Beetle and you’ll experience an advanced Volkswagen with the spirit and heritage of the original Beetle. Featuring a distinct new look, 118kW TSI petrol engine, 17� Rotor alloys, choice of 6 speed manual or 7 speed DSG transmission plus iconic design elements, The 21st Century Beetle is the perfect blend of past and present. Visit Geoff King Volkswagen for a test drive today.

Your Volkswagen Partner

Geoff King Volkswagen 6 Tolhurst Place, Coffs Harbour MD1000 Tel. 02 6659 1000



meet a


meet a


Meet Annette Mavin from The Party Specialist. ell us about your background round and how that adds to your business. I have been in business for myself since I was 17; my first business was a ceramic art studio. I got into the hospitality industry in my 20s. I established and operated several restaurants and catering services, the most recent being Coffs Coast Event Catering, which I have now operated in the Coffs Coast area for 5 years. I was an Area Manager in Sydney for the Sodexho Alliance, the world’s largest food and management service organisation. In my position I oversaw and was responsible for the running of nine restaurants in and around the Sydney area; we held contracts at The Olympic Stadium, Sydney Opera House, Melbourne’s Flemington Racecourse and nationally throughout the Myer-Grace Bros. stores. In 1998, the NSW Department of Education offered me a scholarship to retrain as a High school teacher in Technology. I established and taught the hospitality course, among other subject areas for 8 years, before re-entering the hospitality industry. Overall, I’ve had a varied and interesting career, but my passion has always been in hospitality. It can be a really demanding job, but it is very rewarding. You are the owner of Coffs Event catering, but you are also the owner off A & A Party Hire Specialists. What is the difference, and what does each business provide? I am the owner of two businesses. The businesses complement each other, as they are both about providing services for functions and events and we cover a large demographic; from a five year old's birthday to a lavish corporate function, we have something to suit


Meet Ray Tregaskis from ChemDry. ow long have you been operating on the Coffs Coast? I have been operating Chemdry for the past twelve months. It’s great to have exposure to so many different people. What is Chemdry? At Chemdry we don’t use any chemicals; it’s all non-toxic and green emissions (friendly for the environment). What’s the best thing about your job? The best thing about this job is probably


the fact that I get to satisfy customers and knowing that I did the best job. What do you do in your spare time? In my spare time I really like to take the motorbike out for a ride. What’s the funniest carpet accident you’ve ever fixed? Not sure if this is funny, but at one house two kids let loose with playdough. It was everywhere! By the time I had finished, Mum was very happy with the job!

with Joel McCulla from Zulu’s


AT ’ S I N


everyone everyone. Coffs Coast Event Catering is a professional on-site catering company that caters to the social and corporate client in the Coffs Coast area. We provide our clients the finest quality in catering and customer service. We have many styles to select from, including Finger food, buffet, set menus, Gourmet BBQs and more. We have added a couple of exciting new menus this year – High Tea menu and Spit Roast menu; these are an excellent addition to already comprehensive selections. Our food is made from fresh, local ingredients, and we can cater to suit your style, budget and special dietary requirements. We can also help with organising venues and other services for your event. Prices range from $20 - $50 per head. This includes all crockery, cutlery, equipment and staff for your function. A & A Party Hire Specialists: Children’s Amusements and Party Hire. We can brighten up your next event. We have a variety of jumping castles, waterslides, sumo suits, children's characters (Elmo, Batman, Cinderella, clowns, the list goes on) popcorn machines and more. Exciting news: our petting farm is now mobile, and we can bring our animals to your next event. We can cater for any size party or event and if you don’t have a venue, we can help organise that also. Children’s Amusements range in price from $160 - $300. How can readers keep in touch with you? Both these businesses are on Facebook; LIKE our pages to keep up to date with where we are, competitions, freebies, free cooking tutorials, discounts and more. Thanks Annette.

It’s that season again ... we have the beginning of the bountiful chilli harvest! ... which I perfectly timed with the Woolgoolga Curry Festival this month and the Sawtell Chilli Festival just around the corner. It’s an especially exciting time of year for us at Zulu’s, given we use at any given time six different chillies. This year the guys at Bakarindi (you’ll find them at almost any market) have been growing us our very own supply of Naga Jolokia, Ghost Chillies. Ridiculously hot! You need to remember though, chilli can be used to present flavour as well as heat. If you are not a fan of the burn but are intrigued by the idea of using the flavours, put on some gloves and split your chillies open, remove the seeds, and remove the pale or white membranes, and the flesh will be ready for you to flavour your dishes!


NOW FOR SALE A 6.11 carat, Dazzling Diamond, VVSI champagne stone, set in 18 carat gold, split concave shanked ring with patterned shoulders. For further Information, please call



To continue reading about unique ingredients, including a few useful tips and recipes, visit my blog on the Zulu’s Restaurant & Bar website:

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6653 6185.

McGuigan BMW

Sales & Service Finance & Insurance Parts Lifestyle Boutique


When you visit McGuigan BMW, you can rest assured in the knowledge you and your BMW will receive outstanding levels of professionalism, presentation and performance. In fact, we have the trophy to prove it. Visit us today to experience our signature standards of service. McGuigan BMW, a 2012 BMW Trophy Winner.

McGuigan BMW 130 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444. Tel: 6588 8500. DL7571

f o c u s

f e a t u r e

i n t e r v i e w

Scott Schindler and Charlie O'Sullivan are two of the nine surfers on the Australian surfing team. Randomly, they are both from Coffs Coast and are heading to Ecuador to compete in early April.


12 coffs coast oast focus focus.


HARLIE Are you originally from Coffs Coast? I moved to Sawtell in 1989. The first day I surfed at Sawtell, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. That's because I learned to surf at Bondi. It was a place where the waves were terrible and if you didn't surf well, you didn't get any respect in the water at all and no waves. The upside was that the intensity, in and out of the water, meant that the general standard of surfing was very high. I surfed in the shadow of some of the all time greats of Australian surfing – guys like Cheyne Horan, Joe Engel, Richard Cram and Brad Mayes. It was a tough but privileged surfing apprenticeship, and I am grateful for what that time taught me. How have you progressed your career? I had the chance to have a professional career as a surfer when I was young, but there was just not the money in those days to maintain professionals. Most of my friends who turned pro in the '70s lived on the generosity of others and only scraped by. I decided to get a qualification and enjoy competing as an amateur. Many of the other amateurs I have competed against over the last 40 years have become very good friends. Competitive surfing has kept me fit, healthy and always striving to do my best. Are you excited about competing at Ecuador? Yes. I get excited about any competition, however. It gives me an incentive to keep surfing every day, even if the waves and weather are rubbish. I am excited about meeting up with old friends from around

ded to get

I deci the world and making a qualification new ones in Ecuador. ting and enjoy compe y That is really the best an M r. eu as an amat part. ateurs I of the other am ainst Is this your proudest ag have competed ars ye career moment? 40 st la e th er ov ry good ve e I am certainly proud have becom to be the captain of the ” fr ie nd s. since we team. I finished second were 16; we at the World Titles in NZ in met at Toormina 2003 and hope to go one better High School. We this time. have 2 boys aged 14 and Which five words best describe you? 9. Karen’s mum, dad and older sister are I like to go hard! still local to the area too. How would you describe your team Who is in your team? Where are the mates? others from? The best thing about surfing in the The Australian team consists of only 9 Australian team is that you are surrounded surfers. There is one other local, Charlie by like-minded people. They are the type O’Sullivan, who is team captain; others who 'suck the marrow out of life'. Seveninclude 7-times World Champion Layne time World Professional Champion, Layne Beachley, and former WQS surfer and ISA Beachley, is a good example. Each of my World Champ Jake Spooner. They have also team mates is different, and hopefully we invited Occy and Luke Egan, but they have will support and complement each other not been confirmed as attending. well. Individual success is important but for What career aspirations did you have me, more pride is derived for winning for as a younger man, and would you say our country. that you're achieved these goals? SCOTT I did try to have a career in surfing until Also a Coffs guy? Do you live here with I was 17, but the reality is unless you have your family? money, you can't travel to compete. I I was born in Melbourne, but my mum started working to earn money, and just and my older sister moved to Coffs when I never stopped, and the surfing stopped was about 2 or 3, then moved to Toormina too. In the last 13 years, I have been right when I was 9. I had 2 more sisters arrive, back into it. So for many years, I wondered so was the only boy as I grew up. My mum what could have been if I had been able to still lives in the same house, one sister have a crack, but that is the same as most lives in Melbourne, one in Cairns and one young sporting kids; it's tough to actually between Brisbane, Sydney and Coffs. go above the teenage competitions to a My wife, Karen, was born and bred in career in sport. Sawtell and we have been married for 17 What are five words that best describe years now, but we've also been a couple

your career? There are many words that could describe my surfing, and the best 5 words would be dedication, enthusiasm, love, training and persistence. What's the best lesson that you've learnt along the way? The best lesson I have learnt is to enjoy the competition experience and make sure you are prepared. There are a lot of good surfers out there; the difference can mostly be put down to the mental strength and focus of competing. When you feel like you can win and you give it everything, you can do anything in sport. Who has been your biggest influence? A big influence of mine is Kelly Slater; he is only a year younger than I am and still pushing, but other locals such as Richie West, who still surf amazingly and is into his 60s, are the biggest inspiration of all. What dreams do you hope to fulfil in Ecuador? I am not going to Ecuador for a holiday; I definitely want the title and to see the team, and others in the team, win titles too. This is my first time on the Australian Surfing team; it is an honour and a privilege to have been selected, so I will be wearing the Green and Gold with pride. I will have my wife with me, and the family and friends can watch it live on the internet. Thanks guys; safe travels.

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Jamie McKinnon has a passion for printing. He prides his business on being eco-friendly and prints locally.


ow long have you been on The Coffs Coast? Around 15 years. What brought you here? Surf, sun and


What is Pepper Print? We are a printing and design company who offer a wide variety of all printing services as well as creative design that goes beyond the normal element of thinking. We strive for excellence by working closely with our customers and their businesses to bring their dreams to reality. What is your businesses point of difference? We have invested in the largest state of the art printing machines outside the major cities, to bring high end printing to Coffs Harbour. From ‘same day’ business cards to glossy magazines, everything we do is produced in-house. Most of the other local printers act as brokers with large full colour printing as they are unable to produce locally and have no other option than to send the work out of town. We are proud to offer Coffs locals quality full colour printing at trade prices, with a speedy turnaround time, all produced in GDT Seccombe

14 coffs coast focus.

Close, Coffs Harbour. In addition, we LOVE the area and want to support growth in the region, so we employ professional locals with extensive knowledge of the printing industry and we support ongoing apprenticeship training. Where does your passion for this industry derive? I loved art at school and was pretty good at it, and this passion evolved when I applied for an apprenticeship at a small newspaper in the town I grew up in. They also printed small things like business cards and envelopes, and the print process fascinated me – I eventually outgrew the role and moved onto bigger companies in Adelaide, Sydney and the USA. I really enjoy the entire print process, from creation of a concept visually through to the actual printing of the project. How have you evolved in this ever changing environment? Everything in our business is GREEN – we recycle our waste, purchase recycled stock, and our inks are soy based. We believe wholeheartedly in reducing our carbon footprint and feel that this is EXTREMELY important to our business and to our clients.

How ow do you stay abreast of the happenings ppenings in this climate? We are continually upgrading our equipment, so that we can offer our clients the very best print service on the North Coast. Being competitive and our dedication to providing amazing customer service are our main priorities – you can’t buy that on the internet! What is the funniest thing you've ever had to print? In a previous life, I’ve printed 'men to men' magazines ... we’ll leave it at that.

We are proud to offer Coffs locals r quality full colou e d a tr printing at dy prices with a spee.” e turnaround tim

Any big plans in 2013? We are excitedly awaiting the arrival of some new technology to enable us to produce even more economically and pass this saving on to our valued clients. We are 'upping the ante' from a marketing perspective too, with new strategies and activities planned to capitalise on our unique positioning in this market. Exciting stuff for those of us who are passionate about PRINTING.

Jamie with his wife Cathryn and daughter Harlow.



The Aussie Rock Extravaganza concert in Coffs Harbour features a massive line-up of Rock royalty: Jimmy Barnes, with special guests Baby Animals, Ian Moss, Dragon and Chocolate Starfish. This is the biggest line-up The Red Hot Summer Tour has put together yet, making this undoubtedly one of the biggest concert experiences on the Australian touring circuit.

ot only is the 2013 Red Hot Summer Tour bringing a bigger line-up of five huge Australian legendary rock artists, but it is also spreading its wings further afield by incorporating these special tour dates throughout New South Wales and Queensland. Add to this the fact that tickets start from just $79.90 (+BF) and the 2013 The Red Summer Tour Aussie Rock Extravaganza is the perfect family festival event. Jimmy Barnes needs no introduction to Aussie audiences. As a legend both from his time fronting Cold Chisel and his top charting solo career, Barnes has toured the breadth of Australia. With 16 solo albums under his belt, he has an enviable back catalogue that makes for incredible live performances, with songs like Working Class Man, When Your Love Is Gone and No Second Prize, to name a few. Jimmy Barnes has headlined The Red Hot Summer Tour in previous years and is back by popular demand for the 2013 massive Aussie Rock Extravaganza. Following on from his busy year touring back with Cold Chisel, The Red Hot Summer Tour concerts are a chance for Rock fans to see Jimmy Barnes at his best and enjoy an extensive catalogue which has made him an icon in the Australian music scene. Other acts include the Baby Animals, who burst onto the Australian scene in the 1990s with a solid Rock force and a sassy lead singer. Suze Demarchi proved that girls could Rock just as hard as guys, and the Baby Animals soon kicked some impressive Rock butt with hits such as Rush You, Early Warning

and One Word. The band recently reformed, and their inclusion on the Red Hot Summer Tour line-up is a rare chance for music fans to see an original Rock at its best. Another legendary member of Cold Chisel joins the 2013 Red Hot Summer Tour to showcase his own versatile music career. Ian Moss is without doubt one of the country’s most prolific guitarists. His own solo career has seen him release hits such as Telephone Booth and Tucker’s Daughter, as well as traverse the Blues Rock genre with releases that have seen him become a festival favourite. When it comes to iconic bands, Dragon has a long history with Aussie music fans. Moving from New Zealand to Australia in the 1970s, the Kiwi-come-Aussie band made an indelible mark, and their music captured the hearts of a generation. For music lovers looking for a special bit of concert showmanship, then they’re in for a real treat, as Chocolate Starfish take to the stage. Fronted by the enigmatic Adam Thompson, the band is known for their high energy live performances. Before the big Show in Coffs Harbour, FOCUS managed to catch up with headline act Jimmy Barnes for a quick chat. Where were you born, and when did you migrate to Australia? Why Australia? Born in Glasgow, Scotland, I weighed 14 pounds and was born fighting. We left Scotland because the people were too quiet and reserved. Have you spent much time on the Coffs Coast throughout your career? What do you like about Coffs Harbour? I have been run out of Coffs many times. It’s a great

town, and I’ve played many wild gigs there. Tell us all about the exciting new show, The Red Hot Summer Tour? This tour is the kind of tour that just seems to get better every show. I think that the quality of bands make each band work harder and demand more from themselves. The Red Hot Summer Tour is the biggest regional show to come to Coffs Harbour in a long time; this really is a once in a life time opportunity to see so many acts under the one umbrella ... Get yourself to the show and if you don’t like it, you’ve gone to the wrong show. We work off an audience, so come on and give us a push. What are the most important things you’ve learnt in your epic career? If you don’t feel that you are completely drained by the end of the show, you didn’t give enough. What is there left for you that you’d like to achieve, but haven’t accomplished yet? Maybe if I play my cards right, I could become a decent human. What is the song Flame Trees about? Going back to where you grew up and not feeling that you belong there, or maybe anywhere. Who is your favourite ever collaboration? With my daughter, Mahalia. She scares me sometimes, when I think about how fast she gets better and better.

Where are you currently living? Do you have any pets? 153 Bankstown Road ... Oh sorry, that’s some other singer. I live in Sydney; I have two dogs and a hedgehog. What book are you currently reading? The Road Less Travelled. I started reading it about 30 years ago. If you could pick three people to have a beer with, who would they be and why? Me, my wife, and some jerk we could lose quickly and be alone. Last meal would be? A degustation meal from a really good but awfully slow restaurant. Why should we come to your show? We play real music for real people. Any final words? Big Banana! Thanks Jimmy.

the plug! The Red Hot Summer Tour 2013 Aussie Rock Extravaganza tickets are on sale now. Tickets start from $79.90 (+BF). This tour will sell-out, don’t miss your chance to see this incredible line-up of Australian music legends all in the one huge show. Tickets are avalable from Ticketmaster on 136100 or visit Or at

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Norm Jordan Function Rooms

Your Heading&Here! Shipwrecks maritime history at Coffs Library Are you interested in shipwrecks and maritime history?

Check out Next Season's Program.

Coffs' Premier Venue

If so, don’t miss our Heritage Week talk! Join Dr Brad Duncan, Dr Mark Spencer and Karen Filewood at Coffs Harbour Library for a talk on the Maritime heritage of NSW, with a particular emphasis on local shipwrecks, ‘The Buster’ and ‘Keilawarra’. Dr Brad Duncan, NSW State Maritime Archaeologist, will discuss the Maritime history of NSW and the role that NSW Heritage plays in protecting and managing its shipwrecks. Dr Duncan will also talk about the Buster shipwreck, which is often uncovered on Woolgoolga Beach following storm activity. Karen Filewood, a local historian, who is the Project Director for Who’s buried in your backyard, will be talking about the Keilawarra disaster, which occurred near North Solitary Island in 1886. This disaster ranks as one of the worst peacetime maritime tragedies in NSW, with over 40 lives lost. Dr Mark Spencer, a local diver, is considered one of the leading underwater photographers in Australia. He is an assign-

This premier venue is one of the most versatile and adaptable spaces on the Coffs Coast. The rooms can be hired together, separately, or in conjunction with the boardroom, for an ideal break off area. The rooms are identical in size – both seating more than 200 people. The north room features a garden lined patio with a western wall, perfect for a stage or presentation area. The south room has easy access to the open grass areas of the grounds and parking through the southern doors.

Of Vince Jones, John Shand has said, "Jones' melodic embellishments are the hallmark of a man with great ears for harmony, an instinct for musical logic and a love of those key watch-words of Jazz: surprise and spontaneity.”

Whether you choose the north or south room, the Norm Jordan Function Rooms are the ideal venue for training seminars, workshops, meetings, conferences, parties, weddings or just about any other type of event you could imagine. The possibilities really are endless!

For monstrously good entertainment, don't miss the Australian Premiere of Young Frankenstein, presented by Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company. In larger-than-life Broadway tradition, Young Frankenstein is brimming with all the hilarity, naughtiness and political incorrectness typical of Mel Brooks. This singing and dancing laboratory experiment is opening in Australia at The Jetty Memorial Theatre.

pictures, which explore the Keilawarra shipwreck resting on the seabed.

6652 8401 to check availability.

been published in National Geographic, Geo, BBC Wildlife and Living Planet. Mark will be showing slides and motion

Be moved this month by Australia’s leading Jazz vocalist, Vince Jones, performing one night only on the Coffs Coast and featuring Simon Barker, Ben Robertson and Matthew McMahon as his accompanists. With such great support musicians, this concert is sure to be a sell out – so get in early.

At the Coffs Harbour Showground you can choose to self-cater, have us provide morning tea, or treat yourself to Sparechef’s onsite catering service – you choose what level you would like to have.

With the recent renovations now complete, the rooms are modern, with new carpets, tiled foyer and bar area and a new colour scheme; it can all be enjoyed in air-conditioned comfort. For further information, please visit our website at or call our friendly staff on

ment photographer with Australian Geographic and has also

Hot off the press is next season's quarterly program. If you haven't got your very own copy, then pick one up next time you're having coffee at one of the region's local coffee shops or out boutique shopping. Take it home, stick it to your fridge, and get your tickets early!

It will have you splitting your sides with laughter, featuring such memorable tunes as The Transylvania Mania, and Puttin' on the Ritz. Whatever style of music gets your toes tapping, visit www. now for further details.


Friday 5th April 8pm Vince Jones is a remarkable interpreter and composer of songs in a contemporary jazz style - a style that appeals equally to listeners and his musical peers.

12th April - 5th May

The Australian Premiere at Jetty Memorial Theatre! This monster musical comedy is ALIVE with memorable sing along tunes and monstrously good entertainment Box office hours Tuesday to Friday 12 noon - 4pm | 02 6652 8088 337 Harbour Drive Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 Proudly supported by

Be an early bird and check out our website.

jetty memorial theatre



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focus ter.

Children’s author Robyn McLennan and illustrator Jules Faber discuss their latest project, the third book in the The Clunkertons series – an inspriring children’s story which brings the Australian bush to life with its two strange looking characters and the friendships they make along the way with birds and animals.



t gives me great pleasure to have this third and final book of The Clunkerton series, The Clunkertons and the New Beginning released. Writing The Clunkerton books has been an amazing experience. At the beginning, I had no idea that a second or even a third book would evolve. It was towards the end of writing The Clunkertons of Sunnybank Creek (the first book) that I realised I’d left the door open for a follow-up story, hence The Clunkertons and their Unforgettable Journey. My ten year-old grandson was a little saddened with the ending in this book and like the first, it left him wanting to know more. So after much soul-searching, The Clunkertons and the New Beginning came about. His straightforward comments

18 coffs coast focus.

and tick of approval that the three books were now ‘connected’ was very satisfying indeed. I felt I had passed the test. The inspiration for the stories to begin with came from the wonderful Lilly Pilly trees in the Coffs Harbour area. Again, being close to the creek and the surrounding bush, it was not difficult to let the imagination run away from me whilst sitting quietly with pen and paper. Story one was on its way! The 1996 flood in Coffs Harbour left quite an imprint on me, and this is how the second story came about. After being rescued by a very special platypus, it shows how the Clunkertons were able to move on against the odds and start all over again. This third and final story really began at the Marina, where my husband and I would often go for walks. On many occasions we

would spot the same little turtle paddling in and around the boats that were moored there. I often used to wonder how it got there. A new tale was soon beginning to emerge. And of course, no story would be complete without the aid of Kakita the Kookaburra. She has been there in all three books. She often comes and sits on our balcony. Where would I be without her? Jules’ clever and colourful illustrations have brought all of the above to life. Even now, when I look closely at his work, I am still discovering all the subtle and hidden details which I was unaware of before. Just matching the Clunkies’ hats with each Clunkerton for example, was quite a fun thing to do. It really made me smile, especially in this third book, where the number of Clunkertons begin to increase.

