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November 2012


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’s amazing how we take the little things for granted. A coffee brought to you at work after a lousy day. The way the city lights glisten on the streets after a day of rain. The time your computer actually does what you want it to do. (I become eternally grateful for this around deadline.) Whatever it may be, there are a thousand things everyday that blow by us without even a second thought. Can you imagine how much happier our lives would be if we took two minutes each day to think about those little things that make each day more bearable?

6 //



Eat like an athlete


Two minutes! That’s all you have to do. Heck, I’ve spent longer time debating what candy bar to get from the vending machine. Those two minutes a day can change your outlook on life. It’s probably obvious why I’m bringing this topic up this month. Thanksgiving is a time where we are supposed to take a moment to realize all that we have. This holiday conjures up images of me sitting around a table that’s bowing down from the weight of all the food while my family tells us what they’re thankful for this year. As they go through

their rehearsed answers I find myself frantically trying to choose from my long list of blessings. This is a November tradition almost as sacred as my annual participation in Novembeard, which quickly leads to the realization that I grow a disgusting beard, which eventually leads me running to the razor mid November. (Hey, some traditions shouldn’t be messed with.) As much as I hate to do this, I’m about to quote Oprah. (I’m never going to hear the end of this from my friends.) “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t




Dorothy Day House of Hospitality, Inc.




have, you will never, ever have enough.” This statement really drives my point home. So often we only think about, “more, more, MORE.” If we get away from this form of thinking, then we can start to appreciate all that we have. Isn’t it a shame that we only devote one day a year to give thanks for everything we have? I challenge everyone to stop, think and take notice of what you have. Even if it is just that cup of coffee.

Andrew Jason // 7

t i E P SHVikAki Schneeberger WITH



8 //



ikki Schneeberger is a single mom of two teenage boys, a fifth grade teacher, heads multiple fitness classes each week, is a personal trainer and through all this keeps up with her health and fitness. Where she finds the time to breath is a mystery. On top of her sizable list of tasks, she finds time to train and participate in marathons. In 2008, she ran her first half marathon. Since then, she has ran a total of five half marathons and numerous 5k’s and 10k’s. Her goal is to run her first full marathon by the time she is 40. Being she is only two years shy of that (yep, pretty hard to believe), looks like she will be running that marathon soon.


Exercise is only part of the puzzle, to see actual results you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This includes healthy behaviors and eating habits.


RED I P S N EI B , N O // 9

I am very lucky, I get paid to work out. I teach two Body Pump classes, two CXWORX classes and a Body Flow class each week, all have ab components. The Pump and Flow classes have leg components incorporated too, that’s all I do. I do lift biceps, triceps, back, and shoulders one day a week. For that I do a combination of free weights and machines, two different exercises 12-15 reps for each body part.


I eat a lot of lean protein; chicken, eggs and fish mostly. Typically try not to eat carbs after 2. When I do eat carbs it’s always 100 percent whole wheat bread, pasta, and brown rice. I eat a lot of veggies, limited dairy-skim milk, 2 percent cheese, cottage cheese, limited fruits. I try to eat like a stop light- three days red or pretty strict, two days yellow with a little more leeway, and two days green or cheat days. My biggest weakness is peanut butter. I feel like I could eat my weight in peanut butter everyday! I crave salty snacks way more than sweets but limit those to cheat days.


could happen to prevent you from being physically active and doing the things you love, so be grateful for everything.

Don’t Take Your Health For Granted: You never know if something

risks and step out of your comfort zone. Do something everyday that scares you a little, whether it’s related to health and fitness or not.

Take Risks! You don’t know what you can accomplish unless you take

in their workout routines. When your body gets used to the same things you cannot improve.

Challenge Yourself Every Day: So often people get complacent


I do enjoy my cocktails, Reeses peanut butter cups and chips (I love a good salty, crunchy snack!)


in Evoo or cooking spray.

Lunch: Lean protein, usually chicken or tuna, with veggies. Dinner: Usually more lean protein chicken, turkey, or fish and sauteed veggies either cooked

Or 100% whole wheat toast with smart balance peanut butter.

MEALS Breakfast: 100 percent whole wheat English muffin with an egg and pepper jack cheese.

When I am working out on my own I like to lift and do some cardio. I love the feeling of getting my muscles fired up. I will lift for 20-30 min depending on the day and finish it with 30 min of cardio-I love running and enjoy the stair climber. They key is to find the type of exercise you like so it doesn’t seem like work. If I’m lifting legs however, I won’t do cardio, they are just too shot.


They key is to find the type of exercise you like so it doesn’t seem like work. If I’m lifting legs however, I won’t do cardio, they are just too shot. My favorite exercises for legs are squats-using the machines or heavy bars, lunges-either stationary or walking, both with weights, extensions with the machines-all for quad and glutes, dead lifts with a heavy bar and leg curls with the machines for hamstrings, and toe lifts using weights and a step for calves. When I do legs I do two exercises for each area-quads, glutes, hams, calves with three sets of 12-15. I’ve also been incorporating some jump squats and lunges and jump ups on a step for a little high intensity interval training-for those I like to do a pyramid style-doing each exercise for a specific amount of reps or seconds before moving on to the next exercise then increasing the rep or time to a specific number then work my way down.


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Photos and questions by Kylee Seifert 14 //


KELLY KISELL Personal Training Director Courts Plus 3491 South University Drive, Fargo

I prefer to workout outside but now that it’s getting colder, I’m dreading going back to the gym. What can I do to make the switch easier?


f you like to workout alone, check with your local gym to see when their quiet time is. On the flip side, try to attend group fitness or circuit classes, where you can meet new people. You may find that you will fall in love with a class atmosphere. The upside of going back to the gym is that Mother Nature can never interrupt your workout.

I want to add some tone to my muscles but I’m afraid of gaining weight. How can I tone my muscles without becoming too bulky?


y first suggestion would be to hire a Personal Trainer for at least a few sessions to get you on the proper workout routine. Secondly, this is a huge myth, especially for women, that by lifting weights you are going to get big and bulky. Be sure to do full body workouts, not just arms and abs. If you are uncertain about using weights, mix in body weight workouts. There are many exercises that don’t include weights which can help you get a long and lean body. If you want to lose weight and still look fit, you need to build some muscle. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories at rest you will burn.

Now that the weather is chilly, about how long should I spend warming up my muscles when I get to the gym to ensure I don’t injure myself?


good rule of thumb is to do about 5 minutes of a dynamic warm-up. This may include body weight squats, pushups, lunges, jumping jacks or even a light jog. Anything to get the blood flowing and the muscles pumping. Save your stretching for after and during your workout. It is important that you never stretch a cold muscle.


