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The 100 List

100 ways to give back. 100 ways to get involved. 100 ways to love our community. Here’s 100 things you need to do this year as told by your fellow citizens.

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On The Cover

Fm 100 | 2019


Your Neighborhood, Your Ways

Every time you take a drive around Fargo, Moorhead or West Fargo, you’re bound to see something new pop up. As the community continues to grow, so do the neighborhoods. We found some people from the different neighborhoods to act as your tour guide. 62 66 70 76

Downtown North Fargo South Fargo 45th Street

80 Veteran’s 84 West Fargo 90 Osgood 94 Moorhead

Get In Touch Hillary Ehlen Special thanks to Kilbourne Group for allowing us to climb the 300 foot Block 9 crane to capture this photo.


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Mike Dragosavich


Steve Kruse Andrew Jason


Sarah Geiger Sarah Stauner Hillary Ehlen


J. Alan Paul Photography jesse@jalanpaul.com

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Jennifer Gades

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Nolan Schmidt


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Alexandra Martin Nick Schommer


Simon Andrys Tommy Uhlir Patrick Thompson Alex Kizima Kellen Feeney

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Paul Hoefer

Sales Executives


Ross Uglem


Zach Olson


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Jenny Johnson, Gigi McColm


Colleen Dreyer Wendy Kalbrener Bruce Crummy, John Stuber, Craig Sheets

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Have Women july 2017

Shattered the Glass Ceiling in Tech?

Why We Do What We Do


potlight was started on a belief. A belief that Fargo deserved more. A belief that Fargo deserved to be recognized as one of the top cities in the country. A belief that Fargo deserved to have its story told with entertaining and engaging stories. A belief that Fargo can compete with the Twin Cities in terms of amenities. A belief that Fargo and the surrounding areas deserve the best.

Nine years ago, Spotlight began with an idea. Mike “Drago” Dragosavich became a household name in Fargo-Moorhead when he was a punter for NDSU. After a brief stint in the NFL, Dragosavich came back to Fargo and watched as all of his friends moved out of town because there wasn’t enough to do here. Well, he set out to prove them wrong. That’s when he started producing FM Spotlight, a small city magazine that was dedicated to what was happening in the community. Throughout the last six years, we’ve started additional magazines and the team has grown to nearly 30 employees. However, the mission still remains the same: highlight the happenings of our exciting community.

october 2016


We created Fargo Monthly 100 Issue because we wanted to see what sort of a positive impact we could create in the community. It’s not often that you have the chance to actually reach everybody in a community. This magazine was mailed out to every mailbox in Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo. (That’s 93,000 mailboxes.) It was a daunting challenge for a small company like ours to pull off, but with a dedicated team of trueblooded Fargoans, Moorheadites and West Fargoans, we think we successfully pulled it off.

2019 | 9

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At Design & Living Magazine, we love to share local art, architecture, home decor, interior design and landscaping with our readers. Within our pages, we open the doors to the most interesting homes in the Red River Valley and introduce you to those who are responsible for enriching the cities of Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo with their innovative, aesthetically pleasing designs. designandlivingmagazine.com facebook.com/designandlivingmagazine Instagram: designandlivingmagazine

Fargo INC! is a monthly business magazine that covers all things business in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Each month, it covers a variety of topics, ranging from entrepreneurship and startups to business resources and general economic development. All of the coverage is presented in a fun, engaging and positive manner. A significant percentage of the magazines is mailed directly to business leaders across the Fargo metro. fargoinc.com facebook.com/fargobusiness Twitter: @fargoincmag LinkedIN


Bison Illustrated is your number one source for all the behind the scenes action inside the North Dakota State University Athletic Department. With a creative twist and unique storytelling model, Bison Illustrated is here to collaborate with Bison Nation to provide a fresh avenue into NDSU Athletic for every fan in a growing Bison community. Every month, Bison Illustrated is developed for the passionate fan, the fan that can’t get enough of the Bison. bisonillustrated.com facebook.com/bisonillustrated Twitter: @bisonmag Instagram: bisonillustrated

Fargo Monthly is an award-winning publication dedicated to highlighting Fargo-Moorhead and what makes it a truly enjoyable place to live. You’ll find stories related to the local dining scene, nightlife, arts, culture, events, guides, human interest pieces, ‘what’s new’ and more to keep you updated on our thriving community. Our mission is to show off what FargoMoorhead has to offer and the great people that are making it happen, all so that you can love the city you’re in. fargomonthly.com facebook.com/fargomonthly Twitter: @fargomonthly Instagram: fargomonthly

The Future We have recently launched Spotlight Interactive, a full service agency, specializing in web design, SEO, SEM, videography, photography, design and more. For the last nine years, we have produced engaging content and learned how to capture an audience’s attention. We are so excited to offer these services to the Fargo-Moorhead community. “Over the years, I’ve met with so many business owners who are confused about how to invest their marketing dollars,” said founder Mike Dragosavich. “For years, I’ve been trying to help them out, however, without the extra support, I’ve only been able to do so much. Now, under the leadership of Nick Schommer, our Interactive team is able to help customers clear up all the confusion and drive results to the bottom line.” Full services include: • Web Design • Online Advertising • Search Engine Presence • Customer Nurturing • Conversion Optimization • Reputation Management • Sales Enablement • Videography • Photography • Graphic Design • Custom Publishing

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From the Editor

That One Corner Booth

My Takeaways

This magazine is meant to be more than informative, we want it to be impactful. To prove that, here’s what I’m taking away from this magazine.


1. Fargo is probably the best airport to fly out of. Seriously, I went on a trip and it took me approximately 29 seconds to go through security. Beat that Minneapolis.

here's a little booth in the back corner of Vinyl Taco. There's nothing particularly special about it. The seats are hard. The lighting is dark. The beer tastes just as cold as at any of the other tables. It's just an ordinary booth. Or is it? On Friday, Sept. 25, 2015, I was sitting in that booth. In fact, I was sitting in that booth for exactly 57 minutes. 57 minutes of devouring some of the best guac around. 57 minutes of scrolling Facebook. You see, I was on a first date. Well, more accurately, I was waiting to be on a first date. Supposedly, this first date's car had broken down and was emitting smoke. Or at least that's what she texted me. I didn't buy it. I thought I was being stood up. Well, much to my surprise, 57 minutes after I sat down, my date walked in and my future wife sat down. That little corner booth suddenly became more than a little corner booth. When you ask me what makes Fargo special, it's not the great restaurants.


2. People REALLY love their NDSU football. I mean, obviously... It's not the cool downtown atmosphere. It's not the countless individuals who are tirelessly working away in the middle of the night to come up with the next great idea for our community. It's the corner booths. It's my favorite table at Front Street Taproom that I always play trivia at. It's the tikka masala at Everest Tikka House that warms me on a cold winter day. It's the pool table at Rooter's that my friends and I spent too much money on in college. It's the racquetball court at MSUM my old college roommates and I played at. It's the thousand individual spots at 100 different locations around town where I've made memories. When we first decided to launch this magazine, we knew we wanted to go deeper. Sure, Mezzaluna has a great

happy hour. Yep, Rhombus Guys has amazing pizza. Of course, NDSU Football games are fun. Let's dive deeper though. What are Beth Hoole's favorite ways to enjoy sports in town? How do Emily and Brady Johnson claim Downtown Fargo as their community? How do Sherri Hashbarger and her family make Fargo their own? Our community is more than the businesses. Our community is the people and the memories. Our community is made of the corner booths. So, what's your little corner booth?

Andrew Jason Andrew Jason

Editorial Director

3. Our community is growing quickly. Seriously. When was the last time you drove south down Veterans? If it’s been awhile, I guarantee that there are some new businesses you didn’t know were there. 4. Silver Dollar’s wings are good. I mean, like extremely good. I’ve never been to Silver Dollar before putting together this issue. I will be back. 5. Pinball is cool again. I guess I don’t know if it was ever not cool, but Emily and Bill Brooks and Fargo Pinball are making it cool again.

From the publisher

I Love This Community


've always been motivated by being an underdog and proving people wrong. When I first launched this company nine years ago, everybody said that print media was dying. In fact, I still hear people say that. However, I can tell you numerous studies that report that print is alive and well. In fact, many major companies like Facebook, Harley Davidson, Uber and many others have their own magazines. As the digital world gets more saturated, people want something tangible to hold and read. That desire to prove people wrong has constantly pushed my team and I to innovate and grow. What you're holding in your hands right now is one of those innovations. We've always wanted to be able to reach everybody in Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo. A couple years ago, we took the leap and invested more than $100,000 to be able to create a high quality publication that we send to every residential mailbox in our community. That's 93,000 total mailboxes. For the last two years, we have called the magazine

Fargo By Fargo, however, this year, we're bringing it under the Fargo Monthly umbrella. In these pages, you'll find your neighbors, your co-workers and the people you respect and value talking about their favorite things to do, eat and experience in our wonderful community. Just like people are clambering for something tangible to hold and read, I also believe that people still want the human experience of going out to eat with friends, working out as a family or enjoying an NDSU Football game together. It's the connections that make life great here in Fargo-Moorhead. We want to hear how you're making connections. Let us know by connecting with us on social media or by emailing us at info@ spotlightmediafargo.com. Thank you,

Mike Dragosavich Mike Dragosavich Publisher

Meet the Team who made FM 100 possible.

Mike Dragosavich Publisher

Steve Kruse Chief Operations Officer

Andrew Jason Editorial Director

Sarah Stauner Graphic Designer

Sarah Geiger Art Director

Jennifer Gades Fargo INC! Associate Publisher

Nolan Schmidt Bison Illustrated Editor

Alexandra Martin Fargo Monthly Editor

Jesse Hoorelbeke Photographer

Hillary Ehlen Director of Photography

Neil Keltgen Associate Sales Director

Paul Hoefer Senior Sales Executive

Zach Olson Sales Executive

Ross Uglem Sales Executive

Jenny Johnson Client Relations Manager

Gigi McColm Client Relations Administrator

Alex Kizima Client Relations Administrator

Colleen Dreyer VP of Human Resources

Nick Schommer Business Development Manager

Simon Andrys Creative Director

Tommy Uhlir Digital Marketing Specialist

Patrick Thompson Videographer

Kellen Feeney Executive Sales Assistant

Wendy Kalbrener Office Manager

Bruce Crummy Distribution

Craig Sheets Distribution

John Stuber Distribution

2019 | 15

YMCA FM Symphony

Giving Hearts Day

Family Wellness

Drekker Fargo Marathon

100 things to experience in our community

Courts Plus

100 ways to get involved

Creative Mornings Plains RedHawks


lage Family ce Center Fargo Pinball


Red River Market Baker Garden & Gift


Taco Bros

luestem phitheatre


Prairie Roots F Co-op

100 reasons to love our community

The Arts Partnership

Deep Blue Seafood Sanctuary Events Center Altony’s

Junkyard Brewing

Mint + Basil

Bison Athletics

100 ways to give back

Outermost 2019 | 17



The Team

When it comes to health and fitness, there are fewer experts than the employees at SCHEELS. That's why we talked to five of them about their favorite ways of becoming involved in the fitness community and what’s one product that will help you become more fit.