Jules and I actually completed the three books (with many drafts from me) in two years, and it has been quite a remarkable journey working with him. He is a very, very patient man, especially considering I do not have the internet or email, but somehow, with all the meetings and the help of my son, we managed to get around it. He is a survivor! I have been most fortunate in that Book Warehouse, Dymocks, Botanic Gardens, The Bunker Cartoon Gallery – even the local library who arranged a book launch for us last year – have been very supportive and encouraging towards myself and local writers. Also, my hairdresser, Jenny, the Plaza and Sawtell Post Offices were very obliging in allowing me to place the books on their shelves.

focus ter.



here’s an old adage which states: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. I have always firmly believed in this, as whenever I’ve wanted to try something new, the opj portunity just seems to materialise almost from nowhere. For many years I’d been a professional cartoonist, but had never truly dipped into the ‘design’ element and wanted to test the waters. Sure, I’d constantly worked with the process of laying images out and planning them so they read right and such, but I’d never taken on the role of designing a major publishing project like this. When Robyn approached me with the concept for her first book, I immediately saw the opportunity to learn the processes necessary for laying out a children’s book ready for press. In the past I’d been a co-editor on a well-received comic book series, but that wasn’t so much about designing as it was about collating a bunch of other cartoonists’ work into a tangible book. With The Clunkertons, I had the opportunity to explore the ways a page can be laid out so that it helps the narrative along and so the words don’t trample all over the art and vice versa. There were no word balloons to make things easier here, nor were the characters going to be much help – having no arms and three legs, I had to rethink a lot of my traditional knowledge base regard-

ing expression in cartooning. It ended up being a blacks, and I put white text directly onto it rather project that took me around six months to plan than use narration boxes. The second book gave right and I learned a lot in those months, as I me more time to explore new ways of designing discovered parts of design I’d always had an idea a page. existed but had never had to confront before. Naturally, by the third book that confidence By the time the book was finished, I had had grown, so that I could effectively marry picked up an enormous amount of all the skills picked up in the last two knowledge and had, happily, books. Wanting to try something done what I set out to do – I had considered in the last With The learn about the process. book, I planned double page Clunkertons, I So when the second spreads to further put the ity to had the opportun page installment came along, I reader into the characters’ sa explore the way it at was ready for it. The book th world. Again, I created the can be laid out so along e iv was to be the exact same artwork using the page at helps the narr t n’ do ds or size to maintain continutemplates and brought in w e and so th t ar e th er ov l ity on the bookshelf, so my animation experience al e trampl ” a. rs ve ce I was already prepared for to create ‘widescreen’ page vi and that technical side. In the first layouts. Due to this last chapbook I’d made the mistake of ter of the trilogy having a slightly creating the art first, and this meant higher page count, it was possible I had worked around its form the whole to do this several times. By the time it was time. This time I worked with the page templates done, this final book was wrapped up in just and sizing before creating the artwork, which under six weeks. sped the process up considerably. Within two and Overall, I got an enormous amount from the a half months, the book was completed – much experience. I think the universe hands us opporfaster than the previous one. I had explored some tunities all the time, if only we’re open to them. new things, including comic book-type imagery And in the end, I think that’s what the old adage: and whilst I’d done this to an extent in the first “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” book, the second book lent a little more confimeans. Stay open to it, and a world of opportudence. For example, cave scenes utilised a lot of nity will suddenly materialise.

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Greatest hits tour 18 May Sawtell RSL

The Angels in Concert Through four decades, Rick and John Brewster, The Angels' guitarists, co-founders and its most prolific songwriters, have seen lineups change and the band’s musical styles rearrange, but through it all they’ve maintained the pure Australian Rock guitar sound that’s driven The Angels most legendary songs. With Dave Gleeson (from The Screaming Jets) upfront, The Angels have been storming Rock stages right around the country. They've even notched up a festival in Japan. Two years of blowing away new and old Angels fans at sold out show after sold out show ... All the hard work has paid off. The Angels with Dave Gleeson are now widely known as the best live Rock band in Australia today. Now The Angels are heading for the heartland. “It’s a bit like time-travelling for us,” says Rick Brewster, recently named one of Australia’s five best guitarists, alongside Angus Young. “We’re doing some shows in theatres and towns we haven’t been to in decades, but the band is playing with the same kind of energy

and passion again now that that shot us to the top in the late '70s.” “We must be doing something right,” says Dave Gleeson, of The Angels’ recent successes, “I just wanted to give all these classic Angels songs I grew up with the justice they deserve live onstage. “Now after 60 shows together, songs like Long Line, Marseille, Be With You, After The Rain, Shadow Boxer and Mr Damage are inside me, I feel them, and I can let them out onstage. Our audiences get that. They know we mean it.” See The Angels at Sawtell RSL on Saturday, May 18 – tickets from 6653 1577. For more information: or

Fledermaus Johann Strauss’ Die Fledermaus will be performed by Co–Opera at the Coffs Harbour Jetty High School Auditorium. F O C U S I N T E RV I E W S S A R A L A M B E RT, W H O P L AY S A D E L E .


hen and how did your following year and was offered a full-time place musical career start? I in the chorus, which went on to see me singing began playing the clarinet as an understudy and in small roles. when I was 12, mostly Die Fledermaus, Revenge of the Bat is because I then wanted coming to the Coffs Coast. What role do you to go on to become a saxophonist. I played in play? Can you tell us about the show? orchestras and really enjoyed being part of a I play the role of Adele, the cheeky maid. big musical group like that. Towards the end of The show is about a character named Dr high school, a new singing teacher started at Falke getting his revenge on his mate, who my school and I decided to have some lessons. played an awful trick on him. It leads to a I had always sung a lot on my own big masquerade ball with lots of and in choirs, but I hadn’t ever hilarious happenings and lots of had anyone else seem very champagne. interested in my singing. My character borrows a My clarinet teacher was I was so thrilled dress from her boss to worried that singing to sing for go to the party, but s might distract me him and to get hi ck when she gets there is ba from clarinet, which advice and feed horrified to find that was one of my final and to hear how her boss' husband is a year subjects. I did things worked at there! It all goes silly a er OK in my music professional op and funnier from there. exams, but singing company.” What advice do you had certainly taken its have for young people hold on me. I knew from that are trying to break in then that singing was what to the industry? I would say to I wanted to do and decided, be your own toughest critic and your against all advice, to only audition for own best friend. voice, rather than for clarinet also, at the Elder Conservatorium in Adelaide. I knew that it was What plans do you have for the future? Cosinging or nothing for me. As it happened, I was Opera will be hopefully touring nationally with accepted into the Bachelor of Music program Madama Butterfly next year, and I really hope I at the Conservatorium, and I have never looked can be a part of it. back. Thanks Sarah.


When did you become a company member of Opera Australia? When I was a studying for a 3 year Diploma in Opera at Sydney Conservatorium, the then Artistic Director of Opera Australia, Moffatt Oxenbould, came to run a workshop at the Conservatorium. I was lucky enough to be chosen to sing and performed one of the arias from La Bohème by Puccini. I was so thrilled to sing for him and to get his advice and feedback and to hear how things worked at a professional opera company. I then auditioned for Opera Australia the 20 coffs coast focus.

the plug! Johann Strauss’ Die Fledermaus will be performed by Co-Opera at the Coffs Harbour Jetty High School Auditorium, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour on Wednesday 24 April 2013. The performance will commence at 7pm. $10 to $25.

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How Social Media Benefits Your Search Engine Ranking Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are not only meant to be used for posting photos of your bachelor party or keeping track of the latest celebrity gossips. They have some noble purposes to serve too – like increasing the search engine ranking of business sites or improving your website traffic. So explore the hidden benefits of social media activities and make sure to get the most out of them – • Facebook can guide Google to locate you. Social media platforms like Foursquare or Facebook allows the users to tag locations. And Google's algorithm refers to such locations for web citations. Better reference means better local organic search rankings. • Google follows your Twitter or Facebook account secretly. I bet you did not know that. Yes, if your followers make an impressive number, or your tweets are regularly retweeted or your status updates receive huge ‘Likes’, then Google is going to remember you for awhile. • Google+ is a tool to impress Google God. The more of your activities and shares on Google+, the more you will be able to please the search engine god. • Social network defines the success of a business. Your comprehensive likes, followers, subscribers, shares and retweets or repins speak for the volume of your business’ success online.

Giant Media In the market for a new website? Here’s some advice from the experts at Giant Media. Before committing, ask yourself: 1: Ease of use? It’s essential that you can easily update and control your own website and that visitors feel it’s easy to navigate, to find the info they seek and get in contact. 2: Template based? Many web companies use cheap out-ofthe-box templates that might look OK initially, but don’t offer much room for growth. Also, templates don’t provide a unique design to fit your branding. Don’t take the risk of looking just like everyone else. 3: Mobile friendly? Everyone’s going mobile these days. So, it’s important that your website looks and feels fantastic on mobile devices like iPhones, Android phones and tablets. 4: Social Media? It’s a powerful way to connect to your customers. Website content must interact with your chosen social media platforms. Whilst you may have a link, does any new content added to your site publish automatically to social media outlets? With over 900 hundred happy clients, and more than 300 hundred websites developed, Giant Media has a fantastic team of market leaders. Get your project on the go today.

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Coffs Coast

Costillas de res beef ribs marinated in paprika, sherry vinegar, garlic & oregano AND calamari fritos salt & chilli calamari w/ mango salsa from Macauleys Restaurant.

eat. Dining Guide is available for iPhone & Android App Store. 22 coffs coast focus focus.


No. 5 Church Street

Bluebottles Brasserie

It's certainly has been a big year for the good folk down at No.5! Live music, community gatherings, workshops, private functions and events, No.5 has become the heart of the region's cultural and culinary scene – the deliciously diverse seasonal menu, wonderful service and friendly laid back atmosphere has made this address a second home for locals and a hot spot for travellers. Moving on now into its second season, No.5 is dishing up the old milkbar favourites, as well as some special new treats – classic burgers and fish and chips, served up alongside smoked Rainbow Trout salad or three little quinoa cakes. Fully licensed, the venue serves up frosty cold Bellingen Brewery beers on tap, a fine selection of Australian wines and shakes a mean cocktail too! Check out what's on @ or follow us on Facebook.

Bluebottles is open 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch and Friday and Saturday nights for dinner. Enjoy dining in our relaxed alfresco atmosphere, with fresh menus and friendly staff. Head Chef Gerard Geerligs and his team have created modern Australian menus to cater for all tastes. Functions are catered for on any night.

Our friendly kitchen staff.

Shops 1 & 2, 53 Beach St, Woolgoolga t 6654 1962

5 Church Street, Bellingen t 6655 0155

open Breakfast and lunch daily. Open for dinner Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm.

open: Wed - Sun, 11am - 10pm.

TREEO's breakfast trifle w/ summer fruits, toasted muesli, honey yogurt and biscotti.

Horizons Restaurant & Bar Try Our New Autumn Dinner Menu. Horizons Restaurant and Bar at Opal Cove Resort features modern Australian cuisine with a creative menu, which has just changed for autumn, taking full advantage of the region's freshest produce and seafood. Be tempted with the slow roasted pork belly on an Asian mango salad with coriander, chilli and mirin dressing, or beef eye fillet on lemon scented potato puree, steamed broccolini, garlic roasted yabbies and port wine jus. Remember to leave room for dessert, with the white chocolate and lavender brulee; you don’t want to miss out! THE OC LUNCH SPECIAL: $23.50pp - 11.30am - 2.30pm 7 days - bookings preferred. Enjoy alfresco dining. Wine, beer or soft drink, lunch and tea or espresso overlooking pool and coastal views. Horizons Bar has fabulous cocktails and happy hour 5 - 6pm daily.

Opal Cove Resort, Opal Boulevard, Coffs Harbour t 6651 0510 open: Breakfast, lunch and dinner – 7 days a week. Bookings recommended.

Head Chef Gerard Geerligs.

Café TREEO Sawtell Situated under the grand figs that line Sawtell’s First Avenue, TREEO is a vibrant café brought to you by sea changers Duncan and Leesa. As one of the standout venues on the Coffs Coast, TREEO is sure to impress with their extensive all day breakfast menu and lunch favourites, such as pan roasted gnocchi, smoked salmon croquettes or their ever popular grilled chicken salad. TREEO pride themselves on the freshness of their ingredients, using creative combinations that will tantalise the taste buds. The drinks menu is also a standout, with ice tea, cranberry smiles, fresh fruit smoothies and homemade lemonades on constant rotation. The mango, honey and roasted coconut smoothie is a must, as is their Vietnamese mint ice tea filled to the brim with fresh fruit. To keep up to date with the latest specials and events from TREEO, be sure to ‘like’ them on Facebook.

Clinton Hunter Head Chef.

Owner/Chef Duncan Elliot.

18 First Ave, Sawtell t 6653 1099 fb CafeTreeo open: 7 days from 7am for breakfast and lunch.

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eat. Entrée of tea smoked quail with beetroot, puy lentils, red grapes and chevre.

The Pier Hotel It doesn’t matter what food you like, there’s a good chance you will find that perfect meal at Waves Bistro at The Pier. Dave Newick and the staff have spent years working and listening to customers, so they have designed a menu that fits the profile of the customer base at The Pier. If you’re looking for a $10 steak for lunch or a grilled lemon snapper topped with prawns for dinner, it’s on the menu. The theme nights are our most popular nights, especially Thursday nights’ Mexican, where you can get your meal + Corona for just $14.50; or you could come down and try our new 1kg burrito challenge and walk away with a T-shirt and your name on our honour board.

Saltwater Restaurant Saltwater has just released our new autumn menu. Head Chef Dan has combined this season’s produce to create a beautiful, inspired selection for this autumn. To view the whole menu, please visit us on our website: We are happy to announce Amy Kebby is the new owner of Saltwater and brings many years of chef and industry experience, with special thanks to Carol Walsh for creating the vision of Saltwater that Amy intends to build on for the future. Hope to see you soon to try our new menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Open over the Easter long weekend for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Head Chef Dave Newick.

Head Chef Dan Williams.

Cnr Harbour Dr and Camperdown St, Coffs Harbour hotel 6652 2110 bistro 6651 8222

104 Fiddaman Road, Emerald Beach t 6656 1888 w


Easter trading hours: Closed Good Friday, Normal trading every other day. Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm, Dinner 5:30pm-8:30pm.


open: Breakfast and lunch - Wednesday to Sunday. Dinner - Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

Zulu’s Restaurant & Bar Coexistence Degustation Dinner Across the globe, religious reflection not only affects the way people see each other, or the world around them, but the way in which they consume and partake of meals. April 26 marks the date where we at Zulu’s will try to bring together as many of these religious influences on food as possible into one great degustation dinner. Starting at 6.30pm for only $65 per person ($90 if you want matching drinks), come join us as we explore theological gastronomy.

Outback Jacks

Chef Joel McCulla.

27 Grafton Street, Coffs Harbour (Pacific Highway) t 6652 1588 w open: Breakfast: Monday – Friday, 7am – 9am. Dinner: Monday – Saturday, 6pm – late.

24 coffs coast focus.

This month on at Outback Jacks, why not come in and try our Mighty Mixed Grill! Breakfast for dinner? A succulent steak with a tasty rump sausage lamb cutlet and grilled tomato. And to wash it down, we still have our killer $20 buckets of Corona on sale! So come on in and share a beer with a mate: 4 beers to a bucket ... that’s just $5 a beer! Bargain! We have a kids’ room for the little ones and darts and pool in the bar area. So, plenty of entertainment to keep you busy! Why not book for a birthday/party/celebration? Don’t forget our $9.95 lunches, and with that if you don’t receive your meal in 15 minutes, then you get it half price! We are here to make sure your Outback Jacks experience is the best. So, we hope you see you soon.

8 Bray Street, Coffs Harbour t 6699 2458 w open: 7 days a week from 11.30am ‘til late.

New owner Glenn.

eat. Atlantic Salmon with prosciutto wrapped asparagus and peppered hollandaise.

Surf Club Restaurant & Bar Surf Club Restaurant and Bar is located inside the Coffs Harbour Surf Life Saving Club on beautiful Park Beach with absolute ocean front views. Trading hours over Easter are as normal: 7am until 2.30pm every day (only closed Good Friday). Surf Club Sunday Sesh also will be running on Easter Sunday from 3pm until 7pm, featuring our favourite beach boys, Coastal Soul.

Plantation Hotel Tantalise your taste buds with our April signature dish, Salt & Pepper Barramundi. Plantation Hotel Head Chef Blake Walton has designed a fresh flavoursome Barramundi dish using the freshest local ingredients, resulting in the perfect infusion of flavours. Our Salt & Pepper Barramundi is sure to be a culinary experience to excite and stimulate the taste buds of even the toughest critics. The Salt & Pepper Barramundi is available every Friday and Saturday night through April. We have recently introduced Monday Night Trivia, hosted by the charismatic Robbie Rowe and Plantation Hotel Assistant Manager Tim Hayden. Starts 7pm Monday nights. To register a trivia team, email: heidi@plantationhotel. or call the venue.

Chef Blake Walton.

88 Grafton Street, Coffs Harbour. t 6652 3855 w

Surf Club Road, Park Beach, Coffs Harbour t 6652 9870 w

open Lunch: 12pm to 2.30. Dinner: 5.30 to 8.30, 7 days a week. Tapas Menu Friday and Saturday night and all day Sunday.


Chef Matt Donovan.

open: Daily from 7am. Breakfast and lunch.

Wholly Cow Café Wholly Cow has a simple vision – to create burgers that are fresh, tasty and healthy! The burgers, wraps and sandwiches are made to order, using local suppliers and organic produce whenever possible. All their patties, delicious mayo, relish and pesto sauces are made on site, so they know what goes into everything! They offer a wide variety of gluten free options and a great kids’ menu! Wholly Cow are bringing back good old fashioned burgers, and you can taste the freshness of the ingredients. Dine in and BYO or takeaway – what a great alternative to your traditional fast food … IT’S AN ABSOLUTE MUST TRY!

Owner Ricky Lee

2/39 First Avenue, Sawtell t 6658 2682 open: Mon to Thurs – 7am to 5pm. Fri to Sat – 7am to 8pm. Sun and Public Holidays – 7am to 3pm.

Macauleys Restaurant Macauleys Restaurant’s FAMOUS Tapas Event is BACK on Friday 26 April! Our authentic Spanish style tapas is the toast of the coast – combining the plethora of fresh produce from the region with traditional Spanish recipes (AND a Macauleys Restaurant tweak) ... The menu will feature staples such as Patatas Bravas and Flamingo Spicy Meatballs PLUS yummy additions created in-house, such as Costillas de Res (beef ribs marinated in paprika, sherry vinegar, garlic and oregano) and Chermoula Swordfish Skewers. We’ll also have LIVE entertainment by Spanish Duo Miel Crudo ... This event SELLS OUT QUICKLY, so BOOK NOW ...

Head Chef Craig Clarke.

99 Park Beach Road Coffs Harbour t 6652 5970 w open: Monday to Saturday from 6pm.

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Coffs Kids Chef Challenge

A restaurant man by trade with restaurants in his blood, it's a passion and love for good quality food, plus the added ingredient of the Coffs Coast sea change, that has brought Michael Chatto y to be Bonville Golff and his ffamily Reso Re sort rt's 's n new Executivee C Che heff. he f. Resort's Chef.




here are you from? What b ht you tto C ff brought Coffs Harbour? My wife, Lara, and I, plus two year old son Lars have been living in Canberra for the last few years. When looking What I’m most the Executive Chef tting ge is forward to role became available fields , ns ai nt ou m e out to th at Bonville Golf e th g tin ee and sea, and m ers and rm Resort, Lara and I fa s, er uc od local pr women of the believed this to be fishermen and can serve a great opportunity Coffs Co ast, so I oduce to pr l their wonderfu and a much needed s.” nt ou r clie sea change.

What is your new role at Bonville? I am Bonville Golf Resort’s Executive Chef overseeing the restaurant – Flooded Gums, functions, weddings and on course, food. When and where did your 'hatted' career begin? I achieved my first ‘Chef’s Hat’ as Head Chef at Fish Face restaurant in Sydney in 2005, followed by 1 ‘Chef’s Hat’ in 2009 in Canberra at Artespresso. And your earlier career? Earlier in my career I was at Sydney’s Pier Restaurant, where I went through the ranks to become Sous Chef between 1997 - 2003. Pier was one of Sydney’s best restaurants in the early 2000s and won titles such as ‘Best Seafood Restaurant in Sydney’ and was a 2 ‘Chef’s Hat’ restaurant. What was it about cooking that inspired you to become a chef? I grew up in 26 coffs coast focus.

restaurants which my parents owned and ran; I love food and the way it brings together family and friends. One of my earliest memories is the smell of beef stock; it was beautiful and fragrant. I can still remember it and taste it, and I try to make it to that memory even today!

Do you like MastercChef, and what do you think this show brings to the industry? I think MasterChef and shows alike have had both a positive and negative on the industry. The positive is people are starting to realise the work that goes into one dish, but there is much more in the day to day running of a restaurant than simply one dish. Are you implementing any changes to the menu? Yes. We have just launched new lunch and dinner menus for Flooded Gums, which I’m really excited about. What I’m most looking forward to is getting out to the mountains, fields and sea, and meeting the local producers, farmers and fishermen and women of the Coffs Coast, so I can serve their wonderful produce to our clients. Thanks Michael.

Coffs Coast Growers' Market is once again celebrating Healthy Kids Week from the 16 18 April. As part of the fun and activities this year, Coffs for Kids and Go4Fun are getting involved and running the Coffs Kids Chef Challenge. Kids from the Coffs Coast will have the chance to put some local chefs through their paces and challenge them to cook their least favourite vegetable in a way they will love it. Local chefs Joel McCulla, Craig Clark and Stefano Mazzina are eager to see if they can please these little food critics!