Nutrition ADVICE I’ve tried taking five hour energy but they make me sick, and I don’t drink coffee or pop. What are some other natural ways to gain more energy when I hit that 2 o’clock slump?


nack on fruits and veggies. Eat a smaller lunch and/or less meat. Meat takes longer to digest, therefore making you feel tired. Processed foods also take longer to break down. Limit the amount of sweets and caffeine that you normally have in the morning. These are great for a quick boost of energy; however, you will crash fairly quick. Try substituting coffee with green tea. You may also want to try protein shakes or snacking on nuts, such as almonds. It cannot be stressed enough, drink LOTS of water.


I’m looking for a diet that will really work. Any recommendations?

irst off, throw the word “diet” out the window. Start making small, healthy, changes in the way you eat. If you try to make a drastic change in your eating habits, rest assured you will gain it all back, and unfortunately, plus some. Eliminate sugar, white breads and pastas. Eat more fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, chicken, fish and nothing deep fried. If there is a long laundry list of ingredients, don’t buy it. If it runs, swims, fly’s, or grows from the ground, eat it. Start decreasing the amount of pop or juice that you drink and substitute it with water. Allow yourself to have one or two cheat days during the week, because this will keep you sane.


With the holiday’s coming up, how can I still enjoy all the delicious food without completely ruining my diet?

ou can still enjoy your holiday and all the food that comes with it. Look for fun and healthy recipes to make. You can still enjoy your holiday meal, just take smaller portions, skip the desserts and opt for more fruits and veggies. After your meal, go for a brisk walk with family and friends.

Courts Plus Fitness Center has a new name: Courts Plus Community Fitness, a new logo and a new addition are coming soon. Learn more at 16 //

How to Naturally Gain Energy Through Your Diet Fruits and Veggies A Smaller Lunch Less Meats Fewer Processed Foods

Less Caffeine Tea Instead of Coffee Snack on Nuts LOTS of Water


FIGHTING INFLAMMATION Do you often wonder why you feel so sluggish, fatigued, achy in the joints, and irritable? As Doctors of

Chiropractic we look to find the “root of your evil.” Kim, Office Manager at Fetzer Family Chiropractic often mentions this to clients as soon as they call to make that first appointment. We want them to know that many times it may not just be a simple misalignment of the vertebra that is causing their ailments, but it could be the very thing that they put in their bodies on a daily basis. This can be hard to change for many of us because 80 percent of our calories are derived from inflammatory foods. Sugar, refined grains, oils and obese meats are the main culprits. Inflammation is a generalized state within the circulatory and immune system perpetuated by a poor diet. This diet induced trauma leads to the development of biochemical changes similar to a physical injury. The difference is that, for most people, dietary trauma occurs every time they eat, three or more times each day, every day. Normally inflammation is your immune system’s response to injury or infection. The inflammation process cleans out damaged tissue and sets the stage for healing to begin. We’re sure you can remember a time or two when you hurt yourself and that body part swelled up and there was some discomfort. Within a few days, you were healed up. This is your body’s normal response to injury. But if you don’t have that optimal environment in place already, chronic inflammation can occur. Chronic inflammation can set the stage for allergies, headaches, neck pain, back pain, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and many more chronic diseases. So what are you going to do about? Lets talk about some simple changes that we can start with.

1 Eat more Omega-3 foods

We tend to eat too many Omega-6 and too few Omega-3 fatty acids. Many experts believe we need no more than a 4:1 ratio of these foods but more commonly we see a 20:1 ratio. Add in more fish, walnuts, almonds, olive oil, avocados, cashews and green leafy veggies. Avoid the processed foods which are full of Omega-6’s. 18 //

2 Choose low-glycemic carbs

It is important to choose carbs that take longer to absorb and have less of an effect on the insulin response. When insulin is chronically elevated it can lead to inflammation due to the added stress of the elevated insulin. There are many great resources available on this subject if you just look.

3 Eat lean protein

Avoid the calories that come from obese meats. This is the fatty meat from domestic animals that live a sedentary life in feedlots where their main food source is grains/corn instead of grass/pasture. Wild game, skinless chicken and free range omega-3 eggs are good sources of protein.

4 Go a bit Nutty

Walnuts, almonds, and cashews are great to snack on and they’re very satisfying.

5 Spice it up a bit

Garlic, ginger, turmeric and bromelain are great for fighting inflammation.

6 Get your fruits and veggies in on a daily basis

It takes time to make these changes, so don’t worry about the occasional bran muffin or cup of ice cream. This has little influence compared to the 80 percent of inflaming foods we eat daily. Another key to reducing the dietary trauma is to eat appropriate amounts for your body. In general, overeating leads to an inflammatory response. With a few lifestyle changes, you will reduce the risk for chronic disease (inflammation) naturally. If we can be of any assistance please contact the clinic at 701-356-6700.

Fetzer Family Chiropractic | 1555 43rd St. S., Fargo 701.356.6700 | // 19

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kylee seifert

22 //




Ali Corwin may look like a sweet, innocent and harmless NDSU student, but get her in the CrossFit gym and she turns into a beast.


he can swing kettlebells, perform deadlifts with the perfect form, clear her overhead squats, bust out alternating lunges, rev things up with burpees and do all of this while hardly breaking a sweat. For a CrossFit athlete to perform all of these and more, they need to fuel their body with all the right things to recover and rehabilitate. Corwin breaks down the real way to eat like a CrossFit athlete and a few other fun tid-bits about her fit lifestyle.




I’m mostly motivated by the people

I own a 24 oz. Blender Bottle

that are close to me: my friends, boyfriend and family (especially my brothers, I always want to lift heavier than them.) When it comes to CrossFit work outs, I get to work out with some of my best friends everyday - it’s awesome. They are always pushing me to be better, and the cool part is that they genuinely want to see me get better, and vice versa. Our motivation builds off of each other. Seeing them and the athletes I train make improvements makes me want to improve as well. Watching an athlete get their first unassisted pull-up or their first handstand push-up is incredibly motivating. It shows that dedication and hard work absolutely yield results.

and carry it with me all day. I will usually drink 7-8 bottles full of water throughout the day, even more when it’s hot and humid out. Hydration is vital to workouts, especially making sure you drink enough before and immediately after workouts. ‘Drink water like it’s your job.’ is a phrase I live by.

FAVORITE QUOTE TO LIVE BY “Today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”

1. Apples

POWEr 24 //

ele 2. Carrots & C

3. Almonds





try to stick to what is called the Paleo diet at least 90 percent of the time. It basically means I eat protein, veggies, some fruit, and naturally occurring fats and oils like avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, and nuts and seeds. I stay away from grains, dairy and too much sugar or processed foods. I’ve been eating Paleo for over a year pretty consistently and have found that it is definitely a manageable lifestyle. To those skeptical about it, I would recommend they try it for 30 days, really honestly try it, and see how good they feel before brushing it off.

