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He’s a rebel with a vengeance for metal. Artist Dave Badman

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DESIGN&LIVING MAGAZINE January/February 2013

Steve Revland

You’ve seen his furniture, now meet this master of woodwork. Pg. 30



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M innkota WINDOWS TM

Andrew Jason Mike Dragosavich, James Ness and Andrew Neidt Kyle e Seifert Andrew Jason, Kyle e Seifert, Rebecca Paulsen and Leanne Sucrow Andrew Jason and Tracy Nicholson Brent Tehven Alizabeth Gaddie, Bre Seifert


Brent Tehven, Tracy Nicholson, Kelsey Kuller, Patty Nystrom, Jayne Bement-Miller and Todd Graf, Tom Reinhiller


Morgan Weidrich


J. Alan Paul Photography, Jenna Lenertz and Andrew Jason Jena Lenertz Photography


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The article, “The Red Door” in our September/October 2012 issue of Design and Living Magazine incorrectly stated that Laurel Erickson was best friends with Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger. She is actually a former newscaster at NBC4 in Los Angeles and Erickson and Shriver were friendly and she occasionally covered Schwarzenegger.

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! l a c i n h c e T t e g Let ’s Home & Technology

Take a peek inside Osgood’s very own smart house.

Jon Kungel, of Custom Cinema and Sound, knows how to bring a home into the 22nd century.

By Kylee Seifert


Photography by J. Alan Paul

e all know how mornings are in most homes. B etween getting the kids ready for school in time to catch the bus, letting the dogs out and leaving early enough to get yourself to work… things can get hectic. To top that off, you have to make sure all of the lights are off, the garage door is shut and all other things are taken care of. With such busy days, all we are looking for is a little convenience to lessen the headaches. Custom Cinema and Sound offers a Savant System which makes life somewhat easier by allowing you to control all home electronics easily from your Apple IPad, IPhone or IPod touch. Savant Systems program your Apple device to control your lights, media, audio, thermostat, blinds, almost anything you can imagine, all in one app. and from virtually anywhere. Unfortunately, they’re still working on an app. that will feed and dress your kid. Jon Kungel of Custom Cinema and Sound is the Savant System expert installer for this Osgood house and many others. He took us through each of the features that come with this accommodating, userfriendly and time-saving program that is suitable for any home or business.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013


Master Control Pad

With just the touch of a button, you can control audio, video, lighting control, security, surveillance cameras, blinds, fireplace and more. It’s a simple program and user friendly. Click “Control System”, pick the room which you are adjusting, select “watch, listen or environment” and adjust or control whatever is needed.


Say Goodbye To Multiple Remotes

The Savant System can link through any Apple product and Wi-Fi system. This upgradable system is all in one app. and can be customized to every aspect of technolog y throughout the house.


Never Miss A Moment

You can watch one program on every TV in the house. Speakers are wired throughout the entire house including shower, closets and garage. Pause what is being watched in one room and continue watching it in another room.




Buy This House Square footage: 4,412 Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 6 Other Amenities: Fully equipped kitchen, great room, living room, entryway, theater room, wet bar, pool and patio area. Realtor: Dave Noah. Call him at 701-239-5990.


There is over four miles of cables wired throughout the house. D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013



Your Very Own Theater There’s no need for more than one remote ever again. Control all aspects of the theater room from your Apple product. Who needs to go out to a movie theater when you can have one in your own home? This soundproof space has two rows of comfortable spots and can seat eight.

The Central Hub


This is where all the technical magic happens. It is the home base for the Savant System controller. The full equipment rack has an enterprise network, which is generally used by businesses, due to the amount of activity going on throughout the house. This is the place where all the networks connect as well as the surround sound receiver. D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013

Personalize Your Controls

There are 20 audio zones throughout the house allowing multiple combinations from Itunes to Direct T.V. Set lighting in any room to your liking or automate the audio, video or lighting in each room to start up at a certain time. This is a house built for entertaining from family to adults to kids.

Time to Plan for Spring!

In Your Face Technology The theater room offers 7.4 audio with surround sound and impeccable speakers. The screen is 123 inches and has a LED projector. Sit back on any of the eight seats and enjoy your favorite movie. Dim the lights using your control system to achieve the perfect mood.

