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22 - 30 SEPTEMBER 2012 It’s on again! Nine days of fun-tastic entertainment featuring both Australian and international acts in various venues throughout the Coffs Coast.

D E N I S E R AY M O N D An avid collector of egg cups, Denise has acquired an amazing array of treasured items of all shapes, sizes and colours.



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KOKODA EXPERIENCE An initiative of C.ex Coffs, the club regularly arranges for its staff to take part in an annual trek of the Kokoda Trail, with profound & lasting benefits.

TUBBYS’ WHITE WHALES Peter ‘Tubby’ Wallace is a name synonymous with the surf lifesaving movement. His legacy lives on in a special Trust.


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Welcome to the September issue of Coffs Coast FOCUS. ello everyone. No, you’re not seeing things. Kim hasn’t suddenly changed her appearance! You may recall from the last issue of FOCUS that your hard-working Editor has flown off overseas for some much needed R&R. But don’t worry – she’ll be back on deck for the November issue, with batteries fully recharged and raring to go! She’s dropped us a postcard from Mykonos, Greece, to show us all what we’re missing out on. Thanks Kim!

to the Woolgoolga Triathlon on September 29 and 30, or the Coffs Dragon Boat Regatta on September 15 and 16.

In the meantime, I’m steering the FOCUS ship for two issues, and so far I’ve had a ball! I’d like to say thank you to the Coffs Coast FOCUS staff, contributors and all of the locals I’ve met; you’ve all been so welcoming! I’m enjoying my ‘holiday’ too!

FINAL SAY “A change is as good as a holiday” – unknown.


Ash Grunwald, an amazing Blues and Roots talent, is appearing at the Hoey Moey on September 29, and as usual, the Conservatorium and Jetty Theatre have entertainment galore. In this issue, you also get to meet some inspiring locals: Dr John Wenman, flight instructor Charlie Smith and photographer Brendan Ray, to name a few. Happy reading!

Jo Atkins – Acting Editor

ON THE COVER The International Buskers and Comedy Festival is here again, with a magical 9 days of activities set to take place in and around the Coffs CBD and surrounding areas. The feature act at this year’s Gala Dinner on September 22 are the Wau Wau Sisters. Like our front cover? They’re just a bit naughty, very talented, acrobatic and put on a mesmerising show. Don’t miss them! You can also read an interview with the pair on page 13. Cover photo thanks to Don Spiro. STORIES AND INTERVIEWS There’s something for everyone this month; the Coffs Coast is hosting some amazing events. If you’re into sport, you might want to pop along

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Well known local physician Dr John Wenman has a career that’s spanned Sydney, Vietnam and Coffs Harbour. Now, some forty-six years after graduating from university, Dr Wenman has witnessed many changes in the medical profession – but the one thing that remains constant is his unwavering commitment towards helping people manage their health ...

Dr Wenman. an unwavering commitment


hen did you first decide to become a doctor? I was 14 when I decided to be a doctor. I’d found an old text book of medicine that had been thrown out, I read through it, and it fascinated me! I didn’t talk to my parents about studying medicine until I’d gone into 5th year of high school, because I was still thinking of other possibilities like engineering, vet science, and policing. I decided in the final year of high school that I really wanted to go to med school, and I asked my parents’ permission. Initially this was a shock to them, because they weren’t very wealthy – particularly my father, who asked if I could do it part-time. When I told him it was six years full-time – he almost had a stroke. He came back the next day and suggested that I might like to study pharmacy as an alternative, but I told him, “No”. That’s when they decided they’d help me as best they could. I joined the Royal Australian Air Force at the end of third year medicine. I was lucky enough to get an Air Force scholarship, and they subsidised my studies and paid me a salary. I had to guarantee I’d work full-time in the RAAF for four years as a medical officer, which I later did. I studied Medicine at the University of Sydney and graduated in 1966. What do you recall as being some of the most important things you learned during your first medical placement? My intern year was at Sutherland Hospital in Sydney. The important things I learned at Sutherland were the fact that you had to work very hard to be a doctor; there were long hours, there was a lot of emotional trauma from people suffering injuries and dying, and it taught me a lot about humanity ... This made me even more determined to try to be a successful doctor and to assist them. 4 coffs coast focus.

Describe how your career has tracked to date ... I was at Sutherland Hospital in Sydney for my intern year, then I was medical registrar at the Air Force hospital at Richmond for four years. During that time I had a short posting to Vietnam as a medical officer in the number two squadron during the war, at Phan Rang. I then came back and was posted to the United States at San Antonio, Texas, where I undertook a three month Diploma in Aerospace Medicine, at the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, Brooks Air Force Base. I returned to Australia as Chief Instructor in Aviation Medicine at the Institute of Aviation Medicine, Point Cooke, Victoria, where I completed two years, and then I resigned from the RAAF and became a CMO (Career Medical Officer) of internal medicine at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. After a year at St. Vincent’s, I transferred to the Repatriation General Hospital, Concord, as Medical Registrar, sat for and passed the physicians’ exam and then made a decision to move to Coffs Harbour as a physician in general medicine. I came to Coffs Harbour in 1974. I’ve been here ever since, and I’ve developed sub specialty training and qualifications in Gastroenterology and more recently, I’ve become trained and specialise in cosmetic medicine. What’s encouraged you to specialise in your chosen field? Gastroenterology is my predominant speciality. I was attracted to the speciality of internal medicine, because it improved and increased one’s knowledge of different disease processes. I became interested in Gastroenterology, because Dr Peter Gerard and myself realised that there was a need to develop an endoscopy service in Coffs Harbour, and that prompted us both to train in endoscopies, both gastroscopy and colonoscopy. We developed

an endoscopy service for the town back in the ‘70s, and it has continued and flourished ever since. After working in medicine for such a long time, what is it that inspires you to keep helping people? My whole life has been attuned to helping people. I continue to enjoy the academic side of medicine, and I continue to enjoy the human side of medicine ... that is, being able to help people overcome adversity and illness. What’s a story you’d like to share with readers that perhaps showcases a lasting memory you have of a medical incident? A case that comes to mind is one that happened about two or three years ago, when an elderly friend of mine fell into a wheelie bin while trying to recover some documents. She dislocated her shoulder and developed a small laceration on the other arm. She went to the emergency department at the hospital, the shoulder was reduced back into place, and a dressing was applied to the laceration. Several days later, she went to her local doctor complaining that there was discomfort in the lacerated area, and she was prescribed antibiotics. A day or two later, the pain in the arm increased, so she went back to the emergency department. At that stage she was having some difficulty in swallowing and felt nauseated, and she was given some Maxalon tablets for nausea and admitted to the medical ward. It was just by sheer accident that her daughter was visiting from Sydney, and she was very anxious about her mother’s health. She rang me and begged me to see her mother, as she was no longer able to swallow and was having severe muscle spasms. As a personal friend, I felt a duty of care to see her. I was aghast when I saw her, because I felt she had developed Tetanus. As it transpired, that diagnosis was right. I viewed the records, and

she had not received any Tetanus injections. She was admitted to the intensive care ward at Coffs Harbour, where her condition deteriorated and she was placed on life support. She was transferred to St. Vincent’s Hospital intensive care unit, where she remained on life support for approximately seven weeks. She survived her ordeal and remains fit and well to this day. I had never seen a case of Tetanus before. I was told it was the first case of Tetanus at St. Vincent’s since 1976. The moral lesson is that even with a minor laceration, one must always inquire about the status of the patient’s Tetanus vaccination and if there is any doubt, a vaccination should be given. Considering all the advances that have been made in medicine over time, is there anything you feel medical science/modern physicians could still be doing better? There is always room for improvement. The major problem for medical care of the community has always been a matter of government funding and staffing. In the early days at Coffs Harbour Base Hospital, there were only three physicians working on a one in three roster, and the workload was intolerable, exhausting and frustrating to the point where often we would have 50 - 60 patients to look after in hospital. We didn’t always have registrars or resident medical officer support. It was not until we said we could no longer practice safe medical care under these circumstances that we were able to achieve appropriate funding. In the future, I would presume we will see a cure for cancer and for HIV aids; we are already seeing cures for Hepatitis B and C coming to the fore. I’m sure that with further research, a whole raft of diseases will be much better treated and managed. Thanks Dr Wenman. Interview by Jo Atkins.


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Ash Grunwald By combining his passion for surfing and music, Ash has carved out a lifestyle that he loves. Travelling and performing is a dream come true for this amazing musician ...

Issue 24 - September 2012

Bruce Hopkins Having played as a first grade halfback, local resident Bruce Hopkins certainly knows his rugby league. Recently retired from property development, Bruce shares his thoughts on his footy career and the changes the game has witnessed over the years …


usual suspects.



10. what’s on for September 18. eat featuring local restaurants 25. social scene with Carole Beros 48. star guide with Terri

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Flying Charlie Charlie Smith is a local legend, having taught many people to fly over the years – and he’s still a skilled and enthusiastic pilot at age 84! We visited Charlie at the Coffs Harbour Aero Club, an organisation he’s been involved with since 1967 ... follow us on

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Doris Cowan and Graeme McIntosh have just returned from the experience of a lifetime, walking the arduous Kokoda Trail. The pair is employed by C.ex Coffs and are both members of the club’s Community Crew. Lauren Florian from C.ex explains that the club regularly arranges for its staff to take part in this trek, and the benefits of this experience are threefold: it’s an amazing personal development opportunity for staff; awareness of the contributions our Aussie Diggers made in PNG during the war is highlighted; and funds are raised for a worthwhile charity in the process.


hat roles do you fill at C.ex Coffs, and how long have you worked there? Graeme: Courtesy bus driver/ reception attendant for the past 4 years. Doris: Cook/Cutlers Coffee Shop since January 2010. Why did you decide to walk the Kokoda Trail? Graeme: To gain a better understanding of our military history and see first hand the environment in which the war was fought. Doris: To experience first hand a taste of what our Australian soldiers did for us. Many thanks to them. What expectations (if any) did you have before you made the trip? Were these expectations met, or completely shattered? Graeme: I was expecting the trek to be quite difficult and the terrain extremely harsh, and it was. Yes … my expectations were met. Doris: I expected the worst with weather and leeches etc. and to become mentally stronger. My experience was much more than expected. We were lucky with the weather (only a few wet days), there were no leeches and on an emotional and social side, I gained so much more than I would have ever expected from both fellow trackers and the PNG staff and village people. What an opportunity of a lifetime, and I really thank the C.ex Group and all who helped my trip become a dream come true. How far did you actually walk, how long did it take you ... can you estimate how many steps you may actually have

6 coffs coast focus.

taken on the trek? Graeme: The trek was approx. 130 to 140 km, taking in walks to various weapons sites and a plane crash site just off the actual track. We walked approximately 250,000 footsteps over the 10 days. Doris: Every day was different. We walked for around 8 hours a day, sometimes only The standout covering 6 km and others double that, experience ... to depending on the terrain and of course, being privileged the What were some of the difficulties you w ho e nc rie pe the tiredness of fellow trekkers. ex encountered on the trip, and how did you the descendants of ngels’ When I return from my second overcome them? A ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy assets, Kokoda adventure, I will count the tle lit Graeme: The weather was quite warm and ith w e live lif an us steps taken – yet I’m not sure I can humid in the lower parts, then the higher we yet are richer th protect count that many numbers. According in the way they ers and got, the colder it became. I was very tired by Australian trekk to a co-trekker, we burnt around 5,000 the end of each day, and my feet were so sore … each other.” calories a day. Bepanthen cream on the feet in the morning and What was the standout experience from tea tree oil at night helped to keep the blisters at bay. the whole trip for you both? Doris: I was lucky enough not to encounter any Graeme: Dawn service at the Isurava Memorial … difficulties, other than not being able to help myself to add input also, getting a detailed ‘battle briefing’ at particular focal points such as cooking with the locals to expand their recipe knowledge, along the track by Charlie Lynn, our Trek Leader, including areas showing them how to keep your upper body fit and offering such as Eora Creek and Brigade Hill. stretch classes to fellow trekkers in need. I enjoyed meeting the many children from the local villages and I am now working closely with Charlie to become part of the sharing in the local feasts from the village elders. Kokoda staff offering training programs and nutritional advice to Bomana War Cemetery was very moving; to see 4,000 pure future trekkers prior to their journey. white headstones and to read the names and ages inscribed on The locals all sang their national anthem and sounded some of them puts it into much more perspective. beautiful, and then our group of 32 Aussie trekkers had to sing Doris: This is a difficult question, as there were so many our national anthem and it was terrible – a bit embarrassing, standout experiences along the way. I would say being privileged especially after the locals had made such a wonderful effort with to experience how the descendants of the ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ theirs. live life with little assets, yet are richer than us in the way they One of the objects of the trip was to raise money for the protect Australian trekkers and each other. local War Women’s Guild, and you’ve actively fundraised Did either of you have much knowledge of the history for this purpose. How has the fundraising gone so far? behind the Kokoda Trail prior to your travels – and has any Graeme: The fundraising is going well. We have had money of this history now become more ‘real’ to you after your boxes in all three clubs, and I have also been getting sponsors. recent experience? I couldn’t think of a better charity to raise money for on this Graeme: I had a little knowledge and had read a few books on particular occasion. the area, but now having been there, and reading the same books Doris: Fundraising has been OK, thanks to my mum, all the again, it becomes easier to understand. lovely clients I train, and Genesis gym, who had a donation tin for Doris: I had a bit of knowledge, but nothing like the stories told me. by our trek leader, Charlie Lynn. Now returning, I am re-reading Hopefully we will raise even more at our Bingo Fundraiser, and reliving all the history with a clearer understanding, hoping to which is being held at the end of August. Thanks Graeme and Doris. pass this knowledge on to others.

Lauren Florian, Community Relations Officer at C.ex Group. What’s involved with your role/position with C.ex? for its staff, and this is a great example of how we provide that. I am the Community Relations Officer at C.ex Group. This The Kokoda Trail is a significant experience for every person role is responsible for the implementation and rollout of C.ex who undertakes it, and we’re glad to be able to provide the Group’s Community Engagement Program, which commenced opportunity to our staff. The initiative to fundraise for a good early 2012. I’m responsible for the co-ordination and cause was also an idea suggested by staff. management of our C.ex Community Crew – the C.ex Group Do participants have to raise their own funds to cover staff members who participate in a myriad of community the costs of the trip, or does the Club offer financial projects, events and fundraisers as volunteers, giving their own support? time to better our local community. No, the participants selected are completely paid for by the The role also encompasses public relations with the local C.ex Group. not for profit organisations and charities, discussing future How many staff members to date have now taken projects and partnerships to help those less fortunate, so the advantage of this opportunity? Is it predominantly men C.ex Community Crew can sustainably and effectively assist our or women, younger or older staff members who’ve local community. gone? The Community Engagement Program’s motto is directly We began sending staff to Kokoda in April 2007 – generally inspired by C.ex Group’s mission and core values to Engage, two people per annum. Effect and Exceed in all we do in the community. On top of To date, 9 people have experienced the trek, including our this, our ambition is to also be inclusive, caring and proactive. current trekkers – Doris and Graeme. The C.ex Group Community Engagement Program The great thing about the Kokoda challenge is that there encourages all staff within the group to be is no discrimination of age, gender or position. There inclusive and committed citizens of all three have been some men and women in their late localities: Coffs Harbour, Woolgoolga and fifties go over, a few in their early twenties Urunga. and thirties – so a great mix really. They have these unforgettable Please explain some more about who Up until 2010, senior management nce: words at the entrame, tell the C.ex Community Crew is, and would select the staff to go; however, in “When you go ho ... em what exactly they do for the local the past two years the Club has invited th ll Te . them of us gave e w y, community ... da expressions of interest from staff, and to r ei th for uite The C.ex Community Crew is we select the best entries based primarily our tomorrow”. Q e changsimply – it is a lif” C.ex Group staff members who have on people’s motivations to be considered ing experience. volunteered their time to support projects for the experience. Last year we had eight the Community Engagement Program entries. supports. The Crew has many skills and work What has some of the feedback from the in a very diverse business and are still able to various participants been? devote their time to those who are less fortunate or to a Everyone who has returned says: better cause. • It was the hardest challenge that they have undertaken – The events and projects the Crew have been involved in are not just from a physical sense, but the trek also tests people’s Relay for Life 2012,Trauma Teddy Knit a Thon for Red Cross mental and emotional toughness. Coffs Harbour, National Tree Day, Dune Care Coffs Harbour, • No matter how well prepared you think you are, you still feel RSPCA Million Paws Walk, Men’s Shed and more recently, they under prepared when you get there. have starting assisting Meals on Wheels, just to name a few. • There is no such thing as flat ground. New Guinea is just one Why does C.ex Coffs make available the opportunity for beautiful hill after another; the terrain is tough, and the views its staff members to travel the Kokoda Trail? are breathtaking. In addition to training to facilitate professional development • It is a truly humbling experience – the native NG people living for its staff, the Club sees the value of personal development in the villages along the trek have very little by our standards,

but they are always smiling; they are sharing and caring. Just simply – they are beautiful people. We learned a great deal from them. • Many people who start the trek have little knowledge of just what our Aussie Diggers endured during this part of our war history. As you complete each leg of the trek, you marvel at the spirit, endurance and courage these men displayed on both sides. You can’t even begin to describe it adequately – you have to experience it for yourself. • In your trekking group, you start out as strangers, and after a day or two you are working together for a common goal, helping each other – and in a small way experiencing the mateship that our diggers depended on many years ago. • It becomes incredibly important to complete the trek with honour and pride, to show respect for the many men who paid the ultimate price. • Visiting the Bomana War Cemetery in Port Moresby is a sight I will never forget. It is beautifully maintained, eerily peaceful and has row upon row of headstones – over 3,000, with some 800 of them marked ‘Unknown Soldier’. As you silently walk through, you can’t help but notice how young the soldiers were – 18 , 19, 20. They have these unforgettable words at the entrance: “When you go home, tell them of us. Tell them ... for their today, we gave our tomorrow”. • “COURAGE”, “ENDURANCE”, “MATESHIP” and “SACRIFICE” best describe the key lessons that most people will take away from their Kokoda adventure. These words were inscribed on 4 plaques at the Isurava Memorial and as each day passed, their message became more powerful. • Quite simply – it is a life changing experience. You come back a better person for the experience and hopefully never take the life we enjoy for granted again. Thanks Lauren. Interviews by Jo Atkins. coffs coast focus 7



Denise Raymond. An avid collector of egg cups for many years and following in the footsteps of her mother has seen Denise acquire an amazing array of treasured items of all sizes, shapes and colours, from far and wide. The results of her dedication to Pocillovy are a wonder to behold ...

hat do you collect? Egg cups – the collecting of egg cups is called Pocillovy (pronounced Po-sil-ovy). How long have you been collecting? I have been collecting egg cups for about 20 years. I have a wide and varied range from all over the world. What prompted you to start collecting – and why egg cups? My mother stared the collection in the early ‘90s, and straight away I, too, was addicted. To start with, we collected any type of egg cup: plastic, fine china, wood – some cups were chipped and cracked. It didn’t matter: we accepted the egg cups as they came to us. Mum and dad travelled around Europe and came back home with hundreds from all over the world. My husband and I travelled to New Zealand in 2000 and arrived home with an esky full of egg cups. Twenty years ago, prices were 10, 20 ,30 cents up to $2 - $3 for the good ones. Now you can pay up to $20 for a piece that is very much middle of the range. I am not sure what prompted mum to collect egg cups. Prior to starting the collection, she had travelled around and collected teaspoons. Obviously that got a bit boring for her!

8 coffs coast focus.

Do you remember the first piece that stared your collection? Mum started the collection with 3 animal style egg cups that had belonged to my 3 brothers ... not really sure what happened to my egg cup! Do you ever use your egg cups, or are they kept purely as a collection? The egg cups were for looks, not practicality, if you’d tried to use them for their true function, you would have been shot. They were always purely to be looked at and enjoyed visually. I am lucky that egg cups are small, and it is relatively easy to display them all. Over the last few years I have lost an exact count; however, my collection is estimated at 3,000 egg cups of assorted designs and styles. Where do you find all your egg cups and are they hard to source? I love Easter time. Each year I am able to buy lots of new egg cups. It is getting harder and harder to find ones that I don’t have. I have seen a lot of pictures of egg cups that I don’t have in books and on eBay. I actually don’t buy on eBay – I prefer to go to Antique and Collectable Fairs locally and further afield. Is your collection still growing? I have become more discerning and only buy egg cups that really interest me these days –

mostly fine or bone china. I can recall a holiday to Canberra with my husband years ago. We went to an antique store that was actually a great big tin shed. We purchased over 100 egg cups from that one place. We didn’t pay more than $1 for any – bring back the good old days! Do you have one favourite piece in your collection? Being a Polcillovist, I love all my egg cups. I don’t have a favourite as such; however, the egg cups that friends and family have given to me from far flung places hold a special place in the collection for me. My mum and dad lived in Glennifer for over 40 years. They befriended George Negus in that time, and he returned from a trip to Russia with 2 egg cups for mum. Lovely thought. Are you a member of any collectors and/ or enthusiasts clubs? I am a member of the Coffs Harbour Collectors Club. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at Pacific Bay. It’s a great group, and there are lots of different collections. We hold a fair in May each year, and now monies raised are donated to local charities. One of the biggest problems with collecting egg cups is the lack of makers’ marks on the bottom of the base of the cup itself. A lot of egg cups were originally part of a

breakfast or dinner set, where only the larger pieces were marked. I am continually looking through china plates to see if I can match the patterns to anything I have in my collection, in order to find the origin of my unmarked egg cup. Over the years I have heard of egg cup collecting clubs and groups that are in America and the UK. I would love to start one here in Australia What makes your collection unique? I have heard of other egg cup collections, but they are compiled of only a particular type of animal or style. My collection consists of styles and designs from across the board. I think of what will happen to my collection one day. I have two daughters fighting over who will not take them! Fortunately, I have three beautiful granddaughters who are fascinated with the collection I am sure they will treasure them. Thanks Denise.

are you a collector? We want to know about you! Let us know what you collect, and you might just be our next Collectors Corner guest! e. ph. (02) 6650 9343


meet a

David Thorn.


with Joel McCulla from rom Zulu’s

DMT Photography How long have you been in Coffs? My wife, Judy, and I, with 2 children at the time, moved from Sydney in May 1995 and opened up a glamour photography studio. We have since added another 4 children to our family, born locally … must be the sea air? Why is photography a passion for you? Photographs help us to relive an event or an emotion from our past. I particularly love looking at my now teenagers as small children and remembering how cute they once were. How do you relax? Sport, sport and more sport. I am still active playing masters soccer every week and refereeing the highest level of men’s soccer in our area. The beach is also a second home for us.

WH Do you take holidays? Very rarely, but love anything 5 star. My fav hol moment would be playing a round of golf at St Andrew’s Scotland with 3 mates in kilts; wind and rain added to the ambience of the moment. What keeps you motivated? My clients, and their excitement at seeing the finished product. Thanks David.

From Drum Nut I was fascinated with drums from the age of 3. My parents would take me out and about and I was always straight up to the drummer, so they ended up buying me my first drum kit when I was 5. I got my first proper drum kit when I was 12, and then I was self taught until I was 19. I drove myself to Billie Hydes in Sydney to get lessons. I didn’t get another one until I moved up to Coffs Harbour.