BREAKFAST» Breakfast is usually right after my CrossFit workout so I’ll have protein from eggs or bacon, or both, and something more carb dense like sweet potatoes, cooked broccoli, or whatever leftover veggies are in my fridge, with a little avocado on the side. Oh, and coffee. Always coffee.

LUNCH» Lunch usually consists of leftovers from dinner the night before.

DINNER» Dinner will be something I cook that night. I go online all the time to look up different Paleo recipes and use whatever I have in my fridge. My favorite Paleo websites are:, and In the summer I grill almost every night, I can’t live without the grill.




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Julie Garden-Robinson Ph.D., R.D., L.R.D. Julie is a professor and a Food and Nutrition specialist with the NDSU Extension Service.

Slow Cookers Are a Cook’s Best Friend

A t the end of a long day, have you ever arrived at home hungry but not interested in cooking? Thought so! You can save some money on take-out food if you invest in a slow cooker and do a little work ahead of time. Simply mix the ingredients in the slow cooker and let it cook while you are gone. When you arrive home, a warm, satisfying dinner is ready to be served! Slow cookers were introduced in the early 1970’s, and many sizes, shapes and brands of slow cookers with capacities ranging from two cups to more than and seven quarts are available. Many of the brands have several heat settings.


How much do you know about slow cookers and their use?

True or False: A slow cooker uses less electricity than an oven. True or false: The low cooking temperature in a slow cooker allows less expensive cuts of meat to tenderize. True or false: Always thaw meat and poultry in the refrigerator before cooking in the slow cooker to help ensure complete cooking.

With some simple guidelines in mind, it’s easy to enjoy slow-cooked foods!

True or false: Keep the lid in place at all times because removing the lid slows cooking time. True or false: You should fill the slow cooker no less than half full and no more than two-thirds full because cooking too little or too much food in the slow cooker can affect cooking time and quality. True or false: If you are not home during the entire slow-cooking process and the power goes out for an undetermined length of time, throw away the food even if it looks done. How did you do? All of these statements are true.



Follow these slow-cooker tips!

Always thaw meat or poultry in the refrigerator or microwave before putting it in a slow cooker. Cut the food into chunks or small pieces to ensure thorough cooking. Make foods with a high-moisture content, such as chili, soup, stew or spaghetti sauce. Fill the cooker no less than half full and no more than two-thirds full. Keep the cover in place to ensure proper heating. Don’t refrigerate the leftovers in the slow cooker. Place the food in shallow pans and refrigerate within two hours of the time the cooking is finished.

es re recip For mo , check out s and tip erving: Slow S at : w o “N Meals!” C ooker s/ du/pub .ndsu.e .pdf g .a w ww s/fn1511 yf/food

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East Entrance of Moorhead Center Mall

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INTRODUCE THE NEW - Designer Frames

- Eye Exams - COOKIES & FUDGE

- Contacts

“Your Face is a Piece of Art, It Just Needs the Perfect Frame” -Dr Mark and Deb Tufte

LOCATED DOWNTOWN EYES on 43rd has opened their second office, this time in the heart of Downtown Fargo. At EYES on BROADWAY, Dr. Mark and Deb, a licensed cosmetologist, specialize not only in helping you ‘SEE YOUR BEST” they also help you "LOOK YOUR BEST!’

EXAM ROOMS Dr. Tufte offers some of the latest technology for comprehensive eye exams. most Cases don't require dilation of your eyes!


NEW EXCLUSIVE FRAMES Dr. Mark and Deb just returned from the International Vision Expo with the latest frame styles and unique eyewear designs. At the Expo Deb hand-picked, from over 5,000 frame lines from 14 different countries, the perfect frames for her Optique.




True or False:

Fargo-Moorhead is boring? FALSE!!! Check out these great facts and interesting tidbits that help make the FM area one of the best places to live.

Z I U Q START 32 //











How many parking spots does the Fargodome have? A. 4,200 B. 3,800 C. 3,500 D. 4,000

The building Fort Noks is in now used to be what? A. Fargo Saloon B. Fargo National Bank C. Johnson Chiropractic D. A liquor store True or false: The downtown JL Beers has more than 30 beverages on tap.

What year did FM Redhawks join the Northern League? A. 1990 B. 1987 C. 1996 D. 1992

How Big is The Shipwreck Bay Waterpark inside of Fargo’s Holiday Inn? A. 13,000 square feet B. 12,750 square feet C. 10,000 square feet D. 11,000 square feet

What is the Hodo’s most popular martini? A. Hodo tini B. The Angels’ Share C. Hipnotini D. 5 Alive When did the FM Derby Girls first get together? A. 2007 B. 2008 C. 2009 D. 2006

True or false: A fire in 1893 took down 31 blocks of downtown Fargo.

How old do you have to be to get into Courtney’s Comedy Club? A. 21+ B. 18+ C. 18+ during the week, 21+ Friday and Saturday

Last year West Acres had a record number of visitors over Thanksgiving weekend, how many people stepped foot into the mall on Black Friday? A. 80,000 B. 70,000 C. 82,000 D. 75,000

Answers: 1. A, 2. B, 3. True, 4. C, 5. A, 6. D, 7. B, 8. True, 9. C, 10. A // 33




ost people in this community are aware of the compensation

benefits of donating plasma. I, myself, had a college roommate who routinely boasted about her groceries being paid for by plasma. There are many eager to do any small task that puts money in their pockets, but most don’t realize the full extent of what plasma can do to help save lives around the world. Yes, it’s a win – win for everyone!

With November being Primary

Immune Deficiency Awareness month, we think it’s time to shed some light on what plasma’s role actually is. We went right to one expert, Becky Levine at Grifols, a plasma donation center in Moorhead known as Talecris Plasma Resources to help us sort out the details. “Donating plasma is something to be very proud of, because you are helping to save the lives of people who don’t have any other treatment options available. The proteins found in human plasma are unique and irreplaceable, and they often provide the only effective treatment for patients with immune deficiencies. The plasma we collected is used to produce these life-saving therapies for people around the world.” 34 //

WHAT IS PLASMA? Plasma is the liquid portion of human blood. The vast majority of plasma – 92 percent – is composed of water. The remaining eight percent is made up of essential proteins and antibodies that aid in our body’s vital functions. A shortage of any of these proteins can result in one of many life-threatening illnesses.

WHY IS PLASMA SO IMPORTANT FOR PATIENTS WITH IMMUNE DEFICIENCIES? Patients with immune deficiencies cannot fight off common viruses and bacteria because their immune systems do not produce essential proteins and antibodies. To restore or replace missing proteins, patients are often administered protein therapies that are derived from human plasma. Your donated plasma

is the vital source material used to help make therapies that treat life-threatening conditions such as shock, trauma, immune deficiencies, hemophilia and other blood disorders. Grifols is one of several companies in the world that develops and manufactures these specialized protein therapies and distributes them worldwide.