Harbour Tennis Academy, family kayak hire from

Three lucky kids will win the chance to be judges on the day and not only get to sample some of the great food, but also have the chance to win some awesome prizes. Joel from Zulu’s Restaurant and Bar will be holding a cooking class for the lucky winners and other great prizes that are up for grabs, include cooking hampers, 3 month membership from Diamond Martial Arts, lessons from

players from the Country and City Squads from the

CChange Adventures, jumping castle passes from A&A Party Hire, family passes to the Big Banana, family surf lesson with East Coast Surf School and swimming lessons from Harbour Swim School. There will be heaps of other activities during the week, including Zumba, Yoga and story reading on Tuesday 16 April, 10 - noon in City Square; Wednesday 17 April from 10.30am T20 cricket on Brelsford Park, for kids aged 8 - 12 years; and NRL will appear in City Square from 3 - 4pm on Thursday 18 April. To enter the Coffs Kids Chef Challenge, get mum and dads' help and go to and upload a photo of yourself eating or cooking healthy food.

Australian Premiere The Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company brings the Australian premiere of the sensational new Mel Brooks musical Young Frankenstein to the Jetty Theatre.

Just 15 mins' drive from Coffs Idyllically situated in the beautiful Orara Valley just 15 km from Coffs Harbour is the historical town of Coramba, where you would least expect to find authentic Thai in a country pub! Charoen Sroyphet and his wife, Gaye, have recently taken over the bistro at this relaxed, friendly pub. The menu has evolved to provide an exciting selection of pub food, like roast lamb, lamb cutlets, macadamia nut encrusted Barramundi, Scotch fillet mignon, rumps, T-bone surf and turf and fresh beer battered Flathead, rounded off with the superb flavours of Charoen’s fresh, tasty authentic Thai. Charoen is a well known Thai chef in the local area, having run 3 Thai restaurants in the area over the last 12 years. After a break from the industry since operating Bangkok Thai Hut, Charoen was ready to again bring his signature dishes out, like his tasty garlic and pepper chicken and King Prawns, sweet and sour seafood and satay selection – all dishes bursting with flavour, using fresh herbs and spices. Children are also catered for.

After the outstanding success of The Producers, famous Broadway producer Mel Brooks put another one of his successful films to music. He wrote Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder in 1974 and described it as his best film ever. If you laughed at Blazing Saddles and The Producers, you’ll split your sides at Young Frankenstein.

Your Heading Here! Sweets & Treats for any occasion Molly&ME sweets is excited to announce the opening of their café at 191a Orlando Street, Coffs Harbour. Molly&ME Café will be a place for people to mingle, meet and enjoy the great food that Chris will be offering. Molly&ME café features Artisti Coffee, gourmet breakfasts and lunches, plus also offers the convenience of takeaway salads, sandwiches, burgers and daily specials. Within the café you will be able to buy a selection of Chris' famous Saigon sandwiches, such as the 'Banh mi' pulled pork sandwich and fish taco. Molly&ME Café will serve up a friendly and relaxed ambience 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday.

Combined with the lovely country atmosphere of the Coramba Hotel, there is something for everyone. Come sit and relax, bring the family or friends and enjoy the valley views.

Customers will be able to enjoy the vast range of Molly&ME

Bistro Hours: Tues - Sunday, lunch and dinner (closed Monday).

Our goal is to provide fresh, healthy and authentic food to

For bookings, phone 6654 4400 or contact broadaxebistro@ Follow us on Facebook.

our customers, so that our customers can taste the freshness

sweets, featuring our FAMOUS macarons, cakes and all things sweet.

in every bite of their food. You can dine in or take away.

This parody of the horror film genre opens with the funeral of the mad scientist, Dr. Victor von Frankenstein. But as the folk of Transylvania celebrate with the number The Happiest Town in Town, their joy is short-lived when they receive the bloodcurdling news that Dr. Frankenstein had a grandson, Frederick, who is also a scientist and he has inherited his grandfather's castle in Transylvania. Are their troubles about to begin all over again? In larger-than-life Broadway tradition, Young Frankenstein is brimming over with all the hilarity, naughtiness and political incorrectness typical of Mel Brooks. There are many memorable characters, like the almost single-minded Dr Frankenstein, his yodelling seductive assistant Inga, Igor the hunch-backed servant, the forbidding housekeeper, Frau Blücher and of course, the befuddled but likeable monster. As well as the principal musical numbers, sixteen big ensemble numbers highlight the talents of the entire cast. It’s likely you’ll never see the Puttin' on the Ritz performed quite like this ever again. It’s a laugh from beginning to end.

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ill be gue w l a e L y nnua Rugb r the a his NSW f o f o l i r m T p rea r in A clash. The c arbou ity Origin H ast s l ff vC hich y in Co w r , t y n t i me is I Cou r the C , and the ga far o f AAM p u eat co ent in 2007 ar and in is a gr om ne ev r ga f s i s h n t d t fa nce to c a a h r t c hoste t a a ut for sey. ted to expec rs battle it o f Origin jer eo ye as pla d NSW Stat e t e a cov


ut the game is more than football. It also celebrates and recognises the bush and its crucial place in NSW and Australian society. The game is traditionally held in a regional location and, while the players are in town, they make a huge effort to make themselves available to fans and the wider community. This is a big plus, as people living in country areas don’t have the opportunity to see NRL matches every week. The Country v City Origin clash also gives local clubs and Game Development Officers the chance to build on the wide public interest generated by the event to strengthen their own playing numbers.


Coffs Harbour Mayor Councillor Denise Knight agrees. “The Country v City game is an event that locals really embraced before and it offers opportunities on a range of levels – it’s a key way to boost the numbers taking part in the sport locally, and it will also provide some excellent opportunities for Rugby League fans to meet their heroes in person. It’s also a great place for the Country team to be in the spotlight.” While in Coffs Harbour, players will be participating in a wide range of community events. These include:

28 coffs coast focus focus.

Tuesday 16 April – ETC business breakfast with League Ambassadors Geoff Carr, Terry Quinn, Laurie Daley, Nathan Hindmarsh, Alan Tongue and Mario Fenech at the Cex Club. Wednesday 17 April – Born to be Blue/NIB Kids Clinic at Coffs Coast Sport and Leisure Park from 11.30am. Thursday 18 April – Public Signing Session. Meet both Country and City squads in the City Square for a signing session from 3pm - 4pm. This is the finale to the Coffs Coast Growers’ Markets Healthy Kids week. Then later that night, players from both squads will be attending the Group 2 Rugby League Sportsman’s Dinner, hosted by Scott Sattler. This is a great way to sit and chat with your favourite players while assisting Group 2 with one of their major fundraisers for the year. Gates open at noon for the big game on Sunday 21 April. The AAMI CRL Championships Tier 2 clash between local favourites Group 2 v and powerhouses from Western NSW, Group 11, kicks off at 12.35pm, and the main game will kick off at 3pm. Tickets for the game are now on sale, and selling fast, so get in quick to avoid disappointment! Tickets are available from CvC and start from $30.

Tickets can be purchased: Online – via Ticketek’s website Call Centre – by phoning Ticketek on 132 849. In Person – tickets can be purchased in person from the Coffs Harbour Visitor Information Centre (VIC), located on the corner of Maclean and Elizabeth Streets, Coffs Harbour. The VIC is open from 9am - 5pm, 7 days a week. Please note that only General Admission tickets are available for purchase in person. Booking fees and conditions will apply for some ticketing purchase options – check the Ticketek website for these details. We’re sure that the Coffs Harbour crowd will be vocal in their support of the 18 proud Country players who, along with their coach, Trent Barrett, are honoured to be representing their home towns around the state. Likewise, Brad Fittler’s City side always enjoy the challenge of coming to the bush – both sides will be desperate to win the shield this year. For more information on the game, and the community events, go to See you at the Stadium!

Photograph by: Tash Mcleod Photography Hair by: Risqu’e Hair 6652 2223


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little einstein. hair extensions these holidays. zab designs.

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of the city

Does your wedding day need a touch of bling? Then look no further than Zab Designs! We have a new and gorgeous selection of wine glasses, all encrusted with diamantes. There are also glasses labelled with bride and groom, mother of the groom and father of the bride. Are you looking for that special and unique wedding gift? Check out the sparkly filled handles on the wedding cake servers or the champagne wine glass sets, that will be very well received! And we have not forgotten the guys. We have hand painted Best Man and Groomsmen beer glasses that can be used as either a bridal party gift or to used as part of your wedding table setting. Come in today and make sure you see the beautiful new wedding range to hit Coffs Harbour at Zab Designs. FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL - MENTION THIS AD, AND RECEIVE FREE GIFT WRAPPING ON ALL ITEMS.

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What are you doing these holidays? Why not visit Kuei and her team, and see what you look like with colourful hair braids! Kuei is offering 25% off the normal price for braids and 10% off all human hair extensions. At African Hair Braids, the human hair extensions are placed in your hair by a fusion technique. Besides looking really natural, they are strong and low maintenance. Kuei is an expert and knows how to advise on what style suits your face. Hair extensions not only give you a brand new look, but are also versatile. You can play with all types of styles, from corn rows, single plaits, twists or dreadlocks. There are over 14 colours, to make sure your hair is matched perfectly. What a great way to boost your look in winter! The colourful braids are really popular and your tweens, teens and children will love getting one or more colourful braids weaved into their hair. On completion of your hair braids, all you need is an occasional visit to African Hair Braids to keep it in good condition, and you can simply kiss those bad hair days goodbye!

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Little Einstein in the City Centre Square is a unique business, highly regarded by parents, grandparents and educators. Owners Deb and John have many years’ hands on experience in childhood education. This is invaluable for those looking for resources to help improve their child's outcomes at school and play. Learning can be fun! With that in mind, they are continually adding to the range of educational toys, games, science and puzzles and are proud of the positive reactions from the general public. After recently attending the Australian Toy And Hobby Fair they have new products arriving and improved ranges in magic, wooden toys, Sylvanian Families and early childhood development products. It's not all strictly educational or all for children. They have a range of adult puzzles and games and products for those with special needs. If they don't have it, ask and they will try to source it. Customers will notice changes in the shop's presentation and layout and will see the variety and quality of the stock arriving. Friendly, sound advice will be available if required. Little Einstein is truely a unique asset – call in and see for yourself.

I want to help people take health out of the ‘too hard’ basket, ple by making it sim and fun.”

love & kisses.

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of the city

It’s the silly season again at Love & Kisses. Owner Judy Sheehan has just been on another huge buying spree at the autumn trade fairs, and trolley loads of new stock are rolling in all day, every day. Judy says she’s had so many deliveries of new jewellery, that she can’t find time to get it all out into the shop, so if you’re looking for something special, do be sure to ask – there are boxes of great new stuff stashed everywhere! There are lots of pretty new scarves, just in time for Mother’s Day, and check out the ‘scarf jewellery’ too. Most of the scarves are around $10.95. Small clutch/shoulder bags are the big thing this season, and you’ll find lots of colours in lovely, soft leather at a ‘must have’ price of only $49.95. It’s a pleasure to browse through this lovely little shop, which has a growing clientele of tourists and business travellers who make a point of shopping there on every trip through Coffs Harbour. So when you need a take-home gift for the grandchildren, an unusual book, a welcome-baby gift, or something out-of-the-ordinary for a friend, give yourself ten minutes to check out the quirkiest range of gifts and surprises you’ll find under one roof, and enjoy the Love & Kisses experience. You’ll be glad that you did!

glowing skin comes from within. Glowing skin comes from within. The truth is that your skin is a reflection of your internal health, so it’s important to look at your digestion, hormones, stress levels and what you’re eating and drinking. When you make an effort to balance these things, not just your skin benefits ... you will have more energy, your mood and self-esteem will improve and you’ll have a stronger immune system. My name is Emma Caller, and I’m a naturopath and nutritionist with a special interest in dermatological conditions like eczema, psoriasis, autoimmune skin conditions, rosacea and acne. I’m not your run of the mill practitioner. I don’t over prescribe supplements or believe in restrictive diets. I love the Hippocrates quote: “Let your food be your medicine”, so I try to encourage people to get their nutrients from wholefoods. I want to help people take health out of the ‘too hard’ basket by making it simple and fun. Wellbeing is about getting back to basics, which means a balanced diet and also a balanced lifestyle that brings you happiness. Mention this FOCUS ad and receive $25 off your initial consultation. Essential Health is a proud stockist of Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr. Kora Organics is certified organic, Australian owned and made, vegan, not tested on animals and is so natural, that you could actually eat it!

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what women want. Through his vast experience as a manufacturing jeweller/gemmologist, Nicholas Grant believes that to feel special we all deserve individual and Selling quality friendly service. To this end, individual What Women Want offers its age and nt Vi customers a personal, relaxed y, Antique jeweller ing id atmosphere in which they can ov pr as ll as we n view unusual and exclusive a complete desig re tu ac uf an m d an jewellery. service.” They sell quality individual Vintage prevents deterioration and may and Antique jewellery, as well as save money in the long run. Rebuildproviding a complete design and manuing the gold is cheaper than replacing a facture service, or you can sell your jewellery diamond! or gold, or alternatively, any jewellery you may His welcoming shop is filled with uniquely varied have can be restored, repaired or totally remodpieces, many being hand made in his open workelled into a new and exciting piece. shop. The emphasis is always on quality, price Nicholas is also the only in house registered and a complete service (including the occasional Valuer on the Coffs Coast. As a diamond and free Tango lesson)! opal specialist, he is able to source an amazing For those who like to fossick or believe in recyarray of diamonds and gemstones. Educating cling, there is an amazing collection of Vintage his customers how to identify the quality of ‘gems’ to be discovered, and browsing is encourdiamonds ensures they are well informed before aged. Nicholas would like to offer all FOCUS making the most important ‘forever’ decision readers 30% off sterling silver stock and 9ct gold they make. chains at $50 per gram. Limited time only. They are happy to purchase your quality estate Corner City Square and Woolworths Car Park, pieces, or just offer advice on how to maintain Coffs Harbour NSW 2450. or repair them. Jewellery should be checked for wear from time to time. Regular maintenance Phone: (02) 6651 9100 Mobile: 0409 816 451.

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cocoa cafĂŠ. The new location of Cocoa has everyone in town talking ... from the 2.5 tonne Ironbark feature wall, the hand painted storybook style tree sitting above the luxurious royal banquet seating, to the modern fixtures and furnishings and then of course, the quality food, coffee and the old fashioned table service that we have always been known for. Cocoa is fully licensed and has a modern Australian style menu, which updates regularly to support our customer requests. Live music, dinner and drinks every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night has added to the popularity of Restaurant Row and Coffs Central.

Chef Peter Monkton and includes bar snacks, entrees, mains and our ever popular home made desserts. Our professional chefs prepare all meals to order with care and pride.

coffs home brewing.

Breakfast: Fluffy vegetarian omelette with seasonal vegetables, asparagus spears in a basil pesto served with sourdough bastard and pig in a pickle spicy BBQ chutney. Brioche with warm honey soaked figs and orange segments topped with mascarpone and toasted walnuts. Lunch: Rare roast beef salad with potato rosti, feta

From the bar, we serve boutique wines, cider and beers, which have been perfectly selected to suit our menu. You can enjoy a Rikorderlig cider, cold beer or even a bottle of Vervue on that special occasion.

cheese, vine ripened tomato, fresh cucumber

The dinner menu has been designed by Head

with sweet potato crisps.

and topped with beetroot relish and horseradish cream. Szechuan pepper squid with crispy noodles and mixed vegetables in an Asian dressing topped

Coffs Home Brewing is Coffs Harbour’s only supplier of products and equipment to the Home Brewer. From humble beginnings on Vernon St in March 1988, carrying just the basic essentials, the shop was moved from its original address in Vernon St to its current position in Max Murray Mall in 2006. The business has been continuously operating in Coffs for 25 years. It now carries a comprehensive range of home brew supplies, including around 120 beer kits, which can be made using a variety of liquid or powdered malts, dextrose and corn syrup, all of which are a great way to improve the flavour, head retention, body and mouthfeel

of the beers you are producing affordably at home. Over the last 15 years or so, the range of beer kits available to the home brewer have really improved, thanks to changes in the manufacturing processes and quality of ingredients, to let us produce beers that are truly international quality. There are some simple recipes you can use to replicate some commercially available local and international beer styles, to create something to please all tastes. The shop is located at 12/20 Gordon St, Coffs Harbour inside Max Murray Mall, and is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, and Saturdays from 9am to Midday.

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focus cusinterview.




Lyndall Dykes is an artisan cheese maker who started her own business running cheese making and cookery workshops in Emerald Beach four years ago. Since then, she has launched workshops in Sydney and Canada! She is now launching a book called The Cheesemaking Workshop.



re you originally from Coffs Harbour? How long have you been on the Coffs Coast? I grew up on Sydney’s northern beaches and moved to Emerald Beach, Coffs Harbour, 37 years ago, when my parents purchased the caravan park. What is Artisan Cheese Making? Please explain a little bit of history on cheese and cheese making? Artisan cheese making is all about using traditional hand crafted cheese making methods; these methods date back thousands of years. Cheese is the oldest form of processed food; it actually predates bread making and was a way of preserving dairy for the winter months when milk was in short supply, or not available at all. Where does your passion for cheese making derive? Firstly, I am a cheeseaholic. Being vegetarian, cheese has always been a part of my diet. I have also always made and grown my own food. The whole process of cheese making is so rewarding ... starting the morning with fresh milk transforming it into curd, then cheese, and maturing it ... eventually sitting down to beautiful homemade, creamy double brie with a crusty loaf of homemade bread and a crisp, dry white from one of our local wineries. What is there not to be passionate about! What is a cheese making workshop, and what do your workshops involve? How long do they go for, and what can one expect at a workshop? In our one day 100% hands on soft cheese workshop, participants learn how to make Camembert, Fetta, Quark (which is cream cheese), Mascarpone, Ricotta and Greek Style Yogurt. All


coffs coast focus.

workshop notes are provided, as well as morning whole process doesn’t take a lot of you time, and tea, a cheese inspired lunch served with a local it is really cost effective. wine, and plenty of cheese tastings. At the end of Cheese making ... cheese is one of those foods the day, you don’t leave empty handed; there is that you imagine will be difficult to make, but gift bag of all the cheese made on the day to take when you think about it, milk maids have been home. All you need to bring is a love of cheese making cheese on mountain plateaus for centuries and an appetite; it is a fantastic day out. Individuwith very primitive equipment. The whole process als can join one of our regularly scheduled workis so simple, what we do in our workshops is take shops, or we take group bookings. Workshops run the mystery out of cheese making, breaking it from 10am to approx. 4pm. down into a process that is easily repliIs this a family business? cated in home kitchens using very It has become one. When little equipment. I started the workshops What was the starting point a am I , tly Firs . over 4 years ago, which for your new book, The ic ol ah se ee ch , was a bit of a quantum Cheesemaking Workshop, an ri ta ge ve g Bein s leap, I had no idea how launching 10 April? cheese has alway et , y di they would be received. They say that everyone been a part of m s Then the demand for has a story to be told; mine I have also alway y nm workshops, not only is being able to share a lifemade and grow own food ...” here but all over the time of acquired knowledge. state, became too much The more people I can reach for me to handle, so 3 years and encourage to take responago my sister, Sue, came on sibility for the food they consume, board, opening The Cheesemaking to be as sustainable as they can – the Workshop in Northbridge, Sydney with her better. I hope my book will inspire people who are husband, David. My daughter, Mel, is running the unable to attend one of our workshops to try makworkshops in Whistler, Canada, and at the end of ing cheese at home. There are over 20 different March my niece, Alice, will be working with us. cheese recipes in my book, with easy to follow My husband, Wayne, works behind the scene, step by step photographic instructions. There are running the online store; we supply cheese making also lots of recipes for you to try using your homecultures and equipment Australia wide. He also made cheese in. makes sure the property always looks amazing; we What do you love about your career? live on a small but stunning place, which adds to Everything: the people I meet, the food, and the whole experience of attending a workshop. the fun we have in the workshops. The travelling I How do you make cheese? do with my offsider and best friend, Margie – we You start by warming milk, and then add a travel all over the state teaching people how to starter culture to give your cheese flavour, then make cheese ... it is such a great way to see the rennet to set the curd. The curd is cut, turned and countryside. Meeting the locals gives you a real hooped, allowed to mature, then consumed. The feel for the towns we visit.

What dreams do you hope to fulfil still? Now I have finished my book, I will be putting my energies into creating a cooking school. Up until now, the cooking school has run under the banner of The Cheese Making Workshop. This year, Lyndall’s Kitchen will commence, with already successful workshops such as the Bakery Workshop, Tapas, Sauces, Vegetarian and the Pasta, Gnocchi and Mozzarella workshop. New workshops will include South East Asian Flavours, High Tea, Winter Warmers, Pies, Quiches and Tarts, and there are more in the creative stages, such as a dessert workshop, making your own ice cream etc. In all the workshops, the underlying theme is the same: making food from scratch with no preservatives or numbers, using fresh local ingredients and working seasonally. Also, building people's confidence in the kitchen is a big thing ... learning basic knife skills, and all the little tips that make life easy. What book are you reading at the moment? Blessed Are The Cheesemakers, by Sarah KateLynch. Any final words? Cheese is the new chocolate! Thanks Lynda.

GUIDE the plug!