State of the Art Technology Savant Systems is now offering Energy Monitoring. This controls appliances, heating and cooling and helps with efficiency. They also recently released Video Tiling. This allows six different programs to display at once. You can mix and match any channels‌ which makes it great for hosting football parties. They are working on getting up to nine tiles at once.

H E L P M Y H O US E .. . We all have a vision for our home, but sometimes we need the view from someone else’s eyes. That’s where we come in. We find houses, just like yours, around the Red River Valley for our expert team of contributing designers to assist you in bringing out your home’s true potential.

“ T

his West Fargo family doesn’t know what to do with their basement living room. They are especially confused with the fireplace. They want to update the look but they don’t want to spend a ton of money and have to completely overhaul it. They’re also stuck in the past with the outdated wallpaper. They need to find a nice color scheme for their room. Finally, they don’t know what the right furniture is for this type of room. Should they have a large sectional or should they try something else? That’s where our designers come in.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013

Location: West Fargo Type: Basement Living Room Year Built: 1979



Rebecca Paulsen Paulsen graduated from NDSU with a degree in interior design. For the last 9 years she has done mostly kitchen and bath design and commercial estimating/project management. She moved back to Fargo a year ago to work for Fabricators Supply as the regional Wilsonart Specification Representative. More information on Fabricators Supply can be found at

By Ryan Benz Customized Hair Solutions by The Number

call for consult:

701.297.9025 222 North Broadway

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Hello bowling alley!! This room makes me want to rent hideous shoes and grab some cocktails! The first thing we need to do is make this room seem less long and rectangular and a little more square. To trick the eye we can do a few things: 1) Ceilings and floors should be lighter colors than the long walls. 2) Short end walls should be darker than the long walls. 3) If the flooring is not changing, you can fool the eye by getting a striped area rug and position it so the stripes run parallel to the long walls. 4) For furniture, your seating pieces should be a low height, which creates an anchor and makes the ceiling seem higher. These windows are south facing, so be careful for whatever color palette you choose. Southern light is very warm and will cast a warm tone on whatever hue you want to work with. I think we can update that wall covering. Not necessarily with a large pattern, but with a texture— like a fabric. However this time, let’s apply it to the full height to the wall, not just the bottom half. That fireplace has some real potential and should be a focal point. You can either paint or glaze it. A solid color paint can achieve more of a contemporary look, while the glazing can give you more of an old world feel. Then polish it off with a beefy old timber mantle.

701-282-2142 Retaining Walls - Boulder, Block, Timber, Stone Paver Patios/Driveways/Walkways | Sodding/Seeding/Hydro Seeding Trees/Shrubs/Perennials | Black Dirt/Grading | Snow/Ice Management Decorative Rocks & Mulches | Landscape Lighting | Custom Sprinkler Installation

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Leanne Sucrow

Born and raised in Chicago, Leanne Sucrow has been designing residential and commercial spaces for over ten years, while also incorporating event design into the mix. Sucrow received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in interior design from the Art Institutes of Chicago. Then in 2010, she created the local-based design firm, The Green Room. In Spring 2012, she opened a retail shop, “The Studio”, on Fargo’s historic 8th Street to give a home to her love of refurbishing furniture, vintage and repurposing items.

Holy retro flashback, Batman! Unless the owners plan on hosting game nights consisting of Atari and Rubics cube, this space is in dire need of a few refreshers. The guts of this room is easy to work with and the fireplace is a fabulous focal point to emphasize.

First up to leave the Starship Enterprise is the busy bee wallpaper. The pattern is too small scale for the elongated bowling alley space. It calls too much attention to the long space and short ceilings. Instead, a nice toasty mushroom or dove gray paint color on the walls with a lighter shade in the same color family on the ceiling will not only open up the height of the ceiling, but also warm up the space and create continuity between the walls. While we are talking about colors, let’s dress up the room with a paint color on the fireplace. Either a semi gloss solid off white or white wash will modernize and make the fireplace more sleek. Paint the mantel the same color to add height instead of cutting it short. Simplify the mantel decor with one large piece of art for pops of color and modernization. Additional painting project: spray paint the floor lamp a bronze or satin nickel finish to update the look.

Space planning this space is a bit of a challenge due to the loooong length. That being said, a sectional in this space does work. However, a console table or trunk with minimal decor to soften the backside of the sectional with a separate seating arrangement will break up the space and allow for another seating arrangement. Consolidate the TV area with one piece of furniture for storage, and hang the TV on the wall for a cleaner look.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013

B e f o r e a n d A f t e r .. .


