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FMSpotlight 1 year anniversary Edition


One Year Feels Good!


ne Year Anniversary. I just like saying that. It is such a large staple in any relationship. In this case, it’s my relationship with the growing FM Spotlight. One year ago, I was a one man team with one product. Now, I am surrounded by unbelievable support, products, and possibilities! As I write this column I cannot stop smiling. Just the thought of putting in words the accomplishments we have made makes me happy. I can’t tell you enough about how grateful and appreciative I am to have the opportunity to do what I do. None of this would be possible without the support from the community, friends, and contributors. I truly believe people are starting to share my vision and believe in where the company is going! The next 12 months are going to bring unparalleled changes to help in our goal of making Fargo-Moorhead the most dynamic city out there!


Here’s what’s on our RADAR! Look out for the FM Spotlight advertising blitz this spring. We will be on billboards, radio, TV, newspapers, and more. FM Stride Magazine and are in full swing helping the Health and Fitness community. The FM Spotlight Mobile Application is now up and running. It provides an on-the-go resource of events, bar specials, savings, movie times, magazine features, photos, videos and more. Stay tuned for more. See you in the scene.

February cover

Mike Dragosavich

SUE #11 March 2011 IS

FM Spotlight is dedicated to helping the community of Fargo-Moorhead enjoy the area’s entertainment, events, dining, music, nightlife, and anything but floods!

Publishing Spotlight LLC Editor Mike Dragosavich Design Tina Johnstad Contributor Max Kurucar Marketing/Sales Karli Rodgers Molly Clemens Marketing and Advertising

FM Spotlight Magazine is published by Spotlight LLC.  Copyright 2010 FM Spotlight Magazine & FM  All Rights reserved. No parts of this periodical may be reproduced without written permission of FM Spotlight Magazine & FM FM Spotlight Magazine & FM will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions found in the magazine or FM Spotlight LLC accepts no liability for the accuracy of statements made by the advertisers.

503 North 7th Street Ste 206 • Fargo, ND 58102 • • Contact: 701.866.3907

FM Events - March

Sportsman Show

Fargo Film Festival

ND Class A State BB

Scheels Arena March 9

October Road The Venue March 10

Fargodome March 10-12

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Hjemkomst Center March 12

Gary Allen

The Venue March 19

Shooting Star Casino March 24

Fargo Force vs. Des Moines Scheels Arena March 31

International Sugar Beet Institute

Celtic Festival

Downtown March 12

Max Fights

The Venue March 4

Fargodome March 3-6

Fargo Theater March 1-5

Fargo Force vs. Sioux Falls


Mark your Calendars for These Events in April!

Fargodome March 16-17

TNA Wrestling

Fargo Civic Center March 24

Cirque Du Soleil Dralion Fargodome April 5-7

REO Speedwagon

Derby Girls

Shooting Star Casino March 4

The Suburbs

Springin’ For Jazz

The Venue March 11

St. Patty’s Day!

Scheels Arena March 11-12

Cheech & Chong

March 17

Fargodome April 8

Scheels Arena March 18-19

Vince Gill

Dakota Magic Casino March 26

Fargo Theater March 26

Harlem Globetrotters

Fargo Force vs. Tri-City

Fargodome March 18

Comedians of Chelsea Lately

Fargodome March 25-26

The Venue March 6

Fargo Force vs. Lincoln

The Ramada March 11

PRCA Rodeo

Umphrey’s McGee

Fargo Civic Center March 5

Kellie Pickler Dakota Magic Casino April 15

Big Boy Toys Expo Fargodome April 15-16


B R O A D B A N D L AUNCHING THIS WINTER fill out the online form & get 1 month free FLOWMOBILE.COM/GOFM

1.8 77.F L O W 2 G O

Ask The Bartender


More at

Branden Ashmore Experience:

1 1/2 years at The Hub Age: 31 Hometown: Ulen MN

e Branden Ashmor First off, Tell us a joke? A man was walking through a rather seedy section of town, when a bum walked up to him and asked the man for two dollars. The man asked, “Will you buy booze?” The bum replied, “No.” Then the man asked, “Will you gamble it away?” The bum said, “No.” Then the man asked the bum, “Will you come home with me so my wife can see what happens to a man who doesn’t drink or gamble?””