Lyndall Dykes Cheese maker talking on her book The cheesemaking workshop at Coffs Harbour Library Wed 10th April 5.30 for 6pm start. This free event includes cheese tasting with complimentary wine provided by Two tails. To book Tel 66484900




great family entertaining A L L S I N G I N G • A L L D A N C I N G



Curryfest Dinner Dance @ Woolgoolga Diggers

6th – 11th April

Curry Master Classes @ Seaview Tavern

12th April

Hot, Spicy and Colourful Art Exhibition @ Woolgoolga Art Gallery

12th April

Bollywood on the Beach Outdoor Movie Screening @ the Beach Reserve

13th April


14th April

Curry Cup Cricket - India V the Rest of the World @ Centennial Oval

a return airfare to

Curryfest is a celebration of culture and cuisine!


with Singapore Airlines thanks to Roger’s travel or a couture, one of a kind, piece of Bollywood inspired Jewellery thanks to Le Dâin Designs at The “Dhoom Dhmall Dinner Dance”

Come, join us and enjoy… traditional and modern food from Australia and all over the world, a massive market with 100+ stalls and things to see, do and try, amazing local and travelling entertainment, drummers, DJs, dancers, bands as well as a community open mic stage, a massive kids' entertainment zone, yoga and meditation workshops, cooking demonstrations and classes, the Vaisahki Parade, turban tying demonstrations and much MUCH more…

A big thank you to our sponsors Major



community Hello Bollywood Magazine, Costa Exchange, Norco Rural, Tursa, Woolgoolga Beach Caravan Park, North Coast Chicken Supplies, Nicole Cardow Real Estate, Vision Property Sales, Woolgoolga Quality Meats, Bidvest, Headlands Beach Guest House, Solitary Islands Lodge, Nerada Tea, TAFE NSW, Youth Directions, Rotary, Lions, Scouts, Dan Stewart Photography and Skyview Photography

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Welcome to the Oz Berries Curryfest Oz Berries is proud to welcome everybody to the 2013 Oz Berries Curryfest. The event has really put Woolgoolga on the map and has grown to be one of the biggest festivals in regional New South Wales. Woolgoolga has a rich and colourful story which has been linked closely to the farmers that call Woolgoolga home. And being a locally owned company, Oz Berries recognises that the unique diversity of the area is worth celebrating and showing off to the wider world. We’re enjoying being part of Woolgoolga’s flagship event and we look forward to seeing you there.

The Oz Berries Story Most people wouldn’t know this, but blueberries have been grown in the Coffs Harbour area for over 30 years. Most of these farms were situated on the Corindi Plateau just off the highway. In the late ‘90s, many of the banana growers in the region were looking for opportunities to diversify their farms, and a few early pioneers tried their hand at growing blueberries. These growers soon realised that this area has fantastic growing conditions and has a great potential for this new crop. In 2001, four growers decided to band together to pack and market their fruit together. They leased premises in the industrial estate and began the process of setting up their operations. One of the key goals of Oz Berries was to ensure that the fruit was packed consistently with a high quality. It also meant that growers could concentrate on growing and picking the fruit and Oz Berries would take on the rest. Very quickly, more and more growers could see the benefits of working together and as a result, we’ve experienced staggering year on year growth.

Oz Berries Today During spring and summer, the car park is always overflowing at Oz Berries. WIth over 70 growers sending their fruit to be packed, there is always plenty of work that needs to be done. In the peak season, over 100 employees pack the blueberries into the Oz Berries punnets and prepare them for the refrigerated journey to the supermarkets. Most of the complex is refrigerated to a chilly 16 degrees or cooler, so it’s quite common to see the packers milling about on their lunch breaks wearing jumpers and beanies in 35 degree heat! We’re still growing every year and as a result, have had to look at ways to meet the increasing volume of fruit. A new machine was recently installed which helped to make packing much more efficient. Innovations like this provide our growers with the reassurance that they’re receiving the most efficient service, and great value for money. We also recognise that we could not exist without the support of our growers and the Woolgoolga community, which is why we decided to throw our support behind this fantastic event.

Oz Berries and Curryfest When Oz Berries were approached by the 2013 Curryfest committee to come on board as a sponsor, we took the opportunity to be involved very seriously. Oz Berries is a 100% local company and becoming the major sponsor of Oz Berries Curryfest 2013 was a great way for us to support another local institution. Curryfest is a chance for Woolgoolga to show off our unique cultural heritage, a multicultural celebration in the centre of our beautiful town. Curryfest for Oz Berries is an opportunity for the local and wider community to get to know our company and what we do. Oz Berries have been enjoying the opportunity to celebrate our culture with the Coffs Coast community. We’ve attended the Singh vs Kaur movie premier, we’re looking forward to the Dhoom Dhmaal Dinner Dance, Bollywood on the Beach and a great game of cricket at the Curry Cup but most of all we are looking forward to the big day. Oz Berries will have a stall at Curryfest, we’ll be there to tell you all about what we do and who we are. Pop in for a visit, try some blueberries and get to know your local company. We look forward to meeting you. Enjoy Oz Berries Curryfest 2013!

A year long Coffs Coast Staycation An overnight stay every weekend of the year…

A year of Dining out on the Coffs Coast Dinner one night a week at a different restaurant, café or bar all year…

a year of


From thrilling to relaxing, a different activity a week for the whole year…so much to do on the Coffs Coast! *all terms and conditions available at

BUY A TICKET NOW ONLINE @ or anywhere you see a raffle poster. Tickets will be available at all Oz Berries Curryfest events.



A year of Experiences

Friday 5th of April @ the Woolgoolga Diggers Club


$50 a ticket – available online @, at the club or by phoning Tegan on 0408 494 464. Tickets cover traditional Indian food, drinks or arrival and entertainment. Come along to the first ever Oz Berries Curryfest, Dhoom Dhmaal Dinner Dance. Enjoy cultural entertainment including Curryfest’s 2013 headline act DJ JESTA along with a live Indian singer! Om Tara on Sitar will be welcoming guests with the beautiful Xadea Bellydancers. The amazingly talented Sher Punjabi boys will get the crowd on their feet and the traditional drumming of the local boys will be sure to turn a few heads. This is a not to be missed event to open Oz Berries Curryfest for 2013. One lucky attendee will win a return flight to India thanks to Rogers Travel and another lucky attendee will be leaving the ball with some beautiful one of a kind Bollywood inspired jewellery thanks to Le Dain Design. Please do not delay in purchasing your ticket, numbers are limited and tickets must be pre purchased. *This is a not a seated event

Curry Cooking Classes Running from the 6th – 11th of April at the Seaview Tavern.

Hot, Colourful and Spicy Art Exhibition Head to the Woolgoolga Art Gallery on the 12th of April from 5pm for the opening of the “Hot Colourful and Spicy Art Exhibition”.

Tickets are $10 a head and include bubbles and nibblies. Local artists have been busily preparing works for the exhibition. The Curryfest committee were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of artist Jimmy Wags head turning piece, we have a feeling a few people will be itching to get it on their wall. Come along and support the local gallery and artists with this great event. Pieces are available for purchase through the gallery if something takes your fancy. For more information either on attending or submitting work for inclusion in the exhibition head to or call the gallery on 6654 1054.

Bollywood on the Beach After dark on the 12th of April join us for an outdoor movie screening on the Woolgoolga Beach Reserve.

Screening “Monsoon Wedding” If you’d like to learn some new skills or brush up and extend some you already have get involved in Curryfest’s Curry Cooking Classes!

Join: • Lyndall from the Cheesemaking Workshop to learn to make Indian cheeses. • Joe (the curried goat king) from the Rustic Table and Rajinder from Oberoi’s for some traditional curry making. • Joel the Zulu’s master for some extreme curry fusion dishes (this one isn’t for the faint hearted). If you’ve ever wanted to learn anything from our talented local master chefs come

The movie to be shown is “Monsoon Wedding” which is all about the organisation of an Indian wedding, an occasion in Punjabi culture when the whole family gets together with relatives from all parts of the globe travelling to India to experience the chaos, family dramas and weather issues of monsoonal India. It is a multi-award winning movie with English subtitles and lots of fabulous “Bollywood music, dancing and colour”. Lots of yummy food will be available both from the food stalls operating in the reserve and from our local businesses. Bring a cushion, chair or picnic blanket and get comfy on the reserve to watch a movie under the stars. Dancing during the movie is not only allowed, but encouraged! The main feature

along and join in the fun. Places are extremely limited to ensure a great hands on

movie runs for 2 hours so the audience can get an early night and be ready for

experience for all involved.

lots of spicy action the following day at Curryfest itself.

Full details and costs are available at

Entry is free for all, but gold coin donations dropped in the donation

Send us an email at to book your spot.

buckets are most welcome. A wet weather option has been arranged. coffs coast focus 37

DAY The BIG day! Oz Berries Curryfest is returning to the streets in 2013 with the closure of Beach St from Wharf St to Carrington St. Market and food stalls will line the streets with local businesses dressing up, getting their curry on and joining in the fun from their shop fronts. A massive line up of cultural entertainment is planned for the main and community stages, along with food from all over the globe. There will be plenty of shopping to be done with a host of market stalls. A vintage car display will join the sites to see this year, with a massive kids zone, skydivers dropping in to say hi, cooking demonstrations galore and so much more to enjoy. Here’s some things to look out for…

Absolute Entertainment Kids Zone

Main and Community Stages

Thanks to Absolute Entertainment and Party Hire

A jam packed entertainment program has been

the kids zone is sure to be pumping! Bring your

created this year with the main and community

swimmers kids… there’s a giant waterslide, jumping

stage both choc-a-block with performances and

castles, sumo suits, the brand new mechanical surf

get up and get involved workshops. Headlining

board, chair o planes and too many other things

act DJ Jesta and his crew will be travelling down

to mention! Parents will also be able to buy an

from Brisbane to join the festivities. DJ Jesta is big

unlimited ride pass for the kids (or themselves) and

on the Bhangra scene and has toured nationally

discounts apply for 2 or more children.

and internationally. DJ Jesta will be bringing the

Outside the Absolute Entertainment Kids Zone there are plenty of other activities for kids big and small to enjoy, beach camel rides, face painting, arts and craft and the Scouts FREE challenge area. The always popular roving entertainer Andrew Smiley of Smile Productions will be out in force with his favourite characters aracters in tow. This pied piper of children’s entertainment will be a crowd favourite.

party with him, with a team of dancers, drummerss and singers who will light up the main stage throughout the festival. Festival attendees will get a chance to learn from the best with Jesta’s crew holding a variety of workshops throughout the day. y. Main stage kids entertainment has been arranged

with the Bollywood Sisters, Kulturithmik, Scared Lotus Bellydance, Yawarr Ngujawiny, and Barney African Dancers. There will be the crowd favourite traditional Indian drummers, and a turban tying demonstration and competition as well as a Unity Dance from Women of the World. Local Favourites Wasabi, Then Jolene and didJital will be taking to the main stage as well. The entertainment focus this year has been on local culture with all acts having strong links to the Woolgoolga Community. The community stage itself will see school groups, dance and physical culture groups, magicians, musicians and so much more throw their hat in the ring to show our community commun nit i y and visitors what they can do.

with the effervescent Andrew Smiley of Smile continues Productions. The cultural entertainment enter

Coffs City Skydivers Co kydivers WIN A SKYDIVE INTO O CURRYFEST! Hea Head to the Coffs Cityy Skydivers Facebook page to enter. Coffs City Skydivers are again supporting Skyd pporting their local community and are giving away $1,000 worth off skydiving leading up to and throughout the festival. If you’d like to festiv o skydive your way into Oz Berries Curryfest 2013 you can make a booking with the guys and get a special is 20 “curried away” deal. Everyone who comes to Curryfest will receive a “curr gift voucher towards $50 g ards skydiving with Coffs City Skydivers. Pop in and vvisit their stall and d say hi … you’ll get hooked hanging out with these adrenalin junkies! s! The Coffs City Skydiving team will be doing some precision skydiving ng into Curryfest throughout the day so listen and keep your eyes out an es on the sky. 38 coffs coast


Curry Iron Chef

A smorgasbord of yoga is on offer at this year’s Curryfest celebrations, with local teachers and volunteers coming together to bring a ‘taste plate’ of yoga to festival goers. Local yoga instructors donating their amazing talents and experience include Anna Miley, Bec Gilby, Chaitanya Morly Southall and Catherine Godward just to name a few.

Watch all the action as our Focus Great Curry Cook Off winner tries their luck against the local “Iron Master Chefs”. Our 3 contenders will be given a secret ingredient and 3 hours to design, shop and cook their best dish. The winner will be decided by our panel of judges and will be crowned the first official “Iron Curry Chef”. Check out all of the finalists of the Great Curry Cook of in this issue of Focus and help your favourite along by voting for them on the Curryfest

Heaps of activities are planned including: • Mums and Bubs Yoga • Yoga for first timers • Sunrise yoga • Music, Mantra and Meditation • Yoga for Teens

website or Facebook page.

This year’s yoga program is brought to Curryfest by Woolgoolga local Merran Storrie of Enrich & Connect. Merran’s fledgling business is all about connecting communities through yoga and other wellbeing programs. Merran’s passion is to provide opportunities for people to experience the wonderful health and spiritual benefits of yoga while also creating a sense of community. With the increasing busyness of people’s lives these days, Merran’s aim is to bring the gift of yoga to everyone while at the same time

beginners to advanced, young and old, everyone can join in the fun and healthy dance

Dance workshops Dance workshops will be running throughout the day on both the main and community stages. Join the Bollywood Sisters, Sacred Lotus and Kulturithmik and dance the day away. From

reconnecting with their community.

Cooking Demos Cooking demonstrations and mini classes will be taking place throughout the day in the cooking tent. Come along and watch or join in the fun. A variety of traditional and modern curry dishes will be created and tasted throughout the day. Anyone is welcome to watch the demonstrations. If you would like to take part in a mini class please book via the website - Places are limited so get in quick. Full details of demonstrations, mini classes, teaching chefs and dishes are available on the Curryfest Website.


activities … who knows you might even find yourself taking to the stage …

Vaisahki Parade Vaiskhi is a traditional Sikh festival of the state of Punjab, in the north west corner of India.. It’s a time of celebrating , it’s a time of joy, of hard work paying off, the sound of the Dhols (drum) can be heard as the celebrations start. Colourful cloths drape the people ,joy bursts from heir faces. The traditional people’s Bhangra dance is a common scene in Punjab. The Vaisahki Parade will travel through the town of Woolgoolga and alongside the festival. You will see the Five beloved ones (as they became to be known) walking in front of the ever lasting Guru Granth Sahib Ji during the parade. You can also visit the Sikh temple in River Street on Friday 12, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 as the Sikhs celebrate in remembrance of the first invitation and more importantly the essence of a ethical life of awareness of the creator. Vaisahki is also the end of the financial year and marks the start of the new year. The Woolgoolga Sikhs congratulate the new community based committee for their efforts to truly celebrating “community“ togetherness, love and joy and are proud to be able to walk alongside the Guru Granth Sahib Ji as Guru ji travels through the town “the parade” spreading the blessings of the creator through the remembrance of an ethical life.

Cricket NSW see the Oz Berries Woolgoolga Curryfest as a signature event on the Coffs Coast which celebrates dive diversity of our area and the surrounding communities. Cricket NSW are excited to announce this outstanding community initiative – the 2013 India v Rest of the World Twenty20 Cricket Match. The celebrations will take place on Sunday 14 April 2013 at Centennial Oval, Beach Street, Woolgoolga commencing at 12.30pm with a MILO T20 Blast Carnival for all boys and girls aged 8-12 years old. match will start at 2pm and organisers are currently calling for nominations in The main m either the India or Rest of the World teams to take on each other in an exciting actionpacked match of Twenty20 cricket that will celebrate different cultures within the local area. Sport is widely recognised as a powerful tool for social cohesion and change, and as Spo Australia’s favourite sport, cricket will lead the way in offering such initiatives as this to A diverse communities. To be a part of the action, simply request a nomination form by emailing - Be quick as entries are limited and final team selections will be decided by Curryfest and Cricket NSW organisers.

Major M



community Hello Bollywood Magazine, Costa Exchange, Norco Rural, Tursa, Woolgoolga Beach Caravan Park, North Coast Chicken Supplies, Nicole Cardow Real Estate, Vision Property Sales, Woolgoolga Quality Meats, Bidvest, Headlands Beach Guest House, Solitary Islands Lodge, Nerada Tea, TAFE NSW, Youth Directions, Rotary, Lions, Scouts, Dan Stewart Photography and Skyview Photography

oz berries


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main entrance

Gold G Go old d ccoin oin d oi do donation on na atiion ati o

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Market M arket S Stalls talls

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Sco Chauts Free Z ll


Yoga Y oga and and Meditation Area M editation A re a

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Bring and blanket or a chair and enjoy a relaxing day out at the beautiful seaside village of Woolgoolga

Absolute Entertainment Kids Zone Food Stalls to taste and try Aroma Round Ausbuff Stuff Bakarindi Bushfoods Blue Berrylicious Byron Bay Potato Twisters Central Bucca Produce Coffs Coast Event Catering Curried Away Curry in a Hurry Curry Traders Dave’s Dogs Dippin Dots Ice Cream Dutch Poffertjes Mini Pancakes Gelatocart Go Bananas Govindas Pure Vegetarian Gwydir Grove Olive Oil Iconic Ices MaMaGOTO Catering Marine Rescue Woolgoolga BBQ Marrakech Express Matts all Natural Ice Cream and Sorbet Mobile Buzz Stop

Nab Charity Samosa Stall Proceeds to Woolgoolga Surf Life Saving Club Nambucca Macadamias Om Namah Indian Grocery Store One Pot Fried Chicken Original German Bratwurst Redback Gourmet Foods Red Sparrow Tea Company Rocco’s Italian food Trailer Scouts Sausage Sizzle Seeqa Sisters Crepes Spice Rack Indian Restaurant St Augustine’s Anglican Church Cake Shop Surfside Seafood & Curry Sweet & Sour Licorice TAFE The Chilli Factory Treats Ice Cream Vietnam Rolls Zulu’s Restaurant & Bar

And many more to taste…

Market stalls to browse and buy hand made, local and exotic... All Things Bright Brights Beeswax/ Hubbles Pet Products Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare Enchanted Clay Feet Jewelery Gold Coast Mahindra Gradda’s Fashion Henna Im_Tickled_Pink Jewellery Select/ Eastern Jewellery Kleva Sharp Linda George Jewellery Lissielulu Louise Golding Lunchboxmania Mei’s Gift/Toy Shop

Mojo Beach & Dance Oz Berries Patter of Rain Coralcoast Seashells and Shellcrafts Seashore décor Second Time Round Stix & Stones Sunsmart Takara Crochet Tejajo Tippanys toBme Tuulaa Wahoo Designs Water Dragon Glass Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter

And many more to see…

42 coffs coast focus.

for the kids and the kids at heart HUGE dolphin water slide… so bring your cosies Jumping castle with fun slide Dora bouncy castle for the littlies Huge tug n dunk bungee challenge – watch out! Sumosuit wrestling

Chair o planes Merry go round And … the BRAND NEW to Coffs Harbour WIPED OUT Mechanical Surfboard! Also for the forever young: Andrew Smiley the roving entertainer

Balloons Plus Camel Rides Sand Wizard Scouts Free Challenge Zone Trudy Smith Face Painting Lots of slushees, popcorn and fairy floss to boost those energy levels!

Yoga and Meditation in the Chill Out Zone: Yoga and meditation will be running all throughout the day beginning with Sunrise yoga at 7am following with mums and bubs yoga and meditation and relaxation yoga on rotation throughout the day.

Entertainment Line Up All the entertainment on the Main and Community stages – performance times @

Aboriginal and Punjabi festival welcome with official opening by Minister for Fair Trading DJ JESTA SHER PUNJABI Wasabi Kulturithmik Band Ryan Martin Then Jolene Bollywood Sisters ters

Smile Productions – Kids Entertainment Desert Flame - Indra Bellydance ZebiahSunflower Sacred Lotus Bellydance didJital Unity Dance Riley Sabin Woolgoolga Dance Studio

Kulturithmik Dance So Dance Studios Yawarr Ngujawiny Barneys African Dance Mei We Lim Jacen Bennett Floyd Quinlan Baskett Coffs Coast Physie

There will also be a Turban tying demonstration and competition, on, judging of the “Focus Great Curry Cook Off” and the Vaisahki ki Parade will wind itself around the festival.

cooking corner Watch the “Iron Curry Chef” competition on and join in the cooking g classes and demonstrations ations throughout the day. Learn arn how to make traditional Indian curry, Indian cheese making king and new age curry fusions. ons.


The Great

CURRY Some of Woolgoolga, Coffs Harbour and Grafton’s top chefs have put it all on the line to win a feature interview in Coffs Coast Focus Mag. Local chefs were invited to submit a signature dish in the theme of Curryfest. Lots took up the challenge!

OFF Cook COOK Our finalists will be invited to reproduce their dish for the judges at Curryfest to determine who will be featured in next month’s issue. The winner will also be invited to join some legendary local curry master chefs to compete in a cook off on stage Iron Curry Chef style! Our iron master chefs will be given a secret ingredient along with a set amount to spend and will be sent off to gather their ingredients from the supermarket. Upon returning they will cook their dishes and present them to the judges. The

Prawn Bonkige Joel McCulla Zulu’s Restaurant An Aromatic African curried Prawn dish with Nitter Kebbeh (African spiced butter) and Berbere (African Chilli Paste) cucumber and lemon. Joel suggests for a bit of extra fun don’t use cutlery, use the flatbread to pick up the food!

Prawn Patia Rajinder Oberoi - Oberoi’s Indian Restaurant This is one of those dishes that combines every flavour you normally have separately into one. There’s sweet, spicy, tangy and hot notes that work wonderfully with each other. Rajinder believes they all agreed to get along just in the interest of the prawns.

Thai marinated scallops Gerard Geerligs – Bluebottles Brasserie Thai marinated scallops with crisp braised pork belly, curry mango chutney, tamarind lemongrass syrup and Asian herb and peanut salad. This dish has a lot of components and are all in some way been influenced by Asian ‘curry flavours’. What Gerard’s also done is put a modern twist on the dish. Flavours of cinnamon, star anise and ginger meld together with the slow cooked Bangalow pork belly and delicately cooked fresh scallops perfectly complimented by the expertly constructed accompaniments. Enjoy!

Chicken, Mango And Date Curry

winning chef will be crowned the first ever Iron Curry Chef. Judges include Focus editor Melly Dee, who lived in India for some time and has a great love of Indian culture and cuisine, Lyndall Dykes owner, cookbook author and artisan cheese maker of The Cheese Making Workshop and a secret celebrity food blogger, brought in especially for the occasion. We’ve been blown away with the standard of entries and here are the finalists. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an entry.

Royal Thai Yellow Curry of Morten Bay Bugs, Scallops & Local Prawns Ben Massey – Latitude 30 A beautiful incredibly fragrant dish which highlights the beautiful seafood Latitude 30 is so well known for. Each element of the dish is perfectly balanced and combines to complement each other for an unforgettable seafood curry experience.