You may remember this space from our first “Rate My Space”. There was nothing wrong with these rooms, aside from being a little plain and in need of a little more pop. That was where our designers came in. The best part of the project was how cheap it was. This North Fargo family was able to redo their rooms on a budget. To have your own home critiqued by our team of experts email You provide the rooms, we will get the pics and our contributing experts will dish out the advice.


Living Room

Our designers recommended this North Fargo family should bring some excitement to their room by evening out the wall colors. They also suggested that they add some floor to ceiling window treatments so she put in these gorgeous curtains while adding in the chair to make the room a little more conversational.


Dining Room

The most notable change in this room was rotating the table to prevent it from acting as a barricade. It was also painted and an affordable light fixture was added. The family photos were also moved because according to our designers, those belong in a private area.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013



For the first time in 20 years...

Discover Illumina Color A new Microlight coloring Tecnology for unbelievable hair protection and light reflection. Experience hair lit from within available at:

Showroom Walk in or call 701-356-6456

1617 32nd Avenue S, Fargo

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3345 7th Ave. N. Fargo

7 01 . 2 7 7 . 9 74 5 Wholesale to Trade


"This should be a hobby but it’s my job. I love it like a hobby so I’m not sure I have much more other than this. It’s just an everyday living."


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013



Badman Design

It a l l st a r ted i n 1988. In a st ud io si x a nd a ha l f feet w ide by 30 feet long a nd rented for $ 40 0 a mont h. Met a l g u r u, Dave Bad ma n, i ntended on keepi ng up w it h t hat bu si ness for si x mont hs. Twent y-f ive yea rs later, he’s st i l l at it.




adman, who so m ewh at stumbled into the business of metal, has come a long way since that small building back in 1988 but he’ll never forget that studio where all the magic began. While attending school at the University of North Dakota, a professor suggested that he take a jewelry making class. He thought it was a bit feminine but eventually agreed to dive into jewelry making anyway. Little did he know, it would lead him in the direction of his life

long hobby and career. The Badman studio is now located in downtown Grand Forks and he has added two companions along the way. Holly Foltz, who has been working with him for 11 years, “runs the store, ” according to Badman. Mark Harmon does everything the other two can’t. He finds a way to create things that seem impossible. This makes up what Badman calls his “design group. ” He has a unique way of going about things. If asked to repeat a product, he won’t do it. Instead, he will redesign

it into something fresh. You won’t find any computer or hand drawings of his work around because he’d rather dive into the project and go with his instinct. “I try to build up a relationship with my clients to a point where they trust my word. Because I can draw them something, but it won’t look anything like what I can actually create.” The team has created extravagant pieces, such as a conference table that weighed 850 pounds. They finished it in excitement only to find out that the table

had to somehow make its way to the second floor. After seven guys, a huge moving van, a scissor lift, suction cups, ropes and a very nervous Badman, the table finally arrived at its final destination in one piece. He is also known for creating a piece which is displayed hanging from the center of the UND Wellness Center, which he was chosen to do out of a nation wide search. However, he finds that sometimes it’s the small things that tend to be the most challenging of pieces.

Can’t rush perfection If he is not feeling inspiration for a project, Badman will simply wait to move forward with it until inspiration comes. He finds that his clients understand and appreciate this mentality.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013



Studio Space

Badman has a beautiful studio located in the heart of Downtown Grand Forks. He has over 5,000 sq. feet to show off his many works of art. Everything you see was created by Badman, Holly or Mark.

Anything and Everything Badman will create anything and everything. His works range from a decorative metal Christmas tree to a beautiful lamp to a one of a kind wine rack.

Senator Art

This beautiful box was created for Senator Kent Conrad. The colors in this piece are called “liquid art. �According to Badman, if copper is heated to a melting point and dipped in water, it turns red.

For more information on Dave Badman and his studio, go to You can also swing into his studio at 18 South 3rd St, Grand Forks or reach him at 701-746-7300.


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Teaching an Old House New Tricks Photos by Jenna Lenertz Photography Words by Andrew Jason


t’s official. Dale Hansen, Jim Osowski and Lorraine Kallock are crazy. That’s the only thing that can explain what made them buy this run down, decrepit house and turn it into this classy, warm and beautiful home that is now for sale. When they first bought the house in May 2002, they had a vision. It took over five years to reach that vision but they have finally done just that. In fact, they might have surpassed their vision.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013

About The House Year Built: 1899 Square Footage: 3,544 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2.5 Floors: 3


UNIOUE SENSE OF PLACE B ri n Gi n g o ut d o o r ro o ms t o li fe A Kilbourne Group Residence at 300 Broadway.