I wanted to open up a drum shop of my own, as it’s always been a passion of mine, so here it is – Drumnut. We are not only a drum school, but do sell drums and percussion as well and the pipe range. The students are coming in of all ages, ranging from 6 to late 50s. I encourage everyone to participate, and now more girls are trying it. My female students outweigh my male students now,


Peanuts get a bit of a sour promotion now days with the rise of nut allergies, but for those of us who can safely partake of these marvellous little ground nuts, it is nice to be aware of their truly remarkable benefits. Peanuts are rich in nutrients, providing over 30 essential nutrients and phytonutrients. They are also a rich source of niacin, folate, fibre, magnesium, vitamin E, manganese and phosphorus. They also are naturally free of trans-fats and sodium and contain about 25% protein (a higher proportion than in any true nut).

Meet Michael Morgan.

I got another drum when I was about 25 and I felt I was a bit rusty, so I went and sought out lessons at the Conservatorium here at Coffs Harbour.

AT ’ S I N

and there is a drumming magazine dedicated wholly to women that comes out of New York. I have a trip coming up to New Orleans, which is the birthplace of the drum kit. The modern drum kit you see today, the 4 or 5 piece drum kit, originated there, and I am hoping that I will be able to pick up some great museum artifacts to bring home. We are on Twitter, you can ring us: 0478 819 060, or check out our website: or Facebook.

integrity. Peanut flour is a rarely used commodity, as in the age of the nut allergy, it easily contaminates a kitchen with this potentially lethal legume, but for a rich and flavoursome alternative to flour that is full of protein ... you can’t go much further! For further information, or to see what we are doing with peanuts at Zulu’s Restaurant & Bar, visit www.

Peanuts, as a source of niacin, help contribute to brain health and blood flow. Peanuts are also a significant source of resveratrol, a chemical associated with, but not proven to, cause a reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. The average amount of resveratrol in one ounce of commonly eaten peanuts (15 whole peanut kernels) is 73 µg. They also are a rich source of coenzyme Q10, as are oily fish, beef, soybeans and spinach. If you don’t add salt to roasted peanuts, most of these health benefits are actually increased when the peanut is roasted. It is the addition of oils and salts to roasted peanuts that decrease their nutritional MORE

To continue reading about unique ingredidents, including a few useful tips and recipes, visit my blog on the Zulu’s Restaurant & Bar website:

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W H AT ’S O N A RO U N D T H E R E G I O N // S E P T E M B E R 20 1 2 COFFS COAST



The T he Tubbys’ y ’ Great Gatsby y Aff ffair Fundraising party at the CHSLSC CHSLSC, 12 October October, with a Speakeasy Bar, Supper Club and Hamptons’ style cocktail party. Guests will be entertained by the amazing 10 piece Swing band – The Well Swung Daddies. Where Coffs Harbour Surf Life Saving Club. When Friday 12 October.

Aurora Guitar Ensemble

Where Jetty Memorial Theatre. When 2pm, Sunday 9 September. Tickets $6 including booking fee. Bookings 6652 8088.

10 coffs coast focus.

Sawtell A Art Group 26th 6th Annual Exhibition 20 2012. 012. Once again th the Sawtell Art Group are holding their Annual Art Exhibition. d l will be a wonderful exhibition of art works from local and interstate artists. On display Some of the local artists displaying their works are Helen Goldsmith, Jenny Maloy and Colleen Davies, just to name a few. Held at the Sawtell Art Group premises on the corner of Bayldon and Lyons Rds (opposite Bowling Club). Refreshments and drinks will be served. When Opening night is Thursday 27 September at 6.30pm. Costs Entrance fee for opening night is $5.

Tickets email:

This is the final concert in the 2012 Sunday Soundscapes series presented by Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium. Back by popular demand, the Aurora Guitar Ensemble is a youthful group of musicians that play with passion and joy! Directed by Dr Paul Svoboda, Aurora’s program will include Distance by Leonard Grigoryan, Fantasie de l’Espange, a traditional South American piece titled A Rosa Vermelha, Pirates of the Caribbean and more!


Finucane & Smith’s Caravan Burlesque

Jenny Willo pianist At the Rainforest Café, Coffs Harbour. When September 12, 2012. Contact Suite G08


Specialist Medical Centre 343-345 Pacific Highway. Phone (02) 6650 0888.

The globally acclaimed salon of seductive, subversive, and electrifying acts is HERE! From multi-award winning Finucane & Smith, creators of global smash hit The Burlesque Hour, comes a travelling emporium that fuses Parisian nightclub with jaw-dropping cabaret and seductive spectacle, tipping a velvet wink to Australia’s wild past of touring vaudeville & variety. When Tuesday 18 September and Wednesday

19 September. Tickets please visit or call

our box office on 6652 8088.




Peter ‘Tubby’ Wallace is a name that is synonymous with the surf lifesaving movement. His wife, Gabrielle, has preserved his legacy in the form of The Tubbys’ White Whale Trust, to promote the values of volunteering, training, teamwork and fun in its support of CHSLSC.


We know the Trust assists in supporting the Coffs Harbour Surf Lifesaving Club, but what is the ultimate mission for Tubbys’ White Whales?

the refurbishment of these facilities. We look forward to improving the club facilities ongoing, to assist in keeping our beaches safer for our community and visitors alike.

The Trust’s mission is to be the guardian angel of the CHSLSC and to foster and promote the sustainability of the club above and beyond traditional club fundraising activities, with an emphasis on infrastructure. Friendships shared as a lifesaver have a life-long bond, and we feel this Trust – Tubbys’ White Whales, will help leave Peter’s footprint in the sand and the legacy will continue well into the future. Tubbys’ also aims to enhance the profile of the CHSLSC through community, patron and Gabrielle how did the idea for the Tubbys’ media support of the Trust’s fundraising activities. White Whales Trust come about? Ultimately, we want to see the CHSLSC to become The Tubbys’ White Whales Trust was esan integral part of the Coffs Harbour Comtablished in 2009 after the passing of munity and where all kids, parents my husband, Peter ‘Tubby’ Waland individuals can come to take lace, to support the members part in a fantastic community and future generations of service. Peter gave his time and energy members, so they too could We know Tubbys’ have ung, to mentor the yo s learn the ideals of the surf held some fantastic and he wanted hi movement that Peter had fundraising events . ue legacy to continWhite been part of for so many over the past few ’ ys bb Hence, Tu orts pp su t years, at Torquay Surf Club us years. Tell us about Tr s le Wha in Victoria and subsequently what you have been CHSLSC.” the Coffs Harbour Surf Life able to achieve from Saving Club. these fundraising efforts? Peter was a lifetime member of An essential part of the Surf the both of these clubs, and it was his Lifesaving club is consistent and wish to have a Trust set up to foster and promote ongoing training of volunteers and surf patrol the sustainability of the Coffs Harbour Surf Life members. One of the main focuses for both TubSaving Club (CHSLSC). He gave of his time and bys’ and the Surf club for 2010 was the compleenergy to mentor the young and he wanted his tion of the new training facility located at the club. legacy to continue, as he had learned as a young With the support of the C.ex Group and many boy at Torquay, guided by senior members of the other local businesses, we were able to provide club, to understand the meaning of volunteering over $27,000 funding for the completion of this and giving of your time. Recognising the value of project. Our 2011 project was the much-needed your fellow man ... whatever their station. refurbishment of the members’ gym at the club, Sharing a bond in training and competition and which is used for competitors and volunteer lifeto be a part of a team and the fun and camarasavers, year-round. derie that came into it too – all of this is what the Again with the assistance of the C.ex Group, Tubbys’ White Whales Trust represents. we were able to provide over $25,000 to complete

There has been a lot of community support for Tubbys’ since its inception. Who have been your main supporters?

t plays a fundamental part of Australian beach culture, saves lives and provides an invaluable opportunity for kids to develop life-saving skills to become better community citizens – we’re talking about surf lifesaving. It’s no surprise that there is a strong surf lifesaving movement on the Coffs Coast. Tubbys’ White Whales is one of the supports in place to ensure the ongoing viability of the Coffs Harbour Surf Lifesaving Club and to keep this vital surf lifesaving movement alive well into the future on our shores. We sat down with Gabrielle and Danielle Wallace, founders of the Tubbys’ White Whales Trust, to talk to us about Tubbys and their fundraising.

The Coffs Harbour Community is a very generous community. Some of our biggest supporters include the C.ex Group – John Rafferty and David Doyle OAM, Todd Blewitt – Coffs Coast Mercedes Benz, Novotel Pacific Bay – Dene Zahner, Kennedys Jewellers – Don and Vanessa Kennedy, Axis Print Solutions – Peter Williams, Tooheys – Paul Ninness and North Coast Wines – Andrew Bryant and Robert Sword – and without their support, the success of our events would be harder. As well as our Trusts’ individual supporters, including: Andrew Fraser MP, Melinda Pavey MLC and local businessmen, Mark Dodd, John Rafferty and Geoff King – it’s a really great group of supporters!

You have your next Tubbys’ Fundraising party – The Great Gatsby Affair – coming up on 12 October. What can guests expect from this party? Yes, we are very excited about the upcoming fundraising party at the CHSLSC on the 12th October. The Great Gatsby Affair is inspired by the famous movie, which is set in the 1920s in New York, the prohibition era. Guests can expect nothing short of being transported into this era on the night, with the club being transformed into a Speakeasy Bar, Supper Club and Hamptons’ style cocktail party. Guests will be entertained by the amazing 10 piece Swing band – The Well Swung Daddies, as well as a few other surprises on the night, which we’re tight lipped about. Guests will also enjoy a cocktail style supper with some old roaring 20s favourites; they can also take their chance on the ‘Bootlegged Martini’ and ‘Tubby’s Moonshine’ cocktails. Following tradition of our past fancy dress parties, we anticipate there to be a gaggle of flappers, gangstas and 1920s prohibitionists in at-

tendance at our Speakeasy Bar. Always a fabulous sight to see!

Are there opportunities for local businesses to sponsor or donate auction items to the Tubbys’ Great Gatsby Affair party, and how might they do so? We love the local businesses to support our fundraising parties, and many have come forward to donate prizes already, which is so appreciated. If a local business or individual wishes to donate prizes, they can get in contact with our fundraising and event co-ordinator, Sam Wardman, on 0400 560 323 or at au We, of course, are also looking for a few corporate sponsors for the event as well. These might be businesses willing to provide a cash sponsorship donation in return for a huge amount of exposure through our event promotion and on the night.

Tell us, what we can expect from Tubbys’ White Whales Trust in the future? We are currently working on developing a scholarship program for disadvantaged youth, which is based on gaining the lifesaving skills the surf club provides youth, including first aid, surf rescue, IRB (Rubber Ducky) training, as well as the opportunity to compete in surf lifesaving sports. It will also teach participants how to volunteer and give back to the community, whilst gaining lifetime friendships. We’d also like to see a short program for the disabled in the future as well. Upgrades to the facilities at the club house will also be on the cards for the next 12 months.

For those people wanting to find out more information on this fundraising event and Tubbys’ White Whales, how do they do so? For those wanting to purchase tickets or find out a little more about the Tubbys’ Great Gatsby Affair, please visit: email: or follow our Facebook page:

Thanks Gabrielle and Danielle.

coffs coast focus 11



Coffs Harbo


s e R u k S B e y

Fe s t i v a l P r o g r a m .

d m o c F E S T I V A L

It’s on again! Nine days of fun-tastic entertainment, the Coffs Harbour International Comedy and Buskers Festival will present both Australian and international acts in various venues throughout the Coffs Coast from September 22 - 30.


he Festival has been going since 1989, when it was run by Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour City. It ran from 1989 -1992, but then became too big for a voluntary organisation. It was relaunched in 2000 and since then, it has grown each year. This year’s event is no exception, providing a program that is both diverse and exciting. The Festival caters for both young and old – there’s something for everyone! Special features include the Wau Wau

12 coffs coast focus.


Sat 22 Sept - 10am City Centre

Mon 24 Sept - 6pm Hoey Moey - Family Show

Thur 27 Sept - 8pm Adults Only Comedy - Pier Hotel

Sat 22 Sept - 6pm Park Beach Hotel Motel Hoey Moey

Tue 25 Sept - 10am NBN Kids Day Coffs Racing Club Howard St

Fri 28 Sept - 10am City Centre

Sat 22 Sept - 7pm Gala Dinner Pacific Bay Resort Tickets: $79 from resort Sisters, who perform at the opening Gala Dinner only. Another coup for organisers is securing BEAT THE STREETS, who recently starred in Everybody Dance Now, a dynamic dance group and the special new Thursday night FIRE DANCE show in the city centre. Many of the events are FREE – but please bring along a gold coin for the busker’s hat, to show your appreciation. See the program adjacent for details of ticketed events, pricing and venues. See you at the Festival!

BuSkeR s

Sun 23 Sept - 8am Harbourside Markets Sun 23 Sept - 4pm Hoey Moey - Beergarden Sun 23 Sept - 6pm Hoey Moey - Family Show

Kids Entry $8 Accompanying Adults Free Tickets P.B.Music& Online At Festival Website Tue 25 Sept - 10am City Centre Tue 25 Sept - 8pm Adults Only Comedy Pier Hotel

Fri 28 Sept - 6pm Botanical Gardens - Family Show Entry By Gold Coin Donation Fri 28 Sept - 6pm Sawtell RSL Roving Acts Fri 28 Sept - 8pm Sawtell RSL Adult Show Sat 29 Sept - 10am City Centre

Sun 23 Sept - 5pm Sawtell RSL

Wed 26 Sept - 10am City Centre All Day Spectacular

Mon 24 Sept - 10am City Centre

Thur 27 Sept - 10am City Centre Market Day

Sat 29 Sept - 5pm Botanical Gardens Family Show Entry By Gold Coin Donation

Mon 24 Sept - 3pm Park Beach Holiday Park

Thur 27 Sept - 6.45pm City Centre - Fire /Dance

Sun 30 Sept - 8am Harbourside Markets

focusinterview. They’re talented, athletic and just a bit naughty ... the fabulous Wau Wau Sisters, Adrienne Truscott and Tanya Gagne, are sure-fire crowd pleasers, bringing their unique mix of humour, Burlesque and acrobatic skills to the Coffs Harbour International Buskers and Comedy Festival this year ...


Coffs Harbo


eR s BuoSk c medy F E S T I V A L

T h e Wa u Wa u S i s t e r s – A d r i e n n e T r u s c o t t a n d T a n y a G a g n e .

au W waU S I S T E R S

i girls. Tell us a bit about yourselves. Is it true that the two of you are half-sisters? AT: I grew up around and about a bit – Connecticut, New Jersey, England and a few other places. My sis grew up mostly in New Hampshire. Yes, we are half-sisters. We have the same dad and different mums. We’re six weeks apart! How old were you when an interest in performing kicked in? AT: We’ve both been performing since we were little – starting out with living room extravaganzas for family, friends and neighbours! Although we didn’t grow up in the same households, we both made very similar shows, wrangling other friends, adults, etc. to be in the show. Hanging upside down on a staircase while dressed in boas and

pretending to drink cocktails – all quite similar to what we do now! I remember one show – an impromptu – that started when I was asked to put tinsel on the Christmas tree and made a bikini out of it instead. I think I was 5! Where did the name ‘Wau Wau Sisters’ come from – and what actually made you two decide to form an entertainment duo in the first place? AT: ‘Wau Wau’ was bequeathed to us by a friend by way of a Brecht character called Mr. Wau – a strongman surrounded by a bevy of merry misfits, freaks and urchins. It’s like we’re his bastard daughters! In Mandarin it means ‘cute’; in German it means ‘Woof Woof’ – like a dog, and we recently learned what it means in Hawaiian, but this jet lag is keeping that a secret from me! Our decision to work together was pretty

ganic – we have a very similar sense of of humour, humo hu mour ur, organic likee to do a lot of different things, and both write dirty songs – and we did all that before we got to know each other. We had performed together in other people’s work, but realised we wanted more freedom to make our own kooky, quirky stuff. A sister act is an entertainment classic, so it was sort of always on the cards! A part of your act involves acrobatics and also Burlesque ... how much training do you have to do to keep your routines fresh and interesting? AT: I think for both of us, what keeps our work fresh and interesting is what happens in our brains, more than our bodies. We train regularly and learn new trapeze tricks and all that, but we’re both very curious and rigorous ladies – we can get bored easily, so we take on gigs that ask new things of us, make sure not to repeat ourselves, make sure we’re doing things that feel brave, questionable, important, daring – all that stuff! We allow a lot of room for improvisation in our act, which also keeps it alive and fresh. We look and feel very silly and light-hearted in our shows but as we’re making them, we’re actually thinking very hard about all sorts of things, issues, conundrums, etc.! We just wrap it all up in infectious fun! Do you each have specialities – for example, is one of you more involved with creating the physical routines, while the other comes up with the verbal component of the act? TG: No, it’s pretty much a group effort. One of us might find a goofy costume or prop or song and come to rehearsal with it for a play, and then we both run with it and see what happens. Usually our rule is if it cracks each other up, we’re heading in the right direction.

Your act has been described as “bawdy Yo Your “ and bold” , “irreverent”, “sacrilegious”and “foul mouthed” among other things, but if you had to describe the act yourself – what words would you use? TG: Funny, smart, brave, strong. AT: Provocative, camouflaged, guileless, uneasy to categorise, not complacent, hysterical ... You’ve travelled around the world with your performing and won many awards, including Best International Act at the Brighton Fringe Festival in 2008 and Best Cabaret Act at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2004. What’s been a standout in your career for you? AT: At the risk of sounding really corny, I feel like every trip brings new favourite things. These festivals we get to go to are soooo rich with gorgeous people and gorgeous audiences, new elements of shows, new late and crazy nights out, that each one sort of remains at the forefront, until the next one! I think that’s why we love our ‘jobs’ so much! That said, I think when we realised that our show and our partnership was unique enough to be the very reason we get to have these adventures; the moment of that realisation was pretty beautiful. Luckily, we actually do get to relive that over and over again! And this time in Coffs! Drop us a few hints about what audiences can expect to see and hear from you both at Coffs Harbour! TG: Just about everything they can imagine! AT: Things they think and think about doing, but don’t do themselves! Thanks ladies! Interview by Jo Atkins. Catch the Wau Wau Sisters at the Coffs Harbour International Buskers and Comedy Festival’s Gala Dinner, September 22.



COFFS HARBOUR INTERNATIONAL BUSKERS AND COMEDY FESTIVAL Call Essential Energy 13 23 91 or visit coffs coast focus 13


Brendan Ray.

Skyview Photography

Creating breathtaking images that are individual and stand out from the crowd is no mean feat, but Brendan has managed to incorporate the art of long cherished techniques to capture images that possess an iconic, retro, yet distinctly Australian feel.


hat (or who) kickstarted your interest in photography? I was about 20 and I found an old Pentax K100 film camera sitting in the back of a cupboard at home. I bought some black and white film and started taking photos of anything and everything. After I had the photos developed, I was hooked. From that point on, I spent all of my money on film and processing. As chance would have it, a friend’s father was a photographer at the Australian National University and he gave me several months of work experience and helped me develop my technical skills. I soon became confident with my style and direction. He then put me in contact with a photographer by the name of Rob Little, who at the time was regarded as one of the top 10 photographers in the world. While working as an assistant for Rob, he taught me all the old school tricks and techniques – most of which I still use today. He told me that if I ever wanted to work in the industry, I would have to go to TAFE ... so I did. What professional training/courses have you completed? I have a Diploma of Photography and a Diploma of Screen in 3D Animation. Tell us about the history of Skyview Photography ... how long has it been in operation, and what types of photography does it specialise in? I moved to the Coffs Coast in 2005, and soon after started working as a photographer at the Coffs Coast Advocate. While working at the paper, I was commissioned to do some private commercial photography; as demand grew, I realised there was a niche in the market. While researching the viability of starting a photography business, I decided to invest in an elevated camera system and imported it in from the UK. Having the capability to take unique elevated photos from the sky … Skyview Photography was born! Seven years on, and the business is going from strength to strength. I have a strong and 14

coffs coast focus.

loyal local client base, with new clients and opportunities presenting all the time. I undertake all types of photography, but specialise in commercial, advertising and fashion. Given a gorgeous fine day on the Coffs Coast, with camera in hand ... where would we be most likely to find you? To be honest, on a weekend, you would find me at a park with my wife and kids! As a full-time photographer, I relish the chance to put down my camera and spend as much I often get emails time as I can with my neglected from around family. me Chrysler and Mini. the world askingos were This being said though, if ot ph The cars are e th re whe ere the weather is fine, I usually generally rare, taken, as they w tiful have a backlog of jobs to shoot. so drawn to beau beautifully restored landscapes.” What equipment would you and the locations never be without on a photo breathtaking … what shoot? more can you ask for! My flash units; they're the main Given a lot of the photos tool I use to create the feel of my images. you shoot for these posters It’s amazing what images you can create with a showcase the Coffs Coast landscape ... why change of light. Most of the time I am in battle do you feel people around the world are so with the sun, so I do work those little guys hard. drawn to these images? Describe the work you do for Volkswagen The images are iconic and appeal to a wide ... your posters are sold internationally and audience. I try to make the photos look timeless have achieved a fair amount of success! and have a retro feel. Most people associate A few years ago, I took a photo of a restored Kombis with the '60s, the beach and surfing. Kombi at Mullaway Beach. The photo went on I am always looking for locations that have an to win an international award for advertising open, unpopulated background – and you can’t photography, and this brought the photo to the go past the Coffs Coast. I often get emails from attention of Volkswagen agents in London. around the world asking me where the photos After some long and lengthy legal were taken, as they were so drawn to beautiful negotiations, I was offered a contract to shoot landscapes. images under a Volkswagen licence. Under that You’ve also recently been involved shooting licence I have had the pleasure of shooting some for the Mercedes Benz Coffs Coast Fashion amazing cars, and most of them are shot at local Gala. How much have you enjoyed this Coffs Coast beaches. experience? When the first Volkswagen poster was The Mercedes Benz Coffs Coast Fashion Gala is released, it became the second highest selling a fantastic showcase of a myriad of Coffs Coast poster in the world (second only to Justin Bieber!) talent. I have been working with a great team It’s really amazing; I see them everywhere, from of makeup artists, hair dressers and stylists. I’m websites in the USA, to eBay, and Kmart in amazed at the quality of the models, and their Toormina. I have around 10 images in print as work has been so professional, both in front of posters at the moment, and they seem to be the camera and on the runway. doing really well. I have been really happy with the promotional I also shoot under licences for Ford, Shelby, shots for the Mercedes Benz Coffs Coast

Fashion Gala (as featured on the front cover of the August issue of FOCUS). It has been great working with John Logan Entertainment and 400 Management, as they have provided me with Mercedes cars, models, crew and complete creative autonomy. The organisers have really put together a fantastic showcase of what our region has to offer. Any upcoming plans/projects/exhibitions in the pipeline you’re particularly excited about? This year I started teaching photography and Photoshop at the Coffs Harbour Educational Campus through TAFE. I am really enjoying myself, especially working within such a supportive environment. The TAFE gives me the opportunity to pass on the skills and techniques I have learnt over the years. I have students of varying ages, backgrounds and skill levels. I get the opportunity to make the classes fun and enjoyable. My aim is to instil my passion for photography into them. It also allows me to keep in touch with the next generation. A lot has changed throughout my photographic career. Who would have thought 20 years ago, a camera wouldn’t need film, and you could take photos and make videos via a mobile phone? Where can people contact you? Facebook: Web: or you can call me on 0401 048 461. Thanks Brendan. Interview by Jo Atkins.