Spiced Whole Baby Snapper w’ Tomoato Dahl Shaun Pilley – Latitude 30 A spicy dahl accompaniment to the crispy whole fish to be eaten with a fresh mango chutney, naan bread and lemon.

Massoman goat shank curry Renee Perks – Macauley’s Restaurant Massoman goat shank curry garnished with coriander and peanuts served with sticky rice and our own flat bread. The slow cooked goat in this dish just falls from the bone and combines with the sticky rice and Macauley’s own secret Massoman recipe sauce to keep people coming back for more and more until it’s regretfully all gone. The coriander gives this dish a wonderful freshness and the house made flat bread soaks up the sauce all too well.

Tina Kelly – Village Green

Tandoori chicken pizza

There’s something about the combination of mango and chicken that just works. Add dates and it’s a marriage made in heaven. This is a sweet, mild curry that Tina suggests can be enjoyed by the whole family. Served with pappadums, raita, and some chilli pickles if desired, it’s the perfect meal to bring the family together.

Renee Perks – Macauley’s Restaurant

Nasi Goreng Michael Ellis - Shearwater Restaurant A delicious combination of Balinese fried rice topped with a perfectly cooked fired egg, crispy prawn crackers and fresh tomato and cucumber.

On our own home made pizza base. With marinated chicken breast, roasted sweet potato, capsicum, cashews and topped with mango pickle and a yoghurt swirl. Available dine in or take away at Macauley’s.

Cambodian Curried Coffs Coast Prawns Michael Chatto Flooded Gums Restaurant The creamy aromatic curry creates a gentle poaching base for the local prawns to delicately cook. The dish is served on thick rice noodles garnished with Vietnamese mint, coriander and Asian basil.

coffs coast focus 43


Brooke George is all things jewellery. She is a born and bred Coffs Harbour woman. Here she shares her story.


ives: I have lived in Coffs all my life. I love it here; I realise how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful part of the world. I married my childhood sweetheart, and we now raise our four kids on the Coffs Coast. Your passion derives: I have always loved creating things and making art. I dabbled in glass painting when I was a teenager and sold what I made at the Bellingen Markets for some extra cash. I wasn’t so great at that, but I never stopped looking for that one thing that I was good at. I didn’t start designing and making jewellery until I was 27. I did it casually between having my kids, but when people started buying it and stores asked to stock it, I felt like I had finally found that one thing that combined my love of textures, colour and design that other people liked and enjoyed wearing as much as I enjoyed making it. Training: I am self trained and have picked up many different ways of forming my designs over the years, just from experimenting. From polishing shells to drilling, my 12-year-old son taught me how to tie killer fishing knot to finish my necklaces. I would love to put some time into learning the art of pottery and do some copper work at some point to incorporate into my work as well; you have to constantly evolve and grow in this industry to stay relevant. Stockists: I stock around 34 boutique shops around Australia and a couple of international stores. Locally, I have my jewels in VAST and First Avenue Boutique in Sawtell. I only stock to one shop in each area, so they can have something unique and different to offer their customers. This is really important to me in a world where labels don’t seem have loyalty to one shop; that lack of loyalty makes it really hard for 44 coffs coast focus.

boutiques to survive. an work work from ffro rom m home. home ho me.. I Family: I am so lucky that I can s, one one girl, girl gi rl,, my husband hus usba band nd have four children: three boys, thi his interview, inte t rvie ew, is a builder, and as I write out this R with my I am actually waiting in the ER OTHson to get his arm X-rayed. NOTHING grounds you like kids do. aInspiration: I draw my inspiration from everywhere – espeI do n’ t follow ; cially the natural world. Sea, seasons or trends ry le el w sand, metals, woods, stone, je e I simply mak sic pieces all of those natural elements that I love ... clas wear now present the best textures and that are great to me. ” co WHO, and many more glossy colours. and in years to fashion magazines. Missy HigTravels: Last week I was in gins, Jennifer Hawkins, Natalie Hong Kong for a trade fair, viewGruzlewski and bunch of other ing goods from all over the world. celebrity types have all worn my My style is Asian infused; I use classic designs, which makes me really proud. I vintage pieces mixed with beautiful stones am a mum first, so to be able to achieve the and jade to create this style. I don’t follow seadreams I have with my business enables me to sons or trends; I simply make jewellery that I love inspire my kids to believe they can achieve whatever ... classic pieces that are great to wear now and in they want to do in their lives. I encourage them to years to come. dream big. Creativity: I travel to China and Hong Kong a lot; Projects: I totally love my job, my family and my life, the one thing that I can’t get over is the poor quality but as any working mother knows, it’s a huge balancof the air in those places. Every time I land back in ing act. I just got back from Hong Kong with a huge Coffs, I look at the sky and take some deep breaths haul of beautiful new stones and other goodies, so I of the clean air. I will never take for granted living will be busily making new designs to stock all of the here; it’s so beautiful. boutiques. Things just keep getting busier and better My hubby is an awesome builder. He and I love for me at home and with the business. I am really renovating; I have begged him to go on The Block lucky; I have everything I have ever wanted. with me, but he is far more practical than I am, and convinced me that it wouldn’t be a smart thing for George/160061438930?fref=ts the family ... ha! Thanks Brooke. Accolades: I have been featured in Cosmo Bride,

We have an Irlen an Dyslexia Clinici ffs right here in Co Harbour.”

Indicators of Irlen Syndrome What is Irlen Syndrome? It is a visual perception problem where the brain has difficulty processing white light and what the eyes see. It is not a problem with the eyes, and therefore cannot be diagnosed by an optometrist or eye specialist. A person needs to be assessed by a recognised Irlen Clinician. Can anyone be affected? Irlen Syndrome is a genetic condition which affects 10 - 20% of the population and over 50% of people with reading difficulties. A much greater percentage of adults and students with ADHD/ ADD and Autism have Irlen Syndrome. How would I know if I had it? People with this condition can have difficulty when reading – lose their position, change/skip words, reread for understanding, experience distortions with print, lose concentration, easily fatigue, experience eyestrain, headaches, frustration, avoid reading. They may be poor spellers, sensitive to light, clumsy, have low self esteem and/or suffer with migraines. What can I do to correct Irlen Syndrome? Irlen Syndrome can be assisted by wearing Irlen Spectral Filter Lenses. The Irlen Lenses filter out the specific wavelengths of light that create perceptual difficulties. There are over 1,000 different Irlen Lens colours available. An Irlen assessment will determine the precise colours required to assist with an individual’s perceptual problems.

coffs coast focus 45

Get with the Program Alive and Flourishing! Imagine, if you will, a blend of multiple percussive and melodic instruments, combined with the soothing sound of soulful vocals soaring high above it all. Magically, this noise creates one unified harmonious sound; people enjoying themselves through music education. This is the reality at the Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium. When you step through the doors and experience it first hand, it’s difficult not to be caught up in this world where music lives. According to Acting Conservatorium Manager Gillian Thaine, the Conservatorium is “... vibrant, happy and full of energy”. With 19 incredibly talented and professional teachers all specialising in different areas, combined with the hundreds of students enrolled there, life at the Con can be fast paced and exciting for the lucky people who are a part of its world.

Utilise our greatest natural resources to add value to your business and create a prosperous and connected community. Get with the School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship Program. Employers: Young people are the greatest natural resource of our community. Take part in the program and train today’s students to become the effective and efficient workforce of our future. Share your skills and knowledge with the next generation. A range of employer support is available. Get with the program. Students: If you are in Year 10 or 11 and looking for a part-time job – get with the School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship Program. Get a head start on a career pathway and learn valuable employability skills. Get paid while you train for a nationally recognised qualification. Combine your HSC with a job. Get with the program.

This infectious clash of sounds, cultures, ages and musical styles encourages genuine creativity in a medium that has captured human imagination for as long as history has been recorded.

Youth Directions is looking for employers and students to join this skill building program.

The Conservatorium really is ‘Where Music Lives’, and the music that is occupying this space is alive and flourishing!

HR and administration support is available to assist employers manage the red tape involved when employing a trainee or apprentice.

Experience the power of music for yourself; pop in sometime, or hop on the brand new website:

46 coffs coast focus.

Mentoring support is available to assist students develop skills to manage the responsibilities of school and work.

Call Youth Directions to find out more: 6653 2900.

Terrigal Gestalt Institute Counselling Training/Personal Development/ Professional Development Terrigal Gestalt Institute, in partnership with INTERRELATE, is offering a Counselling Training Program in Coffs Harbour starting in May 2013. This unique program is presented in a small group format and is highly experiential and creative. The course is part-time and taught over weekends: one weekend a month for 8 months and a 4-day Residential in October. We cover basic Gestalt theory and practice using creative methods such as chair work, art work, dream work, sand tray, etc. The course is also suitable for those who wish to develop greater self-awareness and further their personal development in a creative, supportive and challenging context. We will also be commencing a six weekend PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT course for experienced Counsellors and Psychotherapists who would like to integrate creative and experiential techniques into their work with clients. If you are interested in enrolling, or want to know more about our courses, please contact Johanna, our Program Director, on 6652 2745 or 0432 068 881, or visit our website at:

coffs coast focus 47

Health practitioners on the

Mid-North Coast Despite most regional and rural areas in NSW struggling to lure qualified health practitioners, the beauty and lifestyle of the Mid-North Coast are proving key attractions for young professionals.


egan Voisey is the newest recruit to the Australian Hearing team in Coffs Harbour, filling the role of Graduate Audiologist. Megan recently completed her Master of Audiology at Flinders University in Adelaide, achieving the year’s highest results. After living the city life to gain her qualifications, Megan is thrilled to now call the Coffs Coast home. She has settled here with her fiancée, Ryan, who also completed his tertiary studies in the city before securing a position with the NSW Department of Education. “I love living in Mylestom, because it is such a quiet and laid-back community where I can go for a run on the beach every morning or walk to the river with my dog. It is such a contrast to the lifestyle we would have if I took up a

48 coffs coast focus.

position in the city.” The recruitment of more young health professionals in our region is welcomed, given the expected growth in demand for health services into the future due to our ageing population.

I love getting to know the ffs s client here at Co ren ild ch Harbour, from ok lo d an to seniors ng in forward to worki and e such a supportiv nment ro vi challenging en every day.”

Hearing loss in particular currently affects one in six Australians; however, this is now projected to increase dramatically as our population ages, to one in every four people being hearing impaired by the year 2050.

Australian Government agency, Australian Hearing, is in the enviable position of being able to take on fully qualified Audiologists at many

of their hearing centres located throughout Australia, making them the employer of choice for Audiology graduates each year.

As a Provisional Audiologist, Megan will complete a minimum of 12 months’ supervised clinical practice, assessing the needs of people with hearing difficulties and providing rehabilitative support, including fitting hearing

devices. Megan explains how she was drawn to Audiology as a career. “I find Audiology rewarding, because I can help to improve individuals’ ability to communicate with their loved ones and hopefully enable them to enjoy their leisure activities again. “I love getting to know the clients here at Coffs Harbour, from children to seniors and look forward to working in such a supportive and challenging environment every day.”

Healthy living and organic grocery store

A Coffs Coast success story.

Kombu Wholefoods In a time where many small businesses seem to be struggling, it is great to be able to celebrate a healthy Coffs Coast success story. Kombu Wholefoods first opened its doors in Bellingen in September 2004. It was, and remains, a partnership b between Lowanna and Kevin Doye.


he couple moved to Bellingen fresh from a 16 month bicycle ride from England to Australia, and soon after the birth of their first child. The bike ride was developed as a means of raising awareness about the environmental impact of air travel, and the environmental theme continued with the opening of Kombu.

vice. The response was great, and we recently reached the point where our online store was reflecting our original Bellingen store. We loved them both but had outgrown them – so we moved to a larger physical store down the road and worked with a regional software company on a completely new online store.

“The results have been great, with online sales currently growing at between 30% and The store has always had a policy of utilising 50% per month. That is a substantial growth local chemical free and organic fresh produce rate, and the challenge at the moment is to and working with local growers and the comensure we can grow the team in store whilst munity to further develop a sustainable local maintaining our customer service and stock produce market. The aim of the availability levels. It has brought a few store, however, goes beyond late nights, but also the reward local produce, as Lowanna of increasing the number of explained to FOCUS: local jobs – we have a great As a mum with “We have always team in store – and bringfour hungry I know worked hard with local ing more income into our young children st how growers and suppliregion.” only too well ju can much food they ers to ensure that In between the juggles ed to get through, so ne ally not only were they of raising their growre be able to source nic getting a living wage ing family and growing ga fresh local and or for their produce, but od family business, Kevin and produce at a go also that we could retail Lowanna are also workprice.” those products at a price ing on the development of that was as affordable as another initiative – Love Local. possible. Healthy food should The aim is to get local and regional not be a luxury only available to those food and other local products into the with money to spare. As a mum with community at even better prices, whilst also four hungry young children, I know only working to increase availability of, and knowltoo well just how much food they can get edge about, local products within their Coffs through, so need to be able to source really Coast community. Love Local will operate from fresh local and organic produce at a good within the current store and is looking likely to price. This is what we work hard to achieve launch towards the end of April. with the store.” Kombu is open in Bellingen from Monday As well as supplying their local region, the to Saturday and can be found at the end of store has also developed a busy online store to Church Street, next to the lookout. You can allow those in other regional areas easy access call the store on (02) 6655 9299. to their range of products. According to Kevin, The online store is located at: the response to date has been similar to the delivers daily Bellingen store: “We opened our online store across the Coffs Coast and Australia wide. several years ago, with the focus on quality, More information on the Love Local initiative range, competitive pricing and customer sercan be found at

Kombu Wholefoods is a large, affordable healthy living and organic grocery store based in beautiful Bellingen, just outside Coffs Harbour.

ing with

pressing juicers to the latest range of just-arrived Manduca Baby Carriers (made, of course, from organic cotton).

In keep The thriving Bellingen Kombu opened in y their philosoph store is complemented 2004 with a focus op of being a one st with an equally busy on well priced local stock shop, they also online store. Kombu and chemical free a wide range of is open Monday to g fresh produce and in other healthy liv er Saturday, and we ov products. In keeping ith products – w t.” un recommend a visit. You co with their philosophy st la 2, 500 at can find them at the end of being a one stop of the Church Street café shop, they also stock a strip, Bellingen. If you cannot wide range of other healthy get to Bellingen or prefer delivery living products – with over to your door, you can shop online at 2,500 at last count. These range from hundreds of bulk lines through affordable cold

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Copyright of Authentic Pilates Education Australia photography by Stingray.

Come join us! Start a positive new habit.

Martin Giles Physiotherapy Your Heading Here! Ready for Change? New Year’s resolutions are well behind us, yet I still remember the advice in an article by Jay Heinrichs for those wanting change: think of what you’d be really bad at, and do that. This may seem counter-intuitive, but if we only do what we like, how will we ever grow? Nothing changes if we don’t change. Challenge yourself to do something you may be bad at, and ... do it for 30 days, then ask yourself, “Did I enjoy the challenge? How did I respond when it was hard? Did I tap into a hidden talent? Do I want to make this my hobby?” Good luck! Hope you experience some magic during your challenge; or try this, even if you think you will be good at it... HARA 5 Day Beginners Training – 15 - 19 April Pilates @ 5.30pm – Power Flow Yoga @ 6.30pm. A great opportunity to start something new with people who are also new at it. Cost for 5 days: $99 each class – both $150. HARA 5 Day Autumn Intensive – 22 - 26 April Pilates, Power Flow YOGA, GYROKINESIS® Pilates and Yoga benefit your entire body, mind and spirit. So, if your New Year’s resolutions have faded, autumn may be perfect for you to start a positive new habit for the colder months ahead. Wishing you health and happiness.

50 coffs coast focus.

Recently I wrote about the harmful effects of not wearing a helmet, and how this is really a ‘no brainer’ in contact sports. Wearing a helmet can prevent injuries, especially damage to your neck. Damage to the neck can exhibit such symptoms as headaches, but also neck, shoulder and arm pain. This is due to the joints in the neck referring pain into these areas. For example, the joints in the first, second and third vertebrae can refer pain into the head, shoulders and down the neck – even radiating to your arms. Pain can be evident in some or all of these areas but not necessarily the source of the pain. Nine out of ten people who seek treatment are complaining of a muscular ache. I find that often they have some sort of joint restriction. This is much like a rusty gate that needs loosening up. My job is to find how ‘to loosen that gate’. I achieve this through joint mobilisations, exercises and home programs of exercises using a strap to mobilise the joints affected. In the lower cervical spine, there are openings that allow nerves to run down your arms. These form three nerves called the median, radial and ulnar nerve. With a special assessment of these nerves, I can determine if these nerves are causing some of the pain in the arm.

Beauty Gallerie Your Heading Here! Do you have ageing, sun damaged skin, wrinkles, dry or uneven skin tone? Daily treatment by means of the Environ Ranges will help reduce and delay visible changes of ageing. This is achieved by nourishing the skin with essential vitamins, as well as other nutrients and antioxidants. Vitamin A as retinyl palmitate and the antioxidants contained in the Environ formulations actually make the skin more resistant to sun damage. Environ’s step up system of different strength of vitamins makes sure that the client’s skin adapts gradually. Environ have many facial treatments, which cover all skin types and needs. Low Frequency Sonophoresis (Ultrasound) is used as part of the Environ Facials to give 40 times better product penetration. This is a very pleasant and relaxing part of the facial, followed by a face and décolletage massage and alginate mask. SPECIALS From 18 March until April 3 The Environ Collagen enhancing facial, including an eyebrow wax, will be available for a special price of just $70. Buy any 3 Environ Skin Care products and receive 15% off. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Angelic Reiki with Alexandra Wenman Editor of Prediction Magazine in the UK, Alexandra Wenman is an angel healer, Angelic li Reiki R iki Master Teacher, One Command practitioner, Advanced Theta Healing practitioner and Rainbow Children teacher, who has worked closely with the angels since her childhood.


hat is Angelic Reiki? Angelic Reiki is a powerful and beautiful hands-on healing technique that works with the highest energies of the Angelic Realm to bring about healing and balance on all levels to those receiving the healing energy. Through Angelic Reiki, it is possible to send healing to ourselves and other people, places and situations, both near and far.

THE ANGELIC REIKI 3 & 4 COURSE: Date 12 - 14 April (Friday evening, 5 - 10pm, Sat and Sun 10am - 2pm) Venue La Fleur D'Alyse, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour Price $550 (includes manual and certificate). The purpose of the workshop is to initiate the participant into the Master energy of this system. This will happen in the most perfect way for each participant. In Angelic Reiki, the 3 & 4 Masters workshop

Drawn from the Usui and Shamballa Reiki lineages combined with the powerful transmissions channelled by Kevin Core, Angelic Reiki is a unique and complete energy healing system, which is open to all.

is not the teacher qualification. It is a stepping

ANGELIC REIKI 1 & 2 COURSE Date: 9 - 11 April (evenings from about 5pm 10pm) Venue La Fleur D'Alyse, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour Price $450 (includes manual, master crystal and certificate). This workshop is a powerful experience and lays the ground for the Ascension. You will receive three powerful attunements and learn how to channel healing for yourself, family and friends.


stone along our personal spiritual path. It will awaken spiritual talents, and everyone will use this energy in their own unique way. THE ANGELIC REIKI PROFESSIONAL Date 15 - 16 April (evenings from about 5pm -

SPECIAL PACKAGE OFFERS OPTION 1 Book just level 1 & 2 for you and a friend, and you will get the second place for half price. That's just $337.50 each (a saving of $112.50 each)! OPTION 2 Book both levels 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 and pay just $850 (usual price $1,000), saving you $150! OPTION 3 Book both levels 3 & 4 and the Professional Practitioner level and pay just $840 (usual price $990), saving you $150! OPTION 4 Book all three levels including the Professional Practitioner qualification and pay just $1,100 (usual price $1,440), saving you $340!

10pm) Venue: La Fleur D’Alyse, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour Price $440 (includes manual and certificate). This level qualifies you to set up practice as a professional Angelic Reiki healer and charge for

TO BOOK Phone: 6652 7699 or 6652 8943 Payments: EFTPOS or cash on the first day of the course. A deposit of $200 is required to book your place.


ON AB Book ANY OPTI d, and your en fri a and bring e chosen friend will get th price! For package for half ing a friend br u example, if yo TION 4, and both book OP each (and a that’s just $825 ch)! saving of $615 ea

your services.

coffs coast focus 51

Losing weight isn't easy. It takes real commitment to make the necessary changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle. And, for most people, it takes a plan. That's why Curves, the fitness franchise designed exclusively for women, has developed Curves Complete, a simple, easy-to-follow weight-loss plan that combines the three ree keys to taking off weight and keeping it off: diet, exercise and motivation. Curves is the only place you can get all three.


or many women, managing the simple logistics of sticking to a diet and exercise plan is what defeats them," says Curves dietitian Nadia Rodman. "Meal planning and preparation, shopping, designing an effective and ageappropriate exercise plan, coping with everyday emotional highs and lows – it can be overwhelming. Sometimes it seems easier to stick with the status quo. That's why our new Curves Complete program provides a foolproof plan for dealing with all of these diet challenges – and helps keep women on track for success." The Curves Complete program incorporates all three key components of a successful weight management plan and is designed to help dieters lose up to 10 kg of body fat and up to 50 cm in just 90 days. Women are seeing real results and sharing their success stories with others at Research shows that up to 95% of dieters

52 coffs coast focus.

t’s regain their lost weight, and then some. It’s h not because there’s something wrong with them; it’s because there’s something wrong with conventional weight loss plans. To lose weight and keep it off, you need three secret weapons: Diet: Weekly personalised their diet plans. diet plans and shopping that Research shows s Exercise: Curves workouts er lists created through up to 95% of diet combine metabolismt, gh ei w the Curves Complete regain their lost t no boosting cardio with s It’ e. m website, available and then so mething so e’s strength-training er th e us exclusively to Curves beca them; it’s ith w and stretching, while ng ro w Complete members. ng e there’s somethi us ca be providing a continually These tools help dieters entional wrong with conv more challenging workout enjoy the convenience s ...” weight loss plan experience as fi tness and portion control of improves. expensive mail-order diet Motivation: Daily motivational food programs while shopping videos produced through a at their own grocery stores – and partnership with the renowned Cleveland for a fraction of the cost! The plan even offers Clinic that offer advice and strategies from a convenient new Heat & Eat option, so that dieters can include healthy frozen food choices a panel of experts to help you make healthy choices and keep the weight off. Plus, onelike Lean Cuisine® and Healthy Choice® in

on-one time with your personal coach each week to support, encourage and motivate. "Personal coaching is the heart of the program," said Rodman. "All Curves Complete participants receive a Health Assessment and a 15-minute, personalised, weekly coaching session with a certified Curves Coach that includes a weigh-in, progress assessment, goal review and monthly body measurements to track results. That extra accountability is very motivating, and the coaches help you develop simple, practical strategies for getting and staying on track." For more information about Curves Complete, call 1300 Curves (1300 287 837).

focus Weddings. s o c i a l s c e n e

below. Jamanda Eggert, Cheryl and John Ward, Michael and Melissa Crossland, David Moye and Lina Bluhm.

with Carole Beros from Le Dāin Designs

right. Bella and George Jessett, Val Swan, Steve Ewart, Sue Currie

above. Bella and George Jessett, Val Swan, Steve Ewart, Sue Currie.

right. Judges: Designers Jade Kohl and Carole Beros with the winners.

above. Alex Byrne, Laura Nichols, Elise Van Der Waal, Craig Freeman above. Robert Loretan, Garry and Amanda Innes, Connaught Drauan.


