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March/April 2013

A look inside the rooms of the...


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a note from the editor...


Amanda Ahrenholz

Here it is, the March and April issue of Design and Living Magazine. We created this issue to feature some

green living tips as well as some exciting offices, artists, designers and homes in the Fargo-Moorhead area. I am also excited to share that we have bumped up the content from 48 to 64 pages!

Turning a House into a Home pg. 8

Find out what made this beautiful house into a family home.

Help My House pg. 29

Hopefully you all stopped by the Home and Garden Show in February to see us and sign up for your free subscription to the magazine! We were happy to see a lot of avid readers there and chat with them about what else we can bring to the magazine. As this magazine grows, I invite you to send your ideas to so we can make Design and Living even better.

One of my favorite parts about this month was my conversation with Karen Stoker at the Hotel Donaldson. I got a peek inside nearly all of the rooms at the

Expert advice from designers about an Osgood townhouse in need of some re-vamping.

Hotel Donaldson PG. 32

hotel and they were all unique and full of character. I found it very interesting that the rooms in the hotel were all based on the artist’s artwork and not the other way around. My favorite room was definitely room 17, inspired by master potter, Richard Bresnahan. It features a Sok tub right in the middle of the room with the water spout coming from the ceiling, one of the most interesting ideas I have ever seen. My tour even inspired me to hunt down some new artwork for my apartment.

So, and







Raspberry Mochas behind us, I bring you my first issue as editor of Design and Living. I am so excited to share it with you and show you all what we’ve done. — Enjoy!

We took a look inside the prestigious downtown hotel.

Guess That Price. pg. 54

TAg the price tag

Homes with features to love. Can you guess how much they cost?


10 Things To Make Your Home Green pg. 57

We sat down with Scott Fluge, of Authentic Green Solutions & Norsk Builders, and found some great green home tips.


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Making a


Home into a

By Andrew Jason

Photographs by Caitlin Abrams

What turns a house into a home? Where is the line that divides where you sleep, to where family memories are made? Well, the Erickson family has jumped the line and created a space that suits their personalities perfectly.

House Facts Sq. ft: 5,500 Four bathrooms Six bedrooms

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013


Hunter’s Bedroom: The entire Erickson family loves Sioux hockey. So much that Hunter’s room is entirely decked out in Sioux gear. The headboard of his bed is made of UND hockey pucks.

Kai’s Bedroom: Graffiti artist, Paul Ide, came in and painted a mural on Kai’s bedroom


wall. On the left hand wall there is an outline of Kai.

Her mom and cousin threw paint at her, creating this awesome effect on the wall.

Hockey Room: The kids have a fun, hockey themed playroom that includes a hockey net, big screen TVs and gaming consoles.

Dining Room: This cabinet is over 150 years old and has been in Paul’s family for generations. He made sure there was a special spot for the cabinet in their new house.


Paul Erickson, his wife, Kristin and their kids, Hunter and Kai moved into their recently built home last August. They had been planning to build this home for almost two years. One day, they met architect Chris Hawley and finally decided to bite the bullet and build the house. The design process really allowed Paul and Chris to connect.

The Map: Paul and Kai made this map themselves. They gathered license plates from every state and individually cut each plate.

“We sat for, I’m not sure how many hours, at this table, drinking gin at our old house,” Paul said with a laugh. “I’d say something stupid, beyond stupid, like ‘let’s do this.’ In a way I was teasing but in another way I wasn’t. Off of that, we would play into something that would work.” As is true with most construction, it was not without its challenges. The Ericksons were told that their house would be done by April but due to complications, they weren’t able to move in until August. They were displaced for a couple of months when they lived with friends. However, when they were finally able to move in, it was worth the wait. However, right after they moved into their home, they got some unexpected news. Kristin was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having the new home has really helped her in her recovery process. “I’m glad that we were moved in and were pretty much settled when I was diagnosed because if it was earlier we would have been living with friends or in transition so it would have been tough to deal with it.” Thankfully, their family is all settled in, they have built a house that truly feels like a home and Kristin’s cancer is under control. Paul and Kristin had a say in every square foot of their 5,500 sq. ft., four bath, sixbedroom home. Paul scoured the internet and magazines to find inspiration. They finally decided on creating a home that has a contemporary, yet natural feel. They did this by bringing in corrugated metal and combining it with the rustic-looking wood.