LANDelements S C A P E a r c h i t e c t s

102 Broadway, Suite 204 Fargo | 701.235.3990 | L a n d s c ap e A rc h i t e c t u re | D e s i g n | P l a n n i n g



The house has been on many tours, such as the Holiday Homes of Hope tour, drawing as many as 1,900 people over one weekend.

Want To Live Here? If you can see yourself in this house, you’re in luck. The house is for sale. To request a showing of the home, call Sharon Hilgers at Park Company Realtors. For more information, go to




After Third Floor Living Room


Almost everything in this house has been redone. The dormer was not there and the window seats were added because duct work runs along the perimeter of the home. The window seats open up the space and covers up the duct work nicely. A unique aspect of this old home is the central air.


After 24

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013

The kitchen is unrecognizable from what it used to look like. There were originally three windows in the kitchen, the stairs were in a different spot and none of the cabinets were there. In fact, all the cabinets were built by Osowski.



Third Floor Bedroom

Almost everything with this house was renovated. Walls were moved, windows were put in and dormers added. The dormers really gave this room more space and opened it up. If you look closely on the ceiling, you may see the painted on clouds. If you look really closely, you may see the angel painted into the clouds. Now that's heavenly rest.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013





Second Floor Bedroom

Hansen wants everyone to know that he has never experienced anything creepy or strange at this old house. With that being said, this electric fireplace will turn on by itself at the most random of times. (Let the creepy music begin.) On a separate note, the second floor originally had four bedrooms but was renovated to include three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Formal Living Room Before 26

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013


The only original aspect of this room are the floor and the fireplace. (Not pictured.) Hansen came up with the idea for the library wall after seeing a picture in a catalog. He then went to Osowski and proposed the idea. This is the result. They purchased the furniture from all over the US. They even traveled as far as North Carolina to find a majority of the furniture.


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Tue-Sat from 10am-5pm.

All other times by appointment.

Mmmmmm...Mac of the Moment



After Dining Room Before

The stained glass window in this dining room came with the house. It was restored at the Stained Glass Workshop in Fargo. The tray ceilings were an add on that Hansen came up with after finding an influence in a home decor magazine.

Living Room

This entire room is an add on. There was originally a porch here but they realized that this home needed a casual spot to sit. That’s when they came up with the idea for this room. The windows allow for plenty of natural light and the surround sound makes sure you can relax with the tele after a long day.

Before 28

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013




Get to know the man behind the furniture.


teve Revland has been designing and crafting fine, custom made furniture for the last 35 years. He has sold his handcrafted chairs, tables and consoles worldwide. He is a true artist and creates some of the most unique furniture in the area. We learned a few things about the man behind the furniture.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013

Fun Facts About Steve Before he began designing furniture, Revland was an actively performing musician. He even cut his own record back when he was performing around town in the late sixties and early seventies. Revland was featured on HGTV about 10 years ago. You can see the segment on his website, In 2008, after a distinguished 37 year career, Revland was inducted into the North Dakota Softball Hall of Fame. He played shortstop for two different teams in five different decades.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013



Enterprise Signature Chair

How He Got Star ted

“I had no skill set when it came to wood working so I bought a book on building birdhouses. I was just going to putz around for a while and one thing led to another… From 1976 and on about all I’ve done is build furniture.”

W hen His Love Was Bor n

“My parents had unwittingly allowed me to build a wood lathe in the basement. I was in the third grade. As a child I was twirling the spindles on the wood lathe. That caught my attention and so did the lovely aroma. I was making things on that wood lathe that I fashioned out of a washing machine motor… I did that 32

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013

when I was nine.” (Laughs)

The Work He Does

“I make a living building custom furniture for my residential clients. My art pieces are maybe 20 percent of my business while 80 percent of my business is going into homes, designing, then creating office and bedroom furniture, as well as entertainment centers and dining room sets. That will never change.”

The Future Of Steve Revland

“I see myself reverting back to solid wood furniture. I’ve been in contact with exotic hardwood dealers from New Zealand to California, Florida and South Carolina, all looking at different species of solid wood.”