Jennifer Linke

Yoga Expert and Assistant Store Leader There are many ways to get involved with the Yoga community in Fargo. We have a wide variety of types of yoga studios in the area but my favorite way to get involved with fitness in the community is the YMCA’s annual Yoga in the Park. It is a free will offering event that is located at Island Park. This event will be Wednesday nights during the summer. They haven’t announced the dates yet for this year but 100 percent of the proceeds go to charities! I only bring my Manduka Eko Lite mat to this event because it is an amazing rubber mat that is also lightweight, portable and easy to clean. It’s perfect for outdoor yoga classes! I met Alicia Waldoch when she was teaching yoga classes at NDSU and I was a student. I quickly became a regular to her classes and later went on to becoming a 200 hour certified yoga teacher thanks to her! She teaches now at the YMCA Fercho location downtown Tuesday nights. Her classes are amazing if you are just starting out or if you’ve been practicing yoga for years. 18 | FARGO MONTHLY 100 ISSUE


Steve Tangen

Exercise Expert and Exercise Shop Specialty Manager The one place I really love to go when I have time free is Edge Fitness. For me, it’s the gym that has everything for anyone looking to start a workout program or keep on going. It has programmed classes, racquetball (at the Moorhead site), personal training and great cardio and lifting space. What I really love is the equipment availability. It’s not like the big gyms where you are lost in space and you’re constantly waiting or hanging out to get your turn on a machine. Since I love to run and lift, I appreciate their treadmill, free weight and cable machines selection. If you like to power lift, they have a room specifically built for that with cages, racks and bumper plates too. One last reason I choose Edge Fitness is their membership cost. No sign up fees or cancellation fees. Just one small monthly charge, so simple! If I am strapped for time or can’t make it to the gym for a typical workout, I have my go to equipment with me. That is my TRX suspension training bands, sold at SCHEELS. If I have this piece of equipment, my workout is on! TRX suspension bands offer you challenging body weight exercises that always engage the core all while using the straps to suspend yourself to increase resistance. With it, I can also progress moves and learn how to make them more challenging by using the straps to suspend myself more. It comes with a travel bag and suspension straps to use either inside or out. With its own mobile app, you never have to wonder about different moves and exercises to perform either.

Aaron Sunram




Andrew Manning

Golf Expert and Assistant Store Leader

Triathlete and Assistant Store Leader

Golf has always been one of my all time favorite passions for the simple reason it has no ceiling for how good you are or have to be. It has no limits for age or skill level and is one of those sports you can play your whole life. I’ve been playing for over 25 years now and have learned that, like wine, I have gotten better with age. For the past 10 years, I’ve incorporated fitness into my game through specific weight and flexibility training because you can’t just go out there and swing as hard as you can every time. The nice thing about the FargoMoorhead area is that you have the variety of courses to play from public/municipal to the high level country clubs. My favorite time to play is right away in the morning. Being the first one on the course when the sun is just coming up, there is still a little dew and it’s just you and the course. It’s a time when you can lose yourself a little bit in the game. My preparation before I hit the links is always using my Orange Whip swing trainer. It’s designed to get your swing in the right motion and on the right plane before you swing your regular clubs.


One event I love in the community is the Tuesday Night Run from Fargo Brewing Company. This is a group that runs year round (yes, even in the snow and 20 below) and has allowed me to make lots of friends in the running community, some of whom I run with outside of just this club event. This group has ranged anywhere from 10 runners a week up to 100 and has runners of all abilities. Another place I love training at is the Hulbert Aquatic Center. This is truly a world-class facility and has great lap swim times and is extremely affordable. I do most of my bike training alone and the one product that has really helped me is having a smart trainer (Hammer trainer by Cyclops). This allows me to ride with an app called Zwift, which is all virtual. I am now able to log around 100 miles a week year round and in the comfort of my home. When it is nice out, I often am found riding south of town by Horace or hitting the bike path up along the Red River.

Amber Kukla

Running Expert and Footwear Specialist Being an NDSU college student, I try to use the resources they provide me as much as possible. Because of this, I use the Wellness Center on campus for my workouts, especially in the colder weather. They have phenomenal classes every day that range from yoga to water aerobics. Another way is just running around Fargo and finding new routes. It’s a beautiful city and running it is a great way to explore. My must have for a good run is my Brooks Adrenaline shoes. I never go workout without them. 2019 | 19




In2Shape Fitness In2Shape Fitness in Moorhead is my favorite place to work out. I’m usually intimidated by weight rooms because I’m not as strong or fit as others. The people at this gym turn into friends fast and encourage each other every day. - Alex Kizima, Client Relations Administrator

in2shapefitnessfargo.com 1518 29th Ave. S, Moorhead

Courts Plus

I have been a member at Courts Plus nearly my whole life and have now worked there part time for two and a half years. I have gotten to know many of the members there over the years and made a lot of new friends. Everyone there is fun and friendly. - Kellen Feeney, Executive Sales Assistant courtsplus.org 3491 S University Dr, Fargo

This past summer, I got an unlimited pass at Downtown Yoga and I really enjoyed it. Downtown Yoga offers traditional yoga classes, but they also have a Heated Yoga Sculpt class with owner Dani that really kicks your butt (in the best way). I don’t think I’ve ever sweat as much as I did in that class. - Alexandra Martin, Fargo Monthly Editor


downtownyogafargo.com 216 Broadway N #203, Fargo

Downtown Yoga



I enjoy swimming at the YMCA. The pool opens up at 5 a.m. on weekdays so I have plenty of time to swim laps before work. I also enjoy the fitness classes they offer. I can take classes like Water In Motion, Hydro Training and more. - Jenny Johnson, Client Relations Manager ymcacassclay.org 400 1st Ave. S, Fargo and 4243 19th Ave. S, Fargo

10 Lindenwood Park

My dog and I love to go running along the trail on the river. If you start at Dike West downtown and run south along the river to Lindenwood Park and back, it is about a 5K. What’s best is that if my dog still has energy left, we can stop at the dog park right there so he can run around some more. - Andrew Jason, Editorial Director 1955 Roger Maris Dr, Fargo 20 | FARGO MONTHLY 100 ISSUE


We went to the travel experts at Travel Travel Group to get their best tips for your next getaway.

Rheanna Quam Tonya Slinger


Travel Consultants at Travel Travel Group





Plan with local travel advisors

Don’t be tricked by budget airfare





We know the ins and outs of the travel industry and the special places to visit domestically and internationally. We are there for you during your travels in case you need assistance with flight delays or the unexpected. Planning a vacation should be fun, so let us take the stress out of planning.

Watch out for foreign fees

If traveling abroad, use a credit card that doesn’t charge international fees. Also withdrawing money from an ATM once you arrive to your destination will usually offer much better rates than currency exchange offices. Another advantage is you can pull out cash when you need it and you are not carrying around your entire vacation budget in your pocket!

What you may be saving in airfare to book “basic economy,” you will have additional costs should you need to carry on a bag or select a seat. These tickets also have all kinds of restrictions. Let us help you choose the right airfare so you’re not sandwiched between the bathrooms on a four hour flight.

Plan ahead

Have a separate savings account for your vacation and set a budget. If you plan early for your vacations, you have time to research and can grab a deal when it becomes available. Also, depending on what kind of vacation you are planning, you may be able to make payments against it.


15 Avoid the crowds and peak seasons

Most of the time, avoiding travel over major holidays and “peak seasons” can help in saving money on travel. Also, visiting certain destinations when you don’t have to fight a crowd can make it a completely different experience.



Detroit Lakes

We love to make a quick trip to the Detroit Lakes area. We take the boat and swim, fish and spend time with the kids. We have rented quite a few different cabins with friends and spent nights making s’mores and laughing. It is wonderful to be able to go somewhere so close and get a change of scenery. If you go to visitdetroitlakes.com, they have a pretty extensive list of places to stay. - Jennifer Gades, Fargo INC! Associate Publisher

17 Grand Forks and Bottineau

In the winter, I head up to Grand Forks for a hockey game and supper at the Blue Moose. In the summer, we pack up and head to Bottineau for lake time and W’eel Turtle - the world’s largest man-made turtle. This oddly cool attraction is 2,000 steel wheel rims welded together by George Gottbreht, owner of Dale’s Thrifty Barn. - Alex Kizima, Client Relations Administrator

19 Bemidji



I’m originally from Bemidji so I’m a bit biased but I think what they are doing is cool. Their downtown has been developed so there’s more unique eating and drinking options, more shops with local flair are opening up and it’s becoming more walkable. Plus, they have a great bike trail that you can bike around all of Lake Bemidji. - Andrew Jason, Editorial Director


Blanch Lake

Blanch Lake located close to Battle Lake is a great spot. At the lake, I love to paddle board, swim, bike and go on our boat and jet skies. One place to ensure you do not miss is Battle Lake Boathouse Restaurant. The hospitality and breakfast is amazing. I also love the Otter for dinner and drinks. They have live bands and you can really sit back and relax. - Colleen Dreyer, Vice President of Human Resources


Bozeman, MT

I recently went to Bozeman, MT, for the first time and I was surprised by how much I liked it and how many cool things there are there! We had brunch at Jam! and then spent an afternoon strolling through the downtown. We found a treasure trove of western antiques at Head West and then finished the afternoon with a coffee break at Treeline Coffee Roasters. - Alexandra Martin, Fargo Monthly Editor 2019 | 25


Casey Steele Owner of Square One Kitchen


Whether I’m looking for interesting ingredients or want to grab a quick bite to eat, Prairie Roots Food Coop always has me covered. Their hot bar options are great and I really like their grab and go deli items, especially the Curry Chicken Salad. That with a bag of chips and some Kombucha on tap and you are good to go for the day. I highly recommend perusing their bulk section. So many useful items and some unique ones, too!

Silver Lining Creamery

In my household, we have a weekend ice cream tradition that’s been going on for years. All the new ice cream shops popping up have been keeping us busy trying everything and it is wonderful. Silver Lining Creamery hits the spot with their rotating menu and creative flavors. Their lavender honey is an all time favorite of mine. Floral, lightly sweetened and oh so creamy. I love how ice cream is totally a year round thing here. In the fall, you’ll find folks sitting on the benches outside the ice cream shop on Broadway with their blankets, enjoying great company and their ice cream cones. silverliningcreamery.com 123 Broadway, Fargo

Deep Blue Seafood I often find myself trying to incorporate more seafood in my weekly meals and with the help of Deep Blue Seafood, it’s so much easier! Their restaurant gives you the opportunity to try properly prepared seafood that you may not be familiar with so you can give it a go. Their fish tacos are a great option because you can pick your fish and they’re delish! Be sure to check out their market as well to take some home to try. Their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to questions or recommendations for preparing seafood. dbseafood.com 4480 23rd Ave. S, Fargo

Red River Market DON’T CHA KNOW?

When I’m hankering for something but I’m not exactly sure what I want, I love going to the Red River Market for food. The variety of vendors and cuisines from the around the globe means you’ll find just the right thing while being exposed to foods you may have never experienced before.