»You must be between the ages of 18 and 64.

Eating a healthy meal within two hours of your visit and drinking plenty of fluids, such as juice and water, will help ensure a successful donation.

»You must also provide a valid photo I.D., proof of your current address and your Social Security or immigration card.

»As a repeat “qualified” donor, you receive a physical exam annually and a health history screening prior to every donation.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? The whole process can take as little as 90 minutes.

Every a donation your first es of ves the liv

sa ne ith immu people w d n a ncies or deficie ditions. c a r e th on owill

IS THERE COMPENSATION FOR MY TIME? There is compensation for your time, because it does take bit longer than giving blood. Rates vary, but on average you can earn up to $200 a month.


» Every plasma donation is tested multiple times before it is approved for use in manufacturing..

HOW OFTEN CAN I DONATE? You can donate twice in a seven-day period, but there must be at least 48 hours between donations.


Donating plasma is similar to giving blood, except only the plasma is retained. There is a needle that is administered in the arm vein and the whole blood is collected into a sterile, highly specialized medical device that separates the plasma from red blood cells, which are then returned to the donor..


»You must weigh at least 110 pounds and be in general good health to donate.

»If you are a new plasma donor, you must pass physical exam before donation.


ow that you have the lowdown on donating plasma, check it out for yourself online or stop in at one of the area’s donation centers and see if donating plasma is right for you. Then go ahead, order those shoes you’ve told yourself you can’t afford, but don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for doing something important that helps save lives.





800 Holiday Dr, Moorhead 218-287-2700

2617 12th Ave. S, Fargo 701-232-4426

2960 12th St. S, Moorhead 218-287-5869 // 35



50 ways to give back THERE ARE SO MANY CHARITIES AND NON-PROFITS OUT there it’s impossible to decide where to distribute your time, money and resources. Well, that’s where we come in. We gathered 50 of some of the top charities around the area. This holiday season, look into your heart and consider giving to these charities who are changing lives. Go ahead, reach out and lend a hand.

SPOTLIGHT Minn-Kota Region Serving ND and Western MN


shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters (responded to 161 local disasters, assisting 944 individuals last year); supplies about 40 percent of the nation’s blood; teaches skills that save lives (36,000 community members have gone through their classes); provides international humanitarian aid (the region served 45 individuals and families last year) and supports military members and their families (953 military members and their families received services from the Red Cross.) The Red Cross is a not-for-profit organization that depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its mission.

38 //

50 CHARITIES Essentia Health Regional Foundation ESSENTIA HEALTH

Regional Foundation’s goal is to extend patient-focused care throughout the community by being known as a trusted voice and a healing hand in times of need. They use all contributions to benefit the mission of Essentia Health. The Regional Foundation enables donors to partner with their care teams. Some of the areas that are supported from donations are: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Stroke and Neurosciences, the Cancer Center and Heart and Vascular Services. You can find more information on their organization, find applications to volunteer at the hospital and make a contribution. www.essentiahealth. org

Boy Scouts of America, Northern Lights Council THE PURPOSE OF THE

Boy Scouts of America is to help shape and mold the

development of the community’s youth through scouting programs that stress citizenship training, character development and physical and mental fitness. Who would have thought that you can learn all that awesome stuff and also learn how to tie all those fancy knots? Scouting has various groups that serve all ages of boys. Cub Scouts is for boys in grades 1 – 5. Boy Scouts is for boys in grades 6 – 12. Venturing is for young adults age 14 – 20. Exploring is for young adults age 14 – 20.

Boys and Girls Club of the Red River Valley/ Fargo Youth Commission THE BOYS AND GIRLS

Club of the Red River Valley believe in our children. They work with children of all backgrounds to develop the qualities necessary to achieve their full potential. They do this by developing five core programs that include: character and leadership development, education and career development, health

and life skills, the arts and sports, fitness and recreation.

Cass County Extension Services THE CASS COUNTY

Extension Services strive to provide quality, researched information to Cass County residents. They focus on food and nutrition, agriculture, horticulture, financial management and youth development. They reach out to local people and organizations in hopes of improving their quality of life. casscountyextension

Catholic Charities of North Dakota CATHOLIC CHARITIES

of North Dakota doesn’t care about your denomination. They are there to help you. Their programs include “Adults adopting special kids,” “Counseling services,” “Pregnancy, parenting and adoption,” “Guardianship “and “Adoption search and disclosure services.” www.catholicchar



That’s what CHARISM is all about. This nonprofit was founded 18 years ago in the McCormick Park neighborhood of Fargo to offer community programming to low-income residents. They have since expanded into two Fargo neighborhoods to offer many programs that range from a summer day camp to a community garden.

Churches United for the Homeless A SAFE HAVEN AWAITS

for the people who go to Churches United for the Homeless. This is the only shelter within 225 miles that provides a safe place for single men and women as well as both one and two parent families. Their mission is to provide shelter and support in a spiritual setting.

Community of Care THE GOAL OF THE

Community of Care is simple. They want to keep seniors and older adults living in their rural Cass County

50 CHARITIES homes as long as safely possible. The execution of this goal is not as simple. Some of the services they provide are referrals for services, care coordination, transportation and Medicare Part D drug plan enrollment. www. communityofcarend. com

Creative Care for Reaching Independence (CCRI), Inc. “TO ENHANCE AND

enrich the lives and learning of people with disabilities.” This is the mission statement of CCRI. So what exactly does that mean. The team at CCRI provides support with personal care, educational training, recreation, medical, social needs and much more. They help their clients reach their full potential.


to animals. Educating the proper and humane care of animals. Finding permanent and loving homes for their animals. The Humane Society of Fargo-Moorhead does 40 //

all this and more. Since 1966, they have been a pound rescue organization that takes in animals from the three municipal pounds after their time is up. More info can be found at: www.humansociety

Fargo Adult Learning Center EVERYONE DESERVES A

chance to receive a quality education, and the Fargo Adult Learning Center’s goal is to provide just that. They provide several different programs: English as a Second Language (ESL), General Education Development (GED), Certified Nursing Assistant, Family Literacy, Driver’s Literacy, Citizenship Classes and PreC.N.A. classes. From local residents wanting to finish their high school education, to new Americans looking to learn English, this is the place to come to cultivate knowledge. www.fargo.k12.


what’s going on around the area. Their mission is to assist people in

identifying, accessing and making effective use of the community and its volunteer resources. They specialize in suicide support services, volunteerism and linking people to thousands of community resources. They provide this assistance 24 hours a day. So if you find yourself wondering what resources or nonprofits are out there, turn to Firstlink. Dialing 2-1-1 will put you in contact with FirstLink’s specialists.