To best incorporate the rustic feeling, Paul combined a lot of elements from reclaimed natural materials. In fact, Paul has a 150-year-old cabinet in the dining room that he used as a focal point for his house. The ceilings were built to house the cabinet perfectly. Most of the lumber in the kitchen and stairs are 140-years-old and come from Superior, WI. In fact, the company, Wisconsin Woodchuck, which is featured on History Channel’s “Ax Men”, gathered this lumber. They also have 100-year-old bricks in the basement that they have turned into a wall. Inside this wall, they installed an antique safe that they will use to store many of their important documents. Despite all the rustic influence, this is still a very modern home. The kitchen and bathrooms have modern stainless steel sinks, showers and appliances. The kids also had a say in their own rooms. Hockey is very important to Hunter so he has a room heavily influenced by the UND Sioux. Kai is an artist so she was able to decorate her room in a way that is very visually stimulating. Graffiti artist,

Paul Ide, even came in and spray-painted a mural on her wall. This created a room that is perfect for an artist. “She pretty much did her own room however she wanted,” said Kristin. “It’s her room so we said she can do whatever she wanted. She had some fun. It wasn’t what I’d choose, but it’s her room.” Many couples might think that the Ericksons are crazy for designing and building their own home. However, there are a few suggestions that they have for anybody thinking about building their own home. “You have to compromise,” Kristin said. “Say I wanted one thing and he wanted another; when he got his way on certain things, I was able to get my way on others.” “I got my way more than you did though,” Paul was quick to point out with a laugh.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013



The whole

yard. By Amanda Ahrenholz


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013


rent Keller is one of two residential designers at S & S Landscaping. He has been with S & S since 2001, so he knows what it takes to improve a house’s curb appeal. Recently, the North Dakota Nursery and Greenhouse Association named Keller their 2013 first-place winner for residential front yard/entry for a landscape. This award winning landscape, which was installed in summer 2010, is located in the Charleswood neighborhood of West Fargo. The homeowners wanted a landscape that would compliment their home but not be “audacious.” Keller figured out the

perfect combination to do just that. Keller pulled elements of the home’s architecture into the landscape. He used a contrasting, yet complimentary color palette, along with materials which complimented features of the home: accent lighting, natural stone and flattering retaining blocks. Keller also diversified the plantings, so there is a little something to enjoy each season. Spring allows for perennials features while Summer showcases woody plant material with just enough contrast. Finally, Keller integrated native grasses and materials that bloom an eye-catching color to create visual interest in the fall and winter seasons.


features that make up this yard on the next page...

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013


who's behind the yard? Brent Keller

graduated from NDSU in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design, he is a certified landscape professional and is one of the residential designers at S & S Landscaping.

2. 3.


4. 6.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013



1. Goblin Gaillardia

This beautifully colored plant is commonly known as a Blanket Flower. Its blooms are brightly colored scarlet red petals with yellow tips and will give your landscape continuous color all season long.

2. Karl Forester Grass

Also called Feather Reed Grass, this tall growing grass is perfect to add diversity to landscapes with low lying shrubs. It grows well in areas with full sun to part shade and is even eye-catching with its unique character in the winter.

3. Winnipeg Parks Rose

The rose flower on this shrub is considered “indestructible” and features bright red flowers from early summer until fall. Place this plant in full sun for maximum plant potential.

4. Burgundy Carousel Barberry

Use this deep purple plant for accent in your landscape. To achieve full color it is best placed in full sun. However, be careful of its thorns when planting.

5. Japanese Tree Lilac--Clump

This tree is a great ornamental tree to place as a feature in your yard. In the summer, it blooms fresh and has white panicles of white flowers that are very eye catching as well as greatly scented.

6. May Night Salvia

Stems loaded with violet purple flowers can give your landscape a pop of color that will stay all summer long. This plant will retain its compact form and thrive in areas with full sun.

7. Goldstrum Rudbeckia

Also known as Black-eyed Susan, this plant is a highlight of summer with its golden yellow flowers. Place this in full sun and let these plants grow as they are virtually maintenance free after they are established.