A great all rounder now comes with greater value. Equipped with additional features as standard, the Special Edition Tiguan 132TSI PaciďŹ c is loaded with extra value. So visit Geoff King Volkswagen and book a test drive today.

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T I C K E T S O N S A L E S E P T E M B E R 5 - 1 0 : 0 0 A M I N C LU D E 2 N I G H T S F R E E C A M P I N G A C C O M M O D AT I O N PAC K AG E S A L S O AVA I L A B L E

16 coffs coast


Their distinctive style of music has won them a legion of fans and as Luke the band’s drummer explains, they have taken the musical influences of bands past and present and morphed them into their own special brand − which lately is taking on a more electronic sound.


hy drumming, and how did you get into it? I grew up in a very musical house. My mum was constantly playing old vinyl records, and I guess I always gravitated towards music and that created my musical ear. When I was about 10, I started focusing on and idolising bands that were in the charts. That was the late ‘80s, so it was Poison, Def Leppard, Bon Joni ... all those sort of glam rock bands that were dreaming over the top and all about the bomb bust. I identified with that, and particularly the drummers, and shortly thereafter I started getting drum lessons at a local store. It’s been a lifelong thing since then.

How did you know the band to get that call up? We just knew each other from playing in different bands, and I guess they liked my drumming and thought I would be a good replacement for Scott. What are you guys looking forward to most about coming to the Mid North Coast and playing at FOTSUN? I am just excited to come there (laughs), because I have never been there before, and I hear it is beautiful. I was talking to a friend last night who has been to a few FOTSUNs, and he said that it’s right on the beach at the caravan park. He said the setting is really beautiful and it’s a really cool vibe, and everyone is allowed to bring their own alcohol, is that correct?

My favourite song to play live would have to be Next in Line, “ because it’s just so physically pumping and it’s really like the final to the set for the band most nights. I would have to say either The Drum from our first record, or Alien from the first EP.” How and when did Dead Letter Circus form? Give us a bit of your history. I wasn't actually in the band when they formed. I think it was around 2004 that the band started writing music together, then they released the self titled EP in 2006/2007 and started touring really heavily on that EP. They got a bit of success with Triple J and picked up support tours with Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect, COG. The original drummer, Scott Davey, decided to leave the band for family reasons, so I got the call up from a frantic Kim [Kim Benzie – vocals] a week before the Cog tour, actually. So I came in as a temporary replacement for the Cog What If tour, which then turned into something a bit more permanent. We gelled well personally and musically, and then I became an official member about a year later, I think.

Yes, that’s correct. Yeah – he said it’s a really different, chilled out, nice little intimate festival, so that will be nice, rather then a massive one. And hopefully I will get to have a swim in the ocean as well – it’s been a little while. I can cleanse myself before the show ... chill out! Will you have time to enjoy the region while you’re here? I think we will probably fly in on the day, do the show and fly out the day after; that’s normally how it works with bands. It would be nice ... it would be beautiful to stay, bring our girlfriends down and stay a few days, but I think it will be a get in, get it done, get out kind of affair, unfortunately. Where do you guys get your musical inspiration from? Lots of places. Bands like Faith No More,

Tomahawks, Deftones, Mars Volta, Muse ... U2 definitely inspired our sound a lot; I think people can pick the U2 influences. We borrow what we like from those styles of music and then try and create our own brand of Rock and Roll; that’s sort of what we strive for. Instead of ripping something off totally, we will kind of borrow a sound and morph it into our own particular brand. Lately we have been getting into electronic music productions, so that’s starting to come out – bands like Massive Attack, UNKLE have inspired us to write electronic things, Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor's stuff, we all massively love. All the electronic stuff started to pop out on the last record and will be promoted on this latest record as well. What’s your favourite Dead Letter Circus song and why? My favourite song to play live would have to be Next in Line, because it’s just so physically pumping and it’s really like the final to the set for the band most nights. I would have to say either The Drum from our first record or Alien from the first EP. What’s new for Dead Letter Circus in 2012? We are going to start recording the new record next month, so we will be flying to Melbourne and will track all the drums

down there. We found an amazing studio in Melbourne to do the drums, and then we will fly up in the middle of September, back to the Gold Coast, to track all the guitars and the vocals. So we will be doing about five or six songs in September and then going away, writing for a little bit longer, and then hopefully finishing off the last six around the end of November/ early December. And then we just have all the festivals, which is a good chance to play and that’s basically it – just focusing on getting the new record done. Will we be hearing some of the new songs at FOTSUN? Possibly – yeah! I think you probably will. We will probably road test some of the new tracks at FOTSUN. Thank you very much Luke. No problemo!

the plug! Dead Letter Circus perform live at Festival of the Sun 2012, December 14 & 15 at Sundowner Breakwall Caravan Park. Tickets on sale September 5 at 10am.

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Coffs Coast

Cover Dish African Banquet: an assortment of our African Dishes, with a myriad of African sides to suit the general taste of everyone at your table! from Zulu’s Restaurant and Bar.

eat. Dining Guide is available for iPhone & Android App Store. 18 coffs coast focus focus.

eat. Bluebottles Brasserie Bluebottles is located in beautiful seaside Woolgoolga. Open 7 days a week from 6.30am - 3pm and under the guidance of Head Chef Gerard Geerligs, we offer superb all day breakfast, lunch and daily specials in a relaxed alfresco atmosphere. Bluebottles is also open Friday and Saturdays for afternoon tea and coffee. Bluebottles uses fresh, local ingredients for their seasonal, modern Australian menu. Also on offer is a wide selection of housemade desserts, cakes, muffins and cookies. Bookings are recommended and private functions are catered for.

Horizons Restaurant & Bar SPRING IS HERE! Join us for lunch! THE OC LUNCH DEAL: Meal + Beverage + Coffee + $23.50pp Enjoy a glass of house wine, domestic beer or soft drink, your meal and espresso or tea at Horizons Restaurant & Bar overlooking the pool and taking in the coastal views. Guests are able to dine alfresco on the terrace or in air conditioned comfort. All for $23.50pp. 11.30am - 2.30pm, 7 days. Bookings preferred. It’s back for the September/October school holidays – Horizons Brasserie! 11.30am - 9pm every day. Dining is easy for families with the new extensive brasserie menu. Daily specials available using the region’s fresh produce and seafood. Horizons Bar has fabulous cocktails and happy hour, 5 - 6pm daily.

Clinton Hunter Head Chef.

Head Chef Gerard Geerligs.

Shops 1 & 2, 53 Beach St, Woolgoolga t 6654 1962

Opal Cove Resort, Opal Boulevard, Coffs Harbour t 6651 0510

open Breakfast and lunch daily.

open: Breakfast, lunch and dinner – 7 days a week. Bookings recommended.

Lakiss’ Jetty Pizzeria

Urban Espresso Lounge

Lakiss’ Jetty Pizzeria is located at the front of Jetty Village Shopping Centre, below Beachbodies Gym. Owned and operated by Paul and Katie Lakiss, they are famous for their extensive menu of unique thin crusted pizza, homemade pastas and fresh gourmet salads. Paul relocated to Coffs Harbour after owning Kingsway Pizzeria in Sutherland, and Katie has been looking after clientele locally for twelve years. Come and see why we’re becoming known for cooking the most delicious pizza in town! Eat in, take away or home delivery.

Stroll into Urban After Dark and see both large and intimate groups sharing Tapas plates, sipping on cocktails, a glass of wine, or chilled beer. Our tasty Tapas menu offers a taste sensation and sets the tone for a great evening with friends. Choose to slowly graze from the Tapas menu, share some pizza or if you are craving a steak, Urban has got you covered. Our wine list complements our menu, with an interesting selection of boutique wines available by the glass, or a fabulous cocktail to awaken your senses. Urban After Dark – the new alternative for your Friday and Saturday nights!

Owners Paul and Katie.

Jetty Village Shopping Centre, 361 Harbour Dr, Coffs Harbour t 6652 1939 open: Tuesday - Sunday Dinner. BYO.

Head Chef Marcus Cannon.

384a Harbour Dr, Coffs Harbour Jetty t 6651 1989 w open: 7 days from 7am for breakfast and lunch. URBAN AFTER DARK Fri and Sat from 6pm. coffs coast focus 19

eat. Corn fritters w/ crispy bacon, cherry tomato relish, avocado salsa & confit capsicum.

Café TREEO Sawtell WINNER - Best New Restaurant, Savour Australia 2012 Awards. Café TREEO is relatively new on the scene, but in a short time they’ve made big waves, earning themselves a solid reputation for some of the best food and coffee on the coast. At TREEO they’ve kept things simple, with amazing food using only the freshest of ingredients and coffee made with love, thanks to Single Origin Roasters. Their delicious daily specials have all the locals talking, and their extensive breakfast and lunch menu is served all day from 7am.

Saltwater Restaurant

Owner/Chef Duncan Elliot.

18 First Ave, Sawtell t 6653 1099 fb CafeTreeo open: 7 days from 7am for breakfast and lunch.

Superbly positioned only a few lazy metres from the rolling surf at Emerald Beach, just 15 km north of Coffs Harbour. Take in the view, while our team of award winning chefs and staff look after you. Enjoy breakfast on the terrace, a leisurely lunch, or fine dining in the evening. Saltwater is the perfect location for your wedding reception or function. Recently voted Winner Best Breakfast Restaurant, Northern/New England. Reviewed and recommended by SMH Good Food Guide. WINNER BEST BREAKFAST Award for Excellence for the 2nd year.

Chef Dan Williams.

104 Fiddaman Road, Emerald Beach t 6656 1888 w open: Wed - Sun, breakfast & lunch. Thursday, Friday, Saturday for dinner.

Zulu’s Restaurant & Bar We have started a new way of experiencing Zulu’s unique menu – a new way to prevent some arguments at the table. We discovered when people came in groups and ordered individually that they tended to covet each other’s dishes, wanting to try their neighbour’s meal ... and that can become a heated arena of forks and food flying everywhere! So we now present groups the option of experiencing a little bite of everything with an African banquet! No more pushing, nor more knife fights ... just a sharing, safe place for people to enjoy a unique night out together! Share the love people!

Palms Butchery The Palms Butchery is located in Coffs Central shopping centre. We will still be open 7 days while construction takes place. Pork Belly with sticky sauce • 1kg pork belly • 2 tbsp vegetable oil • sea salt flakes • 1 brown onion • 1 garlic clove • 1 small red chilli •1 bunch of coriander • 2 cups caster sugar • 1 cup of water • 2 tbsp fish sauce • 2 tbsp lime juice • Rice to serve Drop in and pick up your pork and cooking instructions from Palms Butchery for a yummy dinner tonight.

Shop 25, Palms Centre, Coffs Harbour t 6652 3394 open: Mon - Fri: 8am - 5.30pm. Sat: 8am - 4pm. Sun: 9am - 2pm.

20 coffs coast focus.

Owner/Butcher Tim Allen

Chef Joel McCulla.

27 Grafton Street, Coffs Harbour (Pacific Highway). t 6652 1588 w open: Breakfast: Monday – Friday, 7am – 9am. Dinner: Monday – Saturday, 6pm – late.


The Pier Hotel The Pier Hotel is inventing new ways to impress local diners 7 days a week. Head chef Dave Newick has designed a funky menu that caters for all tastes, so if you enjoy a 400 g eye fillet steak or just want a simple hamburger, it’s probably on the menu. The guys in the kitchen have come up with a theme for every night of the week: Monday is footy night, where you can grab a hamburger and a beer for $11. Tuesday night has become extremely popular, with the 2 for 1 pizza night. Wednesday night, grab a 250 g steak and a schooner of Carlton Dry for just $15. Our most famous night is Thursday night Mexican – 7 great Mexican meals to choose from, with a Corona, wine or soft drink for just $14.50. So if it’s value for money and variety you’re after, come down and try waves @ the pier. Now booking Christmas functions.

Head Chef Dave Newick.

Cnr Harbour Dr and Camperdown St, Coffs Harbour hotel 6652 2110 bistro 6651 8222 open: lunch 11.30 - 2.30pm, dinner 5.30 - 8.30pm, 7 days a week.

Fiasco Ristorante + Bar Located at the end of the Jetty Strip, Fiasco Ristorante offers an authentic Italian dining experience – with award winning cuisine and service, together with an extensive international wine and beer listing, it has featured in the prestigious SMH Good Guide for the last six years. Fiasco Bar has a relaxed feel, and the bar menu offers light meals. Especially popular is our special woodfired Bar Pizza ... a favourite with locals and visitors alike – still only $10 – available Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm. Head Chef Stefano Mazzina

22 Orlando St, Coffs Harbour Jetty t 6651 2006 w open: Ristorante open Tues to Sat from 6pm. Bar open Tues to Sat from 5pm.

Head Chef Urban.


C A N N O N .

y name is Marcus Cannon, and I have lived in Coffs three days, so there is always something for Harbour most of my life. everyone. I started my apprenticeship What is your point of difference? at a little Italian restaurant Quality, fresh food. We have our own in Coffs Harbour and then completed my house made sauces and jams, and we apprenticeship here at Urban. Two years make sure that we source local breads, ago, I became qualified on Christmas Eve – vegetables and meat. At Urban we pride and that was a good Christmas present of ourselves on speedy service. Large crowds course. I then worked my way up to second are not a problem for our team ensuring in charge, and then this position your meal arrives swiftly and tastes opened up as head Chef – and sensational. We also have a I took it. I love it and hope great location and a great to own my own place vibe here. We are a big one day using all the eat “We have a gr t en nm believer in shopping skills I have acquired. working enviro local, plus that also with a strongbetween What can we relationship d serving makes everything very an expect to see n the kitche ve that if fresh. We change staff. We beliepp on the menu at then are all ha y, ill e w our menu season to so al Urban? w the customerspe e nc rie ex r season, and we run ei th A great selection enjoy ” . us ith w specials on a regular of dishes to suit a wide basis. It is a pleasure to range of palates and of lead my young, passionate course flexibility. One of and creative kitchen team which I my gripes is when you go to a am very proud of. restaurant and there are no alterations What do you have in store for Urban in to the menu allowed. I believe that what the coming months? the customer wants, the customer gets. Fresh meals, lighter options, lots of salads, We offer half serves, sharing dishes and salt and pepper squid with lots of spices, variations are not a problem at Urban. We have a great working environment, plus more as we head into the warmer with a strong relationship between the months. ‘After Dark’ will continue into kitchen and serving staff. We believe that summer with a new menu as well. Coming if we are all happy, then the customers will up to Christmas, we have great function also enjoy their experience with us. menus available, so make sure you call to We have an extensive menu that changes enquire what we can do for you, your office seasonally – we have new specials every or family in the festive season. coffs coast focus



G r u n w a l d . By combining his passion for surfing and music, Ash has carved out a lifestyle that he loves. Travelling and performing is a dream come true for this amazing musician ... ow old were you when you first became interested in music? I’ve always been musical, since I was a kid, and I’ve always enjoyed singing. I took my first guitar lessons when I was 10. It’s always been a huge part of my life, although I never thought I’d do it professionally! In my early 20s I started playing around everywhere, and it became a profession for me – which I’m very, very stoked about! How did you discover the Blues/Roots style of music … what attracted you to it? It’s a purely musical thing … it just gives me a feeling. I was exposed to that kind of music when I was in my early teens, and I just loved it. I can’t really say why … I don’t know if anyone can say why they gravitate towards a certain style of music. I guess I’ve always been a kind of free thinker – it was never important to me as a teenager to sit with a crew and be identified as someone who listened to a certain style of music. At the time I was listening to ‘old people’s music’ – and I loved it. I was lucky enough that further down the track that the Roots movement came along, and it kind of became cool for a while to play that Roots style of music. There were a lot of different genres that this music encompassed, and I fit in there with the Bluesy style. I hopped aboard, rode some coat tails and was sort of in the tight place at the right time. I never anticipated that playing this style of music would ever work out as well as it has. As time went on, I started changing my music and making it more relevant to a younger audience. Who in particular from the Blues or Roots movements really inspired you? All the old Blues guys really inspired me … like Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, and Jimi Hendrix. I’m an avid listener of most Blues music. I’m 35 now, so the influence from my generation was a little bit of early Hip Hop … and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rage against the Machine, Metallica. This did influence me – you can hear my generational influences in my music. It’s been 10 years since you released your first album. How much do you feel this year’s release, Trouble’s Door, differs from your early music? It’s been a gradual change. The first album


22 coffs coast focus.

was just acoustic Blues, and now it’s very different. I’ve been experimenting over every album and really getting into the recording process – particularly in the area of the beats … I usually use a different producer on every album, and I’ll draw them from different styles of music. My buddy, Fingers Malone, helped me on this album – he used to be my drummer as well. He did a great job of producing the album, and I think it brings a freshness to the music – it inspires me a lot. Having this input into your music from other styles that may be far afield from your own is really important. And the recording process has become more t I used music to ge important to me over the es ac pl to myself years … initially when I ... it I wanted to surf nture created albums, it was me was all one adveand playing live in a studio, but bound together en they’ve never be– it’s now it’s like building up a separate for me . I’ve musical collage. a whole lifestyle ing the but also New Zealand. What’s the standout track been so lucky, liv How did that go? for you from Trouble’s dream!” Fantastic! I’ve always Door? wanted to tour New Zealand. We chose Longtime as the It’s actually surprisingly hard to single – I had a feeling it was going to get over there and get people to book go well, and it’s been my most successful song shows, even though they’re so close. I think you ever at radio – which was pretty cool. It’s a feelalmost have to win them over … it’s a bit like good kind of track, and there’s an openness to how we might view America or England – the it musically, or sonically, because for most of the big country that doesn’t know anything about song it’s a dance beat and heaps and heaps of us … I would’ve been to WA 25 or 30 times, layers of acoustic guitar, and that’s pretty rare and this is the first club tour I’ve ever done of for me. New Zealand. I was really stoked to get over I don’t often use the acoustic guitar, because there! I’d like to build up a good following it has bright and happy sound to it. I usually over there and visit regularly with my family, go prefer to go for a dark and menacing tone, exploring, snowboarding and surfing. rather than a happy, feel-good one. But it gives You’re described on the internet as a the track a really summery, optimistic feel. Our “surfing, nomadic troubadour”. How film clip goes really well with the song – it’s very accurately do you feel that sums up your kind of East Coast and summery, almost feeling life? like the water does here – it’s amazing. Readers (Laughs). Pretty accurately! My life is definitely can view the film on YouTube: made up of a hell of a lot of travel, a hell of a com/watch?v=n2jI1xlzjCo lot of gigs, and I’m a frothing, old, crazed surf And considering you were born in grommet! Growing up in Melbourne, music and Melbourne, I guess the water really does surfi ng were always intertwined. I used music feel quite different here! to get myself to places I wanted to surf, from Absolutely! I was born in Melbourne and lived a really early time in my touring. It was all one in Torquay for 5 years, before we moved up to adventure bound in together, and they’ve never NSW. I travelled back to Melbourne just last been separate for me – it’s a whole lifestyle. I’ve week and had a surf – it was so cold! been so lucky. Another example … I’ve been Speaking of travelling, you’ve been doing snowboarding for 10 years, and I’ve done helia lot of touring too – not just in Australia,

boarding in Canada and gone to so many cool mountains, and I’ve never done any of it without playing a gig. It’s expensive to do all of these things, and I’ve used music to do it. We’re looking forward to you visiting the Hoey Moey. You’ve been there before? Yes, I have. It’s one of the best surfing and music venues in Australia. You can get up, run over the road and get a wave. I’ve done that before, and it’s been a great experience … Living the dream! Thanks Ash. Interview by Jo Atkins.

the plug! Ash will be appearing at the Hoey Moey on Saturday 29 September. Doors open 8.30pm. Tickets $20 + bf from venue Phone (02) 6653 8377 Park Beach Music Phone (02) 6652 3725 Coopers Surf Australia Palms Shopping Centre Phone (02) 6652 6369


Fun. Winter has gone … it’s time to come out of hibernation and start living again! The Greenhouse Tavern has eats and entertainment covered for every member of the family this spring. hy wait for the weekend to dine out, when there’s fabulous mid-week food c deals on offer for both lunch and dinner? There’s a fantastic selection of lunch specials daily from $10, or if night-timee dining’s more your thing, look what just $11 will net you! Monday is our famous burger night; Tuesday night, pick from a choice of We’rre catering We’r We caate teri ring ing ng for for or those tho th hose who feel like We’re s, scrumptious schnitzels; on Wednesday nights, tryi tr ying ing something ssom omet ethi hing ng new this spring too. The trying try a succulent rump steak with a Coopers Greenhouse Tavern is now hosting Rock ‘n’ Pale Ale; and on Thursdays, savour one of our Roll beginners’ classes with So Dance Studios authentic house-made pizzas. Simply amazing from 3pm each Sunday – ideal for first timers. meals, at a great value price. The beginners’ classes are followed by The Greenhouse Tavern is also intermediate Rock ‘n’ Roll from giving you the chance to win 4pm, for those with a bit more some terrific prizes this experience. Relive the Rock month. Our Win a Tinnie ‘n’ Roll era … the music, e th We make sure s promotion runs for the is the dance moves, the m r kids neve e us ho en entire month, with the ‘feel good’ vibe! If you re G e out at th entire e th g in Br draw to be held on . want to get fit, have fun, er th ei rn to Saturday, October 6. family to the tave experience something new, out ...” enjoy a fun day All you need to do to or just break out of your be in a with a chance to shell in time to celebrate the win is simply make a $20 change of season, don’t miss purchase within the venue. Sunday arvos at the Greenhouse. The fabulous prize is a Quintrex It’s a great time of the year for tinnie with trailer and Yamaha outboard, sports fans too. The Greenhouse has plenty valued at $6,600. Just in time for the warmer on offer for the Footy Grand Final weekend. months … win this package, and you can Hook up with a few mates or the family and spend your summer on the water! get into the Finals spirit. The Cheerleader girls We make sure the kids never miss out at the will be on hand, there will be plenty of prizes Greenhouse either. Bring the entire family to and of course, it wouldn’t be a footy final the tavern to enjoy a fun day out. A fantastic without the pies and hot dogs! kids’ menu with healthy options is being And remember, now that we’ve shaken off served free with the purchase of an adult the winter cold and blues, it’s a timely reminder meal from 5.30pm ‘til 6.30pm every day for that it’s never too early to start thinking about the month of September … not to mention, your end of year Xmas party. The Greenhouse the NEW jumping castle, the cinema room, offers a variety of options, for even the the Playstations, and the playground. There’s smallest of groups. Give us a call, or drop by something for every child to enjoy – and we to discuss your requirements. Our friendly staff all know that when the kids are happy, we’re can make sure your end of year function is a happy too. Sunday lunch is a special effort for day or night to remember! the kids, with all sorts of activities available for Gather your mates and family and visit the the little ones. Keep a look out for the Kids’ Greenhouse Tavern soon. Live life … enjoy life Olympics! … at the Greenhouse!