When fresh produce is at its peak, you can make some awesome things at home, there are live bands, family activities and so many other great businesses there, making Saturdays in the summer and fall extra special.

redriver.market Broadway and 4th Ave. N, Fargo


Prairie Roots Co-op

prairieroots.coop 1213 NP Ave. Ste. 100, Fargo

Young Blood Coffee Young Blood Coffee’s sourdough toast is life changing. It’s something that forces you to slow down and savor the complex flavor and texture because it demands that level of respect. Butter with cinnamon sugar is where it’s at for me (and my husband who very well may be addicted to it). Add a mocha to the mix – spot on levels of chocolate with just the right sweetness to balance, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful morning or afternoon treat any day of the week, 365 days a year. facebook.com/ youngbloodcoffee 623 2nd Ave. N, Fargo 2019 | 27


26 Samurai

My wife and I are unapologetically obsessed with sushi/sashimi/ nigiri, and as someone who studied abroad in Japan (I try to say as unpretentiously as possible), I can say that it's arguably the freshest, most authentic product in town. And even if you don't prefer sushi, they have a great variety of pan-asian dishes. - Tommy Uhlir, Digital Marketing Specialist samuraifargo.com 1775 45th St. S, Ste. B, Fargo

27 Altony's gorgonzola steak pasta is the best, the portions are huge and it is delicious. It’s definitely a hidden gem. - Jenny Johnson, Client Relations Manager altonysitalian.com 3102 Hwy 10 E, Moorhead


Izumi Sushi & Hibachi

I like Izumi. I don't have a favorite, but I like going with a few people and all going in on the all you can eat sushi and trying some of a lot of things! - Paul Hoefer, Senior Sales Executive


Izumi has two different locations. One is at 5675 26th Ave. S. #108, Fargo and the other is at 5050 13th Ave. S, Fargo.


29 30 Blarney Stone

My husband and I love to visit Blarney Stone on Wednesdays. Their cheesy chicken tortilla soup is fantastic and the service is always wonderful! It is great to have a delicious meal together and spend some time together in an adult setting. - Jennifer Gades, Fargo INC! Associate Publisher blarneyirishpub.com 1910 9th St. E, West Fargo


Doolittle’s Woodfire Grill

I really enjoy the atmosphere and the service is always great. My go-to dish is the Flying Tiger Chicken and Peapods. - Neil Keltgen, Associate Sales Director doolittles.com 2112 25th St. SW, Fargo


Chelsey Ewen Communications Coordinator at The Arts Partnership, the umbrella arts organization that cultivates the arts in our community.



Creative Mornings

“Everyone is welcome. Everyone is creative.” That’s the motto of CreativeMornings Fargo, a free breakfast series that takes place from 8-10 a.m. every last Friday of the month at Drekker Brewing Company’s Brewhalla. I love attending CreativeMornings Fargo because the speaker and theme each month provide a fresh take on creativity and the essential role it plays in all facets of our lives, regardless of our profession or talents. There’s also free coffee from Stumbeanos and pastries from Sugarplum. Yum! Stay up to date on upcoming CreativeMornings Fargo gatherings (and when to register for limited free tickets) on creativemornings.com/cities/far.

History on Tap at Junkyard Brewing Company

Like local beer? How about local history? If you like both (and are 21 or older), you should definitely check out History on Tap, an informal lecture series about our region’s history presented by the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County at 6 p.m. every first Monday of the month at Junkyard Brewing Company. Markus Krueger from the HCSCC both informs and entertains with presentations about prohibition, gangsters, the saloon era and other themes from a local angle. It’s a fun way to learn something new while sipping on a cold brew!

Supporting local art for every birthday, holiday, anniversary or just because

Any time I want to find a gift for someone or myself, I always think of how I can support local art in the process. If I want to find a physical gift, I often shop at Unglued, Gallery 4, local art markets or museum gift shops. If you want to give the gift of experiences, purchase tickets to a local theatre production or music performance. Your loved one will thank you, the arts community will thank you and the local economy will thank you. Win, win, win!

Ecce Art Gallery

Artist receptions at local museums and galleries Visual art exhibitions at museums and galleries in our community have the power to improve your mood and make you think, but attending the artist receptions provides a whole new way to experience them. At receptions (which are often free), you get to meet the artists, learn their creative process and hear the stories behind their pieces. I leave every artist exhibition I attend with a fresh perspective and renewed appreciation for the human capacity to create. Plus, there are usually snacks involved!

FM Symphony Orchestra

Local performances of every kind

I always enjoy experiencing productions from local performing arts organizations. Theatres, bands, choirs, symphonies, dance groups, operas… They all provide an opportunity to observe talented local actors, singers, dancers and musicians in live action, pouring their hearts out on stage while filling our hearts up at the same time. I also enjoy the feeling of sharing the experience with the rest of the audience. No two performances are the same, even if it’s the same show multiple nights, so being able to share one with friends or complete strangers – and discussing it afterward – is something to be cherished. 2019 | 31


37 Farmers Markets



The highlight of my average summer week is heading over to the many farmers markets in the area to see what the local makers are making. There are numerous farmers markets that happen all around the community. Probably the most popular one is the Red River Market downtown but there are others that take place in Moorhead, West Acres and in West Fargo. - Alex Kizima, Client Relations Administrator

We love attending the Summer productions at Trollwood. I think it's amazing the performances these high school students are able to do. I can't wait to go see Freaky Friday! this summer. Performances start on Thursday, July 11. - Jenny Johnson, Client Relations Manager

38 Classes

Something I haven’t experienced yet - but am super interested to try - are some of the art centered classes offered in the area. The Plains Art Museum has a variety of courses for all ages. Unglued always has something fun going on, like making your own earrings or cool personalized tumblers! Baker Garden & Gift has lots of workshops that teach you how to make fun wall mounts and frames for plants. These classes are a great way to meet new people in the community and you get a fun take away! - Sarah Stauner, Graphic Designer


Photo by J. Alan Paul Photography

40 39

Local Theatre

The Arts Partnership

The Arts Partnership puts on a variety of amazing events throughout the year. I got many of my Christmas presents for loved ones this year at their Holiday Art Market at APT. - Alexandra Martin, Fargo Monthly Editor artspartnership.net


I'm blown away by the sheer number of theatre groups in town. I think it's fan-freaking-tastic that we live in a community that's so artistic and supportive of each other. Whether you're seeing a thought provoking play at Theatre B, a fun musical through Music Theatre Fargo-Moorhead or even a performance at one of the colleges, you can always catch a great performance. - Andrew Jason, Editorial Director


Beth Hoole Sports Director, Valley News Live



Bison Football

Bison football tickets are the hottest ticket in town. They often sell out extremely quick. Single game tickets go on sale August 1. To learn more about how to get tickets, go to gobison.com.

Attending Bison football games is my absolute favorite thing to do in Fargo. I’m incredibly privileged to have the best seat in the house and have actually never had the chance to attend as just a fan, but my spot on the sidelines has treated me very well. While I get a front row spot to all the action, I mostly enjoy the chance to interact with so many of the fans in the stands and getting to see the excitement and reactions to every touchdown and tackle.

NDSU Softball I think one of the most missed opportunities by sports fans in the area is the chance to catch NDSU softball in action. The home schedule is limited but the girls play some great softball and the atmosphere is awesome. From their loyal fans to their fellow student athletes, the stands are packed. And the only one’s cheering louder, are the teams themselves. College softball has a great energy and excitement to it and you can typically bet you’ll see an outstanding pitching performance from the Bison staff.

Fargo Force games are probably the games I attend most on my off hours. I have a more regular schedule during the winter hours and live close to Scheels Arena so they have become a favorite spot to hit. One of my favorite parts about the Force games is not only are you entertained by the action on the ice, but they also provide so many affordable (often times FREE) options for entertainment during the intermissions as well. Along with roaming the concourses, I have also loved the addition of the new bar to the concourse! It’s a great spot to meet tons of fellow sports fans and check out the other games that may be on TV that night. DON’T CHA KNOW?

The Force have great promotional nights throughout the season. These range from all-you-can-drink nights to children’s night to chances to win cash. Watch fargoforce.com for all the information.


RedHawks games are as much a staple for the summer for me as the lakes are. I always make it a priority to grab a day off for one of the several fireworks nights or daygames to enjoy the beer garden concerts! I’ve found RedHawks games are a perfect Sunday activity as well. An inexpensive option to grab a game, some sun and lunch – things that even entice my less than sports-crazed friends to join me!


Fargo Force


Osgood Golf Course

I don’t get a ton of time off to participate in sports myself, working nights and a lot of weekends, the local leagues don’t typically work with my schedule. But a spot I still get to flex my own athleticism is Osgood Golf Course. I love grabbing my clubs and hitting the driving range or the putting green for some good alone time. The staff is incredibly friendly, helpful and welcoming … even to a hack like myself! One of my goals as I dive in to my 30s is to take some lessons there so I can build a little more consistency in my game!


You can get a variety of season passes from fargogolf. net. Ranging from household season passes to junior season passes, these allow you to play on any of the Fargo golf courses.

gobison.com 2019 | 35


47 Sports Bar

Does going to Sports Bar count as doing sports? - Alexandra Martin, Fargo Monthly Editor 619 NP Ave, Fargo


48 A little bit of everything

I love going to my kids’ games, but I also enjoy participating in darts and watching any local hockey, football or basketball games I can get to. The Force games are a blast and something fun to do with family and friends. - Paul Hoefer, Senior Sales Executive

Bison Athletics

Well, my job requires me to pay attention to sports. Attending any number of NDSU sporting events is the best way for me to fuel my competitive side. Obviously, football gets a lot of notoriety and rightfully so, but I really like going to Bison basketball games, wrestling duals and volleyball matches. I love to watch all the sports at NDSU, but those are just some of my favorites (you should just take in all the games). - Nolan Schmidt, Bison Illustrated Editor


Go to gobison.com for the full listing of all the games going on at NDSU.

49 Crossfit

I’m going to speak for my wife on this one but she has gotten actively involved in Crossfit at EHP in Moorhead. It’s been fun to see how tight the Crossfit community is. She competed in the Dakota Games a couple years ago and that was a blast to watch. If you’re into Crossfit, you should participate in this year’s Dakota Games on September 20-22 at the Scheels Arena. - Andrew Jason, Editorial Director ehpcrossfit.com 1400 25th St. S, Moorhead 36 | FARGO MONTHLY 100 ISSUE


Fargo Billiards DON’T CHA KNOW?

Have you ever won a game of pool at Fargo Billiards and felt on top of the world? Yeah, me neither but I like to try! - Alex Kizima, Client Relations Administrator 3234 43rd St. S, Fargo

Fargo Billiards is a 28,500 square-foot facility, which has 34 pool tables, six ping pong tables, four foosball tables and seven dart boards. Learn more at fargobilliards.com.

We are your local partner for

print, signs, design & mail. 3005 Main Avenue Fargo, ND 58103

shortprinter.com (701) 364 - 9663


Sherri Hashbarger Director of Marketing and Communications at The Village Family Service Center


As an employee of The Village Family Service Center, I’m proud to work for an organization that strengthens families in our community in so many ways. Village counselors do amazing work with kids, adults, couples and families and are trained in innovative therapy methods, including types of play therapy. Our First Step Recovery program involves adult family members in the addiction treatment process by offering a dedicated Family Group. Big Brothers Big Sisters defends the potential of youth in our community; being a volunteer Big Brother or Big Sister is incredibly rewarding and easier than you think.


Keep an eye out for Parenting the Love and Logic Way classes offered at The Village’s Moorhead office on occasion. Love and Logic teaches a win-win approach to parenting, and helps parents bring calm and order to their household. Check out the blog at TheVillageFamily.org for parenting articles.

Involve yourself at your children’s schools


I strongly encourage every parent to get involved with their school’s Parent Teacher Association. You meet other parents, get to know the teachers and principal, stay informed on things happening at the school and have a chance to influence your child’s education and school experience. See if your school’s group has a website or Facebook page where you can keep tabs on meetings and activities.