9. 5.

8. Globe Blue Spruce

Although an evergreen, this plant will stay small for placement in more compact places with full to partial sun exposure. It also has a brighter color than most evergreens so you don’t have to worry about its color bogging down your landscape.

9. Materials and Landscape Lighting

Use materials with colors that are similar to the colors used on your home. Also, lighting can nicely accent trees and other ornamental features in the landscape.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013


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and Evaluation

Now Being Offered in This Area!

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D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013

Marcella Rose connectiNg

Art & Fashion By Amanda Ahrenholz Photos by Andrew Jason

Marcella Rose has been creating art since she was in grade school. Growing up on a farm in Western Minnesota, she has fully embraced the essence of nature and brought that forth in her work. She is undoubtedly and passionately living her dream.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013


Fashion F i r st ca nvas Rose has been designing and creating art since she was very young. Her professional career started after she attended Moorhead Tech for commercial art, "I got my first job at the Fargo Forum as their illustrator and did a lot of work for North Dakota Horizons Magazine and worked for Western Art Studio, located in the Black Building in downtown Fargo." She also worked in Phoenix, AZ and Kansas City, MS for Gannett in advertising as their creative director. She also worked in Spokane, WA with Zak Designs where she designed and illustrated for big names like Disney, Warner Brothers and Mattel.

From left to right: Embrace The Fire Within, Epona, Wedding Pendant, Novo Beads Bracelet

Marcella’s wedding ring

After spending much of her time trying different art forms, she realized her true love was fine art. "The commercial work was just that, it wasn't who I am. It was exciting and gave me a lot of skills but it helped me find out who I am and what I wanted to do. I always painted and decided to take that full speed and focus on my fine art."

I ns pi r at io n

Custom handbag - Reliance

Custom handbag Concerto of Thy Heart


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013

Going from a small farm to large cities, Rose has always had one true inspiration; nature. "I'm a very spiritual person, my soul is nature, everything is alive, everything is little molecules moving around, nothing is still, I like portraying the essence of what it is," explained Rose. She also describes her work as "gestural and alive" and when you view her original paintings, you will see that she likes to work in multiple layers.

Late-night Brunch: Now Serving


Downtown Fargo

Lounge 201 5th St N



Fargo, ND



(701) 232-7363




11pm - 3am



M i x e d M e di as Rose’s talents include painting, sculpting, crafting jewelry and making handbags. All of her artwork is diverse and very unique. With a self named brand, Marcella Rose designs rugs, textiles, dinnerware and home decor. She also paints and designs jewelry and handbags. "I've started taking my paintings and creating one of a kind handbags, I heat transfer onto leather and use my own fabric designs, it is all handmade by me, my hands kind of show it. (laughs) My bags are all individual and there will never be two alike." She is jumpstarting her own jewelry line, Embrace The Fire Within, where she creates pieces out of wax and has them cast in gold and silver. Rose is also one of the designers for nationally recognized Novo beads.

Promise of Abundance

F i n di ng H o m e Reliance

"I moved back in 2009 because my folks moved into assisted living, I decided it was time to get home. I was in Santa Fe, which was my dream, and I thought I would stay there all of my life, but then reality hit and it said, 'What are you doing so far away from home?' I decided that I could always go back and I finally feel like I've found my roots and really feel at home."

Concerto of Thy Heart

to learn morE about Marcella Rose, check out her website:



D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013



By Ryan Benz Customized Hair Solutions by The Number

call for consult:

701.297.9025 222 North Broadway

Fargo, ND 58102

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tory Price Special Introduc only /ea




DESIGNING AN OFFICE There are not many offices like Designer Homes around. That’s because it’s not just an office. It’s much more. By Andrew Jason • Photography by Caitlin Abrams


Cheyenne Jundt

Designer Homes

Cheyenne Jundt is the Design Specialist for Designer Homes. She has a hand in helping with the design with most of the homes built for Designer Homes and Luxe Custom Homes.