I HT [oiqhr ’ [j p[jq4kk/ p[jq4 / .‘a .‘ ‘a OWE I HT [oiqhr ’ k


coffs coast focus 23

All food is homemade; no commercial products are used.

Local Hospitality. Troy Club & Restaurant Supplies was established in 1978. We are a local business employing local people and a specialist provider of products to the large hospitality industry on the Mid North Coast Region and the Tablelands. Our area is fortunate to have many good chefs and eating places, most of whom obtain their chef uniforms and products from Troys. Our product range includes commercial grade crockery, cutlery, glasses (we have the Crown Glass franchise for our area), quality German chef knives, kitchen utensils, commercial bench top equipment, chef uniforms and clogs in many reputable brands, and selected disposable items. As all of our range is commercial grade, it is made to withstand constant use, which is essential to any busy kitchen. This is also very popular with those who love to cook at home and take their cooking seriously. We are finding that more people are being inspired by reality chef TV programs – suddenly everybody wants to be a chef, and having the right quality gear is an essential part of this. Come in and browse around. You can find us at 35B Lawson Crescent, Coffs Harbour (off Orlando Street) or phone 6652 4450 to speak to one of our friendly staff. Look forward to seeing you.

24 coffs coast focus.

Book now for Christmas Coffs Coast Event Catering is owned and operated by Annette Mavin. Annette has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of the hospitality industry, and this enables you to gain the benefits of her experience at your special event. Annette has a mobile kitchen, so catering at a venue of your choice is an option. Styles include but are not limited to the traditional, such as buffet, finger food, wedding breakfast, sit down menus or for something different, try Thai, Moroccan, Indian, Seafood, Mexican, a BBQ or even pizza. To make your life easy, we have a list of venues available to hire, as well as celebrants, DJs decorators and more. Coffs Coast Event catering prices include all crockery, cutlery, napkins, food, service staff, equipment and utensils and hire of the mobile kitchen, so you know exactly what your costs will be for the day. As everyone has different tastes and budgets, we can design a menu to suit your special day. All food is homemade; no commercial products are used.

The warm weather is here and it’s time to party! A & A Party Hire Specialists have a range of amusement products available. We have a number of jumping castles in various sizes. Our entire range of castles has solid sides and is safety checked prior to each event. We have fat Sumo suits available in either children or adults’ sizes. They come with a referee, big gong and all equipment required to operate the games etc. We also have a giant waterslide which can be hired out for the hot weather. It is 12 metres long by 4 metres wide and 6 metres in height – lots of fun. NEW in stock are great costumes, such as Elmo, Shrek, Batman, Snow White and more. You can hire these for the day for an event or we can entertain the crowd for you.

Inquire now about our special Christmas menus.

Also NEW in stock are themed party packs to take the stress out of Mum’s life. They include party invitations, plate, cup, napkin, tablecloth, banner, loot bags, party hats, game, balloons, and lollies. They come in all your favourite themes: Dora, Elmo, Barbie, Toy Story, Princess, and the list goes on ... prices start from $8 per child.

We cater for special dietary requirements. Menus are available by either phoning Annette on 6653 6262 or by email:

We are available to hire for parties, weddings, fetes and events. We are happy to discuss any package we may be able to offer.


social scene.

with Carole Beros from Le Dāin Designs Barbara Wenman and girls - Fleur D’alyse.

Marialy Pacheco; Pianist/Composer

Judy Delille/Focus Sam/Margaret Van Melis/ Kay Ryan/ Focus Kylie and Dr John Wenman

Tegan Ewert and Rebecca Hope.

ell, spring has just about SPRUNG, and we can look forward to some sunshine. I don’t mind the cooler weather, because where I’m from this is nothing in comparison to when you can’t bear to put one toe out of bed in fear of Jack Frost having a bite! But spring means you can enjoy having BBQs again and dining outside at our local eateries. Now that SPRING has SPRUNG ... in case you are wondering, where the birdies are ... Well of course ... they are all organising ‘THE BIG SPRING CLEAN!’ The Son has accused me of being untidy and hanging on to bits of rubbish! Honestly, as if I would! I will fill you in about that later ... We recently went to the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery to attend the launch of The Manhattan Project. This charity has been started by Fiona Foulkes and her team. The project’s aim is to glamorise peace and raise money for women and children affected by war. It is a global message of hope and is a charity that has been started here on the Coffs Coast. Major sponsors for the charity are Emma Rhoades Photography, Beauty on the Promenade, Darklab, Joelle Baudet and Heaven and Earth Films and Le Dãin Designs Jewells. A short film produced by Darklab was shown, and guests got to enjoy bubbles and catering from Coffs Harbour High Teas. Sammy Hart never fails to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth ... Mmmmmm chocolate ... ooops! Lost me there for a minute! Raffles were run to raise money for the cause, and some of the prizes that guests could win included Pamper packages from La Fleur D’alyse, Jewells from Le Dain Designs and service vouchers from Country to Coast Pest Control. Please see: Couldn’t miss the launch of something that sparkles ... diamonds and all things that are a girl’s best friend! So looking forward to attending the viewing of the brand new collection available at Parrys Jewellers from Thomas Sabo called ‘Sweet Collections’. The collection consists of elegant pieces embellished with sweet little diamonds and a touch of gold and the new Sterling Collection, ‘Glam and Soul-Dance’. The launch will be held in store on Thursday 30 August from 3pm - 7pm. I am sure there will be a few bubbles waiting for the guests and lots to put on our wish lists. The Coffs Coast turned out in force for the sixth annual Short Sharp Film Festival, which is sponsored by Janison. Its

Mickeela Toneycliffe, Elyan Shotbolt-Kirkland, Rebecca Hope and Kim Piper.

remit is to feature short films from all over the world and Hats and fascinators were chosen and dresses were bought of course, from our own backyard. Darklab, the film studio in anticipation for our big day at the races. The sun was shinbehind the production and direction of The Manhattan Project ing (finally) and off we all went to enjoy the thrill of the race won the Best Mid North Coast Film. Double Parked was a and have a fine time at the Coffs Harbour Gold Cup Race short drama about closure starring two of Coffs Harbour’s Day. Le Dãin Designs Jewells paired up with La Fleur D’alyse most well known actors, Belinda Lemair and Michael Smith. for a double table in the Corporate Lounge. Lots of fun and The overall winner was a black comedy called The Future, laughter and a few bets were laid. which was about an engaged couple that meet their (rather I’m not a big winner, but a certain lady on my table (not bitter) future selves and discover that they are not so perfect mentioning any names, Margaret) needed a security guard for each other. Very dark, but very funny! to take home all her winnings (rat), and Dr John Wenman Also at the Coffs Harbour Jetty Memorial Theatre was a had a few wins himself! Had gorgeous goodie bags on our spectacular performance by Cuban pianist and composer, tables and totally enjoyed ourselves. The girls from FOCUS Marialy Pacheco. Not only is the lady beautiful, but boy is she looked gorgeous, with Kylie all in black and Sam in PINK, of talented. The audience got to enjoy rhythms of her native course. Le Dãin got to dress many and was in their element Cuba and music which is influenced by her love of the Jazz ... First place winners for the day were: Classic Lady of the tradition. Her exquisite compositions, combined with Day – Elyan Shotbolt-Kirkland, Contempory Lady of the virtuosic technique, have earned her internationDay-Yvette Prewett and the Best Millinery award al acclaim. Marialy has been awarded many went to Mickeela Toneycliffe. Another fabulous international prizes for her superb pianistic race day ... next big one ... Melbourne CUP! er “ Anoth y skills and in her teens won the coveted ‘Jo Book EARLY! fabulous raceeda ... next big on ...p! Jazz’ piano competition. Le Dãin Designs Well, going back to SPRING CLEANING ... Melbourne Cu ! had the pleasure of designing and adorning The Husband and Son received THE LIST which Book early ” Marialy with jewells for her performance. consisted of what WE should try to get done Totally enjoyed that, of course! and what should be got rid of ... I was rambling Bridge was the name of the game at the on in my usual style about how marvellous I was at Beach Front Opal Cove Resort recently, where apgetting rid of stuff and clearing up and Blah Blah Blah proximately 450 players from across Australia gathered over a ... honestly, I annoy myself at times! (At least I admit it!) The six day period to enjoy the Gold Point Bridge Super Congress Husband was attacking boxes under the house and The Son 2012. This was the 7th year for this event and everyone, as was sorting out his ... BEDROOM! I was feeling pretty proud usual, had a more than fabulous time. I hear that there were of myself, when I spotted a HUGE box of ? sat in the middle a couple of cocktail party nights thrown in to add to the fun! of the lounge room. “What’s this?” I asked the teenager with For information about our very own Coffs Harbour Bridge The Know it All look ... “THIS is THE BOX! Full of all your Club, contact Mrs Helen Blewitt on 0419 523 566. Helen is a rubbish Mum, that you have picked and put in special places past President and the Convenor of the Congress. in case it was from something or might be useful! I remember We were not there to enjoy a game of cards, but were you doing this since I was about two!” there celebrating a friend’s birthday (who was staying at the Oh dear! Yes, there it was ... full of all the unidentified (not resort). After enjoying a delicious lunch at Horizons Restauflying) but maybe useful bits of @!@##%% I had stashed over rant, while relaxing outside overlooking the pool, we were the years ... yes, I was found guilty ... but hey – wait! Surely having such a lovely time we decided to stay for dinner and there was something in there that might be useful? stay the night. Rare to get time off ... so made the most of Here is to the good ship ... MOTIVATION ... it! So I suggest before travelling miles to go away for the And all that sail in her ... Happy Spring Cleaning! weekend ... I recommend you check out this local resort; you Carole, definitely won’t be disappointed. Le Dãin Designs. coffs coast focus 25


labour of love. Tessa Lock and Julian Wall from Orara Valley Farm care about the land and their flavoursome organic beef and produce. Working the land may be time consuming, labour intensive and just sheer hard work at times, but this enterprising couple believe the end result is worth the effort …


re you and Julian born and forested, and we are working to connect bred Coffs Coast locals, or these substantial stands of native vegetation did you move to the area? with neighbouring patches and watercourses. Julian grew up in the Blue Recent research has highlighted the importance Mountains, and I moved of isolated paddock trees, as stepping stones to Australia from the English Lake District. between larger patches. So our next project So I suppose mountains are in our blood! will be to protect these standing giants We’ve lived in northern NSW for 25 years – and to fence some areas to recruit the next at Armidale, Bellingen and Sawtell, before generation. We have recorded more than 100 deciding to take up farming in the Orara Valley. species of bird on the farm and are delighted How long have you farmed on your that a pair of Spotted Harriers has moved in. property at Upper Orara? What types of livestock do you raise on We moved here during the massive floods the farm? of 2009. Our house has a wonderful view to We run a small, low-intensity grass-fed beef the end of the Orara Valley, but for the first cattle operation, running Angus and Herefords. two weeks all we saw was cloud and grey These breeds respond well to gentle handling mist! When the skies cleared, we set to work, and are popular with the end consumer. We setting up cattle yards, irrigation and off-stream source certified biodynamic weaners at 6 – 8 watering, buying cattle and planting crops. months of age. They then spend 1.5 Describe the property ... – 2 years with us, before being We manage 134 acres in individually selected for the the beautiful Orara Valley abattoir. Our cattle are r west of Coffs Harbour. The certified organic, but we Most of the flavou es land ranges from cleared prefer to use the closest in our food coment. cont river flats to forested hill abattoir and the expert from the mineralve good Organic soils ha e, so it’s tops. Natural springs on team at Bellingen nc la mineral ba any m the northern side of the Butchery, and as these at th g in ris rp not su n that property flow through businesses don’t hold studies have show es better a rare intact ‘chain of certification, we can’t organic food tastier.” th al and is he ponds’ landscape into label our meat as certified. the Orara River. We feel Buffalo Fly is a serious very privileged to manage this problem in this area, and we catchment, as well as about 800 m recently invested in 1,500 dung of Orara River frontage. beetles as a natural control mechanism. The Orara contributes to Coffs Harbour’s These busy little critters spend all day moving water supply and, with the help of Council’s cow dung down into their burrows, aerating Orara Rivercare project, we have fenced stock and fertilising the soil whilst removing the out of the watercourses and re-vegetated dung, so flies can’t lay eggs in it. Certainly the bank of the main channel with over 300 a job we are happy to outsource! Our low native trees. Flooding is a major concern on stocking rate helps to control parasites without the riverbanks at this end of the valley, but our recourse to chemical drenches, and fencing plantings have already survived a moderate off watercourses benefits both biodiversity flood, so fingers crossed they will be well and cattle health. And because we have ample enough established to handle the next big one! ‘spare’ pasture, we can produce our own silage About one third of the farm remains for the cattle as well as valuable mulch for the

26 coffs coast focus.

garlic and blueberries. Fresh produce also forms part of your operation. What types of crops/fruits/ vegetables do you grow, and in what quantities? We produce about a tonne of certified organic Russian garlic annually and are looking forward to our first crop of blueberries this spring. We also grow small quantities of seasonal vegetables for local independent retailers. Your property is ‘certified organic’. What does this mean for the end consumer in terms of the produce you grow? Organic systems work in harmony with nature, keeping harmful chemicals out of our land, water and air, creating a healthy environment for people and biodiversity. Healthy soil grows nutritious food with high standards of animal welfare. For the end consumer, certification means an audited production system that delivers healthy, sustainable food. Most of the flavour in our food comes from the mineral content. Organic soils have good mineral balance, so it’s not surprising that many studies have shown that organic food tastes better and is healthier. What do you do on a day to day basis, and in the longer term, to maintain this certified organic rating on your property? Organic farming requires detailed record keeping. All inputs are scrutinised during regular and ad hoc audits by the certifying body. We also undergo soil tests and random tests of our produce at any point in the production chain. Because artificial fertilisers are prohibited, organic farmers need to work hard to maintain soil nutrients, using composts, mulch and certified organic mineral supplements. We also get to do a lot of manual weeding, as chemical herbicides are not allowed. Any additional cost of organic produce reflects the additional expenses associated with accreditation and additional labour, but when

taste and nutritional value are taken into account, we think it’s worth it. What’s a typical day on the farm for you – if there is any such thing as a ‘typical day’? The variety of work on the farm is remarkable. At the macro scale, we work within the moon calendar to direct periods for planting and fertilising. The day may start with early morning calls to the abattoir or butcher and a quick walk to check on the cattle. Then outside to do some fertilising, weeding or pruning, then back into the office to confirm orders with customers, then out again to alter the irrigation regime or clean the filters. Then in the evening, it’s back on the phone to cattle suppliers or fencing contractors. Busy? Always! Urgent? Rarely. We can usually take our pick from a range of tasks − depending of course, on the weather. Has your produce received any special awards or achieved any renown locally and/or out of the area? We haven’t entered for any formal awards, but we have been amazed at the feedback on our beef. The typical comment is that it is how beef used to taste – grass fed without vaccination, hormone boosts or drenches, then expertly hung and butchered. The end product is a world away from mass-produced feedlot meat in terms of flavour and tenderness, and of course, ethical production. Where do you sell your produce, and how can people find out more about it Our garlic, seasonal fruit and vegetables are available in Coffs Harbour from the Happy Frog and Jetty IGA. Blueberries will be available from October. Our beef is sold at Bellingen Butchery and in quarter carcase packs from the Happy Frog. Silage and mulch can be bought from us direct. We can be contacted at: Thanks Tessa. Interview by Jo Atkins.

Artisti Coffee. Do you drive around in search of the perfect coffee, yet still end up disappointed? Look no further than Coffs Harbour’s only Coffee Roastery and Espresso Bar, Artisti Di Espresso – owned and run by experienced local barista, Luke Floyd.

matt head chef.

Enjoy your next coffee with the choice of a different blend, or take your tastebuds s Advanced course around the world with e bl la ai av so are al single origin espresso ne hi ac m t, ar tte la in from Costa Rica, d maintenance anr cafés fo t Guatemala, Ethiopia or or pp su ss ne busi edge over our locally grown coffee trying to get thation ... ” the competit from a micro plantation.

Renown for its fresh and innovative food and its funky Sunday afternoons on the deck.

Have you been missing out on the ‘third wave’ brewing methods? What’s this, you ask? Espresso is only one way to enjoy a coffee. This new art form of alternate brewing methods is sweeping the country and now is in Coffs! Your next coffee could be a syphon, pour over or a cold press coffee infused with mint, vanilla or a lime for that sunny afternoon kick. With access to all the gadgets for the home barista or specialty café, you need to look no further. With barista courses ranging from home

barista basics to advanced barista skills, the team at Artisti Di Espresso will have you impressing your friends in no time. Advanced courses are also available in latte art, machine maintenance and business support for cafés trying to get that edge over the competition. Need a point of difference in your business? Discuss making your own house blend to satisfy even your fussiest customer – with all the training and support from a local supplier who will be there when your out of town supplier lets you down yet again.

Have you found it difficult to source local produce? No difficulty in sourcing local produce, with lots of locally farmed produce, friends who can supply us with produce and local seafood supplies.

Our menu has influences from all of our chefs, not just the head chef. It is a very extensive menu, so as to appeal to a large majority of customers. A good balance of seafood, poultry and red meats.

Is there any particular produce you would like someone to supply to you? I would like to be supplied with low fat bacon, like turkey bacon.

Our specials board changes daily, to keep our regular customers coming back.

What do the guys in the kitchen produce that they are particularly proud of? Our selection of house made desserts, pastries, cakes and slices. We bake a minimum of ten varieties at any one time. What point of difference does your menu offer from other restaurants around?

What is your chef’s ethos when it comes to food? Fresh, local produce is best. Attention to quality and consistency is the key to success. What are you looking forward to coming into season? The warmer weather, to make good use of the 80 seater beachside deck. The different types of fresh fish, herbs from the garden and lemons off the tree.

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at the Jetty Memorial Theatre. FINUCANE & SMITH’S CARAVAN BURLESQUE Tuesday 18 September and Wednesday 19 September The globally acclaimed salon of seductive, subversive, and electrifying acts is HERE! From multi-award winning Finucane & Smith, artists – songstress Katie Noonan and classical creators of global smash hit The Burlesque guitarist Karin Schaupp – are teaming up once Hour, comes a travelling emporium that fuses again, this time exploring music close to home Parisian nightclub with jaw-dropping cabaret and very close to their hearts. Songs of the and seductive spectacle, tipping a velvet wink Southern Skies features some of Australia and to Australia’s wild past of touring vaudeville and New Zealand's best Classical, Folk, Jazz and Pop variety. Step into this sumptuous salon and be songs. The songs are performed with the swept away by intoxicating Ethiopian intimate combination of Noonan's dance and razor sharp wit, sultry angelic and versatile voice and songs and underdressed Schaupp's lyrical and fiery sirens, whip-cracking dames, guitar. of rs Bollywood lovegods, sizzling ve lo r fo t A feas A feast for lovers of of music, es Jazz moves, backroom yl st l al all styles of music, this gs llaboration brinth co ballet and gothic divas. is th collaboration brings ts at e together two artis Packed to the rafters e, true together two artists at top of their gam fields.” with international stars, the top of their game, masters of their with critics raving and true masters of their fields 70,000 audience members – artists who have enjoyed worldwide in raptures, Finucane the challenge of stretching & Smith’s road-train of the risqué their musical boundaries and will sashay into town, bringing a night become great friends along the way. to rival the Nullarbor: hot hot, hot and full of “Noonan and Schaupp will no doubt shift the stars! way you perceive classical and contemporary So grab your friends, dress to the nines, and music ... “ Jacklyn Yap, Junior.

We have some major stars hitting the Jetty Memorial Theatre this September, so be sure to form an orderly queue …With everything from haunting drama, sexy Burlesque and soulful songstresses, there’s a star to suit every taste!


IVING FOR PEARLS Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 September A star studded cast star in Katherine Thomson’s Diving for Pearls, the story of a working class couple and their heroic struggle for a meaningful life amidst the turmoil of change. Diving for Pearls dramatically records the moment Australia joined the vast world of globalised economics in the 1980s and the consequences of that action for the lives of working men and women. The play is often dramatic, involving and moving, but this is tempered by a wry, sometimes hilarious and very Australian sense of humour. Starring Kevin Harrington (Neighbours, SeaChange, UnderBelly and The Dish). “One of the 10 best plays in the country” – Time Out. SONGS OF THE SOUTHERN SKIES with Katie Noonan and Karin Schaupp. Friday 14 September Following their hugely successful tour earlier this year, two of Australia's most loved female

28 coffs coast focus.

swing on board The Caravan. We guarantee you won’t want it to leave … “From the sublime to the subversive, the hot to the hilarious … outrageous and unforgettable” – London Times. THE FLOOD Friday September 21 and Saturday 22 by Patrick White Playwrights’ Award Winner, Jackie Smith. The sheep farm is dilapidated. The farm house, dark and squalid, sits by the river, sheltering a mad old lady, and her isolated hard-drinking daughter. Memories are seeping through the floorboards. As the sun sets, the flood waters rise. The screen door bangs open in the rain and wind; Catherine has returned after 20 years. The past is here. Through the mesmerising friction between estranged sisters, fuelled by alcohol and uncertain memories of a long-dead father, three women are trapped with a past no one wants to remember. Bristling with dark humour and edge-of-theseat performances by three of our finest actresses, The Flood is startlingly authentic writing, plunging audiences into the lives of characters so real you feel you know them – a web of family intrigue against the haunting Australian outback. “A dark and ingenious piece of Australian gothic” – The Age. To book tickets, please visit www.jettytheatre. com or call our box office on 6652 8088.

Drummers are set apart from other musicians.

Drum nut. For those of you out there who think drumming to be just about rhythm and noise, you are wrong! The art of drumming possesses a huge variety of benefits in all aspects of life. Drumming patterns help with dyslexia and concentration. It is a great form of discipline and for the parents with hyperactive kids, drumming just may be the solution to bringing back the focus in your young ones. Drummers are set apart from other musicians. They have a totally different feel with their instrument. The PHYSICAL benefits of drumming are obvious – you sit on a stool and move your hands and feet around a drum kit at fast speeds, and that takes a lot of energy. The cardio muscles in drummers are much more developed than in non drummers.

Drumming has a many mental benefits as well. The rewards of playing the drums when played night to night can be seen and heard very easily; so drummers tend to be very self motivated. This determination and focus you learn can be applied to many life situations. For the younger kids out there, drumming assists in developing fundamental skills in challenging their mind and focusing on one thing. Now of course there are many musical benefits to drumming. Being a musician is just another benefit of being a drummer. Being in a band or other music group will give you confidence and meaning, that other activities just cannot give you. If you are a parent of a child who is lacking in self confidence, drumming may be the solution for you.