Village Family Service Center


There is no better way to spend a summer evening in Fargo-Moorhead than going to a RedHawks game at Newman Outdoor Field. Our family typically buys a flex pack, which includes 13 vouchers that can be used anytime during the regular season. Great seats, good eats, a beverage in hand and the sun shining … it’s a home run! For the last couple years, Eve and Owen have been part of the Maury Wills Knothole Gang. It’s $20 to sign up for this kids’ club, and comes with a ton of perks – a baseball camp, mid-season party at Thunder Road, free GA tickets and $1 hot dogs. Make sure you sign up by June 9! fmredhawks.com

54 Fargo Marathon

We really look forward to the Fargo Marathon every year. Each of us usually takes part in one of the races. I enjoy running the Friday night 5K; there’s so much enthusiasm and community spirit along the course. Owen LOVES to do the Youth Run on Thursday; the kids can run either a half- or full mile. Eve did her first 10K at the Fargo Marathon when she was 10 years old, and she’s signed up to do it again this year. (Side note: If you want to encourage your daughter to run and grow in her selfesteem, Girls on the Run is an amazing program.) Craig will do the full Fargo Marathon with two of his college buddies on Saturday, May 18. Make sure you check out the marathon’s Expo on Thursday and Friday … It’s a ton of fun and a great chance to load up on swag. fargomarathon.com

Courts Plus

We’ve been members of Courts Plus Community Fitness for years. My husband and I enjoy a lot of their classes, like Body Pump and Body Flow and have done personal training together there. The kids enjoy the indoor playground and family time on Big Blue (think an “American Ninja Warrior” training course). Courts Plus offers many youth programs like a running club and sports sampler, hosts day camps on days when there’s no school and there are regular Parents’ Night Out events where the kids get to have fun at the gym while Craig and I get a date night. (These are open to members and nonmembers.) courtsplus.org 3491 S University Dr, Fargo 2019 | 39


56 Space Aliens

Our favorite place to go as a family is Space Aliens. We love to host family and friends from out of town here as well. It feels like we’re on the set of Toy Story and going to Pizza Planet. Even better, the food is great! (Have you had their chicken tortilla soup?!) - Jennifer Gades, Fargo INC! Associate Publisher spacealiens.com 1840 45th St. S, Fargo


Local Breweries

We have fun hitting up Brewhalla or Junkyard and we’re so happy they allow kiddos in there. Many of these places also offer root beer on tap for the kiddos and have food trucks in the summer. - Jenny Johnson, Client Relations Manager

58 Red River Zoo

The family really enjoys the Red River Zoo. The otters are the kids favorite. The staff does a great job of educating you about the animals with some fun question and answer along with some interaction. - Neil Keltgen, Associate Sales Director redriverzoo.org 4255 23rd Ave. S, Fargo

60 59

Dog Parks

Bowler, Fargo Pinball and Thunder Road

Our perfect family day is bowling at the Bowler, pinball at Fargo Pinball and end it on a wild game of laser tag at Thunder Road. - Patrick Thompson, videographer 40 | FARGO MONTHLY 100 ISSUE

My family consists of my fiancé, my pets and I, so as far as family activities go, we really enjoy going to the dog park with our harrier hound, Lance. He loves playing with other dogs and having room to sprint around. We typically like Dike East Park in the summer, and in the winter when the sun sets earlier, we go to the North Fargo Dog Park by Yunker Farm because they have lights you can turn on. - Alexandra Martin, Fargo Monthly Editor


Pat Traynor Executive Director of Dakota Medical Foundation


Dedicate Your Time

When you hear the word "volunteer," these images probably come to mind: a church group picking up trash on the side of a highway, a family serving a hot meal at a soup kitchen or a group of high school students planting trees in a city park. While all of these are worthy endeavors, what if I told you the thing charities need most are a little less obvious? If you're an IT professional, a graphic designer or a marketer, your services are very much in need at our local nonprofits. Most of these organizations can't afford to staff these kinds of positions full-time, and if you can afford a few hours a month to help put together a brochure or copyedit a grant proposal, it can go a long way for a charity.



Adopt a Local Classroom or School

If you're a local business and are looking for a way to create a giveback culture at your workplace, I'd encourage you to consider adopting a local classroom or school. Aside from being an investment in our future workforce, what a great opportunity this is for your team members to get out in the community and feel like they're making a difference in the lives of kids. Find a class of second graders to read to each week, fund technology and supplies for a middle school science department or give an interested student some on-the-job experience. There are countless ways to positively impact our local youth. Contact any of our local school districts and see what they offer in this area.


Engage in Programs

A recent survey found that more than half of third-grade Native American students in North Dakota don’t have a toothbrush at home. In a state that has so much, this is unacceptable. Here's a simple and effective way to solve the problem: Engage your service club or church, and partner with a local retailer on a buy-one, get-one program where the extra toothbrush goes to a child. It's a model that's been successful for a number of local nonprofits, including the YWCA Cass Clay shelter, which asks people to pick up some extra items when they're out shopping for household basics. In today's world, there's no reason we shouldn’t be quickly solving a straightforward problem like this.

Lend A Hand Up

I'm probably a little biased, but I think one of the hidden gems of our community is Dakota Medical Foundation's Lend A Hand Up program. Lend A Hand Up provides resources to local families experiencing a medical crisis, helping them plan and host a benefit for a loved one, as well as boosting donations up to $5,000 to help gifts go further. Since 2008, the program has raised more than $15 million for nearly 500 families in Cass and Clay County, and there are a number of different ways that anyone in our community can get involved. You can give online at LendAHandUp.org, you can attend a benefit in person and show support to a family going through a hard time or you can become an ambassador and help build excitement and awareness for the program out in the community.




Organized Sports for Kids

We know that one of the best ways to keep our kids physically fit and out of trouble is to get them involved in organized sports. And with thousands of soccer, basketball and hockey games in the Fargo metro each year comes a need for umpires, coaches and volunteers. If that's something you're passionate about, reach out to the Fargo Park District, Fargo Babe Ruth Baseball or the Fargo Youth Hockey Association and let them know you're available. These kids are our future, after all!

2019 | 43


TNT Kid’s Fitness

One of my favorite nonprofits in the area is Heart-n-Soul Community Cafe, Inc. They're a pop up cafe that offers meals on a pay-what-youcan model. People who choose to pay it forward keep the cafe open and provide nutritious meals to those who are hungry. It’s such a unique idea, and it makes everyone feel good about going out and enjoying a meal! - Sarah Stauner, Graphic Designer

Hope Inc.

In college, I worked for the Grommesh family who are the founders of Hope Inc, which provides active opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. I also worked for Friendship in a group home setting for kids. I think any nonprofit that assists underserved children and adults are extremely important. - Andrew Jason, Editorial Director

I had the opportunity to help a team out in the cycling challenge at TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics for Giving Hearts Day. Being at the TNT facility with all the people and energy was a fun way to give and get a work out in. - Neil Keltgen, Associate Sales Director




69 So Many Ways to Give

There are so many great ones in our area. This year, I supported 4 Luv of Dogs, Unseen, Plants for Patients, Farm in The Dell and BioGirls. I’m hoping 2019 brings on more giving and participating! - Alex Kizima, Client Relations Administrator


Giving Hearts Day

I think that the whole day is an accurate representation of our area state. One day where everyone comes together to benefit non-profits. This year, I donated to Homeward Animal Shelter and Rape & Abuse Crisis Center here in town. I donate to those two every year because we got our beloved cat from Homeward and I believe in the mission and action RACC is doing in our community. - Nolan Schmidt, Bison Illustrated Editor 2019 | 45


Whitney Stetz You can follow Stetz on Instagram @whitney_lynne. Make sure you watch her account as she has some fun surprises in the works. Stay tuned.



Downtown Street Fair

Red River Market

Is it just me or is there something fun in not knowing what you’ll find? I love the thrill of the hunt and when it’s supporting local vendors in our community, I’m all for it. Jewelry, wall hanging, clothes…and let’s not forget the great food!

Are you looking for a fun family outing Saturday morning? I love walking around downtown, sipping coffee, eating local food and finding goodies in the sun. My kids love the games and the occasional petting zoo. Ah, Summer bliss. DON’T CHA KNOW?


This year’s Street Fair is happening Thursday, July 18 - Saturday, July 20. Learn more at downtownfargo. com.

Proper Shops

Located downtown, this store never disappoints. From the cute décor to the clothing, I find something nearly every time I set foot in this store. Proper is also involved with the events that happen downtown throughout the year too, such as Cork and Canvas. properprim.com 315 Broadway N, Fargo 2743 Lyndale Ave. S. #1b, Minneapolis



Corks and Canvas is a monthly event that allows you to stop at different downtown retailers and restaurants while enjoying wine and meeting local artists. You can attend them on May 9, June 13, August 8 and September 12. Learn more at downtownfargo.com.




This market happens every Saturday from July 13 - October 26 in Downtown Fargo. There, you can find vendors ranging from local farmers to African food.

Mint + Basil

Dak & Co ND pride! That’s what this brand is all about. You can see Piet and Kayla Coté Van Rensburg floating around town at events (Junk Market) and store pop ups (Eco chic). Their apparel is comfy, cute and represents ND so well. Find their next pop up on their blog or Instagram. shop.daklife.co

Mint + Basil is also located downtown. Have you seen their new set up? This is the perfect destination for yourself and for gifts. From clothing to cooking, cards and décor, this is where I find cute things for birthday gifts, special holidays…and myself. mintnbasil.com 714 Main Ave, Fargo 2019 | 47


77 Olive Street


Baker Garden & Gift

Whenever I go to Baker Garden & Gift, I have to leave my wallet at home otherwise I would buy all of the plants in the store. They have a huge selection of plants, garden supplies and they even provide landscape services. - Alex Kizima, Client Relations Administrator

Olive Street is one of the most unique places to shop in town for shoes and accessories. Their selection is different from other stores in town. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable of trends - Hillary Ehlen, Director of Photography shopolivestreet.com 835 23rd Ave. E. #205, West Fargo

78 Vinyl Giant

I like Vinyl Giant a lot. I guess there isn’t a specific item I get because I am always searching for something new. However, I could spend hours upon hours in there looking at all the vinyl and adding to my collection. Another gem is BDS Books off of First Avenue (intersection of University and First Ave N). He has, I kid you not, millions of used books in his store. Brad, the owner, is also a fun guy to shoot the breeze with too. - Nolan Schmidt, Bison Illustrated Editor vinylgiantrecords.com 626 2nd Ave. N, Fargo

bakernursery.com 2733 S University Dr, Fargo

79 80 Unglued

I love supporting local makers! Walking into the store is such a positive and fun experience and it serves as a great reminder about just how cool and creative our community is. Lately, I’ve been loving jewelry by Wuve, AEROW and Larissa Loden. - Alexandra Martin, Fargo Monthly Editor ungluedmarket.com

408 Broadway N, Fargo


Outermost Layer

I’m a sucker for Patagonia so I LOVE Outermost Layer. They have some really fun and unique outdoor products and even have some cool stuff for my dog. I also love that it’s connected to Beyond Running, which is my go to spot to buy running shoes. - Andrew Jason, Editorial Director outermostlayer.com 518 Broadway N, Fargo