1 Yelling at the bartender for a drink 2 Slapping the bar top to get the bartenders attention

Bartender at The Hub

Exclusive Interview with

5 Things People do Wrong at the bar!



Telling the bar that there isn’t any “booze” in your drink

4 Being disrespectful to other customers

Acting like they own the bar and can do what ever they want to do

How does a customer get on your good side? I get along with everyone but you have to be respectful. Plus a good smile goes a long way. I love feeding off of other people’s energy! So, if you’re having fun, then I’m having fun.

Tell us a funny story about bartending? Seen anything crazy or hilarious? I’ve seen plenty of craziness! I’ve watched 40-year-old ladies try chasing down Rick Springfield when he ran up to the VIP area during a concert. I’ve seen full-grown women What is your advice for the “Singles” sneak behind the stage, with fire in their eyes, when they come into the bar? trying to get their hands on Bret Michaels. One The Hub is like an adult Disneyland! There are instance stands out the most though. When plenty of different attractions and adventures Korn played at The Hub, I went outside and to be had under our roof. Just remember to overheard a group of Korn fans talking about be a good boy or girl, and keep your hands to how if they didn’t get to meet Jonathan Davis yourself when on our “rides”. All in all, The Hub they’ll just die; oh the drama! What they didn’t is a great place to meet new people, experience realize was that Monkey and J.D. from Korn new music, and make great friends. were not even twenty feet behind them. I walked over and got a shirt signed by them. When is a good time to come see you at Then, as soon as they left, I told the Korn fans the Hub? who they were. Bummer!  I bartend in The Venue every Thursday through Saturday and Playmakers every Sunday.

Branden’s Drink Picks k


The All Nighter: 1/2 oz. Bacardi Razz, 1/2 oz. Sour Apple Pucker, 1 1/2 oz. Red Bull, 3/4 oz. cranberry juice


The Polar Bear: 3/4oz Icehole Mint, 1/4oz. light creme de cocoa, Splash of cream.


Surftini: hypnotic, blue island pucker, pineapple juice, and orange juice shaken. Then sink chambord into the bottom of the martini glass





Bud Light of course but we have a special on Grain Belt Nordeast this month, good stuff.


Join FargoBud on Facebook & stay in touch with all of our upcoming promotions and specials!



Kent Busek

Taxman and Busek Olson and Associates Years in the Business: 20+

Tax season is in full swing and the economy looks to be showing some light at the end of the tunnel. There have been some tax law changes this year; rather than worry if you are up to speed on these changes, you can be confident we will prepare your return quickly and correctly. It’s OK if you don’t like to file your own taxes - at Taxman we do this all year and it’s what we love to do. Here are some quick tips:

Hometown: Minot, ND

Exclusive Interview with

Kent Busek

What is different in the 2011 tax season we should be aware of? Late filing, millions couldn’t file before February 15th this year due to late changes in the tax law by Congress. We have now worked through that, and everyone can file. What are the tax dates and deadlines for us dummies? The first deadline is April 15th (actually April 18th this year due to weekends and

Kent’s Tax Tips


I mentioned this last month, but I see it time and time again I want to reiterate it. Review your insurance, mortgage and your financial position. People talk about it, but don’t follow through. You’d be surprised at what you find. We can help you with all these if you have questions.

federal holidays). Extension can be filed which allow you to file as late as October 15, 2011, but your taxes must be paid by April 18th. What should I have put together in a folder for when I come and see you? Anything that says “Important Tax Document” and anything you think might be tax related. You can go to our website at www. and get an Income Tax Organizer that may trigger some additional helpful hints. How can I save money this tax season? Be prepared and start planning early. Remember to mention if you bought a new vehicle, went to school, did energy upgrades to your home.


Review your withholding. The making work pay credit is done in 2010, so refunds will be lower by $400 next year.

I feel like seeing a tax adviser could be expensive? Is it? What are some of the prices? We charge by the form, the more complex a return the higher the cost. We will meet or beat our national competitors, we are locally owned, don’t pay a franchise fee, so we hopefully can pass that 15-20% on to you. Kent, what does Taxman do that is different than the others in Fargo? We go beyond the tax return. Anybody can do a tax return. You can buy software and be a “preparer”. What we are able to do is discuss issues, situations amongst our 8 full time staff and come up with the right tax answer. If we can’t answer, we have the contacts and resources to get the right tax answer.