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ow much of your love for music derives from your family background? I was brought up a farm boy, the youngest of 6 kids, from Finnish/Indian background (Findian!) My mum was an artist and my father a bulldozer operator, and I am the only musical one in the immediate family. We are all tennis players (three coaches, and for the first 13 years of my life, I was going to be a tennis playing priest!) My grandparents (whom I did not know) played 50 instruments between them, and I also am related to Slim Dusty, Reg Lindsay and the Blundell family. How old were you when you first picked up or played a musical instrument? What instrument was it? I picked the saxophone when I was nearly 13, having my first gig one week later at the opening of World Expo ‘88. I learnt to play harmonies with the echoes of the mountains and performed many of my early concerts to cows and horses. What professional/educational training in music have you done? I reached my AMus level at the age of 17 and have been fortunate to have done various studies with the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and UQ over the years, as well as being the principal brass player of the Queensland Youth Orchestra. An appropriate term to describe you would possibly be ‘musical guru’. Just how many instruments do you play, and give us a few examples ... I can play over 220 instruments, an ‘unofficial world record’. This includes ALL instruments of

30 coffs coast focus.

Peter Kaukiainen.

the orchestra, and many others such as harp, highlights. The last show of Sweet Charity dulcimer, bagpipes, mandolin, Indian flutes, was my 200th performance with the Musical ocarinas, viola da gamba and the list goes on, Comedy Company. Though each show usually and on, and on! takes about 300 hours in preparation, it is worth What led you to learn so many different every drop of sweat! Our next production is kinds of instruments? There must be an Beauty and the Beast. almost insatiable thirst for knowledge What other groups/societies are you behind this skill ... involved with locally ... we believe you also After learning the saxophone so quickly, I teach music? decided to start experimenting with instruments I have been involved with almost every theatre from the school music store room; before the group in town, both as a musician and on stage. first year was up, I had 12 instruments under my I also conduct the Coffs Harbour City Orchestra, belt. This has simply continued over which is growing stronger and stronger. the years, gaining momentum. Supporting many charities is also an I feel music is a natural important part of my schedule. language and something Over the past 6 years, I I can play over , that can unite people from have started many music 220 instruments all over the globe. I have programmes in schools and ld an ‘unofficial worudes continuously fallen in love have had the pleasure of record’. This incl of the ts with instruments from all teaching over 600 people en m ALL instru y an m d an , over the world and also in Coffs Harbour. I am tra es orch with various styles and currently working with public others .... ” musical cultures. schools: Karangi, Bonville, and You’ve been the Musical Sawtell primary schools, and I’m Director for the Coffs Harbour planning to take students to perform Musical Comedy Company for some in the Opera House in 2013, with fellow time now. What’s involved with this role? teacher, Mary Pollack. Musical directing a theatre show is a great If you were alone in a room with a musical buzz, conducting and playing in the orchestra. instrument ... or perhaps even sitting next Sometimes finding certain musicians can be a to a stereo ... what style of music would hard task. In some shows I have played up to you be most likely to play or listen to? 12 different instruments. Most shows I work A very hard question! I play and appreciate with the singers alongside musical soul mate, styles from all around the world. Every day and Maureen Burgess. I love harmonies and musical every mood is different, but today it would be expression. Bringing out the best in people, Celtic airs and Hungarian Folk music! finding and nurturing new talent and meeting You’ve also just written your first book, wonderful new people are definitely some which you’re working on getting published

Photos courtesy of Bruce Mcdougall

musical g ur u

Who would have thought that one person could have so much talent? Peter is one of those rare individuals whose natural gift for music speaks all languages.

at the moment. What’s the book about? I have just written a book called THE MUSIC SHOP. I have done my own illustrations, and I’m recording a CD of the pieces that are in the story. It’s an inspiring tale of young country girl who has an insatiable desire to play the harp! Which, in time, she does … very successfully. It is a realist comedy, and I hope it will be inspirational for anyone who has a love for music – or any dream, for that matter! The book is set in Glenreagh and references many local characters and hopefully will help promote some of the beautiful attractions of our local area. The book is currently with the chairman of Scholastic books, who is reading it as we speak! Future plans? You already have a lot of strings to your bow (pardon the pun!), but what’s on your agenda for the next 12 months or so? Many plans … recording a few CDs is on the agenda. I do have intentions of auditioning to guest conduct FINLANDIA by Sibelius with the Sydney Symphony in the not too distant future. There are a couple of books also in the works. I’ve also just opened a hobby antique shop at home in Glenreagh with my life partner, called Seek Love Keep, which will keep us busy on Saturday mornings! But the intention is to keep creating every day and continue to spread the message of love, through both music and the written word. I am also working on a project that will bring 1000 + singers and musicians together from all over the Mid North Coast. Thanks Peter. Interview by Jo Atkins.

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YOUTH Directions Youth Directions is funded by the Federal Government to implement the School Business Community Partnership Broker Program to bring together different stakeholders to support the education and attainment of our young people. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.

DMT Photography Chrissele and Jeremy were married recently, and this is what they had to say about their experience with David and the DMT team ... “Our wedding day was everything that we hoped it would be. We had a fantastic day celebrating with family and friends, and everything went as planned from the ceremony at St Augustine’s Catholic Church, to the reception at Novotel Pacific Bay Resort. “We couldn’t be happier with the work DMT Photography has done in capturing all the special moments of our big day. Our album and photo prints are exceptional quality and look great on display in our home. Family and friends have all commented on how amazing our album looks.

Youth Directions has been instrumental in the development of many initiatives which have had a positive impact on local youth. Examples include: Workbites – Orara and Coffs High Schools have worked with Big W to provide opportunities for students to learn about the responsibilities and realities of the world of work Bowraville Community Gardens – the school, Council, Landcare and the community have worked together to build a community food source and outdoor learning area. Bellingen Shire Business Education Alliance is working to increase opportunities for students to undertake School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships. Dept Education, Youth Connections and Nambucca Youth Services have implemented an alternate learning program for disengaged youth.

“From the first time we met up with David, he made the whole experience of the photography memorable and fun. We had lots of laughs, and they captured all of the important moments and arranged them into an album that perfectly reflects the story of the day.

Woolgooga High and Chamber of Commerce have worked together to host several Careers Forums for students.

“DMT were a pleasure to work with, and we highly recommend them to any couples looking for a photographer for their wedding day.”

Youth Directions is working to strengthen our local community and create opportunities for young people to realise their potential.

Current aspirational programs encourage all local students to consider careers in hospitality, technology, science, engineering, design.

Where Music Lives! Guitars fill the stage of the Jetty Memorial Theatre – 2pm Sunday 9 September! Back by popular demand, the Aurora Guitar Ensemble perform for this final concert in the 2012 Sunday Soundscapes concert series, presented by Coffs Conservatorium. Aurora was founded in 2007 by classical guitar teacher, performer and composer Dr Paul Svoboda. The ensemble comprises advanced students both past and present, from Paul’s Brisbane based studios. The common thread that binds all members of the group is a passion and love for the guitar. Since their first appearance in Coffs in 2009, Aurora has gone from strength to strength, performing regularly to very appreciative audiences. Their repertoire is diverse, ranging from early Renaissance music to contemporary Australian compositions, from Rock ballads to Latin style pieces. Not to be missed and only $6 a ticket, this is the final concert in this sell-out series! Paul will also give a 2 hour workshop for acoustic and bass guitarists on Saturday afternoon 8 September at Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium. The workshop theme will be ‘Boppy & Brazilian’. Participants will be organised into sections, then combined together in an instant guitar ensemble! For further details, contact the Conservatorium direct on 6652 1592. Photo provided: Guitar Workshop.

a presentation by



2pm Sunday 9 September 2012 JETTY MEMORIAL THEATRE 337 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour

TICKETS ONLY $6 [includes Box Office fee]

BOOK NOW Call 6652 8088 Visit

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Creating Customer Value Customer relationships are the foundation to any business and should always be the number one priority. Would your business survive without customers?

Darryl Smith.

The team at Coffs Motorsports & Ag don’t just sell bikes, quads and road buggies; they also ride them on weekends with their friends and family. We catch up with Darryl Smith to find out more. hat are some of the advantages and uses of the off road buggies? They are fun and used more in a rural setting – great if “We have a n you need to drop the kids great selectios of motorcros off at the front gate or go outfits, like d between properties and visit the pants an les your neighbours. jerseys, gogg They are great for having fun on, and we find people buy them to use for hunting too.

Value put simply is the difference between what a customer gets from a product or service, and what he or she has to give in order to get it. Creating it is the hard part! However, all is not lost; there a few things that your business can adopt in order to create better value with your customers. CRM or Customer Relationship Management systems are a great way to create value. Such systems use business data and applications to track customer activity and manage customer interactions with the business, providing an easy way for sales staff to identify opportunities to market and create better value for customers. You may find your existing POS (point of sale) system or database program has some data/ CRM capacity already. It’s worth taking a look, because the cost of converting a new customer vs. repeat customer is around 8 times more in marketing dollars.

samwardman By simply taking an in-depth look at your customer and sales data, you’ll get an insight into: patterns of purchasing; time/day of purchase; sales promotion ROI (return on investment); demographics; communication; and patterns/ preferences. There is only one fundamental rule when it comes to customers and marketing – Data is King! Finally, aside from creating a valued customer, add value to your customers by listening to what they need and want. Do this by calling the customer, emailing or posting a survey or tracking feedback in store, anyway you can. Always ask for feedback and ways you can improve – and action it! If you do this, I can tell you now you’ll be well on your way to creating customer value and some seriously good relationships! Happy marketing! Sam Wardman.

and more. ”

Off road buggies are great to teach kids how to drive. We cater for all age groups. We have small ones for little kids, and they are semi automatic with gears, so they learn how to control those. What sizes do you stock, and what prices are people looking at? We stock everything from the the kids’ size, which start at $1,999 to 150 adult size, which are fully automatic and around $3,000. Then

250s fully automatic, automatic we have 250s, and they start from $4,000 and go up to $5,800. You can get 500CC 4WD ones, and they start from $8,000. With Father’s Day around the corner, have you got anything in store for Dad? We have great ideas for a gift for Dad. Gloves are a great price, starting at $30, plus we have travel saddle bags, which are great for travelling around town. We have a great selection of motorcross outfits, like the pants and jerseys, goggles and more. We also have vouchers, if you're not sure what to get Dad.

the plug! For more information, contact Coffs Motorsports & Ag P: 6651 3696 E: W:

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34 coffs coast focus.

By Hand and Body Concepts

Rejuvenating your ageing

By Tanya Arnold from Dudes & Dolls


ICRODERMABRASION is a non evasive procedure now used in beauty salons to ELP IMPROVE the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles on the skin. It is also used to reduce pigmentation and removal of blackheads and skin congestion. It helps reduce open pores, scar tissue and coarse, uneven, bumpy skin. This is a procedure where a diamond tipped head is used to abrade the surface of the skin in order to stimulate the dermis, remove dead skin cells, skin debris and, at the same time, stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and fresh, new skin cells. The treatment generally takes an hour to complete and it is not painful. It is recommended to have 6 treatments over a period of time. At $95, the cost of this procedure is relatively inexpensive – especially considering all of the advantages of having this treatment done to your skin. Microdermabrasion can also be used in conjunction with peels – an amazing treatment that will leave the client feeling relaxed and new, and the results are noticeable, immediate and long lasting.

By Dr Joe Beaini from Zinc Clinic

“ The harsh n, Australian su genetics and e smoking are th ing main contribut skin factors to early ageing.”

tips for

waxing. 10 tips on waxing to get you ready for summer. 1. Avoid lotions. Lotions on the skin prior to waxing can make waxing more difficult and can cause irritations. 2. Keep area clean. Keeping hands away from freshly waxed skin is recommended. Otherwise, you can irritate skin and cause pimples. 3. Regular waxing appointments. To help with the cycle of hair growth, try not to shave in between appointments. We want the hair to be at the right length for optimal smoothness. 4. Use a body scrub. While the skin on the face is generally exfoliated enough in terms of waxing, the body needs a little extra help. A body scrub will help rid dead cells around skin pores and hair follicles, providing an easier exit. 5. Don't apply skin toner. These tighten the pores and can make a firmer hold on the hair follicle. So hold off right before waxing. 6. Wear loose fitting clothes afterwards. Allowing the area to breathe by wearing loose clothes is a great way to insure the skin doesn’t develop irritations. 7. Avoid drinking excess caffeine or alcohol. While having a couple glasses of wine or beer

before getting waxed sounds like a great idea, this can actually cause skin to be extra sensitive to waxing. Give yourself a couple of hours after drinking coffee or alcohol before getting waxed. Instead, drink a lot of water to hydrate your body and skin. 8. Home waxing is not easy. It's hard to do on yourself and will really hurt if you don't know what you're doing. 9. Relax. Some people hold their breath or tense their whole body while getting waxed. While it might be easier said than done, breathe deeply; a relaxed person will cope much better with the pain. 10. Avoid direct sunlight. After waxing, the skin will be sensitive. It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight, hot baths, and saunas for at least 48 hours.

By Beachside Radiology




hen we think Cosmetic Medicine, we initially think anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and volumisers. However, this is not for everyone, and we understand that. In my opinion, the quintessential approach to looking refreshed and refined for one’s age is one’s skin texture and tone. With summer fast approaching, it is time to take this into consideration. The harsh Australian sun, genetics and smoking are the main contributing factors to early skin ageing ... Dull skin, large pores, pigmentation, redness, blood vessels, wrinkles and laxity. So what can be done? Importantly, everyone should have a thorough annual skin check by a doctor. Next, is to commence a good active and nourishing 36 coffs coast focus.

Beachside Radiology skincare program with a product such as Osmosis MD at home. Sun protection with a Zinc sunblock is an always! This will help prevent further damage, along with repairing existing damage, improving collagen and making the skin healthy and radiant. Available treatments that will help improve skin tone and texture include: Osmosis Facial Infusion, Limelight/IPL, Pearl Resurfacing and Fractional Laser, NdYag Laser for blood vessel, Dermapen Skin Needling, Radiofrequency Lesion Removal and Platelet Rich Plasma with the addition of a DNA activator. Further, if you are considering anti-wrinkle injections, fillers and even resorbable threads, it is important to have healthy skin to gain the best results. They work synergistically. At Zinc Clinic, we believe ‘glowing skin is happy skin’.

With a busy practice located in the heart of Coffs Harbour, Beachside Radiology is delighted to be at the heart of one of the biggest community events on the calendar, the Coffs Harbour Running “ ... one of the Festival. Being held for the second biggest community events on the year on Sunday 23 September, calendar, the Coffs with a Half Marathon, 10 km, Harbour Running Festival. ” Beachside Radiology 5 km and 3 km distances happening, there really is something for everyone to take part in. As the big day draws closer, those weekend warriors who have been pounding the pavement and training hard might start to feel a bit fatigued. If you find yourself with a training injury, the principles of R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) should be followed. Should the injury result in requiring imaging tests,

Beachside Radiology can generally offer same-day appointments. They use modern systems to get your images and report back to your referring doctor or physiotherapist without delay, meaning treatment can begin at the earliest opportunity, getting you back on track again. Beachside Radiology puts you first, Bulk Billing all Medicare Services, except MRI and will accept any valid referral form. Contact them today, or book an appointment online.

Free Gift in September. Healthy & Delicious. Despite downturns elsewhere, Coffs Coast healthy living and organic grocery store, Kombu Wholefoods, has continued to grow quickly. Much of the growth has been in sales of organic produce and has resulted in a move to a much larger Bellingen store. Explained store partner Lowanna Doye: “By keeping affordability as one of the keystones of our business, Kombu has continued to grow quickly. This is an incredibly positive sign for the future, as increasing numbers of people realise that the type of food they consume is directly contributing to their wellness. This, in turn, supports the local economy through the growing demand for local delicious, fresh, sustainably produced and affordable fruit and vegetables.” In keeping with their philosophy of being a one-stop shop, Kombu also stocks a wide range of other healthy living products – with over 2,500 at last count. These range from hundreds of bulk lines through affordable cold pressing juicers to the latest range of just-arrived Manduca Baby Carriers (made, of course, from organic cotton). Kombu is open Monday to Saturday, and we recommend a visit. Find them at the end of the Church Street café strip, Bellingen. You can also shop online at

Difficult to Let Go? Feeling “sh#@ty”? Someone being a ‘pain in the arse’? Finding it difficult to ‘let go’? Have you ever wondered why we (subliminally) choose words related to our bodily functions to express strong feelings? Or how if you are upset, angry or anxious, your digestive and eliminatory systems are affected? Who wants to sit down to a roast with all the trimmings, when you’ve just had a huge argument with your spouse/teenager/best friend/boss? By the same token, if your bowels are sluggish due to physiological reasons – poor dietary choices over the years, allergies or intolerances, too many indulgences … then your emotions may be implicated. Likely, you’ll feel unhappy, sluggish, and easily irritated. If you find yourself nodding as you read, or experiencing a host of other uncomfortable symptoms relating to your GUT (e.g. bloating, constipation, difficulty losing weight, bad breath, skin problems, fatigue, sad liver…) help is at hand! Colonic Irrigation is a gentle, safe and effective therapy designed to support the eliminatory or ‘letting go’ process. Spring is the ideal season to embark on some internal spring cleaning, to clear out the cobwebs in your colon and the baggage in your butt!

Harbo through the month of Visit Ella Baché Coffs Harbour September for all your beauty needs, and you will receive a free gift! The girls are very excited in giving back to their clients. Ella Baché Coffs Harbour boasts a great team of qualified professional beauty therapists and take much pride in providing the utmost customer service. Ella Baché Skincare and Napoleon Perdis Makeup have joined forces to provide Coffs Coast with a beauty salon that has it all! September brings a lot of excitement in the salon – we welcome the start of spring, bringing warmer weather and the skin’s first exposure to sun in over 3 months, so now is the time to shed some layers! Wax away your winter coat, exfoliate dead, dry skin, fake it with a spray tan, or rejuvenate your face for healthy glowing skin! September will celebrate the launch of Ella Baché’s exclusive range ‘Spirulines’, a spirulina based skincare and treatment that harnesses the benefits of spirulina, a ‘superfood’ for the skin, delivering vitamins, minerals, amino acids and chlorophyll to the skin to assist in restoring health and hydration, while visibly reducing lines and addressing firmness by lifting and strengthening the skin. Like us on Facebook to go into the draw to experience the new Spirulines Lifting Facial Treatment!

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Woolgoolga Community Triathlon. Leeann Lloyd encourages everyone to get involved and have some fun at the Whoopi Tri on Saturday and Sunday, 29 & 30 September. Who organises the Woolgoolga Community Triathlon, and what’s your role in the event? The Woopi Tri is organised and run by volunteers. There is a small committee, and I have taken over the Race Director role this year. When we took over, the main sponsor had pulled out, and it looked as though the event would fold. Thanks to Wayne and Gayle Ackers taking on Gold Sponsorship from that moment on, the event has gone from strength to strength. Needless to say, many a coffee and wonderful meal has now been had at Bluebottles Brasserie. What’s the history behind the Triathlon? Michael Hoare and Mal Pitts from Woolgoolga started the Triathlon 25 years ago. It has always been held at Woolgoolga Beach, with the transition being in the Reserve. Over the years, the distances have changed slightly, but the format has stayed the same.

by side in a safe and supported environment. It has resulted in world class athletes racing beside beginners and everything else in between. Any money raised goes straight back to the Woolgoolga Community groups that assist with volunteering on the day. We donate to four of the local Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades, Woolgoolga Surf Club, St John’s Ambulance, Volunteer Sea Rescue and Woolgoolga Athletics Club. Describe what’s happening at this year’s event ... Six years ago, Michael Dougherty from Quality Inn in Coffs Harbour came on board to

and dirty. All kids will get a dog tag medal at the finish. Our aim is for some fun on the beach, with some incidental exercise thrown in. Cost is $10 for this event.

help us start the Woolgoolga Charity Fun Runs.

The Triathlon itself on the Sunday is an 800 m

We have a 2 km and a 5 km run on the Saturday

ocean swim, followed by a 30 km bike ride and

afternoon before the Triathlon on the Sunday.

an 8 km run. This is a competitive event, with

The runs are participation only, with no timing.

age group prizes and overall winners prizes. The

Everyone gets a medal … even the kiddies in the

girls at Coastal Travel sponsor the first male and

6 km bike and 2 km run. This is to give everyone

prams. Each year, all proceeds go to a chosen

female, and the crew at Sunset Caravan Park

an opportunity to try out the sport in a safe environment.

Woolgoolga Charity. We have managed to keep

always supply great packages for the random

Michael and Mal have remained involved and have been sponsors for many years. Woolgoolga Jewellers remain a long standing sponsor as well, providing the trophies for the triathlon.

the cost to $5 for the 2 km and $7 for the 5 km.

draw prizes. The swim will be whatever the

R E G I S T E R D E TA I L S . To enter for the

ocean provides on the day, the ride is a 5 loop

triathlon, visit:

undulating course around town, and the run is

The cut off date is 28th September and there is a

out and back taking in the roadway, bush and

capped field, so the earlier you enter the better.

What’s the aim behind the event … where do the funds raised by the Triathlon go?

be drilled by our very own ‘commando’ before


The entry for the runs and the kids challenge is

the event, with some stretching and sit ups etc.

This year we have reintroduced a Novice course,

on the day.

The aim has always been to provide an event where athletes of every ability could race side

The event itself will involve running through tyres,

which will see beginners and youngsters 14

Thanks Leeann.

under netting, into the water and getting down

years and ov er parti cipate i n a 300 m s wim,

Interview by Jo Atkins.


coffs coast focus.

This year will see the inaugural Tough Kids Beach Challenge. This will also be held on the Saturday and is once again participation only. The kids will

Coffs Harbour Orthodontics. SEEING beautiful smiles from satisfied patients makes it all worthwhile for the team at Coffs Harbour Orthodontics.

A great meeting place.

One of the most well-established orthodontic practices on the Coffs Coast, the growing team is committed to providing the best level of patient-centered care. Dr Andy Wu at Coffs Harbour Orthodontics utilises the latest scientific advances in the specialty, so that all his patients, whether adult, adolescent or child, receives the best treatment and the most successful outcome.

It is a privilege te to be able to crea s ile sm ul tif au be that give people confidence.

“It is a privilege to be able to create beautiful smiles that give people confidence,” Dr Wu said. “To be able to witness the change in self-esteem and to develop an ongoing relationship with my patients has given me a great deal of satisfaction.”

Outside of orthodontics, Dr Wu is a keen outdoors person who enjoys tennis, travelling and hiking.

In his spare time he also enjoys socialising and spending time with his family – which is why recently he celebrated his anniversary with Coffs Harbour Orthodontics with an ice skating party for his patients and their families. To book an appointment with Dr Wu, phone 6651 2977.