Largest Project He’s Ever Worked On

“The Tree of Life” sculpture at Olivet Lutheran Church. Revland helped create this piece. It weighs over 1,100 pounds, is 15 feet tall and is made from Olive Wood from Jerusalem.

ART IST PROF ILE A Lumber Exper t...

Revland is not only an expert on designing and building furniture, but he’s also an expert on different types of wood. He has worked with hundreds of different types of solids and veneers. These are a few of his favorite.

Black Mottled Makore - The grain variation and color is

beautiful on this African wood. Light will create different effects on it that makes the wood almost seem alive.

Movingui - This is also known as Nigerian Satin wood. Revland likes

to combine this with Makore. If you visit his studio in North Fargo, there’s a piece by Revland that features legs made from Movingui wood and the top from Makore wood. The color is good but it doesn’t have the same wild grain of Makore.

Four-legged Console

Mozambique - This is an African wood that resembles Teak or

Walnut. This is a highly figured wood that has some very cool and wild grains and lines in the wood.

Maccassar Ebony - All the lines in this wood are natural. There

is a vast variety of Ebony trees. Some are solid black but the Maccassar tree has these orangish-yellowish stripes that make it much more appealing.

Anegre - This African wood has some fun raised grain to it. Besides that, it closely resembles Cherry wood.

For more information on Revland, go to


Office full of smiles


//////// Contemporary But Natural //////// Although the entire office is contemporary, there are still elements of nature throughout the office. The lights create unique shadowing that adds some dramatic lighting to the building. Ryan loves black and white photography so throughout the office there are large photos of nature. They tried to use water, wood and stone as the elements in their design. The water can even be seen in the wavy lines on the front desk.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013

Windows and Cabinets 411 40th St SW, Fargo 701-281-1848




hen you think of an orthodontist office, what do you think of? White walls, bright fluorescent lights and a waiting room with the most boring magazines (only because our magazines aren’t there). If that’s what comes to mind then you’ve never been to West Orthodontics. Ryan West set out to create an orthodontics office that’s a step above the rest. He surpassed that goal.


NMLS 491579


(701) 364-9630 2627 University Dr. S. ∙ Fargo - 2280 45th St. S ∙ Fargo

OFF ICE SPACE //////// The Newest Technology////////

With such a nice office, it would be a shame if their technology lagged behind. It’s a good thing that they don’t have that problem. Patients checkin by putting their finger on a fingerprint reader. This notifies the orthodontists that the patient is checked in. They also have a lab that creates all the applications they use.

//////// Open Space //////// West Orthodontics has around 90 – 100 patients come through its door everyday so it was imperative that the layout was open and allowed for a good flow of patients. Ryan wanted the waiting room to be separate from the treatment area. However, there is still plenty of private space for the staff and for patients if they desire privacy.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013




10:26 AM

//////// Stress Free Environment //////// When Ryan West and his wife were working with the architect, Joe Architect out of Denver, CO., they wanted to create an environment that was stress free, relaxing and comfortable. When Ryan was in the designing process his architect told him, “You’re going to need walls, floors and furniture so why not make it interesting?” Ryan listened to this advice.

//////// A New Beginning //////// Ryan has been in private practice for seven years. He grew up in Ogden, UT, did his training in Seattle, WA and residency in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota. He met an orthodontist, Dr. James McCulley in Fargo and began his new career in Fargo. He eventually outgrew his old office and decided it was time to move. September 10 of last year was their first day in the new office.

ChoirFootballBandSpeec BasketballTennisBaseba Academics Service SoftballSoccerTheatreBa Faith Leadership GolfStudentCouncilGym BasketballTrackWrestling SofSoccerCrossCountry Pre-K to Grade 12 SoccerVolleyballBasebal FootballGymnasticsWre Call Today BasketballWrestlingHock 701-373-7114 VolleyballCrossCountry ChoirFootballBandSpeec BasketballTennisBaseba SoftballSoccerTheatreBa GolfStudentCouncilGym to visit our campus!

Think it’s impossible to be in Football,

//////// Kid Friendly //////// This is the only orthodontist office that your kids will want to visit. They have a kid’s room equipped with three Xboxes, two touchscreen games and a big screen TV that’s always playing a movie. West believes that it’s important that kids feel welcome in his office so that they’re more willing to return.