Alan Kasin Owner of Pounds and Notion Media




Drekker Brewing Company

Drekker Brewing Company really kills it when it comes to events. They are consistently creating and hosting unique events to get people involved in the community. I’ve personally enjoyed their “Brews and Bags” league. It’s the lawn game cornhole with a little more structure, mixed with beer. It always felt like a welcomed excuse to get out of the house during the week. Other unique events include late night craft markets, pinball league and Unpillage THORsday ($1 from every pint goes towards various charities). They have two locations, one conveniently located downtown and their newer brewery mecca appropriately named Brewhalla. Both locations are a great winter haven and open up patios once the weather permits. drekkerbrewing.com 1666 1st Ave. N, Fargo

84 Top Dog Hot Dogs

During the warmer months, there’s an after party on the corner of Broadway and 3rd Avenue. You can follow the loud music and sizable crowd that surround this destination. Top Dog Hot Dogs food cart is a prime choice to cure late night food cravings after bar close. Join in the party and be one of many on their pilgrimage for hot dog glory. The atmosphere surrounding this little stand is lively and intoxicating with energy. The owner/operator is a friendly character and part of the charm that makes this a must stop. There’s a full menu but they might as well only carry one thing, The Bomb Dog. It’s quite messy but The Bomb Dog will change the way you think about hot dogs. Suddenly those hot dogs at the lake on the 4th of July aren’t up to snuff. facebook.com/fmtopdoghotdog

Bluestem Center for the arts is one of my favorite night activities to do once the snow melts. Bluestem is an intimate venue that features a beautiful melding of the outdoors and great acoustics. Just a short drive outside of town, Bluestem is tucked between a grassy prairie and the Red River. This is a take your shoes off and dance in the grass kinda venue. I most enjoy their summer concert series they book every year. It features a wide variety of acts that span all genres. My fiancé is a big fan of the musicals they put on. We’ve always opted for general admission so we can sit on the lawn. bluestemamphitheater.org 801 50th Ave. S, Moorhead

83 Aquarium

Some of the best concerts I’ve ever been to have taken place at the Aquarium (and that includes anything I’ve gone to in the Cities or elsewhere.) It’s an incredible opportunity to really feel a part of your favorite acts. It’s no frills or unnecessary decor adds to the feeling you get being in close quarters with a crowd and an artist. They have live music a few days a week and if you watch their schedule consistently, you’re bound to find some gems. I was lucky enough to watch Macklemore perform to a crowd of 15 before his career took off. Skip the extra formalities, grab a PBR pounder and jam out.



aquariumfargo.com 226 Broadway N, Fargo


Taco Bros

Taco Bros gets a Moorhead Dairy Queen equivalent of excitement each year it opens its windows. It’s a food truck nestled behind the empire and late at night, it’s vibrantly swarming with excited patrons. To avoid a long line, skip that drink at last call and head on over. Whatever you decide to go with, I recommend at least getting a side of Mexicorn. If you’re feeling torn, get the “Trust Your Bro Platter.” They’ll make the decisions and you can leave satisfied with a plate of tasty grub. twitter.com/tacobrosfargo 2019 | 51


Matcha red bean crepe

87 Small Town Feeling

I grew up in a small town, so I still like bars that seem to be more like a small town bar. I also like throwing darts so I look forward to Friday night dart tournaments. Some of my favorite dart spots on a Friday and Saturday night are Town Hall in West Fargo, Cactus Jacks in Fargo and Moorhead Billiards. - Paul Hoefer, Senior Sales Executive


88 On a budget

I try to stick to a strict budget, so I like to start at the OB for penny taps from 7-9 p.m. where you pay the date for a beer. After that, I usually head over to Sports Bar to try and catch the end of $4 pitchers. After that, I sometimes go next door to Fort Noks for some blackjack. - Kellen Feeney, Executive Sales Assistant

Tea & Crepe

To be honest, I'm pretty lame. Most Friday nights, I'm hanging out with my friends at home until we want to venture out and get ice cream. Our usual sweet tooth place is Tea & Crepe. - Alex Kizima, Client Relations Administrator Facebook.com/teacrepecafe 72 Broadway N, Fargo

89 Local Breweries

I'm a craft beer junkie, so, I like to go to the various local breweries Downtown and surrounding areas. Personally, I'd be misleading you if I didn't mention Drekker, Fargo Brewing and Junkyard are my absolute favorites. If I HAD to narrow it down to one, Junkyard is the best. Always something new and funky on tap and they have crowlers too. On top of that, they have music every night of the month, so you're bound to be entertained, whether you go there on a weeknight or weekend. - Nolan Schmidt, Bison Illustrated Editor 52 | FARGO MONTHLY 100 ISSUE


Harold’s and Rustica

My wife and I recently bought a house in Moorhead so it's been fun discovering all the Moorhead hotspots. We love the new Harold's on Main Ave. It was very quaint with some awesome decorations and good service. Rustica is always a favorite, especially when we can get there for their happy hour specials, which run from 5-6 p.m. and 9-11 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. - Andrew Jason, Editorial Director


Krista Driscoll Director of Communications & Brand Partnerships at Jade Presents


Take in as much outdoor music as possible during the summer. After our long, cold winters, it’s great to be able to see an outdoor concert once summer rolls around. Aside from Bluestem, Fargo Brewing Company is a great spot to see great music. So far this year, Jade Presents has booked Band of Horses for the 1,000-capacity outdoor space there, and I am excited for more to come.

Experience Sanctuary Events Center I’d have to say that Sanctuary is easily one of the most unique venues in the area. It began as a church before being renovated into a music venue and it still has a lot of the original features, such as its beautiful windows. The tall ceilings make for excellent acoustics for any type of music and the combination of a main floor and balcony viewing area make it really intimate and special. A couple exciting shows coming up there are David Archuleta on April 4 and Rockin’ In The Free World- A Tribute to the Music of Neil Young on April 26. sanctuaryevents.com 670 4th Ave. N, Fargo DON’T CHA KNOW?

The Sanctuary Events Center used to house the St. Mark’s congregation. First founded in 1886, St. Mark’s was the first Englishspeaking church in Dakota Territory. The church was started by Lutheran missionary William F. Ulery, who raised $2,000 for the original structure by going door-to-door throughout Fargo-Moorhead to raise funds.

fargobrewing.com 610 University Dr. N, Fargo

Give back to the community Attend a show and make a difference in local musicians’ lives. One of our favorite things we are able to do for the community is to give back. This is why Jade Presents allocates a portion of every ticket sold during our Bluestem Summer Concert Series each year and have the proceeds go towards our collaboration with The Arts Partnership for its annual Keeping Music Live grants. These grants provide funding for local artists to ensure that they have financial support and other resources to be successful and accomplish their goals. Last year, we were able to give over $15,000 that was split among seven winners, many of which have gone on to record full-length albums.

Support the local music scene We have so many great musicians right here in the Fargo-Moorhead area and there seems to be something to catch every single night, whether it be a formal showcase of locals put on at The Aquarium or a more casual setting like Front Street Taproom or Junkyard Brewing Company where you can enjoy a beer with some friends. We also feature local support with a lot of the national touring bands we bring to FargoMoorhead. We’re lucky to have so many to choose from.


Fargo Brewing Company


There are more than 20 bars that have live music on a regular basis. Fargomonthly. com/live-music-calendar has a monthly calendar of all the live music happening around the community.

Photo by Jack Stenerson

Bluestem Amphitheater Catch a show at Bluestem Amphitheater in Moorhead. I don’t think of Bluestem just as a concert venue, but as something to be experienced. It’s the only venue of its kind in the area and it brings in thousands of music lovers from all over the country every summer. We try to host a little something for everyone each year as part of our Bluestem Summer Concert Series. I’m especially excited to see Steve Martin and Martin Short’s variety act here on June 7! And, of course, we can’t forget about the fantastic musical the Trollwood Performing Arts School puts on at Bluestem every season. The local students put on an incredible performance night after night and under the stars is a perfect setting. bluestemamphitheater.org 801 50th Ave. S, Moorhead 2019 | 55


96 FM Symphony

My friends and I part of a group called Urban Overture, through the FM Symphony. They host monthly events for young adults (20s-30s) to enjoy informal concerts, learn more about music and network. The events are always a good time and they provide a discount for FM Symphony concert tickets! - Sarah Stauner, Graphic Designer

97 Junkyard Brewing

The easiest way to find local music on any given day is to go to some of the local breweries, especially Junkyard. They have musicians almost every night of the week, including local favorites like Nathan Pitcher and Pat Lenertz. - Sarah Geiger, Art Director junkyardbeer.com 1416 1st Ave. N, Moorhead





Aquarium and The Sanctuary

The occasional Electric 6 or That 1 Guy show at the Aquarium. I also love to check out some acts at The Sanctuary as well. - Patrick Thompson, Videographer aquariumfargo.com 226 Broadway N, Fargo



Located above Dempseys, The Aquarium is probably the best spot to find local independent music. Over the years, acts like Father John Misty, Bon Iver, Prof, Band of Horses and Trampled By Turtles have performed there. You can learn more at aquariumfargo.com

Being a mother of three young children, my husband and I don't get a lot of time to indulge in the local music scene. However, we have enjoyed many concerts at both the FargoDome and the Red River Valley Fair. There have been so many great big name shows to come to the area and we love to use our date nights to take in a concert. - Jennifer Gades, Fargo INC! Associate Publisher


Some of the acts performing at the Red River Valley Fair this year include Kip Moore, Josh Turner, Theory of a Deadman and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. It is happening Tuesday, July 9 Sunday, July 14.

100 Bluestem

I can’t sing praises of Jade Presents enough. They get such an amazing variety of acts so there’s always something you’ll be interested in around the corner­—no matter what genre you’re into. Also, I can never turn down a nice summer show at Bluestem to really soak up the nice weather while it’s here. - Alexandra Martin, Fargo Monthly Editor jadepresents.com


This year's Bluestem acts include Chicago, The Avett Brothers, Steve Martin and Martin Short, Terry Fator and more.




eet Unseen, a Fargo-based nonprofit that works locally to help globally. Founded in 2011, Unseen’s mission is to fight against human trafficking on a global scale. Looking at the scope of their work, the size of the organization or the national press they’ve received, many have assumed that Unseen was an import from somewhere like L.A. or New York. Such globally-acclaimed organizations deserve globally-acclaimed events. Avalon Events Center is making sure that happens for Fargo’s nonprofits and charities like Unseen.

