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New Year’s Resolution Solutions! Fargo - Moorhead Fitness Programs That Work & Last!






A & Q Do you know that digestive challenges create more distress in the body than any other body


function? Do you know that the medications commonly used to treat the symptoms of digestive distress do not get to the cause of the problem but merely mask the symptoms? The common meds used for digestive distress actually stop the production of digestive acids and enzymes critically needed for proper break down of food groups. High levels of physical, chemical and emotional stress suppress the function of the digestive system, therefore creating lowered function like pain, fatigue, allergies, frequent colds, and many more.

Here are a few suggestions:

- Stop chewing gum, you are tricking your stomach when you start to chew and there is no food to work on. - Drink half of your body weight in ounces - Do not drink cold beverages with your meals and all drinks should be 20 min before or after your meal - Make sure you get your spine adjusted; the vertebrae in your mid back area affect the stomach.

Ask your questions at fmstide.c om

Restructure Your Life î Žrough Your Body


Anything is possible if you believe yourself, in your body and he power within you t o change your life.

45 21st Avenue East, Unit D, West Fargo, ND 58078



DECEMBER 2010 ISSUE #1 Publishing Spotlight LLC Editor

Troy Henne Design

FM Stride is dedicated to helping the community of Fargo-Moorhead find information about health, fitness, nutrition, and beauty.

his being the first issue of FM Stride T I’m really excited to see it posi-

tively influence the Fargo-Moorhead area. The main goal of the magazine is to involve the community in a concerted effort to improve the quality of life for people in Fargo-Moorhead. FM Stride provides the latest information on health, fitness, nutrition and beauty in the area and encourages readers to get out in the community and get active! I hope to inspire you through the dark, cold Midwest winter to commit yourself to healthy lifestyle. Whether you’ve been working out for years or you are ready to make a lifechanging decision to start your wellness journey, FM Stride is your place to turn for your health and fitness information in Fargo-Moorhead. My desire is that as the magazine grows, so does the community’s involvement in FM Stride and everything it has to offer. Born and raised in the area, I know that people in Fargo-Moorhead are dedicated to making a positive change in the community and it’s now time to take a Stride in health and wellness in the FM area.

Troy Henne

Tina Johnstad Contributor

Max Kurucar Marketing/Sales

Karli Rodgers Publishing/Marketing

Mike Dragosavich FM Stride the Magazine is published by Spotlight LLC.   Copyright 2010 FM Spotlight the Magascene & FM  All Rights reserved. No parts of this periodical may be reproduced without written permission of FM Spotlight The Magazine & FM FM Spotlight The Magazine & FM will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions found in the magazine or FM Spotlight LLC accepts no liability for the accuracy of statements made by the advertisers.

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503 North 7th Street Ste 206 • Fargo, ND 58102 • • Contact: 701.866.3907

Taking Strides is taking strides in the FM Area in 2011

Check out what they’ve done around town... YMCA and Sanford Health Break Ground on Wellness Center The $12 Million, 78,000-square foot comprehensive fitness center is expected to accommodate 3,500 members and is expected to open fall 2011. Sanford Health Donates $10 Million to NDSU As the largest single donation accepted by NDSU, the donation will help fund a new 5,700 seat sporting facility to host NDSU bas-

ketball and wresting programs. Sanford exploring new hospital in Fargo As if they haven’t already dished out enough cash, Sanford Health is exploring opening a new $300 million hospital in Fargo. It would be the largest single project in the hospital’s recent history Sanford and OA Merge Sanford Health and Orthopaedic Associates (OA) have come together to make the largest sports medicine practice in the region. For young stars. For elite athletes. For weekend warrious. For health enthusiasts. Every person. Every need.

Extinguising Exercise Excuses 1. Working out is too expensive...


When it comes to your wellness can you really put a price on your own health? Statistics prove time and time again that preventative health care is the least expensive kind of health care. Try paying for a medical bill and then ask yourself if a gym membership is too expensive when, there are gyms in the area such as Planet Fitness that offer memberships anywhere from $10 - $20/month

2. I don’t have time to exercise...

If you keep the intensity of your workout high you can have a great workout in 45 min or less. Keep your heart-rate above 150 beats per minute for 30 minute and you just burned as many calories as a hour-long run.