The Rainforest Café is located opposite What type of food does the Rainforest the Coffs Harbour Health Campus in Café have? À la carte early morning breakfast Coffs Harbour. This café restaurant is a starts at 6.30am and continues through to great meeting place for anyone looking for afternoon tea. There is also an array of dinner a retreat from life for a moment or a casual time pastas and rice meals to take home on get together. The Rainforest Café one of those days when it seems too hard features Bun Coffee and is also to pull it all off and prepare dinner as home to the Bernstein Grand well! ... all value for money. e Whether you tar Piano. Entertainment is ea What deals are there for the looking for a gran d go, available in the natural coffee to grab at in the month of September? or sit and retreunds of ambience of the café and We have bacon and egg roll and lustrous surro – the each month features piano the restaurantfé has an freshly squeezed juice combos, artists over the course of Rainforest Ca waiting t along with great afternoon tea en nm ro vi en the weekday. for you. two for one deals available to you What makes the Rainforest every day of the week … just to Café special? The café is a one name a few. of a kind pitstop for all walks of life. For further inquiries, please contact Allyson Whether you are looking for a great coffee to Schumer on mobile 0414 815 814 for grab and go, or sit and retreat in the lustrous bookings or further information on your surrounds of the restaurant – the Rainforest next visit. Opening Hours are 6.30am - 4pm, Café has an environment waiting for you. Monday to Friday.

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Night In Sharon Munro hosts Shaza’s Night in, to support women’s cancer research and prevention. It’s an opportunity for all women to get together for a common cause, while having fun in the process.

was born on th the e Co C Coffs off ffss C ff Co Coast oas oas ast an ast and d moved away when I was 15, returnago. ing 11 years ago I love living here; I have wonderful friends and my family are here. I have three adult children; one lives overseas in Bali, and I have a married son in Tamworth and a daughter in Brisbane. I also work in the local community. What exactly is Shaza’s Night In – when and where will it be held, and what will happen on the night? For me, it’s an opportunity for all women to get together for a common cause, which is to raise awareness of cancer and to raise money for the Cancer Council. The money that is raised at Girls’ Night In goes towards research into all women’s cancers. The Girls’ Night In this year is going to be held at the Coffs Ex Services Club (C.ex) on Friday 19 October. I don't want to give too much away about the event: let me just say to all those ladies who are going to attend, come dressed in bright colours, with some pink of course, and be ready to have fun and be entertained. There will be auctions, music, entertainment and prizes – and some tasty food and a drink 40 coffs coast focus.

or two. This is not the first time you’ve organised this type of event. Why were you originally inspired to hold a girls’ night in? The girls’ night in is one of the many Th fundraising events the Cancer Council has fund during the year. This event raises money for durin Cancer Council to continue the research the C into all women's cancers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a vaccine to minimise the wond risk, or a test that could help detect ovarian cancer sooner? Fundraising is very important, canc the valuable research projects funded by so th Cancer Council can continue. Awareness the C of cancer is also a very important message I ca like to share. Women should know their own body and look for changes, particularly in their breasts, and if unsure – see their doctor. How much success have your previous girls’ nights in achieved? This will be the fourth fundraising event I will have had for the Cancer Council girls’ night in. The first event was a small group of 25 colleagues and friends who gathered at my house; we all brought food and an item/utensil we no longer needed to auction. Together with raffles and the entry fee and auction, we raised $1,014, and it was such a great, fun night. For the 2010 girls’ night in, I decided I wanted 50 women. I approached a local hotel, who offered the use of one of hotel rooms to use for the event. Of course, as it happens in life, fate stepped in, and in May 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After two major surgeries and a minor surgery and during my six months of chemotherapy, together with the help of friends and a lovely lady named Alice and my daughter Tamika, we organised the most fantastic night, where 180 women joined us in our fundraising efforts and we raised over $12,000 for the Cancer Council.

Due to my health, the event in 2011 was much smaller. Through raffles, donations, sponsorship, and cookies I sold at work, we managed to raise over $2,500. Who are some of the special guests you’re expecting on the night? Just let me say there will be some amazing local women joining us with incredible stories of strength and a ‘can do’ attitude to share with everyone. So ladies of the Coffs Coast, you will just have to come along on the 19th and find out more! Why is it so important to you to raise money for cancer research, and how would you encourage others to become involved in similar fundraising efforts? I would like to encourage all women on the Coffs Coast to host a girls’ night in’, as it doesn’t matter if you raise $10, $100 or a $1,000 – every dollar counts. Get the girls together for an afternoon tea, and ladies can bring a plate and make a donation. Have a movie night, hire a DVD – the girls who attend can donate the price of a movie ticket. If you are not in a position to host a girls’ night in, come along to our event on 19 October and show your support for the Cancer Council. Here we are in 2012 and with the help of a fantastic committee, Shaza’s Girls’ Night In is on again. Having been diagnosed with cancer myself, it is now even more important for me to raise funds for the Cancer Council, so they can continue with vital research. I personally know how important research into the cause and or treatment for cancer is. I was fortunate to be able to receive a drug call Herceptin during my active treatment. This drug was only made available due to a research project. Where can people find out more information about Shaza’s Night In if they’re

interested? Tickets will go on sale in September for the next Shaza’s Girls Night In. We are still working through some of the details for the event; however, everyone is welcome to join us on what is going to be an amazing night. Keep your eyes out for the advertising material, which will be displayed around town in the near future. If anyone has any questions in the meantime, please give me a call on my mobile: 0419 448 224. Thanks Sharon. Interview by Jo Atkins.

the plug! Get involved with Cancer Council NSW’s PINK 2012.

Cancer Council NSW’s Pink fundraisers are a great way to show your support for your local community and have fun at the same time. All funds raised play a vital role in cancer research, prevention and support programs. You can get involved by ordering merchandise, hosting a PINK event, a Girls’ Night In or volunteering at one of our Pink Ribbon Day sites across the region on Friday 19 October. Every donation makes a big difference! Your support will raise vital funds for breast cancer and women’s cancer research, prevention and support services. or contact your local Cancer Council NSW office on (02) 6659 8400 or email


We catch up with Angie O’Reilly, Coffs Coast Dragon Boat Club.

hat’s your association with the club, and how long have you been involved? I am a founding committee member. The Club was formed in December 2004 and more than 7 years on, I am still as addicted as ever. I have held the positions of Club Secretary, Vice President and am currently the President. I got involved post breast cancer through Dragons Abreast Australia. I've heard that dragon boat paddling is the fastest growing water sport in the world. Why it is so popular? The popularity has a great deal to do with the vast human demographics who can enjoy this fantastic sport. Our youngest member is just 15 years old (minimum age is 12), and we have had paddlers in their 80s still having a great time. You don’t have to be an elite athlete. We paddle year round, and members can choose to paddle every session or just a few times a year, whatever suits them. Come down and have a go – you won’t regret it! Tell us a bit about the regatta happening on September 15 and 16 ... The regatta will be held on the beautiful Bellinger River at Mylestom. Saturday will be dedicated to a 3 km mini-marathon for the sports teams only. Sunday is action packed, when the 200 m sprint racing occurs (set up from 7am) and includes categories for both the sports clubs, being women’s, mixed, men's and junior sections and also our community section, catering for corporate/ community groups, social and school/junior teams. The regatta is restricted to dragon boats, which are supplied. There will be food, the all important coffee van, as well

W Angie O’Reilly.

Photo Caption: Front row L to R - Judy Henderson (Finance Officer), Erin Frost (Junior), Angie O’Reilly (President), Cheryl Hughes (Administration Officer), Fran Hill (Fundraising Officer), Deb Foley (Regatta Committee), Joelle Bridger (Regatta Coordinator) Back row L to R - Helen Hamilton (Regatta Committee), Trevor Baillie (Membership Officer), Phil Crossley (Member), Jenny Graham-Taylor (Member), Cheryl Patrick (Regatta Committee), Steph George (Member).

as merchandise, raffles, numbers board and a novelty/ exhibition race. It is a great spectator sport also. What’s the history of this regatta? This is our Club’s 4th annual sports and community regatta. Our objective is to raise the profile of the sport of dragon boating in the community, which fits in with our mission statement of ‘Coffs Coast Dragon Boat Club aims to support, encourage and promote the development of dragon boating as a contribution to a healthy lifestyle for all members of the community’. We also want to demonstrate how much fun the sport is! Will the event be suitable for novices, or is it only open to those with boating experience? Our regatta caters for all levels, from the most experienced sports clubs to the first time paddlers from the general community. No boating experience is required, and it is very easy to learn the basics. Anyone over the age of 12 years can enter, regardless of gender or physical ability. We pride ourselves on our inclusiveness, and we have numerous community groups re-entering each year, with many of them joining our Club after a regatta – so we know people thoroughly enjoy themselves. What costs are involved for participants, and where can interested people find out more information? The cost is $20 per adult, $10 for juniors, which includes insurance and 2 training sessions. More information can be found on our website at: (regatta information tab) telephone 0400 468 965 or 0418 953 882 or email Thanks Angie. Interview by Jo Atkins.

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Master Phil Miss Tanja Mister Zach and Professor Royce Gracie enjoying Coffs al fresco after a Seminar.

Remedia Celebrating our 4th birthday. Remedia-Homoeopathy and Massage Centre is a well established healing centre in the heart of Coffs Harbour. The Remedia Team – Danni Auch, Marianne Westermair, Jane Tavener, Lara Darlington, Greg Skeggs and Jodie Chamber – offer Remedial Massage, Homoeopathy, Kinesiology, Bicom treatments and Craniosacral Therapy. ”It is such a beautiful place to work,” says Danni, director of Remedia. All our therapists are passionate and experienced health practitioners, associated with the ATMS or AHA and offer health fund rebates. Remedial massage – the art of trigger point therapy. Acupressure – stimulating the meridians. Lymphatic drainage – remove toxins and excessive fluids. Reflexology – pressure points on the feet. Hot Rocks – melt away the stress and tension. Massage releases muscle pain and helps improve circulation and relaxes mind and body. Homoeopathy – ‘the healing from within’ – is a natural, individual healing method originating in Germany and is practised throughout the world. Homoeopathy uses a holistic approach which considers all three levels of health – the mind, the emotions and the physical body. All three levels are equally important. “Homoeopathy uncovers the mystery of life. A mystery which is deeply within your unconsciousness. When the unconsciousness becomes conscious, it restores choice. The experience of happy choice is health”. (by Danni Auch).

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Diamond Martial Arts. We have moved. Temporarily located out front, near the post office at Park Beach Plaza. We will be moving back inside the Plaza across from Sanity mid-September; check out our relocation specials on our Facebook page! Upstyles is here! Have your makeup and hair done for $90 for formals or that special occasion – appointments are essential. At Hand and Body Concepts, we specialise in his and hers waxing, signature facials, massages, ear piercing, upper body piercing, graft-a-lash extensions and eyebrow and eyelash tinting, manicures and pedicures, acrylic nails. We are stockist of Dermalogica and Aspect. Pamper packages and instant gift vouchers are available; purchase them online and receive them straight away.

Diamond Martial Arts is proud to announce that it has recently become Coffs Harbour’s only Royce Gracie Network affiliated school. This is very exciting, as DMA has secured ongoing high level Jiu Jitsu training from as close to the source as possible. DMA prides itself on a family culture, and Gracie Jiu Jitsu is all for the family. Royce Gracie is a son of one of the original founders, Helio Gracie. Royce and the Gracie family changed history in 1993 when the effectiveness of Gracie Jiu Jitsu was proven to the world, by Royce winning the first ever UFC. Gracie Jiu Jitsu classes are conducted Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays at DMA, as well as a new kids’ class being started on Friday 7 September.

Dermalogica facials, personal consultation, professional advice, also included free face mapping – ask us today.

Owner of DMA, Phil Monaghan is a highly accredited martial arts master and believes that a lot of children, young men and women can benefit from the discipline that martial arts instills in the participants.

We now offer two new treatments, Microdermabrasion and peels. Ring and enquire today!

There are also mental and physical benefits of being trained in martial arts.

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From Quadrant Travel & Journeys


Aqua Lilly. Sawtell’s main street has yet another wonderful boutique to add to its collection of very funky and individual dress shops.

K E R RY M O S S .

What’s all the hype about?

Owner Gabi Portelli moved to Coffs from Sydney and has found a niche market for the range of swimwear and clothing she offers. Hi Gabi. When did you open Aqua Lilly? Aqua Lilly opened it doors twelve months ago, stocking predominantly swimwear and resortwear. You now stock the fabulous Rant brand of clothing. What’s special about this brand?

Unlike clothes that are mass ories, produced in fact each piece of made Rant clothing is sh by from start to fini ss, the one seamstretiful ensuring a beauhing.” finish to the clot

Yes, Unlike clothes that are mass produced in factories, each piece of Rant clothing is made from start to finish by the one seamstress, ensuring a beautiful finish to the clothing. Rant is able to create a high summer range of clothing, so keep a lookout for the Impressionist range that will arrive at the store this December – April. What are some of the other brands you stock?

The end of September will see the arrival of Lisa Blue, an Aussie made swimwear label. This

44 coffs coast focus.

designer has just arrived back from being a part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show in Miami. Another swimwear label is TOGS, a Queensland designer. Also selling to America, this brand offers beautiful styles with tummy control in sizes 8 to 24. We also stock beautiful bags by Bsirius, jewellery by Ruby Olive and much more. Aqua Lilly aims to support Australian made labels, so we are always on the lookout for new and exciting independent labels.

veryone ve ery ryo one has a story about Thailand, on and as one of the most po popular and accessible international destinations for Australian travellers, I decided it was time to return to see if Thailand lived up to those expectations. Thailand is renowned for friendly people, good food and bargain shopping. I was out to test the theory that the ‘Land of the Smiles’ could deliver all me that and more. “ Phuket is ho sia’s Upon arrival in the to some of Are sorts most beautifulderful unofficial Northern capital on w and is a of Chiang Mai, we were destination fodr greeted by what we had shopping an relaxing by the grown accustomed to in our pool.” two we week eekks in eks n TThailand. haililan ha and nd. d. weeks previous week in Thailand to some somee of of Phuket is home to – a crowd of smiling faces all Asia’s most beautiful resorts and is willing and wanting to help you a wonderful destination for shopping and on your way. The real treat was yet to relaxing by the pool. Each day was a consistent come, however, as within a few hours’ drive, 30°C temperature, and it was difficult to resist the stereotype of Thailand as a hot, busy, swimming morning ‘til night. The shopping westernised country became a distant memory. was an eclectic mix of lively marketplaces and As we arrived in the small traditional village modern stores. The locals were wiser here and of Mae Kampong; our mountain home for the next few days, we discovered a rare escape from the prices were not as good as in our previous experiences in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai, the craziness of tuk-tuks and marketplaces ... A but it didn’t stop us (and thousands of other place where you wake with the sunrise, sleep at Aussies) bartering like we were loan sharks! sunset and bathe in the fresh mountain water Exploring the local islands by private that runs through the village – a true sanctuary speedboat was a wonderful way to discover where the locals, who shared their homes and the spectacular turquoise lagoons and to our a few of their local delicacies, were equally surprise, remarkably good snorkelling. The fish fascinated by the westerners with big blue eyes. did seem to have some issues distinguishing Each day we undertook traditional activities our lily-white Australian thighs from a more and before long, even the youngest of our acceptable food source, but this added to travelling party showed off their newfound the fun, and the snorkelling proved to be a bravery, riding bareback through the jungle, highlight of our stay in Southern Thailand. taking their elephants for a swim. Northern After 3 weeks, 15 serves of Pad Thai, Thailand had surprised us all, and we left with 20 kg heavier in luggage and a dose of Bali Belly trepidation as we headed off to the lively (Why do they call it Bali Belly, even when you’re Phuket. in Thailand?), we bid farewell to Thailand. On The 2 hour flight from Chiang Mai to Phuket the flight home and in the weeks following, gave us time to prepare ourselves for what was we reflected on a country where western and sure to be a culture shock after the serenity of eastern culture melted harmoniously – a country the village. The heat as we walked across the that welcomes tourists by the thousands but tarmac was a reminder that we had landed in has somehow kept some small pockets relatively a tropical destination, and the signs welcoming untouched. Thailand opened her heart, and we all the ‘Aussies’ was an indication to us that this was going to be more familiar than our previous took a little bit home with us.

Annual Exhibition 2012. Once again the Sawtell Art Group will display a wonderful exhibition of art works from local and interstate artists. Some of the local artists displaying their works are Helen Goldsmith, Jenny Maloy and Colleen Davies. Sections have expanded to 10, with a total prize money of $4,500 this year. In conjunction with the exhibition, we are holding a raffle with a very generous first and second prize. The winner will receive an accommodation voucher for 8 people for two nights at Moffat Falls Lodge near Ebor, to the value of $1,200.

Frolic in Fabric. The Frolic in Fabric studio was created two years ago by local girl Elizabeth Cook, as a creative space to learn be inspired and make beautiful things. Her studio offers a unique range of both weekly classes and short term workshops. While most of the classes are sewing related, she also runs classes for crochet, fabric printing and fun handmade events such as baby showers, birthday parties and gift making. All classes are small with a maximum of 6 students.

Members and visitors are invited to attend the opening night on Thursday 27 September from 6.30pm.

Learning to sew is a skill for life! Elizabeth and her team run a fantastic program for school age children, both after school and during the holidays. With a few basic sewing skills, you’ll be amazed at what your child can create from a simple piece of fabric!

There is an entry fee of $5 for the opening night only. Refreshments and drinks will be served on the evening. The exhibition will be held at the Sawtell Art Group Centre, located on the corner of Bayldon and Lyons Roads. The exhibition is open from Friday 28 September to Sunday 7 October.

For adults, whether you want to make a cushion for your home or a one of a kind dress, whether you’re are an absolute beginner or an enthusiast, we have the class for you. For more information or to book a class, please contact Elizabeth.

Second prize is a beautiful water colour painting, fully framed, valued at $700. Third prize is lovely jewellery.

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with Samantha Wardman of CornerPost Marketing





ell us about your background their needs. In doing so, we have introduced: and how you came to be in classes for prostate cancer exercise; heart moves Coffs Harbour? rehabilitation; baby boomers and seniors groups, I actually spent five years in catering to our member’s needs. Also, the atmoCoffs from age two ‘til seven, besphere of our club is very welcoming, and our fore moving to Canberra. I returned again about staff really enjoy giving back to the community 15 years ago but only spent two years here, as by helping members to become the best they the opportunity to manage my first business can be in terms of their health and fitness – and dragged me away again, but it never left my they have fun doing it! thoughts for too long. I think once Coffs gets in Being locally owned and community oriented your blood, you always want to return; so, back means we play an active role in our community in 2008 my wife and I made a great decision to sports groups and schools, with every local high raise our little family back here, and we have no school in the area attending the health club for intention of leaving ever again – we’re hooked school sports, which gives us a great amount of for life! joy. We are also a registered training organisaCoffs Coast Health Club has become quite tion for personal trainers, and we take immense a force in the fitness industry in this area. pride in employing locals, school-based or otherHow are you achieving your goals with wise, to become a part of our dynamic team. your business? What inspires you about the fitness and After observing the region’s fitness industry health industry? for many years, we decided to get Seeing the evolution of the people we involved and raise the bar. Our touch and the goals they achieve is goals are very different inspiring. The physical and psyto those of our comchological benefits of exercise My wife and I also petitors, as we focus are undisputed, and helping t lost our very firs on making a genuine people in your local comhing house and everyt2003 positive difference in munity evolve to a better e we owned in th res. We our community. We quality of life is what we fi sh bu ra Canber physical ng hi don’t have scary sales are all about. yt er ev d ha us, and people, we focus What changes have you taken away fromto rebuild we were forced ratch.” heavily on personseen in the industry over our lives from sc alised service, and we the past few decades? enjoy providing plenty of I got into the industry 16 variety for our members to years ago, back when most help achieve their fitness and gyms were local family businesses. health goals. We also take pride in Now as one of those local family busithe career opportunities we offer locals, from nesses, we have to compete with multinational traineeships to Indigenous and Non-indigenous franchised companies. school-based leavers. These big companies have certainly brought You mentioned that Coffs Coast Health more investment to our industry, but will never Club is different to your competitors. What be able to replace the personal touch and care makes you stand out? for our community that we provide – in the end, Our focus is very much on people and people still need people. I think the other big helping them at every step of their journey to thing that has changed in the industry is the achieve their goals, which means we listen to level of variety now afforded to people in the

46 coffs coast focus.

types of exercise one can choose. There have also been increases to the professional care standards and regulations, which has also benefited consumers. What are some of the biggest challenges you face in business in Coffs Harbour? I love being in business here in Coffs. The networks are great, the people are down to earth, and the employees truly care about the business they work for, as well as the customers that they serve. The only challenges we face come from people that don’t stand for those same ideals. Being a successful business owner, are there any tips to success that you can share? I believe that discipline, communication and resilience are the three most important attributes to have in your business life. You must always put people before profit, to succeed over the long term. Do you have a mentor? Tell us about him/ her and how they have helped you in your career/life? I don’t really have a single mentor as such. I like to analyse everyone and copy their good lessons, while leaving behind the bad ones. I am very lucky to have the most supportive wife, kids, family, friends, business partners and colleagues on the planet around me and without them, I would not have been able to achieve a thing. Success does not come without its challenges. What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced in your career? I started managing and owning businesses at a very young age and it was hard to get people to believe in me, until I could show them what I could do. That just made me more determined to succeed and was great for my personal development. My wife and I also lost our very first house and everything we owned in the 2003 Canberra bushfires. We had everything physical taken away from us, and we were forced to rebuild our lives from scratch. That event reinforced the needs of discipline, communication and resilience and helped us to

achieve what we have today. You recently were a finalist in the prestigious Telstra Small Business Awards – congratulations! What did this accolade mean to your business? It was a great experience for the team and gave our Coffs Coast Health Club family a lot of confidence in the work that we do. We were in the top 0.5% of over 5,000 nominations for those awards, and it has certainly helped to raise the profile of business in Coffs. We love having a club that our members and the local community can be proud of. We all know how important achieving a good work life balance is. What are your interests that help you to achieve this balance? My main interest outside of work is my family and friends. I coach my son’s soccer team, I also read with his class at school, I take my daughter to dance each week, and I watch them play tennis. This is very important to me – having this time with the ones that are most important to me. I also love playing all sports, but especially cricket with the bandits, golf with the goats and soccer with the mighty lions! We heard you are now involved in the Australia Personal Training Institute. How did this come about, and what does it entail? We provide real time training, in a real gym environment for anyone looking to become a personal trainer. Successful students gain the ‘Certificate IV in Fitness’ qualification, which allows them to practice as a personal trainer. We also provide mentoring services for anyone completing the personal trainer qualification through our course, any online courses or at our local TAFE. Our goal is to see more qualified and more experienced trainers out in our community to help get the region happier and healthier! If you could give one piece of advice to any business owner or aspirational professional, what would it be? ‘Put people before profit‘. Thanks Duncan.


picture for illustration purposes only

Blackwoods is Australia’s leading supplier of All Your Workplace Needs, come along to our Trade Exhibition to view over 25 displays of the very latest product releases in Tools, Safety, Clothing, Lubrication, Industrial Hardware, Fasteners and much more – plus pick up some great deals, available only on the day! When

Thursday 13th September 2012 3.30pm to 7pm


Sawtell Golf Club, Bayldon Road, Sawtell (Refreshments included)

Join us... ...and you could win our Lucky Door prize a truck box loaded with heaps of products! Simply bring along a business card to enter.