FM Dorothy Day House of Hospitality EVERYONE NEEDS A

little help to pick them up when they’re at their worst. That’s what the FM Dorothy Day House of Hospitality is here for. They provide a caring, Christian community to help the homeless and hungry. They do this with one of their shelters as well as their two food banks. In 2011 the Dorothy Day House provided shelter for 130 men, while 574 men and women used their showers, laundry, accessed clothing and hygiene items. Their

two food pantries fed 48,332 men, women and children. This amounted to an impressive 1,018,516 pounds of food distributed.


what Fraser, Ltd. does in such a little space. Their mission statement sums up what they do in one sentence. “Supporting children, youth and adults on their life’s journey towards independence.” They do this through a variety of services. A complete listing of all they do is available on their website.

GFA (Guardian, Fiduciary and Advocacy) Services SETTING ASIDE TIME TO

improve the lives of others – that’s common at GFA Services. They work with the elderly, disabled and mentally ill adults in ND and MN to help improve their lives. The work they do is vital because most of the people they serve are alone in the world and often times have no family or friends to help them through


Make a Wish began in 1985, 630 wishes have been granted to children with life threatening medical conditions. These gifts are given out to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Wishes fall into one of four categories: I wish to be, I wish to have, I wish to meet and I wish to go. Around 80 percent of ND wishes involve travel so it is not cheap to grant these wishes. In fact, the average cost of a wish is $6,000, with an additional $3,000 in donated goods and services. With these types of expenses, it is vital that people donate their time, money and resources.


full term pregnancies and healthy babies. More than four million babies are born in the United States each year and the March of Dimes has helped each and every one of them through their research, education, vaccines and breakthroughs. They are also hard at work on the next big breakthrough – finding a way to effectively prevent premature birth, which affects 500,000 families every year. The work they are doing is so important because 1 in 10 babies are born premature in North Dakota and during one hour in the US, 28 will have lifelong health issues as a result of being born premature and nine won’t live to see their first birthday. November is National Prematurity Awareness Month so it’s the perfect month to become involved. // 41

50 CHARITIES their struggles. GFA helps them by coordinating care, helping with financial management or advocating for an individual to receive the benefits that they’re entitled.

Girl Scouts, Dakota Horizons Council


in the direction of your dreams can be scary, but girl scouts are here to help young women face that fear. The Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons provides an outlet which helps girls advance into future leaders. They teach girls positive values and independence skills, while helping them build their selfconfidence and social skills. www.

HERO, Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization HERO MAKES A

difference locally and globally while protecting the environment. They provide medical supplies to people who need it for a low cost. After collecting

supplies that would otherwise add to landfills, they bring these materials back to life and redistribute them to people both within the area, and all over the world. So far this year they have filled 2,138 requests for healthcare supplies and have provided 67,385 pounds of supplies for medical missions.

Hospice of the Red River Valley NOBODY SHOULD HAVE

to face the end of their life alone. That’s why the Hospice of the Red River Valley served 1,323 individuals last year. The Hospice of the Red River Valley offers a place to fulfill emotional, spiritual, physical, medical and grieving needs during this difficult time. They have professionals that help alleviate the pain for people who have an incurable disease, while giving patients the gift of dignity and respect. They span a wide portion of counties in North Dakota and Minnesota, serving 29 different counties.

Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity THE LAKE AGASSIZ

Habitat for Humanity mission is simple. They’re “seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.” They are able to create simple, decent and affordable homes by bringing together a network of volunteers and groups to create homes for deserving families. Every family is expected to invest 250 hours of labor into the construction of their homes. Once the homes are built, Habitat for Humanity sells the homes to the family with a one percent down payment and a zero percent interest mortgage. The only way they are able to make this happen is through their volunteers and donors. www.

Lakes and Prairies Community Action Partnership, Inc “ELIMINATE POVERTY.

Empower Families. EngageCommunities.” That’s the mission statement of the

50 CHARITIES Lakes and Prairies Community Action Partnership. Despite their long name, the Community Action Partnership is doing great things in the community. They do this by providing resources, classes, tax help and food support program. It’s important to note that 1/3 of their membership represents the lower class. www.lakesandprairies. net

Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota LUTHERAN SOCIAL

Services dates back to 1865. For almost 150 years Lutheran Social Services has been dedicated to helping the most vulnerable citizens. Some of the services they provide range from adoption, camps, caregiver support, financial counseling, meals for seniors and many other things. Their staff of 2,300 people serves nearly 100,000 people throughout Minnesota’s 87 counties.

New Life Center IN 2011 THE NEW LIFE

Center provided lodgings for 35,591 people, gave away 101,063 meals and

served 958 families. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? What’s even more impressive is that the New Life Center has been serving the homeless and needy since 1907. This organization has been around for over 100 years and they hope to be around for another 100 years.

Rape and Abuse Crisis Center SO MANY MEN AND

women have entered through the doors of the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center that it’s impossible to put a number on the good that they’ve done. As an example of the work they’re doing, though last year they handled 2,911 cases of domestic violence (503 these were children), they helped 1,760 victims of domestic violence and they issued 131 emergency orders for protection. They are protecting the people that often times don’t have a voice.

REACH-Rural Enrichment and Counseling Headquarters LOCATED IN HAWLEY,

MN, the Rural Enrichment

and Counseling Headquarters is a nonprofit human service center. This organization was started in 1991 with the goal to serve rural residents in West Becker, Clay and Norman counties. They work with other local agencies to provide counseling, education, food, clothing, transportation and other necessities. They also run the Dress for Success program, which empowers women by providing professional clothing and support to those seeking employment. From July 2011 to June 2012, they provided 508 food baskets, logged 302 hours for counseling and gave out 208 children Christmas gifts. www.

Red River Human Service Foundation THE RED RIVER HUMAN

Service Foundation is out there so people with developmental disabilities can fully participate and be included in the community. They do this by providing residential services as well as vocational

services. The residential service provides homes for individuals to live in or they’ll provide personal help at the individuals homes. Vocational services provide a Day Supports program that focuses on getting people involved and active in the community. They also own Repeat Boutique in Fargo, located at 2551 45th St. S.

TNT Kids Fitness and Gymnastics Academy TNT KIDS FITNESS

wants to provide an experience for all children of all abilities. They are doing this by providing the opportunity to all boys and girls, regardless of age, financial status, mental or physical ability the opportunity to participate in gymnastics and fitness. Since opening in 2006, TNT has served over 4,000 children and 450 children with special needs. In fact, TNT is only one of two organizations in the country that provides inclusive settings for all children to be active in one facility as well as provide // 43

50 CHARITIES physical activity for over 20 agencies and/or organizations in the community. They truly believe that every kid is a champion. www.tntkidsfitness. com

Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center EVERY YEAR, OVER

1,800 new patients with cancer are diagnosed and treated at the Roger Maris Cancer Center. The

team of dedicated professionals at the Roger Maris Cancer Center is committed to providing comprehensive and exceptional care for their patients. Since 1990, the Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center has attempted to eradicate cancer in our region. The community has allowed them to save lives for the last 22 years. www.cancer.