Designer Homes and Luxe Custom Homes are both owned by Robert Leslie Jr. Designer Homes focuses on homes from $400,000 to over a million dollars with lot and Luxe Custom Homes specializes in homes starting at $240,000 with a lot.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013



When designing a home, it can be hard to picture what your home will look like. Designer Homes and Luxe Custom Homes have solved this problem. They have created an office that is also a design studio. The entire office is designed so customers can see which features they would like in their home. Don’t know what kind of bathroom sink to get? Step into their display room for sinks and see which one you want in your home. Wondering what type of brick or stone to get? Take a gander at their walls to decide what will decorate your home.

It’s a simple concept that Cheyenne Jundt, Design Specialist, for Designer Homes thinks makes the home building process much simpler. “With our design center, people can see almost everything here.” In fact, customers can see their house long before it’s ever built because of their draft specialist, Tiffany Ahmann. She can display someone’s plans for their home on a large screen TV. This allows people to see their house come to life in 3D long before any construction starts.

Custom Lighting

Step inside the new Designer Homes with us.

This is an example of some of the amenities they showcase in their design studio. This is a gorgeous, Vertigo light fixture from Ferguson.




When customers come into Designer Homes, they are wined and dined…literally. The design center offers a full kitchen that showcases cabinets, appliances sinks and counter-tops but also offers an espresso machine and beverage centers.

Most options for homes can be seen inside their design center, including ceiling details. Many of the rooms and offices have different style ceilings so customers can see what they like. This custom crafted ceiling detail is at the high end and is featured in owner, Rob Leslie’s, office.

This gorgeous chandelier from Ferguson could be in your next home.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013


The new Designer Homes’ office offers a design studio that showcases most of the amenities available in their homes.

KICK YOUR FEET UP Talk about the comforts of home. You can curl up on their couch and take a sneak peek at renderings of your new home on their large screen TV and enjoy a 3D walk through your custom plan.

15'-0" X 14'-0" Covered Patio

Patio Dining Wood Lam


11'-0" CLG Detail

Master Bath Tile

Master Bdrm Carpet


Drop Down CLG Detail

11'-0" CLG Detail (Wood Beams)

Living Room Carpet


Kitchen Wood Lam


DO/ Micro Built-ins Around FP



Custom Tile Shower

Built-ins Around FP

Jetted Tub (Drop Into Trusses)

Coffee Bar

WIC Bedroom 2 Carpet

Wrought Iron Spindles

Bath LV




1/2 Bath LV


Laundry/Mud LV




Foyer Wood Lam

Bedroom 3 Carpet

Den Carpet FD

Garage (Finished & Heated)


18'-0" X 9'-0" 18'-0" X 9'-0"

Bradford XL 2800 SF


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013

If you’re interested in seeing some of the homes by Designer Homes, they will have four homes on display during the Parade of Homes, April 27 through May 5. You can go to for more information.

See your house before it’s done

Customers can see what their house will look like long before it’s ever built. This 3D rendering showcases one of their model homes.


You can check out many of the features that may go into your room inside their design center, like this entertainment sink by Kohler.

KID FRIENDLY Their design studio is kid friendly and features it’s own kid zone.

For more information, go to: or

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p l e H My House! We all have a vision for our home, but sometimes we need the view from someone elses’ eyes. That’s where we come in. We find houses, just like yours, around the Red River Valley for our expert team of contributing designers to assist you in bringing out your home’s true potential.

The designers

Monica Hart

Julie Erickson Julie Erickson is one of four owners of Designing Women2 and has been designing for 16 years. Some of her recent projects include Great Plains Financial and Hair Success. Designing Women2 offers complete design services for residential and commercial, from remodels to completely new. To find more information about Julie and Designing Women2 go to

Location: Osgood

Monica Hart is the owner of Monica Hart Interior Design, started in 2008, and has been a designer for 16 years. She especially enjoys new construction and remodels as well as specialty rooms. She was the designer for the Charity Houses that benefited the Roger Maris Cancer Center. To find more information about Monica or Monica Hart Interior Design, visit



his Osgood family faces a problem that many other families face. They live in a townhouse, so they are unable to paint their room, but they feel it’s too boring. How can they make their living room pop and feel more homey? Add in the fact that they have a very active 3-year old and now they need to figure out how to make their room more vibrant while keeping it kid friendly.