Blackwoods, 14 Isles Drive, Coffs Harbour

Call 13 73 23 coffs coast focus 47



Has your community group joined CoffsConnect? Over 100 local community groups have already seen the benefits of joining and more groups are joining every day. CoffsConnect is a website for connecting communities in Coffs Harbour and is fast becoming a central online source of information on groups, services, events, and community grants. Just some of the groups that have joined CoffsConnect include the Cando Cancer Trust, Coffs Coast Dragon Boat Club, Coffs Harbour Writers Group and Coffs Seniors Computer Club. Karolyn Gibson, Publicity Officer for the Coffs Harbour Writers Group, encourages others to add their community group to CoffsConnect. “Coffs Connect is a fabulous way for groups to keep in touch with the community. I was nervous at first using the website, as my computer skills were quite basic, but I was surprised to find how quick and extremely user friendly the website was, with the ability for each group to control and maintain their specific information, including contacts, projects, news and events.” Listing your group is an easy process; just visit and add your group. CoffsConnect is a free community service provided by Coffs Harbour City Council. This program has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.

A R I E S. MAR 21 - APR 20 Your leadership skills will be sought after in the work environment over the next few weeks. Allow your strengths to shine, and don’t be afraid to put your hand up for a promotion. Connect with your laughter a little more, as you are currently taking life too seriously. This is waking up old fears and insecurities and leaving you feeling trapped by life. A speech is coming forward where it will be most beneficial to honour yourself; speak powerfully and lovingly. Turquoise is great for communication.


SAG I T TA R I U S. NOV 23 - DEC 21

Your self-opinion is at present under attack. Be kinder to your sensitivity, and stop believing negative things about you. Instead, wake up tomorrow with a brand new beginning attitude, and watch your determination return. You have a wonderful connection with a soul mate; enjoy their company, without imposing any negative influences on your precious time together. Play is also most important for you at this time. Citrine connects us to our happier energy.

V I RG O. AUG 24 - SEPT 23

APR 21 - MAY 21 You so desperately want a change in direction, but this is challenging your rules and boundaries in life. At present, your personal strength is being tested, which also may make it harder to pursue your desires. Ask yourself how badly do you want change? Let this motivate you. Set your sights, and then give yourself permission to receive. You can expect a very peaceful cycle to follow. Avoid being caught up in what you think other people may be thinking of you. Phenacite helps us to release other people’s worries from our energies.

GEMINI. MAY 22 - JUN 22 Focus on your most important challenge at this time, in order to achieve your hard earned success. You are too easily distracted at present, which is causing frustration. Be a little more aware of your thoughts, and eliminate negativity, self doubt and fear. You have worked for the changes trying to enter your reality, so allow yourself the excitement of receiving. Don’t worry about other people’s thoughts; they are none of your business. Turquoise and Rose Quartz will enhance yourself approval.

CANCER. JUN 23 - JUL 23 JU Be patient just a little longer. You are likely to be very busy over the next few weeks, offering you some distraction from your thoughts. Relax and let go of the need to know what will be, and enjoy just being in the now. Set some fresh goals and wait for their arrival. You will have your reward, but the timing is something pertaining to a bigger picture, and this is out of your hands. Be kind to yourself and practice relaxation. Rose Quartz is a very powerful calming crystal.

48 coffs coast focus.

L E O. JUL 24 - AUG 23

Bring out your happy self, as you are taking life far too seriously. This has left you drained lately and feeling unenthused. You just do things, you don’t need to talk about it or plan it, so remember this when you are next tempted to procrastinate. Give yourself permission to receive the things you so desperately desire. Let go of the stress caused by not having what you want and allow yourself to make way for it. Sugilite would be of great benefit at this time, as it helps us face our challenges with a joyful outlook.

C A P R I C O R N. DEC 22 - JAN 20

Your focus will be clearer after you have set some new goals or direction. Get that clever Virgo mind active and satisfy your intellect. An exciting new opportunity is out there through learning something different, so look for that perfect course or read an imformative book. You can anticipate new friends in this next cycle – ones that give unconditional love and support. Also, you will have the discovery of a new talent to excite you. Azeztulite allows us to explore alternate realities comfortably.

LIBRA. SEPT 24 - OCT 23 Connect with a passion you have. Your love of life needs satisfying. Change is coming forward, and this is a natural challenge for the Libran. Start a project or play with your creative energies. You will soon offer your family members some profound healing advice, so don’t be afraid to speak. You would benefit from spending some quality time expressing some thoughts and feeling into poetry or words. Allow your wise subconscious self to emerge with some answers. Topaz strengthens our self-esteem and brings personal power to situations surrounding us.

S C O R P I O.

Begin something new. Soon work opportunities will keep you busy, fill your being with satisfaction and complete you. However, your enthusiasm needs to be strong when the project begins, so now is the time to feed it. Help your mind to get ready for this opportunity by writing lists, and setting goals. Set deadlines too, as this is how you perform brilliantly. Follow your instinct, and don’t ignore your intuition. Rhodonite helps us to discover new talents through our creative energy.

AQ UA R I U S. JAN 21 - FEB 19 You may be feeling a little uprooted or unsettled lately. A new move or the discussion of moving is likely to be on the agenda. Avoid rash decisions; wait for what feels right, and you will have no regret. New friends are coming into the picture, so relax and enjoy the social interactions. You have a lot of luck surrounding your situation at present, so set some goals and give yourself permission to receive them. Herderite helps us to see our evolution, thus making it less of a challenge.

P I S C E S.

OCT 24 - NOV 22

FEB 20 - MAR 20

Remove all self-doubt. You already know what your challenges’ outcome will be. You even have your answers for getting there quicker. Find out what it is that renders you powerless, so that you cannot be played with. You are gifted at thinking outside the square, so allow yourself this enlightenment and treat you as you would another. You are able to empower others; why should it be so hard to offer this quality to yourself? Snowflake Obsidian is wonderful for shattering negative thoughts.

An ending of a situation is bringing an exciting new influence into the picture. Your task at the moment is to understand your place in the bigger scheme of things. Don’t compromise your standards to soothe your fears. Keep in touch with what makes your heart sing. Visualise yourself doing this, and feel this excitement radiate through your entire being. Tell yourself it is OK to have this. Then sit back and enjoy! Rose Quartz attracts us towards loving experiences.

Award of Excellence Winner. Sanctuary Resort. At the Treehouse Restaurant at the Sanctuary Resort, enjoy 2 main meals for the price of one on Friday and Saturday nights. Bookings are essential to take advantage of this great offer.

Watsons Caravans & RVs Coffs Harbour was presented with a prestigious Award of Excellence at the 2012 Caravan and Camping Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner, on 25 July at the Fairmont Resort, Leura. Watsons Caravans & RV's Coffs Harbour won Best Dealer/Retailer/Wholesaler in Regional NSW.

Jetty Boating Coffs Harbour.

With all the rooms having been recently renovated and under new management, the Sanctuary Resort is once again one of the premier places to stay and dine in Coffs Harbour.

Lyndel Gray, Chief Executive Officer of the Caravan, Camping and Touring Industry and Manufactured Housing Industry Association of NSW (CCIA), said the awards are an acknowledgement of excellence in the quality of products and services within our industry in NSW.

With the new owners, Karen and Norm, clocking up their 8th month in the business this month, they are still smiling and enjoying the challenges that come with owning a marine based business.

Enjoy a superb full buffet breakfast, in the Treehouse Restaurant, 7 days a week from 7am ‘til 9am for only $15 per person. Great location for a Sunday breakfast!

There were 23 winners amongst the 54 finalists, and 5 businesses achieved commendations awards. This is a testament to the strength of the industry and its operators, Ms Gray said.

Luckily the two Marine Technicians, Davo and Chop, who have been with the business for years, are happy to hold their hands and guide them through the many facets of the business.

Function and conference facilities for up to 100 persons are also available for weddings and other events, as well as for business meetings.

“Judges commented that Watsons Caravans & RVs Coffs Harbour is an extremely professionally run business and that the team is creative and innovative in their approach to driving new initiatives to better all aspects of the business”.

SERVICE AND SAFETY is paramount at this time of the year.

We can cater for almost any event, and the Sanctuary Resort is an ideal wedding venue with large grounds and superb function rooms. The Treehouse Restaurant is just stunning to hold that intimate gathering for smaller weddings, wedding breakfasts or special occasions. Have your wedding or reception at the Sanctuary Resort, and the bride and groom receive a free complimentary king spa room with sparkling wine, chocolates and a very late check out. With tennis court, squash court, pool, sauna and gym, there is plenty to keep you active, or just relax in the peaceful and tranquil 7 acres of bush setting that the Sanctuary Resort sits in.

More than 230 industry members from across NSW assembled at the Fairmont, where the Awards of Excellence served as a grand finale to a two day conference (23-25 July) titled ‘Still Ahead of the Game’. “The ‘Winter Wonderland’ themed event would not have been possible without the sponsorship and support of the NSW Department of Primary Industries Catchments & Lands, Australian Turf Club Rosehill Gardens, Destination NSW, K-Mac Powerheads, Parable Productions and Tow-ed. “I congratulate all of this year’s winners, who have set excellent standards for our sector and for tourism in NSW,” Ms Gray said.

As the weather warms and we all head to the water for our recreational activities, we ask that you make sure you have had your boat and motor serviced – life jackets have been self tested and are operational – marine radios are working, and your trailer lights and electrical connections are good to go. Taking toddlers out is a great thing to do – but remember lifejackets that do not fit your precious one may not save their lives – get your toddler fitted with an infant lifejacket complete with groin strap and ensure your peace of mind and their safety on the water. See the team at Jetty Boating and have your jackets ordered in as required. STAY SAFE ON THE WATER .

coffs coast focus 49

where you can achieve anything

Book NOW to improve your skills! All these courses STARTING SOON! &HUWLÀFDWH,,LQ%XVLQHVV



This nationally recognised qualification is designed to for those people considering a career in the administration industry either as an administrative assistant, office junior, receptionist or clerical worker. Learn spreadsheets, word-processing, using business equipment, customer service and much more.

This nationally recognised Certificate IV in Employment Services qualification covers workers who provide a range of programs and services to individuals and groups of clients and employers to support them in locating, securing and maintaining suitable employment.


Job roles may include: Client services officer, employment consultant, case manager, job search training consultant and training and placement officer.

This nationally recognised qualification is designed to for those people currently working in the administration industry or those seeking employment as an administrative assistant, clerical worker, office junior, information desk clerk or receptionist. Learn to process payroll, process accounts payable and receivable and develop keyboarding speed and accuracy.

&HUWLÀFDWH,,,LQ$JHG&DUH CHC30212 This is Australia’s nationally recognised and accredited qualification in aged care, and is designed for those interested in becoming: a community support worker, field officer, nursing assistant, care worker or a disability service officer.


Prerequisite: Candidates must pass a Police Check prior to commencement.

This nationally recognised qualification comprises a suite of business units that provide the knowledge, skills and behaviours for leaders in a dynamic business environment.


Frontline managers are typically co-ordinators, team leaders, supervisors or project officers who oversee or manage the day to day operations of a business. Learn to analyse and present research information, report on financial activity, lead and facilitate off site staff, promote products and services and much more.

&HUWLÀFDWH,,LQ5HWDLO SIR20212 This nationally recognised qualification is designed for those people considering a career in the retail industry. This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a range of activities and functions requiring basic retail operational knowledge and skills. Learn to operate retail technology, merchandise products, interact with customers, minimise theft and much more.


This qualification will enable you to develop the competencies required to perform the role of a skilled trainer, facilitator, and assessor in the workplace, as well as in a Vocational Education and Training (VET) environment.



This nationally recognised qualification is designed to for those people considering a career in the retail industry. This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in retail operations and/or supervision. Learn to maintain and order stock, create a display, produce financial reports, maintain store security and much more.

Courses available to individuals or businesses. Call Adam on ÀQGXVRQIDFHERRN

focusbusiness. with the Sawtell Chamber of Commerce


with Guy Saddleton, President of Tourism Coffs Coast.

UPDATE clive greenway. Greetings to all our readers from the businesses and traders in Sawtell, and isn’t it great to see that spring has sprung ! t is always such a wonderful time of Sawtell is always a hub of activity and we the year, as we welcome the warmer manage daily to surprise our visitors with weather, more hours of daylight and all that we have on offer and the quality a sparkle that seems to come with the that abounds. We boast great shopping season. and dining experiences across a wide range Springtime on the Coffs Coast ... it doesn’t of tastes and a huge range of activities to get much better. As I’ve often said, I please the whole family. Some of the great believe we live in the best place on the spring specials this month include 40% off planet, and I was reminded of this once selected stock in store at Coco 39 on First more following a recent trip to Sydney. Avenue and a free postage offer on $150 After living in Sydney for many years, we spent online. Their online 2012 Spring Shop returned as tourists for a few days – and is open now for purchases of new spring what a different perspective I have now Vigorella. Bella Cosa, purveyors of antiques, on business and retailing in our fine and decorative arts, are proud to fine capital, as compared to present some beautiful new commerce at home. stock, including a Spanish We spent most of our Art Deco gilt wood time in the city’s console table and dney After living in Sywe centre and a fair mirror, as well as for many years, s for portion of time other unique and st returned as touriwhat a in and out of original pieces. a few days – and tive I various shops The lovely ladies different perspecsiness and restaurants, from St Nicholas have now on bu ur fine and overall it op shop are and retailing in oared to was quite a hosting a fashion capital, as comp me. disheartening parade on Saturday o commerce at h experience. We 15 at the Anglican found dirty streets and Church in Elizabeth shop fronts, unhappy Street at 2pm followed shop assistants who would by afternoon tea, with the prefer to have teeth pulled than opportunity to buy the clothing from lend a hand, higher prices than expected the parade. The cost is $5. The Sawtell Post despite July sales and not much at all that Office is offering a great September special: WOWed us. lease a business post box with them and In a recent article regarding retailing, one receive a free Reflex paper – enquiries to observer cited lack of fresh ideas and rude Janemaree. and unfriendly staff as detractors of retail. While consumer spending remains I must admit that my main recollections of cautious, the business owners in Sawtell are the majority of the outlets I visited were fully aware that the road ahead may not that exactly. It was most refreshing to be a smooth one. Consequently, they are return home to our village and see our local proactive and inventive in the goods they businesses busy with positive initiatives, present and the services that they offer. a fantastic range of goods and services Sawtell businesses are very proud indeed of and sales people who were genuinely what they represent. enthusiastic, product sure and ever ready It takes more than a day to experience to assist. Perhaps we need to work harder all the delights that Sawtell has to offer, in the country, I’m not sure, but the so why not take some time and visit our comparisons were considerable. village ... it will delight you!



to NSW are: nightlife, shopping, history/ heritage and coastal and beach experiences. What was good to see is that Coffs Harbour is ranked fourth in terms of interstate consumer recognition after Sydney, Byron Bay and the Blue mountains. Meanwhile, at a more local level I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind he winter months are always everybody of the rich and popular range of harder as tourism numbers drop, signature events offered on the Coffs Coast so my congratulations to those each year. The International Buskers festival, businesses that have survived was started by the Rotary Club of Coffs and commiserations to those that have Harbour City in 1990, and it has grown to not. Please remember that at the quieter be a major event that grows in stature each tourist times, it is even more important for year and is funded by a mix of community, locals to support all our local businesses that corporate and local government sponsorship contribute to the great experience of living and grants. It’s a fantastic event suitable in or visiting the Coffs Coast. for all ages, which shows off the streets The Visitor Economy Taskforce was during the day and various venues established in June 2011, with at night. The very same Rotary the objective to double club that started the buskers overnight expenditure ur yo t le ’t on have started the NAB Cycle ...d in NSW by 2020. This ncils ou C l ca lo Challenge, which is also report has now been the underestimateth growing in numbers each em released, identifying importance ofn’ to ca year. It’s a well-run event e th strategic imperatives ng ki ic ‘k events and with astute organisers promote thesebe to grow overnight st to achieve the inviting Tony Abbot and his visitation. results. crew to participate this year, Several areas have the profile for the event got been identified to achieve an excellent boost. the 2020 target and include The Bellingen Global Carnival is increased visitation, growth well known after 22 years, across Australia of physical capacity, renew and revitalise and indeed across the world. Toast Urunga destinations, improve the visitor experience, is an incredible food and wine event on increase visitor spend, make NSW more Father’s day and includes an exclusive black competitive and change the mindset. tie dinner – a fantastic weekend or day It is good to see an acknowledgement out. Then of course we have Sawtell’s Chilli that a cultural change is needed from both Festival and Woolgoolga’s Curry Fest, both Government Departments and agencies. The very popular events that show what can focus needs to be on active encouragement be achieved when communities work for a and support for industry innovation, common goal. entrepreneurship and excellence. These are all win, win, win events that The report highlights Victoria’s success benefit local residents, local businesses in this regard. NSW has lost its share of and tourists/visitors, so please don’t ever international arrivals to Australia (59 per underestimate the importance of these cent in 2000 down to 51 per cent in 2011) events and the importance of support from and has only increased its international locals as well as visitors. And don’t let your numbers by 2 per cent during this period. local Councils underestimate the importance In this same period, Victoria has increased of them ‘kicking the can’ to promote these its share of international visitors to Australia events to achieve the best results. from 25 per cent to 32 per cent (IVS This is my final article for my 12 month December 2011). appointment as president of Tourism Coffs Of the 22 key visitor experiences or Coast – watch this space next month, and ‘attributes’ surveyed across Australia, the top … ENJOY! four attributes that are perceived to apply

Hello all! So, spring has sprung, which moves us from our slower period of year into our most productive in terms of dollars, and I’m sure I speak for all operators when I say “… bring it on ... ”


coffs coast focus 51




JULIANNE MCKEON. Coffs Harbour Innovation Centre



Versatile, creative and innovative are all descriptions that underscore Richard’s business, which puts his clients at a distinct advantage when it comes to presenting their particular needs in the best light.

RICHARD N EWCOM B E. E cotoon s What is the Coffs Harbour Innovation centre? The Coffs Harbour Innovation Centre (affectionately known as CHIC) is located at the Coffs Harbour Education Campus. It’s designed to provide incubating and innovative businesses with: • High quality, fully furnished, affordable office space at a reasonable rate. • A large boardroom for client presentations or meetings. • Provision of a supportive environment for tenants with access to business and marketing planning, as well as mentoring and networking with current established businesses at the CHIC; and • Access to advice, research, training and product development from the University and TAFE. CHIC was launched in 2001 as an initiative of the Coffs Harbour City Council, Southern Cross University and North Coast Institute of TAFE. What is your role with the Centre? I’m the Centre Co-ordinator and work for the Technology Park Board (comprising CHCC, SCU and North Coast TAFE) under an agreement with my employer, the Enterprise & Training Company Ltd (ETC) to provide business mentoring and networking for CHIC tenants. On a daily basis, as well as providing mentoring and networking opportunities for the tenants, I provide practical assistance in regard to the Centre facilities and identify opportunities for marketing and promotion of the tenants’ businesses and the Innovation Centre. Who are the current tenants in the centre? Current tenants of CHIC are a dynamic mix of small businesses and not-for-profit organisations. They view the Centre as an ideal location to work in a relaxed and attractive environment, with the vibrancy of an education facility close by and peers with whom to network. Tenants include: AFL NSW/ACT Northern NSW: oversees the development of the game of Australian Rules Football throughout the Northern NSW region. Arts Mid North Coast: is a non-profit organisation which aims to engage with all relevant sectors of the regional community to promote, facilitate and advocate for arts and cultural development across the Mid North Coast region. Avide: is a small, dynamic web company focused on delivering high quality e-learning content. Ecotoons: has set up a studio to provide

52 coffs coast focus.

services such as web design, stationery design, cartooning, animation and interactive media. Green Synergy: is a built environment plus sustainable development consultancy. Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance: co-ordinates a year round program of arts and cultural activities in ten Aboriginal communities across the NSW Mid North Coast, the best known of which is the Saltwater Freshwater Festival. The Grey Nomads: is a website providing information and advice to older age adventurers travelling around Australia. Youth Directions: assist local youth to achieve a successful transition from school to further education, training or employment. What is the aim of the Centre? The aim of CHIC is first and foremost to foster entrepreneurship, whether that be in business or community based organisations. Applicants for tenancy must demonstrate that their organisation: • Is innovative; that is it has a new concept or innovative approach to an existing industry; • Is in an incubation phase, either as a new business or developing a new path in their existing business; • Has the potential to contribute to the university and TAFE research programs or training/skills development; • Has the potential to contribute to the economic development of Coffs Harbour region; and • Has synergies with other CHIC tenants. Future plans include: • Continuation of useful seminars on small business related matters; • Encouragement of greater student involvement in the Centre, perhaps by offering selected students business sponsored office space at the Centre to further their practical learning; and • Encouragement of wider community use of the Centre either as: • Associate tenants using the Centre’s facilities/ services online or onsite • Positioning of the Centre as a hub/meeting place for discussion on Innovation and new technology, using the benefits of the spacious boardroom and fast speed broadband. If you wish to find out how the Innovation Centre could help your business, please contact Julianne McKeon on Phone +61 2 6658 8199 or Email: Website:

Ecotoons provides all of the services below, and we believe in providing environmentally friendly print products to our customers wherever possible.

the look of the website to the characters, to the web series. Lots of work! It’s still in progress, but I’m lucky to be working with some talented people on this, including our writer, Valerie Parv, and our voice over professional, Beckley Vincent. We hope to expand it and bring in other professionals to help us.

Web Design: We provide services such as budget website design to clients. We use the latest technologies, so that clients can, if they need arises, edit their websites themselves, add I’m also proud to announce that we’ve started content, and connect to Facebook and Twitter to work with the local TAFE and the multimedia through their site. We also provide a free mobile students, teaching skills to hopefully bring them app, so their site looks good on a mobile phone. in on different projects. Stationery Design: We have a history in I hear you’ve won an award recently for designing business stationery, such as your work? Yes, you’re quite right. We business cards, logos, magazine won an award at the Short Sharp ads, and brochures, which we Film Festival for best Coffs Coast can organise to be printed Animation for our short film d on recycled paper, using Envirodude. You can see it ou pr so al “ I’m at environmentally friendly online at www.envirodude. to announce th work inks. we’ve started to TAFE Cartooning: I have What project are with the localm edia and the multi hin designed cartoons you working on at g students, teac lly and illustrations the moment? At the fu skills to hope on for magazines and moment we’re working in em bring th . websites for a number on a kickstarter application. different projects ” of years, having had We need some funding to my cartoons on display in help us with production and books and galleries around to buy equipment and bring in Australia. I have a passion for more professionals on our Envirodude drawing cartoons, and I’m looking series. forward to the school holidays, when I’ll be Are you accepting new commissions for your holding drawing classes for kids at the Bunker work? Sure, we’re a commercial studio, so we Cartoon Gallery. can help with all your needs. Whether it’s web Animation: Another one of our passions is design, stationery design, animation, caricatures animation. Presently we’re working on an internet or cartoons, give us a ring. We’ll even network cartoon called Envirodude. This is a web cartoon and bring in other professionals if the need arises. that involves a trainee superhero called Ed, his For samples of our work, visit: www.envirodude. sidekick worm and their battles to save the to view our Envirodude series. planet. for more stationery We find that clients come to us, and we help them with basically all their advertising requirements under one roof. So instead of going to a sign writer, graphic designer, web designer, cartoonist and animator, where unless everyone’s on the same page, problems can occur, you can come to us. We can help you run your business design or idea through different mediums, while working in house or with other professionals on the project. What are some of the projects you’ve completed recently that you’re particularly proud of? I guess the one that springs to mind is Envirodude. We designed the whole work – from

samples. Or my website, which is still under construction: To contact me: email Mob 0432 362 941. Ecotoons will also be holding a combined exhibition with two other exhibitors at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery on October 5 and presenting 3 workshops: • Oct 3 for children 6 - 12; • Oct 4 for 12 years and up; • Adults on Oct 5. For more information, please contact the Bunker Cartoon Gallery. Interviews by Jo Atkins.