Be careful when doing your returns yourself. We see this a lot and more often than not we find changes that can help YOU. Let us review your return for free! (We will give you a $10 gift card for the chance to beat the software)

Call Taxman: 701-282-3300 Website:


Martini Specials Lunch Daily Sunday Brunch 11-2 Steak & Seafood Desserts Oysters (weekends) Dancing Coming Soon 1/2 Priced Bottles of Wine Wednesday & Thursday (limited)

John Alexander’s

American Classics Restaurant & Martini Bar 315 Main Avenue South Moorhead


Closed Mondays Tue. - Sat. 11-10 Sunday 11-9

MArch 2011 The Venue

Mar 4 Hairball Mar 6 Umphrey’s McGee Mar 11 The Suburbs Mar 18 Dokken & Quiet Riot Mar 24 Drowning Pool

Aquarium Mar 4 Mar 5 Mar 7 Mar 8 Mar 12 Mar 15 Mar 24 Mar 12 Mar 27

Birthday Suits Cheap Time In The Midst of Lions Jackie Greene Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome Electric Six The Dodos High Hopes Champagne, Champagne

Tune in Tokyo Rhyme or Reason Boomtown Jeez Loueez

O’Leary’s Mar 4 Mar 11 Mar 18 Mar 25

Big D’s

Mar 4-5 Mar 11-12 Mar 17 Mar 18-19 Mar 25 Mar 26

Jt Cigarro

Mar 4-5 Mar 11 Mar 15 Mar 18 Mar 25 Mar 26 Mar 29

At The Emporium Two Days’ Notice 32 Below Tripwire 8th Hour Skitzo Chester Bay Bon Jovi Tribute Open Mic 7pm Identity 5 The Arthurs Open Mic

Hagges’ Mapleton

Mar 5 Mar 11 Mar 12 Mar 19 Mar 26

Boomtown Deadbeats Shakers Billy D & The Crystals Fuse

Upcoming Live Music Windbreak

Mar 4-5 Skyline Mar 6 Dirty Word Mar 11 Skitzo Mar 12-13 October Road Mar 17 At the Emporium Mar 18 Tune in Tokyo Mar 20 24/7 Mar 25-26 Tripwire Mar 27 Slamma Bamma Mar 31 Tripwire & At The Emporium


Mar 4-5 Mar 11 Mar 12 Mar 18 Mar 19 Mar 15-26

Twice as Hard Wicked Antix Killer Spin 3 Legged Monsters Black Label Society Fest Invictis & Final Drive

Hooligan’s Mar 4 Mar 11 Mar 17 Mar 24 Mar 31

Masters of Mock Boss Grant as Johnny Cash 24/7 Acoustic Music Acoustic Music

VFW West Fargo

Mar 4-5 Mar 11-12 Mar 18-19 Mar 25-26

Fat Daddies Kid Hollywood The Roosters Billy D & The Crystals

Holiday Inn Spirit Lounge

Mar 4-5 Mar 11-12 Mar 18-19 Mar 25-26

Carmen The Cactus S.O.L Back For More At The Emporium

Beer Expert Name: Rick Williams

Beer tip of the month:

Experience: 5 years with D-S Beverages; 6

years in the Service Industry Hometown: Eaton Rapids, MI Favorite Beer: Bells Hopslam, but changes all the time Company: D-S Beverages, Moorhead MN.

Exclusive Interview with

Rick Williams

Beers of the Month Shocktop Raspberry Wheat Traditional Belgian-Style wheat ale brewed with wild raspberry essence and hand-selected hops

1 Bell’s Oberon Unfiltered Wheat with a spicy hop character and mild fruity aromas

2 Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager Filtered amber lager with rich malty sweetness offset by German hops



IBU International Bitter Units- A

system of indicating the hop bitterness in finished beer. The higher the number the more dry and bitter the beer will be.

Pay attention to your Foam!  It should be around 1.5 inches and the bubbles should be small and tightly grouped.  Bigger bubbles, and fast resolving foam, can mean a “Flat” taste.  Check your glass to see if it’s dirty!

What is D-S Beverages?

D-S Beverages is a beverage distributer located in Moorhead off 1st Ave. We distribute products from Anheuser-Busch, Monster Energy, and over 15 other suppliers, brewers, and importers.