Type: Townhome

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013


Monica There are many ways to add color to an interior without painting. This can often be achieved by purchasing the right accessories and strategically placing them throughout the entire room. For example, you can add plump, patterned throw pillows (replace the others) to the sofa by pulling out colors from that fabulous artwork. Something that can easily be done is to add ready-made colorful drapes; hang them across the entire window wall but leave sheers in front of the windows. I would hang these at the ceiling and use a small pattern or do a solid red, yellow, green or orange - whatever your favorite color is! You can also incorporate color by adding a fun patterned area rug under the sectional. A small, solid-colored accent chair can be added to the corner by the mirror to add more seating and create a conversation area. Replace the small “coffee table” with an upholstered ottoman with drawer storage that is more in proportion to the sectional size. You could do a low TV cabinet with drawer storage to hold video components, toys, etc…

THE LIVING ROOM Julie Wow! Lots of seating, but a huge piece of furniture in a small area. We come across this challenge quite often when clients have purchased furniture from massive showrooms. The piece of furniture does not seem nearly as big, until you bring it home to your own space. My suggestion would be to move the sectional from in front of the window, to the long wall on the right. This will bring in more light and help to make the room look less like a bowling alley. We would also bring in color with red or teal patterned drapes. Move the glass table to the side by the chaise and add a colorful lamp. Move the small ottoman in front of the sectional and recover with bright fabric or add a runner or scarf for color. Move the TV to the left corner by the window. A narrow table on the left wall with books, a small plant and a lamp would also add warmth. They could move the small pictures by the stairs to that same wall. Also, a basket under the table could house the 3-year-old’s toys. An area rug in front of the couch, under the ottoman, would make a huge statement and tie the artwork and curtains together.


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218-287-0240 Commercial

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the bedroom Julie


As for the master bedroom, make a “curtain wall” in a yellow matching the bedding by hanging a rod from one end of the wall to the other. In the middle where the window is, fill in with sheers. Then move the bed in front of the window. This should leave ample room to move the dresser to the left wall and hang the mirror above it. Candles and a flowering plant on the dresser will add color. A great piece of art on the left could tie everything together. An area rug at the end of the bed always adds great dimension.

In the bedroom, I would keep the beautiful bedding. I love the pop of yellow! Adding a taller lamp on the night stand with a patterned shade would add some height and visual interest. You could do a series of small black and white pictures/ artwork above the bed – I would suggest a group of three or five, depending on size. The mirror in the corner seems awkwardly placed, making that side of the room feel heavy. Is there another place to put it? Again, I would purchase ready-made drapery panels in gray or yellow (or find a stripe!) and extend them across the entire window wall and hang them at the ceiling. This will add softness and romance to the room!

To have your own home critiqued by our team of experts, email You provide the rooms, we will get the pics and our contributing experts will dish out the advice.


hey are facing the same problem in their bedroom. What can they do to create a more dynamic bedroom? They also have to contend with the small size of the room and their very large bed.

For more than 100 years, the Hotel Donaldson acted as a fraternal lodge and hotel. It is located in the heart of historic downtown Fargo. More information on it can be found at


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013

HODO hotel donaldson A look inside the rooms of the

By Amanda Ahrenholz

Photos by: Hotel Donaldson, J. Alan Paul Photography and Caitlin Abrams


e are all intrigued by what lies behind the neon sign and swanky facade of the Hotel

Donaldson in downtown Fargo. Owner, Karen Stoker, gave Design and Living Magazine a little tour along with insight to what lies within the

Karen Stoker bought and redesigned

walls of the HoDo. Each room features a local

the Hotel Donaldson in 2003. She

artist, representing what they were working on

has a simple theory behind each of

at the time the hotel was built. Each piece of art

the hotel rooms. “The rooms at the

was purchased for the hotel and the themes were

hotel are done in the spirit of feng

formed around the impressive styles and work of

shui...” That theory has turned the

each artist.