Choir, and Theatre at the SAME TIME? Or maybe Basketball, Band, and Speech? Here at Oak Grove Lutheran School YOU CAN! With 21 extracurricular activities to choose from, this is the time in your life to explore your interests and discover yourself.


T O H PROPERTIES The Red River Valley has some great houses. Whether you' ’re looking for a modern retreat on the Sheyenne River or a historic home in downtown Fargo, there’s something for everyone. So go ahead, don't bother looking at the price and imagine living in one of these top properties.



118 48th Ave. SW, Moorhead Want a great view of the Red River but don’t want the risk of those pesky floods? Then this is the house for you. This home is in the 500 year floodplain so you don’t have to worry about your house floating away with the flood. If that’s not reason enough to check this place out, there’s also a sound system in every room, three gas fireplaces, a whirlpool tub and cherry wood flooring.


SQ FT: 2,784 Cost: $599,000 Location: South Moorhead Park Company Realtors Realtor: Joyce Lepine

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013

1940 7th St. E, West Fargo Stroll into this house with pride knowing that you were smart enough to come check it out. You will be blown away from the beginning by the vaulted ceilings in the entrance, to the gourmet kitchen and gas fireplace, to the deck and patio overlooking the fully fenced backyard with playground equipment and striking landscaping. Warning: You may be tempted to just stay downstairs the entire tour, it is the perfect man/ woman cave with spacious rooms, wet bar and plasma TV.

SQ FT: 2,650 Cost: $500,000 Location: Charleswood neighborhood Keller Williams Roers Realty Realtor: Erik Hatch



426 South Pond Court E, West Fargo Consider it more of a treat than just your average house. This 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom home has a pond in the backyard that ensures a beautiful view for all seasons. There is also a bonus room perfect for the kids’ playtime or any other activity requiring lots of space. You will be amazed that such a haven, which was built in just 2011, is also just blocks away from Freedom Elementary School.

SQ FT: 3,796 Cost: $434,900 Location: Preserve REMAX Legacy Realty Realtors: Angi Sellers and Gena Syvertson

847 47th Ave. W, West Fargo Tons of natural light and ceiling detail come together brilliantly in this pond-view home. As if the view isn’t enough, the master bedroom is one to show off with a walk in closet with maple shelving, an island, a master bathroom with heated tile flooring and a huge tile shower. But don’t worry, there is much more to make everyone else happy, such as surround sound in the family room and impressive amounts of storage space.

SQ FT: 4,979 Cost: $629,900 Location: The Wilds REMAX Legacy Realty Realtor: Aaron Greterman

Just Call Jenny!


JENNY schuster

real estate

4813 Meadow Creek Dr. S, Fargo This place combines a unique, contemporary design plus all the necessary ammenities. There is a awesome foyer, formal living room, dining room, family room and even a library. Plus, it’s a great house for a family with five bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

SQ. FT: 3,024 Cost: $599,000 Location: South Fargo Park Company Realtors Realtor: Kim Keller

your way.

701.729.5851 Office: 701.237.5031

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013



Kris Carlson

Mary Lystad

Linda Birmingham

Julie Erickson

Designing Women


Phot o s by A nd r e w Ja s on A r t ic le by Ky le e S ei f er t



eet t he t a lented women beh i nd De sig n i ng Women 2 . Ju l ie E r ic k son, Ma r y Ly st ad, K r is C a rlson a nd L i nd a Bi r m i ng ha m a re t he st rong hold beh i nd t he na me. T he y a l l c ome f rom d i f ferent w a l k s of l i fe, w h ic h led t hem to cre ate a bu si ne ss t hat t he y a re pa ssionate about . T he y a re on a m ission to i nter ac t one - on- one w it h t hei r c l ient s i n order to cre ate t he be st possible l iv i ng or work i ng spac e for e ac h i nd iv idu a l. L i nd a spi l ls about how t he y c a me to be, w hat t he y a re a l l about a nd e ven some g host stor ie s.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013

q&a Free Personal Shopper Service Happy Hours Shopping:

1. What is the back story of Designing Women2 ? Julie and I worked together at Scheels Home Decor. One day, this sweet lady came in looking for wallpaper and all of a sudden, there were tears running down her face. She said her husband had passed away a year ago and she had had a designer come in to revamp one of her favorite rooms. The designer hadn’t used any of her belongings and the room no longer felt right. That moment was like a divine intervention. After that, I talked Julie into opening up Vision Coordinations, which was our original business. We ended up hooking up with Kris and Mary, who at the time owned Aesthetic Interiors, because we all have hockey players and so we got to know one another through going to the games. One year at state hockey, we decided that instead of competing for clientele, we may as well unite. After all, four is better than two! Hence Designing Women 2 .