What do you do at D-S Beverages?

I am a brand manager for Craft/Import brands and a draft beer specialist. My favorite part of the job is educating local businesses and D-S Beverage’s staff on product, equipment, and brand knowledge.

Any Promotions coming up?

The gaining popularity of Bud Light Lime and Landshark has all of us at D-S Beverages excited to continue promotions this spring. We are also relaunching the Bud Light Port Paradise Cruise competition for the biggest party in the Caribbean. Go to to learn more!

Enough about you! Tell us about Beer!

HaHa Ok, a simple fact is that most beers are made of around 90% water.  Also, typically most beers are made up of water, yeast, malt, hops, and some contain other ingredients.

What is the difference between an Ale and a Lager?

Don’t look too deep into the difference between ales and lagers. The brewing process can be very different, but at the end of the process, the outcome can be very similar in flavor, consistency and color.  In the brewing process, lagers use bottom fermenting yeast and ferment for a longer period of time at lower temperature, in contrast, ales use top fermenting yeast and ferment at shorter periods of time and high temperatures.  Hop Herb added to fermenting beer to import a bitter aroma and flavor. India Pale Ales have high hop content with an IBU level ranging from 50-70.

alt Liquor Legal term used to desigM

nate a beverage of high alcohol content (7%-8% by volume)

Cover Story

1 Year Anniversary

Making the best out of the worst weather situations for a year! NDSU Tailgating


marks FM Spotlight’s One Year Anniversary. My excitement gave me influence to devote these next pages to outline my experience with the company’s growth over the past year. I wan’t you to learn the meaning behind FM Spotlight and where it came from. I wan’t you to see the amazing strides this company has made and where the future will bring it. I’ll try and keep it light and humous so you can enjoy the read. If you would like more information, you are welcome to email me with a power point presentation request. I have one prepared. If you didn’t get that joke, this might be a tough read. And begin...

March 2010

April 2010

The 1st

The s Cover

10 Spring Brawl 20

The Band “At the Emporium” graced the first cover.  A spelling error also made the cut!


take one or he will punch you! UFC Fighter and FM’s “Spring Brawl” coordinator Chris Tuscherer got tough for the cover.


The Story of FM Spotlight by founder Mike Dragosavich

The Beginning. Originally from Chicago, and a direct descendant of Al Capone, (Joking) I was raised within an area that offered an abundance of entertainment opportunities. While many upper midwesterners were hunting, fishing, and ripping around on wave runners, (would have been sweet!) I was always on the hunt for the next concert, stand up comedic act, theater, and more. The time came to choose a college and kiss mom and pop goodbye. The choice was NDSU, and I was not prepare for what I was about to experience. ENTERTAINMENT HELL! No offense to country music...Well I take that back. I was lost and felt empty. Luckily, we were good in football. (Go Bison!) I began venturing out into the community to see what it had to offer. I was floored at what I found! Entertainment... And lot’s of it! This town is full of

May 2010

He’s Running This Town 3

Fargo Marathon organizer and director Mark Knutson laced up the running shoes for this issue.

leisure and good times! I just had to impersonate Indian Jones to find it. In February of 2010, I finally had enough! (Pumped Fist) I decided to take matters in my own hands and do the research, create a publication, and provide it to the community as a resource. The Challenge. Imagine this...Flying a plane with a drivers license. That’s what I was doing when I started this. I was one person, with one idea, and one dollar. But I wasn’t going to let that get in my way. I was presented with an ultimatum. If I can sell enough ads to pay for a second magazine I can produce a first. Risky Business! (Not like the Tom Cruise Movie) Turns out, I was saying “Show me the money”. (OK, I promise, no more Tom Cruise) Now it’s on to phase two! Wait...What’s that? I didn’t know, but I will tell you. There is no better way to learn what works until you try and try again. For the next six months, the operation consisted of

Summer 2010 It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s hawkeye


The summer issue’s cover featured Hawkeye from the FM Redhawks and was illustrated by “Scotch” from Rock 102 Radio

Fargo Force Games

me and a super-part time designer. I kept chipping away at my mission of providing Fargo-Moorhead with information on entertainment and leisure. The Up Swing. After each issue, I began learning more and more about what works and what doesn’t. I was now educated in how to cut costs, design more efficiently, and recognizing what drives results. FM Spotlight Magazine

September 2010

Bob the banker September’s cover revealed the other face of Bob, a local banker, when his favorite team plays!