HoDo into one of the best spots to

the rooms...

stay in all of North Dakota.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013


Ali LaRock


Ali LaRock is featured in the hotel’s first room. Her work is whimsical, yet detailed. It reflects on adult complexity and pulls through with childlike simplicity. This room’s features include spacious seating and work areas. Beds: One Double Size: 475 sq. ft. Bath: Rainfall Shower Head


Gretchen Bederman

Suite number two features well-traveled painter, Gretchen Bederman. Her focus on horses in her paintings, along with the furniture in this room makes for an earthy and natural feel. A king size bed and Broadway-facing windows give this room a unique atmosphere. Beds: One King Size: 500 sq. ft. Bath: Rainfall Shower Head

Deane Colin Fay


Sculptor and painter, Deane Colin Fay, is featured in room three. His work is inspired by the heritage of North Dakota, yet the room holds on to a playful and colorful vibe. With this room’s eclectic artwork and two queen beds, this is a great room to invite some friends and have a night on town. Beds: Two Queens Size: 385 sq. ft. Bath: Shower/Tub 34

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013

Outdoor Living... at its best


NaturalEnvironments landscaping, INC.

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w w w. ga rde n e le ga n ce ga l l e ry. co m


showrooms at

5 5 0 8 5 3 rd Av e S , F arg o

Brian Paulsen


Room four features artist and painter, Brian Paulsen. Paulsen starts with contemporary and modern pieces, then puts an eclectic twist on them using bright colors. Reserve this room and delight in its open seating and comfortable sleeping arrangement. Beds: One King Size: 425 sq. ft. Bath: Rainfall Shower Head


Susan Morrissey

Susan Morrissey is a sculptor and mixedmedia artist. Morrissey works with ceramics and paint to create pieces that make you stop and think. Room five is where you can find her work. Relish the open floor plan while enjoying the king size bed in this room. Beds: One King Size: 425 sq. ft. Bath: Shower/Tub

Carl Oltvedt


Painter Carl Oltvedt’s work in room six focuses on the landscapes and people of our region. Oltvedt’s art in the room is contemporary and subtle. The room’s clean lines and art meld to give it a contemporary vibe. Beds: Two Queens Size: 415 sq. ft. Bath: Shower/Tub 36

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013

Picture Perfection make your space your own...


701.235.0031 Juliska Vietri


Lee Industries


Michael Aram





Mary Jurek

. Simon Pearce . Oly Studio . Hickory Chair

Peacock Alley


Showroom open

Tue-Sat from 10am-5pm.

All other times by appointment.


Marley Kaul

Marley Kaul is an inventive painter who makes his own egg tempera paint to create his work. Room seven is brightened by his creative color combinations that accent the sleek King sized bed. Beds: One King Size: 465 sq. ft. Bath: Rainfall Shower Head


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013

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Make it the

Perfect Day

105 25th St N | Fargo ND | 701.237.4242 Mon–Fri 8 am–6 pm | Sat 9 am–3 pm 10-031 (10-12)

M innkota WINDOWS TM



Leo Kim

Suite eight showcases Leo Kim, a talented photographer. His work has inspired Stoker to give the room more modern furniture with dark, polished accents.

Beds: One King Size: 400 sq. ft. Bath: Rainfall Shower Head

9 Shaina Davis Room nine is one of the few rooms where the art changes regularly. The featured art is created by students who apply to a scholarship program. The room features Shaina Davis, a student whose focus is on basic shapes found in the landscape. (The current artist is Jerica Olson, photos were not available.)

Beds: One Queen Size: 330 sq. ft. Bath: Rainfall Shower Head


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013

Outdoor Living... at its best

GardenElegance NaturalEnvironments landscaping, INC.

701. 237. 6994


n a t u r a l e n v i ro n me n tsl a n dsc a pi n g. c o m


showrooms at

5 5 0 8 5 3 rd Av e S , F arg o

m roo o t M in e. OO Paul, k insid R o D an RE r, J. Al tion lo U AT he fini FE ograp igh de ot ph ou a h r u y o ent show s We

10 Walter Piehl

Walter Piehl’s captivating paintings adorn suite ten. His love of the rodeo and cowboy lifestyle shows through in his brightly colored paintings. Stoker refers to this room as “the Big Dog room.” It features an apartment-style layout, complete with a jacuzzi, king sized bed and eight person dining table. Beds: One King Size: 1,000 sq. ft. Bath: Shower/Jacuzzi