Tuesdays 4-6:30pm (10% off all items)



off any purchase of

$40 or more only at My Best Friend’s Closet - Moorhead Expires 2-28-13

2. What was envisioned when Designing Women2 was being created? We knew that we primarily wanted to use what our clients already had. Not everyone can afford all new furniture and so many don’t realize the value of some things they already have. Many times, pre-owned items can be re-purposed or used in a unique way. We love doing that with rooms and then we add in a pop with things like pillows, rugs and art.

3. You’re quite well known for your Designing Women2 ambulance. Is there a story behind that? (Laughs.) It’s entirely a marketing thing. We needed a vehicle large enough to haul things and we thought, “We kind of do rescue people,” so we looked for an ambulance. We take it to all of our jobs and people love it. They will often ask us to put on the lights and sirens when we drive away.

4. What are some tips for people who are wanting to do something new with their space? D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013


Designing Women2 collaborated with Great Plains Financial to create a beautiful and professional work environment.

Designing Women2 encourages people in the area to donate any gently used furniture to the YWCA to help struggling women furnish their living spaces. The YWCA is located on South University and can be reached at 701.232.3449.

Furniture does not need to be placed against the wall. Try something different… you may find that you love it! Paint colors are so important. If there is some sort of budget, allow someone who knows what they are doing to chose the paint. Most importantly, keep expensive things neutral. That way they will be timeless and can be used in any room no matter when it may be. Also, keep lighting in mind. Use lamps in every room.

5. Are there any funny stories? Well, of course we have the crazy dog and bird stories. The one that stands out most is when we went to an older house to work on the living room. We did the consultation and as we were leaving, the woman told us there was a “nice” ghost who lived in the upstairs of the house. She said the ghost never comes downstairs to the area we would be working... We agreed to do it. That night, without thinking, I went to see the movie “What Lies Beneath,” I walked out of the theater and texted Julie that there was no way I was going back into that house. It was too late for that, so I ended up doing the room but I can tell you this, I have never moved so fast in my life.

Contact them at 701-476-0938 or visit them at 4035 40th Ave. S. #A. For more information about Designing Women2, go to 44

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • JA N UA RY/ F E BRUA RY 2 013

Great Plains Financial wanted a laid back, conversational conference room. This makes it easy for them to entertain clients in a comfortable yet professional atmosphere. The big screen TV connects to Apple TV, which easily allows them to do presentations.

The lobby demonstrates the perfect way to keep things neutral yet spice it up with some color.



Each individual got to work with the designers and have input to create their dream office.



2119 13th Ave S. - Suite 6 Fargo, ND 58103

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Welcome Home

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Let us orchestrate your dream. For the perfect products for your kitchen or bath, stop by a Ferguson showroom. It’s where you’ll find the largest range of quality brands, a symphony of ideas, and trained product experts to help orchestrate your dream. With showrooms from coast to coast, come see why Ferguson is recommended by professional contractors and designers everywhere.






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DR. TUFTE’ S EYES ON 43rd is proud to

INTRODUCE THE NEW - Designer Frames

- Eye Exams

- Contacts


“No Drop Eye Docs”

“Your Face is a Work of Art, It Just Needs the Perfect Frame”

43rd open Saturdays

-Dr Mark and Deb Tufte

LOCATED DOWNTOWN EYES on 43rd has opened their second office, this time in the heart of Downtown Fargo. At EYES on BROADWAY, Dr. Mark and Deb, a licensed cosmetologist, specialize not only in helping you ‘SEE YOUR BEST” but they also help you "LOOK YOUR BEST!’



Dr. Tufte offers some of the latest technology for comprehensive eye exams.

Dr. Mark and Deb just returned from the International Vision Expo with the latest frame styles and unique eyewear designs. At the Expo Deb hand-picked, from over 5,000 frame lines from 14 different countries, the perfect frames for her Optique.

most cases don't require eye dilation!



Jan/Feb Design and Living Magazine  

The first edition in 2013 of Design and Living Magazine.

Jan/Feb Design and Living Magazine  

The first edition in 2013 of Design and Living Magazine.