First Issue Launch Party

started becoming more of a name and a reliable source of information! It was time to start building a team and taking this to the next level. The Present. As I write this article it excites me to share with you about how MUCH has happened in a year. I now have a team of great people working full time to keep this engine running. In addition to the first publication, this January I launched a sister publication focusing on health and fitness called FM Stride. Each magazine

October 2010

Word of Mouse


October’s Cover revealed the new and gave tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

now is accompanied by a social networking website. These sites are similar to facebook, allowing members to access information, submit their own, and share with others! Recently the FM Spotlight Mobile Application was launched and provides users with up-to-date and on-the-go information. I am so (screams) proud of how everything is coming together and extremely grateful to have this opportunity. I can’t reiterate enough how the people here are the best in the world, and I will stick by that until the day I die. The Future I am ready to blow this up! I am on a mission and it is going to result in epic distribution and awareness. This month I am starting my advertising blitz spread through town on

November 2010

A Force to be Reckoned with! The Fargo Force Hockey team’s captain Colten St. Clair smiled for November’s cover

media sources such as billboards,TV, newspaper, radio, and more. The distribution of the publications will multiply each month, and finally, I will also be announcing the launch of a new way to save money with participation of over 200 business in the community. Stay tuned for that one, you’re going to need a bigger fanny pack! The Facts The truth of it all, is that my vision has always been to see the people of Fargo-Moorhead truly enjoy life and sustain happiness. We are all inevitably plagued with horrific weather situations year round. Mother Nature hates us and influences depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, frustrations and more. If I can figure out a way to help take our minds off of it all, and focus on the positive things in life, then I accomplished my goal. The magazine, websites, apps, and all of that material mean nothing if we are not happy. And End...

December 2010

32 Below... Literally



FM’s favorite band “32 Below” celebrated as our Band of the Year on December’s cover

The Big 6


The content is getting good! The FM Spotlight team hits the street every month to get the low down on each of their features.  Rock Star Bloggers Their goal is to bring you exclusive interviews and Double clicking in style!  People are catching on at information to keep you ahead of the game.   about how to be heard!  Anyone can blog on the site, and if you are lucky enough to make the cut, you can be featured as a “Rock Star Blogger”.  This way everyone can follow your sweet posts! FM Mobile App Can you hear me now!?  The Mobile resource is here and for FREE.  Blackberry and Android users can now download the app and start browsing! Features include an extensive and up-to-date directory of events, concerts, movie times, bar specials, restaurants, savings and more.  Type in “FM Spotlight” in your phone’s FM Stride Magazine marketplace and install.  

Get off the Couch! FM Stride Magazine is now on stands and shaping up Fargo-Moorhead!  Similar to FM Spotlight, Stride, interacts with local experts in order to bring you up to date information about health, fitness, beauty, and fashion.

The Hottest Finger Workout in Town! is uniform with in bringing an interactive aspect to browsing the web locally.  You can stay up to date with information about health in our community or contribute your own.

Pro Active Distribution



Online Health Community




FM Spotlight Exclusives

January 2011

Excuse me…There’s an FM Spotlight in my Soup! The FM Spotlight team gets down and dirty when it comes to distributing.  When other publishers let their magazines gather dust on the racks, FM Spotlight is distributed at sporting events, bars, bathrooms, concerts, and anywhere to get a quality read.

February 2011

... Downtown, Baby!

Behind the Music

Downtown Fargo made the MVP for 2011 “Most Valuable Place”

Local music agent and long time musician Gary Bitzer


10 For Full magazines check out


Everybody Gets a Great Deal!


For 60 Months + $500 Rebates on 2011 Camry & Corollas

2011 Camry

2011 Jeep Patriot


0.9% Financing and $1000 Bonus Cash on 2011 Honda Civics

2011 Jeep Liberty


$500 Rebate

2011 Corolla $500 Rebate + Zero% and Huge Rebates on Other Models

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee


0.9% Financing and $750 Bonus Cash on 2011 Honda Accords

2011 Ram (Bighorn Package)


+ Save Thousands on All Remaining 2010’s!