Sharehouse, Inc. ONE IN FOUR PEOPLE

has been affected by chemical dependency. This unbelievable stat shows why the work Sharehouse, Inc. is doing is so important. They provide comprehensive, individualized, chemical dependency treatment services through two out patient centers, one

mental health center and four residential centers. They treat adult men, women and children as well as the homeless population. They currently have 173 employees and served nearly 2,000 clients in the past year.

The Arc of Cass County THE ARC CREATES

opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Arc Attic Treasures has two Fargo locations: 255 North University Dr. and 3201 43rd St. S. The sales from these thrift stores support the work the Arc does. Their services range from Arc Buddies (oneto-one friendships between a community volunteer and a person with developmental disabilities) to advocates that argue for changes in public policies to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

United Way of Cass Clay WE DON’T HAVE

enough room to describe all the work that United

Way does in the community so we’ll try and keep it short and sweet. The United Way helps 75 local programs within 43 local nonprofit agencies. Those helped range from the Salvation Army to the Boy Scouts. Everything that the United Way does is summed up by one word, “united.” They believe that everyone is connected and if we all work together we can make this a better community to live in. You know what, we believe the same thing.

Village Family Service Center STARTED IN 1891, THE

Village Family Service Center was founded as the North Dakota Children’s Home Society. This was originally intended as a home for orphan children. As times changed, so did their mission. Today they reach out to over 80,000 people every year. Their services are wide and far reaching. It ranges from adoption and pregnancy counseling, Big Brothers Big Sisters, counseling services, a financial resource center and much more.

50 CHARITIES www.thevillagefamily. org

Cystic Fibrosis Association of North Dakota CYSTIC FIBROSIS IS A

digestive and pulmonary disorder that prevents the exocrine glands from functioning properly and produces abnormally thick mucus. The presence of that mucus allows bacteria to grow easily and impairs the body’s ability to fight off infection. The Cystic Fibrosis Association of North Dakota is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the lives of area people with CF so they may enjoy the benefits of medical research. They do this by providing financial, program and research support. All of the funding of the CFA comes from donations, planned giving, charitable gaming and fundraising events. www.cfanorthdakota. com

YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties STRENGTHENING OUR

community. That’s the goal of the YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties. This non-profit organization is not

just a fitness facility, it is a place for children to grow and learn. Where kids can build confidence and life skills in one of their many programs. It is a place where older adults can stay active and cancer survivors gain strength. It’s hard to pin the YMCA to one thing, except that they do great things for our community. For example, in 2011, they served 44,426 people and over 19,000 of these were youth. There are currently 1,700 in their childcare. This year 1,054 kids attended their Camp Cormorant. www.ymcacassclay. org

Youthworks SINCE 1979,

Youthworks has specialized in working with teens, parents and young adults under the age of 22. The services they provide range from programs for runaways, homeless and street youth, juvenile offenders and more. With offices in Fargo and Bismarck, Youthworks is out to provide help to as many youth as possible. They are out to change lives. www.youthworksweb. com

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch THE DAKOTA BOYS AND

Girls Ranch follows the example of Jesus Christ and is dedicated to helping at risk children and their families. This year, they are celebrating their 60th anniversary. Approximately 40 percent of children come to the Ranch without family as a resource, and in the 2011-12 fiscal year, 95 percent of their children came from homes or situations where they were abused physically, sexually and/or emotionally. Best estimates put the Ranch at helping more than 29,000 youth and family members over its 60-year history. In 2011-2012, DBGR also served 488 individuals and families through Dakota Family

Services, a mentalhealth outreach to the community based in Fargo and Minot. Everyday they are improving the lives of at risk children.

Children’s Miracle Network SANFORD CHILDREN’S

Hospital is the only hospital in the region that’s a member of the Children’s Miracle Network. This is a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to helping children by raising money and awareness for its 170 children’s hospitals throughout the country. 100 percent of the money raised stays local and supports programs for sick and injured children, state-of-the-art medical equipment, clinical research and education at Sanford Children’s Hospital in Fargo. Last year

50 CHARITIES over 20,000 children from ND, MN and SD benefited from Children’s Miracle Network at Sanford Children’s.

Great Plains Food Bank FOR NEARLY 30 YEARS,

the Great Plains Food Bank, a program of Lutheran Social Services of ND, has been ending hunger through community partnerships. They touch the lives of 1 in 11 individuals who seek emergency assistance through their programs and services and partner network of charitable feeding programs operating across ND and Clay County, MN. In 2011 they collected, warehoused and distributed more than 9 million pounds of food that would have otherwise gone to waste; that is the equivalent of 7.5 million meals for hungry neighbors. They invite you to share your time, donate funds and advocate for change. www. greatplainsfoodbank. org.

North Dakota Human Rights Coalition


that everybody deserves human rights. They focus on a wide variety of human rights but currently they are focusing on the idea that everyone deserves a home. They advocate for human rights by making political connections and educating the public. Some of their major events includes two banquets that will be held on Nov. 9 and 10 at MSUM’s Student Union.

Caring for Children IN NORTH DAKOTA,

there are around 11,000 children who don’t get checkups or immunizations because their parents don’t qualify for government assistance and still can’t afford health insurance. Caring for Children helps those kids that have fallen through the cracks. They provide primary and preventive health, dental and mental health care. Through the help of insurance providers and other medical professionals, Caring for Children is able to provide cheap, effective insurance for those who would otherwise

receive none.

Dakota Medical Foundation DAKOTA MEDICAL

Foundation’s vision is simple. They want a region of the healthiest people who are able to access exceptional healthcare and lead vibrantly healthy lives. Accomplishing that vision isn’t that simple though. Since 1996, DMF has invested more than $64 million to operate initiatives and provide funding to more than 400 organizations in the region. They collaborate, with and through other organizations, to achieve their complex vision.

Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation ONE IN EIGHT WOMEN

will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime during her lifetime. That’s why the work of the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation is so important. Their mission is to unlock each woman’s genetic code, advance today’s prevention and treatment and end breast cancer for

future generations. The work they are doing is vital to millions of women. To accelerate their mission, they have developed a biobank. This is a shared collection of genetic information from people of all ages, medical histories and backgrounds – that provides researchers easy access to data. The foundation was started with a gift from Denny Sanford, who lost his mother, Edith, to breast cancer when he was only four years old.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley HAVING A CHILD IN THE

hospital can be one of the hardest things a parent can go through. The Ronald McDonald House hopes to make this experience a little easier by providing a home away from home for families whose child is in the hospital and is 21 or younger. At the Ronald McDonald House, families will enjoy home cooked meals, private bedrooms and playrooms for children. Most importantly though, the Ronald

50 CHARITIES McDonald House provides a caring and supportive environment for the families. They serve over 900 family members every year. Their house is open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

Students Against Destructive Decisions DID YOU KNOW THAT

there are over 260 SADD chapters in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota? All these chapters are filled with youth who want to make a positive difference in the lives of their peers. The Northern Lights Youth Services is responsible for this student led organization that is out to change lives. Donations support SADD materials, programs and events that can spread throughout their expanding network.


that every child deserves the opportunity to play sports and reap the benefits that come with being a part of a team. That even goes for children who are in wheelchairs. The

work the Grommesh family does was made famous thanks to “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” when they received their home from the show. The work they do goes far beyond what you saw on TV though. Every weekend they provide activities for children with mobility challenges. Whether it involves playing soccer, going skiing or putting on a play. They provide fun and games for around 250 children and encourage families to attend so they can play with their children or siblings. To become involved, contact Adair Grommesh agrommesh@ www.hopeinconline. org

Salvation Army GUESS HOW MANY

Salvation Army service centers there are around the world? 100? 1,000? Wrong! The correct answer is 9,600. They have affected the lives of millions around the world and they continue to do that in our community. Their services range from addiction recovery to ministries.



is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. By supporting the YWCA Cass Clay, you will help to support the Emergency Shelter for women and children, the education and employment, transitional housing, a child’s world and racial justice programs. Donations to the YWCA can take the form of food, clothing, hygiene items, furniture, volunteer time and monetary gifts. Each service provided by the YWCA is in need of volunteers and resources so you can choose where you would like your donation to go. Membership is important to this organization to help work toward the goal of empowering women; call 701-2322547 to find out more. www.ywcacassclay. org


transitioned service members who have suffered an injury - physical or otherwise - The American Legion has several resources and programs worth donating to. The Legion’s Heroes to Hometowns program, takes pride in assisting our veteran’s with the transition back into our community. And the Legion, through its working relationship with the departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense, monitors closely the treatment of war wounds. They have some other programs to take note of; Legacy Scholarship program, Operation Comfort Warrior, Temporary Financial Assistance program, which has awarded cash grants to minor children of veterans who are eligible for American Legion membership. To donate or learn more about the Legion’s programs, call 701-237-4013. Note: This is not a complete listing of the charities around the area. There are plenty of other worthy charities out there that deserve your money, time and resources.

or recently // 47

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Das Auto. 701.277.1777 402 40th Street South • Fargo visit us online at


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Tom Donaldson »


Go Far Charity

unning is hard.

We all need a little motivation to get out there and put in the work. Well, what if you could raise money, for some great charities, simply by running? Would that get you out there and start running? Go Far Charity is hoping that the answer to that question is yes. Since 2010, Go Far Charity has worked with the Fargo Marathon to raise money for a number of different charities. Throughout their three years, they have raised around $425,000 and have seen almost 1,500 participants run for one of their charities. We caught up with Tom Donaldson, one of the co-chairs for Go Far Charity to discuss how they began, where they’re going and why it’s never too early to start raising money. // 51


How did Go Far Charity come about?

TOM We started Go Far Charity three years

Have you thought about expanding this to other events like the Mini Marathon?

ago. I had been involved with the American Cancer Society charity running program for the last five years. Three years ago we decided to expand it a bit and as a result Go Far Charity arrived.

We’ve thought about it but it’s complex and we’re all volunteers so we’re already working on 2013. It’s too much for us. I guess one of the reasons why we like to focus exclusively on the marathon is that it’s a much larger event that draws people from all around. People have joined one of our teams from South Dakota, California, etc. They just happen to see it on the website, Founded three years ago in 2009. they join the team and do their fundraising It all started with 10 charities. out there on behalf of the local charity and 25 charities are currently involved. they come to Fargo to run the marathon. $425,000 raised over the years. We’ve found that it works pretty well. It’s a Nearly 1,500 GO FAR participants. good venue for us. It’s a big community event that gives us a lot of exposure.

2010 was the first Go Far Charity event and we had 10 charities. We went through the list of not for profits and sent out a blanket invitation… These 10 particular charities joined up. We had a good year and in 2011 we expanded it and we then had over 20 the second year and last year. Over the years we’ve raised a total of about $425,000 for the participating charities. We’ve had in the neighborhood of 1,500 participants. It’s something that has expanded quite a bit… Mark (Knutson, Fargo Marathon founder) was very cooperative and provided a lot of assistance for us… I think Mark feels that this is important and is part of the overall Fargo Marathon experience.

The Numbers Behind Go far's success

52 //

How would I get involved with a charity? If you go to the website ( and click on the participating charities tab and then you click on any of the participating charities and you can join their team on their website. It’s an easy process. You just need to register for a marathon event… This isn’t something for

» CHARITIES Is it too early to join a team? It’s never too early to join. Our teams will be officially organized the first of December… Recruiting really starts that day. One of things that we emphasize is for our participants to go out and raise as much money as they can. In addition to raising awareness, rasing money is really important to these charities as well The earlier the person signs onto a Go Far Charity team, the more opportunities they have to do fundraising.

Are you a runner? Yeah. I’m currently on the shelf though. I’ve had knee surgery in April so I’m trying to get back to it. Right now I’m kind of limited to five miles at a time. It’s feeling better every day. I’m not sure if I have any more marathons in me. I don’t know if my knees can take that training. If I could figure out how to run a marathon without training, I’d do it in a heartbeat. (Laughs)

How many marathons have you ran? 18 full marathons.

{Learn More At}

{Go Far Charity}


people who just run the marathon. We have participants who walk the 5K. It’s meant to be an all-inclusive opportunity for people to help a charity. Any event that a participant registers for at the Fargo Marathon makes them eligible to become a member of a Go Far Charity. We emphasize that many of our participants are first time runners.


Alexa’s Hope Alzheimer’s Association American Cancer Society American Heart Association Arthritis Foundation Catholic Charities ND Dakota Medical Foundation Lend A Hand FM Dorothy Day House Habitat For Humanity Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization Hope Inc. House of Everyday Learning Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota March of Dimes National Multiple Sclerosis Society North Dakota Autism Center North Dakota Leadership Seminar Rape and Abuse Crisis Center Red River Children’s Advocacy Center Riding on Angel’s Wing Ronald McDonald House Charities Spastic Paraplegia Foundation The Arc of Cass County The God’s Child Project YWCA Cass Clay // 53

Steve Walker

Fargo 701–235–7812


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56 //

2 Plaid

on Trends 3

Motorcycle Boots

With the North Dakota snow on its way, motorcycle season is coming to an end. But who says you can’t still rock the look? Put on a pair of black motorcycle boots and show the bitter cold weather that you’re as tough as you look! We love these boots with just about any color pants tucked into them. Who knew rocker chic was this easy? Gordmans Battle-Up Boots $44.95

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Denim // 57


Black & Blue

Add some spice to your current wardrobe by embellishing something you already have in your closet! Super glue studs onto the pockets or collar of a button up shirt or even the pockets of an old pair of jeans. If you aren’t in the mood for a DIY project, we love all of the embellished clothes found in locally owned stores like the sweater pictured! Proper and Prim Studded Aqua Sweatshirt $34

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6 Collars


Yes, we know the colors black and blue are generally associated with not-so-attractive bruises. But this fall, we can’t help but put the two colors together and wear them proudly! We’re loving a statement piece like the skirt shown with neutral pieces to complete the outfit. Who says you can’t wear a skirt in this weather? Throw on some leggings and boots and you’re set!