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together we make your business

Emerald Energy.

Water World. Max and his team at Poolside Waterworld have an exciting new product to share with you. It is the new range of energy efficient Viron eVo Pool & Spa Pumps. These pumps are revolutionary and brand new to the market, but the best part is that they could save you up to $1,000 a year on your power bill! Viron eVo Pumps are said to save you up to 85% of your pool running costs – this is not only great for your back pocket, but also the environment. Once supplied and fitted to your pool, the settings are tested to each individual pool and then adjusted accordingly. In the past, a pump only had limited settings, and this could drain unwanted power – which is not only wasteful, but costly. The new Viron eVo pump’s variable speed setting eliminates this waste. Suction cleaners, pressure cleaners, waterfalls, spa jets and in-floor cleaning systems are all easy to cater for with Viron eVo Pumps’ flexibility and programmability.

Skylights have been around in various styles for many years now and most of us have experienced a skylight at some stage during our life, whether it was a traditional square skylight, a tubular skylight or a plain old roof window. Whist all of these varieties were created to bring natural light into our homes, there are a number of issues associated with these products, such as heat gain and loss and difficulty in lighting lower storeys or rooms on the south or shaded sides of our homes. Solatube has proudly been a world leader in skylight manufacturing for over 20 years, and a few years ago Solatube used advanced optical technologies and its deep scientific understanding of the benefits of natural lighting to develop the world’s first Tubular ‘Daylighting’ System – the ‘Brighten Up’ series. Designed specifically to overcome all of the issues previously connected with skylights of all types, the Daylighting System now allows you to experience daylight like never before. Those once difficult to light areas can now be filled with natural daylight, using long lengths of highly reflective tube and 90 degree bends, without losing light or gaining heat. If it can do that, imagine what it can do in your kitchen or loungeroom!

Viron eVo Pumps are exclusive to Poolside Waterworld, who collectively have over 144 years’ experience in the pool industry.

And now, Solatube is the first to introduce the NEW GlassDistractions diffuser range, allowing your Daylighting System to utilise the visual benefits of glass to be a decorative feature in your room. With a variety of designs available, there is a style to suit everyone’s decor.

“We care about saving our customers money, so it is a winwin all around,” says Tim.

For more information, call your local dealer, Emerald Energy, on 6651 9926, to help find a model and style to suit your needs.

Our team of architects, interior designers and graphic designers look at your new or existing business from the inside-out and outside-in. With FRESH IDEAS, CLEAR STRATEGIES and a dash of DESIGN MAGIC, we can take your business to the next level. ARMSTRONG ARCHITECTS Concept, Documentation, Project management

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Bruce Hopkins. Having played as a first grade halfback, local cal re res resident essid iden ent Br en ent B Bru Bruce ruce uce H Hopkins opkins ki certainly knows his rugby league. Recently ly retired from property development, Bruce shares his thoughts on his footy career and the changes the game has witnessed over the years …


hat originally brought you to the Coffs Coast,, and how long have you lived here? My family and I were living in Mittagong, where we had the Mittagong Hotel. Having lived near the ocean all our lives, we missed it. Seeking sun and surf again, we decided to move to Coffs Harbour, where we bought the lease for the Pier Hotel in 1975. Back then, my wife, Jean, flew back to Sydney regularly for haircuts and shopping. How old were you when you first started playing rugby league? During my last year at Bondi Primary, I started playing school grade rugby league. I was the school’s halfback, so I was about 9 when I first played rugby league. Originally a junior with the Roosters (Easts), how did it then feel as a youngster when you were selected to play professionally with the Canterbury Bulldogs as a halfback? I was captain of the Second Grade Roosters side. The first grade halfback, Selwyn Lisle, was a good player and a good bloke. However, during a break in the competition due to representative games, a ‘friendly’ match was arranged with the Western Suburbs team. Our entire second grade backline was given the opportunity to play in the second half of that friendly game, except me. I knew that Sel Lisle and the first grade captain-coach, Ray Stehr, served together in the army and were close friends. To me, that put the writing on the wall – I had little chance of breaking into first grade. About this time, off season, my father met up with Ross Mackinnon in a Sydney pub and told him of my problem. Ross, who was the Canterbury coach, suggested that I go out to their training and that he would look after me. They started me in a sixth grade pre-season trial. However, after three or four trial games, I was chosen for the first competition match as the first grade halfback ahead of their regular

54 coffs coast focus.

halfback, Roy (Torchy) Hasson – who was not, at first, happy to be moved to five-eighth, but he happily came around when we worked together well. You were also the first Canterbury player ever to be selected for a Kangaroos side, playing representative football in the 1948-49 year. What are some of your fondest memories from this tour ... was it a tough gig? The England and France tour was very tough and Players are interchanged very long; it took 6 weeks y day, these days. In m er by ship over, and 6 weeks ay pl if you lost a back again. I remember g the from injury durin t no that our interpretation of e er w game, they s er ay pl ll A . the rules was different to ed ac repl considering your first play theirs. They fed the scrums were expected to professional game of the 80 mins.” differently, so we weren’t first grade rugby league gaining possession. was actually played In France, we saw many live against Balmain in 1947! shows, and this gave us an idea for I played with Balmain from 1950 the long trip home. Three of us: myself, Keith – 1952. I didn’t want to leave Canterbury, but Froome and Wally O’Connell, decided to do an back then you had to play for the team where act on the ship miming The Andrews Sisters. you lived, and I had moved to the Balmain When we arrived home, our act was so popular, district. After Balmain, I played for Manly during we were hired by the Celebrity Club and the the 1953 season. A reoccurring ankle injury Tivoli Theatre to perform twice a week. We finally caught up with me, and I retired at the earned more money than we ever did playing age of 30 mid-season in 1954. football! How much do you feel the game of You’re probably most well known for your rugby league – and perhaps the calibre prowess as a goal kicker. What do you of players – have changed since you feel is the most important skill needed by were a professional player? Advances in players to be able to kick goals consistently technology have obviously had a major ... is it a good eye, or being calm under impact on the way games are broadcast pressure perhaps? and viewed too ... I was actually better known for the torpedo Players are interchanged these days. In my pass; however, I was Canterbury’s goal kicker. day, if you lost a player from injury during the Goal kickers need to be calm and unaffected by game, they were not replaced. All players were the crowd; they need to kick low and straight. expected to play the 80 mins. The interchange Jonathon Thurston is a good example; he keeps rule has made the game faster, as the players the ball low and accurate. are fresh. What led to you changing clubs and These days, players are full-time professionals; playing with Balmain in 1950? This must we all had jobs and only trained twice a week. have been an interesting experience too – There was only one referee, who had

complete control of the game – obviously no video ref. There were no night games back then, and I believe that today that the television media has too much influence on the way the games are being run, times and days of the week. Given you’ve played for a few teams over the course of your footy career – lastly with St George in 1954 – who do you barrack for these days (and why)? These days I still barrack for Canterbury; I’m a life member, and they look after me. In September they are flying my grandson and I to Sydney for a former internationals luncheon, which I’m looking forward to. I also think Canterbury is coached very well. You’re also well known on the Coffs Coast for your work as a property developer. Having retired now, what keeps you busy these days? I have only recently retired, so I am still getting used to it. I have 6 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren, so they are entertaining, and I enjoy watching them play sport. I still follow the local rugby league and also NRL, although my wife, Jean, is beating me in the tipping competition! Thanks Bruce. Interview by Jo Atkins.

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B r ia n Hopwood Homes.

56 coffs coast focus.



A message to the people of the Coffs Coast

“ Did you know in January of next year my company, Brian Hopwood Homes, will have been building in Coffs Harbour for 25 years and my client services manager and Colour Consultant, Natalie Hoy, has been with my business for 10 years? ”

am delighted to say that in that time I have built for and become friends with a wonderful group of people, I have built over 600 homes and have loved the experience. There are a great number of people whom I call friends, having built for them not once, but often having built two or three homes for them. One of my clients and now friend has built 7 homes with us and is looking at building again! We (my team at Brian Hopwood

Homes) are not the biggest or the largest franchise. We are not the cheapest builder on the North Coast or the largest construction company in Australia. Sorry we don’t falsely offer $30,000 worth of extra items for $3.55, or any other smoky enticements. We are a local company who enjoy what we do. We only build in the immediate Coffs Harbour area. I would rather offer personal service than boast about how big the numbers are. I really enjoy meeting with my clients every week on site, discussing their home, making sure it’s going the way they intended. Constant communication is vital. Building is exciting! To watch your home grow, the

colours and selections coming together, is a wonderful experience and something that should be enjoyed. If you are considering building, I am happy to show you some of our homes under various stages of construction, or put you in touch with some of our previous clients, so that they can tell you what it’s like building with the Brian Hopwood Home team. I am very proud of the fact that people advertise their home as being built by Brian Hopwood Homes when they sell. Just look through the local real estate property guide any weekend. continued over

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continued from over

Building a new home is a big deal; it’s exciting, the nervous anticipation can be challenging, but our in-house Colour Consultant, Natalie Hoy, is here to help you through every step of the way at ‘Hoppies’. She helps you with selecting colours, finishes, electrical and plumbing layouts, and much more. It’s all about the journey together. It’s personal. I have seen builders come and go from Coffs Harbour over the last 25 years and seen the devastation and heartache that is left in their path. I have witnessed the sub-contractors, contractors and suppliers not being paid. Clients that have homes partially built, then having to try and work through the insurance, then waiting for the home to then be completed. My team and I are delighted to be part of the Coffs Harbour community; we support local charities and sport. I n don’t want to be the biggest builder in Australia, New South Wales, or even d Coffs Harbour. I just want to give good service and keep enjoying working

58 coffs coast focus.

with good local people. We are here for the long haul and are grateful to be here. If you are thinking about building and would like an honest quote or just to talk over your thoughts, please phone me or drop into our office, and we can have a chat. Regards, Brian Hopwood, ‘Hoppy’.

I don’t want to be the biggest builder in Australia, New South Wales, or even Coffs Harbour. I just want to give good service and keep enjoying working with good local people. We are here for the long haul and are grateful to be here. ”



Clients Always Come First Building a dream home with Brian Hopwood Homes starts on the site, talking over plans with Brian Hopwood. “Knowing the land you are building on is the most important thing for a builder to understand,” Brian said. “The slope of the land, the ground conditions, aspect and access requirements make a huge difference to the construction and look of your future home.” Some home owners already have architectural plans, and others choose to develop their ideas with the Brian Hopwood Homes building designer and Brian himself. Once plans are finalised, the Hopwood team prepares all the paperwork needed for Council approval, and the client is able to spend time with Hopwood’s own colour consultant, Natalie Hoy.

“Colour selection doesn’t need to be the daunting experience some people fear,” Natalie said. “I like to make it exciting and fun. I accompany clients to all the different suppliers, where we select items such as tiles and blinds which work best with the colour scheme they have chosen.” Once all the building approvals are received, the building process begins ... an exciting time for clients, as they watch their dream home emerge and take shape. Every week throughout the build, Brian meets his clients, on site, to discuss construction progress and answer any questions. Finally, the big day arrives, when the client is given the keys to their new, Brian Hopwood built, home.

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“ The teams we have recruited over the 25 Building to high standards

60 coffs coast focus.

years on the Coffs Coast are the best in their fields, and everyone knows clearly what we and our clients expect from them. ”

ALL the personal service in the world counts for nothing, unless you can build homes that stand the test of time.

out there day after day working alongside

As evidence of the quality of their workmanship, Brian Hopwood Homes can point to countless letters of thanks from grateful clients, a wall of housing industry awards and any number of quality homes on the Coffs Coast. “Building homes of a high standard comes down to three things,” principal Brian Hopwood said. “Firstly, you’ve got to know what you’re doing ... the kinds of challenges you’re likely to face and how to deal with them. “Secondly, you’ve also got to invest in qualified and experienced staff, who are

pride in their work and know their trade

subcontractors to keep projects moving. “Thirdly and equally importantly ... you need to find subcontractors who take inside-out. If you can attract high quality subcontractors, then achieving a high quality build is much easier. “The teams we have recruited over the 25 years on the Coffs Coast are the best in their fields, and everyone knows clearly what we and our clients expect from them.” By recruiting a team of experts ... whether staff at Brian Hopwood Homes or subcontractors, Brian has maintained the high standards of construction that his company has become known for.



Experience isn’t expensive; it’s priceless THE ‘hands-on’ business approach Brian Hopwood Homes has means Brian meets with each and every client once a week, on site, during the construction of their new home. “This meeting gives my clients the chance to ask questions, and it also means I can keep an eye on progress, ensuring the client gets exactly what they want,” he said. “I love doing these site visits ... they

are always constructive and productive for everyone involved ... the client, the sub-contractors and for our team too.” Brian said construction was an industry of variables, and experience counted when a project struck one of those variables. “I don’t tell people that they can’t change something. These visits are our opportunity to get the house right.” It’s where Brian’s considerable experience comes to the fore. He finished

his carpentry apprenticeship in 1978 and has since clocked up 34 years in the industry. “I’ve built more than 600 houses, and I’ve found that you can look at plans that appear all right but if a client walks through as it is being built and sees something’s not right for them, then we’ll find a way to fix it. “There are a thousand variables in a house, so it’s not whether things are right or wrong; it’s just how it’s put together.”

coffs coast focus 61



hotm Design Freedom FREEDOM to t design d i your own dream d home, without constraints imposed by a limited catalogue of choices, is part of the Brian Hopwood Homes experience. Clients at Brian Hopwood Homes may come to the office with anything from a vague idea of what they want, to fully-developed architectural plans. “For building designers, smart design is not telling a client what you have for them, it’s listening to what they want,” principal Brian Hopwood said. “ For buildingart designers, smtelling “At the end of the day, they’ll be design is nott you living there for 10, 15 or more years a client wha , it’s and so if there’s even just one thing have for themhat In the more than 25 years Brian listening to w wrong, they’ll be walking past it every they want ” has been building new homes, day and seeing it,” he said. many of Coffs Coast’s leading So an important part of the architects continually refer clients to consultation process begins when clients Brian Hopwood Homes. The company first approach Brian Hopwood Homes and has a good working relationship with them they sit down to talk about what they are hoping to and an equally good reputation for the quality of achieve and what they want to see in their dream construction and finishes ... something which can be home. seen in almost any issue of the Property Week as real “Building a house is a huge investment in trust. estate agents draw attention to a ‘Brian Hopwood This thing is going to engulf their lives for about six built home’. months. I’ve got to try and read what each client is “Most of our business is word of mouth, but you’ve feeling, what they’re expecting and work with my still got to promote and display yourself out there.” team from there.”

62 coffs coast focus.



Size Is Crucial

CHOOSING a builder is the first major decision anyone will make when considering the construction of their ‘dream’ home.

Award-winning builder IF awards are one of the ways clients and those in the industry can judge a builder’s performance, then Brian Hopwood Homes is at the top of his profession because the company has won a swag of prestigious accolades through the years. “Of course, the most important ‘award’ is a satisfied client who is happy with the home we have built for them,” principal Brian Hopwood said. “However, I believe it’s okay to also be proud of all the awards we have won.”

Working with a builder who undertakes just a few new builds a year may guarantee you personal attention but it may also mean you pay more as small operators lack buying power. Builders who specialise in major projects may gain your cost savings but you may not like the ‘assembly line’ approach and yearn for a bit more of that elusive personal attention. Brian Hopwood Homes offers the best of both worlds. “We don’t profess to be the cheapest

builder and we don’t want to be. We also don’t want to be the biggest builder,” principal Brian Hopwood said. “We do about 30 to 40 homes a year and we’re holding ourselves at the size we are, because we don’t want to become so big it becomes impersonal. “We have found that what generally happens with a lot of larger builders is that the last client meeting before building commences includes a big list

of things to change. “Obviously if you’ve got a smaller builder, he’s probably good at what he does but he often doesn’t have someone to help with colour selections, development paperwork or is able to get quotes back to you quickly. “Brian Hopwood Homes is right in the middle, creating a niche market where we supply high-quality homes and give personal service.”

the plug! To find out more about Hopwood Homes readers can visit them at 101 West High Street, Coffs Harbour Phone: (02) 6650 0200

Mobile: 0438 665 401

Email: Web:

coffs coast focus 63


Charlie Smith is a local legend, having taught many people to fly over the years – and he’s still a skilled and enthusiastic pilot at age 84! We visited Charlie at the Coffs Harbour Aero Club, an organisation he’s been involved with since 1967 ...


ow long have you lived in the Coffs area? It has been over 45 years.

What are some of the biggest changes in aviation you’ve seen since you began flying?

When I learnt to fly, it was what you called the ‘rag and bag days’, or what we call the ‘Tiger Moth days’ – then they advanced to the ‘Cessna days’. The hours in aviation have dropped dramatically to what they were, I learnt to fly in 1955 and I wanted to be a and it’s becoming a lot more expensive to learn fighter pilot, but the war stopped and I to fly. was cranky! I got back into it at 21 – Now most of the flying time that is and I am now 84 and still doing it! being done is by recreational pilots. I Two years ago, m fro What was the first plane you The Coffs Harbour Aero Club had e an took a pl h, ut ul D at 6 aeroplanes here at one stage, flew, and how did it feel to y or the fact ew owned by the club. fly for the first time? Minnesota and fl to across the States ross It was a Tiger Moth that I You have been flying for Honolulu and acpan and learnt to fly in; it was exciting, many years now. What is it the bottom of Ja rea.” and I was not nervous. My first that keeps you enthusiastic Ko to it delivered flight was actually in aerobatics. after all this time? How long have you been I am still learning how to fly! You never stop learning. I fly pretty well, I teaching other people to fly? Since 1970, but I was only doing adhave been assessed, and my flying is pretty vanced training in the early days. I did instructor good. training in 1990 ... but initially I was training in multiIf money wasn’t an object, what would be your engines and instrument ratings. dream plane to own – and why? If you had to ‘guestimate’, how many students A Lear Jet! It’s quick, and I have flown one. I used to work for North Coast Airlines, and we did the first service do you believe you have taught to fly over the to Bribie Island, where they made the strip when they years? In excess of 50, but more likely 100. gave the flying boats away. When did you first become involved in the Coffs We actually had the first airline that made all the stops. We used to fly out of Brisbane and first stop was NewAero Club? When I first arrived here in 1967. castle, Tamworth and Armidale. That was for passengers,

How old were you when you learnt to fly; was it always a dream of yours to be airborne?

64 coffs coast focus.

and I got over 16,000 hours up there. I have done a lot of charter work – and tourist work too. I have kept all my log books. I first crossed the channel in 1968. I went to the United States to Midway Island, and I have flown around the world – including to Damascus.

What are some of the other flights you’ve done? 1967/1968 we travelled to San Francisco, Lake Tahoe to Las Vagas, Grand Canyon, Hawaii, San Jose, Honolulu, and we were guests for 3 days at a USA Navy base on the insistence of the Lieutenant Commander of the United States Navy. Two years ago, I took a plane from the factory at Duluth, Minnesota and flew across the States to Honolulu and across the bottom of Japan and delivered it to Korea. That was a single engine plane.

Can you tell us a flying experience you’ve had, possibly a scary one or even a joyous one, that sticks in your mind? I had a tip of a propeller fall off in a twin engine aeroplane – nine inches were off the propeller. I immediately felt the vibrations, but I didn’t know what was wrong ... so I ‘feathered’ the plane, as the temperatures were all OK. I continued on for 40 miles and landed OK.

Any plans to hang up the pilot’s hat soon? I am going to retire soon from here, as I am getting a bit older – but I will keep flying!

Thanks Charlie. Interview by Sam Dawson.

coffs coast focus 65


with Chris Hines from Unrealestate

real With the housing market being what it is, and many saying that it’s a buyers market, there are still a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a home.

chris hines.

uying a home is very stressful, and Most real estate agents have a story or two purchasers sometimes lack conof purchasers who were wiser after the event. fidence when making their final The fact that a house is new doesn’t mean choice. Having started out with that a purchaser should bypass the pest report. a ‘wish list’, they find themselves White ants can enter even a new home if sacrificing up to half of what they originally a tradesman has been careless. They have set their hearts on. The problem is deciding been known to enter via formwork that has which fifty percent to sacrifice. People get very been left around concrete steps, for example. confused about their priorities, especially if Reports that cost a few hundred dollars could they ‘fall in love’ with a property, even though save thousands, even tens of thousands of it does not actually meet many of their more dollars, if the damage turns out to be extenpractical needs. The best way to end up with sive. Home buyers should make sure they use your ideal home in the long run is to buy licensed tradespeople who have professional prudently from an investment point indemnity insurance. There should be of view and plan to get your no question of the buyer being dream home second or third out of pocket, as long as the time around. Above all, tradesperson is covered if Checking before make sure you don’t they fail to analyse buildmaking an offer ignore the old wisdom d ing faults that later becan save time an you ns ea about location taking come apparent. If your m money; it t of the os m t ou le ru up places one, two and building and pest report n ca on’t properties that wtch, three on your list of cridoes uncover problems, come up to scra money teria. Decor, even house that doesn’t automatibefore spending rts.” po style and size, can always cally mean you should on building re be changed or improved, pull out of the sale. One but location and land size way to approach the issue (apart from extraordinary circumis to re-negotiate the sale price stances) are basically there forever. to allow for repairs. Prudent vendors Focusing on location can help purchasers usually see the wisdom of making adjustments be more objective, so they avoid letting their to retain their purchaser. Sometimes vendors hearts rule their heads. Location aside, there prefer to arrange for a tradesman to carry out are many ways of ensuring that you make the work before settlement takes place. Even a a good buy from a structural and amenities termite infestation doesn’t necessarily mean a point of view. Checking thoroughly before purchaser should pull out of the sale. making an offer can save time and money; it A surprising number of homes have had means you can rule out most of the propertermites at some stage. It’s a case of quantifyties that won’t come up to scratch, before ing the damage and taking a calculated risk. you spend money on a professional building However, in the case of serious structural damreport. It’s only natural that home buyers want age which is often unquantifiable, it is usually to save money on the costs associated with safer to give up the idea of purchase, no mattheir property purchase. They shop around for ter how much you like the property. legal/conveyancing deals, removalists and so The ultimate choice is up to the purchaser. on. Sometimes, especially on newer properties, Building and pest reports are a tool for asthey decide that the recommended pest and sessing the property’s structural condition and building reports are an unnecessary expenses. ultimate suitability. In most cases, they enable Purchasers should never take anything for purchasers to reinforce the feeling that they granted, even on relatively new houses. have made the right choice.


66 coffs coast focus.

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Coffs Coast - 24  

Issue 24 of Coffs Coast

Coffs Coast - 24  

Issue 24 of Coffs Coast