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Plan with local travel advisors

Don’t be tricked by budget airfare





We know the ins and outs of the travel industry and the special places to visit domestically and internationally. We are there for you during your travels in case you need assistance with flight delays or the unexpected. Planning a vacation should be fun, so let us take the stress out of planning.

Watch out for foreign fees

If traveling abroad, use a credit card that doesn’t charge international fees. Also withdrawing money from an ATM once you arrive to your destination will usually offer much better rates than currency exchange offices. Another advantage is you can pull out cash when you need it and you are not carrying around your entire vacation budget in your pocket!

What you may be saving in airfare to book “basic economy,” you will have additional costs should you need to carry on a bag or select a seat. These tickets also have all kinds of restrictions. Let us help you choose the right airfare so you’re not sandwiched between the bathrooms on a four hour flight.

Plan ahead

Have a separate savings account for your vacation and set a budget. If you plan early for your vacations, you have time to research and can grab a deal when it becomes available. Also, depending on what kind of vacation you are planning, you may be able to make payments against it.


15 Avoid the crowds and peak seasons

Most of the time, avoiding travel over major holidays and “peak seasons” can help in saving money on travel. Also, visiting certain destinations when you don’t have to fight a crowd can make it a completely different experience.



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