Embellished The “prep school” look is always a classic. We love everything from the pleated skirts to the neutral cardigans. The one part of this look that always seems to be a little tough is layering the collared button-down under your cardigan without uncomfortable fabric bunching up. We have the solution to this problem! Now, all you need is a collar necklace over a T-shirt and a cardigan to get the look without the extra fabric. Put a spin on your collared outfit by adding some embellishment like the studs shown in the picture. Proper and Prim Denim Studded Collar $22.50

58 //


Varsity Jackets Ever watch a movie when the captain of the football team gives the captain of the cheerleading squad his letterman jacket and wonder why you didn’t have a high school experience like that? Well, here’s your chance! With the varsity jacket trend, you can be the center of attention like that perfect cheerleader in the movies. You can keep the look classic with neutral colors and dark jeans, sporty with a white tee and a baseball cap, or girly with a soft pink pleated skirt. Top Shop Varsity Jacket $259.99

We’re keeping it simple and classic for our last trend this month. Black and white are two colors that will never go out of style, but why not wear them in a new way? Keep warm this fall with this simple houndstooth scarf. And the plus side? It’s SO easy to match it with your other fall gear! Little Black Dress Houndstooth Scarf $14

9 Black & White // 59


ndsu Vs. sdsu


Starting the 2nd from 9 p.m. – 12 a.m. The Bowler

products will be available. Be sure to get there early enough to get the goodies. You may end up walking away with a favorite new hobby as well.

Every Friday and Saturday, the Bowler is rocking! The bowler is a great place to bring family or get together with friends.

909 17th Avenue N, Fargo


Begins 9th

2630 University Dr, fargo

3rd at 8 a.m

Sandy’s Donuts

You haven’t run a race like this. Great friends. Great running. Great donuts. It doesn’t get any better than this. This 5K and 10K race will have donuts at the halfway point. If you’re able to eat a donut, they’ll knock one minute off your finish time. Go to for more info.


HOCKEY ASSOCIATION TOURNAMENT Moorhead Youth Hockey Association

Bringing youth hockey talent from around the area together in one place for a full out, head to head battle of the pucks. Tournaments will run through February 3rd. Come support the local youth hockey superstars during the tournaments.

707 SE Main Ave, Moorhead

301 Main Ave. W, West Fargo



10th at 9 a.m.


4th at 2 p.m.

FM Curling Club

Bring the little ones to learn about curling and try out their skills. Everyone is welcome and the best part of all, free pizza and Pepsi

WALK & 10K RUN Dilworth VFW

Chapter 941 is Hosting the 2nd Annual 10K/5K walk/ run in Dilworth. Fee is $25 and registration starts at 8 a.m. with the race kicking off at 9 a.m. A great and healthy way to support our veterans!! For registration forms visit

1505 Center Ave. W, Dilworth 60 //


//NDSU VS. SDSU 10th at 2:30 p.m. Fargodome

See the mighty Bison go head to head with the South Dakota State University Jackrabbits.

1800 University Dr. N, Fargo

//WORLD RUN DAY 11th All Day


How to Participate: Create: Create your course for the day. Whether it’s a local training route or competitive course – make it “your run” for yourself, family and friends. Runners worldwide will be doing the same. Dedicate: Choose a cause, person or favorite quote that you would like to dedicate your run to. Add this information during the registration process and they will post it on their site. You can also donate to any charity in the world – and they’ll record your effort. Run: Partake in one of the world’s best activities for your health. Run at your own pace by yourself, with family or with friends. Belong: Partake in a running event on this day shared by thousands of runners across the world: World Run Day. Be part of The Power of Runners Worldwide.


donut run “LONG JOHN” 10K AND “DONUT HOLE” 5K

Sandy’s Donut Run //BASIC PISTOL

MARKSMANSHIP Begins the 13th

Red River Regional Marksmanship Center

Ready, set, aim, bulls eye! Try your hand at mastering the art of marksmanship and see just how spot on you can be. This class will cover all the basics needed to safely operate a pistol and is perfect for everyone from a novice to experienced shooter. Guns and ammo are available for rental at the class. Walk away feeling like a spot on pro!

640 16th St.NE



16th at 7:35 pm & 17th at 7:05 pm Scheels Arena

Come watch the Fargo Force match up against the Omaha Lancers. Thanks to both teams’ competitive history, these games are sure to be full of some intense showdowns.

5225 31st Ave. S, Fargo

//LAP TURKEY TROT 5-MILE 17th at 10 a.m.

Edgewood Chalet

Lake Agassiz Pacers, a non profit

organization, was formed to inspire and promote running and running related activities, for people of all ages and abilities, from the casual jogger to the serious competitor. Check out their website, www. lakeagassizpacers for more information.

19 Golf Course Ave, Fargo


CITY STORM 30th at 7:35

Scheels Arena

Come for the puck drop and stay for the action. Join Kid Bobble to cheer on the Force as they take on the Tri-City Storm.

5225 31st Ave. S, Fargo

//JINGLE BELL RUN/WALK Dec 1st at 9 a.m. Courts Plus

HAVE A FITNESS EVENT YOU WANT INCLUDED IN THE DECEMBER ISSUE OF STRIDE MAGAZINE? Email andrew@fmstride. com. Tell us the name of the event, location, time and a brief description.

Looking for a fun way to support arthritis research? Look no further, because this is the event for you. This 5K will feature live music, prizes for the top finishers and costumes. Rates are $25 for those 18 and over and $20 for those under 18. All the money raised will support Arthritis Foundation. Google Jingle Bell Run/Walk Fargo for more information.

3491 South University Dr, Fargo // 61

Planning your Holiday event? Experience the best in food and service... Great dates still available for November, December & January! ALSO AVAILABLE

Holiday Shopping Packages

201 North 5 St Downtown Fargo


3120 25th St S, Fargo ||


“Diva Connection Foundation played a very large part in getting my daughter to New York with her dance group; without the support from the Diva Connection online community, the fund-raising would have been overwhelming.� -Angela

Stride Magazine November 2012 Online  

Stride Magazine November 2012 Online

Stride Magazine November 2012 Online  

Stride Magazine November 2012 Online