BY Alexandra Martin PHOTOS Kelsey Matthes & Sean Emerick, provided by Unseen


On October 4, 2018, Unseen hosted their annual Unseen Fall Fire at The Avalon. This event celebrates the incredible work that’s being done around the world and to have a great time while

doing it. The Fall Fire sets the pace for the rest of their year and is an opportunity for the community to launch Unseen into their next phases of recovery work for people around the world. As the premier event center in Fargo-Moorhead, The Avalon most notably hosts weddings, corporate events, private parties, concerts and more. But beyond these ranges of events, they especially enjoy the relationship they have with hosting nonprofits. For a nonprofit event, The Avalon charges no fee, making room rental and cleaning costs complimentary. The only charge for such events is the cost of food... something quite unheard of in their industry. About their nonprofit special rates, Avalon’s Chief Operating Officer, Brett Colliton, said, “We are just trying to help in any way we can. Our biggest goal is to

be a positive impact on the community and we want to give back to the community in any way we can.” Beyond galas, The Avalon can do everything from small breakfasts and brunches to steak dinners for donors. From happenings for 20 people to 2,000, they want to make sure all nonprofit’s event needs are met. “One of the points of the event is, if you have to get a babysitter or you’re given a night out, it should be one of the best events in town. Regardless of where the money goes to,” said Unseen’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Than Baardson. “The guys from Avalon made it as easy as possible to throw an absolutely stellar event.” By letting the Avalon team take care of event details like room set-up, lighting, food and overall planning, Unseen could be confident that their event was going to be all that they dreamed of while


Don’t cha know? Unseen now works in 33 countries around the world and their partners are serving over 120,000 kids and their families who are all impacted by trafficking and its root causes.

not having to step away from their important day-to-day work. “We can focus on what we need to do to keep our mission running. The Avalon team is great at what they do and they take care of everything. So we just get to come in and create and dream and make an incredible experience and give people an amazing night so they can see the true worth of what Unseen is really doing in the antitrafficking fight,” said Baardson. Experiences and creating environments are a big deal to Baardson. He knows that the quality of an event should be an accurate representation of the work that any given organization is doing. He shared, “We are working with literally the greatest rescue organizations in the world. We are partnered with them to go rescue kids and families out of hell on earth and bring heaven crashing to earth

in this amazing moment as kids are being set free. We need Fall Fire to be a representation of that.” There’s a wave of momentum behind Unseen right now and it continues to build year after year. Having outgrown previous event spaces in

Av a l o n Fa s t Fa c t s

Their largest room hosts over

7,000 square-feet Winner of

“Best Wedding/ Event Planner in Fargo” from 2016-2018

They can have events as large as

2,500 people

town, Unseen needed a venue that would adapt and grow with them. With the Avalon’s completely customizable event space, Unseen was able to accomplish their goals of what the event’s experience was like. Part of the design of the event was that every spot you turn, we wanted people to be able to discover something new,” said Baardson. They incorporated speakers, two live bands (local Hot Lunch and Remedy Drive from Nashville), an arcade section from Fargo Pinball, signature cocktails from Proof and decor from Gathered. Boutique Rentals and Events, to name a few. Something that sets Fargo apart from so many similarsized cities in the United States is its culture and spirit of generosity. What sparks this spirit of generosity is not only the individuals in the area, but the businesses, as well. Avalon Events Center is proudly among the number of businesses in town that strive to do good.

“Fargo as a community has really championed Unseen and we have so much more work to do, so that’s what makes these kinds of relationships and partnerships with The Avalon so much fun,” said Baardson. Baardson is grateful to the generous community that allows Unseen to do the work they need to do. Avalon founder, Lee Swanson himself is a much-appreciated supporter of Unseen, making the partnership between the two even more meaningful. Coretta Scott King, the wife of Martin Luther King Jr., famously said, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” With members of the community like Unseen and businesses like The Avalon, Fargo is right on track to remain a truly great community. Avalon avaloneventscenter.com 2525 9th Ave. S, Fargo

2019 | 59


Every time you take a drive around Fargo, Moorhead or West Fargo, you’re bound to see something new pop up. As the community continues to grow, so do the neighborhoods. We found some people from the different neighborhoods to act as your tour guide. So go out and explore! 2019 | 61


DOWNTOWN FARGO Brady and Emily Johnson are first-time homeowners in the Hawthorne Neighborhood. Emily works at a Convergence Point Media as a Content Marketing & Social Media Manager and Brady works at Microsoft as a Customer Success Manager.

Emily and Brady at Young Blood Coffee






10 3RD AVE N









4 11



2 3

A Perfect Day In

DOWNTOWN FARGO 10 AM Neither of us are really morning people, so our perfect day would start with a late breakfast at Young Blood. Their coffee is among the best we've had anywhere and their sourdough toast is hearty enough to turn breakfast into brunch. Next, we'd take our Scottie, Ollie, for a long-walk at Dike East or Lindenwood Park. If it's a quiet day, we'll let him run off-leash and burn off extra energy, chasing squirrels to his heart's content. 1



1 PM With most of our family living nearby, there's at least one birthday to celebrate every month; not that we need an excuse to hit up our favorite boutiques, including Mint & Basil and Zandbroz. The attention to detail and curated selection makes finding a thoughtful gift easy. If hungry, we might stop for a snack at Vinyl Taco (chips and salsa are always a good idea) or opt instead to work up a sweat with biking (Brady) or getting to a Pure Barre class (Emily). 4




6 PM For dinner, we love the Lumberjack Pizza at Blackbird or building our own margherita pizza. From there, it's easy to cross the street for cocktails and, depending on the night, live music at HoDo. In the summer months, an ideal end to the day would certainly involve an outdoor patio – Twist and Rhombus have great ones. Regardless of where we have dinner and drinks, we appreciate being able to easily walk home, just like we did when we lived in NYC. 8




2019 | 63





8 4

12 3 11






Toasted Frog

DINING Downtown has just enough dining options to keep things interesting. Our favorite breakfast spot is a tossup between Bernbaum’s and JL Beers. Their atmospheres couldn’t be more different, but both make a mean breakfast sandwich. For lunch, we might grab a quick smoothie or acai bowl at Juice It or pick up salads from Smiling Moose Deli. Toasted Frog is our go-to dinner spot; we typically share the steak frites and, of course, start with the frickles! We sometimes go just for the frickles. 1





SHOPPING We are continually impressed by the variety of shops right at our fingertips. From Mint & Basil (love their curated kitchen goods) to Zandbroz (a bookworm’s heaven!) to Beyond Running (friendliest staff ever), we appreciate that we can stay downtown and shop locally for just about everything. Since its opening, Proper has been my (Em) go-to source for unique cocktail dresses; its, hands-down, the most-complemented portion of my closest. As they only carry a few sizes of each dress, I never have to worry about twinning with another wedding guest! 5




FAMILY-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES Oliver, our three-year-old Scottish Terrier, loves going for walks in Island Park and running along the Red River at Dike East and Riverside Gardens. Even in the frigid winter months, Fargo Park District keeps the trails clear and, so long as it’s above -20, we’re out walking! It keeps us all sane. 9

FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD Downtown is the best area to call home for its accessibility. When we moved from Manhattan’s Upper West Side to Fargo last fall, I (Emily) was worried about being so dependent on a car and envisioned much of my free time being spent driving to activities on the other side of town. My experience this last year couldn’t be more different. Much like in New York, the shops and restaurants we love are right outside our door along with our dry cleaner, grocery store, the library and, thanks to downtown Sanford, even my doctor. We’d love to see downtown continue to grow and thrive, but in so many ways, it feels like a little Manhattan. As long as we’re in Fargo, we can’t imagine living anywhere else.

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS From July through October, we love getting our fruit and veg for the week at the Red River Market. Brady is somewhat addicted to Flannel and Fizz (their tonics definitely elevates mixed drinks) while Em has never met a sweet treat from the Baker’s Wagon she didn’t like. When we lived in Minneapolis and New York City, shopping at local farmer’s markets was part of our weekly routine and we’re grateful we can do the same right here in Fargo. 10

We recently checked out a ceramics class at the Plains Art Museum, and look forward to going again. In the winter months, it’s easy to go into hibernation mode, but trying something new really helps to break up the week.

NIGHTLIFE Tuesday night trivia at Würst Beer Hall has become a fun weekly tradition. If we’re losing badly, the fries with beer cheese sauce are enough to lift our spirits! The atmosphere and ever-changing tap and wine list at Wild Terra is hard to beat, and did you know they now serve brunch on Sundays?! 11


Wild Terra

Würst Beer Hall 2019 | 65


NORTH FARGO Sheldon Emil has lived in North Fargo for 17 years. He is the Business Development Manager at Liberty Business Systems.

Sheldon enjoying a burger at Herd & Horns.








A Perfect Day In


7 AM Have our morning cappuccino on the back deck. 8:30 AM Tee time at Edgewood Golf Course. Edgewood has one of the nicest courses in the upper midwest. It is a beautiful course and every hole has its unique challenges.

2:45 PM I take the time to prepare and marinate the meat. For those of you that know me, all my marinades and rubs have a little kick to them!


1 PM We will have a post game cocktail and light lunch at Divots. For those of us living on the North side, Divots is a great place to go for meals or just a casual outing. They have great food and a large outdoor sitting area. 2

2:30 PM It’s time to go off to Hornbachers on North Broadway to pick up the evening dinner for the grill. They have a great selection of fish and meats that are always a treat. 3

3:15 PM I am usually working on my yard and garden. This is my relaxing time and North Fargo is so quiet and relaxing. 5:30 PM Everything grilled is on our Big Green Egg. If we are not doing steaks or salmon, you will find treats like pizza on the egg that are a favorite! 8:30 PM I cap off the night with a relaxing glass of wine and sit on the deck around the firepit. 11 PM Time to call it a night on a great day!







Herd and Horns

DINING For the weekend breakfast, nothing beats the breakfast buffet at Divots. The food selection is amazing and it is really good! For lunch, Herd and Horns has the best selection of Mac and cheese. The bacon cheeseburger mac is the bomb! 1



FAMILY-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES The most fun we have is grilling in the backyard. Pizzas on the Big Green Egg are a favorite because everyone can make their own and they are the best pizzas in town. And yes, I am a pizza connoisseur!

SPORTS The north side has many sporting options but having a Division I school in your backyard doesn’t hurt. Football season is the most fun and it also is the season for tailgating. The 17,000 plus who tailgate understand what I am talking about. We have grown to be accustomed to Bison championship teams and the quality of the tailgating food is also becoming champion caliber!

SHOPPING I am happy that Burggraf’s Ace Hardware is in the North Broadway Hornbacher’s strip. They carry everything that you need for your home and yard and was a well needed addition to the north side. 4

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS Every year, we look forward to Happy Harry’s Ribfest. It is the beginning of June and is the kickoff to summer. There is great food and four days of outdoor concerts that top off the evening. We have friends who we look forward to seeing every year who own Cowboys Barbecue and Rib Co. and it is almost a tradition to get together with them. 3

Don’t cha know? Every year, 50,000 people cram into the Fargodome parking lot for a weekend of food, concerts and fun. In the past, they’ve gotten acts that range from Joe Nichols, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Collective Soul and more.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD Our addition in North Fargo is the perfect spot to be. There is very little traffic so kids can play without a lot of traffic concerns, neighbors are friendly but, most of all, it is always quiet and relaxing. I like quiet and relaxing. 2019 | 69


SOUTH FARGO Emily has lived in Fargo her whole life and Bill has lived here for the last 20 years. Emily is owner of Taea Made and Bill is the Director of GIS Services at FBS Data Systems.

Emily and Bill Brooks with kids Bill V and Alice at Fargo Pinball.


A Perfect Day In




25H ST S



9 AM It’s a weekend morning, so there’s no rush to get out the door. My kids and I love to make breakfast together. Our son makes the fluffiest scrambled eggs, and our daughter likes to flip pancakes. When it’s nice enough outside, we can eat on the deck together and watch the golfers on Rose Creek Golf Course. 1

11 AM-2 PM Once we’ve lounged a bit and enjoyed the start of our day, it’s time for some activity! Our family heads out to the Oxbow pool to swim. We love to order lunch by Chef Scott poolside, and there’s no leaving without getting one of their “Suzy Bars” made in-house by their pastry chef.





2:30-4:30 PM We head home from the pool, and regroup to venture out on a family bike ride. There are several different bike path options near our neighborhood. During the summer months, we use them all the time to walk/run, bike, scooter and rollerblade.