See Dealer for Details



JL Beers

JL Beers Just multiplied by two and opened in West Fargo

Seating for 25,000... 49 people at a time. 40 beers on tap. That’s 5.71428 for each day of the week! High Chairs with No Kids

JL Beers is an American restaurant specializing in beer and burgers. Originating in Downtown

Fargo, the brand has gained high acclaim in just one year of business, leading to an expansion of a second location in West Fargo. While the beer selection and staff knowledge is far from simple, JL Beers keeps it that way with quick service and tasty burgers.

Nate Wolf

Age: 26 From: Beulah, ND Experience: Several years bartending/managing at Old Broadway now JL Beers Job Title: General Manager

Where did the name JL Beers come from? The name is a tribute to our fellow downtown businessman Jim Lauerman. Promotions/ Specials: It’s that time for the spring seasonal beers to be released. You can become a member of our text club and become a fan on Facebook to get updates on specific promotions and/ or specials we are have.

Why is JL Beers unique? Customers have an opportunity to try a variety of different beers and interact with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. We have great food that is always fresh and made quickly. The West Fargo location has a great patio, for when the weather warms up.

For More information Check out

Favorite beer, burger, and side. I would say Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, the Rajun Cajun Burger and Buffalo BLU chips with a side of ranch. The bold hops and citrus flavors of Bell’s Two Hearted compliment the spiciness of the Cajun and buffalo flavors. Other things customers can experience: 1. Beer Flights (We bring out 6 different choices of beers for customers to try)  2. Mixed brews (We have beer mixing recipes that will surprise you with great chemistry)  

3. Big Bottle Beers (More to share) 4. Beer to go (We can cap it so you can enjoy it later). 5. Beer-wear (T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats). 

9 JL Beers Facts Beers to go 40 Beers on Tap Beer Flights (Sampling) Humpty Dumpty Burgers (Egg added) Swank Urban Contemporary Ambiance Quickest Burgers in Town Fresh Dips for Fresh Chips Never Frozen Beef Fresh Baked Buns

West Fargo Located off 13th ave. and 9th st. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @jlbeerswf Text: text JLBEERSWF to 46786 Photos courtsey of mjoy photography and JL Beers

Moler Barber College of Hairstyling


All Hair Cuts $ Walk ins Welcome 701-232-6773 M-F 9-5

16 South 8th St. Fargo, ND 58103


Courtney’s Comedey Club

Answering “why chickens cross the road” since 1992


All St

jj from good times

Mitch hedberg

Dave Coulier

Michael Winslow

John Diresta

Courtney's Comedy Club has been providing laughs and enter-

600 30th Ave. S • Moorhead Inside AmericInn Lodge & Suites 218-287-7100

Tony LUcero March 3-5

tainment to the area since 1992; next year will be Courtney's 20th year of comedy. The name “Courtney's” was derived from the owner’s first daughter, Courtney. Open Thursdays through Saturdays Courtney’s features national comedic acts and specials for customers including military and college nights. (Half price with military or college IDs) The first and third Thursday night’s of the month are open to the public as an “Open Mic Night”.  You first!  Open Mic’ers can compete to take stage at the regular shows.  FM Spotlight featured Courtney’s this month and our jaws hurt from laughing.   More at  

Dave Graham March 10-12

Mike Brody March 17-19

Bud Anderson mar/apr 31-2


JD Provorse

How did you get into Stand Up? I was a casual fan of stand-up before I was old enough to really understand what it was. I got into it more heavily throughout my teen and college years. I always thought I could do it, but I also had a lot of stage fright. Then some girl broke my heart, and I figured I couldn’t possibly feel any worse than I did then! So I found an open-mic and gave it a shot. I haven’t looked back since. What is the hardest part about stand up comedy? For me, the hardest part is still those last few minutes leading up to the set, and the anxiety of the first few minutes after I start.  Once settled in, I learn if it’s going to be an easy street with this audience, or if I’m going to have to work for your laughs. Then it’s just a matter of doing what I have to do. To sum it up,  stage fright still hammers away at me. Preparation? It’s a sort of a continuous process that starts with just the basic idea of a joke. Here’s something that seems weird to me about the world, or here’s my weird way of looking at normal things. Then you take this concept to