I t h i n k w e h av e f i n a l l y h a d e n o u g h r a i n . . . s e r i o u s l y l o o k i n g f o r w a r d t o c o o l e r w e a t h e r a n d a b u r s t o f s u n s h i n e .


t will be lovely to get outside and enjoy our glorious Coffs Coast. There is only so long that a family can stay inside together! ‘The Husband' can’t complete his work and ‘The Son’ needs to run and be free. When there are too many teenagers trapped in a box, it’s like an Energiser battery advertisement with a load of overcharged rabbits crashing around the house eating me out of house and home! They escape the dreaded ‘job list’, because with this rain, doing anything in our quagmire style garden requires gumboots! We are completely sogged out. I am glad I took the advice of my good friend from FOCUS, Samantha Dawson, and hired a gardener. Of course, 'The Husband' was away working. Our Garden Gnome Gardener had started by digging up ugly, half alive bushes and doing a revamp as a surprise for when ‘The Husband' returns. We drove through a massive storm to get to the KIDS Foundation Charity Ball. The event was held at the C.ex Coffs, and it’s a wonder that anyone turned up ... torrential rain and bellowing winds! But in spite of the weather, the Grand Auditorium was full! This was a black tie affair, and the ballroom looked sensational. Paul Courtney and Andrew Wellington gave it their all, and the evening was a huge success. FOCUS was one of the Major sponsors, and Le Dãin Designs and La Fleur d’Alyse were judging the Best Dressed. We filled a table or two and proceeded to have a wonderful time. Guests got to sit and enjoy a sumptuous three course meal and grooved to the sounds provided by band ‘Forward Groove’. Worth facing the wild weather for this great cause. The Osprey Restaurant at the C.H.E.C was the venue for the ‘Hope for Haiti Dinner’ Charity event. A delicious dinner for the guests was provided by Chef Glenn Waddell from Outback

Jack’s Restaurant. I had the duck, and it was mouthwatering! Michael Crossland was the MC for the night, and music was provided by the super talented Nathan Hardy. The evening was to support Michael Crossland and the amazing Frontier Project team to continue their humanitarian journey. Funds that were raised from the event, which included a successful Live Auction, will enable the team to continue upgrading the orphanage and supporting the children that call it their home. We wish them a successful and safe trip. Seeing as we are already wet, the ideal place to be is in the surf! We went down to watch friends involved in a surfing event called the Surfhour Challenge. This is a great idea that a group of surfing mums came up with to raise funds and support The Gidget Foundation (, which cares for women struggling with postnatal depression and SurfAid (, which helps provide basic needs like supplying mosquito nets to families living in poverty! The challenge applied to one and all, and anyone could give it a go ... whether it was standing up on a board for the first time, showing off like a world champion surfer or paddle boarding. Organiser Jules Duthrie did a fantastic job, and I hear they are hoping to make it an annual March event. We attended a neat little event at the Coffs Harbour Yacht Club recently. The Commodore, Garry Innes, threw a cocktail party for a few guests. The rain had stopped for a couple of hours and while slurping back a few vicious cocktails, we got to enjoy the magnificent views over the coast. Robert Loretan from Professional Pilot Training sampled a Long Island Tea, which was a bit more of a blast than the acrobatics he performs while up in the air in those planes of theirs! Guests were entertained by sounds from

Roland Moye, while the yacht club restaurant served platters of delicious seafood. I have heard whispers from Garry that this will be a regular event. The idea is to have some fun, enjoy a few cocktails and support a local who is involved with a charity/cause. Garry decided to give local identity Michael Crossland a helping hand, to enable him to proceed with his outstanding humanitarian work overseas. Great night; watch this column to get to attend the next one! The Wheels on Woopi Event was recently staged at the Woolgoolga RSL. It was one of the most memorable events that I have attended recently. Big and flashy is not always better! An enormous amount of effort was made by Vicki Bartlett from The Next Phase Boutique and Lisa Nichols and their supporters – one of the supporters being Neil and his team from Risqué Hair, who did all the 'dos' for the fashion parades. WINNERS: Elise Lock, 9 years, designed and wore her own creation. Izzy Lovelock wore a gown designed by sister Zoe. Renee Guihot wore an outfit designed by Emma Wright, 17 years. The house was packed to the rafters, and the evening was full of surprises. The talented singer/songwriter Craig Freeman entrained the guests and was also the MC for the evening. To book Craig, call 0413 570 989 or: info@ I must add that Lisa Nichols sported a pair of nifty paper print boots, which tied in nicely with the Newspaper Garment Fashion Parade. You are a true FASHIONISTA! The couture dresses made out of newspaper were sensational and I, along with local designer Jade Kohl and Tegan Ewart from 400 Management, got to judge the parade. A scrumptious two course gourmet meal was served, and The Sacred Lotus Belly Dancers dazzled us with colour and exotic

dancing. A second fashion parade followed, with models parading the latest styles from The Next Phase Boutique. There was even a photo booth and lolly shop. I stocked up for ‘The Son’ and his mate, who were CAT SITTING! What a night! I hear a substantial amount was raised to go towards purchasing a Community Beach Access Wheel Chair for Woolgoolga. This gives the elderly and the disabled the chance to enjoy the sand and the surf. This was a really special event for a wonderful cause; well done to all involved. Woolgoolga is definitely not asleep up there. It's buzzing! Going back to the ‘Quagmire Garden’, as I have mentioned, ‘The Cat’ plays an important role in the Beros family lifestyle. This is an inside cat and can’t be trusted to roam around outside. It has absolutely no road sense and has the attention span of a gnat! Anyway, the moggy gets walked every day by ‘The Son’, to get some fresh air. Small, plump, fluffy cat on a pretty pink lead! Good look for a fabulous teenage son! (Said nobody, ever!). It actually looked like it had dried up a tad, and ‘The Cat' had been cooped up inside. It had just about had enough. After watching it bull charging the flyscreen, Mr Cool finally took it out. Out they ventured, both ‘The Son ‘and ‘The Cat’ moaning and meowing in unison. Just as they hit the marsh, I heard loud rude words and disgusted meows. Standing in two big holes up to their ankles in mud (do cats have ankles?) were 'The Son' and 'The Cat'. I had completely forgotten to warn them that our Garden Gnome Gardener had started his DIG UP and to watch out for the HOLES! Ooops ... paybacks are a b**tch! Talk about ‘Lost in Space’. Here's to ‘Lost in the MUD’. Carole Le Dãin Designs. coffs coast focus 53

M e e t


Reg Latter Electrical.

Owner/Operator Reg Latter Electrical

Reg Latter Electrical has been providing electrical installations and maintenance services – since 1979 – and is, as always, committed to delivering the best service to our customers ... employing highly trained and qualified staff that are on call 24/7, for your domestic, commercial or industrial property, which will be attended to in a timely manner with repairs carried out effectively day or night. Reg Latter Electrical also offers the following services: Level 1 Service Provider – Accreditation No 3450, providing all of your network infrastructure requirements within the Essential Energy area. Level 2 Service Provider – Accreditation No 3141 – 'A' Grade Level 2 Service Providers in the Essential Energy area. Hot water repairs – Warranty agents for Rheem, Vulcan, Solarhart, Edwards, Chromogen, Aquamax, Apricus, and repairs to other makes and models, tank replacements, electric and solar hot water systems. TV Antenna installations and repairs. DATA/PHONE/COMMUNICATIONS – Austel accredited open registered cablers and installers. THERMAL IMAGING AND REPORTING – preventative maintenance SAFETY WORKPLACE STANDARDS RCD Testing and Test and Tag services. Employing over 20 highly qualified staff, who are committed to maintaining the highest quality of workmanship and site safety, allows us to complete your project on schedule.

54 coffs coast focus.

t h e

Peter Coulson.

e x p e r t s

Owner/Operator Emerald Beach Plumbing

Peter started his apprenticeship in Melbourne in the early '80s at the Gas & Fuel Corporation. After completing his advanced training, he then started his own very successful business in Melbourne for 10 years, before moving to Coffs Harbour. Plumbing in a big city like Melbourne has many different aspects to it, as opposed to regional areas. However, it has been great to meld the two. By combining the metropolitan and regional plumbing experiences, Pete has managed to gain a vast knowledge in all aspects of plumbing. Why do we need an expert? Plumbing is a licensed trade for a very good reason. There are many health sensitive areas that we deal with and high risk situations. It is important to engage a licensed tradesman to identify, evaluate and repair the problem in a fast, effective and cost efficient manner. Often people try and do minor repairs themselves, unaware of the dangers and the possibility of causing major damage as a result of not doing the job correctly. What has changed in the industry since you started? Work health and safety requirements have changed the way we run our business and approach every aspect of our work. Sustainability in plumbing is another area that has changed and brought an environmental conscience into the industry. What is the highlight of your job? Meeting people and helping them solve issues. I love a challenge.

Andrew Benson.

Strata & Community Manager SMS Strata Management Group

What is the unique selling point in your business? We’re community and strata management specialists and nothing else. Only when you’re focused on one segment of the industry can you become completely immersed in strata legislation. Plus, when you're big, your clients get great gains from trusted systems, like our ‘tradie’ checking system. What is this system? When you're self-managing or having a one-man Strata Manager look after you, it's unlikely that you (or they) will have the know-how to check every tradesman you contract. We do. We use a national online system to check their ABN, their license, their trading history, their insurance and Workplace Health and Safety compliance. What makes your business stand out? We celebrated 25 years recently, plus we're the largest independent strata management firm in regional NSW – based here in the CBD.

Trusting the care of the roof over your head to “a large firm like ours, with decades of experience and a qualified local team, is the only safe option. Our 8,000 clients can back me up on this!

M e e t

Cindy Roberts & Steve Sturch.

Owner/Operator Emerald Energy.

More and more people are concerned about their rising electricity bills and searching for ways to reduce this. Emerald Energy offers a range of energy efficient products designed to both reduce your energy use and make your home comfortable. Being the proud dealer for Solahart in the Coffs Coast region, Emerald Energy offers the world leading Solahart solar hot water system, as well as Solahart’s range of solar power systems, ranked as one of the most efficient in the world. Both products are backed by Solahart’s comprehensive warranty, which offers peace-of-mind in today’s changing world. Emerald Energy is also the dealer for Solatube in the Coffs Coast region. With its long reputation for quality and innovation, 'Solatube' is the brand name in the skylight market, now offering 3 models to suit most homes and budgets. You can: cool your home; reduce your air conditioning costs; remove humidity and condensation; and circulate fresh air throughout the home, making the home more comfortable for allergy sufferers. For more information, call 6651 9926 or visit our website:

t h e

Geoff Greenaway.

e x p e r t s

Owner/Operator Amore Lighting


Vaughn Dawes.

Owner/Operator Dawes Lanscaping

What makes your business stand out? We have one of the largest lighting showrooms on the Mid North Coast.

The irony of inclement weather. March and April, year in year out, are the two hardest months for me to find work in our area.

Amore Lighting is the only locally owned lighting store in Coffs Harbour, which means that money spent in the store stays in Coffs Harbour. It also means that Amore does not have to follow any company rules and supply only specific brands. Being independant gives us the flexibility to deal with all suppliers, to cater to customers' exact needs.

Enter our wet season!

What makes your business stand out above your competitors? Service! At Amore Lighting, we pride ourselves on the level of service that we provide to the customers. There is so much variety of products in lighting, that for the average householder, it is a daunting task to choose the right light or fan for a specific location. That is why we are there to help, and help we do! The level of repeat business that we have is testament to the service we provide. What’s been the best business advice you’ve received? In retail, even as a business owner or manager, the real boss of the company is the customer. Every customer who comes into the store is the person who pays the wages and gives the owners and staff a job to go to every day. In a nutshell, ‘The customer is King’.

We've had our fair share of it lately, and it has caused mayhem on the job site. The upside of this though, is the insurance work that follows. Fences are down, trees have fallen on sheds, retaining walls washed out etc ... a few years back, insurance work got us through the GFC. Coffs had a small boom in an otherwise difficult period. A lot of money came into the town after five floods in twelve months.

The emotional heartache and pain caused “during these extreme weather periods far outweighs the boost to the economy this silver lining brings. However, right now it's welcome ...

A nice winter with crisp clean sunny days will allow everything to be brought back into shape and hopefully create a launching pad into spring. Then, fingers crossed, the economy picks up, leaving us with no need for the insurance work.

coffs coast focus 55

M e e t


Sandra Vout.

Owner/operator Banksia Preschool

Please tell us about your preschool teacher education. I completed my Certificate 3 in Children’s Services at Coffs Harbour Education Campus in 2002. I gained a traineeship with the previous owners of Banksia Preschool after I started working for them. Why did you select a preschool teacher as a career? I didn’t, it selected me really. A friend of mine, who is an early childhood teacher, suggested it. I was already doing a lot of childcare work & loving it, for friends and family. So I took the jump after my youngest went to kindergarten. What do you think is the most important aspect of Banksia Preschool? Its hard to say just one but, I like to think our relationships with the families and the fact we are not just an early learning centre but a place families feel is guiding and teaching their child the right skills for life and they feel at home with us. What goals do you set for the students? Each child is different and each child has different needs. These are established by observing the child, getting to know the child & discussion with the parents. We work together as a team, to achieve the right outcome for every childs learning. What is a typical day like? Every day is different. Educators arrive at 7.30am and open at 7.45am. We have indoor learning times, outdoor learning times, music, news time, story time, relaxation. We have a programme that we follow however if a child brings in news or a topic of great interest we may follow that for the day and use that subject as our learning tool. We like to make learning fun. At 6.00pm we put our toys to bed and go home, ready for tomorrow’s fun.

t h e

Karen Di Nicola.

e x p e r t s

Partner/Acupuncturist Coffs Harbour Acupuncture Clinic

What is acupuncture? Acupuncture is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine that originated in China over 5,000 years ago. Acupuncture is the practice of inserting very fine needles into the skin to stimulate specific anatomic points (acupuncture points) in the body for therapeutic purposes. Which conditions can acupuncture help? Acupuncture is effective in treating many conditions and the World Health Organisation has recognised over 40 different conditions. How do I know if acupuncture will help my condition? Prior to treatment, a detailed history is taken and diagnosis is considered. This allows me to assess whether Acupuncture will assist or not. My Doctor doesn’t believe in acupuncture. Do I have to believe in order to obtain results? No. Studies have shown animals respond positively in clinical situations to acupuncture treatments and this is proof enough. As Western medicine is the primary form of medicine, TCM is considered an alternative form it is used as a complementary approach to that of Western medicine. Will I feel uncomfortable during treatment? No, you will feel completely comfortable during the treatment. You may experience a slight sting or prick when the needles are inserted however, there should be no discomfort. What success stories have you been a part of? During my 24 years in practice I have seen numerous successes. The ones that touch my heart involve the women who want to fall pregnant and after treatments, are successful.

Coffs Sport Accupunct Karen Di Nicola Acupuncturist

Practitioner of the Qi beauty Facial Treatment

Specialising in health for beauty

Correcting imbalances for vitality & sustainable age-control

Coffs Harbour Acupuncture Clinic 02 6651 2898 87 West High St, Coffs Harbour NSW

56 coffs coast focus.

Lauren Harper.

Principal Pilates Instructor/ Owner Coastal Pilates and Fitness

Lauren Harper is the Principal Pilates instructor, personal trainer and owner of Coastal Pilates and Fitness established in 2005. Lauren has been working as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor for nearly 10 years and more recently upgraded her Pilates qualifications to an ‘Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method’ which enables her to work with clients with more special conditions. This is the highest level of qualification which can be obtained within the Pilates industry. Coastal Pilates and Fitness and Lauren can offer clients a total solution of strength, flexibility, cardiovascular exercise and nutritional advice in a small and nurturing environment. The studio is unique in design and location, being purpose built and located in the beautiful Boambee valley. Coastal Pilates and Fitness currently has clients ranging from teenagers to the elderly in their 80’s, both men and women. “Age isn’t the barrier it’s often just the mind. If your mind is willing then your body will respond.” For the first time, Lauren will offer a ‘6 week introductory Pilates mat course for men only’. “Often I get comments that Pilates is only for women, but that’s so far from the truth. Pilates was originally developed by Joseph Pilates to train his body and other prisoners of war. Pilates is about strengthening deep muscles especially the core and maintaining flexibility of the whole body.”

M e e t

Chris Duffy.

Owner. Toormina Physiotherapy

Why is the deep muscular corset so important? The deep muscular corset helps to protect your spine from injury and works to stabilize all movement. In individuals who have never experienced low back pain, the deep muscular corset turns on or pre-activates (starts working) prior to movement of your arms or legs.

It has been shown in the literature that the “function of the deep muscular corset may be stopped or altered, in the presence of pain. In individuals with low back pain, this pre-activation is delayed or in many cases, absent.

Current research is demonstrating the importance of retraining the deep muscular corset after an episode of low back pain. New technology images deep muscular corset At Toormina Physio we are using real time ultrasound, as a feedback tool to teach and retrain how to contract the deep muscular corset. This ultrasound is used to view the deep muscular corset muscles and shows the muscular contractions (or lack of muscular contraction!). Using this technology may help you to visualize the activation of your deep muscular corset muscles.

Annette Mavin.

t h e

e x p e r t s

The Party Specialist AandA Party Hire Specialists

Aand A Party Hire Specialists have a range of childrens amusements available to hire. Let us brighten up your next event. We have jumping castles, waterslides, sumo suits, childrens characters (Elmo, Cinderella, clowns and more), children’s petting farm, popcorn machines and more. We have a variety of jumping castles in various sizes. Our entire range of castles has solid sides and is safety checked prior to each event. We have fat Sumo suits available in either Children or Adults sizes. They come with a referee, big gong and all equipment required to operate the games etc. We also have a giant Waterslide which can be hired out for the hot weather. It is 12 metres long by 4 metres wide and 6 metres in height, lots of fun. Great costumes such as Elmo, Shrek, Batman, Snow White and more. You can hire these for the day for an event or we can entertain the crowd for you. Very exciting news is that our petting farm is now mobile and our animals can come and visit you. We cater for any size party or event and if you don’t have a venue we can help organise that also. If you’re looking for something different for your children’s party this year give us a call we are happy to talk to you about any package we may be able to offer. We are available to hire for parties, weddings, fetes, corporate and social events.We are fully insured and all our equipment is constantly checked and safety tested. Phone or email for a full product and price list. 6653 6262,


Louise and Sheree. Brooke.

Accredited Dietitians Accredited Exercise Specialist Coffs Coast Nutrition

Louise and Sheree are Accredited Practising Dietitians and Accredited Nutritionists with a minimum of 5 years university study in nutrition and dietetics, so you can be assured of receiving advice that you can trust. They have the knowledge and experience to provide nutritional guidance and motivation to people with medical conditions such as diabetes, insulin resistance, thyroid disorders, coeliac disease, food intolerances and much, much more. Louise is also highly experienced in sports nutrition, and is the only Accredited Sports Dietitian on the Coffs Coast. She has helped people of all levels to enhance their sporting performance, however you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from seeing a sports dietitian. Coffs Coast Nutrition also employs an exercise specialist. Brooke has qualifications in fitness as well as a degree in human movement and can provide exercise guidance and motivation to anyone wanting to lose weight or improve their fitness. Coffs Coast Nutrition is offering a fantastic 12 week program to help you break free from the dieting merry-go-round. Their comprehensive “Weight No More” program promises a quick, safe and healthy means of losing weight and keeping it off. Why not contact the friendly team at Coffs Coast Nutrition. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! Ph: 6652 7529;

coffs coast focus 57

M e e t


Jodie & Terry Cutler.

t h e

Owner/Operators Cutlers Tyrepower

What is your area of expertise? Tyres and Mechanical.

you juggle it all? My wife is very supportive,

Share some expert advice with our readers? Regular maintenance on a motor vehicle will save you money. When it comes to the basics they are very important. Something as simple as checking your tyre pressures can save you money as well, an under inflated tyre can increase fuel consumption as well as cause premature wear on your tyres.

concentrate on the business and the weekends

What makes your business stand out? Our service we pride ourselves on customer service. We can cater to all needs, whether you require a pickup or drop off service or a lift back to home or to work. If you choose to wait for your car we have a very comfortable waiting area with tea/ coffee making facilities and a customer computer or connect your own device to our wifi.

apprenticeship with him in 1999. My wife, Jodie

And you have a family as well - how do

exclusive agents in our area.