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013



D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013



Joe and Jesse Burgum

Students, Joe and Jesse Burgum, are featured in room number 11. Their art is very colorful, and gives the room a light and playful atmosphere. Homey furniture accents make this room, equipped with a bathtub and king sized bed, a nice getaway for anyone. Beds: One King Size: 390 sq. ft. Bath: Shower/Tub


Jay Pfeifer

North Dakota artist, Jay Pfeifer is featured in room 12. Pfeifer’s displayed work is abstract and uses mixed media to create his pieces. This room nicely uses brick and wooden architecture features to accent the unique artwork. Beds: One King Size: 450 sq. ft. Bath: Rainfall Shower Head


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013

13 Mike Marth

Painter and sculptor, Mike Marth, is featured in suite 13. Focusing mainly on still-life paintings, he brings soft and realistic elements to the room. The brilliant wooden ceilings pull together the artwork and furniture in the room. Beds: One King Size: 475 sq. ft. Bath: Shower/Tub


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013



Dan Jones

Hotel room 14 showcases painter Dan Jones’ work. Jones, a Fargo native, focuses mainly on landscapes and rolling hills, but with a modern twist. Dark furniture helps to highlight the exclusive black and white artwork. Beds: Two Queens Size: 405 sq. ft. Bath: Shower/Tub


Jon Offutt

Glassblower and Fargo native Jon Offutt focused his work on bright colors when pieces were selected for room 15. Stoker described his handiwork as “exquisite.” Unique art pieces adorn the shelving as natural daylight is allowed to fill the room. Beds: One King Size: 460 sq. ft. Bath: Rainfall Shower Head

Charles Beck


Room number 16 features Fergus Falls, MN painter and woodcut artist, Charles Beck. Beck’s work with landscape painting gives the room an earthy and welcoming feel. Darker furniture contrasts against the soft, light paintings. Beds: One King Size: 405 sq. ft. Bath: Rainfall Shower Head


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013 ltadesig



ns Additio




ce Rep


ns Kitche



! R E A FT


Remodeling with Style! 701-235-1212


n adesig t l e d . www

Š 2008-2013 Delta Design


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013


Richard Bresnahan

North Dakota native and master potter, Richard Bresnahan is featured in the 17th suite of the hotel. This incredible room features Bresnahan’s impressive pottery, as well as a float tub in the center of the room. Beds: One King Size: 475 sq. ft. Bath: Rainfall Shower Head/Sok Tub

Photo by Caitlin Abrams

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g A T the price tag

The Red River Valley has some great houses. Whether you' ’re looking for a modern retreat on the Sheyenne River or a historic home in downtown Fargo, there’s something for everyone. The question is, can you guess the right price of these luxury homes?

1. 4476 66th St. S, Fargo SQ FT: 4,383 Location: Osgood Area Agency: Park Company Realtors Realtor: Terry Ellingson and Valerie Fiske Consider this house to be the perfect balance for your family. This four bedroom, four bathroom home built in 2006, features a gourmet kitchen that will make you excited to cook dinner and offers a pantry to hold all of your ingredients. Each of the four bedrooms feature walk-in closets and enough space for all of your belongings. Other features include a built-in entertainment system in the living room, a theatre room and a wet bar.

What will this beautiful family home set you back? A. $599,900 C. $722,900 E. $888,900


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013

B. $675,900 D. $769,900 F. $912,900

2. Have you been thinking about selling your home? It’s time to get CRACKIN’! 4409 66th St. S, Fargo SQ FT: 4,412 Location: Osgood Area Agency: RE/MAX Legacy Realty Realtor: Dave Noah

This breathtaking six bedroom, six bathroom home is unlike anything you have seen yet. Outside, it features an in-ground pool, outdoor sport court, storage shed and patio that is sure to please any family. The interior of this twostory home features include vaulted ceilings, granite countertops, travertine/marble and hardwood floors, fireplace, den, foyer and comfy breakfast nook. Everything in this home is custom built and sure to please.