3. Working out doesn’t work for me... I just get frustrated...

Fitness and wellness requires more than just simply working out. To reach your wellness goals you should not only concentrate on your workouts, but also your nutrition, sleep, stress levels, hydration and mental acuteness

4. Exercising isn’t fun, it’s a chore

Actually there are many different ways to live a healthy, active life-style. You can make exercising fun by joining a class and meeting people or by joining a recreational sports team such as indoor football, soccer, or volleyball. You can also spice up your workout by joining a program such as zoomba where you can dance off those unwanted pounds.

5. I’m intimidated, I don’t know what to do...

If it’s your first time in the gym and you are feeling a little intimidated that’s ok. There are trained professionals to help you get started. Many fitness clubs in the area offer personal trainers or staff who are there to guide your “first steps”. Plus you always have us at FM Stride. You can ask any questions at or follow our work outs.


2761 12th AVE S

Fargo ND 58103


The winter in Fargo-Moorhead is known

Flag Football


for limiting the ability to do virtually anything recreational outside.  The Sports Bubble in Fargo provides an indoor facility with softball & flag football leagues, golf simulation machines, golf range, and a full bar and grill.  This helps give you options to stay fit in the winter season.  This is definitely a great way to kick the daily borGolf Simulator ing treadmill workout to the curb.

The 19th Hole

The Sports Bubble Cafe offers tasty appetizers, sandwiches and pizza.  The lounge also has a wide selection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.


1. Avoid Chemical Fertilizers - Chemical Fertilizers have been shown to increase free-radicals in the body leading to cancer-causing agents 2. Organic Foods have been proven to be higher in vitamin c and many minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals 3. Going Green! Farmers who grow organic have to practice crop rotation and biochemical controls which replenish the soil and are good for the environment

Where to Go for FargOrganics Sydney’s Health

810 30th AVE S Moorhead

Green Market Catering

69 4th ST N Fargo

Tochi Products & Specialty Foods 1111 2nd AVE N Fargo 701-232-7700

Cash Wise Foods

1401 33rd ST S Fargo

look for the USDA seal on products to ensure >95% organic


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Dodge Avenger SXT


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Cover Story



Nate and Allison are breaking ground in the Fargo Fitness scene!

New Workout for the NEw Year! Power...

Nate Keller and Allison Hennings have strong ties to the Fargo-Moorhead area.  Nate a former NDSU Bison football player, and Allison, a former athletic trainer for NDSU and Concordia, have just recently brought their knowledge and work ethic back to Fargo-Moorhead in the form of a new fitness program called “CrossFit”.  This program is group orientated and specializes on targeting all your muscle groups by intense training routines.  FM Stride stretched out and interviewed the “CrossFit Couple” to find out more!


Exclusive Interview

What is CrossFit? CrossFit is made up of high intensity, constantly varied, functional exercises.   Meaning all of your workouts offer multi-functional, multi-muscle, multi-joint movements at high intensity and at competitive levels, that are tailored to your fitness level and experience. How did you find out about Crossfit? We were turned onto CrossFit by Nate’s sister out in Boise ID. Nate & I went out to Boise in August (2010) to visit CrossFit Refinery and we’re really excited about our venture. We had decided to open a CrossFit in Fargo about April 2010.

Why did you open Crossfit in Fargo? Nate & I opened a CrossFit facility because it is different than all the other “corporatized” gyms. We are about the clients, about progress, & about results. Having been in the training world for several years now, CrossFit has opened my eyes to a fitness world that makes SO much more sence, compared to what I was used to. What makes Crossfit special in your eyes? CrossFit believes in not “specializing.” Which means we don’t want you to just be a good runner, weightlifter, gymnast, or sport specific athlete. We want you to excel in everything. “Prepared for the Unexpected”. This is why CrossFit is endorsed by many Military, Police, & Fire Personnel.   Why is CrossFit a great program to help people sustain results? CrossFit is a community.. we are motivating, hold you accountable, cheer you on, and push you to your brink. Secondly, being that it combines a group setting with a Certified CrossFit Trainer as well as individual attention & instruction. Third, I have never seen

such amazing results in all areas of fitness combined into one.. cardiovascular stamina, strength, & flexibility. This is done by incorporating all these areas of fitness into a workout.. cardio, weightlifting, & gymnastic movements. If people mention this article to you, will you give them a deal? Of course just email me at or call me at 701-430-1987