Charlie Wiener April 7-9

the stage and start working it. I Try new ways of presenting the premise, testing new punch lines, and new deliveries. I just do it as often as I can, as many ways as I can, until I finally find out what works. Sometimes I find out that it’s only funny to me and move on. How much “ad libbing” is involved? Some comedians do a TON of ad-lib. They ad-lib their prepared material and ad-lib with the audience. Other comedians, have an identical routine even if you see them five times. I don’t like to ad-lib with the audience much myself. I sometimes like to ad-lib my prepared material if the show is going well, and I’m really feeling it. What makes Courtney’s Comedy Club Unique? I think the location makes Courtney’s unique. It is practically the only organized stand-up comedy club operating for at least three hours in any direction. It’s a sort of beacon of comedy out here in the middle of nowhere. (To make a cheesy metaphor about it)

For More info Check out

James Johann April 14-16

Hometown: Jamestown, ND Experience: 3 years Professionally in 9 states. 2008 Finalist at Funniest Person Contest at Acme Comedy Co in Minneapolis. 2010-11 Competed in Laughing Skull Comedy Festival Stand up style: This show is Rated R for mature themes, adult content, and strong language. Favorite Comedians: George Carlin, Louis C.K., Patton Oswalt... I could go on and on Anything new or up and coming at Courtney’s? We have great comics every weekend and all season long. The season wraps up at the end of April, and we won’t be open again until September. So make sure you check us out soon! Then next season, we will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Courtney’s!

Claude Stuart April 21-23

Norm Stulz April 28-30

Buy any regular priced beer or drink and get one FREE!!

Excludes pitchers and discounted drinks or specials. One drink per person, per day.

Expires: 4/1/11

Sing Your Heart Out Upcoming Theme Nights

Re dne c k N igh t ’s Day St. Pat t y Beer Pong Sund ays $3 Vodka/Roaring lions every night 1410 9th St. East West Fargo 701-356-7464

Check out our Website for Full Calendar and Drink Specials


Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome

PTFS is Fargo’s hottest classic rock, horn band. This

12 piece (6 horns, keyboards, bass, drums, guitar, male & female vocals) performs the best of the classic horn band hits. Bands covered include Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears, Genesis, Earth Wind and Fire, and Kool & The Gang, to name a few. The combination of members and instruments provide a dynamic and exhilarating sound and experience. FM Spotlight featured PTFS this month and interviewed band organizer Russ Peterson to talk music and release of their new CD.

New CD Released March 5th

Band Members

Sarah Morken, Vocals • Ryan Jackson, Vocals Nick Peterson, Drums • Jon Rudolph, Guitar Chris Gould, Keyboards • Doug Neill, Bass Tom Strait, Trumpet • Jesse Braunagel, Trumpet Russ Peterson, Alto sax • Matt Patnode, Tenor sax Josh Argall, Baritone sax • Nat Dickey, Trombone

March 5, CD release party, Hilton Garden Inn, Fargo. 8:00pm FREE, All Ages March 12, The Aquarium, downtown Fargo. 10pm - 1:30 FREE, 21+