Please call me for a free market analysis or visit CRS, e-PRO, GRI

Can you guess how much this luxurious home is listed for? B. $973,000 D. $1,413,000 F. $162,000


House 1 Answer: $1,550,000

House 2 Answer: $769,900

A. $888,000 C. $1,278,000 E. $1,550,000



ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green your ten ways to make your home green home ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make Article ten By Amanda Ahrenholz your home green ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways Photos By Andrew Jason andways Andy Neidt to make your home green ten to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your home green ten ways to make your

ways GREEN to make

with Scott Fluge

Upgrade to fiberglass windows


Fluge suggests using fiberglass windows like Alpen Windows when choosing windows for your home. “Fiberglass framed windows have the same properties as the glass in the window so they move the same and avoid seal breaks,” Fluge explained. Seal breaks cause heat to escape through windows and in turn, cause heating costs to rise.

Scott Fluge has been in the building industry since 1998. He has performed building inspections with Authentic Green Solutions since 2009 through the National Association of Home Builders and builds homes to a superior standard with Norsk Builders. Fluge knows a thing or two about green living, so we picked his brain about what you need to know to have a green home. Email Fluge at or go to

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013


2 Know who is running the show

Some contractors hire out many different companies to complete the construction of a house. When this happens, little accidents can slip without the contractor knowing. Know your builder and contractor and make sure they know what is going on at all times.


Shop for locally made products

A large part of green living is finding products that are manufactured locally. This reduces gas costs and pollution from shipping a product across the country.


Use efficient lighting Replacing normal light fixtures with recessed can lighting and changing out your light bulbs with LED lighting can save you up to $20 per light each year.


Use SIP panels for framing

Using SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) panels when building your home instead of using common stud framing is significantly greener. All the waste is recycled during the manufacturing process and there is no waste when installing them. They are also self-insulating so they help regulate heat in your home.


Avoid products made of vinyl

Vinyl is toxic. When producing products made of vinyl there are a lot of chemicals involved. These chemicals are highly flammable and may be hazardous to your health.


Insulating is important

“40 percent of heat in a house escapes through the attic,” Fluge explained. This is why it is important to check your attic and make sure it is properly insulated. This can end up saving you a lot of money on heating and energy costs.

Integrity Windows manufacturing plant- Fargo


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M a rc h /A pr i l 2 013


For the first time in 20 years...

Discover Illumina Color A new Microlight coloring Tecnology for unbelievable hair protection and light reflection. Experience hair lit from within available at:

Showroom Walk in or call 701-356-6456

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H a ir | N a i l s | M a k e - U p | W a x i n g

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7 01 . 2 7 7 . 9 74 5 Wholesale to Trade

Photo Courtesy of Home Depot


Invest in a programmable thermostat Okay, this one isn’t from Fluge but Energy Star suggests installing a programmable thermostat for your home. Investing in one can save you about $180 in energy costs each year.

Take Comfort In Our Quality Stellar Finishes, Warranties & Service


Rainwater is best

Although you do need to water gardens to keep them thriving, Fluge said that rainwater is the best for nurturing your garden as rainwater has all the nutrients that plants need. If you do need to manually water, install rain catchers so you can use that water.

Photo courtesy of AZEK Building Products


Use Vast Pavers in your landscape

What are vast pavers? Vast pavers are made of 95 percent recycled content such as tires. They are some of the most advanced and eco-friendly pavers on the market today. Using these when paving patios and walkways can significantly decrease your eco-footprint.

were you wondering... 29% 17% 14% 13%

heating cooling water heating appliances

where your energy goes? 12% lighting 4% electronics 11% other

*According to EnergyStar

Audrey Newman

Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer

TOTAL Kitchen Design

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Think it’s impossible to be in Football, Choir, and Theatre at the SAME TIME? Or maybe Basketball, Band, and Speech? Here at Oak Grove Lutheran School YOU CAN! With 21 extracurricular activities to choose from, this is the time in your life to explore your interests and discover yourself.

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March 2013 Design and Living  

Here it is, the March 2013 edition of Design and Living Magazine. This month, we step into the prestigious Hotel Donaldson in downtown Fargo...

March 2013 Design and Living  

Here it is, the March 2013 edition of Design and Living Magazine. This month, we step into the prestigious Hotel Donaldson in downtown Fargo...