58 coffs coast focus.

weekdays she focuses on the kids and lets me are our family time. When and why did you start your business? My father, Peter, has been in the industry since he was 15 years old. He had his own tyre centre in Forbes and then moved to Coffs Harbour when I was 10 to manage GoodYear. He opened Cutlers Tyre and Merchanical in 1996 and I started my and I bought the business in 2010 and changed the name to Cutler’s Tyrepower. What is the best thing about your job? When a customer walks out 100% satisfied with the service they have received and selling brands that I believe in, like Cooper Tyres and Toyo Tyres both produce a superior product for which we are

e x p e r t s

Matt Becker & Giulia Potesta. Coffs Coast Sports Physiotherapy is a purpose built facility which provides a comprehensive range of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy services – such as Sports and Workers Compensation Injury Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, General Injury Treatment and Hydrotherapy. Complimentary services include Acupuncture, Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, TCM & Pilates. CCSP provides hands on, evidence based treatment, pain management, range of motion exercises, specific strengthening, radial shockwave therapy for chronic tendon injuries, exercise prescription with ongoing reassessment and treatment as required. Our main aim is to maximise return to sporting performance or pre-injury working capacity and lifestyle function. The clinic is centrally located for your convenience at 78 Albany St, Coffs Harbour. Our clinic is excited to announce a new team member – Giulia Potesta, offering Myotherapy/Remedial Massage and Pilates.

Coffs Coast Sports Physio

Giulia graduated from RMIT University, Melbourne and is a workcover and health fund approved provider. Myotherapy involves the assessment, treatment and management of musculoskeletal conditions, which may cause muscular dysfunction and pain, thus affecting movement and mobility. Myotherapists utilise a range of treatment techniques to restore and maintain the normal integrity of the soft tissue structures, utilising various soft tissue manipulation techniques together with other modalities, such as: trigger point therapy, dry needling, deep tissue massage, hot and cold therapies, passive/active muscle stretching, electro-mechanical stimulation and corrective or rehabilitative exercises. CCSP offers three full-time physiotherapists – Matt Becker, Stuart Nolan and Shane Malone. Acupuncturist/Massage Therapist/ Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner – Jodie Lyons and friendly support staff – Amanda, Melinda and Helen.

M e e t

t h e

e x p e r t s


The Experts at MJ Accountants. We are the experts in business. We understand what “makes businesses successful and we work with our clients to ensure that their businesses prosper. ”

With electricity costs on the rise and with no end in sight, it is now time to act and control this ever-increasing area of expense.

Jim McMillan. How to take control of your fixed costs Every business requires electricity to operate. It’s one of those dreaded fixed costs for every company and we usually have to grin and bear it. With electricity costs on the rise and with no end in sight, it is now time to act and control this ever-increasing area of expense. With improved technologies, more solutions have become available to save valuable cash – cash that can be used to invest and grow your business, instead of using it to simply run your business. Solar hot water and power are one such solution. Over the past couple of years the cost of a Solar PV system has dropped significantly and with highly competitive leasing options on offer, an increasing number of businesses around the country are investing in a Solar PV system to

Manager at Infinity Solar

lower their power bills. It’s not surprising to find a lease back program will give full ownership with no capital expenditure in some cases. However, just like with any long term investment, be sure to invest in quality. With a customised solar system from the Coffs Harbour based Infinity Solar you will not only receive a great return but be assured to have at least 25 years of lasting quality. Furthermore, respected businesses such as the Brisbane Airport Corporation and University of Queensland have relied on Infinity Solar in the past. Infinity Solar now provides attractive financing options for PV systems. Give your local team at Infinity Solar a call on 02 6650 0408 to discuss your options.


WITH THE BEST PEOPLE At Infinity Solar we believe in the power of the sun, but more importantly we believe in our workmanship. We use only quality products from the world’s leading manufacturers and provide quality, local service no matter whether it’s a residential or commercial installation. That’s why 98.9%* of our customers would recommend us, and why we’re one of Australia’s top 10 solar companies.

What is your area of expertise?

whatever it takes to ensure that we are up

We are the experts in business. We

to date on the latest business thinking and

understand what makes businesses successful

understand the climate in which our clients

and we work with our clients to ensure that

are operating. Sometimes it’s hard work

their businesses prosper.

being an “expert” – but it’s worth it when

How do clients benefit from your

we see the difference it can make to our



Naturally we take away the stress of

Does any special responsibility come

compliance work that all businesses are

with being an “expert”?

saddled with – BAS, ASIC, PAYG – all those

That’s an interesting question … obviously

lovely acronyms.

we feel a great deal of responsibility to our

But that is all about reporting what has

clients. It’s not enough just to be a general

happened in the past. Where our expertise

expert. We have to use our knowledge and

really makes a difference is in guiding our

expertise to deal with the unique problems

clients toward the future. I’m not just talking

and opportunities facing each of our clients.

about tax planning, although we do that too.

We also feel a responsibility to the

We develop cash flow forecasts and other

community. As much as possible we want

“health checks” to ensure our client’s

to share our knowledge so that all of

businesses remain stable. We have tools

Coffs Harbour can be stronger and more

to measure the value of a client’s business

successful. That’s why we have our regular

and assess the impact different strategies

radio program on 2CSFM and our weekly

would have on that value. We advise on

column in the Advocate. We think a stronger

business plans to improve performance. We

business community in Coffs Harbour is good

are committed to using our knowledge and

for all of us.

expertise to ensure our clients’ success.

What's the #1 piece of advice you would

How did you become an “expert in

give to Coffs’ businesses?


Well, obviously advice has to be specific to

First, of course, I have started and run my

the business, industry, circumstances and so

own business, which gives me a real empathy

on. But the one thing that every business

for the day-to-day struggles of small business

has to watch is their cash. A business can

and some ideas about the pitfalls.

be enormously successful and still fall over if

But probably more important, over the 6 years I have been running MJ Accountants and the 14 years I have been an accountant, I have dealt with literally hundreds of

So why wait? Enjoy the benefits of solar from one of the best solar power companies, Infinity Solar. It’s solar made simple.

businesses. Our team has seen businesses fail and worked with businesses as they thrived. Experiencing the pain and the triumph of so many businesses has given us a special

6650 0408 | 1300 146 346

perspective and taught us some very real

UNIT 7, 84-90 INDUSTRIAL DRIVE, COFFS HARBOUR WWW.INFINITYSOLAR.COM.AU *Based on 473 customer surveys conducted between October and November 2012. Electrical Contractors Numbers: 73948 QLD, 231933C NSW

world lessons. And then of course, we read, attend INF4773M

workshops, belong to business groups ...

the cash isn’t managed properly. So I think my top tip would be to ensure that you have solid processes for collecting your cash – whether you are a big manufacturer or a freelance photographer. It’s simple, but so often overlooked.

the plug! Check out for heaps of business information or call Mel, Ebony, Leanne, Ina or Katie on 6652 8788.

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Jason Scott. What is your area of expertise? We passionately produce free range, grass fed, hormone free beef that is of superior taste and exceptional value, right here on our farm in Bellingen and sell direct to the public. When and why did you start your business? We started our online business, Farmers Beef Direct, in 2011 after enjoying our own home grown beef for the past few generations. We have found that people now, more so than ever, want to make informed choices about the food they purchase for their families. They want to know where the food has come from, who the people are behind the product and how it was produced. And you have a family as well – how do you juggle it all? We have a healthy, loving family and live in the most beautiful part of the world. For us, our job is a pleasure, as we are simply living our passion. The kids thoroughly love the

M e e t

t h e

Owner/Operator Farmers Beef Direct

country lifestyle, and they willingly participate in every aspect of farm life. What is the best thing about your job? Farming gives me a sense of freedom and inspires us to educate others about caring for the land, so our future generations can enjoy it. Our aim is to make people more aware of the importance of the Australian farmer and the positive impact they have on our great land through sensible and sustainable farming practices. What plans do you have for 2013? We are pleased to announce that we have recently added a new smaller pack to our beef range, a 20 kg pack, which is still delivered fresh and vacuumed packed – perfect for couples and smaller families. We also have an upcoming special of our own pasture fed, free range, hormone free, home grown lambs – which are quickly selling out! Our delivery area has recently changed and now ranges from Brisbane to Port Macquarie.

e x p e r t s

Marilyn and the team. Marilyn and her team are fresh back from the Leadership Management Australasia (LMA) conference in Melbourne, where they were awarded the Australasian Regional Licensee of the Year. Marilyn used the opportunity to thank Mid North Coast NSW businesses, who over the last 15 years have recognised the value of the LMA process and the importance of training and development of their staff. What is your area of expertise? We don’t train people; we develop them, and there is a massive difference. Our proven processes actually change and improve the way people think, work, act, interact and live, their value to an organisation will continue to grow indefinitely. What is your point of difference? Creating Exceptional Results Through People

People grow your business

People engineer your business

The team at Leadership Management Australia

is our motto – we achieve this through supporting our participants in interactive adult learning workshops, providing facilitators and coaches who are dedicated and focused on the learning outcomes of the participants. Our results at the conference also included a gold award for Tania Beckett and silver awards for Rod Macpherson and Susan Judd, based in Port Macquarie. Our mentoring process adds another dimension to support and encouragement for the participant. Opportunities for 2013 – we are now enrolling for programs commencing in July – participants who are currently in our courses are achieving measurable results and return on investment for their employers. To take up the opportunity of a free needs analysis, contact Marilyn Brien on 0418 693 914 or email for more information.

People drive your business

People strategise your business

People are your business

Creating exceptional results through people. For over 40 years LMA has been creating exceptional results for thousands of organisations and over 120,000 participants across Australasia. If you would like to see how our unique, proven, and guaranteed process can achieve dramatic and measurable improvements in the leadership, productivity, and performance of your people, contact us today. Marilyn Brien 0418 693 914

60 coffs coast focus.

M e e t

t h e

e x p e r t s


past few years, our homes have “wonIn the 6 housing industry awards for design and quality of workmanship, and we pride ourselves on delivering this standard of award winning quality on each and every home we build.

Luke Morris. When and why did you start your business? I’ve been a builder for many years, and over that time we identified a gap in the market for upmarket homes at a reasonable price. The combination of the innovative design, quality building and affordable price of an Adenbrook Home has filled this niche in the market. We can offer the quality product and price of a national brand, with our local knowledge and the one-on-one customer service that comes with being a local builder. We’ve been part of Adenbrook Homes since 2009, and the style and design of the homes have really connected with the lifestyle of the Coffs Coast. We’re very proud of homes we’ve built for the locals and look forward to continuing to build for a very long time to come. What is the best thing about your job? The best part of the job is working with the client to build their dream home. From the design stage through to handover, we are

Owner/Operator Adenbrook Homes

building one of the most important parts of a family’s life, and that’s a privilege. It’s fantastic to be able to drive around your neighbourhood and see the families in the homes you have built. What makes your business stand out above your competitors? We have a guaranteed start date, guaranteed build time and guaranteed finish date and if we don’t meet that, we cover your rent until handover. That means you can build with us with the confidence to plan ahead of time. We limit our site starts, so each home is given the attention required to ensure quality and attention to detail. What do you enjoy most about working on the Coffs Coast? We really enjoy the people and local community feel of the Coffs Coast. We are born and bred Mid North Coast locals and we have a vested interest in our local community. It’s our core value to build quality homes that last, as this is our neighbourhood.

coffs coast focus 61

M e e t

WB Financial.

t h e

e x p e r t s

Management are a company that “areWBtrulyFinancial dedicated to your financial future. ”

What is your area of expertise? I started my financial services career as a Chartered Accountant specialising in financial, accounting and taxation issues. In 1999 I became a Financial Adviser and Authorised Representative of WB Financial Management Pty Limited. Over the past 20 years, my expertise has moved to an advisory role for clients who want financial (and life) freedom. I get a buzz from this. Our business has grown; we have advisors in our office who specialise in the following areas: estate/succession planning; cashflow/ debt management; retirement savings; and life insurance.

Harbour, from Sydney. In Sydney I had a client who is still a very successful financial adviser. He inspired me to follow my goal of helping people change their lives. What is the best thing about your job? • Watching clients realise that they can change their life by following a financial plan. • Being witness to clients move in to retirement in a better position because of our services. • Standing beside someone through difficulty. Working with them to manage their circumstances in times of sickness, family death or relationship breakdown. • The first time a client realises that they can actually change their life outcomes by following a financial plan.

Share some expert advice with our readers? Financial security and independence means different things to everyone. Financial Planning is What plans do you have for 2013? not just for the rich. It's important all Australians There are lessons from the GFC and despite work towards their own financial security. current market recovery, we need to focus Consistently working towards your financial on the fundamentals of our clients' financial and life goals, even in small ways, will plan. We are constantly adjusting the sails of reap rewards, rather than waiting financial plans by providing feedback for something to change or to clients about how behaviours finding time to get started. affect outcomes. This is the key A financial planner can to maximise the probability of Financial help you understand and achieving goals. is Planning . ch ri e th appreciate your own r fo How do you keep your team not just l circumstances. It's important al motivated?

tralians work

Aus What makes your We have all worked together n towards their owy.” business stand out? for a very long time and know rit cu se l ia financ Our business has grown each other well. We treat each by word of mouth. We other with respect. We work in follow a process with all open plan and engage in robust clients, to ensure we don't only conversations. It's the old 'do unto understand their story but we actually others'. We respond to each other's needs and understand their goals and aspirations. We are available for each other. maximise the probability of clients achieving What's been the best business advice you've outcomes. We expect that our clients engage and received? participate in their financial plan so we can best Work with people (staff and clients) who share assist in 'adjusting the sails' along the way. the same values as you. And you have a family as well – how do you juggle it all? When I started the business, I had a child, a husband and no clients. Now I have a husband, three teenagers and many satisfied clients. My family, client relationships and faith hold it together. When and why did you start your business? We moved back to my home town, Coffs 62 coffs coast focus.

Be kind, because we all carry baggage that sometimes affects how we act towards others Practice what you preach. What do you enjoy most about working on the Coffs Coast? I enjoy being in my hometown contributing to the community. I love watching my kids grow up in a beautiful environment with access to many top notch facilities. It’s a great regional city.

M e e t

t h e

e x p e r t s


Beyond B e Now Solutions. Beyond Now Solution's Natalie Ryan prides herself in saving your “business money and improving profitability and cash-flow. ”

What is your area of expertise? I started out in my career as a Chartered Accountant in Sydney, specialising in financial, accounting and taxation issues relating to small to medium businesses across Australia. We now focus on the following areas: Business Advisory: providing advice to business. With special focus on relation to improving profits, cash flow and business sale value. Advisory Services & Tools, Not for Profit Sector: advising and providing automated tools designed to assist in the community sector, particularly those affected by National Disability and Insurance Scheme reforms. Advisory Service to Financial Advisers: providing the financial planning industry with an automated but dynamic solution that assists with client engagement and compliance in

real time. The solution assists with compulsory compliance to the FOFA regime, effective 1 July 2013. Share some expert advice with our readers? All small to medium business owners should make sure they have good mentors around them. These don’t necessarily need to be paid mentors. Make sure on the critical decisions you get professional assistance; even if it costs a few dollars, it may save much more headache and dollars over the long term. What makes your business stand out? We started out as a pure accounting and taxation business. Now we work in an advisory role with business owners (and their other professional advisers) to create better profit, cash flow and lifestyle outcomes for them. Over the last 3 years we have grown our

busine by providing solutions to the business comm community sector and the financial services indust This has been driven by my interest industry. p and personal commitment to contributing to b th of these sectors, to ensure that all people both who engage with organisations and businesses within these sectors get the very best outcomes. When and why did you start your business? Our business started in 2000. It has changed considerably since then, and our move to providing advice and automated tools to the financial services industry and the community sector is driven by my personal passion and commitment to these sectors and a deep desire to see people who engage with these sectors get the very best outcomes. What is the best thing about your job? Listening, thinking, discussing and implementing solutions to solve business and organisational problems. I am a problem solver, and I really enjoy it! What makes your business stand out above your competitors? We have recreated ourselves so that we

can work collaboratively with clients and their professional advisers. Our work in the community sector and the development of tools that assist NFPs with financial management (including unit costing and pricing), client management and quality management has been based on direct feedback from the sector, so we feel that we have a solution that is low cost high value for the sector. What plans do you have for 2013? This year we are focused on continuing to provide innovative solutions to business owners and Financial Advisers. We are also working hard to deliver solutions to those organisations affected by the National Disability and Insurance Scheme reforms to continue to build our profile and value for money solution to the issues that arise and evolve as a result of these important reforms. What's been the best business advice you've received? You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink! It's frustrating at times, but everyone is responsible for their own decisions, and I respect that.

coffs coast focus 63


property guide

Before construction ‌ Come and see the end result!

focusabode. Land Development Manager Graham McPherson on site with Michael Worthing from Integrity Realty.

KORORA HAVEN ESTATE Coffs Coast’s most sought after land development, Korora Haven Residential Estate, is surging ahead, with the recent completion of all development works allowing land buyers to now easily see first-hand the unique established natural environment and sweeping ocean and hinterland views.


When you walk around Korora Haven Residential Estate, you know it is truly a Coffs Coast place to live. ”

orora Haven is a high quality development that fits beautifully into its unique natural environment. Just 5 minutes north of Coffs, but in a private location, it allows the best of both worlds. Development works have recently been completed, so treat yourself to a drive around the new estate and sample the mix of superb views. Better still, hop out of the car and take the walk to the footbridge crossing the lagoon and soak up the sub-tropical environment. Integrity New Homes Land Development Manager Mr Graham McPherson said the Korora Haven residential estate offered a large number of unique features, which include: • An established, naturally fed lagoon system; • Extensive sub-tropical bush reserve leading to and surrounding the lagoons, providing great habitat for

native birdlife; • Feature retaining walls using attractive local area natural rock; • Footbridge across the main lagoon, with quick access to Hills Beach and its excellent children’s playground facility; • A 200 metre walk to Korora Public School; • Five minutes by car from Park Beach Shopping Centre; and • An estate of high quality homes in one of the most sought after suburbs of Coffs Harbour. “It is extremely rare to find such a large and physically attractive site for development in this boutique location,” Mr McPherson said. “The site has been privately held for more than 70 years and remained ... continued over



coffs coast focus 65


... an oasis, while all the surrounding land was sub-divided and developed during the 1980s. Located east of the PaciÞc Highway, the estate features north facing, elevated blocks with a mix of uninterrupted ocean views, through to a sub-tropical landscape which fringes an interconnected lagoon system. There are 33 lots, from 520 m² to 780 m², with a number already sold to locals seeking to secure a prime home site. A range of high quality homes have already been designed in the estate and are set to commence construction in the months ahead. The estate has carefully crafted covenants that offer the ßexibility to design your dream home and protect the high standards established in the estate and the value of your home. Prices for the remaining 23 blocks range from

Proudly dly supporting orting Integrity rity New Homes..

Mesh, bar and accessories backed by industry leading knowledge. Port Macquarie OneSteel Reinforcing 10 Belah Road, Port Macquarie NSW 2444 Phone: 02 6581 1144 66 coffs coast focus.

$220,000 to $365,000. Mr McPherson said, ÓThe buyer proÞle is mixed, with families drawn by proximity to the beach and school, while retirees have responded to the very attractive physical outlook and environment. Being away from the highway and in such a private location is a rare combination in the Coffs Coast, which is so often dominated by the PaciÞc Highway. Integrity New Homes is offering a range of house and land packages available which comply with covenant requirements and really take advantage of the features of individual lots. Alternatively, bring your own builder with you. People interested in learning more about Korora Haven Residential Estate can contact Michael Worthing of Integrity Realty on 0408 233 142.


A range of high quality homes dehave already been and te ta es signed in the ce en are set to comm e construction in th ” d. ea months ah

he Korora Haven Residential Estate project was developed on the last remaining substantial parcel of land beachside and away from the Highway in Korora. The land had been held by the Taylor family for 70 years, and the family were very keen to see the land developed by local people and using local businesses. An investment consortium headed by Coffs people appointed Integrity New Homes to project manage the development. Land Development Manager for Integrity New Homes Mr Graham McPherson said, “The Coffs Coast is blessed with a range of experienced and quality businesses that enabled the project to be executed true to its design objective.” Working with Tim Ruge of GeoLINK Environmental Management and Design, the engineering design of the estate focused on delivering services, whilst blending in and utilising the beautiful local environment. The site is bounded by a series of lagoons and a sub-tropical bush reserve. Natural rock was sourced from the Glenreagh based Green Brothers Quarry, and the feature retaining walls were then designed

to suit. Stonemason Steve Hunter and his team toiled long and hard and with great skill to bring the walls to fruition. Similarly, regeneration of the bush reserve was well delivered by Brent Hely of Coffs Coast Bush Regeneration. The overall construction of the site was undertaken by Burnett Civil. Project Manager Mr Graham McPherson said, “It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Ernie and Tony Burnett and their team. Enough cannot be said of having an experienced principal contractor so committed to the role and at the same time, professional and approachable.” Other significant contributors to the site development include Newnham Karl Weir & Associates (surveying) and Gosling Electrical (electrical and telecommunications). Both are long standing local firms who again exemplify the experience and quality that is found in Coffs Coast businesses. When you walk around Korora Haven Residential Estate, you know it is truly a Coffs Coast place to live.

Michael Worthing of Integrity Realty congratulates Tony Burnett of Burnett Civil on a job well done.

Helping to create a sustainable Mid North Coast for over 20 years

Planning | Engineering | Civil & Landscape Design Environmental Assessment & Auditing | Ecology For help with your next project visit us online at, or contact Simon Waterworth | Director Simon Williams | Director PO Box 1446 COFFS HARBOUR NSW 2450 02 6651 7666

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KORORA HAVEN ESTATE Custom Home and Land Packages Flow into Korora Haven hree-time NSW HIA Professional Medium Builder of the Year Award winner, Integrity New Homes, has created a range of custom designed house and land package for sites starting from $450,000 at the stunning new Korora Haven Residential Estate. A range of homes have been designed to suit specific blocks with the aim of maximising views, lifestyle and energy efficiency requirements to create truly liveable dwellings. Integrity New Homes Sales Consultant, Mr Michael Worthing, said it was important to use considered design approaches to create homes which draw in the natural beauty of Korora Haven. “Alfresco areas working off living areas with large

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sections of glass have been used to draw the outdoors into the homes. “Kitchen spaces have been centrally located to provide a hub for each design, which really addresses how people live in today’s busy and time poor world. “We have also reduced dead hallway space and unfurnishable rooms to deliver designs with easy internal flows, which then allow seamless transition to the outdoor covered living areas. “There can be a preoccupation with the size of a home, when the real issue is how effectively space is used. “All the homes Integrity New Homes has designed for the Korora home and land packages feature a sense of space, air and light,” Mr Worthing said.