For More info About Crossfit Visit: m


New Year’s Resolutions Solutions!

oorhead t M o a Farg ams th r g o r p s wellnes tick to in the s you will ar! New Ye

Academy of Combat Arts

The Fargo-Moorhead Academy of Combat Arts is the first legitimate and official mixed martial arts (MMA) school in North Dakota. They offer instruction in Brazillian jiujitsu, may Thai kickboxing, Combat Submission Wrestling, and more.

Diva Dance

Diva Dance is an experience that uses Latin and fun dance moves as a practical way for you to energize your body, empower your mind and express your soul.

Fargo Sports Bubble

Get to the Sports Bubble to participate in either winter softball or flag football leagues. You can also practice your golf swing at the driving range or swing the stick at the golf simulator. Complete with a full bar and grill you can have an entertaining day, and stay fit while you’re at it.

Fargo Swings Join Fargo Swings for Swing Dancing every Tuesday night downtown at the Avalon. Lesson at 8:30 and open dancing until 11:30. No partner required and no need to sign up. $7 per person and $5 with a student ID.

FM Bootcamps This bootcamp takes the very best fat burning exercises from aerobics classes, weight training, body weight training, and cardiovascular training and puts them into a 30-minute fat-blasting interval workout.

FM Derby Girls The Fargo-Moorhead Derby Girls are becoming very popular in the area. Don’t think that this is a private club. Men and women over the age of 18 may join in a variety of roles including, but not limited to, skaters referees, stat trackers, coaches, announcers and general help. Dues are only $40/month, check it out!

Red River Golden Golves

Facebook: Red River Golden Gloves The staff at Red River Golden Gloves Boxing Gym offer training for beginner, novice, and pro level athletes.  This program is a great way to learn boxing along with getting into shape FAST!  Training for boxing is excellent cardio and a full body work out.

Soulista Pilates & Yoga

23 4th St. S. Moorhead - 218-233-1511 Soulista is a supportive environment for life transformation and natural well-being through mind-body movement and alternative therapies.

Zumba Dance Fitness

Zumba dance-finess combines Latin rhythems and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program to get you movin’ and loosin’!

FMake Over Check out these places to feel revitalized, refreshed, and rejuvinated Beauty

Sweet Banana Spa 1450 25th St Fargo 701-478-7523

Spray Tan


Healthy Glow 701-388-4025

Luxe 1700 32nd Ave S Fargo 701-298-3322


Hair Details Salon 1606 30th Ave S Moorhead 3003 32nd Ave S Fargo 701-356-7546 218-233-8735


Every fall, Andrew Johnstad goes from a local midwest farmer to a professional snocross racer whose resume inclues both Semi-Pro points championships in 2007-2008 season and last year’s most improved pro racer. FM Stride caught up with Andrew to find out how he prepares for the upcoming season. To see Andrew in action check out the ISOC Nation Snocross Race at Newman Outdoor Feild December 10-11.

Andrew Johnstad Professional Snocross Racer

Pictures by Whayne Davis from 2009-2010 season. Andrew now rides for Ski-doo

FM Stride: How did you get into snocross racing? Andrew: “I got into snocross first by racing motocorss on dirtbikes and it developed into a need for speed. Since there is snow around the Midwest more often than not, I figured I’d give my Polaris 440 a shot around the track!” How do you get in shape for the snocross season? - Rev up the engine and rev up the heart rate!

“I do a lot of road biking at intervals with an elevated heart rate. I try to keep my heart rate above 160 bpm for 60 to 90 minutes. I also do a lot of core and ab work.” Andrew’s nutritional tip... “Just like you have to fuel up the sled before racing, it’s critical to fuel up your body before a workout!” Goals for the 2010-2011 season? “My goals are to be in the top 3 points in pro stock and pro open. Also to medal at the Winter X Games.”