What is most important to you when performing? Age: 42 Explain PTFS in your words. We are all professional musicians, We are a high-powered classic rock horn band.  most of us have music teaching day Hometown: Bedford, Ohio We model ourselves after the great horn bands jobs. But we are all very serious Instruments: of the 1970s:  Earth, Wind and Fire, Tower of about playing clean and accurate. If Alto sax, bassoon, flute Power, Blood, Sweat and Tears, etc.  We love something isn’t tight and together, Favorite song to play: to perform in the FM area for folks.  We are guys get upset. Also if the sound always welcomed by a nice crowd who really and monitoring isn’t just right in PTFS, “September” enjoy our music and the way the band sounds. people are unhappy. Luckily we Links: have a great sound guy that travels How did the band name originate?  with us that is like the 13th member so well, that’s all it As I remember, we were tossing names around, of the band. Mark “Walley” Wallace does a took! I still remember and I think it was probably meant as a joke!  great job getting the sound up and running our first show thinking Everyone  ended up liking it! well. “man, this band kicks! I can’t believe how fun this is.....” I told What are some upsides and downWhat is next for PTFS?  the band, that if you guys ever fire me, I’ll still sides to having 12 band members?  Well, we just finished up almost a year of CD come to every show to listen! It’s difficult to arrange rehearsals and concerts!  recording, editing and mixing. Also, we are Fortunately, there are several musicians who lined up almost every weekend this summer Is there anything you would like to can jump in at the last minute to substitute, if for weddings. We love to play at weddings, say to our readers?  needed.  It helps that all the music is written because it’s fun to be a part of people’s special Just that we’re very excited about our new CD down, so a good musician could sight read the day. We are also playing this summer with and CD release party on March 5 at the Hilton show if necessary.  Everyone in the band has at the Bemidji Symphony. We have a show that Garden Inn. 8:00 pm FREE. Hope some folks least 2 substitutes. This way a single member I wrote for the band and symphony orchestra come out to that! Also, a cool fact is that 6 of can’t bring the band down if a sickness or called “Symphony Rocks!” We’re pitching it the 12 guys in the band teach music at unavailability occurs that night. to symphony orchestras now. We did it a few local colleges (NDSU, MSUM, Concordia, years ago with the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony, Jamestown and Valley City). We have more Where are some of your favorite and it went over really well. Doctorates per capita in this group then most places to play in Fargo-Moorhead funk bands. and why? Share a story with us about PTFS?  We love playing at The Aquarium and the Well, before our first show, back in 2008 at the How can everyone follow PTFS? Hodo.  Cool, fun places that we always pack.  Aquarium, we had maybe 3 or 4 rehearsals Check our website for all upcoming shows and Fargo-Moorhead has a great live music scene, -- that’s it! We did a 4 hour show on just that info on getting our new CD and there are lots of cool places to go and small amount of rehearsal time. The guys are Check our website for all upcoming shows: hear music. such good musicians and really know this style

Russ Peterson

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Oasis Cafe

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Up and Coming

Big Reno representing the 701 and on tour with Nelly this spring

How did you start?

I started writing music at the age of 7.  At the age of 12, my voice totally changed and I couldn't sing those notes to save my life. That's when I started focusing fully on hip hop.  In 2005 I started a group called  The Real Balla'z which consisted of myself and my boy Skreech.  After years of learning the business I decided, in 2008, to pursue my own career.

What is your industry like in Fargo?

Big Reeno is a young, emerging hip hop sensation currently residing in Fargo. Born in Westside Africa (Nigeria), Big Reeno has been writing and performing music since he was seven years old. He has worked and performed with Hip Hop stars such as T-pain, The Game, Tech N9ne, LA COKA NOSTRA, MTV’s Making The Band, DAY 26, Murs, ILL BILL, Nipsey Hussle, Sean Price, Ruste Juxx & more. Big Reeno will be part of the 2011 Blizzard Music Tour with Nelly, 30H!3, Sick Puppies, and more.  Catch Big Reeno and the Blizzard Music Tour at the Scheels Arena March 3rd.

The music industry in Fargo is still on the "come-up". There’s a lot of talent here but very few opportunities. Hey, lets face it, if I waited for them to come to me here in Fargo I'd be waiting for a long time! (laughs).

What are some challenges you face to make it big?

My biggest challenge is the media here in ND. I think the media could show local artists a little more LOVE. I mean, especially the artists that are actually making BIG MOVES and putting out good music!

Tell us about the up and coming tour with Nelly?

It's going to be HUGE! It’s myself, Nelly, 3OH!3, Sick Puppies & Cali Swag District. It's going to be 10 cities, but one huge party!  We have something for everyone!  Pop, Rock and Hip Hop!

Hustle Proof Records Album: MIDWEST HEAVYWEIGHT Get it at iTunes, & Catch him March 5th at the Scheels Arena

How much time goes into what you do?

Man, a lot! I am always busy. See, I consider myself a businessman first. I own a record label and a concert promotion company. So between all those things, I’m a very busy man.

What do people say when your on tour when you mention you represent the 701?

They laugh then their eyes widen and their jaws drop. Then they laugh again.  Then come’s the popular line “I didn’t even know there were black people in Fargo.” (laughs). But everything changes once they hear my music. I blow them away every time!

THRIFT STORE Profits go towards Animal Aid 813 W. Main Ave • W. Fargo 701-282-3931

Hours: Mon.-Thurs.: 9am - 6pm • Fri.: 9am-5pm Sat.: 10am - 6pm • Sun.: Closed 80% of all proceeds go into helping those animals in need in and around the F-M area.

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