“One of the hallmarks of great design is to consider how people will live in a home and then seek to deliver a range of features and benefits which deliver on that promise. “The Integrity approach is to use a zonal design philosophy which allows for communal living spaces, as well as spaces for family members to seek out quiet places for, say, doing home work and playing video games. “We have incorporated a range of James Hardie external cladding products to create striking atfacades, which help create an We have incorpor es m Ja ed a range of attractive and strong street adding e presence, while Beaumont Tiles’ Hardi external cl te striking range of high quality ceramic products to crea • Affordable custom design solutions, floor and wall tiles provide facades ... ” particularly when compared with hiring contemporary finishes which are an architect; durable and visually appealing,” • Customer focused Integrity Edge quality Mr Worthing said. assurance programme; and “These suppliers have been very • HIA GreenSmart accredited and sustainable building supportive of our approach to home design at focused. Korora Haven. Korora Haven is a unique ‘infill’ development in the “ However, design is only part of Integrity’s approach midst of existing high quality established homes in close to new homes, with the business creating a number proximity to beaches and lush bush land. of initiatives to deliver every home buyer with a quality

building experience, as well as a home that continues to be appealing for years to come,“ Mr Worthing said. Integrity’s success has been founded on the following competitive advantage, which includes: • Lifetime structural warranty (conditions apply); • Communication guarantee for all clients; • Built on time OR WE PAY THE RENT (conditions apply);

the plug! For more information on Korora Haven, call 1300 886 793. Or visit



Australia’s favourite place for tiles and bathroomware (Formerly Northern Rivers Ceramics) 17 Isles Drive,Coffs Harbour LN5614'57564#.+#9+&'T Ph 02 6652 1408 *'4'510'0'#4;17T coffs coast focus 69

focusinterview. with Samantha Wardman of CornerPost Marketing


an you’re a true blue Coffs local. Tell us a little bit about your background and why you chose a career in dentistry? I was born and raised in Coffs Harbour; my parents moved here in 1966, when my father commenced work in a private practice as a dental surgeon. I went to St Augustine’s Primary School, which was across the road from Dad’s clinic. After school, it was pretty common for me to wait in the dental laboratory making things out of wax until he was finished work. I guess I didn’t know any different, so it all started from a young age. My tertiary education was at RMIT University in Melbourne, where I graduated as a dental technician, as well as gaining a degree in health science. Subsequently, I attended the Sydney Dental Hospital and gained my qualification as a Prothetist. My wife and our two kids officially moved back to Coffs 12 months ago, and we don’t intend on leaving this beautiful place! Backhouse Professional Dental is not your average dental practice. What services do you offer that sets you apart from other clinics? We offer everything under the one roof! From general dentistry, implants, orthodontics and orthopaedics to teeth whitening, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, needleless injections, OPG/cone beam digital X-ray, prosthetics and a visiting periodontist. We also provide specialist treatment of TMJ Joint (The Jaw Joint) clenching and grinding and the latest technology in treatment of sleep apnoea and snoring. Everything is made within the clinic, as we have our own laboratory on site, so we guarantee all products are Australian made and produced locally. We also offer a courtesy vehicle for those that have no transport and offer home visits for denture patients.

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Dan, the world of dentistry relies heavily the range product would be veneers, and most on the investment in technology. What of Hollywood’s pearly whites would fall into trends are you seeing in your industry? this category. More and more young adults, Everything in dentistry requires a heavy ineven teenagers, are enquiring about what’s vestment if you’re going to offer quality service out there, largely influenced by fashion and and products. Too many dentists these days are Hollywood seeking out the perfect white smile. going for the cheaper option in technology and Othodontics and othopedics have always been products, which results in denture and crown popular with young people; however, the trend work being sent overseas to Asia to be made at currently is that anyone of any age is opting for a quarter of the cost in Australia. The down side straighter teeth through banding (clear braces) of this practice is getting a low quality prodor Invisalign, which is a succession of clear uct and not passing on the relative retainers. discount to the patient. The What aspect of dentistry do other concern is the manuyou find the most chalfacturing of implants lenging? ue in and cosmetic dentistry The most challengnt co u yo If u yo overseas. This high-risk t ing aspect of working ha w do to , ne practice has been covin dentistry is definitely do s ay w have al to ered extensively on TV, educating the public on ue in nt co you’ ll demonstrating what oral health and the imve u’ yo t get wha can go wrong and the portance of keeping your !” en tt go s alway costly situation of trying teeth and mouth healthy. to rectify the problem. Unfortunately, it is like the Trends and advances in saying, “Out of sight out orthodontics are constantly of mind”. When people have moving forward, making it much something visibly wrong with them, easier for people to get the perfect smile. they will attend to it immediately; howThe materials used in crowns and bridges ever, when it is in the mouth and not clearly are also advancing, resulting in better visible, they tend to put it off until it becomes quality products for patients. The other two big an issue, usually resulting in pain or discomfort. changes have been in teeth whitening and in We recommend to all our patients to attend on the last five years, snoring and sleep apnoea a 6 or 12 monthly basis for routine cleaning apappliances. pointments, which guarantees good oral health Cosmetic dentistry, like teeth whitening and identifying any treatments required at an and veneers, is becoming more popular for early stage. appearance improvements – tell us a little What changes have you seen in dentistry bit about this trend and what services are over the last 10 years? available? Definitely the diagnosis and treatment of Cosmetic dentistry has a very wide range of clenching and grinding disorders, coupled with products. Teeth whitening starts with tooththe involvement of the dentist to treat sleep paste, gels in mouthguards and all the way to apnoea and snoring disorders. These problems in-chair bleaching by the dentist. The top of have gone ignored by people for some time

now; however, education on these important problems is now available to the public from Backhouse Professional Dental. Sleep apnoea machines have been widely available to the public through a variety of sources, but because these machines are often awkward to use, noisy and lacking visual appeal, the ongoing patient usage is less than 30%. We can provide patients with a slim line appliance as an attractive alternative to these cumbersome machines. These appliances are not only designed to help with snoring and sleep apnoea, but can address grinding and clenching, which are also associated with these disorders. You have quite an established practice locally – what’s next for Backhouse Professional Dental? We have been in business for 46 years in Coffs Harbour, at the same location, and we have invested a lot of hard work over the last two years promoting our practice to the community. We are a highly-regarded practice that everyone can afford to come to and receive high-quality dentistry services. Furthermore, with our expanded services we can now cover all aspects of dentistry under the one roof, which is convenient and comforting to patients. The next big project for Backhouse Professional Dental is to establish new premises in the near future – so stay tuned for more details! What was the best piece of advice you have received? I’ve spent a lot of my early years as an elite sportsperson, and over that time had many coaches ... but there was one coach whom I’ll always remember, who used to quote to me: “If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten”. I think this is one of the best pieces of advice that I have received and an outlook that I’ve used in all aspects of my life. Thanks Dan.


Absolute Beachfront Opal Cove Resort & Conference Centre.

Where no detail is overlooked.

Some people have a list of places they have to see. I’m the kind of traveller who is influenced by the history of a place and the stories that must exist there.





uch h iis the h way with i h my recent trip to Cambodia. Cambodia was neither high on my list nor somewhere that I had a burning desire to travel to. That was, until I met Thy. Thy was a local Cambodian man who had studied for many years to be a specialist tour guide. He told me of a country with kind and generous people and with a history that could not be told in books but had to felt with the heart. And so began a trip that satisfied my desire of travel and learning and helped me to understand the true Cambodia through the eyes of a local.

What I really wanted to see ... and let’s be honest, what Thy had tempted me with in the first place, were the breathtaking temples and monuments of Cambodia. First on the list was the awe inspiring Angkor Wat, built in the 12th Century and the largest religious monument in the world. This Hindu temple was built by the people for their King as his place of worship and his On arrival in the capital, Phnom Penh, the familiar eventual burial chamber. The predominately sound of motorbikes and Tuk Tuks sandstone structure stands on an drowned out our conversation and impressive 200 acres and being as we left the security of the only 5 km from the town of air conditioned airport, we Siem Reap, Angkor Wat is were greeted by smiling dia ...modern Cambo without doubt the most faces and a stifling heat. is a wonderful accessible and the largest e The next few days were resilienc example of the in the empire. a blur of insane traffic, d re an

Look no further than Opal Cove Resort & Conference Centre, Korora Bay, Coffs Harbour for your next conference, meeting, private dinner or wedding reception. Enjoy working with the committed and professional sales team led by Business Development Manager Leah Holmes, who has been with the company for 7 years, Sales Coordinator Sharnee Smith, Wedding Coordinator Rykila Geerligs, and recently appointed Conference Manager Virginia Jolly.

Competitive accommodation rates in our resort

Boasting a modern conference centre with 8 function rooms, each with state of the art AV equipment and a knowledgeable AV technician onsite to assist with your every need.

in Horizons Restaurant & Bar, with Happy Hour

Opal Cove Conference Centre caters for meetings from as small as 10 people to large conferences for up to 500 people. The Ocean View Foyer is perfect for trade exhibition space, housing up to 40 booths.

rooms and luxurious beachfront apartments will be offered for your guest speakers and delegates, and all resort accommodation and conference rooms are in the main building – so no need to walk too far. After your conference, it’s time to unwind with a round of miniature golf on our newest attraction, ‘The Cove’ 18 hole Australiana themed mini golf course, or enjoy a drink and dinner from 5 - 6pm daily. For the ‘Brides & Grooms to be’ we have 2 indoor and 2 outdoor wedding ceremony locations and for your reception, choose from the Opals room, which overlooks the Ocean and seats 110 people or the Grand Ballroom, to seat up to 300 guests.

architecturally designed buildings slotted between homeless slums and a history that I was not prepared for.

of human natu y is a whilst this histor has , it st pa part of their future.” r ei th ed not defin

Anyone who has done a basic history lesson will know something of the Khmer Rouge, the ruling communist party in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. I, would at this point, like to apologise to my 5th grade history teacher – who despite valiant efforts, failed miserably in teaching me the finer points of South East Asian history. Phnom Penh, and in particular the surrounding areas where mass graves still exist, tell confronting stories of the atrocities of this period and the subsequent difficult years that Cambodia (then known as Democratic Kampuchea) experienced. Surprisingly though, modern Cambodia is a wonderful example of the resilience of human nature and whilst this history is a part of their past, it has not defined their future. Of course, Cambodia is more than Phnom Penh.

Siem Reap became a base to explore the many temples surrounding it. As a seasoned traveller, I know that dreaded feeling of having to visit one more cathedral, or one more monument, but we didn’t suffer from this in Cambodia. Each temple offered something different, and every time we were fascinated by the stories that radiated from the thousand year old walls. It became increasingly mysterious how such architectural feats were achieved without automation, and imagining the pride of the people as they hand carved such detailed stories into the sandstone stopped me in my tracks more than once. Thy and his friends proudly showcased their country, sharing their lives, their culture and their history with us. I was tempted but not brave enough to indulge in the local delicacy of deep-fried tarantulas and even after exploring the World Heritage Listed Angkor Wat, I discovered that the real treasure of Cambodia is its people. coffs coast focus 71

APRIL 2013






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September 24 - October 23

December 22 - January 20

Avoid disappointing yourself with unrealised expectations. Give unconditionally and feel the joy of talent in giving. Set some fresh goals, connect to your passion for living and run with the opportunities the universe places in your lap. You are a caring individual, so allow yourself the gift of being cared for. Rose Quartz is the crystal of pure love.

Love your present life, so that your future path can be so much easier. Setting some fresh goals will give an air of comfort and allow you to feel as though you are making progress, and a calm will engulf you and bring you happiness. Love yourself enough to know you deserve the best in life, and watch what happens. Ruby shatters fears and strengthens passion for living.

You may have been challenged by the security of your financial future lately, but rest assured, you

Teaching concepts is one of your many talents, but try to avoid bombarding people with your

are likely to be following an opportunity that has room to grow and prosper and even return more when you learn more. Have fun and trust in your gut feeling, as this will lead you. Apophyllite helps with clear understanding.

newfound information. Your enthusiasm is contagious enough, and others will formulate their own opinions. Practice presenting the concepts, and give them time to assimilate into it. You don’t need everyone to share your views, but it gives you security. Avoid this trap by sitting strong in your own truth. Sodalite connects us to the sweetness in our spirit. Enjoy.





April 21 - May 21

July 24 - August 23

October 24 - November 22

January 21 - February 19

Some new adventure is coming into the picture; embrace your gypsy energy, set some fresh goals and enjoy what the future holds. You are a natural leader and set an awesome example in life by just being yourself. By recognising your gifts, talents and attributes, your divinity will shine. Turquoise helps us confidently reach our full potential.

Connect to your personal strength, as this will carry you through any dilemmas the unknown may present and instead of being afraid of the unknown, embrace it passionately. Play with a gift or talent to spark your self worth, and enjoy the opportunities presented to you as a result. Citrine enhances our gifts and life’s purpose.

You are a very powerful person when focused. Set some goals, give yourself permission to succeed and be on your way. You don’t need to write it down or plan it; just ‘do’ it! Your communication is the tool which you will use the most, so use the passion in your eyes as well, and let this be felt. Enjoy your creative journey. Rhodonite connects us creatively to new talents.





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November 23 - December 21

February 20 - March 20

Avoid being caught up or giving too much energy to what you think others think of you; you are so sensitive and you are believing the negative thoughts you perceive others to hold. They are not true, yet they hurt you. This whole pattern inhibits your success and personal self-esteem. Selenite shatters negativity and raises our vibration.

72 coffs coast focus.

Now is a great time to play with magic. You are extremely gifted with spiritual strengths, and now is a perfect time to show yourself how clever you are at manifesting whatever you want. Just think about having what you want and feel thankful for having it, as if it is already here. Turquiose and Citrine work well together for creating and fulfilling our desires.

You may have been reflecting sadly on past memories lately but as you are already aware, this has led you to feeling awful about yourself. You always have had and will always continue to have support in your life. Count your blessings and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You need to be focused, as you are about to become very busy. Carnelian strengthens our organisation skills and creative energy.

You are likely to find yourself walking a different path with a sense of new discovery. Perhaps a new talent will reveal itself and bring with it new friends and like minded people. Be aware of your fears and see yourself caped with the opposite of them. This will give a sense of security and peace. Your rules and regulations by which you live are about to change. Black Tourmaline is a very powerful, purifying crystal.

‘Enjoy the moment’ is this month’s challenge/ lesson. You have the chance to soul search and look deeply within. Treat your discoveries with respect, as this will help you to grow at a tremendous pace. Self-appraisal should be an honouring process, to enhance your worth, so be aware of the ‘Piscean perfectionist’ tendencies and be kind to yourself. Kunzite & Hiddenite give us inner balance and harmony. Try wearing some.

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with Dene Zahner, President of Tourism Coffs Coast.


with Chris Hines from Unrealestate


UPDATE denezahner Tourism Coffs Coast held their first meeting for the year at North Farm. Gai and Jen’s philosophy of gather, learn and celebrate in beautiful group spaces gives imparting information new meaning. et in the barn with bales of hay as seating was an apt setting to hear about the high speed roll out of the NBN. There is something quite special about North Farm; it draws you in and makes you want to stay. With mind and body centering in their studio or merely enjoying the surrounds, it was well worth the trip. I walked away feeling more like I’d had a break than attended a meeting.


Tourism is tracking well as this point given the wet weather, with some sporting and cultural events coming up in the next two months and a major concert in May.

on the Ritz. Aussie Rock Extravaganza is coming to town on 4 May, with the Red Hot Summer Tour at the Showground – a massive lineup of Rock royalty, including Jimmy Barnes and special guests Baby Animals, Ian Moss, Dragon and Chocolate Starfish. This is the biggest lineup The Red Hot Summer Tour has put together yet, making this undoubtedly one of the biggest concert experiences on the Australian touring circuit. Tickets are available from Ticketmaster.

Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus live show will be returning on 11 May. The crew will be The Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival pushing their limits and skill in FMX and BMX will take place from 22 - 24 March. This anon a range of crazy contraptions. Among the nual 3 day literary festival will include a host individual performance highlights, witness of panels and workshops and an entirely new incredible choreographed riding routines, program celebrating Australian women writincluding the 'Nitro Bomb', featuring 18 ers and writing, attracting an array of riders in the air, upside down at very talented writers. So if you the same time and the world think there’s a novel lurking record-breaking rider train, somewhere, then don’t with 35 riders wheel 's miss this opportunity. Travis Pastrana to wheel, one behind Nitro Circus live Beachside Radiology the other. Tickets rning show will be retu Coffs Ocean Swims is are available online ill ew w on 11 May. The cr its on 24 March. This is via the Nitro Circus r lim be pushing thei an annual event where d an website or by phonX and skill in FM y az swimmers of all ages cr of e ng ing Coffs Coast's BMX on a ra come to compete in the .” ns io ticket sales on 1300 contrapt protected waters of the 369 070. Harbour. NRL Country vs. City will The Mid North Coast Secondtake place on 21 April at ary School Rugby Sevens will be in the BCU International Stadium. town on 4 April, with under14 – under Grandstand tickets are available from Tick16s secondary students competing at the etek, and general admission tickets are availBCU International Stadium; this will bring a able from the Visitor Information Centre. number of families to our region. The Coffs Harbour Show will be at the ShowThe Woolgoolga Curryfest celebrates the ground on 26 - 28 April. This annual show cultural diversity of our area. It commences includes a variety of stock, produce, competion Friday 12 April with an art exhibition and tions and stalls. A great family outing, with movies on the beach. Saturday 13 April, rides and showbags for the kids to enjoy. enjoy the Festival and Sikh Vaisakhi celebraTourism Coffs Coast are close to finalistions. The festival finishes on Sunday 14 ing our new website, which showcases the April, where there will be cricket on the oval. many businesses that support us. Remember The new Mel Brooks musical, Young Frankento Like our tourism Coffs Coast page on stein, performed by Coffs Harbour Musical Facebook: Company and directed by Maureen sCoast. If you are a current member, then Burgess, opens Friday 12 April and runs until please post some of your images and inforSunday 5 May at the Jetty Memorial Theatre. mation that you would like to share. This award winning musical features tunes And remember: tourism benefits everyone. such as The Transylvania Mania and Puttin'

74 coffs coast focus.

chris hines.

Your home may be in good condition and well built, yet simple clutter will create a perception of chaos, confusion, and disorder.

he purchase decision is an emotional and intellectual response, based on a level of trust in your home. When buyers see clutter, they assume that the home has been neglected, with more to fix than meets the eye. This perception undermines your home's market value.


De-cluttering is an essential part of your preparation and is virtually cost free. This activity goes hand in hand with moving. Before you put your home on the market, have a garage sale, throw some things out, and box stuff up. Your move will be easier, and you will create an open, spacious, simplified look that buyers love. If you need support, a local home staging service can work with your furniture and create a whole new look. When it comes to selling your home, less is truly more. 1 ) F R O N T Y A R D De-cluttering starts with your front yard. Make sure the yard is mowed and edged, and remove toys, junk piles, empty flower pots, etc. An evenly cut lawn is pleasing to the eye. Fertilize the grass a month or two ahead. Overgrown, woody shrubs give an old, tired look. Trim or remove them. Do not allow shrubs to cover windows. They block light on the interior, and give an appearance of crowding on the exterior. Coil hoses and place any tools inside the garage. Find a place to store extra cars or boats – other than the front of your house. De-clutter flower beds. Mulch is inexpensive and does wonders to simplify garden beds, especially in winter, when plants are thin. Never have empty pots or dead plants sitting around. 2 ) E N T R Y The buyers' first impression is critical, and shapes their attitude throughout the showing. Invest in a brand new welcome mat. Stains, scratches and dirty spots create distractions to the eye and are a form of clutter. Clean, paint, and eliminate as many of these as possible. Pay close attention to your front door. Is it dirty, darkened by mildew, or in need of re-finishing? Fresh paint or stain will make a huge difference. Consider having your whole house power washed to remove stains, spider webs and other clutter. Create a single focal point in the entry with an attractive table or painting. 3 ) L I V I N G A R E A S Rooms should be sparsely furnished to appear larger and lighter. The garage or an off-site storage room can be

used to hold extra pieces of furniture. Move large pieces of equipment – drums, telescopes, exercise equipment etc. – to the garage or offsite. Do not allow furniture to block windows, doorways, or traffic patterns through rooms. Too many personal collections and photographs are distracting for buyers. Buyers must be able to imagine their own family in the home. A few decorative items or photographs on tables are fine, but reduce these to just a few nice pieces. 4 ) K I T C H E N The kitchen is the heart of the home and plays an important part in attracting the heart of a buyer. This is an active area that usually needs special attention. Clean, evenly finished cabinetry is a must. Add new paint or stain if necessary. Remove purely functional items from benchtops – such as baking pans, small appliances, vitamins, phone books, plastic bags, etc. Check out the contents of your cupboards-box up items that you don’t usually regularly, sort through groceries and ensure that the cupboards appear spacious. Remove notes and photos on the refrigerator. Clear the counters completely, then add back a few decorator items. Choose decorative pieces that contribute to a warm, elegant, organised look. 5 ) B A T H R O O M S It is important to de-clutter bathrooms to give them a touch of elegance or romance. Keep in mind that you will give up some privacy during the marketing period. Start by removing everything from the counters. Remove any toilet brushes or cleaners that are visible. Put items that you use daily – toothbrushes, soaps, razors – in a container, and place the container inside in a cabinet. Decorate with fresh soaps, flowers, bowls, photos, or designer bath items. 6 ) BEDROOMS Bedrooms should appear restful and serene. Sparsely furnished is best. Use your best covers, or invest in new ones if yours are worn. Clear off bedside tables, and add back just a few books or nice items. Bedside lamps add a warm ambience for showings. Remove excess paintings or photos from the walls. In some cases, old curtains do more harm than good. Take them down and clean the windows for a fresh look. Children's bedrooms usually need to be simplified. Take down posters and box up toys. Avoid an overcrowded look. Remember: the house you are selling is not the home you live in; it's the home someone else will be living in.

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