25H ST S


5:30-8:30 PM Our families both live close by our house, and we love to get together for big meals. With all of the activity of the day, I don’t feel like cooking, so we get takeout from Shanghai Chinese Restaurant. Sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, egg rolls, pot stickers and egg foo young are just of few of our favorites. We love playing games, so there’s probably some trivia questions thrown in after dinner.




Don’t cha know? Bikefm.org has all the information you could ever want to know about biking in Fargo-Moorhead, including a nice map that shows all the bike trails in the community.

8:30-10:30 PM Bonfires are one of my family’s favorite activities when the weather’s warm enough. We’ll roast marshmallows for s’mores, and will even host an outdoor movie night with a big screen on the side of our house. Watching the beautiful North Dakota sunsets is something we are sure to enjoy while we’re outside!

2019 | 71








Cajun Café


On the weekends, I enjoy taking my kids to the Cajun Café for breakfast. They offer several different omelet options all including crispy hash browns. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even get their Crawfish Omelet! My mother-in-law is from Louisiana, and introduced me to this restaurant. For her, it’s a taste of home. 1

I like to head over to Mehl’s GlutenFree Bakery for lunch. I’ve had to eat gluten-free for over a decade and it’s so exciting to have a restaurant that serves delicious soups, sandwiches, cookies and cupcakes that I can enjoy. I highly 2


recommend getting a pack of their hot sugar coated donut balls while you’re there! Also, you can pick up frozen meals to enjoy later. In the evening, I love going to Doolittle’s for dinner. They have an extensive gluten-free menu with lots of great options. My favorite dish is the Pan-Seared Scallops, which is always cooked to perfection. I think I could eat it for dinner every week! Also, don’t miss out on the Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee for dessert. 3

Mehl’s Gluten-Free Bakery



NIGHTLIFE If I’m heading out for an evening with friends, I love to meet up at Cork n’ Cleaver. During the winter, it’s fun to chat by the fire while we enjoy appetizers in their front room. During the summer, their outdoor patio is the way to go when the weather’s nice. They have live music weekly. I even ended up hiring Someday Heroes to play my birthday party after hearing them for the first time there! Their salad bar is my favorite and they have the best king crab legs in town. 4

Don’t cha know? Someday Heroes is a fun rock cover band. FargoMoorhead’s live music scene is growing quickly as many new bars like Front Street Taproom feature almost nightly music. You can find a live music calendar at fargomonthly.com/livemusic-calendar.

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS I can’t tell you how many events I’ve attended with my family at Rheault Farm. Whether it’s Santa Village put on by the Fargo Parks District, a fundraiser walk for Crohn’s disease or my 20th Fargo South High School Reunion last summer, we always have a blast! We’re so fortunate that the original farm was preserved even though the city grew around it, and I love how it’s being utilized for the benefit of our community. 5

Cork n’ Cleaver

2019 | 73




7 6

FAMILY-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES Hanging out at Fargo Pinball Club is one of my family’s favorite things to do together! Since my husband, brotherin-law and I started the club three years ago, we’ve made a lot of amazing memories there. My daughter loves to challenge me to a game on Baby PacMan that is both an arcade and pinball machine in one. My son has recently started competing, and took third place in this year’s ND State Tournament. We’re looking forward to hosting a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House this coming fall on Friday, October 25-Sunday, October 27. 6

Fargo Pinball

Fargo Force

SPORTS Our family really enjoys going to the Fargo Force hockey games together. Quite a few new family friendly activities have been added to the concourse during the event such as face painting, games and balloon animals. There are always a lot of food options as well, so everyone finds something they like. I’d recommend the Chili Cheese Fries and Roasted Cinnamon Almonds! 8

SHOPPING One of my favorite places to shop for new-to-me clothes is My Best Friend’s Closet. Shopping second hand for me is about the thrill of finding some of those unique pieces at affordable pricing. My Best Friend’s Closet will also host private VIP nights, which I’ve done with a group of my close girlfriends. The sweet staff even picked out looks for us based on questionnaires we sent in prior to the event. 7

Photo by mJoy Photography


FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD I might be a little biased about living in South Fargo as I’ve lived here my whole life, and our house is about two minutes from where I grew up. My husband and I looked all around the area when we were deciding where to live, but South Fargo just felt like home. We love that each of our kids’ schools are within five minutes of our house and we can walk/bike when the weather is nice. We also have quick access to I-29 to go to Hector Airport, Fargodome, West Acres Mall or Oxbow. We have wonderful restaurant choices, several grocery stores, kind neighbors, excellent schools, numerous bike paths and great shopping. It’s a really great place to raise our family!


45TH STREET Meagan McDougall has lived in the Willow Park neighborhood for over two years. She is an Account Manager at High Point Networks.

Meagan at her favorite lunch spot, Cracked Pepper.




A Perfect Day On


2 4





8 AM Head to Starbucks to drink a latte while getting some work done or catching up with a friend.



45H ST S

3 6


10 AM Find a workout! OrangeTheory, the Schlossman YMCA or a neighborhood run with my dog, Kona, are my favorites. 2



11:30 AM Grab lunch at Cracked Pepper. The gotos are soup and a sandwich or whatever their daily specials are! Plus, they sell Diet Coke in a can – a big win in my book. 4

1:30-4 PM Catch up on some errands and shopping! Whether it’s grocery shopping to whip up something delicious for dinner, hitting the hardware store to stock up for a home improvement project or finding the next thing I need to add to my closet at SCHEELS or West Acres, you don’t have to venture out of the neighborhood to cross it off the list.


45H ST S



4:30 PM Celebrate getting errands done with a local brew! Swing into Fargo Brewing Ale House and sip on anything dark that they have on tap! 7






6:30 PM Dinner with friends! There are so many great restaurants in my neighborhood that sometimes it’s hard to pick. The two best, in my opinion, are Porter Creek and Lucky’s 13. 8



9 PM Stop in for a nightcap at a local watering hole – Pourhouse and Bulldog Tap are the two we hit up the most. 10


11 PM Settle in to watch Netflix and get excited about what’s to come tomorrow!

2019 | 77





7 12




8 3

9 13


1 5


DINING For breakfast during the week, I love to grab a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe on the way to work. I have it timed perfectly to order using the app when I get in my car so it’s ready for me when I get there. On weekends, we usually do brunch at Lucky’s 13 or Granite City! You can’t go wrong with a Bloody Mary at Lucky’s and Granite City’s brunch buffet is second to none! 3




It’s so convenient being so close to West Acres, where you can find almost anything you need, plus you can grab a latte from Moxie Java to sip on while you shop. Being just a few blocks from SCHEELS is extremely dangerous because I can’t help but buy more than I need every time I step foot inside! 1


FAMILY-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES I only have a fur-baby, so we hit up the dog park all the time. Our favorite is the Brandt Crossing Dog Park because it’s big and the other dog owners that frequent it are so nice! We are all equally dog-obsessed. Our favorite walking route is down Maple Lane and through the park by the West Fargo Veterans Memorial. OrangeTheory Fitness is just down the road and it’s one of my favorite workouts in town! 10





The best lunch spots are Cracked Pepper and Mediterranean Grill, hands down. Cracked Pepper has homemade soups, sandwiches and specials, their service is quick and kind and the environment is cozy. When I’m feeling healthy, I get the Big Salad, and when I need something hearty, I go with a soup and sandwich 6


combo. I would go to Mediterranean Grill every day just to drink their green tea with peppermint, but the kabobs are also amazing. For dinner, you can’t beat Porter Creek. They have a great happy hour and wine list (and wine flights!). For happy hour, I love the ceviche when it’s in season, the smoked peach and shrimp flatbread and the crispy goat cheese balls and beets. For dinner there, it’s a difficult decision between the Seafood Kettle and the Duck Two Ways. For a quick dinner out, we do half price sushi rolls at Kobes. When we’re feeling like staying in and catching up on some TV shows, we pick up Cajun Cafe in the West Acres food court and bring it home. The bourbon chicken and fried rice is the answer to all of your comfort food needs! 8


NIGHTLIFE In my neighborhood, we are in close distance to three local breweries – Fargo Brewing’s Ale House, Prairie Brothers and Flatland. I go to Prairie Brothers the most because it’s dog friendly and I like their Coco Boingo Chocolate Milk Stout. Rookies is a bar just down the street, and they have trivia nights and dart boards. It’s a great local hang out spot! 13





VETERANS BLVD Melissa Rademacher is President and CEO at the Downtown Community Partnership and Tyler Brandt is a Land Developer.

Melissa and Tyler in the new Eagle Ridge Plaza on Veteran’s Blvd that’s home to Thomsen Homes.


A Perfect Day On 9TH ST E





Solidcore (Melissa).

7:30 AM Drop our dog Lindy off at doggie daycare Home Away From Home. 2


8 AM Workout at


Family Wellness (Tyler).

9:30 AM We go for a coffee date to Beans Coffee Bar and get two skinny Tyler cappuccinos and we have them hold the donuts. Tyler is convinced it is named after him but, in reality, there is more than one Tyler in the world. 4


4 5


1 PM It’s now time for the couples pedicure and manicure at Heavenly Nails. Melissa only schedules appointments with John. 5


6:30 PM Dinner at Maxwells. We share everything! We get a cheese plate with blue cheese, brie and goat cheese with an assortment of meats. We then have the catch of the day and the beef ribeye with a cup of mushroom soup. It’s paired perfectly with a bottle of Belle Glos Pinot Noir. It’s also a great place to catch up with friends and have unplanned meet and greets with friends and business partners. 6





2019 | 81




6 2 3




NIGHTLIFE We enjoy Tru Blu Social Club because of their approachable, step-back-in-time atmosphere and menu. The mussels are a great shareable plate paired with a wedge salad. The warm popovers are amazing! If we had a long day and are starving, we add on the short rib ramen noodle dish. 1

Some of our cocktails of choice include Grey Goose on the rocks and gin and tonic with a splash of St. Germain with a lime wedge. Cheers!

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS The community is growing and so are families seeking active lifestyles. Our family thrives on being busy, active and fit. Rustad Rec Center is a great place for us to walk, play pickle ball, as well as watch Caden hit balls in the batting cages. The addition of the artificial turf being installed during phase two will add another element of sport options we are excited about. 2

FAMILY-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES You cannot beat Family Wellness! They have something for all ages and athletic abilities. In a day, it may include 45 minutes of racquetball court rental, dodging random balls hit by our 10 year old son Caden or shooting hoops. Other days at the wellness center may include Tyler on the elliptical and Melissa rocking body Pump. 3

DINING Breakfast: The Tavern Grill brunch buffet on Sunday. We love the grilled chicken chop salad with apples! They also have a build your own Bloody Mary bar and omelettes. 5

SHOPPING Blu Water Creek is an eclectic mix of boutiques, restaurants and services that creates a walkable environment similar to exploring Downtown Fargo. This group of businesses offer unique events and special offers that cater to their target customer. Customers can find everything from a layering tank top at Laurie’s, high end home decor at McNeal & Friends to a customized five carat diamond at Cutting Edge topped off with a car wash at Custom Car Wash.