FM ATHLETE ZONE If you’re a serious athlete you are always looking for the slight edge over your competitor. The champions are made in the off-season through persistent dedication to staying in shape and improving their athletic abilities. If you’re looking to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition, you may want to consider checking out these places around Fargo Moorhead. - Troy

TRAIN YOUR BODY Max Training offers sports specific training programs through new technologies designed to increase speed and explosive movement. 1132 28th Ave S, Mhd Athletic Republic in Fargo is geared toward sport specific training programs to enchance athletic performance 2301 25th St S, Fargo

FUEL YOUR BODY As hard as you train and push yourself it is all in vain if you aren’t feeding your body the fuel it needs. Keep the hardearned gains that you’ve slaved for by giving your body what it needs. 4302 13th Ave S, Fargo

PROTECT YOUR BODY Whether you’re looking to get out and play pond hockey or you’re a serious collegiate athlete you need the right equipment to play the sport you love. Buy what you need new or used at Play It Again Sports and get out their and have some fun. 2501 45th St S, Fargo


The Resolution Workout

Work out right with FM Stride’s Start the new year off iment reg s back on track with thi and get your workout

Perform these routines 3 times per week with a day of rest in between each lifting day (ex. Mon, Wed, Frid) Each workout should take less than 90 min

Week 1 & 2: Endurance Training Day 1: Chest & Triceps Day 2: Lower Body

Lift (3 sets)

Flat, Barbell Press Dips Incline Dumbbell Bench Dumbbell Pull Over Dumbbell Flyers Skull Crusher Core: Plank Hold


12, 10, 8 Failure 12, 10, 8 12, 12, 12 12, 12, 12 12, 12, 12 30-60 sec.

Lift (3 sets)

Dumbbell squat to 90 Dumbbell step-up Leg Press Reverse Lunges Wall Sit at 90 Core: Hanging leg raises


12, 10, 8 12, 12, 12 12, 10, 8 12, 12, 12 45-60 sec 20, 20, 20

Week 3 & 4 Strength Training Day 1: Lower Body Day 2: Chest & Triceps Lift (3 sets)

Front Squat Lunges Hip-Sled Dumbbell Dead Lift Split Squat Jump Core: Ab Wheel or Leg Raises


10, 8, 8 10, 10, 10 8, 6, 6 10, 8, 8 10, 10, 10 12, 12, 12

Lift (3 sets)

Dumbbell Bench Weighted Dips Decline Barbell Bench Skull Crushers Push-ups w/ 25 lbs on back oblique crunches

Reps 10, 8, 8 Failure 10, 8, 8 8, 8, 8

Failure 20, 20, 20

Increase the weight you used week 1 & 2 and remember to concetrate on your form and technique

Day 3: Back & Shoulders

Lift (3 sets)


12, 12, 12 Straight leg deat lift Failure Pull up wide grip 12, 12, 12 upright rows Dumbbell shoulder press 12, 10, 8 Dumbbell lateral side raises 12, 12, 12 hamstring curl or glut 12, 12, 12 raises 45-60 Sec Core: Superman hold

Day 3: Back & Shoulders Lift (3 sets)

Power Shoulder Press (use legs) Bent-Over Rows One-Leg Dumbbell Straight-legged dead lift close grip pull up Dumbbell front raises Ab Crunches


10, 8, 8 10, 8, 8

6, 6, 6 Failure 10, 10, 10 50, 50, 50

Health What’s Vitamin D for? Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium to keep bones strong and aids in the prevention of osteoporosis Where is it found?

Vitamin D is found in...

Dairy Products Fish/Sea Food Fortified Milk Fortified Cereals

Research has linked Vitamin D deficency disorder, especially in northern climates during the winter months.

Vitamin D V

you don’t want to be Deficient in this vitamin!

itamin D is known as the “sunshine” vitamin because the body produces this critical vitamin after exposure to the sun. However, in northern climates the sun’s rays are not intense enough to produce natural vitamin D. Therefore, we need to supplement to ensure we get adequate levels of this vitamin


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“ I use Taxman for all my tax y needs. It’s eas and saves me money!” Mike Dragosavich Former NDSU Football Player Founder of FM Spotlight LLC

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