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Elmwood Park and Veteran’s Memorial Fields are both very nice recreational areas in the neighborhood. Elmwood has shelters for larger groups as well. 7


Don’t cha know? The Veteran’s Memorial Arena has basketball courts, ice rink with warming house, tennis, an indoor track and a fitness room.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD YOUR FAVORITE COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS During the summer, there are a few great events in our neighborhood. On the third Thursday of every month, vintage cars line Sheyenne for Cruise Night. Hundreds of people come out to gaze at the cars. To be honest, neither of us are all that into cars. But we are into food trucks and beer. There are a few pockets of food trucks and beer stands nestled in with the hot rods. We almost never miss a cruise night. 5

We also look forward to West Fest every year. It is an annual celebration of West Fargo. There are all kinds of fun events, including a parade, craft and vendor show, fun run and a softball tournament. Our favorite part of West Fest is the street dance. It’s a neighborhood dance. In the street. What could be more fun? 6


Don’t cha know? At Cruise Nights, you’re able to walk around with a beer while checking out all the classic cars.

When we were looking for a house, about five years ago, we told our realtor “anywhere but West Fargo.” At the time, we weren’t too keen on the water, which has since been fixed. We couldn’t have been more wrong about trying to avoid West Fargo. We absolutely love the Sheyenne Corridor in West Fargo. It is a quiet neighborhood, with beautiful trees and a river nearby. There are so many things to see and do in this neighborhood. Some of the best hidden gems are right in our back yard. And it’s continuing to get better and better as the area continues to develop. Just in the past year, they added a new high rise with a beautiful POW/MIA courtyard for community events. Another high rise is currently being built and the Sheyenne Corridor is continuing to transform and develop with more businesses and things to do on their way. This really is one of the best neighborhoods in the metro.

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Fargo Monthly 100 Issue 2019  

Fargo Monthly 100 Issue 2019