Lunch: Firehouse Subs. The spicy cajun chicken, club on a sub and hot ham and cheese subs are all delicious. 6



Dinner: WĂźrst Bier Hall. We love the knoephla soup, flight of sausages, no bun with extra grilled sauerkraut and braised cabbage and Spaetzle mac and cheese coupled with two of their German beers on tap. We love to try new beer. 7

Firehouse Subs


WEST FARGO Trevor and Emily Mathew have lived in West Fargo for five years. Emily is Kitchen Manager at CJ’s Kitchen and Trevor is a Marketing Technology Specialist at Choice Bank.

Trevor and Emily Mathew enjoying the smoked jumbo wings at Silver Dollar Bar in West Fargo.


A Perfect Day In






4 6


8:30 AM After the pet’s bellies have been filled and emptied, we stroll over to Sandy’s Donuts for breakfast of our own. Living this close to Sandy’s is dangerous for our waistlines, but every once and a while it is totally worth it. Our favorites are the Angel Iced Bismarck, Blueberry Cake Donut and the S’mores Donut. 1


2 PM Our puggle, Taz, spends most of the day snuggled on the couch dreaming of chasing rabbits. As soon as we open the cabinet where her leash is hidden, she playfully skips across the wooden floor in anticipation. She knows we are heading to the park. We like bringing her to the walking paths around Veteran’s Memorial Fields. The paths go around the baseball diamonds through pretty wooded areas. Just across the street is Elmwood park, which is another great community area, including shelters for larger gatherings. 3



9:30 AM We spend the rest of the morning doing some yardwork. We love living in a neighborhood with beautiful mature trees and other wildlife and being so close to the Sheyenne river. 12:30 PM We grab lunch at the neighborhood café, Deaner’s Diner. At heart, West Fargo is still a small town and Deaner’s is the small down diner. The staff is friendly, the portions are big and the prices are reasonable. You can get a full dinner with soup or salad and two sides for under 10 bucks.


7 AM Zeus, our feline alarm clock, makes the subtle suggestion that it is time for breakfast by perching on one of our foreheads. As we crawl out of bed, Taz, our food-obsessed puggle, is excitedly tapdancing around the kitchen in anticipation for her meal.


7 PM We head out for dinner and drinks at the local bar and grill, The Silver Dollar. The Dollar secretly has the best wings in town. The wings are smoked and then fried. They are crispy and crunchy on the outside, and yet, so tender they fall off the bone. Admittedly, they don’t have much for sauces, but the wings are perfect on their own. And on Thursdays, they are only 50 cents a wing! 4

10 PM If we are feeling wild, we could invite some friends and go on a Sheyenne Corridor pub crawl. The Town Hall, VFW and M & J Saloon are all within walking distance if the weather is nice. The VFW recently remodeled and is open to anyone, not just members. On Tuesdays, they have a great deal where you can get a pitcher of beer and a pizza for $11. 5



2019 | 85



Deaner’s Diner

1 2



DINING If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth for breakfast, it doesn’t get better than Sandy’s Donuts. Try the angel icing donuts if you like cream filled. They are incredible. The filling is a light and fluffy whipped icing that is every bit as creamy and delicious as a normal cream filled donut while having an elegant airy texture. Emily’s favorites are the blueberry cake donut or the s’mores donut. 1

Deaner’s Diner is the neighborhood greasy spoon, small town diner. All of their dinners (which can be ordered for lunch too) include soup or salad and two sides, all for under $10. It’s a whole lot of food for a very reasonable price. And their bread pudding with caramel sauce and whipped cream might be the best dessert in town. 2

Sandy’s Donuts

FAMILY-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES Right now, our family consists of our lap-loving kitty, Zeus, and our cuddly puggle pup, Taz. So, our favorite family-friendly activity is to take Taz on walks to Elmwood Park or Veteran’s Memorial Fields. She gets very excited when she knows we are going to the park and loves trying to make friends with the wildlife. You never know what you are going to run into in this neighborhood. So far, we have seen a giant turtle, turkeys, deer and a couple of beavers. 3


NIGHTLIFE The West Fargo VFW was recently remodeled and is open to anyone, not just members. And they have one of the best deals in town. On Tuesday nights, you can get a pizza and a pitcher of beer for only $11. Tuesdays happen to be their trivia night as well. They seem to have something fun going on most weekends. 4




5 6

Elmwood Park and Veteran’s Memorial Fields are both very nice recreational areas in the neighborhood. Elmwood has shelters for larger groups as well. 7


Don’t cha know? The Veteran’s Memorial Arena has basketball courts, ice rink with warming house, tennis, an indoor track and a fitness room.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD YOUR FAVORITE COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS During the summer, there are a few great events in our neighborhood. On the third Thursday of every month, vintage cars line Sheyenne for Cruise Night. Hundreds of people come out to gaze at the cars. To be honest, neither of us are all that into cars. But we are into food trucks and beer. There are a few pockets of food trucks and beer stands nestled in with the hot rods. We almost never miss a cruise night. 5

We also look forward to West Fest every year. It is an annual celebration of West Fargo. There are all kinds of fun events, including a parade, craft and vendor show, fun run and a softball tournament. Our favorite part of West Fest is the street dance. It’s a neighborhood dance. In the street. What could be more fun? 6


Don’t cha know? At Cruise Nights, you’re able to walk around with a beer while checking out all the classic cars.

When we were looking for a house, about five years ago, we told our realtor “anywhere but West Fargo.” At the time, we weren’t too keen on the water, which has since been fixed. We couldn’t have been more wrong about trying to avoid West Fargo. We absolutely love the Sheyenne Corridor in West Fargo. It is a quiet neighborhood, with beautiful trees and a river nearby. There are so many things to see and do in this neighborhood. Some of the best hidden gems are right in our back yard. And it’s continuing to get better and better as the area continues to develop. Just in the past year, they added a new high rise with a beautiful POW/MIA courtyard for community events. Another high rise is currently being built and the Sheyenne Corridor is continuing to transform and develop with more businesses and things to do on their way. This really is one of the best neighborhoods in the metro.


OSGOOD Craig Johnson and Larissa Kunde have lived in Osgood for eight years. Craig works at Sundog as a Technical Architect. Larissa is an HR Specialist at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.

Craig and Larissa at Bulldog Tap



A Perfect Day In



7:45 AM Workout: I go to Joe’s Fitness for the Saturday morning half hour strength class and half hour circuit. During the weekdays, I take advantage of Joe’s Personal Training so the Saturday morning session adds a great variety of workouts in.








9 AM Craig gets a quick workout in at Wellness.




9:15 AM Hornbachers is on the way home from the gyms, which makes it convenient for quick grocery errands.






1 8


10 AM If Craig is not working on perfecting his irons at the driving range in Oxbow, you can find him having a best ball scramble with his buddies out at Osgood followed by a beer and lunch at 9 Iron.




10:30 AM I meet up with girlfriends at Bully Brew Coffee House for a cup of hot tea and one of their delicious made from scratch food items. I prefer a grilled panini sandwich or any breakfast item, especially since it’s served all day, which includes their delicious caramel rolls.



NOON My girlfriends and I do a little shopping at Leela & Lavender and check out what new fashion pieces have been added. They always have great layering pieces, such as their jackets, which are great for days or night outs. It’s hard to resist their cute and affordable accessories and selection of fun gift items! 7

3 PM When the weather is right, I always take advantage of the many trails and sidewalks for a long bike ride around the neighborhood. 8


6 PM For date night, we’ll be at Tavern Grill for cocktails and trying a new entrée from their delicious menu. 9

8:30 PM Following dinner, we’ll continue date night by enjoying a few drinks and watching any sports games that are on at either Bulldog Tap or the new Southtown Pourhouse. 10


11 PM Head home, which is only about a five minute drive.

2019 | 91





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Leela & Lavender

FAVORITE SHOPPING OPTIONS Leela & Lavender is a trendy, cute and affordable boutique that is always adding new items and selection for anyone. I love their layering tops and jackets that make it easy to dress fashionably when mother nature can’t decide on the weather. And you can never leave without picking up a little gift for yourself or your girlfriends. 1

While Larissa doesn’t drink coffee (I know, I know...who doesn’t love coffee?!) I do frequently meet up with friends or have meetings at Bully Brew to enjoy a hot cup of green tea. They serve grilled panini sandwiches for lunch, which are sure to please anyone. Plus, you can’t go wrong with any breakfast item. If you didn’t know, they have a small conference room available to book for meetings that offer more privacy. 2

Bully Brew

DINING Tavern Grill: I really enjoy the ‘Build Your Own Options’ and snacking off of a new item Craig orders. If you are looking for a great appetizer, Craig favors the Sesame Stix. And you can never go wrong with one of their mules. Come hungry, their portions are sure to fill you up! 5

NIGHTLIFE Southtown Pourhouse and Bulldog Tap have a great selection of beers on tap, drinks and food specials. We love having a pickup game of pool or darts. You can also test your luck on one of the gambling tables all while listening to your favorite tunes if you are lucky enough to score a spot on the playlist. 3



Southtown Pourhouse & Bulldog Tap: Any day of the week, you can find great happy hour specials and the sports networks on the TVs so you won’t miss any games! 9 Iron: We love refreshing beers out on the patio after a round of golf. 6


MOORHEAD Kathy and David Hunstad have lived in Moorhead 30 years. Kathy is Deacon at Trinity Lutheran Church. David is owner of Old Lutheran and First Ave Promo.

Kathy and David Hunstad enjoying cocktails at Rustica in Moorhead.


5 7






A Perfect Day In



8 AM A good day in Moorhead always starts at Moxie Java. The salted caramel is David’s favorite and Kathy is a big fan of the Americano. 1



10 AM A morning bike ride through Gooseberry Park or vigorous workout at Anytime Fitness burns just the right amount of calories to make way for the lunch buffet at Everest Tikka House. chicken curry and buttered naan are must-haves and the chai is to live for. 2





2 PM We like to head up to North Moorhead and bowl at The All Star Bowling Alley or play a little human foosball at the Northsider. 5



5 PM A nice, quiet dinner at Rustica with friends is alway a joy. The creative menu gives David his weekly red meat and Kathy always enjoys the salmon or walleye. 6


7 PM We head up to Theater B for a thoughtprovoking night at the theater. We can count on quality acting with just the right amount of tears and belly laughs. 7


10 PM A tasty beer at Junkyard is the perfect ending to a quality day in the 56560. 8



2019 | 95



7 1




4 6


DINING Everest Tikka House lunch buffet is amazing. 1


Legends has such great bar food.


Vic’s for hamburger happy hour.

Rustica is always a good choice when we want pizza or for a special dinner with cocktails. 4

And, we are really looking forward to Sol Ave. Kitchen which is supposed to open up in the spring of 2019. 5

Don’t cha know? Nikki Berglund and Ryan Nitschke, the owners of Luna in Fargo, recently finished a Kickstarter that raised $75,000 to open Sol Ave. Kitchen, which will serve globally (and thoughtfully) inspired street food with a Midwest twist. It will be opening in the space next to Junkyard Brewery.

Everest Tikka House



We like all the sporting events at Moorhead High. Hockey, football and basketball are all high on our list. We are big fans of the Green Bay Packers but they rarely play in Moorhead.

We look forward to all of the thought provoking plays at Theater B and we enjoy the ever changing varieties of beer and live music at Junkyard Brewery.





Don’t cha know? Theatre B recently moved into their new location at 215 10th St. N, Moorhead. With a mission of “rearranging the furniture of your mind,” every season, they do thought provoking plays. You can see “Cry It Out” by Molly Smith Metzler Thursday, April 25 – Sunday, May 19.

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